12/31/2011 - Stay As Warm As a Wookiee In This Hoodie

12/31/2011 - These Unwearable Specs Poorly Hide a Digital Camera

12/31/2011 - The Official New Year’s Eve Ball App Lets You Join the Times Square Party From Your Phone

12/31/2011 - How Did This Artist Freeze an Exploding Boulder In Time?

12/31/2011 - The Chemical Brothers: Star Guitar

12/31/2011 - The cone snail's eating habits will give you nightmares for the rest of your days

12/31/2011 - The Twilight Zone: The Only TV Sci-Fi the World Needs

12/31/2011 - The Best Shooting Challenges of the Year

12/31/2011 - Behold, the future's bioluminescent billboards

12/31/2011 - The Punch That Gets Your Whole Party 'faced

12/31/2011 - The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Comics Of 2011

12/31/2011 - This Is One Ridiculously Over-The-Top iPhone Camera Case

12/31/2011 - How does one cross a paper bridge above a pit of snakes? NOT LIKE THIS.

12/31/2011 - The Only Gardening Tool a Ronin Needs

12/31/2011 - Robots Suck At Scratching Vinyl

12/31/2011 - A study of medical mistakes in medical-themed romance novels

12/31/2011 - Mickey Mouse and Pluto get the Frank Frazetta treatment

12/31/2011 - Gaming Giants Withdraw Their Support Of SOPA

12/31/2011 - On the border of China and Mongolia, you can find two dinosaurs french-kissing

12/31/2011 - Copernicus Jones is a hardboiled android detective battling the robot mob

12/31/2011 - Genius Scale Only Shows You How Much You've Gained Or Lost

12/31/2011 - British seaside town blasted with mysterious white goo

12/31/2011 - On Saturday Morning Cartoons, China, IL returns for a New Year's Special, plus a look at Lord of the Rings: The Final Journey!

12/31/2011 - How To Keep Track of All Your Friends Tonight

12/31/2011 - It's Now Sir Jonathan Ive

12/30/2011 - Freaky—This Simple Trick Lets You See the Blood Vessels In Your Eye

12/30/2011 - The Modern Day Hunt for France’s Beast of Gévaudan

12/30/2011 - Apple Didn't Invent the All-Touch Phone

12/30/2011 - The Commenters You Meet in Yearly Roundup Hell

12/30/2011 - The Year in NSFW!

12/30/2011 - Failed Flying Car Design Makes For a Lovely iPhone Dock

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12/30/2011 - The Perfect Cutlery For Your Post-Holiday Guilt

12/30/2011 - NASA gears up for its journey to the center of the Moon

12/30/2011 - The Channel Islands Wood Biscuit Is the Ride of My Dreams

12/30/2011 - Gigantic Car-Dispensing Claw Game Is a Hotel-Sized Projection

12/30/2011 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2011

12/30/2011 - Ocean's Eleven: The Rat Pack Does Vegas

12/30/2011 - In the 1940s, Batman protected the state of California. Seriously.

12/30/2011 - The Ultimate Guide to January's Science Fiction and Fantasy!

12/30/2011 - Did Nokia's First US LTE Windows Phone Get Leaked in a Christmas Card?

12/30/2011 - A place in Venezuela that gets 40,000 lightning strikes per night

12/30/2011 - 12 Tanks Made from Things That Probably Shouldn't Be Used to Make Tanks

12/30/2011 - Why do humans need euphemisms, and what do they do to us?

12/30/2011 - Rejected Green Lantern concept art shows off a very different Parallax

12/30/2011 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Calendar

12/30/2011 - The 6 Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Urban Outfitters

12/30/2011 - Victory! Verizon Drops Its Absurd $2 Online Payment Fee

12/30/2011 - Chirping Perch Reminds You Of a Forgotten Charger

12/30/2011 - Macrophotographs of insects are the most beautiful thing you've seen all week

12/30/2011 - Ed Hardy Headphones Are the Worst Headphones

12/30/2011 - Why don't we normally hallucinate?

12/30/2011 - What if every Doctor Who story ended like "Love and Monsters"?

12/30/2011 - This Self-Powered Bike Trailer Frees the Lazy from Pedaling

12/30/2011 - What was Steven Spielberg's last great genre movie?

12/30/2011 - Skype's Giving Manhattan Free Wi-Fi For New Year's

12/30/2011 - Snail brains prove we learn better at some times than others

12/30/2011 - When to Give Your Girlfriend Your Password

12/30/2011 - Shaun of the Dead Lego set recreates the Winchester

12/30/2011 - The FCC Will Investigate Verizon's Ridiculous $2 Online Payment Fee

12/30/2011 - How Some Crafty Devs Are Defying Apple's App Laws

12/30/2011 - David Tennant narrates a herd of flying Devil Rays

12/30/2011 - 10 Weirdest Scientific Theories Proposed in Science Fiction

12/30/2011 - Vote for the Gadget of the Year: Championship Round

12/30/2011 - Please Make Games That Work With This Incredible iOS Controller

12/30/2011 - Listen to the four demon voices crammed inside one possessed woman

12/30/2011 - This Cat Just Beat Your Fruit Ninja High Score

12/30/2011 - The iPod Nano Pill Speaker: Good for What Ails You

12/30/2011 - The Pilot That Syfy Didn't Want You To See

12/30/2011 - Think You Got What It Takes To Work For Stephen Hawking?

12/30/2011 - Let's Watch Elements Blow Up for Four Minutes

12/30/2011 - I Hate Glossy Gadgets

12/30/2011 - Dream job alert: Stephen Hawking is hiring an assistant

12/30/2011 - A deadly poison created by mixing sunlight and oil in shallow water

12/30/2011 - The Most Popular Mobile OS on Earth Doesn't Exist Anymore

12/30/2011 - Gentlemen, You Can Thank This Robotic Arm for Your New Head of Hair

12/30/2011 - The quest for the perfect smile required electrocuting people's faces

12/30/2011 - Verizon's Unsatisfying 4G Outage Explanation

12/30/2011 - Grooming a lion is an adorable, nerve-wracking process

12/30/2011 - Just how many villains does Joss Whedon's Avengers actually have?

12/30/2011 - And Now GoDaddy's Finally, Officially Against SOPA

12/30/2011 - The Best Reviews of the Year

12/30/2011 - Anne Hathaway reveals why Catwoman is like a golden age movie star in The Dark Knight Rises!

12/30/2011 - The Full Sexual Fumblings That Got HP CEO Mark Hurd Fired

12/30/2011 - Amazing Spider-Man Toys

12/30/2011 - Fringe 4.08 Photos

12/29/2011 - Marvel lawyers fighting to prove that Mutants aren't human

12/29/2011 - What if the bank tried to take away your robot best friend?

12/29/2011 - Once Upon a Time, We Used Radium Condoms For Glow in the Dark Sex

12/29/2011 - What on Earth are these mysterious, 570 million year old fossils?

12/29/2011 - Ghostland Observatory: Sad Sad City

12/29/2011 - Watch Ron Moore's fantasy cop show 17th Precinct, and see what we missed out on

12/29/2011 - What happens when you really can't sleep — ever.

12/29/2011 - This rare, brainless sea creature could hold the secrets to vertebrate evolution

12/29/2011 - Squashing cancer cells makes them migrate

12/29/2011 - Downton Abbey: Rich British People Behaving Badly

12/29/2011 - Killer whale vs. shark brawl will make you happy to stay out of the water

12/29/2011 - Colson Whitehead's Zone One shatters your post-apocalyptic fantasies

12/29/2011 - The cure for schizophrenia isn't in our genes after all

12/29/2011 - The Best Toolkits of the Year

12/29/2011 - Dark Knight Rises scene description reveals more about Chris Nolan's Catwoman

12/29/2011 - BBC's new Great Barrier Reef documentary serves up some serious eye candy

12/29/2011 - The Six Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Macy's

12/29/2011 - Verizon Will Charge You Extra to Pay Your Bill Online

12/29/2011 - The Best Street Art of the Year

12/29/2011 - How would you convince the 20th generation of space colonists to leave Earth?

12/29/2011 - Ridley Scott's Original Alien Trailer Recut to Match the Prometheus Trailer

12/29/2011 - We've Bought $41 Billion in Unused Gift Cards Since 2005

12/29/2011 - Chimps make noises to stop the spread of ignorance

12/29/2011 - The Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar would put us all in one big, happy timezone

12/29/2011 - 100 Years Later: The Evolution of the NYC Subway Map

12/29/2011 - Meet the Ball Cutter fish, the piranha-cousin nicknamed for exactly what you think

12/29/2011 - Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year: Semifinals

12/29/2011 - 10 Images That Changed the Course of Science (And One That Is About To)

12/29/2011 - Taliban Ringtones Are Saving Lives in Afghanistan

12/29/2011 - The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2011

12/29/2011 - A stop-motion animated history of Earth

12/29/2011 - My New French Press Is Not Only Beautiful, But Makes Delicious Coffee

12/29/2011 - Salvage Your Holiday with Modern Warfare 3 Gear

12/29/2011 - New sensor can detect signs of cancer on your breath

12/29/2011 - The One Reason the iPad Can't Lose

12/29/2011 - The Curious Case of the Severed Yeti Finger

12/29/2011 - Read the first two chapters of Greg Bear's next Halo novel right now!

12/29/2011 - Check out a sample chapter of George R.R. Martin's The Winds of Winter!

12/29/2011 - Weird art project turns bones into speakers

12/29/2011 - The FED Hybrid Humvee Will Save the US Army Millions at the Pump

12/29/2011 - Here's Amazon's Final Damage Report for the 2011 Holiday Season

12/29/2011 - Charles Yu, Lauren Beukes and Cherie Priest on the Challenges and Thrills of Filming Their Books

12/29/2011 - The Best Giz Explanations of the Year

12/29/2011 - Peter Jackson reveals why The Hobbit is nothing like Lord of the Rings!

12/28/2011 - In Ecuador, insane giant sculptures of The Hulk and Hellboy invade on New Year's Eve

12/28/2011 - This uncomfortable exoskeleton makes you feel 75 years old

12/28/2011 - The third most unsuccessful comic-book adaptation of all time is actually not bad

12/28/2011 - Zombie Dawn is chock full of old-fashioned zombie-slaying action

12/28/2011 - The secret to preventing malaria might be in our body odor

12/28/2011 - The Best Christmas Gadget I Ever Received

12/28/2011 - Gloriously Geeky Images That Make Great Facebook Timeline Banners

12/28/2011 - Deep sea bacteria use bioluminescence to hitchhike across the ocean

12/28/2011 - Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2011

12/28/2011 - Did H.G. Wells do a better job predicting the future of warfare than the Pentagon?

12/28/2011 - The Most Underrated Movie of 2011

12/28/2011 - Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica

12/28/2011 - This Nerdy Instrument is Part Atari Console Part Guitar

12/28/2011 - Read Arthur C. Clarke's original "Hammer of God" short story online

12/28/2011 - Daily Desired: A Watch That Makes It Really Hard to Tell Time

12/28/2011 - Underworld: Awakening Poster

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12/28/2011 - Sherlock 2x02, "The Hounds of Baskerville" Pictures

12/28/2011 - Killer Klowns from Outer Space Creators plan a new Klown Attack Movie in 2012

12/28/2011 - The Best Image Caches of the Year

12/28/2011 - The New York Times Accidentally Spams More Than 8 Million People

12/28/2011 - The storm clouds of Saturn are bigger than our entire planet

12/28/2011 - The Scientist Who Controlled People with Brain Implants

12/28/2011 - Whatever happened to one of the year's best indie movies, The Sound of My Voice?

12/28/2011 - The 7 Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Amazon

12/28/2011 - This is not a cat

12/28/2011 - Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2011

12/28/2011 - How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

12/28/2011 - The Fastest RAM for Your Gaming PC

12/28/2011 - The Sad Story of a Real Life R2-D2 Who Saved Countless Human Lives and Died

12/28/2011 - The Science of Extreme Pogo

12/28/2011 - irobots and humans gallery

12/28/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Long Party Exposures

12/28/2011 - Brian Cox and Simon Pegg explain why atoms have so much empty space

12/28/2011 - Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year: Round 3

12/28/2011 - 10 Happy Accidents from the Annals of Drug Discovery

12/28/2011 - I want these homemade H.R. Giger-inspired sunglasses

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12/28/2011 - Can Superman see through superconductors?

12/28/2011 - This Guy Spent $16,000 On a Virtual Sword Before The Game Was Released

12/28/2011 - Take a psychedelic trip through 700 layers of the human brain

12/28/2011 - How to Disembowel 30 Salmon in Under a Minute

12/28/2011 - Evidence of extraterrestrial life could be sitting on the Moon at this very moment

12/28/2011 - Smack All SOPA Supporters With This Automated Robocall Service

12/28/2011 - Would you buy a beautifully restored Blu-ray of Manos: The Hands of Fate?

12/28/2011 - Supernatural flock of birds mourn dead North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il

12/28/2011 - Martin Freeman reveals his first encounter with Gollum in The Hobbit!

12/28/2011 - The Best Rants of the Year

12/28/2011 - The Eye of Satan Is Watching You From Space

12/28/2011 - I Want This 18th Century English Tower Turned Into Awesome Home

12/28/2011 - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

12/28/2011 - Wrath of the Titans

12/27/2011 - This Stupid Prada Phone Is the Best Looking Android I've Ever Seen

12/27/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 27, 2011

12/27/2011 - The most unusual sexual fetish also has the most ridiculous special effects [NSFW]

12/27/2011 - Sony Needs to Revive This Gorgeous Sliding Radio As a Bluetooth Speaker

12/27/2011 - Underworld Awakening promo pics

12/27/2011 - The Woman in Black

12/27/2011 - Two millipede species have set up a 150 mile long insect demilitarized zone

12/27/2011 - Is dark energy changing over time?

12/27/2011 - The Best Songs Ever Written About A Robot Friend

12/27/2011 - How does the second season of Syfy's Being Human stack up to the first? Read our review!

12/27/2011 - Amazing video explains how Firefly fans saved free speech on campus

12/27/2011 - Because I'll Get Lost Eventually, I Need Fire

12/27/2011 - What will happen when the Sun dies?

12/27/2011 - Would you live in a virtual world full of history's greatest psychopaths for a million dollars?

12/27/2011 - The Best Crazy Food Stories of the Year

12/27/2011 - What impact do disorders like Asperger syndrome have on a budding relationship?

12/27/2011 - The Time I Planted a Pipe Bomb Under Someone's Truck

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12/27/2011 - Greyhound Will Remotely Kill Your Bus (Updated)

12/27/2011 - The Power List: 23 Movers and Shakers in Science Fiction and Fantasy

12/27/2011 - Bizarre star is seemingly older than the explosion that created it in the first place

12/27/2011 - Can You Believe the Sticks on This Guy's Face Are Actually Bugs?

12/27/2011 - This is the most stunning video of comet Lovejoy we've seen yet

12/27/2011 - The Greatest Electric Razor for Your Beautiful Face

12/27/2011 - How I learned to stop worrying and love the radioactive spiderwebs

12/27/2011 - Mark Zuckerberg's Amazing Race Luxury Vacation Revealed

12/27/2011 - Driving iRobots gallery

12/27/2011 - China Has Its Own GPS Now—And It's Better Than Yours

12/27/2011 - Cloud Atlas concept art shows us the Wachowskis' vision of 2144 Seoul

12/27/2011 - I REALLY Wanted This Slot Car Circuit For Christmas

12/27/2011 - 10 Science Fiction Movies for People Who Think They Don't Like Science Fiction

12/27/2011 - Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year: Round 2

12/27/2011 - In this week's comics, Archie meets KISS and DMZ wraps up!

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12/27/2011 - LEGO Has a Massive Sale Right Now

12/27/2011 - Learn the piñata-filled backstory to the stop-motion zombie flick ParaNorman

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12/27/2011 - Why Unwrap Presents When You Have X-Ray Gift Vision?

12/27/2011 - What is the true weight of the Internet?

12/27/2011 - Amazon Built 42nd Fastest Computer in the World Without Trying

12/27/2011 - Unused footage from The Dark Knight includes a few new Joker moments

12/27/2011 - It's Like a Ginormous Slingshot, But for Planes

12/27/2011 - When Sailors Used Gunpowder to Measure the Strength of Alcohol

12/27/2011 - LG Promises World's Largest OLED TV You Can't Afford at CES

12/27/2011 - How to Jailbreak Your iOS 5 iPhone, iPad and iPod—Except iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

12/27/2011 - Malaria deaths are down over 25% in the last ten years — but don't get complacent

12/27/2011 - We know which actor is playing a villain in Ridley Scott's Prometheus!

