5/31/2012 - Automated Typewriter Creates Never-Ending Story, Honoring Journalists Killed on Assignment

5/31/2012 - The Black Keys: Gold On The Ceiling

5/31/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 5-31

5/31/2012 - International Banners for The Dark Knight Rises

5/31/2012 - Would You Eat the Meat of a Robot-Deboned Chicken?

5/31/2012 - The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in June! [Updated!]

5/31/2012 - The Coolest Waterproof Backpack Money Can Buy

5/31/2012 - How does the Buffy the Vampire Slayer porn capture Joss Whedon's themes of destiny and choice?

5/31/2012 - Low-Res Screens Can Transform into Better-Looking Hi-Res Displays With Simple Vibration

5/31/2012 - Ask Nick Harkaway anything you want about Angelmaker

5/31/2012 - The First 3 Chapters from Daniel H. Wilson's Thrilling New Novel Amped

5/31/2012 - This Beautiful Retro Airplane Porn Is My New Desktop Background

5/31/2012 - This Is Vinyl Tap

5/31/2012 - This New Ballistics Tester Will Play Catch with Air Force Artillery

5/31/2012 - The Crazypants Synopsis to the Wachowskis' Next Movie Jupiter Ascending

5/31/2012 - Usher Will Be Joined By Hologram Backup Dancers in Upcoming Concert

5/31/2012 - Do we really need more optimistic science fiction?

5/31/2012 - The New Essential Apps May 2012

5/31/2012 - Leprechaun remake will star WWE wrestler Hornswoggle

5/31/2012 - This Head Trip Is the Freakiest Thing You'll See This Week (Barring Face-Eating Floridians)

5/31/2012 - This Adorable Rat on a Treadmill Used To Be Paralyzed

5/31/2012 - The awesomely weird art of 1800s baseball photography

5/31/2012 - What the New Yorker and Tin House science fiction issues tell us about the state of SF

5/31/2012 - Earth’s Sky Will Look Mindblowingly Crazy 3.75 Billion Years From Now

5/31/2012 - How Hackers Nearly Took Down Google's reCaptcha System

5/31/2012 - Branded trailer proves that advertisements are eating your brain

5/31/2012 - Kickass Astronaut Plays the International Space Station Vacuum Like a Didgeridoo

5/31/2012 - Could SpaceX land the first humans on Mars?

5/31/2012 - When You Swallow 35MM Film, Beautiful Things Happen

5/31/2012 - App Icon Sticky Notes Turn Your Whole World Into iOS

5/31/2012 - What It's Like Inside the Bullshit of a Tech Conference

5/31/2012 - Does This Video Show the iPhone 5 Front Panel?

5/31/2012 - Windows 8 Release Preview Hands On: Wonderful (And Kind Of Boring)

5/31/2012 - This 4D Puzzle of Washington DC Is Your Politickin' Deal of the Day

5/31/2012 - Windows 8 Gallery

5/31/2012 - The bad guy of Piranha 3DD tells us about his aquatic swingers' club

5/31/2012 - Marine Robot Helicopters Can Now Snatch Cargo Without Landing

5/31/2012 - In 1901, you could pay 50 cents to ride an airship to the Moon

5/31/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Reflections Without Mirrors

5/31/2012 - Will Vizio's Hot New Computers Be Available Next Month at Walmart?

5/31/2012 - The Best Way to Get Fit: Leave the Gym

5/31/2012 - The First 4K Movie You Can Download Is 160GB and Absolutely Breathtaking

5/31/2012 - Here's What Happens When You Apply Every Instagram Filter to Your Photo

5/31/2012 - What Flies Can Teach You About Your Restless Leg Syndrome

5/31/2012 - Crazy Kinect Magic Makes Sci-Fi Holograms Real

5/31/2012 - Don't Let Your Money Fly Away: A 1909 Warning to Airship Investors

5/31/2012 - 10 Weirdest Ways That Ancient Rulers Died

5/31/2012 - Most Ridiculous Foursquare Thing: Jewelry Made by Mapping Out Your Check-Ins

5/31/2012 - And now, every single Harry Potter magic spell in one video

5/31/2012 - Here Come a Crap Ton of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks

5/31/2012 - How Snow White's Huntsman morphed from grizzled old Sean Connery into Thor

5/31/2012 - You Can Easily Buy the Drugs that Created the Miami Zombie Online (Updated)

5/31/2012 - Behold, the violent comics Frank Miller wrote for his high school newspaper

5/31/2012 - Did This Sad Old Democrat Buy His Facebook Popularity?

5/31/2012 - The 8 Cheapest Computers in the World

5/31/2012 - Chemists Outrun Laws in War on Synthetic Drugs

5/31/2012 - Watch a bunch of psychic children trash adults in the new music video by M83

5/31/2012 - Transformers: The Ride Will Melt Your Face in Three Dimensions

5/31/2012 - Double-Sided, Transparent Touchscreens Might Be the Future of Gadgets After All

5/31/2012 - Dragon Spaceship Has Successfully Returned to Earth (Updated With Photo)

5/31/2012 - How Violets Steal Your Sense of Smell

5/31/2012 - The Large Hadron Collider Throws Away More Data Than It Stores

5/31/2012 - Whiny RIAA Demands Even More Google Censorship

5/31/2012 - The Bird That Invented Home Insulation

5/31/2012 - You Can Use the iPhone with a Prepaid Plan Very Soon

5/31/2012 - The artwork of H.R. Giger, recreated in LEGO bricks

5/31/2012 - The Most Magical Event in Twitter History Just Happened

5/31/2012 - Can Exercise Actually Be Bad For You?

5/31/2012 - Gang Members Accept Cop's Friend Request, Get Arrested, Are Idiots

5/31/2012 - Secrets of Iron Man 3 Revealed? Plus Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who's future!

5/31/2012 - Richard Branson's Gorgeous Water Filter Would Fit Nicely in His Space Ship

5/31/2012 - Hunting Down My Son's Killer

5/31/2012 - Scientific Proof That Men Have the Dirtiest Desks

5/31/2012 - This All-Carbon Fiber Ultrabook Weighs Just 2.1 Pounds

5/31/2012 - Registered Sex Offenders Are Fighting for Facebook Access

5/31/2012 - Aaron Sorkin on the Steve Jobs Movie and Being Technologically Illiterate

5/31/2012 - Ex-Microsoft Employees Create Algorithm for the Perfect-Fitting Bra

5/31/2012 - Recycled Vinyl Records Become Bases for Beautiful Lamps

5/31/2012 - Holy crap, this is the most terrifying Garfield strip ever published

5/31/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Thomas Beale's Cipher, Good Advice from Andy Samberg, and Water Go Down the Hoooole!

5/30/2012 - Man Changed His Name to VoteForEddie.Com, to Gain Campaign Attention

5/30/2012 - Old People Smell, Confirms Science

5/30/2012 - Continuum is the closest thing you're going to get to new Sarah Connor Chronicles

5/30/2012 - NASA Has Bottled the Fountain of Youth (Updated)

5/30/2012 - First Look at Wreck-It Ralph and his 8-bit Girlfriend

5/30/2012 - One-Sheet Poster for Sinister

5/30/2012 - The Iron Patriot Suit, and First Set Pictures From Iron Man 3

5/30/2012 - A Closer Look at Spidey's New Suit

5/30/2012 - A First Look at Catwoman's Heist

5/30/2012 - Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Pets Is Awesome, Extravagant

5/30/2012 - MegaUpload's Defense Files for Dismissal of All Government Charges

5/30/2012 - Sean Parker: Apple Tried to Block Spotify in the US

5/30/2012 - Why The Expendables 2 might be the summer's most important movie

5/30/2012 - American Heads Are Getting Larger

5/30/2012 - Do class divisions go all the way back to the Stone Age?

