8/31/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 31, 2011

8/31/2011 - Wikileaks Blames Guardian Reporter in Recent Security Breach

8/31/2011 - Daily Desired: Geeky Multi-Tool Clips to Your Belt Loop

8/31/2011 - Welcome to Yale Med, Here's Your iPad

8/31/2011 - Substitute Teacher Sues Security Company for Stealing Her Nude Chat Pics

8/31/2011 - Soon we shall control the weather - with lasers!

8/31/2011 - Now Iraq Has a Fake Apple Store

8/31/2011 - Chinese Scientists Want to Lasso an Asteroid

8/31/2011 - People Who Gained Superpowers From Being Brainwashed

8/31/2011 - Explosions in the Sky: Your Hand In Mine

8/31/2011 - Verizon Offers Early Customer Upgrades Ahead of Fall Releases

8/31/2011 - More Changes to the Star Wars Original Trilogy on Blu-Ray, Including the Attack on the Death Star!

8/31/2011 - Crossbow Vengeance, Tablet Attempts, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/31/2011 - G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation Set Picture — The Rock & DeRay Davis

8/31/2011 - The Avengers Teaser Poster

8/31/2011 - Eureka 4x19, "One Small Step" Pictures

8/31/2011 - Man of Steel Set Pictures

8/31/2011 - Death Valley Poster

8/31/2011 - Charisma Carpenter's Supernatural Set Pictures

8/31/2011 - Why Doctor Who's Time Traveler Should Never Apologize for Fighting Evil

8/31/2011 - The Avengers Concept Art

8/31/2011 - Merlin Season Four Poster

8/31/2011 - Could probiotic yogurt be changing your behavior?

8/31/2011 - Charlie's Angels Set Pictures

8/31/2011 - Vote for the greatest science fiction theme song of all time

8/31/2011 - Lizard genome sequence solves a human genetic mystery

8/31/2011 - Watch this machine keep a disembodied human heart alive and pumping

8/31/2011 - This Is the Coolest Way to Take a Self Portrait I've Ever Seen

8/31/2011 - The Oldest-Ever Homo Erectus Gadgets Revealed

8/31/2011 - HP, You're Seriously Bumming Me Out

8/31/2011 - Stunt People Crash And Burn In New Lee Majors Vehicle

8/31/2011 - You will look regal and insane riding on this rollerblading robot chariot

8/31/2011 - iOS 5 Beta 7 Is Out

8/31/2011 - Twitter Will Start Showing Ads From Companies You're Not Following

8/31/2011 - The New Essential Apps August 2011

8/31/2011 - The insanely miraculous recovery of a man stabbed in the brain, through his eyeball, with garden shears

8/31/2011 - The Most Cyberpunk Places in the U.S.A.

8/31/2011 - Crazy Photographer Captures Perfect Clouds Four Miles Up In the Sky

8/31/2011 - The pornographic psychological warfare campaigns of World War II

8/31/2011 - Why do altruistic people cluster together?

8/31/2011 - Humans have been using tools for 300,000 years longer than we thought

8/31/2011 - Thin people have the fattest genes

8/31/2011 - Sony Sure Had Themselves a Day

8/31/2011 - The next theater of war will be the South China Sea

8/31/2011 - A Man of Uncompromising Vision, Steve Jobs Is Still... Kind of a Sweet Guy

8/31/2011 - Did Apple Lose An iPhone 5 Prototype In A Bar?

8/31/2011 - Sony Ericsson Reboots Xperia with Arc S, a Phone That Miiiiiiight Actually Matter

8/31/2011 - Watch People Get Flung Hundreds of Feet by a Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

8/31/2011 - Sony's Android Walkman Is Really for Music Nerds

8/31/2011 - New Superman set pics show off Clark Kent's blue alien bulge

8/31/2011 - Is This What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

8/31/2011 - A Programmable LED T-Shirt Is Your Novelty Deal of the Day

8/31/2011 - This Life-Size Woman Candle Scares the Beegeezuss Out of Me

8/31/2011 - Your dinnerware may be sabotaging your diet

8/31/2011 - Facebook Music Coming September 22nd?

8/31/2011 - Before and After Pictures of Hurricane Irene Are Stunning and Sad

8/31/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Day to Night

8/31/2011 - The io9 Guide to September's Science Fiction and Fantasy

8/31/2011 - Offline Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs? Um, Yes Please!

8/31/2011 - Sprint Nearly Doubles Early Termination Fee—Just Like Verizon Before the iPhone

8/31/2011 - Watch Captain Planet go insane, kill everyone

8/31/2011 - You've Got Less than 24 Hours to Pick Your New Netflix Plan

8/31/2011 - 10 mind control clichés (and how to avoid them)

8/31/2011 - How to Print 2000 Miles of Solar Cells a Year

8/31/2011 - Dyson's Newest Vac Stuffs All Its Guts in a Beautiful Sphere

8/31/2011 - Sony's SA-NS 500 AirPlay Speaker: Room-Filling Sound from a Lampshade

8/31/2011 - Spotify Wants to Bake Itself Into All Your iOS Apps

8/31/2011 - Concept art shows the disturbing evolution of Batman: Arkham City's Harley Quinn

8/31/2011 - RankMyHack Gives You Achievement Points for Your Ballsiest Cyber Attacks

8/31/2011 - Has the Sony Reader Wi-Fi Actually Got a Shot?

8/31/2011 - How-to-Pronounce-Difficult-Words Videos Will Make You Cry From Laughter

8/31/2011 - Read the fan mail a 16-year-old George R.R. Martin sent to Stan Lee

8/31/2011 - Will the anti-science Republicans kill conservatism as Americans know it?

8/31/2011 - “Choose Your Own Adventure” For Grownups Is Actually Just Called Life

8/31/2011 - Jet Skiing Through Your Hurricane-Ravaged Neighborhood

8/31/2011 - There's nothing less romantic than two people who are destined to be together

8/31/2011 - A Beating Heart in a Box Looks Terrifying

8/31/2011 - Video of the World's First Realistic Simulation of the Creation of Our Galaxy

8/31/2011 - After 150 different insect stings, this entomologist became a connoisseur of pain

8/31/2011 - Hands On: Sony's HMZ-T1 Is an Amazing OLED 3DTV. That You Wear On Your Head.

8/31/2011 - Sony HMZ-T1 gallery

8/31/2011 - The Government Probably Just Killed the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

8/31/2011 - io9 Goes East: NYC Meetup 9/6

8/31/2011 - Sony Tablet P First Impressions: Is the Taco Tablet Tasty?

8/31/2011 - We have a very spoilery discussion about Justice League with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

8/31/2011 - Sony Tablet S Review: It's Good to See You Again, Sony

8/31/2011 - Sony Tablet Gallery

8/31/2011 - Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi Merge Just Merged Their Small Screens, and Why That's Great

8/31/2011 - Sony Tablet P Gallery

8/31/2011 - Your car is making birds less sexy over time

8/31/2011 - The HTC Jetstream Tablet Is AT&T's First Tablet with 4G LTE

8/31/2011 - Gizmodo Hops the Pond with Giz UK

8/31/2011 - Beautiful behind-the-scenes Blade Runner video will change how you think about movies

8/31/2011 - Samsung's New Notebooks Are Super Skinny MacBook Clones (and Look Damn Good)

8/31/2011 - Turn Your Magic Trackpad Into a Magic Numpad

8/31/2011 - Terminator 5 might resurrect an iconic character. Plus the Game of Thrones writers preview the new season two cast!

8/31/2011 - Panasonic's New Video Cam Shoots (And Shows) HD 3D sans Glasses

8/31/2011 - Unique Video Captures the Sun Changing Its Spots

8/31/2011 - Sony's Wearable 3D Home Theater Sits on Your Face

8/31/2011 - sony hmz press gally

8/31/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 30, 2011

8/31/2011 - Mozilla Brings the Best of Honeycomb to Firefox for Tablets

8/31/2011 - T-Mobile May Roll Out In-Home Signal Boosters For Cancelling Customers

8/31/2011 - Go Inside Gaddafi's Security HQ

8/31/2011 - The LaCie Little Big Disk Is Pretty—Pretty Fast (Like Thunderbolt Fast)

8/30/2011 - The $40 Million Delivery Blimp

8/30/2011 - Watch Soccer Players Take a Dive While Grocery Shopping

8/30/2011 - Underworld Awakening website image

8/30/2011 - The Vampire Diaries character promo images

8/30/2011 - G.I. Joe 2 set photos

8/30/2011 - The First Hi-Res Simulation of the Milky Way's Formation

8/30/2011 - Photos from The Dark Knight Rises L.A. set and one of the "mouth to the Batcave"

8/30/2011 - Promo images from Warehouse 13 episode 3.09, "Shadows"

8/30/2011 - Real Steel poster

8/30/2011 - More set photos from the Avengers, including Iron Man's first appearance

8/30/2011 - United Airlines Doesn't Give a Damn What You Lost on Their Planes

8/30/2011 - Warehouse 13's Janeway and Bering are our new favorite action duo

8/30/2011 - Samsung Galaxy S II Hands On: Say Hi to Your Next Android Phone

8/30/2011 - Why you shouldn't challenge a breast-feeding mom to play Call of Duty

8/30/2011 - Daily Desired: Let the Force Protect Your iPad in this Case

8/30/2011 - 3G MacBook Pro Prototype Heads Back to Apple

8/30/2011 - This USB Drive Is Just Thicker than a Penny and Holds 2TB

8/30/2011 - On Eureka, the past is a dangerous place

8/30/2011 - Tim Cook's Battle Cry Email (Updated)

8/30/2011 - The Funniest Moment from MTV's Undead Cop Show Death Valley

8/30/2011 - The New York Times Is Developing the Last Kitchen Table You'll Ever Need

8/30/2011 - Samsung Galaxy S II Hands-On Gallery

8/30/2011 - Apple Stores Are Obsessively Designed to Look Perfectly Symmetrical from the Outside

8/30/2011 - Within these infrared clouds, absolute darkness reigns

8/30/2011 - This man's hands are no optical illusion

8/30/2011 - International Tech Companies Helped Gaddafi Spy on Libyans

8/30/2011 - How Did A Man Survive After Being Impaled Through His Eye Socket with Pruning Shears?

8/30/2011 - How AMC's Zombie Talk Show Could be Brilliant

8/30/2011 - Samsung Galaxy S II Gallery

8/30/2011 - The New Bestest Android Phone Is Finally Coming to America: The Samsung Galaxy S II

8/30/2011 - Dolphin Browser for iPhone: Gesture-Based Web Browsing and More

8/30/2011 - Dolphin Browser App Gallery

8/30/2011 - First Clip of Neil Patrick Harris as a Singing Prince Gumball in a Gender-Swapped Adventure Time Episode!

8/30/2011 - Lenovo Gallery

8/30/2011 - Hurricane Irene rat-lizard befuddles internet

8/30/2011 - Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Comes A-Courtin' Business Folk

8/30/2011 - SEAL Team 6 Wants Special Remote Cameras for War Dogs

8/30/2011 - Darth Vader will lose a little more of his dignity in Star Wars original trilogy Blu-rays. Listen for yourself!

8/30/2011 - We Surf With Fire Now

8/30/2011 - Movie and TV Trends We Hope Are On Their Way Out

8/30/2011 - HP Turns the TouchPad Fire Sale into an Everything-But-TouchPads Fire Sale

8/30/2011 - 1 in 10 Dead Bosses Are Murdered

8/30/2011 - Does this footage from a scrapped Avengers video game reveal the movie's big bad?

8/30/2011 - Read the first 100 pages of a dystopian young adult thriller by a former Air Force Major

8/30/2011 - Exotac nanoStriker Lightning Review: Fire, On Demand

8/30/2011 - Black Death DNA ID'd by Scientists and What It Means For the Next Zombie Plague

8/30/2011 - How Beyonce Is Bigger Than Hurricanes, Earthquakes and SuperBowl Sunday

8/30/2011 - Could Schizophrenia Be Treated With Nicotine?

8/30/2011 - Super Badass Photographer Joao Silva Talks About His Injuries and the State of Photojournalism

8/30/2011 - 7 Tools for Riding in Style This Labor Day

8/30/2011 - Do pandas hold the key to reducing US reliance on foreign oil?

8/30/2011 - Why Is HP Going to Keep Making TouchPads Through October?

8/30/2011 - The comic Daybreak is a field trip through the zombie apocalypse

8/30/2011 - Bizarre fish evolved for the oceans — but lives on land

8/30/2011 - Putting Smart Collars on Wild Animals Will Help Us Predict Their Wild Behavior

8/30/2011 - Free Gmail Voice Calls for Armed Forces Personnel

8/30/2011 - A Fast and Durable 128GB Kingston SSD Is Your Data Deal of the Day

8/30/2011 - Are the tables turning in the war between pests and genetically modified crops?

8/30/2011 - How far would you go to create bullet-proof flesh? Watch Pedro Almodovar's creepy new movie trailer

8/30/2011 - How a Lab Extracts Brains from NFL Players in the Name of Science

8/30/2011 - The bacterium responsible for the Black Death was once a mild stomach bug

8/30/2011 - Help decode ancient Egyptian texts by playing a puzzle game

8/30/2011 - Top Signs You're on a Date With a Gizmodo Writer

8/30/2011 - Horde of 100 radiation suit-clad specters invades German music festival

8/30/2011 - Every Airline Should Board Airplane Passengers Like This (It Cuts Boarding Time in HALF)

8/30/2011 - 12 Stay-Dry Glimpses Into the Subaquatic

8/30/2011 - Apollo 18 trailer reveals the festering Moon rash that makes the astronauts go crazy

8/30/2011 - iTunes Celebrates the Wrong Kind of Labor Day

8/30/2011 - The World Trade Center Was a Hollywood Star

8/30/2011 - iTunes Match Doesn't Actually Stream Music

8/30/2011 - 10 Greatest Examples of Space Battle Smack Talk

8/30/2011 - Dragon Fire: Artillery Systems Don't Get Any Deadlier

8/30/2011 - MOG Now Available on Boxee

8/30/2011 - Watch Bill Nye Try to Explain Irene and Climate Change on Fox Business

8/30/2011 - I Didn't Know You Could Buy iPads in McDonald's Parking Lots, Let Alone Wooden Ones

8/30/2011 - Science reveals the most efficient way to get on an airplane

8/30/2011 - This Wednesday, DC Comics goes all in

8/30/2011 - Scientists Discover Velcro Makes Lab-Grown Muscle Stronger

8/30/2011 - New Cover and Synopsis for Nick Harkaway's Second Novel — Including Mad Monks and Doomsday Devices!

8/30/2011 - The Nerd Beams Music to Your Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

8/30/2011 - HP TouchPad Becomes #2 Selling Tablet and Will Get Updates

8/30/2011 - The New Windows 8 Explorer Looks Like a Mess

8/30/2011 - The Gizmodo Computer Lab For Kids Who Can't Tech Good

8/30/2011 - HP Exec: TouchPad Could Make a Comeback

8/30/2011 - Why the hurricane Irene evacuations in New York City were a success

8/30/2011 - Technology is Making Airline Pilots More Dumberer

8/30/2011 - This Machine Liquifies Human Bodies

8/30/2011 - Survey respondents attribute Bible verse to Captain America

8/30/2011 - TSA Get It Right By Catching a Guy Trying to Smuggle Snakes and Tortoises in His Pants

8/30/2011 - International Space Station Could be Left Empty by November

8/30/2011 - Japanese Government Finds Areas Around Fukushima More Dangerous than Chernobyl Standards (Updated)

8/30/2011 - Wacom Inkling May Become My Favorite Gadget of All Time

8/30/2011 - How to Confound Traffic Using the Cross Walk Button, and More from TreeHugger

8/30/2011 - New Melancholia trailer shows the wedding at the end of the world

8/30/2011 - TDK Goes High-End With Their BA-200 Earbuds

8/30/2011 - Tons more awesome details on the big Avengers smackdown between Captain America and a major villain!

8/30/2011 - Federal Court Says You Can Record the Cops

8/30/2011 - Foursquare for Android Is Now Prettier and More Connected

8/30/2011 - How to Listen to Voicemail like the News of the World

8/30/2011 - iTunes Match Streams and Downloads Your Music

8/30/2011 - New Zealand Plans to Build a Recyclable Church

8/29/2011 - Goldfrapp: Ooh La La

8/29/2011 - True Blood lets the leather-jacketed, supernatural war of Louisiana begin!

8/29/2011 - Magnetism Has Never Been This Mesmerizing

8/29/2011 - Google Search Results Could Soon be Determined by +1 Button

8/29/2011 - An Electronic Sensor Could Smell the Stench of Heart Disease

8/29/2011 - You Can Now Rent Sir Richard Branson's Flying Submarine

8/29/2011 - Pet Check: Stalk Your Dog and Dog Walker with GPS

8/29/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 29, 2011

8/29/2011 - Jaw-Dropping Super Slow-Motion Footage of the World's Scariest Wave

8/29/2011 - Samuel Jackson Sues Infotrack for Calling Him a Sex Offender

8/29/2011 - Tailgating Might Actually Make Sense with DISH's Tailgater Antenna

8/29/2011 - For Sale: Rare, Oddly-Shaped Japanese Guitars

8/29/2011 - Familiar Headphones, Tweeting Strangers, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/29/2011 - World War Z Set Pictures

8/29/2011 - Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode Nine Pictures

8/29/2011 - Doctor Who "Night Terrors" Pictures

8/29/2011 - Lost Girl Posters

8/29/2011 - Man of Steel Set Picture — Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

8/29/2011 - Seeing New York City During Hurricane Irene Was Like Seeing a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

8/29/2011 - The Truth about George R.R. Martin, Women and Rape

8/29/2011 - Shutting Down the Internet Only Accelerates Revolutions

8/29/2011 - Older dads might give their kids an increased risk of mental illness

8/29/2011 - Watch veins of darkness creep through magnified bubbles

8/29/2011 - Does a Waterproof Tablet Make Any Sense at All?

