8/31/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Rejected Pitches (Pulp Fiction)

8/31/2012 - This Fancy Vacuum Is Coated in Diamond Dust and Costs Literally Nothing: $0

8/31/2012 - American Juggalos: A Journey into the Dark Carnival

8/31/2012 - An Entire House Full of Transforming Furniture Would Be Amazing (Even if It Means It Will Destroy Your Life)

8/31/2012 - Lauryn Hill: I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

8/31/2012 - How to Write About Hermaphrodite Sex

8/31/2012 - Pack All Your Pals Around This Beautiful Wooden Dining Table

8/31/2012 - A new species of bee that survives solely by invading other beehives

8/31/2012 - GIZMODO at 2012 Smart Home—New Gadgets!

8/31/2012 - Motorola's Secret Weapon for Its Next Android Phone Is a Complete Edge-to-Edge Screen?

8/31/2012 - This Reconfigurable Jacket Is Like 30 Coats In One (And Is Priced Accordingly)

8/31/2012 - Watch the drunken, self-destructive voyage of the Starship Artemis

8/31/2012 - The New Essential Apps August 2012

8/31/2012 - Would You Buy an Ad-Supported Tablet?

8/31/2012 - Is There Anything Space Balloons Can't Do?

8/31/2012 - Further evidence that there are many habitable planets for humans to colonize

8/31/2012 - Watch the Manhattan Skyline Appear from a Blank Canvas in Less than 90 Seconds

8/31/2012 - Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

8/31/2012 - Hard SF loses one of its all-time great editors, as Stanley Schmidt retires from Analog

8/31/2012 - The Room-Temperature Cocktail You Will Swear Is Ice Cold

8/31/2012 - Climate Controlled Seats Could Make Flying Coach Considerably Less Crappy

8/31/2012 - Bluetooth Gloves: Because Even Talking Into Your Hand Looks Less Stupid Than an Earpiece

8/31/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

8/31/2012 - The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in September!

8/31/2012 - Do You Know if Your Tweets Are Protected by Law? (Updated)

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8/31/2012 - Our Favorite Laptops, Cameras, Drills, Microphones, E-Cigarettes and More

8/31/2012 - These iOS Video Games Are Your Summer-Is-Over Deal of the Day

8/31/2012 - Great SF authors share their biggest writing setbacks — and how they triumphed

8/31/2012 - A funny, insightful, and strangely moving collection of essays about Captain Kirk

8/31/2012 - So You Want to Watch Porn in Your Dorm Room

8/31/2012 - Holy crap, these true-color photographs of Saturn are gorgeous

8/31/2012 - The Most Intense Ear Buds Sennheiser Has Ever Made

8/31/2012 - Wheelchair Morphs Into Bed, Claims Title of Ultimate Work-From-Home Accessory

8/31/2012 - Whip up futuristic cocktails using dry ice and fireballs

8/31/2012 - Gamago Telephoto Kitchen Lens Timer Review: Not Telephoto, Can't Tell Time

8/31/2012 - HP's Open Source WebOS Code Has Arrived. Will Anyone Actually Use It?

8/31/2012 - The Awesome $5-Billion Airborne Laser Is in The Boneyard, Never to Fire Again

8/31/2012 - The Eight Super-Adaptable Life Forms That Rule Our Planet

8/31/2012 - Your Metal Laptop Deserves a Throne of Concrete

8/31/2012 - Yamaha's Awesome Affordable Soundbar Now Comes With a Wireless Subwoofer

8/31/2012 - Drinking too much too fast? Check the shape of your glass.

8/31/2012 - Finally, WD-40 That Won't Ruin Your Bike

8/31/2012 - Science demands that you stop calling this kid the 'Marmot Whisperer'

8/31/2012 - Why I Pay for Content (And Why That Makes Me Feel Like a Sucker)

8/31/2012 - Samsung's Crazy Better-Than-Retina Display Series 9 Ultrabook Can't Get Here Fast Enough

8/31/2012 - Doctor Who premieres tomorrow night, so here's the scoop on all those Daleks

8/31/2012 - Russia's Unmanned Strategic Nuclear Bomber Is a Really Terrible Idea

8/31/2012 - The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist

8/31/2012 - The gene that makes mustard explosively spicy

8/31/2012 - Lens Timer Gallery

8/31/2012 - Why You Might Want to Preorder Your iPhone 5 Early

8/31/2012 - Why It Makes Sense for the iPad Mini to Be an iPad 2 on the Inside

8/31/2012 - Apple's Running Out of 27-Inch iMacs, So Get Ready for a Refresh

8/31/2012 - What if the Avengers and the Justice League starred in samurai movies?

8/31/2012 - The physics of fire rainbows

8/31/2012 - How To Get 50GB of Free Dropbox Storage

8/31/2012 - Discover Chainmail, Gary Gygax's Dungeons & Dragons Prototype

8/31/2012 - Haier's Eye-Controlled Display Could Be the Future of Super-Lazy TV Watching

8/31/2012 - This fungus attaches itself to plants and makes the soil belch carbon

8/31/2012 - This May Not Be the iPhone 5, But It Sure Looks Like One

8/31/2012 - Dual E-Ink and LCD Phone Just Means Twice as Many Fingerprint Smudges

8/31/2012 - Check out the latest Pacific Rim photos! Plus what might happen in a Judge Dredd sequel?

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8/31/2012 - Are These Nokia's New Lumia Windows Phones? (Updated)

8/31/2012 - Samsung Beats Apple in Japanese Patent Lawsuit

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8/31/2012 - Watching a Slow Motion Video of Water Balloons Is Jiggly Fun

8/31/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Dogs vs. Zombies, Garage Grow Ops, and Springfield Legalizes It—For Now

8/30/2012 - Apple Just Made the App Store A Lot More Annoying to Use

8/30/2012 - This Time Lapse of Rio De Janeiro Makes It Look Like a Beautiful Make Believe World

8/30/2012 - The Annoying Thing Facebook Is About to Do with Your Phone Numbers and Emails (UPDATED)

8/30/2012 - Homeless People Use Facebook Just Like You and Me

8/30/2012 - Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman to write a new series about robots

8/30/2012 - Death Becomes Her: How Far Would You Go to Stay Forever Young?

8/30/2012 - Reminder (and Reschedule): io9 Book Club meeting 9/4 to discuss Maureen McHugh's After the Apocalypse

8/30/2012 - I Want TDK's Gorgeous New Headphones and Speaker Cube That Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

8/30/2012 - Is William Gibson A Modern Day Oracle?

8/30/2012 - Make your own coat of arms, just like they have on Game of Thrones

8/30/2012 - Welcome Back, Doctor Who!

8/30/2012 - Doctor Who - Promo Posters

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8/30/2012 - Grimm - Episode 2x04 Promo Photos

8/30/2012 - Pacific Rim - New Images

8/30/2012 - Why The Possession cast was terrified of the real "dybbuk box" behind the film

8/30/2012 - Yes, marriages can include more than two people

8/30/2012 - Ciara featuring Ludacris: Ride

8/30/2012 - Is This What the Next Amazon Kindle Looks Like?

8/30/2012 - Best. Futurama Anthology. Ever.

8/30/2012 - New DNA evidence could explain what happened to the Neanderthals

8/30/2012 - Yes, Someone Found a Way to Make Water Exciting

8/30/2012 - Shuffler.fm: Never Miss a New Mixtape

8/30/2012 - Light-sensitive muscles will enable robots to move like real animals

8/30/2012 - Does Anyone Still Even Have Audio Cassettes That Need To Be Digitized?

8/30/2012 - The Republican Party Has a Reagan Hologram But Is Scared It Would Upstage Romney

8/30/2012 - Hopefully Sennheiser's Momentum Headphones Sound as Good as They Look

8/30/2012 - Scientists Discover Millions of Hidden Black Holes Eating Hot DOGs

8/30/2012 - Larger, Faster Airfryer XL Serves Up Even More Low-Fat, Deep-Fried Snacks

8/30/2012 - Watch Made From Mount Everest Rock Is Still Cheaper Than Climbing It Yourself

8/30/2012 - Every Phone Should Have This Windows Phone 8 Childproofing Feature

8/30/2012 - How to Turn a Drone Into a Vicious Flying Stungun of Doom

8/30/2012 - HBO Streams Online to Non-Cable Subscribers For the First Time But Sadly Only In Europe (Updated)

8/30/2012 - A handy introduction to the morbidly fascinating science of autoerotic asphyxiation

8/30/2012 - Shuffler.fm Gallery

8/30/2012 - Brenthaven BX2 Camera Backpack: Nice Bag, But Too Baggy

8/30/2012 - Doctor Who toile, for the most sophisticated Time Lord

8/30/2012 - Twitter is Targeting Targeted Ads to Become More Targeted (Updated)

8/30/2012 - What Would You Do With a Touchscreen Ultrabook?

8/30/2012 - Are the Paralympics a celebration of superhumans, or a modern freakshow?

8/30/2012 - Wolfram Alpha Will Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Facebook Page

8/30/2012 - Thought-Controlled Quadcopter Takes To the Skies

8/30/2012 - You Can Now Search Through Facebook Photos on Bing

8/30/2012 - 9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Happened Totally by Accident

8/30/2012 - This Is How a Medical Scanner Looks Without Its Skin

8/30/2012 - This Toddy Coffee Maker Is Your Cold-Brew-Coffee-Is-The-Best-Coffee Deal of the Day

8/30/2012 - Old-School Doctor Who Episodes That Everyone Should Watch

8/30/2012 - Apple and Google Are Reportedly Trying to Play Nice Over Patents

8/30/2012 - Solar System Scale: Weigh Yourself on Planets Where Gravity Isn't So Harsh

8/30/2012 - The Avengers will reassemble in theaters this Labor Day weekend

8/30/2012 - Scientists develop robot that scans information directly from neurons

8/30/2012 - How Porno Downloaders Are Shamed into Paying Cash to Keep Their Names Clean

8/30/2012 - Barrel Lamp Holds Nothing But Glorious Light

8/30/2012 - Why Romney and Obama's Written Science Answers Aren't Enough

8/30/2012 - Could This Possibly Be the New Kindle Fire?

8/30/2012 - Chimps don't care if someone else gets robbed

8/30/2012 - Stanford Is Building a Body-Cooling Glove That Might Work 'Better Than Steroids' for Athletes

8/30/2012 - Nobody Has Any Idea What the Cloud Is

8/30/2012 - 12 Supercool Projects You Can Make From Scratch This Weekend

8/30/2012 - Reinventing the Ice Cube Tray

8/30/2012 - Rosacea could be caused by mites unleashing feces inside your pores

8/30/2012 - Disco Fish and Snails on Wheels: The Amazing Vehicles of Burning Man 2012

8/30/2012 - Jeopardy Home Game Will Expose How Stupid You Really Are

8/30/2012 - Turns out those longevity maniacs were wrong about how to live to be 800 years old

8/30/2012 - How Self-Sustaining Space Habitats Could Save Humanity from Extinction

8/30/2012 - The Best Mars Panorama Yet Feels Just Like Being There

8/30/2012 - Sifteo Game Cubes Now Freed From Their Laptop Shackles

8/30/2012 - FriendsWithYou Blows Up “Happy Rainbow” in Hong Kong

8/30/2012 - Ryan Gosling's monster movie with Christina Hendricks might be the best thing ever

8/30/2012 - Apple Has Decided We Can't Track Killer Drones With Our iPhones

8/30/2012 - Warner Bros. must be kicking themselves that they let Joss Whedon get away

8/30/2012 - Chocolate could protect men from strokes

8/30/2012 - This Telepathic Exoskeleton Could Help Stroke Victims Move Again

8/30/2012 - NASA discovers millions of supermassive black holes

8/30/2012 - I Want This Gorgeous Mega-Widescreen Monitor Right Now

8/30/2012 - Here's art from the Transformers/Justice League comic that never happened

8/30/2012 - Of Course You Need a 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive with Two Thunderbolt Ports

8/30/2012 - How elephant seals use bioluminescence to hunt in the dark

8/30/2012 - Help keep short fiction excellent, by supporting Electric Velocipede

8/30/2012 - The Grisly Failures of Project Albert, Precursor to the Apollo Space Program

8/30/2012 - Did Scientists Just Find a Cure for Malaria?

8/30/2012 - Some coral reefs could survive environmental changes for a very unexpected reason

8/30/2012 - Acer's Got an Awesome-Looking New 11-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook

8/30/2012 - Real-Life Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans Make Your Pantry a Canvas

8/30/2012 - This is how you fill a water bottle with fire

8/30/2012 - The Kindle Fire Is Sold Out

8/30/2012 - Amazon Could Put LCD and E-Ink in the Same Read-Anywhere Tablet

8/30/2012 - The Most Discouraging Justice League Rumor Imaginable

8/30/2012 - Retro Dock Is How Grandpa Would Have Enjoyed His iPhone

8/30/2012 - Dell's XPS 10 Tablet Is What a Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Is Supposed to Look Like

8/30/2012 - XPS Duo 12 Gallery

8/30/2012 - Dell's XPS Duo 12 Might Have the Best "Laptop" of Any Laptop/Tablet Combination

8/30/2012 - XPS 10 Gallery

8/30/2012 - AT&T Opens Up Fancy Flagship Shop in Chicago

8/30/2012 - The Funniest Pictures Found on Google Street View

8/30/2012 - eBay Bans Sale of "Metaphysical Goods"

8/30/2012 - HP Envy X2: This Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet Can Adapt to Any Circumstance

8/30/2012 - HP's Spectre XT Touchsmart Has a Screen So Beautiful, You Can't Help But Touch It

8/30/2012 - Jabra Solemate Review: This Fresh Looking Bluetooth Speaker Won't Party

8/30/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Bubblegum Necromancers, Closet Herbs, and the Dude Revealed

8/29/2012 - Romney 2012 Becomes First Political Campaign to Buy a Twitter Trending Topic

8/29/2012 - Picture of the Day: September 29, 2012

8/29/2012 - A Boy Needed 38 Stitches After a Frozen Soda Can Exploded in His Face

8/29/2012 - Do You Care About Punctuation in Text Messages?

8/29/2012 - Apple Will Buy Your Old iPhone for Good Money So You Can Buy a New iPhone 5

8/29/2012 - A Kevlar-Armored Vest Will Protect NFL Players From Getting Hurt

8/29/2012 - To Prevent Student Suicides, a Digitally-Inspired Screen Flecked with Gold

8/29/2012 - A Tent for Your Labor Day Camping Trip (and Beyond)

8/29/2012 - Behold the sublime beauty of Hurricane Isaac, sweeping across the Gulf Coast under moonlight

8/29/2012 - Windows Phone 8 Will Be Out on October 29th?

8/29/2012 - This Sun-like star is surrounded by sugar

8/29/2012 - Monica: Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)

8/29/2012 - First Glimpse of Jessica Lange as a Nun in the Second Season of American Horror Story

8/29/2012 - All Fireworks Should Look as Spectacular as This

8/29/2012 - See the Andre Norton Documentary For the First Time at Dragon*Con!

8/29/2012 - Win 2,000 Tickets to the Stone Age of Computers

8/29/2012 - 2012 US Open Tennis Championships: Catch All the Center Court Action From Your Phone

8/29/2012 - Behind-the-scenes Godzilla photos were charming, absolutely ridiculous

8/29/2012 - Jabra Solemate Speaker

8/29/2012 - Get Ready to Go Around the World with the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge

8/29/2012 - Do You Wear Headphones When You Ride Your Bike

8/29/2012 - Why are human babies so helpless?

8/29/2012 - Retro Arcade Light Switch Doesn't Require a Single Quarter

8/29/2012 - This Chair Is a Tribute to the Ocean, Said the Inside of a Hallmark Card

8/29/2012 - Acid and Gold: The Modern Alchemy of Artificial Gemstones

8/29/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

8/29/2012 - Once Upon A Time Set Photos

8/29/2012 - Doctor Who Episode Posters

8/29/2012 - American Horror Story Character Pictures

8/29/2012 - Orlando's Orwellian Surveillance Cameras Bust Guy Smoking and Eating Weed on a Corner

8/29/2012 - Will CAPTCHA-breaking bots soon make it impossible to prove we're human?

8/29/2012 - First Impressions: The Best Character Intros from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

8/29/2012 - This microscopic 3-D pattern was "painted" using a laser beam

8/29/2012 - Deadly Virus Outbreak In California

8/29/2012 - U.S Open App Gallery

8/29/2012 - What's Coming Next for Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms

8/29/2012 - This Is What It's Like To Play Street Fighter Using Real Fireballs

8/29/2012 - Ask Obama Anything on Reddit Right Now

8/29/2012 - The tawdry medical history of soft drinks

8/29/2012 - The Underground Tunnel Where the Laws of Physics Are Rewritten

8/29/2012 - All the Best Moments From Last Week’s Conversation with Eric Ackerson

8/29/2012 - Why (Unfair, Expensive) Shared Data Plans Just Became the Inevitable Future

8/29/2012 - Auto Cable Winder Is the Cure For Knotted Headphones

8/29/2012 - SOL Republic Says Its New Headphones Are the Best Yet, but Cannot At All Explain Why That Is

8/29/2012 - The Best Laptop Bag

8/29/2012 - Does Steven Moffat have a master plan for Doctor Who?

8/29/2012 - Nike LunarTR1+ Gallery

8/29/2012 - Sleek Thermos Is a Tribute To Cutting-Edge 1980s Computer Graphics

8/29/2012 - These Buckyballs Are Your Banned-In-The-USA Deal of the Day

8/29/2012 - Nike LunarTR1+ Review: The Physical Trainer Strapped To Your Feet

8/29/2012 - What in the Hell Is This?

8/29/2012 - Samsung Ativ Tab Is a 10.1-Inch, Windows RT Running, Microsoft Surface Challenger

8/29/2012 - Smartphones Win Size Battle Against Human Penises

8/29/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Something Totally New

8/29/2012 - The FBI Suspected Ray Bradbury of Being a Communist

8/29/2012 - Where the World's Most Horrible Crap Comes From

8/29/2012 - Here's Your First Look at a Windows Phone 8 Phone (Updated)

8/29/2012 - The Ladder Coatrack Is Not for Scaling Scaffolds

8/29/2012 - Toshiba Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop Hands On: Better Than You'd Think

8/29/2012 - Do these male snails have the worst parenting arrangement ever?