5/30/2012 - Turn Your Cramped Apartment Into a Weekend Workshop

5/30/2012 - Recently Uncovered Neon Light Burned Uninterrupted For 77 Years

5/30/2012 - Death to the Dock Connector Is Imminent, Suggests Apple Job Opening

5/30/2012 - Extremely surprising Iron Man 3 villain spotted on set!

5/30/2012 - A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers

5/30/2012 - The Bizarre History of Superhero Porn [NSFW]

5/30/2012 - Yahoo TimeTraveler: Plan Custom Itineraries For 29 Cities

5/30/2012 - Get All the American Military Airplanes In Your Pocket For Free

5/30/2012 - Read a sneak preview of the next issue of Swamp Thing

5/30/2012 - London Bridge Dons an LED Gown for Queen's Diamond Jubilee

5/30/2012 - Rule 34 and Internet Superhero Smuts

5/30/2012 - 56 Years of Deadly Tornados On One Gorgeous Map

5/30/2012 - Syrian Rebels Turn Fuel Truck Into Giant Flamethrower

5/30/2012 - Yahoo TimeTraveler Gallery

5/30/2012 - $1800 Gets You Sneakers Made From Stingrays Customized Through Genetic Engineering

5/30/2012 - In the bootleg Game of Thrones, Thor hangs out with House Stark

5/30/2012 - Can You Find the Two Camouflaged Commandos in This Photo Before They Shoot You?

5/30/2012 - Penthouse Comix

5/30/2012 - Google's Letting Companies Pay for Search Results

5/30/2012 - Shazam's Top Ten Summer Jams

5/30/2012 - This Man Ran His Business in a Blackout with His BlackBerry

5/30/2012 - North Carolina considers outlawing accurate predictions of sea level rise

5/30/2012 - Is Prometheus Actually Any Good? Early Reviews Are In

5/30/2012 - God Has Opened New Offices On Earth

5/30/2012 - AT&T's Hilarious Vintage How Not To Be a Raging Dick Telephone Commercials

5/30/2012 - This Robotic Chess Companion Is Your Humans-Are-Obsolete Deal of The Day

5/30/2012 - 10 Creepy Details Glossed Over By Modern Versions Of Fairy Tales

5/30/2012 - America's Biggest Claw Game Plucks Oil Rigs from the Briny Deep

5/30/2012 - $10,000 iPad Prototype Was ‘Most Likely’ Stolen Property, Says eBay Seller

5/30/2012 - This Is How Big the Internet Is

5/30/2012 - This Video of Venus Crossing the Sun Seems Straight Out of Star Wars (Updated)

5/30/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Memorial Day

5/30/2012 - 30 Photos Of One Day In Your Life

5/30/2012 - Read Every Politician's Deleted Tweets

5/30/2012 - Killjoy Scientists Have Bred the Fun Out of Medical Marijuana

5/30/2012 - What's the difference between capturing an emotion and creating a mood?

5/30/2012 - A Warrior Princess and her Mom at Loggerheads, in an Adorable New Brave Clip

5/30/2012 - The 10 Most Awesome Pools In the World

5/30/2012 - The Gadgets of Music Genius Reggie Watts

5/30/2012 - Pranksters Convince Beach-Goers They Found Buried Treasure

5/30/2012 - Bond Villain Yard Sale: Secret Mountainside Submarine Base Only $17.5 Million

5/30/2012 - And the Latest, Weirdest Internet Meme Goes To... The Riflestache

5/30/2012 - How to Turn Any Wheelchair Into an Electric Scooter

5/30/2012 - First Ultra High Def Shoulder Mount Camera Brings 8K Ridiculousness Closer to Reality

5/30/2012 - How will our starships navigate in deep space?

5/30/2012 - Put Your Home on Vacation Mode, Right from the Airport

5/30/2012 - Small iPads, Big iPhones: How Apple Battles Its Own Legacy

5/30/2012 - The three actors rumored for Hunger Games' Finnick Odair

5/30/2012 - The extraordinarily surreal World War II editorial cartoons of Dr. Seuss

5/30/2012 - A Lovely Book-Shaped Shelf With a Terribly Awkward Name

5/30/2012 - Verizon FiOS Is Getting Insanely Fast 300Mbps Home Internet

5/30/2012 - If You're Fat, Your Friends Will Always See You That Way

5/30/2012 - Giant Wall Switch Watch Only Illuminates the Time

5/30/2012 - See a jellyfish-like creature imitate Batman at the bottom of the sea

5/30/2012 - Intel Ultrabooks Will Get Free Wi-Fi Almost Everywhere and Auto-Update from Your Bag

5/30/2012 - How to Hide Your Router in Plain Sight

5/30/2012 - Join Jose Canseco's Website, Watch Him Do Steroids

5/30/2012 - Honeymooning Zuckerberg Can't Figure Out an ATM

5/30/2012 - Sword Fighting with Neal Stephenson and His Mongoliad Co-Authors

5/30/2012 - Facebook's Pay-to-Promote Posts Feature Has Arrived (Updated)

5/30/2012 - The Most Game-Changing Episodes of Babylon 5

5/30/2012 - Transparent Bubble Crib Makes Your Bundle of Joy Look Like a Science Experiment

5/30/2012 - Willy Loman Contemplates Twittercide

5/30/2012 - Simon Pegg says Star Trek's villain isn't who you think. Plus New Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall Videos!

5/30/2012 - Julian Assange Loses Fight to Remain in the UK

5/30/2012 - Google Tablet Spotted in Benchmarks, Running Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean'

5/30/2012 - Apple Likes the Nest Thermostat So Much That It's in the Apple Store

5/30/2012 - Is This Finally a Toughphone Worth Buying?

5/30/2012 - Inside the Navy’s Newest Spy Sub

5/30/2012 - It Would Cost $37 Billion Per Year to Pre-Screen YouTube Videos

5/30/2012 - Logitech's Latest Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard Switches Between All Your Apple Devices on the Fly

5/30/2012 - HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Finally Clear Customs

5/30/2012 - Apple CEO Tim Cook on Steve Jobs, TVs, and Hollywood

5/30/2012 - Peter Griffin on E, Enough Acid to Kill an Elephant, and the Best Paintball Fight of All Time

5/29/2012 - Mitt Romney's New App Misspells America, Twitter Goes Wild

5/29/2012 - Filthy Best Western Is Equipping Its Housekeeping Crew with Forensics-Detection Devices

5/29/2012 - US Govt. Ordered to Disclose Crucial Evidence in Case Against Megaupload

5/29/2012 - The Steampunk Bar(tender) That You Never Have to Tip

5/29/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 29, 2012

5/29/2012 - Fleets of SARTRE Cars Will Band Together in Self-Driving "Road Trains"

5/29/2012 - Is new Doctor Who more literary than old Doctor Who?