8/29/2011 - How to Sell Readers on Your Story's Main Ideas in 4 Easy Steps

8/29/2011 - Infinite Kung Fu has some of the tightest fight scenes you'll find in comics

8/29/2011 - 7 Tools for a Post-Hurricane Cleanup

8/29/2011 - Dolphins Use Gadgets Too

8/29/2011 - Beyoncé's Pregnancy Sets New Twitter World Record

8/29/2011 - Instamap for iPad: A Slick Instagram App for your iPad

8/29/2011 - Instamap App Gallery

8/29/2011 - How Walter Potter Made Dead Bunnies Look Like School Children

8/29/2011 - A Photographer Thinks He Can Solve the Mystery of the Lost Leonardo da Vinci Painting with a Picture

8/29/2011 - Why Nickelodeon's Kid-Friendly Space Opera Space Cases Deserves More Love

8/29/2011 - Startling Video Shows the Dramatic Effect of Humans on Earth

8/29/2011 - Map Proves You Are Paying Too Much For Marijuana

8/29/2011 - This is what happens when you invite 40 vultures to dinner

8/29/2011 - Is This Window 8's New UI?

8/29/2011 - Nobody Has Any Idea What the Hell This Mysterious Crashed Drone Is

8/29/2011 - Watch Jennifer Lawrence endure 7 hours of half-naked agony for X-Men: First Class makeup tests

8/29/2011 - Do we know how The Dark Knight Rises begins?

8/29/2011 - This $25 Tiny Thumb PC Can Actually Run Quake III

8/29/2011 - Don't Be Mad at the Weather Man Because Irene Fizzled

8/29/2011 - What Is This Wonderful Alien Structure Doing on Earth?

8/29/2011 - What makes this strange space blob glow?

8/29/2011 - NASA Might Have to Control the International Space Station by Remote Control

8/29/2011 - Scientists force two chatbots to have a conversation, prove that Skynet will be a moron

8/29/2011 - My Brief OkCupid Affair With a World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player

8/29/2011 - Prometheus set pics channel Star Wars a little bit

8/29/2011 - Adobe's CreatePDF Creates PDFs for iOS

8/29/2011 - Take a Look: Another Purported Chunk of the iPhone 5 (or Is It the iPhone 4S?)

8/29/2011 - Bowers & Wilkins Gives Its Customers a Special AirPlay Party Mode

8/29/2011 - The Dell XPS 8300 Is Your Gamer Family's Deal of the Day

8/29/2011 - Sprint Tells Employees to Keep Pie Holes Shut about iPhone on their Network

8/29/2011 - Why Iron Man Succeeded Where Green Lantern Failed

8/29/2011 - Why You Should Never Save a JPEG as a 7 in Photoshop

8/29/2011 - How To Steal Like a 19th Century Thief

8/29/2011 - Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Lightning Review: High Fidelity, High Price, High on the Christmas List

8/29/2011 - Your brain is hardwired to recognize animals

8/29/2011 - Miss Doctor Who due to hurricane mania? There's a repeat tomorrow night

8/29/2011 - Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Gallery

8/29/2011 - The Departed screenwriter penning Sin City 2

8/29/2011 - Watch Dumb Kids Dodge Death While They Hang On the Side of a Moving Train

8/29/2011 - Frog the size of a child reportedly found (and eaten) in Malaysia

8/29/2011 - 10 New Genetic Discoveries — And The Diseases They Could Treat

8/29/2011 - The Republican Party Hates Science

8/29/2011 - Wikileaks Accidentally Released Dangerous Unredacted Cables

8/29/2011 - Why You Won't See Martin Luther King Jr's 'I Have a Dream' Speech on YouTube

8/29/2011 - David Bowie's "Space Oddity" Makes an Excellent Children's Storybook

8/29/2011 - Asus Will Lead the Onslaught of MacBook Air-Cloning Ultrabook Spam

8/29/2011 - The First Android 4.0 Phone Is the Samsung Nexus Prime, and It's Only on Verizon

8/29/2011 - Lizard species keep trying to interbreed...but they're just the wrong size

8/29/2011 - Man Escapes Police Curfew Just By Taking Off His Fake Leg

8/29/2011 - Taga Bike Is So Cool It Makes Me Want to Have Kids

8/29/2011 - Chinese General Accuses Country's Nuclear Chief of Selling Tech Secrets

8/29/2011 - This Week's TV: Fringe's John Noble explores the weirdest real-life science. Plus a wizard battle on Adventure Time!

8/29/2011 - These neurons are making you fat

8/29/2011 - This Is What Happens When You Daisy-Chain 200,000 Hard Drives

8/29/2011 - At Last, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is Now Certified to Fly!

8/29/2011 - A Brief History of HP Killing Itself

8/29/2011 - We Need Another Messenger App Like We Need Extra Nipples

8/29/2011 - This Is Probably the Weirdest, Goofiest Video NASA Ever Made

8/29/2011 - The Venture Bros. make the world's shortest rock-and-roll documentary

8/29/2011 - Two Chatbots Face Off to Discuss God, Unicorns and Experience Sexual Tension

8/29/2011 - If 1950s science fiction movies invaded your dreams, these pictures would be the result

8/29/2011 - Samsung Galaxy S II on Sprint Delayed Because of the Hurricane

8/29/2011 - Sarah Palin and Obama Won't Get Porn .XXX Sites

8/29/2011 - The Inflatable Wetsuit Designed to Save Lives in Big Waves

8/29/2011 - Back in the 1700s, two science professors created the world's first fossil hoax to prank a religious colleague

8/29/2011 - The Egg-Shaped Fitness Chamber That Breeds Tennis Champions

8/29/2011 - What the Earth Looks Like Next to a Dwarf Star?

8/29/2011 - Rock Opera Version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis Coming to a Theater Near You

8/29/2011 - Anonymous Is Helping Time Warner Make Money

8/29/2011 - TomTom's Newest GPS Creepily Auto-Tweets Your Location for No Reason

8/29/2011 - Andrew Garfield becomes a real spider in The Amazing Spider-Man!

8/29/2011 - Darth Vader iPhone Case Sets New Dark Force Tackiness Record

8/29/2011 - the avengers set photos

8/29/2011 - Dark Knight Rises set photos

8/29/2011 - Watch the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games

8/28/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 28, 2011

8/28/2011 - Feel the cold fist of the robot revolution close around your throat!

8/28/2011 - Watch this nautical jumbo-crane attach a 10-story attachment to a ship

8/28/2011 - Nuking a Hurricane Would Be a Really Bad Idea

8/28/2011 - That stupid time Superman shilled computers for Radio Shack

8/28/2011 - Avengers promo art

8/28/2011 - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo promo photos

8/28/2011 - Anna Torv and John Noble Fringe Set photos

8/28/2011 - Fringe set photos

8/28/2011 - Latest Apple Voice Patent Could Make the iPhone Nearly Hands-Free

8/28/2011 - Haven "Friend or Faux" promo photos

8/28/2011 - Haven "The Tides that Bind" promo photos

8/28/2011 - World War Z set photos

8/28/2011 - Doctor Who "Night Terrors" photo

8/28/2011 - Man of Steel set photos

8/28/2011 - Fascinating First-Ever Images of an Electron In Orbit

8/28/2011 - Ostriches sleep like platypuses (and look wide awake when they do)

8/28/2011 - That's No Rubber Band Gun. This Is a Rubber Band Gun.

8/28/2011 - This is what Walt Disney's version of Hell looked like

8/28/2011 - Hurricane Irene Mostly a Storm of Hype (Updated)

8/28/2011 - Behemoth-Sized Metal Bird Skeleton Descends On Make Faire Bay Area 2011

8/28/2011 - Meet Indonesia's H.R. Giger-like warrior wasp

8/28/2011 - Ninja has been defending mid-sized English town for six years

8/28/2011 - This Clock Won't Be Late for Another Ten Million Years, Give or Take

8/28/2011 - Remember when Dr. Who fought King Kong?

8/28/2011 - Runner's 13-Mile Trip Covers Tokyo with a Tribute to Steve Jobs

8/28/2011 - Ugandan man wants to build space shuttle from scratch

8/28/2011 - Twitter Debate: Is the Service a Soap Box or a Direct Line of Communication?

8/28/2011 - Scientists use fractals to determine when bananas are becoming mushy and inedible

8/28/2011 - There's Going to Be an Underwater Tunnel Connecting Russia to Alaska

8/28/2011 - How does Nintendo protect the image of their saintly plumber? A Super Mario historian tells us

8/28/2011 - Spider-Man fought Hurricane Irene using the power of joy

8/28/2011 - Apple Co-Founder Ron Wayne Could Have Been Worth $35 Billion Today

8/28/2011 - Raw AP Video: New York City Flooding Has Already Begun

8/28/2011 - Last-Minute FCC Communications Tips to Get You Through Hurricane Irene and Out the Other Side

8/28/2011 - Watch a Weather Man Get Covered in What's Probably Raw Sewage

8/28/2011 - Doctor Who and the One Woman the Doctor Can't Screw Up

8/27/2011 - Is the TouchPad Coming Back to Best Buy? (Update: Yeah, No)

8/27/2011 - The time Marvel Comics almost published Batman and Superman

8/27/2011 - The HTC Holiday Will Be First to AT&T's 4G LTE Table

8/27/2011 - The Guys Who Look Forward to Hurricanes

8/27/2011 - Read David Bowie's "Space Oddity" transformed into the saddest children's book ever

8/27/2011 - Social media and biometric software could make future undercover policing impossible

8/27/2011 - Study: People Would Sooner Make Love to Their Laptops Than to Their Lovers

8/27/2011 - Yes. Paintballing Is Bad for Your Breast Implants

8/27/2011 - In Android, Klaus Kinski wants to build a sexbot...in space!

8/27/2011 - Hurricane Irene Has an OK Cupid Profile

8/27/2011 - Watch This Axe-Wielding Bird Lay Waste to Everything You Love

8/27/2011 - Soon You Might Need a Stay in These Escape Pod Hotels

8/27/2011 - How to blend together photons

8/27/2011 - What to do if you encounter a real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

8/27/2011 - Why Would You Whip Your Penis Out During a Hurricane on National TV? (NSFW)

8/27/2011 - Mad Men-style soirees from the swinging superhero sixties

8/27/2011 - Irene Blows Her Way Through the East Coast (Updating)

8/27/2011 - Judge calls location-tracking Orwellian, while Congress moves to legalize it

8/27/2011 - The Tech That Took Out Gadhafi

8/27/2011 - In the webcomic Friends With Boys, a homeschooler finds high school more intimidating than a ghost

8/27/2011 - Here's a reason not to go spelunking in the Helsinki train tunnels

8/27/2011 - Sony's Clamshell S2 Tablet Is Now the Tablet P

8/27/2011 - Get into Stacia Kane's intense urban fantasy series for a dollar

8/27/2011 - Would You Really Cut Off Your Own Arm for a Robotic One?

8/27/2011 - Oh look, a creepy sleeping woman made entirely out of candles

8/27/2011 - How Your False Sense of Security Might Get You Killed During Irene

8/27/2011 - Welcome to Farmland World, a livestock Disneyland where robo-cows roam

8/27/2011 - In Singapore, Dr. Who is not a significant source of dietary fiber

8/27/2011 - Postcards and maps from America's olden days, filled with monsters and alien dictators

8/27/2011 - Watch Captain Jack actually mention Ianto by name, on Torchwood

8/26/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Double Cross

8/26/2011 - Courier Rising, Fox Falling, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/26/2011 - F-22 Jets Allowed to Fly Just to Escape Irene

8/26/2011 - Astrophysicists Produce First Realistic Simulation of Milky Way's Formation

8/26/2011 - How a Robotic Telescope Just Found the Youngest Supernova Yet

8/26/2011 - Did The SEALS Who Shot Bin Laden Have Helmet Cams Or Not?

8/26/2011 - Why I Won't Post that Photo of Steve Jobs

8/26/2011 - Here's Why You Shouldn't Make Phone Calls During the Hurricane

8/26/2011 - All of the Greatest Rory Williams Moments from Doctor Who

8/26/2011 - Governor Chris Christie to Idiots: Get The Hell Off The Beach

8/26/2011 - The Weeknd: What You Need

8/26/2011 - New In Time trailer shows why it's the year's most political movie

8/26/2011 - Why did ancient whales have twisted skulls?

8/26/2011 - Irene Emergency Radio Tracker Site Set to Ambient Music Is Helpful, Creepy

8/26/2011 - Doctor Who will take advertising to a whole new level

8/26/2011 - 9 Tools to Help Tame Hurricane Irene

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8/26/2011 - Ness, Photo 365, FEMA and More

8/26/2011 - The sordid, bizarre history of asbestos goes all the way back to Emperor Charlemagne

8/26/2011 - iSheetMusic, Luminance, Composition No. 1 and More

8/26/2011 - ESPN Bowl Bound, FEMA, Cowboys & Aliens and More

8/26/2011 - Luminance, Mega Mall Story, Post-It PopNotes and More

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8/26/2011 - Daily Desired: Battle the Darkness with this Badass Pocket-Sized Torch

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8/26/2011 - Robots, Mad Scientists and Damsels: Astounding Pulp Cover Art

8/26/2011 - Why Do Idiots Keep Trying to Outrun Speeding Trains?

8/26/2011 - Enroll in a free course on artificial intelligence, taught by two world-renowned AI experts

8/26/2011 - Turning Tragedy into Memes for Fun and Profit

8/26/2011 - NYC Orders First Mandatory Evacuation In History, 250,000 People Affected

8/26/2011 - Post-It PopNotes Create Geo-Triggered Notes

8/26/2011 - Speck HandyShell iPad 2 Case Lightning Review: Jack of All Trades

8/26/2011 - 9 Steel Horses for Your Bon Jovi Tribute Band

8/26/2011 - How to Listen in on First Responder Calls During the Hurricane

8/26/2011 - speckgal

8/26/2011 - Why Does Disney Insist on Shitting All Over My Memories?

8/26/2011 - Astronomers have spotted "the supernova of a generation," and it's exploding right now

8/26/2011 - Cowboys & Aliens Game for Android Is Shoot 'Em Up Fun

8/26/2011 - X-Men for Android Is Your Favorite Childhood Game on Your Android Phone

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8/26/2011 - First 2 Apollo 18 clips prove that on the Moon, nobody can hear you freak out

8/26/2011 - 9 Tools to Make Burning Man Extra Awesome

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8/26/2011 - Get Prepared for Hurricane Irene with the FEMA App for Android

8/26/2011 - Google+ Just Got a Little More Antisocial

8/26/2011 - Mega Mall Story Lets You Be the King of Mallrats

8/26/2011 - Ness for iPhone Helps You Pick Restaurants Without the Annoying Reviewers

8/26/2011 - ESPN Bowl Bound 2011

8/26/2011 - Facebook Making Photos Bigger and Faster

8/26/2011 - What kind of science is going to destroy the world?

8/26/2011 - What Is a Hurricane?

8/26/2011 - 47" LG 1080p 120Hz 3D HDTV Is the Boob Tube Deal of the Day

8/26/2011 - Amazon's Tablet May Cost "Hundreds" Less Than the iPad

8/26/2011 - Awesome Full Image of Earth Gives You an Idea of How Huge Hurricane Irene Is (Updated)

8/26/2011 - Why Comic Sans Is So Darn Funny, Scientifically Speaking

8/26/2011 - FCC Restarts Checking AT&T/T-Mobile Takeover

8/26/2011 - ESPN Bowl Bound 2011

8/26/2011 - New details about the Tom Cruise-in-space movie formerly known as Oblivion

8/26/2011 - Steve Jobs Sings His Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Song

8/26/2011 - Fan-Made Superhero Movie Posters We Wish Were Real

8/26/2011 - Terrorists attack nanotechnology labs with bombs, claiming they fear "nanocyborgs" and "gray goo"

8/26/2011 - Get Drunk on the Future

8/26/2011 - On Futurama, the cure for the common cold is a father's love (or lack thereof)

8/26/2011 - Gizmodo's Joe Brown Joins MSNBC For Hurricane Irene Coverage

8/26/2011 - Watch Gizmodo's Joe Brown on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

8/26/2011 - Did This Bird Survive a Flight Through Hurricane Irene?

8/26/2011 - Hurricane Irene Is Shutting Down the Entire NYC Subway Tomorrow

8/26/2011 - If Verizon Passes on the Galaxy S II, I'll Be Mad Pissed Off

8/26/2011 - 10 Ways Animals Get High

8/26/2011 - Not Knowing Where Your Instrument Came From Could Cost You $17,000

8/26/2011 - Jedi Kittens makes the whole week worth it

8/26/2011 - Holy Christ. Is the Razer Blade the Most Badass Laptop In Existence?

8/26/2011 - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a monster muddle

8/26/2011 - Fukushima Has Leaked 168 Hiroshima Blasts of Radiation

8/26/2011 - The Prettiest and Most Effective Way to Track Hurricane Irene's Impending Doom

8/26/2011 - Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke's New Project: A Superhero Ghost?

8/26/2011 - NEXRAD: How Scientists Spot Hurricanes Before They Pancake Entire Cities

8/26/2011 - Next Generation iPhone Parts Uncovered?

