4/30/2012 - Jambox Gallery

4/30/2012 - First Image of Wizards vs. Aliens

4/30/2012 - Set Pictures from Star Trek 2

4/30/2012 - Two New Posters for the Amazing Spider-Man

4/30/2012 - New Snow White and the Huntsman Posters

4/30/2012 - New Look at Looper

4/30/2012 - GI Joe: Retaliation International Posters

4/30/2012 - Photos from the Set of Game of Thrones

4/30/2012 - New Dark Knight Images from Viral Site

4/30/2012 - Avengers Photos from EW

4/30/2012 - New Stills from Supernatural

4/30/2012 - The new Dark Knight Rises trailer is here, with plenty of Catwoman!

4/30/2012 - KegDroid—The Google-Powered Beer Tap

4/30/2012 - Apparently, Copyright Trolls Don't Need to Tell the Band When Suing Its Fans

4/30/2012 - These Asspensive Sex Toys Cost More Than the Priceless Feeling They'll Give You

4/30/2012 - Watch These Grandparents Give a Hilarious Wedding Toast to Their Grandson Via Webcam

4/30/2012 - 'Don't Text Me' Is Every Lovelorn Gadget Geek's New Anthem

4/30/2012 - Shut Up, Little Man: How Things Went Viral Before the Internet

4/30/2012 - Great Dragons of the Americas, in Naomi Novik's Crucible of Gold

4/30/2012 - Who Knew Kitchen Ventilation Was Worth Drooling Over?

4/30/2012 - The computerized unitards in Tron: Uprising are actually super hot

4/30/2012 - Incredible "supercell" storm clouds loom menacingly above the plains of Texas

4/30/2012 - Congress Wants Broken Laser to Zap North Korea's Broken Missiles

4/30/2012 - The Most Amazing Warehouse I Have Ever Seen

4/30/2012 - The Most Alarming Amazon Reviews Ever

4/30/2012 - SloPro: Shoot and Edit Slow Motion Videos on Your iPhone 4S

4/30/2012 - 5 Scientific Explanations for Game of Thrones' Messed-Up Seasons

4/30/2012 - What Do These Crazy Hacked Cars Have To Do With Michel Gondry's Next Film?

4/30/2012 - Asteroid mining could be against the law

4/30/2012 - What are quarks, and why do they have colors and flavors?

4/30/2012 - Maybe This Is Why Those in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

4/30/2012 - Why Won't The LAPD Help Recover This Stolen Computer? (Updated)

4/30/2012 - Mark Trail versus the marijuana farmers is the new greatest comic strip of all time

4/30/2012 - SloPro Gallery

4/30/2012 - Dentist Removes All of Her Ex-Boyfriend's Teeth in His Sleep (Updated)

4/30/2012 - Pachyderm-Inspired Fan Lets You Direct the Breeze Through Its Adorable Trunk

4/30/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 5: What wins wars: magic, money or manpower?

4/30/2012 - Stained Glass Iron Man Helmet Would Totally Class-Up Avengers HQ

4/30/2012 - Solar realignment could spell decades of cooler temperatures on Earth

4/30/2012 - 9 clips from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows deliver great style and terrible jokes

4/30/2012 - Color-coded text reveals the foreign origins of your words

4/30/2012 - Cuppow Turns Any Jar Into a Travel Mug

4/30/2012 - Mom of the Year Makes Her Son's Lunch Look Like Awesome Art

4/30/2012 - Why are Martian sunsets blue?

4/30/2012 - This Giant Low-Res LCD Ribbon Is More Beautiful Than Your Hi-Def TV

4/30/2012 - Epic Gaming Bathroom Desperately Needs a Warp Pipe Toilet

4/30/2012 - Will Hulu Soon Require a Cable Contract?

4/30/2012 - Harley Davidson Lost In Japan Tsunami Washes Up in Canada Fully Intact

4/30/2012 - Acer Iconia Tablet Lightning Review: The Transformer Prime's Chubby Cousin

4/30/2012 - Resurrecting the Dead With Computer Graphics

4/30/2012 - Hair-Washing Robot Promises Your Hands Will Never Touch Shampoo Again

4/30/2012 - Shot-for-shot breakdown of all the new alien monsters in Ridley Scott's Prometheus!

4/30/2012 - Verizon's 4G Jetpack Hotspot Gets Prepaid Treatment

4/30/2012 - This Complete First Aid Kit Is Your Punch-Me-In-The-Face Deal of the Day

4/30/2012 - How, When, and Why Moore's Law Will Finally Collapse

4/30/2012 - A Map of Where You Have to (Or Will Soon Have to) Pay Taxes on Amazon

4/30/2012 - 86 Year-Old Man Lives on His Own Tropical Island With 120 Giant Tortoises

4/30/2012 - What it's like to tear down an abandoned Japanese highway on a motorbike

4/30/2012 - America Admits to Targeted Drone Killing for the First Time Ever

4/30/2012 - Could psychedelic drugs save your life some day?

4/30/2012 - Avengers Screening Delayed Because Some Dunce DELETED THE FREAKING MOVIE

4/30/2012 - Brand New Photos of the Time-Traveling Thriller Looper and the New James Bond Movie!

4/30/2012 - The Case For GeoHot

4/30/2012 - Read a preview of the new Serenity comic for Free Comic Book Day!

4/30/2012 - Why iOS Apps Look Better Than Android Apps

4/30/2012 - Top 10 Albums Every Self-Respecting Science Fiction Fan Should Own

4/30/2012 - The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side of Hoth

4/30/2012 - Bird Poop Chandelier Is Not for the Faint of Heart

4/30/2012 - We Waste a Billion Gallons of Gas a Year Because We're So Fat

4/30/2012 - Could a single pill save your marriage?

4/30/2012 - In Bhutan, friendly phalluses painted on houses scare off evil spirits (NSFW)

4/30/2012 - LG and Windows Phone Are on a Break

4/30/2012 - NASA Will Return to Glory by Putting a Man in... Cleveland

4/30/2012 - This Week's TV: Is Leonard Nimoy really coming back to Fringe?

4/30/2012 - Flying Your Own Military Drone: A User Manual

4/30/2012 - The USAF's Ultimate Flight Simulator Had Two Cockpits and Actually Flew

4/30/2012 - The Best Way to Mount Rear Surround Sound Speakers

4/30/2012 - Start your week with this spellbinding timelapse of Yosemite National Park

4/30/2012 - Delicious Stop-Motion Food Rap Satisfies Your Craving for Hot Jams

4/30/2012 - "Silicene" could be the world's next great wonder-substance

4/30/2012 - Temperature Regulating Chairs Bring Peace To Office Thermostat Wars

4/30/2012 - Wind Farms Linked to Local Climate Change

4/30/2012 - Awesome Australian Billionaire To Build Full-Sized Replica Of the Titanic

4/30/2012 - Cat People, Strippers, And Telekinesis: The Portraits And Testimonials Of Alien Abductees

4/30/2012 - This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In the Desert For a TV Show We Can't Wait To See

4/30/2012 - LG Has a Cloud Service Coming Too. Everyone Please Stop This Ugh Sigh Puke

4/30/2012 - 11-Year-Old Criminal Pees on $36,000 in MacBooks

4/30/2012 - Read a preview of a groovy manga-influenced Martian horror graphic novel

4/30/2012 - Does Chewing Gum Make You Dumb?

4/30/2012 - One World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In New York Today

4/30/2012 - Ridley Scott's Prometheus might actually get an R rating!

4/30/2012 - Pessimisting Airplane GPS Always Knows the Best Place to Land in an Emergency

4/30/2012 - Microsoft Ponies Up $300 Million Investment in Nook Spinoff

4/30/2012 - Google Staff Knew All Along About the Street View Data Breach

4/30/2012 - Are Afghans Unable to Beat the Taliban Because of Clinical Depression?

4/30/2012 - Residential Buildings in London Will House Surface-to-Air Missiles During the Olympics

4/30/2012 - How to Run Windowed Apps on Your Jailbroken iPad

4/30/2012 - New Bill Banning Employer Facebook Snooping Introduced in Congress

4/30/2012 - The Problem With Big Data Is That Nobody Understands It

4/29/2012 - io9 Roundup: April 29, 2012

4/29/2012 - It's official: Grimm is the best fairy tale show on TV right now

4/29/2012 - The most amazing zombie apocalypse pizza delivery cartoon we've ever seen!

4/29/2012 - Holy crap, what are these new aliens doing in this Prometheus trailer?

4/29/2012 - AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story, Because You Need To Know Who He Was

4/29/2012 - These little fish swap their gender roles every season

4/29/2012 - Secret Underground Bunker Is Full of World War Weapons and Military Vehicles

4/29/2012 - Striking photographs capture the fiery beginnings of indoor explosions

4/29/2012 - Teddy Pendergrass: Close The Door (Live)

4/29/2012 - This optical illusion lets diagonal lines warp your brain

4/29/2012 - Snow White and the Huntsman International Posters

4/29/2012 - The Avengers Stills

4/29/2012 - Men in Black 3 International Poster

4/29/2012 - Amazing Spider-Man Still

4/29/2012 - Amazing Spider-Man International Poster

4/29/2012 - G.I Joe: Retaliation Still

4/29/2012 - Expendables 2 Still

4/29/2012 - Dark Shadows Stills

4/29/2012 - Fringe 4x21, "Brave New World" Picture

4/29/2012 - Two of the world's rarest mammals photographed for the very first time

4/29/2012 - Homophobia Is Totally Gay, As Proven By Science

4/29/2012 - Behold the great vanishing blobs of the Carina Nebula

4/29/2012 - Superheroes grace the covers of Life Magazine

4/29/2012 - Forget Graphene, Silicene Is Here to Blow Your Mind

4/29/2012 - Why is our skin waterproof?

4/29/2012 - A Yosemite Time-Lapse So Beautiful It Looks Fake

4/29/2012 - Grant Morrison says Batman is gay, internet basically shrugs

4/29/2012 - Crowdfund female-friendly smut, overlooked fairy tales, and steampunk Sherlock Holmes

4/29/2012 - Why Poison Oak Is the F&%*ing Worst

4/29/2012 - Game of Thrones concept art provides a raven's eye view of Westeros and beyond

4/29/2012 - Fascinating photos of an octopus eating a seagull

4/29/2012 - Siri Will Cause Your iPhone 5 to Self-Destruct

4/29/2012 - What would manga characters look like in real life?

4/29/2012 - Watch this ninja dog stalk a decoy wolf

4/29/2012 - Real-life superhero arrested for an anti-heroic assault

4/29/2012 - Are allergies our best defense against biohazards?

4/29/2012 - Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card Yet

4/29/2012 - Take a science fiction road trip for a weird and wonderful summer

4/29/2012 - Why Are You Wearing Headphones Right Now?

4/29/2012 - Pigeons have a magnetic GPS in their brain

4/29/2012 - Sneaky Tax Tactics Save Apple Billions of Dollars

4/29/2012 - Nerdgasm: The Official Lego Back to the Future Set Is Almost Here!

4/29/2012 - Find fashionable looks inspired by Marvel comics characters

4/29/2012 - Saturn's moon Phoebe could have been a planet

4/29/2012 - Scifi and fantasy characters shed their skin for the Day of the Dead

4/29/2012 - This Explanation of the Multiverse Is a Heavy But Delicious Sunday Brunch

4/28/2012 - Best of the Week: April 21-27, 2012

4/28/2012 - This Stunning Electric Bike Is Like a Jet Fighter On Two Wheels

4/28/2012 - This Company Builds Some Of the Greatest Playgrounds On Earth

4/28/2012 - The Doctor is a dog now. Dogs are cool.

4/28/2012 - Why do people move their eyes when they think?

4/28/2012 - How To Make Convincing Fly-Thru Cloud Footage Using Just Four Still Photos

4/28/2012 - Historical Photographs of Scientists in Love

4/28/2012 - Hate Itchy Mosquito Bites? Building Up an Immunity Only Requires About 15,000 Bites Per Year

4/28/2012 - Firing cannons at model shipwrecks — for science!

4/28/2012 - Muppets illustrations reenact classic tales and legends

4/28/2012 - Forget Magnets, This Working 1:48-Scale Wooden Roller Coaster Is the Ultimate Desk Toy

4/28/2012 - Extinct people of the Land of Fire were mighty wrestlers

4/28/2012 - Watch a subway snub cause a bloody lightsaber battle

4/28/2012 - If You Think Stock Images Are Bad Nowadays, Look at the Ones From the 90s

4/28/2012 - John Noble's Finest Moment from Last Night's Fringe

4/28/2012 - Temperature Sensitive Rug Changes Colors To Match the Seasons

4/28/2012 - Mice grimace after vasectomies

4/28/2012 - Appease your inner Indiana Jones and delve into The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology

4/28/2012 - If You Don't Find This Video About Robot Wheelchairs For Babies Heartwarming, You Probably Don't Have a Soul

4/28/2012 - Watch Supergirl wedgie Superman in the latest Super Best Friends Forever short

4/28/2012 - This Breathtaking London Flyover Is So Perfect It Almost Feels Computer Generated

4/28/2012 - Stunning Ice Sculpture Table Will Never Melt Away

4/28/2012 - TED launches a groundbreaking online education initiative

4/28/2012 - Faking a Giant Dance Troupe Is Easy With a 60-Foot Kaleidoscope

4/28/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Family Portrait with a Tentacle-Faced Child

4/28/2012 - Who are the richest characters in fiction?

4/28/2012 - See a magnet pull gold and iron out of a liquid - to kicky music!

4/28/2012 - Google Drive, Bitcoin Porn, Testicle Squeezing, Bathtub Junkets and More

4/28/2012 - The Worst Book Covers of All Time Have Destroyed My Faith In Humanity

4/28/2012 - Why do cultures always name red before they do blue?

4/28/2012 - Jeffrey Brown explains why Darth Vader would have made a great dad

4/28/2012 - Pop-up Bedside Table Is Another Reason Not To Get Your Butt Out Of Bed

4/28/2012 - Disney and Henry Selick will bring Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book to the big screen

4/28/2012 - The Best Photos of the Space Shuttle Flying Over New York City

4/28/2012 - Chewing gum can mess with your mind

4/28/2012 - You Can Finally Play Google Map's Labyrinth Game

4/28/2012 - Gronk is a webcomic about a troublesome (but adorable) monster child

4/28/2012 - This Artist Thinks Small Aluminum Cubes Are the Future Of Music Distribution

4/28/2012 - World's deadliest golf course boasts land mines and man-bear-pigs

4/28/2012 - Nine Ways To Make Yourself Smarter

4/28/2012 - The Definitive Video On Why the Airplane Cellphone Ban Is Stupid

4/28/2012 - The Webcomic Guide to the Higgs Boson

4/28/2012 - Frank Gehry's Tiffany Chess Set Is a Miniature Architectural Marvel

4/28/2012 - Supergirl is grounded on Super Best Friends and Westeros is social studies fodder on South Park

4/28/2012 - Portable Battery-Powered X-ray Machine Guarantees You'll Always Find the Best Kinder Surprise Toys

4/28/2012 - If You Are a Photoshop Nerd, You Will Love This Drawing

4/28/2012 - Are These the Gates of Heaven or a Deep Space Lighthouse?

4/28/2012 - Russian Cargo Spacecraft Set to Swan Dive into the Pacific — This happens all the time, please be SELECTIVE on space stories or any off topic

4/28/2012 - Five Super Helpful Mac Apps for Music Fans

4/28/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About the Higgs Boson in Under Eight Minutes

4/28/2012 - This preview for a Japanese children's movie will make your head explode

4/28/2012 - Augmented Reality Avatar James May Is Your New Museum Buddy

4/28/2012 - Tonight's Stoner Channel: Dr. Zaius on Mark Twain, Terrible Transportation Tactics, and Old Men with Lightsabers Ain't Nothin' to F*ck With

4/27/2012 - A Billion Details and No Precedent—An Inside Look at the TSA's Scrambling Start

4/27/2012 - 3D Soccer Players Will Wear 3D Jerseys With 3D Designs

4/27/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Shit Girls Say About Girls

4/27/2012 - London Olympics Will Have World's Largest McDonald's

4/27/2012 - 12 Mechanical Flight Sims from Aerospace's Analog Era

4/27/2012 - Gasland: The Definitive Documentary on Fracking

4/27/2012 - Keep Your Files Safe With Voice-Authenticating USB Drive

4/27/2012 - Robot Hugs and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/27/2012 - Watch The Ring's creepy demon girl throw the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game

4/27/2012 - I Am the One Who Clicks Banner Ads

4/27/2012 - Stegobeetle is back, and he's bigger and badder than ever

4/27/2012 - John Cusack's Raven is Weak and Weary

4/27/2012 - Airport Terminal Evacuated After TSA Boneheads Neglect to Screen a Baby

4/27/2012 - The Lost Civilizations That Pioneered Skull Surgery

4/27/2012 - Ten Adorable Fun Super GIFs of Zooey Deschanel Talking to Siri

4/27/2012 - The Most Confused Lamp in the World Is Still Lovely

4/27/2012 - Dalek mysteriously materializes atop MIT computer science building

4/27/2012 - This 92-Year-Old DVD Pirate Is a Total Badass

4/27/2012 - Rhino cameras will help watch endangered giants

4/27/2012 - Portable Meth Lab Explodes In a Guy's Pants While Running From the Cops

4/27/2012 - Pick, SayHi Translate, VFX, and More

4/27/2012 - Flight+, Touch TV, and More

4/27/2012 - Google Drive, Weatherwise, Scalado Album, and More

4/27/2012 - Giant Fans, Sugar Murals, Complex Chairs, and More

4/27/2012 - Billboard Advertising in the City of Blade Runner

4/27/2012 - 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To: 11-30

4/27/2012 - Super-Precise Laser Scalpel Minimizes Collateral Damage

4/27/2012 - Could eating chocolate really kill your dog?

4/27/2012 - Acer A510 gallery

4/27/2012 - The Virus that Destroyed the Dutch Economy

4/27/2012 - Is Apple Eyeing Epix as a Streaming Video Partner For Apple TV?

4/27/2012 - The Secrets of Field Sobriety Tests

4/27/2012 - Iconic 1960s IBM Wall Clock Gets Resurrected

4/27/2012 - Why does Joss Whedon always kill the characters we love?

4/27/2012 - Atheists can win your trust by appealing to secular authority

4/27/2012 - TenOne Magnus Lightning Review: Handsome iPads Deserve Handsome Stands

4/27/2012 - "Dinosaur-Killer" Asteroid Impacts Are Much More Common Than We Thought

4/27/2012 - How to Pretend to Be Someone's Friend on Facebook

4/27/2012 - Does your brain really have the power to see the world upside-down?

