10/31/2011 - Stanford Boffins on the Brink of Breaking Captcha Codes

10/31/2011 - Immortals Cast Interviews

10/31/2011 - New Mac Trojan Earns Other People Bitcoins on Your Dime

10/31/2011 - Using the Internet: A Guide for High Schoolers, Circa 1996

10/31/2011 - Last night on Once Upon A Time, the Evil Queen tried to kill Maleficent's unicorn... no, really.

10/31/2011 - Whisky + Lasers = a Glass Full of Awesome

10/31/2011 - How the Hell Did We Get to Seven Billion Humans In Just 200 Years?

10/31/2011 - What does a world of 7 billion people look like?

10/31/2011 - The Detonator Is a Huge Science Fiction Motorcycle Brought to Electric Life

10/31/2011 - Denny's Deals, GameStop Tabs, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/31/2011 - And Now, an E. coli Bacterium That's Fifteen Feet Long

10/31/2011 - The Happiest Place in the Saddest Place on Earth Is Still Pretty Depressing

10/31/2011 - Custom Artificial Limbs Turn Prosthetics Into Personal Art Pieces

10/31/2011 - The 8 Best Scary Movies to Stream Tonight

10/31/2011 - Help! There's an octopus in the bottom of my coffee cup!

10/31/2011 - Soon It Will Be Impossible to Escape Radar Traps

10/31/2011 - The Best Things About a Freak October Snow Storm

10/31/2011 - The Best Fantasy Books and Stories of the Year, according to the World Fantasy Awards!

10/31/2011 - The Absolute Best Scenes from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXII!

10/31/2011 - Rumor: Apple to Put the Mac Pro Out of Its Misery

10/31/2011 - Falling Skies Set Picture

10/31/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x04, "Cherokee Rose" Pictures

10/31/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises — Bane's Earthquake Machine Set Pictures

10/31/2011 - Chuck — Carrie Anne-Moss Entertainment Weekly Pictures

10/31/2011 - Merlin 4x06, "A Servant of Two Masters" Pictures

10/31/2011 - Google Wallet Will Give You $10 Just For Trying It

10/31/2011 - Hotel Transylvania Dracula Concept Art

10/31/2011 - Planets sacrifice themselves to protect us from supermassive black holes

10/31/2011 - io9’s 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time: The Top 10

10/31/2011 - The New Essential Apps October 2011

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10/31/2011 - The Sexiest Zombie Pictures from io9's Undead Carnival!

10/31/2011 - Obama's 2012 Budget Visualized: Defense Loses, Education Wins

10/31/2011 - Seven Tools to Make Your Front Porch Terrifying on Halloween

10/31/2011 - Pop Stars in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Rated on a Scale from David Bowie to Mick Jagger

10/31/2011 - Bone-munching "zombie" worms are eating our whale fossils

10/31/2011 - Cotton Transistors Could Lead to Intelligent Undies

10/31/2011 - Laser Carved Pumpkin Produces Impressive Results and Terrible Smells

10/31/2011 - Neato Gallery

10/31/2011 - Mint Gallery

10/31/2011 - The Best Robot Floor Cleaners

10/31/2011 - Behold the Pacman Nebula—now with teeth!

10/31/2011 - Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Absolute Nerdiest Among Us

10/31/2011 - Pixelated Graffiti Printer Uses Spraycans Instead of Ink Carts

10/31/2011 - How to Save Your iPhone 4S' Crappy Battery

10/31/2011 - How the "Hairy Ball Theorem" Could Transform Nanotechnology

10/31/2011 - This logic puzzle will make your brain hate you

10/31/2011 - NASA confirms one of its satellites was probably hacked

10/31/2011 - Adopted War Dogs Are the Cutest War Dogs

10/31/2011 - Google TV 2.0 Update Now Rolling Out To Devices

10/31/2011 - Life in a Day: Watch the Beautiful YouTube-Fueled Epic Right Now

10/31/2011 - Scarymodo! The Most Terrifying Teched-Out Halloween Costumes This Side of the Uncanny Valley

10/31/2011 - Foscams Wireless Surveillance Camera is Your Orwellian Deal of the Day

10/31/2011 - Behold the Louisville Decapitron, a baseball bat/battle axe made for zombie smashing

10/31/2011 - Scarymodo Gallery

10/31/2011 - Henry Cavill tells us why you don't need to be American to play Superman

10/31/2011 - You Can Literally Scare a Dragonfly to Death

10/31/2011 - Did You Notice These Design Changes In iOS 5?

10/31/2011 - Why do people pee when they're frightened?

10/31/2011 - Ryan Gosling's Logan's Run remake gets a hot new writer — but will that be enough?

10/31/2011 - A $39 Upgrade to Make Your Music Sound Way Better

10/31/2011 - A Magical Puff of Smoke Could Outshine Any Costume Tonight

10/31/2011 - The House That First Inspired Steve Jobs

10/31/2011 - 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Halloween

10/31/2011 - How to Break the Speed of Light in Your Backyard

10/31/2011 - The folks who made the robot Big Dog are building a real Cylon

10/31/2011 - A Westlake Ace Hardware Store Has a Zombie Section

10/31/2011 - The Coolest Humanoid Robot Is Not Japanese But American

10/31/2011 - This Week's TV: Tricia Helfer stars in possibly the worst thing ever made. Plus the Ultimate Clone Wars Battle!

10/31/2011 - Scientists Can Make Bomb Detectors with Inkjet Printers

10/31/2011 - Explore the Multiverse With The Fabric of The Cosmos

10/31/2011 - An excellent example of how science blogging can (and should) work

10/31/2011 - The creative team behind The Flash tells us why you won't see the Scarlet Speedster topless

10/31/2011 - Rumor: iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring on the Table for Mac OS X

10/31/2011 - How to Stop a Jet Dead in Its Tracks in Two Seconds

10/31/2011 - Who Really Is the World's 7 Billionth Person?

10/31/2011 - Grimm makes fairy tale creatures the new homeland terrorists

10/31/2011 - Last Surviving Sikh Ninja Master Is Looking for a Disciple

10/31/2011 - Yep—The New Nook Is Happening Next Week

10/31/2011 - Your Kindle Gets Heavier as You Add E-Books to It

10/31/2011 - Report: Self-Checkout Coming to an Apple Store Near You

10/31/2011 - AT&T's First LTE Phones Arrive November 6th

10/31/2011 - When Cute Art Turns Creepy

10/31/2011 - Your Old AOL Disks Could Help You Find The Perfect Fit

10/31/2011 - Danger 5, a new deranged spy show from the brains behind Italian Spiderman

10/31/2011 - One Dude Beats AMD's Overclocking World Record (8.46 GHz!)

10/31/2011 - Microsoft Says Their Licensing Agreements Are the Solution to the Patent Wars

10/31/2011 - The Secrets Behind the Most Famous Earth Image of All Time

10/31/2011 - What kind of trouble has Bruce Wayne gotten himself into, in The Dark Knight Rises?

10/31/2011 - Google Brings the Time-Lapse Pumpkin-Carving Awesome to Their Halloween Doodle

10/31/2011 - Iron Man Became a Zombie for Halloween

10/31/2011 - The Rooftop Zombie Slingshot Will Save Your Life During an Undead Siege

10/31/2011 - Netflix Holds Onto ABC/Disney Streaming Content and Picks Up Alias in the Bargain (Update: Amazon Too!)

10/31/2011 - Anonymous On a Warpath With Zetas Drug Cartel After Kidnapping Of Group Member

10/31/2011 - MacBook Air-Like Update to MacBook Pro Line Expected (Again)

10/31/2011 - Cute & Creepy Art Exhibit - Part III (The People)

10/30/2011 - Misfits 3.02 Promo Gallery

10/30/2011 - Misfits 3.01 Promo Gallery

10/30/2011 - Grimm Cast Photos Gallery

10/30/2011 - Supernatural 7.08 "Time for a Wedding" Gallery

10/30/2011 - Supernatural 7.07 The Mentalists Gallery

10/30/2011 - io9 Roundup: October 30, 2011

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10/30/2011 - A charming music video starring David Tennant and the cast, crew, and aliens of Doctor Who

10/30/2011 - Once Upon a Time Episode 1.03 Gallery

10/30/2011 - Dark Knight Rises Gallery (HuffPost, Daily Mail, Splash News, Blog)

10/30/2011 - On The Walking Dead, Shane rings the dinner bell

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10/30/2011 - Thin Lizzy: Cowboy Song/Boys Are Back In Town

10/30/2011 - What Comes Out Goes Back In with the Microbial Home

10/30/2011 - The best They Live costumes we've seen (that don't involve sunglasses or bubble gum)

10/30/2011 - Gaze upon the swastika spaceships and Nazi spiders from Hitler's future world

10/30/2011 - Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion On Uranus

10/30/2011 - Puss, Boots, BDSM, and the Plutonic Ideal

10/30/2011 - For Amazing Replica Halloween Costumes, Just Be Shawn Thorsson

10/30/2011 - Neanderthals were enjoying the finer things in life 250,000 years ago

10/30/2011 - Jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Run Limited Siri

10/30/2011 - Best Halloween Costume Ever: Use Two iPads to Create an Awesome Gaping Hole in Your Gut

10/30/2011 - Yes, High Speed Photography Is Still Amazing

10/30/2011 - Do superstitions actually do any good?

10/30/2011 - Asteroid Lutetia is the first pristine relic of a failed planet

10/30/2011 - How the Biggest Biological Cells on Earth Work

10/30/2011 - Alien ice cube trays allow you to put some H.R. Giger in your piña colada

10/30/2011 - Welcome to the land of houses the size of play forts

10/30/2011 - Behold the terrifying claws of Mars

10/30/2011 - It's Never Too Late to Build a Technological Tombstone of Terror for Halloween

10/30/2011 - The Tricky Business of Spider Foreplay

10/30/2011 - A recipe for growing bigger hearts, found in the blood of pythons

10/30/2011 - Read a seven-page preview of the finale of the Crysis comic book

10/30/2011 - Robo-Flytrap Turns Insect Lifeblood Into Power

10/30/2011 - Fertility Chip Could Herald New Era of Hands-On Home Testing for Sperm Effectiveness

10/30/2011 - In 1987, Max Headroom interrupted a Doctor Who broadcast for a spanking

10/30/2011 - On Supernatural, black goo is running in the streets of Doppleganger City

10/29/2011 - Best of the Week: October 22-October 28, 2011

10/29/2011 - Artificial Blood From Bone Marrow Stem Cells Still Makes Me Genuinely Queasy

10/29/2011 - This Canvas-Defying Art is the Only Glasses Free 3D Effect I Want to See

10/29/2011 - Shape Type: How Font Designers Have Fun

10/29/2011 - FAA Enlists the Web For Reporting Laser Shenanigans

10/29/2011 - Read an exclusive preview of Red Lanterns, starring the Green Lanterns' blood-vomiting rivals!

10/29/2011 - The iPhone 4S Has Already Been Jailbroken

10/29/2011 - Meet the Guardian of the Hole, a mechanical mythical creature

10/29/2011 - Locking Handbag Thwarts Pickpockets and Easy Access to Your Keys

10/29/2011 - The Australian alien invasion flick Encounter At Raven's Gate is like Signs (but with football hooligans)

10/29/2011 - Polaroid's Dua Flash Embraces Videographers and Photographers

10/29/2011 - Man accused of bestiality blames crime on shapeshifting prostitute

10/29/2011 - What's Going on With the iPhone 4S battery?

10/29/2011 - Apple Buys Company to Add Killer 3D to Its Maps

10/29/2011 - Lens Band: A Livestrong Bracelet to Eliminate Zoom Creep

10/29/2011 - How to make your own Vigo The Carpathian painting using XBox Kinect

10/29/2011 - A dozen last-minute science fiction Halloween costumes (for the truly costumeless)

10/29/2011 - Finally, an Electronic Paper Display I Can Crumple Up and Throw Away

10/29/2011 - Qantas Indefinitely Grounds Its Entire Fleet

10/29/2011 - A cartoon essay that explores why we love to be scared

10/29/2011 - Robotic Venus flytraps will trap bugs and eat them for fuel

10/29/2011 - Magnetic Resonance Used to Artificially Taste and Improve Canned Tomatoes

10/29/2011 - Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant takes us to 1800s Constantinople in a flying sailboat

10/29/2011 - British man calls police after confusing the Moon for a UFO

10/29/2011 - Gaze into the soulless, dead eyes of baby Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker dolls

10/29/2011 - Every single time Kurt Russell acted confused in Big Trouble In Little China

10/29/2011 - On Saturday Morning Cartoons, the X-Men go anime and Batman gets (comedy) roasted!

10/29/2011 - Panasonic Lumix GX1 Photos Leaked Ahead of Its Official Reveal

10/29/2011 - Dual iPad 2 Case Will Vastly Improve Your Multitasking

10/29/2011 - Are Stars the Origin of Organic Life?

10/29/2011 - HP May Be Killing Off WebOS

10/29/2011 - Being Struck by the iSave Only Slightly Worse Than Being Slapped With a Marshmallow

10/28/2011 - 10 Years of iPod Commercials Reveal Apple’s Trajectory: From Techie to Sassy

10/28/2011 - Shark Exorcist is a movie with something for everyone

10/28/2011 - io9 Halloween Costume Show, Week 3: An Enchanting Frodo, the Amazing Bagman, and 1990s Catwoman!

10/28/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: How to Talk Dirty

10/28/2011 - YouTube Pays $100 Million to Channel Hollywood Star Power

10/28/2011 - Do You Think This New Urban Camo Will Fool Anyone?

10/28/2011 - Daily Desired: Cool Your Bubbly in this Cylinder From a Hot Engine

10/28/2011 - A Volcano Casts a Shadow on the Sky Itself

10/28/2011 - Would Anybody Else Prefer a Cadre of Streaming Net Boxes to Cable?

10/28/2011 - Three-Eyed Fish Discovered Near Argentinian Nuclear Facility

10/28/2011 - Generation X not angst-ridden slackers after all

10/28/2011 - Making the Most Ginormous Gold Coin in History

10/28/2011 - Journalism Is Fine Because Everyone Is a Journalist

10/28/2011 - Headphones Deserve Monoblock Tube Amps Too

10/28/2011 - Bieber Beef, Sagging Actors, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/28/2011 - The Navy's Robot Jet Fighter Goes for Its First Cruise

10/28/2011 - Can't wait for The Avengers? Watch the incredibly NSFW Iron Man XXX trailer now!

10/28/2011 - The very last Harry Potter deleted scenes you will ever see!

10/28/2011 - How hagfish choke their predators with slime

10/28/2011 - Lumpy Pillow Gets What's Coming to It in Super Slow-Motion

10/28/2011 - Watch some scenes from the Fringe episode you won't be seeing tonight

10/28/2011 - Best Buy's Finally Got More Firesale TouchPads... IF You Buy an HP Computer. Ugh

10/28/2011 - Here's a Clever Way to Make the iPad 3D

10/28/2011 - Tyrion Lannister needs to slap Jeremy from The Vampire Diaries a million times

10/28/2011 - Winamp, Jeannie, Burn the City and More

10/28/2011 - io9’s 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time: 11-20

10/28/2011 - 500px, DirecTV, SoundCloud and More

10/28/2011 - Jets, Shoebox, Modern Combat 3 and More

10/28/2011 - Does your favorite fantasy novel pass the "Youngling Test"?

10/28/2011 - A Man Threw a Molotov Cocktail at a Taco Bell Because His Chalupa Didn't Have Enough Meat

10/28/2011 - When is a cover for a novel called Redshirts too self-mocking?

10/28/2011 - Six Tools to Deal with That Pesky Stalker Secret Admirer*

10/28/2011 - Report: Apple Puzzled by iPhone 4S Battery-Sucking Issues

10/28/2011 - Physicists to re-run the experiments that produced faster-than-light neutrinos

10/28/2011 - Lady Liberty's Badass Freedom Cams Are Live

10/28/2011 - Don't Try to Convert Friends to Your Tech Religion

10/28/2011 - Holy crap, we did not expect this zombie monster!

10/28/2011 - All I want to wear for Halloween is a t-shirt

10/28/2011 - Amazing Invisible Glass Kills Glare Dead

10/28/2011 - Gorgeously gruesome trailer for ParaNorman unleashes a horde of stop-motion zombies

10/28/2011 - When Churchill met Lincoln. Naked.

10/28/2011 - RIM's Buy Two Get One Free! PlayBook Deal Is World's Most Depressing Sale

10/28/2011 - Incredible but Real: Science Fiction and Fantasy Pumpkin Carvings!

10/28/2011 - Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker Is Your Girl-On-Girl Drunk Deal Of The Day

10/28/2011 - Pluto has regained its position as the ninth largest body to orbit the Sun. Probably.

10/28/2011 - If Drive Starred an Angsty Hard Drive

10/28/2011 - Have you been hypnotized? Find out, using a simple scientific test.

10/28/2011 - Four Images That Prove Tintin Could Be an Unforgettably Beautiful Movie

10/28/2011 - The story behind the world's first cancer vaccine

10/28/2011 - The Johnsville G Machine Sucked Astronauts' Teeth Out the Back of Their Heads

10/28/2011 - What Is Google Ripples?

10/28/2011 - 10 Demonic Possessions We'd Like To See

10/28/2011 - Watching Astronauts Play Around in the ISS Makes Me So Happy

10/28/2011 - New Nook Color November 7th-Bound. Bound, Get It? Book Humor

10/28/2011 - Misguided DIY-er Severs His Own Arm with a Homemade Guillotine

10/28/2011 - In Time really is Occupy Wall Street: The Movie

10/28/2011 - Rotten Fruit and Hot Pots: The Secret Techniques of Cellblock Cuisine

10/28/2011 - Prison cooking and comforts gallery

10/28/2011 - Google Street View Is Going Inside Buildings (Sorta)

10/28/2011 - The rise of "carbon chaos"

10/28/2011 - First look at Tim Burton’s undead poochie movie, Frankenweenie

10/28/2011 - Why Do We Keep Going Back to Jurassic Park?

10/28/2011 - Google TV 2.0: Android Honeycomb. Apps. Awesome.

10/28/2011 - Google TV Gal

10/28/2011 - The Hilarious Problem of a Siri-Powered Apple HDTV

10/28/2011 - Lucid dreamers bring us a step closer to "dream reading"

10/28/2011 - Here's Facebook's Massive Arctic Server Farm

10/28/2011 - Basically the Most Wirelessest Speaker You Can Get

10/28/2011 - I Will Only Eat Food That's Covered in Edible Gold Spray Paint

10/28/2011 - The tools of a real-life ghostbuster

10/28/2011 - Samsung Will Sell Bendy Screen Phones Next Year. Why?

