Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

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Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

I am saddened to report that the overdue This Is Spinal Tap Blu-ray experience has been downgraded from fully interactive to merely rich. The "Create Your Own Band" game I was personally awaiting as a means to return to rock stardom has been killed, and in its stead, the July 28 release will have concert footage from Tap's 2007 Live Earth reunion at Wembley, and Nigel Tufnel's interview for the National Geographic Stonehenge special. [From Fox Press Release]


We love a good terrarium (aquariums even more), but this one tests the limits of decency. Sure, it looks awesome, but steampunk is utterly played out, and we feel just awful for any frogs unlucky enough to call this their artificial habitat—not only is it cramped, but there's a bright light inside meant to cast eerie psychedelic glows on the walls. Besides all that, it's sold out. [TheAwesomer]


How do we know master modder EvilDan really is evil? Spikes. That, and the hideous Joker-themed color scheme he chose for his Xbox 360 casemod with built-in LCD. This DeviantArtist neglected to report any details when he posted this single pic of the mod, so we don't know how else to react to his creation besides, you know, turning on the Bat Signal and hoping for swift justice. [Technabob]


We have a ton of respect for the folks at Wired's Gadget Lab, but we're not sure what to make of their guide to avoiding the iPhone 3GS Upgrade Tax. Yes, a lot of people are pissed off about having to spend an extra $218 for the newest model, but the advice given here seems full of uncertain payoffs (sell to junk buyer sites) and certain hassles (pay the early cancellation fee and terminate your account). Judging from these options, waiting till spring or paying the extra $$$ seems easier. [Wired]