8/29/2012 - Samsung's Android-Juiced Galaxy Camera Can Post Photos to Instagram From Anywhere With a Data Plan

8/29/2012 - Toshiba Tab

8/29/2012 - Galaxy Note II: 5.5-Inches of S-Pen Friendly Phablet

8/29/2012 - The 10 Most Absurdly Bloody Fight Scenes In Science Fiction Movies

8/29/2012 - Samsung's New Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets Look Like Galaxy Notes with Keyboards (Updated)

8/29/2012 - First Samsung Windows 8 Touch Laptop Is Cheaper Than You'd Expect

8/29/2012 - Microsoft Surface Games Will Look Kickass With Unreal Engine 3

8/29/2012 - NASA announces new findings on black holes and extreme cosmic objects

8/29/2012 - This Keyboard's Thin Display Keeps Your Eyes Focused on Typing For Better Concentration

8/29/2012 - How Our Networks Have Come Under More Surveillance Than Ever

8/29/2012 - Rumor: Samsung Will Announce a New 10-Inch Windows RT Tablet

8/29/2012 - An Adorable Espresso Maker That Won't Make You Hate Mornings

8/29/2012 - Why we should reboot the Biosphere projects

8/29/2012 - How Your Cameraphone Can Beat a dSLR

8/29/2012 - What the heck is going on with Saturn's rings in this photograph?

8/29/2012 - Samsung Might Bring the Galaxy S III to Windows Phone

8/29/2012 - The Pair of Space Probes That Will Finally Demystify the Radiation Surrounding Earth (We Hope)

8/29/2012 - Sony MDR-1 Headphones: Big Sound, Premium Design, Sleek Looks

8/29/2012 - Laptop Bags Gallery

8/29/2012 - Tyla Rae Bag Gallery

8/29/2012 - Thermometer Spatula Monitors Food Temps While You Stir

8/29/2012 - Watch This Fiery American WW2 Bomb Exploding In Munich Yesterday

8/29/2012 - Scientists have solved the 200-year-old mystery of this "monstrous" creature

8/29/2012 - Sony's 84-Inch 4k TV Is Mammoth and Beautiful and We Want It Now

8/29/2012 - Augmented reality chestburster t-shirt pops a xenomorph out of your torso

8/29/2012 - Xperia Tablet Gallery

8/29/2012 - Sony's New Vaio Duo 11 Should Give Surface Plenty of Competition

8/29/2012 - Sony's New GoPro Killer Might Be the Most Badass Action Cam We've Ever Seen

8/29/2012 - Sony NEX-5R: Sony's Touchscreen Mirrorless Monster Gets Improved Autofocus and Wi-Fi Connectivity

8/29/2012 - Sony's Xperia T Serves Up a 4.6-Inch Display, 13-Megapixel Camera and NFC Functionality

8/29/2012 - Sony Xperia Tablet S Hands-On: Still Weird. A Little Better. Let's Hope Somebody Buys It This Time.

8/29/2012 - Amazing Image of Hurricane Isaac at Midnight

8/29/2012 - NEX Gallery

8/29/2012 - A Bluetooth Keyboard With a Backup Battery or Vice Versa?

8/29/2012 - Watch a Blade Runner-inspired short movie directed by Ridley Scott's son

8/29/2012 - When Your Lover Has A Mind-Controlling Spine Blob

8/29/2012 - Michael Bay's leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script is full of bad ideas

8/29/2012 - iPad Buzzers Turn Your Tablet Into a Tiny Gameshow

8/29/2012 - A first look at the schedule of MorrisonCon, Grant Morrison's own gonzo Las Vegas comic convention

8/29/2012 - Google+ Birthday Reminders Invade Your Search Page

8/29/2012 - Will Justice League introduce the new Batman? Plus a clip from the animated Dark Knight Returns!

8/29/2012 - Archos GamePad For Android Gamers Tired Of Touchscreens

8/29/2012 - December 6th Is Samsung's Next Judgment Day

8/29/2012 - Do You Search Through the Google Homepage or the Address Bar?

8/29/2012 - Hand-Painted Macaron Cookies Resemble Colorful Cartoon Organ Meat

8/29/2012 - Second Accused LulzSec Hacker Surrenders to Authorities

8/29/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The Science of Smoke, Why Tan Buds Are Happy Buds, and MUSCLES!

8/28/2012 - Starbucks Wants to Turn Its Coffee and Old Baked Goods Into Laundry Detergent

8/28/2012 - Superman and Wonder Woman smooch in this week's comic book haul

8/28/2012 - Who Is Shirley Hornstein?

8/28/2012 - ABC Greenlights Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series

8/28/2012 - Do You Still Write Checks?

8/28/2012 - A Lego Movie Is Happening: Movie Stars Sign Up to Play Lego Figures

8/28/2012 - Mantle Sound Core feat. Anastasia Gera: Ghetto House Music

8/28/2012 - Stoned Polish E.T. and twenty more insane old European movie posters

8/28/2012 - Person of Interest - Season 2 Premiere Photos

8/28/2012 - Alphas - 2x09 Promo Photos

8/28/2012 - Alphas - 2x08 Promo Photos

8/28/2012 - TOTO Invites You to Tailor Your Dining Experience Based on Fanciness of Toilet

8/28/2012 - There are half as many microbes as we once thought, but they still outnumber us. By a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

8/28/2012 - Alphas - 2x07 Promo Photos

8/28/2012 - Breaking Dawn Promo Photos

8/28/2012 - The First Binary Star System With More than One Planet

8/28/2012 - Archaeological dig at Concentration Camp reveals what the Nazis tried to hide

8/28/2012 - Where Do You Upload Your Photos on the Internet?

8/28/2012 - One anthology contains the most amazing visions of future Japan

8/28/2012 - Windows 8's Great Great Grandfather Was a Real Jerq

8/28/2012 - Why Giant Birds Would Be Scarier Than Feathered Dinosaurs

8/28/2012 - It May Be Called the 'Desktop Chair,' but This iPad Stand Would Look Great in a Kitchen

8/28/2012 - What if Hermione, Katniss, Michonne and Buffy lived together? Presenting BAMF Girls Club

8/28/2012 - Grimm goes Coyote Ugly with Jacob from Lost

8/28/2012 - UK Telegraph: Apple Planning a New Version of AirPlay that Doesn't Need a Separate Wi-Fi Network

8/28/2012 - Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review: What the Hell Is the Point of This Thing?

8/28/2012 - The History of the Photograph in a Facebook Timeline

8/28/2012 - Everything You Need To Enjoy Tennis Greats Smacking Some Balls Around

8/28/2012 - Is This Our First Look at Accessories for the iPhone 5's New Dock Connector? (Updated)

8/28/2012 - One Simple and Incredibly Painful Way to Fix Your Novel Draft

8/28/2012 - A Red Architect's Lamp is a Classic Way to Update Your Desk

8/28/2012 - Underwater Wheelchair Rides Should Be a Real Thing

8/28/2012 - NASA to Announce Mysterious New Black Hole Discoveries Tomorrow!

8/28/2012 - Ultimate Guide to Porn Spoofs Pt. 2: Superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars and Horror [NSFW]

8/28/2012 - Are you going insane? No, it's just German Mardi Gras, circa 1933.

8/28/2012 - Oldest Fossilized Bugs Ever Found Preserved in Amber. Clone Time!

8/28/2012 - The Worst Art Restoration Mistakes of All Time

8/28/2012 - Steady Wobbling Tables with Wads of Fake Cash

8/28/2012 - On Alphas, everything is Dr. Rosen's fault. As usual.

8/28/2012 - Let's Think About This for a Couple Minutes Now

8/28/2012 - It’s Time to Pay Attention to Mobile Security for Your Android

8/28/2012 - China's Already Knocking Off the iPhone 5

8/28/2012 - This 500-pound Darth Vader cake could feed the entire Death Star

8/28/2012 - In the Victorian Age, astronomy and nudity went hand in hand [NSFW]

8/28/2012 - Warehouse 13: Artie keeps pushing people away

8/28/2012 - Magnetic Guitar Picks Eliminate Free Rock Concert Souvenirs

8/28/2012 - Feast your eyes on Curiosity's latest photos of Mars, including new telephoto views of Mt. Sharp!

8/28/2012 - This Keypad Deadbolt is Your F*ck-Keys-Seriously Deal of the Day

8/28/2012 - SkyDrive for Android: Squirrel Your Stuff Away on Your Phone

8/28/2012 - Folding Pizza Wheel Provides Extra Crust Cutting Leverage: Brilliant or Idiotic?

8/28/2012 - SkyDrive Gallery

8/28/2012 - What Happens When You Get Struck By Lightning

8/28/2012 - Must Watch: Joss Whedon's Alternate Opening Sequence for The Avengers

8/28/2012 - Who's the Green Lantern's next big bad guy? Artist Ethan Van Sciver fills us in

8/28/2012 - Summer Shooting Challenge Gallery 2

8/28/2012 - 44 Of This Summer's Best Photos

8/28/2012 - Could your mind be reprogrammed while you're asleep?

8/28/2012 - Summer Shooting Challenge Gallery 1

8/28/2012 - This Kettle Heats Water to the Exact Temperature You Want

8/28/2012 - No, we didn't just create a self-aware robot

8/28/2012 - Will Google Ads for Google Products on Google Make You Switch to Bing?

8/28/2012 - 10 Reasons the Next Batman Movie Should be Batman Beyond

8/28/2012 - Twitter Needs to Fix Its Own Apps Before It Kills Everyone Else's

8/28/2012 - Uh, Lebron James wants to star in Space Jam 2

8/28/2012 - Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower: This Totem Pole Makes Some Pretty Delicious Coffee

8/28/2012 - The Sun Made This 5.2-Million-Mile Tall Light Bulb

8/28/2012 - The ultimate invention for telling your coworkers to screw themselves

8/28/2012 - What's That Mysterious Metal Square On the Top of the iPhone 5?

8/28/2012 - You Can Listen to the Same Songs Mars Curiosity Wakes Up To

8/28/2012 - How To Be a Genius: This Is Apple's Secret Employee Training Manual

8/28/2012 - How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox

8/28/2012 - Meet the IDGAF King of the Universe

8/28/2012 - Chris Hardwick’s Appeal to Doctor Who Fans Everywhere

8/28/2012 - This F-18 Hornet Pass Just Froze My Gonads

8/28/2012 - The World's Largest Digital Camera Will Shoot the Stars 3.2 Gigapixels at a Time

8/28/2012 - What if The Thing had its own kid-friendly 1980s toy line?

8/28/2012 - Bad news, everyone: smoking too much pot as a teen could permanently lower your IQ

8/28/2012 - What the Hell Is This Wood-Paneled Galaxy S III Turd?

8/28/2012 - The 3,000-Pound Fire-Breathing Robot Scorpion Roving the Nevada Desert

8/28/2012 - Pet-Tracking Security Camera Follows Fido's Antics Around the Room

8/28/2012 - If This Is Motorola's Next Droid Razr It's Pretty Disappointing

8/28/2012 - So apparently male circumcision is cool again

8/28/2012 - The Nexus 7's Single Biggest Advantage

8/28/2012 - What if The Dark Knight Rises took place in 1930s Shanghai?

8/28/2012 - Check Out This Ginormous Clickable Panorama Curiosity Snapped on Mars

8/28/2012 - Samsung Is Copying Apple's Dock In Their Win 8 Machines Too: Will They Ever Learn?

8/28/2012 - Rejected Prometheus concept art shows the melted character faces that could have been

8/28/2012 - These 230-million-year-old bugs preserved in amber are the oldest yet

8/28/2012 - Chalk Road-Maker Turns Parking Lots Into Big Wheel Race Tracks

8/28/2012 - A Trick to Make Using an External Monitor with Your MacBook Way Better (Update: Improved Version!)

8/28/2012 - Twitter No Longer Displays Which App Posted a Tweet Because Apps Are the Enemy

8/28/2012 - Is the Robocop reboot in trouble? Plus Chloë Sevigny is a nymphomaniac in American Horror Story.

8/28/2012 - Water Powered Nano Rockets Can Safely Explore the Human Body

8/28/2012 - Samsung's Still Got Some Fight in It

8/28/2012 - Garmin Forerunner 10: A Simple GPS Fitness Watch to Track Your Evening Jog

8/28/2012 - Looks Like T-Mobile's Not Getting the iPhone... Again

8/28/2012 - Awesome Go-Kart Is a Life-Size Chariot Made of Lego

8/28/2012 - How Microsoft Designed Its New Logo

8/28/2012 - Cyborg Tissue Acts as Smart Scaffolding at a Cellular Level

8/28/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Raid Charades, Marijuana Myths, and Anthony Hopkins Raging Against the Dying of the Light

8/27/2012 - American Horror Story - Posters

8/27/2012 - Doctor Who - "Asylum of the Daleks" Pics

8/27/2012 - Man Walking and Watching TV at the Same Time Falls Through a Hole

8/27/2012 - Apple Decides to Limit Its One-to-One Service to Safari Users Only

8/27/2012 - This Is What the iPad Mini Might Look Like

8/27/2012 - True Blood's finale climaxes in a tornado of vampire true death

8/27/2012 - 3D-Printed Table Lamps Bloom Like Flowers Filled with Light

8/27/2012 - Harvester ants use their own internet for hive-mind decision making

8/27/2012 - Do these Thor 2 set photos reveal the Land of Dark Elves?

8/27/2012 - Researchers grow cyborg tissue that can sense its environment

8/27/2012 - Now this is how you write a fantasy novel about the British Empire

8/27/2012 - Do You Use a Password Manager?

8/27/2012 - Toadies: Possum Kingdom

8/27/2012 - A sneak peek of the next issue of the Ghostbusters comic

8/27/2012 - If You Need a Gimmicky Gadget Alarm Clock You're a Horrible Subhuman

8/27/2012 - Leaked Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Show an Even More Gigantic Screen

8/27/2012 - Do you have to be Batman to create a blue rose?

8/27/2012 - Sleep If U Can: Trick Yourself Out of Bed

8/27/2012 - The Amazon reviews for Bic's "Pen for Her" will make you fall out of your chair laughing

8/27/2012 - Watch this great white shark devour a seal fifty feet off the coast of Cape Cod

8/27/2012 - Giant Smashable Mute Button Silences Commercials With a Vengeance

8/27/2012 - Emma Stone pays tribute to Blade Runner with stunning photoshoot

8/27/2012 - The FAA Is Seriously Thinking About Letting You Use Electronic Devices During Takeoff

8/27/2012 - A Multi-Tool Designed For Eating Dinner, Not Hunting It

8/27/2012 - Watch Play Dead, an 18-minute movie about dogs versus zombies

8/27/2012 - MMA Cage Bed: Wrestle Your Spouse For Sheet Supremacy

8/27/2012 - Sleep If U Can Gallery

8/27/2012 - Here's All the Tropical Storm Isaac Emergency Info You Need, Courtesy of Google

8/27/2012 - This is one of the weirdest medical cases we've read about in a long time

8/27/2012 - Why Superheroes Should Never Date Each Other

8/27/2012 - Why the Apple v. Samsung Ruling May Not Hold Up

8/27/2012 - These Bluetooth Headphones Are Your Wirelessly-Shut-The-World-Out Deal of the Day

8/27/2012 - Why it's so hard to find photos of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

8/27/2012 - New forensic test can predict hair and eye color of suspects

8/27/2012 - Researchers Are Trying to Hack Your Brain

8/27/2012 - Is This the Most Insulting Example of Gadget Marketing Ever?

8/27/2012 - A Six Person Hammock Should Be Legally Required in Every Backyard

8/27/2012 - Craigslist's New Embedded Maps Will Make Apartment Hunting Way Less of a Clusterfrak

8/27/2012 - Facebook Is Counting How Many Times You Mention Mitt Romney's Hair

8/27/2012 - Missile-Launching Flying RC Car Leads Assaults By Land and Air

8/27/2012 - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan explain how Doctor Who will make the Daleks scary again

8/27/2012 - Cutest and Funniest Cosplay From Star Wars Celebration VI!

8/27/2012 - A gorgeous short film about the cats who live on Mars

8/27/2012 - Sony's Lovely Windows 8 Tablet Should Give Surface Some Competition

8/27/2012 - Apple Wants to Ban These Samsung Products

8/27/2012 - Apple Winning the Patent Wars Is Great for Innovation

8/27/2012 - First Look at All the Weird Alien Designs That Didn't Get Used in Battleship

8/27/2012 - Audioengine D1 Review: An Easy Way to Make AirPlay Sound Great

8/27/2012 - This Is the Alarm Clock Droid You're Looking For (At a Price You Definitely Weren't)

8/27/2012 - Samsung's New Galaxy Player: Giant, But Not Super Awkward

8/27/2012 - Will food shortages force us to become vegetarians?

8/27/2012 - Highly Questionable Study Says Energy Drinks Are Actually Good For Your Heart

8/27/2012 - Eight things you didn’t know you could do with human sperm

8/27/2012 - Book Tower or Book Wall? The Choice is Yours

8/27/2012 - U.S. spies summon Star Wars for 3D hologram displays

8/27/2012 - Paper-Thin, Distortion-Free Lenses Could Make Pint-Sized Pro Cameras Possible

8/27/2012 - Perhaps the most disturbing cereal ad ever filmed

8/27/2012 - Online Book Reviews Are Even Less Reliable Than You Thought

8/27/2012 - The List of Google's Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It to Be

8/27/2012 - Scorpion Gallery

8/27/2012 - The Only Photo of Neil Armstrong On the Moon

8/27/2012 - Be the Banksy of Beverages With a Spray Can Water Bottle

8/27/2012 - This Week's TV: Summer Glau is a super-mutant again. And Doctor Who returns!

8/27/2012 - The M153 CROWS: Death by Joystick

8/27/2012 - In the 1930s, daredevils would drive up walls with lions for passengers

8/27/2012 - Do You Ever Actually Sign In With Facebook?