10/28/2011 - What's Really Killing Your iPhone 4S Battery?

10/28/2011 - Renting a Movie from Redbox Will Cost More Than a Dollar

10/28/2011 - First trailer for Brad Bird's Mission Impossible has it all: spies, sex and Simon Pegg!

10/28/2011 - Now Google+ Has Instagram-Esque Filters

10/28/2011 - Do we already know how the new Superman movie will end?

10/28/2011 - Let a Playboy Playmate Call You Ugly via iPhone

10/28/2011 - New York City's Massive First Casino Is Staffed by Robot Dealers

10/28/2011 - Bill Gates: Being a Billionaire Is Overrated

10/28/2011 - Google+ Now Displays "What's Hot" Trending & Post Sharing Data

10/28/2011 - Explosions in the Name of Science Are the Best Kind of Explosions

10/28/2011 - New Robot Surgeon Will Keep Jittery Docs from Scrambling Your Eyeballs

10/27/2011 - Facebook Will Give Trusted Friends Keys to Your Account

10/27/2011 - Microsoft Serves Up Some Mango to All Eligible Phones

10/27/2011 - Once Upon a Time Episode 3 "Snow Falls" promo pics

10/27/2011 - The Inner Workings of the First SLR Polaroid, Explained

10/27/2011 - Fukushima May Have Dumped Twice As Much Radiation as Previously Thought

10/27/2011 - Coldplay: Paradise

10/27/2011 - Evidence for huge dinosaur migrations that once took place in ancient America

10/27/2011 - Happy Halloween!

10/27/2011 - Why the Boeing 787 Rides Like a Dream

10/27/2011 - Daily Desired: A Leather Bag To Enhance Your Cycling Status

10/27/2011 - How the U.S. government helped fund the development of gene therapy

10/27/2011 - Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

10/27/2011 - Once Upon a Time Episode 4 "The Price of Gold" promo pics

10/27/2011 - Terra Nova Episode 7 "Nightfall" Stills

10/27/2011 - Did hot dogs save us from colon cancer?

10/27/2011 - A documentary about the politics and science that animated The Phantom Tollbooth

10/27/2011 - CNN Thinks HTML Is Computer Espionage

10/27/2011 - The Amazing Type-Writer App Adds Nostalgia to Your Notes

10/27/2011 - What goes on in the mind of an octopus?

10/27/2011 - The many ways to make fake blood (and organs)

10/27/2011 - Briefcase Rotisserie: Get Outta My Dreams and Under My Desk

10/27/2011 - How to Build Your Very Own Flamethrower Jack-O'-Lantern

10/27/2011 - io9’s 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time: 21-30

10/27/2011 - SoundCloud for iPad: An Amazing Way to Stay Up on the Newest Music

10/27/2011 - New Meta Muppets Parody Trailer Possibly Best Yet

10/27/2011 - Motorola Only Shipped a Measly 100,000 Xooms Last Quarter (Apple Sold 11 Million iPads)

10/27/2011 - The First Interesting Looking BlackBerry Isn't Even Made by RIM

10/27/2011 - HP Keeps Its PC Division, Commits to Future Tablets (Updated)

10/27/2011 - Why Cillian Murphy Rocks All Our Universes

10/27/2011 - Egyptian Mummy Had Prostate Cancer; Lots More Ancient Peeps Probably Did Too

10/27/2011 - Could you outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex?

10/27/2011 - FingerFlux Touchscreen Harnesses Magnets For Physical Feedback

10/27/2011 - New Hunger Games character posters show off Lenny Kravitz's crazy futuristic eyeliner

10/27/2011 - Computer simulation reveals how easy it is to hunt like a wolf

10/27/2011 - Shoebox Digitizes All Your Old Photos with Your iPhone

10/27/2011 - The Simpsons Called It: Three Eyed Fish Caught Outside a Nuclear Power Plant

10/27/2011 - Were US Satellites Hacked by the Chinese Military?

10/27/2011 - How many climaxes will The Dark Knight Rises have?

10/27/2011 - Is This the Strangest Microsoft Video Yet?

10/27/2011 - Zachary Quinto just saved American Horror Story

10/27/2011 - Ghostbusters: The Videogame Is Your You-Are-The-Gatekeeper-I-Am-The-Keymaster Deal of the Day

10/27/2011 - How one mineral could reveal exactly when Mars was covered in water

10/27/2011 - soundcloud gal

10/27/2011 - Join a Mac Timeshare in the Clouds

10/27/2011 - Technology has proved it can transform the world overnight — so why not be optimistic?

10/27/2011 - Richard Kadrey explains where the name "Sandman Slim" came from

10/27/2011 - NYT: Siri-Powered Apple HDTV Is Definitely Coming, and Pieces of It Exist

10/27/2011 - NASA's deep sea asteroid training mission has been cut short by hurricane Rina

10/27/2011 - The Sad Odyssey of the F-22: America's Big Broken Toy

10/27/2011 - Predicting The Future Is Hard — Here's Why We Should Try Anyway

10/27/2011 - LEGO Digital Clock Reminds You How Much Time It Took To Build

10/27/2011 - 10 Recent Novels About the Future of Videogames

10/27/2011 - First trailer for The Lorax brings the beautiful world of Dr. Seuss to life!

10/27/2011 - What Number Human Being Were You on Planet Earth?

10/27/2011 - The Real Reason Steve Jobs' Benz Didn't Have a License Plate

10/27/2011 - Deep Inside Prison's Dark and Tangled Economy

10/27/2011 - Check out these geeky jack-o-lantern templates and submit your own

10/27/2011 - Prison Economy Gallery

10/27/2011 - Optimistic Science Fiction Stories that Could still Come True

10/27/2011 - Take a Quantum Leap with The Fabric of The Cosmos

10/27/2011 - Win a Place To Store Your Dirty Digital Secrets

10/27/2011 - What Microsoft Thinks the Future Will Look Like

10/27/2011 - These Robotic Eyes Can Spot the Ripest Strawberries of the Patch

10/27/2011 - Watch someone control a virtual helicopter in three dimensions using only their mind

10/27/2011 - Sick of pharmaceutical ads? Here's why they won't go away.

10/27/2011 - RIM's Getting Sued Over Its Worldwide Outage Debacle

10/27/2011 - How Alaskan Mining Led To the Invention of the Electric Razor

10/27/2011 - The World's Most Excellent Ensemble Halloween Costume: Bill and Ted's Time-Traveling Friends

10/27/2011 - RoundFlash Soft Box Improves Your Portraits with a Donut Diffuser

10/27/2011 - Bloomberg TV for iPad Streams Live TV

10/27/2011 - This is what 138 years of Popular Science look like

10/27/2011 - Browser Speed Test: Nokia Lumia 800 vs. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

10/27/2011 - Introducing the self-washing fruit

10/27/2011 - Super Slow Motion Ocean Waves Look Like Delicious Gigantic Jell-O

10/27/2011 - Why Why Why Is Spotify on Meego Before Windows Phone Why Ugh Stupid

10/27/2011 - Radioactive Used Cars Are Being Illegally Sold in Japan

10/27/2011 - Soda use linked to teen violence

10/27/2011 - Watch Pumpkins Getting Smashed (and Unsmashed) in Super Slow Motion

10/27/2011 - What does the latest huge Dark Knight Rises fight sequence reveal about Bane's plans for Gotham?

10/27/2011 - YouTube Rumored to Launch Their Professionally-Produced, Original Content 'Channels' Next Week

10/27/2011 - 2-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Mom's Life By Making a Phone Call

10/27/2011 - 50 Tons of Plastic Recycled Into Scottish Foot Bridge

10/27/2011 - Facebook Data Center Goes Arctic For Chilling Effect

10/27/2011 - Samsung Galaxy Nexus Only Fortified Glass, Not Gorilla Glass

10/27/2011 - Sony and Ericsson's Marriage Is Over

10/27/2011 - Pioneer Music Tap—AirPlay Lands on the Desktop

10/27/2011 - Researchers Build Logic Gates from Bacteria

10/26/2011 - What Governments Worldwide Want Google to Take Down

10/26/2011 - Picture of the Day: October 26, 2011

10/26/2011 - Someone gave the Dementors their own horror movie!

10/26/2011 - Doctors Devise Brain Tumor Removal That Saves Face—Specifically, Yours

10/26/2011 - Nokia 2100 Series: The First Cellphones Made for Actual Human Beings

10/26/2011 - Would You Use Dollar Coins if It Saved the Government $5.6 Billion?

10/26/2011 - Please Do Not Buy Richard Stallman a Parrot And Other Rules

10/26/2011 - Another Day, Another Mac Trojan on the Loose

10/26/2011 - I Want This Nikon Speaker Lens More Than I Want a Nikon 1

10/26/2011 - Flashing GIFs of Microwaved Food Are the Internet's Newest Glory

10/26/2011 - Here's the Stun Grenade Police Tossed at Oakland Protestors

10/26/2011 - Ken Jennings Wants to Occupy Jeopardy

10/26/2011 - The Private Lives Of Leeches

10/26/2011 - Behold, the mother lode of sex-swapped X-Men fan art

10/26/2011 - Recycled Re-Case Is Literally Garbage

10/26/2011 - Sherlock Holes: A Game of Shadows Poster

10/26/2011 - You Can Spill All Your Drinks on This Gaming Keyboard

10/26/2011 - The Walking Dead — More Pictures from "Save the Last One"

10/26/2011 - The Vampire Diaries Poster

10/26/2011 - Man of Steel — Even More Green Screen Pictures

10/26/2011 - Resident Evil: Retribution Set Pictures

10/26/2011 - Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol Poster

10/26/2011 - Fringe 4x05, "Novation" Pictures

10/26/2011 - Chuck — "Chuck vs. The Zoom" Pictures

10/26/2011 - io9’s 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time, 40-31

10/26/2011 - 500px for iPad: Look at the Most Beautifullest Pictures on Your iPad

10/26/2011 - Canon's PIXMA PRO-1 Is Crazy Good Enough to Make You Care About a Printer

10/26/2011 - New Steampunk! anthology from Kelly Link and Gavin Grant challenges the rules of the genre

10/26/2011 - 500px App Gallery

10/26/2011 - Seven Tools to Get Elected Mayor by the Internet

10/26/2011 - Here Is the Check That Created Superman and Changed Comic Books Forever

10/26/2011 - You can now access thousands of scientific articles (written by some of history's greatest minds) for free

10/26/2011 - What happened when Warren Ellis went to Little Nemo's Slumberland?

10/26/2011 - How to Be a Citizen Journalist Without Getting Killed

10/26/2011 - Meet "Dyslexie," a new font that could help dyslexics read more easily

10/26/2011 - Green Lantern cosplay that looks cooler than the movie costume

10/26/2011 - Daily Desired: The Business Self-Defense Kit Is a Mugger's Worst Nightmare

10/26/2011 - I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Umbrella Technology

10/26/2011 - Boeing 787 Reviewed: Well Worth the Wait

10/26/2011 - Facebook's Massive Security System Scans Your Messages to Kill Spam

10/26/2011 - DirecTV's iPad App Lets You Watch Live TV Now

10/26/2011 - Fitmodo: Your Ass Does Look Fat in Those Jeans

10/26/2011 - Life on Earth began in . . . Greenland!?

10/26/2011 - Augmented Reality Navigation Displays in Your Windshield? Absolutely.

10/26/2011 - Foursquare's Biggest New Feature Isn't Broken Anymore

10/26/2011 - The D-Link Boxee Box Is Your Excuse-To-Stay-Indoors Deal of the Day

10/26/2011 - Killer whales swim three thousand miles just to lose their skin

10/26/2011 - Man Calls the Police Complaining About a Flashing Light in the Sky Only to Find Out It's the Moon

10/26/2011 - Dark Knight writer to flesh out Leonardo da Vinci's secret coed years

10/26/2011 - Escort SmartCord Puts Your Radar Detector Online

10/26/2011 - Spend some quality time with Claudia from Warehouse 13

10/26/2011 - CDC Advisory Committee: All males starting at age 11 should receive the HPV vaccine

10/26/2011 - Self-Destructive RIM Says No PlayBook Email or BBM Until Next Year

10/26/2011 - Scientists offer a miracle cure for the effects of alcohol poisoning: strawberries

10/26/2011 - What the Heck Is This Crazy Flexible Nokia Phone?

10/26/2011 - The 10 Most Bad-Ass Chemistry Scenes From Breaking Bad

10/26/2011 - Why Nokia's Windows Phones Are Better Than Good Enough

10/26/2011 - Surgical Device Company Failed to Report Its Spinal Implant Causes Cancer

10/26/2011 - What's the most famous science fiction movie you've never seen?

10/26/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Vortographs

10/26/2011 - The Air Force's Rocket-Killing Megawatt Laser Runs on Rocket Fuel

10/26/2011 - Why are most people right-handed?

10/26/2011 - Science investigates the 'Think Fast Principle'

10/26/2011 - Yes, Prisoners Carry iPhones in Their Asses

10/26/2011 - Adam Frucci Dishes on His Toyota Yaris Unboxing Experience

10/26/2011 - A plausible end-of-the-world scenario you've probably never thought of

10/26/2011 - The Rise of Whalepunk: An Exclusive Excerpt from Corwin Erickson's Swell

10/26/2011 - The Happening is happening in Cambodia: mob of fainting teenagers blamed on oxygen-stealing trees

10/26/2011 - Prison Phones Gallery

10/26/2011 - Are Nokia's Flagship Windows Phones Even Coming to the US?

10/26/2011 - Murata's Self Balancing Powered Walker is Perfect For the Elderly and Super Lazy

10/26/2011 - The Walking Dead shambles on for a third season

10/26/2011 - Nokia Images

10/26/2011 - Secret Code of Eye-Surgery Cult Gets Cracked

10/26/2011 - Stephen King’s Dark Tower is coming to HBO

10/26/2011 - Police Used GPS Tracking to Bust Identity Thief With Over 300,000 Victims

10/26/2011 - Bizarre First Human Audio Recordings Include Creepy Talking Dolls

10/26/2011 - Toyota's New Infotainment System Mirrors Your Smartphone's Display

10/26/2011 - A rare view of the aurora borealis, shot from a field in...Arkansas?

10/26/2011 - Earth's mightiest heroes are fighting Loki and each other in The Avengers!

10/26/2011 - The Daily Show Takes on the Steve Jobs Biography

10/26/2011 - These Are Nokia's Hot New Windows Phones (Updated: Hands On)

10/26/2011 - These Are Nokia's Hot New Windows Phones

10/26/2011 - Interactive Kitchen Teaches French Language Through French Cooking

10/26/2011 - A Decade On, Windows XP Is Still the World's Most-Used Desktop OS

10/26/2011 - Apple Now Owns the Unlock Slide Gesture

10/26/2011 - These Robot Legs Can Walk 15km—By Themselves

10/25/2011 - The Coup : Dig It

10/25/2011 - Once Upon a Time Maleficent

10/25/2011 - Man of Steel Set Photos

10/25/2011 - Parasite Creates Wasp Zombie Queen

10/25/2011 - What You Need To Know About the New Copyfight

10/25/2011 - Walking Dead Episode 3 "Save The Last One" Promo Pics

10/25/2011 - Vampire Diaries Episode 8 "Ordinary People" Promo Pics

10/25/2011 - Thunder Cats Return of the Ro-Bears

10/25/2011 - Once Upon A Time Episode 3 "Snow Falls" Promo Pics

10/25/2011 - U.S. Requests for Google User Data Spikes 29 Percent in Six Months

10/25/2011 - Daily Desired: Make Your Apple Products Shimmer Like Carbon Fiber

10/25/2011 - Do Tech Exec Trading Cards Have Business Stats on the Back?

10/25/2011 - Audioengine 5+ Speakers Hit All The Right Notes, Including Price

10/25/2011 - Disembodied Japanese robot arms applaud your growing fear

10/25/2011 - Japan's Incredible Flying Sphere Hovers Its Way Into My Heart

10/25/2011 - Ancient humans only gradually warmed up to agriculture

10/25/2011 - The Government Is Broke Because It Takes These Idiotic Flying Cars Seriously

10/25/2011 - Watch some vibrating nails do their best imitation of melting crystals

10/25/2011 - Duck Sauce's mutant crotch-faces = the most horrifying music video of 2011?

10/25/2011 - What would an Earthlike exoplanet look like up close?

10/25/2011 - Genius Handicapped Man Carved a Smartphone Dock into His Fake Arm

10/25/2011 - Will Parents Volunteer Their Kids to Test an Anthrax Vaccine?

10/25/2011 - The best video makeup tutorials to turn you into a gorgeous freak this Halloween

10/25/2011 - Beleaguered Flight Crews Could Soon Bunk With the Cargo

10/25/2011 - Jonah Hex, Crab Women, And Kickstarter: A Conversation With Comic Scribe Jimmy Palmiotti

10/25/2011 - Subtext for iPad: Reading Together Is Pretty Fun

10/25/2011 - NASA solves an 1,800 year old supernova mystery

10/25/2011 - Subtext App Gallery

10/25/2011 - Fox: HP's Putting Windows 8 on TouchPads

10/25/2011 - The Masters of Weird: New Story Collections by Tim Powers, Geoff Ryman and Caitlín R. Kiernan

10/25/2011 - Women suffer from premature orgasm, too

10/25/2011 - New Capacitive Touchscreens Recognize Your Gloved Fingers

10/25/2011 - Life in the Air Force is one big Michael Bay movie, according to the latest recruiting commercial

10/25/2011 - Inside Your Brain on Cannabis: Cognitive Chaos

10/25/2011 - The F-22 Is Back, Baby!

10/25/2011 - Will Your Android Phone's Buttons Still Work With Ice Cream Sandwich?

10/25/2011 - Unraveling the MobileMess of the MobileMe to iCloud Migration

10/25/2011 - Berries Battle Booze in Your Belly, Bellow Boffins

10/25/2011 - io9's 50 Scariest Movies Of All Time

10/25/2011 - Working DSLR Costume Will Easily Win Every Contest This Weekend

10/25/2011 - What was the world's population when you were born?