8/26/2011 - I Hope This Doesn't Happen When Hurricane Irene Hits

8/26/2011 - Graphic Biographies Are Fun—Except for That Hitler Bastard

8/26/2011 - Female chickens have the weirdest birth control method ever

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8/26/2011 - Study shows that unemployed men don't mind homemaker roles

8/26/2011 - I Wish I Had the Balls to Risk My Life Like This Man

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8/26/2011 - Why Is This Guy Holding His Giant Ear? Oh Because It's a Giant Ear iPhone Case

8/26/2011 - Seismometer for iPhone Can Even Notice Your Heartbeats

8/26/2011 - Fear Mongers Predict Hurricane Irene Will Cause Tens of Billions of Dollars Worth of Damage in NYC

8/26/2011 - Tons of Man of Steel Spoilers and Set Pics. Plus new hints for Captain America 2 and Ghostbusters 3!

8/26/2011 - How Jules Verne Predicted Cell Phones in the 1870s

8/26/2011 - Panasonic's New X Lens Takes Micro Four Thirds Closer to Murdering the Point and Shoot

8/26/2011 - Google Will Search for Anything, You Only Need to Ask

8/26/2011 - These Energy-Scavenging Batteries are Powered by All Vibrations, Not Just the Good Kind

8/26/2011 - Panasonic's New Lumix FZ150 Is a Super-Zoom Killer for Only $500

8/26/2011 - Google Street View Is Coming to an Amazonian Trail Near You

8/25/2011 - Man of Steel Set Pics

8/25/2011 - You Can Thank Human-Neanderthal Relations for Your Strong Immune System

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8/25/2011 - Eureka set photos from the finale

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8/25/2011 - Adidas adiZero Feather Running Shoes Lightning Review: Like Wearing Clouds on Your Feet

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8/25/2011 - There are 8.7 million species on Earth. Guess how many we have actually discovered?

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8/25/2011 - UK Gov Changes Mind on Idiotic Social Media Crackdown

8/25/2011 - Amazon Now Offers Kindle Daily Deals

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8/25/2011 - People who doodle learn faster

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8/25/2011 - Conan script doctor compares writing a flop movie to working on a losing political campaign

8/25/2011 - Steve Jobs Invented Your Dell PC and Your Android Phone

8/25/2011 - The Last Exorcism not actually The Last Exorcism: Studio greenlights a sequel

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8/25/2011 - 10 Myths About Television That Fans and Viewers Believe

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8/25/2011 - Cooking may have driven human evolution nearly 2 million years ago

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8/25/2011 - Tim Cook Promises "Apple is not going to change" in Email to Employees

8/25/2011 - Robert Rodriguez's Blood on the Salsa features killer tacos!

8/25/2011 - Steve Jobs Has 313 Apple Patents to His Name

8/25/2011 - Liquify your dead body - for the earth!

8/25/2011 - Vic Gundotra, the Man Behind Google+, Tells a Story About Steve Jobs Being Steve Jobs

8/25/2011 - Facebook Will Kill Photo Filters for Everyone

8/25/2011 - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome may get demoted back to being a webseries

8/25/2011 - Nobody Knows Who Has Control of Libya's Deadliest Weapons

8/25/2011 - Watch Speakers Make Album Art By Bumping the Bass Filled with Paint

8/25/2011 - An X-Ray Showed a Dog Had Accidentally Eaten $10,000 Worth of Diamonds

8/25/2011 - Expect carnage in the True Blood Finale! Plus Scads of Set Pics from Man of Steel, Fringe, and World War Z!

8/25/2011 - Battery-on-a-Smart-Cover Is the Ghost of Smart Cover Future

8/25/2011 - MacTrast Says iPhone 5 Also Heading to T-Mobile

8/25/2011 - BlackBerry's BBM Music Is The Dumbest Music Service I've Ever Heard Of

8/25/2011 - Stanford Researchers Totally Saw Those Sunspots Before You Did

8/25/2011 - Paul Allen Wants Your Legacy Hardware

8/25/2011 - This Is What Setting a Land Speed Record on the World's Fastest Electric Bike Looks Like

8/25/2011 - Steve Wozniak Comments on Jobs' Departure: "Most Important Technical Leader Ever" (Updated)

8/24/2011 - How an Australian Charity's Swag Is Fighting Homelessness Across Oz

8/24/2011 - Prometheus Pictures

8/24/2011 - Watch the trailer for Locke & Key, the beautiful horror series that never was

8/24/2011 - The Touchscreen Computer for Old People Unclear on the Concept

8/24/2011 - Too Many Antibiotics Are Making You Fat

8/24/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 23, 2011

8/24/2011 - Alternate Histories Does the Monster Mash-Up

8/24/2011 - Compare the new CGI Yoda from the Blu-Ray Star Wars Episode One with the original puppet

8/24/2011 - Why Everyone Just Thought Steve Jobs Died

8/24/2011 - A Giant Turtle Alien Is Landing in Taipei to Become a Museum

8/24/2011 - Trailer for Roland Emmerich's Hell, in which the sun swallows the Earth

8/24/2011 - Self-Inflating Bike Tires Promise a Future Free of Hand Pumps

8/24/2011 - Your oldest relative is a shrew

8/24/2011 - Why Steve Jobs Chose the Perfect Time to Resign

8/24/2011 - WTF Are These Phone Names, Samsung?

8/24/2011 - The Evolution of Steve Jobs' Clothing

8/24/2011 - Henry Cavill's Superman goes without underpants, internet freaks out

8/24/2011 - Apple without Steve Jobs Scares the Shit out of Wall Street (Updated)

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8/24/2011 - Jobs Will Still Be Actively Involved in Apple's Future

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8/24/2011 - Why things fall apart

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8/24/2011 - Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

8/24/2011 - The Life of Steve Jobs

8/24/2011 - NASA is using lasers to broadcast from space in HD

8/24/2011 - Facebook Is Going to Add Instagram-style Photo Filters to their Facebook App

8/24/2011 - Photo 365 for iPhone: Take a Picture Every Day of the Year

8/24/2011 - Photo 365 App Gallery

8/24/2011 - The Push-Button School of Tomorrow (1958)

8/24/2011 - Rock out, nerd style, to the new MC Frontalot CD

8/24/2011 - China Slips and Reveals Its Own Cyberattacks on State TV

8/24/2011 - Beef Jerky-Potato Chip Hybrid Is the Pinnacle of Human Innovation

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8/24/2011 - ESPN Fantasy Football App Comes to Android

8/24/2011 - International Space Station Resupply Craft Crashes Over Russia

8/24/2011 - Apple Tells Devs to Stop Tracking Your iPhone's Secret ID Number

8/24/2011 - Drift HD 1080p Rugged Cam Lightning Review: Awesome? Check. Reliable? Ehhh, Not So Much

8/24/2011 - Photoshop Tutorial Rap 2: Still Surprisingly Handy!

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8/24/2011 - Go Gorge Yourself on Battlestar Galactica Props Right the Frak Now

8/24/2011 - Shooting Challenge: The Subaquatic

8/24/2011 - You Can Watch The Godfather on YouTube for Free (Update: No You Can't)

8/24/2011 - A Russian cargo shipment to the International Space Station has crashed

8/24/2011 - Karen Gillan: Everything changes for Amy Pond in Doctor Who season 6.5

8/24/2011 - What a Black Hole Devouring a Star Looks Like

8/24/2011 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Ian McDonald's The Dervish House

8/24/2011 - Watch The Virginia Earthquake Spread Across Twitter

8/24/2011 - 1GB Black Box PIN Secure USB Drive is the Paranoid Deal of the Day

8/24/2011 - What Are These Russian Strategic Nuclear Bombers Doing Infiltrating NATO Airspace?

8/24/2011 - How Fake Barfs Are Made

8/24/2011 - Joss Whedon's Avengers includes an iconic Captain America scene

8/24/2011 - Zoo Animals Went Crazy Before the Earthquake Too

8/24/2011 - Watch an entire tub full of lampreys going crazy

8/24/2011 - See how Jim Henson made the insane puppets of The Dark Crystal

8/24/2011 - NASA scientists have discovered stars that are cool enough to touch

8/24/2011 - Your Bus Blowing Up Is the Perfect Way to Start the School Year

8/24/2011 - Why are fathers in horror movies such dicks? We asked Don't Be Afraid of the Dark's mean dad, Guy Pearce!

8/24/2011 - My Morning with a Robot Sex Worker

8/24/2011 - NY OkCupid Profiles Are Even More Depressing Than You Thought

8/24/2011 - Slow Dance with a Vampire: The 10 Best Bloodsucker Prom Songs

8/24/2011 - Watch Gizmodo's Joe Brown On ABC's Nightline

8/24/2011 - How to Pack Your Bag When You're Walking into a Hurricane

8/24/2011 - Weird Tales Magazine starts a whole new weird journey

8/24/2011 - Google Settling with the US Government for $500 Million for Selling Drugs

8/24/2011 - A Man Found a Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Inside a Casino Wall and Plans to Open It Live on the Internet

8/24/2011 - We Hope Apple Wins the Patent Wars

8/24/2011 - Next-Gen BlackBerrys Might Run Android Apps

8/24/2011 - Animals are adapting more rapidly to climate change than humans

8/24/2011 - The Suitcase Drone Libyan Rebels Used to Help Win the War

8/24/2011 - What's One Billion Times Brighter Than the Sun?

8/24/2011 - How technology has transformed short science fiction and fantasy

8/24/2011 - Time Warner Is Giving Away Slingboxes for Free*

8/24/2011 - Yesterday's Earthquake Caused More Twitter Traffic than Bin Laden's Death

8/24/2011 - Nikon's First Rugged Cam (!), Super Bright Projector Mutant Camera and Pro Point-and-Shoot

8/24/2011 - Clip Zip Lightning Review: So Tiny, So Cheap

8/24/2011 - In Japan, you can go on a haunted hayride on a public train

8/24/2011 - This Time-Lapse of the Milky Way in South Dakota's Skies Is the Best Good Morning I Could Ask For

8/24/2011 - Nokia Needs to Stop Making Symbian Phones RIGHT NOW

8/24/2011 - Hackers Used Google to Steal Social Security Numbers from 43,000 Yalies

8/24/2011 - Vizio's Android Tablet Is the First to Offer Hulu Plus

8/24/2011 - So what made you start smoking?

8/24/2011 - The Brightest and Loudest Smartphones in the World Run Symbian… For Some Reason

8/24/2011 - NASA Discovers Sweater Weather Star

8/24/2011 - First Footage from Fringe Season 4: Does Olivia suspect the truth about Peter?

8/24/2011 - Sony NEX-7 Fights Micro Four-Thirds Cameras With a Massive DSLR Sensor

8/24/2011 - The Earthquake Cracked the Washington Monument

8/24/2011 - Pentagon Quake Nightmare: Fukushima on the Mississippi

8/24/2011 - New Footage from the Avengers Set Shows Loki Terrorizing the Earthlings. Plus loads of Doctor Who hints!

8/24/2011 - Toshiba's Roomba-Killer Packs Two CPUs...in a Vacuum

8/24/2011 - Burning Car Explodes Right In Firefighter's Face—but He Shrugs and Keeps Working

8/24/2011 - The National Cathedral Got a Lot of Damage During Yesterday's Earthquake

8/24/2011 - Sony Alpha A77: The 24-Megapixel Shooter Is Finally Real

8/24/2011 - Supernatural Set Pics

8/24/2011 - World War Z set pics from WENN.com

8/24/2011 - Blackened, Dying Skin Is The Latest Cocaine Side Effect

8/24/2011 - Doctor Who Promo Pics — Let's Kill Hitler

8/24/2011 - Combat Cavities By Re-Growing Your Decaying Teeth

8/23/2011 - Stop-Motion Video With 500 People And 1500 Photos In 110 Seconds

8/23/2011 - World's First Images of The Earth Taken From The Moon's Orbit

8/23/2011 - More Man of Steel set photos

8/23/2011 - The Vampire Diaries promo photos from episode 3.01, "The Birthday"

8/23/2011 - The 9/11 Memorial App Will Be An iPad Exclusive

8/23/2011 - Summer Glau guest stars on Alphas as a one-woman R&D department

8/23/2011 - Everything We Learned About Myka on Last Night's Warehouse 13

8/23/2011 - Antarctica's Volcanic Ice Caves Rival Hoth's

8/23/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 23, 2011

8/23/2011 - Why Celebrating With Gunfire Is Really Stupid

8/23/2011 - Tons Totally Tooting while Tweeting From Tablets Taken to Toilet

8/23/2011 - Wikileaks Releases Thousands More Cables Covering China, Taiwan and Libya

8/23/2011 - Scientists have discovered the missing link in the evolution of lager

8/23/2011 - Fancy Mags, Facebook Drags, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/23/2011 - Mount Kimbie: Before I Move Off

8/23/2011 - How Your Dog Knows an Earthquake Is Coming Way Before You Do

8/23/2011 - The Super Tourniquet That Stops Penis Gunshot Wounds from Bleeding Out

8/23/2011 - Forget New Zealand, visit some Hobbits in Montana!

8/23/2011 - SPAM Lip Glaze Is Exactly What You Imagine It Is

8/23/2011 - Working Out Barefoot with the Adidas Adipure Trainers Is Really Weird (But Good for You?)

8/23/2011 - A Brief History of the Crossover

8/23/2011 - What If the Earthquake Had Hit Manhattan?

8/23/2011 - Adidas Adipure Trainer Gallery

8/23/2011 - Proof that True Blood's vampire shower sex could have been a whole lot hotter

8/23/2011 - Samsung uses 2001: A Space Odyssey as prior art in Apple's iPad lawsuit

8/23/2011 - Someone Found True Love During the Earthquake

8/23/2011 - These Beautiful Photographs Were Taken With the Handmade Legotron Mk1

8/23/2011 - Could science fiction books help rescue NASA?

8/23/2011 - Here's a Portal fan movie good enough to be in theaters

8/23/2011 - French Fries Can Kill You

8/23/2011 - What happens when you're wrongly diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease

8/23/2011 - This $5 Million Piece of Art Is a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Filled with Pirated Software, Songs and More

8/23/2011 - Facebook Just Killed Places

8/23/2011 - What Do Earthquake Magnitudes Mean?

8/23/2011 - Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review: Are $100 Headphones Allowed to Sound This Good?

8/23/2011 - A 5.9 Earthquake? Psh. The Most Massive Earthquake-Proof Building in the World Can Withstand an 8.0

8/23/2011 - Do You See the Gigantic Sperm Floating Around Brazil's 2016 Olympic Village?

8/23/2011 - 7 Tools to Help Survive a Natural Disaster

8/23/2011 - Become NYC's resident Jules Verne creepster in this $1.7 million steampunk pad

8/23/2011 - Hey Criminals! Your Town Made You an App to Track Cops

8/23/2011 - A Whole New Way to Floss

8/23/2011 - How could an earthquake happen in Virginia?

8/23/2011 - Microsoft Kinect is the Hands-Free Deal of the Day

8/23/2011 - Finally! WSJ Claims iPhone 5 Is Coming to Sprint

8/23/2011 - The President's Helicopter Rises over Quake-Evacuated Pentagon

8/23/2011 - Table-Top Atom-Smasher Does Amazing Things in a Small Package

8/23/2011 - How Buildings Stay Up When the Earth Shakes

8/23/2011 - Dogs Predict Earthquake Gallery

8/23/2011 - Why Earthquakes Are So Hard To Predict

8/23/2011 - The lights in the universe are going out. Now astronomers think they know why.

8/23/2011 - Why Earthquake Tweets Reached You Before the Earthquake Did

8/23/2011 - The Censored Diary of a Lonely Fukushima Robot Driver

8/23/2011 - All the Videos of the East Coast Earthquake (Updating)

8/23/2011 - Why Are These Losers Faking Earthquake Videos

8/23/2011 - "Ask Vader" anything you want!

8/23/2011 - Do women's yearbook photos predict their future happiness? Depends what you mean by "happy."

8/23/2011 - East Coast of US shaken by Virginia earthquake

8/23/2011 - Earthquakes Shake Entire United States (Updated)

8/23/2011 - 31 Shadow People Caught on Camera

8/23/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Shadow People

8/23/2011 - Texas filmmaker self-funds fan flick about TMNT sidekick Casey Jones

8/23/2011 - Scrub Gunk Off Your Gadgets sans Smudges

8/23/2011 - 10 Totally Different TV Shows that Doctor Who Has Been Over the Years

8/23/2011 - Greyhound Bus Accidentally Dumps Bull Semen On a Highway. Everyone Is Confused

8/23/2011 - Samsung Cites 2001: A Space Odyssey Against Apple in Greatest Legal Defense of All Time (Updated)

8/23/2011 - A TV That Knows When The Gun You're Waving Around Is Causing a Panic

8/23/2011 - This Massive Hurricane Is Barreling Towards the East Coast

8/23/2011 - How to Make a Grappling Hook Gun With a Fire Extinguisher

8/23/2011 - Why Are All the Cellphone Companies Suing Each Other?

8/23/2011 - In Wednesday's comics, Batman goes VR and kung fu fighters go nuts

8/23/2011 - Get More Stars for Less Money! LogMeIn Ignition’s 5-Star Sale

8/23/2011 - Translating Bat Speech, Leftover Bacon Candles, and More of the Best of Treehugger

8/23/2011 - Download.com Is Pushing Bloatware

8/23/2011 - Engadget Says Sony's S1 Will Be Known As the Tablet S for Its September Release

8/23/2011 - Scientists Sail Among the Tree-Tops With This Canopy Raft

8/23/2011 - Eureka explains why romance and methane don't mix

8/23/2011 - What if Tintin had his own Iron Man armor?

