Rumor: iPhone 4 To Be Announced June 22nd?

We know the fourth generation of the iPhone will be announced sometime this June, but what date should you book off work so you can be glued to Gizmodo all day? June 22, according to a date booked at YBCA.

The Yerba Buena Center for Arts is located by the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where Apple has chosen to unveil its previous three iPhones at WWDC. It's very likely that the June 22nd booking at the YBCA, under the name of Apple, has been earmarked for the keynote. The 22nd is pretty late in the month for Apple though—last year's was the 8th, and the year before that, for the iPhone 3G, was the 9th. [ModMYI via MacDailyNews via GoRumors]


UPDATE: Of course, it's likely this is for another event/product. It'd make sense for Apple to keep to its early-June schedule.

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I'm happy with the 3Gs, if I couldn't fully upgrade the OS then maybe I would consider the 4G. But I got another year maybe two with the 3Gs. At any rate, still looking forward to seeing the 4G.