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Blending movie scenes with real life

Francois Dourlen is a photographer who also has a clever running gag for the Internet to enjoy: he splices in movie and TV shows from his iPhone to make them look as if they're happening in real life. It's not always as obvious as Pam Anderson running on the beach either, sometimes it's as ridiculous as Bruce Willis from Die Hard crawling out of your microwave.

These Magical Landscapes Are Actually Photos of Plastic Bags


You might think you are looking at an ice cave in some remote location, or the interior of a living organism. But these photographs by Vilde Rolfsen are actually of something you may encounter every single day—the plastic bag.

Canon Announces New Ultra Wide Lenses With Image Stabilization


Who doesn't love a ultra wide-angle lens? Their popularity has only gotten stronger over the years, with every major lens system rocking one of their own. With two new lenses from Canon announced today, shooters will be able to capture those sweeping vistas with a welcome dose of stabilization.

Never Forget a Photoshop Shortcut Again With This Interactive App


To use Photoshop like a pro, you need to know your keyboard shortcuts—but with so many to remember, you can easily feel more rookie than ever. This interactive app should help you out, by telling you in a jiffy which keys will help you get to work.

What the human body looks like at 100 years old


Photographer Anastasia Pottinger has a powerful photo series called Centenarians that reveals what the human body looks like at 100 years old. It's a remarkable achievement to live so long and the marks of age are well worn on the oldest people on the planet.

Sony RX100 Mark III: The Point and Shoot Champ Takes It Up a Notch


The RX100 was instrumental in forging the high-end point and shoot category of digital cameras when it debuted in 2012. Last year's Mark II version was a minor spec bump, but the new RX100 Mark III has some startling features you'd ever expect from a camera so small.

Inspect the Detailed Geometry of Ships in These High Res Photos


Modern ships can be so immense that you rarely get a chance to see them in their entirety, let alone looking straight down from above. The photographs of Laurent Maes provide such a perspective, showcasing every shapely detail of giant yachts and freighters.