7/31/2012 - The Straight-Up Nerdiest Calculator Watch on the Planet Earth

7/31/2012 - This Tea Steeper Thinks It's in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

7/31/2012 - This Wednesday, Hawkeye and dog detectives are in your neighborhood comic shop

7/31/2012 - Do You Use Your Big Ass Smartphone to Watch Porn?

7/31/2012 - Grimm - Season 2 Cast Photos

7/31/2012 - Warehouse 13 - Episode 403 Promo Photos

7/31/2012 - Why So Many Remakes!

7/31/2012 - Warehouse 13 explores the difference between self-sacrifice and selfishness

7/31/2012 - Watch these church walls twist and morph through the power of projected light

7/31/2012 - Will You Switch to the New Hotmail Outlook?

7/31/2012 - Driving through the world's longest road tunnel is a trip through hyperspace

7/31/2012 - A Well-Made Chair for the Bistro in Your Kitchen

7/31/2012 - The New Digg Launched Just Now, 1 Day Early

7/31/2012 - FDA Approves the First Smart Pills That Track When You've Taken Your Meds

7/31/2012 - How a Rat With a Brain Sensor Turned Ramez Naam From a Technologist into a Renowned Futurist

7/31/2012 - Google Chrome Now Looks Good on Retina Displays

7/31/2012 - The New Essential Apps July 2012

7/31/2012 - How do magicians know what card you're thinking of?

7/31/2012 - Are You Having Problems With iMessage and iCloud?

7/31/2012 - Google Delays Nexus Q Release Because the Weird Media Streamer Is Half-Baked

7/31/2012 - Olympic Track and Field Doesn't Use Starting Pistols Because the Speed of Sound Is Too Slow

7/31/2012 - Who would win in a fight: Darth Vader, or Deadpool?

7/31/2012 - This Aquarium Is the Only Place On Earth Where Penguins Can Fly

7/31/2012 - The Creepy Gorgeous Fantasy Art of Jeff Simpson

7/31/2012 - Deleted Scenes from Our Favorite Movies We Wish We Could See

7/31/2012 - FCC Tells Verizon It Can't Force You To Pay $20 For Tethering Anymore

7/31/2012 - World's First Lego Electric Wheelchair Can Support a Two Hundred Pound Passenger

7/31/2012 - Hello Mars -- This is the Earth!

7/31/2012 - The Technology That Turned Joe Quesada into a Legendary Comic Book Artist

7/31/2012 - Gang of unruly knights robs Renaissance faire

7/31/2012 - 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Laptop For Under $100

7/31/2012 - How a Crappy Unauthorized Sequel Created All of Science Fiction's Main Plot Devices

7/31/2012 - Japan's Cockroach Forecasts Will Make You Feel Better About the Heat

7/31/2012 - Watch an astronaut turn himself into a floating head... in space!

7/31/2012 - Everything You Need To Stage Your Own Backyard Olympics

7/31/2012 - Watch The Avengers' big secret villain reveal right now!

7/31/2012 - A deadly new strain of bird flu has spread to seals. Could humans be next?

7/31/2012 - There's Never Been a Worse Time to Buy an iPhone Accessory

7/31/2012 - Clip-On Camping Light Keeps Hands Free for Starting Fires and Fighting Bears

7/31/2012 - Some Totally Real Reasons Why The Hobbit Had To Be A Trilogy

7/31/2012 - The iPhone's Future Predictive Keyboard Makes Certain Keys Larger Without You Ever Noticing (Updated)

7/31/2012 - This Joby Gorillatorch Tripod Flashlight Is Your Stop-Putting-The-Flashlight-In-Your-Mouth Deal of the Day

7/31/2012 - The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck

7/31/2012 - Why Toilets Are Still Made of Porcelain

7/31/2012 - Buttermilk the baby goat is a total dick

7/31/2012 - Google Street View Panoramas, Done Retro-Style in ASCII

7/31/2012 - Modern culture emerged in Africa 20,000 years earlier than anybody realized

7/31/2012 - Amazon Cloud Player Will Upgrade All the Horrible Quality MP3s You Throw at It

7/31/2012 - 134 Terrifying Close-Ups Of Bugs

7/31/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Bugs 3

7/31/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Bugs 1

7/31/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Bugs 4

7/31/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Bugs 2

7/31/2012 - Censored NBC-Slamming Journalist Guy Adams Is Back On Twitter (Updated)

7/31/2012 - The First Ever Cosplay Photos, From the 1890s

7/31/2012 - Does America Really Need to Feature Death Symbols On Its Military Badges?

7/31/2012 - Gmail for iOS Gets Mercifully Smoother Scrolling and Handy Image Saves

7/31/2012 - Steadicam Smoothee Review: Shake-Free Video for iPhone Filmmakers

7/31/2012 - 10 Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Remakes (and Why They May Not Suck)

7/31/2012 - Go Get Your @Outlook Email Address Quick Before Someone Else Does

7/31/2012 - Watch the first trailer for the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns

7/31/2012 - Bond Wields a Biometric PPK In the Fantastic New Skyfall Trailer

7/31/2012 - New Theory: A "Hit and Run" Accident Created Our Moon

7/31/2012 - Microsoft Did the Impossible: The New Hotmail Is Fantastic

7/31/2012 - Amazon Is Expanding Locker Delivery

7/31/2012 - The live-action He-Man movie might actually happen

7/31/2012 - Standing Electric Trike Looks Like a Really Fun Way To Die

7/31/2012 - The World's Biggest Wind Turbine Blades Are So Long Their Tips Spin at 180 MPH

7/31/2012 - All the American Flags On the Moon Are Now White

7/31/2012 - William Shatner and Wil Wheaton narrate NASA's two new Mars rover videos!

7/31/2012 - The Cashtag Arrives to Pollute Your Twitter Feed With Stock Info

7/31/2012 - Facebook Will Change Your Profile to Timeline This Fall, Like It or Not (Updated)

7/31/2012 - Google Maps Mercifully Now Shows NYC Subway Alerts

7/31/2012 - What in the Hell Do You Use Pennies For?

7/31/2012 - Is the birth of Bane hidden in Tom Hardy's Star Trek: Nemesis screen test?

7/31/2012 - 1846: The Year We Hit Peak Sperm Whale Oil

7/31/2012 - Grow a Tiny Garden in a Tiny Ikea Greenhouse

7/31/2012 - The World's Tallest Five-Story Shower Fountain Makes a Leaking Roof Beautiful

7/31/2012 - The Best Proof Yet That Apple's Next iPhone Will Look Completely Different

7/31/2012 - Hulu Plus Just Made Apple TV a Million Times Better

7/31/2012 - Just when will Edgar Wright's Ant-Man start filming? Plus Dredd secrets from Karl Urban!

7/31/2012 - Facebook Wants to Be Your Instapaper Now, Too

7/31/2012 - Androids Can Funnel Spotify's Free Radio Now

7/31/2012 - Chinese Army Fights a Wasp Colony in the Most Awesome Way Possible

7/31/2012 - The Cousins of the Keebler Elves Live in this Hut

7/31/2012 - F*ck Keys

7/31/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Banned Doggs, Money Bunnies, and Baby Bongs

7/30/2012 - ASCII-ized Google Street View Is a Beautiful Way To Get Lost

7/30/2012 - Put the Brakes on the Lights With this Bike-Influenced Rem Lamp

7/30/2012 - Pitbull: Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)

7/30/2012 - True Blood's blood orgy has given us a vampire hangover

7/30/2012 - Are Apple's New Ads Dumb and Horrible?

7/30/2012 - Game of Thrones - Season 3 Behind the Scenes

7/30/2012 - First Behind-The-Scenes Footage of the New Wolverine Movie

7/30/2012 - Beauty and the Beast - Pilot Promo Images

7/30/2012 - Total Recall - Promo Pics

7/30/2012 - The Most Brilliant Fairy Tale Novel We've Read in Years

7/30/2012 - Samsung Exec Finds "Fighting Over Rectangles" Unreasonable

7/30/2012 - Stander: The Best Cop Is a Bad Cop

7/30/2012 - Put a Wang in Your Ear Hole

7/30/2012 - Size truly matters when it comes to the rhino beetle and its massive horn

7/30/2012 - This Is Apple's New Favorite Typeface (Updated)

7/30/2012 - Play with all 786 confirmed planets in one interactive infographic!

7/30/2012 - Report: Apple iPhone and iPad Mini Announcement Will Be September 12 (Updated)

7/30/2012 - What's The One Gadget, Tool or Utensil You Absolutely Can't Live Without in the Kitchen

7/30/2012 - Sunken Nazi Submarine Found Just Off the Coast of Nantucket

7/30/2012 - Nasal hallucinations can make your life Hell

7/30/2012 - IBM Think: Explore Innovation From the Dark Ages to the Present

7/30/2012 - Just how badly will the Total Recall remake flop?

7/30/2012 - Stylized Transit Maps Are a Lovely Way to Rep Your Favorite City

7/30/2012 - Harman Kardon CL Review: These Headphones Can Handle All Your Listening Needs

7/30/2012 - Before and after Bane audio shows how The Dark Knight Rises cleaned up the villain's mumbles

7/30/2012 - IBM Think Gallery

7/30/2012 - Bad news: the chemicals in your IV bag could be giving you diabetes

7/30/2012 - Science Fiction Authors Who Could be Hollywood's Next Philip K. Dick

7/30/2012 - This Is as Close to Pocketable as High Speed Video Cameras Get

7/30/2012 - In this amazing time-lapse, relive the earliest NASA missions in six minutes

7/30/2012 - If You Could Travel Back in Time, What Would You Change About Tech?

7/30/2012 - harman kardon cl gal

7/30/2012 - Bing's New Friend Tagging Feature Is So Cool You'll Wish It Wasn't On Bing

7/30/2012 - Wernher von Braun's Martian Chronicles

7/30/2012 - A List of Every Country That Can Watch Free, Unlimited Olympics on YouTube (Guess Who's Missing?)

7/30/2012 - This Emergency Pop-Up Shelter Is Also the Perfect Bachelor Pad

7/30/2012 - NASA says flags left by Apollo astronauts are still standing

7/30/2012 - How You Photograph a Man Free Falling From the Edge Of Space

7/30/2012 - Technology Is Making the Olympics Worse

7/30/2012 - For $4000, you too can own a painting of Bambi witnessing a threesome

7/30/2012 - What exactly is a Blue Moon?

7/30/2012 - These Donkey Kong Nintendo Wall Graphics Are Your Nerdy-Office-Decals Deal of the Day

7/30/2012 - Infuriating RIAA Knew That SOPA and PIPA Were Useless All Along

7/30/2012 - Confirmed: The Hobbit will now be a trilogy

7/30/2012 - What the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Looked Like From a Performer's Hidden Camera

7/30/2012 - Could Minority Report come true in your lifetime?

7/30/2012 - Ask the First Guy With Google's Blazing 1000Mbit/s Internet Connection How It Works

7/30/2012 - The Reason Why Your Email Address Has an @ in It

7/30/2012 - Facebook's New Photo UI Creates Gorgeous Mosaics

7/30/2012 - What did Vikings really look like?

7/30/2012 - Is This the Best or the Most Evil Parenting Trick Ever?

7/30/2012 - Transparent Open-Air Case Is Perfect for PC Hardware Voyeurs

7/30/2012 - 10 Revolting Foods That People Have Made in Prison

7/30/2012 - Google+ Hangouts in Gmail Means Nine-way Video Chats

7/30/2012 - Everyone Will Leave Georgia Just To See This Beautiful Border Crossing

7/30/2012 - What if Adventure Time and Futurama were retro comic books?

7/30/2012 - Watch 4,000 People Silently Stage an Olympic-Sized Water Gun Fight

7/30/2012 - At Least Digg's Killing the Dreaded DiggBar

7/30/2012 - Ask Saladin Ahmed Anything You Want About Throne of the Crescent Moon

7/30/2012 - This Week's Most Exciting Show Is Not on Television At All

7/30/2012 - How Long Do You Wait Before Ditching a Dying Social Network?

7/30/2012 - How to Listen to Something Besides Local Radio on Your Never-Ending Road Trip

7/30/2012 - World War Z might not be an undead disaster after all

7/30/2012 - The Next iPhone Won't Be the iPhone 5

7/30/2012 - The Army's Smart New Mortars Could Actually Hit a Target

7/30/2012 - Remote Control Multi-Function Microwave Could Replace Half Your Appliances

7/30/2012 - Watch an awesome postmortem examination of a giant skate (a.k.a. a "stepped-on shark")

7/30/2012 - Boeing 787 Rains Burning Engine Debris Down on Airport

7/30/2012 - This Is What NBC's Crappy Olympics Streaming Has Reduced Us To

7/30/2012 - The biggest avalanches in the solar system happen on Saturn's moon Iapetus

7/30/2012 - Spaceman Spiff (and other classic Calvin and Hobbes moments) in GIF form

7/30/2012 - Using These Smart Glass-Infused Desk Objects Is Like Playing the World's Safest Game of Russian Roulette

7/30/2012 - The Space Station's New Aquarium Prepares Astronauts For a Puppy Some Day

7/30/2012 - Military dad uses the Force to surprise his son with the perfect Star Wars homecoming

7/30/2012 - The Olympic Flame Dies, Gets Unceremoniously Relit By Old Guy On a Cherry Picker

7/30/2012 - Has the Neuromancer adaptation found two major stars for its most important roles?

7/30/2012 - This Is Probably the 10-Inch PlayBook (That Won't Be Out Until 2013)

7/30/2012 - Dart-Launching Pistol Guarantees a Bullseye Every Time

7/30/2012 - Watch a scene from the live-action Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind short film

7/30/2012 - Microsoft Confirms Surface Will Ship Alongside Windows 8 on October 26th

7/30/2012 - Video Reaffirms Alleged iPhone 5 Assembled From Parts

7/30/2012 - How eBay Became Relevant Again

7/30/2012 - Now you can buy a $1.3 million Japanese mech over the internet

7/30/2012 - Apple Claims This 2005 iPhone Prototype Proves It Didn't Copy Sony

7/30/2012 - This Is What 350,000 Websites Look Like

7/30/2012 - Is The Latest Apple-Samsung Court Case Really All About Google?

7/30/2012 - Alien Porn

7/30/2012 - Robot Erotica

7/30/2012 - Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse: The First Windows 8 Accessories Arrive in Style

7/29/2012 - Best of the Week: July 21-27, 2012

7/29/2012 - Some of the World's Most Beautiful Skate Decks Come From the Back of This Truck

7/29/2012 - Planets can only support life for as long as their star's chemistry allows them to

7/29/2012 - Ronin: Sunday Night Is Car Chase Night

7/29/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images

7/29/2012 - Just why does castration make spiders into better fighters?

7/29/2012 - Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) Character Posters

7/29/2012 - Silent Hill Images

7/29/2012 - New Frankenweenie Posters

7/29/2012 - Breaking: 12 riders stuck at the top of Six Flags' Superman roller coster [Updated]

7/29/2012 - This freaky statue of a furry, hoof-handed woman will clip-clop into your nightmares

7/29/2012 - Of Course the Worst "Call Me Maybe" Parody Comes From a Zuckerberg

7/29/2012 - Revealed: Bane Sketches and A Deleted Scene Script Page from Dark Knight Rises

7/29/2012 - Jayne hats on the groomsmen and "Don't Panic" invites make for a sweet and geeky wedding

7/29/2012 - Olympics Fans Asked to Kindly Stop Tweeting So Damn Much

7/29/2012 - Newspaper Uses Photoshop To Make Syria Look Even Worse Somehow

7/29/2012 - Stunning molecular biology illustrations look like floral abstract art

7/29/2012 - Which Olympic Sport Is Most Tech-Dependent?

7/29/2012 - Here's How Much It Would Cost to Be Iron Man

7/29/2012 - Stop-motion Dark Knight toys act out a battle between Batman and the Joker's crew

7/29/2012 - Money Won in Pirate Bay Convictions Won't Go Back to Artists Because Ugh (Updated)

7/29/2012 - Crowdfund an RPG cookbook, a John K cartoon, and a film about downloadable teenagers

7/29/2012 - Type-Off: Is ThinkPad's New Island Keyboard Better or Worse?

7/29/2012 - So-called "Dullest Culture on Earth" frowns upon sex and bans play

7/29/2012 - The One Kickstarter I'd Support Is Michael Bay's Bad Boys III Pitch

7/29/2012 - Watch the mesmerizing dance of the kinetic spider robot in this striking short film

7/29/2012 - A Curious Photo of a Dinosaur being Airlifted over Boston

7/29/2012 - Alleged iPhone 5 Parts Assembled: Is This the New iPhone?

7/29/2012 - Hilarious Memos from the Desk of Nick Fury

7/29/2012 - There's a One in Ten Chance You're Dreaming Right Now

7/29/2012 - 10 Ways the Olympics Could be Different in the Future

7/29/2012 - You'll Never Want This Gorgeous Pizza Cutter To Touch Melted Cheese

7/29/2012 - Batman gets a Surrealist makeover as Salvador Dali's monstrous Sleep

7/29/2012 - Pixar's storytelling rules illustrated in Lego

7/29/2012 - The Fake NY Times WikiLeaks Op-Ed That Fooled Pretty Much Everybody

7/29/2012 - Read a bittersweet comic about a man shipwrecked with a talking gorilla

7/29/2012 - Tiny Satellite To Scrawl Morse Code Messages Across the Night Sky

7/29/2012 - Completely Adorable Art that Depicts the Eleven Doctors as Time Ladies

7/29/2012 - AT&T's Best Android Phone Is Now Just $100

7/29/2012 - The Giant Volume Knob On These Headphones Makes It Easy For Anyone To Crank Your Tunes

7/28/2012 - Was This Awesome Multi-Function Pillow Inspired By a Burrito?

7/28/2012 - Anatomically correct chairs line up with your bones and organs

7/28/2012 - This Absurdly Ornate iPad Dock Is Fit For a Czar

7/28/2012 - Learn the rules of Walter White's superlab with this Breaking Bad poster

7/28/2012 - This Robotic Swimming Humanoid Is No Match For Phelps

7/28/2012 - These animated Power Rangers shorts need to become a series

7/28/2012 - The CIA Had A Stealthy Insectocopter Flying 40 Years Ago

7/28/2012 - How science fictional will AMC's 1950s drama Area 51 be?

