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What the Histogram on Your Camera Actually Tells You

You've almost certainly seen a histogram on your camera's display at some point, but if you don't take photography particularly seriously you might not know what it tells you. Well, you should—and this video explains very simply what you need to know.


The Faded Glory of Dilapidated Modernist Homes


Modern architecture is usually grandly depicted in pristine photographs against seductive backdrops. But buildings, like all things, are subject to the decay of time.

This Galactic Mass of Soccer Balls Were Found in Oceans Around the World


Fútbol fever is going around. And for every Wold Cup superstar on a global stage, there are tons of amateurs out there playing around with their own, non-regulation balls. The sad reality is a lot of those get tossed out before their time, and the sadder reality is that many of them end up clogging our oceans.

The Best New Feature in Photoshop CC

Adobe is announcing new release of Photoshop CC today, and with it comes one particularly cool feature: the ability to automatically select the out-of-focus areas of an image.


Leica T Review: A Camera Should Not Be a Luxury Object


When Leica, the German company synonymous with design and quality, announces a new camera, people pay attention. The announcement of the Leica T, its new mirrorless camera system, was no exception. But when you're paying this kind of money, substance should be right there with style.

The Internet's Eye Candy: Drones Videos Are the New Time Lapse


Remember when the internet was bursting at the seams with splendorous time lapse videosshowing off bustling metropolises and exotic corners of the globe? Well, there's a new visual novelty act in town, and it hovers noisily above your head, peering down at earth with a fisheye lens.