8/23/2011 - OK Go's Muppet Theme Song Music Video Re-Creates All of Their Famous Music Videos...with Muppets

8/23/2011 - Why It Sucks to be a Male Cricket

8/23/2011 - The Woot On Cougars, Sext and Other English Words In the Last 100 Years

8/23/2011 - The Samsung Impulse 4G Might Be AT&T's First LTE Phone

8/23/2011 - Alan Grant's velociraptor speech from Jurassic Park, animated with toy dinosaurs

8/23/2011 - Skiing on Poo Snow Is Perhaps Less Gross than You Think (Updated)

8/23/2011 - The science behind whales' asymmetrical skulls

8/23/2011 - The Most Beautiful National Parks as Seen From Space

8/23/2011 - Why the Hell Are People Buying Touchpads for $300 on eBay?

8/23/2011 - Swarms of Drones Will Kill Us All! (One Day)

8/23/2011 - Pinhead makes a baby in the demented new Hellraiser trailer

8/23/2011 - Learn more about the army facing The Avengers. Plus tons of World War Z set photos!

8/23/2011 - This Is What Google Really Meant By "Don't Be Evil"

8/23/2011 - Reuters Says Cheap-O 8 GB iPhone 4 Arriving "Within Weeks"

8/23/2011 - SOL Republic Tracks and Tracks HD: the Quest to Pack Good Sound in $100 Headphones

8/23/2011 - The Thinnnnest Camera With a 12x Zoom

8/23/2011 - Samsung May Buy HP's PC Business Says Digitimes

8/23/2011 - Even An Orangutan Knows How To Cool Himself Off

8/22/2011 - Celebrity Psychics Can Claim $1M If Their Powers Are Real

8/22/2011 - World War Z Pics

8/22/2011 - Google+ Posts Coming Soon to Gmail

8/22/2011 - A 15-Year-Old Girl's Bionic Hand Lets Her Live a Normal Life

8/22/2011 - How the World Looks Through the Noses and Muzzles and Radar of Critters

8/22/2011 - Hey Audiophile! Five Baller Vintage Amps That Are Dirt Cheap

8/22/2011 - The True Blood Ménage à Trois You Never Knew You Didn't Want!

8/22/2011 - Why Time Passing Can Seem Like Torture

8/22/2011 - Star Trek, Klingons and Coffee Tables

8/22/2011 - Here's How to Rip Apart a Computer and Melt the Circuit Boards for Gold (So You Can Survive the Next Financial Apocalypse)

8/22/2011 - Torchwood shows that love isn't love unless it kills you

8/22/2011 - Screw Rugged and Waterproof Cameras. Give Me This Silicone Rubber Bouncy Cam

8/22/2011 - New Evidence from TechCrunch Hints at GSM/CDMA iPhone 5

8/22/2011 - Booze Bottles, iPad Grub, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/22/2011 - Hellraiser: Revelations Poster

8/22/2011 - Secret Sauce Linking Xbox 360 Kinectimals and Windows Phone Is a QR Code

8/22/2011 - Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 8 Pictures

8/22/2011 - The Thing Monster Maquettes

8/22/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises "Thank You, Pittsburgh" Newspaper Ad

8/22/2011 - NASA's humanoid wakes up in space, starts Tweeting

8/22/2011 - Supernatural Set Pictures

8/22/2011 - Watch CD Sales Fall Off A Cliff in 30 Seconds

8/22/2011 - The Raven Poster

8/22/2011 - Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler" Character Pictures

8/22/2011 - Haven 2x07, "The Tides That Bind" Pictures

8/22/2011 - Frankenweenie Logo

8/22/2011 - Doctor Who Monthly "Let's Kill Hitler" Cover

8/22/2011 - Frank Ocean: Novocane

8/22/2011 - Will We Finally See HTC's Mangos on September 1st?

8/22/2011 - iTunes 10.4.1 Is Live, Here's What It Fixes

8/22/2011 - Scientists have recorded the first experimental evidence that elephants experience "eureka!" moments

8/22/2011 - Motorola's Wireless Technology Through the Years

8/22/2011 - You can be a Citizen Scientist!

8/22/2011 - This Children's Science Book Could Help Save the U.S. Economy

8/22/2011 - A Splendid Reconstruction of Tron's Most Famous Scene, Using Duct Tape

8/22/2011 - The Pre 3 Just Got the Axe in America

8/22/2011 - Why "Sticky Characters" Make a Book Memorable

8/22/2011 - iSheetMusic for iOS: Reading Music Just Got Easier

8/22/2011 - iSheetMusic App Gallery

8/22/2011 - Hysteria over the "grease devil" urban legend is causing riots in Sri Lanka

8/22/2011 - It May Be Decades Before the Fukushima Area Is Habitable Again

8/22/2011 - Real Steel featurette explains just why you should give a crap about robot boxing

8/22/2011 - Google Search Is Giving Sports Fans More Info in Search Results Now

8/22/2011 - Doctor Demento pays tribute to Frank Zappa, his musical inspiration

8/22/2011 - Why the Internet Should Die in a Fire

8/22/2011 - Twitter Is Putting (Almost) All Your Pics Into Galleries For You

8/22/2011 - When You Put a Megaphone in the Middle of New York City, People Will Say Nice Things

8/22/2011 - Evernote for iOS Gets Updated with Rich Text Editing and a Brand New iPad UI

8/22/2011 - Watch the "Mogwai Brotherhood" meet in the Gremlins video game that (thankfully) never was

8/22/2011 - Rats were not responsible for the Black Death

8/22/2011 - This All New HP Death Rattle Can Be Yours For Less Than One Stack

8/22/2011 - Watch R2-D2 get eaten by a grizzly bear at a Colorado zoo

8/22/2011 - In The Magician King, Lev Grossman's magical over-achievers finally get a job

8/22/2011 - Watch a Super Fun Stop Motion Video Explain the Science of Sound

8/22/2011 - Marvel Comics' top writers reveal the superheroes' next big challenge (and why Hulk's rocking a mustache)

8/22/2011 - Google Legitimizes Libya's New Government on Google Maps

8/22/2011 - 8 Tools for Getting Out of Libya Alive

8/22/2011 - RFID Implants Won't Rescue the People Kidnapped in Mexico

8/22/2011 - The Decemberists' New Music Video: A Scene from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest

8/22/2011 - Monsters University Concept Art! Behold Sulley's freshman 15 and Mike's retainer

8/22/2011 - JackBack iPhone 4 Panels Are the Shatterproof Deal of the Day

8/22/2011 - Tron Guy and Duct Tape Go Perfectly Together

8/22/2011 - Sony Vaio Z Review: So Fast, So Light

8/22/2011 - The U.S. Coast Guard Spent $7 Billion and Has Two Ships to Show for It

8/22/2011 - Read an exclusive preview of Anne Rice's new horror comic, Servant of the Bones

8/22/2011 - Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, plays Joust and explains his new novel at the same time

8/22/2011 - WebOS May Have a Future, But It's Bleak

8/22/2011 - First look at the zombies from World War Z

8/22/2011 - In People's Minds, Being a Zombie Is Better than Being a Vegetable

8/22/2011 - 10 of the World's Worst Invasive Species

8/22/2011 - 10 Things You Can Do with a $100 TouchPad

8/22/2011 - This iPad Book Is Meant to Be Read on Shuffle

8/22/2011 - Rdio Has Discounted Family Plans Now

8/22/2011 - Miramax Launches Biggest Facebook Movie App Yet

8/22/2011 - This Swiss Lunatic Scaled a Mountain By Tightrope Walking Its Cable Car Wire

8/22/2011 - Prop Up Your iPad and Type Feverishly with a Wingstand

8/22/2011 - Fox's 8-Day Hulu Delay on TV Shows Is a Boon to Piracy

8/22/2011 - This Week's TV: Doctor Who's Moment of Truth, the Venture Bros. Musical Documentary, and Summer Glau With New Superpowers!

8/22/2011 - Hop on the Googarola Train for Less than $70

8/22/2011 - You Need A New Profile Picture

8/22/2011 - How the World's Oldest Fossils Could Give Clues About Life on Mars

8/22/2011 - What Could Be Apple's Next "Absolutely Different" Product?

8/22/2011 - Scientists have discovered the oldest fossils on Earth in Australia

8/22/2011 - World's Most Advanced Crash Test Dummy Takes It In the Face So You Don't Have to

8/22/2011 - The Five Stages of Grief, as explained by the Conan the Barbarian franchise

8/22/2011 - The $99 HP TouchPad Is an Amazing Deal, No Matter What Your Nerd Friends Tell You

8/22/2011 - Nikon's Curious Crusade Against Physical User Manuals

8/22/2011 - Shooting Your Sleeping Kid with a Super Soaker While Singing the Doom Theme Song Is a Really Effective Alarm Clock

8/22/2011 - Which Hulu Bidder Should You Be Rooting For?

8/22/2011 - Lenovo CEO: We Can Take On Apple

8/22/2011 - A Super-Optimistic History of the Near Future: It all works out okay, really

8/22/2011 - Yeah, We're in NY Mag's Approval Matrix

8/22/2011 - Cornell's Fake Review Detector Is A+++ Would Use Again

8/22/2011 - Meet the spy cat

8/22/2011 - Why Didn't Amazon Join the TouchPad Fire Sale?

8/22/2011 - How Marty McFly and Doc Brown Became Friends in Back to the Future

8/22/2011 - F-15 Escapes as Wildfire Dangerously Approaches US Air Force Base

8/22/2011 - Sony's New Android Phone Keeps the Walkman Strutting

8/22/2011 - Fuji's X50 Might Be the Tiny Camera Every Tiny Hipster Will Want to Buy (Updated)

8/22/2011 - First American Horror Story trailer is full of garter belts and scares

8/22/2011 - Missouri Teachers Sue Over Absurd Facebook Law

8/22/2011 - Man of Steel set photos show not just Superman, but an arch-villain as well

8/22/2011 - Over 500 webOS Devs Run into Microsoft's Waiting Embrace

8/22/2011 - Someone in Tripoli Keeps Trying to Turn the Internet Back On

8/22/2011 - iOS 5 Will Offer Earthquake Alerts in Japan

8/22/2011 - The iPhone 5 Could Have the Same Battery Life As the iPhone 4 (Updated)

8/22/2011 - The Avengers Pics

8/22/2011 - Dark Knight Pics

8/21/2011 - There's nothing more artsy than a disassembled Gundam statue

8/21/2011 - Is Little Nemo in Gigerland the most disturbing mash-up ever?

8/21/2011 - Haughty Chrome Toothpaste Squeezer Is the Only Way I Will Brush From Now On

8/21/2011 - In this week's Cult Movie Worship, find out why "We Ate the Children Last"

8/21/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 21, 2011

8/21/2011 - Meet the Training Scooter of the (Disney-Approved) Future

8/21/2011 - Fringe season 4 promo poster

8/21/2011 - Italian artist transforms Ronald McDonald into the decapitated head of Medusa

8/21/2011 - Grab These Unlicensed Pac-Man Ghost Knockoffs Before a C&D Makes Them Truly Ethereal

8/21/2011 - Watch this hyper-detailed video analysis of the ending of The Thing

8/21/2011 - Sunday Project: Wine Bottle-Sized Subatomic Particle Accelerator

8/21/2011 - Skype Buying GroupMe Messaging Service

8/21/2011 - Everything You Need To Know About Pixar's Next Movies: Monster College, Dinosaurs, And A Scottish Warrior Princess

8/21/2011 - White American men in rural areas are the most likely to die during dumb macho stunts

8/21/2011 - Large Pink Tongue Spoon Teaches Kids All They Need to Know About Gene Simmons

8/21/2011 - Frankenweenie is Tim Burton's twisted take on man's best friend

8/21/2011 - Massive Rotorcraft Named After Japanese Turtle Sets Record in Maryland

8/21/2011 - Lawmakers call for probe of medical devices after researcher hacks insulin pump

8/21/2011 - Skyliners Tightrope Walking Is Insane but Not Certifiably So

8/21/2011 - And now, Spider-Man robbed a convenience store in Oklahoma City

8/21/2011 - Key HP Executives Had No Idea What Was About to Happen with WebOS

8/21/2011 - Zombie engagement photos display commitment, excellent teamwork

8/21/2011 - Michael Dell Snipes at HP Social Media Intern In Epic Twitter Battle

8/21/2011 - Headphone Cord Clutter Meets Its Beautifully Elegant Match

8/21/2011 - Unbelievably, the sequel to 101 Dalmatians was a trippy scifi novel

8/21/2011 - Robert Heinlein And The 100 Year Starship Study

8/21/2011 - Animal-Friendly PETA Porn Coming Soon

8/21/2011 - Brent Spiner's Patrick Stewart impression is disturbingly realistic

8/21/2011 - Land use sign in Seattle promises the construction of a giant ball pit

8/21/2011 - Seattle Jokester Redesigns Languishing Construction Hole as a Whimsical Playpen

8/21/2011 - British used bioweapon in US War of Independence

8/21/2011 - Disney's Wreck-It Ralph footage promises a hilarious journey into old-school video games

8/21/2011 - Microsoft Doubles Down On the "PC Era" with Healthy Dose of Rhetoric

8/21/2011 - The Secret Circle set photos

8/21/2011 - Alphas "Catch and Release" promo photos

8/21/2011 - the girl with the dragon tattoo photos

8/21/2011 - The Walking Dead set photo

8/21/2011 - Superman Man of Steel Set photos

8/21/2011 - Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler" promo photos

8/21/2011 - 2011 Hugo Awards: A good night for time travel, artificial intelligence, and Asimov's Magazine

8/20/2011 - Smoking Robots of the Future (1931)

8/20/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 20, 2011

8/20/2011 - This Is Why You Don't Mess With Raptors

8/20/2011 - New John Carter footage shows off Martian super-leaping and gigantic, lovable lizard-dogs

8/20/2011 - A UFO shut down an airport in China this week

8/20/2011 - Gaddafi Reportedly Flees as Cellphone Rebellion Spreads Across Tripoli (Updated)

8/20/2011 - We've seen the first footage from The Avengers!

8/20/2011 - Englishman Slows Speeders by Installing... a Bird Feeder

8/20/2011 - Hitler Reacts to WebOS' Death

8/20/2011 - What it's like to play a mushroom as a trumpet

8/20/2011 - Was Our Beloved 13-Year-Old Solar Power Genius Just Proven Wrong?

8/20/2011 - Spy Kids 4 is the 21st century equivalent of The Children's Crusade

8/20/2011 - The Biggest BLT Ever Weighs a F—-ing Ton. Literally

8/20/2011 - Don't Worry: HP Is Refunding You All Your TouchPad Money

8/20/2011 - The Whimsical Adventures of Levitating Naked Ladies (NSFW-ish)

8/20/2011 - Dogs can reliably sniff out lung cancer, German study shows

8/20/2011 - Verizon's 45,000 Striking Workers Will Soon Go Back to Work

8/20/2011 - Why the Cable Guy Is Never on Time, Mourning the Death of webOS, and the Other Best Stories of the Week

8/20/2011 - A Power Glove That Puts Your Seeing Eye Dog to Shame

8/20/2011 - Best Buy Is NOT Selling Discounted TouchPads

8/20/2011 - These Clever Tilt-Shift Photos Keep Lying to Me

8/20/2011 - How To Throw a Group Listening Party on Google+

8/20/2011 - Classic comic book covers recreated in stained glass

8/20/2011 - How quickly do seals' and sea lions' whiskers grow?

8/20/2011 - Once Upon a Time, HP Created the First Personal Computer

8/20/2011 - Game of Thrones, in the style of Calvin and Hobbes

8/20/2011 - Go to This Library and You'll Get a Human Being with Your Book

8/20/2011 - 1960s futurists predicted we'd have super-intelligent ape chauffeurs by 2020

8/20/2011 - iFixit Lets You Repair Your New TouchPad Now That HP's Given Up On It

8/20/2011 - "DC Fifty-Too" imagines a DC Universe where the most obscure superheroes are A-listers

8/20/2011 - The Worst Cable Horror Story We've Ever Heard

8/20/2011 - The webcomic Hard Boiled Shaman is a supernatural detective noir of the North

8/20/2011 - This Summer Vacation, Obama Is Bringing the Gift of Magical Cell Service

8/20/2011 - Google+'s New "Verified Profiles" Feature: Redundant?

8/20/2011 - This Is What It Looks Like When Your Camera Phone Vibrates

8/19/2011 - What Tablets Looked Like Before the iPad And What They Look Like Now

8/19/2011 - Human Poop Is Killing the Coral

8/19/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Robert Reich Explains the Credit Downgrade

8/19/2011 - Can a Magnet Repel a Shark Attack?

8/19/2011 - The Nintendo Cartridge Samurai Will Get All the Babes

8/19/2011 - Proof that the original Conan the Barbarian is completely insane - and brilliant [NSFW]

8/19/2011 - It's a Robot! It's a Terrarium! It's a Robot Terrarium!

8/19/2011 - TouchPads Are Now Going For $100

8/19/2011 - This Is the Closest You Will Ever Get to a Ferrari 458 Italia

8/19/2011 - At last, we have sequenced the cannabis genome

8/19/2011 - The Fake Steve Jobs Biography Sounds Pretty Special

8/19/2011 - How to Win Every Single Time You Have a Shitty Groupon Experience (Or! Redeem Coupons After They Expire)

8/19/2011 - NASA Creates First Complete Map of Antarctica's Glacial Movements

8/19/2011 - Robert Scoble's iPhone Password Is 7971

8/19/2011 - NASA has released the first complete map of Antarctic ice flows

8/19/2011 - The true enemy of Fright Night is the weirdly sincere Fright Night II

8/19/2011 - New York from Day to Night in One Picture

8/19/2011 - Oh Man, Some Hacker Just Hit Paydirt

8/19/2011 - A new kind of missile makes for even bigger explosions

8/19/2011 - All 7 webOS Developers Should Be STOKED Right Now

8/19/2011 - This Whisk Is from the Future

8/19/2011 - Watch Thor and Captain America tag team a pack of bad guys on the set of The Avengers

8/19/2011 - "Stocking" Is the New Best Stupid Internet Photo Fad

8/19/2011 - Who Is Steve Jobs?