4/27/2012 - Pottery shards were the first ever ticket stubs

4/27/2012 - You Can Buy This $195 Million US Navy Stealth Ship for Just $100,000

4/27/2012 - In Pirates!, Aardman's puppets celebrate the power of pretending

4/27/2012 - These Shot Glass Ice Molds Are Your Ice-Is-The-New-Glass Deal of the Day

4/27/2012 - Cringe At the Ugliest Cameras Ever Made

4/27/2012 - It's official: the Chronicle director will reinvent the Fantastic Four!

4/27/2012 - 1950s greaser Batman needs to be a reality

4/27/2012 - Witness a glacier's staggering seven-year retreat

4/27/2012 - Terrifying Landings in 62MPH Crosswinds

4/27/2012 - io9 Show: Get Your Ass Into Space

4/27/2012 - Elderly Man Tries to Drill Holes in World War II Artillery Shells, Explodes

4/27/2012 - Holy Crap MacGyver's Floating House Is For Sale!

4/27/2012 - Stunning video shows the anatomy of a water beetle

4/27/2012 - Meet a crafty fish who spends all day pretending to be sea grass

4/27/2012 - Major Shock: Long-Term Pollution Exposure Linked to Heart and Lung Disease

4/27/2012 - How to Make Your Own Beats By Dre Headphones (Except They'll Actually Sound Good)

4/27/2012 - New Twilight: Breaking Dawn Photos

4/27/2012 - Commentary track explains why the Avengers are so mad at the X-Men

4/27/2012 - 28 stills from Dark Shadows prove Tim Burton has not yet tired of pancake makeup

4/27/2012 - How to Tell if You (Or Someone You Know) Are a Twitter Assclown

4/27/2012 - 10 Untranslatable Words (And When You'll Want to Use Them)

4/27/2012 - Verizon Jetpack 4620L: The Best Wi-Fi Hotspot

4/27/2012 - This is what the inside of an elephant looks like

4/27/2012 - Report: This Could Be HP's First Windows 8 Tablet

4/27/2012 - Kohler Spent $1,500 for Me to Take a Bath in Wisconsin

4/27/2012 - Jelly Sea Creatures Disable Entire Nuclear Power Plant

4/27/2012 - Scientists Have Found a Way to Regenerate Muscle Tissue After a Heart Attack

4/27/2012 - It Doesn't Really Matter if This Woman is From the Future

4/27/2012 - The Acer S3 Ultrabook is Thinner Than Many Things, Including Your Fat Dog

4/27/2012 - The Meebo Bar Is Now Slightly Less Terrible

4/27/2012 - tenonegal

4/27/2012 - Could controlling oxygen help us regenerate bones?

4/27/2012 - Here's Video of Space Shuttle Enterprise Flying Over NYC

4/27/2012 - A 38-Ton Custom Bulldozer Crushes Leftover Landmines

4/27/2012 - The Biggest Reasons To Get Excited About Comics This Summer

4/27/2012 - Panasonic Steals Crown for Giant 8k TV That Will Melt Your Face

4/27/2012 - Here's Your Woz For the Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic

4/27/2012 - Watch Nicki Minaj throw a sexy party on the set of Lost

4/27/2012 - Five Embodied Metaphors That Actually Foster Creative Thinking

4/27/2012 - What It's Like to Live in a Sub-Machine Gun

4/27/2012 - An Imperial CAT-AT, for Jedi kitties only

4/27/2012 - Can You Die If Someone Squeezes Your Testicles Hard Enough?

4/27/2012 - Zerglings Have Rushed Your Google Search Results. Kill Them All

4/27/2012 - Man Holding Central London Building Captive with Homemade Bomb (Updating)

4/27/2012 - Brand new videos for Amazing Spider-Man, Brave and Snow White and the Huntsman!

4/27/2012 - Vladimir Putin Will Make 3D Popular Whether You Like It or Not

4/27/2012 - The Perfect Fashion Statement for Photographers

4/27/2012 - Woman Kills Man By Squeezing His Testicles

4/27/2012 - Ethical Graffiti: Pressure-Washing Moss to Make Art

4/27/2012 - This Never Ending Ocean of Flowers Will Overwhelm Your Senses

4/27/2012 - People Test Toilets Using Fake Poop?

4/27/2012 - Is Extraterrestrial Life More a Dream Than a Real Possibility?

4/27/2012 - Samsung Overtakes Nokia as the World's Biggest Phone Manufacturer

4/27/2012 - Miller Lite's Punch Top Can Is a Shotgunner's Delight

4/27/2012 - The Story of O: A Very Terrible Film You Simply Must See

4/27/2012 - You Might Not Want to Look at These Explicit Images of an Elephant's Innards (NSFW)

4/27/2012 - Study: People Instinctively Hold Robots Morally Accountable

4/27/2012 - Laser Sharks Are Coming to an Ocean Near You

4/27/2012 - The ATMs in Vatican City Speak Latin

4/27/2012 - Tonight's Stoner Channel: Samuel L. Jackson on Hulk Weed, Siri, and Latin Catchphrases

4/26/2012 - Wolfram Alpha Can Tell You Where to Eat Now

4/26/2012 - Relax, It's Totally Cool to Get With Your Cousin, Says Author

4/26/2012 - Even Ensign Jimmy Has a Fighting Chance with This DIY Phaser

4/26/2012 - Jony Ive Prize, Beer Here, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/26/2012 - Would You Wear This Cellphone-Holster Bra?

4/26/2012 - Bodacious Longboarding Babes Dominate a Downhill

4/26/2012 - Wait, You Can't do WHAT at the London Olympics?

4/26/2012 - N.O.R.E Featuring Styles P and Raekwon: Google That

4/26/2012 - The First Pick in the NFL Draft Andrew Luck Still Uses a Flip Phone

4/26/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 26, 2012

4/26/2012 - Garbage Men Make Giant Pinhole Cameras Out of Dumpsters and More from TreeHugger

4/26/2012 - Chill Out and Relax on This Wonderful Floating Porch

4/26/2012 - New 3D Images Let Doctors See What Causes an Irregular Heartbeat

4/26/2012 - Is this woman the future of Hollywood Science Fiction?

4/26/2012 - This Toilet Is the Perfect Place To Sit When Perched On a Glass Floor Over a 15 Story Shaft

4/26/2012 - Opera Has the Power to Raise the Devil, in Mary Gentle's Spellbinding New Novel

4/26/2012 - Freezing glass may shed light on a great mystery in mathematics

4/26/2012 - Hi, My Name Is Molly and I'm Addicted to Browser Tabs

4/26/2012 - Fringe gets a fifth and final season

4/26/2012 - FTC Hires Ace Prosecutor for Google Antitrust Case

4/26/2012 - For $4500, You Can Drive Around in a Giant Milk Carton and Cereal Bowl

4/26/2012 - How Women's Eyes Are Different From Men's

4/26/2012 - Teen Wolf Season 2 Promo Photos

4/26/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images 4-26

4/26/2012 - The Secret Circle Season Finale Promo Images

4/26/2012 - Awake 'Say Hello to My Little Friend' Promo Images

4/26/2012 - New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Images

4/26/2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Images

4/26/2012 - Why Hunger Games Is The New Little House on the Prairie

4/26/2012 - Quirky Stem Lightning Review: Stab a Fruit and Spray its Juice

4/26/2012 - Privacy-Killing CISPA Bill Passes House

4/26/2012 - It's Now Easier to Be Shot to Death by a Drone in Yemen

4/26/2012 - Fold Out Emergency Chair Hides Inside a Monolithic End Table

4/26/2012 - Analytical thinking really does reduce your belief in God

4/26/2012 - Google Glasses Make Their First TV Appearance on Charlie Rose

4/26/2012 - The Ultimate Guide to This Summer's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

4/26/2012 - Pick: Meet the Instagram of Japan

4/26/2012 - Pick Gallery

4/26/2012 - Watching 56 Star Trek episodes all at once is strangely hypnotic

4/26/2012 - New Navy Uniform Could Monitor Sailors' Pee for Signs of Nuclear Attack

4/26/2012 - 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To: 31-50

4/26/2012 - Why are there spirals on the surface of Mars?

4/26/2012 - Multitalented Workbench Cutting Board Is Six Products In One

4/26/2012 - This Picture Was Taken with Google Glasses

4/26/2012 - How to Make Your Own Amazing Dalek Dress

4/26/2012 - Ask Naomi Novik anything you want about His Majesty's Dragon

4/26/2012 - Everything You Need to Kill Time Until Your Team's Next NFL Draft Pick

4/26/2012 - The 38 Things Every Photographer Needs in His Bag

4/26/2012 - Confirmed: Those North Korean Communist Assclowns Are Pathetic

4/26/2012 - What do prairie dogs have words for?

4/26/2012 - How Technicolor created ruby slippers without using color film

4/26/2012 - Office Sound System Lets You Skip Tracks By Whipping Something At this Poster

4/26/2012 - Canon C300 Review: For When Your Movie Deserves Better Than a DSLR

4/26/2012 - New Prometheus footage shows Ridley Scott torturing Noomi Rapace

4/26/2012 - 10 Tech Stupidity Taxes You Should Never Pay

4/26/2012 - How much of the Moon's surface did the Apollo 11 astronauts actually explore?

4/26/2012 - This Mini Multi-Tool Is Your Go-Anywhere-Fix-Anything Deal of the Day

4/26/2012 - Oh dear, somebody made a Buffy The Vampire Slayer porn

4/26/2012 - Will the Nikon D600 Be the Full Frame Successor to the D700?

4/26/2012 - Why Queen Victoria Has a Steam Engine Under Her Skirts in Pirates! Band of Misfits

4/26/2012 - NSFW: Reddit Women Are Getting Naked for Bitcoins

4/26/2012 - Xerox Predicted and Built Today's Desktop PC Way Back In 1972

4/26/2012 - Stunning Time-Lapse of One World Trade Center Construction

4/26/2012 - There's Finally a New Official Twitter App for iPhone and Android

4/26/2012 - Birds spotted growing plants for prettiness

4/26/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Technicolor

4/26/2012 - Glowing bellies actually help tiny sharks to hide from predators

4/26/2012 - The most spectacular photograph of last weekend's Lyrid meteor shower

4/26/2012 - HTC One S Lightning Review: Android's Sturdy, Speedy Wolverine

4/26/2012 - 10 Coolest Fictional Asteroids of All Time

4/26/2012 - HTC One S Gallery

4/26/2012 - A Guide To The Avengers For The Extremely Confused

4/26/2012 - Steve Jobs Wanted to Be Willy Wonka For a Day

4/26/2012 - Star Trek is where your favorite creators went to grad school

4/26/2012 - This New Super Glass Is the Fogless, Glare-Free Future

4/26/2012 - This Memo Killed Osama Bin Laden

4/26/2012 - What the Hell Is This Giant Green Cloud in Moscow? (Updating)

4/26/2012 - What Is CISPA?

4/26/2012 - Jon Stewart Is As Excited About Mining Asteroids As We Are

4/26/2012 - You Can Watch Live TV on Your iPhone or iPad with This Website (Update: Android Too!)

4/26/2012 - This Two-Acre Telescope Powers Science's Search for Dark Energy

4/26/2012 - Leaked Verizon Roadmap Tips Fall iPhone, Summer Galaxy SIII

4/26/2012 - How a Man with No Arms or Legs Will Swim All Around the World

4/26/2012 - This Circuit Board Lamp Loves To Expose Itself

4/26/2012 - Your ability to imagine a number line may not be hardwired after all

4/26/2012 - Yertle the Turtle banned from Canadian classroom for being too political

4/26/2012 - Election Watch parses all the election coverage, so you don't have to

4/26/2012 - First Sheep Cloned With "Good Fat" Is Healthier For You

4/26/2012 - A Nuclear Power Plant Is Under Attack by Weird Sea Creatures

4/26/2012 - In this preview of Justice League International, Guy Gardner still can't catch a break

4/26/2012 - Hang Out with NFL Draft Picks on Google+ Because That's Not Awkward

4/26/2012 - Wine Bottle-Sized Star Wars Arcade Is a Better Way To Drown Your Sorrows

4/26/2012 - North Korean War Propaganda Is Even Crazier than You Thought

4/26/2012 - A Hobbit Guest Star Confirmed. Plus Who Won't Return in Iron Man 3 and Doctor Who season 7!

4/26/2012 - Quirky Stem Gallery

4/26/2012 - How One Man Hacked Hollywood

4/26/2012 - Science Explains Why So Few People Are Left-Handed

4/26/2012 - One Kidney Has Been Inside Three People In Just Two Weeks

4/26/2012 - Eating Healthiness Around the World, Visualized

4/26/2012 - These Magnetic Bike Lights Look Super Sleek

4/26/2012 - Groupon CEO: We Need to Stop Taking Stupid Risks

4/26/2012 - This Chip Will Power the New Samsung Galaxy S III

4/26/2012 - Matthew Cusick's Map Collages Are Stunning to See

4/26/2012 - ‘Dubstep Tebow’ Does Exactly What You Think It Does

4/26/2012 - Simply Stunning—The World Famous Cutty Sark After Its £50 Million Renovation

4/26/2012 - Vampire Diaries Departed Pic

4/26/2012 - Single True Blood Set Photo

4/26/2012 - First Look at Life of Pi

4/26/2012 - How Far Would You Be Willing to Drive If It Meant Avoiding Airport Security?

4/26/2012 - Onion Browser Brings Encrypted Web Browsing to the iPhone

4/26/2012 - Tonight's Stoner Channel: Tricky Tricks, Lucky Strikes, and Bill Cosby on Drugs

4/25/2012 - Sleeping Beauty: A Disney Theme in a Sex-Work Story

4/25/2012 - Connecticut Bill Aims to Make Cops Pay for First Amendment Violations

4/25/2012 - With a Pedal-Desk This Pretty, You Might Actually Want to Work Out

4/25/2012 - Wipe Your Hard Drive DoD-Clean

4/25/2012 - Descriptive Camera Doesn't Take Pictures, But Has a Masterful Command of the English Language

4/25/2012 - How To Prove You've Been Abducted by Aliens

4/25/2012 - High-Res G.I. Joe pics

4/25/2012 - User Experience: The Reason Apple Towers Over Sony

4/25/2012 - This Desk-Shelf Hybrid Harmoniously Combines Form and Function

4/25/2012 - Keep Your Blades In Shape With Wustof's 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

4/25/2012 - New Archeological Proof for the Oldest Tsunami in Recorded History

4/25/2012 - Brand New Colors, Random Tats, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/25/2012 - The Animal-Friendly Furniture for Your Furry Friend at Home

4/25/2012 - DRM is not the future: Tor goes DRM-free for all e-books

4/25/2012 - Find out how irresponsible scientists brought the Battleship aliens to our planet

4/25/2012 - Could some of humanity's deadliest viruses have come from eating bats?

4/25/2012 - Watching This Is the Closest You'll Get to Aerial Combat

4/25/2012 - 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To: 51-70

4/25/2012 - Your Summer Beach Reading List for 2012

4/25/2012 - New Skyfall Photos from Empire Magazine

4/25/2012 - First Look at Spanish Post-Apocalyptic Film: FIN (The End)

4/25/2012 - Photos from Awake "Black Waters"

4/25/2012 - Compare Avengers IMAX Poster With New Mondo Prints

4/25/2012 - Yet Another Promo Pic for Vampire Diaries Finale: The Departed

4/25/2012 - New photos for Merlin Series 5

4/25/2012 - New Supernatural Promo Photos

4/25/2012 - New Poster for Falling Skies

4/25/2012 - New Poster for Roland Emmerich's Hell

4/25/2012 - Skywalking: Russian Teens Risk Death for Daredevil Photos

4/25/2012 - The Original Google Phone Was Almost a Blackberry Clone

4/25/2012 - Time to Enjoy: Find Activities That Fit Your Hectic Schedule

4/25/2012 - This is how Francis Crick dealt with unwanted solicitations following the discovery of DNA

4/25/2012 - Navy Grounds Drone Copters, Then Spends Quarter-Billion to Buy More

4/25/2012 - Robots are going after your prostate with knives

4/25/2012 - Time to Enjoy Gallery

4/25/2012 - The Bizarre Object We Believed Was Impossible to Visualize

4/25/2012 - Wrap Your iPhone In This Adorable 8-Bit Bumper

4/25/2012 - Pakistani baby born with six legs recovering well, following removal of extra limbs

4/25/2012 - Would You Scoop Dog Poop For Free Wi-Fi?

4/25/2012 - The Haiku Fan Is Perfect for Your Apartment or Zendo

4/25/2012 - Rocket to the Stars at the 1939 New York World's Fair

4/25/2012 - If This Was The Official Artwork for Battleship, I'd Go See It.

4/25/2012 - Textercuff: The Ultimate Sex Toy for Those Addicted to Bondage and Smartphones

4/25/2012 - New Photos from Vampire Diaries and a First Look at the Finale

4/25/2012 - New Dark Knight Rises Promo Art

4/25/2012 - 2001: Space Lego!

4/25/2012 - This Is How Asteroid Mining Will Work

4/25/2012 - The Postal Service Shipped This Guy's Package Across the Country Twice for No Reason

4/25/2012 - Must watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Discusses the Link Between Space and Culture

4/25/2012 - Movies Where The World Actually Gets Destroyed In The End

4/25/2012 - 180 Beautiful Black & White Images

4/25/2012 - Humanity and nature become one in these beautiful metamorphic illustrations

4/25/2012 - Couple Busted Trying to Sell Meth and a Military Drone to China

4/25/2012 - Carbon Fiber Bookshelves Are Novel Objects of Lust

4/25/2012 - Glittering trails of giant snowballs seen in weirdest ring of Saturn

4/25/2012 - A Professional Recording Studio in an Unbelievably Tiny Room

4/25/2012 - This is what a TARDIS dildo looks like

4/25/2012 - This Mini Bike Is Your Lance-Armstrong-Jr Deal of the Day

4/25/2012 - Intel's Ivy Bridge: The Maximum PC Review

4/25/2012 - You've Never Seen Your Console Controllers Like This Before

4/25/2012 - 10 Alien Species from Star Wars Who Became Jedi Knights

4/25/2012 - Why You Should Be On A Cargo Bike

4/25/2012 - New Dark Knight Rises footage reveals a better voice for Bane!

4/25/2012 - If a Truck Loaded With Sulfuric Acid Crashes, Does It Melt the Road?

4/25/2012 - Mystery cactus-like fossil named "Godzillus" found, unlike any other lifeform

4/25/2012 - You Think More Clearly in a Foreign Language

4/25/2012 - Make Silly Webcam Faces to Scrunch Up a Nike Sneaker

4/25/2012 - Would you drop $10,000 a year to stop yourself from getting HIV?