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12/26/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 26, 2011

12/26/2011 - Coming Never: Flying Cars

12/26/2011 - The Liminal People is the twisted superhero story that Heroes should have been

12/26/2011 - The Wombats: Is This Christmas?

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12/26/2011 - Doctor Who "The Christmas Invasion": The Doctor Is In

12/26/2011 - Where Christmas Lights Go to Die

12/26/2011 - How Do they Take Those Amazing Earth Time Lapses From the ISS?

12/26/2011 - Japanese Battleship trailer does the impossible and makes this movie even cheesier

12/26/2011 - GoDaddy Dickheads May Be Delaying Domain Transfers On Purpose (Updated)

12/26/2011 - This Beautiful Red Plume Is Your Next Desktop Background. But What Is It?

12/26/2011 - Revolutionary laser technologies that could become tractor beams

12/26/2011 - Meet the Real-Life War Machines

12/26/2011 - Please let this Joker Jr. Doll inspire a Dark Knight Babies line

12/26/2011 - What happens when your brain is split in two - and you survive?

12/26/2011 - Check out a five-page preview of DC Comics' Batwing, guest-starring The Dark Knight himself!

12/26/2011 - Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year

12/26/2011 - The future of drought in America

12/26/2011 - Ten plotlines you'll find in science fiction - over and over again

12/26/2011 - WAHHHH! These Horrible People Didn't Get What They Wanted for Christmas

12/26/2011 - This is either rocket debris lighting up the sky, or Santa spontaneously combusting

12/26/2011 - This Week's TV: 8 Marathons that Could Make the Week Fly Past

12/26/2011 - Don't End Up With a Rat's Nest: How To Store Your Holiday Decorations

12/26/2011 - Did you know that Jesus Christ's tomb is in Japan?

12/26/2011 - The Story of the Most Successful Man/Woman/??? on Reddit

12/26/2011 - Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel says science fiction has "collapsed"

12/26/2011 - Scientists Say We Should Search Moon for Alien Traces

12/26/2011 - Is This a Wind Turbine or a Gigantic Bath Toy?

12/26/2011 - Does the new red band trailer for The Devil Inside scare you?

12/26/2011 - The Incredible Hulk arrested for selling cocaine in England

12/26/2011 - The Best Lego Stories of the Year

12/26/2011 - An airship emerges from the reddish clouds of dawn

12/26/2011 - Sea Shepherd Now Using Drones To Hunt Japanese Whalers

12/26/2011 - This Video Makes Me Want to Be Rollerman When I Grow Up

12/26/2011 - Turns Out That Viagra Actually Makes Muscles Limp

12/26/2011 - The Mother of Doctor Who Episodes

12/25/2011 - Robocop + Die Hard + A Dog = Gundog!

12/25/2011 - The Darkest Hour is the best worst movie of the year

12/25/2011 - Giant Gundam statue once again stands vigilant in Japan

12/25/2011 - Man Escapes Death As Satellite Fragment Crashes Through His Roof

12/25/2011 - The battlecruiser Hyperion from Starcraft II, à la LEGO

12/25/2011 - Nice Home Theater! We’ll Help You Set it Up

12/25/2011 - Robert Heinlein's predictions for the Year 2000 (from 1952)

12/25/2011 - A bizarre short film about the technology wars between an egg and an apple

12/25/2011 - Mary and Joseph Are Tweeting the Nativity

12/25/2011 - All the Apps Your New Phone or Tablet Needs Right Now

12/25/2011 - Superflies bred to be the first astronauts on Titan

12/25/2011 - In Guatemala, you light Satan on fire to celebrate X-Mas

12/25/2011 - How To Set Up Your Brand New iPad 2

12/25/2011 - Set Up Your Kindle Fire for Tiny Tablet Awesomeness

12/25/2011 - First Watchmen 2 artwork leaks (UPDATED)

12/25/2011 - Man Gets Top Secret Fighter Jet's Canopy For Peanuts—Now Selling It On eBay For $620,000

12/24/2011 - Portal Christmas tree is absolutely genius

12/24/2011 - CRUDBUMP: Eff You If You Don't Like Christmas (NSFW, obviously)

12/24/2011 - Glowing Tee Lets You Create Fleeting Custom Designs

12/24/2011 - Nerf Guns Provide the Cutest Way to Pull Your Tooth

12/24/2011 - How a Bounty Hunter Battles the Cold

12/24/2011 - Ultra Minimal Tape Dispenser Is Unjustifiably Expensive

12/24/2011 - These Tacky Ornaments Will Make You Miss Those Barking Dogs

12/24/2011 - New and Upcoming Movies!

12/24/2011 - A group of flying robots construct a 20-foot-tower, from beginning to end

12/24/2011 - In 1918, you could buy radioactive golf balls for $1 a pop

12/24/2011 - An iPhone Case That Poops Flash Drives

12/24/2011 - Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor takes over Thor 2

12/24/2011 - Why Graphic Designers Must Hate the Holidays

12/24/2011 - Neil Gaiman's morbid 1989 Christmas card gets transformed into a pop-up book

12/24/2011 - A Christmas carol played on (not in) a cave

12/24/2011 - GE's Research Lab Creates 3D Printed Jet Engine Ornaments—R&D Money Well Spent

12/24/2011 - The First iPad Stylus With an On-Screen Cursor

12/24/2011 - Can snakes really be charmed by music?

12/24/2011 - Hollywood Invented a New Type Of Fake Snow To Film It's a Wonderful Life

12/24/2011 - Meet The Mouth That Lives On The Ocean Floor (And In Your Nightmares)

12/24/2011 - Fiction's favorite doctors get their heads stuck in Futurama's jars

12/24/2011 - The aliens are coming back today!

12/24/2011 - World's Smallest Planetarium Costs Over $100,000—But Comes With a Free Watch

12/24/2011 - North World injects modern contrivances (and bear fights) into epic fantasy

12/24/2011 - A 7-mile pink rainbow for Kim Jong-il

12/24/2011 - I Don't Want to Live In a Future Where Drumbots and Scanners Play Christmas Carols

12/24/2011 - New Hobbit production video shows Elijah Wood's return to the Shire

12/24/2011 - Inevitably depressing alien-themed brothel to open in Nevada

12/24/2011 - Can You Believe These Insect Fantasyland Photos Were Shot On Someone's Kitchen Table?

12/24/2011 - 7 Unsung Cartoon Holiday Specials To Watch Instead Of It's A Wonderful Life For The 100th Time

12/24/2011 - Retractable Sun Rooms Let the Light, Breezes, and Insects In

12/24/2011 - Even Orbiting Astronauts Get a Visit From Santa

12/24/2011 - The Armstar Gauntlet Could Have Been Made by Wayne Enterprises

12/23/2011 - Creepy Marzipan Pigs Do Not Make Good Gifts

12/23/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Drunk History Christmas

12/23/2011 - Foxtails Brigade : I'm Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year

12/23/2011 - Bizarre "nodding syndrome" spreading across Uganda

12/23/2011 - Now This Is How You Take a Family Christmas Card Picture

12/23/2011 - What's It Like Working Inside a Spaceship?

12/23/2011 - Metal balls falling from space are "common in the Southern Hemisphere," says government official

12/23/2011 - Polygonic Spree, Plan a Trip, Add Arrows to Photos, and Enter The School of Rock

12/23/2011 - Parlez-Vous Français, Blow Shit Up, Get Answers, and Siri On the Mac (Sort Of)

12/23/2011 - Dropbox It, Get Directions, Fill Your Bag, and Running Moonshine

12/23/2011 - The Most Disturbing Novel Ever Written About Christmas

12/23/2011 - How to Make Milk That'll Get You Hammered

12/23/2011 - Brave GoDaddy CEO Says He's Neither For Nor Against SOPA

12/23/2011 - Taylor Swift's Hunger Games song doesn't have nearly enough teen murder

12/23/2011 - Sketch a Masterpiece, Manage your Passwords, and Relive Charlie Brown's Christmas

12/23/2011 - 12 Santa-Endorsed Smoking Ads

12/23/2011 - George Takei's Greatest and Weirdest Moments

12/23/2011 - The ferrets whose eyes were wired to be ears

12/23/2011 - David Fincher explains why his Dragon Tattoo heroine isn't a superhero

12/23/2011 - The Humble Indie Bundle 4 Is Your Lazy Last-Minute-Gift Deal of the Day

12/23/2011 - Before Science Fiction: Romances of Science and Scientific Romances

12/23/2011 - The "Winner Effect" and How to Stop It

12/23/2011 - Use Siri on Your Mac (Sort Of)

12/23/2011 - These bacteria are controlled by magnetic fields

12/23/2011 - Blurred Sculptures Are Hurting my Brain

12/23/2011 - GoDaddy Changes Its Mind on Supporting That Evil SOPA Legislation

12/23/2011 - Meet Lovecraft's Shub Niggurath in creepy short film The Black Goat

12/23/2011 - Watch Sam Biddle on CNBC's Street Signs

12/23/2011 - 10 Fantasy Animals I'd Like as Pets

12/23/2011 - What To Do With Your Unwanted Christmas Crap

12/23/2011 - Walls of Wonder: Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy-Themed Murals

12/23/2011 - Volkswagen Is Forcing Employees to Turn Off Their BlackBerrys So They'll Stop Working All the Time

12/23/2011 - New evidence that children start forming solid memories when they are 2 years old

12/23/2011 - Santa's Trusty Robot Reindeer

12/23/2011 - Deranged old man Mr. Plinkett reviews Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

12/23/2011 - What are the Great Pyramids really made of?

12/23/2011 - X-Ray X-Mas Tree Is X-tra Neat

12/23/2011 - Give a $50 iTunes Gift Card for Just $40

12/23/2011 - How elephants evolved a sixth toe

12/23/2011 - December 29th Is Leave GoDaddy Day

12/23/2011 - Scientists learn the secret of a famous anti-superconductor

12/23/2011 - Gizmodo's Ultimate Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

12/23/2011 - Proof That You'll Click Anything Called a Game

12/23/2011 - John Carter concept art transports you to the magnificent Barsoom

12/23/2011 - Windows 8's Picture Password Is Just a Toy, Says Security Expert

12/23/2011 - Inflatable Tentacle Arm is the best gift of 2011

12/23/2011 - Will Christmas Defeat Porn This Year?

12/23/2011 - That Unbelievable $19 Unlimited Data/Voice/Text Plan Is Truly Unlimited

12/23/2011 - Joss Whedon swears the 3D in The Avengers won't totally suck!

12/23/2011 - Back To The Future DeLorean USB Flash Drive Doesn't Need a Flux Capacitor

12/23/2011 - Insanely Detailed Book Sculptures Should Be Featured In National Geographic

12/23/2011 - What Is the Mysterious Nodding Disease Spreading Across Uganda?

12/23/2011 - The Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Are Not Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

12/23/2011 - What's Louis CK Doing With the Million Dollars You Just Gave Him?

12/23/2011 - That Space Ball In Namibia Is Not a Mysterious Alien Object

12/23/2011 - Facebook Now Scours Your Account To Suggest Real-Life Events

12/23/2011 - Design Your Own Boeing 787 Dreamliner

12/23/2011 - Amazon Now Allows Third-Party eReader Apps on The Kindle Fire

12/23/2011 - Dropbox 2.0 for Android Is So Slick, I Might Actually Start Using It

12/23/2011 - Apple's New Palo Alto Store Might Be the Best Yet

12/23/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 22, 2011

12/23/2011 - Scientists Invent Cloak of Silence, Still Working on Cone Version

12/22/2011 - Be Ready for 2012 with This Crowd-Busting Riot Shield Table

12/22/2011 - Vampire Diaries Episode 10 set pics

12/22/2011 - The Divide promo pics

12/22/2011 - Secret Circle Episode 10 "Darkness" promo pics

12/22/2011 - Sanctuary Episode 13 "Sanctuary For None" promo pics

12/22/2011 - Ghost Rider promo pics

12/22/2011 - Dark Knight Rises promo pics

12/22/2011 - Chuck Episode 8 "Chuck vs The Baby" promo pics

12/22/2011 - Watch This Stunning 3D-Printed Shadow Portrait Transform from Einstein to Marilyn Monroe

12/22/2011 - For Sale: Giant Slinky Suit, Like New Condition — $1,000,000

12/22/2011 - Why You'll Be Hearing from Xerox PARC a Whole Lot More

12/22/2011 - Flickr Says You're All Christians Now

12/22/2011 - American Horror Story Finale: Dead Really Is Better

12/22/2011 - The cure for leukemia might be found in fish oil

12/22/2011 - Desktop Bellagio Fountains—Awe and Wonder Sold Separately

12/22/2011 - Why did Lacoste try to suppress a Palestinian artist's science fictional art project?

12/22/2011 - Watch Manhattan Bridge transform into a dreamscape of light and shadow

12/22/2011 - OnLive for Android Could Make the Xperia Play Worth a Damn

12/22/2011 - It Scoops, Measures, and Spreads—Is This the World's Greatest Spoon?

12/22/2011 - Have we discovered fuel on Pluto?

12/22/2011 - The Most Amazing View of a Comet Ever

12/22/2011 - The simplest proof mathematicians needed two tries at

12/22/2011 - LolCat Kingpin May Pull 1,000+ Domains from GoDaddy in SOPA Protest


12/22/2011 - Why I am obsessed with old school Doctor Who

12/22/2011 - Action Movie FX: I Just Blew Up My Cat

12/22/2011 - A Gallon of Gas Can Power an iPhone for 20 Years

12/22/2011 - In the future, you'll start your car with your keister

12/22/2011 - I Would Sell My Soul To See This Scene With My Own Eyes

12/22/2011 - A Meteorite Didn't Start Today's Six Alarm Fire in San Francisco

12/22/2011 - Read an excerpt from Rob Ziegler's new biotech apocalypse novel Seed

12/22/2011 - Ship Bound for China Busted with American Patriot Missiles Labeled as "Fireworks"

12/22/2011 - UFOlogists declare 2011 "the year of the Orb"

12/22/2011 - Pixar's Next Project: An Alternate Universe... with Dinosaurs!

12/22/2011 - Frame-by-Frame Breakdown of the Prometheus Trailer: Who Is That Man?

12/22/2011 - Rule the World, Be a Smartypants, and Become a Crime Boss

12/22/2011 - Breathtaking trailer for a movie about the only man who doesn't want to go live on Mars

12/22/2011 - Jetset Gifts for the Mythical Man in a Suitcase

12/22/2011 - Sony Internet TV Multitasks Perfectly with Picture-in-picture

12/22/2011 - Rejoice! MAME Arcade Game Emulator Now Available for iPad and iPhone

12/22/2011 - Thanks To Star Wars, People Can Make Money Selling Wads Of Hair

12/22/2011 - Marvel announces The Avengers will look like total garbage in 3-D

12/22/2011 - Pick the best Falling Skies photo caption — and send the winner to visit the set!

12/22/2011 - Why My 4G Is Faster Than Your 4G (Sometimes)

12/22/2011 - As If You Needed Another Reason to Hate F*cking GoDaddy

12/22/2011 - Hourglass Timer Stool Nixes Tantrums in Just 5 Minutes

12/22/2011 - An Uplifting Dolphin Story. Literally.

12/22/2011 - This 9.7" Kindle DX Is Your Oh-My-God-This-Thing-Is-Huge Deal of the Day

12/22/2011 - Action Movie FX Gallery

12/22/2011 - Absolutely Stunning Photos of Saturn's Moon Titan

12/22/2011 - Listen to The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's angry Venture Bros. Christmas song

12/22/2011 - These tiny, charred planets dove inside their dying star...and survived

12/22/2011 - Facebook Was Four of the Top Ten Most Popular Searches in 2011. Again.

12/22/2011 - Science retracts controversial Chronic Fatigue Syndrome study without the consent of its authors

12/22/2011 - Behold the Horrors of Mutant Taxidermy

12/22/2011 - What's Wrong with Multitouch in the Galaxy Nexus?