7/28/2012 - Turn Your Swag On With Soulja Boy's Bewildering Branded Tablet

7/28/2012 - Insanely Detailed 1/6th Scale Figure Is the Closest You'll Get To Owning an Iron Man Suit

7/28/2012 - What Dracula really looks like, according to police composite software

7/28/2012 - Wake Up Every Morning With That Addictive Tetris Theme Stuck In Your Head

7/28/2012 - Inventor of the Web Given Hero's Welcome at Olympics

7/28/2012 - Already Tired of Olympic News? Block Any and All Mentions With This Handy Browser Extension

7/28/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Visit to the Mall of the Future

7/28/2012 - Apple Gave Some Thought To Buying A Chunk of Twitter

7/28/2012 - JK Rowling is building Hogwarts-style treehouses in her back yard

7/28/2012 - What if Jack Kirby and Ed Wood teamed up to fight wizards during WWII?

7/28/2012 - Guns on the Internet, OS X Mountain Lion, Fast Food Follies, Buckyball Bans, and More...

7/28/2012 - Super Manatees defend the world's sea cows from underwater villains

7/28/2012 - Is this study the bane of crypto-zoologists?

7/28/2012 - You Can Pack a Long Weekend's Worth Of Clothing Into This Puffy Vest

7/28/2012 - Witness decades of urban growth as photographed from space

7/28/2012 - Ultra-Expensive Two Pound Tent Lightens Your Backpack and Your Wallet

7/28/2012 - Watch a shark steal a photographer's camera and swim away with it

7/28/2012 - Webcomic Widdershins is home to treasure hunters, magical kleptomaniacs, and spells gone very awry

7/28/2012 - How To Watch Every Second of the Olympics (Updated)

7/28/2012 - Jetpacks! Voldemort! James Bond! The Most Delightful and Ridiculous Images from the Olympic Ceremony

7/28/2012 - Brutal Battle Royale TV show could be coming to the CW

7/28/2012 - Kick Off Your Weekend With Man-Made Jellyfish, Spiderman Science, Celebrity Tweets, and Other Videos

7/28/2012 - Hulk & Black Widow battle giant aliens while Jake & Finn go to Mars on Adventure Time

7/28/2012 - Protect Your Home Like a Top Secret Government Facility With a Sweeping Laser Security System

7/28/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Men Throwing Rocks, Quagmire Giving Advice, and Who's Playing the Isle of Wight

7/27/2012 - The Cylons' Secret Weakness: Microwave Ovens!

7/27/2012 - Charles Darwin Hacked Together His Own Office Chair Because He Was a Genius

7/27/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Are Men Funny?

7/27/2012 - Bond-Style Yacht, Vintage Speakers, Courtyard Gondola, and More

7/27/2012 - Scientists use light to control monkey brains

7/27/2012 - Pentathlon: You Win the Gold Medal or You Die

7/27/2012 - Why do so many "unhealthy" people live to see 100?

7/27/2012 - Prince "Alter Ego" Scans

7/27/2012 - Spot the nods to Paul Verhoeven's original in these 5 Total Recall clips

7/27/2012 - 3 Million Suckers Still Pay For AOL Dial-Up

7/27/2012 - Rare photographs of atomic bomb testing at Bikini Atoll

7/27/2012 - You've Got to Be Crafty to Take Down the Empire With this LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

7/27/2012 - Today's pop music really does all sound the same — and science can prove it

7/27/2012 - The Best Science Fiction Writer You Didn't Know You'd Read, Part 2

7/27/2012 - The Hobbit's Thorin Oakenshield tells us what happens when you get a dwarf drunk

7/27/2012 - Flock, Chameleon Clock, and More

7/27/2012 - Final Fantasy, IntelliRing, and More

7/27/2012 - The Walking Dead, Anatomy and Physiology, and More

7/27/2012 - Who Does Military Overkill Sports Flyovers Better: USA vs UK

7/27/2012 - How Top 10's Zander Cannon fell in love with science

7/27/2012 - Why do we hate seeing photos of ourselves?

7/27/2012 - Camo Bolt-Action Pen Review: Now That's A Pocket Protector

7/27/2012 - What shameful weakness causes dimples?

7/27/2012 - The Letter from Stanley Kubrick to Arthur C. Clarke that Sparked 2001: A Space Odyssey

7/27/2012 - How To Keep Beer from Getting Skunked

7/27/2012 - Prince, the Great Unsung Fantasy Storyteller

7/27/2012 - The Largest Mirror In the World Is So Big That You Can See It From Space

7/27/2012 - These Malicious Tweets Want To Hijack Your Computer

7/27/2012 - Let’s Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

7/27/2012 - Camo Bolt-Action Pen Gallery

7/27/2012 - ThinkTank Airport International 2.0 Gallery

7/27/2012 - Operation Plowshare: The Plan to Bomb America With Kindness

7/27/2012 - Which Olympics App Is Right For You?

7/27/2012 - How to Follow Gizmodo Nerds on Twitter

7/27/2012 - Apple TV or Roku: Which Media Streamer Do You Use?

7/27/2012 - Silent Hill: Revelation trailer reunites Eddard Stark and Jon Snow WITH BLOOD!

7/27/2012 - The US Army Is Outfitting Soldiers With Blast Sensors

7/27/2012 - Why Some Diseases Wait in Your Body For Decades Before Striking

7/27/2012 - This Remote Control Rolling Cooler Is Your Don't-Get-Up-For-The-Rest-Of-The-Summer Deal of the Day

7/27/2012 - The graffiti of Pompeii was downright raunchy, and absolutely hilarious

7/27/2012 - What to Do With the Digital Remains of a Failed Relationship

7/27/2012 - Did somebody eat these missing mastodon bones in Central Florida?

7/27/2012 - The Most Common Words in Android and iOS App Names

7/27/2012 - DARPA Moving Ahead with Building Zombie Frankensatellites

7/27/2012 - Kid Opens a Gun Safe Just by Jostling It Around

7/27/2012 - Are Olympic athletes really mutants?

7/27/2012 - Google Never Actually Deleted That Street View Breach Data

7/27/2012 - LG 9700 Plasma Review: Smooth as a Soap Opera

7/27/2012 - LG 9700 Series Review Gallery

7/27/2012 - Explore the World's Great Lost Cities!

7/27/2012 - Hidden Test Video Shows What Life in a Computer Factory Is Really Like

7/27/2012 - Proof That the iPhone 4 Could Have Been a Sony Product—According to Apple Itself

7/27/2012 - The 9 Best Buildings of the London 2012 Olympics

7/27/2012 - 10 Recent Science Fiction Books That Are About Big Ideas

7/27/2012 - Ridley Scott will remake disaster mockumentary The Day Britain Stopped

7/27/2012 - Apple's Patent Sketch for Its Own Retina-ized Version of Google Glasses is Awwwwwkward

7/27/2012 - No, this isn't the twin of our solar system — but it's proof that our planetary orbits aren't a "fluke"

7/27/2012 - Delightful Vintage Speakers Resurrected for Your Music Player

7/27/2012 - How Were These Ever Considered Olympic Events?

7/27/2012 - The Watch might be the dumbest alien invasion movie ever, and that's okay

7/27/2012 - New Device Turns Eye Movement Into Handwriting

7/27/2012 - You Probably Have More Twitter Followers Than These Pathetic Celebrities

7/27/2012 - The Robot Explorer That Will Navigate Jupiter's Liquid Moon

7/27/2012 - By blocking cannabis receptors, scientists can give you the anti-munchies

7/27/2012 - This Is Probably What the Start of WWIII Will Look Like

7/27/2012 - How a scientist taught himself to write cursive with his eyeballs

7/27/2012 - The Ultimate Triathlon Outfit For Under $1,000

7/27/2012 - How Google Plans to Turn a Profit on Kick Ass Gigabit Fiber—Maybe

7/27/2012 - What was this mummy sick from? Now we know. [updated]

7/27/2012 - Old Termites Turn Into Self-Destructing Chemical Weapons

7/27/2012 - How we first discovered infrared (and how you can discover it all over again)

7/27/2012 - To Stream or Not to Stream: How Will You Watch the Olympics?

7/27/2012 - Microsoft Totally Knows That Surface Will Screw Over PC Makers

7/27/2012 - Can a Single Lamp Improve Your Physical Well Being?

7/27/2012 - Is Indiana Jones dead at last?

7/27/2012 - How soon will we see Jeremy Renner play Hawkeye again? And will Jurassic Park 4 feature "weaponized dinosaurs"?

7/27/2012 - Man Who Made Airport Bomb Joke on Twitter Finally Found Innocent

7/27/2012 - Apple Throws $356 Million at Making Its Security Better—And Making Android's Worse

7/27/2012 - Has the iPhone 5 Been Smuggled Out of the Factory Already?

7/27/2012 - The Contents of an Olympics Photographer's Bag

7/27/2012 - You Need 1,872 Processors to Accurately Simulate Ice Cream

7/27/2012 - This Is What Google Glasses Could Have Been

7/27/2012 - Apple and Samsung Can't Even Agree on Where to Sit in Court

7/27/2012 - Samsung Sells 50 Million Smartphones a Quarter, Twice as Many as Apple

7/27/2012 - Makerbot-Forged Mixtape Is the Most Nostalgic Way to Spread Music Love

7/27/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Struggling Sea Turtles Smoking Bob Ross' Happy Clouds Out of Super Papercraft Mario Bongs

7/26/2012 - The Gap Band: Outstanding

7/26/2012 - Building a House Around a Funnel Heading for the Center of the Earth Sounds Terrifying

7/26/2012 - The Making of South Park: 6 Days To Air Proves Crude Jokes Require Incredible Commitment

7/26/2012 - Cutest Video Ever: A Walrus That Makes Fart Noises On Command

7/26/2012 - What the Terrifying Storm About to Hit New York Looks Like

7/26/2012 - China's Answer to The Hunger Games: Luoling's Magic

7/26/2012 - Why both men and women's eyes are drawn to women's bodies

7/26/2012 - Why Settle for One Wrench When You Can Have Eight?

7/26/2012 - Up For Grabs: a Ticket to Mars. Tryouts Start in 2013.

7/26/2012 - Subtle Science Fiction Touches to Spice Up Your Ready Room

7/26/2012 - Earliest iPhone 4 and iPad Prototypes Look Pretty Ridiculous Today

7/26/2012 - You Can't Find Your Twitter Friends On Instagram Anymore

7/26/2012 - A Los Alamos Story Worthy of Stephen King

7/26/2012 - In the war of Disney fashion the villains win, yet again

7/26/2012 - You're Going to See More Ads in Your Facebook Newsfeed

7/26/2012 - Chameleon Clock: A Timekeeper That Blends In With the World Around You

7/26/2012 - A 16 million pixel camera takes some of the sharpest galaxy pictures you've ever seen

7/26/2012 - Zuckerberg: No Facebook Phone (from Facebook)

7/26/2012 - Amazon Same-Day Delivery Might Have Been Wishful Thinking

7/26/2012 - How Gödel Saved Mark Changizi from Physics

7/26/2012 - Chameleon Clock Gallery

7/26/2012 - These psychedelic animal specimens are unlike anything you've ever seen

7/26/2012 - Here's Why Twitter Was So Broken

7/26/2012 - The Internet Was Really Shitty Today (But I Still Love It)

7/26/2012 - George R.R. Martin breaks it down for you about sex and violence in entertainment

7/26/2012 - Pelican ProGear U140 Urban Elite Tablet Backpack Review: Flak Jacket for an iPad

7/26/2012 - Misfits Gallery

7/26/2012 - The E.T. Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Packaging Is Completely Ridiculous and Awesome

7/26/2012 - Every Single Preposterous Tom Hanks Face from the Cloud Atlas Trailer

7/26/2012 - Rare Batman Comics That Everyone Should Read

7/26/2012 - Facebook Earnings: Just Under a Billion Users, Just Over a Billion Revenue

7/26/2012 - How to Fix Every Mountain Lion Annoyance With Third Party Apps

7/26/2012 - How to rescue a trio of bear cubs using a ladder, a truck, and a couple willing volunteers

7/26/2012 - Blind Mice Can See Again—and Maybe Blind Humans, Too

7/26/2012 - This Logitech Lapdesk Is Your Better-Than-Letting-Your-Feet-Fall-Asleep Deal of the Day

7/26/2012 - Futurama proves that hating Zoidberg is a sign of your basic humanity

7/26/2012 - Will These Water Bottle Gloves Really Make It Easier To Drink While Running?

7/26/2012 - Does the African genome hold the secrets of a previously unknown species of hominid?

7/26/2012 - The Most Bullsh*t Specs List I've Ever Seen

7/26/2012 - Passenger Video Shows Terrifying Aborted Landing On Boeing 737

7/26/2012 - A Cute Lamp That's Also a Bulletin Board

7/26/2012 - You Can Now Search Google by Hand-Writing Words on Your Phone or Tablet

7/26/2012 - Buying a Ton of Guns on the Internet Is Cheap, Legal, and Shockingly Easy

7/26/2012 - Genetically modified apples won’t turn brown when you slice them

7/26/2012 - Is Google Chrome's Shockwave Plugin Making Your Computer Freak Out?

7/26/2012 - 10 Things We Want From a New Star Trek TV Show

7/26/2012 - Clever Cutting Board Keeps Your Fingers Well Clear Of the Blade

7/26/2012 - Under Chair Cat Hammock Keeps Fluffy off the Damn Furniture

7/26/2012 - Pelican ProGear Backpack Gallery

7/26/2012 - Google's Crazy 1000Mbps Fiber Internet Connection Is Out Today

7/26/2012 - Brilliant new computer simulation shows how the Milky Way formed after the Big Bang

7/26/2012 - The Easter Eggs Are Back in OS X—And This One Is Insanely Great

7/26/2012 - Get Internet Explorer for Xbox Before Anyone Else Does

7/26/2012 - How Autism is Changing the World for Everybody

7/26/2012 - What Nuclear Radiation Does To Your Body

7/26/2012 - How to Look Like You Know What You’re Doing in the Great Outdoors

7/26/2012 - Yes, Twitter Is Fully Down (Updated)

7/26/2012 - The Air Force's 30,000-Pound Super Duper Bomb Is Ready to Rock Iran

7/26/2012 - The MC-27J Spartan: The Baddest Gunship the USAF Will Never Fly

7/26/2012 - What a Trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey Would Look Like Today

7/26/2012 - An Electric Bike That Looks Like a Harley

7/26/2012 - Why Your Old Mac Can't Use Mountain Lion AirPlay Mirroring

7/26/2012 - Watching a YouTube video could help cure your vertigo

7/26/2012 - How Are You Coping With the Great Gtalk Outage of 2012?

7/26/2012 - The Craziest Number You'll See About the Higgs Boson Discovery

7/26/2012 - What was the most common phrase in English 500 years ago?

7/26/2012 - Fancy 3D Wallpaper Is Basically Thousands of Shelves for Dust

7/26/2012 - Your Sprint 4G Sucks Because of BIRDS

7/26/2012 - How to Make the World's Most Flammable Jelly

7/26/2012 - You Never Have to Email Photos Again Because This App Magically Shares iPhone Pictures with Your Friends

7/26/2012 - No Ghosts in American Horror Story Season 2?

7/26/2012 - Force Unleashed concept art is the coolest Star Wars art in ages

7/26/2012 - The Top 50 Sources Where Wikipedia Gets Its Facts

7/26/2012 - Community's Anthony Russo reveals his vision for Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

7/26/2012 - Google Talk Is Down

7/26/2012 - Google Told Samsung Not to Copy Apple

7/26/2012 - How Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Will Get Sick

7/26/2012 - This Sleek Desk Has All the Drawers You'll Ever Need

7/26/2012 - Apple’s Power Nap Is Now Available as a Firmware Update

7/26/2012 - How Roku Could Beat Apple to Finally Cracking TV

7/26/2012 - First 6-minute trailer for Cloud Atlas is simply stunning [Now in HD!]

7/26/2012 - Judge Sanctions Samsung For Destroying Evidence in Apple Case

7/26/2012 - R.I.P. Mary Tamm, Doctor Who's Original Romana

7/26/2012 - Bloomberg: Facebook Launching HTC-Built Phone With Custom OS in 2013

7/26/2012 - If a Shark Ever Tries to Eat You, Just Feed It Your Expensive Underwater Camera Rig Instead

7/26/2012 - Once Upon a Time, Someone Found a Way to Make Sitting Down Even Easier

7/26/2012 - Form Follows Function With These Multicolor Kitchen Knives

7/26/2012 - The Stoner Channel: LA Bans MMJ, Nightwing Fights Red Hood, and I'm With Neil

7/25/2012 - Watch More Celebrities Read the Mean Tweets People Send Them

7/25/2012 - Gollum from The Hobbit

7/25/2012 - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Summertime

7/25/2012 - Werewolf Lesbians in love! Behold the Jack and Diane trailer

7/25/2012 - Only the One Percent Can Burn Their Money on This Hoity Toity Hammock

7/25/2012 - Restrepo: A Humanizing Portrait of a 15-Month Deployment to Afghanistan

7/25/2012 - Air Traffic Control of the Future Is (Still) Incredibly Hackable

7/25/2012 - Work, not gadgets, is keeping you disconnected from the real world

7/25/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. 7-25

7/25/2012 - Total Recall Images

7/25/2012 - Frankenweenie Character Posters

7/25/2012 - Warehouse 13 shows us a world without the Warehouse

7/25/2012 - How Ancient Epics are Just Like Modern Social Networks

7/25/2012 - The Infinitely Arrangeable Wall Shelf

7/25/2012 - Blake's 7 Reboot Coming to U.S. Television?

7/25/2012 - Here is a live video stream of brown bears catching salmon. You're welcome.

7/25/2012 - Wi-Fi on Planes: Innovation or Invasion

7/25/2012 - Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the crappiest gun in Looper

7/25/2012 - Make Anything, Anywhere With This Combination 3D Printer and CNC Mill Briefcase

7/25/2012 - Your Chance to See the "Nazis in Space" Movie Iron Sky at Your Local Theater

7/25/2012 - Black Mirror will warp your mind a second time

7/25/2012 - iFit: Recreate the Same Exact Workout Every Time

7/25/2012 - The Most Astonishingly Beautiful Pictures of Earth from Space

7/25/2012 - Fanny Wang 3001 Noise-Canceling Headphones Review: Phat Sound, Phony Fashion

7/25/2012 - Scientists finally figure out why the Pioneer probes appeared to defy the laws of physics

7/25/2012 - The Five Most Beautiful Photographs of Earth According to NASA

7/25/2012 - What if we had a planet instead of a Moon?

