Need more context? Here’s the official synopsis, including a shark-themed serial-killer subplot you never knew you wanted more than anything: “Strange things are happening in Druid Hills, Kentucky, known mainly for its voluminous corn output. Victims of monsters in cornfields begin cropping up, and witnesses are saying there are ‘large Great White sharks swimming in the corn stalks!’ Meanwhile, serial killer Teddy Bo Lucas is arrested for killing dozens of people using shark jaws and teeth as weapons. Chief Vera Scheider [cult scream queen Shannon Stockin] is caught in the middle, trying to figure out if her missing twin sister Lorna might be one of them. When Teddy agrees to take her to one of his prime burial sites in a cornfield, an insane chain of events unfold that NO ONE is prepared for, pitting the Druid Hills townsfolk against an outrageous shark worshipping cult that is planning to take over the world, one cornfield at a time! And their main protectors are jaw-snapping SHARKS OF THE CORN!”


Sharks of the Corn—directed and written by veteran B-movie filmmaker Tim Ritter, which suggests the whole “Stephen Kang” reference in the full title is just a Stephen King trollis available now on Blu-ray (with an included 90-minute making-of documentary) as well as on-demand. It is almost Shark Week, after all!

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