Santa, Are You Reading? Here's Your Must-Have Sleigh

Everyone knows Father Christmas has a reindeer-powered wooden sleigh, except evidently Land Rover's crafty designers, who've updated the humble vehicle with some much-needed aluminum.

Car Magazine is running a week-long sleigh-fest, with this Land Rover design featuring height adjustable suspension and a particle accelerator. Just what every jolly chimney-climber needs.


Land Rover said on the sleigh:

"Land Rover Design with Santa Claus reveals the Christmas sledge of the future – designed to meet the ever-increasing delivery timetable. It boasts all-terrain capability, is powered by particle accelerator technology and has optional laser guided present delivery. There's even CRS – chimney recognition software!"

Gizmodo. Covering all the tech Coca Cola myths could ever possibly want. [Car Magazine via Born Rich]

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