You say remainders, I say reminders. Reminders that online shopping can be fun but also dangerous. Reminders that big-name companies like Polaroid can falter while less big-name companies like jWIN flourish. And a reminder to let goats sing their song.

Hacker Extraordinaire
Albert Gonzalez, a 28 year old Floridian, pleaded guilty to the largest credit card theft in American history yesterday. What exactly does that entail, you ask? Something to the tune of 130 million stolen credit cards. He won't be sentenced until March, when he's expected to pick up somewhere between 17 and 25 years. That's about one year for every six million cards stolen. Doesn't quite seem like enough time when you put it that way, does it? [PhysOrg]


Poor Polaroid
jWIN, purveyors of various crappy electronics, have secured an exclusive deal to sell products under the Polaroid brand. This isn't a great look for anyone: jWIN will sully the Polaroid brand by slapping the name on some second-rate laptop cases and cleaning supplies, and Polaroid, well, they're the ones letting themselves get sullied. We just hope they make good on their promise to go back to making high quality low quality film in 2010. [Engadget]

Online shoppers were happier than ever this holiday season, according to a study that factored in price and availability of merchandise, site layout, and other variables. Apple and Newegg joined Amazon and Netflix in the top tier of e-tailers with ratings of "excellent," while Neiman Marcus and Circuit City ranked lowest, which, in the case of the latter, is still better than their brick and mortar stores are doing, in a sense. On the whole, online shoppers' satisfaction was a 79 out of 100: a C+. That means our materialism is passing but not excelling like it could be. There's always next year. [New York Times]


Usher Feat. Goat
Who knew there was a site designed specifically to facilitate YouTube mash-ups? Who knew that following Ryan Schreiber's Twitter would be so fruitful? And who could have possibly known that the G.O.A.T. R&B background vocalist is...a goat. Don't think, just click. [YouTubeDoubler via Twitter]