8/19/2011 - Genius 13-Year-Old Has a Solar Power Breakthrough

8/19/2011 - A few rules you should follow before watching Conan the Barbarian

8/19/2011 - The World, AnimGIF Live Wallpapers, Skitch and More

8/19/2011 - Pops, Skitch, Creationary and More

8/19/2011 - Google Catalogs, MiniMash, The World and More

8/19/2011 - Table Drum, MiniMash, Lark and More

8/19/2011 - How to Make Fire from Ice

8/19/2011 - Sony Vaio Z Gallery

8/19/2011 - This candle flame is filled with millions of diamonds

8/19/2011 - Lego 3D Milling Machine Is Too Bloody Awesome for Words

8/19/2011 - The Mystery of Why Some Slang Lives and Some Slang Dies

8/19/2011 - This future was made in a facility that also processes peanuts (1982)

8/19/2011 - Scientists grow nanowire directly on a crystal — and help usher in the next generation of electronics

8/19/2011 - How To Keep Your Cellphone from Getting Buried Under all the Crap on Your Desk

8/19/2011 - How Pulp Science Fiction Cover Art Got Its Sense of Wonder

8/19/2011 - Sunspot predictions now as accurate as your local weather report

8/19/2011 - Unedited Thoughts About Technology Better Left Unposted

8/19/2011 - The Beautiful View of Earth and the Moon From Seven Million Miles Away

8/19/2011 - You Can Rent Movies on Facebook Now

8/19/2011 - Maxim Nixes iPad Vixens, as Privileged Youthful Horndogs Weep

8/19/2011 - Eoin Colfer Demolishes the Earth to Make Way for an Interstellar Bypass in Episode 42 of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

8/19/2011 - Hey PC Makers: Don't Quit, Fight!

8/19/2011 - 7 Tools to Help You Go on the Best Pretend Vacation of Your Life

8/19/2011 - Let's play Where's Wall-E!

8/19/2011 - These Are the Trippiest Animated GIFs You Will See Today

8/19/2011 - Gizmodo and io9's Late-Night AMNH Adventure Was the Coolest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

8/19/2011 - Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard Bundle Is the Olliefied Deal of the Day

8/19/2011 - Could global warming lead to alien intervention? Scientists say yes.

8/19/2011 - Switchboard Uses Cell Phones to Improve Healthcare in Africa

8/19/2011 - Babylon 5 creator denies the series is coming back

8/19/2011 - 12 NASA Blueprints For Building Your Own Spaceship

8/19/2011 - Sprint Might Buy Out Clearwire to Own Its 4G Destiny

8/19/2011 - How Is It Possible that 90% of People Don't Know About Command + F?

8/19/2011 - Is Apple Selling Refurbished iPhones As New iPhones in China?

8/19/2011 - Here's the winner of our fake monster contest!

8/19/2011 - iOS 5 Is Allllmooost Done: What's New in Beta 6

8/19/2011 - Why Do You Like Bad News?

8/19/2011 - The Loveliness That Will Not Die: Sexy Vampire Pin-Up Art

8/19/2011 - AMNH Tweetup Gallery

8/19/2011 - What's More Fun Than the Fail Whale? This Dinky Whale Speaker

8/19/2011 - Futurama reveals more than we ever wanted to know about Dr. Zoidberg

8/19/2011 - Facebook Adds the Ticker Because One News Feed Isn't Enough

8/19/2011 - Glucose-Measuring Implant Glows Like a Christmas Tree When Sugar Levels Increase

8/19/2011 - 10 Real Dramatic Works That Should Be Performed in Scifi Languages

8/19/2011 - Watch Nic Cage piss fire in the new Ghost Rider trailer

8/19/2011 - Apple Filed Misleading Evidence Against Samsung...Again

8/19/2011 - Is It Weird That I Find These Robot Girls Made from Computer Parts Attractive?

8/19/2011 - Inside the FBI's Hunt for Anonymous

8/19/2011 - This Insane Machine Sucks Up Living Chickens

8/19/2011 - Fright Night is a rare example of a summer movie done right

8/19/2011 - RC Combat-Bot Is Straight Out of Call of Duty

8/19/2011 - The Ten Year Drip

8/19/2011 - This Hello Kitty Cellphone Is Better than Your iPhone

8/19/2011 - Bill and Melinda Gates want you to build them a new toilet

8/19/2011 - Would It Kill This Girl to Brush Her Hair? Actually, Yes. (Updated)

8/19/2011 - The rise and fall of ammonites, Cthulhuian creatures who once ruled the seas

8/19/2011 - Color-Match Your USB Sticks to Your Other Pantone Tat

8/19/2011 - Coffee stops cancer! Again!

8/19/2011 - The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk

8/19/2011 - How To Couchsurf and Not Get Killed

8/19/2011 - The wheel that reveals the speed of light

8/19/2011 - webOS Runs Twice as Fast on iPads Than on TouchPads

8/19/2011 - Study Says Cell Phones Are Roasting Your Sperm

8/19/2011 - Terra Nova featurette sends you back in time to play with Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs

8/19/2011 - Morton's Steakhouse Met a Man at the Airport with a Steak After He Asked For One on Twitter

8/19/2011 - What new characters can we expect in Captain America 2? Plus intriguing set reports for Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers!

8/19/2011 - Another Stage Collapses in Belgium

8/19/2011 - Replace the Stock Android Apps with These Much Better Alternatives

8/19/2011 - Two NYC Stores Selling Knock-Off Apple Gadgets are Under Attack by Apple

8/19/2011 - Best Buy's Slipping a Galaxy Tab in Your Pocket When You Buy a Samsung TV

8/19/2011 - Is This the Smartest Way to Squeeze Every Morsel of Toothpaste Out?

8/19/2011 - October Launch Fingered For Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich-Running Nexus Prime

8/19/2011 - When Zombies Attack: Wedding Photography Edition

8/19/2011 - WSJ Says High-Res iPad 3 Will Appear "Early 2012"

8/19/2011 - Electric Two-Seater MonoTracer Now Available For That Tron Experience

8/19/2011 - Does the World Need a BlackBerry Music-Streaming Service?

8/19/2011 - Sony's 3D Binoculars Cost Too Much For the Average Bird-Watcher and Petty Crim

8/19/2011 - There Are One Billion Cars Roaming The Streets

8/19/2011 - Google+ Bar Now Floats On Your Screen

8/19/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Set Photos

8/19/2011 - Man of Steel Set Photos

8/19/2011 - Ten Ways HP Can Get Rid of Unsold TouchPad Tablets

8/18/2011 - More promo photos from Alphas episode 1.08, "A Short Time in Paradise"

8/18/2011 - China Clones the iPhone, Apple Stores and Steve Jobs

8/18/2011 - Once Upon a Time set photos

8/18/2011 - The Amazing Spider-Man promo photos

8/18/2011 - The Avengers set photos

8/18/2011 - Alphas promo photos, episode 1.09, "Blind Spot"

8/18/2011 - Alphas promo photos, episode 1.07, "Catch and Release"

8/18/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises California set photos

8/18/2011 - Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol promo photo

8/18/2011 - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn promo photos

8/18/2011 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance poster

8/18/2011 - Person of Interest promo ad

8/18/2011 - Why Some People Prefer The Round Toggle Buttons of iOS 5

8/18/2011 - Bike's Round Booty Makes for a Smooth Ride

8/18/2011 - Hangout With Your Friends on Google+ And Watch YouTube Together

8/18/2011 - Garbage Can Be Transformed Into A Beautiful Beach

8/18/2011 - Parasites trick their rat hosts into being eaten by cats

8/18/2011 - Boar Hunts, iPhone 5s, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/18/2011 - Foursquare Now Lets You Check-In To An Event

8/18/2011 - "Living fossil" eel found in underwater cave

8/18/2011 - Genetically Engineered Weed: There's an App for That

8/18/2011 - Cures for new diseases may come from old medicines

8/18/2011 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Marti Noxon gives us a tutorial on how to do horror-comedy right

8/18/2011 - How to Shut Up the Celebrities You Hate on TV

8/18/2011 - Paris Airport Gets Holographic Boarding Agents

8/18/2011 - The World by National Geographic for iPad: I've Always Wanted a Spinning Globe

8/18/2011 - Who Knew Cutting Meat Could Be Such an Intense Competition

8/18/2011 - IBM's "neurosynaptic" chips are the closest thing to a synthetic brain yet

8/18/2011 - First look at the Space Hotel offers aliens aplenty, but no booze allowed

8/18/2011 - The most awesome UFO video you'll see today

8/18/2011 - The World Map App Gallery

8/18/2011 - Virgin Galactic's Passengers Will Be Able to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram from Space

8/18/2011 - Spoiler Alert: Behold Guillermo del Toro's latest scary monsters, from Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

8/18/2011 - Goodbye webOS: The Greatest Phone You'll Never Use

8/18/2011 - Jason Momoa explains why Conan the Barbarian is a lion, and Khal Drogo is a silverback gorilla

8/18/2011 - Please Let MGM Implode This Giant Vegas Hotel

8/18/2011 - Sharp's BIG ASS 3D TV: The Tube That Gave Me a Tan

8/18/2011 - Google Maps Now Shows You the Weather Anywhere in the World

8/18/2011 - Is Babylon 5 gearing up for a big comeback?

8/18/2011 - Angry Robot Books encourages you to create your own fan-fiction and fan-art

8/18/2011 - AT&T's New Text Plan Overcharges You by 10,000,000 Percent. Literally.

8/18/2011 - So Will TouchPad Buyers Get Full Refunds? (Update: Yes)

8/18/2011 - Sharp Aquos 70 Inch 3D TV Gally

8/18/2011 - You can rent an entire country for a weekend!

8/18/2011 - New York's tallest building of the future (1881)

8/18/2011 - Someone Please Be Roommates with This Kick Ass Guy from Craigslist

8/18/2011 - NIH study reveals black scientists are systematically underfunded

8/18/2011 - The Tiki Dalek is the supreme life form in the universe, especially after a couple of fruity drinks

8/18/2011 - Airline Takes Apart Dude's $20,000 Wheelchair and Gives Him Back Pieces

8/18/2011 - 7 Tools for Staying Dry When It's Raining Cats and Dogs

8/18/2011 - HP Killing webOS Devices

8/18/2011 - ...But I Want to Be the World's Most Famous Cat Photographer!

8/18/2011 - Fall Movie Preview: 5 Movies We're Sure Will Rule, and 17 That Could Surprise Us

8/18/2011 - LEGO Darth Vader Mini Alarm Is the Dark Side Deal of the Day

8/18/2011 - Does the Internet Make You More Connected?

8/18/2011 - Radioactive sulfur over California shows exactly how bad the Fukushima radiation leak was

8/18/2011 - Science Hack Day: Get excited and make things . . . with help from local mad scientists and designers in your city!

8/18/2011 - Logitech's New G300 Is $40 of Ambidextrous Awesome

8/18/2011 - Gresso Extreme X3 Phone Can Withstand 1.5 Tons of Pressure

8/18/2011 - Photojojo Tilt-Shift Camera Lightning Review: Who Needs Instagram?

8/18/2011 - Underworld Awakening trailer takes us into the sexy future vampire wars

8/18/2011 - Here's All That Stands Between You and Stock Market Oblivion

8/18/2011 - Track Just the Stats You Need with These Garmin Cycling Sensors

8/18/2011 - Virtual Reality Goggles for the iPhone Turn 2D Content Into "3D"

8/18/2011 - 10 Science Fiction Books That Changed the Course of History

8/18/2011 - Ridley Scott to direct and produce the new Blade Runner movie

8/18/2011 - HP's Buying Giant Software Company Autonomy and Spinning Off Its PC Business?

8/18/2011 - The Cable Customer's Bill of Rights

8/18/2011 - Downed Server Trashes 70,000 Federal Job Applications

8/18/2011 - Kung-fu gunslingers are looking for action in Far West

8/18/2011 - Future LCDs Panels Will Use Its Own Light to Create Energy

8/18/2011 - The Bad News Is That You Might Have Missed an Incredible Deal Last Week

8/18/2011 - Android Users Don't Really Use That Many Apps

8/18/2011 - Public Charging Kiosks May Steal Your Data

8/18/2011 - If Apple Supports Augmented Reality, Will People Finally Care About Augmenting Their Reality?

8/18/2011 - Astrolite: The Liquid Land Mine

8/18/2011 - Game theory explains why you're willing to pay more than a dollar for a dollar

8/18/2011 - Wi-Fi Enabled iDock Navigates Ocean of Musical Options

8/18/2011 - Why We Lie More Over the Phone, and Why TV News Pundits Should Watch Themselves

8/18/2011 - The City Stood Up

8/18/2011 - The F-35 Is Cleared to Fly Again (And Still Not Fixed)

8/18/2011 - What Flying Around Africa Looks Like

8/18/2011 - The Moon is 200 million years younger than expected

8/18/2011 - Two Buffy alums reunite for a very special Supernatural episode

8/18/2011 - See How Google's New Infinite Scroll Works

8/18/2011 - What is the "coffee ring effect," and how can you stop it?

8/18/2011 - Good Morning America Willfully Misunderstands the Internet

8/18/2011 - Hulu and MSN Caught Using Supercookies to Track User Data

8/18/2011 - Glass Apple Store Gets Green Light

8/18/2011 - Reality Converted to a Photo Filter Dream Land

8/18/2011 - These Are the New Words In the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

8/18/2011 - Watch a Competitive Lockpicker Who Truly Loves Locks Talk About Locks

8/18/2011 - 2 clips from Doctor Who's fall premiere will only leave you with more questions

8/18/2011 - The Most Cleverest Business Card I've Seen

8/18/2011 - Tons of spoilers for the return of Doctor Who. Plus a new Man of Steel plot synopsis!

8/18/2011 - Is This the Definitive iPhone/iPad/Computer Travel Charger?

8/18/2011 - China's Tacky Luxurious Aircraft Carrier Is Perfect for Karaoke Nights

8/18/2011 - IBM's Processors Will Think Like Brains

8/18/2011 - Clip Yer Skateboard Onto Yer Bike the Safe Way, Bro

8/18/2011 - Incite All the Riots You Want Using Your Facebook Fridge Magnets

8/18/2011 - Did Apple Just Win a MagSafe Patent Application For iOS Devices—Or Something Else?

8/18/2011 - Windows 8 Will Have an App Store After All

8/18/2011 - Google Reader For Android Now Supports Honeycomb

8/18/2011 - TableDrum Turns Your Nervous Finger Tapping Into Rocking Beats

8/18/2011 - We love Sword and Sandal heroes!

8/18/2011 - Fill Your Biodiesel Gas Tank With Alligator Fat

8/18/2011 - Accused Teen Bomber Possibly Detects FBI Surveillance Van, Shrugs It Off

8/18/2011 - Shareholder Sues Motorola, Claims Google Didn't Pay Enough

8/18/2011 - Leaked Document Suggests AT&T Is Retiring Its $10/1000 Text Messaging Plan

8/17/2011 - Man Roots Six-Foot Nexus S Display At Best Buy

8/17/2011 - Major Patent Milestones From One to Eight Million

8/17/2011 - New Bionic Leg Thinks and Moves Like a Real Limb

8/17/2011 - Kodak Embraces Patent Craze By Selling Its Patent Portfolio

8/17/2011 - How Car Crash Modeling Technology Could Predict Offshore Drilling Disasters

8/17/2011 - Super-Intelligent Ape Chauffeurs By the Year 2020

8/17/2011 - Discover New Music At Google's Magnifier Website

8/17/2011 - What?

8/17/2011 - Cab Service to the International Space Station Will Begin Ahead of Schedule

8/17/2011 - New York Invaded by "Rodents of Unusual Size"

8/17/2011 - The Pill Doesn’t Make You Fat Even Though Drug Companies Say It Does

8/17/2011 - Left Behind: Jets and Taxes, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/17/2011 - In 1959, People Played Card Games Against Mecha-Foes

8/17/2011 - This is what a massive plankton bloom looks like from space

8/17/2011 - How the Hell Did a 17-Year-Old Get the Materials to Make Bombs?

8/17/2011 - The Ultimate Guide to Fall 2011's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

8/17/2011 - The Most Awesomely Ridiculous Moments from Conan the Barbarian Ripoffs

8/17/2011 - Doctor Who Second Half of Season Six Pictures

8/17/2011 - Contagion Poster

8/17/2011 - Doctor Who Behind the Scenes Set Pictures

8/17/2011 - Alphas 1x08, "A Short Time in Paradise" Pictures

8/17/2011 - Ugandan Police Sprayed People with Pink Water Cannons to Break Up a Ceremony

8/17/2011 - Dogs Can Smell Cancer on Your Breath

8/17/2011 - Anti-smoking PSA from the 1980s warns Brits about the scary posthuman future

8/17/2011 - AT&T Is Suing the People Who Want to Stop the T-Mo Purchase

8/17/2011 - Mexico City's Texcoco Park will put Central Park to shame

8/17/2011 - Stealing ATM PIN Numbers Using a Thermal Camera Is Too Freaking Easy

8/17/2011 - Razer Tiamat: The First Legit 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Carpet Bombs Your Eardrums With 10 Discrete Drivers

8/17/2011 - Amazon: The Official Cloud Server of the US Government

8/17/2011 - The Secret History of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Amazing Barbarian, Beastwizard!

