Day 9 of the 2014 Lego advent calendars gives us some table decoration, a shopping cart and a Jedi Starfighter. See images and a review of the 9th day of mini builds after the jump!

Friends Advent Calendar (41040)

Today we get a candle in the calendar, presumably as a centerpiece for the table and chairs over the last couple days.

City Advent Calendar (60063)

This is obviously a grocery cart. I know this because having a baguette, though normally popping out of a sack, is the international symbol for groceries. This build oddly came with an extra wheel axle and green 1x2 plate with stick. I don't know if these will be used later in another build or if we just got extras for the heck of it. Neither are common or easily lost pieces.


Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)

This Jedi Starfighter is a pretty cool little build. Based on Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (7669) from the Clone Wars series, this is a great representation in miniature form.


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