See The Best Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Movie 1985 Never Made

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I know you can’t swing a dead cat GIF on the internet without hitting some kind of Star Wars/Star Trek mash-up. But still, I highly recommend you take 80 seconds of your life to watch this trailer for The Carbonite Maneuver, which is not only exceedingly well done but actually looks... well, kind of real.

It’s not, obviously. But the 1985-style movie trailer conceit, combined with the weirdly sensible restriction of Darth Vader and See-Threepio to the Trek universe (as opposed to the human characters of Star Wars) and the excellent VFX and editing, ends up being spectacular and weirdly... plausible.

Best of all, if The Carbonite Maneuver came out in 1985, that would put it right after The Search for Spock, making it the fourth Star Trek movie — and, like all even-numbered Trek films, would presumably be one of the good ones! Obviously, if we were ever going to get a Kirk/Vader match-up, it should have been then.


[Via The Verge]