8/17/2011 - AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 for Android: Liven Up Your Phone with Some GIFs

8/17/2011 - Plasticine Tatooine celebrates the unsung icons of the Star Wars Universe

8/17/2011 - Brain-eating amoebas claim the life of a teenager in Florida

8/17/2011 - AnimGIF App Gallery

8/17/2011 - This Is How 28 Flash Mobbers Rob a 7-Eleven In Under a Minute

8/17/2011 - Here's What It Looks Like When a Drone Crashes into a C-130

8/17/2011 - Warding Off Mosquitos Is Easy. Just Start With an Orange...

8/17/2011 - Hyenas prove that complex societies give you big brains

8/17/2011 - This Dog Photo Is Made With Her Own Ashes

8/17/2011 - Stephen Lang: Conan the Barbarian is not big on subtext

8/17/2011 - Happy Birthday to Pitchfork: The Most Annoyingly Important Music Website of All Time

8/17/2011 - A Pint-Sized Gramophone Will Instantly Class Up any Phone

8/17/2011 - Restaurant Customer Tossed Out for Angry Tweet

8/17/2011 - Watch Every Football Game with Sunday NFL Ticket On Your PS3

8/17/2011 - Watch a scene from Studio Ghibli's Little Nemo movie that never was

8/17/2011 - The Amazing Sexiness of Superhero Fetishwear and Body-Painting [NSFW]

8/17/2011 - BART Was Just Hacked Again, This Time In Anonymous' Name Update: It Was a Single French Girl

8/17/2011 - 7 Tools to Help Make President Obama's Job Easier

8/17/2011 - Paying for Parking By Phone Is the Best Thing for New York

8/17/2011 - David Tennant tells us what's next for Peter Vincent in Fright Night 2

8/17/2011 - Pioneer VSX-1021 Receiver: Get Your Airplay On for $550

8/17/2011 - What is the "cube Earth hypothesis"?

8/17/2011 - The Free Nexus S 4G Is the Phone from the Future Deal of the Day

8/17/2011 - Pioneer VSX-1021-K Receiver Review Gallery

8/17/2011 - Technology That Makes Tumors Touchy-Feely For Surgeons

8/17/2011 - Fascist Phone-Banishing Restaurant Liberates Customers

8/17/2011 - Why we need memory-altering drugs

8/17/2011 - A Bike Fork Bottle Opener Is an Amazing Ice Breaker

8/17/2011 - 2,000 year old skulls reveal the ancient medical practice of trepanning

8/17/2011 - Lazily Measure the Girth of Anything Using This Smart String Tape Measure

8/17/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Shadow People

8/17/2011 - The Lego Millennium Falcon 2011 Time-Lapse

8/17/2011 - This is what making a Conan the Barbarian adult film looks like

8/17/2011 - New Apple Store To Be Made Entirely Out of Glass

8/17/2011 - Surprising Cameos in Doctor Who's Next Episode?

8/17/2011 - The Patent Cold War, Visualized

8/17/2011 - Logitech Has a Solar-Powered Keyboard Because... Uh...

8/17/2011 - Amazing Concept Art of a Blade Runner-ified Paris

8/17/2011 - Does the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's Woman In Black scare you?

8/17/2011 - 10 profound life lessons you can learn from Conan the Barbarian

8/17/2011 - Why the Cable Guy Can't Keep an Appointment Like the Rest of the World

8/17/2011 - Half the Country Is Now Blanketed by the Sweet, Sweet Waves of Verizon 4G LTE

8/17/2011 - The Best Amplifiers Under $500

8/17/2011 - Don't Fire This IT Bro Or He'll Destroy All Your Servers from a McDonalds

8/17/2011 - Hands On the Grid 10 Tablet and the Grid 4 Phone: Infinite Desktops Are Groovy, Man

8/17/2011 - A brief history of the ancient science of sword making

8/17/2011 - Amazon Is a Book Publisher For Reals Now

8/17/2011 - Skype WiFi Gets Your iPhone Online at a Million Hotspots

8/17/2011 - Can the World's Largest Undersea Observatory Find a Kraken in the Next 25 Years?

8/17/2011 - Huge Truck Rams Out of Building's Top Floor in New York

8/17/2011 - First Photo of Jason Patric as a Cop Amongst Superheroes, in Powers

8/17/2011 - How Do Meteors Sound When They Shatter Against the Atmosphere?

8/17/2011 - The Apple Store Is Up Again

8/17/2011 - Barbarian beefcake fashions, from Conan to John Carter

8/17/2011 - How to Carry a Gun When You Jog—Just Like Rick Perry

8/17/2011 - SpaceX Will Send Its Dragon Capsule to the ISS in November

8/17/2011 - The cosmic ring created by a dying star

8/17/2011 - UFO interrupts British news broadcast

8/17/2011 - Grid 10 and Grid 4

8/17/2011 - Stop-Motion Within a Stop-Motion Is the Inception of Romance

8/17/2011 - Motorola Droid HD's Latest Leaked Photoshoot Shows Off Slim Build and Big Screen

8/17/2011 - How to swallow a sword

8/17/2011 - Can Someone Tell Me Why This Man Is Riding a Desktop Computer Attached to a Mini Motorcycle?

8/17/2011 - Warner Bros. is selling tickets to Hogwarts! Sneak a peek at the Harry Potter studio tour

8/17/2011 - The Only Safe Place in GChat Is Invisible

8/17/2011 - Scientists Are Planning a Real-Life Armageddon Mission

8/17/2011 - Man of Steel may (sort of) feature Superboy. And which director wants to make a Wonder Woman movie happen at last?

8/17/2011 - China Sends Small Army, Missile Launchers, and AA Guns to Protect College Sports

8/17/2011 - This Optical Illusion Is Melting My Brain

8/17/2011 - David Byrne's Fake iPhone Apps Will Crack You Up

8/17/2011 - The Apple Store Is Down and We Don't Know Why (Updated)

8/17/2011 - About.me Website Now Offering Personal Email Addresses, Powered by AOL

8/17/2011 - Google's Photovine iPhone App Is Now Open For Business

8/17/2011 - Microsoft Should Award Every Solitaire Winner Ever With This Sculpture

8/17/2011 - Samsung's New Double-Speed SSDs

8/17/2011 - Why Do We Judge Some Areas as Being Safer Than Others?

8/17/2011 - Stephen Colbert Made It to Space—Sort Of

8/17/2011 - The Big Lebowski Cast Celebrated the Blu-ray Release With a Livestreamed Reunion

8/17/2011 - Man of Steel Pediatrics Photos

8/17/2011 - Google Engineers Are Smarter, Make More Money Than Motorola Counterparts says WSJ

8/17/2011 - Drinking And Sleeping May Be Bad For Your Health

8/17/2011 - How Researchers Fit a Blu-Ray of Data Onto a Millimeter of Glass

8/16/2011 - Light Your Bike At Night With Revolights

8/16/2011 - Man Climbs 300-Foot Radio Tower, Lives There Six Days

8/16/2011 - Best Buy Has 200K Unsold TouchPads, Wants HP To Take Them Back

8/16/2011 - First look at Jason Patric in Powers

8/16/2011 - Eureka promo photos from episode 4.17, "Clash of the Titans"

8/16/2011 - First look at David Gallagher in The Vampire Diaries

8/16/2011 - World War Z set photos

8/16/2011 - Photo of The Rock as Roadblock in G.I. Joe 2

8/16/2011 - The Avengers-Photos of Chris Evans in and out of Captain America costume

8/16/2011 - This Space-Warping Carpet Is So Awesome It Makes Me Want to Throw Up

8/16/2011 - The Avengers set photos

8/16/2011 - Man of Steel set photos and photos of Amy Adams as Lois Lane

8/16/2011 - Torchwood promo photos from episode 4.07, "Immortal Sins"

8/16/2011 - Alphas teaches us what happened to Bill Murray's hat in Caddyshack

8/16/2011 - How This Barrier Method Could Help Stop a Hijacking

8/16/2011 - Five Little-Known Inventions From Deceased Robot Maker George C. Devol

8/16/2011 - Here's Why You Suck at Multitasking

8/16/2011 - Eureka proves that indestructible, tungsten-eating robot bugs aren't all they're cracked up to be

8/16/2011 - Cops Use Wi-Fi Detector to Bust Kiddie Porn Pervs

8/16/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 16, 2011

8/16/2011 - First Glimpses inside J.K. Rowling's Magical Online World of Pottermore

8/16/2011 - The Skylab I Never Knew

8/16/2011 - Tomorrow's pacemakers could be powered by light

8/16/2011 - BART Idiots, Drunk Idiots, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/16/2011 - Why Drinking Purified Poo Water Is So Gross, Even When It Shouldn't Be

8/16/2011 - The Edison Bulb: Awesome Then, Still Awesome Now

8/16/2011 - Android App Inventor Will Live On At MIT

8/16/2011 - What is the speed of smell?

8/16/2011 - A Big Ass Remote-Controlled Flying Shark Balloon Is All You Need in Life

8/16/2011 - F-cking Magnets, How DO They Work?

8/16/2011 - Watch Captain America fight a mysterious enemy on the set of The Avengers

8/16/2011 - A Wounded War Dog Healed in an Aerial Hospital

8/16/2011 - The 9/11 "Truther" comic sends you back in time to save the Twin Towers

8/16/2011 - Skitch for OS X: Creating Screenshots Has Never Been So Fun

8/16/2011 - Skitch App Gallery

8/16/2011 - This Is the Official Steve Jobs Biography Cover (and It's a Mistake)

8/16/2011 - Read the first two chapters of Ernest Cline's new novel, Ready Player One

8/16/2011 - This vibrating glove has engineers excited

8/16/2011 - The best damn reasons to get excited about scifi comics this fall

8/16/2011 - Why in the Hell Is Everyone Stealing Copper?

8/16/2011 - Men Can't Resist Pissing on Pictures of Insects in Urinals

8/16/2011 - OS X Lion 10.7.1 Is Out

8/16/2011 - This Is What 40,000 Watts of Bass Does to Your Head

8/16/2011 - Google+ Is a Deserted Wasteland (to Visitors)

8/16/2011 - Android Users 12% More Likely to Own Pets, and Other Pointless Survey Findings

8/16/2011 - Lady Gaga shows us all how to have sex with a mermaid in her latest music video

8/16/2011 - Tor U.K. Looking to Expand — and Possibly Move Into Urban Fantasy

8/16/2011 - This Is What Life Looks Like When You're Two-Years-Old

8/16/2011 - The Playstation Vita Will Have Support For Skype and Foursquare

8/16/2011 - New app turns your iPad into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

8/16/2011 - Facebook Forcing Drug Companies to Allow Pill Talk

8/16/2011 - Are aliens trying to show us something on the surface of Titan?

8/16/2011 - Mass grave reveals 1,000 year old Viking massacre

8/16/2011 - Snow Peak Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle Lightning Review: Keeps Drinks Cold (or Hot) Forever. For a Price.

8/16/2011 - 9 Tools to Help You Have Great Sex in Cramped Places

8/16/2011 - Scientists build robotic legs that can jog like a human

8/16/2011 - Apple's Spaceship Campus Is Bigger Than the Empire State Building

8/16/2011 - Sunscreen + Caffeine = Skin Cancer Killer?

8/16/2011 - New Fright Night clips reveal David Tennant's dangerous side: "Let Kill Something!"

8/16/2011 - Toxic Nuclear Sludge Found 60 Miles Away from Fukushima Reactor

8/16/2011 - Is Apple Secretly Installing LTE Equipment at Apple Stores?

8/16/2011 - This Doctor Who Blu-ray Compilation Is Your Never-Ending Deal of the Day

8/16/2011 - Logitech Amps Up the iPad's Sound With the Tablet Speaker

8/16/2011 - BART Riders Have No Right to Free Speech, Says Spokesjerk

8/16/2011 - The Batwing from Dark Knight Rises Takes Out Some City Property

8/16/2011 - The World's First Floating Nuclear Plant Has Been Seized By the Courts

8/16/2011 - Watch Gizmodo's Joe Brown On Bloomberg News

8/16/2011 - Your TV is Slowly Killing You

8/16/2011 - Drinking with friends could lower the risk of Alzheimer's Disease

8/16/2011 - Kanex's C247DL DVI Hooks Your Computer Up to Apple's Crisp, Clear Cinema Display

8/16/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Film Noir

8/16/2011 - 53 Dark and Sometimes Twisted Images

8/16/2011 - New Immortals trailer explains the story behind the hairless man war

8/16/2011 - Chupacabra caught on camera in the suburbs of Washington DC

8/16/2011 - Could You Pee with a Disconcerting Lady's Voice Giving You Instructions?

8/16/2011 - MI5 Is Now On the Hunt For British BBMers

8/16/2011 - New Clone Wars trailer shows off Admiral Ackbar's warrior skills

8/16/2011 - Will ABC Make It Harder to Watch Their Shows on Hulu?

8/16/2011 - EU Ban Lifted On Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

8/16/2011 - 10 Suckiest Fake Video Games That People Play In Science Fiction

8/16/2011 - Google Catalogs Makes Shopping Easy For the Ladies—On the iPad

8/16/2011 - The US Patent System Is Killing Innovation

8/16/2011 - A Sprinting Robot That Heralds The Age of the Terminators

8/16/2011 - Just Looking at the Latest Aircraft Porn

8/16/2011 - The Chemical That Makes Food Fresh For Forever

8/16/2011 - Wednesday's comics bring us new Walking Dead, a naughty Loki, and more!

8/16/2011 - This Quadcopter Is Perfect for Hunting Wildlife and Celebs Alike

8/16/2011 - Blackberry Bold 9930 Meta-Review: An Amazing Keyboard That Also Comes with a Phone

8/16/2011 - Rechargeable GPS Dog-Stalking For the Eco-Friendly, Obsessive-Compulsive Animal Lover

8/16/2011 - Warehouse 13 proves that nerd candy can be incredibly nourishing

8/16/2011 - In-Game Purchases and Fast Async For Xbox Live Games Are Headed to Windows Phone 7

8/16/2011 - A USB Vibrator That Gets the Job Done In More Ways than One

8/16/2011 - AT&T's First 4G LTE Dongles—and How Much LTE'll Cost You

8/16/2011 - Fox's 8-Day Content Delay on Hulu Starts... Now

8/16/2011 - Take one last look at Curiosity, NASA's next Mars rover

8/16/2011 - Pentagon's High Tech Research Agency Under Investigation

8/16/2011 - TARDIS corset is pure Time Lord burlesque

8/16/2011 - A Super Tiny Computer Smaller Than Your Finger Can't Actually Work, Right?

8/16/2011 - Print Out a New Home With WikiHouse and Other News From TreeHugger

8/16/2011 - Proof that Kansas is not as flat as a pancake - it's flatter.

8/16/2011 - Will Motorola Give Google TV a Second Life?

8/16/2011 - iOS Developer Fined For Illegally Farming Kids' Data

8/16/2011 - Detroit Police Have Given Up on Burglar Alarms

8/16/2011 - Watch Milla Jovovich suffer from "face blindness" in her new thriller

8/16/2011 - Australia Collar Bomb Suspect Arrested in Kentucky of All Places

8/16/2011 - What the Facebook Like Button Looks Like Around the World

8/16/2011 - Steven Moffat teases old monsters and a new companion on Doctor Who. Plus tons more from the sets of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers!

8/16/2011 - Rollerblading In These Salt Mine Tunnels Is Like Entering the Death Star in Return of the Jedi

8/16/2011 - Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Apps In Store

8/16/2011 - If Only All Apple Stores Looked as Cute as This Fake Chinese One

8/16/2011 - Swype Gets a Little Better

8/16/2011 - The View From the London Olympics' Diving Board Looks Piss-Your-Speedos Scary

8/16/2011 - Will.i.am Hosts Dean Kamen's Robotics Championship

8/16/2011 - Long Beach Police Frowns on Your "No Apparent Aesthetic Value" Photos

8/16/2011 - Steve Jobs' Biography Expected November 21st, and Will Contain 40 Interviews With the Man Himself

8/16/2011 - Microsoft Opens Up About Windows 8 On New Dev Blog

8/16/2011 - Apple Presents Misleading Evidence in German Case Against Samsung

8/16/2011 - What Is A Gustnado? (Hint: It May Have Collapsed The Indiana State Fair Stage)

8/16/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh set photos

8/16/2011 - Avengers grand central photos

8/16/2011 - The Only Lens Tutorial You'll Need (Plus: Vikings)

8/15/2011 - Steve Kondik, Cyanogen of CyanogenMod fame, joins Samsung Mobile

8/15/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Set Videos

8/15/2011 - Disney's "Project X" in 1966

8/15/2011 - Picture of the Day: August 14, 2011

8/15/2011 - How To Steal $57,000 From Your Neighbors Using Facebook (Like This Asshole)

8/15/2011 - China's Second Aircraft Carrier Is a Hotel

8/15/2011 - Hacking Your Pressure Cooker for Fun and Culinary Profit

8/15/2011 - Jay-Z and Kanye Sample the Apollo 11 Launch

8/15/2011 - Dark Knight Rises Set Photos from WENN: Batwing, Tumbler, Catwoman's stunt double

8/15/2011 - Teddy Roosevelt murdering Sasquatch and FDR's mecha: the most insane presidential portraits you've ever seen

8/15/2011 - Quitting the Manhattan Project

8/15/2011 - Man Loses License After Using Two Cell Phones While Driving

8/15/2011 - The Ridimpossibly Small Nanorigami

8/15/2011 - Woman Will Stand Trial for Trying to Hire Hitman on Facebook

8/15/2011 - Self Magazine Will Nag You Via Text Until You Lose Weight

8/15/2011 - Police Used Facial Recognition Software To ID Suspects in UK Riots

8/15/2011 - Revolting Bug Tornadoes Will Make You Itchy All Day

8/15/2011 - This Man Counted to 100,000 in 77 Hours for Your Viewing Pleasure

8/15/2011 - Everything Scientists Thought They Knew About Cancer Might Be Totally Wrong

8/15/2011 - True Blood trips balls on a V-juice hump-hump-fest

8/15/2011 - President Obama and The White House Join Foursquare

8/15/2011 - Leak: AT&T's Confidential 4G LTE and T-Mobile Plans

8/15/2011 - Libyan Rebels Hit with Scud Missile for First Time Ever

8/15/2011 - Watch the trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw, James Gunn's "cheerleader vs. zombies" game

8/15/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x01, "Miles Behind Us" Pictures

8/15/2011 - Leaked AT&T FCC Documents

8/15/2011 - Terra Nova Poster

8/15/2011 - The Secret Circle Natasha Henstridge Poster

8/15/2011 - Twitter Makes Its Photo Upload API Available to Third-Party Apps

8/15/2011 - Doctor Who prequel reveals what's at stake, and the questions the Doctor cannot face

8/15/2011 - Police Arrested a Man for Planning a Water Fight Over BBM

8/15/2011 - Warehouse 13 3x07, "Past Imperfect" Pictures

8/15/2011 - Death Valley Pictures

8/15/2011 - Chuck Set Pictures

8/15/2011 - As Another Protest Looms, the FCC Investigates BART for Last Week's Cellphone Shutdown

8/15/2011 - Making Plants Grow in Diaper Membranes Is Gross

8/15/2011 - You May Get to See Space From a Balloon by the Middle of the Decade

8/15/2011 - A Strange New Quantum State of Matter: Spin Liquids

8/15/2011 - Itty Bitty Squid Shoot Giant Sperm on She-Squid's Mouth for Reproductive Glory

8/15/2011 - NASA's Atlantis Shuttle crew lands in New York!

