Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

Today in the un-scratchable part of Gizmodo's back we call Remainders, we've got a Tron-inspired Android phone, the top YouTube videos of the year, some more videos of the Google Nexus One in action, and more (well, one more)!

OPPO Android Concept Is All Tronned Out

So this is a pretty interesting-looking Android phone concept, what with the neon teal backlighting and spacious keyboard and all. It's supposedly due for a 2010 release, although we'll believe that when it happens, and hopefully it'll actually be running Android by then—it looks like somebody accidentally Photoshopped the WebOS dialer onto this thing. It's in Remainders because nobody really got all that excited about it; it's weird enough to be catch your eye, but not enough to make you want one. [Ubergizmo]


Top YouTube Videos of the Year Are Pretty Upsetting, Really

I'm proud to say I've seen exactly one of the top five YouTube music videos of the year and none of the top general videos. On the other hand, this is a pretty depressing-looking list—not once does the World's Best YouTube Personality of All Time appear. Plus, um, who the hell is Pitbull? [YouTube Blog]

Why Can't These People Take a Decent Video of the Nexus One?

So TheNexusOne has been posting videos of their namesake Android phone, and while that would normally deserve a bigger post, these are really just teaser videos—when we get a real, comprehensive video tour of the Nexus One, we'll be sure to let you know. But for now, we've got a video of the incoming call screen, which looks exactly like it does on Android 2.0.1, we've got the bootup sequence we've seen before, and a 15-second clip of the Tron-like (there's a Tron theme in Remainders tonight, it seems) animated wallpaper. [TheNexusOne via Android Central]


iFixit Publishes Apple Repair Manuals Under Creative Commons License

iFixit, known round these parts for their teardowns, just published five years of DIY Apple repair manuals for free under the Creative Commons license, which permits free, non-commercial use. That's over 125 manuals for Macs, iPods and iPhones, and should be a big help for anyone who's got an out-of-warranty Apple product and needs help fixing it, or for anyone who just likes to tinker. [iFixit via 9to5Mac]


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