5/29/2012 - Egyptian Teenager Invents New Space Propulsion System Based On Quantum Physics

5/29/2012 - Sergey Brin Finally Lets Someone Else Wear Google Glass

5/29/2012 - Museum of Endangered Sounds Ensures Your Kids Will Know What a VCR Sounded Like

5/29/2012 - How do you really know what time it is?

5/29/2012 - Cordless Reading Lamp Is Powered by Its Own Moving Parts

5/29/2012 - Michael Dorn wants to write and star in a low-budget Star Trek movie

5/29/2012 - Create Custom Discs Full of New Music for Fisher Price's Iconic Toy Record Player

5/29/2012 - Climate change ended one of the great ancient civilizations

5/29/2012 - Music Unlimited: Sony's Streaming Service Hits the iPhone

5/29/2012 - Do Fire Flowers Still Work In This Awesome Super Mario Aquarium?

5/29/2012 - Rico's Rough Necks, Where Are They Now? Starship Troopers: Invasion takes place 10 years after the original

5/29/2012 - Predictions for Educational TV in the 1930s

5/29/2012 - Music Unlimited Gallery

5/29/2012 - Did someone call for a Cambulance? Part Camel, Part Ambulance, All Awesome

5/29/2012 - Modernist Cuisine at Home Will Come Full of Recipes You Can Actually Use

5/29/2012 - Watch a man turn into a blowfish in a horrifying short film

5/29/2012 - What Is Cocaine Psychosis?

5/29/2012 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Nick Harkaway's Angelmaker

5/29/2012 - The 20 Movies Worth Adding To Your Amazon Prime Watchlist Right Now

5/29/2012 - Jeff VanderMeer and Nick Harkaway rock New Scientist's science fiction magazine

5/29/2012 - You Can't Make This Inspired Cookie Tray Crumple

5/29/2012 - RIM in Crisis as a Billion Dollars of BlackBerries and PlayBooks Sit Unsold

5/29/2012 - Google Chrome OS Meta-Review: Faster and Better, but Still Falls Short

5/29/2012 - World's Largest Vacuum Chamber Can Swallow Lesser Vacuum Chambers

5/29/2012 - This Explosion Was So Damn Close That the Shockwave Dusted Off Some Marines

5/29/2012 - In 1913, newspapers predicted we'd be eating giant radioactive frog steaks

5/29/2012 - The 10 Weirdest Superhero Gadgets of All Time

5/29/2012 - How to Trademark a Color

5/29/2012 - These Beautiful Artistic Photos of Space Suit Tests Were a Total Accident

5/29/2012 - Watch how MIB3 threw Will Smith off the Chrysler Building

5/29/2012 - Google Drops Revamped Chrome OS on Newer, Faster Chromebooks

5/29/2012 - They've Finally Perfected the Ice Cream Scoop

5/29/2012 - These Digital Camera Binoculars Are Your Record-What-You-See Deal of the Day

5/29/2012 - Insane Time Lapse Video of the Golden Gate Fireworks Storm

5/29/2012 - Newly Found Asteroid Buzzes Earth

5/29/2012 - Taco Bell Is Officially Selling Orange Juice Mixed with Mountain Dew

5/29/2012 - How I Helped L. Ron Hubbard to 'Take Over the Planet'

5/29/2012 - The Bullseye of America’s Internet

5/29/2012 - There Is Now a Phone That Combines Pantone and Radiation Detectors

5/29/2012 - Bubble Hourglass Appears To Flow Backwards

5/29/2012 - Watch an enjoyably weird-ass tribute to 1970s rotoscoped fantasy cartoons

5/29/2012 - Amazon Instant Video Is Now On Xbox 360

5/29/2012 - Men With Aggressive Faces Are Secretly Selfless

5/29/2012 - 10 TV Episodes that Changed Television

5/29/2012 - Technicolor Is the Latest Patent Troll to Go After Apple, HTC and Samsung

5/29/2012 - Can You Really Shoot Print-Quality Portraits With a Red Epic Video Camera?

5/29/2012 - 10 Changes That Must Have Steve Jobs Rolling In His Grave

5/29/2012 - First footage of The Host feels like Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Dawson's Creek

5/29/2012 - In this week's comics, Doctor Who and Star Trek cross universes!

5/29/2012 - If Only Digital Cameras Were as Beautiful as These Restored Vintage Rangefinders

5/29/2012 - In 10 days you'll be aboard the USCSS Prometheus

5/29/2012 - Adjustable Sliding Lens Glasses Let You Tweak Your Prescription

5/29/2012 - How NASA Uses Astronaut Pee to Hunt Osteoporosis

5/29/2012 - This rock could spy on you for decades

5/29/2012 - Alleged iPhone 5 Case Has Aluminum Back, Smaller Dock Connector (Updated)

5/29/2012 - If You Do This With Your iPad, You Don't Deserve an iPad

5/29/2012 - Take a Trippy Google Maps Road Trip Around This Tiny World

5/29/2012 - No One Needs a Facebook Phone—Especially Facebook

5/29/2012 - New Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer gives The Gettysburg Address new meaning

5/29/2012 - World of Warcraft's "Leeroy Jenkins" meme, reimagined as a heist film

5/29/2012 - Alzheimer's Drug Can Be Used to Treat Shopaholics

5/29/2012 - Here Are the WWDC 2012 Schedule and App—Here's What to Look For

5/29/2012 - Crazy Shoulder Robot Turns Your Friends Into Jiminy Cricket

5/29/2012 - Zombie fans, this is the most ominous real-life tweet you'll ever read

5/29/2012 - Every Insane Moment From Syfy's Supershark In One Funky Music Video

5/29/2012 - What Does a Solar Eclipse Look Like From the Moon?

5/29/2012 - Christopher Nolan reveals Catwoman's role and Batman's flying machine in The Dark Knight Rises!

5/29/2012 - Dell XPS One 27: A Massive, All-In-One Slab of Ivy Bridge

5/29/2012 - NuForce Cube Speaker: Jack of Many Trades, Master of None

5/29/2012 - How Apple Uses Rust to Make MacBooks and iPods Tough and Colorful

5/29/2012 - Crazy Video of 747 Jumbo Lifting Without Engines In the Middle of a Storm

5/29/2012 - When All Our Cars Are Electric, This Is How Pumps Should Be Used

5/29/2012 - This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades

5/29/2012 - Eduardo Saverin: There Are No Hard Feelings Between Me and Zuckerberg

5/29/2012 - Early iPad Prototype With Two Dock Connectors Sells For $10,200

5/29/2012 - Tim Cook Is Getting Cozy With Congress

5/29/2012 - These Are the Reactions of an ISS Astronaut to SpaceX's Dragon

5/28/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 28, 2012

5/28/2012 - Foxx, DiCaprio, Waltz and co. in New Django Unchained Pics

5/28/2012 - New Dark Knight Rises Posters and Empire Magazine Spoilerific Scans

5/28/2012 - The Golden Gate Bridge Looks Good as Ever on Its 75th Birthday

5/28/2012 - Solar Powered Sound Device Turns Even Swinging Into a Competition

5/28/2012 - You Won't Believe These Stunning Splashed Paint Flowers Were Created Without Photoshop

5/28/2012 - If H.R. Giger were a pastry chef, his cakes might look something like this

5/28/2012 - Picture Dictionary Replaces Definitions With the First Image Returned From a Google Search

5/28/2012 - Meet ‘Flame’, The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers

5/28/2012 - A sneak peek of the next issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

5/28/2012 - Prehistoric humans co-existed with giant wallabies

5/28/2012 - Turn Your Apple TV Into an NES Console (Kinda)

5/28/2012 - Now you can buy an old prison in New York State

5/28/2012 - Can You Really Combine a Compound Bow and a Twelve-Gauge Shotgun?