8/27/2012 - Rumor: New iPhone 5 Leaks Show NFC Chip (Maybe, Sorta)

8/27/2012 - This Huge Red Dust Devil Is the Weirdest Meteorological Phenomenon I've Ever Seen

8/27/2012 - First episode of Doctor Who's Rory and Amy spin-off Pond Life online now!

8/27/2012 - Working at Foxconn Just Got Slightly Less Brutal

8/27/2012 - How To Make an Electricity-Free Refrigerator

8/27/2012 - It's official: Arctic sea ice levels have reached a record low

8/27/2012 - Amazon Prime Delivery Now More Popular Than Free Super Saver Shipping

8/27/2012 - 6 clips from Seth Green's new Star Wars series help us decide: fun or a flop?

8/27/2012 - Guns in Space, and How to Kill Our Sun

8/27/2012 - Actual Musician Will.i.am to Premiere Actual Song on Mars Because No One's Totally Sick of Him There Yet

8/27/2012 - The World's Longest Bus Is a Traffic Nightmare Waiting To Happen

8/27/2012 - Read Samsung's Sad "We Got Our Asses Kicked by Apple" Memo

8/27/2012 - This Awesome 50,000-Piece Lego Rivendell Was Made by a Kid

8/27/2012 - Ben Affleck definitely isn't directing Justice League, but could the Wachowskis take his place?

8/27/2012 - Why the Internet Is More Curse Than Blessing

8/27/2012 - Skillet Simulator: Perfect Your Sear Without the Smoke Alarm

8/27/2012 - Google's Response to Apple Patent Massacre: Don't Freak Out, Guys

8/26/2012 - Best of the Week: August 18-24, 2012

8/26/2012 - The Fighter: There's More Than One Kind of Fight

8/26/2012 - Adebisi Shank: Genki Shank

8/26/2012 - Where the hell is King Richard III's body?

8/26/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images

8/26/2012 - Walking Dead Season 3 Character Portraits

8/26/2012 - Looper Posters

8/26/2012 - Fringe Season 5 First Promo Images

8/26/2012 - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Character Posters

8/26/2012 - What If the Earth Were Hollow?

8/26/2012 - Sunbathing keeps you healthy... if you're a bug

8/26/2012 - This is hands down the most breathtaking version of Curiosity's descent we've seen yet (Updated)

8/26/2012 - Watching reruns can actually help restore willpower

8/26/2012 - This Coffee Shop Just Wants Everyone To Stop Instagramming Already

8/26/2012 - This Is the Coolest Solar Energy Generator You've Ever Seen

8/26/2012 - These jellyfish photos are some of the most gorgeous underwater images we've seen in ages

8/26/2012 - The only time it pays to be stabbed repeatedly happens to be during sex

8/26/2012 - Ants Have Been Using Internet Algorithms For Millions of Years

8/26/2012 - Continuum renewed for second season. Now when will the U.S. get it?

8/26/2012 - Your Smartphone Is Worth Over $1,000 in Traditional Gadgets

8/26/2012 - Why you should be watching Hulu's creepy deal-with-the-devil series The Booth at the End

8/26/2012 - Crowdfund interplanetary warfare, a voice-activated computer, and a surreal short by Jodorowsky's son

8/26/2012 - Would You Ride This Weird Foot-Powered Bike Thing in Public?

8/26/2012 - Dropbox Just Enabled 2-Step Verification, You Should Go Turn It On

8/26/2012 - The Oatmeal's Tesla Museum campaign has totally obliterated its fundraising goal

8/26/2012 - EcoXPower Will Charge Your Phone And Keep the Lights On While You Bike

8/26/2012 - Bill Nye: "Creationism is not Appropriate for Children"

8/26/2012 - NASA discovers 100 million year old dinosaur footprints in its backyard

8/26/2012 - Could These Patented Smart Gloves Be a Google Glass Peripheral?

8/26/2012 - How Facebook Design Is Tricking You Into Sharing Info

8/26/2012 - How Science Saved a Dream That 'War of the Worlds' Ruined

8/26/2012 - Custom-Printed OwnFone Makes You Choose Your Friends Wisely

8/25/2012 - Apollo 13: The Real Terror of Space

8/25/2012 - Calamity Song: The Decemberists

8/25/2012 - The best way to honor Neil Armstrong

8/25/2012 - This Tiny Camera Puts Photography Literally In the Palm of Your Hand

8/25/2012 - What would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at exactly the same time?

8/25/2012 - Apple vs. Samsung Jurors Say Verdict Was Well-Considered, Samsung Emails Damning

8/25/2012 - Read the New York Times' 1969 account of the Apollo 11 Moon landing

8/25/2012 - Infinity Ring: A New Time Travel Series from Scholastic

8/25/2012 - Watch Neil Armstrong Make His Historic Step on to the Moon

8/25/2012 - R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, First Person to Set Foot On the Moon

8/25/2012 - NASA's Tiny Cubic Satellites Will Have Android Phones for Brains

8/25/2012 - RIP Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon

8/25/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Lady and the Cyborg

8/25/2012 - What Was Your Favorite Dumbphone?

8/25/2012 - Comic book writer sells off comics collection to pay for his baby son's adoption and medical bills

8/25/2012 - Finally, an explanation for Christian Bale's gravelly Batman voice

8/25/2012 - Confessions Of an Apple Genius, Coffee Shop Dickheads, Every Positive Headphone Review Ever, and More

8/25/2012 - So the movie you crowdfunded bombed critically. Now what?

8/25/2012 - Read Tim Cook's Blisteringly Cheerful Memo to Apple Employees About Patent Victory

8/25/2012 - Must watch: remarkable footage reveals this bird is more skilled at fishing than most humans

8/25/2012 - YouTube Is Trying to Organize Its Videos by "Vibe" Whatever That Means

8/25/2012 - Monster of the Week recaps The X-Files in webcomic form

8/25/2012 - Over 100 Past, Present and Future NASA JPL Missions in One Handy Infographic

8/25/2012 - How to Find the Best Seat in a Theater

8/25/2012 - Sony Wants To Let You Skip Commercials But Only If You'll Stand Up and Shout Brand Names At Your TV

8/25/2012 - George Takei kidnaps Finn and Jake on Adventure Time and we visit Chuck E. Cheese!

8/25/2012 - Here Are The Damages Samsung Has to Pay Apple, Scrawled by Hand on The Verdict

8/25/2012 - Ikea Uses Fake, Digitally Created Rooms Inside Its Catalog

8/25/2012 - Where Do You Get Your News?

8/25/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Homer's D'ohrigins, Cypress Squid, and The Character of Physical Law

8/24/2012 - MakeLoveNotPorn.tv Is the NSFW Social Media and Content-Sharing Platform the Internet's Been Waiting For

8/24/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Charge!

8/24/2012 - One Tiny Victory: Samsung Just Got a 0.24% Discount on the $1.05 Billion It Owes Apple

8/24/2012 - Captain America: The First Avenger

8/24/2012 - Using Facebook to Find Love

8/24/2012 - Dutchess House, Vintage Lighters, and More

8/24/2012 - What Do You Think About the Apple vs. Samsung Verdict?

8/24/2012 - Why is NASA studying the Tears of Wine?

8/24/2012 - Shut Up And Play the Hits: A DVD Doc to Make You Dance

8/24/2012 - The mass musical hysteria that predated Beatlemania

8/24/2012 - This is what Voltron looked like in 1905

8/24/2012 - Ghostland Observatory: Sad Sad City

8/24/2012 - Star Wars TIE Fighter, Free to a Good Home

8/24/2012 - Samsung Owes Apple a Comedically Huge $1.05 Billion in Damages (Updated)

8/24/2012 - Disguising Physics in a Pretty Pop Tune Is a Great Way to Make People Care About Physics

8/24/2012 - Samsung vs. Apple Verdict: Apple Wins Huge

8/24/2012 - Turns out bears aren't actually interested in women's menstrual cycles

8/24/2012 - Frank Gehry Is Designing Facebook's New Office Building and That's Sad

8/24/2012 - Tiny Boat Brings Go-Karting to Your Local Lake

8/24/2012 - These are the questions Bill Nye would ask if aliens were to visit Earth

8/24/2012 - The Most Breathtaking Space Pictures You've Never Seen Before

8/24/2012 - Peter Jackson tells us how much of Guillermo Del Toro's design DNA is in The Hobbit

8/24/2012 - TV Guide, Stick Tennis, and More

8/24/2012 - Ad Hawk, NextDraft, and More

8/24/2012 - Organ Trail, Pinball Pro, and More

8/24/2012 - Is spontaneous combustion for real?

8/24/2012 - Here Are the People Behind Google Doodles

8/24/2012 - The creator of the British Life on Mars creates a new show about the cross-universe police

8/24/2012 - Who wants to live inside a rapper's giant abandoned head?

8/24/2012 - Battle Hoth-Like Winter Mornings With This Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

8/24/2012 - At Last, the Explanation of That Mysterious Baby in Kim Harrison's Pale Demon

8/24/2012 - Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker Review: I Froze It. I Drowned It. It Would Not Die.

8/24/2012 - How Blue Lantern's light could save the lives of real-life babies

8/24/2012 - The Coolest Games, Cosplay and More from Gen Con 2012

8/24/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

8/24/2012 - First Supercute Trailer for Seth Green's Secret Star Wars TV Show!

8/24/2012 - If You Thought George Lucas Couldn’t Sink Any Deeper, You Were Wrong

8/24/2012 - Concept Art from the Silver Surfer Rock Opera Movie That Never Was

8/24/2012 - Multi-Head Drill Replaces a Workshop Full Of Tools

8/24/2012 - Now we know why the Japanese tsunami was so huge

8/24/2012 - This is what a red giant looks like just as it's about to blow

8/24/2012 - Luchador Bottle Openers Wrestle Caps Into Submission

8/24/2012 - This Medieval Chess Set Is Your King's-Game Deal of the Day

8/24/2012 - What's the coolest way Saturn's rings could get destroyed?

8/24/2012 - Genetically Engineered Bacteria Will Someday Make Biofuel From Carbon Dioxide

8/24/2012 - How soon can we use the oceans to quench the world's thirst?

8/24/2012 - You're Being Lied To: Windows 8 Isn't Bad for Gaming

8/24/2012 - Evernote and Moleskine Team Up to Help You Digitize Your Pen and Paper Scribblings

8/24/2012 - Cell Phone Prison Keeps Distracting Apps on Lockdown

8/24/2012 - A sneak preview of next week's issue of Before Watchmen

8/24/2012 - Scientists identify virus that makes snakes tie themselves into knots and starve to death

8/24/2012 - Can dinosaurs still be badass with feathers?

8/24/2012 - Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely

8/24/2012 - Another FujiFilm Retro Beauty Leaks (This Time Pocket-Sized)

8/24/2012 - 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

8/24/2012 - This Toaster-Sized Box Detects Cancers and Infections Instantly

8/24/2012 - How I drew Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

8/24/2012 - Sports Illustrated Cover Model Kate Upton Took Her iPhone to a Galaxy Note Party

8/24/2012 - Learn everything you need to know about Judge Dredd's war on drugs

8/24/2012 - Google's Big Brains Think an Algorithm Will Help With Their Girl Problems

8/24/2012 - Go Check Out Google's New "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button

8/24/2012 - The First Ever Horror Movie About How Much Ghost Hunters Sucks

8/24/2012 - The New Furby Review: Absolute Horror

8/24/2012 - Scientists develop flameproof makeup

8/24/2012 - What is the secret to a long life?

8/24/2012 - Diving Is Totally Allowed in the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

8/24/2012 - Next NASA Mission Will Go Deep Under the Surface of Mars

8/24/2012 - Pokémon, in the style of Tim Burton

8/24/2012 - Yes, You Can Live Without Your Goddamn Smartphone

8/24/2012 - Let's Talk About Today's Upgrade to the Discussion System

8/24/2012 - Recording Industry Succeeds In Ruining a Kid's Life Over 31 Stupid Songs

8/24/2012 - What if rapper DMX sang the Reading Rainbow theme song?

8/24/2012 - New Software Could Let Your Touchscreens Work Under Water

8/24/2012 - "Naked Darth Vader" is the most bizarre science press release we've ever seen

8/24/2012 - Remarkable video captures the flow of proteins inside an individual neuron

8/24/2012 - Stackable Timelapse Ticker Quickly Captures Perfect Panoramas

8/24/2012 - Kodak Is Selling Off Its Legendary Film Business

8/24/2012 - Amazon Prime Snags Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, and More for Unlimited Streaming

8/24/2012 - Easily Publish All Your Instagram Photos to Creative Commons

8/24/2012 - Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, made out of 50,000-plus LEGO bricks

8/24/2012 - Leaked Images Reveal More Retro Camera Goodness Might Be On the Way From Fujifilm

8/24/2012 - Is Divergent the next big YA movie franchise? Plus Falling Skies brings in big names for season three!

8/24/2012 - Lightsaber Ice Pop Mould: An Elegant Snack For a More Civilized Age

8/24/2012 - 16 Google Searches That Led People to Gizmodo Tonight

8/24/2012 - The Wacky Words That Are Now in the Oxford Dictionaries Online: LOLZ, Photobomb, Mwahahaha and More

8/24/2012 - Smart Sutures Use Ultra-Thin Technology to Detect Infection

8/24/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The One with Killer Licorice, Basilisms, and the Web's Best Seed Suppliers

8/23/2012 - Revolution - Pilot Promo Photos

8/23/2012 - Dexter - Cast Promo Photos

8/23/2012 - Wreck-It Ralph - Concept Art

8/23/2012 - Watch This Girl Incredibly Paint a Portrait of Adele with Burning Candles

8/23/2012 - Samsung vs. Apple: The South Korean Verdict Is In (Updated)

8/23/2012 - Use This Equation to Figure Out If Alien Life Exists

8/23/2012 - Mobile Wi-Fi Should Be Better

8/23/2012 - Saying Happy Birthday to Your Friend on Facebook Is Meaningless

8/23/2012 - Dutchess House Is a Glittering Jewel Box of a Country Retreat

8/23/2012 - Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us

8/23/2012 - This Most Amazing Time Lapse Shows The Beautiful Life of a City

8/23/2012 - Watch what happens when you play Cypress Hill through a squid's fin

8/23/2012 - A Post-Apocalyptic Book That Raises the Bar on Bleakness

8/23/2012 - The iPad Mini Might Actually Be Announced in October

8/23/2012 - Yeasayer: Henrietta

8/23/2012 - How The Dark Knight Rises should have ended

8/23/2012 - Nic Cage's Ghost Rider deleted scenes show his insane commitment to be the flaming skull

8/23/2012 - The world's first looping roller coasters were basically torture devices

8/23/2012 - How The Apparition Turned Draco Malfoy Into a Paranormal Investigator

8/23/2012 - Yes It's Still Summer, but This Burton Jacket Will Make You Wish For Snow

8/23/2012 - Sex, Anarchy, and Robert Pattinson's Hair Haunt David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis

8/23/2012 - An Unknown Hacker Group Claims That It Shut Down the World's Largest Oil Company—And That They'll Do It Again

8/23/2012 - Are antibiotics making your kids obese?

8/23/2012 - What's the Oldest Gadget You Still Use?

8/23/2012 - Seriously unsettling clip from the disturbing new children's film Toys in the Attic

8/23/2012 - A Thin House Is The Perfect Solution for a Crowded Neighborhood

8/23/2012 - 9 Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture

8/23/2012 - This Fall's Must-Read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

8/23/2012 - Astronomers discover Milky Way’s twin, Magellanic Clouds and all

8/23/2012 - Watch as clouds convince you that you're underwater

8/23/2012 - Would You Wear Ad-Supported Underpants?

8/23/2012 - Amateurs Uncover Stunning Hidden Treasures In Hubble's Image Vaults

8/23/2012 - How Internet Explorer Shaped the Internet

8/23/2012 - These glow-in-the-dark cockroaches look exactly like jawas

8/23/2012 - Scientists Discover How to Disarm Superbug Bacterias

8/23/2012 - R2-D2 Bender gets drunk, swears at you in bleeps and bloops

8/23/2012 - First images from the new Carrie show off the big bloody money shot

8/23/2012 - Master Lock Dial Speed Review: For When Numbers Are Too Complicated

8/23/2012 - The Experiments That Tested Out Cleopatra's Magic Aphrodisiac

8/23/2012 - These Batman Mimobot Flash Drives Are The USB-Drives-Gotham-Needs-Them-To-Be Deal of the Day

8/23/2012 - Futurama tries for a social message, and doesn't quite make it

8/23/2012 - Facebook For Android Is So Crappy, Zuck's Reportedly Forcing His Crew to Use It

8/23/2012 - The Greatest Science Fiction Opera Composer in History

8/23/2012 - A Photo of the Most Elite Pilots on Earth Looking Incredibly Badass

8/23/2012 - Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

8/23/2012 - Transformers 3 screenwriter penning remake of Videodrome

8/23/2012 - Rare neurological patient shows that self-awareness does not require a complex brain

8/23/2012 - Mark Danielewski is here to answer your questions about The Fifty-Year Sword

8/23/2012 - 13 Creepy Captions From Movies That Let Us Know It's The Future

8/23/2012 - Would You Ever Let a Doctor Touch Your Breast With This Weird Glove?

8/23/2012 - Cobra bites Farmer. Farmer bites cobra back. This kills the cobra.

8/23/2012 - This Is the Closest Look We've Ever Gotten at a Neuron's Moving Parts

8/23/2012 - And now, some sharks swimming to Massive Attack

8/23/2012 - Facebook's Updated iOS App Is Fully Native and Free of HTML5

8/23/2012 - What Happens When You Don't Click On Those Free iPod Nano Pop-Ups

8/23/2012 - Tiltpod Mobile Review: Does Your Phone Need a Cradle?

8/23/2012 - What if The Magic School Bus was a horror film?

