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Mario Kart, the Absolute Best Live-Action Videogame Crossover Film Never Made...Google Offers Yet Another Way to Stalk Your Favorite Demi-Celeb...LG and Nortel Practice Safe Hand-Offs...A Video of Robots Making Out

Besides GoldenEye (multiplayer), one of my favorite late '90s videogames was Mario Kart. That's why I'm particularly bummed that this captivating trailer isn't for a real movie. It's too gamey and not gadgety enough to be a Giz post (it worked for Kotaku), but damn is it watchable. Somehow the Dr. Coolsex guys fuse the game's cheese to a credible, potent storyline. And they made Princess Peach a lot hotter than she was in 64-bits. I just never realized Yoshi was such a prick. [Dr. Coolsex]


Looking for a better way to keep in fake virtual touch with your favorite fashion critic, foodie or hacker of lives? For its second edition of Power Readers, Google Reader tapped such "leaders" as Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman and Chris Anderson—not to mention our very own Annalee Newitz, Adam Pash and (sort of) Ben Popken—to suggest feeds they use to do their jobs. Why no Gizmodo editor feeds? Maybe they were just afraid of what we might recommend. [Google Reader]


Way way way up in Canada, in a Nortel lab somewhere, an LG prototype modem made a successful hand-off from a typical EVDO network to a much faster LTE 4G network. It's still a year away from mattering, since Verizon's LTE hasn't been deployed (and AT&T's won't need an EVDO handoff, but rather, an HSPA one). Besides that, Sprint already has a modem that runs on both EVDO and WiMax 4G, executing hand-offs when needed. Regardless, somewhere there are network engineers popping corks of fine Champagne, God bless 'em. [Engadget]

Here is a video of robots making out. I actually think "he" slips "her" the tongue. This is what you wanted to see, right? Right? Hello? [Geekologie]