12/31/2012 - This Is What The New Year Looked Like in 1957

12/31/2012 - Should the Internet Be a Utility?

12/31/2012 - Looking Back at 2012 with io9!

12/31/2012 - NASA's Curiosity Rover Has a Special Message for You This New Year

12/31/2012 - Newly discovered mega-tooth could belong to one of the biggest dinosaurs ever

12/31/2012 - Musicplayr Gallery

12/31/2012 - Musicplayr: Here's Your New Year's Eve Playlist

12/31/2012 - Robocop Set Photos

12/31/2012 - Pay Homage to Two Hip Hop Legends With Biggie and Tupac Snowboards

12/31/2012 - Every Batman Actor's Face Morphed into One Perfect Bruce Wayne

12/31/2012 - Superman in Bondage: The Kinkiest Kryptonian Comics Covers Ever Published!

12/31/2012 - Continuum Episode 1.01 Promo Pictures

12/31/2012 - Continuum Season 1 Cast Photos

12/31/2012 - The 10 Most Important Gadgets of 2012

12/31/2012 - Birds' brains respond to music the same way human brains do

12/31/2012 - 12 Tech Heroes of 2012

12/31/2012 - The Coolest and Wrongest Spoilers of 2012

12/31/2012 - The new greatest G.I. Joe figure of all time isn't made by Hasbro

12/31/2012 - Watch The New Year Roll In By Creeping On Strangers' Instagram Pictures

12/31/2012 - The Truth About the Culper Ring, the First U.S. Spy Family — and the Real Agent 355

12/31/2012 - Thank goodness for a YA heroine who doesn't have a romance

12/31/2012 - 63 Essential Things to Learn Before 2012 Ends

12/31/2012 - 10 Science Fiction TV Characters We Hope Will Die in 2013

12/31/2012 - This Is Why You Don't Donate Sperm on Craigslist

12/31/2012 - Smartphone Camera Features That Need to Appear In 2013

12/31/2012 - Does the cooking process really de-booze the alcohol in your dishes?

12/31/2012 - Samsung Rumored to Release Open-Source, Tizen-Based Phone in 2013

12/31/2012 - This Week's TV: 10 of Your (Possibly) Favorite Shows Are Back!

12/31/2012 - How To Set Off New Years Fireworks Without Losing a Hand

12/31/2012 - Watch ants slip and slide to their doom inside this ingenious carnivorous plant

12/31/2012 - This Back to the Future/Doctor Who mash-up is just so damn perfect

12/31/2012 - The Most Baffling Pop Culture Moments of 2012

12/31/2012 - Windows 8 Hybrids: $750 Netbooks That Just Aren't Worth It

12/31/2012 - Man stuffs Denny's entire Hobbit menu down his Hobbit-hole

12/31/2012 - Adventures in the Forbidden Zone: The Best of io9's 2012 Longreads!

12/31/2012 - Felix Baumgartner's Got Nothing on This Free-Falling Kitty

12/31/2012 - Report: The TV Revolution Is Here, and It's Led By... Intel?

12/31/2012 - Pirated App Community Hackulous Suddenly Shuts Its Doors

12/31/2012 - Tons More Hints for Tom Cruise's Oblivion. Plus the Lowdown on Doctor Who's Season Finale!

12/31/2012 - The Biggest Tech Screw-Ups of 2012

12/31/2012 - The Gauntlet Is Down: LG Unveils 4K and OLED Sets for 2013

12/31/2012 - The SC: Six Bingers What Cost More Than Your Rent, Maybe Your Car

12/30/2012 - Best of the Week: December 22-28, 2012

12/30/2012 - Watch Out: Your New Year's Midnight Delivery Messages on Facebook Aren't Private (Updated)

12/30/2012 - Cyborg cockroach does what you tell it on Twitter

12/30/2012 - The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist

12/30/2012 - Report: A Huawei Partner Offered To Sell a Whole Bunch of Embargoed HP Gear to Iran

12/30/2012 - The Greater Midwestern Squidowl wishes you a tentacle-filled new year

12/30/2012 - Did This Elephant Actually Eat This Poor Tourist's iPhone?

12/30/2012 - A Massive, Interactive Chart of All of Zeus' Offspring and Affairs

12/30/2012 - This Miniature Marble Machine Is Majorly Mesmerizing

12/30/2012 - Ethereal photos of the spirit that haunts Russia's underwater crystal cave

12/30/2012 - The Real Story Behind Neil Armstrong's History-Making Line

12/30/2012 - Welcome to Galaxy NGC 922... mind the black holes!

12/30/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

12/30/2012 - Jack the Giant Slayer Images

12/30/2012 - Last Resort Episode 1.11 Promo Photos

12/30/2012 - The Most Dangerous Part of Using Electronics on a Plane Is the FAA's Rules Against It

12/30/2012 - Pixar animator tries to create 365 superhero designs

12/30/2012 - Watch the insane neck fighting in this vicious giraffe duel

12/30/2012 - 90 of the world's rarest animals are in a North England field

12/30/2012 - What Was the Best Gadget You Ever Got For Christmas?

12/30/2012 - How does Captain America cope with modern life? By keeping a diary comic

12/30/2012 - Oh God, Here Come the Private Security Drones

12/30/2012 - This Rocket Blast-Off Is the Farewell Your Christmas Tree Deserves

12/30/2012 - Can you spot the animals hidden in these wildlife photos?

12/30/2012 - Snowy Space Invaders "crop circle" appears on a French hillside

12/30/2012 - These Pantone Color Swatch Scarves Can Match Anything

12/30/2012 - No, David S. Goyer is not directing a live-action Hellsing movie

12/30/2012 - At this tattoo parlor, Alien and Predator are actually pretty good pals

12/30/2012 - Here Are the 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2012

12/30/2012 - Picard vamps, Worf sings, and Riker makes out with the camera in this Next Generation blooper reel

12/30/2012 - Watch This Trailer for the PBS Show About Silicon Valley

12/30/2012 - 18 Predictions for the Year 2013 from Science Fiction Stories

12/30/2012 - Ireland Has Some Awesome-Looking Water Towers

12/30/2012 - This mystery writers' prank would make an incredible sociological experiment

12/29/2012 - Watch an RC Car Fly Through a Flaming Hydrogen Balloon Explosion

12/29/2012 - Disasterpiece: Majesty

12/29/2012 - The Lost Sword-And-Sorcery Classic From the Art Director of Star Wars

12/29/2012 - Would You Want To Use Your NFC-Enabled Phone As Car Keys?

12/29/2012 - Must-Watch Video of the Day: Life-Size Superman Flies Over the Beach

12/29/2012 - Batman bookshelves will keep your books safe at night

12/29/2012 - Tarantino's third alternate history movie will be a much bloodier version of Red Tails

12/29/2012 - The ITC's Proposing Some Rough Sanctions Against Patent-Infringing Samsung Phones

12/29/2012 - Glow-in-the-Dark Fringe poster reveals the alternate universe when the lights go out

12/29/2012 - What Are Your Biggest Hopes for the Gadgets of 2013?

12/29/2012 - This Tiny Hover-Disc Can Be Driven Around with Nothing but Lasers

12/29/2012 - The stop-motion Doctor Who Puppet also saved Christmas this year

12/29/2012 - 13 Technologies You Won’t See in 2013

12/29/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Farmer Makes a Trade with Aliens

12/29/2012 - Which type of dinosaur meat would be the tastiest?

12/29/2012 - Eric Idle rewrites Monty Python's "Galaxy Song" to celebrate the wonders of biology

12/29/2012 - Shark Tank Chaos, 40 Hacks for Great 2013, Randi Zuckerbergs Facebook Freakout, And More

12/29/2012 - A fun animated short about a guy with the most boring job in the Alien universe

12/29/2012 - Finally, A Bottle That Can Store Sound

12/29/2012 - What if Disney's princess movies were horror stories?

12/29/2012 - Blueprints of the Rebel ships from the Star Wars Battle of Yavin

12/29/2012 - South Korea Wants to Block Swearing and Porn on Teenagers' Phones

12/29/2012 - Don't pirate John Dies at the End or you will spontaneously (and violently) explode

12/29/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: Spindrift is one of this year's most gorgeous fantasy webcomics

12/29/2012 - Hubble-print dresses, skirts, and scarves let you wear your space porn everywhere

12/29/2012 - This Crazy Map Has One Dot for Every Person in the United States

12/29/2012 - Charlie the Unicorn is back, and this time he's battling singing millipedes on the moon

12/29/2012 - Tron taggers, Spike assumes a Wookiee Life Debt on My Little Pony, plus Gotham Girls!

12/29/2012 - The FCC is Helping More Airlines to Get In-Flight Wi-Fi

12/29/2012 - Watch This Guy Put Out a Boat Fire with Sheer Awesomeness

12/28/2012 - Watch Randi Zuckerberg Have a Facebook Freakout Over Her Photo Going Viral

12/28/2012 - How America's First Delta Wing Fighter Prevented WWIII

12/28/2012 - Site Accuses Women of Prostitution, Demands Money to Take Their Private Information Down

12/28/2012 - This 1960s Gadget Is More Kid-Friendly Than Today's

12/28/2012 - True facts about the anglerfish

12/28/2012 - Alkaline Trio: Jaked on Green Beers

12/28/2012 - The Mystery of Clouds That Glow at Night

12/28/2012 - Alison Brie As Captain America: Now this is the gender-swapped Avengers we want!

12/28/2012 - Archaeologists Think Hidden Imperial Tomb May Be Too Deadly to Explore

12/28/2012 - Absolutely Stunning Concept Art of Paris 2084

12/28/2012 - A MUJI Hard-Cover Suitcase Is Your Excuse For a Vacation

12/28/2012 - The Tragic Story of the First Man Who Separated Conjoined Twins

12/28/2012 - Richard Feynman waxes scientific about a flower, touches your freaking soul

12/28/2012 - The Secret Origins of the Chicken Nugget

12/28/2012 - A Good First Stab at a Vampire Diaries Drinking Game (Disguised as a Workout Routine)

12/28/2012 - Chainsaw Fight? Chainsaw Fight!

12/28/2012 - Battery Status: Always Know How Much Juice You've Got

12/28/2012 - The Absolute Best Optical Illusions of 2012

12/28/2012 - This Spooky Google Car Is Driving Itself

12/28/2012 - 12 Ways to Swim Without Water

12/28/2012 - J.J. Abrams grants a dying Star Trek fan's final wish

12/28/2012 - What's the penalty for smuggling dinosaur bones? A lot more than you'd think

12/28/2012 - The Year in NSFW!

12/28/2012 - What Happens When You Get Alcohol Poisoning?

12/28/2012 - The Answer is Just a Click Away

12/28/2012 - Gerry Anderson or Michelangelo Antonioni? It's slightly harder to tell than you'd expect

12/28/2012 - Six Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Macy’s

12/28/2012 - If I Ever Get Rich, I'm Gonna Buy One of These Grills

12/28/2012 - Is this burrowing spider adorable or terrifying?

12/28/2012 - The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2012

12/28/2012 - This Fully Loaded Laptop Is Your Poor-Man's-Windows-rMBP Deal of the Day

12/28/2012 - Behold the world's most spectacular crater lakes

12/28/2012 - First look at the Young Justice cartoon's way overdue return

12/28/2012 - The Most Unrealistic Movies of 2012, According to Scientists

12/28/2012 - Django Unchained: What Kind of Fantasy Is This?

12/28/2012 - What makes people come back to life after being pronounced dead?

12/28/2012 - A Complete History of American Nuclear Explosions in 90 Seconds

12/28/2012 - Creationist textbooks are garbage, creationist textbooks are garbage, creationist textbooks are garbage

12/28/2012 - Mockingbird Lane is officially dead

12/28/2012 - Here's the scariest short film Guillermo del Toro has ever seen

12/28/2012 - 12 Lessons That 2012 Taught the Entertainment Industry

12/28/2012 - The Year in Broken Gadget Promises

12/28/2012 - Instagram Says 25% User Exodus Is Bullshit

12/28/2012 - Robots are stealing our womenfolk in the world's first sci-fi country music video

12/28/2012 - 7 Tech Resolutions for 2013

12/28/2012 - This Awesome Optical Illusion Will Twist Your Brain Into Knots

12/28/2012 - Everything You Need to Know about the Bizarre Genetics of Werewolves

12/28/2012 - Here's the earliest known map of the Gulf Stream, created by Benjamin Franklin

12/28/2012 - Woz Totally Loves Cycloramic

12/28/2012 - Senate Approves Warrantless Phone Tapping for Next Five Years

12/28/2012 - ILM reveals how they assembled the ultimate Avengers movie shot

12/28/2012 - Horrifying test footage from the live-action Marvin The Martian movie will ruin your day

12/28/2012 - Shout Out Louds release a record made entirely from ice

12/28/2012 - The History of the World in 1 Map and 176 Words

12/28/2012 - See a recreation of the experiment that discovered the electron

12/28/2012 - Audio Self-Destructs if It's Copied Too Many Times

12/28/2012 - Just how will Professor X lose his hair in X-Men: Days of Future Past!?

12/28/2012 - The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever (and How to Solve It)

12/28/2012 - How Many Gifts Are You Selling on eBay?

12/28/2012 - Wikipedia's Most-Viewed Articles of 2012

12/28/2012 - Department of Justice Launches HP-Autonomy Fraud Probe

12/28/2012 - How You Can Save Snapchat Videos Forever After You've Watched Them

12/28/2012 - The SC: Mechanical Mutts, Pale Blue Dots, and Your Token Hyperlapse

12/27/2012 - The First Gaming Console Made Christmas So Much Better

12/27/2012 - Come watch two hours of Matt Smith's Doctor Who with us on Saturday!

12/27/2012 - The Mind of a Chef: Go Inside the Delicious Brain of David Chang

12/27/2012 - The Greatest Science Fiction Porn Movies of All Time: 1961-1991 [NSFW]

12/27/2012 - Is One Pound Fish Man the Next Trololo Man?

12/27/2012 - The father of modern computing was also a poetry critic

12/27/2012 - Belle & Sebastian: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

12/27/2012 - How Much Do Americans Read? (And How Much of That is with eBooks?)

12/27/2012 - ULTRA FLESH

12/27/2012 - Support new original horror fiction from Ellen Datlow!

12/27/2012 - Why does Jaron Lanier hate the Web so much?

12/27/2012 - The Absolute Best Cosplay of 2012

12/27/2012 - This Origami Wine Tote Is A Great Gift For Holiday Hosts

12/27/2012 - Sex World!

12/27/2012 - Spermula Clips

12/27/2012 - Flesh Gordon Stuff!

12/27/2012 - Only Bruce Wayne can afford this ludicrously expensive Batman chess set

12/27/2012 - Cycloramic: An App That Automatically Rotates Your iPhone 5 to Make 360-Degree Videos

12/27/2012 - Check out the first four minutes of zombie-romance flick Warm Bodies

12/27/2012 - These photographs of nude dancers are absolutely stunning — and 100% SFW

12/27/2012 - Kid Finds Homemade Porn on Nintendo 3DS He Got for Christmas

12/27/2012 - Six Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Amazon

12/27/2012 - Great Quotes about Writing from Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin

12/27/2012 - Why The Venus Effect Has Been Tricking You for Centuries

12/27/2012 - The 10 Most Exciting Concepts of 2012—Where Are You?

12/27/2012 - A Rare Promo Code For Stylish People Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

12/27/2012 - The Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2012

12/27/2012 - 8-Year-Old Girl Finds A FREAKING GUN Inside of a Donated Christmas Present

12/27/2012 - First Look at Danny Boyle's Hypnotist Heist Movie, Trance

12/27/2012 - Barbarella Caps, Clips and Photos

12/27/2012 - Wild Dolphins Giving Gifts to Humans Is a Real Thing That Happens

12/27/2012 - Physicians in China treat addictions by destroying the brain's pleasure center

12/27/2012 - I Can't Get Enough of These Pictures Taken from Airplane Windows

12/27/2012 - Bangkok Is Basically the Most Popular Location on Instagram

12/27/2012 - Could the U.S. economy stop growing forever?

12/27/2012 - Engineer petitions White House to conduct a feasibility study on building the Starship Enterprise

12/27/2012 - SpaceX's Grasshopper Rocket Takes Off and Lands Vertically and Can Also Hover

12/27/2012 - 10 Things Kvothe Absolutely Needs to Do in Day 3 of Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles Books

12/27/2012 - How A Slot Machine Mechanic Flew 150,000 Miles Over 64 Days Without Landing

12/27/2012 - This is what it sounds like aboard the International Space Station

12/27/2012 - How Things Are Improving at Foxconn, and Why That's Not Great for Some

12/27/2012 - Before he was Batman, Christian Bale was Jum-Jum the Swedish boy from the Land of Faraway

12/27/2012 - Human Gene Patenting: Yes, Companies Can Own Your DNA

12/27/2012 - Gizmodo's Winter Reading List

12/27/2012 - The crocheted Dwarven Helm comes complete with beard, fabulousness

12/27/2012 - Amazon Sets Holiday Shopping Records Despite Making Half Of What It Made Last Year

12/27/2012 - Geese will tremble before the might of THE GOOSINATOR

12/27/2012 - 21-inch iMac 2012 (Thin) Review: Looks Only Get You So Far

12/27/2012 - Spider-Man cartoon to promote Spider-Man comics, just not... Spider-Man? Huh?

12/27/2012 - Are you boozing this holiday season? Try blunting hangovers with asparagus

12/27/2012 - This Is the Exact Date When Our Computer World Ends

12/27/2012 - Astronomer says all those Earth-like planets we're discovering are anything but

12/27/2012 - Seriously, How Does the Media Still Not Know How Facebook Works?

12/27/2012 - Watch sparklers duke it out with water and destroy a test tube

12/27/2012 - Find out why Kirk has so much to prove in Star Trek Into Darkness!

