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Rumor: New Web-Based Android Market and Google Music to be Revealed Tomorrow

Google is showing off Android 3.0 Honeycomb tomorrow. Which means there'll be a lot of love shown toward Android tablets. But what else will Google show off? Androidandme has a source that says we might see two things Android users have long been waiting for: a web-based Android Market and Google Music. Hopefully it happens (god knows we've heard about them for so long already). We'll find out tomorrow for sure. [Android and Me]


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Hopefully they'll sell their music in AAC like itunes, or provide 320kbps MP3s like Beatport. If not, iTunes will continue to be my main source of music.

Also, something I don't expect, but would like to see quitely introduced is the decoupling of 3rd party apps onto Google produced phones like the Nexus One. I'd like the option of deleting the Facebook, Twitter and Amazon MP3 apps. Doesn't mean I'll do it, but the option would be nice.