An Owl in a Box...Google Finally Solves PDF Searching...Lo and Behold: Teens Prefer the Apple...Rock Band Coming to iPhone?

We could try to justify this post in many ways, but it would be a stretch. We can't even call BS and claim it's Photoshop. The fact is, it's just an owl in a box. And I can't look away. [Reynen's Journal via Jalopnik, BoingBoing]


PDFs are the one major roadblock to a nice intense Google search—you see that little indicator and you have to either download, get the shitty HTML view, or just walk away. So Google is fixing it. Now, when you see the Quick View tag, you get a nicely formatted PDF. Go ahead, try it. You'll like it. [Technologizer]


Someone from the Department of No Shit (actually, it was Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, so pretty close) said that in a current study, most kids like the Apple products. It's really not surprising that most of the time, 100% of kids shopping for MP3 players want iPods, though in the fall, it seems to dip a tad, when Microsoft releases its latest Zune, and about 15% dare to be different. Also not surprising: Among the minority of kids who actually buy music, almost all of those dorks use iTunes. And to top it off, there's currently a spike in iPhone sales among teens, presumably boosted by the $99 3G option. In the next six months, nearly a quarter of teens claim they will buy an iPhone. This study is helpful for Apple bean counters, but it really says nothing at all about taste or judgment, if you think about it. [AllThingsD]


Speaking of those damn kids, they just can't get enough of this "Rock Band" either. Next thing you know, they'll be wanting it on their Apple products. Well, they just might get it, according to this shot from the otherwise mostly boring CTIA phone conference. And it just might have multiplayer mode with Bluetooth. Oh kids. I'll be in the bar. [MobileCrunch]

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