12/22/2011 - 10 Particle Detectors That Let Us See the Fabric of the Universe

12/22/2011 - The New York Subway Uses This Townhouse As a Secret Exit

12/22/2011 - The Loony Math of the Look-And-Say Sequence

12/22/2011 - Of Course Santa Trains Like a Top Gun Pilot

12/22/2011 - Future MacBooks Could Be Powered by Fuel Cells

12/22/2011 - Vote for the most excellent beefcake of 2011

12/22/2011 - Pentagon Kills Big Airborne Laser, Now Wants Small Laser Drones

12/22/2011 - Report: BlackBerry's Last Hope Is Totally Screwed (Updated)

12/22/2011 - Watch the first trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus now!

12/22/2011 - Uncomfortable Retro Mouse Should Help Cure Internet Addictions

12/22/2011 - Hitting semiconductors with a superfast electric pulse massively increases their efficiency

12/22/2011 - Best Buy Is Ruining Christmas

12/22/2011 - UPS Will Deliver 26 Million Packages Today

12/22/2011 - Are your corporate overlords controlling you with light and sound?

12/22/2011 - How Fleece Conquered the World

12/22/2011 - I Feel Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

12/22/2011 - I Feel Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

12/22/2011 - Every Single Batman Costume Ever, In One Chart

12/22/2011 - I Feel All Shades of Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

12/22/2011 - I Am Not Brave Enough To Stick This LED Contact Lens in My Eye

12/22/2011 - Happy winter solstice, everybody - now, the countdown to apocalypse begins

12/22/2011 - A tear-jerking tale of a Star Wars Christmas, circa 1980

12/22/2011 - Sign This SOPA Petition to Get Obama's Attention

12/22/2011 - Skitch Brings Its Awesome Screenshot Making Skills to the iPad

12/22/2011 - We must destroy Mars before it destroys us!

12/22/2011 - President Obama Should've Used Amazon Prime

12/22/2011 - Model Tries to Smuggle Cocaine Inside Fake Breast and Butt Implants

12/22/2011 - Face Swap App Is Stupidly Fun and Amazingly Useless

12/22/2011 - How a predator bird and its prey came together to fight a common enemy

12/22/2011 - As If It Wasn't Hard Enough To Peel the Stickers Off a Rubik's Cube

12/22/2011 - San Francisco’s Iconic Yahoo! Neon Sign Is Gone

12/22/2011 - Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin lead the parade of Ender's Game casting updates!

12/22/2011 - This Norwegian Data Center Is Built in a Cave and Cooled by Fjords

12/22/2011 - This Must Be How the Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Deep Inside

12/22/2011 - This Wonderful Time Lapse Walk Captures New York's Holiday Feeling Perfectly

12/22/2011 - The Higgs Boson Is Still Missing, But The LHC Just Found Its First New Particle

12/22/2011 - NASA: We Aren't Going to Be Consumed By a Black Hole, You 2012 Doomsday Imbeciles

12/22/2011 - Weighing Astronauts Is the Best Kinect Hack Yet

12/22/2011 - Scientists Invent Painless Dental Filling Process—Uses Plasma Toothbrush

12/22/2011 - Self-Healing Circuits Use Liquid Metal To Turn Electronics Into Superheroes

12/22/2011 - Can The New Xperia LT28at Live Up To Its Leaked Specs?

12/22/2011 - Hasbro Sues Asus Over the Name Transformer Prime

12/22/2011 - How to Keep Your Kindle Fire Rooted and Update-Free

12/22/2011 - Americans Are So Fat, Washington State Ferries Have to Carry Less of Them

12/22/2011 - The Light Mine Pro Explodes with Luminosity

12/22/2011 - How to Make Wander-ing Instagram Pen Pals

12/22/2011 - AMD's Radeon 7970 Is Here: Your New Drool-Worthy Super GPU

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12/21/2011 - This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

12/21/2011 - The Nicest Place on the Internet

12/21/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 21, 2011

12/21/2011 - Your Butt Is Your Password in the Anti-Theft Car Seat

12/21/2011 - Crinkle Your Way Through the Great Outdoors with Backpacks Made from Yacht Sails

12/21/2011 - The Strangest Man in Ikea

12/21/2011 - Bradley Manning and the Future of Punishment

12/21/2011 - Moloko: Indigo

12/21/2011 - Hospitals Just Got Less Depressing Thanks to Philips' Mood Lighting

12/21/2011 - Facebook for Robots Helps Droids Get Smarter

12/21/2011 - Frankincense is on its way to extinction

12/21/2011 - Hackers Stealing $3 Million from Subway Means You Should Probably Pay with Cash

12/21/2011 - What is the greatest J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired song of them all?

12/21/2011 - The Beautiful Guitar Amp I Won't Have to Hide

12/21/2011 - Daily Desired: There Are Only 30 LOTR Pez Dispenser Sets Left on Amazon Right Now

12/21/2011 - Occupy Lego: Because Plastic Bricks Aren't All Fun and Games

12/21/2011 - Ultra-High Definition Displays Coming to Macs—More Proof

12/21/2011 - Underwater neutrino detector will be the second largest structure ever built

12/21/2011 - Could This Towering 13 Foot Robot Lead To Real Life Gundams?

12/21/2011 - The Avengers Character Posters

12/21/2011 - Cloud Copy: A Unified Clipboard

12/21/2011 - Knowing a painting is forged changes how your brain sees it

12/21/2011 - All the Companies Supporting SOPA, the Awful Internet Censorship Law—and How to Contact Them

12/21/2011 - Watch this African Bullfrog exact sweet, sweet revenge on its goading owners

12/21/2011 - Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon: Review Update

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12/21/2011 - Let's All Laugh At Kim Jong-Il While Looking At His Secret Life Photoshops

12/21/2011 - Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Or Make

12/21/2011 - Draw Your Solutions, Hit the Gridiron, and Race Down a Tunnel

12/21/2011 - A "research cruise" could recruit tourists to study tsunami debris

12/21/2011 - The Most Dangerous Meme: Making Your Pet Play with Your Phone

12/21/2011 - The Amazon Prime Gift Guide: You Need to Order Before 8PM Tonight

12/21/2011 - Gameloft VP Talks True HD and Motion Blur in the First Installment of On Display

12/21/2011 - Nostalgia for cyberpunk haunts The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

12/21/2011 - Holy hell, is it harrowing to be groomed by baby mountain gorillas

12/21/2011 - Everyone on Twitter Is Increasingly Depressed

12/21/2011 - Here's your chance to take one last look inside space shuttle Atlantis

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12/21/2011 - Why is the U.S. government trying to control the contents of scientific journals?

12/21/2011 - Shooting Challenge: X-Ray Christmas Gifts

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12/21/2011 - Celebrate Hanukkah with Conan O’Brien's Human Centipede Menorah

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12/21/2011 - Gravitational lensing twists distant galaxy into an Einstein Ring

12/21/2011 - You Won't Believe the RIAA’s Pathetic Excuse For Their Own Rampant Pirating

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12/21/2011 - The Kindle Fire Update: Everything That Was Bad Is Better

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12/21/2011 - Lessons that 2011 Has Taught the Entertainment Industry

12/21/2011 - The New Internet Will Make You Sad Forever

12/21/2011 - The Very Worst Viral Videos of 2011 Are Obviously the Very Best Viral Videos of 2011

12/21/2011 - Google Voice for iOS Opens the Party Line with Group Texts

12/21/2011 - Reminder: Caption our exclusive Falling Skies season two image, and you could win a set visit!

12/21/2011 - OnStar To Demo In-Car Video Chats—That Sounds Safe, Right?

12/21/2011 - Is Vesta a giant asteroid or a protoplanet?

12/21/2011 - And You Thought You Had Problems Keeping Your iPhone Shiny

12/21/2011 - Tablet Display Shootout: Fire vs Nook vs iPad

12/21/2011 - Symbian Is Dead

12/21/2011 - Santa Claus robs children in Terry Gilliam's 1968 animated Christmas card

12/21/2011 - Scholarly conference to deal with the legal status of robots

12/21/2011 - Report: Microsoft and Nokia Also Flirted with RIM

12/21/2011 - Joss Whedon reveals the insanity of directing The Avengers. And will the Star Trek sequel be in 3D?

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12/21/2011 - If You're Having Car Problems, I Feel Bad For You, Son

12/21/2011 - Apple’s Recalled First Gen iPod Nanos Are Now Being Replaced With New Models

12/21/2011 - The US Is Trying To Censor Scientific Journals

12/21/2011 - Verizon Users Reporting Widespread Data Outage Across The US

12/21/2011 - Intel's First Android Smartphone Plays Blu-ray Quality Video Without Breaking a Sweat

12/21/2011 - Over 700,000 Android Devices Are Activated Every Single Day

12/21/2011 - HTC Already Has a Workaround for Its US Ban

12/21/2011 - The Avengers Stills

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12/20/2011 - This Magical Time Lapse of Los Angeles Inside a Snow Globe Makes Me Miss Home

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12/20/2011 - Don't Break the Internet

12/20/2011 - A 1969 plan to build a second, nuke-proof Manhattan below New York City

12/20/2011 - This Virtual Wingsuit Flight Is the Coolest Thing You'll See In the Web Today

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12/20/2011 - Floating Fireplace Produces No Smoke, Requires No Sorcery

12/20/2011 - Here's What T-Mobile Gets in Their Breakup Settlement

12/20/2011 - Breakthrough: A new drug that could cure everything from colds to HIV

12/20/2011 - The Super Bowl Will Be Streamed Live for the First Time

12/20/2011 - What if the US highway system consisted entirely of subways instead?

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12/20/2011 - Let's visit the bar at the center of the Milky Way

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12/20/2011 - This Wednesday, Batman Incorporated returns, and Jim Henson's unfilmed screenplay goes comic book!

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12/20/2011 - Republicans Are Afraid the Iowa Caucus Might Get Hacked

12/20/2011 - Apple Spending Tons of Cash on Israeli Super Memory

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12/20/2011 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is the Worst Possible Movie to Go to Prison Over

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12/20/2011 - New Yorkers Rejoice—Cablevision Hops on the HBO GO Bandwagon

12/19/2011 - I Can't Wait to Tool Around on These Robo-Skates

12/19/2011 - Candlestick Park Is Darker than North Korea Thanks to This Exploding Transformer

12/19/2011 - The Stark Difference Between North Korea and South Korea from Space

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12/19/2011 - Cocaine Levels Found In the Air Connected to Crime Levels and Cancer

12/19/2011 - Kim Jong-il Was Schizoid; Is His Son Too?

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12/19/2011 - ParaNorman Viral Newsletter

12/19/2011 - Game of Thrones Season One DVD Press Kit

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12/19/2011 - A Kraftwerk-esque video about evolution and mobile phones

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12/19/2011 - HTC Android Phones Are Being Banned from the US Next Year

12/19/2011 - The Most Futuristic Music of 2011

12/19/2011 - Fish hatcheries super-charge the speed of evolution

12/19/2011 - Self-Fulfilling Gifts for the Forever Alone

12/19/2011 - AT&T's Doomed T-Mobile Bid Is Dead

12/19/2011 - Who Owns Your Phone's Privacy? My Email Chat with Carrier IQ

12/19/2011 - The Man Who Wore a Maxi Pad and Changed the World

12/19/2011 - How We Will Terraform Mars

12/19/2011 - These Seemingly Floating Stairs Belong In a Dalí Painting

12/19/2011 - Which of Your Friends Has Star Quality? As in, an Actual Star Up in Space?

12/19/2011 - The RIAA Pirated $9 Million Worth of TV Shows

12/19/2011 - Eating less makes your brain younger

12/19/2011 - Your Face in Facebook Ads: Deal With It

12/19/2011 - A mathematical impossibility that became possible, thanks to early computer graphics

12/19/2011 - Cook a Meal, Fly a Jetpack, and Race Through the Night

12/19/2011 - This Canon Powershot S95 Is Your Pointy-Shooter Deal of the Day

12/19/2011 - All multi-cellular life might be descended from a parasitic invasion

12/19/2011 - This Is the Craziest Car Jump I Have Ever Seen

12/19/2011 - We break down the new Dark Knight Rises trailer, screencap by screencap

12/19/2011 - Wrath of the Titans trailer promises more monsters, more metal, and more hair

12/19/2011 - You cannot resist the charms of the rare pygmy hippo, caught on tape

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12/19/2011 - David Fincher reveals the operatic title sequence for his Spider-Man movie that never was

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12/19/2011 - Thanks to Cornell, Manhattan Is Getting Its Own Science Island

12/19/2011 - New Dark Knight Rises trailer reveals Bane's explosive machinations!

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12/19/2011 - The juiciest science scandals of 2011

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12/19/2011 - According to astronomers, "super Earths" should not exist

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12/19/2011 - A Predator Drone Watches America Exit Iraq from Above

12/19/2011 - Breathing-activated nose lamp gives you cybernetic nostrils

12/19/2011 - Is This the First of Many Cameras You'll Connect Directly to Your iPad?

12/19/2011 - Award-winning work from the next generation of concept artists

12/19/2011 - The Avengers international trailer shows off new scenes from Whedon's big picture

12/19/2011 - How to Make an Office Dartboard That Won't Destroy the Walls

12/19/2011 - Why The 1986 Crap Flick Star Crystal Is Better Than Star Wars and Star Trek Combined

12/19/2011 - Six Ways Kim Jong Il Sucked at Technology

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12/19/2011 - Marc Webb reveals why the Lizard is the perfect villain for The Amazing Spider-Man!

12/19/2011 - A Saudi Billionaire Just Stumped Up $300m For a Share of Twitter

12/19/2011 - AT&T Can't Sell Its Assets Fast Enough To Take Over T-Mobile

12/19/2011 - Footage of synchronized mass mourning for Kim Jong-il is unsettling

12/19/2011 - Siri Is Just The Warm-Up Act For What Apple Has Coming To Your TV

12/19/2011 - Hack Your Christmas Lights To Flash When You Get Email

12/19/2011 - Some Poor Bastards Stole $1.7 Million Worth Of PlayBooks a Truck Stop

12/19/2011 - British Telecom Suing Google Over Mass Patent Infringement

12/18/2011 - Here's Where Some of the 1-Percent Live

12/18/2011 - North Korea Dictator/Clown Dies of "Fatigue Caused By Train Ride"

12/18/2011 - Kim Jong-il is dead. Here's his monster movie.

12/18/2011 - Apple Supplier Factory Explodes Injuring 57

12/18/2011 - The Fascinating Quantum Theory of Pixels

12/18/2011 - Why Does Asian Food Taste So Different From Western Food?

12/18/2011 - io9 Roundup: December 18, 2011

12/18/2011 - Porcupine armor and watermelon monsters: the most psychotic scenes from Taoism Drunkard

12/18/2011 - I Love This $1 Graphics App For iPad

12/18/2011 - New wonder-drug could give us all super-memory

12/18/2011 - Why God Particle Is a Perfect Name For The Higgs Boson

12/18/2011 - Make your own chocolate Dungeons & Dragons dice

12/18/2011 - These Photographs Are Really Amazing Oil Paintings

12/18/2011 - It's scientifically possible to predict the next pop music hit

12/18/2011 - How to (try to) stop an out-of-control machine

12/18/2011 - These Must Be Two Of the Luckiest People On Earth

12/18/2011 - A baby's cuteness is determined by your reproductive hormones

12/18/2011 - Who Doesn't Want to Live In This House With Elephants In the Garden?

12/18/2011 - Please, don't drink this frog smoothie for your erection problems

12/18/2011 - InsideOut Martini Glass Is So Silly It's Brilliant

12/18/2011 - What if the Incredible Hulk starred in A Christmas Story?