12/27/2012 - Toshiba Is Working On a Miniature Lytro Sensor For Your Smartphone

12/27/2012 - Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Images

12/27/2012 - Transect China in Half the Time Aboard the World's Longest High-Speed Rail Line

12/27/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The One with All the Awesome Classic Bluegrass

12/26/2012 - Baraka: Our Ridiculous World Will Blow Your Mind

12/26/2012 - A Few Reasons to Make it to the Comic Store This Week

12/26/2012 - The One Type of Music That All Parrots Everywhere Despise

12/26/2012 - Get This iPhone App With Secret Tethering Powers While You Can

12/26/2012 - Nico Vega: Wooden Dolls

12/26/2012 - One Full Hour of Proof that the Star Wars Episode VII Screenwriter Knows What He's Doing

12/26/2012 - Japan Tsunami's Floating Debris to Keep Hitting the Pacific Coast This Winter

12/26/2012 - Could a captive tornado power an entire city?

12/26/2012 - These Are the Best Android Apps of the Year According to Google

12/26/2012 - First trailer for BBC America's clone drama Orphan Black looks intriguingly insane

12/26/2012 - Card Lust: A Beautiful Excuse to Send Digital Notes

12/26/2012 - These pretty mushrooms can cure cancer — if they don't kill you in the process

12/26/2012 - Official Doctor Who stamps are the next best thing to a Time Lord message cube

12/26/2012 - What's worse: an all-powerful hero, or an all-powerful villain?

12/26/2012 - Wait, It's Too Late To Ask For This Awesome Butcher Block?

12/26/2012 - Did George Lucas copy Star Wars' opening catchphrase from an ad in a fashion magazine?

12/26/2012 - Why We Should Let the Robots Take Over

12/26/2012 - At last, Steven Moffat succeeds in making Doctor Who a "dark fairy tale"

12/26/2012 - Facebook Spam Everyone You Know a 'Happy New Year' Message Right at Midnight on January 1st

12/26/2012 - Six Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You at Target

12/26/2012 - Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall, 15 People Injured (Updated)

12/26/2012 - Amazon won't sell a self-published memoir that has Star Wars in the title

12/26/2012 - I'm a Tech Writer Thanks to This Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

12/26/2012 - Catwoman concept art shows off Selina Kyle's Catsuit that never was

12/26/2012 - These Cases For Your Shiny New Gadgets Are Your Deal of the Day

12/26/2012 - This perpetual beer machine is fake, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE CAN'T DREAM

12/26/2012 - Adorable monster necklaces have a hidden Joss Whedon joke in them

12/26/2012 - Why do mirrors reverse left and right, but not top and bottom?

12/26/2012 - Sonos Sound Bar Hits the FCC and May Land in Your Living Room Soon

12/26/2012 - How To Detox After a Day of Christmas Excess

12/26/2012 - William Shatner has a goatee, and we have entered the darkest timeline

12/26/2012 - 10 Sad People Who Already Broke Their Shiny New iPhones

12/26/2012 - What can we possibly learn from analyzing the Newtown gunman's DNA?

12/26/2012 - 5 Awesome Christmas Trees That Require No Tree

12/26/2012 - The 12 Most Epic Action Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy

12/26/2012 - In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream Because It's F*cking Noisy

12/26/2012 - Relive your favorite Doctor Who deaths in The Gallifreycrumb Tinies

12/26/2012 - R.I.P. Gerry Anderson, Creator of Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds

12/26/2012 - Scientists show that microbes from Earth can survive conditions found on Mars

12/26/2012 - Boeing's Concept SUGAR Plane Plugs In Like a Prius

12/26/2012 - Reminder: Spider-Man totally [REDACTED] today

12/26/2012 - When Apple Care Is Worth It (And When It's Not)

12/26/2012 - Yes, Virginia, There Is a Cthulhu!

12/26/2012 - Count every single failed joke in the Scary Movie 5 trailer

12/26/2012 - FINALLY: Obesity rates among America's impoverished children are actually declining

12/26/2012 - Steve Jobs' Yacht Is Free to Sail After Being Repossessed

12/26/2012 - Randi Zuckerberg Is Just as Confused by Facebook Privacy as You Are

12/26/2012 - 40 Tricks You Must Know for a Much Better 2013

12/26/2012 - Rick tries to save Carl's Christmas in the amazing Walking Dead Christmas Special

12/26/2012 - This Is Still the Best Apple Christmas Ad

12/26/2012 - Toshiba's New 20-Megapixel Image Sensor Is a Remnant of the Megapixel Wars

12/26/2012 - LG Unveils a Gigantor 100-Inch Laser Projector: You're Gonna Need Bigger Walls

12/26/2012 - The Stoner Channel: A Drummer's View of NIN, Devo Plays Paris, and Bob Dylan Takes a Drug Drive with John Lennon

12/25/2012 - This 200-Year-Old Mechanical Caterpillar Does Everything But Turn Into a Butterfly

12/25/2012 - Scrooged: The Ghost of Bill Murray Past

12/25/2012 - Monstrous AT-AT cloud stands guard over the sunset

12/25/2012 - Grab Some Nice Sweat Pants for Your Holiday Lounging

12/25/2012 - Meet the cheap facial-recognition system that will identify you everywhere you go

12/25/2012 - Here's an adorable baby elephant gallivanting around at the beach

12/25/2012 - Sky-Mining is dangerous enough, but when a Deep Storm comes, it's suicide

12/25/2012 - The Best "White Christmas": Otis vs. Elvis

12/25/2012 - California's marijuana boom is wreaking havoc on the environment

12/25/2012 - The Most Exciting Audio Advancements of the Year

12/25/2012 - Right now, people are living in a Mars colony — here's what it looks like

12/25/2012 - Xmas Camera: Deck Your Photos With Boughs of Holly

12/25/2012 - Why Damon's Latest Storyline is One of The Vampire Diaries' Best Ideas Ever

12/25/2012 - If you weren't scared of Doctor Who as a child, you missed out on a crucial experience

12/25/2012 - Stuff You Can Buy On Christmas to Enjoy on Christmas

12/25/2012 - J.J. Abrams turned down directing the new Star Wars movie

12/25/2012 - These Astounding Satellite Images Were the Best Bird's-Eye-Views of 2012

12/25/2012 - Answer Key: Metal Band or Microbe?

12/25/2012 - Holiday Pop Quiz: Metal Band or Microbe?

12/25/2012 - Medieval reenactors reveal the weirdest foods they've ever eaten at feasts

12/25/2012 - Behold the Smauglock: Half Sherlock, half Smaug, 100% Benedict Cumberbatch!

12/25/2012 - Minimalist posters explain complex philosophical concepts with basic shapes

12/25/2012 - How to Scientifically Explain Santa Claus to Your Children

12/25/2012 - Amazon Is Selling Stolen iPhones. Merry Christmas!

12/25/2012 - An Exclusive First Look at Timothy Zahn's New Star Wars Novel, Scoundrels

12/25/2012 - Top 10 Dumbest Evil Geniuses Of All Time

12/25/2012 - Gizmodo's 12 Worst Posts of 2012

12/25/2012 - The Apps You Should Download For Your New iPhone or iPad

12/25/2012 - The Apps You Should Download For Your New Android Hotness

12/25/2012 - Why do we blink more than we need to?

12/25/2012 - NASA's Recon Orbiter Is the Most Important Thing We've Ever Thrown at Mars

12/25/2012 - This TARDIS replica really is bigger on the inside

12/25/2012 - The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

12/25/2012 - Phantom Eye Syndrome: When People Without Eyes Can Still See

12/25/2012 - A view of Earth on Christmas morning, as seen from space

12/25/2012 - One small hop for SpaceX, a giant leap towards rocket reusability

12/25/2012 - A 1/109 Scale Model of the Saturn V Rocket, Made of Gingerbread

12/25/2012 - The 9 Worst Tech Buzzwords of 2012

12/25/2012 - The Best Games for Your New Tablet or Smartphone

12/25/2012 - We've Got Live Tech Support To Answer Questions on All Your New Gadgets

12/25/2012 - LG's 2013 Speaker Lineup Sounds Pretty Sweet No Matter How You Listen

12/25/2012 - Christopher Lee: A Heavy Metal Christmas

12/25/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Last Minute Gifts for Holiday Tokers

12/24/2012 - These Lab Assistant Robots Are Christmas Caroling

12/24/2012 - Silver Sony Pocket FM/AM Radio: As Good it Gets for a $12 Gadget

12/24/2012 - All Presents Should Turn Into Robot Santas

12/24/2012 - Is This Santa Claus' Home Entrance?

12/24/2012 - Chris Rea: Driving Home for Christmas

12/24/2012 - Pulp Scifi Under Japanese Totalitarianism

12/24/2012 - Cozy Up to an 8-bit Yule Log

12/24/2012 - NORAD Tracks Santa: Follow the Big Guy on Any Smartphone

12/24/2012 - Could your airplane be shot out of the air by lightning strikes?

12/24/2012 - Why America's Money Is the Best Money

12/24/2012 - Physicists propose a new theory about what would really happen if you fell into a black hole

12/24/2012 - Keep Your Feet Dry Year-Round With Stalwart Hunter Boots

12/24/2012 - Did John Milton invent science fiction?

12/24/2012 - Weirdest and Sexiest Costumes from the Original Star Trek

12/24/2012 - 5 Tools to Cope with Those Horrible Last-Minute Shopping Lines

12/24/2012 - The Hottest Space Porn of 2012

12/24/2012 - Sneak Peek of the Community Christmas special is covered in kittens!

12/24/2012 - Reminder: Companies Aren't Your Friends

12/24/2012 - Big Boi Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas Is the Best

12/24/2012 - First look at Sharlto Copley's mecha-man face in Neill Blomkamp's Elysium

12/24/2012 - Treasure in the Basement

12/24/2012 - There's a Class Action Lawsuit Against Instagram Because of Course There Is

12/24/2012 - How did the Arctic ocean get covered in thousands of delicate ice flowers?

12/24/2012 - This Isn't a Christmas Decoration

12/24/2012 - Why Robotech is the greatest love story of the 20th century

12/24/2012 - A third Roger Rabbit novel is coming!

12/24/2012 - 11 People Who Already Hate Their Christmas Gadgets

12/24/2012 - The Eleven Elite Rules of Movies About Computer Hacking

12/24/2012 - 8 Awesome* Teched-Out Christmas Sweaters

12/24/2012 - Brand new Star Trek Into Darkness photos include Cumberbatch in bondage!

12/24/2012 - And now, the best all-bike horn cover of the Evangelion theme song you'll hear all day

12/24/2012 - A Giant Mobile Phone From RadioShack Was a Merry Christmas in 1991

12/24/2012 - Researchers create a ‘trojan-horse’ virus to eliminate cancer in mice

12/24/2012 - Here's Enough iPad Christmas Magic To Warm Anybody's Cockles

12/24/2012 - This Week's TV: The Doctor Who-Related Event You Never Expected to See This Christmas!

12/24/2012 - How Third-Party Apps Are Taking Over iOS

12/24/2012 - Co(s)mic Sans may be the greatest font ever created ever

12/24/2012 - Game Of Thrones Was 2012's Most Pirated Show

12/24/2012 - Producer Caroline Skinner explains why Doctor Who is getting a new Companion for Christmas

12/24/2012 - These Machines Eat Forests

12/24/2012 - Get Organized: 15 Storage Products for Less Than $40

12/24/2012 - What the Future Looked Like 100 Years Ago (And 5 Predictions That Came True)

12/24/2012 - Neil deGrasse Tyson: Good at Science, Good at Busting a Groove

12/24/2012 - Incredible chemical reactions captured at thousands of frames per second

12/24/2012 - Report: Nokia's Windows RT Tablet Will Have a Surface-Like Keyboard Cover

12/24/2012 - You Won't Be Able to Buy the First Decent $100 Tablet

12/24/2012 - Pope says same-sex marriage is destroying the ‘essence of humanity’

12/24/2012 - Websites Skew Prices Based on Where You Live

12/24/2012 - Is This BlackBerry's QWERTY Savior?

12/24/2012 - J.J. Abrams drops major hints about the ending of Star Trek Into Darkness!

12/24/2012 - Rumor: Next iPad Will Look Exactly Like You'd Expect

12/23/2012 - Best of the Week: December 15-21, 2012

12/23/2012 - This Is Why Launching Fireworks From a Hot-Air Balloon Isn't the Best Idea

12/23/2012 - Photographs of wild animals in our natural environment: the Supermarket

12/23/2012 - The Professor Brothers: Prisoner Christmas

12/23/2012 - Bats might have flown their way into healthier, longer lives

12/23/2012 - Watch All of This Year's Space-Jumping, Head-Spinning World Records

12/23/2012 - Amazon's Culling Its Reviews, Mostly The Fake Ones

12/23/2012 - K is for King Kong vs. Kraken: A Monstrous Alphabet

12/23/2012 - LG Adds Google TV to Seven Sets for Smarter Channel Surfing

12/23/2012 - Archaeology exposes the forbidden eating habits of a bunch of 6th century monks

12/23/2012 - The Most Useless Machine Gets Even More Useless

12/23/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

12/23/2012 - Person of Interest Episode 2.11 Promo Photos

12/23/2012 - After Earth Website Images

12/23/2012 - Once Upon a Time Episode 2.10 Behind the Scenes Photos

12/23/2012 - These Skull-Thumping Headphones Are Literally For the Birds

12/23/2012 - This Argentinian tourist village sat underwater for 25 years

12/23/2012 - Do You Hate-Follow People on Social Media?

12/23/2012 - Shot-for-shot remake of the Man of Steel trailer is homespun magic

12/23/2012 - Snow Totoro may be cold, but he'll warm your heart

12/23/2012 - YouTube Took 2 Billion Views Away from Sony, Universal, and Others

12/23/2012 - One of the most majestic anatomy illustrations we've ever seen

12/23/2012 - Read a new Doctor Who story starring Harry Houdini and a race of Space Cuckoos

12/23/2012 - This Lucky Kid Has The Coolest Spaceship Bed Ever

12/23/2012 - As Commander Riker ponders, the Enterprise loses another member of her crew

12/23/2012 - Surreal Illustrations for Fairy Tales that Don't Exist Yet

12/23/2012 - Oh God, Huawei's Monster 6.1 Inch Phablet Spotted In the Wild

12/23/2012 - A Lovely Short Film About a Boy and the Robot He Can't Get Rid Of

12/23/2012 - Star Wars/A Christmas Story Droid leg lamp is a Major Award

12/23/2012 - The phenomenon that makes hands change color

12/23/2012 - Is Cloning the Key to Perfect Christmas Trees?

12/23/2012 - Stunning pictures imagine the starry night skies over cities after a global blackout

12/23/2012 - Explore the Universe From Your Couch With This Free, Stellar iBook

12/23/2012 - The Cartoon Martha Stewart Guide to a Merry Cthulhumas

12/23/2012 - This Musical Firewall Is Pretty But Won't Keep Your Network Safe

12/22/2012 - Hipster Santa Keeps His List In the Cloud

12/22/2012 - Sufjan Stevens: Get Behind Me, Santa!

12/22/2012 - H.R. Giger Tarot cards always predict an unsettling future

12/22/2012 - Hacker Leaks 300,000 Verizon Customer Records and Claims to Have Millions More (Updated)

12/22/2012 - What if E.T. was more like Alien?

12/22/2012 - Here's a Guide to Last-Chance Store Hours

12/22/2012 - Biologist proposes to his girlfriend using DNA fragments

12/22/2012 - The "Nice Guys" of Westeros are on OK Cupid and looking for love

12/22/2012 - Force a Little Christmas Cheer on YouTube Trolls with This Festive Censorship Browser App

12/22/2012 - How Much of Your Holiday Shopping Did You Do Online?

12/22/2012 - Ralphie teamed up with Flash Gordon in a deleted scene from A Christmas Story

12/22/2012 - On Fringe, we're laughing at the superior intellect

12/22/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Aerial Gas Station and Churro Stand

12/22/2012 - Best Buy's Got Some Free iTunes Money For All You Last-Minute Shoppers

12/22/2012 - These incredible landscape photographs were created under a microscope

12/22/2012 - Evil Apple Geniuses, Ways The World Could (But Didn't) End, Squeezing Boobs for Health, And More

12/22/2012 - Gandalf plays Effie Trinket in this goofy Hobbit/Hunger Games mashup

12/22/2012 - How My Little Pony's Equestria resembles Plato's utopian Republic

12/22/2012 - How would Joss Whedon's A Fistful of Wookiees perform at the box office?

12/22/2012 - The Brazilian iPhone Is Actually an Android Device

12/22/2012 - Dumb Ways for Zombies to Die: A Musical Tribute to The Walking Dead

12/22/2012 - Who Doesn't Need a Remote-Controlled Watermelon?

12/22/2012 - Star Trek portrait pancakes will go where many pancakes have gone before

12/22/2012 - The Best New and Short Webcomics of 2012

12/22/2012 - Oh, the world didn't end yesterday? Nutcracker Galactus will take care of that.

12/22/2012 - Memory worms shouldn't be handled barehanded in the latest Doctor Who Christmas special clips

12/22/2012 - Family Chaos on My Little Pony plus the horrors of Christmas Cartoon Specials

12/22/2012 - Flickr is Going Free for Three Months to Entice Instagram Deserters

12/22/2012 - These Weird Cartoon Faces Are All Drawn By an Algorithm

12/22/2012 - New York Cops Want to Catch Future Mass Shooters Online—Before They Snap

12/22/2012 - io9's Ultimate Gift Guide for 2012

12/22/2012 - The SC: Stereoscopic Skateboarders, Feynman's Flower Ode, and Obvious Observations Are Obvious

12/21/2012 - Moog Just Made Its Gnarly iPad Synthesizer App Way Better

12/21/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway Have a Sad-Off

12/21/2012 - Male Peacocks Get Laid By Getting Laid

12/21/2012 - Nine Stubborn Nail Houses Giving the Finger to Redevelopment

12/21/2012 - Addictive TV series you can mainline right now to escape the holiday blues

12/21/2012 - Can the Regular Use of Vibrators Ruin Your Manual or Oral Orgasms?

12/21/2012 - Happy holidays! Here are some rainbow party clouds!

