Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

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Here's the stuff that we didn't post today yesterday (Until now, obviously.)

• New Astronaut spacesuits come equipped with LCD monitors to track malfunctions and offer advice in emergency situations. Want to see one, or hear more about what information it collects and displays? Us too. [NewLaunches]

• Logitech puts a little bit of color into their line of portable, Bluetooth mice. This is good, relevant news for fans of Logitech Bluetooth mice, who also happen to like purple. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

• Apple's Find My iPhone feature is now live on MobileMe. Early tests indicate that it works as advertised, though it takes a little longer than expected (a couple of minutes) to track down the missing iPhone. Just one of many cool little things to try in OS 3.0, if you've got the guts. [Engadget]


• Samsung Omnia II surfaces with a slightly improved design, better camera and a bigger, badder screen than its predecessor. The software however, is supposed to be exactly the same. One thing: why would Samsung oufit the Omnia II with a higher-res screen than the recently released Omnia HD? Smells like fish, see. [Boy Genius]


• Terrified of riding your bike at night? Check out this bike laser concept, which would spray a glowy halo around your bike, alerting drivers to your presence (or distracting them to the point of collision). [Ubergizmo]