12/18/2011 - Doctor Who Christmas Special Gallery

12/18/2011 - American Horror Story Afterbirth Promo Photos

12/18/2011 - Supernatural Behind the Scenes Gallery

12/18/2011 - Amazing Spider-Man Empire Magazine Gallery

12/18/2011 - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Gallery

12/18/2011 - Jack the Giant Killer Poster Gallery

12/18/2011 - Alcatraz Promo Poster Gallery

12/18/2011 - The exact formula for writing Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked

12/18/2011 - NASA has discovered the tiniest, most pathetic black hole in the universe

12/18/2011 - Ninja attack engagement photos add much-needed katanas to marriage

12/18/2011 - Watching two Japanese swimming crabs have sex is insanely dramatic

12/18/2011 - Democracy needs ignorant people, says science

12/17/2011 - Glittery Gifts for the Mystifying Girly Girl on Your List

12/17/2011 - Five Screen Racing Simulator Includes an iPhone For Performance Stats

12/17/2011 - The First Image of Earth Taken By NASA's NPP Satellite

12/17/2011 - These Mind and Gravity Bending Photos Aren't Photoshopped

12/17/2011 - Watch two werewolves fang out their issues on last night's Grimm

12/17/2011 - Dinner Guests Will Love the Shower Of Hot Wax From Your Candelier

12/17/2011 - Best of the Week: December 9-December 16, 2011

12/17/2011 - Super Tall Transforming Bike Lets You See Over Traffic

12/17/2011 - Meet the Agta, a tribe where a quarter of men have been attacked by giant snakes

12/17/2011 - Google Earth On 48 Screens Is the Best Way To Explore the Planet

12/17/2011 - Supernormal Stimuli: Using Nature To Destroy Itself

12/17/2011 - A Google Search For "Let It Snow" Guarantees a White Christmas

12/17/2011 - This Is How Photographers Shop For Groceries

12/17/2011 - World's largest river dolphin looks pretty in pink

12/17/2011 - And now, the cast of Community as Batman villains

12/17/2011 - I Need This Vans Waffle Sole iPhone Case To Be Real

12/17/2011 - By far the strangest naked ladies you'll see all day (NSFW)

12/17/2011 - Sony Tablet S Update Adds PS3 Controller Support—If You Buy an Optional Adapter Cable

12/17/2011 - Space travel survival supplies to harness your inner Spaceman Spiff

12/17/2011 - Mannequin Maker Undresses The Commander-in-Chief To Help Sell Khakis

12/17/2011 - In this time-lapse portrait, Darth Vader materializes in under four minutes

12/17/2011 - Best look yet of Comet Lovejoy’s slingshot around the Sun

12/17/2011 - Learn the true meaning of monster gift-giving with Subnormality's "The 12 Days of Sphynxmas"

12/17/2011 - Is This DIY Sculpture the Best We Can Do With Levitating Magnets?

12/17/2011 - What Daft Punk would look like if they played cellos

12/17/2011 - Left 4 Dead fan film goes from zero to crazy in the last act

12/17/2011 - Glowing Apple Logo iPhone Mod Will Soon Be Gone (The Lawyers Are Circling)

12/17/2011 - On Saturday Morning Cartoons, Professor X waxes romantic and Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos!

12/17/2011 - Chemical dumping turns Chinese waterway into river of blood

12/17/2011 - PotatOS Kit Turns a Portal 2 Gag Into a Science Fair Project

12/17/2011 - That's Not a Knife, This Is a Knife—No, Wait, That's a Spatula

12/17/2011 - Your Puny Statue has Nothing on the $130 Million Maltese Falcon Speed Yacht

12/17/2011 - On the First Day Of Cthulhumas, My True Love Gave to Me...

12/16/2011 - Why on Earth Would You Need a Glow-In-The-Dark Crowbar?

12/16/2011 - What Soldiers Look Like Before, During and After War

12/16/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Sh*t Girls Say

12/16/2011 - 9 Periscopes Surprisingly Not Connected to Submarines

12/16/2011 - HBO Go Is Finally Coming to Your iPad

12/16/2011 - Watch Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis Remixed with Emoji

12/16/2011 - This Stranded Ship Is So Perfectly Straight It Seems to Be Sailing On Sand

12/16/2011 - Sweet Calvin & Hobbes tribute recreates Calvin's deranged snowman torture

12/16/2011 - What does it take to become an astronaut?

12/16/2011 - X-Ray of Two-Headed Snake Is Your Mythical Creature Come to Life of the Day

12/16/2011 - The Victorian Hugos: 1889

12/16/2011 - You Can Buy Official Google Doodle Gear Now

12/16/2011 - Brain-Eating Amoeba In Tap Water Kills Two In Lousiana

12/16/2011 - NASA has launched its own internet radio station!

12/16/2011 - The Gadgets We Really Want for Christmas

12/16/2011 - Great Trainwrecks of Science Fiction: Movies Where the Director Was Fired in the Middle

12/16/2011 - Laboratory Chimps Saved, Long Live the Chimps!

12/16/2011 - Amazing New Images from Spider-Man, Avengers and More

12/16/2011 - Hangout on the Go, Check Your New Timeline, Ask Alfred, and Start a Spreadsheet on the Bus

12/16/2011 - Battle Your Facebook Friends, Netflix Gets Purdy, Learn the Geetar, and Run Down Hookers on Your iPad

12/16/2011 - Flipboard Gets Tiny, The Best Office Suite, Rate Everything, and Look Pretty

12/16/2011 - Mysterious "white web" found growing on nuclear waste

12/16/2011 - Ewan McGregor attempts a crime against nature, in the first Salmon Fishing trailer

12/16/2011 - The World Won't End Consumed By a Supernova in 2012, NASA Tells Doomsayers

12/16/2011 - Shutup, Twitter Isn't Censoring Your Dumb Trends

12/16/2011 - SOPA: Delayed Indefinitely, But Far From Dead

12/16/2011 - Turn Your Puny DSLR into a Hyperspectral Beast

12/16/2011 - Sprint Nukes Carrier IQ

12/16/2011 - Do Collect $200, Bird Is the Word, and Level Up Your iPhone

12/16/2011 - Use Math to Cheat People out of Holiday Treats!

12/16/2011 - Would You Like To Choose Your Flight Seat Mate Using Facebook?

12/16/2011 - The Rejected Green Goblin Make-Up Tests from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

12/16/2011 - Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Kick

12/16/2011 - Heads Up Gallery

12/16/2011 - A Fond Farewell to Gizmodo Gallery: Virtual Tours, Pancake Records, and More

12/16/2011 - Make a penny disappear with water

12/16/2011 - This Holiday's Hottest Tablet Isn't What You Think

12/16/2011 - The world's tiniest steam engine uses lasers instead of coal

12/16/2011 - This DIY Solar Powered Robot Kit Is Your Creative Deal of the Day

12/16/2011 - The naked mole rat can't feel pain from acid burns. Now we know why.

12/16/2011 - Apple Fanboys Were Douchebags in the '80s Too

12/16/2011 - The Unconscious Mind: Total Nonsense, or What?

12/16/2011 - Sweden Gives Full Control of Official Twitter Account to Candid Masturbator

12/16/2011 - Mission Impossible IV: Pure Crazy Candy

12/16/2011 - Why You Shouldn't Buy Anyone a French Press

12/16/2011 - Kid Gets a New Ear Made from His Own Rib

12/16/2011 - The debate over basketball's "hot hand" phenomenon rages on

12/16/2011 - Watch Comet Lovejoy Playing With Fire and Surviving

12/16/2011 - 10 Pieces of Nasty Ancient Graffitti - Now Translated!

12/16/2011 - Air Force Blames Pilot in Suspicious Stealth-Jet Crash

12/16/2011 - Father and son lunch box comics make everything in this world better

12/16/2011 - Expensive Gear to Shower Upon Mark Zuckerberg

12/16/2011 - Thanks from the Gizmodo Gallery

12/16/2011 - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is Gayer, Steamier, and Explodier Than Before

12/16/2011 - Sony Internet TV Brings Made-for-TV Apps Into Your Living Room

12/16/2011 - Windows 8 Is Going to Have Some Super Sweet Password Management Features

12/16/2011 - A legendary center for science fiction studies is launching a brand new magazine, Ad Astra

12/16/2011 - Rainbow vs Tornado Is Like Good vs Evil, Ponies vs Scorpions, Tofu vs Pork

12/16/2011 - What if Tintin author Hergé wrote X-Men comics?

12/16/2011 - Galaxy Nexus Users Who Need More Juice Can Now Get An Extended Battery

12/16/2011 - Artificial Photosynthesis: Twice as Efficient as the Real Thing

12/16/2011 - The Best Stuff Amazon's Shipping Free Next-Day

12/16/2011 - Why do you have so much less fur than other primates?

12/16/2011 - You Can Now Legally Load Siri onto an iPhone 4

12/16/2011 - Thanks to Vitsoe for Holding Gizmodo Gallery Together (Literally)

12/16/2011 - The Complete List of All the Phones With Carrier IQ Spyware Installed

12/16/2011 - Where do lab animals come from? And how guilty should we feel about them?

12/16/2011 - Man Vs. Giant Praying Mantis, in the First Trailer for Dario Argento's Dracula 3D

12/16/2011 - Canadian Music Studio Brandish Poop Flute for the Holidays

12/16/2011 - New Posters for The Avengers, John Carter and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter! Plus Tons of American Horror Story Spoilers!

12/16/2011 - Take a Journey Through Life with This Trippy Music Video

12/16/2011 - Bestmodo at Gizmodo Gallery

12/16/2011 - Desired at Gizmodo Gallery

12/16/2011 - Past Perfect at Gizmodo Gallery

12/16/2011 - Did NATO's Lost Drone Have Its GPS System Hacked By Iranian Engineers?

12/16/2011 - Apple's A5 Processors Are Made on a $3.6 Billion Samsung Production Line—in Texas

12/16/2011 - Avatar Brings Actual Special Features to iTunes Special Features

12/16/2011 - US Federal Judge Compares Twitter Users to Colonial Americans

12/16/2011 - When Dell Kills Off Netbooks, You Know They're Done For Good

12/16/2011 - Universal Claims a Private Deal With Google Lets It Censor Videos It Doesn't Own

12/16/2011 - How to Kill with Honey

12/16/2011 - The Avengers Banners

12/16/2011 - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Posters

12/16/2011 - The Divide Makeup

12/16/2011 - Bat-Roundup: Dec. 15, 2011

12/16/2011 - We've seen the Dark Knight Rises prologue. And yes, Bane really does sound that bad

12/16/2011 - Keep Drawing Is the Coolest Polymorphic Animation You'll See This Week

12/16/2011 - How to Carry Your Multi-Tool in Your Shirt Collar

12/15/2011 - Lark Snarks At Jawbone UP With Free Trade In Offer

12/15/2011 - Why Can't Siri Help Me Be Less of a Drunk Dialing Schmuck?

12/15/2011 - The Amazing Spider-Man promo pics

12/15/2011 - Sanctuary Episode 11 "The Depths" promo pics

12/15/2011 - Once Upon a Time Set Pics

12/15/2011 - Being Human Episode 2.02 "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" Promo Pics

12/15/2011 - Being Human Episode 2.01 "Turn This Mother Out" promo pics

12/15/2011 - Being Human Cast Promos

12/15/2011 - American Horror Story Finale promo pics

12/15/2011 - Japan Prepares to Declare the Fukushima Reactor "Shutdown"

12/15/2011 - Royal Dutch Airline's New Seating System Is My High School Cafeteria All Over Again

12/15/2011 - Hardcore Gifts for the Winter Backpacker

12/15/2011 - First Trailer for Bryan Singer's Ridiculously Gritty Jack The Giant Killer Movie

12/15/2011 - This Lego Crazy Family Builds a Different 100,000-Brick Model Every Christmas

12/15/2011 - These Surrealist Nightmare Photos Are Real—But Tiny

12/15/2011 - American Horror Story sprays the audience with its unholy afterbirth

12/15/2011 - This Dining Table Needs To Be Mowed

12/15/2011 - The PlayBook Is Killing RIM

12/15/2011 - Why Person of Interest is a Superhero Show Done Right

12/15/2011 - Cars Powered With Coke and Mentos Battle For Mileage Supremacy

12/15/2011 - Despite Two Deaths in Two Weeks, Elevators Are Still Safer Than Stairs

12/15/2011 - Check Out Roku's Remote App For iOS

12/15/2011 - Face-Invaders: Shoot Your Facebook Friends in the Face

12/15/2011 - More Huge Changes Coming to Doctor Who Next Year

12/15/2011 - New Hunger Games poster throws Peeta and Katniss into the arena

12/15/2011 - Read a 5-page preview of Marvel Comics' brand-new Daredevil: Season One graphic novel!

12/15/2011 - Did the Durban climate change talks actually accomplish anything?

12/15/2011 - Cloth: An App That Tells the World You Look Pretty, Oh So Pretty

12/15/2011 - Are baby rhino squeals annoying or adorable? You decide.

12/15/2011 - Stephen Fry Turns Your TomTom Into a Stately British Butler

12/15/2011 - Modern humans may have evolved 200,000 years earlier than we thought

12/15/2011 - The Top Tech Quotes from 2011 Are Actually Entertaining

12/15/2011 - This ultra-low-budget concept trailer for Goliath is better any action movie from 2011

12/15/2011 - Who Is the Bigger Coffee Nerd?

12/15/2011 - This mind-blowing image of last week's lunar eclipse is so deserving of Desktop wallpaper status, it hurts

12/15/2011 - A Guide to Tom Cruise's Genre Movie Acting: The Next Best Thing to Nic Cage

12/15/2011 - Battle Zombies with Guns and Plants, Play Tennis, and Sudoku Gets Alphabetical

12/15/2011 - "Bath Salts" act like Ecstasy in our brains

12/15/2011 - Mugger Rejects Victims' Non-iPhones

12/15/2011 - Bluetooth Calculator Returns the Number Pad Apple's Keyboard Stole From You

12/15/2011 - Microsoft Is Nuking Internet Explorer 6 With Worldwide Automatic Upgrade

12/15/2011 - This alien-looking fish just rewrote the book on developmental genetics

12/15/2011 - Can the latest Ghost Rider 2 trailer overcome the film's bad buzz?

12/15/2011 - This Is What The Government Told Gizmodo About Osama Bin Laden's Body

12/15/2011 - This McDonalds Drive Through Center Is Your Child's-Future Deal of the Day

12/15/2011 - One-Third of Windows Users Still Use XP

12/15/2011 - R.I.P. Joe Simon, Co-Creator of Captain America and Countless Other Heroes

12/15/2011 - Amazon Is Selling the Galaxy Nexus for $150

12/15/2011 - A Pill That Stops Stress In Your Brain Before You Feel It

12/15/2011 - This Tiny Orange Balloon Could Save Your Life in an Avalanche

12/15/2011 - In Utah, thousands of birds are mistaking pavement for water and plunging to their deaths

12/15/2011 - Software Reveals the Clanging First Chord of "A Hard Day's Night"

12/15/2011 - A Snow Angel Spread Across the Stars 2,000 Light-Years Away

12/15/2011 - Steve Jobs: The Complete Story of the Billion Dollar Hippy In Sixty Minutes

12/15/2011 - Facebook Timeline Is on Your Phone Today, Too

12/15/2011 - 10 Extraordinary Exoplanets Discovered in 2011: A Gallery

12/15/2011 - The Vending Machine of Tomorrow Will Lure You in With Beautiful Animations

12/15/2011 - New Spider-Man website reveals Peter Parker's surprising backstory — plus awesome wallpapers!

12/15/2011 - Why do humans stand upright? It's not for the reason many people believe

12/15/2011 - This Will Be the Best View of New York City

12/15/2011 - People Hate Kindle Fire So Much They're Buying Millions of Them

12/15/2011 - Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

12/15/2011 - A Formula That Explains Why Humans Don't Care About Future Disasters

12/15/2011 - This Beautiful Pre-Fab House Has the Same Price of a Family Car

12/15/2011 - That Smartphone that Kid is Watching Stuff On Is the One You're Going to Want

12/15/2011 - Stop Standing in Lines Waiting for the Next Big Thing. It's Already Here.

12/15/2011 - This Is Comet Lovejoy (or The Silver Surfer) About to Plunge Into the Sun

12/15/2011 - What do colorblind people see?

12/15/2011 - Australia's Prototype Wave Generators Move Like an Electrified Kelp Forest

12/15/2011 - Buyer's Remorse: How Much Has the F-22 Really Cost?

12/15/2011 - Coming Soon? Nanoparticle-Coated Clothing That Cleans and Deodorizes Itself

12/15/2011 - How to Get Facebook Timeline Right Now

12/15/2011 - NASA Says There Is An Angel In Space

12/15/2011 - American Horror Story's Murder House Is For Sale!

12/15/2011 - Meta: Universal Music Censors News Story About Its Censorship of Megaupload

12/15/2011 - Google Zeitgeist Proves We're Awful People

12/15/2011 - The Risks (and Benefits) of Donating Your Eggs

12/15/2011 - Watch the Supermassive Black Hole In the Center of Our Galaxy Eating Breakfast

12/15/2011 - It Just Got Incredibly Easy to Tell Congress That SOPA Sucks

12/15/2011 - Some Poor Kid's Getting a Board Game About Programming This Christmas

12/15/2011 - R.I.P. Russell Hoban, Author of Over 50 Magical Children's Books, Plus a Post-Apocalyptic Classic

12/15/2011 - Steven Moffat reveals the bold new direction of Doctor Who's next season!