4/25/2012 - The Best Headphones for Running

4/25/2012 - Vase-Shaped Stand Lets Your TV Blossom

4/25/2012 - Bring home Tony Stark, with this amazing Avengers art print!

4/25/2012 - Koss Striva: Wi-Fi Streaming Headphones That Free Your Ears From Wires

4/25/2012 - Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro

4/25/2012 - AfterShokz Mobile

4/25/2012 - Philip K. Dick's estate is suing the makers of The Adjustment Bureau

4/25/2012 - Sony Active Sport XBA-S65

4/25/2012 - What's next for Pixar? Dinosaurs and the Day of the Dead!

4/25/2012 - The President of the United States Plays with Tiny Robot iPhone Ball

4/25/2012 - Shure SE215 gallery

4/25/2012 - Safety Pin Flash Drive Makes an I-Always-Lose-Things Fashion Statement

4/25/2012 - Sennheiser PMX 680i gallery

4/25/2012 - The Case Against DRM on eBooks

4/25/2012 - Angry Women Storming Facebook's New York HQ Today

4/25/2012 - And now, a frog sitting like a human being

4/25/2012 - Why Everybody's Wrong About the G-Spot

4/25/2012 - Cocaine abuse may actually accelerate brain aging

4/25/2012 - This Avatar Android Will Perform Life-Threatening Work on the ISS

4/25/2012 - An iPad Dock That Actually Looks Better Than Your Tablet

4/25/2012 - How To Kill That Awful Meebo Bar Forever (Updated)

4/25/2012 - Wolverine meets Freddie Mercury = the greatest Marvel Comics pitch of all time

4/25/2012 - You Can Take 3D Photo Tours of Famous Places in Google Maps Now

4/25/2012 - The Lumia 900 Is Getting Even Crazier Looking!

4/25/2012 - How Syfy Will Bring Science Fiction Back to Television

4/25/2012 - High-Power Hose Security System Will Soak Pirates into Submission

4/25/2012 - Will The Hobbit Look Like a 70s Soap Opera at 48 FPS?

4/25/2012 - Report: Microsoft Will Have a Spotify Competitor at E3

4/25/2012 - I want this life-size bouncy inflatable Stonehenge

4/25/2012 - Alcoholism Can Now Be Treated with Prescription Drugs

4/25/2012 - App-Enhanced Pavement Turns Roads Into Wireless Hotspots

4/25/2012 - Major New Developments for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Iron Man 3 and Catching Fire!

4/25/2012 - Why the Next Generation MacBook Pro Will Probably Launch This June

4/25/2012 - More Samsung Galaxy S III Hardware Caught On Camera

4/25/2012 - This Skimmer Is Why You Should Be Nervous at ATMs

4/25/2012 - NASA Begins Testing GPS-Based Earthquake Detection System

4/25/2012 - The Internet Icon You've Probably Never Heard Of

4/25/2012 - The Drone That Will Never Stop for Directions

4/25/2012 - CRISIS AVERTED: Japan Standardizes Its Emoji

4/25/2012 - Drawing Daffy, Talking Mannequins, and a Salvador Dali Joint

4/24/2012 - The Girlfriend Experience: Seventy-Six Streaming Minutes of Sasha Grey

4/24/2012 - The Ark of the Covenant Cake is Face-Meltingly Awesome

4/24/2012 - Vampire Diaries Images

4/24/2012 - Herbie Hancock: Cantaloupe Island (Live)

4/24/2012 - Of Course Ikea's Digital Camera Is Made of Cardboard

4/24/2012 - Another Day, Another Flashback Variant All Up in Your Mac

4/24/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 24, 2012

4/24/2012 - N.K. Jemisin goes high fantasy, and we all win

4/24/2012 - Would You Use These Pointed Puppets to Spear Your Snacks?

4/24/2012 - Greenpeace Ambushes Apple Stores with Balloon Prank

4/24/2012 - Puppy Social Networking Is Here to Rescue Lonely People

4/24/2012 - NASA's Building of the Future: a Model for Tomorrow's Moonbases

4/24/2012 - These Sleek Salt and Pepper Shakers Have Only One Opening

4/24/2012 - Why does this blue stone have yellow light coming out of it?

4/24/2012 - Dolby's New Atmos System Will Pipe 128 Channels of Audio Bliss Into Movie Theaters

4/24/2012 - When scientists work with creative people, cooler stories get told

4/24/2012 - The Most Highlighted Book Passage of All Time on the Kindle Is Like So Deep Man

4/24/2012 - John Cusack explains why Edgar Allan Poe created everything you love

4/24/2012 - The harvest mouse is nature's most adorable acrobat

4/24/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 4-24

4/24/2012 - Grimm 'Leave it to Beavers' Promo Images

4/24/2012 - Eureka finally does something genuinely shocking

4/24/2012 - Apple CEO Tim Cook Made a Funny! (Updated)

4/24/2012 - Behind the Scenes of a Colossal Car Crash Test

4/24/2012 - sayhi translate gallery

4/24/2012 - SayHi Translate: An Interpreter Inside Your iPhone

4/24/2012 - 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To: 71-100

4/24/2012 - Sriracha Lollipops Are a Wonderful Invention

4/24/2012 - The first 4,000,000 digits of Pi, visualized in a single image

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BlackWhite 16

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Gallery 15

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4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Blackwhite 13

4/24/2012 - Fourth U.S. Case of Mad Cow Disease Discovered in California

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BlackWhite12

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BlackWhite 11

4/24/2012 - Apple Hauls Insane $39 Billion Revenue Despite Selling Fewer iPhones and iPads

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BlackWhite10

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BlackWhite 9

4/24/2012 - How to Switch Over to Google Drive Without Ruining Your Life

4/24/2012 - This Is What the F-35 Looks Like Heading to War

4/24/2012 - A 7-year-old now has his own television show: Axe Cop is coming to TV!

4/24/2012 - SpaceX Will Launch Its Dragon Capsule to the Space Station On May 7

4/24/2012 - Everything You Need To Turn Your Basement Into Your Own Private Chuck E. Cheese's

4/24/2012 - Apple Could Build Its Products in the U.S. and Still Make Tons of Cash

4/24/2012 - Macho Fantasy Novel Covers (As Reenacted By A Normal Dude In Denim Shorts)

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Blackwhite 7

4/24/2012 - Are creative people naturally more dishonest?

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Blackwhite 5

4/24/2012 - This Flying Clown Fish Is Your Enormous-Hovering-Zepplin-Of-Fun Deal of the Day

4/24/2012 - Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What's the Best Cloud Option?

4/24/2012 - Teens Are So Desperate for Alcohol They're Chugging Hand Sanitizer (Update: Video)

4/24/2012 - In the Return of the Jedi novel, Wicket the Ewok delivered an unusually beautiful speech

4/24/2012 - Here Are the 61 Organizations With Permission To Fly Drones

4/24/2012 - The wealthiest university on Earth can't afford its academic journal subscriptions

4/24/2012 - Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight Lightning Review: This Is the Best eReader You Can Buy

4/24/2012 - Read the first chapter of Mira Grant's Blackout right here, right now!

4/24/2012 - Mathematic Proof That The Universe Had A Beginning

4/24/2012 - Neil Gaiman and a dead Boba Fett make their mark on Wednesday's comics

4/24/2012 - How the Space Miners Will Bring Trillions of Dollars to Earth

4/24/2012 - 10 Most Unconvincing Romances in Science Fiction and Fantasy

4/24/2012 - This Incredible Video Shows All Roads, Air, and Shipping Routes on the Entire Planet

4/24/2012 - The io9 Book Club Is in Session! Let's talk about His Majesty's Dragon.

4/24/2012 - Never Underestimate the Power of a Strong Title Sequence

4/24/2012 - What Is Google Drive?

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black & White 3

4/24/2012 - What if The Avengers came out in 1978?

4/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black & White 1

4/24/2012 - Gorgeous Modern Rocking Horse Is Reason Enough To Have Kids

4/24/2012 - What Really Happens When You Swallow Your Gum?

4/24/2012 - Distracted Girl On Cellphone Plunges Into a Sinkhole

4/24/2012 - In 1958, America accidentally dropped a nuclear weapon on two little girls' playhouse

4/24/2012 - An Anti-Catcalling App Is a Silly Way to Waste $20,000 of Government Money

4/24/2012 - Flexible Solar Panels Stack Cells on Sheets Printed Like OLEDs

4/24/2012 - Google Is Selling Hardware Again

4/24/2012 - Stylish Vac Compresses Your Dirt Into Easily Disposable Cubes

4/24/2012 - Mysterious Rainbow River of Pills Appears In China

4/24/2012 - Childhood Violence Causes Premature DNA Ageing

4/24/2012 - It's Official: Planetary Resources Unveils Plans for Asteroid-Mining

4/24/2012 - Will the IKEA TV Be as Hard to Assemble as Conan's Parody Is?

4/24/2012 - If You Tweet and Delete Your Crimes You Will Still Go To Jail

4/24/2012 - This Video Has a Frightful Secret That Only Your Digital Camera Can See

4/24/2012 - North Korea Might Blow Up a Nuke Very Soon

4/24/2012 - Android Trojan Can Track Your Keystrokes Using Motion Sensors

4/24/2012 - New Brave trailer and footage shows off Pixar's rebellious princess

4/24/2012 - The Most Detailed Images of Polar Ice Cap Thickness Yet

4/24/2012 - Tiny Skis for Wheelchairs Tackle Snow With Ease

4/24/2012 - Anyone Wants This Original Apollo XI Mission Patch Flown the Moon?

4/24/2012 - 10 Outdated Gadgets You Can Still Buy Today

4/24/2012 - New G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer pistol-whips the rest of summer's blockbusters

4/24/2012 - Who Will Be Iron Man 3's Other Hot Scientist? Plus 9 New Game of Thrones Videos!

4/24/2012 - Meet AMD's New Laptop Graphics Monster

4/24/2012 - Here's How Much Money Facebook Makes Off of You

4/24/2012 - This Beautiful Space Video Will Make You Have Flying Dreams Tonight

4/24/2012 - New Space Mining Company Unveils Plans to Bring Asteroids to Moon Orbit Today

4/24/2012 - This Crazy 1970s Fisheye Lens Could Be Yours For $160,000

4/24/2012 - Dropbox Morphs into Megaupload With Direct Sharing of Anything in Your Account

4/24/2012 - Cocaine Literally Rots Your Brain

4/24/2012 - Google Drive to Offer Up to 100 GB of Storage and Launch Today?

4/24/2012 - How Stanford Feeds Silicon Valley—At a Cost

4/24/2012 - India Is Now the World's Leading Spam Source

4/24/2012 - New Person of Interest Photos for "Many Happy Returns"

4/24/2012 - Goodbye Charlie Card—Boston Bus Fares Could Soon Be Sold by Smartphone

4/24/2012 - Biotech Company Blamed for Bee Collapse Buys Leading Bee Research Firm

4/24/2012 - An Electric Beach Cruiser for the Supremely Lazy

4/24/2012 - Buildings Going Down, Semis Going Up, and Kickball!

4/23/2012 - Depp's Tonto - Based on Original Portrait

4/23/2012 - Grimm Reaper

4/23/2012 - New GI Joe Posters

4/23/2012 - Promotional Photos for Continuum

4/23/2012 - First Look at The Chernobyl Diaries

4/23/2012 - The Dark Knight Trailer to Play Before The Avengers?

4/23/2012 - Game of Thrones Set Concept Art

4/23/2012 - The Avengers Re-Imagined in Officially Licensed Art

4/23/2012 - Posters Galore!

4/23/2012 - Once Upon a Time Promo Photos

4/23/2012 - Fringe Promo Photos

4/23/2012 - MIT Students Hack Building, Play Tetris

4/23/2012 - Roosevelt—The Bi-Pedal, Off-Roading Border Collie

4/23/2012 - Pizza Hut Won't Stop Putting Non-Pizza Meat Foods On Their Pies

4/23/2012 - Using Leeches to Track the World's Rarest Animals

4/23/2012 - Literally the Sweetest Murals You've Ever Seen (Because They're Made of Sugar)

4/23/2012 - Once Upon a Time is going down the magic drain

4/23/2012 - Read a sneak preview of the comic adaptation of the crazy trucker tale Duel

4/23/2012 - OSU Powers Up a 500 Trillion Watt Laser

4/23/2012 - Melancholia: Nothing Spoils a Wedding Quite Like the End of the World

4/23/2012 - Best Profile Pics, Worst Stunts, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/23/2012 - Bullet Time Light Painting Makes Beautiful 3D Graffiti

4/23/2012 - The Feds Will Shut off Your Internet If You Don't Clean Your Computer by July 9

4/23/2012 - Couple Pays $1200 for Objectively Worst Wedding Photos of All Time

4/23/2012 - What if the Emperor was more monstrous? Check out some insane Return of the Jedi storyboards!

4/23/2012 - Wrath of the Titans concept art is mythic nightmare fuel

4/23/2012 - Watch Saturn and Its Moons Dance in This Video Made Entirely of Stills

4/23/2012 - Ruby Sparks = Weird Science For Hipsters

4/23/2012 - Building Block Storage Bins Finally Put Your Lego Skills To Good Use

4/23/2012 - The Skeletal Hensen Chair Proves Minimal Design Can Also Be Fun

4/23/2012 - The Physics that Explain Why You Should Wear Black This Summer

4/23/2012 - Ron Swanson wants to be Fantastic Four's Thing. Make it happen, Hollywood!

4/23/2012 - Microsoft Is Losing Mobile Subscribers Faster Than It Can Gain Them

4/23/2012 - VFX: Add Movie-Style Special Effects to Your iPhone Pics

4/23/2012 - Bottle Opener + Sunglasses = Beer Goggles?

4/23/2012 - vfx app gallery

4/23/2012 - Who Cares About Slingshots When This Crossbow Fires Spinning Saw Blades?

4/23/2012 - 33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer

4/23/2012 - Full Surface Induction Cooktop Gives You the Freedom To Place Your Pots Anywhere

4/23/2012 - A gorgeous horror movie about a pen trying to murder the letter "D"

4/23/2012 - A Woman Won a $1 Million Lottery Twice in One Day

4/23/2012 - The Real-Life Cult Experience Behind Sound of My Voice

4/23/2012 - It's Hard to Believe These Impossible Buildings Aren't Real

4/23/2012 - The Single Best Way to Avoid Getting Screwed on Craigslist

4/23/2012 - 10 People Who Actually Deserve To Be in the Internet Hall of Fame

4/23/2012 - Adobe Nearly Blown Away By Winds of Change

4/23/2012 - American Airlines to air anti-vaccination programming in-flight (UPDATE)

4/23/2012 - The Magazine of the Future (on floppy disk!)

4/23/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 4: True greatness means letting others do your dirty work

4/23/2012 - This Philips AmbientLED Bulb Is Your Never-Worry-About-A-Bulb-Again Deal of the Day

4/23/2012 - Transform Your Office Cubicle into a Roman Palace With a Chariot Chair

4/23/2012 - A deranged 1988 PSA about a supercomputer who hates marijuana

4/23/2012 - Why Exercise Warm-Ups Might Be Even More Important Than You Thought

4/23/2012 - Microsoft's New SkyDrive Apps Include a Preview for Mac OS X Lion

4/23/2012 - Yamaha YAS-101 Lightning Review: The Best Budget Soundbar for Your First Home Theater

4/23/2012 - Adobe Creative Cloud Will Be 40 Percent Off For Current CS Customers

4/23/2012 - Homicidal Lunatics Busted Rigging a Popular Trail With Deadly Medieval Booby Traps

4/23/2012 - Imaginary scenes from the 1960s Zambian space program

4/23/2012 - The Air Force's Secret Hypersonic Glider Flew So Fast Its Skin Fell Off

4/23/2012 - 10 Things We've Learned About the Earth Since Last Earth Day

4/23/2012 - We Finally Know What Really Causes Ice Cream Headaches

4/23/2012 - A male seahorse giving birth resembles a horrible pregnant shotgun

4/23/2012 - Clever Leave-In Handles Let You Bake Up Self-Slicing Bread

4/23/2012 - Intel's Ivy Bridge: Tri-Gate Transistors Bring Supercharged Performance

4/23/2012 - All Modern American Rockets and Spaceships Compared

4/23/2012 - This Week's TV: Felicia Day Plays a Hacker with a Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

4/23/2012 - Acer's First Ivy Bridge Computers Are... Desktops???

4/23/2012 - Behold the water slide so dangerous it was shut down immediately

4/23/2012 - The Most Unbelievably Terrible Police Wanted Composites

4/23/2012 - The CIA's Mach 3 Recon Drone

4/23/2012 - Photoshop CS6 Beta Review: The Best Update In Recent Memory

4/23/2012 - How To Choose the Right Extension Cord for Anything

4/23/2012 - Target Assembles Everyday Stuff For These Awesome Avengers Ads

4/23/2012 - Watch a video of the first known all-white adult killer whale

4/23/2012 - Meet Frankenthulhu: half Frankenstein, half Cthulhu, all awesome monster!

4/23/2012 - Nuclear Powered Preamp Promises Incredibly Excessive Accuracy With a Built-in Atomic Clock

4/23/2012 - Virus Attack Kills Iranian Oil

4/23/2012 - Five Reasons the New Photoshop Is a Big Deal

4/23/2012 - An Exclusive Look at The Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody Trailer

4/23/2012 - This Is the World's First Adult White Killer Whale

4/23/2012 - This flamboyant creature is half mollusk, half discotheque

4/23/2012 - Marvel Comics Pleather Gaming Chair Is the Nerd Throne You've Been Dreaming Of

4/23/2012 - If YouTube Were Invented in the 90s, It Would Have Worked Like This

4/23/2012 - This Quadrotor Flying Machine Gun Would Kick Serious Ass Some Day

4/23/2012 - Watch one of the world's greatest voice actors make lion noises for The Lion King

4/23/2012 - Massive Doctor Who Spoilers, Major Iron Man 3 Casting, and More Dark Knight Rises Rumors!

