Robotic Fish Being Built To Control Mortal Fishy Schools

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Robotic clones are being built as we speak, designed to take over schools of fish and lead them away from danger. You know what this means, right? The human race will eventually cease to exist.

The Polytechnic Institute of New York University's assistant professor Maurizio Porfiri has been working on a robo-fish that could control large schools of real fish, leading them away from underwater dangers and hazards. If successful, the research could even be adapted to suit birds—driving flocks of birds to safe nesting areas, for example.

Created from ionic polymers, the fish can actually recharge its battery from the movement of water. Would a robotic bird recharge thanks to the whistling wind under its wings?


At the moment, the robo-fish is only capable of swimming in a straight line, so a lot of work is needed before it can learn to swim into deeper depths, or actually break surface of the water. That gives us a few more months of collecting tins of baked beans and fresh water, humans. Prepare carefully. [Futurity via PopSci]