Run, Jerry, Run! The Better Mouse Trap is Here

Illustration for article titled Run, Jerry, Run! The Better Mouse Trap is Here

My favorite cartoon character growing up was the sly Jerry from Tom & Jerry fame, but after seeing the in-action video, I somehow have doubts that even he could survive an encounter with the Better Mousetrap.

Look at that thing! It's got solenoid valves, controllers, indicators, circuit boards, and a pneumatic actuator. And while I don't know what half of those things do, I certainly know that they catch and slaughter lil' mousies.


For Jerry's sake, I'm hoping that Tom doesn't read Gizmodo tonight. [Telovation]



If the whole point was to kill a rat or injure it, I'd prefer the sticky patches. Yes. I'd rather see it writhe and die slowly and painfully.