12/21/2012 - The history of 20th century media, captured in one poignant photo essay about an old basement

12/21/2012 - Actually, THIS might be the worst movie of 2012

12/21/2012 - Melancholia: Our World Didn't End so Watch One That Will

12/21/2012 - This microbe is making you fat

12/21/2012 - How we've used bees to poison people — and get high

12/21/2012 - REM: It's the End of the World

12/21/2012 - Most Beautiful Items of the Week: December 14-21, 2012

12/21/2012 - Check Out This Awesome Image of the US Marines Firing Artillery At Night

12/21/2012 - Watching a face waggle at 1,000 fps is weirdly hypnotic

12/21/2012 - They're really making a live-action movie about Wile E. Coyote's favorite supplier, the Acme Company

12/21/2012 - How To Sound Smart at Your Holiday Party

12/21/2012 - TableTop Translator, Book of Sarth, and More

12/21/2012 - Mixlr, Grokr, and More

12/21/2012 - Christopher Lee has just released two heavy metal Christmas covers

12/21/2012 - Mobli, Flipboard, and More

12/21/2012 - Battery Status Gallery

12/21/2012 - Amazon's Amazing Free Overnight Shipping: The Best Gifts

12/21/2012 - ABC exorcises 666 Park Avenue from its schedule

12/21/2012 - This Nostalgic Laptop Sleeve Won't Let You Miss the Typewriter

12/21/2012 - The Best Science Fiction Music Videos Of 2012

12/21/2012 - Aladdin's Got Nothing on This Flying Carpet Chair

12/21/2012 - Insane collection of Avengers concept art shows Thanos in action

12/21/2012 - Amazing Last-Minute Gifts That You Can Buy Or Make Right Now

12/21/2012 - Gallery: Canon 6D Product Shots

12/21/2012 - Gallery: Canon 6D - ISO Test

12/21/2012 - Will the Star Wars comics start blowing chunks soon?

12/21/2012 - Eton Power Turbine 2000 Gallery

12/21/2012 - Eton Power Turbine 2000: Crank Your Dead Phone Back to Life

12/21/2012 - Summit grabs post-alien invasion thriller Revoc

12/21/2012 - New Orleans schools ban creationist curriculum, shun Texas revisionist textbooks

12/21/2012 - A Very Special Card Wishing You Happy Maya Non-Apocalypse Day!

12/21/2012 - Google's Making a Superphone with Motorola, But It's Not Going Well

12/21/2012 - Our Best Posts of 2012

12/21/2012 - Facebook Poke Gallery

12/21/2012 - The Power List: 22 People Who Supercharged Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2012

12/21/2012 - Of Course Robots Beat Humans at Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

12/21/2012 - Like humans, dragonflies are capable of focusing their attention

12/21/2012 - Poke: Facebook Just Cloned Snapchat (Update: Hands-on)

12/21/2012 - Netflix Will Finally (Probably) Publish What You Watch on Your Facebook Timeline

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12/21/2012 - The Winner of Our App Challenge Was Revealed at this Swanky GQ Event

12/21/2012 - Director Jason Reitman explains why Looper absolutely deserves an Oscar

12/21/2012 - Merging Hexapod Bots and Flying Quadrotors Is Humanity's Biggest Mistake

12/21/2012 - Win a super deluxe re-issue of Rush album 2112, plus a 2112 comic!

12/21/2012 - You Can Search YouTube for LITERALLY ANYTHING + "Rap" and Get Instant Sad

12/21/2012 - The Very Best GIFs of 2012

12/21/2012 - The Great Filter theory suggests humans have already conquered the threat of extinction

12/21/2012 - Spin Magazine Is Finally Dead, Long Live Spin Online

12/21/2012 - Showrunner Glen Mazzara leaves The Walking Dead

12/21/2012 - Christmas Cookies Are the Best Use of 3D Printing Yet

12/21/2012 - Is Amazon Working On Some Sort of "KindleCare"?

12/21/2012 - A Molecular Scientist Wrote This Marriage Proposal in DNA

12/21/2012 - 11 Reasons We Hope the World Actually Ends Later Today

12/21/2012 - This Record-Breaking Spinning Jump Is Even Crazier Than Felix Baumgartner's Space Fall

12/21/2012 - There's a New Site Just for 3D-Printed Gun Designs

12/21/2012 - Our 2012 Tech Company Report Cards: Who Flunked?

12/21/2012 - This Is How Cities Would Look at Night Without Lights

12/21/2012 - The First Moon Walk Practices Looked Pretty Ridiculous

12/21/2012 - That meteorite which blew-up over California last April is one of the rarest ever found

12/21/2012 - Visualizing 5 years of traffic fatalities: what is the deadliest time to drive?

12/21/2012 - This Self-Teaching Battery Sifter Sorts Cells Solely by Sight

12/21/2012 - Steve Jobs' Yacht Repossessed By—You Guessed It—Philippe Starck

12/21/2012 - How does Purple Urine Bag Syndrome relate to turkey?

12/21/2012 - Apple Let a Hilariously Fake "Halo 4" into the App Store

12/21/2012 - This awesome Hobbit concept art is an expressticket to Middle-Earth

12/21/2012 - The 13 Most Amazing Science Stories of 2012

12/21/2012 - Animoog V2 Gallery

12/21/2012 - Where we're going, we don't need roads, but we do need this official Back to the Future Lego set

12/21/2012 - These gorgeous colorized photos bring famous historical figures to life

12/21/2012 - 5 Ways Ereaders Are Still Better Than Tablets

12/21/2012 - The Air Force Used to Test Supersonic Ejector Seats with Drugged-Up Bears

12/21/2012 - The earliest defibrillation was done on a chicken

12/21/2012 - GE Just Pimped Santa's Sleigh

12/21/2012 - Child hides eggs in wardrobe. Eggs hatch deadly, venomous snakes. Because Australia.

12/21/2012 - NimbleTV Lets You Stream Your Cable Anywhere Without a Box (In New York Only for Now)

12/21/2012 - New Year's Noisemaker Breathalyzer Makes You Extra Annoying When Drunk

12/21/2012 - Could William Shatner play a crucial role on Doctor Who? And will we soon know the new Star Wars director?

12/21/2012 - Let's Hope Disney Can Save Star Wars Merchandise Too

12/21/2012 - This Portrait Spans Two Football Fields

12/21/2012 - Apple Crushes Universal Charging Project Over Its Use of the Lightning Connector

12/21/2012 - UPS Guy Steals an iPad Mini That FedEx Had Just Delivered

12/21/2012 - When DSLR Manufacturers Say Their Cameras Are Freeze-Proofed, This Is What They Mean

12/21/2012 - Why You Were Thinking About Instagram All Wrong

12/21/2012 - Bloomberg: HTC to Launch Windows RT Tablets in 2013

12/21/2012 - Hey Look The World Didn't End Today

12/21/2012 - The SC: Quentin Tarantino on Drug Wars, Clockwork Youth, and the Best Fights of 2012

12/20/2012 - Can Anyone Really Survive the Booby Traps in Home Alone?

12/20/2012 - Facebook's New Privacy Settings Are Here: This Is What You Need To Do Right Now

12/20/2012 - Here Are the Best Viral Videos of 2012

12/20/2012 - Should I Be Concerned That We Need Lube Every Time We Are Having Sex?

12/20/2012 - The Star Trek-Middleman Crossover You've Been Cautiously Excited For!

12/20/2012 - Instagram Admits It Screwed Up and Goes Back to the Old Terms of Service That Won't Sell Your Photos

12/20/2012 - Science Answers Whether Money Can Buy Happiness

12/20/2012 - Anthropologists are among the lowest paid and least respected scientists in the United States

12/20/2012 - This Weird Crystal Demonstrates a New Magnetic Behavior That Works Like Magic

12/20/2012 - Hell Yeah, Here's a BIG MAC Belt Buckle

12/20/2012 - China arrests 500 people for believing in tomorrow's Mayan Apocalypse

12/20/2012 - Mixlr: Host Your Own Radio Show From Your iPhone

12/20/2012 - Seth Rogen's apocalyptic comedy gets off to a good start: Killing Michael Cera

12/20/2012 - Is it really true that homosexuality can be explained by epigenetics?

12/20/2012 - Charting causes of death in America between 1970 and 2006

12/20/2012 - Mixlr Gallery

12/20/2012 - You Can't Replicate These Ultra-Rare Blade Runner Storyboards

12/20/2012 - The Absolute Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2012

12/20/2012 - This Giant Terrarium Lamp Is a Beautiful Bedside Prism

12/20/2012 - Rebuilding the Web We Lost

12/20/2012 - This Nazi Christmas party must have been the worst ever

12/20/2012 - Did fist fighting change the course of human evolution?

12/20/2012 - Yep, 3D Printed Records Sound Awful, But They're Still Pretty Awesome

12/20/2012 - New Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells Can Power Anything

12/20/2012 - This Snow Globe Timelapse Is Freaking Gorgeous

12/20/2012 - Do you want to set ice on fire? Let's do it!

12/20/2012 - Will humans continue to evolve during multigenerational space missions?

12/20/2012 - The Lego Back to the Future Set Is Now OFFICIAL!

12/20/2012 - Concrete Wine Bunkers Let You Get Drunk Even After the World Ends

12/20/2012 - Could this be next year's most haunting movie?

12/20/2012 - This Top of the Line Roku Is Your Dumb-TV-Has-a-Braiiin Deal of the Day

12/20/2012 - You can own a perfect replica of River Song's sonic screwdriver and diary!

12/20/2012 - Hey Australia, Is the World Over Yet?

12/20/2012 - Fox wants to make a quantum physics thriller, Theory Of Everything

12/20/2012 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2012

12/20/2012 - A Sobering Look At Our Cold Robotic Christmases Of Tomorrow

12/20/2012 - Gallery: Canon 6D Sample Images

12/20/2012 - The 100 Most Astonishing Images of 2012

12/20/2012 - Stop Misleading People On Twitter, You Idiots

12/20/2012 - Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring Box Was the Perfect Proposal For a Comic Book Nerd

12/20/2012 - The F-35B Stealth Fighter Descends Like a Wrathful God of War

12/20/2012 - First look at Tom Hardy as the new Mad Max

12/20/2012 - Make Your Own Reindeer Lunar Module

12/20/2012 - An AI that cannibalizes code to create its own video games

12/20/2012 - This Automated Land Mine Hunter Finds Its Explosive Quarry by Flailing About

12/20/2012 - Facebook Might Make You Pay To Send Messages To Strangers

12/20/2012 - 9 Joyful Ways to Demolish Your Favorite Genre

12/20/2012 - Live-action, stop-motion short Stanley Pickle is the most beautifully twisted thing we've seen all day

12/20/2012 - Miley Cyrus Cries Out for More Diverse Emoji

12/20/2012 - Once Upon A Time - 2.10 Promo Photos

12/20/2012 - Healthy Holiday Portion Sizes Just Completely Ruined Christmas

12/20/2012 - Would Edgar Allan Poe have made a great astronaut, or the greatest astronaut?

12/20/2012 - Yep, Those "Leaked" Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details Were Just a Dumb Mistake

12/20/2012 - That Polaroid Mirrorless Android Camera Is Real After All

12/20/2012 - Airplane Wi-Fi Gets Tested Using... Giant Sacks of Potatoes?

12/20/2012 - The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd is getting into anime with a Gaiking movie

12/20/2012 - The thought experiment that proved light has a speed limit

12/20/2012 - Win a Pair of Our Favorite Running Headphones

12/20/2012 - Holy mother of @#$%, Breaking Bad action figures are coming

12/20/2012 - The Best Craigslist Ads of the Mayan Apocalypse

12/20/2012 - Solar Snowboard Charges Your Gear When You're Done Carving

12/20/2012 - Headphones So Hot You Won't Even Care How They Sound

12/20/2012 - 8 Gifts for the Pop Culture Junkie

12/20/2012 - Lost Blade Runner storyboards will let you see things you wouldn't believe

12/20/2012 - Santa Claus Builds A Flying Machine

12/20/2012 - Exclusive: Corrupt Apple Store Employees Come Forward Across America

12/20/2012 - Walmart Is Running Out of Guns So Better Go There and Stockpile

12/20/2012 - George Takei reading 50 Shades of Gray is the sexiest thing you'll hear all day

12/20/2012 - A Simple Handle Redesign Keeps This Mug Extra Clean

12/20/2012 - Phoenix's new observation tower looks like a massive honey dipper

12/20/2012 - Flipboard Is Now On All Android Tablets

12/20/2012 - The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2012

12/20/2012 - MySpace Tom Is a Prick

12/20/2012 - Makerbot Is Finally Removing 3D-Printable Gun Designs

12/20/2012 - Amazon's New Sitcoms Look Like They Might Actually Be Good

12/20/2012 - Luckiest owl ever survives head-on collision with pickup truck

12/20/2012 - Supercut of Epic Movie Visions of the Future Looks Past the Apocalypse

12/20/2012 - Why Superconductors Are Insanely Amazing

12/20/2012 - There's a mysterious glow in this galaxy

12/20/2012 - 7 Ways the World Really Could End Tomorrow

12/20/2012 - S.H.I.E.L.D. finds its final agent. Plus tons of Doctor Who hints from Steven Moffat himself!

12/20/2012 - Do You Get Less Wet Walking or Running in the Rain?

12/20/2012 - Here's the Exact Part of Your Brain That Thinks About Sex (And Cars, And Baseball…)

12/20/2012 - These Massive Extinct Eagles Could Have Carried Off That Toddler's Dad

12/20/2012 - The Dark Side of Saturn

12/20/2012 - Tumblr Finally Launches Its iPad App

12/20/2012 - The FTC Is Overhauling Online Child Privacy Law

12/20/2012 - Tim Cook Is the Runner-Up in Time's Person of the Year

12/20/2012 - Internet Explorer Says the Mayans Were Right Because IE10 Is Actually Good Now

12/20/2012 - The SC: Jimmy Carter on Weed, The Science of Color, and How to Copy Cannabis

12/19/2012 - A humble, odd little movie that might make you happy for no reason

12/19/2012 - Squeezing Boobs Can Stop Breast Cancer

12/19/2012 - Gorgeous illustrations of what it would look like to stroll along Titan's methane rivers

12/19/2012 - This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Magic Trick

12/19/2012 - Why Does the Idea of Seeing My Partner Having Sex With Another Person Excite Me?

12/19/2012 - A Wireless Connection To Your PC Makes This Ancient Calculator Still Useful

12/19/2012 - I Wish I'd Had This Mini Fridge in College

12/19/2012 - American Horror Story Episode 2.10 Promo Photos

12/19/2012 - Fringe Episode 5.10 Promo Photos

12/19/2012 - NASA's brand new spacesuit prototype really does look like Buzz Lightyear

12/19/2012 - These Wires Can Stretch 800 Percent Thanks to Conductive Metal Goo

12/19/2012 - Jennifer Egan joins the million-dollar author club

12/19/2012 - The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to the Pacific Rim Trailer

12/19/2012 - Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Has Been Tentatively Invalidated

12/19/2012 - Non-Lethal "Pain Rays" Recommended for US Embassies

12/19/2012 - A virus that reprograms your pacemaker to deliver an electric shock

12/19/2012 - Become an Ominipresent Photo Critic With This Rule-of-Thirds Bookmarklet

12/19/2012 - Amazon Has Another Huge Security Hole

12/19/2012 - The bears who became test pilots during the Cold War

12/19/2012 - A Lady Grew Bones in Her Eyelids Because of a Dangerous New Surgery

12/19/2012 - seatgeek gallery

12/19/2012 - UGNazi Hackers Seize Another Westboro Baptist Church Hate Account

12/19/2012 - Grokr: One Psychic App For a Hundred Different Uses

12/19/2012 - Card Lust Gallery

12/19/2012 - Our Last Manned Moon Mission Splashed Down 40 Years Ago Today

12/19/2012 - Will we ever have cyborg brains?

12/19/2012 - A startup that will store your data in space — and on Mars

12/19/2012 - Who would win in a fight: Superman, or the Death Star?

12/19/2012 - Catch Gatchamania with the first live-action Gatchaman movie footage!

12/19/2012 - If You Can't Visit Barcelona, a Gaudí Pop Up Book Is the Next Best Thing

12/19/2012 - Feast your eyes on a jaw-dropping "Cosmic Holiday Ornament," courtesy of Hubble Telescope

12/19/2012 - Ten Bucks Buys a Sony Watchman, the iPhone of 1986

12/19/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc

12/19/2012 - Brooks PureDrift Review: Shoes for Minimalists Pushing Mileage

12/19/2012 - Over a hundred research chimps are set to be rescued and moved to a sanctuary

12/19/2012 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 1/8 to Discuss Gail Carriger's Soulless

12/19/2012 - The World's Scariest Robot Now Listens to Its Human Master

12/19/2012 - This Insane Life-Sized Lego Hobbit Bag End Is Made With Two Million Bricks

12/19/2012 - Are These the First Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details?

12/19/2012 - When will we finally have a world government?

12/19/2012 - This Mouse With a Brain Is Your Details-Make-The-Computer Deal of the Day

12/19/2012 - Xmas Camera Gallery

12/19/2012 - Here is your possibly leaked Star Wars: Episode VII plot of the day

12/19/2012 - The Best Small Tablet

12/19/2012 - I wrote a science fiction story, and parts of it came true by the time it got published

12/19/2012 - Oh Great, Augmented Reality Eyepatches Will Probably Lead To Super Pirates

12/19/2012 - Joss Whedon wanted the Wasp and an extra villain in The Avengers

12/19/2012 - Do you really know what kind of fish you are eating?

12/19/2012 - The Onion: Apple's New College Girl-Friendly iPhone Comes With a Pre-Cracked Screen

12/19/2012 - Grokr Gallery

12/19/2012 - Woman undergoes untested stem-cell wrinkle treatment, sprouts bones in her eyelid

12/19/2012 - Watch This Awesome Dog Driving a Car Through San Francisco—Then Adopt One This Holiday

12/19/2012 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Masterclass in Why 48 FPS Fails

12/19/2012 - A child’s treasury of 13 horrible Frank Miller comic panels

12/19/2012 - How To Make Your Own Dizzying Spinning Time-Lapse Videos

12/19/2012 - What Was Your Most Embarrassing Tweet?