5/28/2012 - The best scenes from the most demented German children's book ever published

5/28/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 9: Bloody Hell!

5/28/2012 - Why Women Date Weaklings

5/28/2012 - Renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Leakey predicts a dark future

5/28/2012 - Computer program can read human expressions better than humans can

5/28/2012 - The Most Creative (and Ridiculous) Ways To Open a Beer Bottle

5/28/2012 - The greatest science e-book created so far

5/28/2012 - The History of Sux, the World's Most Discreet Murder Weapon

5/28/2012 - 10 Perfectly Reasonable Explanations for "Superdickery"

5/28/2012 - Who wants to own this creepy robotic version of da Vinci's The Last Supper?

5/28/2012 - This Week's TV: You are not ready for Alien Surf Girls!

5/28/2012 - Backpack Radar Kit Promises To Secure Your Campsite

5/28/2012 - A space squid battle to remember . . . on a t-shirt!

5/28/2012 - In her dream house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu Barbie waits dreaming

5/28/2012 - Watching Injections Makes Them Hurt More

5/28/2012 - Who Is This Fake iPhone Mini Air Conditioner Going To Fool?

5/28/2012 - Zoonosis: When Cuddling Can Kill

5/28/2012 - A sunrise in China's Sea of Clouds is shockingly gorgeous

5/28/2012 - Tons of Prometheus and Ender's Game secrets from Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci!

5/28/2012 - Did You Know Your Trash Is a Treasure Trove of Weapons Waiting To Happen?

5/28/2012 - Picture of Cash Posted on Facebook Leads to Home Robbery

5/28/2012 - The Geekiest Game on the Planet Is CPU Top Trumps

5/28/2012 - Scientific Proof That Everyone Lies

5/28/2012 - RIM Is Axing Ten Percent of Its Employees

5/28/2012 - The Future of Book Cover Design in the Digital Age

5/28/2012 - NYT: Facebook Is Working on Its Own Smartphone (Again)

5/27/2012 - io9 Roundup: May 27, 2012

5/27/2012 - How much does it cost to be an unbeatable evil overlord?

5/27/2012 - These vintage photos of early car wrecks will make you grateful for crumple zones

5/27/2012 - Ender's Game International Fleet Insignia

5/27/2012 - The earliest known panda-like fossils have been found - in Spain!?

5/27/2012 - Ted Poster

5/27/2012 - The Tall Man Poster

5/27/2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man Entertainment Weekly Pictures

5/27/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises Banners

5/27/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises Bat-"Vehicle" Toy

5/27/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises International Banners

5/27/2012 - The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Poster

5/27/2012 - Teen Wolf Season Two Cast Pictures

5/27/2012 - Read Exactly What Was Carried Inside SpaceX's History-Making Journey

5/27/2012 - This colossal prehistoric turtle could snap other turtles in half

5/27/2012 - What if Jack Kirby made My Little Pony comics?

5/27/2012 - Blade Runner Superfan Recreates Dystopian Magazines from Scratch (Update)

5/27/2012 - Miyazaki's films reimagined as dog-eared Penguin book covers

5/27/2012 - Take out your Game of Thrones aggression on this King Joffrey practice target

5/27/2012 - Crowdfund human-powered flight, a whale on stilts, and pork-eating cartoonist vampires

5/27/2012 - Inside Kanye's Insane Seven-Screen Movie Pyramid

5/27/2012 - Glowing text messages spill out into the real world

5/27/2012 - Buy a Handwritten Note by 19-Year-Old Steve Jobs

5/27/2012 - How the zombie apocalypse starts: Naked attacker found eating man's face

5/27/2012 - Douglas Adams' animated history of the book, from rocks to e-readers

5/27/2012 - Neil Gaiman writes a poem for a fan's tattoo

5/27/2012 - You Can Appear in the Crappy Steve Jobs Movie for Minimum Wage

5/27/2012 - This Is What It Looks Like When Fighters Fly Directly At You in Anger

5/27/2012 - Watch six species of monkeys play six different synthesizers

5/27/2012 - 50 years later, the coal fire beneath Pennsylvania still burns

5/27/2012 - Teen Buys Camera with Picture of Dead Uncle Inside

5/27/2012 - The eleven Doctors, drawn as dinosaurs

5/27/2012 - A scene from Battleship, rewritten by William Shakespeare

5/27/2012 - Indiana Jones vs. The Ninjas and other Indy scenes that never happened

5/26/2012 - Best of the Week: May 18-May 25, 2012

5/26/2012 - The High-Speed Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle That Would Make Even Master Chief Jealous

5/26/2012 - A Clever Pot Holder That Disappears Before Your Eyes

5/26/2012 - B-list Star Wars characters get Seussified

5/26/2012 - Abandoned Ships Stranded in the Desert

5/26/2012 - Scientists Discover Sperm-Crippling Gene That Could Lead to Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptives

5/26/2012 - Iron Sky director moves to time-traveling Nazis with I Killed Adolf Hitler

5/26/2012 - Portraits of 20th century figures — or at least their skulls

5/26/2012 - Over-Dramatic Mannequin Promises To Make Computer Animation Easy

5/26/2012 - Geeky Save-the-Date cards for couples joining their lives in fandom

5/26/2012 - What Could Be Classier Than Completely Covering Your Car in Actual Diamonds?

5/26/2012 - What if Leonardo da Vinci designed the Large Hadron Collider?

5/26/2012 - How I Stopped Worrying (About Science) and Learned to Love the Story

5/26/2012 - Detroit plans to shrink by leaving half the city in the dark

5/26/2012 - Build Your Own Hovering Lawn Chair For the Perfect Long Weekend Lounger

5/26/2012 - Monsters season their meat with salt made from human tears

5/26/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The City Made of Gears

5/26/2012 - There Needs To Be an Adult Version of This Transforming Seesaw Bench

5/26/2012 - You Should Spend Your Entire Long Weekend With This Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

5/26/2012 - Watch Snow White invade every movie of 2012

5/26/2012 - Rare and eerie photos from an early atomic bomb test

5/26/2012 - Destroying the Internet, Dragon Capsule in Space, Execs on the Run and More...

5/26/2012 - These retrofuturistic magazine covers sat in the background of Blade Runner

5/26/2012 - Specially Sculpted Pot Creates a Whirlpool When Cooking So You Never Have to Stir (Updated With Video)

5/26/2012 - What is the shiniest thing in the solar system?

5/26/2012 - Cardboard Mecha Kitty commands you to put down the catnip. Slowly.

5/26/2012 - The Best Ice Cube Tray of All Time

5/26/2012 - What are the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse?

