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Silverpac Thermostat's 7-Inch Touchscreen Measures Electricity Usage

Illustration for article titled Silverpac Thermostats 7-Inch Touchscreen Measures Electricity Usage

Most thermostats let you make your house warmer or cooler. The fancier ones let you program it for various times during the day. But the Silverpac takes things to a whole new level.


The touchscreen thermostat not only lets you program a 7-day cycle of temperatures, but it also manages all of the electricity use in your home. If a certain appliance is being an energy hog, it'll tell you. It also does fancy stuff like show you the weather, but the real goodies are the energy conservation tools. [SilverPac via DesignBoom]

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I guess I'm curious why there is a weather widget on what seems to be every gadget under the sun.