12/15/2011 - This Is How We Googled in 2011

12/15/2011 - The New Facebook Is Finally Here (For Everyone)

12/15/2011 - 10 Amazing Peripherals You Didn't Know You Needed

12/15/2011 - Are Tablets and E-Readers Responsible For a Rebirth of Reading?

12/15/2011 - EU Citizens Are So Technophobic a Quarter Have Never Used The Web

12/15/2011 - Who Knew Junked Keyboards Could Look So Beautiful?

12/15/2011 - Will Amazon Soon Spy On You Through Your Kindle?

12/15/2011 - Brazil's Getting $1000 iPhone 4S Tomorrow—Siri Not Included?

12/15/2011 - Nat Geo Photographers Get to Play with the Coolest Gadgets

12/15/2011 - Verizon's Expanding Its Coverage Today—You Can Hear Me Now in 190 Markets

12/15/2011 - These Bike Shoes Keep Your Feet Frosty with Sugar

12/15/2011 - MegaUpload Goes Through with Record Label Lawsuit Over Mega Song Censorship

12/15/2011 - The Hangman Television Mount Makes Suspending a Flat Screen Dead Simple

12/15/2011 - Turns Out Steve Jobs Wasn't the Driving Force of the Think Different Ads After All

12/15/2011 - I'd Likely Starve to Death Before These Robots Finish Making My Sandwich

12/14/2011 - Someday Your e-Reader Will Be Usable In the Dark

12/14/2011 - Is This The Xyboardse?

12/14/2011 - The Mighty United States Air Force Summarized in Two Minutes

12/14/2011 - Man Makes Rollerblading Awesome By Adding a Motorcycle

12/14/2011 - Daily Desired: a BIG Ass Body Suit to Beat the Cold

12/14/2011 - Don't Let The Holidays Make You A Fattie

12/14/2011 - How to Film a Great White Shark with Your iPhone

12/14/2011 - Google+ Hangouts Get Mobile (and Antlers)

12/14/2011 - Toy concept art for Tim Burton's scrapped Superman movie is like design Kryptonite

12/14/2011 - io9's Ultimate Futuristic Gift Guide for 2011

12/14/2011 - Newbie Teen Drivers Are Even More Useless Than Most Teen Drivers

12/14/2011 - Ant species uses chemical warfare to kill termites from afar

12/14/2011 - We (literally) smell way better than Neanderthals did

12/14/2011 - Watch Glee's Very Special Star Wars Holiday Special

12/14/2011 - Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Will Teach You to Shred Like Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

12/14/2011 - First Prometheus poster is ominous, but not enough H.R. Giger phalluses

12/14/2011 - Cambridge scientists prove small children wrong, do victory dance

12/14/2011 - Face-Invaders Gallery

12/14/2011 - Saudi Religious Police behead woman for witchcraft

12/14/2011 - DragonBot Could Be the Coolest Toy of the Year

12/14/2011 - Flipboard for iPhone: Hold Me Closer Tiny Flipper

12/14/2011 - Being Human Season Two Cast Pictures

12/14/2011 - Being Human 2x01, "Turn This Mother Out" Pictures

12/14/2011 - Caption This Exclusive Falling Skies Picture, and Win a Visit to the Set!

12/14/2011 - Paolo Bacigalupi's next novel is already generating excitement, six months before it comes out

12/14/2011 - iMessage Keeps Texting Stolen iPhones Even After Wipeout

12/14/2011 - Flipboard for iPhone Gallery

12/14/2011 - Prometheus Poster

12/14/2011 - The Grey Picture

12/14/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises "Early Bird" T-Shirt

12/14/2011 - Does Anyone Else Think These Light-Up Surfboards Are an Awesomely Bad Idea?

12/14/2011 - Byzantium Set Pictures

12/14/2011 - The Borrowers Pictures

12/14/2011 - Get the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon for $300 TOMORROW

12/14/2011 - We're about to watch a supermassive black hole devour something for the very first time

12/14/2011 - This NASA Space Harpoon Will Hunt Comets Down

12/14/2011 - How I Drew Firefly's Mal Reynolds

12/14/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Mixed Media

12/14/2011 - Romney's "Keep America American" as anti-union tradition

12/14/2011 - The Day Mankind Swallowed the Globe

12/14/2011 - Toshiba's Gamma Camera Reveals Harmful Radiation

12/14/2011 - Carrier IQ Sits Down With the Feds for a Nice Long Talk

12/14/2011 - These Strange Light Effects In the Arctic Sky Are Not UFOs

12/14/2011 - Great Comics Artists Who Redefined Batman

12/14/2011 - A Miracle Drug Keeps This 70-Year-Old Cancer Patient Running Marathons

12/14/2011 - Meet the Groundbreaking Creators of Today's Best Mobile and Visual Experiences

12/14/2011 - The First US Army Cyber Brigade Can Beat the Crap Out of You In Real Life Too

12/14/2011 - Why was Tintin creator Hergé accused of being a Nazi Collaborator?

12/14/2011 - Ice Cream Bar Speaker Might Sound As Scrumptious As It Looks

12/14/2011 - Behold: the best place on Earth to search for meteorites

12/14/2011 - The View from the New World Trade Center Is Simply Stunning

12/14/2011 - Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack Is Your Swashbuckling Island Adventure Deal of the Day

12/14/2011 - NASA developing "comet harpoon" to bring back icy samples

12/14/2011 - The 10 Greatest MacGyvers of Science Fiction

12/14/2011 - The Notorious S.I.R.I. Is a Pretty Good Rapper

12/14/2011 - Tilt Your iPhone, Kick Some Elves, and a Boy and His Balloon

12/14/2011 - In the short movie Light, Los Angeles is overrun by viscous blobs of oozing luminescence

12/14/2011 - New trailer shows Luc Besson's MS One desperately wants to be The Fifth Element

12/14/2011 - Watch Winding Entertainment Center Is a Monolith Of Excess

12/14/2011 - The Most Expensive Computer Bugs of 2011

12/14/2011 - California Is the Future of Cyber Crime Fighters

12/14/2011 - Did they really detect the Higgs Boson?

12/14/2011 - Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate Protestors with Low Frequency Speakers

12/14/2011 - Olympus Motorized Zoom Lens Makes Your Shaky Video Suck Less

12/14/2011 - Austria's Krampus Parade celebrates Santa's child-eating monster

12/14/2011 - Bearded Dragons Are Better Gamers Than Your Stupid Cat

12/14/2011 - Why the mysterious Gale Crater is an "ideal landing site" for the new Mars rover

12/14/2011 - T-Mobile Will Get Nokia's First US Windows Phone (No Not That One)

12/14/2011 - This Holiday Choir Is Made Of 64 iPhones—and It's Pretty Good

12/14/2011 - The Perfect Gift for the Prolific Photographer

12/14/2011 - A giant Companion Cube from Portal appears in New York City

12/14/2011 - There's Flame Retardant in Mountain Dew

12/14/2011 - The Android Wears Prada

12/14/2011 - Read an exclusive sneak peek of the next issue of DC Comics' Blue Beetle!

12/14/2011 - Autobot Transformer Ukulele Does Not Turn Into a Fire Truck

12/14/2011 - This Is the Last F-22 Raptor Ever

12/14/2011 - Watch 230 Movies of 2011 in 5 Minutes

12/14/2011 - The smallest frogs on Earth would have no trouble buddying up on top of a dime

12/14/2011 - Why Tintin won't transform into a giant whiskey bottle in his new Steven Spielberg movie

12/14/2011 - Meet the 25 Most Viral People on the Internet

12/14/2011 - All Weapons Should Be as Harmless As These

12/14/2011 - Wonder Woman and She-Hulk give themselves breast exams in Mozambique

12/14/2011 - Caltech Shatters Internet Speed Record: 186 Gbps

12/14/2011 - Hopefully Apple's Latest Hire Can Make iPhone Multitasking Less Annoying

12/14/2011 - Microsoft Wants to Give Free Windows Phones to Android Users Who Got Screwed with Malware

12/14/2011 - Christopher Nolan explains why his Dark Knight Rises villain Bane is like a classic movie monster!

12/14/2011 - My First Cyberstalker

12/14/2011 - Deck the Halls with Beats and Harmony

12/14/2011 - Google's Siri Clone Might Be Ready by New Years

12/14/2011 - The Only Patio Grill Endorsed by a President

12/14/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 13, 2011

12/14/2011 - Legendary Gravilux Revamps iOS App with Music Visualizer

12/14/2011 - This Knockoff Watch Is So Good, It Won an Award

12/14/2011 - I'm Tempted to Buy an iPhone Just So I Can Use the Elevation Dock

12/13/2011 - So You Think You're a Thief? Just Try and Steal This $15,000 Banksy Piece

12/13/2011 - America's Newest Killer Drone Is Headed to Afghanistan—Let's Not Lose This One!

12/13/2011 - We Live In a Wonderful World Indeed

12/13/2011 - Hipstamatic's D-Series App Creates Evidence of Last Night's Party

12/13/2011 - D-Series App Gallery

12/13/2011 - Have you ever seen a man impaled by a meteorite, or disintegrated by super-lightning? Now you have.

12/13/2011 - My Old Toaster Exploded and Now I Want This Hello Kitty Toaster

12/13/2011 - Verizon Hearts Netflix, Apple Glups Flash, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

12/13/2011 - Ancient fish learned to walk underwater before they arrived on land

12/13/2011 - All the Greatest Lines of Dialogue from Last Night's Terra Nova

12/13/2011 - These Video Glasses Will Let You Walk and Watch TV at the Same Time

12/13/2011 - Starving orangutans may explain why humans evolved to become obese

12/13/2011 - Would You Dangle Your iPhone From This Carabiner?

12/13/2011 - Never-before seen Futurama clip gives Bender the power of Jesus

12/13/2011 - Gifts For the Perpetual Nomad

12/13/2011 - Japan Unleashing Packs of Wild Monkeys to Test Fukushima Radiation

12/13/2011 - What if Raiders Of The Lost Ark was stop-motion animated?

12/13/2011 - Alfred: The Pocket Concierge So Good, Google Had to Have It

12/13/2011 - The most ancient black holes grew fat on cosmic fast food

12/13/2011 - Trillion-Dollar Jet Has Thirteen Expensive New Flaws

12/13/2011 - China built a ridiculously science fictional museum in a city where nobody lives

12/13/2011 - Alfred Gallery

12/13/2011 - Supernatural Set Pics

12/13/2011 - The Laws of Robotics make human-robot dating a lot more complicated

12/13/2011 - It Takes 30,000 Downloads a DAY just to Crack the iOS App Store's Top 10

12/13/2011 - Too bad this one-million-person city from New York to San Francisco was never built

12/13/2011 - The Complete Guide to Holiday Shipping Deadlines

12/13/2011 - Your Next American Airlines Pilot Is Now Allowed to Use an iPad While Flying

12/13/2011 - Alcatraz creator Liz Sarnoff explains how to keep actors in suspense

12/13/2011 - This Pyro Board Display Uses Tiny Flames as Pixels

12/13/2011 - How to catch tonight's Geminid meteor shower

12/13/2011 - If You Use This iPhone App You Will Be Forever Alone

12/13/2011 - Movie Studios Caught Pirating Movies

12/13/2011 - The Year's Very Best Geeky Holiday Cards

12/13/2011 - 7 Tools That Will Make You Love Snow Days Again

12/13/2011 - Cuteness overload: a baby octopus in the palm of your hand

12/13/2011 - A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD

12/13/2011 - An Experiment That Solves The World's Most Important Question: How to Keep Toast from Landing Buttered-Side Down

12/13/2011 - Listen to the National Weather Service's robot sing "Deck the Halls"

12/13/2011 - These Chrome Backpacks Are Your IRL Storage Deal of the Day

12/13/2011 - 4,000 pages of Isaac Newton's personal notebooks are now available to view online

12/13/2011 - Dyson $860 LED Desk Lamp Will Run For Almost Forty Years

12/13/2011 - Watch light particles crawl through a Coke bottle at a trillion frames per second

12/13/2011 - Kill Flying Aliens, Take Notes, and Ride a Virtual Mountain While Praying for Snow

12/13/2011 - This Insane Giant Mothership Will Launch Rockets Into Orbit

12/13/2011 - Shooting Gallery Challenge: Ice II

12/13/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: Ice I

12/13/2011 - 33 Frozen Photos Taken Through Ice

12/13/2011 - You Can Make Free Calls on Gmail Through 2012

12/13/2011 - 10 Satirical Novels that Could Teach You To Survive the Future

12/13/2011 - Microsoft's Awesome SkyDrive Is on the iPhone Now (and Windows Phone)

12/13/2011 - Carrier IQ: We're Not Working with the FBI

12/13/2011 - This music video is the collective subconscious of the internet

12/13/2011 - Who Knew Daytime Fireworks Could Be Just As Mesmerizing?

12/13/2011 - I'm Intrigued by This Cheap Home Espresso Machine That Might Not Suck

12/13/2011 - Cable returns, Guillermo del Toro pens vampires, and a ton of other craziness hits stores this comic book Wednesday!

12/13/2011 - Themes for Windows Phone 7 Are a Travesty

12/13/2011 - Physicists reveal compelling evidence for the "God Particle"

12/13/2011 - How to Give Better Gifts Than Santa

12/13/2011 - Do you have questions about the Higgs Boson discovery? Ask a physicist!

12/13/2011 - Hayao Miyazaki fans break Twitter record by casting magical spell in unison

12/13/2011 - Watch a Massively Powerful "Walkback" Slingshot Shoot Cannonball-Sized Ammo

12/13/2011 - Boxing Robots of the 1930s

12/13/2011 - A Single Text Can Destroy Windows Phone's Messaging App

12/13/2011 - Scientists Still Chasing The Force, Getting Closer

12/13/2011 - Police can now use DNA evidence to predict your eye color

12/13/2011 - Honda's Self-Balancing Unicycle: A Segway For Sitters

12/13/2011 - What Are the Best Designed Apps on Android?

12/13/2011 - Chase solar storms without even leaving your house

12/13/2011 - US Air Force Crashes Yet Another Drone

12/13/2011 - Apple Will Finally Let You Delete Pics From Your iCloud Photo Stream (Updated)

12/13/2011 - In the trailer for Perfect Sense, Ewan McGregor has lots of intercourse during the apocalypse

12/13/2011 - Those Drunk RIM Execs Were Insanely Drunk Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

12/13/2011 - Verizon Accidentally Sent a Scary Emergency Alert Telling People to "Take Shelter"

12/13/2011 - Why the beginning of the Star Trek sequel will remind you of The Empire Strikes Back!

12/13/2011 - Unbelievable Trillion Frames Per Second Camera Captures Light in Motion

12/13/2011 - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Don't Know How to Use Amazon.com

12/13/2011 - Dish Network Wants AT&T's Sloppy T-Mobile Seconds

12/13/2011 - Slow Motion Video of Dogs In Cars Is Five Minutes of Pure Happiness

12/13/2011 - Every New York Time Lapse Fused Into One

12/13/2011 - Google's Updated Street View of Fukushima Makes Me Want to Cry

12/13/2011 - Carrier IQ Explains What It Does with Your Data

12/13/2011 - Art Backers Want to Light Up The Bay Bridge

12/13/2011 - Gorgeous Stop-Motion Video Adds a New Dimension to Papercraft

12/13/2011 - Amazing Spider-Man Set Photos

12/13/2011 - Man of Steel Set Photos

12/13/2011 - Wide-Body Cosmonaut Stylus Is Easy on the Eyes and Easier on the Hands

12/13/2011 - Google Gets Serious About YouTube Royalties with Rightsflow Purchase

12/12/2011 - Bonjour Turbo Whisk Review: Fluff. Froth. Fun.

12/12/2011 - Number Pad Watch Is Surprisingly Not a Calculator

12/12/2011 - Ever Wonder How Cable TV Travels from Space to Your House?