7/25/2012 - Find Out How Many Goats (or Guinea Pigs) It Would Take to Mow Your Lawn

7/25/2012 - iFit Gallery

7/25/2012 - Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Faster than We've Ever Seen

7/25/2012 - Biologists now say that red tide algal blooms could be the ‘killer of the ocean world’

7/25/2012 - Buckyballs Magnets Have Been Banned by the Feds (Updated)

7/25/2012 - This Magnesium Firestarter Will Impress Fellow Outdoorsmen—And Maybe Save Your Ass

7/25/2012 - Cops retrieve woman's body from river — turns out to be a sex doll

7/25/2012 - The Best Gaming PC for $1500 or Less

7/25/2012 - Another Reason Not to Fear Robots Just Quite Yet

7/25/2012 - What Science Can Tell us About James Holmes’s Brain

7/25/2012 - This Smallville Collection Is Your Going-Out-This-Weekend-Kryptonite Deal of the Day

7/25/2012 - Bioluminescent whales soar in the first beautiful trailer for Ang Lee's Life of Pi

7/25/2012 - Shooting Challenge: BUGS!

7/25/2012 - Fanny Wang 3100 Gallery

7/25/2012 - You Never Have To Remove This Automatic Replacement Lens Cap

7/25/2012 - Newly discovered deep-water fish are some of the strangest and nastiest creatures on Earth

7/25/2012 - The Bots That Run Wikipedia

7/25/2012 - The 50-Year History of NASA's Revolutionary Sky Crane

7/25/2012 - First images from Cloud Atlas show off the wild face implants of the future!

7/25/2012 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon

7/25/2012 - OS X Mountain Lion: All the Good Stuff

7/25/2012 - This graph of whooping cough cases in Washington State should scare the crap out of you

7/25/2012 - Why Aren't All Fireworks As Awesome As This One?

7/25/2012 - 10 Scientific Missions That Became Action Adventures

7/25/2012 - Insanely Strong Wire Cutter Snips Cables as Fat as Your Finger

7/25/2012 - Giant View-Master Photo Frame Beats Staring Through Plastic Goggles

7/25/2012 - How Flash Gordon Inspired Charles Bolden To Become the Head of NASA

7/25/2012 - This Gorgeous Dutch Bike Is the Perfect City Ride

7/25/2012 - Some People Think Mountain Lion Is Steve Jobs—Wait, WHAT?

7/25/2012 - Finally, A Romantic Comedy About How Your Relationship is Doomed

7/25/2012 - Is There Anyone Stupid Enough to Believe That This Cable Has Anti-Virus Protection?

7/25/2012 - Humiliate Your Backyard Pests With This Giant Head Squirrel Feeder

7/25/2012 - Will Oscar Pistorius' Prosthetic Legs Give Him an Unfair Advantage at the 2012 Olympic Games?

7/25/2012 - The USS Makin Island Is a Mean, Green, Amphibious Assault Machine

7/25/2012 - Did Chick-fil-A Pretend to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook? (Updated)

7/25/2012 - Orwell, Guthrie, and No Sleep: How Wikipedia's MVP Got to One Million Edits

7/25/2012 - Some of the Coolest Space War Stories You've Ever Seen

7/25/2012 - How Is OS X Mountain Lion Working for You?

7/25/2012 - Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye make the case for NASA's future in Fight For Space

7/25/2012 - Learning To Tell the Time Would Have Been So Much Easier With a One-Handed Watch

7/25/2012 - iWork, iPhoto and Safari Updated With New Mountain Lion-Powered Enhancements

7/25/2012 - The OS X Mountain Lion Survival Guide

7/25/2012 - The Very Short History of the Rapture

7/25/2012 - A Cheap and Simple Add-On to Keep Your iPhone Charger Blessedly Untangled

7/25/2012 - Should You Upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion?

7/25/2012 - NBC challenges True Blood for the crucial "vampire porn" demographic

7/25/2012 - The Evolution of English Language Over the Last 500 Years

7/25/2012 - OS X Mountain Lion's Best 10 Tricks: The How-To Video Guide

7/25/2012 - The Hobbit really could become a trilogy. Plus more Iron Man 3 set photos!

7/25/2012 - Go Get OS X Mountain Lion Right Now (Updated)

7/25/2012 - Mountain Lion Review: OS X Needs a New Vision

7/25/2012 - Calc.exe Is Dead, Long Live Google's Calculator

7/25/2012 - Paint That Sucks Up the Dangers of Chemical Warfare

7/25/2012 - Crowdsourcing Could Help Deaf People Subtitle Their Everyday Life

7/25/2012 - The Science of Power Naps

7/25/2012 - Mobile Gigabit Wi-Fi Will Make Your Internet Three Times Faster

7/25/2012 - Twitter Really Needs to Add These Features Immediately

7/25/2012 - The Adorable Grill Is So Small You Can Carry It On Your Bike

7/25/2012 - Is a Chewbacca Messenger Bag the Best Thing Lucasfilm Ever Licensed?

7/25/2012 - Gummy Bear Ice Cubes Promise to Make Any Drink Infinitely More Fun

7/25/2012 - Sony's New 55-300mm Lens Zooms Closer Without a Magnified Price

7/25/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Running Rats, Big Basil Buddha Boxes, and Two Smashing Hours of Pumpkins

7/24/2012 - Iron Man 3 - Aerial Stunt Prep Pics

7/24/2012 - Purity Ring: Fineshrine

7/24/2012 - The World's Largest Lollipop Weighs 3.5 Tons

7/24/2012 - Iron Man 3 Behind the Scenes Photos

7/24/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. 7-24

7/24/2012 - Fringe Promo Photos

7/24/2012 - The Backpack That's Stylish Enough for the City, but Tough Enough for the Great Outdoors

7/24/2012 - Wet Hot American Summer: A Satirical Spin on the Classic Teen Summer Camp Movie

7/24/2012 - Apple MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter Review: Couldn't We Like Tape This Thing on or Something?

7/24/2012 - Which is bigger: the Universe or the human brain?

7/24/2012 - The cast of Bryan Fuller's Munsters remake look like normal people, not monsters

7/24/2012 - Human stem cells restore memory in animals with Alzheimer’s disease

7/24/2012 - WAR DOG Hangs Tough From a Helicopter. No Big Deal

7/24/2012 - The art of anamorphic illusions

7/24/2012 - All James Bond Supervillains Should Be Legally Obligated to Use This Boat

7/24/2012 - First concept art from The Wolverine reveals what's next for Logan

7/24/2012 - Why the Directors of Little Miss Sunshine Made a Fantasy Movie

7/24/2012 - ChoreMonster: Bribe Your Kids to Set the Table

7/24/2012 - The Secrets of Geek Mating Rituals

7/24/2012 - This Must Be the Stupidest Way to Fire One of the World's Deadliest Cannons

7/24/2012 - Philip K. Dick Festival Comes to San Francisco with Headliner Jonathan Lethem

7/24/2012 - OS X Mountain Lion Is Definitely Out Tomorrow, July 25

7/24/2012 - Wi-Fi Extending Robot Makes It Easy To Set Up a Wireless Network In a Warzone

7/24/2012 - Genre Directors Who Have Never Made a Bad Movie

7/24/2012 - Dammit, Why Can't This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker Just Be a Real Product?

7/24/2012 - An exclusive Dark Knight Rises book chapter shows just why Gotham is easy pickings for Bane

7/24/2012 - Apple Sold 17 Million iPads in Very Slightly Less Ridiculously Profitable Quarter

7/24/2012 - Ask Charles Yu what inspired him to be a science fiction writer

7/24/2012 - The Police Saved a Sex Doll from Drowning Because They Thought It Was a Real Girl

7/24/2012 - Analysis of polar bear DNA shows they’re an ancient species with a tangled history

7/24/2012 - Why Michonne is the smartest character on The Walking Dead

7/24/2012 - HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Review: A New Android Phone That's Actually Not Huge

7/24/2012 - Everything You Need To Make Flying as Comfortable as Your Actual Vacation

7/24/2012 - ChoreMonster Gallery

7/24/2012 - This week's comics = alternate dimension X-Men and undersea weirdness

7/24/2012 - The Google Nexus 7 Display Stumbles and Falls Short

7/24/2012 - Apple Just Got a Patent for a Dimension that Doesn't Even Exist Yet

7/24/2012 - Researchers identify the kinds of exercise that help you live longer

7/24/2012 - This Syma RC Cobra Helicopter Is Your Don't-Mess-With-Marines-And-Their-Toy-Gyros Deal of the Day

7/24/2012 - Do You Feel Trapped by Modern Technology?

7/24/2012 - What's so exhausting about squid sex?

7/24/2012 - The Extreme Difficulty of Leaving an Underwater Base

7/24/2012 - If this final Hobbit video diary doesn't make you cry, there's no magic in you

7/24/2012 - Apple's Entire Case Against Samsung in One Image

7/24/2012 - What strange geological processes created Titan's oddly smooth surface?

7/24/2012 - 23 Dramatic Photos of Dreams

7/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Dream

7/24/2012 - This video shows why you don't want to be anywhere near a glacier when it collapses

7/24/2012 - Multi-Hinged Cap Always Pours the Perfect Pasta Portion

7/24/2012 - The Amazing Lytro Camera Now Works with Windows

7/24/2012 - Why Spiderman's Strong-as-Steel Webs Are Mathematically Possible

7/24/2012 - 10 Criminally Overlooked Characters in the Mass Effect Universe

7/24/2012 - What's the Best Way to Record, Compress and Transmit Video From Antarctica?

7/24/2012 - NASA Image Shows the Mayhem That Created Life on Earth

7/24/2012 - Many leprechauns died to bring us this gorgeous picture of a rainbow waterfall

7/24/2012 - Neil deGrasse Tyson: Columbus Landing in America Was the Most Important Event in Human History

7/24/2012 - Star Trek: The Next Generation is brand new all over again

7/24/2012 - The Local Shop Where You Can Slice Through Six Inches of Anything

7/24/2012 - Adapter Lets Canon EF Lenses Play Nice with Micro Four Thirds (and Sony NEX Cameras)

7/24/2012 - A house that changes shape to survive earthquakes

7/24/2012 - China’s DF-21D Missile Is a One-Shot Aircraft Carrier Killer

7/24/2012 - Let's See How Well YouTube's Real-Name Comment Policy Is Working

7/24/2012 - Aircraft Carriers Also Have Motherships

7/24/2012 - The places where an epidemic is most likely to start spreading in the United States

7/24/2012 - Olympic Gymnasts Use Honey, Coke, Melted Gummy Bears and Other Hand Goop to Stay on the Bars

7/24/2012 - Nike funds scientific study to "prove" its new sports glasses enhance memory

7/24/2012 - Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Do Laundry Again

7/24/2012 - Why Bats Evolved to Hear Flies Having Sex

7/24/2012 - Does Flash Photography Really Damage Art? The Persistence of a Myth

7/24/2012 - J.J. Abrams and Edgar Wright team up for a mystery movie called Collider

7/24/2012 - Cheese Could Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

7/24/2012 - Could Anne Hathaway keep the Dark Knight universe alive with her own Catwoman movie?

7/24/2012 - A Comfy Recliner That Stretches Your Spine

7/24/2012 - How Many of Your Friends Still Use Dumbphones?

7/24/2012 - Optical Drive Cartel Suspected of Keeping Prices High

7/24/2012 - You Can't Even See The Latest ATM Card Skimmers

7/24/2012 - Apple Wins Europe-Wide Ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

7/24/2012 - Microsoft Job Listings Hint at Official Office For iOS

7/24/2012 - Why USB Will Replace Every Power Connector You Own

7/24/2012 - The Robot Doctors of the Future Are Coming

7/24/2012 - Holy Crap It's Edible Instagram For Chocolate

7/24/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Jamaica Sparks Up 7.5 Tons, A Man Ghostsurfs His Own Boat, and Portugal Might Be on to Something

7/23/2012 - The 2012 London Olympics Will be the First to Use This Recyclable Basketball Stadium

7/23/2012 - Grimm - Season 2 Images

7/23/2012 - Once Upon A Time - July 21 Set Photos

7/23/2012 - True Blood gets high and does Vampire Karaoke, but with naked ladies and blood

7/23/2012 - Martin Scorsese Likes Siri, Thinks She's "Going Places"

7/23/2012 - Why the American Museum of Natural History's Ellen V. Futter Chose to Dedicate Her Life to Science

7/23/2012 - Falling Skies raises our hopes, and dashes them, again and again

7/23/2012 - How Alphas is Getting Sexier in Season Two

7/23/2012 - How Do You Function, When One Hand Is Out of Commission?

7/23/2012 - These detailed engravings reveal how Europeans saw Chinese life in the 1670s

7/23/2012 - Kim Dotcom Is Too Much Man for Cheap Lawn Furniture

7/23/2012 - Breakthrough: The First Complete Computer Model of a Living Organism

7/23/2012 - Why Is this Classic London Double Decker Bus Doing Pushups? (Spoiler: Olympics!)

7/23/2012 - Possible new Godzilla concept art reveals a much spikier monster [Updated]

7/23/2012 - The Miniature Kitchen That's Impossible Not to Love

7/23/2012 - A Guy Started a Fire on a Nuclear Submarine to Leave Work Early

7/23/2012 - The Bugasalt: A Miniature Shotgun that Murders Insects With Ordinary Table Salt

7/23/2012 - R.I.P. Sally Ride, an astronaut who changed the future

7/23/2012 - This intrepid spaceman has gone to some seriously strange places

7/23/2012 - Solar: A More Beautiful and Intuitive Way to Check the Weather

7/23/2012 - HTC Dre Beats Phone

7/23/2012 - Bryan Cranston creates the scariest drug of all, in Total Recall

7/23/2012 - Easily Add Secret Zelda Dungeons To Every Room In Your House

7/23/2012 - New Magsafe Adapter

7/23/2012 - RIP Sally Ride, the First American Woman In Space

7/23/2012 - 10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances

7/23/2012 - These McDonald's Coffee Cups Probably Look Better Than Your Mugs at Home

7/23/2012 - Motorola Atrix HD Review: A $100 Android Phone That Doesn't Suck

7/23/2012 - Neurosurgeons banned from human research for giving infectious bacteria to brain tumor patients

7/23/2012 - Concrete Watches Might Even Outlive Your Timex

7/23/2012 - Gimp Mask iPhone Case Lets You Take Calls But Not Much Else

7/23/2012 - What would a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises look like?

7/23/2012 - Solar Gallery

7/23/2012 - How To Use the Internet to Water Your Plants

7/23/2012 - Human urine causes high levels of caffeine in Pacific coastal waters

7/23/2012 - Sweet-Looking Cycling Shoes: More Power, Less Ugly

7/23/2012 - The Physics of Firewalking

7/23/2012 - This Race Course Set Is Your Change-It-Up Deal of the Day

7/23/2012 - Worldwide Economic Collapse: Orson Scott Card's Predictions for 2012

7/23/2012 - Every single Batman villain catalogued in one, handy chart

7/23/2012 - Japanese Robot Skitters Around With Insane Robo-Tentacles

7/23/2012 - Lego Batman Fully Posable Action Figure Is a Must Have

7/23/2012 - Say Goodbye to Qualcomm's Magic Mirasol Displays

7/23/2012 - Apple's Infuriating Hardware Changes Are For Your Own Good

7/23/2012 - The Universe Could Tear Itself Apart Sooner Than Anyone Believed

7/23/2012 - Bet Your Courtyard Doesn't Have Its Own Gondola

7/23/2012 - Ask Andrew Kessler about NASA's missions to Mars

7/23/2012 - An Urn Shaped Like Your Head Is the Creepiest Way to Spend Eternity

7/23/2012 - Atrix HD gallery

7/23/2012 - We Started Recording the Earth From Space Forty Years Ago and Haven't Stopped

7/23/2012 - Signal-Blocking iPad Case Disables Its Most Useful Feature

7/23/2012 - Heat map of the Sun looks like something Monet would be proud of

7/23/2012 - NASA's Next Spacesuit Makes Astronauts Look Like Trash Bags

7/23/2012 - This Week's TV: William Shatner mind-probes Star Trek fans, and Adventure Time goes to Mars!

7/23/2012 - Tens of Thousands of People Receive Same Text Message Death Threat

7/23/2012 - CEO Kevin Nazemi Puts the 'Face" in User Interface

7/23/2012 - The Bug Light Is a Pest Worthy of Adoption

7/23/2012 - Full-length trailer for The Master shows what happens to people who question Philip Seymour Hoffman

7/23/2012 - Not Even the Dark Knight Would Use This Insanely Dangerous Knife

7/23/2012 - Do people of different races have different voices?

7/23/2012 - This Is Why Android Can't Have Nice Things

7/23/2012 - These Guys Got Inside the Fuel Tank Labyrinth of a 747 Jumbo Plane

7/23/2012 - In 1977, Captain Marvel was going to be assistant director of New York's Hayden Planetarium

7/23/2012 - Hands-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser Is One Less Thing To Touch In Public Bathrooms

7/23/2012 - What's the One Vacation Gadget You Can't Live Without?

7/23/2012 - Scientists engineer a cyborg jellyfish from rat cells and silicone

7/23/2012 - A peek at what's in store for the next season of Warehouse 13

7/23/2012 - How Your Gadgets Really Work

7/23/2012 - Steven Spielberg wants Thor to star in Robocalypse

7/23/2012 - Why "Five or Six" New Kindle Fires Is Really Just Two Kindle Fires

7/23/2012 - This Innocent-Looking Power Strip Can Hack Almost Any Computer Network

7/23/2012 - The First Class sequel will be the most epic, mythic, ambitious X-Men movie yet!

7/23/2012 - Free In-App Purchases Hack Will Be Dead in iOS 6

7/23/2012 - Samsung: Apple Refused to Negotiate 3G Patent Licenses

7/23/2012 - Google's First Nexus 7 Commercial Is Pretty Adorable

7/23/2012 - Amazon Opening TV and Movie Development Center in London

7/23/2012 - This Artificial Jellyfish Was Built Using Rat Cells

7/23/2012 - Reuters: Apple Shrinking iPhone Connector to 19-Pin Port

7/23/2012 - Is Skype Snooping on Your Conversations?

7/23/2012 - All the New and Recent Dredd Photos

7/23/2012 - Supernatural - Season 8 Premiere Behind the Scenes

7/23/2012 - Revolution - Behind the Scenes Photos

7/23/2012 - Once Upon A Time - July 18 Set Photos

7/23/2012 - Falling Skies - "Death March" Pics

7/23/2012 - Warehouse 13 Season 4 Premiere

7/23/2012 - Alphas Season 2

7/23/2012 - Canon EOS M Gallery

7/23/2012 - Canon EOS M: Finally, a Tiny Camera Designed to Slurp HD Video That Slays

7/22/2012 - Best of the Week: July 14-20, 2012

7/22/2012 - Nas featuring Amy Winehouse: Cherry Wine

7/22/2012 - Aerial canopies would let you explore the Amazon rainforest from above

7/22/2012 - Beautifully Depressing Ice Bucket Constantly Reminds You Of the Consequences Of Global Warming

7/22/2012 - Earth is about to belch out laughing gas (and why that's a bad thing)

7/22/2012 - How Bars Use Music to Get You Drunk Faster

7/22/2012 - Gibbon has lived for fifty years just by staying super relaxed

7/22/2012 - What if the Black Widow starred in her own line of pulp novels?