12/19/2012 - Permanently Attach Your Shirt Buttons Without Ever Touching a Needle Or Thread

12/19/2012 - Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2012

12/19/2012 - Brooks PureDrift gallery

12/19/2012 - Destroying the internet is actually pretty fun

12/19/2012 - Nominate the Biggest Digital Fail of 2012, Win a Pair of GUNNARs

12/19/2012 - Twitter Kills Anonymous' (Semi) Official Account (Update: Back Online)

12/19/2012 - Map of the Pope's followers on Twitter confirms: Earth is rife with godless heathens

12/19/2012 - Could Someone Please Show Leica How to Make a Proper Lens Mug?

12/19/2012 - This Laser Weapon Got Five Times More Powerful in Just One Year

12/19/2012 - Buckyballs Is Clearing Out Its Banned Rare-Earth Magnets

12/19/2012 - Redband John Dies At The End trailer has boobs, drugs and frozen meat monsters

12/19/2012 - You'll Go Insane Trying To Understand How These Interwoven Gears Can Possibly Work

12/19/2012 - How many frozen poodles can fit in a hallway linen closet?

12/19/2012 - Brown-Nosing Gifts for the World's Best Boss

12/19/2012 - Airplane Wi-Fi Is About to Suck Less

12/19/2012 - Here's How To Download All Your Tweets Ever

12/19/2012 - Watch how the ground really moves during an earthquake

12/19/2012 - There's an Official Fix Coming For the Crazy Samsung Phone-Bricking Exploit

12/19/2012 - Google Play Books Gets "Read Aloud" and Other New Features

12/19/2012 - That crazy video of a golden eagle trying to make off with a toddler? Yeah, it's a fake.

12/19/2012 - So This Is How They Make Clouds, Hmmm?

12/19/2012 - Police Rescue Dog From Burning Home By Tasering Sword-and-Shield-Wielding Old Man

12/19/2012 - Nintendo Wii U's TVii Is Out Tomorrow—But with Some Major Missing Pieces

12/19/2012 - How To Sign Up for Redbox Instant

12/19/2012 - Five new planets discovered just 12 light-years away

12/19/2012 - The new Doctor Who TARDIS interior revealed!

12/19/2012 - Charles Dickens Turned His Dead Cat's Paw Into a Letter Opener

12/19/2012 - A gorgeous demonstration of Rayleigh-Taylor instability

12/19/2012 - A Stunning Four Billion Pixel Photo Is the Safest Way To Explore Mount Everest

12/19/2012 - Could Samuel L. Jackson be in Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. show after all?

12/19/2012 - The 90s X-Men Intro in Stop Motion: Pure Nerd Bliss

12/19/2012 - So How Exactly Do Snowflakes Become Frozen Works of Art?

12/19/2012 - Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planet Close to Us

12/19/2012 - Point and Laugh With—or at—LG’s Magic Remote

12/19/2012 - This Photographer Knows Exactly What You're Getting for Christmas

12/19/2012 - Math + Animated GIF = Nerdgasm

12/19/2012 - Netflix Encodes Every Movie 120 Different Ways

12/19/2012 - How Rental PCs Loaded With Spyware Snooped on and Photographed Their Users

12/19/2012 - Do People Really Not Know What Texting Is?

12/19/2012 - How to Back Up Your Instagram Pictures and Delete Your Instagram Account Forever

12/19/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Rick-Rolling Pianists, ETLians, and the Secret History of Snowflakes

12/18/2012 - Yet another sexy reason why robots will replace humans [NSFW]

12/18/2012 - Fringe - Finale Photos

12/18/2012 - Monsters University - Promo Pics

12/18/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Kiss

12/18/2012 - Here's Everything That Was Wrong with The Avengers

12/18/2012 - This Portrait Is Actually Hand Drawn with 2.1 Million Dots

12/18/2012 - It's Pretty Clear That We Want to Talk About Gun Control Now

12/18/2012 - Your Amazon Account Might Be Getting Scammed with False Replacement Orders and You Can't Do Anything About It

12/18/2012 - The Self-Published Space Opera Book Series That's Become a Best-Seller

12/18/2012 - National Geographic Is Suspending Posts on Instagram Because of Instagram's New Icky Terms of Service

12/18/2012 - Does technobabble give rise to pseudoscience?

12/18/2012 - This rare view of Saturn is among the most awe-inspiring images of the planet we've ever seen

12/18/2012 - Every episode of Game of Thrones season 3 will be "super-sized"!

12/18/2012 - This Awesome Destroyer of Worlds Is the Best Astronomy Image of the Year

12/18/2012 - This Week's Comics: Which is Cooler, Nazi Werewolves or Nazi Supervillains? Plus Brian Bolland's Judge Dredd!

12/18/2012 - Corvids: The Birds Who Think Like Humans

12/18/2012 - Yog: Find New Running Buddies

12/18/2012 - Within five years, IBM's smartphone will hear, see, smell, taste, and feel

12/18/2012 - The idea that we live in a simulation isn't science fiction

12/18/2012 - Would You Send Your Child to School With Body Armor?

12/18/2012 - Yog Gallery

12/18/2012 - Syfy postpones Haven season finale due to school shooting

12/18/2012 - This erotica book might actually be the year's most dangerous science fiction anthology

12/18/2012 - Instagram: 'We Don't Want To Sell Your Photos' (Updating)

12/18/2012 - This Steel Grill Fry Pan Is a Great Man Gift

12/18/2012 - Re-Wiring the Brain: The Science of Nexus

12/18/2012 - Marvel writer Dan Slott is getting death threats for the leaked ending of Spider-Man #700

12/18/2012 - That Crazy Innovative Lytro Camera Has Never Been Less Expensive

12/18/2012 - These Awesome Dudes in Denmark Are Building Their Own Spaceship

12/18/2012 - Tenba Roadie II HDSLR Backpack Review: An Unusual, Useful Video Gear Bag

12/18/2012 - The Six Best Instagram Alternatives

12/18/2012 - Trojan Is Handing Out Free Vibrators Again—This Time to All the Nerds at CES

12/18/2012 - 6 Essentials To Keep Your Holiday Party From Sucking

12/18/2012 - Watch Megan Fox Converse With Dolphins

12/18/2012 - Wrap Your Gifts In Free Crapping Paper and Totally Ruin the Surprise

12/18/2012 - The Decline and Fall of the Space Action Hero

12/18/2012 - Did Joseph Merrick, known as "elephant man," have Proteus Syndrome?

12/18/2012 - Best Video of the Day: The 1990s X-Men Cartoon Opening Recreated with Action Figures

12/18/2012 - Skitch 2.0.3 Gallery

12/18/2012 - Skitch Update Might Make Doodling on Screen Captures Fun Again

12/18/2012 - Share Doctor Who memories... and give to alzheimer's research

12/18/2012 - This Cheap Unlocked iPhone is Your $150-and-No-Contract Deal of the Day

12/18/2012 - Lasso Coatrack Is Probably Supported By Cowboy Sorcery

12/18/2012 - Google Accidentally Photographs Military Drone Landing

12/18/2012 - Could nuclear disarmament actually increase our chance of an apocalypse?

12/18/2012 - How QR Codes Work and Why They Suck So Hard

12/18/2012 - QR Gallery

12/18/2012 - Red band trailer for Storage 24 is like a gorier version of Doctor Who

12/18/2012 - Report: Automatic Video Ads (With SOUND?) Coming To Your Facebook Feed

12/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Ornaments

12/18/2012 - 24 Photographs Of Your Most Treasured Ornaments

12/18/2012 - Whoa, Is This Polaroid Mirrorless Camera Real?

12/18/2012 - Is it OK to Propose on Twitter?

12/18/2012 - What Frodo would have looked like as Gollum

12/18/2012 - Need Holiday Shopping Help? We're Here to Help—Live

12/18/2012 - 8 Signs That Pop Culture Is Finally Done With the Apocalypse

12/18/2012 - This is not a photograph

12/18/2012 - Falcon feeds a dog, and proves that predators make adorable friends

12/18/2012 - Monsters University banners reveal the villainous Monster Frat

12/18/2012 - Beats By Dre Headphones Are Going in Helmets Now

12/18/2012 - Go On a "Mission" With Your Nike FuelBand. Wait, What?

12/18/2012 - Finally, some scientific explanations for Rudolph's red nose

12/18/2012 - Winter is coming, and so is Game of Thrones: The Official Beer

12/18/2012 - 18 Adorable Videos of Kids Being Incredibly Excited About Christmas Gadgets

12/18/2012 - Digital Comics Finally Let You Pick Up Where You Left Off

12/18/2012 - How Much Would It Cost To Gift Wrap an Entire House?

12/18/2012 - Astronomer discovers three potentially habitable planets orbiting around one red dwarf

12/18/2012 - 5 Tips for Taking Holiday Photos You Can Be Proud Of

12/18/2012 - The Only Place on Earth Where You Will Be Safe From the Apocalypse

12/18/2012 - Smurfs 2 trailer goes to war for the soul of Smurfette

12/18/2012 - GE Built a Better Bus Battery

12/18/2012 - Lego is building an actual hotel (only partially out of Legos)

12/18/2012 - Why there's a "b" in the word "doubt"

12/18/2012 - Hip Gifts for the Non-Geeks in Your Life

12/18/2012 - Deformed skulls discovered in 1,000-year-old Mexican cemetery

12/18/2012 - Can Someone Please Make This Awesome Game a Reality?

12/18/2012 - Watch The Madness of a Truck Full of Live Cows Spilling Onto the Highway

12/18/2012 - Credit Card Skimmers Aren't Just at ATMs Anymore

12/18/2012 - The Total Recall remake vs. Resident Evil 5: Which bland sci-fi flick should you care less about?

12/18/2012 - The Tech Nerds Who Are Up for Time Person of the Year

12/18/2012 - How to Install an Escalator on the 101st Floor of America's Tallest Building

12/18/2012 - Is This the Job With the Best Views of the World?

12/18/2012 - Multi-Function Microwave Handles All Your Dinner Prep Except Buying Groceries

12/18/2012 - How to take care of a blind baby rhino

12/18/2012 - Jamie Foxx takes us inside the twisted mind of his Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain!

12/18/2012 - Pixel Art Backpack Lets You Decorate It Tetris-Style

12/18/2012 - What Is This? (Answer)

12/18/2012 - AT&T Defended Its 1970s Monopoly With Cartoons

12/18/2012 - NVIDIA's Tegra 4: Six Times as Powerful as Tegra 3, 1080p at 120Hz and 4K Video?

12/18/2012 - What Is This?

12/18/2012 - HTC’s Next Android Flagship to Pack a 1.7GHz Quad-Core Processor and 1080p Screen?

12/18/2012 - Scientifically Speaking, Would Following a Star Have Gotten Three Wise Men to Bethlehem?

12/18/2012 - Will We Have Cognitive Computers That Feel And Smell in The Next Five Years?

12/18/2012 - These Chilli Peppers Are Explosively Hot

12/18/2012 - Samsung's New Galaxy Grand Doesn't Quite Live Up to Its Name

12/18/2012 - SpongeBob Removed From App Store Over Privacy Concerns

12/18/2012 - Watching This Holiday Music Video on Multiple Smartphone Screens Will Make You Happy

12/18/2012 - The Ten Trendiest YouTube Videos of 2012

12/18/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Ten Jackie Chan Stunts, Two Guys Riding the Red Wave, and One Night in Stockholm

12/17/2012 - Apple Has Been Denied a Permanent Sales Ban on the Samsung Phones and Tablets That Infringed on Apple's Patents

12/17/2012 - The University of Oxford Needs Your Help Playing Guess Who with the Serengeti's Wildlife

12/17/2012 - Pretty Much Every Holiday Party Ever

12/17/2012 - Would You Pay 300 Bucks for a Radio?

12/17/2012 - The Buddha Machine 4 Achieves Auditory Transcendence

12/17/2012 - Can STIs Be Transferred From Oral Sex?

12/17/2012 - Two futuristic ways to give classic SF novels for the holidays

12/17/2012 - Bird Skull Jewelery for Ornithological Fashionistas

12/17/2012 - And now, the world's oldest educational film

12/17/2012 - The Secret Behind The Hobbit's Epic Sound

12/17/2012 - Yep, we just smashed two spacecraft into the Moon

12/17/2012 - What Exactly Was Carl Sagan Working on with the U.S. Military?

12/17/2012 - Dear Instagram, Please Sell My Photos

12/17/2012 - Are all the humans (including James Franco) dead in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?

12/17/2012 - Chart Reveals The Diseases That Are Most Likely To Afflict (or Kill) You

12/17/2012 - Illuminating Brain Tumors With Scorpion Toxins Could Save Lives

12/17/2012 - This trampoline routine will have you doubting the laws of physics

12/17/2012 - 2012's List of Best Unproduced Screenplays Is Full of Amazing Science Fiction Ideas

12/17/2012 - Stop Whining About Your Personal Data on Instagram You Little Whiny Baby

12/17/2012 - This 1985 Russian Hobbit movie may render Peter Jackson's version unnecessary

12/17/2012 - Slickdeals: Find Every Way To Save Your Pennies

12/17/2012 - NORAD Tracks Santa Gallery

12/17/2012 - Popular Mechanics makes 110 predictions for the next 110 years

12/17/2012 - The Wright Brothers First Took To The Skies 109 Years Ago Today

12/17/2012 - Will Twitter Integration Make Nielsen Ratings More or Less Relevant?

12/17/2012 - Accomplished Celebrity Email Hacker Gets Ten Years in Prison

12/17/2012 - Bodum's New Bistro Stand Mixer Has Me Itching to Bake

12/17/2012 - Watch NASA Livestream Its Two Lunar Satellites Slam Into the Moon Tonight (Update: Here We Go!)

12/17/2012 - Tom Taylor goes to Hell in our exclusive preview of The Unwritten #44

12/17/2012 - The Most Important Events of 2012 in 14 GIFs

12/17/2012 - Drop Everything, Dog Space Suits Right Here

12/17/2012 - The best anime series you've probably never seen

12/17/2012 - The Word Weblog Was Born 15 Years Ago Today

12/17/2012 - Hanger Brush Keeps Your Blazer Looking Spiffy

12/17/2012 - Did a Canadian hobbyist just crack the World War II carrier pigeon message?

12/17/2012 - Smartphone Analyzer Can Spot Ingredients You Might Be Allergic To

12/17/2012 - The First 10 Minutes of the New Star Trek Into Darkness Leaked Online

12/17/2012 - Slickdeals Gallery

12/17/2012 - Inside NASA’s Mysterious Rubber Room

12/17/2012 - If This Is Blackberry's New OS, It Looks Very Familiar...

12/17/2012 - Shot-by-Shot Breakdown of All the Plot Details Hidden in the New Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

12/17/2012 - Go Download Fruit Ninja; It's Your Free-iOS-Love Deal of the Day

12/17/2012 - In the play "Hearts like Fists," Watchmen meets Charlie's Angels

12/17/2012 - New YouTube Capture Lets Your Record and Post Videos Instantly

12/17/2012 - Gorgeous Warming Teapot Provides a Window To Steeping Perfection

12/17/2012 - Facebook's Mobile App Just Got Better At Finding New Places

12/17/2012 - Everything you ever wanted to know about sensory deprivation chambers

12/17/2012 - The Best Holiday Greetings Are City-Sized

12/17/2012 - This Poor Guy Got Nailed Trying to Steal a Creepy Miley Cyrus Sex Doll

12/17/2012 - These DSVs Reveal the Flora and Fauna of Hawaii's Seas—Also Japanese Subs

12/17/2012 - That North Korean Satellite Is Probably Dead

12/17/2012 - Dive into Goblin Secrets, the first YA fantasy novel in years to win the National Book Award

12/17/2012 - The Extremely Paranoid Can Slip This Ultra-Thin Bug Detector In Their Wallets

12/17/2012 - 7 Good Reasons Why There Might Be Life on Other Planets

12/17/2012 - Report: Amazon Is Possibly Maybe Building a Smartphone

12/17/2012 - 10 James Bond Gadgets That Actually Exist—And One That Needs To

12/17/2012 - Here's why you shouldn't nuke a hurricane

12/17/2012 - Snapchat's Android App Has a Fatal Flaw

12/17/2012 - Full Star Trek Trailer May Reveal Its Villain's Identity

12/17/2012 - Games Workshop gets someone's book yanked from Amazon for using the term "Space Marine"

12/17/2012 - Rechargeable Espresso Maker: The Most Insane Way To Stay Caffeinated

12/17/2012 - Exclusive First Look at the Cover for Part 3 of John Scalzi's Human Division!

12/17/2012 - Famous robots come out of the woodwork in new GE ad, including our favorite android!

12/17/2012 - The World's Biggest Indoor Ski Park Will Set a New Precedent For Overkill

12/17/2012 - This Week's TV: A Harvard professor explains why the zombie apocalypse is "plausible"

12/17/2012 - New Star Trek Into Darkness trailer shows lots and lots of death

12/17/2012 - Slow-motion video of animals shaking water off themselves is hypnotic

12/17/2012 - Short Battery Life Sinks First Windows 8 Notebooks

12/17/2012 - A Map of the Entire Internet

12/17/2012 - Hardware Gifts for Handy Homeowners

12/17/2012 - This Conversation Between Two Drone Pilots Is Really Sad

12/17/2012 - Scientists build a biological pacemaker by injecting a modified virus into the heart

12/17/2012 - Testing Microphones with Rockstars from Apollo Run and OK Go

12/17/2012 - New Doctor Who Christmas minisode follows our favorite Victorian aliens

12/17/2012 - Is This the Most Over the Top Christmas Tree Ever? Maybe

12/17/2012 - "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth" and other Cthulhu-ian Christmas songs

12/17/2012 - This Expanding Lamp Is Beautifully Intricate

12/17/2012 - That Samsung Sex Tape Ad Is Way Creepier When It's Santa

12/17/2012 - This is what a lorikeet's tongue looks like. That is all.