10/25/2011 - Bomb Patrol Afghanistan: Exclusive Clip From the New Best Thing on TV

10/25/2011 - Amazing Real-Life Reproduction of Arkham City's Batsuit

10/25/2011 - Adam Frucci Dishes on His Toyota Yaris Unboxing Experience

10/25/2011 - The era of non-invasive prenatal genetic screening has officially begun

10/25/2011 - 7 Tools For Negligent Pet Owners

10/25/2011 - Teaching Computers to Find Your Good Side

10/25/2011 - More Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Hollywood Could Totally Whitewash

10/25/2011 - Spartacus Season 1 & 2 Is Your Gorerotic Deal of the Day

10/25/2011 - Leaks: These Are the Windows Phones Nokia Is Announcing Tomorrow

10/25/2011 - The difference between humans and chimps is all in the junk DNA

10/25/2011 - Genius Fruit Label Turns into Soap When Wet

10/25/2011 - Watch the English-dubbed trailer for Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty

10/25/2011 - These Pictures Show How Amazing Photoshop's Magical Deblurring Tool Can Be

10/25/2011 - Watch a Fake Russian Man Explode a Tree with Incendiary .50 Cal Ammo

10/25/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: Leading Lines 2

10/25/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: Leading Lines 3

10/25/2011 - 69 Photos that Pull Your Eyes From Their Sockets

10/25/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: Leading Lines 1

10/25/2011 - Is your surgeon a gamer? He probably should be.

10/25/2011 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Joe Hill's Horns.

10/25/2011 - Artist Launches LEDs Into Sky To Replace Stars, and More from TreeHugger.com

10/25/2011 - A gigantic cross-section of Batman fighting all of his enemies in Wayne Manor

10/25/2011 - 1955 Imagines Travel in 1965

10/25/2011 - There Are Glimpses of Blade Runner in This Tokyo Time Lapse

10/25/2011 - 10 Most Far-Fetched Future Dystopias

10/25/2011 - A time-lapse of Tokyo, set to the score of Blade Runner

10/25/2011 - How Stealth Works

10/25/2011 - A six-minute teaser of The Dark Knight Rises is coming out this December

10/25/2011 - Easy Does It: Reviewing the World's Most User-Friendly PCs

10/25/2011 - In this week's best new comics, NASA builds a Spaceman and Wolverine is Principal Belding

10/25/2011 - The Many Insane Flavors of Improvised Prison Weapons

10/25/2011 - iPads Are Why Your Hotel Wi-Fi Sucks (And Might Stop Being Free)

10/25/2011 - Adam Frucci Dishes on His Toyota Yaris Unboxing Experience

10/25/2011 - Time Travel With The Fabric of the Cosmos

10/25/2011 - That Crashing Satellite Narrowly Avoided Wrecking Chinese Cities

10/25/2011 - The UK Wave Hub Powers 7,500 Cornish Homes

10/25/2011 - There's a Logitech AirPlay Speaker Hiding Out on Amazon UK

10/25/2011 - Beautiful new NASA photo captures the diversity of Saturn's many moons

10/25/2011 - Robot Chicken's DC superhero special gives Green Lantern a new power ring (in his pants)

10/25/2011 - IBM Simulates 4.5 Percent of the Human Brain and Might Make You Obsolete by 2019

10/25/2011 - U-Verse Wireless Receiver Frees Your TV to Move About the House

10/25/2011 - Lockdown Prison Weapons Gallery

10/25/2011 - Is Daylight Savings Time Amazingly Brilliant or Amazingly Foolish?

10/25/2011 - Amazon's Kindle Fire Will Become To the Video Industry What the iPod Was To the Music Industry

10/25/2011 - Conan Knows How We're Really Using Siri

10/25/2011 - Insane 1980s TV movie turned Tim Curry into an erotic Halloween wizard

10/25/2011 - Enough With The Ridiculous Product Code Names

10/25/2011 - The Woman Who Kept Time

10/25/2011 - Remember Netbooks? No One Else Does, Either

10/25/2011 - Clothing Store Body Scanners Know Your Every Curve

10/25/2011 - Science proves that getting silicone injected directly into your body is a bad idea

10/25/2011 - Will Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham-Carter class up the Akira remake?

10/25/2011 - Report: No Nokia Windows Phone Hotness Until 2012

10/25/2011 - Bloomberg: iTunes Creator Now Building Mythological Apple HDTV

10/25/2011 - ThinkGeek's IRIS 9000: The Best Reason Yet to Buy an iPhone 4S

10/25/2011 - Android 4.0 Security Boosted with ASLR

10/25/2011 - Airplane Caught In Duct-Taped Window Shocker

10/25/2011 - Thermostat Automagically Learns Your Heating Habits

10/25/2011 - Yale Stores Data Mechanically—with Frickin' Lasers

10/25/2011 - Would Anybody Else Upload Their Consciousness to the Internet?

10/25/2011 - 350kg Stainless Steel "Fake Leicas" Aren't Fooling Anybody

10/25/2011 - Stanford Develops Nanotube-Infused Artificial Skin for Robots and People Alike

10/24/2011 - What Happens When Your Cat Earns More Money Than You Do

10/24/2011 - The Tiltpod Magnetic Tripod Will Fit in Even the Skinniest of Jeans

10/24/2011 - Wanna Boost Your Wireless Network by... 1.5 Miles?

10/24/2011 - A 4,600 Gallon per Minute Oil Skimmer Just Won the $1.4 Million X Challenge

10/24/2011 - Beastie Boys: (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

10/24/2011 - Stars and Telescopes Spin Beautifully

10/24/2011 - Spend the next hour disco-dancing and watching Supertrain!

10/24/2011 - TouchFire Upgrades the iPad's Touchscreen For Touch Typists

10/24/2011 - Ancient image of childbirth discovered by blind archaeologist

10/24/2011 - iPad 3 Connections, Biker Bots, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/24/2011 - There Are 10 Million People in China Using iPhones on 2G

10/24/2011 - That guy eating an obnoxiously large burger is probably just overcompensating for something

10/24/2011 - Blue straggler stars are eternally young mysteries

10/24/2011 - Fizzy, Sugary Soft Drinks Are Making Teens Hulk Out

10/24/2011 - How To Make Your Apartment Buzzer Ring Every Phone in Your Home

10/24/2011 - First Photos of Scarlett Johansson as a Sexy Alien Who Picks Up Male Hitchhikers

10/24/2011 - Once Upon a Time 1x03, "Snow Falls" Pictures

10/24/2011 - Watch a Halloween light show so beautiful, it would make Tim Burton cry

10/24/2011 - The io9 Costume Show Week 2: Baby Jedi, Firefly Awesomeness, and More!

10/24/2011 - See the four-inch-long amoebas that live six miles under the Pacific Ocean

10/24/2011 - A Giant Spinning Human Head Water Fountain Is Oddly Mesmerizing

10/24/2011 - Terra Nova 1x06, "Bylaw" Pictures

10/24/2011 - Fringe Set Pictures

10/24/2011 - Fringe 4x05, "Novation" Pictures

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10/24/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x03, "Save the Last One" Pictures

10/24/2011 - Chuck 5x02, "Chuck vs. The Bearded Bandit" Pictures

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10/24/2011 - One Upon A TIme 1x02, "The Thing You Love the Most" Pictures

10/24/2011 - Jets App Gallery

10/24/2011 - Macaques use synchronized sex to keep alpha males at bay

10/24/2011 - Once Upon A Time: Actually Cheesier Than True Blood!

10/24/2011 - Watch robots kill each other — up close and personal!

10/24/2011 - Weapon of Ice Destruction: A Snowball Launching Crossbow

10/24/2011 - High-speed videography reveals how mosquitoes fly in the rain

10/24/2011 - In the comic I, Vampire, blood-suckers scared of Superman start a revolution

10/24/2011 - Male Crash Test Dummies Put the Ladies at Risk

10/24/2011 - A Good Day for Vices: Coffee Is Healthy and Hot Dogs Aren't As Bad As You Thought

10/24/2011 - SNL Rips Zuckerberg, HuffPo, and Netflix Real Good

10/24/2011 - Why Economic Inequality is Killing Us

10/24/2011 - Cardo Scala Rider Lightning Review: Check Your Head

10/24/2011 - Big Mother Is Watching: Statue of Liberty Gets Panoramic Webcams

10/24/2011 - This Year's Sluttiest and Weirdest Store-Bought Halloween Costumes

10/24/2011 - Six Tools to Carry Out a Successfully Spooky Ghost Hunt

10/24/2011 - Zombie in a Penguin Suit adds even more indignity to the existence of a shambling corpse

10/24/2011 - Lefties far more likely to have sleep disorders

10/24/2011 - Surprise: $150 Million F-22 Fighters Are Shut Down Again

10/24/2011 - How Much the iPhone Camera Has Improved

10/24/2011 - George Foreman Stainless Steel Grill Is Your Lean, Mean Deal of the Day

10/24/2011 - Gaze upon the cosmic mystery of the Waterfall Nebula

10/24/2011 - NASA interrogates 73-year-old grandmother for selling moon rocks

10/24/2011 - Once Upon a Time and Paranormal Activity get huge weekend audiences

10/24/2011 - Intense Firefighter Footage Puts You Inside a Burning Building

10/24/2011 - Generic Women's Costumes

10/24/2011 - Men's Costumes

10/24/2011 - 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dreams

10/24/2011 - Watch a CNN Broadcast About Steve Jobs Get Hijacked By a Dancing with the Stars Lunatic

10/24/2011 - Songs to Read the Steve Jobs Biography By

10/24/2011 - How the Phantom Menace 3D Trailer Really Improves Episode I

10/24/2011 - Adorable vampire identification chart helps you sort out the best bloodsuckers

10/24/2011 - Turn Any Pair of Glasses into a Heads Up Display

10/24/2011 - The Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock Proof iPhone 4S Case

10/24/2011 - The DIY Wizards of San Quentin

10/24/2011 - The World's Largest Pumpkin Carving Is Also the Most Impressive

10/24/2011 - Print is not dead?

10/24/2011 - Mosquitoes Genetically-Engineered to Self Destruct Could Wipe Out Dengue Fever

10/24/2011 - Wooden Skin Makes This the Most Beautiful Camera I've Ever Seen

10/24/2011 - Lockdown Intro Gallery

10/24/2011 - This Week's TV: It's Zombie Week! Including Candy Zombies, Alien Zombies, and Max Brooks Explaining Zombie Lore!

10/24/2011 - Technology in America's Most Notorious Prison

10/24/2011 - The robots are now building other robots

10/24/2011 - Inflatable Interface Lets You Literally Poke Your Friends

10/24/2011 - On The Walking Dead, everybody walks around everywhere

10/24/2011 - Toddler Treats Military Dad's Virtual Bedtime Story Like the Real Thing

10/24/2011 - Warner Bros. wants Ben Affleck to direct The Stand, but can he control the crazy?

10/24/2011 - Can Slingshot Marbles Kill You?

10/24/2011 - Westone's Latest Quad-Driver Earbuds Go Audiophile

10/24/2011 - Broke Wikileaks Halts Publication to Raise Money

10/24/2011 - Steve Jobs in His Own Words: Life and the Afterlife

10/24/2011 - Stay at Hilbert's Grand Hotel, the paradoxical hotel with infinite rooms

10/24/2011 - And now, G.I. Joe and the Rocketeer versus Godzilla and Cobra

10/24/2011 - Cupcake Ipsum: A Text Generator with a Sweet Tooth

10/24/2011 - Google Music to Labels: With or Without You

10/24/2011 - iPhones Only Used For Calls on The Avengers Set, Not Filming

10/24/2011 - LIST CLOSED: Undead Carnival in NYC this Thursday, sponsored by io9 and The Walking Dead!

10/24/2011 - Last Nuclear ‘Monster Weapon’ Gets Dismantled

10/24/2011 - Tom Hiddleston reveals Loki's journey from Thor to The Avengers...and beyond!

10/24/2011 - Svelte Dell XPS 14z Ultrathin Laptop Comes To America

10/24/2011 - New MacBook Pros Updated with Faster Processors, Better Graphics and Bigger Hard Drives

10/24/2011 - Watch Apple Celebrate Steve Jobs' Life

10/24/2011 - BlackBerry PlayBook's Killer New Feature, Android, Demonstrated on Video

10/24/2011 - Read the Revelations in Full: Book of Jobs Now Available

10/24/2011 - Making Meat Should be a "Factory Process"

10/24/2011 - GoPro Hero 2 Lightning Review: Best Sports Cam Ever?

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10/24/2011 - Grimm Photos

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10/24/2011 - Lorax Film Gallery

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10/23/2011 - Joss Whedon found time to make a Shakespeare movie?

10/23/2011 - Images from the Catastrophic Fall of Imperial Japan, 1945

10/23/2011 - 4WD Imperial Crawler Hack Makes the AT-AT Even More "Off-Roadier"

10/23/2011 - io9 Roundup: October 23, 2011

10/23/2011 - The Rotundus GroundBot Wheels Out 3D Video Surveillance on the Go

10/23/2011 - Not That the World's Candy Corn Population Needs Bolstering, But Here's How to Make Your Own

10/23/2011 - Silent scenes from the airplane graveyards of the American Southwest

10/23/2011 - Wacom Inkling Release Finally Dated for October 24?

10/23/2011 - Dark star clusters are like regular star clusters...except full of black holes

10/23/2011 - 20 Zero-Effort, High-Concept Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Alienate Your Friends

10/23/2011 - Confused Black Keys Fans Wondering Why Microsoft Windows Store Is Hanging Around Their Free Concert

10/23/2011 - How over-the-counter painkillers could also help with social awkwardness

10/23/2011 - Meet the two-horned cousin of triceratops

10/23/2011 - Epic pi quest sets 10 trillion digit record

10/23/2011 - Sound the All Clear: ROSAT Does Not Go Splat

10/23/2011 - Japanese androids herald our glorious androgynous future

10/23/2011 - Web Porn Is Killing My Libido

10/23/2011 - A baby solar system holds thousands of oceans worth of water

10/23/2011 - Once Upon a Time Isn’t Kids Stuff

10/23/2011 - Oil Springs of Catan explores the tragedy of the commons

10/23/2011 - Unnervingly realistic portraits of Disney princesses as human beings

10/23/2011 - Nimec Hit Hard by Thailand Floods; Here Comes the Great Hard Drive Shortage of 2011

10/23/2011 - The Avengers trailer, as told by zany Taiwanese animation

10/23/2011 - Singing Busts Arduino Project Brings All the Campiness of Disney to Your Front Door

10/23/2011 - Orangutan populations develop different cultures just like humans

10/22/2011 - Supernatural gives good death - and major fan service

10/22/2011 - Libyan Rebels Channeled the A-Team With This Anti Sniper Dozer

10/22/2011 - Daily Desired: Pixelated Mario Cushion From Japan's Club Nintendo

10/22/2011 - These Ethereal Landscape Photos Were Faked in a Cloud Tank

10/22/2011 - Old Marvel Comics NYC map teaches us that the Scarlet Witch lives in New Jersey

10/22/2011 - This short film by Spike Jonze is like Toy Story (but starring books and fellatio)

10/22/2011 - A Solar Charger That Rewards You for Staying Off the Grid

10/22/2011 - Keep Those Umbrellas Handy, Another Satellite is Falling to Earth This Weekend

10/22/2011 - Best of the Week: October 15-October 21, 2011

10/22/2011 - Now you can see the lost erotic fiction of director Ed Wood

10/22/2011 - Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Priced and Dated For the U.S.

10/22/2011 - Real-Life Inception: Army looks to "counteract nightmares" with digital dreams

10/22/2011 - Lucky Charms Sifter Gets Straight to the Sweet, Sweet Point

10/22/2011 - What if David Bowie's "Space Oddity" was a NASA mission?

10/22/2011 - Remington's Touchscreen Stubble Trimmer Offers Precise Adjustments

10/22/2011 - A Font Made From Model Railroads is Still Classier than Comic Sans

10/22/2011 - A Gifted Man is like MacGyver with perverted ghosts

10/22/2011 - David Brin's Startide Rising takes off, but could use more gravity

10/22/2011 - Steve Jobs Ensured There Was No One at Apple To Boss Jonathan Ive Around

10/22/2011 - Pig-to-human transplants could be closer than you think

10/22/2011 - Can clowns ameliorate the effects of botulinum toxin?

10/22/2011 - DeWalt's New Saw Blade Does More of the Work For You

10/22/2011 - Melancholy monsters from your gloomiest nightmares

10/22/2011 - In this exclusive preview of The Savage Hawkman, it's weird bad guys and weirder metals!

10/22/2011 - Future Touchscreens Could Know Exactly What Touched Them

10/22/2011 - Is Watchmen 2 being considered yet again?

10/22/2011 - Costumed children meet gruesome ends in "The Last of the Trick-Or-Treaters" webcomics

10/22/2011 - A Surfboard Bag for Dedicated Beach Bums

10/22/2011 - Weirdly prescient 1987 sitcom predicted the death of Muammar Gaddafi

10/22/2011 - Conan Worries Batman's Best Days Might Be Behind Him

10/22/2011 - Saturday Morning Cartoons bring you clips from this week's episodes of Young Justice, Generator Rex, & more!

10/22/2011 - Google Relieves Its Growing Pains With Another HQ Expansion

10/22/2011 - Four-Inch Long Amoebas Found in Mariana Trench

10/22/2011 - Amazon Sets the Record Straight on Silk's Security

10/22/2011 - How the US Navy Is Making Its Virginia-Class Subs Even More Deadly

10/21/2011 - Post-It Notes Are the Most Useful Wrist Accessory Since Casio Databanks

10/21/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Aladdin's Big Mistake

10/21/2011 - Ninjas Do Not Fight Fair

10/21/2011 - Did You Know You Can Trade Copper for Crack?

10/21/2011 - The strangest (and nakedest) teleportation scene ever committed to film [NSFW]

10/21/2011 - M83 : Midnight City

10/21/2011 - Did Vampire Diaries really earn that Buffy reference?

10/21/2011 - Idiot Car Thieves Busted When Craigslist Ad Attracts Original Owner

10/21/2011 - On Person of Interest, it's time to store Polish gangsters in the trunk of your car

10/21/2011 - Using viruses to dye your clothes

10/21/2011 - 15 Classic Braun Gadgets that Inspired Apple

10/21/2011 - Matt Smith Quitting Doctor Who Next Year?

10/21/2011 - USB Animal Cushions: Providing The Warmth You Never Had

10/21/2011 - The shocking true story of how Pringles are made

10/21/2011 - This is the most disturbing music video we've seen in years

10/21/2011 - Good news, everyone: here's a study that says your phone isn't giving you brain cancer

10/21/2011 - Galaxy Nexus Officially Coming to Verizon With 4G LTE

10/21/2011 - Let Brian Greene blow your mind, with this sneak peek of The Fabric Of the Cosmos

10/21/2011 - The Science of Horror Movie Screams

10/21/2011 - Iris, Espier Launcher, My Car Salon and More

10/21/2011 - My Secret Folder, Adobe Reader, Whale Trail and More

10/21/2011 - Instapaper, My Secret Folder, Animoog and More

10/21/2011 - Drones Mean the Iraq War Is Never Over

10/21/2011 - Terra Nova will pick up the pace soon. Really.