8/23/2012 - There Is a Right and a Wrong Way to Use a Beach Towel

8/23/2012 - Master Lock Dial Speed Gallery

8/23/2012 - How to Make Beer and Influence People

8/23/2012 - You Can Grab Apple's First Mountain Lion Update Right Now (Updated)

8/23/2012 - Severe Cold War Cameras Make Funky Modern Lamps

8/23/2012 - DARPA's Next Sub Hunter Won't Need Us Puny Humans

8/23/2012 - This gorgeous world map depicts all of Earth's hurricanes since 1851

8/23/2012 - New Dredd trailer debuts the infamous "I am the law!" slogan

8/23/2012 - Cityscape Fireplace Appeals To Your Inner Arsonist

8/23/2012 - Coffee Shops Are Not Your Fucking Office, Dickheads

8/23/2012 - Compact Folding Scale For Compact Kitchens

8/23/2012 - Your piece of the Berlin Wall is not special

8/23/2012 - TV Guide: A Cure for Television Indecision

8/23/2012 - TV Guide Gallery

8/23/2012 - The Best (And Worst) Texting Scenes in TV and Movies

8/23/2012 - What Do You Think of Microsoft's First New Logo in 25 Years?

8/23/2012 - New clips from The Apparition show what happens when you believe in ghosts

8/23/2012 - Best Battery Life: 10 Laptops That Last 7+ Hours

8/23/2012 - Gibbons on helium use the same vocal techniques as opera singers

8/23/2012 - Do You Care That You Can't Use Twitter to Find Tumblr Friends Anymore?

8/23/2012 - Tiltpod Gallery

8/23/2012 - Oh Good, a Bunch of Kid-Friendly Sites Are Taking Advantage of Minors

8/23/2012 - Lost's Mr. Eko joins Thor: The Dark World. Plus Catching Fire finally finds its Finnick!

8/23/2012 - Kid-Sized Baby Grand Teaches Wannabe Schroeders

8/23/2012 - Doctor Who XMas Special Set Photos from WENN.com

8/23/2012 - Best Buy Is Selling the iPhone 4 for a Measly $50

8/23/2012 - I Keep My Phone on Silent to Protect My Own Sanity

8/23/2012 - Here's a Video Comparison Between Rumored iPhone 5 Parts and the iPhone 4S

8/23/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The One with Good Men, Gay Marriage Debates, and Interplanetary Pollen

8/22/2012 - LG Has Started Production on Super Thin Screens Supposedly for the iPhone 5

8/22/2012 - Best Buy Wants You to Spend $1000 on a HDMI Cable

8/22/2012 - This Is What Stylish Headphones for Ladies Look Like (Hint: They're Not Pink)

8/22/2012 - What Facebook Deals with Everyday: 2.7 Billion Likes, 300 Million Photos Uploaded and 500 Terabytes of Data

8/22/2012 - Revolution Images

8/22/2012 - Pond Life Promo Images

8/22/2012 - This YouTube channel is so ludicrously cute your head will explode

8/22/2012 - TV Characters Addicted to the Internet: They're Just Like Us!

8/22/2012 - What Do You Think Happens When a Tank Smashes Into a Giant Mud Puddle?

8/22/2012 - The Internet Has Feelings, Too—Maybe

8/22/2012 - NFL Helmets Are Finally Using Technology to Make Things Not Suck

8/22/2012 - Study: The older the dad, the more mutations he’s likely to pass on

8/22/2012 - Grimes: Genesis

8/22/2012 - What will become of the massive volcanic pumice rafts spreading throughout the Pacific Ocean?

8/22/2012 - Giant, Plush Hobbit Slippers, For Skipping Into Mordor!

8/22/2012 - A Retro-Style Standing Mixer for all Your Culinary Capers

8/22/2012 - New Theory: Universe didn't start with a Big Bang, but with a Big Freeze

8/22/2012 - Would You Rather Have HTML5 Apps or Native Apps on Your Smartphone?

8/22/2012 - Miracle Bowl Allows for Perfectly Cracked Eggs Every Time

8/22/2012 - New Branded trailer shows the monster-induced agony of Jeffrey Tambor

8/22/2012 - This Hinged Spoon Is the Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Peanut Butter

8/22/2012 - Why can't we spell English words phonetically?

8/22/2012 - Ad Hawk: Find Out Which Shadowy Company Is Paying for Those Political Ads

8/22/2012 - Science Fiction Sunday School Comics From The 1970s Were Trippy As Balls

8/22/2012 - Olympus's New 40X Superzoom Camera Will Let You Snap All The Long Distance Myspace Poses You Desire

8/22/2012 - This beautiful video about parabolas will 100% blow your mind

8/22/2012 - iRobot's Inflatable Arm Could Be the Future of Grappling

8/22/2012 - A Built-In Projector Manages To Make This Crappy Media Player Even Worse

8/22/2012 - What's the shortest time it took for you to fall in love with a TV show?

8/22/2012 - Sabu Is Still Working for the FBI

8/22/2012 - Warehouse 13 Episode "Fractures" Promo Photos

8/22/2012 - Ad Hawk Gallery

8/22/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images

8/22/2012 - Grimm Episode "Bad Moon Rising" Promo Photos

8/22/2012 - Heat-Proof Face Paint Withstands Bomb Blast Heat

8/22/2012 - Dr.Who 50th Anniversary Promotional Images

8/22/2012 - Dr.Who Christmas Special Photos

8/22/2012 - Trueblood season finale promo images

8/22/2012 - Read an excerpt from Osiris, a novel about revolution in a post-apocalyptic, floating city

8/22/2012 - Curiosity makes first tracks on Mars, names its landing site in Ray Bradbury's honor

8/22/2012 - This Sure Looks Like Apple's New iPhone Cable

8/22/2012 - John Dies at the End finally gets a freakin distributor. About time, too.

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8/22/2012 - Mars Curiosity Moves For the First Time

8/22/2012 - Easily Tame Unwieldy Eyebrows With This Awkward Trimming Guide

8/22/2012 - New study says BMI is massively understating the scope of American obesity

8/22/2012 - The Robot Hall of Fame: Vote Rosey 2012

8/22/2012 - This Opteka Solar-Powered Battery Backup and Charger Is Your When-You-Go-Outside-For-Some-Reason Deal of the Day

8/22/2012 - How the Navy Taught Its Engineers About Them New Fangled Computer Machines Back in 1962

8/22/2012 - Old Dads May Play a Major Role in Increasing Autism

8/22/2012 - V4L E-Cig

8/22/2012 - I Will Stream Something I've Watched Like 300 Times Already Before I Download a Movie

8/22/2012 - Blu E-Cig

8/22/2012 - Why can't you tickle yourself?

8/22/2012 - Safe Cig E-Cig

8/22/2012 - NJOY E-Cig

8/22/2012 - Use this interactive chart to figure out how many alien worlds exist across the entire universe

8/22/2012 - This Earthquake-Proof Bed Can Deflect 65 Tons of Rubble

8/22/2012 - Facebook Is Putting Annoying Ads in Search Now

8/22/2012 - 10 Myths About Space Travel That Make Science Fiction Better

8/22/2012 - The Ultimate Backpacking Outfit

8/22/2012 - Amy and Rory get their own Doctor Who spinoff, Pond Life

8/22/2012 - The Rocketeer returns to the skies for a Disney reboot

8/22/2012 - How to Get the Classic Mac Sounds Back Into OS X Mountain Lion

8/22/2012 - This is what it feels like to land on Mars

8/22/2012 - Why Is This Terrified Woman Exfoliating With a Box Cutter?

8/22/2012 - Archos Gen10 XS Gallery

8/22/2012 - Archos Gen10 XS Tablet Review: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

8/22/2012 - The NeverEnding Story, told in tattoo form

8/22/2012 - The 9 Most Ridiculous Moments of the Apple vs. Samsung Trial

8/22/2012 - Robot and Frank: Science Fiction at its Absolute Best

8/22/2012 - Eric Ackerson Is Here Right Now to Answer Your Acer-Related Questions

8/22/2012 - Is Unlimited Data Enough to Coax You Over to T-Mobile?

8/22/2012 - The Army's New Mobile Fab Lab Is a Front Line MacGyver Factory

8/22/2012 - NASA says Curiosity’s wind sensor was likely damaged during rocket-powered landing

8/22/2012 - Who should pay when your robot breaks the law?

8/22/2012 - Lightning Bolt Power Strip Reminds You To Play It Safe

8/22/2012 - Lego Spiderman Action Figure Is Pretty Goddamn Bloody Awesome

8/22/2012 - DoJ Seizes Domains Over App Piracy For the First Time Ever

8/22/2012 - Wonder Woman and Superman are now officially doing it

8/22/2012 - Even Shock Jocks Sound Sweet on this Vintage Shortwave Radio

8/22/2012 - Do bodies sit up during cremation?

8/22/2012 - It Costs $35 Million to Send an HD Video Over SMS While Roaming on AT&T

8/22/2012 - The Pianocade Makes Sweet Music With the Konami Code

8/22/2012 - John Travolta to star in the new Toxic Avenger movie?

8/22/2012 - A Washable Keyboard That's Worth Keeping Clean

8/22/2012 - Audyssey Wireless Speakers: Yes, Bluetooth Can Sound Really Good

8/22/2012 - Feast Your Eyes On Hulu's Gorgeous New Design

8/22/2012 - Terry Gilliam reveals all about his trippy Zero Theorem. Plus Avengers 2 hints from Joss Whedon!

8/22/2012 - How to Read Online Ratings

8/22/2012 - Will Syfy's Blake's 7 reboot be as dark as Battlestar Galactica?

8/22/2012 - There Is Such Thing As DIY Molten Lava and It's Awesome

8/22/2012 - The Science of Why Wet Animals Shake Themselves Dry

8/22/2012 - Dexter - Set Photos

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8/22/2012 - Nikon Coolpix S800c: Can Android Make Wi-Fi Useful On a Camera?

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8/21/2012 - Once Upon a Time - Set Photos

8/21/2012 - The Hobbit - Calendar

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8/21/2012 - Online Prostitution Laws Are Out of Date and Letting Internet Pimps Off the Hook

8/21/2012 - The US Army Wants to Create a Nasal Spray That Prevents Suicide

8/21/2012 - And now, two Chewbaccas lounging with six bikini Leias by the pool

8/21/2012 - At comic book shops tomorrow, Dr. Manhattan and all of The Invisibles between two covers!

8/21/2012 - Is this the debris field from Amelia Earhart's plane?

8/21/2012 - T-Mobile Is Probably Bringing Back Real Unlimited Data Plans Again (Update: Yes It's Official)

8/21/2012 - Picture of the Day: August 21, 2012

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8/21/2012 - Dinosaur cosplay in the 1930s was fantastic, creepy as hell

8/21/2012 - Fukushima's Fish Are Soaked In Record Levels of Radiation

8/21/2012 - A Heavy-Duty iPhone Case That Isn't a Complete Eyesore

8/21/2012 - A Technical Manual for Scott Westerfeld and Keith Thompson's Leviathan Series

8/21/2012 - What do you think Grimm's Purity Potion tastes like?

8/21/2012 - NASA Discovers Proof of Ancient Life—In Their Own Backyard

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8/21/2012 - Bowers & Wilkins P3 Review: The Sound Is There, but the Luxury Is Spare

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8/21/2012 - Come Back Tomorrow to Chat With Someone Who Is Actually Influencing the Future of Ultrabooks

8/21/2012 - Handgun Electric Screwdriver: Do I Feel Handy? Well, Do Ya, Punk?

8/21/2012 - We can't stop listening to Karen O's Frankenweenie love ballad

8/21/2012 - Watch Curiosity wiggle its wheels!

8/21/2012 - The Canon 1DX Makes One Hell of a 5K Movie Camera

8/21/2012 - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996 would include Dana Scully and Zack Morris

8/21/2012 - This VOCO Wireless Music System Is The Kanye-Is-Just-A-Shout-Away Deal of the Day

8/21/2012 - These mirrors will allow us to observe the birth of the Universe

8/21/2012 - Has Curiosity Captured UFO Images On Mars? (You Get One Guess)

8/21/2012 - Spacewalking cosmonauts heave a 20-pound metal ball into Earth orbit

8/21/2012 - A Self-Adjusting Measuring Spoon For Insanely Meticulous Chefs

8/21/2012 - Scientists want to test geohacking solution to global warming right now

8/21/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black And White 1

8/21/2012 - 79 Dramatic Black And White Cityscapes

8/21/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black And White 3

8/21/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black and White 2

8/21/2012 - Ask Our Photographer How He Got these Gorgeous Shots in Paris

8/21/2012 - Watch Mars Curiosity Wiggle Its Wheels in the Gravel

8/21/2012 - The Worst Job at Google: A Year of Watching Beastiality, Child Pornography, and Other Terrible Internet Things

8/21/2012 - 9 Wonder Woman Villains (That Explain Why Nobody Talks About Wonder Woman's Villains)

8/21/2012 - Over a million acres of the United States are on fire right now

8/21/2012 - Exclusive: Confessions from the Most Corrupt Apple Store in America (Updated)

8/21/2012 - Glasses-Free 3D Movies Might Make 3D Movies Slightly Less Terrible Soon

8/21/2012 - Get Your Ass Some Wi-Fi

8/21/2012 - Breaking Bad Saturday morning cartoon teaches you to "Respect the Chemistry!"

8/21/2012 - They Finally Made a Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike!

8/21/2012 - Astronomers catch a star in the act of devouring a planet

8/21/2012 - Who Cares If Samsung Copied Apple?

8/21/2012 - Manhattan Products Stealth Touch Mouse Review: Where's the Button?

8/21/2012 - The Mach 6 Scramjet Could Fly from JFK to SFO in an Hour (if it Doesn't Tear Apart on the Way)

8/21/2012 - USB Charging Bike Dynamo Harnesses Pedal Power

8/21/2012 - This skull pushes back human occupation of Southeast Asia and Australia by 20,000 years

8/21/2012 - New Frankenstein Virus Can Build Itself on Any Computer From Stolen Snippets of Code

8/21/2012 - Good gravy, is this Scott Pilgrim GIF disconcerting

8/21/2012 - Two Gorgeous Lighters From When Smoking Was Still Cool

8/21/2012 - A Brand New Professional Market for Dangerous, Lovely Short Fiction

8/21/2012 - We wish these Walking Dead deleted scenes were included in Season 2

8/21/2012 - You Can Finally Customize Your Jambox To Be As Ugly As You Want It

8/21/2012 - Would You Pay Less for Backup Storage You Can't Immediately Access?

8/21/2012 - Got a wicked case of the Mondays? Turns out that's not actually a thing.

8/21/2012 - What Happens to Your Life When the Cloud Disappears?

8/21/2012 - NASA to send another robot to Mars in 2016

8/21/2012 - Why We're Losing the Password War

8/21/2012 - They Live IRL: Australian politician calls opponent a "jerk off" in subliminal ad

8/21/2012 - Fly Fishing Snowboard Bridges Summer and Winter Pursuits

8/21/2012 - Amazon Glacier Locks Your Data In a Fortress of Solitude

8/21/2012 - Doctor Who sets an airdate for its season premiere. Plus Bruce Campbell talks about the Evil Dead remake!

8/21/2012 - The Avengers gag reel assembles a lot of laughs

8/21/2012 - iPhone 5 Commercial Is a Hilarious Parody Inspired by Us All

8/21/2012 - A Search Team May Have Finally Found Amelia Earhart After 75 Years

8/21/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Rio Says No to Crack, Growers Say Yes to CO2, and a Boy Searches for His Bunyan

8/20/2012 - Alphas - Episode 206 Photos

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8/20/2012 - Falling Skies has officially lost its way

8/20/2012 - The evolutionary history of dragons, illustrated by a scientist

8/20/2012 - Where Has This Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Been All My Life?

8/20/2012 - Happy Birthday, Voyager 2: 35 Years Later, NASA's Oldest ActiveCraft Crests Into Interstellar Space

8/20/2012 - Monday Comics Preview: G.I. Joe, Danger Girl, and Dungeons and Dragons

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8/20/2012 - 'Airpod' concept car runs on compressed air

8/20/2012 - This Is the First Website Ever—Rebooted

8/20/2012 - Weird Tales backtracks on support of "ridiculous and offensive" novel

8/20/2012 - Mixel: Make Instant Collages From Your iPhone Pics

8/20/2012 - From Russia, a flying model of the Helicarrier from The Avengers

8/20/2012 - TV Reporter Ties Herself to a Lamp Post to Broadcast In the Middle of a Typhoon

8/20/2012 - This Armchair's Hiding a Bed Under Its Zipper

8/20/2012 - Mixel Gallery

8/20/2012 - Lovely Quick Release Camera Mount Complements Your Fixie's Hip Aesthetics

8/20/2012 - Is this the new author of the I Am Number Four sequels?

8/20/2012 - A House You Cannot Throw Stones From/Be Naked In

8/20/2012 - Until today, you never knew you wanted a LEGO desalination plant

8/20/2012 - Billionaire Peter Thiel invests in the development of 3D printed meat

8/20/2012 - Toshiba Satellite U845W Review: Wide Can Be Wonderful

8/20/2012 - Cthulhu Party Balloon is a Party Monster. No, seriously, it'll eat your children

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8/20/2012 - When will we get to see Smaug in The Hobbit?

8/20/2012 - When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”

8/20/2012 - And now, a video of 2,299 exoplanets orbiting a single star

8/20/2012 - When Gizmodo Finally Staffed Up

8/20/2012 - This Indiana Jones Complete Collection Pre-Order Discount Is Your Fly-Yes-Land-No Deal of the Day

8/20/2012 - 12 Questions to Ask Yourself About the System of Magic in Your Fantasy Novel

8/20/2012 - How Facebook Pitched Itself Before You'd Ever Heard of It

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8/20/2012 - How Britain's Failed Attempt to Develop a 'Death Ray' Changed the Course of World War II

8/20/2012 - Dear Apple: Please Set iMessage Free

8/20/2012 - In fast forward, these sea cucumbers are some of Earth's most alien animals

8/20/2012 - Hideous Moth Smoke Detector Saves Lives Instead Of Destroying Clothing

8/20/2012 - Why "shock diamonds" shoot out of jets and space shuttles

8/20/2012 - Crowdfunding a Museum for Alexander Graham Bell in 1922

8/20/2012 - Is Nikon Making an Android-Powered Point and Shoot?

8/20/2012 - Avengers deleted scene gets inside the mind of the Incredible Hulk

8/20/2012 - What is the fastest way to learn a foreign language?