7/22/2012 - If You Need a Dedicated Watch Safe, You Probably Won't Mind This One's $88,000 Price Tag

7/22/2012 - Stylized Game of Thrones maps make Westeros and Essos look like pleasant places to vacation

7/22/2012 - How All Those A-Little-Too-Cool Instagram Photos Really Happen

7/22/2012 - Who Knew Getting Stitches in Your Eyeball Could Be So Beautiful?

7/22/2012 - A Look At the Awesome Camera Gear the Associated Press Will Use To Photograph the Olympics

7/22/2012 - Neo hides from Lumbergh in this Matrix/Office Space mashup

7/22/2012 - Science Has Calculated the Perfect Basketball Shot

7/22/2012 - Pop paintings recast modern superheroes as Greek gods

7/22/2012 - American Psycho with Android Phones Is Totally Perfect

7/22/2012 - The Most Spectacular Night View of Earth Ever Captured by NASA

7/22/2012 - Free university course will have you searching for aliens at a college level

7/22/2012 - Crowdfund a children's time travel novella, student projects launched into space, and more

7/22/2012 - Nothing Tells Your Guests They're Not Welcome Like Making Them Sleep In a Pod

7/22/2012 - Google's Stopped Selling 16GB Nexus 7 Tablets Because They're Too Popular

7/22/2012 - 3D printing technology could let you print your pharmaceuticals at home

7/22/2012 - New Leaked Screenshots Make Windows 8 Metro Look Even Better

7/22/2012 - Everyone wants to be Batman in this "I am Batman" supercut

7/22/2012 - Tactile maps from an 1830s atlas for the blind

7/22/2012 - This Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Is Sure To Fuel the Dogs vs. Cats Debate

7/22/2012 - Ripley and her Alien Chestburster are beatified as Madonna and Child

7/22/2012 - Get lost within the walls of a massive labyrinth made of books

7/22/2012 - Choose your side of the Rebellion with these retro Star Wars propaganda posters

7/22/2012 - Sprinting as Fast as You Can Will Keep You Drier In the Rain, Says Physics

7/22/2012 - These Wristbands Are Officially the Most Complicated Way To Text Someone

7/21/2012 - Creepy Aluminum Face Mask Promises a Spa-Like Treatment In the 'Comfort' Of Your Own Home

7/21/2012 - Six-year-old girl tries to guess the plots of classic novels based on their covers

7/21/2012 - An adorable tribute to the Soviet Union's canine cosmonauts

7/21/2012 - Those Lightsaber Chopsticks Now Light-Up

7/21/2012 - Master Japanese craftsmen make real-life versions of Evangelion weapons

7/21/2012 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bras won't stop staring back

7/21/2012 - Epic Inflatable Obstacle Course Puts Bounce Houses To Shame

7/21/2012 - Harry deals with downsizing and drunken divorcee Hermione in Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later

7/21/2012 - Bane Capital tweets its corporate takeover of Gotham City

7/21/2012 - Benjamin Franklin's Fluid Theory of Electricity

7/21/2012 - All-Season Jacket Turns Inside-Out To Keep You Warm Or Cool

7/21/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Skeleton of the Cyborg Astronaut

7/21/2012 - What does space smell like?

7/21/2012 - To help clean up toxic mine water, let fungi bloom

7/21/2012 - Watch Henry Cavill's sonic boom in the first Man of Steel trailers

7/21/2012 - Will we eventually have to shed our Earth-centric view of history?

7/21/2012 - Nothing Will Get You Out Of Bed Quicker Than a Roaring Wookiee Alarm Clock

7/21/2012 - Watch a clever shark suck heaps of fish right out of a fisherman's net

7/21/2012 - Dress like an Alien Queen in this Facehugger corset

7/21/2012 - That In-App Purchase Hack Now Works For OS X Apps Too

7/21/2012 - False Positive spins short and surreal tales of webcomic horror

7/21/2012 - Lake Placid and Pan's Labyrinth sit inside Jurassic Park according to this massive movie title map

7/21/2012 - How to Pirate Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Books Without Getting Caught

7/21/2012 - Dinosaur-filled music video pays goofy tribute to the characters who die in every movie

7/21/2012 - Spider-Man gets SHIELD Armor while Finn & Jake play Magic on Adventure Time

7/21/2012 - Fingerprints Magically Fade Away On 3M's New Screen Protectors

7/21/2012 - Microsoft: Sorry About "Big Boobs"

7/21/2012 - Ikea's Augmented-Reality Catalog Might Be the Company's Best-Made Product Yet

7/21/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Morgan Freeman on Weed, Wildebeests on Alligators, and Pink Floyd on KQED

7/20/2012 - Getting Drunk Will be Super Easy with Water-Flavored "Air"

7/20/2012 - Do You Bring a "Beater" Phone, Rather than Your Smartphone, When You Know You're Going to Get Wasted?

7/20/2012 - This Modern Wooden Beach House Was Built for Its Beautiful Views

7/20/2012 - New evidence shows that Neanderthals understood the medicinal value of certain foods

7/20/2012 - The-Drum: /GON

7/20/2012 - You'd Want This Axe If Zombies Attacked

7/20/2012 - Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley reveal the secrets behind Neill Blomkamp's Elysium

7/20/2012 - High-Speed Ticker Board, Mercury Spacecraft Lamp, and More

7/20/2012 - Brain Shift Radio Controls Mood with Music—Awesome or Creepy?

7/20/2012 - What secrets lie within the Caves of Mars?

7/20/2012 - How will Arrow escape the curse of superhero TV shows?

7/20/2012 - It Seems that Cars Can Explode In Real Life Just Like In the Movies

7/20/2012 - Baffling Science Hoaxes: Why Did We Believe in the Tongue Map?

7/20/2012 - The Craziest Jeans Company Is Making Camo Denim, Bumpy Denim, Jeans that Marbleize and More

7/20/2012 - Untappd, Ticketmaster, and More

7/20/2012 - Over, Polymer, and More

7/20/2012 - Brewster, Checkmark, and More

7/20/2012 - How Tiny Rodents Take the Place of Mastodons in an Ancient Ecosystem

7/20/2012 - The Groundbreaking Camera That Captured Man's First Steps on the Moon

7/20/2012 - Falling Skies is turning into a show about the dangers of understanding your enemy

7/20/2012 - Watch a Man Child Unbelievably Spend Three Days Sorting 65,000 LEGO Bricks

7/20/2012 - The International Space Station, set to the soundtrack of Sunshine

7/20/2012 - The Seven Deadliest Drinks

7/20/2012 - Colorado shooter allegedly modeled himself after the Joker

7/20/2012 - Friday Comic Book Preview: Transformers And Cowboys

7/20/2012 - Windows 8 Store Will Offer Free Seven Day Trials for Paid Apps

7/20/2012 - Awesome highlight reel takes us through SpaceX's historic first mission in 150 seconds

7/20/2012 - Magic-Flight Launchbox Review: You Might As Well Just Whittle It Yourself

7/20/2012 - Magic-Flight Launchbox Review: Gallery

7/20/2012 - What First Got You Interested in Technology?

7/20/2012 - Astronomers confirm there are two potentially habitable planets orbiting Gliese 581

7/20/2012 - We may be close to wiping out one of the world's most horrifying parasites

7/20/2012 - Attention, Everybody With a Camera: You Only Need to Hit Autofocus Once

7/20/2012 - Joe Cornish's Rust is aiming to be the next E.T.

7/20/2012 - It's Hard to Believe that this Insane Real Time 3D Demo Is Not a Real Life Video

7/20/2012 - What's the best contraption for a trip over Niagara Falls?

7/20/2012 - This Lego T-6 Jedi Shuttle Is Your Don't-Try-The-Kessel-Run-With-This-One Deal of the Day

7/20/2012 - Four Times It's Okay to Break Up Via Text

7/20/2012 - How I Designed Batman's First Costume

7/20/2012 - The NYC Geyser. It Spews Cigarette Butts.

7/20/2012 - Dark Knight Shooter Booby Trapped His House With Tripwires, Bombs, and Chemical Weapons (Updating)

7/20/2012 - It's time to bring science to the fore of political discourse by having candidates discuss it publicly

7/20/2012 - A Way To Organize Your Phone's SMS Text Mess

7/20/2012 - Imagining the Super-Enhanced Athlete of the Future

7/20/2012 - Best Excuse for a Late Package Ever (Updated)

7/20/2012 - The Scariest Food Items Science Has Ever Created

7/20/2012 - Radically Weird Visions of the Future of New York

7/20/2012 - Furry-like "goatman" in Utah perplexing hikers, baffling non-goatmen

7/20/2012 - Watch This Awesome Version of the Indiana Jones' Theme Sung By Only One Guy

7/20/2012 - 10 Structures That Could Help Us Build Civilizations on the Ocean

7/20/2012 - 15 Early Airplanes With More Wings Than a Bucket of Fried Chicken

7/20/2012 - New images from Dredd show off Lena Headey's villainous Ma-Ma

7/20/2012 - Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to become a scientist when he was "starstruck" by a planetarium show

7/20/2012 - Sparrow's Awesome Email Clients Are Now Property of Google

7/20/2012 - First Comes the Dream at the American Museum of Natural History: An Evening of Innovation and Imagination

7/20/2012 - Canon PowerShot D20 Review: Tough Camera, Weak Performance

7/20/2012 - Nolan's Batman Trilogy: A Unique Achievement in Myth-Making

7/20/2012 - Judge: Your Seized Phone Can Be Used to Impersonate You to Spy on Your Friends

7/20/2012 - Don't worry, soda isn't replacing milk in kids' diets

7/20/2012 - This UAV Decoy Can Fool Even the Smartest SAM

7/20/2012 - First Comes the Dream Gallery

7/20/2012 - This Crazy Olympic Building Can Be Played Like a Musical Instrument

7/20/2012 - Intense magnetic fields around white dwarfs may instigate an entirely new class of molecular bonding

7/20/2012 - The Best Appliances for Small Apartments

7/20/2012 - This massive Saturnian thunderbolt was so bright it was visible from space. In broad daylight.

7/20/2012 - This inquisitive gopher hangs out under a rocket launchpad in Kazakhstan

7/20/2012 - Is Netflix Still the Best Streaming Service?

7/20/2012 - This weirdo Star Wars poster could cost you $8,000

7/20/2012 - This Contraption Will Let Your iPhone Digitize Paper Photos and Negatives

7/20/2012 - Fringe and The West Wing Will Stream Exclusively on Amazon Prime

7/20/2012 - Leaked Canon Mirrorless Camera Just Made Me Excited About Digital Photography Again

7/20/2012 - Canon D20 Gallery

7/20/2012 - MMA Fighters Love Staph Infections

7/20/2012 - Kim Dotcom Launches Vicious Offensive Against World With New Song of Mass Destruction

7/20/2012 - Viacom Gives All Its Channels Back to DirecTV

7/20/2012 - How crazy will Superman's powers be in Man of Steel, and which aliens will appear in Thor 2?

7/20/2012 - Scientists Invent Wonder Material That May Kill Tumors and Cure Diseases

7/20/2012 - First Ever Complete Computer Model of a Cell Produced

7/20/2012 - Rumor: Comcast Readying 305 Mbps Home Internet

7/20/2012 - Scientific Security: Storing Passwords in Your Subconscious

7/20/2012 - The Slow-Motion Physics of Hand-Held Slingshots

7/20/2012 - Who Will Buy an Ubuntu Ultrabook?

7/20/2012 - First Jelly Bean Rollout Stymied By Emergency Call Issues

7/20/2012 - Picture of the Day: July 19, 2012

7/20/2012 - All the Major Sport Competitions Since 1903 Condensed In Beautiful Circular Graphics

7/20/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Black Sabbath Does Paris, Grandpa Busts a Cap, and What Is Dead May Never Die

7/19/2012 - Skyfall Pics

7/19/2012 - What Space Smells Like and How to Recreate It

7/19/2012 - Lowes New Home Automation System May Very Well Usher in the Jetson Era

7/19/2012 - This Old Mill Hides a Beautiful Secret Stash of Alcohol

7/19/2012 - New Star Trek TV show could be an animated series

7/19/2012 - How to Explode a Watermelon Using Rubber Bands. In Super Slow Motion.

7/19/2012 - The Only Thing You Need to Dive Is an Oxygen Tank and This iPhone Case

7/19/2012 - Watch the Inbox: How One Guy Made Email Contact with Jay-Z

7/19/2012 - How An Outgoing Disposition Can Help You Become a Professional Scientist

7/19/2012 - The Only Running Shorts You Need

7/19/2012 - Astronomers discover nearby exoplanet covered in magma

7/19/2012 - My Boyfriend is an Engineer shares sexy love letters from Prometheus' Horny Aliens

7/19/2012 - Syria Deleted Itself from the Internet Today

7/19/2012 - Just because, a time bomb set to explode in 300 years

7/19/2012 - What it Would Really Be Like to be Aquaman

7/19/2012 - This Incredible High-Speed Ticker Board Mimics Your Motion

7/19/2012 - Windows Phone 8 Will Be Out in November?

7/19/2012 - Vyclone: Easily Make Multi-Angle Videos With Your Friends

7/19/2012 - Vyclone Gallery

7/19/2012 - Illusions That Let Your Hands Lie to Your Brain

7/19/2012 - Bet On Every Single Football Play With This Beautiful Edge Lit Table

7/19/2012 - Bruce Wayne goes back to his detective roots, in Beware the Batman

7/19/2012 - Def Leppard Covers Its Own Hits, Pours Some Sugar on Stephen Colbert

7/19/2012 - Batman Fashions That You Can Wear to the Office

7/19/2012 - Auto Tracking Camera Mount Lets Lonely Thrill-seekers Film Their Own Adventures (Updated)

7/19/2012 - After 25 years trapped in woman's stomach, lost pen still writes

7/19/2012 - The Sexiest and Weirdest Cosplay Photos from Comic Con 2012

7/19/2012 - How Much Abuse Can Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Withstand?

7/19/2012 - Microsoft Just Lost Money For the First Time Ever

7/19/2012 - First Comes the Dream

7/19/2012 - More Marvel Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Samsung NX20 Review: Great Photos, But Worth the Money and Irritation?

7/19/2012 - Samsung NX20 Gallery

7/19/2012 - Samsung NX20 Sample Photos

7/19/2012 - Watch This Cargo Helicopter Dropping Another Cargo Helicopter In Flight

7/19/2012 - This Underwear Makes Man Butts Look Perfectly Tight

7/19/2012 - Futurama does a Simpsons episode badly

7/19/2012 - These photographs of present-day Chernobyl are utterly haunting

7/19/2012 - This Gorgeous Mercury Spacecraft Lamp Could Orbit Your Dining Table

7/19/2012 - More Misc Photos!

7/19/2012 - This Batman Apron Is Your Dance-With-The-Deviled-Eggs-In-The-Pale-Moonlight Deal of the Day

7/19/2012 - Andy Warhol's Batman? 10 Wacky And Forgotten Versions Of Famous Movies

7/19/2012 - Getting Married in an Undersea Base

7/19/2012 - The Secret Online Weapons Store That'll Sell Anyone Anything

7/19/2012 - NASA's Space Shuttle Enterprise makes its big debut

7/19/2012 - New ‘Superhuman’ exhibit chronicles the history of human enhancement — from toes to dildos

7/19/2012 - How to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter

7/19/2012 - The Future of Watching Sports: A View Inside A Pro Athlete's Body

7/19/2012 - Want to be healthy? Move to the beach

7/19/2012 - Adidas micoach Gallery

7/19/2012 - Game of Thrones Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - DC Comics Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Could You Be Tracked With GPS and Taxed To Drive?

7/19/2012 - Star Wars Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - McDonald's staff say they never touched the cyborg professor despite a new photo that clearly shows they did

7/19/2012 - Turning to Reddit for OkCupid Advice Is Horrifying and Depressing

7/19/2012 - Marvel Comics Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Video Game Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Inside iRobot's Vault of Failed Experimental Robots

7/19/2012 - Hunger Games Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Cartoon Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Misc Awesome Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Doctor Who Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Batman and Dark Knight Rises Cosplay!

7/19/2012 - Watch Andy Serkis as Gollum drops the F-Bomb at Comic-Con

7/19/2012 - This creepy-as-hell kissing device will let you send a smooch over wireless

7/19/2012 - The Ultimate Portable Kitchen Puts Propane Stoves To Shame

7/19/2012 - Have You Ever Used Your Thunderbolt Port? Ever? For Anything?

7/19/2012 - How scientists will win the war against malarial mosquitoes

7/19/2012 - 8 Gorgeous Items with Retro Style from the 2013 Ikea Catalog

7/19/2012 - How to Make Beer and Influence People

7/19/2012 - Wallet Stand Proves There's Hope for Novelty iPhone Cases

7/19/2012 - Tiny Rooftop Turbine Could Make Urban Wind Farms A Reality

7/19/2012 - Behold, the most terrifying worm you've ever seen

7/19/2012 - Samsung's New 75-Inch HDTV Is a Beautiful Beast

7/19/2012 - Up Close and Personal with Enterprise, the First Space Shuttle Ever

7/19/2012 - Neemo gallery

7/19/2012 - How NASA Uses the Ocean to Train Astronauts for its Most Dangerous Missions

7/19/2012 - Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist

7/19/2012 - This Could Be the World's First Computer Generated Animation

7/19/2012 - Bryan Fuller hints at a Pushing Daisies musical

7/19/2012 - This is the laundry list of jobs that might be hurting your unborn children

7/19/2012 - These Five Men Volunteered to Let a Nuke Explode Over Them

7/19/2012 - Feds Are Going After Swizz Beatz to Take Down Megaupload

7/19/2012 - 1927 Magazine Looks at Metropolis, "A Movie Based On Science"

7/19/2012 - This Terrifying Killing Machine Can Loiter for Six Hours Before Attacking Its Target Like a Mad Hawk

7/19/2012 - Geeking Out About Storytelling with Joss Whedon

7/19/2012 - This is how you make Helm's Deep out of LEGO

7/19/2012 - Forget iTunes: Turn Your iPad Into a Hand-Cranked Music Box

7/19/2012 - This Double-Doored Fridge Has Extra Space for Your Condiment Collection

7/19/2012 - Check out the most epic Dark Knight Rises trailer of them all!

7/19/2012 - Scientists Develop Nanoparticle Which Completely Destroys Hepatitis C

7/19/2012 - Roadkill Experiment Shows That Six Percent of Drivers Are Sadistic Animal Killers

7/19/2012 - Does Your Brain Burn More Calories When You Think Hard?