4/23/2012 - Pixel Qi Boldly Claims Its Next-Generation Displays Will Be Better Than the New iPad's

4/23/2012 - The New F-18 Cockpit Display Looks Like An Awesome Videogame

4/23/2012 - Iran Cracks US Stealth Spy Drone's Secrets, Shows Proof

4/23/2012 - Turing's Nazi Enigma Code-Breaking Secrets Have Been Declassified

4/23/2012 - Meet the Man Who Registered 14,962 Domains in 24 Hours

4/23/2012 - This Is What 70 Fully Armed F-15s Taxying On a Single Runway Look Like

4/23/2012 - When AI Gets Too Smart, It'll Be Dumb Again

4/23/2012 - Japanese Tsunami Survivor's Football Returned, via the Alaskan Coast

4/23/2012 - Obama Clamps Down on Tech-Based Humans Rights Abuse By Foreign Nationals

4/23/2012 - Skype For Windows Phone Is Now Official

4/23/2012 - Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 Are Out Today

4/22/2012 - Doctor Who Graveyard Photos from WENN.com

4/22/2012 - Doctor Who Series 7 Filming in Llanelli Gallery

4/22/2012 - Once Upon A Time Episode 1.21 Apple Red as Blood Gallery

4/22/2012 - io9 Roundup: April 22, 2012

4/22/2012 - Watch an Adorable Girl Grow from a Baby to 12 Years Old in Less Than Three Minutes

4/22/2012 - Grimm shows a fairy tale nation at WAR

4/22/2012 - Watch the trailer for Love Like Aliens, based on the sexy robot art of Sorayama Hajime

4/22/2012 - The Man Who Quit Money

4/22/2012 - Movie Posters Love Showing Off an Actress from Behind

4/22/2012 - Lone Ranger Set Photos Gallery

4/22/2012 - Vampire Diaries Before Sunset Gallery

4/22/2012 - Jack and Diane Poster Gallery

4/22/2012 - New Chernobyl Diaries Image Gallery

4/22/2012 - Once Upon A Time Season 1 DVD Art Gallery

4/22/2012 - Person of Interest Episode 1.21 Many Happy Returns Gallery

4/22/2012 - Portraits of proper Victorians with their pet troll heads and yetis

4/22/2012 - New G.I. Joe Retaliation Posters Gallery

4/22/2012 - Is Craigslist Going to Redesign Its Layout?

4/22/2012 - Pikachu trading card cosplay electrifies our hearts

4/22/2012 - Black holes get fat on tasty, tasty stars

4/22/2012 - How to Unlock the iPhone 4S Right Now

4/22/2012 - What would the Ghostbusters look like as ghosts?

4/22/2012 - Nokia's Insane 41-Megapixel Phone Was Used to Make a Commercial About Nokia's Insane 41-Megapixel Phone

4/22/2012 - World's narrowest house will be less than 60 inches wide

4/22/2012 - Trove of 500 fairytales discovered in Germany - Will Disney option the Turnip Princess?

4/22/2012 - Crappiest "Save The Earth" Movie Messages Of All Time

4/22/2012 - Officials Don't Know Why 877 Dead Dolphins Have Been Found on Beaches in Peru

4/22/2012 - Weaponize your office supplies for post-apocalyptic survival

4/22/2012 - Here's How Much Body Parts Cost on the Black Market

4/22/2012 - Skeleton illustrations get under cartoon characters' skin

4/22/2012 - This Must Be One of the Most Exhilarating Experiences On Earth

4/22/2012 - Crowdfund a post-apocalyptic buddy comedy, a comic textbook, and a quest to send Kirk and Picard to space

4/22/2012 - Insane and magical photos a father created of his daughters

4/22/2012 - Can You Recognize These People from Just Their Hair?

4/22/2012 - Just a Cute Dog Sidestepping On a Treadmill Like a Boss

4/22/2012 - Gymnast dog goes for the gold on the rings

4/22/2012 - How close are we to a real-life Person of Interest?

4/22/2012 - 100 Tips from a Professional Photographer

4/22/2012 - These 1980s robot waiters were real, but they were terrible at their job

4/22/2012 - The London Olympics will force some employees to sleep in space pods

4/22/2012 - How Much Money Do You Need to Do Scrooge McDuck's Money Swim?

4/22/2012 - Why superhero movies are more than just popcorn fare

4/22/2012 - This Girl Quit Her Job at Microsoft By Singing a Song on YouTube

4/22/2012 - Someone please make these Doctor Who Lego minifigs

4/22/2012 - J.J. Abrams is "the guardian of Star Trek," including on television

4/22/2012 - The Monsters of Rock, painted as literal monsters

4/22/2012 - What Kind of Draw Something Player Are You?

4/22/2012 - New Asteroid Mining Company May Solve World's Economic Problems

4/21/2012 - Picture of the Day, April 21, 2012

4/21/2012 - You Don't Need To Be an Origami Master To Assemble This Flat-Pack Lamp, But It Wouldn't Hurt

4/21/2012 - Clever Photography Makes These Tiny Lego Rooms Look Like Full-Size Spaces

4/21/2012 - Learn yoga with pirates, zombies, and space men

4/21/2012 - Male Office Flirters Do It Out of Boredom and Not For Sex—What?

4/21/2012 - This tiny blue flower can kill a humpback whale

4/21/2012 - Giant Airbags Will Be Used To Float the Costa Concordia Back To Port

4/21/2012 - Facebook Ends the Careers of an Entire Generation of Future Politicians

4/21/2012 - If Nick Park directed the Ninja Turtles, they'd be jolly chaps

4/21/2012 - Knock-Off Neck Massager Soothes and Tears Your Hair Out

4/21/2012 - Tour the graffiti-covered ruins of Belgium's dangerous amusement park

4/21/2012 - Fringe science-inspired posters should be hanging in Walter Bishop's lab

4/21/2012 - Seismic Mics Buried Under This House Turn Tremors Into Beautiful Music

4/21/2012 - Zombie mall experience lets you live out your Dawn of the Dead nightmares

4/21/2012 - On Supernatural, ghosts have Alzheimers and all the rules are thrown out the window

4/21/2012 - Naturalist illustrations depict Pokemon in the wild

4/21/2012 - Behold the Crazy Monster Machine That Can Mow and Clean Everything

4/21/2012 - Read Joss Whedon's hilarious skit about gender equality and evil robots

4/21/2012 - The World's Most High-Tech Blanket Could One Day Be Used For Easy 3D Modeling

4/21/2012 - Fire-breathing robotic sculptures are amazing and terrifying

4/21/2012 - Firing Barrels Into the Sky Looks Like Ten Barrels of Fun

4/21/2012 - If a Tree Falls In Your Living Room and There's No One To Sit On It, Does It Really Become a Bench?

4/21/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Well-dressed astronauts take to the streets

4/21/2012 - The spooky TV movie that caused post-traumatic stress disorder

4/21/2012 - You Must Watch These Spectacular Chemical Reactions Because... Because They Are Bloody Fun

4/21/2012 - This Harry Potter art makes us long for an animated series

4/21/2012 - Using Helen Keller To Sell Sunglasses is Terribly Inappropriate

4/21/2012 - Watch bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles inside space!

4/21/2012 - Inflatable Stonehenge Lets You Perform Your Druid Ceremonies Anywhere

4/21/2012 - Hamster hotel lets you live like a giant rodent

4/21/2012 - This F-35 Formation Is So Impossibly Perfect That It Looks Computer Generated

4/21/2012 - Baby seal Avengers are Earth's cutest heroes

4/21/2012 - The Mechanical Turn Signals On This Concept Car Look Like Fluttering Eyelashes

4/21/2012 - Now at last we know why Peter and Olivia are important on Fringe

4/21/2012 - A skeleton seeks out his lost memories in webcomic Helvetica's Grim Fandango afterlife

4/21/2012 - This NASA Reconstruction of the Historic Apollo 8's Earthrise Is Simply Beautiful

4/21/2012 - Build An Awesome, High-Flying, Dirt-Cheap Rocket out of Stuff Lying Around the House

4/21/2012 - Would democracies work better if politicians were selected at random?

4/21/2012 - Lichtenstein's Aquaman, Norman Rockwell's Optimus Prime, and Other Fine Art Superheroes

4/21/2012 - Hydraulics Let This Lightweight Roof Automatically Adapt To Changing Stresses

4/21/2012 - Finn & Jake solve marriage disputes on Adventure Time and Ponies re-enact the Star Wars Trilogy

4/21/2012 - The Slingshot Master Shows Us How To Turn Office Supplies Into an Arsenal

4/21/2012 - The Instagram of the 18th Century

4/21/2012 - Six Reasons Why Recorded Music Should Be Free

4/21/2012 - Picture of the Day, April 20, 2012

4/21/2012 - ATF: Curbside Trash Is Not the Proper Means to Dispose of a Rocket Launcher—Unless It's Unloaded

4/21/2012 - For Your Next Vacation, Book a Night In One of These Lovely Shipping Containers

4/21/2012 - Sick Bikes, Sicker Patients, and The Most Disgusting Elevator of All Time

4/20/2012 - How Famous Movie Posters Look From Behind

4/20/2012 - Marley: The Definitive Biography of the Man Who Invented 4/20

4/20/2012 - Dude Skips ATM Line, Gets Stabbed, Calmly Completes Transaction

4/20/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Bluthex For Arrested Development Anxiety

4/20/2012 - The 12 (Actually 13) Most Awesome GoPro Videos So Far

4/20/2012 - Techie Textiles for the High-Concept Home

4/20/2012 - Mystery Killer Preying on Vietnamese Youth

4/20/2012 - Watch This Balloon Kite Hover Forward by Turning Itself Inside Out

4/20/2012 - Kinects Could Get 3D Audio

4/20/2012 - Straight, Gay, or Binary?: HAL Comes Out of the Cybernetic Closet

4/20/2012 - Saw Cruise, Chumby Death, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/20/2012 - Anontune: The New Social Music Platform From Anonymous

4/20/2012 - Everything We're Sick of on The Vampire Diaries

4/20/2012 - Everything You Need if You're a Total Klutz with Your Gadgets

4/20/2012 - The scientific myth that soda will dissolve your teeth

4/20/2012 - What's the Greatest Hacker Movie Ever?

4/20/2012 - Yamaha YAS-101 Gallery

4/20/2012 - How to Make Your Own Evil Twin

4/20/2012 - Everything you need to know to catch this weekend's Lyrid meteor shower

4/20/2012 - Repairing a Live High Voltage Power Line Is Absolutely Insane

4/20/2012 - The Lobo Movie is Doomed

4/20/2012 - Spotify, Karma, 500px, and More

4/20/2012 - Pocket, Iris App, and More

4/20/2012 - Dream On, Svpply, and More

4/20/2012 - These Creepy Dolls Are Actually Real Humans

4/20/2012 - Commuity's Inspector Space Time introduces Temporary Constable Geneva!

4/20/2012 - Why Is Verizon Advertising a Phone from 9 Years Ago?

4/20/2012 - This insanely sinister infographic illustrates the power of the world's strongest nuke

4/20/2012 - How To Make Liquor Infused With Pot

4/20/2012 - Tonight's Fringe is like a pilot for a new and totally excellent show

4/20/2012 - You Can Buy All of Washington State's Liquor Stores Online for $4.5 Million Right Now

4/20/2012 - The Incredibowl i420

4/20/2012 - First Avengers Reviews: Best Superhero Movie Ever?

4/20/2012 - Incredibowl i420 Lightning Review: The Robocop of Toking Implements

4/20/2012 - How Other Firefly Actors Could Guest Star on Castle

4/20/2012 - Seven Years, One Million Edits, Zero Dollars: Wikipedia's Flat Broke Superstar

4/20/2012 - The Incredibly Detailed Art of Benchmarking the Canon 5D Mark III

4/20/2012 - The Humble Origins of the HTML Blink Tag

4/20/2012 - Optimistic Visions of the World After the Oil Runs Out

4/20/2012 - Kids narrate Planet Earth, and adorableness ensues

4/20/2012 - What cannabis actually does to your brain

4/20/2012 - This Cuisinart Griddler Is Your I-Take-My-Pancakes-With-A-Side-Of-French-Toast Deal of the Day

4/20/2012 - How I Got Paid $600 to Party in a Swank Airport Lounge

4/20/2012 - This Apocalypse-Proof Shopping Bag Helmet Looks Ridiculous But It Could Save Your Life

4/20/2012 - How to Make Your Facebook Profile Look Like Pinterest

4/20/2012 - We talk environmental apocalypses (and free comics) with DMZ author Brian Wood

4/20/2012 - A low-fi movie about a future where North Americans are cheap labor for the Chinese

4/20/2012 - This Helmet Crafted from Sustainable Wood and Cork Is as Safe as Your Plastic and Foam One

4/20/2012 - Watch Bill Nye Dance and Sing with a Band Called Bill Nye and the Science Guys

4/20/2012 - New indie flick offers a hazy tale of lesbian vampires in boarding school

4/20/2012 - Anonymous Makes Its Own Pastebin (But, Like, More Anonymous)

4/20/2012 - This beautifully composed space footage will 100% give you chills

4/20/2012 - 10 Summer Vacations You Could Be Taking — In Space

4/20/2012 - How to Buy a Facebook Girlfriend for $5

4/20/2012 - Samsung iCloud Competitor Will Apparently Debut Alongside Galaxy S III. Sigh.

4/20/2012 - Blame underage drinking on Bollywood!

4/20/2012 - io9 Show: What movie will be the summer's biggest flop?

4/20/2012 - How Many Smuggled iPhones Can You Hide In a Beer Bottle?

4/20/2012 - The Game of Thrones Playmobil recreation you never knew you wanted

4/20/2012 - Where Does "Ye Olde" Really Come From? (Hint: You Say It Wrong)

4/20/2012 - Dalek + Aperture Science = The Doctor Who/Portal mash-up we dread

4/20/2012 - A Mind-Breakingly Massive Image of 25,000 Stars Being Born

4/20/2012 - The World's First Bionic Foot Mimics Flexion to Aid Gait

4/20/2012 - Mammoth Turbine Blimp Takes Flight

4/20/2012 - This sexy Predator costume may fill you with complex emotions (NSFW)

4/20/2012 - Watching Kids Narrate Planet Earth Is the Most Adorable Thing

4/20/2012 - This Bubble Wrap Lets You See Magnetic Fields

4/20/2012 - Fitness Trackers Use Psychology to Motivate Couch Potatoes

4/20/2012 - The Open Polar Sea, a balmy aquatic Eden at the North Pole?

4/20/2012 - Mice Grow Massive Testicles by Eating Yogurt

4/20/2012 - Why some people get angry when they're drunk

4/20/2012 - Don't Buy This Stuff Right Now

4/20/2012 - Incept Yourself With Lucid Dreaming Goggles

4/20/2012 - 20-foot-long shark discovered, almost as big as Jaws

4/20/2012 - Bittersweet Eulogy as a Bialetti Kicks the Bucket

4/20/2012 - An exclusive sneak peek of DC Comics' alien exotic dancer comic, Voodoo

4/20/2012 - See If You Can Answer the Weirdest Standardized Test Question Ever

4/20/2012 - Has the Hunger Games sequel found its director? Plus The Wolverine is headed down under!

4/20/2012 - First-Grader With No Hands Wins National Handwriting Award

4/20/2012 - Exercise Will Help You Quit Smoking

4/20/2012 - Did the Samsung Galaxy SIII Just Show Up in Vietnam?

4/20/2012 - Polar Bears Aren't Descended From Brown Bears After All

4/20/2012 - Hulu Will Offer Four Brand New Original TV Shows in the Next Year

4/20/2012 - Qualcomm Warns of International Snapdragon Chip Shortage

4/20/2012 - The FCC Wants to Stop You Being Shocked By Your Phone Bill

4/20/2012 - Taco Bell, By the Numbers

4/20/2012 - How to Rule a Weed Empire Through Violence

4/20/2012 - How To Choose the Right Grow Light

4/20/2012 - Windows Loyalists, Rejoice! You Too Can Now Make Cinemagraphs

4/20/2012 - Awake 'Game Day' Promo Images

4/20/2012 - Ritz Flips a Switch, Queen Rocks Out, and We All Learn About Grow Lights(NSFW)

4/19/2012 - And Lo! Another Useless Laser Was Born

4/19/2012 - What Is 4/20?

4/19/2012 - Picture of the Day, April 19, 2012

4/19/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images from 4-19

4/19/2012 - Scottish Scientists Invent "Sonic Screwdriver"

4/19/2012 - The Robotic, Disco-Loving Waitstaff of the 1980s

4/19/2012 - The Supermen Lovers: Say No More (NSFW)

4/19/2012 - Meet the American Who Designed North Korea's Atrocious Website

4/19/2012 - Darth Vader is the coolest dad ever, in a new book

4/19/2012 - Watching Porn Turns Off Your Brain, Says Study

4/19/2012 - We officially have no idea what causes ultra-powerful cosmic rays

4/19/2012 - Why Does Google Think Pinterest Is an "Extraordinary" Problem Solver?

4/19/2012 - Bio-Acoustics, Haptic Steering Wheels, RFID Everywhere: This is the Future According to AT&T

4/19/2012 - This photo of a spider eating a 1.5-foot-long snake will burn into your brain

4/19/2012 - See a magnetic paradox in action!

4/19/2012 - The Secret Circle 'Prom' Promo Images

4/19/2012 - Warning: This Book is Pure Awesome Crack

4/19/2012 - Doctor Who Cemetery Filming Photos

4/19/2012 - The Vampire Diaries 'Before Sunset' Promo Images

4/19/2012 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation Character Posters

4/19/2012 - Collectively intelligent artificial creatures are already among us, argues scientist

4/19/2012 - Panic Buttons, Nook Cans, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/19/2012 - Iris App: View Your Instagrams on Your iPad

4/19/2012 - The Mystery of the Knight with the Blue Roan Horse, from Neal Stephenson's Mongoliad

4/19/2012 - Clueless Hackers Took Down DC Government Sites Thinking They Were Attacking the Feds

4/19/2012 - Beautiful footage shows "Rocket Man" Yves Rossy pulling loop-the-loops above the Swiss Alps

4/19/2012 - iris app gallery

4/19/2012 - An Exclusive Look at the My Little Pony Wedding of the Century!

4/19/2012 - The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is now a real thing

4/19/2012 - If this video doesn't make you grin like an idiot, there might be something wrong with you

4/19/2012 - In the Future, Stacking Chairs Will Be Made From Liquid Wood and Look Fantastic

4/19/2012 - Arnold Schwarznegger's Next Project Should Be a Sequel to All His Old Movies

4/19/2012 - Wine Is About to Get More Expensive Because of a Grape Shortage

4/19/2012 - What scene was too ridiculous to include in Lockout?

4/19/2012 - Upgraded Killer Drone May Fly for Two Days Straight

4/19/2012 - This Could Be the Unconscious Pilot Who Crashed Into the Gulf of Mexico (Update: Confirmed By His Daughter On Facebook?)

4/19/2012 - This Beautiful Electric Plane Is Like an Airborne Tesla

4/19/2012 - How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended makes a good case for the book's original ending

4/19/2012 - If You Order 1,050 Slices of Bacon, Burger King Will Comply

4/19/2012 - OS X Isn't as Secure as Everyone Claims It Is

4/19/2012 - Toxic oceans created the greatest explosion in biodiversity Earth has ever seen

4/19/2012 - The Viper Strike Glide Bomb Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Kilo of High Explosive

4/19/2012 - XNA is synthetic DNA that's stronger than the real thing

4/19/2012 - We've Been Trimming Our Nails Wrong for More Than 100 Years

4/19/2012 - This Ghostbusters Backpack Is Your Who-Ya-Gonna-Call Deal of the Day

4/19/2012 - Should You Check Your Email?

