See Wolf Children, from the director of Girl Who Leapt Through Time!

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Holy cow, Wolf Children looks like an amazing film. From Mamoru Hosada, the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, this is the story of a woman struggling to raise her half-wolf children after she falls in love with a wolfman. And you can arrange a screening in your town!

Wolf Children is available for local screenings in the U.S., via, the website that books movies into local theaters if enough people sign up in advance to see them. Right now, there are showings happening in Philadelphia, Dallas, Providence and Bensalem, PA. You should get cracking on organizing a screening in your own town, too. Plus, of course, the movie is coming out on DVD on Nov. 26.


Here's a quote from the movie review from SciFi Now in the UK, where it's out in theaters:

Beyond an obvious struggle to protect her children’s secret, the fantasy element is subtle. Instead, the focus is rooted in Hana’s domestic hardship as a single mother. She moves out of the city to the isolated countryside. She fixes up an old house. She grows food. She battles to control feral children which may – or may not – simply be an analogy for hyperactive terrors.

It sounds mundane but it’s wonderful. ... [Wolf Children is] a film that’s impressively mature not only in ideas and themes, but also in characterisation.


So what are you waiting for? Get all your friends and assorted wolf buddies, and make a local showing happen!