10/21/2011 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

10/21/2011 - Woman Has Her Breasts and Uterus Removed—and She Didn't Even Have Cancer

10/21/2011 - iPhone 4S Review

10/21/2011 - Strong Hints of Apple HDTV in Jobs Biography

10/21/2011 - The Best Worst Videos of Liquor Store Disasters

10/21/2011 - Spooky Ghost Stories from Science Fiction

10/21/2011 - Once Upon a Time Isn’t Kids Stuff

10/21/2011 - Six Tools to Survive the Rapture (Again)

10/21/2011 - AIAIAI TMA-1 Gal

10/21/2011 - This Guy Totally Doesn't Understand Bikes

10/21/2011 - Listen to Steve Jobs on Meeting His Biological Father

10/21/2011 - NATO Commander Posts End-of-Libyan-War Facebook Status

10/21/2011 - Fuji X100 SE: Who Doesn't Love a Hottie Dressed in Leather?

10/21/2011 - Must Watch: Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Pamela Gay, and Lawrence Krauss discuss our future in space

10/21/2011 - October Books Bring Vampires, Magic, and A Trip To Hell

10/21/2011 - iPhone 4S Gallery

10/21/2011 - The Dyson Bladeless Fan Is Your Overpriced Wind-Blowing Deal of the Day

10/21/2011 - Make a Matchstick Rocket

10/21/2011 - Could Boeing's Miracle Plane Make Flying Suck Less?

10/21/2011 - The Geekiest Toys to Help Turn Your Cubicle into a Lair

10/21/2011 - Bundle Up This Winter with Crime-Fighting Taser Gloves

10/21/2011 - Facebook Is Better Than Sex

10/21/2011 - The Reed Hastings Qwikster Apology Tour Marches On

10/21/2011 - An Exclusive First Look At Cover Art From The New Magic: The Gathering Comic

10/21/2011 - Neal Stephenson Farms Gold and Changes the World in Episode 47 of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

10/21/2011 - Our Divided Brains Might Be Making Us Unhappy: A Plea for a More Right-Brained World

10/21/2011 - Thomas Edison's Brief Stint As A Homemaker

10/21/2011 - Real-Life Inception: Army Looks to ‘Counteract Nightmares’ With Digital Dreams

10/21/2011 - 10 Things an Electromagnetic Field Can Do to Your Brain

10/21/2011 - Amazon's Kindle E-Books Welcome HTML5 With Open Arms

10/21/2011 - Mortgage defaults are causing health problems in people over 50

10/21/2011 - Paranormal Activity 3: Actually scary, unlike Paranormal Activity 2

10/21/2011 - You Can (And Must) Cook Eggs in a Waffle Iron

10/21/2011 - Holy Crap Qaddafi's Corpse Is Being Stored in a Freezer at a Mall

10/21/2011 - 20 Essential Tips and Tricks for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

10/21/2011 - io9 Meetup in San Francisco tonight, 10/21!

10/21/2011 - The World's Only Rotating Boat Lift Looks Like God's Bottle Opener

10/21/2011 - According to BitTorrent and Netflix, people prefer to pirate science fiction

10/21/2011 - Human Slingshots Are Probably the Most Fun You Can Have on Land

10/21/2011 - Otherworldly Spanish House is Half Skatepark, Half Moonbase

10/21/2011 - This Sucks: Sprint Just Killed Unlimited 4G Data for Hotspots

10/21/2011 - Handy map of the United States showing the scariest thing in every single state

10/21/2011 - Jeff Bezos Is Basically Lex Luthor

10/21/2011 - Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Sweet-Ass iPhone Case

10/21/2011 - Merger Wars: My galaxy could eat your galaxy

10/21/2011 - Why are bed bugs so damn hard to kill?

10/21/2011 - The Avengers Has Scenes Shot With an iPhone, So Where Did That $220 Million Go?

10/21/2011 - Watch a Cute Dog Videobomb Some Uncreative Dude's Marriage Proposal

10/21/2011 - Marvel's The Punisher Becoming a Police Procedural TV Show?

10/21/2011 - All the Best Leaks from the Steve Jobs Biography

10/21/2011 - Which ISP Throttles Bittorrent the Most?

10/21/2011 - Instant nightmare: Watch the entire cosmos turn into the deformed head of William Shatner. Reciting "Bohemian Rhapsody."

10/21/2011 - The Battlestar Galactica movie finds its writer. Plus George R.R. Martin explains the challenges ahead for Game of Thrones!

10/21/2011 - Anyone with a Smart Cover Can Break into Your iPad 2

10/21/2011 - Ice Cream Sandwich: A Deep-Dive Tour With Android’s Chief Engineer

10/21/2011 - DARPA Wants to Hack Together Old Satellites into New Satellites—While In Space

10/20/2011 - Catch a Glimpse of Google TV 2.0

10/20/2011 - Lorax promo pics

10/20/2011 - Tarsem Singh's Immortals promo pics

10/20/2011 - Secret Circle Episode 8 "Beneath" promo pics

10/20/2011 - Fringe set pics

10/20/2011 - Chuck Episode 2 promo pics

10/20/2011 - Research in Motion Denies BBX Infringement Claims, Doesn't Know What All the Fuss Is About

10/20/2011 - The ZEUS Laser Is All PEW PEW PEW Before Land Mines Go 'SPLOSION

10/20/2011 - Canon Was Shooting 14 Pricey Frames Per Second in 1984

10/20/2011 - The City, Airborne

10/20/2011 - Picture of the Day: October 20, 2011

10/20/2011 - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt : D City Rock

10/20/2011 - Climate Change Skeptics Eat Crow

10/20/2011 - Steve Jobs Was Ready For "Thermonuclear War" With Google

10/20/2011 - Mountain beavers evolved thicker teeth to eat volcanoes

10/20/2011 - Bartering Kindles, Biking Desks, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/20/2011 - Number of Facebook friends linked to size of certain brain areas

10/20/2011 - American Horror Story and the Evil Abortionist

10/20/2011 - How The New Mars Rover's Power Supply Works (This Sucker's Nuclear!)

10/20/2011 - Flaming Poop Sets Neighborhood Ablaze After Failed Poo-to-Gold Alchemy Experiment

10/20/2011 - Scientists unlock the genetic basis for weed's high

10/20/2011 - A gorgeous airship model kit from the sustainable future

10/20/2011 - Daily Desired: Pantone Ornaments Will Make You Wish It Was Christmas All Year

10/20/2011 - Meet the Gun in the Sky that Ended Qaddafi

10/20/2011 - Group sex among the giant cuttlefish

10/20/2011 - The year's best wildlife photos will break your heart

10/20/2011 - If There's Any Possible Way to Improve Upon the Machete, This Is It

10/20/2011 - Buffy's Clare Kramer is a sexy "spree killer" in the latest movie from the director of Brainsmasher and Cyborg!

10/20/2011 - Iris for Android: Kind of Like Siri, But for Android

10/20/2011 - Why are there so many ghost stories about a "woman in white"?

10/20/2011 - Six Tools to Wreak Havoc on Halloween

10/20/2011 - Iris App Gallery

10/20/2011 - Ancient mastodon hunt reveals North America's oldest culture

10/20/2011 - Your Bag Does Not Need, or Deserve, Its Own Chair

10/20/2011 - Britain's Latest Superhero Fetish Looks Like Zack Snyder's Ultimate Fantasy

10/20/2011 - We need an engineering solution to climate change

10/20/2011 - Microsoft Makes Great Gobs of Cash Despite Sluggish PC Growth

10/20/2011 - Will Your Next iPhone Have Hinges? Probably Not

10/20/2011 - What's Going on with the Sprint iPhone 4S's Data Speeds?

10/20/2011 - Qaddafi Died Packing a Giant Golden Gun

10/20/2011 - Why The Galaxy Nexus' 720p Screen Might Not Be All It's Cracked Up to Be

10/20/2011 - What Drinking, Smoking and Eating Too Much Will Do to Your Face (It Ain't Pretty)

10/20/2011 - The Wachowskis Prepare To Make Huge Scifi Flick, Jupiter Ascending

10/20/2011 - Early Christmas Shopping Tip: Dr. Kevorkian's Suicide Machine Is for Sale

10/20/2011 - New Adobe Flash Exploit Could Give Any Website Access to Your Webcam

10/20/2011 - The Onion Just Invented My New Favoritest Fake Site

10/20/2011 - Chip Kidd talks about designing the cover for Haruki Murakami's new novel, 1Q84

10/20/2011 - Requiem For A Clock Radio: Sony Dream Machine Discontinued

10/20/2011 - io9 Meetup in San Francisco tomorrow, 10/21!

10/20/2011 - Stare Into the Unseeing Eyes Of Real-Life Zombie Homer Simpson

10/20/2011 - Nine substances (and one sound) that can induce fear, anxiety and dread

10/20/2011 - Nintendo DS Lite Is Your Outdated Handheld Deal of the Day

10/20/2011 - Why Steve Jobs Refused a Potentially Life-Saving Surgery

10/20/2011 - Watch the entire pilot for Once Upon A Time right now

10/20/2011 - Beautiful Archaeopteryx fossil discovered in Germany

10/20/2011 - The Only Way Back to the Future's Ending Could Have Been Cooler

10/20/2011 - Everything We Know About Nokia's (Hopefully!) Killer Windows Phones

10/20/2011 - NASA To Unfurl the Largest Solar Sail Ever Flown In Space

10/20/2011 - Check out the winners of this year's Dance Your PhD Competition!

10/20/2011 - Comets are raining down water on a faraway planet

10/20/2011 - How to Stage an Internet Explorer Intervention

10/20/2011 - The Google Music "Twist:" You Can Share Songs After Buying Them

10/20/2011 - The Weather Channel iPad App Looks a Whole Lot Different

10/20/2011 - Did Another Nokia Windows Phone Just Leak?

10/20/2011 - Picturing the World Series of the Future

10/20/2011 - Chronicle trailer shows what happens when High Schoolers get superpowers: they become even bigger assholes

10/20/2011 - Idiot Thief Uses Railroad Crane to Steal Jeep

10/20/2011 - Windows Phones Should Be a Lot Cheaper Next Year

10/20/2011 - We Absolutely Do Not Need a Best Buy-Curated App Directory

10/20/2011 - Monster Slipper Is Sadly Too Good to Be True

10/20/2011 - Meet the two hottest average people on the planet

10/20/2011 - Even The Sweatiest of Fingers Won't Slip Off this Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard

10/20/2011 - How H.R. Giger's Brilliant Madness Helped Make Alien "Erotic"

10/20/2011 - Unravel the First Episode of the Fabric of the Cosmos

10/20/2011 - Teenagers' IQ scores can change dramatically throughout adolescence

10/20/2011 - Watch This Awesome Two-Ton Bomb Bot Survive a Brutal Explosion

10/20/2011 - iPhone vs Android: Who Aged Better?

10/20/2011 - Out of energy? Slow down your brain.

10/20/2011 - The iPhone 4S Costs $0.49 More to Build than the iPhone 4

10/20/2011 - Akira movie gets greenlit — and could star Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund

10/20/2011 - Google+ About to Allow Pseudonyms (Yay), Google Apps Integration (Yay), and Brands (Meh)

10/20/2011 - Toshiba Crams More Pixels On An LCD than Apple's Retina Display

10/20/2011 - Watch this drop of water have an orgasm

10/20/2011 - What are Amicable Numbers?

10/20/2011 - Qaddafi Has Been Killed

10/20/2011 - Winged robot hints at the evolution of flight

10/20/2011 - How Google Street View Rides the Rails

10/20/2011 - Will we get to see part of The Dark Knight Rises months ahead of time? Plus Russell Crowe reveals his big Man of Steel fight!

10/20/2011 - The World's First 2.5-Inch 1TB SSD Needs to Get In My Laptop's Belly Like Now

10/20/2011 - This Chip Might Power the Cheap Superphones of Tomorrow

10/20/2011 - Everything You Need to Know About That Freaky Dream Last Night

10/20/2011 - Nokia 800 Windows Phone Pictured Again

10/20/2011 - Asus Boss Demonstrates Ultra-Thin EeePad Transformer 2

10/20/2011 - Google: Spend More Time Talking to People, Than Asking Siri About the Weather

10/20/2011 - Picture of the Day: October 19, 2011

10/20/2011 - This New Trojan Disables Your Mac's Auto-Updates

10/20/2011 - TieSight Instructs You in the Art of Constructing Cravats

10/19/2011 - These Are AT&T's New Windows Phones (Updated)

10/19/2011 - Microsoft Is Developing a Digital Holodeck

10/19/2011 - Fox Wants to Sell You Biker Swag While You Watch Sons of Anarchy

10/19/2011 - Know Skateboarding Will Teach You To Kick-Flip Like a Pro

10/19/2011 - Come to the Doomsday Film Festival, a movie party devoted to the apocalypse!

10/19/2011 - Google Searches Just Got a Bit Safer

10/19/2011 - Bradley Cooper wasn't using his tongue for anything anyway

10/19/2011 - Daily Desired: This Laptop Bag Will Bring You Back to Nature

10/19/2011 - How scholars revealed the hidden text in a 1,000-year-old book

10/19/2011 - Amazing Discovery: Viking tomb includes a warrior's boat, axe, spear and sword

10/19/2011 - Google Privates, Golf Cams, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/19/2011 - MIT's Technology Review publishes a special science fiction issue about the future

10/19/2011 - Marvel resurrects the New Fantastic Four with X-23, Red Hulk, Venom, and She-Ghost Rider

10/19/2011 - Doubling our genes gave humans bigger brains

10/19/2011 - The Best IM Apps

10/19/2011 - If You Can't Get an Organ, an Organoid Might Do

10/19/2011 - The Secret Circle 1x08, "Beneath" Pictures

10/19/2011 - The Vampire Diaries 3x07, "Ghost World" Pictures

10/19/2011 - The Grey Poster

10/19/2011 - Fringe Set Pictures

10/19/2011 - 11-11-11 Pictures and Poster

10/19/2011 - My Secret Folder for iOS: Hide the Stuff You Don't Want Other People to See

10/19/2011 - My Secret Folder App Gallery

10/19/2011 - Why George Romero rejected The Walking Dead to make The Zombie Autopsies

10/19/2011 - The Victorian Hugos: 1885

10/19/2011 - Tiny failed star is the coldest object we've ever photographed

10/19/2011 - Steve Jobs Worked the Day Before He Died

10/19/2011 - This Million Dollar Christmas Gift Will Make You the Envy of Vegas Casinos

10/19/2011 - Why do we want to feel sorry for monsters that scare us?

10/19/2011 - Are pregnant women refusing to give birth on Halloween?

10/19/2011 - Six Tools to Help You Geek Out Over the World Series

10/19/2011 - DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Handy Whiteboard

10/19/2011 - Gossip Girl writer creating an Americanized version of the UK superhero show Misfits

10/19/2011 - Netflix Android App Finally Supports Honeycomb Tablets

10/19/2011 - How Come All Captchas Don't Just Work Like This?

10/19/2011 - Siri's Default Settings Leave Your iPhone 4S Exposed

10/19/2011 - Watch Daniel Radcliffe fight off a horrifying ghost without his wands!

10/19/2011 - George Lucas Upstages Vader: The Best Moments from the Scream Awards

10/19/2011 - Trek Inspired Feeding Set: The Trouble With Dribbles

10/19/2011 - Why people with a sweet tooth are just generally sweeter people

10/19/2011 - Lytro Camera First Look: It's Small, Deep and Cheap

10/19/2011 - The Razer TRON Gaming Mouse Is Your Light Addled Deal of the Day

10/19/2011 - Researchers discover what romantic movies do to your brain

10/19/2011 - Meet the Melting Vitruvian Man

10/19/2011 - Ridiculously Expensive Table Tennis Is Probably Not Worth the Sum of Its Parts

10/19/2011 - Watch a Robot Build Other Robots out of Spray Foam

10/19/2011 - VH1's Behind the Music + Dungeons & Dragons = Most Awesome Music Video Ever

10/19/2011 - Gadgets Will Not Make You Thin

10/19/2011 - Underground Fires and Fiber-Optic Cables Don't Mix

10/19/2011 - Logitech's New Mouse Lasts Three Years on One Charge

10/19/2011 - cable fire gallery

10/19/2011 - OS X 10.7.2 Sneakily Fixed One of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Lion

10/19/2011 - A Show About a Family and their Humanoid Robot, from the Makers of Big Love?

10/19/2011 - Scientists at MIT have developed a device that allows you to see through concrete walls

10/19/2011 - Windows 8 Finally Does Search Right

10/19/2011 - The 10 geekiest moments of Community

10/19/2011 - Archaeologists Unearth Intact Viking Burial Site, Swords and All

10/19/2011 - Audyssey's LES Dock Is Affordable AirPlay Awesome

10/19/2011 - Why the Barometer Is Android's New Trump Card

10/19/2011 - Shooting Challenge: Leading Lines

10/19/2011 - Songbirds have to adjust their hormone levels to deal with their children

10/19/2011 - AOL Radio Gets an Awesome New Interface and Slacker-Curated Stations

10/19/2011 - The scariest deaths you've watched on screen, and how they would really happen

10/19/2011 - Paranoid Millionaires Spending Giant Cash on James Bond Security

10/19/2011 - First clip from Ghost Rider shows off Nic Cage's new "hellified" ride

10/19/2011 - More Proof That the Book World's Literary/SF Division is Increasingly Meaningless

10/19/2011 - The Gordon Supercomputer Is a Solid State Powerhouse

10/19/2011 - Court bans man from wearing Batman costume as part of his probation

10/19/2011 - What Should the Next Android Be Called?

10/19/2011 - What makes sea anemones immortal?

10/19/2011 - A new Sherlock Holmes 2 trailer, now with even more magic and cross-dressing

10/19/2011 - Piranha 3DD trailer has Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff, and Ving Rhames' magic gun legs!