12/12/2011 - Alexander Graham Bell Sure Did Love the Tetrahedrals

12/12/2011 - What Goes on Behind the Scenes of Monday Night Football

12/12/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 12, 2011

12/12/2011 - Giant smiley face tower broadcasts the mood of German town

12/12/2011 - Turning Every Logo Into Comic Sans Is the Best Worst Idea

12/12/2011 - Some Day You Might Send This Terminator-esque Chair Back In Time To Furnish Your Ugly College Apartment

12/12/2011 - Spiders have to keep their extra brains in their legs

12/12/2011 - 4G Lumia, Droid 4 Imminent, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

12/12/2011 - The first G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer promises Real American Insanity

12/12/2011 - George Takei Wants to Unite Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans in War Against Twilight

12/12/2011 - Ostriches and their bloodless erections solve a centuries-old mystery

12/12/2011 - The Best Free Phone on Every Carrier

12/12/2011 - North Korea Is Threatening South Korea with "Psychological Warfare" Because of Christmas Lights

12/12/2011 - Gorgeously Painted Superhero Portraits That Belong in Tony Stark's Private Art Gallery

12/12/2011 - Disney Princesses reimagined as Punk Rock Heroines

12/12/2011 - Artist repairs vandalized mural with giant QR code (that leads back to the pre-defaced artwork)

12/12/2011 - Van Gogh's Starry Night and Other Masterpieces Recreated With Salty Snacks and Spices

12/12/2011 - Upside Down Pictures

12/12/2011 - Sanctuary 4x11, "The Depths" Pictures

12/12/2011 - ParaNorman Picture

12/12/2011 - Remains Pictures

12/12/2011 - Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol IMAX Poster

12/12/2011 - How should Christians feel about Transhumanism?

12/12/2011 - Intruders Poster

12/12/2011 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Poster

12/12/2011 - Chuck — Cheryl Ladd Picture

12/12/2011 - Chuck "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit" Pictures

12/12/2011 - Underworld: Awakening "Awaken Selene" App Ad

12/12/2011 - The Amazing Spider-Man Banners

12/12/2011 - Alcatraz Pilot Pictures

12/12/2011 - Jotly for iPhone: Rate EVERYTHING

12/12/2011 - There really is no difference between men and women's math abilities

12/12/2011 - The Best Unproduced Science Fiction Screenplays of 2011, According to Hollywood Insiders

12/12/2011 - The FBI Is Using Carrier IQ Information

12/12/2011 - BBC Challenging Studio Ghibli with its own Borrowers Adaptation

12/12/2011 - Marjorie Liu tells us what's next for the Astonishing X-Men (and how Gambit decorates his apartment)

12/12/2011 - Congress Has Only Said LOL Once

12/12/2011 - Jotly Gallery

12/12/2011 - Now you can explore the surface of Mars at unprecedented levels of detail

12/12/2011 - A Very Rare Video of Steve Jobs Telling the History of Apple

12/12/2011 - Will Apple Use Bluetooth to Actually Make AirPlay a Real Thing?

12/12/2011 - How Game of Thrones' Dothraki Language Came to Be

12/12/2011 - Take two beers and call me in the morning...

12/12/2011 - Once Upon a Time's surprise twist shows off just how dark the Evil Queen is willing to go

12/12/2011 - The Myth of the Steroid Test False Positive

12/12/2011 - Are you pro-technology? If so, you may want to be on the lookout for letter-bombs.

12/12/2011 - Everything You Need to Know About the AT&T/T-Mobile Saga... in Haiku.

12/12/2011 - Why Adding "In Space" to Any Concept Really Does Make It Better

12/12/2011 - This Transforming Crab Sphere Is the Self-Returning Ball of the Future

12/12/2011 - BBC's Frozen Planet Crew Fakes Polar Bear Scene In a Zoo

12/12/2011 - The Vizio VTAB1008 Tablet Is Your Couch-Potato Deal of the Day

12/12/2011 - Double rainbows are caused by fat water particles called "burgeroids"

12/12/2011 - You Can Shoot Up the World in Google Maps Street View

12/12/2011 - Scientists say they're getting closer to Matrix-style instant learning

12/12/2011 - Start Tweetbotting, Control the Skies, and Play an Assassin's Card Game

12/12/2011 - Casino Denies $57 Million Jackpot Because of "Software Glitch"

12/12/2011 - 10 Intrepid Animal Astronauts

12/12/2011 - Perfectly Passive Aggressive Gifts for Your Ex

12/12/2011 - Remember when Orson Welles shilled a fantasy board game?

12/12/2011 - Gorgeous stop-motion zombie flick ParaNorman looks like The Goonies meets The Sixth Sense

12/12/2011 - The Money of the Future Will Shine Like Crazy

12/12/2011 - 26-toed mutant kitty uses his extra digits to save animal shelter

12/12/2011 - Facebook Is Making Us Miserable

12/12/2011 - Handmade Leather Case Turns Your e-Reader Into a Neverending Story of Your Own

12/12/2011 - This Week's TV: Quite Possibly The Cutest Animal Documentary Ever Made. Plus Two Types of Apocalypse!

12/12/2011 - Mysterious “Shellphone” Device Expected to Arrive this Month

12/12/2011 - Watching People Pull Extreme Tricks on a Pogo Stick Is Spine Bending

12/12/2011 - David Attenborough's rendition of "It's a Wonderful World" is a decidedly excellent way to start your week

12/12/2011 - Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh give us an exclusive preview of the next Guild comic!

12/12/2011 - Megaupload Sues Record Label for Censorship (Updated)

12/12/2011 - Michael Jackson May Have Danced on This Bluetooth Speaker

12/12/2011 - Is This the Real Windows 8 App Store?

12/12/2011 - Val Kilmer's meth-loving mad scientist makes new friends on Saturday Night Live

12/12/2011 - Newt Gingrich Is Bizarrely Terrified of a Fake Sci-Fi Weapon

12/12/2011 - A Beautiful Portrait of New York From One Single Point in Just One Minute

12/12/2011 - How are candy canes made?

12/12/2011 - These Incredibly Animated Taiwanese Kung-Fu Puppets Also Breathe Fire

12/12/2011 - Would You Live in This Wooden Box?

12/12/2011 - You Can Now Read Comics and Watch Netflix on Your Nook Color

12/12/2011 - This Piano Catapult = Poor Range, But Grand Psychological Menace

12/12/2011 - UK Police Will Squash Rioters by Blinding Them...With Lasers

12/12/2011 - The Mac App Store Tops 100 Million Downloads

12/12/2011 - Star Wars Escalator Finds Your Lack of Faith in Stairs Disturbing

12/12/2011 - A secret villain in The Dark Knight Rises is confirmed in the weirdest way possible!

12/12/2011 - Samsung Should Stop Pretending Its New 14-Inch Laptop Is an Ultrabook

12/12/2011 - The Best Drum Machine Is One You Can Wear

12/12/2011 - Will Smith time-jumps (off the Chrysler Building) in the new Men in Black 3 trailer

12/12/2011 - The Nikon D4 Is Gonna Stalk Light Wherever It Hides

12/12/2011 - Can a Substantial Kindle Fire Software Update Silence Its Critics?

12/12/2011 - This Cube Made of Gears Shouldn't Work, But It Does

12/12/2011 - DARPA Want Their Smart Phones to Rock Thermal Cameras

12/12/2011 - How to Jailbreak Your Kindle Touch With an MP3 File

12/12/2011 - What Would Really Happen If Scientists Invented Cryogenics?

12/12/2011 - This Red Rose Hides the Fastest Object In Space: The Cosmic Cannonball

12/11/2011 - Watch Joffrey disintegrate (metaphorically) in the new Game of Thrones trailer

12/11/2011 - Terra Nova Season Finale Gallery 2

12/11/2011 - Terra Nova Season Finale Gallery 1

12/11/2011 - True Blood Set Photos Gallery

12/11/2011 - Chuck Christmas Episode Photo Gallery

12/11/2011 - American Horror Story Episode 1.11 Birth Promo Photos Gallery

12/11/2011 - Underworld: Awakening Photos

12/11/2011 - Grimm Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

12/11/2011 - New Dark Knight Poster Gallery

12/11/2011 - Being Human Poster Gallery

12/11/2011 - Battleship Poster Gallery

12/11/2011 - Amazing Spider-Man New Poster Gallery

12/11/2011 - The Right Stuff: Human Heroes in Space

12/11/2011 - io9 Roundup: December 11, 2011

12/11/2011 - Here Is the Official Color of Next Year

12/11/2011 - On Grimm, some guy was killed with a rat bomb

12/11/2011 - Two long-lost Doctor Who episodes uncovered

12/11/2011 - Don't Bring These Swiss Army Measuring Cups into Battle

12/11/2011 - Songbirds caught evolving into separate species

12/11/2011 - Why is the universe pointing in one direction?

12/11/2011 - And now, two mimic octopuses making sweet, sweet love

12/11/2011 - Woman Kills Man With Amateur Penis Injection

12/11/2011 - Virginia Wants to Shoot Your Corpse into Space

12/11/2011 - Babies understand grammar long before they learn how to speak

12/11/2011 - It's Time to Win Lego Santa Yoda!

12/11/2011 - Netflix Wants All of Your Friends to Know Everything You're Watching

12/11/2011 - Taking Apart Nukes Is Probably a Stressful Job

12/11/2011 - Ötzi the iceman died on a suspiciously full stomach

12/11/2011 - Artist's mission is to depict all 55 of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities

12/11/2011 - Why Do Three Google Execs Own Eight Private Jets?

12/11/2011 - Where in the solar system do these colorful meteorites come from?

12/11/2011 - A tutorial on building your own Golden Snitch ornament

12/11/2011 - Cranky Senator Pissed at Fake ID App

12/11/2011 - The Milky Way, as seen from a Chilean petroglyph valley

12/11/2011 - Jon Stewart Investigates the Iranian Drone Capture

12/11/2011 - Men Who Want To Be President Are Arguing Over a Moon Colony

12/11/2011 - Like Jennifer Aniston, Google Translate Is Obsessed With Angelina Jolie

12/10/2011 - The First Millisecond of a Nuclear Explosion Is the True Face of Atomic Death

12/10/2011 - You Have Never Seen So Many F-16s Ready for Battle In Your Life

12/10/2011 - Snowflakes Appear On This Scarf To Tell You What You Already Know—It's Cold Outside

12/10/2011 - Photorealistic Nature Inspired Carpets Bring the Outdoors Inside

12/10/2011 - New Amazing Spider-Man poster shows off Spidey's arachnid shadow

12/10/2011 - Knitted Ear Caps Are the Obvious Solution to My Cold Weather Woes

12/10/2011 - Disguise Your iPad 2 As a Really Flat Retro Apple Macintosh

12/10/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 10, 2011

12/10/2011 - Use caution when using teeth to castrate lambs

12/10/2011 - This Is How a Real Luxury Car Is Made

12/10/2011 - Mitsubishi Thinks Curved Rear Projection Dashboards Are Just a Decade Away

12/10/2011 - How to pretend you're aboard the Starship Enterprise (from the safety of your home)

12/10/2011 - Clamp On WHILL Temporarily Gives Manual Wheelchairs Electric Drive

12/10/2011 - What's the symbolic significance of this new Dark Knight Rises poster?

12/10/2011 - A map of San Francisco's subway system that almost was

12/10/2011 - Vest-Scarf Transformer Won't Save the Planet, Just Your Outfit

12/10/2011 - Perhaps the most unnecessarily complex mecha transformation in anime history

12/10/2011 - Old Spice Provides Stress Relief With Browser Based Explosions

12/10/2011 - These materials are being tortured in space

12/10/2011 - Airport Kiosk Prints Custom Welcome Home Banners

12/10/2011 - Watching George Takei talk about McDonald's for two minutes is arrestingly hypnotic

12/10/2011 - Ride out the apocalypse in this luxury Adirondack bunker

12/10/2011 - Quirky Stem Turns Citrus Fruits Into Spray Bottles

12/10/2011 - In 1992, Stan Lee gave Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld 20 minutes to invent a superhero

12/10/2011 - Louis CK Spent His Own Stupid Money to Stream His New Special to You

12/10/2011 - This orphaned baby bat is the cutest thing you'll see all day

12/10/2011 - Hobo Lobo is a gorgeous, three-dimensional webcomic about the Pied Piper

12/10/2011 - High Capacity Backup Battery Will Keep You Powered For a Week

12/10/2011 - On Saturday Morning Cartoons, Emma & Cyclops get intimate on X-Men...and a 16-bit Twilight !

12/10/2011 - Party Vest Straps an 8-Inch Subwoofer To Your Back

12/10/2011 - Hi Torque Geared Bottle Opener Pops Corks With Ease

12/10/2011 - Custom-Sized Condoms Are Better For Sex But Which Size Are You?

12/10/2011 - These Hollywood Stars See Nothing Wrong with MegaUpload

12/10/2011 - Dead Possum Cake Is Disgustingly Delicious

12/9/2011 - 700 WTF Rifle Redefines "Boom Stick"...and "Overkill"

12/9/2011 - Farmboy Builds Working LEGO Replicas of Harvesting Equipment

12/9/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Save Community

12/9/2011 - Scientists Discover Dolomite in Coral—The Search for Queen Bee Continues

12/9/2011 - Which of Your Gadgets Is Worth Fighting for?

12/9/2011 - Gifts for the Road Trip Master

12/9/2011 - The Moronic Tweets That Overturned a Killer's Conviction

12/9/2011 - The Rise of Sasquatch Porn [NSFW]

12/9/2011 - The Worst Booze on the Planet

12/9/2011 - Sex Change in the Pulps: Demonic Shapeshifters, Feminist Conspiracies, and Wacky Erotic Shenanigans

12/9/2011 - The Five Most Hated YouTube Videos in Internet History

12/9/2011 - Where Does webOS Go From Here?

12/9/2011 - 6 Tools to Get Your Ass to Work on Time

12/9/2011 - How To Get New Twitter

12/9/2011 - The most disturbing musical number from The Muppets is now online

12/9/2011 - Maximum Micro Tech: Three New Technologies Explained

12/9/2011 - Play as the Dark Knight or Michael Jackson, Revel in the Space Shuttle, and Cut Your Meat

12/9/2011 - Bounce off the Walls, Control Your TV, Start Tethering, and Get Current

12/9/2011 - Behold: Complex, self-assembling, 3D objects

12/9/2011 - Read an iBook, Throw a Shuriken, Tether your iPhone, and Let's Go Sailing

12/9/2011 - The deepest trench on Earth is even deeper than we thought

12/9/2011 - Aziz Ansari Hilariously Remixes a Jay-Z and Kanye West Song with Emojis

12/9/2011 - Beautiful astrogeological maps reveal the Moon's mysterious far side

12/9/2011 - Fun Presents for Geeky Kids of All Ages

12/9/2011 - Think Inside the Box: What Time Capsules Reveal About Right Now

12/9/2011 - The New Vault That Guards Coca-Cola's Secret Formula

12/9/2011 - What's Not to Love About Shape-Shifting, Space-Saving Furniture from the '50s?

12/9/2011 - 4-Year-Old Girl Winning a Ball With the Santa Claw Is So Delightful I Might Die

12/9/2011 - Lego Santa Yoda Gallery

12/9/2011 - How to Build a Geodesic Gingerbread Dome

12/9/2011 - The Science of Taste Or: Why Dry-Aged Meat Is So Damned Delicious

12/9/2011 - HP Considers Cats a Warranty-Voiding, Computer-Killing "Biological Hazard"

12/9/2011 - Sony Internet TV is Smarter on the Inside

12/9/2011 - A Collection of Otherworldly Images that Trick the Eye

12/9/2011 - Should there be E. coli warnings on cookie dough packages?

12/9/2011 - Norway Ran Out of Butter Because the Entire Country Ate It All for Their Fad Diet

12/9/2011 - Women in Factories: A New Business Problem

12/9/2011 - Remote Control Inflatable Flying Fish Is Your Freakishly Fun Deal of the Day

12/9/2011 - Scientists still puzzled by a fractal discovered 500 years ago

12/9/2011 - Disappointing lack of people screaming "You Sank My Battleship" in new Battleship trailer

12/9/2011 - How AT&T Screwed Up the T-Mobile Merger

12/9/2011 - The winds of Scotland are waging war on fun and renewable energy

12/9/2011 - Concept Art from Lucas' forgotten Star Wars Animated Series

12/9/2011 - Run For a Better World, Stack Some Blocks, and Crazy Pandas are Crazy

12/9/2011 - Community debuts the Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special (and spoofs Invasion of the Bodysnatchers!)