5/26/2012 - Artist Makes Creepy Self-Portraits Using His Own Frozen Blood

5/26/2012 - In the webcomic Dawn of Time, a time traveler and a barbarian team up in the age of dinosaurs

5/26/2012 - Insane 33 Megapixel 120fps Video Camera Captures 4 Billion Pixels Per Second

5/26/2012 - Kick Off Your Weekend With Skydives Gone Wrong, SpaceX, and Supercarriers

5/26/2012 - Matt Smith carries the Olympic Torch, but not as the Doctor

5/26/2012 - Watch cartoon voice actors read the Star Wars Trilogy as Bubbles, Bender, and Captain Kirk

5/26/2012 - Good News Kodak, This Little Black Dress Has Found a New Use For Film

5/26/2012 - The Super Best Friends can't decide on a name and Red Lanterns attack Oa!

5/26/2012 - Welcome to Gizmodo's Memorial Day Beach Party

5/26/2012 - Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Reading the Star Wars Screenplay Will Blow Your Mind

5/26/2012 - The Best BBQ Grill

5/26/2012 - A Video Game Designed to Help Doctors to Recognize Drug Abuse

5/26/2012 - Facebook Has Another Porn Problem

5/26/2012 - Damien Marley Does SWU, Gov Christie Says "Meh", and the World's Most Complicated Bong Smokes Itself

5/25/2012 - RIP My Hard Drive, 2008-2012

5/25/2012 - 1-in-3 eReading Devices Is Used for What?

5/25/2012 - For the Gluten-Intolerant, a Better-Tasting Bread. Finally

5/25/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Boys Night In

5/25/2012 - Airplanes Are Getting Wider Aisle Seats That Will Cost You More Money

5/25/2012 - What Life Would Look Like If Everything Was Reversed

5/25/2012 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Some Mostly Harmless Fun

5/25/2012 - Wooden Lightbulb, Underground Gallery, and More

5/25/2012 - In the 1980s, Jurassic Park was built by prisoners in Cuba

5/25/2012 - Iran Is Building 'New' Helicopters Based Around 50-Year-Old American Technology

5/25/2012 - Listen to orbiting astronauts discuss our future robot overlords

5/25/2012 - Three Tools Combine To Give You One Ultimate Grill Stake

5/25/2012 - My Vision of Game of Thrones' Bran Stark, Atop Winterfell

5/25/2012 - Bump, Sidecar.me, and More

5/25/2012 - Facebook Camera, Clueful, and More

5/25/2012 - Sketchbook Ink, Rockmate, and More

5/25/2012 - This Terrible Thief Used a Stolen iPhone to Take Pictures That Synced Back to the Owner's Computer

5/25/2012 - The Supernovae That Burn at the Center and the Edges of Everything

5/25/2012 - NASA Tells Future Moon Explorers to Stay Away From Its Old Space Junk

5/25/2012 - Exposure therapy can make this picture less scary — by altering your brain

5/25/2012 - 13 Ways to Smuggle Your Booze

5/25/2012 - Nat Geo's New Documentary Series "Links" History's Greatest Tech

5/25/2012 - The Secret to Becoming a Magician (in 1882)

5/25/2012 - Da Vinci Mobile Vaporizer Lightning Review: Smart, But Not Quite Genius

5/25/2012 - Da Vinci Mobile Vaporizer Lightning Review Gallery

5/25/2012 - If you are elderly and poor, prison is better than a retirement home

5/25/2012 - All the Beautiful Chairs of ICFF

5/25/2012 - New Noise-Cancelling Technology for Restaurants Uses 123 Speakers to Serve Up Peaceful Meals

5/25/2012 - These are the oldest musical instruments ever discovered

5/25/2012 - Awake does The Prisoner's ending... sort of

5/25/2012 - How Facebook Security Guards Your Info

5/25/2012 - The All-Out Supernatural Cheese Rampage We've All Been Waiting For

5/25/2012 - An incredible anatomical drawing of the Hulk's skull and musculature

5/25/2012 - Use Facebook to Throw a Party Without Making Everyone Hate You

5/25/2012 - This Ice Shot Glass Mold Is Your Serve-Vodka-Like-A-Pro Deal of the Day

5/25/2012 - The Oldest Musical Instruments Ever Found Are 43,000-Year-Old Mammoth Tusks

5/25/2012 - Season Your Food With Salt From Real Human Tears

5/25/2012 - 15 Human Cocoons

5/25/2012 - Watch a Lingerie-Wearing Hologram Model Strut Half-Naked

5/25/2012 - SpaceX Success! The Era of Private Space Flight Has Officially Begun

5/25/2012 - Movie Science That Fails

5/25/2012 - 10 Real-Life Public Figures, and The Fictional Sidekicks They Deserve

5/25/2012 - The Spinning Indoor Garden Built Using NASA Technology

5/25/2012 - What if the X-Men were a Disney cartoon?

5/25/2012 - Report: Google's Supercheap Nexus Tablet Will Be at Google I/O

5/25/2012 - Dad Creates Fake Porn Site Profile for Principal Who Confiscated Son's iPod

5/25/2012 - Microsoft To Offer 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablets for Offices

5/25/2012 - What is the chemical composition of the perfect tomato?

5/25/2012 - The Bow Size of the Navy's New Nuclear Supercarrier Defies Belief

5/25/2012 - You Can Jailbreak Your Apple TV Now, Too

5/25/2012 - Men in Black 3 will erase all meaning in your life

5/25/2012 - Siri Tells John Malkovich a Better Joke

5/25/2012 - The Chernobyl Diaries is not this year's Toxic Avenger

5/25/2012 - NASA's Curiosity Rover Will Explore Mars—Like a Boss

5/25/2012 - Big Things Ahead... But Keep Your Shirt On

5/25/2012 - You'll Never Want to Skydive After Watching This

5/25/2012 - Will armed drones be policing American cities?

5/25/2012 - How Kickstarter Hides Its Failures from the Internet

5/25/2012 - 911 Dispatcher Snores Through a Call

5/25/2012 - iOS 5.1.1 Untethered (!!!) Jailbreak Is Out Now

5/25/2012 - What is catnip, and why do felines love it?

5/25/2012 - The FBI Is Now (Officially) Spying on Your Internet Activity

5/25/2012 - This Tim Burton zoetrope cake is way too nifty to eat

5/25/2012 - NASA's Opportunity rover snaps a rare self-portrait

5/25/2012 - F-35 Shot With Red Epic Camera Is Your Airplane Porn of the Week

5/25/2012 - Darth Vader robs bank in Ohio, escapes on BMX bike

5/25/2012 - Watch Space X Dragon Make Its Historic ISS Dock Live (Updating)

5/25/2012 - Science Proves Men Really Are Attracted to Psychologically Vulnerable Women

5/25/2012 - Behold the Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

5/25/2012 - Michael Fassbender reveals the creepy secrets of his Prometheus character. Plus Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 villain rumors!

5/25/2012 - Apple Launches Free App of the Week Promotion

5/25/2012 - HP's WebOS Team Is Moving to Google

5/25/2012 - The Science of Tasty Tomatoes

5/25/2012 - nuforcecubegal

5/25/2012 - What Is Nokia's PureView Technology?