10/19/2011 - Mansion With a Private Baseball Diamond Proves They Don't Always Come

10/19/2011 - C Spire Is Getting the iPhone 4S. Everyone Laugh at T-Mobile

10/19/2011 - Holy Mother of God the Canon 1D X Is Fast

10/19/2011 - Watch a West Texas Town Get Consumed By a Dust Storm

10/19/2011 - The eyelid seatbelt, and what it means for you

10/19/2011 - An introductory guide to studies in kitty physics

10/19/2011 - Pioneer's Dance Crew Boomboxes Don't Include Cardboard Mats

10/19/2011 - This Is Apple's Steve Jobs Tribute

10/19/2011 - Exotic Wild Animals Are on the Loose in Ohio, Police Asking People to Protect Themselves with Twitter

10/19/2011 - Hey, Samsung Makes Advanced Fighter Cockpits Too

10/19/2011 - This Gorgeous Time Lapse Proves You Should Be in Iceland Right Now

10/19/2011 - A Possible Game of Thrones Comeback, A Tintin Trailer, and 2 New True Blood Characters!

10/19/2011 - Amazon Adds Streaming PBS Shows Aplenty

10/19/2011 - Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Was Designed Specifically to Avoid Apple Patents

10/19/2011 - HTC Unsure About This Whole Ice Cream Sandwich Thing for Current Phones

10/19/2011 - BlackBerry Spotify App: What the Hell Do Businessmen Listen To?

10/19/2011 - How to Build a Bungee-Powered Bazooka

10/19/2011 - GMusic Unites Google Music with Apple iOS

10/19/2011 - The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Is Now Live

10/19/2011 - So Why Don't Different Instruments Sound Alike When Playing the Same Notes?

10/19/2011 - What Is Ice Cream Sandwich?

10/19/2011 - Galaxy Nexus Hands On

10/19/2011 - Where the Internet's Best Photography Is Hiding

10/18/2011 - Dickhead Dad Forced His Daughter to Put on Armor and Fight Him in a Sword Match

10/18/2011 - America's Largest Coal Power Plant Burns 11 Million Tons of Bituminous a Year

10/18/2011 - The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Knows What You Look Like

10/18/2011 - Vampire Diaries Episode 6 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" promo pics

10/18/2011 - Supernatural Episode 6 "Slash Fiction" promo pics

10/18/2011 - Secret Circle Episode 8 "Beneath" promo pics

10/18/2011 - How to Increase Your Hard Drive Capacity Six-Fold with Table Salt

10/18/2011 - If You Love Pixar, Please Dress Up Like This Human Luxo Jr. Lamp for Halloween

10/18/2011 - Yes, There Were Jukeboxes in 1889

10/18/2011 - Man stumbles into dark room, discovers the ####ing Dark Crystal

10/18/2011 - Correction: Dubai Is Blade Runner

10/18/2011 - This Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google's New Official Android Phone

10/18/2011 - Live Coverage of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus Happening Right Now

10/18/2011 - Daily Desired: Headphones With Soft Ear Pads and Big Sound

10/18/2011 - A Wine Chiller That Could Put Your Eye Out

10/18/2011 - Picture of the Day: October 18, 2011

10/18/2011 - The Moment When Terra Nova Started to Feel Uncomfortably Like The Event

10/18/2011 - The most expensive show on television uses Nerf guns as props

10/18/2011 - Gun Antlers, Salmon Sickness, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/18/2011 - The Himalayas and the Andes are goldmines... for solar power

10/18/2011 - This Comic Con cosplaying marriage proposal will melt your heart

10/18/2011 - A random bacterium could help defeat colon cancer

10/18/2011 - 50 Cent Now the Latest Rapper with Rapper Headphones

10/18/2011 - A political science fiction story from Vonda McIntyre that's sure to make you squirm

10/18/2011 - Motorists Warned Not To Listen To the World's Most Relaxing Song

10/18/2011 - Big-Brained People Have More Facebook Friends

10/18/2011 - A Final Goodbye to Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who's Best Friend

10/18/2011 - Barnes & Noble Might Be Ruining Comic Books for Everyone

10/18/2011 - Please Help Make These Awesome Lego Fantasies Come True

10/18/2011 - The Devil Inside trailer tries to one-up The Exorcist — with 4 demons possessing one woman

10/18/2011 - Doxie Go Scans On Its Own and Is Now iOS Friendly

10/18/2011 - Virgin birth has been discovered in pit vipers

10/18/2011 - How Victorian engineers almost built an underwater tunnel between Scotland and Ireland

10/18/2011 - Espier Launcher for Android: Turn Your Android Phone Into an iPhone (Seriously)

10/18/2011 - Apple: iPhone 5 Rumors Hurt Sales

10/18/2011 - Espier Launcher App Gallery

10/18/2011 - A stunning time-lapse of Iceland's nightless summer

10/18/2011 - 100 Percent Bug-Powered Smart Phones and More from TreeHugger

10/18/2011 - Some Fascinating Upcoming Books: A Little Brother Sequel, Alternate Soviet Russia, and the Physicist's Wife!

10/18/2011 - Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit

10/18/2011 - Who Said Neurology and Fine Art Don't Mix?

10/18/2011 - Ask Richard Kadrey whatever you want about the new Sandman Slim novel, Aloha from Hell

10/18/2011 - Giant Glowing Mouse Is Sure to Make You the Prince of Pranks

10/18/2011 - In the new Conan The Barbarian comic, the Cimmerian takes to the seas with a perpetually naked pirate queen

10/18/2011 - Tom Hiddleston reveals why Joss Whedon has a soft spot for The Avengers' Big Bad

10/18/2011 - No New iPhone Dinged Apple's Earnings This Summer

10/18/2011 - Pill-Popping Reminder App Keeps You Out of the Hospital

10/18/2011 - Insane Secrets About the Making of Ridley Scott's Alien

10/18/2011 - Ice Cream Sandwich Widget Leaks Look Delicious

10/18/2011 - Quantum locking will blow your mind — but how does it work?

10/18/2011 - Kids Swiping and Leaping Around Nature with National Geographic on Kinect Looks Awesome

10/18/2011 - Kinect Realizes Millions of Fantasies by Putting Kids Inside Sesame Street

10/18/2011 - Michael Dell Totally Didn't Mean to Talk Shit About Apple

10/18/2011 - 7 Tools For Occupying Wall Street

10/18/2011 - How the Motorola Droid RAZR Stacks Up to the Competition

10/18/2011 - An iPhone Can Tell What You're Typing

10/18/2011 - These Star Wars Clone Wars Costumes Are Your Dress Up Deal of the Day

10/18/2011 - Fauja Singh just ran a marathon. He's also 100 years old.

10/18/2011 - Living on the Fringes of the Modern World

10/18/2011 - What would the world look like if you approached the speed of light?

10/18/2011 - An Amazing Robot Sailboat that Kills Oil Spills

10/18/2011 - Climate change is causing Earth's animals to shrink

10/18/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: 100 3

10/18/2011 - Shooting Challenge Gallery: 100 1

10/18/2011 - The Stunning Results of Our 100th Shooting Challenge

10/18/2011 - Shooting Challenge: 100 2

10/18/2011 - First trailer for "The Con Of Wrath" a documentary about the most infamous Star Trek convention

10/18/2011 - Why the Turn Towards Gritty Realism In Epic Fantasy? Authors Sound Off!

10/18/2011 - 10 Great Stand-Alone Episodes That Totally Represent Their Respective Shows

10/18/2011 - Dropbox Was Almost in iCloud

10/18/2011 - Moto RAZR Gallery

10/18/2011 - Batman may actually occupy Wall Street

10/18/2011 - Zombieland writers turn their undead sequel into a TV show, write a Micronauts movie for J.J. Abrams

10/18/2011 - Only the Perviest Pervs Need a Motion-Activated Camera iPhone Dock

10/18/2011 - Motorola Droid RAZR: Thinnest of All. Kevlar. Splashproof. Yes.

10/18/2011 - BlackBerry's New QNX Platform Is Called BBX

10/18/2011 - In Wednesday's comics, the Marvel Universe collects hammers to bash heads, not nails

10/18/2011 - MotoACTV: Motorola's Fitness-Focused Nano Twin (Update: Hands On)

10/18/2011 - Dubai Is Star Wars

10/18/2011 - We're Live at Motorola, Ready to Peep This New RAZR. And More???

10/18/2011 - The cast of the original Thing is duly unimpressed with the 2011 prequel

10/18/2011 - Watch an iPhone 4S Get Murderized by a .50 Caliber Incendiary Round

10/18/2011 - Scientists sort out the secrets of bubble-rafting snails

10/18/2011 - Is Your iPhone 4S Display Yellow?

10/18/2011 - Cerebro Now Used For Slot Car Racing

10/18/2011 - Who Posted the First iPhone 4S Photos to the Web?

10/18/2011 - Nomads gallery

10/18/2011 - HP TouchPad Gets a webOS Upgrade from Beyond the Grave

10/18/2011 - Mansquito rises again, and this time he's horny!

10/18/2011 - The Future of LEGO (Or How to Use an iPhone to Play with LEGO)

10/18/2011 - Galaxy Nexus Specs Leak Just Ahead of Tonight's Launch

10/18/2011 - We Have No Idea Where One-Third of Space's Gamma Rays Originate From

10/18/2011 - How to haunt your house with Pepper's Ghost

10/18/2011 - Pioneer's AR HUD Puts Your Satnav Display On the Road Ahead

10/18/2011 - Meet the First Person to Get Mummified in 3000 Years

10/18/2011 - Building Expectations

10/18/2011 - Hilariously optimistic 1954 magazine article proclaimed we'd all be piloting flying saucers by 1965

10/18/2011 - Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 Now Grabbable Stateside

10/18/2011 - Kids are getting shot more often than we thought

10/18/2011 - NASA's Updated Topographic Map Makes Google Earth Look Like a Rand McNally Coloring Book

10/18/2011 - There's No Such Thing as the Color Pink

10/18/2011 - Are even more Transformers movies headed our way? Plus tons more updates on the future of Marvel movies!

10/18/2011 - Adobe Finally Launches Official Reader App for iOS

10/18/2011 - Samsung Caught in iPhone Screenshot Shocker

10/18/2011 - Western Digital's HD Factory "Submerged" by Thai Flooding

10/18/2011 - Virgin Galactic's Gateway to Space Is Now Open For Business

10/18/2011 - This Motorized Big Wheel Looks All Sorts of Deadly

10/18/2011 - Siri Will Snitch Your Nickname to All Your New Contacts

10/18/2011 - Splatter Some Pumpkin Guts with This Jack-O-Lantern Drill Bit

10/18/2011 - Canon 1D X Gallery

10/18/2011 - Canon 1D X: The New Most Epic DSLR Ever

10/18/2011 - Microsoft's PocketTouch Feels Your Touch—Through Fabric

10/17/2011 - How the Iowa National Guard Built Their Own Predator-Style Ammo Packs

10/17/2011 - The OmniTouch Makes Any Surface Interactive

10/17/2011 - The Bubble Fish Tank Would Make Salvador Dali Proud

10/17/2011 - The Futureheads: The Hounds of Love

10/17/2011 - This Automated Poop Scooper Picks Up Your Pet's Piles

10/17/2011 - The Most Horrifying "Crawling Over a Pile of Your Dead Alternate Selves" Scene Ever Filmed

10/17/2011 - Bizarre short film imagines Paris abandoned and flooded for mysterious reasons

10/17/2011 - Picture of the Day: Oct. 17, 2011

10/17/2011 - This is how gravitational lensing distorts galaxies

10/17/2011 - Apple Guts, Robot Mallrats, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/17/2011 - Vdio Will Be Like Rdio For Video, and It Might Be Awesome

10/17/2011 - Dark-eyed junco birds get angry at subtlety

10/17/2011 - So Is Google Creating a Cloud Music Store or Not?

10/17/2011 - Hasbro talking to Michael Bay about making Transformers 4

10/17/2011 - Behold the ghostly women in Stephen King’s Bag of Bones miniseries

10/17/2011 - In Dissent: 5 Reasons Google+ Doesn't Suck

10/17/2011 - An Exclusive Look Inside The Art of Halo, Including Some Never-Before-Seen Concept Art

10/17/2011 - The Greatest Avengers Moments from NYCC, Including Hints about Avengers 2's All-New Team

10/17/2011 - Watch the moment from next season's Oddities that was too horrifying for TV

10/17/2011 - Turn Your Micro Four Thirds Camera Into a Lo-Fi Monster

10/17/2011 - Instapaper gallery

10/17/2011 - Instapaper for iPad and iPhone: The Way You Read the Internet Got an Upgrade

10/17/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x02, "Bloodletting" Pictures

10/17/2011 - The Vampire Diaries 3x06, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Pictures

10/17/2011 - The Secret Circle Halloween Poster

10/17/2011 - Sanctuary 4x03, "Untouchable" Pictures

10/17/2011 - The Amazing Spider-Man NY Comic-Con Posters

10/17/2011 - Riddick Concept Art for "Necro-Riddick"

10/17/2011 - Eureka Christmas Special 6x21, "Do You See What I See?" Pictures

10/17/2011 - Supernatural 7x06, "Slash Fiction" Pictures

10/17/2011 - Moog Just Crammed an Incredible Analog Synth Into an App

10/17/2011 - The mystery of dark matter just refuses to be solved

10/17/2011 - Comic scribe Jeff Lemire takes us to the freaktacular worlds of Frankenstein and Animal Man

10/17/2011 - How to Combine Real-World Military Action with Elves and Anti-Gravity: Three Military SF Authors Share Their Secrets

10/17/2011 - What the Hell Magnets? Why Are You So Amazing?

10/17/2011 - Why Real Steel crushed the weekend's remakes/prequels at the box office

10/17/2011 - AeroShot Pure Energy: Ready, Aim, Caffeinate

10/17/2011 - Watch this penguin resort to adorable thievery to assemble the perfect nest

10/17/2011 - Why Is Apple Spending Only 2 Percent of Its Money on Research and Development?

10/17/2011 - Seven Tools to Help Kiss Ass on Bosses' Day

10/17/2011 - The Greatest, Strangest and most Obscure Cosplay at New York Comic Con

10/17/2011 - The same gene promotes prostate cancer and prevents breast cancer

10/17/2011 - Why the Anthrax Murders Are Re-Surfacing 10 Years Later

10/17/2011 - Engineers teach $400,000 robot to autonomously clean up turds

10/17/2011 - NYCC2011 Cosplay

10/17/2011 - Belkin PureAV PF60 Outlet Console is Your Power Parsing Deal of the Day

10/17/2011 - Help these scientists find out which microbes live in your couch

10/17/2011 - Cosplay Deep Cuts

10/17/2011 - What We Want from Live-Action Star Wars and Star Trek TV shows

10/17/2011 - Oh God the Motorola RAZR Is Back (with Android on Board)

10/17/2011 - The Avengers Cosplay

10/17/2011 - Stanky Factory Could Slow MacBook Air Shipments

10/17/2011 - Find My Friends Destroys Its First Marriage

10/17/2011 - Giz Explains: What's Wireless Spectrum and Why You Care About It More Than You Think

10/17/2011 - The ancestor of all American rodents really came from Africa

10/17/2011 - Judge Denies HTC's Claim of Patent Infringement Against Apple

10/17/2011 - Rare Leica Gun Camera Only Nails Celluloid Trophies

10/17/2011 - T-Mobile's New Unlimited 4G Data Plans Are Only Kind of Unlimited

10/17/2011 - Astronomers say Saturn's moon Iapetus may have once had a mini-moon all its own

10/17/2011 - No BlackBerrys = Less Traffic Accidents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

10/17/2011 - Watch Agent Coulson kick so much ass in his latest Marvel short

10/17/2011 - The Day All Life on Earth Almost Ended

10/17/2011 - 10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction


10/17/2011 - Rubik's Solving CubeStormer II Finally Bests Humanity

10/17/2011 - Watch the iPhone 4S Shoot Video Almost as Well as a $3000 DSLR (Updated: More Amazingness)

10/17/2011 - Citizen's Satellite Wave Syncs Itself to the Heavens

10/17/2011 - Opera with Turbo Will Be a Faster, Smarter Android Browser

10/17/2011 - LG DoublePlay: Bizarre Freak of an Android Phone Gets Specs

10/17/2011 - This Week's TV: A Buffy Reunion, More Robot Chicken, and 2 Brand New Shows!

10/17/2011 - The New Instapaper Is a More Essential Download Than Ever

10/17/2011 - Researchers Say FCC's Flawed Radiation Testing Ignores Child Phone Danger

10/17/2011 - Scientists are working on a "tractor beam" that could recover astronauts floating in space

10/17/2011 - Why there aren't flaming hookers in Ghost Rider 2

10/17/2011 - Six new In Time clips show you the creepy side of having an eternally young father

10/17/2011 - RFID Clothing Hangers Sell Harder than Sales Clerks

10/17/2011 - A Terrifying Look at the Scariest Haunted House Ever

10/17/2011 - Obligatory Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

10/17/2011 - Watch a Couple of Interactive Projections Duke It Out with Disney's SideBySide

10/17/2011 - NASA Will Use Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo to Experiment in the Stars

10/17/2011 - How the Superegg Changed the World

10/17/2011 - This Incredibly Innovative Wheelchair Is Controlled By Your Face

10/17/2011 - The most disturbing Japanese make-out robot you'll see all day

10/17/2011 - Your Carrier's Going to Send You Alerts if You're About to Go Over Your Data, Minutes, or Texts

10/17/2011 - What’s next from Naomi Novik, Peter V. Brett, and Scott Westerfeld

10/17/2011 - Rumor: Galaxy Nexus Coming to Verizon November 10th for an Ouchie $300

10/17/2011 - What is the future of Marvel movies beyond The Avengers?