12/17/2012 - Japan is finally building the ultimate anime theme park

12/17/2012 - 10 Bets You're Guaranteed to Win At Your Holiday Party

12/17/2012 - Dish.fm Consults Foursquare and Yelp to Help You Decide What to Order

12/17/2012 - How Jurassic Park's FX Wizards Sculpted a Life-Size T-Rex Out of Clay

12/17/2012 - NASA captures ominous video of the three-mile-long asteroid that buzzed us last week

12/17/2012 - Hackers Take Over Westboro Baptist Church Twitter (Updated)

12/17/2012 - Your Instagram Data Is Now Officially Facebook Data

12/17/2012 - Major Reveals for Oblivion, Elysium, Tron 3, Fringe and Amazing Spider-Man 2!

12/17/2012 - Scientists Develop the World's First Chemistree

12/17/2012 - The Evolution of the Batman Logo, Visualized

12/17/2012 - Woman Gains Full Mind Control Of Robotic Arm, Just Like in Star Wars

12/17/2012 - Rumor: Facebook Will Launch Its Own Snapchat-Style App

12/17/2012 - How to Get Siri to Provide Google Maps Directions, No Hack Required

12/17/2012 - The Cinema of 2012: 300 Films in 7 Minutes

12/17/2012 - Facebook Joins the NASDAQ-100 (While RIM Gets Ditched)

12/17/2012 - How Scientists Can Tell if Your Tweets are Truthful

12/17/2012 - Best of the Week: December 8-14, 2012

12/16/2012 - The Queen of Versailles: Probably the Best Thing To Come Out of the Financial Crisis

12/16/2012 - Kelley Stoltz: Prank Calls

12/16/2012 - These Hobbit cupcakes have movie-accurate Dwarf beards

12/16/2012 - Report: Twitter Tried To Buy Instagram for $525 Million

12/16/2012 - Enjoy a hypnotic time-lapse video of a spider weaving its circular web

12/16/2012 - Did Scientists Actually Find Two Higgs Bosons?

12/16/2012 - The women of Marvel wear their flowing, formal costume attire

12/16/2012 - Your Favorite Crazy Taiwanese Animators Weigh In on The Hobbit

12/16/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

12/16/2012 - First Images from Seventh Son

12/16/2012 - Behind the Scenes photos of Fringe Finale

12/16/2012 - This Gigantic, Tangled Cosmic Cloud Could Become a Globular Cluster

12/16/2012 - Was Earth's most devastating mass extinction caused by a single microbe?

12/16/2012 - What Outdated Tech Do You Miss The Most?

12/16/2012 - King Neptune still reigns over Western Australia's abandoned marine park

12/16/2012 - Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Church Over Sandy Hook Funeral Protest

12/16/2012 - Crazy New Exploit Can Brick Samsung Phones or Steal All Their Data

12/16/2012 - Borg Cube t-shirt delivers "Resistance is Futile" message via QR code

12/16/2012 - When life gives you Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, make s'mores

12/16/2012 - Google Gets Ten Times As Many Takedown Requests As It Did Six Months Ago

12/16/2012 - Bittersweet animated short imagines a different end to Laika's journey

12/16/2012 - That fourth Ninja Turtles movie could have also given us Super Splinter and Raptor Raphael

12/16/2012 - 65 Years Ago The Transistor Jump-Started The World Of Modern Technology

12/16/2012 - Diphallia: When men are born with two penises

12/16/2012 - Anatomical kitchen tools ruin your appetite as they help you cook

12/16/2012 - 72 Years of Batman Logos on a Single Poster

12/16/2012 - Fetching Gifts for Loyal Dog Owners

12/16/2012 - Learn the basics of cell biology with these adorable science comics

12/16/2012 - Quantum Physics Can Make an Unjammable Radar

12/16/2012 - The Middle Earth Illustrators J.R.R. Tolkien Loved—and the Ones He Abhorred

12/16/2012 - You Can Now Download Your Entire Twitter History, Maybe

12/15/2012 - Barbara Remington's Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Robert J. Lee's Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Horus Engels' Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Cor Blok's Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Margrethe II's Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Mary Fairburn's Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Pauline Baynes' Illustrations

12/15/2012 - Tolkien's Hobbit Illustrations

12/15/2012 - How All the Fantastical Creatures From The Hobbit Come To Life on the Screen

12/15/2012 - Plots are about to get seriously twisty on Person of Interest

12/15/2012 - Pavement: Gold Soundz

12/15/2012 - Harry Potter shop opens at Platform 9 3/4

12/15/2012 - This Is World's Largest Super Collider That Never Was

12/15/2012 - Will Wild OLED Installations Like These Be The Light Fixtures Of Tomorrow?

12/15/2012 - The Amazingly Demented Monty Python Tribute from Last Night's Fringe

12/15/2012 - These Are The Last Words That Were Said On The Moon

12/15/2012 - Short film Tempo forces a scientist to turn his velocity-warping gun into a weapon

12/15/2012 - Composite photos show a Detroit school before and after it was abandoned

12/15/2012 - Did You Know that These Strange Fields of Ice Flowers Exist At Sea?

12/15/2012 - Tetsuo wins and Gotham lies in ashes in Alternate Ending art

12/15/2012 - How Old Are Your Passwords?

12/15/2012 - Kicking a Pan of Flaming Gasoline Is the Best and Worst Idea

12/15/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Robot Suicide

12/15/2012 - Benedict Cumberbatch is the most menacing teddy bear when Toy Story meets Star Trek Into Darkness

12/15/2012 - GIF of the Year, Google Maps Returns, The Dumbest Apple Rumor, And More

12/15/2012 - Children playing The Princess Bride make for the sweetest snow day

12/15/2012 - The Webcomic Guide to Black Body Radiation and the Colors of the Stars

12/15/2012 - Samsung Denies New Claims of Underage Workers In Its Supplier Plants

12/15/2012 - Vulcan ear earrings add bling to your cosplay

12/15/2012 - If 2001: A Space Odyssey were made today, would it be marketed as a generic action flick?

12/15/2012 - Watch NASA scientists rap and dance about their careers Gangnam Style

12/15/2012 - Frosty Gifts for Powder-Shredding Snow Lovers

12/15/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: Broodhollow is the friendliest little town ever to harbor a Lovecraftian secret

12/15/2012 - How To Rescue Wet Gadgets

12/15/2012 - Boardwalk Empire meets the Avengers in Prohibition-Era S.H.I.E.L.D. illustrations

12/15/2012 - This may be the classiest Hobbit house ever built

12/15/2012 - Leatherhead debuts on TMNT, a real-life Hobbit One Ring, plus a Rugrats Chanukah!

12/15/2012 - Futurist Ray Kurzweil Goes to Google To Work on Machine Learning

12/15/2012 - Watch These Scientists Use Chemistry Explosions To Drop the Base

12/15/2012 - You're Going to Be So Disgusted with Humans After Watching This Video

12/15/2012 - What Happens When You Tie a Knot in the Middle of a Zipline

12/15/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The POTUS Fries Fish, James Cameron's New Old Film, but There's No Time to Explain!

12/14/2012 - PBS Explains What Trolling Is

12/14/2012 - Have You Noticed A Change In Your Commercials' Obnoxious Volume?

12/14/2012 - D'Angelo: Brown Sugar

12/14/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Gandalf Street Magic

12/14/2012 - Smartphone-Controlled Toilet Includes Built-in Speakers So You Can Listen to Music, Costs Nearly $5,000

12/14/2012 - This Retroreflective Scarf Has Secret, Hidden Stripes

12/14/2012 - Recycle Your God-Awful Christmas Sweaters with This Pedal-Powered Un-Knitting Machine

12/14/2012 - If You Want Me To Sing In Public You'll Have To Do Better Than a Free Coke

12/14/2012 - This is clearly the best moment from any Christmas episode of any TV show ever

12/14/2012 - Most Beautiful Items of the Week: December 7-14, 2012

12/14/2012 - The Aureole Effect, and Why It Makes You Look Like an Angel

12/14/2012 - The 12 Most Passive Aggressive Secret Santa Presents You Can Give This Year

12/14/2012 - How the L5 Society Tried to Use a Quirk of Physics to Colonize Space

12/14/2012 - What Did You Think of The Hobbit at 48 FPS?

12/14/2012 - China's plan to build a massive 120 million-square-foot city — from scratch

12/14/2012 - A Collection of the Best Disney Gifs the Internet Has to Offer

12/14/2012 - Think you know all there is to know about paper snowflakes? You pitiful, pitiful fool.

12/14/2012 - Reality Check: Violent Fantasies Don't Make People Violent

12/14/2012 - Fringe's Seth Gabel explains what Lincoln Lee is probably doing right now

12/14/2012 - Adult Mad Libs, Turnplay, and More

12/14/2012 - Vice City, Elf on the Shelf, and More

12/14/2012 - Sitegeist, Flickr, and More

12/14/2012 - This Adorable Dog Can Smell Your Diarrhea Before It Happens

12/14/2012 - A Tiny Tulip Shaped Humidifier Is the Cutest Humidifier

12/14/2012 - What comes after the end of factory farming?

12/14/2012 - I can't stop looking at this Furry drawing book

12/14/2012 - The Hulk, Batman and the Skywalkers Get Their Own Game of Thrones House Sigils

12/14/2012 - Stop Pretending You Don't Look at Porn Online

12/14/2012 - The Secret Science In a Pint of Beer

12/14/2012 - Of Course Today Is the Day to Talk About Gun Control

12/14/2012 - Google's Retiring Sync and Other Services In This Year's Winter Cleaning

12/14/2012 - Must Watch: China Mieville explains why science fiction is not superior to fantasy

12/14/2012 - How To Sound Smart at Your Holiday Party

12/14/2012 - Holiday Treats Are Even Better When You Destroy Them in Slow Motion

12/14/2012 - Our favorite photos from this year's Geminid meteor shower

12/14/2012 - Here is the biggest goddamn snow blower you've ever seen

12/14/2012 - North Korea’s Kim Jong-un celebrates rocket launch with a smoke

12/14/2012 - Cirque de Soleil Founder on Photographing Earth from Space: "So fragile in this universe"

12/14/2012 - These Iconic L.L. Bean Boots Are Your Gizmodo's-Unofficial-Shoe Deal of the Day

12/14/2012 - Guillermo del Toro over-analyzes the Pacific Rim trailer

12/14/2012 - What Really Happens When You Use Those Fancy Star Wars Cookie Cutters

12/14/2012 - Fun Site Gives You Random Images of Anything at Any Size You Want

12/14/2012 - 21 Awesome and Rare Gifts You'll Never Find at the Mall

12/14/2012 - What you need to know about e-cigarettes

12/14/2012 - There Are Some Technologies We Should Not Have, and Guns Are One of Them

12/14/2012 - Download Some Free Pixelated Gift Wrap and Do the Holidays Right (Cheap, Nerdy, and Easy)

12/14/2012 - 10 of the Most Insane Death-Defying Stunts from Science Fiction Movies

12/14/2012 - David Cronenberg explains why his sequel to The Fly got swatted

12/14/2012 - Snapchat Now Automatically Sets Your Sexy Video Messages to Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds or Less Too

12/14/2012 - The USSR's First Supersonic Bomber Failed Harder than Soviet Communism

12/14/2012 - Walmart's Got a $127 iPhone 5 and Other Crazy Cheap Deals

12/14/2012 - Sitegeist Serves Up All Your Neighborhood's Not-So-Secret Secrets

12/14/2012 - A fourth '90s TMNT movie would've featured a "badass" fifth turtle, KISS Shredder and April O'Neil's nipples

12/14/2012 - The Hobbit is a lot better once you realize it's a war movie

12/14/2012 - Resilient Gifts For the Accident-Prone

12/14/2012 - What Computer Accessories Do You Really Need?

12/14/2012 - The lasting mystery of the Hawthorne Effect

12/14/2012 - The Web We Lost

12/14/2012 - Oh God a Snapchat for Video Is Coming

12/14/2012 - AMC will re-air all 18 Walking Dead episodes in black and white

12/14/2012 - How To Photoshop Yourself Holding... Yourself

12/14/2012 - When is an arm really a leg?

12/14/2012 - Someone Stole an Entire Driveway (In Florida, Obviously)

12/14/2012 - The theologically confusing nightmare that is the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special

12/14/2012 - This Is a Crazy Deal on a Full-Frame DSLR

12/14/2012 - Google+ Update Adds GIFs on Android and a Crap-Ton More

12/14/2012 - Today's Awful Apple Rumor: Retina iPad Mini

12/14/2012 - Fun Places on the Internet (in 1995)

12/14/2012 - Water-Saving Showerhead Pumps Every Drop Full Of Air

12/14/2012 - Make your olive oil glow with a laser!

12/14/2012 - We've seen the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness

12/14/2012 - Is there poop on the Moon?

12/14/2012 - John McAfee Tells CNBC That If He's Going To Do Drugs, They're Going To Be Good

12/14/2012 - Oculus Rift VR headset to be used in Sinful Robots 'erotic encounters' video game

12/14/2012 - Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his Star Trek Into Darkness character... but are we going to believe him?

12/14/2012 - What Turn-by-Turn Navigation Should Look Like

12/14/2012 - South Korea Rules That a Samsung Chip Plant Gave Its Employee Cancer

12/14/2012 - Police Caught an Anonymous Hacker by Googling his IRC Name

12/14/2012 - Is There Poop on the Moon?

12/14/2012 - Police Can Timestamp Any Audio Recording From Background Interference Alone

12/14/2012 - Sriracha Lip Balm: A Christmas Gift for Masochists in Your Life

12/14/2012 - Ads in Internet Explorer Could Be Tracking Your Mouse

12/14/2012 - Predictably, the US Refused to Sign That UN Internet Treaty

12/14/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Loud Paint, Clean Rips, and The World's Biggest Ice Cube

12/13/2012 - This Banded Furniture Has a Place for All Your Keys—And Then Some

12/13/2012 - You Guys, Google Is Just So Freaking Cute

12/13/2012 - What Happens When You Leave a Piano on the Street?

12/13/2012 - Your First Look at Jeff Bridges as a Wizard! Plus Julianne Moore as Witch and Nicholas Hoult as a Giant Killer!

12/13/2012 - Are There Any Side Effects of Masturbation?

12/13/2012 - 12 Things You Might Not Know About The Hobbit Movie

12/13/2012 - Kendrick Lamar: Swimming Pools (Drink)

12/13/2012 - Studio Ghibli - 2013 Posters

12/13/2012 - Swappable Lens Wheel Puts 18 Crappy Filters On Your DSLR

12/13/2012 - What's your favorite giant robot or mecha design?

12/13/2012 - Gene Wolfe's Out of Print Classics Now Available as e-Books

12/13/2012 - 12 Amazing Movie Props You'll Actually Be Able to Buy This Weekend

12/13/2012 - How Someone Measured the Speed of Light by Accident

12/13/2012 - Do we already know the plot of the Justice League movie?

12/13/2012 - 30 teachers + 1 reduced-gravity aircraft + 2000 ping pong balls = floathappy funtime

12/13/2012 - Why we should send uploaded astronauts on interstellar missions

12/13/2012 - Wink: Instantly Share Your Photos With Friends So They Stop Bugging You

12/13/2012 - You Can Buy Original Art From the Woman Who Ruined That Jesus Portrait

12/13/2012 - Indiana Jones is officially getting mail at the University of Chicago

12/13/2012 - Organize Your Desk With a Boat

12/13/2012 - George Lucas cut female X-wing pilots out of Return of the Jedi at the last minute

12/13/2012 - The CW is just gonna go ahead and make a real-life Hunger Games, pretty much

12/13/2012 - The Dumbest Apocalypses That Hollywood Has Dreamed Up

12/13/2012 - The Most Important Laptops of 2012

12/13/2012 - Boozy Gifts for Merry Drunkards

12/13/2012 - Ollie pulls a reverse-Grinch on the Arrow Christmas Special

12/13/2012 - The Sexiest Geek Dads in the Galaxy

12/13/2012 - Major Brooklyn Gang Taken Down by Cops on Facebook and Also by Extreme Stupidity

12/13/2012 - Sit Back and Plug In: Entertainment in the Year 2000

12/13/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Camera Review: Android Franken-Camera, You Are Absurd and Almost Wonderful

12/13/2012 - These Deceptive Camouflage Cans Are Your Stoner-Channel Deal of the Day

12/13/2012 - U.S. had plans for a ‘full nuclear response’ should the President disappear or be killed during an attack

12/13/2012 - This Polygamist Mouse Can Partner with 9 Devices

12/13/2012 - Facebook for Android 2.0: Completely Rebuilt for Speed

12/13/2012 - Watch the biggest iceberg break-up ever captured on film

12/13/2012 - Apple's iPhone App of the Year Is a Joke, Right?

