Robotech, From the Team Behind It, Just Got a New Writer

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Director and producer siblings Andy and Barbara Muschietti are the talk of Hollywood at the moment after the massive opening for It. Up next, they’re going to make the It sequel—but after that, the hope is they’re going to bring the revered anime Robotech to the big screen. And, just to make sure that’s still on track, a new writer was just hired.


Deadline reports that Jason Fuchs, who wrote Pan and worked on the story for Wonder Woman, has been hired by Sony to write a totally new script for the film along with Andy Muschietti.

The 1980s property Robotech, which started as a comic then became a TV show, is about humanity using technology found in an alien spacecraft to make cool machines to defend the planet. It’s a simple, yet high-concept idea that’s ripe for the Hollywood treatment. So it’s no surprise that Sony is getting things moving in the hopes that everything will be ready for director Muschietti when It: Chapter Two is done. He already has, and will probably continue to accumulate, projects besides both of these—his mentor is the ever-busy Guillermo del Toro, after all.


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tom dunne

I doubt this movie ever gets made, but if it does, the race arguments over Rick Hunter/Hilary Ichijyo and Lisa Hayes/Misa Hayase casting are going to be incredible!