7/19/2012 - Nokia Has Sold 4 Millions Lumias—But It's Still Making a Loss

7/19/2012 - Is Your Nexus 7's Screen Loose?

7/19/2012 - Your Morning Caffeine Shot, Up Close

7/19/2012 - How Nokia Lost the Smartphone Race a Decade Ago

7/19/2012 - Hollywood-Backed iOS App Vyclone Pioneers Social Filmmaking

7/19/2012 - Collection of Deadpool Vs. Comic-Con gifs is the best thing ever

7/19/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Japanese Roulette, Mr. Wizard, and Other Things That Will Leave a Scar

7/18/2012 - World's Third-Largest Spam Botnet Is Knocked Offline for Good

7/18/2012 - Nike & Facebook Team Up to Fulfill Your Wildest Childhood Footwear Fantasies

7/18/2012 - This Is the True Color of the Black Sea

7/18/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images 7-18

7/18/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises Images

7/18/2012 - Looper Photos

7/18/2012 - Iron Man 3 Stunt Photos

7/18/2012 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why the Original Star Trek's Enterprise is the Best. Starship. Ever.

7/18/2012 - What if the entire animal kingdom went cybernetic?

7/18/2012 - Clog-Free Inkjet Printer Inspired by the Human Eye

7/18/2012 - How Improbable Research's Marc Abrahams Finds the Humor in Science

7/18/2012 - Tokyo’s new Robot Girls Restaurant will bring out your inner cyber-fetishist

7/18/2012 - This Photo of the Storm That Hit New York Today Is Insanely Scary

7/18/2012 - The Only Tool You'll Ever Need

7/18/2012 - China’s Worst Self-Inflicted Environmental Disaster: The Campaign to Wipe Out the Common Sparrow

7/18/2012 - The Most Popular New Baby Names of 2012: Arya... and Theon?

7/18/2012 - Air Force Testing Dangerous Drone Lasers Above North Dakota

7/18/2012 - Ian McKellen and Peter Jackson both hated Gandalf the White

7/18/2012 - Water Bottle or Cooking Pot?: Choose Your Own Camping Adventure

7/18/2012 - Little Digits: It's OK For Kids to Touch Everything in This Game

7/18/2012 - Why Looper Could be the Most Well Thought-Out Time Travel Movie in Years

7/18/2012 - The bigger a mammal's brain, the less likely it is to go extinct

7/18/2012 - Read a thoughtful story about gaming from Charles Yu's new collection, Sorry Please Thank You

7/18/2012 - In 1909, you could fake-murder your friends in a wax bullet duel

7/18/2012 - Here's the Real Original iPad Prototype in All Its Fat Glory

7/18/2012 - Do You Really Need All That Hard Drive Space?

7/18/2012 - Watch Joss Whedon fight a monster while reenacting stories written by children!

7/18/2012 - Little Digits Gallery

7/18/2012 - What's next on Doctor Who? Heartbreak and Huge Revelations!

7/18/2012 - There Is No Such Thing as Normal When You Live at the Bottom of the Sea

7/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Dream

7/18/2012 - This Touchscreen Water Faucet Might Actually Be Good for Your Health

7/18/2012 - Watch as these five soldiers stand directly beneath an atomic blast

7/18/2012 - This Is the Hottest Kiss Ever Photographed, Right?

7/18/2012 - Windows 8 Will Be Out October 26th

7/18/2012 - Gmail SMS Brings Email to Dumbphones In Countries With Crappy Internet

7/18/2012 - How to Listen to Something Besides Local Radio on Your Never-Ending Road Trip

7/18/2012 - Walking Dead Zombie-Ear Necklaces and Lord of the Rings murals: Comic Con Radvertising

7/18/2012 - You'll Never Forget How To Build A Bookshelf With Plans Carved Into Its Pieces

7/18/2012 - This Handheld Wet/Dry Vac Is So Convenient, You'll Spill It Just To Suck It Back Up

7/18/2012 - In this sneak preview of Aquaman, Black Manta goes nutzoid!

7/18/2012 - The Illuminated Keyboard Is Your I'd-Buy-That-If-I-Were-Drunk Deal of the Day

7/18/2012 - Watch Jon Snow dodge the knives of death in a new Silent Hill: Revelation clip!

7/18/2012 - You'll Never Have To Worry About Breaking This Pre-Shattered Colander

7/18/2012 - You Want Samsung's Top TV? It'll Cost You Ten Grand and an Entire Wall

7/18/2012 - This Data Center Is Protected by a Fortress of Defense

7/18/2012 - YouTube's New Face Blurring Feature Can Save Lives, Embarrassment

7/18/2012 - The Neuroscience That Explains Why You Fall for Con Artists

7/18/2012 - Judge Orders Apple to Post a Notice Saying Samsung Didn't Copy the iPad on Apple's Own Website

7/18/2012 - The Best Portable Power Pack

7/18/2012 - This Siberian bear-hunting suit from the 1800s turns you into a human blowfish

7/18/2012 - A Weird and Wonderful Gallery of Genetically Modified Animals of the Future

7/18/2012 - Bing's Animated Homepage Is What the Face of the Internet Should Look Like

7/18/2012 - Bryan Cranston shows off his anger in his first Total Recall clip

7/18/2012 - Synthetic weed may cause heart attacks, but it's tough to ban

7/18/2012 - Astronomers Finally Find the Answer to Earth's Water Mystery

7/18/2012 - 10 Completely Terrible Ways to Do a Justice League Movie

7/18/2012 - Monster-Hating Nuns and Arrowheads in LA: How Mike Novacek Became a World-Famous Dinosaur Hunter

7/18/2012 - 9 Ways to Cut Your Smartphone Data Bill

7/18/2012 - The CG-animated sequel to Starship Troopers is the closest to Heinlein's vision yet

7/18/2012 - This Was One of the Original iPad Prototypes

7/18/2012 - Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Crew Review: This Shirt Sucks in Sweat

7/18/2012 - 600-year-old bra and underwear discovered in an Austrian castle

7/18/2012 - Comic Con Wrap-Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw in San Diego!

7/18/2012 - Here's Why We'll Hear Those Tennis Grunts at the London Olympics

7/18/2012 - Meet "The Dork," the most fearsome beast in comic book history

7/18/2012 - Rotten Tomatoes Had to Protect Dark Knight Rises Critics from Bloodthirsty Fans

7/18/2012 - Dell's Tactical Data Center Puts a Server Room In A War Zone

7/18/2012 - How You Connect an Underwater Outpost to the Rest of the World

7/18/2012 - Paranorman feature shows the scarier side to stop-motion zombies

7/18/2012 - Bulletproof iPad Case Still Won't Stop the Tablet's Biggest Threat: Fingerprints

7/18/2012 - Infants can distinguish speech from nonsense as early as 9 months

7/18/2012 - A Sing-Along With the Cast of Being Human — Plus Season 3 Hints!

7/18/2012 - Is AT&T's Smallest Data Plan the Worst Deal in Tech?

7/18/2012 - Verizon Adds LTE to 33 More Cities

7/18/2012 - Unedited: Should Your Kitchen Appliances Be Pieces of Modern Art?

7/18/2012 - Samsung MV900F: Will This Tiny Camera's Photos Be as Beautiful as its Design?

7/18/2012 - Samsung MV900F Gallery

7/18/2012 - Planetscape Paintings from an Interstellar Journey

7/18/2012 - AT&T's New Shared Data Plans Are Ridiculously Expensive

7/18/2012 - These Are the Worst People to Ever Use Instagram (Updated)

7/18/2012 - Teen Titans Go! could be the silliest DC animated show yet

7/18/2012 - The Sci Fi Channel just got a brand new name and identity... in Australia

7/18/2012 - Do You Listen to Podcasts?

7/18/2012 - Grant Morrison reveals all about Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. Plus tons of Catching Fire casting updates!

7/18/2012 - Scientists Use Skin To Replace Brain Cells Destroyed By Parkinson's

7/18/2012 - The Insanely Huge Glass Panels at the SoHo Apple Store In NY Are Stunning

7/18/2012 - Evidence That Klout Doesn't Make Sense, Visualized

7/18/2012 - Scientists Predict Insurgent Attacks Using WikiLeaks Data

7/18/2012 - Why There's More to Rising Sea Levels Than Melting Ice

7/18/2012 - Washington State To Let Voters Register Through Facebook

7/18/2012 - What If Amazon Did Yesterday Shipping?

7/18/2012 - PayPal Acquires Mobile-Wallet Tech Company card.io

7/18/2012 - Do You Remember Your First Time... Using a Computer?

7/18/2012 - Oz: The Great and Powerful Photos!

7/18/2012 - Panasonic Lumix LX7: A Gorgeous, Darkness-Assassinating Camera That Fits In Your Pocket

7/18/2012 - Watch This: POV Aerial Shots Taken with $12k Copter

7/18/2012 - The Stoner Channel: A Little Nostalgia, a Little News, and About Two Hours of Foo Fighters

7/17/2012 - Are You Ready to Trust an iPhone App for Skin Cancer Diagnosis?

7/17/2012 - Falling Skies 208 "Death March" pics

7/17/2012 - The Internet's Top 100 NSFW Searches (Updated)

7/17/2012 - Picture of the Day: July 17, 2012

7/17/2012 - The Batman villain Bane is a conspiracy against Mitt Romney, hypothesizes Rush Limbaugh

7/17/2012 - Double-Helix Tower will be an Observation Deck Now, a Playground Later

7/17/2012 - How to Light a Fire with Your Pee

7/17/2012 - What’s on the menu for Mars-bound astronauts?

7/17/2012 - Hot Chip: Look at Where We Are

7/17/2012 - What are the best siege tactics for taking Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle?

7/17/2012 - New Total Recall clip shows the robotic police force in action

7/17/2012 - You'll Never Run Out Of Deck Space On This Expanding Yacht

7/17/2012 - If There Was Ever a Smarter Way to Hide Booze in Your Crotch, This Might Be It

7/17/2012 - The Most Astounding Comic Book News of Comic-Con 2012

7/17/2012 - Moleskine's New Notebooks: All Black Everything

7/17/2012 - Ron Moore will turn Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series into a TV show!

7/17/2012 - So How Do You Weigh Things In Zero-Gravity?

7/17/2012 - Discovery Channel Superstar Is Grilling on a Shelf, Not a Grill

7/17/2012 - Orb web spiders become better fighters without their massive genitals

7/17/2012 - Map Reveals That Wildfires Release As Much Energy As Nuclear Power Plants

7/17/2012 - Could a robot gorilla be more useful than a humanoid one?

7/17/2012 - Checkmark: A Better Way to Receive Location-Based Reminders

7/17/2012 - Google Glasses Could Automatically Disable Themselves if a Thief Rips Them From Your Head

7/17/2012 - Dropbox Users Report Unusual Spam and Possible Security Breach

7/17/2012 - Booty Ring Toss, Cthulhu Panties and Racist Cookies: Comic-Con Badvertising!

7/17/2012 - Is Amazon Prime a Good Gift?

7/17/2012 - We’re Hiring a Deal Master

7/17/2012 - Breathtaking Google Street View Pictures of Antarctica (including the South Pole)

7/17/2012 - Unlocking the Master Lock dialSpeed Is Like Playing a Video Game

7/17/2012 - How much would it cost to be Batman?

7/17/2012 - What Is the Best Nikola Tesla Biography?

7/17/2012 - Views of the Northern Lights don't get much better than this

7/17/2012 - Take Your Phone on a Jog with this Water Bottle Strap. Handy!

7/17/2012 - This Wednesday, a new (and old) Captain Marvel hits comic shops

7/17/2012 - Sony SmartWatch Review: Maybe the Worst Thing Sony Has Ever Made

7/17/2012 - Predicting "record years" and climate change with easy math

7/17/2012 - The Best Beach Gadget Is a Good Pair of Man Trunks

7/17/2012 - The Watch Desk Is Always Watching

7/17/2012 - Rebels threaten a glittering, post-cataclysmic society in Tom Hanks' animated webseries Electric City

7/17/2012 - Everything You Need To Make Roughing It Not So Rough

7/17/2012 - Why There Are 24 Hours in a Day

7/17/2012 - Checkmark Gallery

7/17/2012 - Nick Denton is here to talk about how Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels inspired him

7/17/2012 - This Eton American Red Cross Emergency Radio Is Your Life-Saving Emergency Broadcast Deal of the Day

7/17/2012 - Eureka comes to a fitting, emotional conclusion

7/17/2012 - An aquatic robot that devours plastic junk in the ocean

7/17/2012 - A world with more William Gibson LEGO sets is a world we can live in

7/17/2012 - Why the Knotted Language of DNA Sounds Like Music

7/17/2012 - Watch Mr. Wizard act like a dick to dozens of children

7/17/2012 - Contact with Curiosity may be lost during its descent to the Martian surface

7/17/2012 - Carbon Fiber Cooling Sheets Could Replace A Computer's Thermal Grease

7/17/2012 - Which of your favorite characters will return to Warehouse 13?

7/17/2012 - 35 Saliva-Worthy Photos Of Food

7/17/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Food Porn

7/17/2012 - This Underwater Exploration Float Should Come in Adult Sizes

7/17/2012 - 10 Limits to Human Perception ... and How They Shape Your World

7/17/2012 - No Technology Can Improve on an ASCII Photobooth

7/17/2012 - How Steve Wozniak Became the Genius Who Invented the Personal Computer

7/17/2012 - We talk with the minds behind Adventure Time about the sunshiny post-apocalypse

7/17/2012 - Is This Rooftop Dining Set the Worst Design Idea Ever?

7/17/2012 - Do People Love Google+ Or Just Really Hate Facebook?

7/17/2012 - How the Air Force Stops Social Media from Spilling Military Secrets

7/17/2012 - Neil Gaiman signs five book deal

7/17/2012 - What Would Happen If Every Ad Looked Like an Apple Ad?

7/17/2012 - Once Upon A Time Season 2 trailer reveals a new big bad!

7/17/2012 - The Sandwich-Sized Laser-Guided Smart Bomb

7/17/2012 - This Chip Might Make Your Phone's Speaker Suck a Little Less

7/17/2012 - What's next for Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones? Umm... You really don't want to know

7/17/2012 - The Best Android Tablet Apps

7/17/2012 - How You Get Dry Supplies to an Underwater Base—Without a Submarine

7/17/2012 - That Thinner iPhone Screen Could Mean Insanely Good Battery Life

7/17/2012 - New Clone Wars clips show just how much trouble Darth Maul will cause

7/17/2012 - Anthony Mackie will play Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

7/17/2012 - HP Explains How It's "Doing That Cloud Thing"

7/17/2012 - What may be the world's first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald's

7/17/2012 - Scientists Calculate the Global Health Impact of Fukushima (Don't Panic)

7/17/2012 - "Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope... For a Two-Point Conversion"

7/17/2012 - The Amazing Contents of Steve Wozniak's Travel Backpack

7/17/2012 - Scientists Plan to Block the Sun Using Man-Made Clouds

7/17/2012 - Explosion-Proof Flashlight Is Perfect for a Truly Terrifying Basement

7/17/2012 - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is this close to playing intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo!

7/17/2012 - Guy Gets So Mad With Internet Service Provider He Breaks Into the Company Wielding an Axe

7/17/2012 - Explore the Antarctic From Your Desktop

7/17/2012 - Would You Pay For FaceTime Over 3G?

7/17/2012 - A Man Got His Ass Kicked for Wearing Digital Eye Glasses That Looked Like Google Glasses

7/17/2012 - WSJ: iPhone 5 Will Use Super-Thin Screen Technology

7/17/2012 - Wikipedia Is Running Out of Editors and Admins

7/17/2012 - Birchbox: At Least Those Crappy Earbuds Are Cute!

7/17/2012 - Air-Conditioned Pants May be the Most Over-Engineered Garment, Ever

7/17/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Blowing Bongs, Hawking on God, and the Blues Brothers Do Winterland

7/16/2012 - True Blood does very bad things to our favorite monster

7/16/2012 - This Actual Corporate HQ Transforms Like an Actual Transformer

7/16/2012 - The One Great Moment from Last Night's Falling Skies

7/16/2012 - Would You Use a Wifi-Enabled Sex Toy with Your Long-Distance Lover?

7/16/2012 - The Best of Comic Con 2012

7/16/2012 - Believe It or Not, the First Photograph Uploaded to Instagram Was of Neither Food nor Sunset

7/16/2012 - NASA releases a Mars Rover Landing video game for Xbox 360

7/16/2012 - 1 Liter of Light Project Illuminates Thousands of Filipino Homes With Recycled Bottles

7/16/2012 - Lifting weights slows down memory loss

7/16/2012 - The Coolest New Teen Hero We've Seen in Ages

7/16/2012 - Awesome Time Lapse Shows How Rolls-Royce Builds Its Jet Engines

7/16/2012 - How the iPhone 4S' Camera Sensor Compares with a Point and Shoot and Full Frame DSLR

7/16/2012 - Five-In-One Spatula Is The Only Utensil Your Kitchen Needs

7/16/2012 - Where did Bruce Banner and Tony Stark go after they drove away together in The Avengers?

7/16/2012 - How to Stretch $2 of Free Amazon MP3 Credit into 8 Top 40 Songs (If You Don't Care About Music)

7/16/2012 - The FDA has approved the first drug to prevent HIV Infection

7/16/2012 - Brewster: Merge All Your Contacts From Your Favorite Sites and Services

7/16/2012 - Inspired by superhero Disney Princess fan art, these cosplayers made a real-life superteam

7/16/2012 - How An Alien Invasion Inspired Kevin J. Anderson to Start Writing Science Fiction

7/16/2012 - FDA Approves the First Preventative Drug for HIV

7/16/2012 - Do You Get Your News From YouTube?

7/16/2012 - Experience Mars Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror With Your Own Body

7/16/2012 - It's A Shame This Gorgeous Rocking Horse Is Just for Kids

7/16/2012 - The Emergency Multi-Tool That Could Literally Save Lives

7/16/2012 - Publicly funded British research will be freely accessible to citizens within 2 years

7/16/2012 - You Can Now Get an iCloud.com Email Address

7/16/2012 - The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic Con 2012!

