Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

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Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

A few weeks back, we heard that a Dyson vac would be in the Transformers movie, but we never saw a pic, just this (clever) Worth1000 mockup. Then, today, we read on CrunchGear—well, pretty much exactly what we already knew, illustrated by this (clever) Worth1000 mockup. This is not what you'll see in the movie. But it's clever. [CrunchGear and Worth1000]


The floating bike concept is as old as, well, at least as old as bikes. And the idea of building a boat out of (empty) water jugs is pretty old too. That said, we applaud Li Wieguo for this masterful DIY plan for retrofitting said bike with said waterjugs. And I just love this picture, taken in Naishahu Park in the Chinese province of Hubei, for some reason. [Inhabitat]

Dell buying Palm? At first it sounds less likely than that Microsoft-Yahoo deal that keeps not happening. Then it sounds plausible: Palm has no cash, Dell still has a bit to burn. But then we slap ourselves in the face and say, business speculation is typically not our thing. When there are some facts on the table, we'll talk. [Reuters and NYT]


It wouldn't be Remainders without some trumped-up Apple story. This time, it's a virus. A little one, that doesn't do anything particular, that is allegedly transmitted to people who go to a porn site and watch the "main video." Why are we not shrieking and standing on a chair? Well, because the security firm Sophos branded it low-to-medium risk, and the only person who tried to infect his Mac couldn't seem to do it. Call us when there's a real bug to worry about. [Cult of Mac]