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8/20/2012 - Every Positive Headphone Review Ever

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8/20/2012 - Gazelle Will Give You Cash For Your iPhone Without Leaving You Phoneless For a Month

8/20/2012 - Beautiful portraits of Grimm's fairy tale monsters are worth a spot on your wall

8/20/2012 - University lab technician arrested for drunken party with monkeys

8/20/2012 - Yes, Todd Akin, victims of 'legitimate rape' get pregnant - here's scientific proof

8/20/2012 - Talk to the Antarctic Explorer Who's Drilling Through Miles of Solid Ice

8/20/2012 - This Week's TV: Why You Should Drop Everything and Catch Up With Alphas

8/20/2012 - How to Listen to Something Besides Local Radio on Your Never-Ending Road Trip

8/20/2012 - How a Playboy Playmate Helped Make the Internet Beautiful

8/20/2012 - This Drill Will Expose an Antarctic Lake Buried for 500,000 Years

8/20/2012 - EON17-SLX Laptop's Dual-GPUs Pack a Preposterously Powerful Punch

8/20/2012 - 16 Misleading Display Specs and What They Really Mean

8/20/2012 - Are these horrific characters the new villains in Mad Max: Fury Road?

8/20/2012 - Penny-sized "microthrusters" could propel tiny satellites

8/20/2012 - Secret Drawer Bookshelf Hides Your Most Embarrassing Collectibles

8/20/2012 - The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books

8/20/2012 - Disney Tween Sitcom Insults Open Source Software for No Reason

8/20/2012 - Sony's New HDR Video Capable Sensors Could Make Your Next iPhone Picture Perfect

8/20/2012 - Stress makes you sick by changing your genes

8/20/2012 - Are the Networks About to Completely Screw Up Hulu?

8/20/2012 - RC Cover Notebook Puts You in Control of Copious Notes

8/20/2012 - You'll never guess where flamingos hide their erectile tissue

8/20/2012 - Synaptics ForcePad: The Laptop Trackpad Is About to Change Forever

8/20/2012 - Will the man behind Super and Slither direct Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy?

8/20/2012 - New Motorola Droid Razr HD Images Leaked in YouTube Videos?

8/20/2012 - Go Get Free iTunes Money at Walmart Right Now

8/20/2012 - Newly-discovered owl makes the ultimate "mwhaha!" face

8/19/2012 - The beautiful, secret story of the seal child revealed in Song of the Sea

8/19/2012 - Donnie Darko: Don't Try Too Hard to Make Sense of It All

8/19/2012 - Best of the Week: August 11-17, 2012

8/19/2012 - Trueblood "Song of the Dead Faerie" Images

8/19/2012 - Life of Pi Photos

8/19/2012 - Ants have turned the Cape of Good Hope into their own giant garden

8/19/2012 - Jukebox The Ghost: Adulthood

8/19/2012 - CocoDrill Is an Elegant Solution to an Uncommon Problem

8/19/2012 - How can a galaxy full of billions of stars be considered small and lonely?

8/19/2012 - Google Denies Paying Bloggers During Java Lawsuit

8/19/2012 - Anatomical illustrations of Pixar's Cars reveal where Lightning McQueen keeps his brain

8/19/2012 - Photos of Mushroom Clouds as Seen from 1950s Las Vegas

8/19/2012 - Finns Set a Record by Flinging Phones at Their Crazy Competition

8/19/2012 - How scientists tried to confirm a "virgin birth" long before DNA testing

8/19/2012 - Construction Worker Impaled Through the Brain Is a Modern-Day Phineas Gage

8/19/2012 - The Full Resolution Video of Curiosity Touching Down on Mars

8/19/2012 - Someone please make this Doctor Who/Super Mario mashup into a real video game

8/19/2012 - This App Lets You Strip Annoying Instagram Filters Off Pictures

8/19/2012 - Amazing Curiosity footage gives you a rover's eye view of its landing on Mars

8/19/2012 - What if Ernest Hemingway or Oscar Wilde wrote The Lord of the Rings?

8/19/2012 - Crowdfund a goddamn Nikola Tesla museum!

8/19/2012 - Do You Ever Feel Like You Should Be Using Social Media More?

8/19/2012 - Houses built on a shopping mall roof give residents a yard in the middle of the city

8/19/2012 - How is a shark like a golf ball?

8/19/2012 - Could a Nasal Spray Really Make You Stop Wanting to Kill Yourself?

8/19/2012 - They're scheming, royal, and altogether spoiled: The Lannisters as the Addams Family

8/19/2012 - Read the increasingly desperate tweets of Martian rock N165 as it is zapped by Curiosity

8/19/2012 - What Would Happen If Everyone On Earth Jumped At the Same Time?

8/19/2012 - Mushu's Solo, Aladdin's Humiliation, and a Little Eartha Kitt: Songs Cut from Disney Movies

8/19/2012 - Godzilla takes on his most colorful foe — Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light

8/19/2012 - Syrian Rebel Texts with One Hand, Machine Guns with the Other

8/19/2012 - Now Is a Great Time to Buy a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

8/18/2012 - First Footage of Fringe Season 5!

8/18/2012 - Moon: The Less You Know, The Better

8/18/2012 - Would human-alien or human-supernatural marriages be recognized under US law?

8/18/2012 - The Go! Team: Junior Kickstart

8/18/2012 - These Crystal DSLR Bookends Are the Clearest Cameras Ever

8/18/2012 - Rent's "Seasons of Love" is oddly lovely in Klingon

8/18/2012 - ABC is developing the steampunk adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Yes, really.

8/18/2012 - Penny-Sized Ion Thrusters Could Steer the Satellites Of the Future

8/18/2012 - This creepy abandoned veterinary school would make a perfect horror movie set

8/18/2012 - This Is a 3D Computer Animation of 4D Shapes From 1965

8/18/2012 - This Map Shows Where the Assholes On Twitter Are From

8/18/2012 - Aphids may be the only insects that can photosynthesize

8/18/2012 - Do You Read Like a Geek Or Like a Luddite?

8/18/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Creature He Brought into the Waiting Room

8/18/2012 - The Worst Opening Lines from Imaginary Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

8/18/2012 - The Shape of the Sun, Miracle Cures, Hidden Pyramids, and More

8/18/2012 - Alan Rickman is awesome even when he's making tea in extreme slow-motion

8/18/2012 - Game of Thrones casts a Roman dictator as Mance Rayder

8/18/2012 - Researchers Cram 700 Terabytes of Data Into One Gram of DNA

8/18/2012 - Celebrate Shark Week with this hilarious compilation of movie shark attacks

8/18/2012 - NASA commissioned these bizarre and beautiful photographs of our Martian future

8/18/2012 - This Mini-Vase Looks Poised To Dart Across Your Living Room

8/18/2012 - M.C. Escher's Impossible Structures, Printed in 3D

8/18/2012 - A group of alien strangers — and one little girl — are marooned on a deserted world in the webcomic Red's Planet

8/18/2012 - Will Aquaman triumph in Robot Chicken's DC Comics special?

8/18/2012 - How To Break into Your Own House

8/18/2012 - If President Obama could choose a superpower, what would he choose?

8/18/2012 - Predict the Future With the Apple Vs. Samsung Verdict-O-Matic

8/18/2012 - Gravity Falls takes on National Treasure and a Ghostbusters parody on Ultimate Spider-Man!

8/18/2012 - Pack Some Heat With This Sweet Gunbrella

8/18/2012 - PayPal Is Testing Out Mobile Payment at McDonald's Restaurants

8/18/2012 - What if Boba Fett starred in Game of Thrones, Total Recall, and Stargate?

8/18/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Hated Haters, Beaten Chess Masters, and Weird Al in Concert

8/17/2012 - Why Twitter Wanting to Kill All Third Party Twitter Apps Is Ridiculous

8/17/2012 - More Rumored iPad Mini and iPhone 5 Parts Leak

8/17/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Ghost Tits

8/17/2012 - Sleep With This Cute, Colorful Humidifier and You'll Breathe Easy

8/17/2012 - Motorola Files Suit to Ban US Import of iPads, iPhones, and Macs

8/17/2012 - Curiosity has acquired its first scientific targets!

8/17/2012 - Over Two Dozen Reasons To Get Jazzed About Comic Books This Fall

8/17/2012 - Thanks For Celebrating Gizmodo Day With Us

8/17/2012 - Why Sharktopus is a philosophical masterpiece

8/17/2012 - Wood Carved Maps, NYC Rooftop Loft, and More

8/17/2012 - NASA confirms there's helium in the Moon's atmosphere. But where did it come from?

8/17/2012 - Jessie Ware: Running

8/17/2012 - Why Is There a Goddess' Egg Floating In Space?

8/17/2012 - Think Women Don't Love Superheroes? You're nuts.

8/17/2012 - Millions of Hotel Room Locks Have a Glaring Security Flaw That Won't Get Fixed

8/17/2012 - Blue Microphones Tiki Gallery

8/17/2012 - Uncle Slam, HipGeo, and More

8/17/2012 - WWE, Dunkin Donuts, and More

8/17/2012 - Get Glue HD, Pinterest, and More

8/17/2012 - The strange quest for a universal, "Earth Standard" language

8/17/2012 - True Nerd Love

8/17/2012 - A Complete Guide to Superheroes' Religious Backgrounds

8/17/2012 - A homemade Game of Thrones Risk board! (Incest not included)

8/17/2012 - An Enchantingly Daft Video About the "Space Age" Hairstyles of 1962

8/17/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

8/17/2012 - Five Scientifically Surprising Facts About Booze

8/17/2012 - If You Blinked, You Probably Missed the Instagram Bug That Let Android Users See Anyone's Private Photos

8/17/2012 - An exclusive first look at the upcoming R.I.P.D. comic book!

8/17/2012 - The Awakening is possibly the worst movie I have seen in years

8/17/2012 - Catch Up on the Past 9 Billion Years of the Universe's Existence in 80 Seconds

8/17/2012 - First teaser for American Horror Story: Asylum has zero masturbating ghosts

8/17/2012 - Watch the first 10 minutes of Starship Troopers: Invasion

8/17/2012 - How To Shred On a Guitar With Your Foot

8/17/2012 - Pittacus Lore, the Ancient Alien Who Likes to Write About Teenage Heavy Petting, Reveals His Favorite TV Shows

8/17/2012 - You'll Never Recognize These 12 Rebuilt Cities

8/17/2012 - Why does this still image appear to move?

8/17/2012 - How to Deal with Someone Unfriending You

8/17/2012 - Did OnLive Just Shutter Its Cloud Gaming Service and Fire All Its Employees?

8/17/2012 - It's official: the Sun is the most perfect natural sphere ever measured

8/17/2012 - I Want This Toy Star Fighter Poster

8/17/2012 - 10 Reasons to be Excited About Pop Culture This Fall

8/17/2012 - This Kotobukiya Darth Vader Statue Is The Most-Impressive Deal of the Day

8/17/2012 - A sneak peek at Jonah Hex's next adventure in All-Star Western

8/17/2012 - Surreal images of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, taken minutes after the first explosion

8/17/2012 - Lenovo Thinkpad Gallery

8/17/2012 - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review: What the Future of Laptops Should Be

8/17/2012 - China Has a Transformers Jet Fighter Now?

8/17/2012 - How To Read Someone's Mind

8/17/2012 - The Weird Truth About Shark Evolution

8/17/2012 - 14 People #Who Still Haven't #Figured Out Hashtags

8/17/2012 - Here's Your Next Oversized Galaxy Note 2 Phone for Giants (Updated)

8/17/2012 - Is this what Vision might look like in Avengers 2?

8/17/2012 - RastaCam Is Probably Offensive But I Can't Stop Using It

8/17/2012 - Your Dog Needs Its Own Staircase Because You Disgust Him

8/17/2012 - Stunning photographs transform a dewy spider web into a vast multiverse

8/17/2012 - Is This the Most Beautiful Microwave Ever Created? I Say Yes

8/17/2012 - The Future of Mars, 40 Years Ago

8/17/2012 - Geeky ceramic jewelry for people who love science and skepticism

8/17/2012 - Louis CK's Not-Best Buy Experience Reminds You of Every Time You've Ever Been to Best Buy

8/17/2012 - Why a rat's whiskers are a lot like human hands

8/17/2012 - This Is One of the Worst Deaths I Can Imagine

8/17/2012 - ParaNorman is a perfect date movie for former high school outcasts

8/17/2012 - The Case Jason Bourne Would Use for His 16 iPads

8/17/2012 - Use chemistry to make literal green eggs (the ham is up to you)

8/17/2012 - First clip of Pixar's new Toy Story short pushes Rex towards a bath salts problem

8/17/2012 - The World's Tallest Ferris Wheel Towers Over Singapore Like the Eye of Sauron

8/17/2012 - Someone's Trying To Shut Down Power Plants—With a Virus

8/17/2012 - A Strong Contender For The Most Bad-Ass Photo Ever Taken

8/17/2012 - Awesomely Perfect and Refreshing Example of Surface Tension

8/17/2012 - 1000 extra suicides blamed on the recession in the UK

8/17/2012 - How Tall Can a Skyscraper Really Get?

8/17/2012 - iOS Vulnerability Means That Text May Not Be From Your Mom After All

8/17/2012 - Why four is the nemesis of happy numbers

8/17/2012 - Hand soap could be killing you

8/17/2012 - Could you really trigger a bomb with a decrease in vital signs?

8/17/2012 - Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad Taken by Party Clown

8/17/2012 - We Were Totally Wrong About the Sun's Shape Until Yesterday

8/17/2012 - An Awesomely Insane Avengers 2 Casting Rumor. Plus Photos Galore for Fringe, Once Upon a Time, and More!

8/17/2012 - Why We Should Just Let NASA Run Everything

8/17/2012 - The Windows Phone App Mill Starts Churning Again

8/17/2012 - Museum Is Literally Spitting Out Burned Exhibits

8/17/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Sniper Maids, Hill Bombs, and Tenacious D Annihilates Blizzcon

8/16/2012 - Beauty and the Beast - August 16 Set Photos

8/16/2012 - Fringe - Set Photos

8/16/2012 - Once Upon a Time - August 14 Set Photos

8/16/2012 - Resident Evil: Retribution - photos

8/16/2012 - Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) - Promo Photos

8/16/2012 - House at the End of the Street - Promo Photos

8/16/2012 - Carrie - Set Photos

8/16/2012 - The World Looks Very Weird from Below

8/16/2012 - Awesome Chinese Iron Man Built Himself Bionic Arms After His Homemade Bomb Blew Up His Real Arms

8/16/2012 - Learn How to Count Cards and Win at Blackjack with This iOS App

8/16/2012 - A novel that makes terraforming awesome again

8/16/2012 - This Magical Microwave Gun Zaps Away Your Sweat Glands So You Won't Sweat Anymore

8/16/2012 - The Future of Apple TV Is Every Episode of Every TV Show On-Demand Using the Cloud

8/16/2012 - Scientists Have Discovered a Compound That May Lead to the First Male Birth Control Pill

8/16/2012 - Visions of the year 2000 by 20th century French artist are half hilariously wrong, half weirdly prescient

8/16/2012 - Who Does Google Image Search Think You Look Like?

8/16/2012 - What Apps Will Be Screwed by Twitter's API Changes?

8/16/2012 - Your Nasty, Nerdy Sexism Isn't Cute

8/16/2012 - These Legend of Korra tees are so beautiful you'll start air bending with delight

8/16/2012 - Twitter Wants to Stop You from Using Twitter Apps Not Made By Twitter

8/16/2012 - David Pogue's Awesome Marriage Proposal Was Worth a Movie

8/16/2012 - Futurama trades Star Wars for The Matrix

8/16/2012 - Spiders Love to Chase Lasers Too, Just Like Cats

8/16/2012 - Flying Lotus Featuring Erykah Badu: See Thru To U

8/16/2012 - Scientists are building facehugger-like robots that can camouflage themselves

8/16/2012 - This Could Be the Easiest Way to Make a Stuffed Burger

8/16/2012 - 'Cow Week' is even deadlier, awesomer than shark week

8/16/2012 - Mat Honan's Favorite Gizmodo Post

8/16/2012 - Breaking Bad IRL: real guy named Walter White wanted for cooking meth

8/16/2012 - The New iPhone Will Make This Repurposed Audio Gear Obsolete Again

8/16/2012 - Could this discovery be the key to treating Alzheimers?

8/16/2012 - Seven Years In the Life of One of the Engineers of the Mars Curiosity Rover

8/16/2012 - 14 billion years of cosmic evolution in just 78 seconds

8/16/2012 - This Tool-Wielding Robot Hand Can Be Mass Produced For Cheap

8/16/2012 - Behold the Atomic Cafe: Where Mad Max Would Get Wasted

8/16/2012 - Our Giant Guide To Fall's Must-See Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

8/16/2012 - Today Is Gizmodo Day! Come Celebrate With Us Tonight

8/16/2012 - 12 Magical Items and the Real Life Gadgets that Resemble Them

8/16/2012 - Therapik Bug Bite Relieving Gadget Review: We Can't Believe This Actually Works

8/16/2012 - Gizmodo Day Oxford Meet-Up Live Blog (Updating)

8/16/2012 - What Happens When You Stare Directly at the Sun

8/16/2012 - These Sennheiser CX 980 Headphones Are The Nicest-Things-You-Will-Stick-In-Your-Ear-Today Deal of the Day

8/16/2012 - Soon you'll be backing up your hard drive using DNA

8/16/2012 - TIE Fighter: Free to a Good Home

8/16/2012 - Watch the composer from Blade Runner and Carl Sagan's Cosmos have a synthesizer freakout

8/16/2012 - An Untold Story from Supernatural Season 7!

8/16/2012 - Kat Hannaford's Favourite Gizmodo Post

8/16/2012 - FujiFilm X-Pro1 Review: Serious Style, Serious Price (Updated)

8/16/2012 - Discover Hops Aboard the Google Wallet Bandwagon

8/16/2012 - Remember when baseball players attacked the Sphinx in 1889?