7/16/2012 - This Is How You Live at the Bottom of the Ocean

7/16/2012 - Aquarius Gallery

7/16/2012 - Deface Family Portraits with a Moustache-Making Photo Frame

7/16/2012 - One Final Load Of San Diego Cosplay Goodness

7/16/2012 - A Final Gallery Of San Diego Cosplay Goodness

7/16/2012 - And now, the most mind-bogglingly shitty Batman humor book ever printed

7/16/2012 - Acer Iconia Tab A700 Review: Sharp Looking, Slow Moving

7/16/2012 - Watch the entire Firefly 10 year reunion panel, and try not to cry

7/16/2012 - Why the son of an Australian forklift driver may be the rightful heir to the British throne

7/16/2012 - Brewster Gallery

7/16/2012 - These $150 Earbuds Are Probably the Only MartinLogan Speakers You Can Afford

7/16/2012 - This Mega Rig Shark And Ship Set Is Your Because-Children-Love-Sharks Deal of the Day

7/16/2012 - Meet a real-life master of disguise

7/16/2012 - Hands On The New Microsoft Office: It's Finally Getting Better

7/16/2012 - Sushi Bazooka!

7/16/2012 - This Ice Cream Cart Runs on Sunshine

7/16/2012 - Have we broken Olympic records for the last time?

7/16/2012 - NASA's Superconductor-Stuffed Amplifier Will Collect Clear Signals From Deep Space

7/16/2012 - This Whisk Should Be Standard Issue For An Astronaut's Kitchen

7/16/2012 - Would finding life on Mars create a power struggle on Earth?

7/16/2012 - This iPhone Case Matches Your Vans

7/16/2012 - 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman

7/16/2012 - The Google Nexus 7 Is the Worst Gadget To Unbox, Ever—Watch Why

7/16/2012 - Pressure Sensitive Stylus Coming for iPad

7/16/2012 - Why did these ‘ghost galaxies’ suddenly stop making stars?

7/16/2012 - The Power Company Chokes Your Electricity During Heat Waves—Protect Your Gear

7/16/2012 - Do You Like Checking Out eBooks From Your Library?

7/16/2012 - This Week's TV: The best new British show in years, Misfits, is finally on American TV!

7/16/2012 - According To Coppola, A $700 Video Camera Beats A $65,000 One

7/16/2012 - Interviewing the President Is Nothing Compared to Starting a Tech Company

7/16/2012 - Apple's Trying to Kill the Free In-App Purchase iPhone and iPad Hack (But It's Still Working)

7/16/2012 - Maze Tumbler Tracks Your Dwindling Sobriety Throughout the Night

7/16/2012 - The SeaFox Mine Sweeper Will Destroy Iran's Explosives in the Strait of Hormuz

7/16/2012 - A Nobel Laureate answers questions on the streets of New York City

7/16/2012 - How the Clamshell Laptop Changed Computer Design Forever

7/16/2012 - The First Person to Sacrifice His Life for the Dream of Space Travel

7/16/2012 - Why Your HDTV Is Already A Retina Display

7/16/2012 - Skype Instant Messaging Is Sharing Conversations with Random Contacts (Updated)

7/16/2012 - Why Dave Winer Invented the Blog

7/16/2012 - Our favorite Star Trek cosplay of the weekend

7/16/2012 - Do You Want a Smaller iPad?

7/16/2012 - These 15 Cities Have Sprint LTE Service Right Now

7/16/2012 - Verizon's Galaxy S III Is Still Crap, But You Can Pay $600 to Fix It

7/16/2012 - Special Effects Science: Make Smoke Rise From Your Fingers!

7/16/2012 - Neon Bike Shelf Is a Fantastic Way to Stash Your Wheels

7/16/2012 - 7-11 Now Serves Mashed Potatoes Like a Slurpee

7/16/2012 - Neill Blomkamp's Next Movie: A Robot Comedy?

7/16/2012 - This Stainless Steel Alarm Clock Can Survive A Morning Mauling

7/16/2012 - Frequent Cell Phone Users Slobber More

7/16/2012 - Wait, did David Letterman really spoil the end of The Dark Knight Rises?

7/16/2012 - Nationally Blocking Pirate Bay Doesn't Affect P2P Traffic

7/16/2012 - The World's Ideas, Visualized

7/16/2012 - RIM Forced to Pay $147 Million Damages Over Patent Dispute

7/16/2012 - Scientists Fire the World's Most Powerful Laser

7/16/2012 - NYT: Apple to Launch Smaller, Cheaper iPad While Amazon Goes Large

7/15/2012 - True Blood's Comic-Con trailer shows off Russell Edgington's triumphant return

7/15/2012 - Galactus is Nigh: Counter-Protestors Warn of the Comic-Con Apocalypse

7/15/2012 - Charge Your iPhone with Burning Pine Cones

7/15/2012 - Doctor Who shows us something we've never seen before

7/15/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Gallery 7-15

7/15/2012 - Gizmodo Is 10 Years Old Today—Sort Of

7/15/2012 - Promotional Images for Arrow

7/15/2012 - Alphas Character Posters

7/15/2012 - New Iron Man Armor

7/15/2012 - Watch the Fringe Season 5 trailer, fresh from Comic-Con!

7/15/2012 - The greatest breakthroughs in scarecrow technology of the 1930s

7/15/2012 - What will Purgatory bring to Supernatural?

7/15/2012 - Working at Twitter Is Like a Disney Channel Show

7/15/2012 - Earth's magnetic field just might be gearing up for a reversal

7/15/2012 - These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

7/15/2012 - How Are You Watching Breaking Bad Tonight?

7/15/2012 - We've seen into Fringe's future!

7/15/2012 - The Venture Bros. are returning in 2013, so we asked the show's creators total nonsense

7/15/2012 - African Spear Throwing Slingshot Bazooka Is Internet's Newest Insane Weapon

7/15/2012 - Would you spend $200,000 on this Todd McFarlane Spider-Man cover?

7/15/2012 - Beautiful concept art illuminates the upcoming Book 2 of Legend of Korra

7/15/2012 - More Details about Steven DeKnight's R-Rated Space Opera Incursion

7/15/2012 - Chimpanzee hand gestures suggest human communication is even older than we thought

7/15/2012 - Sorry America, Iran Is Full of Fancy Apple Gadgets

7/15/2012 - Cap Off Your Weekend With Robotic Bikes, Camera Torture, Ice Core Drills, and Other Videos

7/15/2012 - A Tumblr devoted solely to the violent deaths in choose-your-own-adventure novels

7/15/2012 - How to Make Beer and Influence People

7/15/2012 - Watch the Futurama cast describe the coming episodes in character and the Fry meme performed live

7/15/2012 - The Best Windows Phone Is Now Crazy Cheap—But Should You Buy It?

7/15/2012 - A Stunning Video That Reminds Us All to Dream of the Stars

7/15/2012 - The Incredibly Complicated Mythology of Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth

7/15/2012 - London Is Officially a Militarized No-Fly Zone

7/15/2012 - What if Catwoman lived in 1930s Shanghai?

7/14/2012 - Nude Zombies And Undead Radiohead: 10 Fun Facts From The Walking Dead Comic-Con Interviews

7/14/2012 - The Marvel Panel: Ant-Man Smackdown, Iron Man's Downfall, and Rocket Raccoon!

7/14/2012 - 175-Degree Display Fills Your Entire Vision With Gaming Goodness

7/14/2012 - Martin Freeman OWNS the role of Bilbo in the first Hobbit clips!

7/14/2012 - There Are Grave Consequences To Sinking the Cue Ball On This Coffin Pool Table

7/14/2012 - First Man of Steel footage shows a more alienated Superman

7/14/2012 - Camping Cutlery Adapters Make Your Marshmallow Stick Far More Useful

7/14/2012 - We've seen the first trailer for the new Godzilla!

7/14/2012 - We talk to the cast of Breaking Bad about science, swearing, and Saul Goodman

7/14/2012 - We've glimpsed the giant monsters in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim!

7/14/2012 - Peter Jackson wants to shoot more Hobbit footage and hopes to split the final flick in two

7/14/2012 - You Can Bend and Contort This Flexible Ribbon Lamp Into Any Position Imaginable

7/14/2012 - Page Turning Public Fountain Will Remind Future Generations of How Printed Books Worked

7/14/2012 - Jon Snow is in a world of danger, in the first Silent Hill: Revelation footage!

7/14/2012 - We Need To Stop Developing These Creepy Pole Climbing Robot Snakes Immediately

7/14/2012 - Guess which villain is coming to Once Upon a Time!

7/14/2012 - What panels would Community's Abed attend at Comic Con? "All of them"

7/14/2012 - Roswell alien waitress cosplay will make you nostalgic for the 1990s!

7/14/2012 - Lance Reddick talks Fringe, Dr0ne... and his new movie with Danny DeVito!

7/14/2012 - The Most Bad-Ass Member Of G.I. Joe Is Now an Awesome Ninja Flash Drive

7/14/2012 - Scientists uncover the oldest complete human ancestor skeleton yet found

7/14/2012 - Extra-Long Tablecloth Instantly Turns Any Table Into a Fort

7/14/2012 - We've seen 10 minutes of Wreck-It Ralph, the "Roger Rabbit for Video Gamers"

7/14/2012 - Looper promises Terminator-style time travel with a crime movie twist

7/14/2012 - Laser Scanners, the Death of Cavities, Space Drifting, Horrible Tweets and More...

7/14/2012 - Will Syfy's Defiance succeed in crossing over between television and gaming?

7/14/2012 - Remembering Private Wojtek, the soldier-bear who fought in World War II

7/14/2012 - How to Become an Aquanaut

7/14/2012 - Elysium gives Matt Damon cyborg enhancements in Earth's filthy slums

7/14/2012 - Two distinct groups of humans arrived in the Americas 14,000 years ago

7/14/2012 - Lego Star Wars Rancor Pit Set Needs a Slave Leia Minifig—Urgently

7/14/2012 - New TMNT Animated Series: These aren't the same old turtles!

7/14/2012 - Refrigerated Bathroom Drawers For When You Think You Might Be In There a While

7/14/2012 - The simple trick of the hybrid image illusion

7/14/2012 - Who can the 2nd Mass trust, and who's marked for death, on Falling Skies?

7/14/2012 - These Spinning GIFs Are Just Great

7/14/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About How to Train Your Dragon Spinoff, Riders of Berk!

7/14/2012 - Second Branded trailer shows the monsters behind the marketing

7/14/2012 - How to Digitize Your Vinyl Collection

7/14/2012 - The Shiniest Moments From a Closed Door Q&A With the Cast of Firefly

7/14/2012 - Brand new Dark Knight Rises photos show Catwoman using a dead body as a human shield

7/14/2012 - These photos from Hungary's 2010 toxic waste flood see half a world dyed red

7/14/2012 - This Outdoor Table's Recessed Grooves Stop the Wind From Blowing Away Your Meal

7/14/2012 - This Week's Cartoons: A Female Iron Man, A Haunted Convenience Store, and a Wild Spider-Ham!

7/14/2012 - Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. short film Item 47 should be a weekly TV show

7/14/2012 - New Total Recall footage includes lots of shout-outs to the original

7/14/2012 - Is Chewing This Spiky Rubber Disc Really As Effective As Brushing Your Teeth?

7/14/2012 - Comic Con: Day Two!

7/14/2012 - The Hugest, Most Verbose, and Least Grammatical Cache of Spam Comments, Ever

7/14/2012 - If You Don't Have Your Headphones Plugged in While Running this Application, You're a Terrible Human

7/14/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Hair Emergencies, Silly Willy Joints, and Bob Marley's Blood-Sucking Namesake

7/13/2012 - Watch This: POV Footage of Pilot's Crash Landing Proves a Valuable Learning Tool

7/13/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: The Dark Knight and '60s Robin

7/13/2012 - Toys Playing with Toy-Size Apple Gadgets Will Make You Either Sneer or Coo

7/13/2012 - Inverted F-18 Hornet Photo Will Make Your Head Spin a Little

7/13/2012 - This is Aerographite, the lightest material ever created

7/13/2012 - A totally worthless map of European penis sizes

7/13/2012 - Watch Judge Dredd bust a Mega-City One drug den in the first Dredd clip

7/13/2012 - Resident Evil booth babes handed us a severed human foot

7/13/2012 - Mitt Romney Breaks Facebook Rules With Self-Promoting Cover Photo

7/13/2012 - Watch how the US military fights fire with electricity and sound

7/13/2012 - Gaze upon the zombie insanity of The Walking Dead Season 3 trailer

7/13/2012 - And now, a photoshopped picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson giving someone the finger (of science)

7/13/2012 - Game of Thrones reveals new cast members for Season 3!

7/13/2012 - The Surprising Novel That Got Kim Stanley Robinson Interested in Science Fiction

7/13/2012 - Massive 200,000-Piece Roman Colosseum Is the Most Impressive Lego Architecture Model I've Ever Seen

7/13/2012 - Pantone Suitcases Have It Made in 15 Shades

7/13/2012 - We've seen Walking Dead's Michonne and the Governor in action!

7/13/2012 - Indecision Game, Sworkit, and More

7/13/2012 - Blottr, Amazing Alex, and More

7/13/2012 - Wikiweb, Guest'd, and More

7/13/2012 - Perfect Sandwich Review: Go to Hell, Sogginess

7/13/2012 - There's $21 billion hiding in our junk computers and electronics

7/13/2012 - What Horrible Web Browsers Do Your Parents Use?

7/13/2012 - The Nine Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

7/13/2012 - Biologists resurrect a 500 million-year-old gene by splicing it with bacteria

7/13/2012 - Joss Whedon at the Firefly Reunion: "These are the best meat puppets I've ever controlled"

7/13/2012 - Who Wants a Quad-Core Computer for $130?

7/13/2012 - Help find the equation for the perfect butt!

7/13/2012 - The Creepiest Footage Yet From Bryan Singer's "Brain Implant" Webseries H+

7/13/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

7/13/2012 - Here’s Today’s Giant Cosplay Gallery From San Diego

7/13/2012 - Here’s All the Cosplay You Missed Today In San Diego

7/13/2012 - Community Will Delve Into Inspector Spacetime Fandom Next Season

7/13/2012 - Dogpile's Autocomplete Suggestions Are Bonkers

7/13/2012 - Stop-motion zombie flick ParaNorman combines John Hughes and John Carpenter

7/13/2012 - How To Buy A Ton of Twitter Followers

7/13/2012 - Facebook Now Shows Everyone Every Stupid Comment You Edited

7/13/2012 - This 24-inch LG LCD Monitor Is Your LG's-Logo-Looks-Like-Pac-Man Deal of the Day

7/13/2012 - The First Nexus 7 Is Shipping Today

7/13/2012 - Inbox Zero

7/13/2012 - Refurbished Apple Store Is Back With a Lot of Good Deals

7/13/2012 - Robot attempts to grimace its way out of uncanny valley, doesn't quite make it

7/13/2012 - Watching Krispy Kreme Donuts Get Made Will Make Your Whole Body Glaze Over

7/13/2012 - Learn to lightsaber duel like a real Jedi!

7/13/2012 - Sam Raimi cut the "heart" and "brains" from his Oz, but added a "nice flying monkey"

7/13/2012 - Jack Kirby — the co-creator of Thor and the X-Men — once designed costumes for a college Shakespeare play

7/13/2012 - Searching for the Ocean's Secrets From the Last Undersea Base

7/13/2012 - Would You Buy a 3DTV if You Didn't Need Glasses?

7/13/2012 - Did the Construction Company Get the Plans for This Building Upside Down?

7/13/2012 - 10 Robots With Good Reasons to Rise Up Against Humanity

7/13/2012 - Alexis Ohanian, The Guy Who Created Reddit Is Here—Ask Him Anything

7/13/2012 - Watch a Machine Put Out a Fire WITH SOUND

7/13/2012 - Behind-the-scenes look at Hunger Games shows how Gary Ross tried to light Katniss on fire

7/13/2012 - This Tea Infuser Loves its Job

7/13/2012 - This Is Probably the Greatest 404 Page Not Found Error of All Time

7/13/2012 - Could we actually build a robot the size of Pacific Rim's massive Jaegers?

7/13/2012 - What Happened to Hilton’s ‘Hotel on the Moon’?

7/13/2012 - 12 Helmets from the Dark Ages of Football

7/13/2012 - How Actual Science Can Make Science Fiction Stories Cooler

7/13/2012 - How Facebook Tries (and Sort of Deliberately Fails) to Catch Pedophiles

7/13/2012 - MiG-15: The First Great Soviet Interceptor

7/13/2012 - Captain America gown spotted on the Comic-Con floor

7/13/2012 - Sled House! Just Tow it Away From Disaster

7/13/2012 - The Universe has a Twitter account and it is awesome

7/13/2012 - Hacker Discovers Surprisingly Easy Method to Get iPhone and iPad In-App Purchases for Free

7/13/2012 - The Best Headphones Money Can Buy

7/13/2012 - Federal clinics for the poor give just as good care as private practices

7/13/2012 - NYC Subway Gives Commuters Proof the Train Made Them Late for Work—A Month Later

7/13/2012 - Neil Gaiman's writing a prequel to Sandman in 2013

7/13/2012 - Samurai Jack creator explains how Hotel Transylvania will return cartoonishness to CG animation

7/13/2012 - These Are the Best Programming Skills to Have if You Wanna Be Rich

7/13/2012 - When animals tell lies

7/13/2012 - The Truth About Semen

7/13/2012 - Are You Still Buying Music on iTunes?

7/13/2012 - Has LEGO Bilbo met his match in zombie Frodo?

7/13/2012 - Scientists explain how to prevent one of the most common airplane disasters

7/13/2012 - The Moon Is Even Deadlier Than We Thought

7/13/2012 - Fantastic Four might finally have a director, but Thor 2 and Daredevil hit setbacks!

7/13/2012 - Pioneering WWI Plastic Surgery Was Way Ahead of Its Time

7/13/2012 - A Sapphire Hard Disk Will Last 1 Million Years (But You Can't Afford It)

7/13/2012 - Aerographite Is the Lightest Material Ever Made

7/13/2012 - Hackers Grab 1 Million Logins From Android Forum

7/13/2012 - Web TV Service Aereo Plans To Be in Every Major US City By 2013

7/13/2012 - Apple Should Make an Ad Campaign with This Old, Broken Photo Booth—Here's Why

7/13/2012 - Alphas Season 2 Premiere Pics

7/13/2012 - Skyfall: Ben Whishaw as Q

7/13/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Smoking BHO, Catching Joeys, and All Hail the Hypno-Goat

7/12/2012 - A NSFW Victorian Pop-Up Sex Book... in GIF Form!

7/12/2012 - IceHuggy KOOZIE-LIKE HOLDERS Keep Your Hands Warm and Your Ice Pops Frozen Solid

7/12/2012 - Watch the whole epic Legend of Korra behind the scenes featurette right now

7/12/2012 - Comic Con: Day One!