5/25/2012 - This Is the First Video From Google's Glasses

5/25/2012 - Hackers No Longer Work Weekends

5/25/2012 - Welcome to the Future, Where Our Apples Never Brown

5/25/2012 - This Cadillac Is Powered by Linux

5/25/2012 - Oracle v. Google Juror: 'Wanted Steak. Got Parsley'

5/25/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 24, 2012

5/25/2012 - For Those Who Fear Needles, an Air-Jet Alternative

5/25/2012 - Michael Jackson Does Munich, Old White Guys on Drugs, and Will Ferrell's Best Bloopers

5/24/2012 - Hack Politician and Son Arrested for Political Hack

5/24/2012 - What Is Growing from this Working Computer?

5/24/2012 - A brief history of four letter words

5/24/2012 - Eureka 'In Too Deep' Promo Photos

5/24/2012 - Eureka 'Ex-Machina' Promo Photos

5/24/2012 - New Images from The Amazing Spider-Man

5/24/2012 - Character Posters for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

5/24/2012 - Banners for The Dark Knight Rises

5/24/2012 - New Images from The Dark Knight Rises

5/24/2012 - By-the-Hour Lodging Service Offers Discreet Deals at Upscale Hotels

5/24/2012 - Everything You Need to Look Like a Fool Protecting Yourself From the Sun

5/24/2012 - Can you grow a beard with consistent applications of Rogaine?

5/24/2012 - 8-Bit Games Videomapped Over Classic Consoles Is the 3D We Really Want

5/24/2012 - The Best Way to Recycle a Propane Tank Is to Make It a Lamp

5/24/2012 - Listen to The National's new Lannister-happy song from The Game of Thrones soundtrack

5/24/2012 - Google Purges 1.2 Million Links a Month from Its Searches

5/24/2012 - Apple Arbitrarily Removes Airfoil's Streaming Audio App From iOS App Store

5/24/2012 - Sidecar.me: Seamlessly Share Photos and Videos While Talking on the Phone

5/24/2012 - When the Apocalypse Throws You Back in Time

5/24/2012 - Man Stranded In Airport For Four Months Disappears Mysteriously

5/24/2012 - How Earth Got Its Oxygen

5/24/2012 - Amazing videos show nanorods taking shape

5/24/2012 - Sidecar Gallery

5/24/2012 - Watch the brand new Doctor Who mini-episode, "Good as Gold"!

5/24/2012 - LED Broom Lamp Sweeps Away the Darkness of Your Home

5/24/2012 - Dish Network's Commercial-Removing DVR Already Being Sued into the Ground by Networks

5/24/2012 - Facebook Camera vs. Instagram: Ultimate Mobile Photo Sharing Smackdown

5/24/2012 - Slicing, Serving Kitchen Knife Is an Excalibur For Dinner Hosts

5/24/2012 - John Scalzi's Star Trek Spoof: Even Cleverer and More Moving Than You Expect

5/24/2012 - Jay Leno Stole a Guy's YouTube Video and Then Got It Banned

5/24/2012 - Developer Explains Why Android Sucks for Some Audio Apps

5/24/2012 - Vintage ventriloquism portraits were incredibly unnerving

5/24/2012 - There's more water on Jupiter's moon Europa than there is on Earth

5/24/2012 - How Curiosity Will Scoop Its Way Around the Red Planet

5/24/2012 - The Mixtape Will Live Forever Through This Retro-riffic Coffee Table

5/24/2012 - The Best Lightweight Portable Headphones

5/24/2012 - This Kid Spent Two Months Secretly Living in AOL's Offices

5/24/2012 - New Yorker's science fiction issue features a Jennifer Egan story made up of Tweets

5/24/2012 - Here Are the 1960s Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read

5/24/2012 - Here's the Easiest Way to Take Better Pictures

5/24/2012 - This LEGO Avengers Quinjet Is Your Homemade-Spoiler-Alert Deal of the Day

5/24/2012 - Whales have a sensory organ unlike anything we've ever seen

5/24/2012 - Elizabeth Moon: Everyone should be barcoded or chipped at birth [Updated]

5/24/2012 - Meth Labs and Dead Dogs: How the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Went on the Run in Belize

5/24/2012 - DEA Illegally GPS-Tracked a Drug Runner, Now It Can't Enter 150 Pounds of Found Weed Into Evidence

5/24/2012 - NASA's Environment Simulation Lab Recreates Space on Earth

5/24/2012 - Marvel Creates Deaf Superhero So Little Boy Will Wear His Hearing Aid

5/24/2012 - The Gazebo Gets a 21st Century Update

5/24/2012 - Could your next hard drive be made with DNA?

5/24/2012 - Facebook's New Camera App Is Pretty Much Instagram

5/24/2012 - A Single Strap Can Turn Your Bike's Frame Into a Basket

5/24/2012 - Every one of Dean Pelton's costumes from Community on a single poster

5/24/2012 - 10 Surprising Things That Bacteria Like to Eat

5/24/2012 - Stay Off Your Boss's Radar With This Stealth-Inspired Desk

5/24/2012 - Trippy First Trailer for Kylie Minogue's Reality-Warping New Movie

5/24/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Memorial Day

5/24/2012 - Blair Witch Project writer/director's new film takes exploitation to the next level

5/24/2012 - In 1916, a circus in Tennessee sentenced an elephant to death by hanging

5/24/2012 - Are You a True Cyberpunk? Consult This 90s Guide to Find Out

5/24/2012 - 16-week-old cheetah cubs will turn your stone-cold heart to mush

5/24/2012 - The 6 Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Really Busy

5/24/2012 - Women Entrepreneurs, Meet Your Angel

5/24/2012 - Ugh, The New Yorker Is Going to Tweet An Entire 8,500-Word Story

5/24/2012 - More videos of unexplained "apocalypse sounds" roaring out of nowhere

5/24/2012 - Bizarro Lamp Illuminates a Room With Its Shade

5/24/2012 - Fish that can survive out of water for 7 hours jumps down boy's throat, gets stuck there for 14

5/24/2012 - Russia Will Build a Permanent Moon Base

5/24/2012 - Read All the Haunting Texts You Sent a Year Ago

5/24/2012 - Augmented Reality Muppets Band-Aids Distract Your Kids From Pain

5/24/2012 - Giant Helicopter About to Lift a Humvee—AKA Sometimes the Military Looks Like a Helluva Fun Time

5/24/2012 - Aperture Science gas mask turns your face into a Portal gun

5/24/2012 - The aeronautic feats of a record-holding romance writer

5/24/2012 - Being Deaf: How Different the World Is Without Hearing

5/24/2012 - Fuji's M-Mount Adapter Brings Leica Glass to Your New X-Pro1

5/24/2012 - "Ancient" dog breeds? Not so ancient, it turns out.

5/24/2012 - Fortune: Executives 'Blown Away' by Apple's New Products

5/24/2012 - Stop Motion Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 Still Misses That Damn Flag Pole Jump

5/24/2012 - The first quintuplets were put in a human zoo

5/24/2012 - Chief of Police Orders Ten Officers to Hunt Down Son's Stolen iPhone

5/24/2012 - Awesome Clips and Trailers for Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall and The Watch!

5/24/2012 - The Compact Bluetooth iOS Remote That Apple Won't Give Us

5/24/2012 - Nokia 808 PureView Hands-On: A Superb Camera (With a Phone Attached)

5/24/2012 - Yahoo Manages to Leak Private Security Key With New Chrome Extension

5/24/2012 - Calcium Supplements Double Your Risk of Heart Attack

5/24/2012 - WSJ: These Companies Got the Inside Track on Facebook's Doomed IPO

5/24/2012 - The Navy Is Equipping Its Ships With 4G Networks

5/24/2012 - Is BlackBerry Messenger Dead in the Water?

