Today's Remainders are gelled, tanned, and fist-pumping: Dell pulls ads from World's Greatest TV Show (Jersey Shore); Facebook tempts spouses to cheat; Apple approves, pulls an NES emulator; and a recipe for bacon cups. That's right, cups made of bacon.

Dell Boycotts Jersey Shore, Has No Taste

Jersey Shore is great. It's the trash TV event of our generation. Anyone that has a problem with it has a serious deficiency in the "derisive fun" section of the brain. Add Dell to that list, because they've pulled ads from the show for the usual "We don't support ethnic bashing and do not understand reality television (or fun)" reason. Who wants to boycott Dell due to their boycott of Jersey Shore? Anyone? [Engadget]


Facebook Ruins British Marriages

All those great stalking features that make Facebook so addicting apparently also make it marriages. A survey found that Facebook-related findings were mentioned in 20% of English divorce papers. Here are some actual examples:

One 35-year-old woman even discovered her husband was divorcing her via Facebook.

Conference organiser Emma Brady was distraught to read that her marriage was over when he updated his status on the site to read: "Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady."

Last year a 28-year-old woman ended her marriage after discovering her husband had been having a virtual affair with someone in cyberspace he had never met.

Amy Taylor 28, split from David Pollard after discovering he was sleeping with an escort in the game Second Life, a virtual world where people reinvent themselves.

Gasp, you guys. Gasp. [Telegraph]


Apple Approves, Then Pulls NES Emulator, to Nobody's Surprise

What's surprising about this story isn't that what looks like a really fun, full-featured NES emulator app was pulled from the App Store; it's how the hell that app got approved in the first place. Nescaline (every time you think the world has run out of puns, the world proves you wrong, and you cry) was approved and removed overnight, for the simple reason that "It's an emulator." That's from the mouth of an Apple rep, although it's not like you needed that explanation—it's pretty obvious. You want NES emulation, you jailbreak your iPhone, it's that simple. Sorry to the guys of Nescaline, but maybe the app will find success on the grey market of jailbreak apps. [PCWorld]


Bacon Cups. Cups of Bacon.

Man, do I love our sister site Lifehacker. Today they have a guide to making bacon cups in a cupcake pan, which yields the most delicious dishware you've ever eaten. The BLT idea pictured here is really great, but you know there are boatloads more. How about pasta in a parmesan-cream-onion sauce in a bacon cup, for a twist on carbonara? Or filling it with a corn bread, apple and sausage stuffing? Or scrambled eggs and cheese, topped with a biscuit? I can't keep going, I'm already drooling down my shirt front. Post your suggestions in the comments! [Lifehacker]


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