10/17/2011 - iPhone 4S Sells 4 Million in One Weekend

10/17/2011 - Tireless Samsung Wants iPhone 4S Ban in Japan and Australia

10/17/2011 - Google Music Launching Before Christmas, Claims Indie Record Label

10/17/2011 - RIM: Smaller 3.2" BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380 Imminent

10/17/2011 - RIM Offers Free Apps & Games to Appease Users Over Last Week's Outage

10/17/2011 - Terra Nova 1x06 photos

10/17/2011 - American Horror Story 1x03 Photos

10/17/2011 - Immortals character photos

10/17/2011 - Fringe set photos

10/17/2011 - Supernatural 7x7 "Slash Fiction" images

10/16/2011 - On the season premiere of The Walking Dead, the survivors screw up a pit stop

10/16/2011 - The 15 Types of People You'll See at Comic Con

10/16/2011 - The 99% Is Printing Infographics on Money to Show the 1% the Reality of Occupy Wall Street

10/16/2011 - 10 of the choicest nuggets of comic book news to burst forth from NYCC

10/16/2011 - Sesame Street's YouTube Account Got Hacked with Porn Videos

10/16/2011 - Cops Using Crime Prediction Software to Stop Crimes Before They Happen

10/16/2011 - Watch the trailer for Justice League: Doom, the next DC animated movie

10/16/2011 - io9 Roundup: October 16, 2011

10/16/2011 - How a pair of astrologers helped invent modern medical record-keeping

10/16/2011 - Your Dreams Should Be Displayed on Your Bed Like This

10/16/2011 - New Total Recall footage shows off its big bad, Bryan Cranston

10/16/2011 - You Can Buy One of the Super Rare DeLorean Time Machines Used in Back to the Future

10/16/2011 - On the TV show Once Upon a Time, all of your favorite fairy tale characters are trapped in Maine

10/16/2011 - The bizarre toad that's part clone, part lover, and all hybrid

10/16/2011 - The Situation Got Kicked Out of the Apple Store for Trying to Cut in Line

10/16/2011 - Watch Bugs Unbelievably Charge a Smartphone

10/16/2011 - At NYCC, urban fantasy authors explained why supernatural cities are weird and wonderful

10/16/2011 - Take a vacation to Arrakis with Dune travel posters

10/16/2011 - The Black Death is surprisingly similar to modern bacteria

10/16/2011 - Every Baseball Is Rubbed with This Special Mud Before It Gets Used

10/16/2011 - The Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of All Time

10/16/2011 - Carnotaurus had the most ridiculously powerful dinosaur tail ever

10/16/2011 - Beer Can Freezes Time in Northern Heavens

10/16/2011 - An average water tower, transformed into a Cyclopean walker

10/16/2011 - The New Twilight Zone Movie: Just a Generic Spooky Action Thriller?

10/16/2011 - Watch Gizmodo's Joe Brown on Discovery Channel's iGenius

10/16/2011 - Stare into the eyes of this beautiful, busy nebula

10/16/2011 - Steve Jobs, as Remembered by His First Girlfriend

10/16/2011 - Watch The Walking Dead footage from New York Comic Con

10/16/2011 - Scientist uses interpretative dance to explain the honey-robbing habits of bees

10/16/2011 - Rollerblades + Nic Cage + Fire Barf = One Awesome New Ghost Rider

10/16/2011 - This Boning Dinosaur Skeleton Exhibit Is Proof that American Museums Are Too Prudish

10/16/2011 - The Walken Dead, a zombie virus that makes you quote Christopher Walken

10/16/2011 - Welcome to the deserted German city outside of Shanghai

10/16/2011 - Watching a Time Lapse of Burning Man Is Like Seeing a Disease Spread

10/16/2011 - How will the Legion of Superheroes meet the crew of the Starship Enterprise? Author Chris Roberson fills us in

10/16/2011 - Disney cosplay in the 1930s was unadulterated horror

10/16/2011 - AT&T iPhone 4S Already Coming Unlocked When You Buy Off-Contract

10/16/2011 - Best of the Week: October 8-October 14, 2011

10/15/2011 - A very special Yom Kippur episode of Supernatural

10/15/2011 - Bruce Banner gets irked: a spoilery synopsis of the New York Comic Con Avengers footage!

10/15/2011 - The New Tintin Movie Needs to Use This Sweet Animation Video

10/15/2011 - Was the “first photographed UFO” a comet?

10/15/2011 - New Eneloops Keep Their Charge for Over Five Years

10/15/2011 - Griffin's Faces Case Rips Off a Certain Mr. Potato

10/15/2011 - Celebrating 50 Years of Space Flight with Corn Mazes?

10/15/2011 - Uncanny X-Men scribe Kieron Gillen tells us what makes his mutant squad different

10/15/2011 - Liquid Chalk: Spiderman Grip Minus the Teenage Superhero Angst

10/15/2011 - Dinosaur-fighting cast of Terra Nova hints at their nefarious secret mission

10/15/2011 - Who Knew a Decomposing Whale Could Be So Beautiful?

10/15/2011 - Forget why fantasy matters. Why does realism matter?

10/15/2011 - A Gifted Man finally lets all hell break loose (and is better off for it)

10/15/2011 - The World's Brightest Pico Projector Still Isn't Bright Enough

10/15/2011 - Apple Purposely Gave Siri Some Attitude

10/15/2011 - Delight in the mythical schadenfreude of monster tragedies

10/15/2011 - The WISPR Vaporizer Looks Like a Retro Transistor Radio

10/15/2011 - What happens to a whale after it dies, as told by puppets

10/15/2011 - It Looks Like Siri's Already Having Some Trouble

10/15/2011 - On Adult Swim's China, IL, Ronald Reagan owns a time machine and Hulk Hogan is the dean of America's worst college

10/15/2011 - There's No Such Thing as Too Many Handles on a Suitcase

10/15/2011 - China's ping-pong robots serve, volley, silently pray for death

10/15/2011 - In the webcomic Monster Pulse, a government conspiracy turns human body parts into kooky kaiju

10/15/2011 - Drunk Smurf in search of love participates in home invasion

10/15/2011 - These Giant Robot Arms Are the Future of Fight Club

10/15/2011 - Somebody went and invented the power loader from Aliens

10/15/2011 - Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones unmasks himself, reveals that he has an extreme protégé named Nightstick

10/15/2011 - The Two Stigmata of Walter Bishop, on Fringe

10/15/2011 - Watch Siri "Work" On the Old iPhone 4

10/14/2011 - The iPhone 4S Cheat Sheet

10/14/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Meatball Sub 4S

10/14/2011 - 3D Gaming on PCs Is Looking Bigger and Brighter (Literally)

10/14/2011 - The Story of the Greatest Cheeseburger of All Time: How the Nuclear Bomb Led to a Chile-Cheese Explosion

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: App Speed

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: Data Speed (It's Slow)

10/14/2011 - Behold the true colors of the North Pacific giant octopus

10/14/2011 - Vampire Diaries schools all other TV shows on how to do character-based action

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: Asking Siri for Sex and Drugs

10/14/2011 - New diamonds are ugly but useful — and old ones are pretty but weak

10/14/2011 - Actually, Google Might Still Buy Hulu

10/14/2011 - An F1 Racing Barbecue Grill for No Reason Other Than Being Amazing

10/14/2011 - One in six UK phones is contaminated with fecal matter

10/14/2011 - New Woman in Black trailer shows Harry Potter scared out of his wits

10/14/2011 - The Thing prequel is a fun horror film with one fatal flaw

10/14/2011 - Ugh. God. Why Is Apple Making Everything Look Like an Ugly Wild West?

10/14/2011 - Apple Shares Hit an All-Time High

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: Apple Earbuds

10/14/2011 - American Horror Story recreates The Strangers, but without the bloody payoff

10/14/2011 - Watch Two Siris Confuse the Hell Out of Each Other

10/14/2011 - How Many iPhones Did Apple Sell Today? A Sh*tload.

10/14/2011 - Got a New iPhone 4S? Here Are the Best iPhone Apps to Download

10/14/2011 - Is Steve Jobs Preparing His Farewell?

10/14/2011 - Reddit Post Becoming a Big-Budget Hollywood Movie About Time-Traveling Marines in Ancient Rome

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: Browser Benchmarks (Versus the Fastest Android Phones)

10/14/2011 - MMS Almost Works on Google Voice

10/14/2011 - Facebook Founders Reportedly Fight Over Spotify

10/14/2011 - Our Favorites This Week: ChatOn, NHL Gamecenter, LHSee and More

10/14/2011 - Our Favorites This Week: Facebook, Real Racing 2, Movie Trailers and More

10/14/2011 - The Apps You Should Download to Your iPhone 4S

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: Call Quality

10/14/2011 - It’s A Case! It’s A Battery! It’s A Projector! It’s … ALL OF THEM

10/14/2011 - Amazon Silk Comes Under Congressional Fire

10/14/2011 - How would Batman respond to Occupy Wall Street?

10/14/2011 - Your brain won't allow you to believe the apocalypse could actually happen

10/14/2011 - 12 Nuclear Toys from the Dawn of the Atomic Age

10/14/2011 - 100,000-year old art kit found in South Africa

10/14/2011 - Google Maps Goes 3D with GPU-Hungry OpenGL

10/14/2011 - Terrifying Carnotaurus Speedier Than Previously Thought

10/14/2011 - Attack the Block Getting a U.S. Remake or TV Series?

10/14/2011 - The Gruesome Crash of a Chinese Fighter Jet Captured on Video

10/14/2011 - Anyone Else Blow on Busted Hardware Like It's an NES Cartridge?

10/14/2011 - Scientists have used carbon nanotubes to engineer the most powerful artificial muscles ever

10/14/2011 - Great Krypton! What the Hell happened to Superman's pants?

10/14/2011 - New Muppets trailer will make your Friday brighter

10/14/2011 - White Tulips and Wormholes: Secrets of Time Travel in Fringe

10/14/2011 - Italians Hold Their Liquor Better Than Swedes

10/14/2011 - Can you be killed by a champagne cork?

10/14/2011 - Where to Sell Your Old iPhone 4 for the Most Money (Updated)

10/14/2011 - iCloud Review: Not Quite Magical (Yet)

10/14/2011 - This Hitachi Gas-Powered Handheld Leaf Blower Is Your Hurricane-on-Demand Deal of the Day

10/14/2011 - Secrets from the Walking Dead Comics Hidden in the Season Two Videos

10/14/2011 - Japan's Latest Radiation Scare Was Caused by Nuclear Paint

10/14/2011 - The physics of a stuffy nose

10/14/2011 - Help astronomers come up with a better name for the Very Large Array

10/14/2011 - An Insane First-Person BASE Jump into a Crowded City Street

10/14/2011 - Awesome Artwork Where Science Fiction and Fantasy Meet

10/14/2011 - iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

10/14/2011 - Everybody's Choking on iPhone 4S Activations (As Usual)

10/14/2011 - RIP Google Buzz

10/14/2011 - All the iPhone Apps on Sale Right Now

10/14/2011 - Richard Dawkins Tells All in Episode 46 of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

10/14/2011 - 10 Movies That Will Traumatize Your Child With Anthropomorphism

10/14/2011 - This Optical Illusion Is Giving My Brain Lung Cancer

10/14/2011 - io9 Meetup in San Francisco, October 21

10/14/2011 - Watch Chris Nolan talk Star Wars: "I wanted to be Han Solo"

10/14/2011 - An exclusive sneak peek of the new 30 Days of Night comic, featuring art by Sam Kieth!

10/14/2011 - The Great iPhone 4S National Network Speed Test

10/14/2011 - Marvel's Comic-Reading App Finally Assembles on Android

10/14/2011 - How Tide Predicting Machines Saved D-Day

10/14/2011 - Watch an Artist Magically Recreate Famous Paintings Without Ever Lifting His Pen

10/14/2011 - In The Skin I Live In, Antonio Banderas is the world's worst mad scientist

10/14/2011 - The Walking Dead has Returned from the Grave, Or, Uh, Summer Break

10/14/2011 - An incredible short story told from the perspective of the alien in John Carpenter's The Thing

10/14/2011 - What if humans had sex like giraffes?

10/14/2011 - Xbox Live Users Are Being Hacked for Virtual FIFA Gear (Updated)

10/14/2011 - The chemicals that cause leaves to change color in fall

10/14/2011 - Are You Buying An iPhone 4S Today?

10/14/2011 - Why You're Gonna Get Stalked by Your iPhone Like Never Before with iOS 5

10/14/2011 - The T-Rex Was Even Bigger and Scarier Than We Thought

10/14/2011 - African Mole-rats have teeth like an escalator

10/14/2011 - SEC Pokes Public Companies to Disclose Cyber Attacks

10/14/2011 - New type of transplant could save patients from a life of immunosuppresants

10/14/2011 - All the iPhone 4S Carriers and Plans Compared

10/14/2011 - Canvassing the Universe: How Artists Create Scientifically Accurate Images of Faraway Worlds

10/14/2011 - How the Hell Can This Magical Square Hole Drilling Machine Work?

10/14/2011 - How iOS 5 Neuters Instapaper (and Other Offline Apps)

10/14/2011 - Classic Board Games Photoshopped into terrifying horror films

10/14/2011 - Video of Skydiving Couple Having Sex Being "Investigated"

10/14/2011 - Even Samsung's Lawyers Can't Tell the Difference Between Its Tablet and an iPad

10/14/2011 - A Real Studio Movie Is Being Made from a Reddit Comment

10/14/2011 - Thor 2 finds its director. Plus tons of updates for Fringe, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead!

10/14/2011 - Why the iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB of RAM

10/14/2011 - Windows 8's Task Manager Is Surprisingly Awesome (Updated)

10/14/2011 - Sony Ericsson to Go Smartphone-Only From 2012

10/14/2011 - Terra Nova Set Photos

10/14/2011 - Grimm Cast Photo

10/14/2011 - Terra Nova Runaway Photos

10/14/2011 - Skype Is Now Officially a Division of Microsoft

10/14/2011 - Is Google Going To Conquer The World With Google +?

10/13/2011 - Walking Dead Season 2 Set Photos

10/13/2011 - Walking Dead Cast Photos

10/13/2011 - Secret Circle Episode 7 Promo Pics

10/13/2011 - Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 2 Promo Pics

10/13/2011 - Fringe Episode 4 Promo Pics

10/13/2011 - Eureka Episode 13 Promo Pics

10/13/2011 - American Horror Story Episode 3 promo pics

10/13/2011 - Siri's Achilles Heel Is Non-Native English Speakers With Thick Accents

10/13/2011 - Google's Negotiating Its Way Into An Online MP3 Store

10/13/2011 - Stow Your Buds on Your Wrist, No Not Those Buds

10/13/2011 - Picture of the Day: Oct. 13, 2011

10/13/2011 - Watch a Cute Cat Fight a Hair Dryer's Invisible Hot Air (Updated)

10/13/2011 - Today's little lesson in how to use Occam's Razor

10/13/2011 - Hulu's No Longer Available to the Highest Bidder

10/13/2011 - All the winners of this year's Nobel Prizes in science!

10/13/2011 - A Mystery Condition has Stolen this Young Woman's Youth

10/13/2011 - How "the drunkard's walk" changed physics

10/13/2011 - Fine jewelry fashioned from Lego bricks

10/13/2011 - Samsung's Galaxy Tablets Infringe On Apple's Patents Says US Judge

10/13/2011 - CrackBerry Insanity, Son of Woogie, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/13/2011 - Show off your Halloween finery in io9's 2011 Costume Show!

10/13/2011 - These New Night Vision Helmets for F-35 Pilots Are Insane Looking

10/13/2011 - Explaining Sprint's iPhone 4S Unlocking Policy Will Make Your Head Spin

10/13/2011 - This Wireless Bike Brake Concept Fails Maybe Three Times in a Trillion

10/13/2011 - Where and How to Buy an iPhone 4S in Person (Updated)

10/13/2011 - LHSee for Android: Find Out What's Going On Inside the Large Hadron Collider

10/13/2011 - LHSee App Gallery

10/13/2011 - Who Should Siri Sound Like?

10/13/2011 - The director of The Thing reveals the alien's secret backstory

10/13/2011 - Tyrannosaurus rex was much, much bigger than we thought

10/13/2011 - Gizmodo's Joe Brown Joins MSNBC

10/13/2011 - Watch Gizmodo's Sam Biddle On CNBC's Street Signs

10/13/2011 - Will You Leave Your Passwords for Your Loved Ones When You Die?

10/13/2011 - Why zoning out reveals the evolutionary origins of consciousness

10/13/2011 - Insane Mountain Biking Video Is Completely Insane

10/13/2011 - Watch the Latest Muppets Trailer Before It Hits Theaters

10/13/2011 - Watch a Baby Treat a Magazine Like an iPad—The Crazy Future

10/13/2011 - Awesome Movie Idea: Space Opera Author Discovers a Real-Life Space Opera That Involves Earth

10/13/2011 - New study confirms that materialism destroys marriages

10/13/2011 - Here's How to Put the Annoying Newsstand Icon Into a Folder in iOS 5

10/13/2011 - Why New York Cartoonists Have Always Embraced Apple

10/13/2011 - This Is the Guy Who Allegedly Hacked Scarlett Johansson

10/13/2011 - Google+ Has 40 Million Users, But How Many Use It?

10/13/2011 - Those Motherf*cking Piranhas Can Talk to Each Other

10/13/2011 - Point, Throw, and Shoot: The Panoramic Ball Cam

10/13/2011 - The Sordid History and Evolution of Handcuff Design

10/13/2011 - Mustache Umbrella? Pipe Umbrella? The Most Bizarre Umbrellas Ever Invented

10/13/2011 - The Cleverest Steve Jobs Tribute Shows Two Sides of the Man

10/13/2011 - 7 Tools for Filming Your Own Personal Aerial Tour

10/13/2011 - Get 50GB Free Storage for iOS

10/13/2011 - Can Siri Fix Your Girlfriend Problems Better than a Human Helper?

10/13/2011 - Your First Look at Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Happens Oct. 18

10/13/2011 - A Look Inside a 100,000-Year-Old Art Studio

10/13/2011 - A Coffee Table Book that Traces the Earliest History of Science Fiction

10/13/2011 - The Most Well-Preserved Dinosaur Skeleton Ever Found in Europe

10/13/2011 - Lego Anakin Skywalker Mini-Figure Alarm Clock Is Your Thank-God-It's-Not-Jar-Jar Deal of the Day

10/13/2011 - Barco's 360 Degree Flight Simulator Lets Top Guns Train Without the Risk of Goose Dying

10/13/2011 - Look Inside a 100,000-Year-Old Art Studio

10/13/2011 - Confirmed: The iPhone 4S Has Only 512MB of Ram

10/13/2011 - Watch A $2.5 Million Dollar Yacht Sink on Her Maiden Voyage

10/13/2011 - Seth MacFarlane wants to make a Star Trek TV show

10/13/2011 - 100 Weeks of Shooting Challenge Winners (and Your Next Challenge!)

10/13/2011 - Google Translate for Android Now Supports Speech-to-Speech Translation in 14 Languages

10/13/2011 - Everything You Need to Know About the Arctic Ozone Hole

10/13/2011 - Ryanair's Single-Toilet Flight Passengers Should Just Do What Depardieu Does

10/13/2011 - August's Russian rocket failure is unlikely to force evacuation of the International Space Station

10/13/2011 - Why Are These Galaxies Bending Like Crazy Snakes?

10/13/2011 - Even in the real world, women on the pill may choose dependable men over sexy ones

10/13/2011 - Is Hipstamatic's Fake Disposable Camera Idiotic or Brilliant?