4/19/2012 - American Horror Story season 2 has a new home, new time, and a new character for Jessica Lange

4/19/2012 - This Is Objectively the Worst Default Email Signature

4/19/2012 - The Disco-Blasting Robot Waiters of 1980s Pasadena

4/19/2012 - India Just Successfully Test Launched a Missile That Could Blow Up China

4/19/2012 - You Can Buy Stocks on Facebook Soon

4/19/2012 - Computer Animation in the 70s Was as Hard as You'd Expect

4/19/2012 - Hollywood's notes on Crazy Old Man Scientist Incest Freak Show AKA Back to the Future

4/19/2012 - This Amazing Treehouse Is Hidden on Whistler Mountain

4/19/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black & White

4/19/2012 - 10 Pieces of Evidence That Plants Are Smarter Than You Think

4/19/2012 - The Secret of Perfect Tightrope Walking

4/19/2012 - Will You Call Out Sick To Watch the New Arrested Development Season? (Update: You Will!)

4/19/2012 - Collecting Water from Thin Air in the Desert, and More from TreeHugger

4/19/2012 - Artificially evolved enzyme could protect us against nerve gas attacks

4/19/2012 - Plane With Unconscious Pilot Is Circling Out of Control Off the Gulf Coast (Update: It's Down)

4/19/2012 - Foot for Foot, Apple Stores Rake in 17x More Cash Than Other Retail Outlets

4/19/2012 - Hacked Frogger Arcade Now Has You Dodging the Real Traffic On Fifth Avenue

4/19/2012 - What truths does "truth serum" sodium pentothal actually reveal?

4/19/2012 - Can you tell what's going on in these bizarre patent illustrations?

4/19/2012 - Current Windows Phones May Not Be Getting Upgraded After All

4/19/2012 - Robert Pattinson searches for sex and a haircut in the future hell of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis trailer

4/19/2012 - PSA: There's a Fake Instagram For Android That Could Steal Your Information

4/19/2012 - The Best Inexpensive Point-and-Shoot Camera with Wi-Fi

4/19/2012 - Experience the eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft's relationship advice

4/19/2012 - What if Where's Waldo went on a killing spree? Behold, Where's Jason!

4/19/2012 - Annoying Eco-Friendly Lamp Turns Off Whenever You Close Your Eyes

4/19/2012 - Electrons Can Split Into Two

4/19/2012 - Your Disquieting Fact of the Day: Tsetse Flies Lactate

4/19/2012 - Could a microwave save your electronics during an EMP attack?

4/19/2012 - Flight Aborted 392 Feet Before Landing Because Pilot Was Texting

4/19/2012 - Is James Cameron's next big venture asteroid-mining?

4/19/2012 - Depressing Necklace Measures How Much Air Pollution You're Breathing In

4/19/2012 - The Amazing Seductiveness of a Cult Leader Who Knows the Future... Because She's Been There

4/19/2012 - Breast Cancer Is Actually Ten Different Diseases

4/19/2012 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt reveals why his time-travel epic Looper really will be the most awesome thing ever!

4/19/2012 - Idiot Steals Gas from Cop Car, Posts Picture on Facebook, Goes Directly to Jail

4/19/2012 - Nokia's Lumia Is Selling Well in the US—But Nowhere Else

4/19/2012 - Apple and Greenpeace Trade Blows in Data Center Grudge Match

4/19/2012 - The First Ever Proposal for the Web Was Judged "Vague, But Exciting"

4/19/2012 - Samsung's Pro Compact Cameras Get Juiced With Wi-Fi

4/19/2012 - Overhauled Spotify for Android: All About Discovery

4/19/2012 - Intel Silicon to Finally Appear in a Shipping Smartphone—In India

4/19/2012 - A Glimpse Into the Archives of Da Vinci's Anatomical Drawings

4/19/2012 - Google's Cloud Print Now Lets You Send Documents Direct to FedEx

4/19/2012 - Facebook Plans to Go Public on May 17th

4/19/2012 - Meet Jesper Bruun, Stock Photography's Leading Lad

4/19/2012 - Bust Heads, Not Your iPhone

4/19/2012 - What Will Director James Cameron Do In Outer Space?

4/19/2012 - Colorado Considers Blowing Up Frozen Cow Carcasses

4/19/2012 - Penguins Rocket Away from Danger Aboard Supercavitating Bubble Jets

4/19/2012 - Nikon D3200: Nikon's Entry-Level DSLR Goes Pixel-Hungry Too

4/19/2012 - Hacking Bikes, Finding Weed in Malawi, and Growing Weed in Meijers

4/18/2012 - Get hammered on Tyrion's quips with the Game of Thrones drinking game

4/18/2012 - Low-Tech GPS Device Keeps Track of Your Little Ones

4/18/2012 - Randall Jr Makes Beer Taste...Different

4/18/2012 - Avengers Toys

4/18/2012 - Hopkins as Hitchcock and Mondo Avengers Poster

4/18/2012 - Ninjas Galore in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

4/18/2012 - Continuum Promo Shots

4/18/2012 - First Look at Byzantium Poster

4/18/2012 - Princess Merida Braving It in Brave

4/18/2012 - Newest Stills from Awake

4/18/2012 - New Stills from The Avengers, Plus, A First Look at Loki's Army

4/18/2012 - The World Wide Web Doesn't Revolve Around You, Music Industry

4/18/2012 - Jackie Wilson: Higher and Higher - Lonely Teardrops

4/18/2012 - Bubbles: The Future of the Lightbulb?

4/18/2012 - Pretty Persuasion: The Devil Wears a Grey Skirt, and Her Name Is Kimberly Joyce

4/18/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 18, 2012

4/18/2012 - Is the dramatic rise in chin implants due to video chat?

4/18/2012 - Pioneer's Gorgeous New Headphones Pack Up and Go With You Anywhere

4/18/2012 - The Surreal Graffiti Left Behind in an Abandoned Village

4/18/2012 - Separating Space Shuttle from 747 Is Easier than It Sounds

4/18/2012 - Ballistic Device Launches Analog Text Messages

4/18/2012 - Watch a vomiting alien beat up the Pope, in the weirdest E.T. parody ever

4/18/2012 - Garbage Men Take Amazing Photos With Giant Dumpster Cameras

4/18/2012 - Shun's Hiro Santoku is the Only Knife a Cook Needs

4/18/2012 - See the neck implants of Ender's Game's teenage army

4/18/2012 - Vibrating Seats Could Be Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

4/18/2012 - Dinosaurs were doomed because laying eggs made them too huge

4/18/2012 - An entire day represented in one 360° panorama photo

4/18/2012 - The Day Your Car Kidnaps You

4/18/2012 - Sierra Club Trail Explorer: Discover Great Hikes in Your Area

4/18/2012 - New cosmic survey might mean serious trouble for dark matter

4/18/2012 - Real-life Futurama tube-transport will catapult you from New York to Beijing in 2 hours

4/18/2012 - How To Train Your Dragon reviewer explains why dragons are like Hitler

4/18/2012 - The First Digital Font Wasn't Made For Computers

4/18/2012 - Remember when Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman teamed up to fight an alien wizard in India?

4/18/2012 - The Speedy HTC One S Hits T-Mobile April 25th for $200

4/18/2012 - Why don't we know more about the long-term effects of abortion?

4/18/2012 - Watch This iPhone Screen Protector Shrug Off a Hammer Blow

4/18/2012 - In 1950, an elephant fell out of a monorail in Germany

4/18/2012 - Nike Is Killing Midnight Releases and Creating a New Twitter RSVP System to Sell Shoes

4/18/2012 - Can Stem Cells Finally Provide a Baldness Cure That Works?

4/18/2012 - sierra club trail explorer gallery

4/18/2012 - Are These the First Photos of the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

4/18/2012 - Who Needs a Bike When Your SUV Has a Built-In Exercise Machine?

4/18/2012 - AT&T Stores Are Almost Completely Out of Lumia 900 Stock

4/18/2012 - Which movie will be this summer's biggest surprise flop?

4/18/2012 - The Home Brewing Laboratory of Every Beer Drinker's Dreams

4/18/2012 - These tiny mammals sing songs that hint at complex language skills

4/18/2012 - Google TV Update: Inching Toward Usability

4/18/2012 - This Philips Wake-Up Light Is Your The-Dawn-Is-Your-Pawn Deal of the Day

4/18/2012 - Google CEO Has A Tough Day In Court

4/18/2012 - If holographic Tupac were in Star Wars, the movie would be over in 10 minutes

4/18/2012 - Pong Played with Two Smart Cars, But What About Grand Theft Auto?

4/18/2012 - Yes, there is a right way to blow up an animal carcass

4/18/2012 - Pepper Spray Lighter Burns Without a Flame

4/18/2012 - The next Splice? Watch the trailer for genetic thriller Errors of the Human Body

4/18/2012 - 191 Pieces of Proof that Instagram Is Just Tops

4/18/2012 - Shooting Gallery: Instagram 7

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 1

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 6

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 4

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 5

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 3

4/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Instagram 2

4/18/2012 - 10 Hulk Storylines You Won't See In The Avengers

4/18/2012 - This Is How the Tupac Hologram That Wasn't Really a Hologram Worked

4/18/2012 - Is This the First Leaked Shot of the Nikon D3200?

4/18/2012 - How We Identify Single Voices in a Crowd

4/18/2012 - Within 50 years, governments will either put people on other planets, or get out of the space business for good

4/18/2012 - Auto-Inflating Tires: You'll Never Need a Bike Pump Again

4/18/2012 - Talking to Yourself Makes You Smarter

4/18/2012 - Samuel L. Jackson Freaks Out When Siri Won't Answer His Mother F*cking Questions

4/18/2012 - Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres

4/18/2012 - Banish Shin Splints Forever With One Magical Exercise

4/18/2012 - What is this strange floating orb doing chasing boats in the Baltic Sea?

4/18/2012 - You Can Pre-Order the Super Slick HTC One X on April 22nd for $200

4/18/2012 - Naked Man Protests TSA in Nakedest Way Possible

4/18/2012 - 6 Avengers clips assembled right here, right now!

4/18/2012 - Robot Sub Surveys Radioactive Ponds So You Don't Have To

4/18/2012 - Science determines what makes a movie line memorable

4/18/2012 - BP Oil Spill Aftermath: Eyeless Shrimp, Clawless Crabs and Fish with Oozing Sores

4/18/2012 - Cheap Wi-Fi Cameras Gallery

4/18/2012 - Doctors Can Practice Brain Surgery Without Actual Brains Now

4/18/2012 - Mutant Seafood Gallery

4/18/2012 - R2-D2 Has a Very Important Message from Hologram Tupac

4/18/2012 - Iron Man shows up on Castle just to mock Nathan Fillion

4/18/2012 - Kangaroos have three vaginas

4/18/2012 - How a Photo of a Random Ensign Hung in the Pentagon Alongside Famous Generals For Almost a Year

4/18/2012 - Why Your Great-Grandfather Was as Bored With Technology as You Are

4/18/2012 - Wild Vegas parties celebrated atomic bomb tests of the 1950s

4/18/2012 - This Air Traffic Controller Built a Fully Functional 737 Simulator in His Garage

4/18/2012 - A disease that causes people to make jokes and puns constantly

4/18/2012 - Inside the Office of Albert Einstein

4/18/2012 - A Keyboard Case That Won't Turn Your iPad into a Hideous Hunchback

4/18/2012 - The Insane Dark Knight Rises Cameo You Won't See. Plus an Avengers Guest Star and a Doctor Who Turning Point!

4/18/2012 - Why Google Shouldn't Make Its Own Phone

4/18/2012 - Intel's Ultrabook Future Is a PC-Tablet Mashup for Under a Grand

4/18/2012 - Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 140,000 Still Infected

4/18/2012 - North Korea Spent a Whole $15 Making Its Website

4/18/2012 - Yahoo Is Axing 50 Services in a Continued Recovery Attempt

4/18/2012 - New Facebook "Listen” Button Instantly Plays Musicians' Songs in Streaming Apps

4/18/2012 - Which Carriers Have The Fastest 3G and 4G Connections Right Now?

4/18/2012 - Zuckerberg Haggled Instagram Down From $2 Billion to $1 Billion

4/18/2012 - Touch "Zone of Exclusion" Images

4/18/2012 - Gestural Interface Training for Dummies

4/18/2012 - Balloon and Kite Cameras Give Gorgeous Google Earth

4/18/2012 - Vampiric Implants Siphon Clam Essence for Electrical Power

4/18/2012 - New Jersey Couple Sues Landlord...Over a Ghost

4/18/2012 - Jersey Weed, Antarctic Cheese Doodles, and Tracy Morgan on Shorties (NSFW)

4/17/2012 - How Sweet Is This Subterranean Shanghai Hotel Going to Be?

4/17/2012 - What It Looks Like Inside the Space Shuttle Discovery

4/17/2012 - How to Shrink a Quarter Using Electricity

4/17/2012 - Owls Aren't So Intimidating Without All Their Feathers

4/17/2012 - How Lockheed's Skunk Works Got into the Stealth Fighter Business

4/17/2012 - NASA Captures Shuttle's Capitol Hill Flyby With—What Else—Instagram (Updated)

4/17/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 17, 2012

4/17/2012 - The Most Atrocious Scenes from the Mork and Mindy Porn Movie

4/17/2012 - Newly Unearthed Steve Jobs Interview Trove: Nobody's "Beating on a Macintosh 60 Years from Now"

4/17/2012 - Splash.fm Launches ‘Twitter for Music’ to Public

4/17/2012 - Live-Stream Old Concerts for Nostalgia's Sake

4/17/2012 - Eureka begins its final season with a bang

4/17/2012 - This Transforming Table Magically Transforms From Rectangle to Circle

4/17/2012 - The Secret Firefly Easter Egg in Cabin in the Woods

4/17/2012 - What Is This?

4/17/2012 - Collusion for Chrome Reveals Who's Spying on Your Surfing

4/17/2012 - Sony Alpha SLT A57 Hands-On: DSLR Performance Without a DSLR Price

4/17/2012 - Every Windows Phone Ever Will Get the Windows Phone 8 Upgrade (Updated)

4/17/2012 - The Ghost of Mondrian Haunts These Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

4/17/2012 - Just Light This Cardboard Cube For a Perfect Bed of Hot Coals

4/17/2012 - Solar Power and Battery Backup: Tesla and SolarCity's Dream Home

4/17/2012 - People with tattoos drink more alcohol than their friends, say researchers

4/17/2012 - A flower that smells like poop and resembles vagina dentata

4/17/2012 - 43 Avengers stills explode with lasers, jets, and latex

4/17/2012 - Pocket: Read it Later Goes Free, Bulks Up Features

4/17/2012 - The Sun Just Had a 79,000 Mile Explosion

4/17/2012 - Behold the Electra 225, the world's first time-traveling baby stroller

4/17/2012 - If science is broken, how do we fix it?

4/17/2012 - The Cure for Drug Abuse? Changing People's Memories

4/17/2012 - A Simple Scan Can Tell How Fat You'll Get and How Much Sex You'll Have

4/17/2012 - A Decisive Solution to Internet Spammers

4/17/2012 - Gorgeous Twin Peaks-inspired art exhibit wants you to Fire Walk With Me

4/17/2012 - The Avengers DVD will include "at least" 30 minutes of deleted scenes

4/17/2012 - Everything You Need to Live on the Cheap After the Tax Man Cometh

4/17/2012 - Pocket App Gallery

4/17/2012 - Samsung and Apple CEOs Will Meet and Hash Out Their Patent Woes

4/17/2012 - Bucky Balls Could Double Your Lifespan

4/17/2012 - This microbe could become the "off" switch for biological machines

4/17/2012 - What if Lars von Trier directed a Donald Duck movie?

4/17/2012 - The most detailed picture yet of a star nursery birthing new suns

4/17/2012 - Batman, virtual reality weirdness, and the Shadow hit comic shops Wednesday

4/17/2012 - Print the News, Right In Your Home!

4/17/2012 - Twitter Calls for Patent Wars Truce

4/17/2012 - This Laser Tag Bundle Is Your Pew!-Pew!-Pew! Deal of the Day

4/17/2012 - Make Michael Fassbender your plaything with these exclusive Prometheus android codes!

4/17/2012 - What the Hell Happened to Google Wallet's Cash-Free Future?

4/17/2012 - Google's Being Hit With a Federal Probe—Again

4/17/2012 - The 7 Most Badass Photos CENTCOM Has Pinned on Pinterest

4/17/2012 - Apple Is One of the Heaviest Coal Users in the Industry

4/17/2012 - How to build a Dyson sphere in five (relatively) easy steps

4/17/2012 - In 1941, jai alai-loving hillbillies were America's future weapon against Hitler

4/17/2012 - Feast your eyes on the first "modern" world map

4/17/2012 - Someday Siri Will Be This Smart and Good Looking

4/17/2012 - How to Scam Online Food Websites and Eat for Free (or Cheap!)

4/17/2012 - Sean Young's video diaries take you behind-the-scenes on David Lynch's Dune

4/17/2012 - 10 Ways Self-Hating Fans Make Genre Entertainment Worse

4/17/2012 - Baby Jacuzzi Is a Great Way To Relax After a Long Day Of Napping

4/17/2012 - Gmail Is Down (Update: It's Back)

4/17/2012 - Watch Iron Man and Thor Fight in Latest Awesome Avengers Clip

4/17/2012 - Pin-Protected Hard Drive Dock Is Like an ATM For Your Files

4/17/2012 - Google's Glasses Patents Hint at Helmets to Match the Specs

4/17/2012 - Runaway planets find new homes around distant stars

4/17/2012 - Why Are There So Many Tornadoes This Year?

