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An Ode to the Eerie Charm of Convenience Stores At Night

Convenience stores are many things to many people: a Slurpee-filled oasis on a long road trip; a late-night hang-out for thirsty teens hoping to bum some beers in the parking lot; somewhere to grab some Cheetos, because Cheetos. But no matter where you are, after hours the artificial glow of these things is like an eerie sirens' call.

These Dream Worlds Are Made From Boring Google Street View Scenes


The wide-angle perspectives of Google Street View are almost instantly recognizable these days, but Aaron Hobson turns the imagery captured by the roving cameras into exotic worlds that look anything but familiar.

900 Megapixel Portraits Turn the Human Face Into a Crazy Landscape


We've seen stitched together "gigapixel" photos made of a billion pixels before, but they tend to be reserved for huge landscapes. Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken absurdly high resolution methodology and applied it to a much smaller area: The human face.

Even Blindness Couldn't Stop This Photographer From Pursuing Her Art


Life took an unexpected turn when photographer Flo Fox's vision and motor skills became severely impaired due to multiple sclerosis. But that didn't stop her from practicing what she loved most, photography.

Samsung NX Mini: A Tiny New Camera System For the Selfie Generation


Samsung's new interchangeable-lens camera system focuses on good looks, small size, and connectivity. Oh, and selfies. It's called the NX Mini, and it will hit the shelves in April with a $450 and $550 kit.

Sony's Firmware Update For A7 and A7r Promises Faster AF, Startup Time


Sony's full-frame mirrorless duo, the A7 and A7r, are about to become just a bit more capable with the latest firmware released today. Improvements include faster autofocus, improved startup time, and a vaguely stated 'improved image quality.'

Samyang Introduces New Lenses For Your Wide Angle Pleasure


Adding to its slew of affordable, manual-focus glass, Samyang announced some new options for super wide-angle shooting in both DSLR and mirrorless mounts.