12/13/2012 - Indoor Kite Provides Several Minutes of Agoraphobic Fun

12/13/2012 - Archaeologists at 'Pompeii of Japan' site find a 1,400 year-old warrior still wearing his armour

12/13/2012 - How 4Chan Made Kim Jong Un Time Readers' Person of the Year

12/13/2012 - Maps of Earth Showing Where Severe Weather is Most Likely to Kill

12/13/2012 - The Flask Tie: Because Drinking on the Job Wasn't Easy Enough

12/13/2012 - The Moon landings, the Higgs Boson, and vaccinations are all fake

12/13/2012 - New trailer for Shane Carruth's Upstream Color leaves us bewildered and curious

12/13/2012 - 8 Ways to Keep the Fantastic Four Movie Reboot from Sucking

12/13/2012 - How To Watch Tonight's Spectacular Geminid Meteor Shower

12/13/2012 - The most viral media correction of 2012 combines My Little Pony with Aspergers

12/13/2012 - Google Maps for iOS Review: Maps Done Right

12/13/2012 - Spider-Man producer heads to China to turn the Terracotta Warriors into a superhero franchise

12/13/2012 - Why you should probably stop eating wheat

12/13/2012 - This Is the Biggest Iceberg Break-Up Ever Captured on Video

12/13/2012 - 10 Things We Wish We Never Lost

12/13/2012 - This Dog Is Having the Best Christmas Ever

12/13/2012 - Test Interview with Karan Shah #2

12/13/2012 - Apple's iPhone Found to Violate Three Patents in US Court

12/13/2012 - Here's What Your Favorite App Really Thinks of You

12/13/2012 - iOS Devs Now Have Access To Google's Awesome Maps

12/13/2012 - New Evidence that People Have Been Making Cheese for 7500 Years

12/13/2012 - The Xfinity App Lets You Download Shows Now

12/13/2012 - Test interview with Karan Shah

12/13/2012 - Google vs. Apple Maps: Total Domination

12/13/2012 - Sound System Coffin Lets Audiophiles Rock Out For Eternity

12/13/2012 - 62 terrible unused Deadpool designs from the first Wolverine movie (and about 20 decent ones)

12/13/2012 - Check out Pablo Picasso's hypnotic 'light drawings' from 1949

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12/13/2012 - All Christmas Decorations Should Be This Obscene

12/13/2012 - This Adorable New Species of Primate Actually Has a Toxic Bite

12/13/2012 - Here's Video of North Korea's Rocket Taking Off Yesterday

12/13/2012 - You Can Watch Amazon Instant Video on Your iPhone Now

12/13/2012 - Listen to the opposite of a helium voice

12/13/2012 - 9 Things I'll Miss About Apple Maps

12/13/2012 - Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt make a cameo appearance in Man of Steel after all?

12/13/2012 - It Now Only Costs $100 To Know Everything About Your DNA

12/13/2012 - This Is the Biggest River Anywhere Outside Earth

12/13/2012 - This Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis Can Give Your Macbook RAID Storage and Video Capture

12/13/2012 - How To Be More Productive, Using Science

12/13/2012 - A Simple Explanation of Why Software Patents Suck

12/13/2012 - Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer Prefers to Use Apple at Home

12/13/2012 - John McAfee Is Back on US Soil

12/13/2012 - Google: We Don't Plan to Build Apps for WinPho8

12/13/2012 - Here's a Good Reason Why the Camera Megapixel Wars Needs to Stop

12/13/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Buildings Get Gif'd, Viruses Get Played, and Genitals Get Melody

12/12/2012 - Download Google Maps for iOS Right Now and Get Turn by Turn Navigation, Public Transit Directions and Street View

12/12/2012 - An Awesome Guy Made a Flying Drone Armed with a Paintball Gun

12/12/2012 - This Skateboarding Video Isn't Real

12/12/2012 - Holy Crap Pacific Rim Looks Monstrously Incredible

12/12/2012 - ASAP Rocky: F**kin' Problems (NSFW)

12/12/2012 - Report: Google Maps Is Coming Back to iOS Tonight!

12/12/2012 - Spend the Night in an Anal Cavity

12/12/2012 - Why Is the PlayStation 3 Netflix App Way Better Than the Xbox 360 App?

12/12/2012 - NuForce HP-800 Headphones Could Rule Your Desk for Not a Lot of Cash

12/12/2012 - Monsters vs. Giant Robots in the First Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

12/12/2012 - Track North Korea's Terror Death Satellite Live in Space

12/12/2012 - This Clever Christmas Tree Is The Answer to Your Cramped Holiday Woes

12/12/2012 - The Hobbit's Martin Freeman on dwarves, Gollum and Leonard Nimoy

12/12/2012 - Even light smoking may double your risk of sudden death

12/12/2012 - U.S. spy agency predicts a very transhuman future by 2030

12/12/2012 - No Sink Is Too Shallow For a Side-Filling Water Bottle

12/12/2012 - This pre-Internet chatroom conversation between Jim Henson, Ayn Rand, Yoko Ono and Sidney Nolan is fake. But it's amazing.

12/12/2012 - North Korea's Satellite Is Out of Control: Why This Is Very Bad News

12/12/2012 - A Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder Fits Perfectly In My Stocking

12/12/2012 - Warm Bodies Posters

12/12/2012 - The Back To The Future Hoverboard Is 2012's Worst Toy

12/12/2012 - Argentinians traveling Route 5 warned that they may experience "time anomalies"

12/12/2012 - Make everybody's chests more awesome with io9 t-shirts!

12/12/2012 - It's 12/12/12—the Last Major Numerical Date in this Century

12/12/2012 - Galaxy Camera Samples

12/12/2012 - Drop This Underwater Turbine in Any River For Free Continuous Power

12/12/2012 - The History of the Marvel Movie Universe, in Concept Art

12/12/2012 - Ask EDM DJ and Producer Zedd All About Technology in the DJ Booth

12/12/2012 - The Avengers concept art!

12/12/2012 - In China They Have Pepsi Flavored Potato Chips

12/12/2012 - The Bayou Corne Sinkhole: A massive oil and gas disaster you’ve probably never heard of

12/12/2012 - A Lawsuit Wants to Keep Your Humiliating Mugshots Off the Internet

12/12/2012 - Captain America Concept Art!

12/12/2012 - The first-ever image of a massive river system on another world

12/12/2012 - This Cheap Canon Rebel Is Your Baby's-First-DSLR Deal of the Day

12/12/2012 - Dear J.J. Abrams, Just @#$%ing Tell Us Who Benedict Cumberbatch Is Playing in Star Trek 2 Already

12/12/2012 - Monster University Promo Images

12/12/2012 - All the Apple Startup Chimes In History

12/12/2012 - Fringe Episode 5.09 Promo Photos

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12/12/2012 - The Last Thing a Kitchen Scale Needs Is a Built-In Video Display

12/12/2012 - Everything you need to know to catch tomorrow's Geminid meteor shower

12/12/2012 - The Best Full Size Tablet

12/12/2012 - Google Is Blocking Porn (Duh, NSFW) (Updated)

12/12/2012 - All You Need For a Christmas Tree Is a Battery, LEDs, and a Little Know-How

12/12/2012 - Mass squid suicides haunt California coastal towns

12/12/2012 - John McAfee Is Coming Back To America

12/12/2012 - Black Diamond Magnetron GridLock Review: A Super-Fast, Feather-Light, Screw-Free Carabiner

12/12/2012 - Adorable baby chimera yawns its way into your heart

12/12/2012 - The entire city of London is acceptable collateral damage in the new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer

12/12/2012 - NASA Posts Video 10 Days Early Explaining Why the World Didn't End

12/12/2012 - Johnny Depp Plays a Computer in His Next Movie, Yes, Seriously

12/12/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Christmas Ornaments

12/12/2012 - 9 Ways Humanity Could Bring About Its Own Destruction

12/12/2012 - Ask the Epic MealTime Guy Anything You Want

12/12/2012 - A Compendium of Gifts that Will Delight Photo Oversharers

12/12/2012 - Iron Man 2 Concept Art Celebration

12/12/2012 - The Onion Reveals Facebook's Secret History

12/12/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Camera

12/12/2012 - DARPA builds the Imperial Probe Droid from Star Wars, basically

12/12/2012 - Facebook Has New Privacy Settings: Here's What's Different

12/12/2012 - The Rocket North Korea Launched Last Night Can Fly as Far as LA

12/12/2012 - Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her Breasts

12/12/2012 - The science of human tails

12/12/2012 - Win Stuff While Saving the World

12/12/2012 - The Best Gifts to Give (or Receive) About Paleofuturism

12/12/2012 - How To Design Like Apple

12/12/2012 - What Do You Think Belongs in an Internet Museum?

12/12/2012 - These Twin Orbiters Map the Ebb and Flow of Lunar Gravity Down to the Micron

12/12/2012 - Facebook Helped the FBI Bust an International Crime Ring

12/12/2012 - Your biggest life challenges, addressed: Gray hair, ponies and fantasy overload

12/12/2012 - Portable Presents for the Frequent Traveler

12/12/2012 - Disney World builds a giant, fire-breathing dragon that can FLY

12/12/2012 - Here are your odds of experiencing a White Christmas

12/12/2012 - Time now for some some robot-on-robot brutality, courtesy King Loses Crown's new music video

12/12/2012 - The Pope Didn't Technically Send That First Tweet Himself

12/12/2012 - Flickr: A Photo App That's Far Past Fashionably Late

12/12/2012 - New interpretation of extinct ‘Hobbit’ species reveals a human-like face

12/12/2012 - How BMW’s LifeDrive Is Like the World’s Most Advanced Electric Skateboard

12/12/2012 - Here's Everything You Cared About in 2012 on Facebook

12/12/2012 - Flickr Gallery

12/12/2012 - Look Back on Your Awesome Life with Facebook's 2012 Personal Roundup

12/12/2012 - Two guys attempt to simply walk into Mordor... for real

12/12/2012 - Reason #5,482 That Smart TVs Are Dumb: They Can Get Hacked

12/12/2012 - Verizon and Redbox's Streaming Service Is Really Real and Only $6

12/12/2012 - The 10 Most Searched Things of 2012 Show How Screwed Up Humanity Is

12/12/2012 - More plot details emerge for Johnny Depp's Transcendence. Plus hear from the stars of the Doctor Who Christmas special!

12/12/2012 - Every Kindle Fire Is on Sale Today—If You're a Mom

12/12/2012 - Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Others Urge Congress to Free Up Spectrum

12/12/2012 - Logitech's Bluetooth Keyboard Plays Nice With All Your Apple Toys Now, Too

12/12/2012 - Sometimes, Honesty Isn't the Best Policy

12/12/2012 - Amazon Wants to Ship You a Laborer to Install Your Purchases

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12/12/2012 - This Dual LCD and E-Ink Phone Will Be Available in 2013

12/12/2012 - WSJ: Apple Is Testing Designs for a TV

12/12/2012 - Surface Will Be Available at Best Buy and Staples This Week

12/12/2012 - Incredible Hulk Concept Art by Aaron Sims

12/12/2012 - The Motherlode of Iron Man Concept Art

12/12/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Impossible Tricks, Improbable Ideas, and Incredible OG CGI

12/11/2012 - Here Are the Clearest Pictures of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series AKA Blackberry's Last Hope

12/11/2012 - Oh Hell Yeah, There's Going to Be Even More Arrested Development Episodes Now

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12/11/2012 - TARDIS Desktop PC: Harness the raw computing power of the Time Vortex

12/11/2012 - Once Upon a Time - Set Photos

12/11/2012 - Morning Spoilers 12/12

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12/11/2012 - North Korea Says It Just Put a Satellite in Space (Updated)

12/11/2012 - New scenes from Rockabilly Batman make us scream, WHY ISN'T THIS A BOOK YET?

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12/11/2012 - You Can Major in Social Media for College Now

12/11/2012 - Thoughtful Charity Gifts for People Who Love Science and Science Fiction

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12/11/2012 - If You Love Science, You Should Read This Magazine

12/11/2012 - How to Train for Long-Duration Spaceflight, with Chris Hadfield

12/11/2012 - A stunning solar eclipse video unlike any you've ever seen

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12/11/2012 - What The Hell Are You Talking About, Crazy Announcer?

12/11/2012 - You Can't Have An Apocalypse Without A Gloomy Voiceover

12/11/2012 - Science Fiction Movies That Start With Deep Personal Monologues

12/11/2012 - Wink Gallery

12/11/2012 - Could you live in this futuristic, ultra-tiny apartment?

12/11/2012 - Voiceovers That Turn Into Conversations, And Weird Voiceover Spoofs

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12/11/2012 - Earth's oldest trees are almost unfathomably ancient

12/11/2012 - 8 Easy Christmas Trees For the Festive But Lazy

12/11/2012 - First Trailer for Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger is a zombie?

12/11/2012 - Gallery: Life Edited Apartment - Guest Room

12/11/2012 - Gallery: Life Edited Apartment - Dining Room

12/11/2012 - Here's What It Looks Like When NYC Builds a Brand New Subway Tunnel

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12/11/2012 - These iPod Touches and Android Alternative Are Your Casual-Gaming-Nirvana Deal of the Day

12/11/2012 - What Does Space Travel Do to Your Mind? NASA's Resident Psychiatrist Reveals All.

12/11/2012 - New Lone Ranger Trailer Looks Dope. That Is All.

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12/11/2012 - How did humans colonize space in Will Smith's After Earth? An Exclusive Look at Peter David's Prequel Story

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12/11/2012 - These Are the Best Internet Service Providers

12/11/2012 - The first full-length Man of Steel trailer reveals Jor-El and General Zod

12/11/2012 - Dr. Zoidberg takes on Wonder Woman, Leonard Nimoy and a zombie Bin Laden in this week’s DVD releases!

12/11/2012 - The Year in Hacking

12/11/2012 - How to Choose the Perfect Smartphone or Tablet Accessory

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12/11/2012 - Gifts for The Obsessive Gamer

12/11/2012 - Scientists claim that homosexuality is not genetic — but it arises in the womb

12/11/2012 - Flow chart breaks down each Hobbit dwarf by their bizarro beards

12/11/2012 - Your future awaits — but is this what you want?

12/11/2012 - This Is What an iPod Looked Like in the Roaring Twenties

12/11/2012 - Gallery: Tenba Roadie II HDSLR Backpack

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12/11/2012 - Yahoo Mail for Windows 8 Gallery

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12/11/2012 - USB-Powered Self-Misting Hairbrush: Thanko, You've Done It Again

12/11/2012 - 7 Ways to Save the Microsoft Surface

12/11/2012 - How to injure your genitals like an American

12/11/2012 - Yahoo Mail Finally Gets a Slick Redesign of its Own

12/11/2012 - A real-life Hobbit pub has opened for business in New Zealand

12/11/2012 - Twitter's Year of Tweets Reminds Us That the Super Bowl Happens Every Year

12/11/2012 - Google60: Search the Web Mad Men-Style

12/11/2012 - A familiar Star Trek Into Darkness character is confirmed — just not who you think!

12/11/2012 - Drones Now Have an AC/DC Soundtrack, via Laser Beam

12/11/2012 - Google CEO Larry Page Talks Apple Spats, Google+, and the Future of Search

12/11/2012 - Nokia Engineer Finds Hack to Get In-Game Purchases for Free on Windows 8

12/11/2012 - How Much Does it Cost to Power Your Christmas Lights?

12/11/2012 - Drink Yourself Jolly With Candy Cane Shot Glasses

12/11/2012 - The Science of Beer Bubbles

12/11/2012 - Trolls Now Bring More Patent Cases Than Anybody Else

12/11/2012 - Intel's Next-Gen Mobile Processors Will Be in Production 2013

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12/11/2012 - This Awesome Art Made with Food Is Proof Your Parents Should Have Let You Play with Your Food

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12/10/2012 - This Sexy Underwear Won't Get Ruined If You Pee on Them

12/10/2012 - Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Now Available With Retina Display Support

12/10/2012 - Person of Interest - 2.10 Promo Photos

12/10/2012 - Morning Spoilers 12/11

12/10/2012 - Scientists Have Discovered An Ancient Lizard That Lived with the Dinosaurs and Named It Obamadon After Obama

12/10/2012 - Another Reason to Never Use an iPhone Case: It Can Scratch Your iPhone Too

12/10/2012 - These Macro Pictures of Snowflakes Are Stunningly Beautiful

12/10/2012 - You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever for $25,000

12/10/2012 - Why Haldeman's Forever War is One of the All-Time Great Novels: "Transcending is ultimately the point"

12/10/2012 - Queen: You're My Best Friend

12/10/2012 - How Genitals Got Their Names, or Why a Penis Is Called a Pizzle

12/10/2012 - This living woman's dad fought in the American Civil War

12/10/2012 - A scientific chart that proves James Bond is getting a lot more violent

12/10/2012 - Audiobus Just Turned iOS into a Recording Studio

12/10/2012 - Twitter Has Instagram-Like Photo Filters Now

12/10/2012 - Are there going to be multiple "robot crime" shows on television soon?

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12/10/2012 - This video strongly indicates that parrots will use robots to conspire against us

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12/10/2012 - 9 Badass Movie Characters That Finally Have Their Own Action Figures

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12/10/2012 - If you read only one book about the future of biology, this should be it

12/10/2012 - Black Milk's new Star Wars dresses put Leia's metal bikini to shame

12/10/2012 - A Girl Dying From Leukemia Has Been Saved By a Version of HIV

12/10/2012 - Darpa Wants To Pump Wounded Soldiers Full of Foam For Safe Transport

12/10/2012 - Pholium Gallery

12/10/2012 - Hold On To Your Butts: There's a New Instagram With a New Filter

12/10/2012 - Sony NEX-6 Review: A Sweet Spot in a Sea of Mirrorless Cameras

12/10/2012 - Redesigning Notification Center

12/10/2012 - M. Night Shyamalan's new sci-fi flick After Earth doesn't look immediately terrible in new trailer

12/10/2012 - How to Hang a Kickass Christmas Lights Setup

12/10/2012 - The Architect Who Gave the Future "Sensual Curves"

12/10/2012 - Apple's Mr. Fix-It Eddy Cue Tweets Like a Spambot

12/10/2012 - The Murder Mystery That's Enshrined in Every Anatomy Textbook

12/10/2012 - Dealzmodo Presents The Slacker's Guide To Christmas Shipping Deadlines

12/10/2012 - Female Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Still Encouraged to Use Male Pseudonyms

12/10/2012 - This Virus-Copter Is a Digital Typhoid Mary

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12/10/2012 - MOGA gallery

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12/10/2012 - 8 Incredible Nanotechnologies that Actually Exist Today

12/10/2012 - Here's a Map of All the Places London Got Bombed During the Blitz (Spoiler: Everywhere)

12/10/2012 - A Depressingly Accurate Portrayal of Your Home's Wi-Fi Signal Strength

12/10/2012 - This Custom Datacenter Rack Has 160 Mac Minis Crammed Inside of It

12/10/2012 - Is the Pentagon developing a stealth drone?