8/16/2012 - Canon Rebel T4i: Familiar Face With Some Welcome Additions

8/16/2012 - How a RadioShack Computer and AOL Viruses Led to the Creation of GroupMe

8/16/2012 - A male contraceptive pill that doesn't use hormones

8/16/2012 - Trans fats and the chemistry of evil

8/16/2012 - Motion-Activated Electric Screwdriver Anticipates Your Movements Before You Make Them

8/16/2012 - Hands On Instagram 3: The Single Coolest Way to Browse Your Friends' Photos

8/16/2012 - Canon DSLR Video Compared: 1DX vs 5D Mark III vs T4i

8/16/2012 - The Revolutionary Technology that Turned Rebecca Romijn into X-Men's Mystique

8/16/2012 - Instagram 3.0 Brings Photo Maps and Faster Browsing

8/16/2012 - The best ever abandoned computer manufacturing plant turned Satanic temple

8/16/2012 - Fukushima Explosion Was Concealed by Japanese Government Until Right Before It Happened

8/16/2012 - eBay bans the sale of all magic, including potions, hexes, and curses

8/16/2012 - Therapik Gallery

8/16/2012 - Scientists Invent Revolutionary Device that Could Help Stop Cancer (and Detect Faint Alien Signals Too!)

8/16/2012 - The strictly non-medical history of laughing gas

8/16/2012 - This Restaurant Will Pay You Not to Use Your Phone at Dinner

8/16/2012 - Kennedy Space Center's Going to Host the Nerdiest Triathlon Ever

8/16/2012 - The real-life My Little Ponies were creepy and magnificent beasts

8/16/2012 - Why ParaNorman is Not Your Typical Tim Burton Spookfest

8/16/2012 - Eureka: 9 Stunning Lightbulb Designs

8/16/2012 - Facebook Is Finally Deleting Your Photos When You Want Them To

8/16/2012 - Want to prevent senility and keep your blood pressure down? Drink cocoa.

8/16/2012 - Guardians of the Galaxy plot synopsis reveals new character details

8/16/2012 - Awesome Lego Lenticular Mosaic Turns Batman Into the Joker

8/16/2012 - The Next iPhone's Rumored Foolproof Dock Connector

8/16/2012 - Your Friends Can Legally Narc on Your Facebook Profile

8/16/2012 - Today's sexy body hack: eat walnuts to boost sperm health

8/16/2012 - Spinning guinea pigs on a turntable for science!

8/16/2012 - Carbonized Li-On Batteries Can Charge 100 Times Quicker

8/16/2012 - Sony's New eReader Is Light, Pleasant, and Massively Late to the Game

8/16/2012 - GeForce GTX 660 Ti: Nvidia's Awesome Kepler Graphics Cards Are Finally Affordable

8/16/2012 - Mad Max: Fury Road has an awesomely insane plot description and cast list!

8/16/2012 - Get Glue HD: Obsess Over Breaking Bad With Other Obsessives

8/16/2012 - Would You Want an Illuminated Trackpad?

8/16/2012 - This Short Film Shows English Eccentricity and Engineering at Its Best

8/16/2012 - Zynga Is Lobbying Hard For Online Gambling

8/16/2012 - How Your Brain Cleans Itself

8/16/2012 - Lenovo CEO: Microsoft's Surface Is No Threat to Us

8/16/2012 - Dish Network Is Planning Nationwide Satellite Broadband

8/16/2012 - US Suffers Another Blow in Its Case Against Kim Dotcom

8/16/2012 - The Gadgets that Got Us Going, Back in 2002

8/16/2012 - Would You Pay to Use Twitter?

8/16/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Tunnel Weed, Maniacal Laughter, and the Best Reason to Listen to More K-Pop

8/15/2012 - Samsung Says the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Project Began Months Before the iPad

8/15/2012 - The Internet Is Terrible for the Sex Industry. No, Really

8/15/2012 - The Science of Music Shows Why It's a Drug That Feels So Good

8/15/2012 - Apple TV May Not Become the Streaming Utopia We—And Apple—Had Hoped For

8/15/2012 - This Map of the United States of America Shows Every State's Stereotype Using Google Autocomplete

8/15/2012 - This Helmet Cam Attached to a Falcon Shows You What It's Like to Fly and Hunt Like a Bird

8/15/2012 - Awesome portraits of female sword swallowers in the 1800s

8/15/2012 - Dr.Who Asylum of the Daleks Promo Photos

8/15/2012 - Gun Obsessed Americans Are Keeping Russian AK-47 Production Alive

8/15/2012 - International Poster Resident Evil: Retribution

8/15/2012 - Promo Photos for Episode2.02 "The Kiss"

8/15/2012 - Can we stop the spread of brain-eating amoebas that killed two children in Minnesota?

8/15/2012 - Azealia Banks: Van Vogue

8/15/2012 - Wood Carved Maps Won't Help You Navigate, But They're Lovely

8/15/2012 - The Best Video Camera Revealed in Shootout

8/15/2012 - Does your name influence the jobs you choose?

8/15/2012 - And Now, Every Single Time Dana Scully Says "Oh My God" in The X-Files

8/15/2012 - Pinterest: Pin to Your Heart's Content on Your iPad

8/15/2012 - This 1880s photo is from the greatest Jules Verne-themed prom that never happened

8/15/2012 - You Can Turn Your iPhone's Glass Plate Into a Beautiful Piece of Film

8/15/2012 - The singing mouse gene

8/15/2012 - Is This the iPad Mini's Tiny New Screen? (Update: Probably Not)

8/15/2012 - A Carbon Fiber Core Makes This Axe Lean and Mean

8/15/2012 - New concept art shows the sleazy Taxi Driver underbelly of Star Wars

8/15/2012 - HP Touts the "Unique" Features of Its Windows 8 Tablet

8/15/2012 - Sizzle reel shows hints of the gritty Daredevil movie Fox won't be making

8/15/2012 - It's up to one pregnant teen to stop an alien attack in space

8/15/2012 - West German Weather Ball Lends Vintage Charm To Climate Change

8/15/2012 - The Best Kitchen Drawer Drill

8/15/2012 - Companies that paid over $1 million to stop GMO labels on foods

8/15/2012 - Pinterest for iPad Gallery

8/15/2012 - Prometheus' list of deleted scenes reveals an ending we never saw

8/15/2012 - Dine Among the Peaks in This Aluminum-Scaled Alpine Eatery

8/15/2012 - Fall Movie Preview: 5 Movies We're Sure Will Rule, and 21 That Could Surprise Us

8/15/2012 - Researchers Might Have a Way to Beat Heroin Addiction

8/15/2012 - These anatomical food sculptures are gruesome and lunch-meaty

8/15/2012 - This Lego Star Wars Sith Fury-class Interceptor Is Your Lego-Is-My-Ally Deal of the Day

8/15/2012 - Come Toast Gizmodo's Tenth Birthday on Thursday, August 16

8/15/2012 - Butterflies in the Fukushima region plagued by "genetic damage" and "severe abnormalities"

8/15/2012 - A Geiger counter, in the style of H.R. Giger

8/15/2012 - What Is Medium?

8/15/2012 - What Do You Use Flash For on Your Android Phone?

8/15/2012 - Ask the Director of Sundance Sensation Robot and Frank Any Question You Want

8/15/2012 - The perfect song for a crashed computer

8/15/2012 - Beautiful Image of Russians Fighters Piercing the Sky

8/15/2012 - Yesterday's Tomorrows: How a Smithsonian Exhibit I Never Saw Changed My Life

8/15/2012 - Dell Customer Support Uses Fake "Sweepstakes" To Push Unnecessary Warranty

8/15/2012 - Is Gotham City really in New Jersey?

8/15/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Black and White City Portraits

8/15/2012 - Proof That Stupid Online Chat Robots Are Stupid

8/15/2012 - The Odd Life of Timothy Green is actually creepier than it sounds

8/15/2012 - The Most Ridiculous Kindle Fire Sleuthing You'll Ever See

8/15/2012 - See What Happened When We Gave a Photographer a Plane Ticket to Paris

8/15/2012 - This is some of the most incredible facial modeling we've ever seen — and it was developed by Disney

8/15/2012 - Why Isn't There Just One Way to Pay For Things With My Phone?

8/15/2012 - Disgusting clip from The Possession has Sam Raimi's mark all over it

8/15/2012 - The Cigarette Packages of the Future Are Going to Be Really Horrible

8/15/2012 - Government surveillance system Trapwire could be illegal

8/15/2012 - Galaxy Note 10.1 Gallery

8/15/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: Can a Tablet Fix What the Phone Got Wrong? (Updated)

8/15/2012 - I Want to Crawl Through This Sprawling Lego City

8/15/2012 - Concept art from the Sandman movie that never was

8/15/2012 - Win The Most Awesome Wheel of Time Swag Ever

8/15/2012 - OLPC's Latest Tablet/Computer Hybrid Coming in 2013

8/15/2012 - And now, a Japanese pop idol cosplaying as a swarm of cicadas

8/15/2012 - Court Rules That Cops Can Track Your Phone's Location With No Warrant

8/15/2012 - "Fur particle tracking" reveals the mystery of the wet-dog shake

8/15/2012 - Why We're Fat—Explained In One Minute

8/15/2012 - Red Bull Racing's F1 Car Sings the National Anthem Better than You

8/15/2012 - North America is being invaded by foreign dust

8/15/2012 - The Miracle Cure That's Hiding in Plain Sight

8/15/2012 - Kristen Stewart won't be in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. Plus a Huge Doctor Who update!

8/15/2012 - This Could Be the Most Insane Gaming Keyboard Ever

8/15/2012 - Your Antibacterial Soap Could Be Harming You

8/15/2012 - Parents: Remotely Block Your Kid's Cell Phone When They're Driving

8/15/2012 - R.I.P. Harry Harrison, creator of the Stainless Steel Rat, Bill the Galactic Hero, and Soylent Green

8/15/2012 - Windows Phone Store Bug Sees Microsoft Block New Apps

8/15/2012 - Facebook Is Suing Mitel Based on AOL Patents It Only Just Acquired From Microsoft

8/15/2012 - Live-action Captain Planet fan film recycles all your nostalgic memories

8/15/2012 - Pinterest Mobile App Comes to iOS and Android Devices

8/15/2012 - Even in 1995, We Knew What the Internet Would be Good For: Scholarly Pursuits...and Cats

8/15/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Hydro Cloning, Chronic Chewing, and Thieving Bears

8/14/2012 - Doctor Who - 703 Promo Photos

8/14/2012 - Doctor Who - 702 Promo Photos

8/14/2012 - Doctor Who - 701 Promo Photos

8/14/2012 - Fringe - August 13 Set Photos

8/14/2012 - Resident Evil: Retribution - Posters

8/14/2012 - Rumor: The 7-inch iPad Mini Will Have a Super Thin Bezel and Look More Like an iPhone Than an iPad

8/14/2012 - New NSFW Crowdfunding Platform Offbeatr Gives Your Naughty Projects a Place to Grow

8/14/2012 - Here Are the Crazy Things the TSA Has Found in 2012: Gassed Up Chainsaws, Explosive Cannonballs, Bear Mace and More

8/14/2012 - Which Apps Do You Actually Use...on Your Tablet?

8/14/2012 - Nobody Wants to Get Married at Eric Schmidt's House Because of Kim Kardashian

8/14/2012 - This Wednesday, Elektra and great white sharks hit the comic store

8/14/2012 - These Android Music Apps Could Keep You From Getting Run Over by a Car

8/14/2012 - Picture of the Day, August 14, 2012

8/14/2012 - Raise the next Ben Linus in this Dharma Initiative nursery

8/14/2012 - Used Sprinkler Tank House Sees New Life as a Gorgeous Rooftop Loft in NYC

8/14/2012 - All 29 editions of Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies coming as e-books

8/14/2012 - Watch intrepid scientists wrestle the biggest Burmese python ever found in Florida

8/14/2012 - Pop Culture Supercut: "Baby Got Back"

8/14/2012 - The Rise of the Three-Parent Family

8/14/2012 - Doctor Who: Humiliation of the Daleks!

8/14/2012 - Mars Curiosity Brain Transplant Complete

8/14/2012 - Sriracha Popcorn: Genius or MegaGenius?

8/14/2012 - Some Key Signs that You Might Have Misunderstood an Alien's Intentions

8/14/2012 - Grimm is back with a giant Kitty Man and massive blood lust

8/14/2012 - FlightTrack: No More Fighting With Automated Airline Operators

8/14/2012 - Teenagers Listen to More Music on YouTube Than Anywhere Else

8/14/2012 - New images from Cloud Atlas and The Hobbit show off dwarves and androids!

8/14/2012 - Here Are All the Retina-Optimized Mac Apps Available Right Now

8/14/2012 - Necomimi Animatronic Ears Gallery

8/14/2012 - Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears Review: Why You Need Psychic Cyborg Animal Ears

8/14/2012 - Why Koalas Have Human Fingerprints

8/14/2012 - New Internet Video Standard to Allow Twice-as-Fast Movie Downloads

8/14/2012 - What if movie Captain America had the body of comic book Captain America?

8/14/2012 - Clean Bottle Runner Review: Better Off Thirsty

8/14/2012 - Charles Darwin ruminates on the pros and cons of marriage

8/14/2012 - 10 Comic Book Characters Who Are Cooler Than Batman

8/14/2012 - 480GB Retina MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade: Faster, Bigger, More

8/14/2012 - FlightTracker App

8/14/2012 - Gorgeous new photos show Curiosity, as viewed from Mars orbit, six days after touchdown

8/14/2012 - Five Apps the World Desperately Needs

8/14/2012 - Prostitutes Turn Airbnb Apartment Into Brothel

8/14/2012 - This Asus Zenbook UX31E Is Your Ultrabook-For-People-Who-Don't-Want-To-Say-Ultrabook Deal of the Day

8/14/2012 - New Looper trailer shows off the gadgets in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's futuristic gangland

8/14/2012 - How to write Deadpool (and actually make him funny)

8/14/2012 - This Is How Apple TV Could Turn Into an Amazing Cable Box

8/14/2012 - Awesome 1900s Dudes in Awesome Suits Mounting Awesome Dinosaur

8/14/2012 - LHC Particle Soup Is the Hottest Thing Mankind Ever Made

8/14/2012 - 9 Golden Objects, Created By King Midas (And Photoshop)

8/14/2012 - You Can Register to Vote at 30,000 Feet Now

8/14/2012 - Clean Bottle Runner Gallery

8/14/2012 - Scientists identify the source of 7,500-square-mile "pumice island"

8/14/2012 - An Openly Biased Review of Android Jelly Bean by an iPhone Lover

8/14/2012 - The New SkyDrive Looks Totally Beautiful and Great

8/14/2012 - Is The Walking Dead: The Movie in the works?

8/14/2012 - How Many Fake Twitter Followers Do You Have?

8/14/2012 - Talk to the Man Who Led Curiosity to the Surface of Mars: Adam Steltzner

8/14/2012 - Tell us about your shark encounters!

8/14/2012 - This Picnic Blanket Won't Get Ruined By Picnics

8/14/2012 - These animated GIFs are from the creepiest computer game that never existed

8/14/2012 - On Warehouse 13, The Many Flavors of Ruthlessness

8/14/2012 - Disney Invents Method to Clone Humans Into Robots

8/14/2012 - Don't Miss the Deadline for the $50K App Challenge

8/14/2012 - 13 clips from Cosmopolis show Robert Pattinson's post-apocalyptic haircut

8/14/2012 - This Is Why People Pirate

8/14/2012 - How Lasers Turn Dumb Rockets Into $28,500 Smart Missiles

8/14/2012 - Would You Pay $260 for a Novelty Printer?

8/14/2012 - Samsung's Defense: Apple Stole It First

8/14/2012 - How to distinguish crap denialism from legitimate scientific debate

8/14/2012 - Double Take: An iPad Case That's a 1984 Mac

8/14/2012 - Why truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in America

8/14/2012 - The Little Mermaid goes under the knife in these Disney Princess plastic surgery ads

8/14/2012 - You'll Never Believe an Ancient Helicopter Can Move Like This

8/14/2012 - Software that recognizes bats by their squeaks

8/14/2012 - Ancient humans may not have interbred with Neanderthals, after all

8/14/2012 - Mutant Butterflies Link Fukushima Meltdown to Human Disease

8/14/2012 - This Photo Really Shows How Impossibly Huge the Airbus A380 Is

8/14/2012 - Behold Star Wars, re-envisioned as a 1980s teen movie

8/14/2012 - Never-Before Seen 1983 Mac Commercial Discovered

8/14/2012 - Accessorize your human sacrifice dress with this cute Cthulhu purse

8/14/2012 - Roomba 600 Series Gallery

8/14/2012 - Has Fox officially given up on Daredevil? Plus Keanu Reeves reveals secrets of Bill & Ted 3!

8/14/2012 - The Cheapest Roomba Just Got Way Better

8/14/2012 - Google+ Gets Custom URLS (For Companies and Famous People)

8/14/2012 - Is This the New iPhone Screen Technology?

8/14/2012 - Scientists Invent Healthy Chocolate Made With... Fruit Juice?

8/14/2012 - A Movable Field Kitchen For Nomadic Cooks

8/14/2012 - What's More Important: Phone or Provider?

8/14/2012 - Samsung Challenges Apple Pinch-to-Zoom Patent With 2001 Tech

8/14/2012 - Terry Gilliam will finally reveal the meaning of existence

8/14/2012 - Foursquare-Type Check-In Service Facedeals Uses Your Facebook "Like" History to Sweeten the Deal

8/14/2012 - Visit Mars and Take a Tour of the Gale Crater, Right Now, With This Interactive Panorama

8/14/2012 - How Is It Possible That Olympic Athletes Keep Breaking World Records?

8/14/2012 - How Rumors Spread Online

8/14/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Flipped Out Farmers, Playful Porpoise Pods, and the Wizard of Meh

8/13/2012 - The Subtitles of Chinese Bootleg Movies Are Even More Unbelievably Hilarious Than We Thought

8/13/2012 - Do You Sext?