7/12/2012 - Facebook Is Telling Evvvvveryone All the Embarrassing Shit You "Like"

7/12/2012 - Beautiful sculptures cast surprisingly human silhouettes

7/12/2012 - We saw the first footage of Johnny Depp as Tonto in Lone Ranger

7/12/2012 - Monthly Mail-Order Grooming Service Birchbox Finally Figures Out Ladies Like Tech, Too

7/12/2012 - Tim Burton shows his childhood scars in Frankenweenie

7/12/2012 - The physics of astronaut ice cream

7/12/2012 - Flying monkeys and beautiful witches in the first trailer for Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful

7/12/2012 - A Skeletal Reading Light To Spruce Up Your Desk

7/12/2012 - These fish lure unsuspecting mates with genitals camouflaged by fake food

7/12/2012 - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray

7/12/2012 - Geneticists Develop Fruit Flies That Can Count

7/12/2012 - Over-educated immigrants are more accident-prone at work, according to researchers

7/12/2012 - Will the movie adaptation of The True Meaning of Smekday stay true to the book?

7/12/2012 - News360: All The News You Need in One Spot

7/12/2012 - First footage from The Host is a dystopian thrill ride — with one huge problem

7/12/2012 - Facebook Is Making Weddings and Engagements as Meaningless as Birthdays

7/12/2012 - Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Crew Gallery

7/12/2012 - We've seen the first 7 minutes of the last Twilight movie!

7/12/2012 - Use These Interlocking Wooden Ninja Stars As Coasters, Trivets, Or Weapons

7/12/2012 - This is the most genius Disney villain cosplay we've seen yet

7/12/2012 - Time Warner Is So Scared of Google Fiber That It's Paying People to Spy on Google

7/12/2012 - Teaser trailer for "The New Kind" gives us beautiful, lo-fi mecha suit action

7/12/2012 - What Inspired the Creation of Foursquare?

7/12/2012 - Digg Sells Itself for Pathetic Pocket Change: $500,000

7/12/2012 - Shifty eyes have nothing to do with whether or not a person is lying

7/12/2012 - Have We Gone Overboard With Social Media 'Check-Ins'?

7/12/2012 - This music video is Rollerball directed by Michael Mann, starring Snake Plissken

7/12/2012 - Iconia A700 Gallery

7/12/2012 - Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Review: Are Bluetooth Headphones Worth It?

7/12/2012 - The Easiest Way to Experience San Diego’s Itty-Bitty Comic Convention

7/12/2012 - How to Live-Blog a Comic Convention with Just a Cell Phone

7/12/2012 - How Growing Up in Oklahoma Got Daniel Wilson Excited About Robots

7/12/2012 - Great Opening Sentences from Classic Fantasy Novels

7/12/2012 - Do Human Expressions Make These Robots Less Creepy—Or More?

7/12/2012 - Prometheus cosplay! Behold the Engineer’s milky white abs in the flesh!

7/12/2012 - This Futurama episode includes everything you never want your mom to say

7/12/2012 - The Original Logos of Tech Companies Were All Terrible

7/12/2012 - This LED Matrix Watch Is Your Complicated-Math-Bling Deal of the Day

7/12/2012 - Remembering the day when the US nuked its own communications satellite

7/12/2012 - The Perfect Chair to Ride Out a Full Moon

7/12/2012 - phiaton gal

7/12/2012 - News360 Gallery

7/12/2012 - Astronomers discover invisible, starless galaxies predicted by theory

7/12/2012 - Polyandry, or the practice of taking multiple husbands

7/12/2012 - US Military Wants Space Zombies to Feed on Dead Satellites

7/12/2012 - Watch a powerful short film about a stranded NASA robot

7/12/2012 - Style Is Dead: YSL Is Going to Sell a Facebook-Inspired Eyeshadow

7/12/2012 - Binder Clip Case Boosts Your iPhone's Note Taking Capabilities

7/12/2012 - 10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World

7/12/2012 - Previously classified "X-files" show how seriously Britain considered alien threats

7/12/2012 - How the Creator of Wonder Woman Also Invented the Lie Detector

7/12/2012 - How to Check If Your Email Password Was One of 453,000 Leaked This Morning

7/12/2012 - This Antarctic Ice Core Drill Bores 100,000 Years into the Past

7/12/2012 - California's High-Speed Rail System: What It Is And Why You Should Care

7/12/2012 - Do You Have a New MacBook Pro Retina? Do You Use Twitter? Then Get This

7/12/2012 - Three Dark Knight Rises clips tease Batman's return to Gotham

7/12/2012 - Mondo's Stunning Princess Mononoke Poster Deserves to Rule Your Wall

7/12/2012 - Really Bad News: Apple's Refurbished Store Is Totally Empty

7/12/2012 - What if Earth's continents were set up according to Disney's It's A Small World ride?

7/12/2012 - NBC Olympics Live Extra Lets You Watch Every Second of the 2012 Summer Games on a Smartphone or Tablet

7/12/2012 - NBC Olympics Gal

7/12/2012 - Official Christian Tablet Should Really Be Called Crap Android Tablet

7/12/2012 - The Most Sensational Sights (and Best Things to Buy) on the Comic-Con Floor

7/12/2012 - This Tiny Air Mattress Will Replace Your Backpack's Heavy Frame

7/12/2012 - Could the World's First Disposable French Press Actually Brew a Decent Cup Of Coffee?

7/12/2012 - Breakthrough silk compound could lead to longer-lasting antibiotics and vaccines

7/12/2012 - Taking a Photo of Yourself Flying an F-16 Is the Only Good Self-Profile-Pic

7/12/2012 - You'll never guess who this bloodsucking parasite was just named after

7/12/2012 - Famous science fiction movies, depicted as 16th century Ottoman paintings

7/12/2012 - Why Did You Join Twitter?

7/12/2012 - Talking To Your Mac: The Coolest Feature of Mountain Lion, and the Future of Computers

7/12/2012 - Which new TV show will be your crack? Our First Impressions!

7/12/2012 - Laser-Fueled Drones May Never Have to Land

7/12/2012 - How Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery Plan Will Kill Your Local Stores

7/12/2012 - Explosive New Footage From The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall!

7/12/2012 - These Rugged Headphones Should Brighten Up Your Workout

7/12/2012 - Scientologists Are Launching Their Own TV Station

7/12/2012 - Dredd is a brutal action flick with both a high body count and a brain

7/12/2012 - Facebook Groups Now Tell You Who's Read Your Posts

7/12/2012 - Now You Can Install Jelly Bean on Your Kindle Fire

7/12/2012 - Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details

7/12/2012 - Are You Smart Enough to Crack the Agrippa Code?

7/12/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The Beatles Do Japan, Anchorage Does Winter, and President Obama Outlaws Spice

7/11/2012 - Are We Overreacting to Apple's EPEAT Pull-Out?

7/11/2012 - This New Kisai Watch Reads Between the Lines

7/11/2012 - New Elysium concept art shows off Matt Damon's perfect space station

7/11/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Gallery

7/11/2012 - Krispy Kreme: Best Friends

7/11/2012 - Without Facebook, We'd Have No Sense of Self: Agree or Disagree?

7/11/2012 - OmniCorp Taking Cerebro-Spinal Donations at San Diego Convention Center Today

7/11/2012 - Choosing the virtual reality experience that’s right for you

7/11/2012 - Facebook Events Are Finally Super Useful

7/11/2012 - Premiere clip from the latest Marvel short ITEM 47 takes us inside S.H.I.E.L.D.

7/11/2012 - Great News! Cabin in the Woods' Drew Goddard is rewriting the World War Z ending

7/11/2012 - A Bugatti spaceship from Elysium has crashed into the San Diego Hard Rock

7/11/2012 - An Extra Strap Lets This Watch Fit Around Your Winter Gear

7/11/2012 - In 1890, the English held a contest to design London's wacky rip-off of the Eiffel Tower

7/11/2012 - Can James Franco pull off the bewitching Wizard of Oz? Take a look.

7/11/2012 - Guest'd: A Lovely, Modern Way to Keep Track of Your Visitors

7/11/2012 - 3 of 5 Mobile Patent Lawsuits Involve Apple

7/11/2012 - The Moon is toxic

7/11/2012 - The Firefly reunion is getting its very own TV special!

7/11/2012 - New Moon Discovered in Our Solar System

7/11/2012 - Napoleonic Dragons and Post-Apocalyptic Survivors Like You've Never Seen Them

7/11/2012 - The Insane Zoom Powers of the Legendary $75,000 Zoom-Nikkor 1200-1700mm Lens

7/11/2012 - A Handy Flowchart That Explains All of Comic-Con to You

7/11/2012 - Watch a visually impressive 23-minute Y: The Last Man fan film

7/11/2012 - Was This Beautiful Kettle Inspired By a London Landmark?

7/11/2012 - A New Space Adventure Show from Buffy's Steven DeKnight? Hell Yes!

7/11/2012 - Keep Your Liquid Contraband Cool With an Insulated Paper Bag Sleeve

7/11/2012 - Deaf people use the hearing parts of their brain to sense touch

7/11/2012 - Cisco Connect Cloud Lightning Review: Manage A Network's Competing Connections

7/11/2012 - Artist creates genetically modified Elvis-mouse hybrid

7/11/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Food Porn

7/11/2012 - The OCD Science Behind a Perfect Fitting Bike

7/11/2012 - Astronomers discover a fifth moon orbiting Pluto

7/11/2012 - Guest'd Gallery

7/11/2012 - How to Write an Omniscient Narrator If You're Not Actually Omniscient Yourself

7/11/2012 - The Worst Tweets From the First Year of Twitter

7/11/2012 - This Upside-Down Helicopter Is Your Don't-Tell-Me-How-To-Fly Deal of the Day

7/11/2012 - Mae Jemison always knew she would go to space

7/11/2012 - This $1.9 Billion Super Telescope Array Will Scan Space 10,000 Times Faster Than Ever Before

7/11/2012 - Beacon Audio Phoenix GAllery

7/11/2012 - The Best $100 Bluetooth Speaker

7/11/2012 - Soundfreaq Sound Kick Gallery

7/11/2012 - Creative D100 Gallery

7/11/2012 - Logitech Mini Boombox Gallery

7/11/2012 - The Costumes You Never Saw In David Lynch's Dune

7/11/2012 - The World's Most Aerodynamic Triathlon Bike Even Has Streamlined Snack Storage

7/11/2012 - Kevin Mitnick, the World's Most Notorious Hacker, Is Here to Talk About What Got Him Started

7/11/2012 - Mind-reading helmet could help interrogators distinguish friend from foe

7/11/2012 - Scientists Now Know Why You Toss and Turn at Night—And It Could Save Lives

7/11/2012 - 10 Weird Rules That Control How We Name the Planets

7/11/2012 - The First Band In the History of the Web Doesn't Sound That Bad At All

7/11/2012 - What Was It? Tales of Inspiration From the World's Most Awe-Inspiring Minds

7/11/2012 - Would You Trust Facebook With Your Financial Data?

7/11/2012 - In Bryan Singer's H+, a deadly virus kills everyone who has brain implants

7/11/2012 - Fifty Years Ago Arthur C. Clarke Accurately Predicted We'd Be Able To Work Online in Our Pajamas

7/11/2012 - A Simple Explanation of How All Mass in the Universe Is Allowed to Exist

7/11/2012 - Why Eugenics Will Always Fail

7/11/2012 - Bad Date Rescue: A Ripcord App for When eHarmony's Matching Algorithm Fails Miserably

7/11/2012 - New scientific studies reveal three effective weight loss strategies

7/11/2012 - This Is LauncherOne: Virgin Galactic's Mothership-Launched Space Rocket

7/11/2012 - The British Plot to Assassinate Rasputin

7/11/2012 - A Privacy Chair That Draws All the Attention to You

7/11/2012 - How to Get Windows 8 Metro UI (Sort of) on Your iPhone

7/11/2012 - Does Anyone Really Need a Bluetooth Keyboard That Connects To Ten Devices At Once?

7/11/2012 - No New DC Comics Movies For "At Least 3 Years" Besides Batman and Superman Films

7/11/2012 - Anonymous Cowers in the Face of Rupert Murdoch (Updated: Anonymous Speaks)

7/11/2012 - Check Here If Your Mac Is Eligible For a Mountain Lion Upgrade

7/11/2012 - Google Might Not Be Losing Money On the Nexus 7 After All

7/11/2012 - The One Thing About Geordi That LeVar Burton Wishes Star Trek Had Explored: "His Sexuality"

7/11/2012 - How You Sign a $100 Million Contract These Days: With an iPad

7/11/2012 - Watch the 152,455-piece Lego Rolls-Royce Engine In Action

7/11/2012 - Zombie blood goes bad, lawsuit ensues

7/11/2012 - Graphene Miracle #5,347: It Can Repair Itself Entirely Unassisted

7/11/2012 - Secrets of Catwoman's Costume Revealed! Plus Tons of Intriguing Details for Darren Aronofksy's Noah!

7/11/2012 - Bits Stored on a Single Molecule Could Lead to Petabyte SSDs

7/11/2012 - Facebook Wants to Keep You Virus-Free

7/11/2012 - Extreme Weather Linked to Man-Made Climate Change, Claim Scientists

7/11/2012 - How Many Devices Do You Carry?

7/11/2012 - The Science of Sight, in Interactive Cartoon Form

7/11/2012 - WSJ: Amazon Is Testing a 4- to 5-Inch Phone

7/11/2012 - Some Divine Individual Has Created a Browser Extension that Converts YouTube Comments to Herp Derp

7/11/2012 - Sometimes, the Truth Is Best Served Over Email: Agree or Disagree?

7/11/2012 - Apple Releases EPEAT Statement: We're Special, but Different

7/11/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Boiling Oil, Dancing Chromatophores, and a Fruit Salad Binger

7/10/2012 - Kim Dotcom: Please, Bring Us to America

7/10/2012 - Did This Video for Apple Recruiting Leak a Photo of the Next, Bigger iPhone? UPDATE: NO, OF COURSE NOT

7/10/2012 - The Artist Is Present: The Life and Work of Marina Abramovic

7/10/2012 - What the Higgs Boson Sounds Like

7/10/2012 - Astronomers discover an entirely new class of black hole

7/10/2012 - The Most Wonderfully Ludicrous Fashion Show We've Seen in Ages

7/10/2012 - LEGO Star Trek equipment may not work, but is fascinating nonetheless

7/10/2012 - New simulation is as close to traveling through space as it gets

7/10/2012 - This May Look Like a Vintage Basket, but It's Also a Cooler

7/10/2012 - Watch Neil Patrick Harris' soul evaporate a little more in the first Smurfs 2 set photo

7/10/2012 - Keep Your Water Frigid With the Same Material That Keeps Mt. Everest Climbers Warm

7/10/2012 - Help a Fellow Giz Reader Achieve His American Dream

7/10/2012 - How in Panem can you divide Mockingjay into two separate movies?

7/10/2012 - A Startling Vortex on the South Pole of Titan

7/10/2012 - Alan Moore broke into my home and made me review Before Watchmen

7/10/2012 - Someone Is Building the Batboat

7/10/2012 - Year Zero: A Pretty Great Book of Geek Humor About Music Piracy and Aliens

7/10/2012 - The LEDs of the Future Are Paper-Thin

7/10/2012 - You could have the IQ of a prodigy and not even know it

7/10/2012 - Wikiweb: The Connection Between Wikipedia Articles Beautifully Visualized

7/10/2012 - The First Television and Telephone Satellite Launched 50 Years Ago

7/10/2012 - What Is Your Favorite Computer You Ever Owned?

7/10/2012 - An Illusion that Explains Why Typos Are So Hard to Catch

7/10/2012 - Everything You Need For Tonight's MLB All-Star Game

7/10/2012 - This is what a Stormtrooper looks like when he takes a direct headshot [Maybe NSFW]

7/10/2012 - Flying the F-35 Is So Easy That It Feels Like Magic

7/10/2012 - Wikiweb Gallery

7/10/2012 - Hungary's Red Sludge Disaster Zone Still Looks Apocalyptic Two Years Later

7/10/2012 - This clam isn't actually licking a table, is it?

7/10/2012 - Stunning Image of US Navy Nuclear Supercarrier Skidding Like Crazy Over the Atlantic

7/10/2012 - Tiny Charging Cable Keyring Juices Androids and iPhones Alike

7/10/2012 - Ursula K. Le Guin's Great Unsung Masterpiece

7/10/2012 - Twitter for iPhone and Android Updated with Expanded View, Custom Notifications and More

7/10/2012 - Samsung Series 9 2012 Review: Who Said Samsung Can't Do Cool?

7/10/2012 - Check out these spectacularly beautiful images of the ocean’s smallest, weirdest creatures

7/10/2012 - Dropbox Doubles the Storage Space for Pro Users

7/10/2012 - On Eureka, the heroes make the best possible villains

7/10/2012 - The Rumored iPad Mini's Size Compared to the iPad, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire

7/10/2012 - This Lego Republic Frigate Is Your Saving-The-Republic-One-Minifig-Transport-At-A-Time Deal Of The Day

7/10/2012 - Series 9 Gallery

7/10/2012 - This Bag Uses Medieval Technology To Protect Your Laptop From Thieves

7/10/2012 - So it turns out the Higgs Boson sounds like Cuban dance music

7/10/2012 - What Really Happens When You Get Blown Out of an Airlock

7/10/2012 - Apple's New NFC Travel Patent Looks a Whole Lot Like Passbook

7/10/2012 - 111 Awesome Photos Of Fireworks

7/10/2012 - Shooting Challenge: July 4 2

7/10/2012 - Shooting Challenge: July 4 4

7/10/2012 - Shooting Challenge: July 4 3

7/10/2012 - Shooting Challenge: July 4 1

7/10/2012 - America just endured its hottest 12 month period on record. Again.

7/10/2012 - What if the Super Friends starred in their own sitcom à la Golden Girls?

7/10/2012 - The Computer That Can Learn a Board Game in Two Minutes—And Beat You At It

7/10/2012 - How British Special Forces used exploding rats to fight the Nazis

7/10/2012 - It's Adventure Time and cloned messiahs in this week's comic book haul

7/10/2012 - Pixar Should Make a Short Film About These Adorable Bookmark Lamps

7/10/2012 - Video Chat in BB10 Makes BBM an Even More Appealing Prize

7/10/2012 - Having a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone Case Is Actually Very Practical

7/10/2012 - Do You Actually Read Those Magazines You Download on Your Tablet?

