Remainders: Gadget Industry News

SLUMP'D: MVNOs Not Making Money? Surprised? [GigaOm] • BEEP! THIS IS YOUR WALLET GOBLIN: Mobile Advertising to Happen Quickly says Sorrell [Mob Happy] • BSBAL, APL PI: Yes, Americans Get Mobile [Russel Beattie] • GOODBYE, GREY BRICK ROAD: HP: Pen-based PDA market on death bed [ZDNet AU] • ACTUALLY BRILLIANT, CHAPS: ABC Finally Sees The (Ad-Supported) Light [TechDirt] • MOBILE VIDEO DEAD...: Users Don't Care For Mobile-Phone Video [Broadband Reports] • ...EXCEPT AT HOME: PEOPLE LIKE TO WATCH MOBILE TV AT HOME (!) [Textually] • ...AND THE FUTURE: Users Definitely Want Mobile TV - No They Don't [Techdirt] • RUMORF?: Mobile Valentine's [Jupiter Research] • NEXT: ENZO PHONE CRASH: iDen Phones To Get Pininfarina Treatment [Phonescoop] • ORANGE MARMALADE: ORANGE TO USE WALKMAN PHONE, PROMOTE DIVA AGUILERA [Textually] • IF THY JAPANESE ARM SPITES THEE...: UPDATE: Vodafone In Talks To Sell Loss-making Japanese Arm [Cellular-News] • THEY PREFER BILL OF BILLS: No Bill Of Rights For Mobile Users... But, Uh... We'll Investigate Crappy Service [Techdirt] • 99.999% UPTIME: Serving Up Porn in HD Over IP [Wired] • T-DOW!: T-Mobile Adds 4.4 Million Subs in 2005 [Wireless Week] • ONLY $499 APIECE: Infinium Secures Manufacturing Help For Phantom Lapboard [ExtremeTech] • COULD WE EVER TRUST THEM AGAIN?: Feds to Probe for Digital Music Price Fixing [PC World]

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