8/13/2012 - Become the next Mr. Snuffleupagus at the Sesame Street open auditions

8/13/2012 - Dexter - Season 7 Photos

8/13/2012 - Video Shows Syrian Jet Fighter Shot Down By Rebel Forces

8/13/2012 - The Kisai Upload Securely Stores Your Secret Files

8/13/2012 - Burton Wants to Help You Snowboard with Shorter Boards, Dial Lacing Boots and More

8/13/2012 - True Blood breaks our heart into a pile of gooey vampire pudding

8/13/2012 - In Soviet Russia, Chefs Will Use Lasers—Not Knives

8/13/2012 - Japanese Tanker Goes Godzilla On US Destroyer

8/13/2012 - Now THIS is the Falling Skies we signed up for

8/13/2012 - The "sensational" movie that ended the career of Forbidden Planet's director

8/13/2012 - Always Be Gaming: A Stylish Donkey Kong-Inspired Shelving Unit for Your Home

8/13/2012 - Watch a Bunch of Fire Ants Destroy Technology

8/13/2012 - Why Is the Military So Shockingly Bad at Art?

8/13/2012 - An Automatic Pepper Mill for Lazy Spice Fiends

8/13/2012 - Eyeona: Cash in on a Sale Even After You've Cashed Out

8/13/2012 - The Origin Story You Won't Hear for Timothy Green's Dirt Baby

8/13/2012 - Poorly translated subtitles from a Chinese bootleg of The Avengers are amazing

8/13/2012 - Our Future Dystopia Looks Kinda Awesome?

8/13/2012 - An Exclusive Look at How Bryan Singer's H+ is Reimagining Transhumanism

8/13/2012 - Windows Surface RT Tablets To Be Lighter and Thinner Than the iPad

8/13/2012 - What the f*ck has NASA done for you lately? More than you think.

8/13/2012 - Blogger Invoices Local News After They Rip His Video From YouTube

8/13/2012 - The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots musical is coming this November

8/13/2012 - Dotz Cord Identifiers: Stop Getting Your Wires Crossed

8/13/2012 - Who's the coolest supporting character on genre TV right now?

8/13/2012 - Is This the Best Video Chat Prank Ever? I Think So

8/13/2012 - Come Intern For Gizmodo In New York

8/13/2012 - Eyeona Gallery

8/13/2012 - You Will Never Look Better Drinking Coffee Than With This Cup

8/13/2012 - Brian K. Vaughan talks Saga, one of the year's best science fiction comics

8/13/2012 - Help us identify this mysterious, Cthulu-esque organism, spotted in Stockholm, Sweden

8/13/2012 - Pentax K-30 Review: Tough Body, Sensitive Soul

8/13/2012 - Dr. Ruth says Shark Week is ruining your sex life

8/13/2012 - Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2012

8/13/2012 - These NFL iHip Mini Earbuds Are Your Hippest-Footballiest-Headphoniest Deal of the Day

8/13/2012 - "Fat maps" show where the obesity epidemic has hit the United States hardest

8/13/2012 - Forget the "Busy Trap" — you're trapped way worse than that

8/13/2012 - What's Really Going On With Apple's New Dock Connector

8/13/2012 - Cord Identifier Gallery

8/13/2012 - Pentax K-30 Samples

8/13/2012 - Pentax K-30 Gallery

8/13/2012 - The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Energy in the Summer

8/13/2012 - Microsoft Might Be Rushing Out Its Windows 8 Sequel

8/13/2012 - The existence of helium is evidence for the Big Bang

8/13/2012 - Here's Who Your Windows RT Tablets Will Come From

8/13/2012 - Why the cat's purr is one of zoology's greatest mysteries

8/13/2012 - Why Apple Won't Sue Microsoft Over Surface

8/13/2012 - iOS Encryption Is So Good, Not Even the NSA Can Hack It

8/13/2012 - Watch what happens when J.J. Abrams turns off the world's power

8/13/2012 - This interactive app is the best way to experience Curiosity's panoramic views of Mars

8/13/2012 - A Tape Dispenser You'll Wish Was Drivable

8/13/2012 - F-35 Drops Its First Bomb Ever

8/13/2012 - Goodbye Joe Kubert, Comic Book Titan

8/13/2012 - Lost Egyptian Pyramids Appear on Google Earth

8/13/2012 - This Week's TV: The Bloody Awesome Power of Shark Week! Plus 5 Season Finales!

8/13/2012 - Google Gobbles Up Frommers To Boost International Reviews Profile

8/13/2012 - Obama: "If You Make Contact with Martians, Please Let Me Know Right Away" (Updated)

8/13/2012 - The World's Smallest Revolver Packs 19.8 Grams of Harmless Heat

8/13/2012 - This Is the Best FourSquare Perk Ever

8/13/2012 - An archaeological first: sixteen severed hands found buried in ancient Egyptian city

8/13/2012 - How You'll Watch the Olympics in 2016

8/13/2012 - Rebooted RoboCop script reveals Alex Murphy is now a Transformer

8/13/2012 - Whirling Autonomous Mop Bot Never Misses A Spot

8/13/2012 - What's Not to Love About a Ruler With a Handle?

8/13/2012 - Live Long and Look Awesome: The Best Cosplay From Star Trek Las Vegas

8/13/2012 - Investigate Your Enemies With Your Own RC Surveillance Drone

8/13/2012 - Good to know: Etsy retailers can sell human teeth, but not bones

8/13/2012 - Why Wikipedia Needs a "Kick In the Head"

8/13/2012 - iPhone Prices Drop Everywhere Before New iPhone Launch

8/13/2012 - Has Matt Smith confirmed that he's staying with Doctor Who through 2014?

8/13/2012 - The Algorithm That Controls Your Life

8/13/2012 - Spintronic Breakthrough Promises Better Flash Memory

8/13/2012 - Is Megaupload Relaunching This Year?

8/13/2012 - The NASA Employees That Make Curiosity's Twitter Stream So Good

8/13/2012 - Highest-Res Color Printer Ever Fits Images on a Human Hair

8/13/2012 - Alleged New iPhone Logic Board Hints at Antenna and Battery Tweaks

8/13/2012 - Google Cutting Motorola Staff, Concentrating on a Few Good Phones

8/12/2012 - A naval officer calls this "the weirdest thing I've seen in 18 years at sea"

8/12/2012 - Best of the Week: August 4-10, 2012

8/12/2012 - Shame: A Harrowing Tale of Addiction, Also Sex

8/12/2012 - Dr. Who Christmas Special Behind the Scenes Photos

8/12/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc.

8/12/2012 - Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Production Stills

8/12/2012 - Hotel Transylvania Character Posters

8/12/2012 - Falling Skies Season 2 Finale Images

8/12/2012 - Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D Images

8/12/2012 - 1.8-million-Lego map of Japan will make you feel like Godzilla

8/12/2012 - Somebodies: A Fan-Sourced Mash-Up of Gotye Covers

8/12/2012 - More Doctor Who Photos from WENN - a funeral, plus Clara in 21st century clothes?

8/12/2012 - Judge in Apple vs. Samsung Case Gets Fed Up and Orders Attorneys To Shut Up and Get Things Done Already

8/12/2012 - These sex-crazy birds don't have time to sleep

8/12/2012 - How a three-fingered hand "regrew" its digits after amputation

8/12/2012 - Watch Out: "We Know Your House" Uses Twitter to Find Out Where You Live and Then Posts It Online

8/12/2012 - Find the skull hidden in each of these illusory illustrations

8/12/2012 - Posable Trask Desk Lamp is For the Snake-Lover in You

8/12/2012 - Blunderbuss Slingshot Cannon Is Definitely Not Perfect For Firing Molotov Cocktails, Not At All

8/12/2012 - This Batman fan film teams the Riddler up with Scarface!

8/12/2012 - Google Kinda Sorta Clarifies Piracy Plan and Says Most Popular Sites Aren't Likely To Get Screwed

8/12/2012 - Crowdfund a chance for Superman to visit sick children and the power of personal space exploration

8/12/2012 - Choose the best of these 100 maniacal movie laughs

8/12/2012 - Wikileaks Is Getting Pummeled By Unknown Attackers

8/12/2012 - Meal-in-a-pill: A Staple of Science Fiction

8/12/2012 - How Many Things Do You Have Plugged Into Your Laptop Right Now?

8/12/2012 - Could you imagine this earthworm-like robot wriggling down your throat?

8/12/2012 - This new species of insect was discovered on Flickr

8/12/2012 - This Grill Serves Up the Most Stylishly Seared Steaks

8/12/2012 - Are fan fiction and fan art legal?

8/12/2012 - Rejected Pitches for E.T.: Let's kill the little brown turd

8/12/2012 - What's the right way for NASA to color in the universe?

8/12/2012 - Barnes And Noble Just Priced Its Nooks To Move

8/12/2012 - This short comic will make you feel sorry for Space Invaders

8/12/2012 - An incredibly detailed scientific explanation of Harry Potter's "wizarding gene"

8/12/2012 - Mars Rover Curiosity Needs a Brain Transplant Before It Gets Down to Business

8/12/2012 - Is Usain Bolt Actually Faster Than Gravity?

8/11/2012 - Battlefield Earth: Because Everyone Needs A Benchmark For Abysmal

8/11/2012 - Wikileaks reveals "TrapWire," a government spy network that uses ordinary surveillance cameras

8/11/2012 - Martian Mystery Solved

8/11/2012 - How to hunt a Basilisk and live to tell the tale

8/11/2012 - David Liebe Hart Band: La Rent Doesn't Want Me To Look At Porn

8/11/2012 - A woman and her pet Utahraptor go traipsing through the streets of Melbourne

8/11/2012 - uTorrent Quietly Announces Ad-Support and Gets Ready To Make a Bunch of Cash

8/11/2012 - Bad Luck Blackjack and the Ghost of Yuri Gagarin: Curious Superstitions Surrounding Space Missions

8/11/2012 - Sleek Eva Fruit Hanger Is Pun in the Kitchen

8/11/2012 - Watch a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPhone 4S Compete in a "Get Dragged Behind a Car" Test

8/11/2012 - Real-life fruit ninja slices watermelons by throwing playing cards

8/11/2012 - Brains in jars still remain in this abandoned Russian neuroscience laboratory

8/11/2012 - Drokk Yeah! Brand New High Res Dredd Photos!

8/11/2012 - Do You Use Your Phone As Your MP3 Player?

8/11/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Door at the End

8/11/2012 - The Mars Rover Landing, 281-Gigapixel Images, Accidental Mail-Order Rifles, iPhone 5 Mock-Ups, And More

8/11/2012 - If Marie Antoinette had owned a personal helicopter, it might have looked like this

8/11/2012 - Kinetic tornado-proof houses could duck underground

8/11/2012 - Google's Giving YouTube a Pass With Its New Piracy Provisions (Updated)

8/11/2012 - Stunning Hogwarts-themed dresses are high fashion magic

8/11/2012 - Stop Calling Sherlock a Sociopath! Thanks, a Psychologist.

8/11/2012 - Destroy Documents By Hand With This Minimalist Manual Shredder

8/11/2012 - Pledge your love across time and space with a TARDIS engagement ring

8/11/2012 - Mitt's VP App Unsurprisingly Fails At Its One Simple Job

8/11/2012 - Behold a Lego Curiosity rover built by a designer of the real Curiosity

8/11/2012 - Dracula and Frankenstein are rival kings in the webcomic Ultrasylvania

8/11/2012 - How to Watch Porn Online and Get Away with It

8/11/2012 - R.I.P. Carlo Rambaldi, the Special Effects Wizard Who Brought E.T. and Other Aliens to Life

8/11/2012 - 19th-Century "Coffin Torpedos" shot at would-be grave robbers

8/11/2012 - A sneak preview of Dragons: Riders of Berk and clones run amok on Gravity Falls!

8/11/2012 - Autonomous MIT Plane Turns a Parking Garage Into Its Own Personal Slalom Course

8/11/2012 - Prism Glasses Let You Read While Lying Down at the Cost of Looking Like an Idiot

8/11/2012 - The Best Meteor Shower of the Year Is Happening This Weekend—Here's How to Watch It

8/11/2012 - The FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Had a 'Doomsday' Device That Could Wipe Away All Evidence of Piracy

8/11/2012 - In 2010 Samsung Declined an Offer to License Apple's Patents. Oops

8/11/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Rotary Hearts, Skateboarding Goats, and Other Things That Should Not Be

8/10/2012 - Life on the Internet

8/10/2012 - Further Evidence of Samsung's Blatant iPhone Envy: Need More Bouncy Fun Stuff

8/10/2012 - Do You Password Protect Your Phone?

8/10/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Bane vs. Cable Guys

8/10/2012 - Download This iPhone Tethering App Before It Gets Pulled from the App Store

8/10/2012 - You Won't Believe What This GoPro Camera Captured Underwater

8/10/2012 - If Fonts Had Voices They Would Sound Like This

8/10/2012 - How Sports Photographers Shoot the Best and Hardest Assignment of Their Career: The Olympics

8/10/2012 - The Latest Source of "Profanity" in Schools: Daniel H. Wilson's Robopocalypse

8/10/2012 - Study shows "safety net hospitals" are often as good as affluent ones

8/10/2012 - Whirling Stairs, Low-Tech Typewriters, an OCD Coffee Maker and More

8/10/2012 - This Eye of Sauron cosplay will burn into your very soul

8/10/2012 - Science settles some decades-old debates about the best way to swim

8/10/2012 - The terrifying history of herbal abortion medicines

8/10/2012 - Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe (Chatroulette remix)

8/10/2012 - 19 Google Searches That Led People to Gizmodo Today

8/10/2012 - Cord Conquering Convertible Lounger Might Be the Comfiest Home Office Ever

8/10/2012 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventure Diary

8/10/2012 - Neil Gaiman and Felicia Day help narrate an awesome new fantasy audiobook by Ellen Kushner

8/10/2012 - Full Metal Jacket Diary, Cartoon Network, and More

8/10/2012 - Burner, Obama for America, and More

8/10/2012 - Would it be boring if we could live forever?

8/10/2012 - Current Caller ID, Scope, and More

8/10/2012 - Holograms could soon replace airport workers

8/10/2012 - A Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler That Thinks It's a Cup

8/10/2012 - Google Lays the Smack Down on Torrent Sites in Search Results

8/10/2012 - The Vodka So Dangerous You Should Never Drink It Straight

8/10/2012 - The Lego's Factory and Secret Vault Magical Mystery Tour

8/10/2012 - 100 Wonderful and Terrible Movies That Never Existed

8/10/2012 - This See-Through Microchip Can Mimic an Actual Human Organ

8/10/2012 - How to catch this weekend's Perseid meteor shower

8/10/2012 - First look at Russell Crowe as Sexy Noah, murderer of the Unicorns

8/10/2012 - Do You Still Have a Personal Blog?

8/10/2012 - Arctic megastorm is so powerful it's turning the ice cap into "slush"

8/10/2012 - Here Are Mark Zuckerberg's Nipples

8/10/2012 - What's the minimum safe distance from a supernova?

8/10/2012 - A first look at next week's issue of Green Lantern

8/10/2012 - Transforming Furniture Makes You Choose Between Sitting and Eating

8/10/2012 - The most scientifically inaccurate Mars movies ever

8/10/2012 - Too Bad These Stylish iPhone Cables Are About To Be Obsolete

8/10/2012 - This Syma Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter Is Your I-Want-To-Be-Ashton-Kutcher-In-The-Guardian Deal of the Day

8/10/2012 - Uncanny photographs capture beautiful birds as they struggle for freedom

8/10/2012 - This is perhaps the most beautiful footage of dolphins you've ever seen

8/10/2012 - Scientists discover stem cells responsible for big brains and higher functions

8/10/2012 - It's OK to Be a Hater Because Everything Is Bad

8/10/2012 - Is This Apple's New iPhone Dock Connector?

8/10/2012 - This Insane Nerf Blaster Can Fire Off 144 Darts in Under 30 Seconds

8/10/2012 - Phil Saunders John Carter Concept Art

8/10/2012 - Lenovo X1 Carbon: Holy Crap

8/10/2012 - Why doctors are treating allergies with parasitic worms

8/10/2012 - Bottle Cap Carabiners: Hang Hydration Anywhere

8/10/2012 - Bourne Legacy WTF?

8/10/2012 - First crazy trailer for the Red Dawn remake!

8/10/2012 - Future NFC Chips Could Be Printed Like Newspapers For Cheaper Gadgets

8/10/2012 - Unused Judge Dredd concept art says: "My codpiece is the law"

8/10/2012 - Say Hello To America's New Money-Minded Cyberweapon

8/10/2012 - Drunk Idiot Takes a Nap On Airport Baggage Belt And Gets X-Rayed

8/10/2012 - Unknown disease causes woman to grow fingernails instead of hair

8/10/2012 - Plate tectonics confirmed on Mars

8/10/2012 - Siri's Grandfather Is One Creepy Old Man

8/10/2012 - FTC Lets Facebook Off the Hook With No Fines for Repeatedly Deceiving Users About Privacy

8/10/2012 - Why a Two-Tone Unibody iPhone Makes Perfect Sense

8/10/2012 - Check out the world's most beautiful libraries

8/10/2012 - Bill & Ted 3 gets the Galaxy Quest director!

8/10/2012 - Slit-Scan Photographs Make for Psychedelic Photo Finishes

8/10/2012 - Nightlighter Optics Find IEDs Hiding in the Dark

8/10/2012 - These zombie Disney Princesses are downright childhood-ruining

8/10/2012 - Lowepro Pro Roller X200: A Pack Mule for Back-Breaking Camera Gear

8/10/2012 - Pontoon Treads Let This Tank Tear Across Land and Water

8/10/2012 - A Tiny RC Drone You Can Almost Stash In a Pocket

8/10/2012 - Who Knew an Oversized Sewing Box Could Make Such an Awesome Desk?

8/10/2012 - A history of space exploration as seen through TIME Magazine covers

8/10/2012 - Why do we fall for the flash lag illusion?

8/10/2012 - $110 Says All the New Kindles Are Coming Next Week

8/10/2012 - Why Joss Whedon's Exclusive Marvel Contract Could Actually Be a Big Deal

8/10/2012 - "Leaked" iPhone 5 Battery Seems Really Small

8/10/2012 - Indestructible Robot Inchworm Crawls Using Creepy Artificial Muscles

8/10/2012 - Confirmed: yo-yos are even cooler in space

8/10/2012 - On Second Thought: Microsoft Is Calling Metro "Modern UI Style" Now

8/10/2012 - Want to eat healthier? Use color coding.