12/10/2012 - You Can Scavenge the Parts You Need To Build This Modular Bike

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12/10/2012 - Ex-Rad, the drug that takes all of your radiation worries away

12/10/2012 - This Mega-Password Cracker Laughs at Your Puny Old Algorithms

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12/10/2012 - More evidence that volcanoes killed the dinosaurs

12/10/2012 - Here's a New Yorker Cover Made With Nothing But Emoji

12/10/2012 - How Napster Brought the Recording Industry to Its Knees

12/10/2012 - Bane explains the importance of fiber in these Dark Knight Rises "outtakes"

12/10/2012 - Watch These Dogs Drive a Car Better Than Your Grandma

12/10/2012 - Six scientists tell us about the most accurate science fiction in their fields

12/10/2012 - Hear what kids think of The Hobbit while you think of your inevitable, looming death

12/10/2012 - Is This Nasa's Next Lunar Lander, Or a Gorgeous Espresso Machine?

12/10/2012 - Get Intimate With a Ham Leg (Pillow)

12/10/2012 - Monkey with stylish winter coat spotted at Toronto Ikea

12/10/2012 - Why Is the Sky Blue Isn't the Right Question

12/10/2012 - Tons More Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Details. Plus a Surprise Guest Star for Doctor Who's Christmas Special!

12/10/2012 - Scientists Can Now Make Brain Cells From Urine

12/10/2012 - Smart Store Displays Trigger Product Demos When You Pick Something Up

12/10/2012 - Why Aren't We Afraid of a Tsunami Hitting San Francisco?

12/10/2012 - This Trippy Gobstopper Is Actually a Map of the Moon's Mass

12/10/2012 - Why Not Build This Year's Gingerbread House Using CAD and Lasers?

12/10/2012 - How the US Air Force Wasted $1 Billion on a Failed Software Plan

12/10/2012 - Amazon's Got $50 Off Every 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD Today (If You're Quick)

12/10/2012 - Syrian Rebels Built This Tank Using Old Cars and Games Consoles

12/10/2012 - Australian Police Warns the Public Not to Use iOS 6 Maps

12/9/2012 - Video proof that the Inception BRAAAM is being used in every trailer, everywhere

12/9/2012 - The Muppet Movie: It's Time For a Road Trip

12/9/2012 - Best of the Week: December 1-7, 2012

12/9/2012 - These Photoshopped Instagrams of Dead Rock Stars Are Damn Good

12/9/2012 - Brain Pacemakers Are Starting To Be Used To Fight Alzheimer's Disease

12/9/2012 - Archaeologist suing makers of Indiana Jones, claiming their Crystal Skull is too accurate

12/9/2012 - This Is Iran's New State-Sponsored YouTube Clone

12/9/2012 - How Dave McKean created Sandman's multidimensional covers in an era before Photoshop

12/9/2012 - Instagram Pictures In Twitter Are Now Totally Gone and Gone For Good

12/9/2012 - Ancient Maori's love of ultra-hot fires unlocks secrets of Earth's magnetic field

12/9/2012 - Another WAC and Gascon episode? Why, Clone Wars? Why?

12/9/2012 - Google, Facebook, and Others Are Begging The Courts To Smack Down Absurdly Vague Patents

12/9/2012 - Haven Ep. 3.12 Promo Photos

12/9/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc.

12/9/2012 - Beauty and the Beast ep.1.09 Promo Photos

12/9/2012 - American Horro Story Ep.2.09 Promo Photos

12/9/2012 - Doctor Who Christmas Special Promo Pictures

12/9/2012 - HBO Just Greenlit a Silicon Valley Comedy By Mike Judge That Could Actually Be Good

12/9/2012 - The Hercules Galaxy Lives Up To Its Name With Super-Strong Plasma Jets

12/9/2012 - Proof that Data and Geordi are the original Troy and Abed

12/9/2012 - Do You Ever Judge People Based on Only Their Choice of Phone?

12/9/2012 - Storybook characters burst from their pages in these incredible paper sculptures

12/9/2012 - Watch This Phallic UAV Get All Grabby With Its Scary Six-Foot Arm

12/9/2012 - R.I.P. Sir Patrick Moore, who brought the mysteries of space into the living room

12/9/2012 - The Bizarre Christmas Song that Featured a Merry Dalek on Vocals

12/9/2012 - Square Is Rolling Out Digital Gift Cards for Your Phone

12/9/2012 - Hobbit cross-promotions we're grateful don't exist

12/9/2012 - LCD contact lenses could beam text messages right to your eyeball

12/9/2012 - Russia and China Are Pushing For More Government Control Over the Internet Because Duh

12/9/2012 - How barbers became surgeons

12/9/2012 - Game of Thrones meets Battle of the Bands with these parody music logos

12/9/2012 - Genius Gifts For Kids Who Love Science

12/9/2012 - These sweet Star Wars comics will make your heart ache for the Rancor and Sarlacc

12/9/2012 - 8 of the Weirdest Predictions for the End of the World

12/9/2012 - Sony's Putting Its Handheld Cassette Recorders In That Old Junk Drawer In the Sky

12/9/2012 - This Smokestack Looks Like It's Sliced Up and Floating In Mid-Air

12/8/2012 - Tom Cruise plumbs the secrets of post-apocalyptic Earth in the first Oblivion trailer

12/8/2012 - Watch These Kids Play Musical Instruments Made Out of Trash

12/8/2012 - John Lennon: Imagine

12/8/2012 - Proposed new ASL signs could change how deaf people discuss science

12/8/2012 - All Burritos Should Be Delivered By a Bomber Like This One

12/8/2012 - Serenity LEGO set is now a reality

12/8/2012 - The hunt for Haven's skinwalker leads to the most obvious suspect

12/8/2012 - Best Buy Screw-Up Results In an Amazing "Buy One Get Five" Deal on iPads

12/8/2012 - Mitsubishi's Remote Control Tankbot Is Yet Another Member of the Robot Clean-Up Crew Army

12/8/2012 - Watch the entire Large Hadron Collider zombie movie—shot at CERN—online now

12/8/2012 - Apple and Google Are Reportedly Joining Forces To Buy $500 Million of Kodak Patents

12/8/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Beauty Salon in an Abandoned Asylum

12/8/2012 - Would You Be Comfortable Trusting Your Health To a Robot Doctor?

12/8/2012 - On last night's Fringe, Olivia was right the first time around

12/8/2012 - These 1938 psychological researchers studied college students by hiding under their beds

12/8/2012 - Infamous Sexts, Fantastic Photoshops, Mythical Creatures, And More

12/8/2012 - What if Norman Rockwell illustrated scenes of Gotham City life?

12/8/2012 - Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" gets a stunning animated tribute

12/8/2012 - This Contact Lens Puts a Display Right On Your Eye

12/8/2012 - Our first peek inside the new TARDIS interior is inscribed with Gallifreyan

12/8/2012 - Australia's Prime Minister issues a (tongue-in-cheek) warning about the coming apocalypse

12/8/2012 - Salacious Crumb dons his ugliest sweater for the Star Wars holiday cards

12/8/2012 - Apple's Flagship Multi-Touch Patent Has Been Tentatively Invalidated

12/8/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: Corporate Skull is a foul-mouthed, skull-faced pharmaceutical salesman caught in a global conspiracy

12/8/2012 - Legolas has a blond elf moment at the LEGO parody Battle of Helm's Deep

12/8/2012 - How To Control Your Computer With Your Phone

12/8/2012 - This is the weirdest TARDIS cosplay we've ever seen

12/8/2012 - Google Now Is Coming Soon To A Desktop Near You

12/8/2012 - A Mœbius-inspired view of Star Wars and an alternate reality Adventure Time episode!

12/8/2012 - Soon Your Phone Will Be Able To Figure Out How You're Feeling

12/8/2012 - Dumb Prisoner Gets Stuck In His Own Wall Hole During Stupid Jailbreak

12/8/2012 - America Is Just So Beautiful at Night

12/8/2012 - Getting These Hilarious Gag Gifts Will Ruin a Geek's Christmas

12/8/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Top Flight Parkour, 2-Pac at the HoB, and Video Games at the End Times

12/7/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Manic Pixie Prostitute

12/7/2012 - How to Survive the Mayan Apocalypse: Urine and Mayonnaise

12/7/2012 - On Person of Interest, we learned more about how the Machine thinks about crime

12/7/2012 - Your Breath Has Harmful Acids That Can Damage Your Camera Lens

12/7/2012 - We Can't Keep Changing Our Passwords

12/7/2012 - One way that prehistoric people were better scientific observers than modern ones

12/7/2012 - Tom Waits: Emotional Weather Report

12/7/2012 - One of the earliest victories in the war on science

12/7/2012 - A Simple Chart That Explains Why Batman Would Have a Short Career

12/7/2012 - This New Magisso Serving Set Will Impress All Your Holiday Guests

12/7/2012 - Six Good Habits I Learned from Being Bullied as a Geeky Kid

12/7/2012 - Spoiler Free Review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special

12/7/2012 - Most Beautiful Items of the Week: December 1-7, 2012

12/7/2012 - Wreck-It Ralph 2 probably coming — and it could feature a major video game character

12/7/2012 - Polyvore, Fantastical, and More

12/7/2012 - Mr. Porter Tux, Moving Christmas, and More

12/7/2012 - Snapseed, Etsy for Android, and More

12/7/2012 - This Lego Nyan Cat Is Mechanically Animated and Infinitely Cool

12/7/2012 - This is the weight of sunlight

12/7/2012 - Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, and Hate Leads to Another Awesome Star Wars Art Show

12/7/2012 - How To Sound Smart at Your Holiday Party

12/7/2012 - Why Cheap Booze Makes Your Hangover So Horrible

12/7/2012 - This book is the closest you'll ever get to hanging out with Madeleine L'Engle

12/7/2012 - Here is the astonishing creature found inside a 200 million-year-old leech cocoon

12/7/2012 - If You Order Amazon Gift Wrap, You Might Get This Instead

12/7/2012 - A USB Flash Drive That Might Be More Beautiful Than Your Precious MacBook

12/7/2012 - A 3D printer that manufactures new cancer drugs with drag-and-drop DNA

12/7/2012 - The Best Way To Sext

12/7/2012 - Delta Might Lose $2,500 Every Time Someone Downloads Its App

12/7/2012 - New Peabody and Sherman movie could make you love the time-traveling dog all over again

12/7/2012 - After extensive mathematical modeling, scientist declares "Earth is F**ked"

12/7/2012 - Job Opportunity: How About an Exciting Career as a Professional Fart Smeller?

12/7/2012 - Automatic Seatbelt Release Frees You If You End Up Underwater

12/7/2012 - Giving Away Toys Can Get You Toys, Thanks to Geeks for Tots

12/7/2012 - Never Ask the IRIS 9000 iPhone Dock To Lie

12/7/2012 - The Military-Grade iPhone Windshield Mount Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

12/7/2012 - Supercut shows how space helmets have changed over the past 80 years of movies

12/7/2012 - The neuroscience of comas, or what it means to be trapped inside your own mind

12/7/2012 - Sad Chinese Factory Workers Photographed with the Cheap Things They Build

12/7/2012 - Do You Care About Ubuntu?

12/7/2012 - Hey You Big Idiots, Now Can I Use My Phone on Planes?

12/7/2012 - First poster for Tom Cruise's Oblivion poster shows off a post-apocalyptic New York city

12/7/2012 - What Is Electricity?

12/7/2012 - Celebrate io9's 5th Anniversary with These Awesome T-shirts!

12/7/2012 - The next book from the author of Ready Player One already has a movie deal

12/7/2012 - Surprise! Kim Dotcom's New Mega-Site Looks Like a P2P Client

12/7/2012 - This Is the Mythical Animal Actually Found By North Korean Archeologists

12/7/2012 - You Could Borrow Some Bedbugs on a Visit to the Local Library

12/7/2012 - Why do your pupils get larger when you're on drugs?

12/7/2012 - It's Best Not To Imagine the Awful Ways This Virtual Water Could Be Used

12/7/2012 - The 10 Most Unlikely Things That Were Influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien

12/7/2012 - Add Lego to Your Photos, Get Huge Lego Sets for Free with Lego's Happy Holiplay Contest

12/7/2012 - Gifts for the DSLR-Slinging Photo Artiste

12/7/2012 - First ever image from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug shows one terrified burglar

12/7/2012 - Set your hands on fire and make floating balloons of death

12/7/2012 - Are we at the start of a new golden age of superhero TV shows?

12/7/2012 - How to Save Face When You Make Social Media Mistakes

12/7/2012 - All the Space Helmets In (ALMOST) Every Movie Ever

12/7/2012 - Harvard team makes Legos out of DNA

12/7/2012 - How To Dominate Your Ugly Xmas Sweater Party (With Technology)

12/7/2012 - Why US Air Corps servicemen were allowed to wear such badass bomber jackets in WWII

12/7/2012 - The War on Superman’s Underpants

12/7/2012 - Why That "US" Drone That Iran "Captured" Is Totally Worthless

12/7/2012 - Japanese Iron Man 3 trailer shows off a bit of Tony Stark's home life

12/7/2012 - Why cigarette butts are good for birds

12/7/2012 - You Can Totally Afford a Birkin Bag—If It's Made of Lego

12/7/2012 - USA orders a World War 2 alien drama from Walking Dead producer

12/7/2012 - There's a Cookbook Starring Tech Startup Weirdos Because Not Even Food Is Safe

12/7/2012 - Practice your ninja skills with the Franssen Effect audio illusion

12/7/2012 - Here's John McAfee, in Restraints, Headed To a Guatemalan Hospital

12/7/2012 - So you’ve decided to run away and join the French Foreign Legion? Here's how.

12/7/2012 - Finally, An Actual Innovation In Helmet Technology

12/7/2012 - AR Train Windows Can put the Eiffel Tower in Nebraska

12/7/2012 - Pan's Labyrinth Is Gonna Be a Musical

12/7/2012 - Gavin Hood reveals Ender's Game secrets. Plus more familiar mutants in X-Men: Days of Future Past!

12/7/2012 - Holy Spock! The Star Trek Medical Tricorder Is Real, And It's Only $150

12/7/2012 - Genetic Proof That Nobody Is Perfect

12/7/2012 - How Can This 1890 Automaton Produce Such Surprisingly Realistic Bird Songs?

12/7/2012 - Apple-Samsung Judge Longs for "Global Peace" Between the Two

12/7/2012 - Amazon's Silk Browser Can Be Hacked to Provide Free Grid Computing

12/7/2012 - The FCC's Nationwide 911 Texting Service Could Save Yr Life

12/7/2012 - FCC to FAA: C'mon, Let People Use Electronic Devices During Takeoff

12/7/2012 - How to Annoy a Web Developer

12/7/2012 - 480GB Ultrabook SSDs Will Arrive in 2013

12/7/2012 - Here Is the Official Color of 2013

12/7/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Corporate Weed, Blamestorms, and a Tale of a Country Doctor

12/6/2012 - Watch Tim Cook in His First TV Interview Since Becoming Apple CEO

12/6/2012 - Every Single Mental Thing Ian McShane Screams as American Horror Story's Santa, in One Video

12/6/2012 - How Photoshop Would Work in Real Life

12/6/2012 - The Hobbit EW Covers

12/6/2012 - What Color Means to Blind People

12/6/2012 - How to Say Google in Different Languages

12/6/2012 - Famous Photos Taken As Selfies Are So Damn Hilarious

12/6/2012 - On Supernatural, it's Benny vs. Amelia. Guess who wins?

12/6/2012 - When dinosaurs team up with lasers, you're basically screwed

12/6/2012 - M83: Wait

12/6/2012 - I Want to Eat This Awesomely Yummy 3,000 GummyBear Lamp So Badly

12/6/2012 - Scientists Revolutionize Pina Colada Production With Coconut-Flavored Pineapples

12/6/2012 - Proof that Molly Gloss Deserves to Be One of Your Favorite Authors

12/6/2012 - 6D Helmet Design

12/6/2012 - The Real Reason Why Nitrous Oxide Hits You So Fast

12/6/2012 - Gorgeous Minimalist Art That Strips Science Fiction Down to its Essence

12/6/2012 - Back to the Future Hoverboard Hands On: So This Is What a Real Life Hoverboard Looks Like

12/6/2012 - Bullshit Ipsum Dummy Text Works Perfectly Fine In Most Business Documents

12/6/2012 - Researchers decode the chemical signals of bed bugs in real time

12/6/2012 - The 10 Most Important Tablets of 2012

12/6/2012 - Lightspeed Presents… “The Perfect Match” by Ken Liu

12/6/2012 - Why do your grandparents keep falling for email scams?

12/6/2012 - This Highway Tracks Random Bluetooth Signals To Estimate Travel Times

12/6/2012 - This Skull iPhone Case Is 3D-Printed and a Piece of Art

12/6/2012 - Incredibly Strange and Ridiculously Cheap: Albert Pyun's 30-Year Career in B-Movies

12/6/2012 - And Now: The Taiwanese Animation Version of the John McAfee Story

12/6/2012 - An Abstract Art Table and Chair Set That's Actually Useful and Not Awful

12/6/2012 - Gandalf trades his pipeweed for a bagpipe... and a unicycle

12/6/2012 - T-Mobile Is Ending Subsidies in 2013—That Means Expensive Phones and Cheap Plans

12/6/2012 - So Where the Hell Do I Get Cool Christmas Decorations?

12/6/2012 - Golden Spike Company announces trips to the Moon will launch in 2020. Guess how much tickets cost.

12/6/2012 - Report: John McAfee Hospitalized After His Asylum Request Is Denied

12/6/2012 - Researchers Have Found the Universe's Very First Stars

12/6/2012 - Ask an Acer Rep All About the New Touch Lineup

12/6/2012 - Motopia: A Pedestrian Paradise

12/6/2012 - Boomphones Phantom QS 1.0 Review: A Loud, Limited Headphone Speaker Combo

12/6/2012 - Arrow goes Natural Born Killers on us!