12/9/2011 - Shift work linked to type 2 diabetes

12/9/2011 - WebOS Lives! (Update: And HP's Still Making Tablets)

12/9/2011 - Could a planet have only one pole?

12/9/2011 - 10 Charming, Old-Timey Spy Gadgets

12/9/2011 - Today at Giz Gallery: MakerBot Art

12/9/2011 - Bag of Bones? More like Bag of Too Much Sh*t Going On!

12/9/2011 - This Is the Crap Tablet Apple Thinks Samsung Should Make

12/9/2011 - Cash-Strapped Lithuanian Town Creates Beautiful Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

12/9/2011 - iPad Refurbs Are Super Cheap in the Apple Store Right Now

12/9/2011 - A Drive to Revive the Best Twitter App Ever

12/9/2011 - Google-Funded Study Says Firefox Less Secure than Internet Explorer

12/9/2011 - The World's Oldest Bed Is 77,000 Years Old

12/9/2011 - Five Gadgets that Will Surely Upgrade Your Holidays

12/9/2011 - A Blubbering Mass of Apple Idiots Are Suffocating Grand Central

12/9/2011 - Did the War on Terror lead to Game of Thrones and Joe Abercrombie?

12/9/2011 - The Most Beautiful Birth Control Chart in the World

12/9/2011 - How to catch tomorrow morning's lunar eclipse

12/9/2011 - Instaprint Gizmodo Gallery Gallery

12/9/2011 - Motorola Wins Europe-Wide Sales Ban Against iOS Devices

12/9/2011 - The Dumbest Apple Product Ever Sold on eBay

12/9/2011 - New "whole body cryotherapy" treatment exposes you to -166°F air

12/9/2011 - What is the most scientific way to optimize your driving time?

12/9/2011 - First description of Dark Knight Rises prologue includes one shocking image

12/9/2011 - I'm Going to Rip My Ears Off Because of These New Annoying Smartphone Ads

12/9/2011 - This short trailer has some of the best mecha design we've seen outside of video games

12/9/2011 - Crazy Mickey Is an Obese Cowboy Man Who Will Terrify You into Buying Beepers (Updated)

12/9/2011 - Spotify Radio Is Getting a Much Needed Facelift

12/9/2011 - Robert Downey, Jr. says the Iron Man 3 script is amazing. Plus tons more details on the Evil Dead reboot!

12/9/2011 - iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Video Means the Wait's Almost Over

12/9/2011 - MIXTRAX Turns Your Car into a Virtual Club

12/9/2011 - Bullet-Proof Convertible Is Slightly Unclear on the Concept

12/9/2011 - The Kisai Rogue Touch Fob Watch Redefines Geek Chic

12/9/2011 - Here Is the Absolute Saddest Business Card in the World

12/9/2011 - Slowbizz Wants to Help Bands Play Your Living Room

12/8/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 8, 2011

12/8/2011 - Fraudsters Now Using 3D Printers To Make Authentic Looking ATM Skimmers

12/8/2011 - Another $50 Tablet Stand Designed For a Device Meant To Be Held

12/8/2011 - Never Forget the Name of Your Favorite Actor Again with Hulu Face Match

12/8/2011 - Tick Tock Clock Dock: All Rock, No Shock

12/8/2011 - Navy Helicopters are Getting More Deadly with Infrared Rockets

12/8/2011 - Even If You're Old You Can Learn New Tricks With Really Freaking Hard Work

12/8/2011 - American Horror Story Episode 11 "Birth" Pics

12/8/2011 - Let's Golf 2: Fore!

12/8/2011 - Ancient humans understood medicine and insecticides over 77,000 years ago

12/8/2011 - How Christmas Tree Lights Evolved from Major to Mild Fire Hazard

12/8/2011 - Super Chill Gifties for Your Stoner Uncle

12/8/2011 - Knuckle Meat Pounder to Beat the Crap Out Of Your Steak

12/8/2011 - NASA's Voyager 1 has reached the very fringes of our solar system, and is preparing to leave for good

12/8/2011 - White Box Brings an Artistic Touch to the Gizmodo Gallery Tonight at 9pm

12/8/2011 - 7 Tools for Biking in a Winter Wonderland

12/8/2011 - A Beautiful Look at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, When The Future Was Magical

12/8/2011 - Cheating on your low-carb diet helps you lose weight - and could prevent breast cancer, too

12/8/2011 - A new way to solve the age-old conundrum of whether it's worth sacrificing one for the many

12/8/2011 - American Horror Story confirms our worst suspicions about Violet

12/8/2011 - Can Watson's Mega-Brain Help Rid the World of Patent Trolls?

12/8/2011 - Yawns are most contagious between family members

12/8/2011 - Bee swarms behave just like neurons in the human brain

12/8/2011 - Why the Hell Would You Want a Touchscreen on Your Ultrabook?

12/8/2011 - Rats will aid their fellow rodents in times of stress

12/8/2011 - HDR on the 3GS, Kill Space Zombies, and Are You Really Ready For Some Football?

12/8/2011 - AT&T's Throttling of Data Hogs Now In Effect

12/8/2011 - AMD Making 'Ultrathins' to Compete with Some Other Kind of Laptop, I'm Not Sure

12/8/2011 - This Turbine Spun So Freaking Fast It Exploded

12/8/2011 - Five Apps Better Than Twitter's New Train Wreck

12/8/2011 - OUCH: Readers Shot Me in the Face With Nerf Blasters at Gizmodo Gallery

12/8/2011 - New Fullmetal Alchemist 2 trailer is full of electric werewolves

12/8/2011 - Google Currents Might Be the Coolest Thing Google Has Ever Made

12/8/2011 - New anthology of genderqueer stories includes a story called "Schrodinger's Pussy."

12/8/2011 - Big Ups to Jawbone For Doing Right By UP Customers

12/8/2011 - NASA Finds 1,000 Nearby Asteroids That Can Kill Us All

12/8/2011 - How London Cabbies Are Mentally Superior To You

12/8/2011 - Killzone 3 Is Your 3D-Shooterfest Deal of the Day

12/8/2011 - BGR: Samsung's Making a Giant-Sized Retina Screen Galaxy Tab

12/8/2011 - H.P. Lovecraft's leading scholar prepares his ultimate look at the master's weird life

12/8/2011 - There Are Now More Than a Million Mobile Apps to Clutter Your Smartphone

12/8/2011 - Apple's Best of 2011 Picks Are In—and Kinda Weird

12/8/2011 - R.I.P. Jerry Robinson, Creator of Batman's Nemesis, the Joker

12/8/2011 - Major earthquakes might be triggered by hurricanes

12/8/2011 - 10 ways to update the Peter Pan story that wouldn't suck

12/8/2011 - This $128 Plastic Bag Is a Jony Ive Wet Dream

12/8/2011 - Let's Golf Gallery

12/8/2011 - The Hunger Haims: Corey Haim's legacy lives on in our new favorite Tumblr, The Haim Game!

12/8/2011 - You're Probably Going to Hate the New Twitter

12/8/2011 - (Another) Shooting Reported at Virginia Tech

12/8/2011 - Scientists About to Find The Force

12/8/2011 - Come Experience Captain America at Gizmodo Gallery's Home Theater Tonight

12/8/2011 - Gizmodo Gallery Reader Meet Up Nerf Party Gallery

12/8/2011 - Learn Everything You Need to Know About Meat with Meat Master Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat

12/8/2011 - A Video Breakdown of the Sad History of Ms. Marvel, Sex Slave

12/8/2011 - What the Hell Were These Architects Thinking?

12/8/2011 - Iran Reveals Captured American Super Drone (And It's Completely Intact) (Updated)

12/8/2011 - 2011 Gizmodo Gallery Featured On VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live

12/8/2011 - Watch an iridescent "kiss" between magnetized soap bubbles

12/8/2011 - The Rules of Magic, According to the Greatest Fantasy Sagas of All Time

12/8/2011 - This 1940s Hollywood Actress Made Wi-Fi Happen

12/8/2011 - The Only Way to Play Modern Warfare 3

12/8/2011 - NASA claims to have found "bullet proof evidence" of Mars' watery past

12/8/2011 - We Don't Need Another Freaking Streaming Service

12/8/2011 - 21st Century Children Raised by Wild Animals

12/8/2011 - Apple Continues Working On Kinect-Like Tracking With Projected Controls and Glasses-Free 3D

12/8/2011 - Turn Your Instagrams Into Polaroids From 3PM-6PM at Gizmodo Gallery! (Updated)

12/8/2011 - Has the first viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises revealed the brain behind Bane?

12/8/2011 - Rubber Band Macro Lens Fits Any Smartphone

12/8/2011 - A haunting audio/visual representation of a geomagnetic storm

12/8/2011 - Leica's V-Lux 3 Super Zoom Camera Gains New 1080p Recording Powers

12/8/2011 - Eric Schmidt Insanely Claims Google TV Will Come with "Majority" of TVs Next Year (NO)

12/8/2011 - How the Rubens' Tube turns music into fire

12/8/2011 - Kevlar Tether Keeps Your iPhone From Plummeting To Its Death

12/8/2011 - I'd Kill to Have This Sharp Stabilized Camera Sensor On My Phone

12/8/2011 - A theory that explains why females like to have sexy female friends

12/8/2011 - The Best iPad Case Is Now Available For the Kindle Fire

12/8/2011 - Design Nerd Ice Cube Tours an Eames House

12/8/2011 - The latest top choices to play the main villain in the Star Trek sequel, plus crucial details about Peter Weller's character!

12/8/2011 - Bill Gates Building Nuke Plant for China

12/8/2011 - Now THAT'S How You Open a Gallery

12/8/2011 - If the Candyland Illuminati existed, they would've directed this J-Pop music video

12/8/2011 - Double-Amputee Soldier Skydives with His War Dog

12/7/2011 - Activity Book For Young Scientists Encourages Coloring Inside the Cellular Walls

12/7/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing

12/7/2011 - Skyfall Set Photos

12/7/2011 - Cabin in the Woods Gallery

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12/7/2011 - Will 'Viagra in a Condom' Get Guys To Like Using One?

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12/7/2011 - Gizmodo Gallery Opening Party

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12/7/2011 - David Cronenberg's Son Directing a Twisted Story of Viral Contagion and Celebrity Worship

12/7/2011 - Michael Jackson The Experience HD: Just Beat It

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12/7/2011 - The Pope Has Chosen Android

12/7/2011 - How the new Detective Comics will depict Batman's rookie days

12/7/2011 - Scary 515 million-year-old predator had better vision than almost any animal alive today

12/7/2011 - Watch Brad Pitt transform into David Lynch's Eraserhead

12/7/2011 - Gizmodo Gallery Opening Party II

12/7/2011 - Bridgestone's Airless Tires Look Even Better In Motion

12/7/2011 - Lamarck's bizarre theory of evolution may turn out to be right after all

12/7/2011 - Denying Girls Access to Morning-After Pill Puts Politics Ahead of Science

12/7/2011 - The Ultimate History of Cute Robots

12/7/2011 - Skirt the Fashion Hoi Polloi With Poshmark Mobile Auction App

12/7/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Ice Filter

12/7/2011 - Kung fu Gecko will kick your ass first, ask questions later

12/7/2011 - Google Goggles Now Searches Without Having to Take a Picture

12/7/2011 - Take a RISK, Be the Bad Guy, and Wear That Ninja Mask

12/7/2011 - Inside This Giant Metal Sphere Lives a Miniature Version of the Earth's Spinning Core

12/7/2011 - HP's $99 TouchPad Firesale Is Finally Back

12/7/2011 - The Secret to Giving Gifts to Geeks (or Anyone, Really)

12/7/2011 - Michael Jackson The Experience HD Gallery

12/7/2011 - You Can Now Control Your Xbox with Your Windows Phone

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12/7/2011 - Experts Are Baffled by These Mysterious Ancient Markings Found In Jerusalem

12/7/2011 - Why our minds have probably evolved as far as they can go

12/7/2011 - Secrets of Rise of Planet of the Apes' Epic Golden Gate Bridge Battle!

12/7/2011 - Cloaked bubble UFO in Italy perplexes onlookers

12/7/2011 - 35 DVDs of Menacing Clint Eastwood Glares Are Your Deal of the Day

12/7/2011 - Today at Gizmodo Gallery: Free Nerf Guns, Reader Meetup, Tour of the Universe

12/7/2011 - Does Newt Gingrich want to make Neuromancer come true?

12/7/2011 - Eek, Jumping Cockroaches Can Cover More than 50 Times Their Body Length in a Single Leap

12/7/2011 - Apple's New Mothership Campus Shows Mysterious Research Facilities

12/7/2011 - The most beautiful literary mystery in Edinburgh

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12/7/2011 - So What's Taking Instagram So Long to Hit Android?

12/7/2011 - Android Phone Name Generator: Funny Because It's Sad

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12/7/2011 - The 10 Greatest Spherical Monsters In Science Fiction And Fantasy (NSFW)

12/7/2011 - Famous optical illusion reveals your brain's hidden reflexes, say scientsts

12/7/2011 - This iPod Dock Is the Size of a Car

12/7/2011 - Look Who's The President in a World Without Warehouse 13's Pete Lattimer!

12/7/2011 - Facebook's Top Trends of 2011 Should Make Us All Embarrassed

12/7/2011 - The Myth of Multiple Personality Disorder

12/7/2011 - Gizmodo's Joe Brown On MSNBC

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12/7/2011 - Give the Gift of iGadget Personalization

12/7/2011 - The Lorax trailer! What the hell was that?

12/7/2011 - Sneak a Peek at the Finished Apple Store in NYC's Grand Central Terminal (Updated)

12/7/2011 - Does stress cause U.S. Presidents to age faster and die younger?

12/7/2011 - Google Buys More than One Company Every Week

12/7/2011 - AT&T LTE NYC: DEC

12/7/2011 - Words of Wisdom from Walter Mosley: If publishers tell me which genre to write in, "I go to another publisher."

12/7/2011 - Apple Hiring to Fix Siri

12/7/2011 - Massive Stargate graph attempts to chart out every SG-1 story arc

12/7/2011 - Timbuk2's Crater Case Lets Your MacBook Air Breathe

12/7/2011 - Evernote's New Apps Will Help Make Your Over-Documenting Friends Even More Annoying

12/7/2011 - John Carpenter's music video for the Big Trouble in Little China theme song is hard to watch

12/7/2011 - Here are 10,000 reasons to be excited about deep-space exploration

12/7/2011 - Meet the Solar-Powered Amelia Earhart, Build a DIY Earthquake Sensor, and more from TreeHugger

12/7/2011 - Ridley Scott: Streaming Movies Suck

12/7/2011 - Read an exclusive preview of Uncanny X-Force, one of the best X-Men comics out there

12/7/2011 - The Only USB Cable You'll Ever Need

12/7/2011 - A beloved Supernatural character will return. Plus Michael Bay might really be doing Transformers 4!

12/7/2011 - The New Facebook Is Finally Public! ...In New Zealand.

12/7/2011 - Microsoft's Windows Store Will Start Peddling Apps, Books and Games in February

12/7/2011 - How to Carve and Paddle Your Way Down the Slopes with a Big Stick

12/7/2011 - Awesome NASA Video Captures What Looks Like an Alien Spaceship (Updated)

12/7/2011 - The CompBullet Reduces Recoil With "Rocket" Vents

12/7/2011 - Head-Mount Your iPhone with the Optrix Case

12/7/2011 - The New iBooks 1.5 for iPad and iPhone Is a Must Have Upgrade

12/7/2011 - The CDC Doesn't Want You Donating Your Slutty Organs

12/7/2011 - How The Mythbusters Accidentally Punched a Six-Inch Cannonball Hole in a Minivan (Updated)

12/6/2011 - Fringe Set Photos Gallery

12/6/2011 - BBX Is (Temporarily) Dead, Long Live BlackBerry 10 (for the Time Being)

12/6/2011 - Supernatural Set Photos Gallery

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12/6/2011 - 128Gb NAND Chips Promise SD Cards with Terabytes of Storage

12/6/2011 - Sanctuary 4.10 Acolyte Gallery

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12/6/2011 - I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Pancake Plate Technology

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12/6/2011 - Watch what happens to newly baptized babies when they're held by possessed priests

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12/6/2011 - Even Calvin and Hobbes Joined the #OccupyFrontLawn Movement

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12/6/2011 - Thor 2 loses its director. Time to start worrying about Asgard?

