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San Francisco Gets Inter-Bus Stop Multiplayer Gaming

Illustration for article titled San Francisco Gets Inter-Bus Stop Multiplayer Gaming

Yahoo recently installed huge poster-size touchscreens at 20 San Francisco bus stops, allowing commuters to play online games against people at other bus stops. Nothing brings out my allegiance to my neighborhood like some crazyass futuristic sports trivia.


That's one of the several games available to people waiting for the bus, along with puzzles and others. And what would competition be without incentive? The neighborhood that racks up the most points before the end of next week will get to host a block party featuring the band OK Go.

The screens were made possible by some unholy advertising alliance between Yahoo, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and the evilest of all evils, Clear Channel, but I trust commuters aren't going to let that spoil their fun. Cause this has to be the coolest thing Yahoo or Clear Channel have done, like, ever, right? [SFE, Image via PSFK]

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This is awesome and part of the reason I want to move to CA, instead I have a Gov who explicitly favors his Christian brothers and sisters.... Oh progress, where have you gone.