Day 18 of the 2014 Lego advent calendars gives us a table and lamp to read by, another police officer and a cold General. See images and a review of the 18th day of mini builds after the jump!

Friends Advent Calendar (41040)

I would've used tile for the exposed studs on the table top, but the lamp is quite nice. I still don't know what Lego has against daylight bulbs. I really like these book elements if for nothing else to add to shelves as they are sort of incorrectly proportioned to minifigures. There are 18 different colors of this element, it was super rare from sets in the Scala, Belville and Harry Potter themes but has showed up in Friends and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit stuff recently in limited colors.


A nice place by the roaring fire in a terrible chair.

City Advent Calendar (60063)

Today we add another copper to the fold. Now our singing policeman has someone to rough up the crims with. He comes with some handcuffs and the ever present coffee mug.


"Read him his notes!"


Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)

Again we are on Hoth today with a General Rieekan figure. I guess he is supposed to go with the snowball shooter in the build from yesterday. This fig is pretty rare, only appearing in the Battle of Hoth (75014) set.


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