8/10/2012 - Do we already know the release date for Avengers 2? Plus Catching Fire, Noah, and Kick-Ass 2 casting updates!

8/10/2012 - What Is This?

8/10/2012 - Dart Silenced Alarm Clock Is A Great Excuse To Sleep With a Nerf Gun Under Your Pillow

8/10/2012 - Scientists Discover Tectonic Plates on Mars

8/10/2012 - What Annoying Wi-Fi Dead Spots Do You Have in Your Home?

8/10/2012 - Watch NASA’s New Morpheus Moon Lander Crash and Burn

8/10/2012 - Court Filing Reveals Confidential Apple and Samsung Sales Figures

8/10/2012 - Samsung's New Exynos Mobile Chip: USB 3.0 and 1080p Video at 60fps

8/10/2012 - WSJ: Lenovo Working on Convertible Windows RT Tablet

8/10/2012 - Doctor Who Set Photos via WENN.com

8/10/2012 - UV Wristband Helps Prevent Sunbathers From Burning

8/10/2012 - Greedy Glitch in Pay-as-You-Go Phone Left Woman Over $40,000 in Debt

8/10/2012 - Sometimes Apple Commercials Just Aren't Any Good

8/10/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The Dead Do Durham, Usain Gets a Strain, and Goku Takes on All Challengers

8/9/2012 - NASA's Mohawk Guy Loves Mars and Memes in (Almost) Equal Measure

8/9/2012 - The Most Popular Samsung Phone Is Some Piece of Crap Called the Samsung Galaxy Prevail

8/9/2012 - Students Build Super Desktop Slingshot for Playing Angry Birds

8/9/2012 - Arrow Set Photos

8/9/2012 - The Walking Dead Zombie Pics

8/9/2012 - Skyfall Character Posters

8/9/2012 - Resident Evil: Retribution Images

8/9/2012 - The Olympics Uses Special Sand That Doesn't Stick to Beach Volleyball Players—Could They Ever Use Synthetic Sand?

8/9/2012 - Apple Retail Stores Will Price-Match iPhone Discounts Offered by Wireless Carriers

8/9/2012 - A new human species has been identified in Africa

8/9/2012 - Sonic Bug Repellants Don't Freaking Work So Stop Buying Them

8/9/2012 - Incredible discovery of Aztec skeletons in ritualistic mass grave

8/9/2012 - Natural Thing: Nobody Beats the Drum

8/9/2012 - Creepy robot fairies made from recycled parts

8/9/2012 - 1905 photographs of bulldogs dressed like humans were eerie and/or adorable

8/9/2012 - A Brand new Science Fiction Bookstore in Brooklyn — With a Mission to Save Classic Books

8/9/2012 - Fortify Your Boring Cubical WIth an Industrial Desk Organizer

8/9/2012 - This 1880s anti-masturbation armor = the ultimate codpiece for your retro Iron Man costume

8/9/2012 - Futurama finally shows us Bender's one actual ideal

8/9/2012 - Watch the first 10 minutes of The Awakening and witness a 1920s GHOST RAID!

8/9/2012 - Mobile Payments Are About to Become Standardized. Really Good or Really Terrible?

8/9/2012 - Zoom Q2HD gallery

8/9/2012 - Zoom Q2HD Review: Nice Mic, Forgettable Video

8/9/2012 - The Right Way and Wrong Way to Let Your Mind Wander

8/9/2012 - Smithsonian's National Zoo: Visit Pandas Without Trekking to DC

8/9/2012 - This weird scifi short perfectly captures the frustration of dealing with airlines

8/9/2012 - Custom-built Hoverbike prototypes are now available for purchase

8/9/2012 - Nike's Specially Designed Track Spikes Helped a Double Amputee Sprint in London

8/9/2012 - Science Fiction Movie Moments that Made Us Believe In Wonder

8/9/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Go For The Gold

8/9/2012 - And now, Curiosity's Myspace-inspired self portrait

8/9/2012 - Microsoft's "Metro" UI Is Now Just "Windows 8"

8/9/2012 - Spider lives in woman's ear for five days, everyone on the planet winces in unison

8/9/2012 - I Was a Teenage Hacker

8/9/2012 - Take Your Meds Or This Ultra-Expensive Pillbox Will Guilt You Into Remembering

8/9/2012 - iOS 6's New Wi-Fi Plus Cellular Will Keep You Connected

8/9/2012 - 15 Current Technologies We’ll Still Be Using in 2030

8/9/2012 - This Mars Rover Play Set Is Your Explore-Mars-Yourself Deal of the Day

8/9/2012 - Why look for life on Mars when you can make life on Mars?

8/9/2012 - Ask Bas Lansdorp, founder of the Mars One Project, about his plans to put humans on Mars by 2023

8/9/2012 - First Color 360-Degree Panorama Sent By Curiosity Rover Shows No Sailors Fighting In the Dance Hall

8/9/2012 - It's official: The origins of Doctor Who are becoming a TV movie

8/9/2012 - Leather Strap Packing Tape Really Classes Up Your Moving Day

8/9/2012 - The Toilet is Obsolete: How Science Is Redefining Waste

8/9/2012 - The Best Fan For Your Desk

8/9/2012 - Powdered Beer and Soda Makes Roughing It Not So Rough

8/9/2012 - Supposedly extinct snail is not dead yet

8/9/2012 - New clips from The Odd Life of Timothy Green show the problems with raising a dirt baby

8/9/2012 - A Perfume-Spraying Phone Is Definitely How Samsung Can Out-Innovate Apple

8/9/2012 - We don't talk about the woman with no arms in the woods

8/9/2012 - Why the guillotine was the first "egalitarian" execution tool

8/9/2012 - Architectural Building Blocks For Aspiring Frank Lloyd Wrights

8/9/2012 - 11 Hours of Hell: The Time I Was a Steve Jobs Movie Extra

8/9/2012 - Check out test footage from the Back To The Future: Part II hoverboard chase

8/9/2012 - Would you pay to be infected with diseases from celebrities? The trailer for Cronenberg's Antiviral thinks so

8/9/2012 - Three Strange Theories About Why America's Crime Rate Is So Low

8/9/2012 - A 500-pound Model Plane Tests the Next Generation of Aircraft Design

8/9/2012 - Whoaaaa, Here's the Largest 3D Map of the Universe Ever

8/9/2012 - American Cyborg documentary ventures into the pioneering world of basement body hackers

8/9/2012 - A Rotating Adapter Head Might Just Make This USB Ribbon Cable Worth It

8/9/2012 - Did you know the Joker once built his own utility belt filled with crap?

8/9/2012 - How Craig Newmark Went from Craigslist Creator to Internet Do-Gooder

8/9/2012 - The Inside Story on How NASA Invented Curiosity's Insane Landing System

8/9/2012 - Is This the Worst Gadget of the Year So Far?

8/9/2012 - ALF is getting his own movie

8/9/2012 - Evidence that Americans have been obsessed with caffeine for 1,000 years

8/9/2012 - A Tiny Keychain Tripod You'll Always Have On Hand

8/9/2012 - How astronomers use the world's largest x-ray generator to create white dwarfs on Earth

8/9/2012 - Find That Elusive Empty Taxi With This Handy GPS App

8/9/2012 - How to build a twinned rainbow in your backyard

8/9/2012 - Water May Not Be So Important for Life After All

8/9/2012 - Google Translate for Android Can Read Pictures in Foreign Languages Now

8/9/2012 - New Doctor Who set photos reveal unexpected guests for this year's Christmas special!

8/9/2012 - Samsung: We're Not Interested in Buying RIM, or BlackBerry Licenses

8/9/2012 - Digital DJs Can Say Goodbye to Wires Forever

8/9/2012 - Rad Sunglasses Made From Recycled Skateboards

8/9/2012 - Using Electrical Charge to Make the World Feel Different

8/9/2012 - Physicists Claim It Would Be Impossible to Nuke an Earth-Killing Asteroid

8/9/2012 - Counterpoint: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Using iMessage

8/9/2012 - Doctor Who Set Photos

8/9/2012 - How a Fake Erotic Fiction eBook Hit the Top 5 of iTunes

8/9/2012 - Does Cybersex Count as Cheating?

8/9/2012 - Nikon 1 J2: Nikon Updates Its Cute Beginner System Camera By Hardly Updating It at All

8/9/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Stevie Ray Does El Mocambo, Jim Carrey Does Stand Up, and Bob Dylan Does the Dead

8/8/2012 - How Much It Cost to Design Famous Logos

8/8/2012 - 17-Year-Old Speed-Texting Champion Does it Drrrty (UPDATED)

8/8/2012 - Now Everyone Is Free to Join Pinterest, No Invite Needed

8/8/2012 - tablet 2 gal

8/8/2012 - Warehouse 13 Episode 4.05 Promo Photos

8/8/2012 - David Bowie: Life on Mars

8/8/2012 - Warehouse 13 Episode 4.04 promo images

8/8/2012 - Robot & Frank "Ads"

8/8/2012 - Picture of the Day: August 8, 2012

8/8/2012 - Hot damn, this book is pure geeky fun

8/8/2012 - A News Broadcast Reenacted Olympic Highlights with Lego

8/8/2012 - Breakthrough "genetic circuits" bring us closer to synthetic human cells

8/8/2012 - Singaporean ad campaign promotes sex in this awkward music video

8/8/2012 - Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Looks Like a Tablet, Behaves Like a PC

8/8/2012 - McAfee Is Going to Blur Your Facebook Pictures And Make Them Impossible to Download

8/8/2012 - Ditch That Old, Bulky Lamp for a Sleeker Piece of Lighting

8/8/2012 - How to make any room look more science fictional

8/8/2012 - Gorgeous Coffee Maker Is More Obsessed About Water Temperature Than You Are

8/8/2012 - 10 TV Shows that Survived After Their Original Showrunners Left

8/8/2012 - Would You Spend Two Bills to Monitor Your Personal Environment for Boogeymen?

8/8/2012 - In elementary school, these eerie dioramas would've won you a trip to the child psychiatrist

8/8/2012 - Ben Affleck to direct the Justice League movie?

8/8/2012 - How Do You Count Parallel Universes?

8/8/2012 - Study shows that robots suffer from sexism

8/8/2012 - A Multitool Designed For Any Bartending Emergency

8/8/2012 - A Timeline that Shows How Recent Science Fiction Has Changed Future History

8/8/2012 - This Letter Opener Is Made From All Your Old Junk Mail

8/8/2012 - A disease that can literally scare people to death

8/8/2012 - Monster hunter spent 26 years seeking the Loch Ness Monster. Here's his best photo of Nessie

8/8/2012 - 10 of History's Most Beautiful Typewriters

8/8/2012 - A first look at an upcoming issue of Dark Horse's psychic espionage comic, Mind MGMT

8/8/2012 - Synthetic Food, Smart Pills and... Kangaroo Butlers?

8/8/2012 - 14 Things That Happened While You Were Blinking

8/8/2012 - The Best of Recent Fantasy Literature: the Mythopoeic and World Fantasy Awards

8/8/2012 - Newton MV² Racing Flat Review: Hybrid Footwear That's Halfway Good

8/8/2012 - Nope, these birds are not lesbians

8/8/2012 - Where Is This Beautiful Table Hiding an AirPlay Speaker?

8/8/2012 - Guy Orders TV from Amazon, Gets Giant Assault Rifle Instead

8/8/2012 - This Avengers Hulk Smash Fist Combo Is Your You-Wouldn't-Like-Me-When-I'm-An-Overused-Catchphrase Deal of the Day

8/8/2012 - What it's like to turn into a robot at work — literally

8/8/2012 - How US Troops Abroad Got Screwed Out of Olympics Coverage

8/8/2012 - The Philosophical Roots of Science Fiction

8/8/2012 - Google Search Results Can Pull From Your Gmail Now

8/8/2012 - Futurama art brings Kif, Morbo and Lrrr into harsh reality

8/8/2012 - Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review: Your Own Private Predator

8/8/2012 - These TARDIS tights leave little to the imagination, are not Dalek-proof

8/8/2012 - Annoying Political Ads Are Invading Pandora

8/8/2012 - Intel Is Taking a Trip Around the World and You're Invited

8/8/2012 - Last month was America's hottest on record. As in ever.

8/8/2012 - Stackable Battery Packs Provide as Much Power as You Can Carry

8/8/2012 - This is history's greatest news article about someone shooting a shotgun full of peas

8/8/2012 - Why "utility fogs" could be the technology that changes the world

8/8/2012 - Talk to the Outlook Engineering Team Right Here, Right Now

8/8/2012 - As many as 30% of cats are stone cold killers

8/8/2012 - Curiosity Opens Her Eyes for the First Time (Updated With Panorama Images)

8/8/2012 - Newton MV2 gallery

8/8/2012 - The Weird History of Amnesia

8/8/2012 - Protect Your Last Piece Of Sushi With Nunchaku Chopsticks

8/8/2012 - Hawkeye isn't thrilled he spent most of The Avengers as Loki's meat puppet

8/8/2012 - This Lovely Lighting Perfectly Complements a Spiral Staircase

8/8/2012 - We need more NASA Curiosity rover toys, and we need them now

8/8/2012 - What's on your 6-months-until-the-end-of-the-world bucket list?

8/8/2012 - Mythological beasts, drawn in the style of old biology textbooks

8/8/2012 - Watch the Insane Special Forces Raid Against Kim Dotcom

8/8/2012 - The X-47B Doesn't Need A Pilot to Land on an Aircraft Carrier

8/8/2012 - Hydroponic Garden Blends Into Your Kitchen For Year Round Herbs

8/8/2012 - The Army's Gigantic 300-Foot Drone Blimp Is Alive Over New Jersey

8/8/2012 - Only select theaters will screen The Hobbit's insane new high-frame-rate version

8/8/2012 - Why You Really, Really, Really Need AppleCare on That Retina MacBook Pro

8/8/2012 - Are you sick of the digital "self monitoring" movement? Then you need these.

8/8/2012 - Burner: Stop Worrying About Creeps Calling

8/8/2012 - The billionaire genius who Tony Stark is based on wants humans on Mars within 15 years

8/8/2012 - You Can Actually Afford Dell's Probably Awesome 27-Inch UltraSharp Monitor

8/8/2012 - Chinese inventor builds spherical "Noah's Ark," tests it Jackass style

8/8/2012 - Where To Get the New iPad for $50 Cheaper

8/8/2012 - Grey parrots shown to have the reasoning skills of toddlers

8/8/2012 - Burner Gallery

8/8/2012 - Flying Message Writer: Your Own Miniature Goodyear Blimp

8/8/2012 - What Microsoft's Surface 2 Hires Might Tell Us About Surface

8/8/2012 - Robocop adds Omar from The Wire. Plus More Intriguing Set Reports and Photos from The Wolverine!

8/8/2012 - A Deck Chair For Those Who Trust in Science

8/8/2012 - This Is How the iPad Mini Might Look Next to the iPad

8/8/2012 - This 281-Gigapixel Image Depicts an Entire Animal at the Cellular Level

8/8/2012 - Verizon's Secret Shared Data Plans (Updated)

8/8/2012 - Court Decides Warrantless Wiretapping Is OK

8/8/2012 - Internet Archive Offers Up Hundreds of Free Movies as Torrents

8/8/2012 - Conan Comedy Clip Satirizes Samsung's Apple Jealousy

8/8/2012 - Watching a Chinese Bootleg Copy of The Avengers with Subtitles Is Unbelievably Hilarious

8/8/2012 - Here Is the Entire 132-Page Samsung Internal Report Apple Released into Evidence Today

8/8/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Foxy Ladies, Cockney Zombies, and Super Duper Super Heroes

8/7/2012 - Falling Skies - 2.10 Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Alphas - 2.07 Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Alphas - 2.06 Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Alphas - 2.05 Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Alphas - 2.04 Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Skyfall - Set Photos

8/7/2012 - The Wolverine - Set Pics

8/7/2012 - Beauty and the Beast - Premiere Promo Pics

8/7/2012 - Is It OK to Check Your Phone When You're on a Date?

8/7/2012 - Why Are All the Olympic Athletes Wearing Bright Green Shoes?

8/7/2012 - Wannabe Copycat Gunman Tweets Threat of Broadway Theatre Massacre, Twitter Refuses to Cooperate with Cops (UPDATED)

8/7/2012 - Google Is Just Full of Crap

8/7/2012 - Apple Really Doesn't Know How to Fix Its Massive Security Exploit

8/7/2012 - For $5,000, you can own a terrifying band of hillbilly robots

8/7/2012 - Obama's New iPhone App Is Questionably Loose With User Data and Privacy

8/7/2012 - Godzilla, Gambit, and Scott Pilgrim are coming to your comic store this week

8/7/2012 - Artificial "floating" islands could replace the sinking Maldives

8/7/2012 - Concept art for Disney's Frozen movies shows off our new Snow Queen

8/7/2012 - A MacBook Pro Case That's Arguably Cooler than the MacBook Pro Itself

8/7/2012 - Six Earth Cities That Will Provide Blueprints for Martian Settlers

8/7/2012 - Bane could have been much more badly disfigured in The Dark Knight Rises

8/7/2012 - Jon Stewart Is In Awe of the Mars Rover Like the Rest of Us

8/7/2012 - Lightspeed Presents . . . "The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species," by Ken Liu

8/7/2012 - Get some original fantasy art from the great Kiri Moth!

8/7/2012 - Aviiq Ready Clips USB Cables Review: Stylish But Stiff

8/7/2012 - Before They Were Famous: Best Science Fiction Cameos by Today's Stars

8/7/2012 - New Yorker: The Old Faithful Mag Lands on the iPhone

8/7/2012 - Turn Your Phone Into a PS Vita That Has Games You Want To Play

8/7/2012 - Joss Whedon to direct Avengers 2 and develop a new TV show

8/7/2012 - 9 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Keep Your Online Identity Secure

8/7/2012 - Urban Gardens that Are Also Beautiful Art Projects

8/7/2012 - True Blood Ad says everything we ever could about this show with one image

8/7/2012 - How Humans Kept Time At the Olympics Before Machines Did All the Work

8/7/2012 - The Chemical Brothers turn Olympic cycling into Tron

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8/7/2012 - aviiq gal

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