Day 13 of the 2014 Lego advent calendars gives us some cheese, a jewel thief and guy that can't see anything with the blast shield down. See images and a review of the 13th day of mini builds after the jump!

Friends Advent Calendar (41040)

Today we get a counter top and drawers that match our stove unit perfectly. Atop the counter is a wedge of cheese and some salt and pepper shakers. Thankfully, we now have a place to put all that plastic-ware.

Here is the new piece, next to the stove.


City Advent Calendar (60063)

I love the head on this robber. The pencil thin mustache just screams creep. I have often wondered why on Earth the crooks in Legopolis would continue wearing their prison garb once they broke out. The flashlight is a nice touch, but I would think they would've moved to LED at this point. Need to replace that yellow tile out for a clear one.


Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)

To match our land speeder from yesterday is a Luke Skywalker fig. Luke comes with a double expression head piece. This is the same fig that comes in the Mos Eisley Cantina (75052) and also the UCS Sandcrawler (75059).


"You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done."

Luke with the land speeder.


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