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Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Someone beats the hell out of a cellphone company...Google wants to put ads in your calls...Coldplay...RIM just lost $267 million dollars...

Google's patenting a way to pay for all those Google Voice calls: by shoving ads in the space between you making the call and someone picking up. Does this matter to you right now? No, because chances are you don't even have Google Voice yet. Speed up that rollout! [Unwired View]


Coldplay just became the first artist to sell 1 million digital albums in the U.S. (and two million worldwide). Even though I'm a fan, I couldn't care less about how many albums they sell, digital or otherwise. Good for them though, I guess. But I'm sure you guys care even less than me. [YouTube]


Remember that Visto suit against RIM from 3 years ago? It's over, and RIM just paid $267 million for the Visto patents in question as well as the transfer of some of their IP. Great info if you're a Visto stockholder or live and die with BlackBerry, useless if you're everyone else.

Bas Rutten, bad ass MMA fighter, teaches you how to take charge of your cellphone contract. What's going on here? If Bas were to go into an AT&T board room and pull off some moves, THEN we'd have something going. [YouTube]