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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

iPod Eats Tokyo Dust: Walkman Back On Top In Japan...Why Hollywood Science Is Better Than Regular Science...Snow Leopard Patch Imminent...Sony Really Excited About This 3D Thing...

Today a lot of people covered the fact that, last week, iPod sales were finally trounced by Sony Walkman sales in Japan for the first time. As many pointed out, however, this figure didn't include iPhones, which have cannibalized iPod sales, calling into question any relative success of the Walkman. It's also important to note that these are weekly figures, and everyone knows an iPod refresh is on its way. Supplies are probably down too. So of course, if there's going to be a week or two for iPod sales to be down, these would be them. Still, good for Sony for breaking Apple's 4.5-year streak. [CrunchGear]


Cracked is running the results of an awesome contest in which people envision what "if Hollywood taught science class." It's worth a visit—I'd scrape the whole gallery if I had fewer blog-morals. My favorite is a page of comp-sci lessons, including Hacking Government Installations ("Typing quickly enables you to get past any security"), Stealing Trillions Using Software ("No one who coded the financial institution's software ever thought anyone would try this") and of course Hacking Alien Computers ("Bay's Law: Computers can hack anything, including unknown systems"). It's funny because it's true. [Cracked]


Shocker: Apple is "moving quickly to patch holes and repair incompatibilities" in Snow Leopard, says AppleInsider, saying they have already submitted 10.6.1 to preliminary testers. Since there have been some issues with the OS (not on my system, fortunately), and some known software incompatibilities, this is about as surprising as the likelihood of Phil Schiller presenting iPods next week. [AppleInsider]