8/15/2011 - Gay finches mate for life

8/15/2011 - Threats, Blowjobs, Drugs, and Other Notes at the DJ Booth

8/15/2011 - Snooze for iPhone Lets You Donate Money Every Time You Hit the Snooze Button

8/15/2011 - Snooze App Gallery

8/15/2011 - Japanese researchers grow plants on high-tech sheets that are microns thick

8/15/2011 - Solari Cifra 3: The Greatest Clock Ever Made?

8/15/2011 - The Most Outrageous Warehouse 13 Interview You'll Ever See

8/15/2011 - Google's 16 Biggest Acquisitions So Far—And What Happened To Them

8/15/2011 - Restaurant Forces Customers To Sign No Cellphone Contract Before Dining

8/15/2011 - Ashton Kutcher's Two-Story Trailer for Two and a Half Men Makes Me Dream About Being Trailer Trash

8/15/2011 - When did magic become elitist?

8/15/2011 - These butterflies are "the Transformers of the insect world" — and the answer to an evolutionary mystery

8/15/2011 - I Want to Grow This $21,000 Sound Tree In My Living Room

8/15/2011 - 6 Tools to Help Transform You Into a Super Jock of the Future

8/15/2011 - Deep-sea mussels are living hydrogen fuel cells

8/15/2011 - You can hire a teenage girl exorcist franchise to repel the Devil (UPDATED)

8/15/2011 - Horse Cops Are Installing Computers Onto Horses So They Can Pretend to Be Real Police

8/15/2011 - One video collects the 50 trippiest drug hallucinations in movie history

8/15/2011 - Google Will Pay Motorola $2.5 Billion if Their Marriage Falls Through

8/15/2011 - Acer Iconia Is the Econo-Tablet Deal of the Day

8/15/2011 - What It's Like to Drive 400MPH

8/15/2011 - Replace All Your Sheet Music With the ELASTICK Music Stand

8/15/2011 - Is high blood pressure actually caused by a virus?

8/15/2011 - Lark Un-Alarm Clock Lightning Review: The Person You're Sleeping With Will Hate You Less

8/15/2011 - Lark Gallery

8/15/2011 - Marvel's Runaways Movie On Ice Until After The Avengers

8/15/2011 - MiniMash Lets You Pretend to Be an iPad DJ While It Does All the Work

8/15/2011 - Gizmodo Wants to Fix Cable With Your Help

8/15/2011 - Songwriters Can Soon Reclaim Publishing Rights From Record Labels

8/15/2011 - Will Batman and Superman team up in their own movie?

8/15/2011 - Why the Government Won't Protect You from Getting Screwed by Your Cable Company

8/15/2011 - The Most Interesting Tablet You've Never Heard Of

8/15/2011 - Create the Perfect Motorola Android Phone

8/15/2011 - Why Verizon's Latest Promotion Might Mean No iPhone 5 Until October

8/15/2011 - Taiwanese singing robot head is a melodious abomination

8/15/2011 - An iPhone 4 Backing That Magically Changes Colors When You Touch It

8/15/2011 - 10 Vestigial Traits You Didn't Know You Had

8/15/2011 - Grid 10 and 4

8/15/2011 - 13% of Cell Owners Pretend to Talk to Avoid Human Contact. That's It?

8/15/2011 - What ancient secrets are hidden in this Martian crater?

8/15/2011 - Win backstage passes to New York's American Museum of Natural History, plus cocktails with scientists!

8/15/2011 - I Can't Listen to This Creepy Robot Head Sing Her Head Off

8/15/2011 - This Week's TV: Why has Futurama's Fry been Simpsonized?

8/15/2011 - The Only Particle Physics-Based Phone You Need

8/15/2011 - Where the Next Nexus Phone Is Coming From

8/15/2011 - Scientists discover an answer to stem cell therapy's lethal side effects

8/15/2011 - The Air Force's AC130U Spooky Is More Like Terrifying

8/15/2011 - Meet Swarmanoid, a cuddly gang of robots who use grappling hooks to rob you

8/15/2011 - Every Single Gadget Should Be Waterproof Like the Motorola Defy+ Android Phone

8/15/2011 - Take a Nap on the Moon for $2000

8/15/2011 - Amazon Student Lets College Kids Trade In Their Hated Textbooks

8/15/2011 - BGR Claims 4G LTE iPhone 5 Is Being Tested on Carriers

8/15/2011 - Wearable Flexible Solar Panels for Soldiers Are a Stupid Idea

8/15/2011 - A Science Fiction Anthology Published by Intel

8/15/2011 - US Says China Photographed Secret Bin Laden Kill-Copter

8/15/2011 - Extremely Rare Volcano Smoke Rings Only Documented Three Times

8/15/2011 - This is bullet-proof human skin - made from spider silk and goat milk. Yes, really.

8/15/2011 - How to Break Your Daily Caffeine Habit and Use Coffee Strategically

8/15/2011 - What Kind of Beach Uses 7,937 Umbrellas to Block Out the Sun? A Freaking Weird One.

8/15/2011 - Collapsible Camping Kettle Keeps You Caffeinated on the Trail

8/15/2011 - Watch the TV movie that Nickelodeon banned for being too scary

8/15/2011 - Lego Volkswagen Camper Van Is a Must Have Model Even If You're Not a Damn Hippie

8/15/2011 - If You Need a Bionic Hand, Just Write Mercedes F1 a Nice Letter

8/15/2011 - China Shuts Down Those 22 Fake Apple Stores

8/15/2011 - Variable-Width Plastic Eraser Is Great For People Still Using Pencils

8/15/2011 - New set photos reveal all-out superhero carnage in The Avengers!

8/15/2011 - I Hope the Verbal Bicycle Bell Has a Curse Button

8/15/2011 - Google Is Buying Motorola

8/15/2011 - No-One Has to Know You Don't Have a Good Reason to Wear This Submariner Watch

8/15/2011 - Monitor Broken Bones With a High-Tech Cast

8/15/2011 - Verizon's Now Selling the BlackBerry Bold 9930

8/15/2011 - Well, That's One Way to Clear Your Unread Pile of Books

8/15/2011 - Why Does This Phone Have a License Plate?

8/15/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos

8/15/2011 - The Avengers Cleveland Set Photos

8/15/2011 - Build Websites Without Having Any Coding Knowledge, With Adobe Muse

8/14/2011 - And now, the Perseid shower from the International Space Station

8/14/2011 - "Patch Town" follows the plight of the unwanted Cabbage Patch Kids

8/14/2011 - This Perseid Meteor Was Photographed from a Very Special Place

8/14/2011 - Haven "Audrey Parker's Day Off" 2x06 photos

8/14/2011 - The Walking Dead episode 2x01 photos

8/14/2011 - Photo of Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian as Zombie in The Walking Dead

8/14/2011 - Graphic Images Depict the Brutal Consequences of an Historical Global Conflict

8/14/2011 - Supernatural season 7 set photos

8/14/2011 - Latest Touchy-Feely Apple Patent Would Eliminate Gadget Fingerprint Smudges

8/14/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 14, 2011

8/14/2011 - The necklace nebula is the ultimate cosmic jewelry

8/14/2011 - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle robbed a Wendy's in Wisconsin

8/14/2011 - Ingenious Modification Breathes Modern Life (and Sound) Into That Old 33⅓

8/14/2011 - A Perseid meteor zips by the International Space Station

8/14/2011 - Stanford May Soon Lay Claim to the Fastest Solar Car Ever Built

8/14/2011 - Take a stroll down Staten Island's freeway to nowhere

8/14/2011 - A soothing voice can change your hormones...but a text message won't

8/14/2011 - Ultra-Rare MacBook Pro Prototype Sports Ugly 3G

8/14/2011 - Astromech Tops Argyle as This Season's Must-Have Holiday Sweater

8/14/2011 - Just why do people get more attractive when you're drunk?

8/14/2011 - Remember when Superman turned into Satan?

8/14/2011 - Apple's iPad Cinemax Softcore Porn Problem

8/14/2011 - The collision that created Earth's Moon is reenacted around an alien star

8/14/2011 - Anti-wave tech tricks ocean water into standing still, making ships efficient and invisible

8/14/2011 - Kickstarter Project Promises Menacing Desktop Jellyfish On-Demand

8/14/2011 - More Ghanaian movie posters that will melt your brain into porridge

8/14/2011 - Welcome to Protests in the Social Media Age, Where Governments Openly Mull Controversial Bans on Mobile Services

8/14/2011 - A video tour of China's dilapidated fantasy park

8/14/2011 - Terrifying Video of the Deadly Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

8/14/2011 - The Ultimate Symbiosis: Mealybugs have bacteria living inside their bacteria

8/13/2011 - A Cast That Lets You Keep Track of Your Broken Bones

8/13/2011 - Seeing Chicago Like This Makes Me Want to Go Even More

8/13/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 13, 2011

8/13/2011 - Who Would Wear Jewelry Made From Dismembered Barbie Dolls? (Slightly NSFW)

8/13/2011 - Bat on a plane, snake in an MRI tube

8/13/2011 - Google Will Soon Grow Brand New Sign-In Pages For All Their Apps

8/13/2011 - You can buy a real-world recreation of the house from Up for $400K

8/13/2011 - The New High Resolution Renders of Apple's Next Campus Are Gorgeous

8/13/2011 - Firefox 6 Is Out Ahead of Schedule

8/13/2011 - Meet Inspector Black Cat, the Chinese 1980s equivalent of Tom and Jerry

8/13/2011 - Arrr! "Pirate Cultural Adviser" wanted for Euro navies

8/13/2011 - 5 Stealth Tools That'll Turn You Into a Street Superhero

8/13/2011 - How to stand an egg upright

8/13/2011 - The Berlin Wall: A 50-Year-Old Relic That's Still Powerful Today

8/13/2011 - Pregnant plesiosaur with giant foetus hints at caring parents

8/13/2011 - Dwarves vs. malaria and cartoon menstruation: the weirdest Disney educational films

8/13/2011 - How To Be an Expert Liar and Not Alienate Your Friends Online

8/13/2011 - Vegetable Jabba lords over your sushi platter

8/13/2011 - Rapper The Game Hilariously Got His Followers to Flash Mob Police Phone Lines

8/13/2011 - Webcomic The Hero Business goes inside a PR firm for superheroes

8/13/2011 - A Back-of-the-Hand Touch Interface That's Perfect for Super Spies

8/13/2011 - Real-world policy experts weigh in on rebuilding a post-Voldemort society

8/13/2011 - Why Smoking Is Better Than iPhoning, Making 15-Year-Old Developers Cry, and the Other Best Stories of the Week

8/13/2011 - The world's oldest wood...so far

8/13/2011 - Watch Patton Oswalt's five-second-long fantasy film

8/13/2011 - Check out spoilery video of Batman's new ride in The Dark Knight Rises

8/13/2011 - China's Select Fake Apple Stores Now Known as a Smart Stores

8/13/2011 - It's hard to deny that Torchwood is treading water

8/13/2011 - New Technology Tricks Water Into Thinking Your Ship Isn't There

8/13/2011 - Lovers' Quarrels Should Not End In Naked Sword Fights

8/13/2011 - What Would You Tell Your Friend if He Was a Terrorist?

8/12/2011 - I Want to Drink the World's Tiniest Brewery's Entire Output

8/12/2011 - Why Would Someone Spend $3,000 On 100 Phone Numbers?

8/12/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: John Stamos Teaches You How to Cuddle

8/12/2011 - This Is Special Ops' Afghanistan Camo Dirt Bike

8/12/2011 - Camera Lens Shot Glass Makes Everything Look Better

8/12/2011 - The Boomerang Drone That's Based on a Maple Seed

8/12/2011 - Quite Possibly the Most Uncomfortable "Coming Out" Scene from Any Superhero Film Ever

8/12/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 12, 2011

8/12/2011 - Apple Guts, Star Wars Coins, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/12/2011 - We're one step closer to putting an astronaut on Mars

8/12/2011 - The Light that Changed Film

8/12/2011 - Even the Orion Spaceship Wants to Have Fun In the Pool

8/12/2011 - Google's Real Names Policy Is Evil

8/12/2011 - Why did we have to become multicellular, anyway?

8/12/2011 - These Galaxies Are About To Crash Into Each Other

8/12/2011 - 12 Lookout Towers to Protect the Realm

8/12/2011 - Lord of the Rings burlesque spanks a few sexy, sexy Orcs

8/12/2011 - Facebook Messenger, Cocktails, Super 8 Cams, Panoramic Pictures and More

8/12/2011 - The Week's Best Android Apps

8/12/2011 - The Week's Best iPad Apps

8/12/2011 - The Week's Best iPhone Apps

8/12/2011 - Starbucks Experiment Takes a Turn For The Weird

8/12/2011 - I Just Don't Give a Shit About AT&T's Manufactured Network Doomsday Anymore

8/12/2011 - This solar powered grill will even let you cook at night

8/12/2011 - How Torchwood's Bill Pullman Learned to Play the World's Creepiest Motivational Speaker

8/12/2011 - The Mystery of the Blackest Planet Ever Discovered

8/12/2011 - Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell Reveals the Truth Behind Modern Cryptozoological Myths

8/12/2011 - The Age of the $600 TiVo Is Nearly Upon Us

8/12/2011 - Go Snowboarding in the Dark With This LED Headlamp

8/12/2011 - What happened to Boba Fett after the sarlacc pit? The original Fett actor tells all!

8/12/2011 - How a Dying Woman Watched Her Daughter's Wedding via Skype

8/12/2011 - Jodie Foster Helps Reactivate the Search For Extra-Terrestrial Life

8/12/2011 - If You Use a Fake Name on Google+, Your Account Is About to Be Suspended

8/12/2011 - 7 Tools to Survive Your Beach Vacation Unscathed

8/12/2011 - The New York Times' Infamous 111-111-1111 Phone Number Is Dead

8/12/2011 - Cut It Out Instagram Cheaters!

8/12/2011 - This Is What Happens When You Google "Telephone"

8/12/2011 - Astronomers learn that two white dwarfs do not make a supernova

8/12/2011 - Chinese Woman Transforms into a Sludge Monster to Prevent Tanning

8/12/2011 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sensory Deprivation Tanks

8/12/2011 - What can an artist's rendition of a giant rabbit teach us about good science?

8/12/2011 - Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Is the Office Warfare Deal of the Day

8/12/2011 - Party with Gizmodo at the American Museum of Natural History

8/12/2011 - Sony Alpha A77 Video Is "Leaked" Like Water Leaks Out Of A Faucet When You Turn It On

8/12/2011 - Thrilling robot art wallpapers will activate your desktop's awesomeness function

8/12/2011 - Death Match: Mobile Bluetooth Keyboards

8/12/2011 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchwiz Lightning Review: Google Tablets Transformed?

8/12/2011 - Netflix Is Making a Version Just for Kids

8/12/2011 - World War Z movie synopsis is nothing like the book, internet melts down

8/12/2011 - I Hope Temporary Teeth Tattoos Never Become Popular in the U.S.

8/12/2011 - Futurama teaches us why Fry loves being the universe's punching bag

8/12/2011 - Honda's Most Adorable Robot Is About to Go Nuclear

8/12/2011 - Ten Freaky Types of Scary Fairies

8/12/2011 - This Emergency Bivvy Sack Not Only Keeps You Warm in the Wilderness, but Also Dry

8/12/2011 - Leukemia Patients Treated by Gene Therapy. Let's Hope the Cure Doesn't Kill Them This Time.

8/12/2011 - This Is the Gizmodo Reader Correspondent Reporting Live from Lollapalooza 2011

8/12/2011 - 30 Years Ago Today, IBM Released Its First PC Before Most People Had Any Idea What that Meant

8/12/2011 - Will Apple Announce the iPhone 5 on September 7th?

