Review: Lego Friends, City, Star Wars advent calendars--day 7

Day 7 of the 2014 Lego advent calendars gives us some furniture, a window ledge and a turret that actually shoots. See the review of the 7th day of mini builds after the jump!

Friends Advent Calendar (41040)

The Friends calendar today is a simple table. I'm guessing the next several days will be chairs and then things to go on the table, but we will have to wait and see what tomorrow holds.


Ewe, from yesterday, standing at the table.

City Advent Calendar (60063)

A nice windows scene in the City calendar today, very similar to day 5 of the Friends calendar. I'm not sure what the hell is going on the inside ledge here. There is a foliage piece with some jewels and cherries in it and a cup, not sure what that is supposed to symbolize. Maybe tomorrow we'll get some clarification.


The inside shot of the weirdness.


Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)

Today we get what I think is a mini version of a Hoth blaster cannon (should have called it Coldth) that shoots 1x1 round plates with the mechanism that was launched in Hero sets earlier this year. That Hoth blaster is a tri-pod, though, I guess that's a bit harder to do with Lego, so they gave the thing another leg. Either way, it's good fun and I used the Ewe mini doll as target practice for some time after building it.


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