4/17/2012 - Man drowns after being attacked by swan

4/17/2012 - Watch a Twilight tattoo transform into a rad Rufio tattoo

4/17/2012 - Wireless Sensor Syncs A Hot Pot With An Induction Cooktop

4/17/2012 - The Profound Philosophical Depth Of The Shittiest Scene In Superman IV

4/17/2012 - Oakley Is Making Its Own Google Glasses

4/17/2012 - Dual-Action Wind Turbine Generates Power and Water

4/17/2012 - Goodbye, Discovery: Legendary Space Shuttle Takes Its Final Flight

4/17/2012 - The Best Shot of the Space Shuttle's Amazing Goodbye Flight You'll See Today

4/17/2012 - This ultra-absorbent "nanosponge" could fix the world's worst oil spills

4/17/2012 - Compact Cube Grill Rolls to Wherever Carnivores Congregate

4/17/2012 - China Now Tops US in Space Launches

4/17/2012 - Doctors say fat people can live as long as thin ones

4/17/2012 - Intel's Supercharged Ivy Bridge CPU Proves Its Mettle in Benchmarks

4/17/2012 - Conan Had Hologram Rappers Before It Was Cool

4/17/2012 - First trailer for Dorothy of Oz shows what happened after the tornado

4/17/2012 - Ultrasound Treatment Cures Prostate Cancer Perfectly Nine Times in Ten

4/17/2012 - How The Universe Works (According To Larry Niven)

4/17/2012 - Meet Michael Fassbender the android, in this new Prometheus short film

4/17/2012 - Tupac Hologram Wasn't a Hologram

4/17/2012 - Confirmed: Philippe Starck's "Revolutionary" Apple Product Really Is Just a Stupid Boat

4/17/2012 - The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats

4/17/2012 - Compact Keyboard Also Makes Calls When Email Gets Too Tedious

4/17/2012 - Yet Another Crazy Dark Knight Rises Rumor, Plus a Killer Avengers Clip!

4/17/2012 - The Only US BlackBerry Store Might Be the Saddest Place on Earth

4/17/2012 - Spam Rank: The Google-Backed Research Fighting Fake Reviews

4/17/2012 - Navy Looks for New Jet, on Top of Its Trillion-Dollar Model

4/17/2012 - IKEA Launches Its Own Clutter-Free TV

4/17/2012 - UCLA Professors Claim eHarmony Is Duping Its Customers

4/17/2012 - European Carriers: Lumia Can't Compete With iPhone and Android

4/17/2012 - How Hulu Grew Into a Network TV Challenger

4/17/2012 - Hologram Creator Explains How a $400,000 Tupac Came To Be

4/17/2012 - Laser-Cut Nori Rolls For a Designer Sushi Dinner

4/17/2012 - Acid House: A Warm, Organic, Hallucinatory Place to Call Home

4/17/2012 - $37,000 for a Jewel-Encrusted Magic Mushroom Flash Drive? You Must Be Trippin'

4/17/2012 - MacBook Pro Perfume Project Makes Melbourne Artists Most Materialistic Men Ever

4/17/2012 - Game of Thrones Storyboard and Theon's Letter to Robb

4/17/2012 - First Poster For Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

4/17/2012 - Newest Pictures From Touch

4/17/2012 - Things Breaking Slowly, Bright Flashing Lights, and Obama Not Legalizing a Damn Thing (NSFW)

4/17/2012 - Spock in a Volcano Suit: Fresh Off the Set of Star Trek 2

4/16/2012 - Roadblock and Snake Eyes in a Mexican Standoff

4/16/2012 - Star Wars Roadtrip: First Poster for 5-25-77

4/16/2012 - Two New Posters for The Amazing Spider-Man

4/16/2012 - Prize Winning LED Lightbulb to Arrive Just in Time for Earth Day

4/16/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 16, 2012

4/16/2012 - James Cameron Captured His Marianas Dive With Custom-Built HD Mini-Cameras

4/16/2012 - Would You Pay to Walk Around With a Feeding-Tube Down Your Nose?

4/16/2012 - Zooey Deschanel Would Ask Siri for Tomato Soup, Dance Barefoot in Her PJs

4/16/2012 - NASA Resorts to Washing Cars to Fund Space Exploration

4/16/2012 - If This Creepy Typeface Had a Name It Would Be "Murder"

4/16/2012 - Pilot Almost Crashes After Mistaking the Planet Venus for an Airplane

4/16/2012 - A College Is Trying to Ruin 4/20 By Making Its Campus Uninhabitable with Fish Fertilizer

4/16/2012 - Polar Fights, Hot Coffee, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/16/2012 - Marvel's Kevin Feige explains how the studio will avoid a post-Avengers letdown

4/16/2012 - An Airplane Made an Emergency Landing Because a Charging Cell Phone Was Mistaken for a Bomb

4/16/2012 - Not a Joke: New Dating Site Matches You Based On Your Klout Score

4/16/2012 - Someone went and built a Portal minigolf course

4/16/2012 - Windows 8 To Come in Three Editions (You Want The Last One)

4/16/2012 - Carbon Fiber LED Lighting Is the Best Kind Of Over-Engineering

4/16/2012 - This tiny dinosaur had the craziest set of teeth ever

4/16/2012 - The Household Car Module Puts Your Kitchen on Wheels

4/16/2012 - The Greatest Show of Air Force Might You've Ever Seen

4/16/2012 - A map of where lightning strikes most across the globe

4/16/2012 - How a Blind Man Uses the iPhone

4/16/2012 - Space Shuttle Discovery Flies to Its Retirement Home

4/16/2012 - This is the most spectacular solar flare we've seen in ages

4/16/2012 - Red Planet Watch Is a Cheaper Alternative than Traveling to Mars

4/16/2012 - Relationship Secrets from Science Fiction and Fantasy

4/16/2012 - Chimpanzee "nests" reveal when hominids first left the trees

4/16/2012 - Scott Kelby's Lighting Recipes: Learn to Shoot Like a Pro With Free Photography App

4/16/2012 - How SEO software is changing the way we read and write

4/16/2012 - Handmade Harpsichords Are Lovely to Behold

4/16/2012 - An exclusive sneak peek at this week's Ninja Turtles comic

4/16/2012 - Look At This Deliciously Evil Eye of Sauron Cake (Updated)

4/16/2012 - Breathtaking new photos of Space Shuttle Discovery preparing for its final flight

4/16/2012 - Miniature Furniture Waffle Mold: Ken and Barbie Better Hit the Malibu Dream Gym

4/16/2012 - Nixie Tube Necklace Turns Defunct Russian Technology Into a Fashion Statement

4/16/2012 - The Navy's New Badass Drone Hunts Mines Wherever They Hide

4/16/2012 - How will Chinese co-production change Iron Man 3?

4/16/2012 - Edgar Allan Poe goes Saw in 4 bloody clips from The Raven

4/16/2012 - 1960s Hover Scooter: When Real Men Strode Atop Deadly Spinning Fan Blades

4/16/2012 - How to create an Owl Ninja with the skills to defeat Batman

4/16/2012 - Google Drive Details Leak: 5GB for Free, Launching Next Week

4/16/2012 - What Is This?

4/16/2012 - Everything You Missed From Cabin In the Woods

4/16/2012 - On Game of Thrones, everyone's a king, and children are pawns

4/16/2012 - You Can't Look Away From Beautiful Disgusting Photos of Rotting Food

4/16/2012 - A TSA Agent Has Been Stealing iPads from Passenger Luggage

4/16/2012 - Be prepared to speak pleasantly: the White Castle checklist of 1931

4/16/2012 - Fast-food salt content varies by country. Guess who gets the most?

4/16/2012 - The Root Beer Making Kit Is Your Mixin'-Up-A-Batch-Of-Sassafrass Deal of the Day

4/16/2012 - Dear Windows Phone: Get Your Shit Together

4/16/2012 - Happy Memories Become Less Special If You Talk About Them

4/16/2012 - iPhone DSLR Mount: So Much Missed Potential

4/16/2012 - What Is The New Aesthetic?

4/16/2012 - Texts From Drone Is Your New Favorite Tumblr

4/16/2012 - Incredible video shows how 100 years of shipping changed the world from 1750-1850

4/16/2012 - Lighting Recipes App Gallery

4/16/2012 - Turns Out Some Glaciers Are Actually Getting Bigger

4/16/2012 - Peelable Polarized Lenses Turn Any Specs Into 3D Glasses

4/16/2012 - Bird eggs evolved a different color in just 40 years

4/16/2012 - These Adorable Portable Bluetooth Speakers Can Also Charge Your Phone

4/16/2012 - BlackMagic Cinema Camera: Whopping 2.5K Resolution for Under $3000

4/16/2012 - South Korea unveils robotic prison guards, promises futuristic cavity searches

4/16/2012 - A Tea Set That Looks So Good You'll Stop Drinking Coffee

4/16/2012 - This Week's TV: A Firefly Reunion! Plus the Documentary They Didn't Want You to See!

4/16/2012 - How To Set Up a Complete Home Recording Studio for Under $2,000

4/16/2012 - Sprint's Galaxy Nexus Will Launch Next Week for $100 Less Than Verizon Model

4/16/2012 - Asus Fixes Transformer Prime by Making Transformer Prime Look Idiotic

4/16/2012 - The new trailer for the TRON: Uprising cartoon is already better than Tron: Legacy

4/16/2012 - Uncanny Valley masks transform you into a beautiful nightmare

4/16/2012 - The Cleveland Corkscrew Will Help Power the Indians' Next Losing Season

4/16/2012 - Magnetic Super-Paper Can Shrug Off Water and Bacteria

4/16/2012 - When black holes shoot their jets directly at Earth

4/16/2012 - Here's What Future Ultrabooks Will Look Like

4/16/2012 - The most beautiful toxins in the world

4/16/2012 - Facebook Doesn't Have to Trample On Our Privacy Rights in the Name of Cybersecurity

4/16/2012 - Your IQ Depends on a Single Gene

4/16/2012 - Could book publishing suffer the same fate as the comic book industry?

4/16/2012 - You'll Need a Microscope To Read the Fine Print on These Business Cards

4/16/2012 - Batman and Darth Vader invade art history, in these absolutely deranged paintings

4/16/2012 - Amazon Is Overrun With a Plague of Bestseller Knockoffs

4/16/2012 - A list of unused titles for Dr. Strangelove, lifted from Stanley Kubrick's notebooks

4/16/2012 - One-Armed Afghan War Vet to Climb Everest with Badass Prosthetic Ice-Pick

4/16/2012 - Search Ends for Sailors Devastated by Giant Wave

4/16/2012 - Tupac Shakur came back from the dead as a hologram at Coachella

4/16/2012 - Watch a Dead Tupac Perform As a Hologram at Coachella

4/16/2012 - Malaysia Is the World Leader In Theater Comfort Technology

4/16/2012 - The Motherlode of Spoilers for Avengers, Robocop and Prometheus!

4/16/2012 - Scientist Uses Physics to Escape a $400 Traffic Ticket

4/16/2012 - Is There Really a Fourth Dimension? Yes and No

4/16/2012 - Is This a Peek at Spotify's iPad App?

4/16/2012 - There's Another Mac Trojan Spreading Via Microsoft Office

4/16/2012 - Google Expands Its Autonomous Fleet With Hybrid Lexus RX450h

4/16/2012 - Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S III on May 3rd

4/16/2012 - The World's Population Density, Visualized

4/16/2012 - The Blog Is Dead; Long Live Tumblr!

4/16/2012 - Netflix CEO Lashes Out at Comcast Over Net Neutrality

4/16/2012 - How It All Went Wrong For Sony

4/16/2012 - Sergey Brin: Web Freedom Faces Its Greatest Threat Ever

4/15/2012 - Is this my husband, or an alien? Crazy short film shows one creepy family interrogation

4/15/2012 - io9 Roundup: April 15, 2012

4/15/2012 - Doctor Who Night Shoot, via WENN.com

4/15/2012 - Grimm finds the dark magic in fairy tales, finally

4/15/2012 - The Mathematical Proof that got a Physicist out of a Traffic Ticket

4/15/2012 - Baby Chewbacca isn't too cute to rip your arm off (but he's really cute)

4/15/2012 - The Expendables 2 Entertainment Weekly Picture

4/15/2012 - The Vampire Diaries Pictures

4/15/2012 - Total Recall Entertainment Weekly Picture

4/15/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises Pictures

4/15/2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man Poster

4/15/2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man Picture

4/15/2012 - Men in Black 3 Entertainment Weekly Picture

4/15/2012 - Merlin Set Pictures

4/15/2012 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Picture

4/15/2012 - The Lone Ranger Picture

4/15/2012 - Grimm 1x18, "Cat and Mouse" Pictures

4/15/2012 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation Entertainment Weekly Picture

4/15/2012 - Doctor Who Set Pictures

4/15/2012 - Dark Shadows Pictures

4/15/2012 - Whatever happened to the iceberg that sank the Titanic?

4/15/2012 - 3D GIFs... From the 1930s

4/15/2012 - Still-life photos of rotting food are strangely beautiful

4/15/2012 - Adventure Time's Marceline gets her own comic spin-off

4/15/2012 - Cycle-skates were the Rollerblades of the 1920s

4/15/2012 - Government Fines Google 0.0008% of How Much It Made Last Quarter for Violating Your Privacy

4/15/2012 - Ray Bradbury on how Disneyland humanized robots

4/15/2012 - Wal Mart Selling Decade-Old Sony Digital Camera for $300

4/15/2012 - Photos of daily life in the US government's secret atomic city

4/15/2012 - Very NSFW: What Happens When You Visit Your Anonymous Internet Sex Slave in Person?

4/15/2012 - A Dr. McNinja video game, a Star Trek jazz album, and a fairy tale cartoon starring Lena Headey

4/15/2012 - How would robotic prostitutes change the sex tourism industry?

4/15/2012 - This Computer Is Filled With Crabs

4/15/2012 - The Unicorn Constellation is just as beautiful as you'd expect

4/15/2012 - Chemical crayon labels teach kids chemistry while they color

4/15/2012 - One of the most terrifyingly incomprehensible theories in physics...explained!

4/15/2012 - Please Don't Live-Tweet Your 12 Hour Wedding Proposal

4/15/2012 - What if Google had launched in the 80s?

4/15/2012 - The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs might have created life in other solar systems

4/15/2012 - That Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie Sounds Pretty Awful Already

4/15/2012 - How to Get Tax Breaks by Doing Things in Space

4/15/2012 - Which fictional character shares your birthday?

4/15/2012 - North Korea Shows Off Glorious New Weapons that Probably Won't Work

4/15/2012 - Tap your bat-toes along with this full-length Batman parody musical

4/15/2012 - Here's How Robots Will Save Our Lives in the Future

4/15/2012 - Portraits of astronauts from across the animal kingdom

4/14/2012 - Best of the Week: April 7-13, 2012

4/14/2012 - Compact Foosball Coffee Table Makes For a Great Alternative To After-Dinner Conversation

4/14/2012 - Where Were You Hundreds Of Birthdays and Christmases Ago Tape Scissors?

4/14/2012 - Pennsylvania high school is shaped like the Millennium Falcon

4/14/2012 - Classic video games reimagined as popular children's books

4/14/2012 - Inflatable Mat Lets You Walk On Water, Other Miracles Left Up To You

4/14/2012 - Hipster Ariel and Harry Potter aren't too cool for cosplay

4/14/2012 - How Fast and How High? A chart from when rocketships first blasted into our hearts

4/14/2012 - Carrying This Luminescent Messenger Bag Is Like Having a Firefly's Butt

4/14/2012 - Jump roping dog is a double dutch master

4/14/2012 - This Inkjet Prints Self-Folding Origami

4/14/2012 - Pottermore is officially open to the public

4/14/2012 - Take Notes While Saving Your iPhone's Battery With This Nostalgic Case

4/14/2012 - Auroras spotted on Uranus for the first time

4/14/2012 - Atari illustrations predicted Wikipedia in 1982

4/14/2012 - 100 Years of the Titanic

4/14/2012 - Still Sunk: The Last Great Mystery Wrecks of the Ocean Floor (Updated)

4/14/2012 - Here's the first interior artwork from Before Watchmen

4/14/2012 - Literally Use Your Tools To Build an iPad Stand

4/14/2012 - Writer's block has a spooky solution in Edgar Wright's new motion comic

4/14/2012 - The Terrible 3D Trend Has Now Hit Oscillating Fans

4/14/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Hunting the Transdimensional Whale

4/14/2012 - The Best Argument for Keeping Fringe on the Air

4/14/2012 - Tiny Pies Are the Greatest Thing To Ever Be Jammed On a Stick

4/14/2012 - Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, and Long Repetitive Walks: Killing Time on an Old-Time Ocean Liner

4/14/2012 - Fancy girls dress up as Droids, Daleks, and Death Stars

4/14/2012 - This fantastic fan film shows why we need a Static Shock movie

4/14/2012 - Goldfrapp: Caravan Girl

4/14/2012 - Neutrium: The Most Neutral Hypothetical State of Matter Ever

4/14/2012 - The 5D Mark III's Light Leak Issue Is Confirmed By Canon

4/14/2012 - Commemorate All Famous Shipwrecks With This Sinking Shower Curtain

4/14/2012 - Behold the fluffy ennui of the existential cat

4/14/2012 - The 13 Deadliest Shipwrecks Ever

4/14/2012 - Why were 10 dead bodies found in Benjamin Franklin's basement?

4/14/2012 - Wasted Talent is the diary webcomic of a newbie engineer

4/14/2012 - Heavily Armored iPhone Case Can Stop A .50 Caliber Round

4/14/2012 - How To Make Ice Cubes Shaped Like Tiny Baby Heads

4/14/2012 - These incredible posters illustrate two stories with a single image

4/14/2012 - Watch Batman's first mission go embarrassingly wrong

4/14/2012 - Freaky Ideal Beauty Masks Are Perfect For Uncanny Valley Cosplay

4/14/2012 - The Titanic's First Explorer Was Not Named After the Chipmunk

4/14/2012 - Homeland security grills Megatron and Gamorrean Guards dance better than Twi’leks

4/14/2012 - Spinning This Giant Lego Diorama Also Plays the Star Wars Theme

4/14/2012 - Why the Titanic Sank

4/14/2012 - Thunderbolt Might Transfer to Windows by May

4/14/2012 - Adopting a Money-Sniffing Border Patrol Beagle Seems Like a Prudent Investment, Right?

4/14/2012 - Man-Eating Cheeseburgers, Punk Rock Crabs, and John Cleese on Creativity (NSFW)

4/13/2012 - Weightlifter Shoots Himself Using a Dumbbell—No, Really

4/13/2012 - How to Land on Mars in a Minute

4/13/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: My Apartment's Very Clean Without You

4/13/2012 - Nine Timeless Monuments Photobombed By the Modern Era

4/13/2012 - Traditional Chinese Medicines Linked to Cancer

4/13/2012 - Amber Benson and Glen David Gold reading in San Francisco tomorrow night!

4/13/2012 - Everything You Need to Use Your Tax Return on Awesome Gear

4/13/2012 - How are Charlie Chaplin and World War I different in a world of vampires?

4/13/2012 - Do you need to talk about the ending of Cabin in the Woods? Here is your spoileriffic thread.

4/13/2012 - The Most Accurate Count of Emperor Penguin Populations. From Space!