8/12/2011 - Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchwiz UX Gallery

8/12/2011 - Miranda July's The Future: A Magical Journey Through Dreadful Bleakness

8/12/2011 - Are Syrian Rebels Really Charging Their Phones With Batteries and Water?

8/12/2011 - Police Now Tweeting Name, Address and Birthday of British Looters

8/12/2011 - Mad Man Builds Ridiculously Cool 40-inch iPhone

8/12/2011 - Functioning anal sphincter grown in a petri dish

8/12/2011 - The World's Fastest Roller Coaster Is the Closest You'll Ever Get to Driving a Ferrari F1

8/12/2011 - Fujifilm's F600EXR Lets You Hunt the Best Shooting Spots via GPS

8/12/2011 - Google's Videos App Now Works with Android Phones

8/12/2011 - How to catch tomorrow morning's Perseid meteor shower

8/12/2011 - Baker's yeast can protect against a deadly fungus

8/12/2011 - Why I Would Rather Be a Smoker Than an iPhone User

8/12/2011 - Physicists and mathematicians discover a way to save time - literally

8/12/2011 - Judge Rules That Students Can Slut It Up on Myspace. Legally.

8/12/2011 - Duncan Jones enlists the aid of Weta for his final scifi film

8/12/2011 - How Thundercats Will Continue the Awesome Legacy of Panthro!

8/12/2011 - Scientists to Cure Malaria By Microwaving You (Wait, What?)

8/12/2011 - Jeff Bezos Wants to Put an Airbag on Your Smartphone

8/12/2011 - Will Man of Steel feature an all-out war involving the US Army?

8/12/2011 - If Life Had a Slow Motion Mode, It Would Look Like This

8/12/2011 - Why You Really Shouldn't Trust App Store Ratings

8/12/2011 - The Acer Iconia A100: The Android Tab You Can Pocket (But Won't)

8/12/2011 - Braincar Records Its Journeys For Intense Nighttime Lightshows

8/12/2011 - Why Did Apple Obliterate a Galaxy From the Lion Wallpaper?

8/12/2011 - C-3PO Hates 3DTV Too

8/12/2011 - OkCupid Adds Grindr-Like Location Feature For Quick Shags or Romantic Dates

8/12/2011 - HTC Vigor to be First Beats by Dre Phone?

8/12/2011 - China Has a Secret: 22 More Fake Apple Stores

8/12/2011 - A Resting Place For China's Discarded Electronics

8/12/2011 - Philips New USB Toothbrush Mixes Tech with Style

8/12/2011 - China's Bullet Trains Recalled Over Safety Concerns

8/12/2011 - People Look At Google+ And Facebook The Same Way

8/11/2011 - Scosche myTrek Keeps Your Heart in Check While You Exercise

8/11/2011 - Crossing a telephone with a TV set in 1968

8/11/2011 - Breaking Dawn: Part 1 promo photos and an EW cover

8/11/2011 - Set photo of Batman's new vehicle in The Dark Knight Rises

8/11/2011 - Promo images from Alphas, episode 1.06, "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure"

8/11/2011 - The Vampire Diaries episode 3.01, "The Birthday," promo image

8/11/2011 - Promo photo of Liam Hemsworth as Gale, from The Hunger Games

8/11/2011 - Doctor Who series 6 promo images

8/11/2011 - What Is Coil Embolization?

8/11/2011 - London Looting Victim Inspires The Internet

8/11/2011 - Is Creating a Fake World Trade Center with Your iPhone Tasteless?

8/11/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 11, 2011

8/11/2011 - Crowdmug Lets You Pay Strangers to Be Your Social Spies

8/11/2011 - I Want This Photobombing Fish

8/11/2011 - iPod-Controlled Roaches Dance to Lady GaGa

8/11/2011 - Chimp and human brains are even more alike than we thought

8/11/2011 - Breakthrough: Electronic circuits that are integrated with your skin

8/11/2011 - What Is This?

8/11/2011 - Adorable Lamps, Deplorable Glasses, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

8/11/2011 - Here's How To Remove Your Contacts' Phone Numbers From Facebook's Clutches

8/11/2011 - Microsoft's Twitter Dress Is Way More Appealing Than it Should Be

8/11/2011 - Leaked: First Photos of Ice Cream Sandwich

8/11/2011 - Phonovision: Imagine Recording TV onto LPs

8/11/2011 - Your blood can reveal your future baby's sex

8/11/2011 - What to Keep and What to Ditch from a Movie Version of The Stand

8/11/2011 - Singapore will soon become more garden than city

8/11/2011 - Speakeasy Cocktails for iPad: Stop Drinking Like You're in College (And Learn How to Make a Real Drink)

8/11/2011 - Speakeasy Cocktails App Gallery

8/11/2011 - Hey, Los Angeles—You Are So Beautiful

8/11/2011 - Ready Player One is a dystopian gamer novel that's as addictive as a great game

8/11/2011 - Success! The SETI Telescope Array will soon be back online!

8/11/2011 - Talking With Your Earbuds in: Rude or Not Rude?

8/11/2011 - Is This a Joke? Churlish TwitPic Founder Launches Dumb Twitter Clone

8/11/2011 - Crazy Dude Uses Backhoe to Play With Crazy People In Swimming Pool

8/11/2011 - Finally Revealed: The 100 Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, According to NPR's Readers

8/11/2011 - Omipotent Colonialist Photoshopping Hand Remakes 3rd World in Helvetica's Image

8/11/2011 - Strange alien planet is impossibly black

8/11/2011 - How I Made a 15-Year-Old App Developer Cry

8/11/2011 - Casting calls for G.I. Joe 2 reveal what the Zombieland writers have in store for us

8/11/2011 - The Lost Origins of the Stopwatch: A Story of Racehorses and Scrappy Startups

8/11/2011 - Windows Phone Mango Dropping Off the Tree Sept. 1?

8/11/2011 - Mercy Hangover Remedy Lightning Review: Just Get Less Wasted

8/11/2011 - The Amazing High-Tech Drawings that Made Star Wars Possible

8/11/2011 - 9 Tools for Camping Like a Boss

8/11/2011 - When Will Apple Integrate These Pico Projectors It Just Patented?

8/11/2011 - AMC's Crazy Ideas for Cutting Costs on The Walking Dead

8/11/2011 - Air Force's Experimental Hypersonic Aircraft Disappears Again

8/11/2011 - This supercar runs on chocolate, cheese, and wine

8/11/2011 - Obama Basher Is the Stupidest, Most Offensive Trash to Contaminate Our Inboxes

8/11/2011 - The Blood and Awesomeness-Soaked Trailer that Conan DESERVES! [NSFW]

8/11/2011 - Vaas' Tape-to-MP3 Converter Is the Futureproof Deal of the Day

8/11/2011 - Hong Kong Stock Exchange Attacked By Hackers

8/11/2011 - Game of Thrones Crossed With Seinfeld? Meet George R.R. Costanza!

8/11/2011 - Skin Made from Spiderwebs: No Longer Just a Nightmare

8/11/2011 - iPhone 4 Vs The Simplest Phone on the Planet

8/11/2011 - Watch a mosquito drain human blood, in horrifying HD

8/11/2011 - You Need to Have Time Shifting Powers to Watch This Sculpture Move

8/11/2011 - New Apple Patents Show Exaggerated and Distorted iPhone Maps to Help You Get Around Easier

8/11/2011 - Class Up the Joint With a Retro Internet Radio

8/11/2011 - HTC Buys Beats: All Your Bass Are Belong To Them

8/11/2011 - Fringe's John Noble Getting His Own Show About Real-Life Weird Science

8/11/2011 - A scientific investigation into non-humanoid, extraterrestrial sexuality

8/11/2011 - The Batman Equation Is Not a Horrible Fraud

8/11/2011 - 10 Monsters Who Would Make Pretty Good Bosses

8/11/2011 - Why Does This Guy Have an Assault Rifle at the Apple Store?

8/11/2011 - Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D: Hopefully Not Just a Really Belated Virtual Boy Sequel

8/11/2011 - SteelSeries Sensei: A Gaming Mouse With a Braiiiinnnnn

8/11/2011 - Every Horrible Wrinkle Is Visible In Microsoft's 3D Modeling Software

8/11/2011 - Does Google's Patent for Shipping Notifications Mean They Have UPS, FedEx and USPS by the Balls?

8/11/2011 - We're another step closer to the invisibility cloak

8/11/2011 - A Bag to Lock Away the Disgusting Stink of Your Workout Clothes

8/11/2011 - How to make fireballs that you can juggle

8/11/2011 - How Do You Hoist 1300-Ton Boats 240 Feet in the Air? With a 220,000-Ton Boatlift

8/11/2011 - A Classic Briefcase Stays Relevant in the Laptop Era

8/11/2011 - Parents Can Have Text Message Slang Too!

8/11/2011 - UK Prime Minister's Anti-Tech Crackdown: Stupid, Useless, and Wrong

8/11/2011 - The very best fake monster pictures that you created!

8/11/2011 - Phones Stolen In the UK Riots Will Be Blocked From Networks

8/11/2011 - This is what astronomers call a "fluffy" spiral galaxy

8/11/2011 - Anti-Nanotech Terrorists Are Bombing Professors Because They Think Nanotechnology Will End the World

8/11/2011 - It's a Flashlight! It's a Doorknob! It's Both! It's Not Real...

8/11/2011 - Tons of Riddick 3 character details reveal new link to Pitch Black

8/11/2011 - Vladimir Putin Casually Discovers a Pair of 6th Century Artifacts While Scuba Diving

8/11/2011 - LinkedIn Goes Down the Facebook Route Of Using Your Image For Ads

8/11/2011 - The triangle that makes rectangular holes

8/11/2011 - The Only Thing This Fitness Monitor Can't Track Is Its Own Bullshit

8/11/2011 - These Little Cubes of Fun Interact With Each Other Using NFC

8/11/2011 - Eureka gets one extra episode to give us all closure

8/11/2011 - If You Can't Visit NASA Goddard You Should Visit This Page

8/11/2011 - This Amazing Bat-Speedboat Is Real

8/11/2011 - What is the future of Amy and Rory on Doctor Who? Plus tons more Dark Knight Rises set photos!

8/11/2011 - Bad Guys Access 75,000 University of Wisconsin Social Security Numbers

8/11/2011 - Fastest Plane In the World Will Be Tested Again Today. Hopefully They Won't Lose it This Time

8/11/2011 - It's Ridiculously Easy to Steal iPads from Walmart

8/11/2011 - iPhone Your Main Camera? Photo Stats Is $1 Well-Spent, Then

8/11/2011 - Why Is There an Art Exhibition at the Bottom of the Ocean?

8/11/2011 - Kno Thinks Selling College Textbooks On Facebook Is the Way Forward

8/11/2011 - Sony and LG No Longer at Odds Over Patents

8/11/2011 - This Projection Scale Embarrasses You Into Losing Weight

8/11/2011 - Researcher Predicts Your Facebook Friends With Frightening Accuracy

8/11/2011 - A Twelve-Ton Cement Truck Stuck In The Road

8/11/2011 - Live Cooking Class Explodes On Google+

8/10/2011 - CDMA and 4G WiMax Supposedly Hacked at Defcon

8/10/2011 - Send Your Local Rep a Message the Old Fashioned Way With This Tar and Feather Gun

8/10/2011 - Sex Selection Just Got Easier: Will Girls Be the Chosen Ones?

8/10/2011 - In Defense of Youthful Piracy: One Mac Developer's View

8/10/2011 - This Killer Tent Weighs Almost Nothing and Fits In Your Nalgene Bottle

8/10/2011 - The Darkest Hour Concept Art

8/10/2011 - Man of Steel Set Pictures

8/10/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Character Pictures

8/10/2011 - What If Samsung Stopped Supplying Parts For the iPhone 4?

8/10/2011 - The Bends: An Excellent Radiohead Album and a Lung-Popping Condition You Do Not Want

8/10/2011 - Beats By Dr. Dre Audio Coming to HTC Handsets This Fall (Updated)

8/10/2011 - When in New York, Let Google Maps Help You Do as American Psychos Do

8/10/2011 - High-Res Sherlock Holmes 2 Photos

8/10/2011 - High-Res Contagion Photos

8/10/2011 - io9 Roundup: August 10, 2011

8/10/2011 - Abraham Lincoln in The Clouds Above New Brunswick, Canada

8/10/2011 - R.I.P. Sakyo Komatsu, author of Japan Sinks

8/10/2011 - Someone Actually Made Plans to Send Pigs to Space

8/10/2011 - 8-bit sculptures made the old-fashioned way

8/10/2011 - Apple Closes Above Exxon as the World's Most (Quantitatively) Valuable Company

8/10/2011 - Incredible CGI demo from the late 1980s shows earliest efforts to represent animal motion realistically

8/10/2011 - How The Magical Windows in Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Work

8/10/2011 - You Can Jam Sensitive FBI Conversations with This Toy Pager

8/10/2011 - 911 to Get MMS: Here Come the Emergency Cockshots?

8/10/2011 - Tons More Details About Battleship's board-game-loving aliens

8/10/2011 - Enter the Era of the Favorite

8/10/2011 - io9 Book Club reminder: Meeting 8/23 to discuss Ian McDonald's The Dervish House

8/10/2011 - The Least Subtle Weapon in the History of Weapons

8/10/2011 - Ancient toe might prove that all ancient humanoid species were constantly having sex with each other

8/10/2011 - Playground Bullies Have Turned Rebecca Black Into a Homeschooler

8/10/2011 - Twitter Boosts Stimulus Overload with New Realtime Activity Feeds

8/10/2011 - New Copper Underwear Eliminates the Fungus and Bacteria from Your Dirty Ass

8/10/2011 - Pano for Android: Panoramic Pictures Are Elongated Awesomeness

8/10/2011 - Pano Android App Gallery

8/10/2011 - You Can Now Watch Netflix on Your Faster Better Chromebook

8/10/2011 - Your Galaxy Tab Will Feel Like a 747 with Logitech's New Keyboard Case

8/10/2011 - The NYPD Has Hacked Together a Social Media Taskforce

8/10/2011 - New study shows that knowing spoilers doesn't ruin a story

8/10/2011 - Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode Six Pictures

8/10/2011 - Must Listen: Neil deGrasse Tyson's inspirational rant on NASA cutbacks

8/10/2011 - The Amazingly Seamless New Apple Cube

8/10/2011 - Eureka 4x16, "Of Mites and Men" Pictures

8/10/2011 - Haven Spoiler Picture from "Roots"

8/10/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Set Pictures

8/10/2011 - Contagion Pictures

8/10/2011 - Elysium Set Pictures

8/10/2011 - Sony CDP-101: The World's First CD Player

8/10/2011 - Why We Love Suspending Our Disbelief

8/10/2011 - The 5 Worst Pieces of Advice Apple Ever Got

8/10/2011 - Composite Lets You Remix Your Surroundings in Real-Time

8/10/2011 - The Classiest App To Get People Naked

8/10/2011 - Gibbons defy their own evolution to jump as high as they can

8/10/2011 - This Fake Chinese Ikea Store Might Be Better Than the Real Ikea

8/10/2011 - Fifty-One Trio E-Cigarette Lightning Review: All Smoke, No Substance

8/10/2011 - Your money is contaminated with a toxic chemical

8/10/2011 - What caused a slowdown in climate change at the turn of the millennium?

8/10/2011 - Facebook Terms of Service Deciphered For Dudes

8/10/2011 - 7 Gadgets to Heal Yourself

8/10/2011 - A Love Story For Nuts and Bolts

8/10/2011 - The HP TouchPad Is Officially Cheaper Than the iPad... Forever

8/10/2011 - How an F-16 (Might Have) Avenged the Taliban's Helicopter Killing

8/10/2011 - Kodak All-In-One Printer Is the Nearly Obsolete Deal of the Day

8/10/2011 - New Drug Can Treat Almost Any Viral Infection by Killing the Body's Infected Cells

8/10/2011 - How They Got All Those iPads on iPad Head Girl's Head

8/10/2011 - The Creepiest Psychic Visions of the Future Drawn by Little Kids

8/10/2011 - Apple Is Also Suing Motorola Over the Xoom Tablet Design

8/10/2011 - Earth doesn't need the Moon

8/10/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Film Noir

8/10/2011 - The 360-Degree Panorama of What Hiroshima Looked Like After the Atomic Bomb

8/10/2011 - The secrets of throbbing mouse eggs

8/10/2011 - The Best and Worst of the iPhone 5s

8/10/2011 - A Spec Tweak Will Make USB Capable of Charging Laptops

8/10/2011 - Free T-Shirts Given to Neo-Nazis Revealed a Secret Message After Being Washed

8/10/2011 - 10 Fictional Games that Lunatics Have Recreated in Real Life

8/10/2011 - Here's what it actually costs to run a university science lab

8/10/2011 - Disney's New Way to Do Motion Capture Lets You Record It Anywhere

8/10/2011 - Gizmodo Officially Not Being Charged in iPhone 4 Case

8/10/2011 - China Miéville's Embassytown makes the Duran Duran Book Club

8/10/2011 - Download the New York Post Android App for Free Today

8/10/2011 - Using Robot Skin Will Turn Any Forensics Team Into Batmen

8/10/2011 - Nationwide 4G Showdown: Who's Fastest?

8/10/2011 - Want to E-Read Your Summer Away?

8/10/2011 - A Batman Tyrannosaurus Rex stalks the streets of Pittsburgh

8/10/2011 - "Sneaky" squid packs bigger sperm, likes to shoot and leave

8/10/2011 - The Classy Way to Crush a Duck and Drink Its Blood

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