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First Among Equalizers...Some Crap Blog Posts Same BS AT&T/iPhone Rumor Twice...Reason #212 Why America Is Falling Behind...Can a Show Called IT Chicks Be God Awful?

The Speakers as Equalizer concept is one of those things that sounds cool, then it seems dumb, then for a moment seems cool again before you finally settle on, "Yep, it's dumb." It's definitely a creative stroke, and I applaud the designer for dreaming it up, but the thing is, most audiophiles I know deem speaker placement to be at least as important as equalization (which isn't usually as variable as this makes it seem). And with six speakers clustered together, so much for stereo imaging. OK, so I over-thought it, but like I said, it took a minute. [Unplggd]


A few weeks back, some BS blog with the really bleepin' original name of "Appmodo" published a rumor about a $55 iPhone tether plan for AT&T that the carrier flat-out denied right after. Guess what? They published the same rumor again, saying they only had the date wrong. And guess what, AT&T denied it again. We print rumors, and so does the Wall Street Journal. We just don't print dumb ones...twice. [DSLReports]


Why is America losing jobs to other countries? I'll tell you why: Technical colleges in India look like theme parks, complete with gigantic blue feet that you can sit in! There's a lotus flower of learning that serves as a lecture hall, and a stairway built of steel and wood to resemble reeds bending in the wind. (If this place had more integrated tech, I'd have posted on it for sure.) OK, maybe I'd get bored with it after a few days, but that's not the point—all they need is to get students to sign their lives away for four years. [Dezeen]


Actual dialog from an upcoming web show called IT Chicks:

Did I mention that ReadyNAS is rack mountable? Think of it as a push-up bra for computers. And if you need to remove a drive at any time, and you still want to keep the system running, it's hot swappable. So even though you might pull out your hard drive, the system always finds a way to keep on purring.


Never mind the fact that none of that really makes sense, sexually—did you happen to notice that Kato Kaelin, of OJ Trial fame, is the dude in the shot? [The IT Chicks]

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