4/13/2012 - The Bay Bridge gets a nice preview of the apocalypse

4/13/2012 - Branded Artist Apps Could Be a Gold Mine for Musicians and Fans Alike

4/13/2012 - Awake proves there's no universe in which Fat Neil can catch a break

4/13/2012 - Is This the Mistress Who Took Down the CEO of Best Buy? (Updated)

4/13/2012 - Make Your Own Chewing Gum, Even Though You're Not a Kid Anymore

4/13/2012 - Why did scientists put people into rooms that kept turning upside down?

4/13/2012 - National Geographic, The Daily Show, and More

4/13/2012 - Jittergram, 1-Bit Camera, Wavii, and More

4/13/2012 - Generate Memes, Next Issue, and More

4/13/2012 - This Russian town is plagued by massive, spontaneous sinkholes

4/13/2012 - Artist photoshops the curves off of art history's goddesses

4/13/2012 - Barack Obama Follows Erotic Website On Twitter

4/13/2012 - Gossypol, the Chemical Commonly Found in Cotton That is Also a Male Contraceptive

4/13/2012 - Lingerie-Styled Diet Coke Bottles Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier Are Downright Bizarre

4/13/2012 - Vodka Alchemy: How to Change Cheap Clear Hooch from Terrible to Tolerable

4/13/2012 - Breaking Bad GIFs turn Bryan Cranston into Nyan Cat

4/13/2012 - Behold, the world's first known "strawberry" leopard

4/13/2012 - Two Golf Putters in One Club Means You'll Be Half As Bad at Golf

4/13/2012 - Lucite Lamps Made of Bricks and Springs Are Big Design in a Little Box

4/13/2012 - This insane children's book artwork will ruin bedtime forever

4/13/2012 - A Symmetrical Fractal Pattern Found in Nature

4/13/2012 - Detention director Joseph Kahn explains why genres need to die

4/13/2012 - The World's Most Disgusting Elevator Has Lickable Cookie Wallpaper

4/13/2012 - Watch 8 glorious minutes of Steven Spielberg directing on Jurassic Park

4/13/2012 - Intel Windows 8 Tablets Details: Two Sizes, Atom Guts, and 4G Goodness To Come

4/13/2012 - Scifi comedy Detention is like Community on bug juice

4/13/2012 - How To Make Your Own Damn Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Right Now

4/13/2012 - The first ever vending machine stopped people from stealing holy water

4/13/2012 - This Broad Sword Umbrella Is Your Battle-The-Rain-And-Win Deal of the Day

4/13/2012 - Is the bat-killing "white nose" fungus a European import?

4/13/2012 - Lockout will shrivel up your brain, and you'll like it

4/13/2012 - These AR Glasses Make Your Food Look Huge So You Want To Eat Less

4/13/2012 - How to build a pinhole camera inside an egg

4/13/2012 - Facebook's Shoving Deals in Your News Feed Now

4/13/2012 - Meet He-Man's super-obscure glam metal buddy, Songster

4/13/2012 - An Unbelievable Picture of Eight Lightning Bolts Striking San Francisco at the Same Time (Updating)

4/13/2012 - Touch is somehow about everything and nothing

4/13/2012 - The io9 TV Show Has Launched! Watch It Here!

4/13/2012 - How to Deal with Death Online the Right Way

4/13/2012 - Is This Impossibly Cute Cat Real?

4/13/2012 - This Slimy Policeman Recorded Himself Masturbating On His Car's Dashboard Camera

4/13/2012 - Future Internets Will Be Powered by Quantum Particles

4/13/2012 - 10 Tricks That Chatbots Use to Make You Believe They're Human

4/13/2012 - How Canon's Making Our Gorgeous 4K Dreams a Reality

4/13/2012 - Crazy detailed Star Wars organ turns the Death Star into circus music

4/13/2012 - The Avengers really did film a secret extra scene after their world premiere

4/13/2012 - Cabin in the Woods will make you love movies all over again

4/13/2012 - Is This the Most Popular Photo on Instagram?

4/13/2012 - Nike Fuelband Review: A Friendly Reminder to Stop Being Lazy

4/13/2012 - What you need to know about North Korea's failed rocket launch

4/13/2012 - The entire periodic table, as narrated by a three-year-old

4/13/2012 - Massive collection of Prometheus stills take you inside Ridley Scott's new spaceship

4/13/2012 - Why Friday the 13th Is So Unlucky

4/13/2012 - Drone Helicopter Gets Deadlier with "Precision Kill" Weapons Upgrade

4/13/2012 - Nike Fuelband Gallery

4/13/2012 - Some Serious Effort Went Into Restoring Jaws for Blu-ray

4/13/2012 - Wait, maybe birds don't have compasses in their beaks after all

4/13/2012 - How To Design Your Life: Q&A With Author Mike Monteiro

4/13/2012 - Hijacking Panic Sends Terrifying Sonic Booms Over England

4/13/2012 - The weirdest mating habits of the animal kingdom, explained using humans

4/13/2012 - Foolish Vietnam Cop Almost Dies Riding on a Criminal's Windshield

4/13/2012 - Jurassic President is the greatest time-travel arcade game never made

4/13/2012 - Apple Wants to Make Unibody-ish Earbuds (That Will Probably Still Suck)

4/13/2012 - Behold, the 2001: A Space Odyssey LEGO sets that never existed

4/13/2012 - Former RIM CEO Resigned Because His Ideas Were Too Good

4/13/2012 - PSA: Fake Angry Birds Space Android App Is Full of Malware (Updated)

4/13/2012 - World Famous Designer Philippe Starck Says He's Working on "Revolutionary" Apple Product (Update: Nope)

4/13/2012 - Monkeys Can Read (Kinda)

4/13/2012 - 3 Awesome Candidates to Direct the Hunger Games Sequel. Plus New Dark Knight Rises Photos!

4/13/2012 - Why It Definitely Doesn't Matter That You Thought of It First

4/13/2012 - 15 Current Technologies My Newborn Son Won’t Use

4/13/2012 - How Maple Syrup Is Produced in the 21st Century

4/13/2012 - Does This Leak Hint at Google Drive's Imminent Arrival?

4/13/2012 - Worriers Have a Heightened Sense of Smell

4/13/2012 - Why North Korea Still Sucks at Launching Rockets

4/13/2012 - The FBI Wants to "Advance the Science of Interrogation"

4/13/2012 - Google Glasses Will Work With Prescription Glasses, Too

4/13/2012 - Now Anyone Can Make Money From YouTube

4/13/2012 - Amazon Prime's Streaming Title Count Might Be off by an Order of Magnitude

4/13/2012 - Apple Claims It Broke "Amazon’s Monopolistic Grip" on Publishing

4/13/2012 - Study: Drinking Two Beers Makes You Clever

4/13/2012 - Boss Talks, Pickles N' Sno Cones, and Motherf***ing Pterodactyls (NSFW)

4/12/2012 - Announce Your Dominion over the Bike Lane with the Blast of a Freight Train

4/12/2012 - Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra: Warrior

4/12/2012 - The Most Ridiculous and Comprehensive Way to Test Toilet Paper

4/12/2012 - Google Needs So Many Doodles It's Hiring More Doodlers

4/12/2012 - Better Late than Never, Apple Fixes Flashback Vulnerability

4/12/2012 - Gas Stations Don't Really Make Money On Gas

4/12/2012 - The world's most isolated cave is home to 4 million year old "superbugs"

4/12/2012 - Google Cash, iPad Envy, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/12/2012 - Awesome Video of the First Human Spaceflight In History

4/12/2012 - First official trailer for time-travel noir Looper will blow you away

4/12/2012 - The Only Panini Press You'll Ever Need

4/12/2012 - Everything You Need to Survive Those Sneaky April Showers

4/12/2012 - Nick Harkaway has created a brand new genre: Existential pulp

4/12/2012 - Touch Behind the Scenes Images

4/12/2012 - KFC Thailand Exploits Tsunami to Sell Terror Chicken on Facebook

4/12/2012 - Doctor Who New York Filming Photos #2

4/12/2012 - Doctor Who New York Filming Photos #1

4/12/2012 - Grimm 'Love Sick' Promo Photos

4/12/2012 - Grimm 'Cat and Mouse' Promo Photos

4/12/2012 - Supernatural Finale Set Photos

4/12/2012 - North Korea Defies the World and Launches Menacing Rocket (Updated: It Failed)

4/12/2012 - Supernatural Photos With Felicia Day

4/12/2012 - New Images from The Dark Knight Rises

4/12/2012 - Super S'Mores Made with Krispy Kreme Donuts Look Explosively S'morgasmic

4/12/2012 - Astronomers find evidence for massive star-killing sandstorms

4/12/2012 - Is This Jesus Christ's Real Tomb?

4/12/2012 - Idiot Car Thief Butt Dialed 911 Over and Over Until He Was Caught

4/12/2012 - Why Cabin in the Woods Really Is Like a Very Special Buffy Episode

4/12/2012 - Next Issue: 32 Magazines at an All-You-Can-Eat Price

4/12/2012 - Here Is Your One and Only Chance to Take the Wheel of a James Bond Car

4/12/2012 - Why You Should Be Glad You're Not a Vulcan

4/12/2012 - Dead Nate Dogg Performing at Coachella (As a Hologram)

4/12/2012 - Guns really do make you look bigger

4/12/2012 - Millennia-Old Strains of Bacteria Can Resist Drugs They've Never Met

4/12/2012 - Next Issue Gallery

4/12/2012 - Big Energy Coffee Lightning Review: Because Sometimes Caffeine Alone Just Isn't Enough

4/12/2012 - Ron Swanson and Rorschach combine to form the world's greatest meat-eating vigilante

4/12/2012 - Solar Panel-In-a-Tube Generates Power and Hot Water At the Same Time

4/12/2012 - Parents discover "stillborn" baby alive and well in frigid morgue

4/12/2012 - Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight Hands On: Never Read a Book on a Tablet Again

4/12/2012 - Nook Frontlit

4/12/2012 - Exploding 40,000 Rockets at Once Is as Loud and Wonderful as You'd Think It Would Be

4/12/2012 - A Visual Representation of the 15,000 Temperature Records That Were Broken in March

4/12/2012 - No, baboons can't actually read. Yet.

4/12/2012 - Powered Reel Prevents Your Extension Cords From Turning into Indiana Jones' Whip

4/12/2012 - Boobstagram Is How You Will Spend the Rest of Your Day

4/12/2012 - Early reviews of Battleship are in: How does it live up to the Transformers legacy?

4/12/2012 - We've got hand transplants and face transplants... could brain transplants be next?

4/12/2012 - How the Pen Evolved from a Humble Paintbrush Into a Precise Instrument of Writing Perfection

4/12/2012 - The Best Meta Horror Movies Of All Time

4/12/2012 - This Gas And Charcoal BBQ Is Your Grill-Baby-Grill Deal of the Day

4/12/2012 - The Future of Pothole Repair Is Silly Putty

4/12/2012 - Hunger Games names are the hot new baby trend, but not Katniss

4/12/2012 - Artist creates 148-foot sandworm on the beach

4/12/2012 - Oh Hell Yes There's a Game of Thrones Cookbook (Actually There Are Two)

4/12/2012 - What's In a Number: Unravelling a Multiversal Paradox

4/12/2012 - These Breasts Nailed a Hacker For the FBI

4/12/2012 - Two Earth-sized planets hold together the massive ring around this star

4/12/2012 - Sabrina the Teenage Witch getting a movie, and a superhero reboot

4/12/2012 - Apple Patent Would Let You Build Apps Without Coding Know-How

4/12/2012 - Walk-In Beer Cooler Is the Only Dorm Room You'll Ever Need

4/12/2012 - 10 Bizarre Ways a Volcano Can Kill You

4/12/2012 - The Police Saved a Blind Woman's Invisible Writing

4/12/2012 - Find out where you can celebrate Yuri's Night!

4/12/2012 - These Lovely Light Switches Look Like Your Laptop Keyboard

4/12/2012 - Check out Weyland Industries' diagram of the USCSS Prometheus

4/12/2012 - Proof That Acupuncture Really Does Activate Specific Parts of the Brain

4/12/2012 - Report: Intel's Multimedia-Friendly Ivy Bridge Processors Will Arrive April 23rd

4/12/2012 - First image from The Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane is gothic architectural eye candy

4/12/2012 - How To Use Your Electronics During Takeoff Without Getting Busted

4/12/2012 - Data Centers Will Be Manned By Engineers Sleeping in These Pods During the Olympics

4/12/2012 - World's Most Advanced Infrared Spectrometer Can Nearly See the Beginning of Time

4/12/2012 - The Surprisingly Sophisticated Computer Graphics Behind the 1977 Yellow Pages

4/12/2012 - Are humans too optimistic for their own good?

4/12/2012 - How Pinterest Could Save Google

4/12/2012 - CIA's Secret Fear: High-Tech Border Checks Will Blow Spies' Cover

4/12/2012 - Leaked Microsoft Roadmap Shows IE 10 Will Probably Launch Soon

4/12/2012 - Vacuum Powered Dragsters Should Make Short Work Of Housecleaning

4/12/2012 - More racial diversity in Dungeons & Dragons, please

4/12/2012 - It's Not a Crime to Break a Terms of Service Agreement (So It's Okay to Never Read Them)

4/12/2012 - How to bring back Firefly in five terrible steps

4/12/2012 - Million Dollar Subterranean Garage Is Only Accessible Through an Aircraft Carrier Elevator

4/12/2012 - Canon 5D Mark III Partial Teardown: Don't Try This At Home

4/12/2012 - One-star reviews of Fahrenheit 451 will make you want to burn everything down

4/12/2012 - Don't Forget To Pack This Highly-Detailed Moon Globe For Your Next Lunar Vacation

4/12/2012 - Alfonso Cuarón's astronaut epic Gravity really does begin with a single 17-minute opening shot!

4/12/2012 - Watch How Your iPad Really Gets Made

4/12/2012 - Recycling Paper from Poop—I'm Not Sure I Want to Save the Planet That Badly

4/12/2012 - Appeals Court Rules Computer Code Is Not "Property" and Can't Be Stolen

4/12/2012 - New Shots From Vampire Diaries

4/12/2012 - New Stills From Touch

4/12/2012 - Supernatural: Stills From "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragon Tattoo"

4/12/2012 - New Skyfall Pictures

4/12/2012 - New Promo Shots From Secret Circle

4/12/2012 - The BBC Studies Stupid, Butterflies Induce Rage, and Dungeons & Dragons Is the Devil (NSFW)

4/11/2012 - Two New Shots From Prometheus

4/11/2012 - Hulk Makes the Cover of Muscle and Fitness, The Rock and Marky Mark in Ninja Gear

4/11/2012 - New Promo Shots From Fringe: "The Consultant" and "Letters of Transit"

4/11/2012 - Doctor Who in NYC: New Images From Season 7

4/11/2012 - Fringe Photos

4/11/2012 - New Shots From Dark Shadows

4/11/2012 - Catwoman, Batman, and More Catwoman

4/11/2012 - Want to Look Two Inches Taller? Try Holding a Gun

4/11/2012 - Biometric ATM Reads Palms, Not Debit Cards

4/11/2012 - NES Controller Tables, Blinking Lego(ish) Bricks, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/11/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 11, 2012

4/11/2012 - Erector Set Shelving System Lets You Make The Decisions

4/11/2012 - Neal Stephenson has a hard time talking about swordplay, in the Mongoliad trailer

4/11/2012 - The Chork Is the Beautifully Awful Lovechild of a Fork and Chopsticks That Will Prevent World War III

4/11/2012 - What is a dung beetle's favorite kind of manure?

4/11/2012 - Facebook's "Groups for Schools" Is a Walled Garden of Higher Education

4/11/2012 - Doctor Who in Central Park, from WENN.com

4/11/2012 - The story of radioactive super-scientist Marie Curie, as told with finger puppets

4/11/2012 - Meet the Voices of All Your Favorite Cartoon Characters in This Documentary

4/11/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: A Little Better, a Little Cheaper

4/11/2012 - American F-15 Fighters Intercept Korean Air Boeing 777 Because of Terrorist Threat

4/11/2012 - Everyone Around You Is An Impostor: Inside the Mind's Most Bizarre Delusions

4/11/2012 - Arrow-Shaped Handles Means You'll Never Yank On a Push Door Again

4/11/2012 - 1-Bit Camera: Take Your iPhone Pics Back in Time

4/11/2012 - HandiZoom: Control Your DSLR Like a True Video Camera

4/11/2012 - Can this Game of Thrones fighting game really exist, please?

4/11/2012 - Lumia 900 Costs More to Build Than the iPhone 4S

4/11/2012 - Latest Dark Knight Rises Pic: Batman's Bat-Buckle, Catwoman's Pointy Ears

4/11/2012 - 1-Bit Camera Gallery

4/11/2012 - North Korea's Big Bad Missile Launch Begins (Updated)

4/11/2012 - Want to bring peace to the Middle East? Use some science

4/11/2012 - The Neil DeGrasse Tyson Book You Should Give To All Your Friends

4/11/2012 - You Will Never Be Too Old For Your Own Personal Swing Chair

4/11/2012 - The Tokyo Institute of Technology's New Innovation Building Is Entirely Covered in Solar Panels

4/11/2012 - Indian politicians place $2000 bounty on marauding vampires

4/11/2012 - The Making of One of The Coolest Recent Special Effects: The Shred

4/11/2012 - A Fully Customizable Driver for the Pickiest Duffers

4/11/2012 - Jimmy Kimmel Lets the Elderly Sound Off on Facetagram

4/11/2012 - Pop Culture's 100-year Obsession With Eugenics

4/11/2012 - An Ultra-Tiny Synth Designed To Look Like Something Called a Mixtape

4/11/2012 - Computer simulation reveals how we worked together to evolve bigger brains

4/11/2012 - The Greatest Cellphone Accessory Also Has the Greatest Promotional Video

4/11/2012 - Nano-Particles Could Manufacture Cancer-Killing Drugs Inside Your Body

4/11/2012 - Say hello to the Moon's true "dark" side

4/11/2012 - How I Fixed My Knees and Learned to Walk

4/11/2012 - This 12V Oven Is Your Bake-It-On-The-Go Deal of the Day

4/11/2012 - How to Suspend Liquid Water in Midair

4/11/2012 - Exclusive Photos from Doctor Who's New York Set

4/11/2012 - Man Steals Guns and a Taser and Goes on the Craziest Crime Spree You Can Imagine

4/11/2012 - Crumpler Nhill Heist Lightning Review: Keeps your Laptop Safe Without Getting in Your Way

4/11/2012 - Crumpler Nhill Heist Laptop Bag

4/11/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Give Us Your Best Instagram

4/11/2012 - How Many Calories You Burn Having Sex, Eating Pizza and Smoking a Cigarette

4/11/2012 - Scientists created a pain measurement scale by burning the hands of women in labor

4/11/2012 - Why do some of the stars not move in this time-lapse video?

