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NASA to create clouds with a rocket...T-Mobile looking to buy Sprint?...The worst Lamborghini bed ever...Chocolate hard drives, sort of...

NASA's going to launch the cute- and fuzzy-named Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) rocket tomorrow on, no lie, a cloud-making mission. It'll release dust particles that simulate the formation of clouds, though it'll make them a little higher in the air and let the "clouds" drift slowly down to their normal height, about 50 to 55 miles above Earth. Cool, but not exactly evil Bond villain weather machine stuff. Also, um, forgive us for asking, there a point to this? [Gearlog]


Though Sprint is the bigger carrier here in the States, T-Mobile is an international power, with major holdings in Western Europe and a net worth about six times that of Sprint. Plus, Sprint has been struggling to hold onto customers despite gaining a few with exciting handsets like the Pre and Hero. So why wouldn't T-Mobile be looking to buy their Stateside rival? Well, they've got totally different networks (Sprint is CDMA, T-Mo is GSM) and consolidating the two very different companies would be a huge headache. We're not saying it's impossible, just that until we see some actual evidence, we'll remain skeptical. [14U]

Lamborghini (or any other supercar) beds are silly and childish, which of course means I kind of want one. But as if the fear of never getting laid again wasn't enough, Lamborghini's new bed isn't even shaped like a car. What's the point of that? Now it's just a bunch of obnoxious branding, which could well scare away the ladies but for all the wrong reasons. Hey Lambo: Stick to plastic child-size car-shaped frames. [LA Times via Born Rich]


Chocolate and gadgets. They go together like, well, now that I think about it, I have no idea why companies keep forcing chocolate or the appearance of chocolate into gadgets. The latest: A HDD case shaped like chocolate-shaped plastic, which is to say that I only know it's supposed to be chocolate because the word chocolate is in the title. Also comes in pink and white chocolate, in case you wanted the case's inspiration to be even less obvious. [GeekStuff4U]


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