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Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Illustration for article titled Remainders - Things We Didnt Post

Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• Sprint's having a launch party for its Premiere customers. Are you a Premiere customer? Probably not! [Boy Genius Report]


• Sprint's about to release the HTC Touch Pro2 in July, if this rumor is correct. Seems to me this is not the phone most Sprint customers are eyeing right now. [Engadget]

• Porsche makes an X-Series gas grill WITH AN ISLAND. If you look at the Venn Diagram of people who buy Porsche grills and people who read Gizmodo, let's just say it wouldn't look like the MasterCard logo. [Born Rich]


• A steampunk iPod. Because steampunk is over. [New Launches]

• This awesome Mario shrooms shirt. Because it's not quite right for Gizmodo—though maybe Kotaku posted it. [Gearfuse]

• Star Wars cereal. Because it's not real cereal. [UniqueDaily]

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What have you all done to Adam Frucci?

I see his name on the masthead, but the Adam Frucci I know would have posted all of this and probably done so over the course of about 45 minutes.