4/11/2012 - 35,000 Photos Went Into This Mesmerizing Insane Asylum Video

4/11/2012 - The Easiest Way To Check For And Remove the Mac Flashback Trojan

4/11/2012 - How often does dark matter collide with the human body?

4/11/2012 - Can an Excavator Really Row a Freaking Boat?

4/11/2012 - Wolverine's 10 Most Mortifying Moments

4/11/2012 - We Are in Another Golden Age of Axe Design

4/11/2012 - Animated Twitter Feeds Are the Best Twitter Feeds

4/11/2012 - Let's Strap a GoPro Camera To Every Professional Athlete

4/11/2012 - Watch Loki versus Iron Man in the battle of the snarky quips, in this new Avengers clip

4/11/2012 - Genius Artist Recreates 15th Century Portraits in Airplane Lavatory

4/11/2012 - What Is This?

4/11/2012 - What Happens When You Push the Button?

4/11/2012 - Why you'll never go to space prison

4/11/2012 - This is the greatest closing paragraph to a scientific paper ever

4/11/2012 - Lumia 610: Windows Phone Finally Scores Its First NFC Handset

4/11/2012 - Colbert Discovers Chuck Grassley, America's Worst Tweeter

4/11/2012 - US Coasts Could Be Guarded by Unmanned Piranha Drone Boats

4/11/2012 - Grow Your Own Furniture—and Save

4/11/2012 - A Letter To Batman's Shark Repellent Bat-Spray, From A Lover Spurned

4/11/2012 - Space X CEO on The Daily Show: Let's Colonize Mars

4/11/2012 - No More Free Phone Upgrades: Verizon's $30 Fee Starts April 22nd

4/11/2012 - How Is This Water Frozen in Time?

4/11/2012 - Bender, Batman, and Dr. Zoidberg come together for one documentary, I Know That Voice

4/11/2012 - Is the Mars Ocean Hypothesis all wet?

4/11/2012 - Google+ Gets a Simple and Beautiful Design Overhaul

4/11/2012 - The US Department of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple (Updating)

4/11/2012 - Not Shocking: Google Could Already Be Eyeing a Motorola Hardware Sale

4/11/2012 - Janitor Finds Meth Lab In Walmart Restroom

4/11/2012 - North Korea Is Lying About Its Rocket Launch, Sat-Watchers Show

4/11/2012 - In June, Ultimate Spider-Man will meet the plain old Amazing Spider-Man

4/11/2012 - The Lumia 900 Becomes the Best Free Phone in the World (Updated)

4/11/2012 - MPAA Says Embedding Illegal Video is Copyright Infringement

4/11/2012 - New Prometheus footage reveals just why our heroes go in search of aliens!

4/11/2012 - Jon Stewart Takes on Google Glasses and Instagram in Two-for-One Mockery

4/11/2012 - Spotify's New Play Button Lets You Control Your Music From Anywhere on the Internet

4/11/2012 - Are MIT's "Double Bubble" Planes the Future of Air Travel?

4/11/2012 - Journey: Don't Stop Believin' Made With Movie Clips

4/11/2012 - How to Conduct a Pipe Organ Concert with a Kinect

4/11/2012 - The Apple Store Is Updating

4/11/2012 - Superman vs Kitty Litter, Shamans of the Amazon, and Frickin' Sharks (NSFW)

4/10/2012 - Iran Denies It's Shutting Down the Internet in August, Merely Building a New One Next March

4/10/2012 - Qlocktwo W Watch Tells Time with a Word Search

4/10/2012 - Apple's Working on a Flashback Counter-Attack

4/10/2012 - Report: iTunes 11 Will Support iOS 6 and Actually Work with iCloud

4/10/2012 - Would You Go to Canada to Have an Intragastric Weight-Loss Balloon Implanted in Your Stomach?

4/10/2012 - Killer Bees, Evil Kelp, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/10/2012 - I Wish This Amazing Photo of the Space Shuttle Piercing the Clouds Were Real

4/10/2012 - Unbelievable Aerial Footage of Bike Stunts Shot With a Nimble DSLR Drone

4/10/2012 - Too Bad You Can't Copy Radiohead's Floppy

4/10/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 10, 2012

4/10/2012 - Now This Is How You (Hypothetically) Redesign the Pringles Can for the 21st Century

4/10/2012 - Pharmacy Perv Watched Ladies Pee with Toilet Paper iPhone Cam

4/10/2012 - Dinosaurs were surrounded by constant fires

4/10/2012 - Niceness goes all the way down to the DNA level

4/10/2012 - Eureka Promo Photos

4/10/2012 - A Rare Look From Behind the Lens of a Professional Street Photographer

4/10/2012 - What The Simpsons' Springfield Looks Like in Real Life

4/10/2012 - Copycat Smart Sand Can Mimic and Replace Any Object and More from TreeHugger

4/10/2012 - Could we create a perfect society by tweaking two areas of the human brain?

4/10/2012 - Holy Memorandum! The Secret to Bats' Super-Efficient Flight Could Help Make Better Military Drones

4/10/2012 - Where Being Human went wrong this season

4/10/2012 - Vegas Casinos Connected by Zipline Sounds Like an Ocean's 14 Stunt

4/10/2012 - Veterans' brain damage reveals the most detailed map of intelligence ever

4/10/2012 - Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Quarter Is Actual Legal Tender

4/10/2012 - Stunning Avengers art T-shirts will make your torso twice as heroic

4/10/2012 - Microsoft Windows Phone Designer Team Hurls Veiled Insults at Apple's Ugly, Skeuomorphic Apps

4/10/2012 - Is this concept art really what the rebooted Ninja Turtles will look like?

4/10/2012 - National Geographic Today: Gander at Gorgeous Photos From Across the Globe

4/10/2012 - The first entirely new globe of the Moon's surface in more than 40 years

4/10/2012 - T-Mobile's Obnoxious Scream Tones Will Help You Find a Lost Phone

4/10/2012 - This Guy Totally Hacked Together His Own Goofy-Looking DIY Google Glasses

4/10/2012 - The Filtered Network: When Zuck Met Instagram

4/10/2012 - Dental X-rays linked to the most common type of brain tumor

4/10/2012 - Humanity's struggle for survival against insect aliens, live on stage!

4/10/2012 - This Could Be the Most Useful Keychain in the World

4/10/2012 - Finally, a Pen With Looks That Can Kill

4/10/2012 - HTC Titan II Lightning Review: The Monster Phone's Got a Monster Camera

4/10/2012 - Everything You Need To Totally Destroy Your Phone's Beautiful Design

4/10/2012 - Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows That Tried to Reinvent Themselves in Their Final Seasons

4/10/2012 - Ridiculous $200 AMERICA Sunglasses: Wear the U.S.A. on Your Face

4/10/2012 - How Twitter Saved a Kidnapped South African Man From the Trunk of a Car

4/10/2012 - This haunting artwork is made of real blood

4/10/2012 - Someone Put a QUANTUM COMPUTER in a DIAMOND

4/10/2012 - Hillary Clinton Makes Fun of Herself on Viral Site

4/10/2012 - World's Largest Atlas Needs Two People To Turn Each Page

4/10/2012 - The Government Can't Even Hide Secret Spy Satellites Anymore

4/10/2012 - New MacBook Pro 2012 May Be Imminent

4/10/2012 - 25 Planned Portraits of Absolute Strangers

4/10/2012 - 25 Photos of Absolute Strangers

4/10/2012 - This Star Trek Pizza Cutter Is Your Warp-Drive-To-Deliciousness Deal of the Day

4/10/2012 - The International Space Station is ready to make its own booze

4/10/2012 - Does flesh-eating bacteria really make a meal out of you?

4/10/2012 - Watch an Old Man in a Nursing Home Get Excited When He Hears Music from His Era

4/10/2012 - The Anti-Steve Jobs Dies: So Long, Jack Tramiel

4/10/2012 - HBO renews Game of Thrones for a third season

4/10/2012 - How one mathematician's angry blog post led to 9,000 scientists starting a revolution

4/10/2012 - Dental X-Rays Linked to the Most Common Brain Tumors

4/10/2012 - A Coat Rack so Attractive, You Might Not Want to Hang a Coat on It at All

4/10/2012 - Behold the bizarre microbial world that lurks in a drop of water

4/10/2012 - 10 Futuristic Places to Shop

4/10/2012 - This Duck Can Play Fetch Like a German Pointer

4/10/2012 - Woman blames poltergeists for raucous house parties, is unsurprisingly evicted

4/10/2012 - Gaze upon Rick Baker's amazing retro aliens from Men in Black 3

4/10/2012 - Jenga-Inspired Table Is Hopefully a Bit More Stable

4/10/2012 - As a Show of Gratitude for Discovering the Mac Botnet, Apple Tries to Shut Down Dr. Web's Virus Monitoring Servers

4/10/2012 - 7 Rules for Recording Police

4/10/2012 - Update: Crazy Taiwanese Animation Is Safe After All. Phew!

4/10/2012 - National Geographic Today Gallery

4/10/2012 - Cobra Case Poisons Your iPhone's Aesthetics

4/10/2012 - What it's like to (illegally) climb London's tallest building

4/10/2012 - Intel Studybook Hands-On: The Indestructible Education Tablet

4/10/2012 - Dream Machines Brings Your Vehicular Fantasies to Life

4/10/2012 - Your iPhone Will Still Shatter If You Drop It From a Roof with This Super-Case

4/10/2012 - Explore a 4000-year-old Peruvian monster from the comfort of your home

4/10/2012 - NASA's Hypersonic Airbags Shield Spacecraft in a Mach 5 Plunge

4/10/2012 - In this week's comics, it's all monster hunters and surly spies

4/10/2012 - Secretly Track Anyone Using This Fully-Functional GPS Unit

4/10/2012 - Dear Android Tablets: Stay Crazy

4/10/2012 - Hacking a BMX Bike to Spin Sick Beats

4/10/2012 - Texting on the Go? Beware of Bears!

4/10/2012 - Zombie survival Google Map allows you to find food and guns for the undead apocalypse

4/10/2012 - Gehry Crowns Hong Kong’s The Peak With Twisting Apartment Complex

4/10/2012 - This Huggable Vending Machine Will Never Love You

4/10/2012 - The Flying Ambulance of Tomorrow

4/10/2012 - Watch 15,000 Temperature Records Get Stomped in March. Are You Surprised?

4/10/2012 - The Space Shuttle Will Amaze and Terrify Washington DC with Low Flyover

4/10/2012 - These Imbeciles Thought the Titanic Disaster Was Just a Movie

4/10/2012 - New Avengers clip shows Nick Fury getting pissy with Maria Hill

4/10/2012 - Awesomely Over-Engineered Extending Glass Table Will Outshine Any Meal

4/10/2012 - Rise of the Underdark will infest all of D&D in 2012

4/10/2012 - Ben Kingsley cast as the big bad villain in Iron Man 3

4/10/2012 - Maryland Bans Employers from Requesting Social Media Passwords. Good Job, Maryland.

4/10/2012 - Are These UFOs Spotted By NASA Astronauts Actually Alien Spaceships?

4/10/2012 - Get Free iTunes Money at Best Buy Right Now

4/10/2012 - iPod Touch May Finally Be Getting the Refresh It Deserves

4/10/2012 - Will Marvel's next superhero movie be animated? Plus great new videos for Skyfall and Game of Thrones!

4/10/2012 - Wacom's Ballpoint Touchscreen Stylus Works with Paper Tablets, Too

4/10/2012 - Hundreds of Warbots Will Join Cops' Ranks

4/10/2012 - Hands On: Toshiba's New Excite Tablets Come In Small, Regular, and Holy Crap

4/10/2012 - Hands On: Toshiba's New All-in-One Feels Great, Looks Average

4/10/2012 - $7 Million Space Shuttle Telescope Comes with Free Shipping

4/10/2012 - Why Woodpeckers Don't Get Brain Damage From Pecking All Day

4/10/2012 - Carriers Unite to Track Stolen Phones Nationwide

4/10/2012 - Drifting Bikes, Floating Heads, and Things Not to Do in Mid-Air (NSFW)

4/9/2012 - Latest Look at the New Total Recall Reboot

4/9/2012 - Latest Look at the New Total Recall Reboot

4/9/2012 - Once Upon a Time Production Pictures- The Stranger

4/9/2012 - Doctor Who - A Peek at an Ancient Rory

4/9/2012 - Lost Girl - Rachel Skarsten Costume Fitting

4/9/2012 - The Avengers - A Closer Look at The Hulk

4/9/2012 - Iran Hopes to Be Rid of Meddlesome Internet by August

4/9/2012 - How to Take the Classic MySpace Mirror Picture Without the Camera In It

4/9/2012 - The Incredibox Remixes Songs, Bobby McFerrin-Style

4/9/2012 - The Rest of Your Furniture Only Wishes It Could Be as Awesome as This VHS Coffee Table

4/9/2012 - Picture of the Day: April 9, 2012

4/9/2012 - Facebook Idiots, Lumia Woes, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

4/9/2012 - Pheromone Parties: Where Dirty T-Shirts Get You Laid

4/9/2012 - And Now, an Elephant on Mars

4/9/2012 - Angelina Jolie's Disney villain movie Maleficent finally gets a release date!

4/9/2012 - The Bering Land Bridge nearly wrecked the Earth's climate

4/9/2012 - Our favorite documentary director made a stylish time-slip movie, and it's coming out this summer

4/9/2012 - A Three-Year-Old Boy Found a Live Grenade During an Easter Egg Hunt

4/9/2012 - Minds of Modern Mathematics: Explore a Millenium of Math History

4/9/2012 - 1,000-year-old farming secrets could save the Amazon rainforest

4/9/2012 - Behold xkcd's massive infographic comparing the depths of Earth's lakes and oceans

4/9/2012 - "My House Got Destroyed By an F-18"

4/9/2012 - This Video Will Either Convince You to Buy an Ultrabook or Lose All Sanity

4/9/2012 - Minds of Modern Mathematics Gallery

4/9/2012 - The Beautiful $6,000 DSLR Motion Control Rig You Probably Don't Need

4/9/2012 - Where do books get that amazing "old book" smell?

4/9/2012 - Your fingerprint at the scene of a crime doesn't prove anything

4/9/2012 - Finding the Best AA Battery for the Money

4/9/2012 - Vintage Swiss Army Flashlights Look As Good As the Day They Were Never Used

4/9/2012 - Some Excellent Recommendations for 1960s Science Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

4/9/2012 - Senator Chuck Grassley Dishes on Why He Sucks at Twitter

4/9/2012 - Einstein's Advice to Women in Science Still Relevant More Than 60 Years Later

4/9/2012 - How To Keep Facebook From Ruining Instagram

4/9/2012 - Flameless Smoker Ups Your Grill Game Without Fire

4/9/2012 - Minimalist posters explain complex philosophical concepts with basic shapes

4/9/2012 - Monthly Mail-Order Grooming Service Birchbox Keeps Gender Constructs Alive and Well

4/9/2012 - Wicked Magicians and Shifting Glamours: An Exclusive Excerpt from Mary Robinette Kowal's Glamour in Glass

4/9/2012 - io9 Seeks New York City Interns For Summer 2012

4/9/2012 - How Is This Man Floating in the Air?

4/9/2012 - Microsoft Just Bought Netscape, the Hottest Browser of the 90s!

4/9/2012 - This International Space Station Photo Is So Amazing It Seems From The Future

4/9/2012 - Pixelated Crayons Are Retroriffic In Every Way

4/9/2012 - Pine Trees Could Make Your Perfume Whale Puke-Free

4/9/2012 - Is David Tennant's TiVo ad too similar to Doctor Who?

4/9/2012 - Why Does This iPod Dock Sofa Exist?

4/9/2012 - Behold the Smauglock: Half Sherlock, half Smaug, 100% Benedict Cumberbatch!

4/9/2012 - Tough Times Are Written in Your DNA; Good Thing You Can Erase Them

4/9/2012 - This Haier A/C Unit Is Your Global-Warming-Can't-Hurt-Me-Now Deal of the Day

4/9/2012 - Imagine what it would be like inside this dense cluster of stars

4/9/2012 - Watch a Drawing Machine Draw Drawing Machines Drawing

4/9/2012 - This Beautiful Induction Cooktop Table Makes Slaving Over a Hot Stove a Pleasure

4/9/2012 - How to Export Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Ruins Everything

4/9/2012 - Even in the 1870s, humans were obsessed with ridiculous photos of cats

4/9/2012 - Newer Technology Power2U USB Wall Outlet Lightning Review: A Pain in the Ass, but Worth It

4/9/2012 - Gorgeously Animated and Ultra-Bloody Trailer for Scott Sigler's Nocturnal

4/9/2012 - Traveling Around the World in 10 Days Looks Like the Most Fun You Can Ever Have

4/9/2012 - 10 Genes Named After Science Fiction and Fantasy Icons

4/9/2012 - Why Old Books Get That Old Book Smell

4/9/2012 - Facebook's Buying Instagram for a Billion Dollars

4/9/2012 - Budget-Friendly Yamaha Home Theaters Bring 4K Passthrough and AirPlay

4/9/2012 - Man Survives Shooting Himself in the Heart with a Nail Gun (Warning: Graphic Imagery)

4/9/2012 - First footage from Rian Johnson's time-traveling hitman movie Looper

4/9/2012 - Adorable Three Year-Old Sings the Elements Song

4/9/2012 - How to Unlock Your AT&T iPhone

4/9/2012 - This Week's TV: The last show you'd ever expect is doing a vampire episode!

4/9/2012 - The Five Funniest Google Glasses Parodies

4/9/2012 - And now, Monty Python's John Cleese on the origins of creativity

4/9/2012 - Tim Cook Makes More Than the GDP of the Kingdom of Tonga

4/9/2012 - Netflix Now Officially Trying to Influence the Election

4/9/2012 - America's Navy Tests Its Missiles in the World's Biggest Potato Gun

4/9/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 2: Who Watches the Watchers?

4/9/2012 - How do you write Watchmen comics without Alan Moore? Darwyn Cooke fills us in

4/9/2012 - Woman Blown Away By Jet Engines Smashes Her Face Against Wall

4/9/2012 - Japanese sex museums are where your sanity goes to die (NSFW)

4/9/2012 - Can the iPad's Wi-Fi Issues Be Fixed With a Simple Software Update?

4/9/2012 - Airplane Porn: First Video of the F-35 Refueling At Night

4/9/2012 - What would Titanic look like in the hands of George Lucas?

4/9/2012 - The Crazy Taiwanese Animation Studio Is in Trouble—Here Are Its Best and Most Insane Videos

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4/7/2012 - Best of the Week: March 31-April 6, 2012

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