5/24/2012 - With These Classy Clip-On Lenses, You Can Call Your Nude Pics Art

5/24/2012 - What Is This?

5/24/2012 - Why Won't Twitter Tweet These Tweets?

5/24/2012 - For $250, an indescribable portrait of Spock holding a cat could be yours

5/24/2012 - Anonymous Declares Weed War, Terry Gilliam Talks Animation, and Courts Rule the ADA Doesn't Count

5/23/2012 - What do Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Malkovich Have in Common?

5/23/2012 - The Private Rocker Is a Perfect Place to Escape the Office

5/23/2012 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, They Live, and other science fiction Nintendo games that never existed

5/23/2012 - Tron Mayer: Crappy, Naked John Mayer Hologram Is a Total Upgrade

5/23/2012 - Yahoo Launches Axis Browser For iOS and Chrome, and It Actually Doesn't Suck (Updated)

5/23/2012 - New Pictures of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

5/23/2012 - New Hi-Res Images From The Dark Knight Rises

5/23/2012 - New Posters For The Apparition, Arrow + Supernatural, True Blood, and RED 2

5/23/2012 - Drive: A New Breed of American Badass

5/23/2012 - Picture of the Day, May 23, 2012

5/23/2012 - Daft Punk - "Aerodynamic" (Moog Google Doodle Remix)

5/23/2012 - Godzilla + Voltron - Cats = The Official Synopsis of Pacific Rim

5/23/2012 - Crack Open a Six Pack Of Your Own Creation With a Home Brewing Kit

5/23/2012 - Primus: Lee Van Cleef

5/23/2012 - Oxford University is going Yeti-hunting

5/23/2012 - Nerdy Climbing Wall Holds Prove Even Star Wars Fanboys Stay Fit

5/23/2012 - You Probably Don't Want This Awesome Floating Maglev Bed If You're Covered in Piercings

5/23/2012 - Clueful: Know Which Apps Are Messing With Your Data

5/23/2012 - Clueful Gallery

5/23/2012 - The Gorgeous Matte Paintings that Made Lord of the Rings and Fifth Element Feel Real

5/23/2012 - This Russian city uses old Soviet tanks as playgrounds

5/23/2012 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation pushed back to March 2013 for 3D conversion! Cripes!

5/23/2012 - Was This Google Maps Car Driver Using Google Glasses When He Crashed?

5/23/2012 - Someone Please Put This Brilliantly Redesigned Hanger Into Prodution ASAP

5/23/2012 - Watch this guy become the first person in history to safely land a skydive sans chute

5/23/2012 - How Can This Giant Twisting Bench Weigh Just Eleven Pounds?

5/23/2012 - This article about chickens is one of the most interesting things you'll read this week

5/23/2012 - Our Sun Like You Have Never Seen It Before

5/23/2012 - Helicopter Drops 955 Hot Dogs Over Detroit

5/23/2012 - Aiaiai Tracks Gallery

5/23/2012 - Koss Porta Pro KTC Gallery

5/23/2012 - Sennheiser PX 100-II Gallery

5/23/2012 - Bang and Olufson Form 2 Gallery

5/23/2012 - Jays v-Jays Gallery

5/23/2012 - Who is this mysterious new Dark Knight Rises character?

5/23/2012 - This Computer Desk Puts a Twist on Eliminating Clutter

5/23/2012 - Your first look at katana-wielding Michonne from The Walking Dead

5/23/2012 - Struggling HP Slashes 27,000 Jobs (Updated)

5/23/2012 - The Wrong Way to Plan for the Future

5/23/2012 - Dropping Explosives From a Quadrotor Puts Tom Clancy to Shame

5/23/2012 - You Don't Have To Be Drunk To Want This R2-D2 Hoodie

5/23/2012 - Confirmed: Geeks are the Best People to Watch Movies With

5/23/2012 - The 10 Most Asinine 1990s Comic Book Characters Who Never Caught On

5/23/2012 - Run Like You're on the Moon

5/23/2012 - Google Glasses Still Make You Look Nerdy

5/23/2012 - Cancel Out the Distractions of the World With Tivoli's New Headphones

5/23/2012 - The Creepiest Haunted House in Silicon Valley

5/23/2012 - This Keyboard Playmat Is Make-Like-Big Deal of the Day

5/23/2012 - The three main problems with sexual reproduction, as explained by science

5/23/2012 - Skinny Jeans Are Bad For Your Health

5/23/2012 - Experience eight years of breathtaking Saturnian exploration in five minutes

5/23/2012 - Tivoli's Gorgeous Tabletop Radios Now Stream All Your Digital Music via Bluetooth

5/23/2012 - Jury Finds That Google Did Not Infringe Oracle's Patents (Updated)

5/23/2012 - The First Wireless TV Remote Looked and Worked Like a Sci-Fi Ray Gun

5/23/2012 - Best and Worst Movie Threequels of All Time

5/23/2012 - What Jony Ive Wishes He Could Say About Apple's User Interfaces

5/23/2012 - The Original RickRoll'd YouTube Video Has Been Taken Down

5/23/2012 - The Navy's Wooden Avengers Are Real-Life Mine Sweepers

5/23/2012 - Concept art from Syfy's Space Western Defiance shows off future St. Louis

5/23/2012 - Watch This Man Survive a 2,400 Foot Skydive With No Parachute

5/23/2012 - Seriously cute dresses inspired by costumes from The Avengers

5/23/2012 - Mechanical Matchmaking: The Science of Love in the 1920s

5/23/2012 - How to Destroy the Internet

5/23/2012 - The Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle IRL

5/23/2012 - What Men in Black III Learned from the Second Film's Mistakes

5/23/2012 - The Wasteland of Forgotten Phone Numbers on Facebook Is Exposing Your Privacy

5/23/2012 - Amazon Prime Adds Paramount Movies to Its Streaming Catalog

5/23/2012 - SpaceX Has Beamed Scotty Up to Orbit

5/23/2012 - Citizens, the 2012 Gawker Media Census is upon us. Take it and win a new iPad

5/23/2012 - Stop Moaning About How You Don’t Own a New iPad, and Win One by Taking the 2012 Gawker Media Census

5/23/2012 - Google Search iPhone App Redesigned For Speed and Beauty

5/23/2012 - Dancing With Industrial Robot Arms Is Even Sadder Than Dancing With Yourself

5/23/2012 - Beautiful Ad Stitches 873 Snapshots into Single, Wonderful Life

5/23/2012 - Dark Knight Rises fan art will be the instrument of your jubilation

5/23/2012 - This optical illusion can trick the eyes of almost all living things

5/23/2012 - 10 Gadgets You’d Be a Fool to Buy Right Now

5/23/2012 - Windows 8 Boots So Fast You Can't Access the Boot Menu

5/23/2012 - It's The Walking Dead for kiddies!