12/6/2012 - Welcome to My Rare and Antiquarian eBook Shop

12/6/2012 - These Iconic Sunglasses Are Your Steve-McQueen-JFK-Buzz-Aldrin Deal of the Day

12/6/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About the American Psychiatric Association's Updated Guidelines

12/6/2012 - Wiggling USB Tentacle Means You'll Need To Download an Anti-Kraken App

12/6/2012 - The Most Accurate Map Yet of Our Planet's Most Powerful Earthquake Zones

12/6/2012 - An Animated History of GIFs Is the Best Kind of History

12/6/2012 - Ask Red Dwarf's Robert Llewellyn all your smegging questions!

12/6/2012 - Batteries: The Absolute Definitive Guide

12/6/2012 - The Historical Roots of Today's Diet and Exercise Fads

12/6/2012 - Gifts for the BBQ Fanatic

12/6/2012 - Aaaaand SpaceX just scored its very first military contracts

12/6/2012 - Secret Elixir Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Friendly

12/6/2012 - The Most Insanely Accurate and Wildly Beautiful Chart of Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill

12/6/2012 - Help prevent the apocalypse alongside Dikembe Mutombo and Science the Bear

12/6/2012 - NASA's GRAIL Mission returns jaw-dropping maps of the Moon, unprecedented findings

12/6/2012 - Other Solar Systems Might Be More Habitable Than Ours

12/6/2012 - Spotify's New Interface

12/6/2012 - A Round-Trip Ticket to the Moon Will Cost You a Mere $750 Million

12/6/2012 - 8 ways X-Men movie continuity is irretrievably fucked

12/6/2012 - What if The Little Mermaid was a horror movie?

12/6/2012 - What American Macintosh Factories Looked Like Last Time Apple Built Them Here

12/6/2012 - Spotify Overhauls Its Player to Make Discovering New Music a Breeze (Updating)

12/6/2012 - The Mathematical Formula For a Perfectly Decorated Christmas Tree

12/6/2012 - T-Mobile's Finally, Officially Getting the iPhone

12/6/2012 - This is all the beautiful space litter left on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover

12/6/2012 - Nvidia's GeForce Experience Fixes Your Graphics Settings for You

12/6/2012 - This Is the Freakiest, Most Perfect Artificial Eyeball I've Ever Seen

12/6/2012 - Killer Catfish Have Figured Out How To Hunt Down Pigeons

12/6/2012 - Tron 3 is officially online again

12/6/2012 - How an Old Biosphere Project Could Help Build a Better Climate Model

12/6/2012 - A Website in Japan Lets You Rent a Boyfriend For $364

12/6/2012 - All the Clues and Easter Eggs from the Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

12/6/2012 - Dracunculiasis - an invasion of “little dragons” - is the scariest skin disease ever

12/6/2012 - Vibrating Baby Monitor Tries To Wake Your Sleeping Kid If They Stop Moving

12/6/2012 - Watch this catfish go completely orca on a pigeon

12/6/2012 - Now John McAfee Is Writing an Insane Blog While He's in Jail

12/6/2012 - Snapseed for Android: Powerful Photo Editing Even for Amateurs

12/6/2012 - Snapseed for Android Gallery

12/6/2012 - Wireless Card Reader Lets You Share Your Shots Without Stupid Cables

12/6/2012 - Gravity Doesn't Work How You Think It Does, And Other Common Misconceptions

12/6/2012 - Neil Gaiman and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk dirty to each other (or at least near each other)

12/6/2012 - Holy crap! Why is the Earth glowing green?

12/6/2012 - Apple Maps, Android Jabs, and More: Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks

12/6/2012 - What's in store in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Ghostbusters 3 and Iron Man 3?

12/6/2012 - Apple Will Move Mac Production to the US in 2013

12/6/2012 - This Is the Mess Left by Curiosity's Cruise Stage

12/6/2012 - The Hardware Hackers Use to Crack Your Passwords

12/6/2012 - You'll Never Believe These Stunning Photos of Snow are Real

12/6/2012 - Study: The Expert Editors of Wikipedia Make it Harder to Read

12/6/2012 - Zynga's Set the Ball Rolling for Real-Money Online Gambling

12/6/2012 - New Star Trek Movie's First Trailer Looks Terrific and Apocalyptically Dark

12/6/2012 - This Is the Document Outlining Apple's Settlement With HTC

12/6/2012 - First Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Sends the Enterprise Straight to Hell

12/6/2012 - The 10 Most Looked Up Words of 2012

12/6/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Good Driving, Bad Driving, and a Homicidal Monkey with Magical Poo

12/5/2012 - Here Are Architect Oscar Niemeyer's Most Beautiful Buildings

12/5/2012 - Seeing Old and Torn Stuffed Animals Is Sort of Horrifying

12/5/2012 - John McAfee Has Finally Been Arrested

12/5/2012 - Have You Ever Donated Money to Wikipedia?

12/5/2012 - How many times do I have to tell you the Maya didn't give a shit about your dumb apocalypse?

12/5/2012 - Starbucks Is Charging $450 for a Specially Etched Metal Gift Card to Buy Coffee Flavored Water

12/5/2012 - Goldfrapp: Melancholy Sky

12/5/2012 - Never-seen Dark Knight concept art reveals the terrifying origins of the Joker's Clown Gang

12/5/2012 - Black and White Disposable Cameras Guarantee Every Wedding Photo Turns Out Artsy

12/5/2012 - The 10 Most Important Cameras of 2012

12/5/2012 - Who's the sexiest monster of the past 30 years?

12/5/2012 - Polyvore: Build Your Virtual Closet on Your iPhone

12/5/2012 - Doctor Who's Mickey takes out his vengeance on alien life in Storage 24

12/5/2012 - China gets set to grow veggies on Mars — and plant the communist flag

12/5/2012 - Celebrate the Anniversary of Prohibition's Repeal With DIY Gin

12/5/2012 - Asterix: The Great Unsung Fantasy Hero

12/5/2012 - NASA’s 2020 Plan for Mars Makes the Old New Again

12/5/2012 - Squirting RC Helicopter Brings The Water Gun Fight To Your Opponent

12/5/2012 - "The Black Marble": A New Satellite View of the Earth That Will Leave You In Awe

12/5/2012 - This manga-inspired Greenpeace video borrows from Hunger Games to get its point across

12/5/2012 - Your Next Cell Phone Could Come From Blockbuster

12/5/2012 - This live-action Dragonball Z fan movie is not only better than the real movie, it's good

12/5/2012 - Feel Free To Spill Whatever You Want On This Waterproof PC

12/5/2012 - Polyvore Gallery

12/5/2012 - Would You Trust a Doctor Checking Your Heart with a Goddamn iPhone?

12/5/2012 - Watch Megan Fox Converse With Dolphins

12/5/2012 - Rethinking the iPhone Lockscreen

12/5/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc.

12/5/2012 - Fringe Episode 5.08 Promo Photos

12/5/2012 - Side-by-Side Comparisons Reveal The Magic of Motion Capture

12/5/2012 - How Star Wars influenced Peter Jackson's decision to make a 48-FPS Hobbit

12/5/2012 - The New Head of Congress' Science and Tech Committee Sure Doesn't Seem to Like Science Much

12/5/2012 - Funny Crap Under $20 Is Your Secret-Santa-Best-Bet Deal of the Day

12/5/2012 - This Week's Comics: Hellboy in Hell! Darth Vader Purges! The Avengers Reassemble!

12/5/2012 - The Most Accurate, Highest Resolution Night Earth View to Date: Black Marble

12/5/2012 - The physics of Guinness are as fascinating as they are delicious (and they're very delicious)

12/5/2012 - This condom delivers an anti-HIV drug, prevents pregnancy, then disappears

12/5/2012 - The Luckiest Kindergarteners Ever Go To School In a Repurposed Plane

12/5/2012 - A real snake on a real plane forces real pilot to make real emergency landing and you know exactly where this is going (or maybe you don't)

12/5/2012 - What really caused the Oracle at Delphi to utter mad prophesies?

12/5/2012 - The Best Action Camera

12/5/2012 - Be Afraid: The Government Denies the World Is Ending on December 21st

12/5/2012 - Your Genetic Future: Horse-Dogs, Plantimals and Mini-Rhino Pets

12/5/2012 - This iPhone 5 Case Puts Five Spinning Lenses At Your Disposal

12/5/2012 - Sexting on Snapchat Isn't as Safe as You Think

12/5/2012 - Sony NEX-6 Gallery: Sample Images

12/5/2012 - Report: Apple to Fix Its Terrible Maps by Rearranging the World

12/5/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Retro Album Cover

12/5/2012 - Robot behavior reveals the fundamental structure of deception

12/5/2012 - The Rube Goldberg Machine That Defies the Laws of Physics

12/5/2012 - Jawbone UP (2012) Review: Still Not Fit To Buy

12/5/2012 - The Top 10 Claims Made by Creationists to Counter Scientific Theories

12/5/2012 - 5 Perfect Gifts for Natural-Light-Loving Photographers

12/5/2012 - Attention Everyone: Pizza Hut Perfume Is a Real Thing

12/5/2012 - Are There Any Scientifically Proven "Miracle" Methods to Enlarge Your Penis?

12/5/2012 - One of the most creative Rube Goldberg machines we've seen in ages

12/5/2012 - That Ghost-Girl Elevator Prank Just Got a Terrifying Sequel

12/5/2012 - What's the Point of Android Skins?

12/5/2012 - A Dystopian Movie that Gives You the Glorious Weirdness that All the Other Dystopias Leave Out

12/5/2012 - The Launch of iTunes Russia Came With Some Free Porn

12/5/2012 - Operation Dumbo Drop Gone Terribly Wrong: How to clean a giant elephant skin

12/5/2012 - How Much Gingerbread Would You Need To Build Your Edible Dreamhouse?

12/5/2012 - Sony NEX-6 Gallery: Product Shots

12/5/2012 - Postal Apocalypse: How to Get Drunk After the World Ends, and more

12/5/2012 - Frisky Gifts for Cat Nuts

12/5/2012 - Jawbone

12/5/2012 - Shape-Remembering Hydrogels Are the First Step Towards a Real-Life T-1000

12/5/2012 - First Look at Harrison Ford's Wrathful Colonel Graff in Ender's Game

12/5/2012 - Watch Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion Discuss Puppets and Penises

12/5/2012 - Sacré bleu! French men have suffered a dramatic drop in sperm count and quality

12/5/2012 - This Video of Planet Earth Will Give You Goosebumps

12/5/2012 - This Is Why Yesterday's New York Post Cover Matters to You

12/5/2012 - The BMW i3 Concept Will Make Your Commute Green and Stylish

12/5/2012 - Verizon Wants to Watch and Listen to Your Life While You Watch TV

12/5/2012 - This Watch Is Like Strapping a Muscle Car to Your Wrist

12/5/2012 - Meet the dinosaur so ancient it may be a missing link

12/5/2012 - Why Your Instagram Pics Look Weird on Twitter Now (Updated)

12/5/2012 - The Oldest Dinosaur Ever Found Spent the Last 50 Years in a Storage Closest

12/5/2012 - The 19 Most Badass Spy Planes

12/5/2012 - Christopher Nolan reveals why Man of Steel is a whole new Superman!

12/5/2012 - What's the Most Popular Element?

12/5/2012 - BlackBlackerry 10 Won’t Let You Use These 106 Incredibly Dumb Passwords

12/5/2012 - Ten Pictures That Make Earth Look Like Art

12/5/2012 - How Much Physical Space Does the Internet Take Up?

12/5/2012 - Nokia's New Lumia 620: Windows Phone 8 on the Cheap

12/5/2012 - NASA's Latest Engineering Challenge: How to Change a Light Bulb

12/5/2012 - Amazon's New $3 Kid-Friendly Subscription Service

12/5/2012 - Sonos Now Lets You Stream Music Direct From an iOS Device

12/5/2012 - Drift Ghost gallery

12/5/2012 - Eric Schmidt: Apple and Google are Like Competing Countries, Not Kids With Guns

12/5/2012 - Contour+2 Gallery

12/5/2012 - Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside the Womb

12/5/2012 - Snakes on a Plane Forced a Plane to Make an Emergency Landing

12/5/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Celebrity Space Endorsements, Every Movie from 2012, and Macklemore on NPR

12/4/2012 - The Mystery Behind the Disappearing Island That Existed on Google Maps Has Been Solved

12/4/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Promo Pics Part 2

12/4/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Promo Pics Part 1

12/4/2012 - How the Morning After Pill Works

12/4/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Character Pics

12/4/2012 - New video captures enormous UFO hovering over Hawaii, broadcasting music

12/4/2012 - If Tech Companies Made Holiday Party Invitations, They Would Look Like This

12/4/2012 - Seeing Births and Deaths in Real Time in the US Is Morbidly Fascinating

12/4/2012 - The Tip Box Is Back: Give Us Your Dirt

12/4/2012 - A Collection of Incredible and Inspiring Mars Curiosity Rover Art

12/4/2012 - Your First Look at the Animated Remake of the Soviet Union's Most Monty Python-esque Movie

12/4/2012 - This Is Now the Coolest Microwave of All

12/4/2012 - 8 Ways To Completely Over-Decorate Your Home For the Holidays

12/4/2012 - Remember that time Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra teamed up to do a PSA for NASA?

12/4/2012 - Introducing Spaun — the world's largest functioning model of the human brain

12/4/2012 - Everything Is Cancelled: There's a GIF FEST in Miami

12/4/2012 - Water Ballons Filmed In Slow Motion. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

12/4/2012 - Color Blindness Test by EnChroma: Find Out If You're Afflicted

12/4/2012 - Color Blindness Test by EnChroma

12/4/2012 - The YouTube App Is Finally Updated for iPad and iPhone 5

12/4/2012 - Mind-Blowing Lego Tumbler Looks as Detailed As the Real Batmobile

12/4/2012 - At first glance, The CW's Wonder Woman show seems to be getting back to Diana's roots

12/4/2012 - The Science of Picky Eating

12/4/2012 - Milton Glaser's Sprocket Clock Is Always Down for a Good Time

12/4/2012 - Honest Trailers points out the horrible danger of actually thinking about Dark Knight Rises

12/4/2012 - Japan's Eco Cycle Stows Bikes in a Quake-Proof Underground Storage Cylinder

12/4/2012 - The Most Infamous Sexts of 2012 (NSFW)

12/4/2012 - And here's the worst Star Wars fan in the entire world

12/4/2012 - Fujifilm XF1 Samples

12/4/2012 - Fujifilm XF1 Review: Clever Design That Will Drive You Crazy

12/4/2012 - Fuji XF1 Gallery

12/4/2012 - Watch This Fox Get Duped By A Dying Rabbit App

12/4/2012 - The family that's had blue skin since the 1800s

12/4/2012 - Your Holiday Dinner Guests Will Love Dining Off These Testicle Plates

12/4/2012 - Watch the first trailer for Upstream Color, from the director of Primer

12/4/2012 - Einstein may have discovered dark energy without even realizing it

12/4/2012 - This Jawbone Jambox Is Your Brick-Sized-Beach-Speaker Deal of the Day

12/4/2012 - The Secret History of Star Trek's Utopian Federation

12/4/2012 - The Future of Texting Is a Mess

12/4/2012 - How the Internet Helps Deaf Science Students Create New Signs

12/4/2012 - The Walking Dead's Tyreese "has a hammer, and he knows how to use it," promises Chad L. Coleman

12/4/2012 - The Science of Plan B or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Progestins

12/4/2012 - Dumbo, Iron Man and Skywalker (Maybe) Coming to Netflix

12/4/2012 - Your AT&T Bill Will Soon Be a Video

12/4/2012 - Shooting Challenge Cellphone

12/4/2012 - 32 Amazing Photos Taken On Phones

12/4/2012 - The io9 Book Club is in Session! Let's talk about Lavie Tidhar's Osama.

12/4/2012 - Capping the Deep Water Horizon Well Could Have Caused an Even Bigger Disaster

12/4/2012 - Toshiba's New Excite 10 SE Looks Like a Sweet Tablet On a Budget

12/4/2012 - This Convertible Sleeping Bag Thinks It's a Giant Hoodie

12/4/2012 - 16 Famous Science Fiction Quotes that Make Excellent Pick-Up Lines

12/4/2012 - New Gmail App for iPhone and iPad Hands On: Way Better Than Last Time

12/4/2012 - It's official: 'Asperger's syndrome' is no longer a thing

12/4/2012 - The Best Deals in Tech

12/4/2012 - This week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases: The Dark Knight does some rising, the TNG crew feels Blu, and so much more

12/4/2012 - Fancy Dissolving Condoms Are the Future of Female Birth Control

12/4/2012 - How to Get in Touch With Acer

12/4/2012 - 6 new clips from The Hobbit show just how far the first movie will go

12/4/2012 - RIP Spidernaut: The Space-Traveling Arachnid Is Dead

12/4/2012 - This Tiny Flash Drive Broadcasts Its Contents Over Wi-Fi

12/4/2012 - The company that created Dungeons & Dragons is back with Gygax magazine (updated)

12/4/2012 - NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft enters an unexplored region of space: The Magnetic Highway

12/4/2012 - The Best Lego Sets for the Holidays 2012

12/4/2012 - Lego Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 Is a True Masterpiece

12/4/2012 - Lego Minimodulars Is Cute and Fun and a Must Have and CUTE AND FUN

12/4/2012 - Lego The Goblin King Battle Set: As Good As the Movie

12/4/2012 - Lego Creator Propeller Adventures: Great to Start Your Own Models

12/4/2012 - Lego Fun with Vehicles: For Kids Who Love Cars

12/4/2012 - Lego Iron Man: It's Not Really Lego, But Kids Love These

12/4/2012 - Lego Master Builder Academy Is a Must Get If You Want to Get Serious About Lego

12/4/2012 - Lego Villa Savoye Is a Must Have for Architecture Lovers

12/4/2012 - Lego X-Wing: A Must-Have Star Wars Set

12/4/2012 - What's It Like to Write for NMA TV, that Wacky Taiwanese CGI Video Company

12/4/2012 - The sci-fi inspired buildings that communism built

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