10/13/2011 - How To Use Siri on Other People's Phones

10/13/2011 - 10 Superhero Movies We're Glad Never Happened

10/13/2011 - Nokia Luna Headset Crams NFC And Bluetooth Into Future-Perfect Pod

10/13/2011 - Become the best post-apocalyptic chef ever with insect recipes

10/13/2011 - Shadow Lords: The Top Ten Behind-the-Scenes Technology Giants

10/13/2011 - Neal Stephenson's Reamde is a high-tech incarnation of the Great American Novel

10/13/2011 - Did the newest Star Wars bounty hunter steal his look from Starship Troopers' brain bug?

10/13/2011 - Japan's First Robots Are Older Than You Think

10/13/2011 - Gossip Girl and Other CW Shows Are Coming to Netflix

10/13/2011 - BREAKING: Blackberry Outage Now Impacting Users On Almost Every Planet

10/13/2011 - Are the streets of Washington, D.C. supposed to form a pentagram?

10/13/2011 - RIM Still Sorry, Still Has No Idea What Happened

10/13/2011 - iFixit Makes the iPhone 4S Spill Its Guts (Updated)

10/13/2011 - CNN reports that Blackberry outage has now spread to many other planets

10/13/2011 - Watch a Pro Draw a Digital Poster in 4 Minutes

10/13/2011 - The Awkward Horrors of the Knowing Where Everyone Is All the Time

10/13/2011 - High speed video reveals the bizarre physics of an ordinary water droplet

10/13/2011 - A Woman Trying to Do a Drug Deal Accidentally Texted a Cop

10/13/2011 - The last sound you'll hear as you're torn apart by piranhas is barking

10/13/2011 - Remora Weaponized Drone Is Designed to Be Launched From Mothership Drone

10/13/2011 - Scott Forstall, the Polarizing Genius Behind iOS

10/13/2011 - New invention brings us one step closer to an all-consuming, self-replicating grey goo

10/13/2011 - This Timelapse Video of the Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Is So Neat That It Made Me Buy It

10/13/2011 - Not Even Google+ Knows What the Hell Google+ Is

10/13/2011 - Do the latest Man of Steel photos reveal Superman's new profession?

10/13/2011 - Apple Wins Australian Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

10/13/2011 - Steve Jobs Was a "Nightmare" to Photograph

10/13/2011 - Here's An Alpha Version Of CyanogenMod For The HP Touchpad

10/13/2011 - Dennis Ritchie, Co-Creator of Unix and Founder of C, Has Died

10/13/2011 - Apple Wants You To Stream Movies To Your iPad

10/13/2011 - iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak Is Already Out Using Redsn0w

10/13/2011 - AT&T Says Its LTE Phones Will Be Slim And Easy On The Battery

10/12/2011 - RIM Begins To Restore BlackBerry Services

10/12/2011 - Picture of the Day: October 12, 2011

10/12/2011 - Verizon Wireless To Mine Your Usage Data For Marketing And Ads

10/12/2011 - All the John Carpenter Easter Eggs in The Thing prequel

10/12/2011 - Microsoft's Tempting BlackBerry And iOS Users With Free Windows Phone Handsets

10/12/2011 - William Shatner: Rocket Man

10/12/2011 - The Rare Sarah Jane Adventures Episode That's As Good As Doctor Who

10/12/2011 - How to Fix the iOS 5 Update Error 3200 (Updated)

10/12/2011 - Everything Apple Just Released

10/12/2011 - The most bad-ass "donations please" advertisement ever conceived

10/12/2011 - Why you might consider heeding the call to Adventure and buying Adventure Time on DVD

10/12/2011 - iOS 5's Newsstand Is More Awesome than it Seems

10/12/2011 - Senators Introduce A Bill To Ensure You Get Every Last 'G' Out Of Your 4G Service

10/12/2011 - RIM Responds to Global BlackBerrypocalypse (Updated: They're Wrong)

10/12/2011 - Haunting photographs of the world's seed vaults, which may be our only hope after agricultural apocalypse

10/12/2011 - This Hubcap-Like Contraption Could Be The Future Of Space Travel (Or Not)

10/12/2011 - What causes supervolcanoes to erupt?

10/12/2011 - Apple TV Update Adds AirPlay Mirroring, NHL, WSJ

10/12/2011 - Lost Girl Cast Pictures

10/12/2011 - Warehouse 13 Christmas Episode Pictures

10/12/2011 - Haven Christmas Episode Pictures

10/12/2011 - Eureka Christmas Episode Picture

10/12/2011 - Terra Nova 1x04, "Runaway" Pictures

10/12/2011 - The Vampire Diaries 3x05, "The Reckoning" Pictures

10/12/2011 - Scientists Find Relatives of the Bubonic Plague Still Lurking the Earth

10/12/2011 - The Walking Dead Behind the Scenes Pictures

10/12/2011 - Supernatural 7x04, "Defending Your Life" Pictures

10/12/2011 - Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Posters

10/12/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises Gary Oldman Set Picture

10/12/2011 - Fringe Set Pictures

10/12/2011 - Man of Steel Set Pictures

10/12/2011 - We've seen Hugo, Martin Scorsese's 3D children's movie

10/12/2011 - Space Dust: Your tax dollars at work

10/12/2011 - The Complete Guide to Updating to iOS 5

10/12/2011 - When hurricanes catch fire

10/12/2011 - Paul Verhoeven thinks all science fiction films should be converted to 3D

10/12/2011 - How the Universe Got its Infinite Darkness

10/12/2011 - How's Your iOS 5 Install Going?

10/12/2011 - Absolutely stunning time-lapse footage of the American Southwest

10/12/2011 - I Just Made a Stupid Card with Apple's Stupid Card App and It Wasn't That Stupid

10/12/2011 - iCloud's Photo Syncing Is Terrible (And Creepy)

10/12/2011 - FBI Arrests the Scarlett Johansson Phone Hacker

10/12/2011 - BlackBerry Picked the Wrong Day to Die

10/12/2011 - Lessons that Other Movie Series Can Learn from James Bond

10/12/2011 - Roboticists build the one-armed, real-world equivalent of Astro Boy

10/12/2011 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars will bring Darth Maul back from the dead

10/12/2011 - Thief Hacked a Woman's Bank Account to Steal One Penny to Buy Porn

10/12/2011 - The saddest Voltron fan film ever made, starring Lassie from Psych

10/12/2011 - PlayStation 3 Official Wireless Headphones Lightning Review: KILL KILL KILL

10/12/2011 - Evolution finally explains the real story behind the birds and the bees

10/12/2011 - You Can Actually Turn Your DNA Into Houseware Decors

10/12/2011 - 7 Non-Apple Alternatives to Today's iOS 5 Releases

10/12/2011 - iCloud Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think: It's the Future of Computing

10/12/2011 - If You're Having Car Problems, I Feel Bad For You, Son

10/12/2011 - All the Apps Updated for iOS 5

10/12/2011 - It's the iPod You Need, Not the One You Deserve: The White iPod Touch Is Here

10/12/2011 - Monoprice Makes a $60 Subwoofer that Might Actually Be Worth a Damn

10/12/2011 - The ancestor of almost all vertebrates could sense electricity

10/12/2011 - New comic book promises Transformers, Ninja Turtles, 30 Days of Night, G.I. Joe, and Dungeons and Dragons versus Lovecraftian monsters

10/12/2011 - Exclusive footage from In Time shows the madness of a world where rich people live forever

10/12/2011 - How to Use Find My Friends So Everyone Will Love You

10/12/2011 - 73" Mitsubishi DLP HDTV Is Your Over-Compensating Deal of the Day

10/12/2011 - CheckIn Radio Is FourSquare for Your FM Dial

10/12/2011 - Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones' secret identity exposed after he pepper-sprayed a crowd

10/12/2011 - Apple Now Sells You Ringtones Directly Through Your iPhone

10/12/2011 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 10/25 to discuss Joe Hill's Horns

10/12/2011 - One of the smallest brown dwarf stars we've ever seen

10/12/2011 - The Free Searchable Science Fiction Encyclopedia that You Can Read Right Now

10/12/2011 - Alan Turing's Biopic Might Get the Hollywood Hunk Treatment from Leo DiCaprio

10/12/2011 - Today at War, Tomorrow in Stores

10/12/2011 - Bonus Download Wednesday Continues: Apple's iOS Movies App Is Awesome

10/12/2011 - The Pill Can Lead To a Long Marriage of Bad Sex

10/12/2011 - Sex Can Literally Blow Your Mind

10/12/2011 - The 10 most deranged Alien crossover stories

10/12/2011 - Download iOS 5 and iCloud Right Now

10/12/2011 - Foursquare's New Radar Feature Is Better Than Find My Friends

10/12/2011 - Row, Row, Row Your... Wheelchair

10/12/2011 - Amazon's science fiction imprint launches — with Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear and Chris Roberson!

10/12/2011 - iOS 5: The Top 10 New Features

10/12/2011 - Google Engineer Calls Google+ a Pathetic Afterthought

10/12/2011 - How scientists discovered the "fear center" of the brain

10/12/2011 - You Know What They Say About People With Big Carbon Footprints

10/12/2011 - Gigantic Harry Potter cat house is the best cat house

10/12/2011 - AT&T's LTE Plans, In Which "4G" Remains a Vague Cipher

10/12/2011 - The strange case of the woman who lost her memory after sex

10/12/2011 - Have You Been Hit By the BlackBerry Outage?

10/12/2011 - How to Roll a 340-Ton Boulder Through the Streets of Los Angeles

10/12/2011 - The Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller Comedy That Could Change the Future of Movies As We Know Them

10/12/2011 - Get Hacked, Don’t Tell: Drone Base Didn’t Report Virus

10/12/2011 - Eight new Tintin clips take Steven Spielberg's adventure out of the Uncanny Valley

10/12/2011 - Another Bonus iOS 5 App: Airport Utility

10/12/2011 - HP Wants You to Print Magazines with Your Home Printer So You Can Waste More Paper and Buy More Ink

10/12/2011 - Saturn's rings form a cosmic sundial

10/12/2011 - AMD's 8-Core Bulldozer CPU Is Here at Last

10/12/2011 - Can a venus flytrap digest human flesh?

10/12/2011 - Fees. Scalpers. Scams. Why Buying Concert Tickets Sucks So Hard.

10/12/2011 - Bose Finally De-Uglied Its On-Ear Headphones

10/12/2011 - Find My Friends Is Already Live

10/12/2011 - A sobering reminder on what breast cancer is (and isn't)

10/12/2011 - Samsung Sells $2 Galaxy S IIs Down the Street from iPhone 4S Launch

10/12/2011 - iCloud Is Live-ish

10/12/2011 - James Cameron reveals how Sigourney Weaver could appear in the Avatar sequels!

10/12/2011 - Sony Recalls 1.6 Million Bravia TVs Because They're Worried They'll Catch Fire

10/12/2011 - How You Can Get a Fresh iPad for $100 (Updated)

10/12/2011 - RIM: Our BBM Core Switch Failed. Then Our Back-Up Failed.

10/12/2011 - An Important Message From Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer: "OH GOD, NO, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN"

10/12/2011 - The Dark Knight Rises

10/12/2011 - Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 "Miles Behind Us" set pics

10/12/2011 - Sprint and Verizon To Unlock The iPhone 4S For International Travelers (Updated)

10/12/2011 - Terra Nova Executive Producer Jon Cassar's set photos

10/12/2011 - Supernatural "Shut Up Dr. Phil" Promo Pics

10/12/2011 - Sarah Jane Adventures "The Man Who Never Was" Promo Pics

10/12/2011 - Grimm Cast Promo Pics

10/12/2011 - Fringe Episode 5 "Novation" Promo Pics

10/12/2011 - Chuck Season 5 Episode 1 Promo Pics

10/12/2011 - American Horror Story Episode 2 Promo Pics

10/11/2011 - A Penny Will Get You A Verizon Wireless Phone From Amazon

10/11/2011 - The mobiUS Is An Ultrasound Machine That'll Fit In Your Pocket

10/11/2011 - Picture of the Day: Oct. 11, 2011

10/11/2011 - iPhone 4S Meta-Review: It's the Same, But Like Better

10/11/2011 - Americans Like To Secretly Record People In Embarrassing Outfits

10/11/2011 - Julian Smith: I'm Reading a Book

10/11/2011 - Handheld Video Games from the '70s Made No Sense

10/11/2011 - Which way are these four silhouettes spinning?

10/11/2011 - Amazon Trolls, Apple Manuals, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/11/2011 - Branded With Its Own Blueprints, This Table Could Live Forever

10/11/2011 - Scientists figure out how to switch off peanut allergy

10/11/2011 - Fanny Pack Sets off More Than Fashion Alarms

10/11/2011 - What Happens When You Tell iPhone 4S' Siri That You Love Her? (And Other Weird Things)

10/11/2011 - Samsung Stratosphere Hands On: For Keyboard-Loving Internet-Hounds

10/11/2011 - Samsung Stratosphere Gallery

10/11/2011 - Puns, Puzzles, and Easter eggs in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

10/11/2011 - Lego Blocks Plus Smartphone Equals Super Smart Petri Dish

10/11/2011 - How Amazonian tribes influenced James Cameron's Avatar 2

10/11/2011 - Watch a trailer for The Divide, the most disturbing film we've seen in years

10/11/2011 - Watching These People Snowboard Down Giganto Mountains Scares Me Crazy

10/11/2011 - What did the world's first language sound like?

10/11/2011 - How Nobel Laureate Ralph Steinman used his own discoveries to treat his cancer (and drive progress in the field of immunology)

10/11/2011 - Marchi Mobile's eleMMent Motor Coaches Combine Modern Luxuries With 1950s Design

10/11/2011 - Support Mary Anne Mohanraj's apocalyptic erotic science fiction novel in stories, Demi Monde

10/11/2011 - Eat Your Greens, Change Your Genes

10/11/2011 - Your Very Own On-Demand Rent-A-Sub

10/11/2011 - What's it like to lead anime versions of the X-Men? The voice of Cyclops tells us

10/11/2011 - Dr. Dre's Beats Go Wireless (But Where's the @*##ing AirPlay?) (Ears On)

10/11/2011 - Rumor: No More Free iPhone Replacements For You

10/11/2011 - An iPad App Where You Can Poke a Virtual Cat to Make It Mad (Or Pet It to Make It Happy)

10/11/2011 - German States Used Malware to Spy on Their Citizens

10/11/2011 - How to solve "Jewish" math problems

10/11/2011 - How to Make a 50 Petaflop Supercomputer Even More Powerful

10/11/2011 - Vitamins have been linked with a higher risk of death in older women

10/11/2011 - Terra Nova could still become a great TV show

10/11/2011 - These Cute Dogs Are Not Alive—They Are Freeze-Dried

10/11/2011 - 7 Tools for Celebrating a Belated Oktoberfest

10/11/2011 - How to Get Panning Shots With Your iPhone 4S (Hint: It Involves Cineskates)

10/11/2011 - Duke Nukem: Forever Is Your Shoot-It-In-The-Face Deal of the Day

10/11/2011 - Asus Gallery

10/11/2011 - T-Mobile Springboard Hands On: The Highest Res 7-Inch Tablet Yet

10/11/2011 - The Mysterious Rubbing Rocks of the Atacama Desert

10/11/2011 - Asus Zenbook Hands On: Good Lord There's a Lot of Awesome Packed Into Something This Thin

10/11/2011 - Twitter Gets Ready for iOS 5

10/11/2011 - Re-Live Your Instagram Pictures from a Year Ago

10/11/2011 - The more feminine you look, the more children you want. Wait, what?

10/11/2011 - Avengers trailer screencaps show off Marvel's brand new Hulk, and more!

10/11/2011 - For $900, you can rock Kaneda's jacket from Akira

10/11/2011 - AshPoopie Cremates Your Pet's Indiscretions

10/11/2011 - 10 Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Must Never Have Prequels

10/11/2011 - Download the New iTunes 10.5 Right Now


10/11/2011 - Tiny Trippy Double Exposure Camera Is a Great Alternative to LSD

10/11/2011 - A 320 GB Hard Drive's Landing for Xbox 360

10/11/2011 - Spotify Was Forcing Users to Stay Logged into Facebook Forever

10/11/2011 - There Are More Wireless Accounts in the US Than Humans

10/11/2011 - This week's comics bring dysfunctional X-Men and unexpected weirdness

10/11/2011 - Why Your Stomach Growls

10/11/2011 - The Gizmodo Guide to Green Luxury Wants You to Get Out

10/11/2011 - Book II of the Neverwinter Saga is Here for Your Reading Pleasure

10/11/2011 - Rainn Wilson's version of Unsolved Mysteries will make you wish it was a real TV show

10/11/2011 - Küat Racks Bike Lock Camouflages Itself As A Water Bottle

10/11/2011 - The World's First Solar Plant to Generate Electricity Even at Night

10/11/2011 - Thirty-Eight-Word Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9900

10/11/2011 - A Two-Word Review of the BlackBerry Torch 9860

10/11/2011 - BlackBerry Service Is Dead Around the World. Again. (Updated)

10/11/2011 - Watch Mars Rover Opportunity's three-year trip from Victoria Crater to Endeavour Crater...in under three minutes

10/11/2011 - Apple's Incredible Post-PC Chip-Engineering Army

10/11/2011 - Time-Traveling Jane Austen movie will destroy Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

10/11/2011 - Why Google+ Will Never Beat Facebook

10/11/2011 - The new Avengers trailer assembles so much awesome!

10/11/2011 - The Avengers Trailer Is Full of Explosions and Iron Man and Awesome and The Hulk

10/11/2011 - If These Early iPhone 4S Benchmarks Are Legit, It's Pretty Fast

10/11/2011 - Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia: When People Taste Words

10/11/2011 - No One Uses Android Tablets (Or No One Has Android Tablets to Use)

10/11/2011 - Real Life iPhone 4S' Siri Demonstration Is Pretty Damn Impressive

10/11/2011 - Watch Neil Patrick Harris' insane lecture on Ewoks from How I Met Your Mother

10/11/2011 - Make Toy Air Ships and Ray Guns from Old Tin Cans, and More from TreeHugger.com

10/11/2011 - The U.S. Government Demands that Google Hand Over Email Data from a Wikileaks Volunteer

10/11/2011 - The New Roku LT Only Costs $50 (!!!) and Has HBO Go (!!) (Updated)

10/11/2011 - Jose Padilha explains the essence of his Robocop reboot. Plus tons more from the set of The Dark Knight Rises!

10/11/2011 - New TeleNav For Android Will Help You Get To Work On Time

10/11/2011 - Religious Charity Pushes UK into Opt-In Porn Access

10/11/2011 - How Can This Truck Drive With a Freaking Wheel Missing?

10/11/2011 - Nokia's Sea Ray Windows Phone to Be Known as N800?