7/10/2012 - Yes, There Is Actually a Song Called "Instagram Ya Body"

7/10/2012 - Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences You Could Have at Comic-Con 2012

7/10/2012 - These Kids Want To Blow Up the White House

7/10/2012 - Here's the First Picture Ever Posted on the Web

7/10/2012 - This Is the Only Submarine Evac System to Ever Work Right

7/10/2012 - Scientists use trout to unlock the secrets of magnetic cells

7/10/2012 - This Sensor-Packed GPS Watch Masquerades As a Stylish Timepiece

7/10/2012 - Fire Off a Question At an Archery Prodigy Headed to the Olympics

7/10/2012 - 152,455-Piece Rolls-Royce Engine Is the Most Complex Lego Machine Ever Built

7/10/2012 - New study shows that Facebook is not making us depressed after all

7/10/2012 - A First Look At The Brand New Comic Star Wars (With Darth Vader Illustrated By Alex Ross!)

7/10/2012 - Mark Zuckerberg Drinking a Gatorade at a Beer Garden

7/10/2012 - What would your ideal science fiction convention look like?

7/10/2012 - World's Fastest Camera Catches Cancer at 36.7 Million FPS

7/10/2012 - Massive Hobbit scroll shows off 10 gorgeous scenes from Peter Jackson's movie

7/10/2012 - Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

7/10/2012 - How Canon Built Your Digital Camera

7/10/2012 - Major Casting Updates for The Wolverine, Catching Fire, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Much More!

7/10/2012 - Wacom's Multitouch Cintiq Gets All Your Fingers In On the Action

7/10/2012 - How to Run OnLive's Remote Microsoft Office on OS X, For Free

7/10/2012 - Google Faces FTC's Largest Ever Fine Over Safari Cookie Debacle

7/10/2012 - Being Obese Is Better Than Being Underweight

7/10/2012 - Stanley Cup Goals, Turned Into Song

7/10/2012 - Google Nexus Q Hacked to Run Android Launcher, Apps, Netflix

7/10/2012 - Kim Dotcom’s Extradition Hearing Pushed Back to March 2013

7/10/2012 - All-You-Can-Read Magazine App "Next Issue" Now Available for iOS

7/10/2012 - An Incomplete List of Discussion Topics from the Forums of Lady Gaga's New Social Network

7/10/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Slugs vs Robots, Spider-Man vs Batman, and Ken Block Blows the Doors Off of SF

7/9/2012 - How Do You Use Your iPad? Mine Is My TV

7/9/2012 - AT&T Opens Up Watson Speech-Recognition Software API to App Developers

7/9/2012 - True Blood serves up crazy in a pair of He-Man Footie Pajamas

7/9/2012 - This Bowl Will Always Be Exactly the Size You Need it to Be

7/9/2012 - Picture of the Day: July 9, 2012

7/9/2012 - Scientists Say 'God Particle' May Be an Impostor

7/9/2012 - PSA: Accidentally Emailing a Nic Cage Picture Won't Help Your Job Search

7/9/2012 - Turns out Batman's cape is lethal. To himself.

7/9/2012 - Cloned Horses Given the Green Light to Compete at the Olympics

7/9/2012 - Batgirl Sailor Moon is so absurd it works

7/9/2012 - Tron: Celebrate 30 Years of This Classic Cult Movie

7/9/2012 - Mount Disney supervillain Maleficent's head on your wall!

7/9/2012 - Star Wars Nerds Restore Luke Skywalker's Home IRL

7/9/2012 - An incredibly surreal photo of the real-life goths from American Gothic

7/9/2012 - Does something have to be terrible to be a guilty pleasure?

7/9/2012 - A New Breed of Camcorder for a New Breed of Citizen Journalist—Or Bootlegger, Whatevs

7/9/2012 - Read a sneak preview of the fantasy comic Smoke and Mirrors

7/9/2012 - London 2012 Results App: Follow Team USA at the Olympics

7/9/2012 - Sip Your Espresso Out of a Tiny Rocket

7/9/2012 - Apple OS X Mountain Lion Gold Master Is Out

7/9/2012 - Did Karl Urban just reveal Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek villain?

7/9/2012 - Behold the Super-Efficient Microchip That Can Harvest Power from Heat, Light, and Vibration at the Same Time

7/9/2012 - Why I Hate My Camera

7/9/2012 - Do Drone Pilots Deserve Medals?

7/9/2012 - Falling Skies: The other shoe finally drops

7/9/2012 - V-Moda Vamp Lightning Review: Glorious Overkill for iPhone Audio

7/9/2012 - The Severest Ethical Breaches of Superhero Journalists

7/9/2012 - Take a Break in a Floating Tea House

7/9/2012 - 1954 Flying Car for Sale

7/9/2012 - Verizon Makes Its Best Android Phone Worse, Again

7/9/2012 - Are Apple's iOS 6 Maps Coming to Desktop Computers?

7/9/2012 - An Exclusive First Look at the Gorgeous New Covers to All of Octavia Butler's Books

7/9/2012 - How I Got At Least $2,000 Worth of Grill for $540

7/9/2012 - This Portal Gun Replica Is Your Do-What-You-Must-Because-You-Can Deal of the Day

7/9/2012 - Nebulium: The Forbidden Element That Never Existed

7/9/2012 - A sneak preview of Great Pacific, a new science fiction comic about the Pacific Garbage Patch

7/9/2012 - I Want to Try This Intriguing Coffee Maker

7/9/2012 - The unused Mickey Mouses, as drawn by a legendary Disney animator

7/9/2012 - The Astronomer Royal tells io9 how he plans to save humanity from extinction

7/9/2012 - Nike's New Lightweight Soccer Boot Is Full of Beans

7/9/2012 - London 2012 Results App Gallery

7/9/2012 - Watch This Creepy Robot Made in the 18th Century Come to Life Again

7/9/2012 - Ukrainian students invent gloves that convert sign language into speech

7/9/2012 - 10 Reasons Why Billy Ocean's "Loverboy" Is The Best Music Video Ever Made

7/9/2012 - I Still Can't Believe a Normal Camera Can Resist These Tortures

7/9/2012 - Surgical implant will allow cyborg artist to see colors through sound

7/9/2012 - 9 Obsolete Gadgets You Can Still Buy Brand New For Some Reason

7/9/2012 - Your Old Tires Could Ride Again as Awesome New Bowls

7/9/2012 - How to steal food from a pride of 15 hungry lions

7/9/2012 - First footage from Walking Dead's season 3 shows Michonne slicing walkers

7/9/2012 - Scientists Create Molecule to Make Teeth Cavityproof

7/9/2012 - Is Email Fundamentally Broken?

7/9/2012 - This Week's TV: The Best New Cartoon You're Not Watching!

7/9/2012 - Your Cell Phone Is Under More Surveillance Than Ever

7/9/2012 - See Gizmodo in Crisp, Beautiful HD

7/9/2012 - None of Apple's Computers Are Environmentally Friendly Anymore (Update)

7/9/2012 - Sunburn Is Your RNA Crying Out in Pain

7/9/2012 - Watch all 135 Space Shuttle launches at once

7/9/2012 - The Nazi breeding program that resurrected an extinct species

7/9/2012 - Would You Pay $8 More for a 4D Movie?

7/9/2012 - You Can Carry Your Entire Windows 8 Life on One Tiny USB Drive

7/9/2012 - 6 Signs Your Gadget’s Screen Sucks

7/9/2012 - If You Haven't Read Wool, Watch This Trailer and Begin Obsessing

7/9/2012 - Grant Morrison shows off his first teaser trailer for Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

7/9/2012 - NASA's arsenic-life findings debunked in two just-published studies

7/9/2012 - The Terrible Colorado Fire Scar Seen From Space

7/9/2012 - Mark Zuckerberg Enjoying Sushi with a Racially and Sexually Diverse Group of Friends

7/9/2012 - Which classic work of 19th century literature inspired The Dark Knight Rises?

7/9/2012 - Judge Rules Galaxy Tab "Not as Cool" as iPad, Legally Speaking

7/9/2012 - Soda Versus Pop, Visualized

7/9/2012 - Nokia: PureView Camera Technology Hitting Lumia 'Very Soon'

7/9/2012 - How to Choose a Secure Pet Name

7/9/2012 - Samsung Launching Surface Competitors in October?

7/9/2012 - Nokia’s Crazy 808 PureView Phone Finally Available in the US

7/9/2012 - Doctor Who Set Photos Part 2

7/9/2012 - HP's Ivy Bridge-Equipped Envy 23 Offers Premium Style With a Smaller Price

7/8/2012 - Best of the Week: June 30 - July 6, 2012

7/8/2012 - Watch All the Space Shuttle Launches at Once

7/8/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc. Image 7/8

7/8/2012 - Walking Dead Season 3 Promotional Photos

7/8/2012 - New Dark Knight Rises Images

7/8/2012 - The Nerdiest Street Art Uses Computer Messages to Poke Fun of People

7/8/2012 - The time an astronaut called into Car Talk from the Space Shuttle

7/8/2012 - Plan your next Star Wars tattoo with these ink-inspired paintings

7/8/2012 - You Might Be Allergic to Your Canon Camera

7/8/2012 - The World's Official Kilogram Is Losing Weight and That Might Screw the Metric System

7/8/2012 - Enjoy the stop-motion dance of the plastic army men, to the tune of Pink Martini

7/8/2012 - Report: Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Will Have a Better Display

7/8/2012 - Fraggle Rock's Doozers are getting their own TV show

7/8/2012 - 65 Years Ago a UFO Probably Maybe Possibly Crashed on Earth at Roswell

7/8/2012 - Someone Please Make Me This Back to the Future DeLorean Clock

7/8/2012 - Lose yourself in the hypnotic dance of a squid's pulsing pigment cells

7/8/2012 - William Shatner explores the meaning of Star Trek fandom in the Get a Life! trailer

7/8/2012 - Your Internet Might Shut Off Tomorrow Because of a Virus—Here's How to Fix It

7/8/2012 - Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an intern on the moon, and a post-apocalyptic TV series

7/8/2012 - Antarctic moss survives by eating 5,000-year-old penguin poop

7/8/2012 - Map pinpoints the 2,284 US temperature records broken in June

7/8/2012 - Why the Official Pictures of US Olympic Athletes Sucked So Much

7/8/2012 - The ladies of Battlestar Galactica, painted in the styles of Klimt, Lichtenstein, and more

7/8/2012 - After the zombie apocalypse, the geek will inherit the Earth

7/8/2012 - Could going into space actually make people live longer?

7/8/2012 - This Analog Clock Has the Correct Time for 24 Different Time Zones Around the World

7/8/2012 - Watch a man take his virtual girlfriend out on a date in the real world

7/8/2012 - Incredible 2000-piece LEGO Portal gun features motorized prongs

7/8/2012 - Sew Nerdy gallery show reveals the softer side of fanart

7/8/2012 - What Junk Food Should Actually Be Called

7/8/2012 - 13-minute Dark Knight Rises featurette hits the movie's major characters and themes

7/8/2012 - How a Man Lived Off Craigslist

7/8/2012 - RoboCop unveils OmniCorp's new Enforcement Droids

7/7/2012 - JEFF the Brotherhood: Sixpack (NSFW)

7/7/2012 - What's the Big Deal? This Skateboard Ceiling Fan Does 900s All Day Long

7/7/2012 - Slash Through the Zombie Hordes 12 Inches At a Time With This Machete Ruler

7/7/2012 - Beard Leader is standing by in his X-Wing made of facial hair

7/7/2012 - Wireless Power Transferred Through Thick Concrete Could Mean Electric Cars That Charge While You Drive

7/7/2012 - This carnivorous plant traps and digests its prey underground

7/7/2012 - Tor will serialize John Scalzi's next Old Man's War novel online

7/7/2012 - Bizarre Bike With Extra Pedals On the Handlebars Exercises All Your Limbs At Once

7/7/2012 - Good guy Ron Perlman reprises his Hellboy role for a very special audience of one

7/7/2012 - Interactive Lord of the Rings timeline shows exactly where in Middle Earth Tolkien's adventures took place

7/7/2012 - A Shockingly Inappropriate Amazing Spider-Man Tie-In Toy

7/7/2012 - The Clever Cutouts On These Serving Trays Promise To Make Cafeteria Dining Less Terrible

7/7/2012 - First Look at the Giant Robots in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim!

7/7/2012 - Scotland's two mummified bog bodies are the Frankenstein remains of six different people

7/7/2012 - Transforming Lamp Morphs Into a Table For Emergency Cocktail Parties

7/7/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises really is a descent into the underworld

7/7/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Monstrous Passengers of the Night Train

7/7/2012 - Trap Door Colander Will Revolutionize Your Kitchen

7/7/2012 - Watch a five-inch worm being pulled from a man's eyeball

7/7/2012 - Higgs Boson, Secret Islands, RIM-Colored Lenses, Apple iGlass, Dark Matter

7/7/2012 - Sailor Moon returns next summer with a new anime series

7/7/2012 - Proof that making burritos is more fun in space

7/7/2012 - The first cloned animals were cloned over a century ago

7/7/2012 - Talking Comic Books Take All Of the Imagination Out Of It

7/7/2012 - Live out your mermaid dreams with these swimmable tails

7/7/2012 - Enjoy an illustrated sonnet on the Higgs Boson-like particle

7/7/2012 - Wooden Train Dining Table Redefines Playing With Your Food

7/7/2012 - Five webcomics that show San Diego Comic-Con from a cartoonist's perspective

7/7/2012 - Human skin tones classified as Pantone colors

7/7/2012 - What To Do When You Lose Your Wallet

7/7/2012 - Play a Game of Mushroom Kingdoms on this Super Mario map of Westeros

7/7/2012 - Nine Bar Bets You'll Never Lose

7/7/2012 - Olivia Wilde guest stars on Tron: Uprising and Bender joins the paparazzi

7/7/2012 - Sacrilege: Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Sold In Bottle-Shaped Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags (Updated)

7/7/2012 - Swimmable Mermaid Tails Are an Embarrassing Way to Drown

7/7/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Jerry Seinfeld Gets Coffee, Stan Lee Drops In, and The Doors Smoke the Hollywood Bowl

7/6/2012 - Watch This Adorable Handmade Trailer for Tiny Wings 2.O

7/6/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Kiss My A$$

7/6/2012 - Is There a Single Good Reason to Leave Voicemail?

7/6/2012 - Are You Comfortable With Airlines Researching You on Google?

7/6/2012 - Astronomers discover binary stars in 'impossibly' tight orbits

7/6/2012 - Frank Ocean: Sweet Life

7/6/2012 - A giant, fiery mustache makes this already awesome photo that much awesomer

7/6/2012 - When Applying for a Tech Job, Don't Be a Racist Asshole (Updated)

7/6/2012 - A Confusion of Princes: a Spiffing Boy's Own Space Opera

7/6/2012 - House of Cedar, Modernized 18th Century Church, and More

7/6/2012 - How to survive the "snake-fight" portion of your Ph.D. defense

7/6/2012 - Is Thunderbird Dying?

7/6/2012 - What's in store for the second half of Continuum season one? Everything gets broken!

7/6/2012 - How KA-BAR Was Born

7/6/2012 - Does oxygen deprivation make you stronger?

7/6/2012 - 1,486-Piece B-Wing Is the Most Amazing Lego Set In a Very Long Long Time

7/6/2012 - Gabi, Foap, and More

7/6/2012 - Gilt Taste, Echograph, and More

7/6/2012 - Word Lens, TVFoodMaps, and More

7/6/2012 - Why We're Glad Amazing Spider-Man Dropped Most of its "Untold Story"

7/6/2012 - Steampunk Spider-Man and his nemesis, Victorian-era Doctor Octopus

7/6/2012 - Hide a Chair in Your Living Room Table for That Unexpected Extra Guest

7/6/2012 - Why We Shouldn't regulate Big Food... At Least, Not Yet

7/6/2012 - Here's How to Blow Up Websites You Don't Like with Bombs

7/6/2012 - You Can Download BitTorrent Files with Your Browser

7/6/2012 - Seven Insane Ways To Get Drunk Without Drinking

7/6/2012 - These Cthulhu LEGO sets will drive you insane with little plastic bricks

7/6/2012 - A Luminescent Map of the World's Earthquakes Since 1898

7/6/2012 - An Old Prison (Now Civic Center) Rescued From Death Row

7/6/2012 - Apparently, the Death Star Was Destroyed 1,500 Years Ago

7/6/2012 - Twitter Search Now Has Autocomplete and Other Improvements

7/6/2012 - And Finally, How to Make Arya Stark of Winterfell Look Even More Badass

7/6/2012 - Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Cine-Lens Lightning Review: Extreme Wide Angle on a Budget

7/6/2012 - Six Designs That Would've Been Impossible Without Computer Modeling

7/6/2012 - How to Win a Three-Way Gunfight

7/6/2012 - Ignore All of Your Friends and Get Away With It

7/6/2012 - 3 Computer Simulations that Changed The World (And 2 That Are on the Verge)

7/6/2012 - This Lightning Reaction Reloaded Shocking Game Is Your Masochism-Party Deal Of The Day

7/6/2012 - What makes polonium the ideal poison for assassins?

7/6/2012 - Do You DVR Sporting Events?

7/6/2012 - Turning swords into bananas enhances all your favorite fantasy stories

7/6/2012 - 15 of the World's Smartest Men in Their Natural Habitat

7/6/2012 - Don't worry, people! We have a plan for moving the Earth.

7/6/2012 - What the Internet's Pop Culture Gurus are Looking Forward To at Comic Con

7/6/2012 - Batman's secret identity is . . . Bruno Díaz!

7/6/2012 - A Robot Walks Exactly Like a Human For the First Time

7/6/2012 - These biologically-inspired robotic legs are the most accurate yet

7/6/2012 - Incredible World-Translating App Word Lens Is Finally on Android

7/6/2012 - Explosive Fireworks Horrifically Severed and Blew Off a Paraplegic's Leg

7/6/2012 - The Autism Vaccination Hoax and Other Science Scams

7/6/2012 - 10 Science Experiments That Looked Like the End of the World

7/6/2012 - The Motherlode of High-Res Dark Knight Rises Photos

7/6/2012 - Toshiba Would Like to Sell You These Boobs Gadgets

7/6/2012 - An amazing behind-the-scenes look at the animation behind John Carter

7/6/2012 - What Features Would You Want in an Amazon Phone?

7/6/2012 - How to Make Your iPhone Charge Wirelessly (Without an Ugly Case)

7/6/2012 - A preview of next week's issue of Deathstroke, guest-starring Lobo

7/6/2012 - Watch This Guy Survive a 393-Foot Fall Like Wile E. Coyote

7/6/2012 - Beasts of the Southern Wild: You've never seen a movie like this before

7/6/2012 - Port Google Now To Your Ice Cream Sandwich Android Phone

7/6/2012 - Scientists Observe the Mysterious Hidden Structure of the Universe for the First Time Ever

7/6/2012 - This Ship Flips to Rise Five Stories Above the Sea Surface

7/6/2012 - Girl Guides in Australia drop reference to ‘God’ from oath

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7/5/2012 - logitech keyboard gal

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