Day 17 of the 2014 Lego advent calendars gives us a fireplace, complete with fire hazard, a very small sled paddy wagon and something else to put your eye out with. See images and a review of the 17th day of mini builds after the jump!

Friends Advent Calendar (41040)

I'm personally pretty glad that we are off the kitchen stuff for at least today. The build is a small fireplace with a branch and star hung on the chimney without care. This construction is probably just moments before we have to call the fire department. Hopefully tomorrow is a fire fighter. It is especially dangerous because I added one of the extra fire elements to the build.

City Advent Calendar (60063)

Today we get a small trailer to hook to our police snowmobile. It is a simple little build and I like to think of it more as for use in prisoner transport than for hauling gifts.

Here it is attached and with the crook from a few days ago being hauled off.

Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)

I'm not entirely sure what gun this is supposed to be based off of, if any. We seem to be back with another Hoth build today with this snow weapon. The important part is that this has another stud shooter like the one from day 7. Perfect for a battle.

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