10/11/2011 - SlingPlayer's Android App Flings TV Shows to Honeycomb Tablets For $30

10/11/2011 - Who Doesn't Want to Play With Android Apps on Windows? Anyone?

10/11/2011 - Wal-Mart And Facebook To Serve Up Local Offers

10/11/2011 - Rumor: The iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB of RAM

10/11/2011 - AT&T's New Android Phones: From Awesome (Motorola Atrix 2) to Weird (Samsung DoubleTime)

10/11/2011 - It's Crazy Just How Much Free Calling T-Mobile Is Giving Away With Its Bobsled VoIP App

10/10/2011 - Dark Knight Rises Set Photos

10/10/2011 - Prometheus Set Photos

10/10/2011 - HP May Decide The Fate Of WebOS On Tuesday

10/10/2011 - Mythbusters to Host Discovery's Documentary on Steve Jobs

10/10/2011 - Weezer: Island in the Sun

10/10/2011 - Picture of the Day: Oct. 5, 2011

10/10/2011 - View Small Things on Your iPhone with This $30 Microscope Mod

10/10/2011 - Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is the real star of Batman: Year One

10/10/2011 - Hanging with Tutu, Science in Space, and Other Stories We Didn't post

10/10/2011 - Earth's worst mass extinction might not have been as bad as we thought

10/10/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x01, "What Lies Ahead" Pictures

10/10/2011 - Snow White Pictures

10/10/2011 - The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Man Who Never Was" Pictures

10/10/2011 - R.I.P.D. Set Picture

10/10/2011 - The Walking Dead 2x02, "Bloodletting" Pictures

10/10/2011 - Facebook for iPad Hands On: I've Waited So Long

10/10/2011 - Man of Steel — Aylet Zurer Set Picture

10/10/2011 - American Horror Story Cast Pictures

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10/10/2011 - Uncovering the hidden lake buried two miles beneath Antarctica

10/10/2011 - This App Could Make Tablets Accessible to the Blind

10/10/2011 - When Returning from the Moon, Don't Forget to Fill Out Your Customs Form

10/10/2011 - New Yorkers Are Posting Creepy Cell Phone Pics of Hot Guys on the Subway Online

10/10/2011 - Anonymous Takes Down NYSE Site for Two Sad, Short Minutes

10/10/2011 - How sugar molecules secretly shaped human evolution

10/10/2011 - These 3D Printed Masks Are a Mugger's Dream Come True

10/10/2011 - MTV releases the insane Liquid Television archives to the masses

10/10/2011 - An abandoned Russian theme park (with a woolly mammoth) in Japan

10/10/2011 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review: The New Best Android Tablet, Again

10/10/2011 - Genetically-modified salmon are closer than ever to a dinner plate near you

10/10/2011 - 6 Tools to Sail the High Seas Like Christopher Columbus

10/10/2011 - Daily Desired: Bend and Twist This Lamp Into Whatever Shape You Want

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10/10/2011 - The Official Facebook App for iPad Is Finally Here

10/10/2011 - 2 Girls One Demon: an Exclusive Shot from Paranormal Activity 3

10/10/2011 - Commemorating 50 Years of The Phantom Tollbooth

10/10/2011 - The trailer for the Nigerian Exorcist will make your head explode

10/10/2011 - Warrantless Cell Phone Searches Return to California

10/10/2011 - Photoshop Will End Blurry Pics Forever

10/10/2011 - Why California Is Right to Ban Tanning Beds for Teens

10/10/2011 - Most Ridiculous Human Jobs that Robots Have Stolen in Science Fiction

10/10/2011 - Fenix LED Flashlight Is Your Efficiently Illuminating Deal of the Day

10/10/2011 - DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman a father. Want to know who it is?

10/10/2011 - Dr. Dre Is Gunning Directly for Apple

10/10/2011 - Do eternally optimistic people just have malfunctioning frontal lobes?

10/10/2011 - Is a Samsung Galaxy S III Already on the Way?

10/10/2011 - Future Moon colonies could be powered by titanium

10/10/2011 - The New Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition Review

10/10/2011 - London's Big Ben Is Leaning Like the Tower of Pisa

10/10/2011 - The Matrix: Reloaded was a bigger letdown than Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

10/10/2011 - 10 Awesome Online Classes You Can Take For Free

10/10/2011 - Watch Close-Up As Millions of Tons of Gas Erupt on the Sun's Surface

10/10/2011 - The Samsung Stratosphere: You Can Finally Mash QWERTY Buttons on a 4G LTE Phone

10/10/2011 - Robert Downey Jr. finally admits that Iron Man 2 sucked

10/10/2011 - Verizon's 4G LTE Network Is Getting Even More Huuuger Oct. 20th and Nov. 17th

10/10/2011 - Watch this amazing Princess Bride cast reunion right now

10/10/2011 - This Week's TV: The Walking Dead brings a whole new level of pain

10/10/2011 - Did Steve Jobs Leave a Special Four Year Plan for Apple?

10/10/2011 - Make Flossing a Dream and Win a Trip to Los Angeles

10/10/2011 - Japanese company "REAL-f" makes really f-ing accurate 3-D copies of your face

10/10/2011 - Larry Ellison's Sail Boat Is Literally Faster than the Wind

10/10/2011 - The Worst Steve Jobs Tribute Ads

10/10/2011 - Giant prehistoric krakens may have sculpted self-portraits using ichthyosaur bones

10/10/2011 - You Can Detect Radiation with a Freaking iPhone Now

10/10/2011 - How to Hack the New Road Signs (Updated)

10/10/2011 - Rediscover the British classic Quatermass and the Pit on Blu-ray

10/10/2011 - Hands On iPhone 4S Video Shows 3x Speed Boost (And Siri!)

10/10/2011 - Demented 1970s fan film shows DIY special effects like you've never seen them before

10/10/2011 - Why Skype Chats Are Never Not Awkward

10/10/2011 - Google Is Working on a New Programming Language Called Dart, but Will It Be a Javascript Killer?

10/10/2011 - Why would you want someone to drill a hole in your skull?

10/10/2011 - iPhone 4 Cases Probably Won't Fit the iPhone 4S

10/10/2011 - The Pump Action Slingshot Crossbow: "I Killed Them All"

10/10/2011 - BlackBerry Service Dies for Millions Around the World (Updated)

10/10/2011 - John Carpenter's The Thing, as told by the golden pipes of Frank Sinatra

10/10/2011 - Biker Gang Raids Apple Store

10/10/2011 - Apple Sells One Million iPhone 4Ses In 24 Hours

10/10/2011 - Does the future of the Terminator franchise include the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

10/10/2011 - Acer's Blade-Thin Aspire S3 Ultrabook Finally Arrives

10/10/2011 - Report: Sprint's Total Equipment Protection Won't Cover iPhones

10/10/2011 - Qwikster Disappears Like the Bad Dream It Was

10/10/2011 - RIM Goes Tag-tastic Over NFC

10/10/2011 - The World Isn't Ready For the Michael Bay Energy Drink

10/9/2011 - Amazing amateur rocket launch reaches 121,000 feet

10/9/2011 - Australian golf course overrun with bull sharks

10/9/2011 - Beware the furry alien nipple biters!

10/9/2011 - Scenes from World War 2: Victory In Europe

10/9/2011 - Scientists Discover the Best Skiing In the Solar System

10/9/2011 - io9 Roundup: October 9, 2011

10/9/2011 - Robo-Tea

10/9/2011 - The Warped Forest

10/9/2011 - Babies are already morally superior to the rest of us by 15 months

10/9/2011 - Sharp Dressers Secure Ties, TIEs with Lightsaber Tie Tacks

10/9/2011 - Read a 7-page preview of IDW's zombies, aliens, and demons comic book Infestation: Outbreak

10/9/2011 - Experience Eric Curry's Completely Surreal "Light Painting" Exhibit

10/9/2011 - Ultra-powerful, super short cosmic explosions could ravage life on Earth

10/9/2011 - Watch a comet smash into the Sun, followed by a massive solar explosion

10/9/2011 - Study: irresolute rakes attracted to prominent front porches

10/9/2011 - Look at This Incredible $2,300, 30,000 Brick Lego Imperial Hangar

10/9/2011 - Orange France Leaks Nokia Sun Windows Phone (née Nokia "Sea Ray?")

10/9/2011 - The secret of beetle fidelity really, truly stinks

10/9/2011 - Walk All Over Major Cities Without Leaving Your Family Room with Google Maps Area Rugs

10/9/2011 - The Ice Age might still be going on inside China's deepest caves

10/9/2011 - When orchestras summon a storm

10/9/2011 - Painful Neck? Smartphone Owner? YOU May Be Suffering from Text Neck!

10/9/2011 - Japanese hair-washing robot is oddly sensuous

10/9/2011 - A rebooted Justice League, complete with a marble Wonder Woman and steampunk Cyborg

10/9/2011 - Watch a Pilot Cooly, Calmly Ditch His Plane In the Pacific Ocean

10/9/2011 - When Halloween 3 came out, you could buy replicas of the masks that melted kids' faces

10/9/2011 - This Is the Best Electric Bicycle (In Oregon)

10/9/2011 - The gorgeous Italian Star Wars movie you never knew you wanted

10/9/2011 - Person of Interest Episode 1.04 "Cura Te Ipsum" photos

10/9/2011 - Terra Nova episode 5 promo photos

10/9/2011 - Doctor Who Christmas Special set photo

10/9/2011 - Supernatural 7.4 "Defending Your Life" promo photos

10/8/2011 - DHS Begins Testing Controversial Pre-Crime FAST System (On the Willing)

10/8/2011 - The Screens in These Speakers Weren't Meant for Touching

10/8/2011 - iOS 5 File System Sleuthing Uncovers Potentially Beefier AppleTV

10/8/2011 - In certain South American cultures, epileptics are "the undead," trapped between life and death

10/8/2011 - On Supernatural, we discover that Sam always had a taste for monsters

10/8/2011 - These Lucky School Kids Get to Learn In a Building Right Out of a Pixar Movie

10/8/2011 - Hand-painted Russian scifi and fantasy movie posters will make your eyes bleed

10/8/2011 - A Woody Trailer with a Full Bar Is Travelling the Country for Charity? Where Is It?!

10/8/2011 - How does one drive a 340-ton boulder into Los Angeles?

10/8/2011 - Feuding Women Inadvertently Create Toxic Gas In the Middle of a Wal-Mart

10/8/2011 - This Is Why the iPhone's Screen Will Always Be 3.5 Inches

10/8/2011 - A Gifted Man makes you hate the good guys

10/8/2011 - Zombie apocalypse family photos are the cutest thing you'll see all day

10/8/2011 - How do you autopsy a whale?

10/8/2011 - Recycling as Art and Lighting

10/8/2011 - Antennae-like headphones allow human ears to "blink"

10/8/2011 - Amazon Places Kindle Fire Products In New "Seesaw" Spinoff

10/8/2011 - Hybrid X-ray images of bird people and octopus women

10/8/2011 - Dog Sacrifices Dignity In the Service of This Star Wars AT-AT Costume

10/8/2011 - The Dreadful, a webcomic about the goofy, gunslinging demons of the Old West

10/8/2011 - Who Should Play Steve Jobs In the Now Inevitable Steve Jobs Biopic?

10/8/2011 - Medical horrors: the tale of the self-administered hot coffee enema

10/8/2011 - Wild Apple Prototype MacBook 3G Case Nears Its Quiet, Weird End

10/8/2011 - Why, that's a dog cosplaying as an AT-AT walker

10/8/2011 - Is Pokémon Satanic? According to this concerned fellow, yes

10/8/2011 - Strange, Misguided Man "Glad" Steve Jobs Not Around Anymore

10/8/2011 - The Most Disturbing Scene from Last Night's Fringe

10/8/2011 - Sony Is This Close to Paying $1 Billion for Full Control of Sony Ericsson

10/8/2011 - You Won't Believe How HUGE This Battlestar Galactica Model Is

10/8/2011 - New Football Mouthpieces Measure How Hard Players Are Getting Their Bells Rung

10/8/2011 - 7 Tools for Snorkeling Like a Boss

10/8/2011 - Storify Gets Soundified

10/8/2011 - No iPhone 4S for You! Come Back, Two Weeks!

10/8/2011 - How to Build an Apple Store of Your Very Own

10/8/2011 - Newly-Found Victorian Era Bacteria Could Reveal Evolutionary Insights

10/7/2011 - Van Halen: Dreams (Blue Angel Edition)

10/7/2011 - It Only Took AT&T 12 Hours to Unload 200,000 New iPhones

10/7/2011 - Left Behind: X-Ray Chapels, Horseless Buggies, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

10/7/2011 - JFK Airport's Terminal 6: The Sad Demise of a Modern Design Marvel

10/7/2011 - A beautiful reminder that physics is everywhere, even in soap

10/7/2011 - On Person of Interest, it's soldiers vs. bankers — guess who wins?

10/7/2011 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Let Me See Your Balls! A Music Video

10/7/2011 - Best of the Week: October 1-October 7, 2011

10/7/2011 - Giz Explains: What's So Smart About the iPhone 4S's Antenna?

10/7/2011 - The 5 Weirdest iPod Nano Watch Faces

10/7/2011 - Rumor: Director Kicked Off the New Judge Dredd Movie

10/7/2011 - Grey's Anatomy shows the carnage of a Comic Con stampede (all over a TARDIS)

10/7/2011 - Scientists make a "flying carpet"

10/7/2011 - How the F/A-18 Hornet Becomes a Blue Angel

10/7/2011 - Watch this team of scientists make a lion roar. Oh, and did I mention the lion is dead?

10/7/2011 - McIntosh Teaches Its 50-Year-Old Tube Amp a Few New Tricks

10/7/2011 - A New $5000 Prize for Children's Science Fiction and Fantasy in Canada

10/7/2011 - Attention George Lucas: this Star Wars fan film has everything the prequels were missing

10/7/2011 - SwipePad, Smozzy, Flickr and More

10/7/2011 - Chefs Feed, Quora, Clickables and More

10/7/2011 - The First Lesbian Science Fiction Novel, Published in 1906

10/7/2011 - Back in Time, It's Playing, Slam Dunk King and More

10/7/2011 - Fujifilm's X10 Pro Point-and-Shoot Will Be Out in Early November for $600

10/7/2011 - Holy Sh*t, A Virus Has Infected the US Drone Fleet

10/7/2011 - The Walking Dead Is Coming to Netflix

10/7/2011 - Make the NY Times Website Easier to Read with Ochs

10/7/2011 - Computer virus hits U.S. Drone Fleet

10/7/2011 - The River Song Scene That Was "Too Naughty" for Doctor Who

10/7/2011 - The voice of Jem reveals where the pink pop star would be today — and whether the Misfits landed in rehab

10/7/2011 - Stop Everything You're Doing Right Now and Buy the Keyboard Cat Toy

10/7/2011 - Public Health Breakthrough: New home HIV tests are safe and accurate enough for regular use

10/7/2011 - Meet the only known reptile with a true placenta

10/7/2011 - Whatever happened to the bright future of "the Creative Class"?

10/7/2011 - Microsoft's Servers Are Faster than Amazon and Google's Servers

10/7/2011 - The Vampire Diaries: Playing mind games with a Salvatore brother is like shooting an unarmed man

10/7/2011 - When Is it OK to Talk to Your Phone? An Etiquette Guide to Mobile Voice Recognition

10/7/2011 - The New York Times Made a Steve Jobs Themed Crosswords Puzzle

10/7/2011 - Woman nearly dies from allergic reaction to sexually-transmitted brazil nuts

10/7/2011 - AT&T Wants to Make Its iPhone 4S the iPhone "4G" (Update: Confirmed)

10/7/2011 - Even Twitter Founders Get Twitter-Jacked (Updated)

10/7/2011 - Designing a World of Robot Fighters: the Concept Art of Real Steel

10/7/2011 - This Battery Powered ATV Is Your Grand Theft Auto Deal of the Day

10/7/2011 - Rdio Streams in the Background on Windows Phone Now

10/7/2011 - Apple Cards Make Laziness A Virtue

10/7/2011 - Are all artificial sweeteners equal?

10/7/2011 - When Fan Art goes Manga: Western Science Fiction Icons Reimagined, Japanese-Style!

10/7/2011 - The blackboards in classroom porn — just how accurate are they? (SFW)

10/7/2011 - Banish Under Eye Bags With a Vibrator?

10/7/2011 - Rumor Says Acer and Asus 15-Inch Ultrabooks Will Be Fiberglass

10/7/2011 - Russian Guy Grinds Up His Father-in-Law and Serves Him For Lunch

10/7/2011 - The New iPod Nano's Got a New Apple Processor

10/7/2011 - Horror's Greatest Heroes: the 10 Best Monster-Fighters!

10/7/2011 - Second Curtain Flash and the Nostalgia of Now

10/7/2011 - Historical poets gone wild? Watch Edgar Allan Poe unleash hell in The Raven trailer!

10/7/2011 - Chlamydia infects your cells with a Trojan Horse

10/7/2011 - Why Steve Jobs Wanted an Official Biography Written About Him (It's for His Kids)

10/7/2011 - Real Steel: Better than the Last Two Transformers Movies Put Together

10/7/2011 - The Japan Earthquake Weakened Earth's Gravity

10/7/2011 - New Christian inspirational novel pitched as "Gone With The Wind Meets Lost"

10/7/2011 - How Does an Entire Bridge Go Missing?

10/7/2011 - Could an electromagnetic pulse send us back to the Dark Ages?

10/7/2011 - Producer Makes Insane Real-Time Beats With New iMaschine App

10/7/2011 - You've never seen Optimus Prime so gloriously outnumbered as in this exclusive Transformers Prime clip

10/7/2011 - Sprint Is Ditching 4G WiMax for 4G LTE: What It Means for You

10/7/2011 - Pale-skinned people need more vitamin D than their bodies can actually make

10/7/2011 - This fish may be humanity's one connection with our sea-dwelling past

10/7/2011 - These Are the Prices For the Unlocked iPhone 4S

10/7/2011 - This Climbing Robot Cockroach Gives Me More Heebie Jeebies Than a Real Cockroach

10/7/2011 - Train Full of Natural Gas Derails and Explodes

10/7/2011 - Watch the first Trailer for Fox's Touch, in which Kiefer Sutherland's disabled son is a secret superhero

10/7/2011 - 4 iPhones + 1 Apple TV = Awesome Split-Screen Multiplayer Gaming

10/7/2011 - Remember the Toys You Played With As a Kid With This Video

10/7/2011 - Why does Superman look like a hobo on the set of Man of Steel?

10/7/2011 - Tarsem Singh's Snow White Pics

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