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12/6/2011 - Vernor Vinge says that when the Singularity happens, it will be "very obvious"

12/6/2011 - New York Review of Science Fiction may cease print publication in July

12/6/2011 - Now You Can Sleep Inside a Giant Book

12/6/2011 - The galaxy could be full of diamond planets

12/6/2011 - I Could Have Really Used This Children's Book About Calculus In High School

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12/6/2011 - HTC Titan Review: I Want To Hate You, Giant Phone, But I Love You

12/6/2011 - Astronomers have discovered the two most massive black holes in the Universe

12/6/2011 - Star Gaze in the City, Take Out an Elk, and Chat with Friends

12/6/2011 - Inbreeding is what's secretly driving all the bedbug infestations

12/6/2011 - Science is a story that explains the world

12/6/2011 - Hear The Doctor's desperate plea for help, in the prequel to the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

12/6/2011 - Space Nerds Rejoice: A Crazy 3-D Tour of the Universe at Gizmodo Gallery (Updated)

12/6/2011 - How Uncanny X-Force author Rick Remender dreamt up Archangel's very bad day

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12/6/2011 - Enjoy Some Slowmo Footage of a Fancy Car Exploding Thousands of Water Balloons

12/6/2011 - Zuckerberg's Private Photos Revealed in Facebook Security Flap (Updated)

12/6/2011 - A dystopian short cartoon about a cryogenically defrosted Walt Disney

12/6/2011 - IBM's 3D RAM Will Make Your Silly 2D RAM Irrelevant

12/6/2011 - American broadcasts of Frozen Planet will include controversial climate change episode

12/6/2011 - 30 Shameless Photos that Rip Off Famous Paintings

12/6/2011 - No, we won't be able to clone a woolly mammoth in the next five years

12/6/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: Color Match

12/6/2011 - Marvel Comics spills the beans on their big 2012 event: Avengers vs. X-Men

12/6/2011 - Get a Hundred Android Apps For a Shiny Dime Each

12/6/2011 - New Jetpack Brings Man Closer to Dolphin-Like Leaps

12/6/2011 - Hollywood readies yet another Philip K. Dick adaptation, "Now Wait For Last Year"

12/6/2011 - 10 Great Actors Who Played Terrible Supervillains

12/6/2011 - Verizon Is Screwing the Galaxy Nexus By Blocking Google Wallet

12/6/2011 - In this week's comics, the Defenders and Voltron return, and Moebius and Alan Moore go back in print!

12/6/2011 - iSeat Recliner Advances Sitting Technology With a Built-in iPhone Dock: Your Move La-Z-Boy

12/6/2011 - Mothers and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other

12/6/2011 - Today at Gizmodo Gallery: Opening Day, Perceptive Pixel, Eclectic Method

12/6/2011 - New clues about what caused the collapse of Mayan civilization

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12/6/2011 - Supernatural set pics

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12/6/2011 - In 1963, Ray Bradbury sent this letter to explain symbolism in his work

12/6/2011 - The Awesome New Xbox 360 Software Update Is Slightly Delayed Live (Updated)

12/6/2011 - This leopard is so happy to be alive it can barely stand it

12/6/2011 - Smoking May Make Your Nipples Fall Off

12/6/2011 - Nichelle Nichols reveals that the original Spock was a woman

12/6/2011 - Insider: $56 Billion Later, Airport Security Is Junk

12/6/2011 - Can Earth Look Any More Gorgeous Than This? (Answer: No)

12/6/2011 - Satanic Christmas light display irks Tennessee motorists

12/6/2011 - Leather Armor For Stormtroopers Who Prefer Harleys Over Speederbikes

12/6/2011 - Triffid chic: Indonesian bikers wear potted plants as helmets

12/6/2011 - China's New Airplane Seems Designed By Batman

12/6/2011 - Sprint Users Might Have to Wait a Little Longer for Their LTE Network

12/6/2011 - Surfer Shreds Huge Waves With a Jet-Propelled Surfboard

12/6/2011 - We can encrypt secret messages in opal

12/6/2011 - AT&T Sucks More Than Any Other Carrier, Says Consumer Reports

12/6/2011 - Buy Your Hot Bulging .XXX Domains Today

12/6/2011 - HP Buys a Printer Company Because Printers Are THE FUTURE

12/6/2011 - Make New Gmail Look More Like the Old Gmail in Two Seconds

12/6/2011 - What flavor is this shape?

12/6/2011 - A New Low for Borders: Selling IP Addresses for $12

12/6/2011 - If Greenpeace Can Break Into a Nuclear Plant, It's Definitely Not Secure

12/6/2011 - The Star Trek sequel casts a science fiction legend. Plus tons of spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas special!

12/6/2011 - Photoblocking Beer Cooler Helps Preserve Your Nightclub Anonymity

12/6/2011 - Tweeted Tips for Staying Warm as Sung by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

12/6/2011 - Senator Franken Continues Taking Names in Carrier IQ Inquest—Ass Kicking to Begin Shortly

12/6/2011 - FBI Agent Playset—For Teaching Kids That the Most Important Part of Law Enforcement Involves Beatings and Restraints

12/6/2011 - FDA Approves Silver Bullet for Hangovers

12/6/2011 - How to Legally Rob a Bank

12/6/2011 - This May Be the Most Surreal Building Ever Created

12/5/2011 - The Next Time You're Drowning, You'd Better Hope One of These Is Nearby

12/5/2011 - Tout—The New Obnoxious Way to Tell if People Are Reading Your Emails

12/5/2011 - ‘Inhuman Microphone’ App Circumvents Occupy Wall Street’s Megaphone Ban

12/5/2011 - Picture of the Day: December 5, 2011

12/5/2011 - Google's Nerdiest Move Ever: Now It's a Graphing Calculator!

12/5/2011 - What Was the First Typeface On the Moon?

12/5/2011 - My Sh*t Got Stolen. Or Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

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12/5/2011 - Kurt Vonnegut died a bitter man [UPDATED]

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12/5/2011 - Kodak Is a Walking Corpse of a Company and That Makes Us Sad

12/5/2011 - Gorgeous concept art of newly-discovered "Earth 2.0" planet

12/5/2011 - Carrier IQ Software May Not Record Messages But It's a Privacy Risk

12/5/2011 - Tropical fish can adjust to warming oceans, which could bode well for the future

12/5/2011 - Streaming Movie of the Night: Fireplace For Your Home (AKA The Reason to Reactivate That Netflix Account!)

12/5/2011 - Once Upon A Time: Prince Charming is kind of a dick

12/5/2011 - Read an exclusive preview of the comic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror

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12/5/2011 - Terra Nova Season Finale Pictures Part 1

12/5/2011 - Celebrate the season with t-shirts that make your friends' chests fun to look at

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12/5/2011 - 9 new Sherlock Holmes clips are packed with copious sexy steampunk sleuthing

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12/5/2011 - Watch the Last 48 Hours of Gizmodo Gallery Construction in 90 Seconds

12/5/2011 - A Brief History Of X-Force, The X-Men's Edgy Sister Superteam

12/5/2011 - NASA Confirms Discovery of the most Earth-like Planet Yet

12/5/2011 - Naked mole rats have the worst sperm in the animal kingdom

12/5/2011 - Monster Slides Make Playgrounds Better Than Amusement Parks In Japan

12/5/2011 - Gossip shapes the way you see the world

12/5/2011 - i.TV Gallery

12/5/2011 - Weather Control as a Cold War Weapon

12/5/2011 - Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

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12/5/2011 - New Star Wars Fan Videos: 2 of the Cutest Lightsaber Duels You've Ever Seen!

12/5/2011 - Merlin Season 1 on DVD Is Your How-Much-Freaking-Longer-Can-He-Keep-This-Secret Deal of the Day

12/5/2011 - Chuck Palahniuk is Damned in Episode 50 of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

12/5/2011 - First Trailer for Joss Whedon's The Cabin in The Woods

12/5/2011 - The secret to fighting Alzheimer's Disease is...red food coloring?

12/5/2011 - Voyager Discovers Cosmic Purgatory

12/5/2011 - Luc Besson's "Prison Break in Space" Movie: Like BSG on Speed!

12/5/2011 - Did the U.S. Create the Conficker Virus to Wipe Out Iran's Nukes?

12/5/2011 - Fables creator weighs in on the Once Upon A Time Vs. Fables fight

12/5/2011 - Warning! Don't Install Full Siri On Your iPhone 4

12/5/2011 - 10 Things To Keep In Mind On Your First Trip To Low Earth Orbit

12/5/2011 - Siri Is Apple's Broken Promise

12/5/2011 - This Is the Smallest Race In the World

12/5/2011 - Spin Your Way to a Masterpiece, Battle on the High Seas, and Holes and Balls

12/5/2011 - The race is on to save the Ozark Hellbender, the world's most awesomely-named animal

12/5/2011 - You Must Get The Free NASA Ascent Shuttle App for iPad

12/5/2011 - What would Battlestar Galactica: The Animated Series have looked like?

12/5/2011 - This Week's TV: Stephen King saves you from a week of Christmas specials

12/5/2011 - Atheist scientists often expose their children to religious views for "scientific reasons"

12/5/2011 - The Most Popular Twitter Hashtags of 2011

12/5/2011 - Hey everybody: cool your jets on the whole supervirus thing

12/5/2011 - Kindle Fire Wi-Fi Issues? You're Not Alone.

12/5/2011 - The Gizmodo Winter Survival Guide is Full of Hot Air

12/5/2011 - New evidence that economic collapse and ecological collapse go hand-in-hand

12/5/2011 - Was this insane kung fu battle the inspiration for Dhalsim from Street Fighter?

12/5/2011 - This Man Had His Thumb Replaced By His Toe

12/5/2011 - Swearing Makes You F**king Feel Better

12/5/2011 - Disaster Prevention Building Is a Disaster Itself

12/5/2011 - Urban Outfitters Wants $45 for an iPhone Case Glued Attached to a Retro Handset

12/5/2011 - The Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Drops Tomorrow, Giving You Mythical Remote Control Powers

12/5/2011 - A deranged Jurassic Park art show (with absolutely no dinosaurs)

12/5/2011 - RIM Top Exec Suspect In Blackberry Riot—40 People Injured

12/5/2011 - Saturday Night Live shows off The Dark Knight's boundary problems

12/5/2011 - Play with Gizmodo Gallery's Santa Claw and Win Prizes RIGHT NOW

12/5/2011 - A mathematical bug shows us why the 3D universe leads to Murphy's Law

12/5/2011 - This Typewriter for Oil Painters Turns Hemingways Into Picassos

12/5/2011 - The Secret Names of Apple iOS

12/5/2011 - Intel's Next Processors Detail Leak: Ivy Bridge Benchmarks, Specs, and Release Date

12/5/2011 - David Attenborough weighs in on the consequences of climate change — but you won't hear him in the U.S.

12/5/2011 - Read an exclusive sneak peek of Vertigo's post-apocalyptic manimal comic, Sweet Tooth!

12/5/2011 - First Ever Molybdenite Microchip Promises Smaller, Cooler, Bendable Computing

12/5/2011 - Is Benicio del Toro going to play Star Trek's most iconic movie villain after all?

12/5/2011 - How Riot Gear Has Changed Over the Years

12/5/2011 - The Air Force Has Never Looked More Sci-Fi

12/5/2011 - DARPA's Almost-Impossible Challenge to Reconstruct Shredded Documents: Solved

12/5/2011 - Kobo Scrapes The Barrel and Offers a Free Book Each Month

12/5/2011 - Sixties Pop Sounds Best When It's Covered By a Band of Computers

12/5/2011 - Your Spam Filter Is Helping Tackle HIV

12/5/2011 - Syria Has Banned iPhones to Curb Citizen Journalism

12/5/2011 - Google Employees Are Testing Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S

12/5/2011 - Those Crazy Russians Use Retrorockets to Slow Down Tanks Dropped From Planes

12/5/2011 - Neighborhood Watch Images

12/5/2011 - Xbox 360 Dashboard Gallery

12/5/2011 - The New Xbox 360 Software: It's Not About the Games

12/5/2011 - Xbox 360 Apps Gallery

12/4/2011 - Is This Insane Video Your Future Car Experience?

12/4/2011 - Claymation humanizes Godzilla's soppy monster backstory

12/4/2011 - Teen Wolf Season 2 Set Photos and Script Page

12/4/2011 - Wrath of the Titans Promo Photo Gallery

12/4/2011 - Vampire Diaries Set Photo

12/4/2011 - John Carter Gallery

12/4/2011 - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

12/4/2011 - Grimm Episode 1.07 Let Your Hair Down Gallery

12/4/2011 - More Doctor Who Promo Photos Gallery

12/4/2011 - Chuck vs. the Hackoff Gallery

12/4/2011 - American Horror Story Episode 1.10 Smoldering Children

12/4/2011 - Steve Wozniak Will Co-Host the Gizmodo Gallery Opening Party

12/4/2011 - io9 Roundup: December 4, 2011

12/4/2011 - Flying Zip-Line Bulldog Totally Beats Skating Bulldog

12/4/2011 - Copyright: God

12/4/2011 - What's going on with these mysterious, ultra-red galaxies?

12/4/2011 - This Beautiful Water Jug Opens and Closes Automagically

12/4/2011 - The fantastically named yeti crab farms disgusting bacteria on its arms

12/4/2011 - Chivalry is not dead...among fig wasps

12/4/2011 - The Chemistry of Marriage

12/4/2011 - Unlike those in Futurama, the real-life suicide booth used lots of fire

12/4/2011 - Smashingly Brilliant Gifts for the Anglophile Gadgeteer

12/4/2011 - Yugoslavian science magazines turned dry inquiry into psychedelia

12/4/2011 - Mammoths May Be Roaming the World In Five Years

12/4/2011 - This Weird Camera Lens Make Your Camera Look Like An Anti-Matter Gun

12/4/2011 - Read the first drafts of the Star Trek opening monologue

12/4/2011 - NATO Confirms Spy Drone Loss

12/4/2011 - This Video Will Make You Smile This Sunday—You Should Watch It

12/4/2011 - Want to fight prejudice? Just wash your hands.

12/4/2011 - Our cells lock up Shigella bacteria in cages to stop it from killing us

12/4/2011 - Has Iran Killed This Advanced US Stealth Plane? (Updated)

12/4/2011 - Moving to the city could split birds into separate species

12/4/2011 - This 1.8-Ton WW2 Bomb Could Have Destroyed a German City Today

12/4/2011 - Well, Breaking Bad happened in real life

12/4/2011 - An art exhibit caught between the moon and a jug of cheese puffs

12/4/2011 - Download Six Songs From Reznor/Ross' The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack for Free

12/4/2011 - If Tintin starred in Blade Runner, Daryl Hannah would play Captain Haddock

12/4/2011 - For one brief moment, this star ruled the entire galaxy

12/4/2011 - Flesh-eating banana email hoax strikes Mozambique

12/4/2011 - This Ewok village gingerbread diorama is too awesome to eat

12/3/2011 - Using This Vibrating Mouthpiece Could Result In Less Time Wearing Braces

12/3/2011 - The Retro Charms Of This Tripod TV Will Cost You Thirty-Five Grand

12/3/2011 - See the opening credits to The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

12/3/2011 - Where the hell did this creepy bootleg E.T. footage come from?

12/3/2011 - Fujifilm's Unsettling X10 Ad Features Peeing Dogs, Butchered Fish, and Topless Dolls

12/3/2011 - US Court Rules That Samsung Can Keep Selling Galaxy Products... For Now

12/3/2011 - Classic comic book covers, transformed into loopy GIFs

12/3/2011 - Audman Case Is Another Attempt To Turn the iPhone Into a Retro Walkman

12/3/2011 - Consurgo, a charming short film about the steampunk monstrosity in your neighborhood

12/3/2011 - iPhone Controlled Minimalist Coffee Maker Hides All the Hardware Under the Counter

12/3/2011 - The first monster is always the hardest, on Supernatural

12/3/2011 - Hands down the most insane Lost diorama you've ever seen

12/3/2011 - Puppets Show Their Dramatic Side in The Narrative of Victor Karloch Trailer

12/3/2011 - The Kindle of 1935

12/3/2011 - The Blanket Octopus, One Of The Most Alien Animals To Swim The Earth

12/3/2011 - McDonald's Creates a Light Version Of Its Fries For Their New Billboard

12/3/2011 - Diesel superpowers your crotch with color-changing DC Comics underwear

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