5/23/2012 - This tee is the ultimate tribute to redshirts

5/23/2012 - Real-Life Tony Stark Turns His Broken Down Car Into a Motorcycle To Escape the Desert (Updated)

5/23/2012 - Researchers turn skin cells into healthy, beating heart tissue

5/23/2012 - Why Eating When You're Depressed Makes You Eat More

5/23/2012 - The Huge Difference Between Food in the 1950's and Today

5/23/2012 - The Hipster X-Men were feared and loathed by humanity before it was cool

5/23/2012 - Google's Rad Synth Doodle Explained By Moog Music Chief Engineer

5/23/2012 - Tattle on Parking Jerks with This App to Publicly Shame Them

5/23/2012 - Facebook IPO Nosedive Gets Facebook IPO Class Action Lawsuit

5/23/2012 - Bigup to Brent Rose, The Crime-Fighting Tech Writer

5/23/2012 - See the No-Stick Ketchup Bottle of the Future in Action

5/23/2012 - Orson Scott Card reveals secrets of the Ender's Game movie. Plus Guillermo del Toro talks Pinocchio!

5/23/2012 - Rugged Android Tablet Redefines Tonka-Tough... and Ugly

5/23/2012 - Facebook Engineer Turns 5-Year-Olds Into Hackers

5/23/2012 - This Crazy Optical Illusion Makes Beautiful Celebrities Look Grotesque

5/23/2012 - Say Goodbye to Sony and Samsung TV Sales

5/23/2012 - WSJ: Blame Morgan Stanley For Facebook's Woeful IPO

5/23/2012 - Do You Need a 4K-Capable Camera on Your Phone?

5/23/2012 - At IBM Headquarters, Siri Is Persona Non Grata

5/23/2012 - This Flirtatious NYC Airport Avatar Was Definitely Designed by a Dude

5/23/2012 - Perfect Three-Pointers, Penn Jillette Is Not Amused, and Please Do Not Smoke the Artwork

5/22/2012 - A webcomic about Snowflame, a real DC Comics supervillain who gained his powers from cocaine

5/22/2012 - Concrete Business Cards Are Impractical and Exquisite Works of Art

5/22/2012 - Pavlovian Pacifier Teaches Premature Babies to Eat

5/22/2012 - Finally, a Legitimate Excuse for Playing With Our Lasers!

5/22/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 5-22

5/22/2012 - New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech

5/22/2012 - International Character Posters for The Dark Knight Rises

5/22/2012 - Images from Superman Vs. The Elite

5/22/2012 - Better Cell Phone Towers Kill People (Updated)

5/22/2012 - Picture of the Day, May 22, 2012

5/22/2012 - Is Sitting and Standing Really the Future Of Workplace Comfort?

5/22/2012 - When a vampire bootleg Mickey Mouse tried to invade Japan before World War II

5/22/2012 - Aliens recreated with puppets? Game over, man!

5/22/2012 - A breathtaking excerpt from Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel 2312

5/22/2012 - Grow an Indoor Garden on Your Wall With a Sleek, Magnetic Planter System

5/22/2012 - This TED-Ed video contains one glaring mistake

5/22/2012 - ooVoo: Video Chat With A Dozen Friends at a Time

5/22/2012 - Why we so desperately want Snow White and the Huntsman to be good

5/22/2012 - How One Man Faked His Own Internet Death

5/22/2012 - ooVoo Gallery

5/22/2012 - On Eureka, computers are way too smart for their own good

5/22/2012 - Backpack Flash Turns You Into a One-Person Photography Studio

5/22/2012 - Baseball Mitt Wallets Resurrect Your Favorite Old Glove

5/22/2012 - There's a Ridiculous Traffic Jam of People Trying to Climb Mount Everest

5/22/2012 - Famous Literary Critic Stanley Fish Explains Why You're Wrong to Care About Spoilers

5/22/2012 - Everything You Need to Remote Control Your Life

5/22/2012 - These 100-foot phallic sculptures are not manmade

5/22/2012 - This Adorable Nanotech Shark Will Swallow Your Puppy Whole

5/22/2012 - In 1929, the most important article in the history of zoology was published

5/22/2012 - Please Don't Tweet that You're Carrying the Olympic Torch While You're Carrying the Olympic Torch

5/22/2012 - Meet a Guy Who Started a Startup from His Smartphone

5/22/2012 - Woman Who Claimed She Was Surgically Implanted with a Device Disrupts Flight Headed to America

5/22/2012 - This 5-minute film was made in 48 hours, and tells a better story than most features

5/22/2012 - Why Airplanes Still Have Ashtrays in the Bathrooms

5/22/2012 - This foamy snake demonstrates why blood bubbles under disinfectant

5/22/2012 - First Gorgeous Trailer for P.T. Anderson's Scientology Movie The Master

5/22/2012 - Now you can buy Ronald Reagan's blood for $15,000

5/22/2012 - There Is No Tree of Life But a Networked Web of Life

5/22/2012 - Hook's Rufio is getting his own movie. Let's hope it's called Bangarang

5/22/2012 - This Kindle Is Your I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Paper Deal of the Day

5/22/2012 - Why I Write "Strong Female Characters"

5/22/2012 - This Incredible Analog Synth Google Doodle Celebrates Pioneer Robert Moog

5/22/2012 - The Curious Case of the Upside Down Apple Logo

5/22/2012 - The 12 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Tech

5/22/2012 - 3D Scrabble Toy Is Not For Weak-Minded Wordsmiths

5/22/2012 - 25 Beautiful Photos of Unicorn Puke

5/22/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Lights

5/22/2012 - Do You Suffer From Answer Syndrome?

5/22/2012 - Rodents of Unusual Size are decimating endangered bird populations

5/22/2012 - How We Measure the Universe Without Intergalactic Rulers

5/22/2012 - Watch Redux Red Riding Hood, a trippy Disney cartoon that hasn't been seen for 15 years

5/22/2012 - This Crazy-Ass Ping Pong Table Took 400 Hours to Build

5/22/2012 - Your Gut Beats Your Brains in Shady Transactions

5/22/2012 - 10 Epic Villains Who Were Supposed to be One-Offs

5/22/2012 - Researchers Turn Bubbles Into Laser-Controlled Microrobots

5/22/2012 - 160 million years ago, ancestors of cuttlefish were already using the ink defense

5/22/2012 - Why the Next iPhone Won't Be 16:9

5/22/2012 - Google CEO Blasts Facebook For "Holding Users Hostage"

5/22/2012 - In this week's comics, Batman Incorporated and The Guild return!

5/22/2012 - The Best Room Fan For Hot Sticky Summer Days

5/22/2012 - This Giant Ship Ships Ships

5/22/2012 - Maps of the Future

5/22/2012 - Don't worry: Grant Morrison's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens won't be a silent movie

5/22/2012 - Facebook Testing New Profile Look You Might Hate (Again!)

5/22/2012 - Shadowy scenes from the abandoned Los Angeles subway system

5/22/2012 - Prometheus Monster is "Every Woman's Worst Nightmare"

5/22/2012 - How in the World Does This Wooden Lightbulb Work?

5/22/2012 - Why is this the most popular UFO footage on YouTube?

5/22/2012 - SpaceX Takes Flight

5/22/2012 - You Can Also Use Condoms To Make A Different Kind of Music

5/22/2012 - akkegal

5/22/2012 - symbolgal

5/22/2012 - Baby's Life Saved By World's Smallest Artificial Heart

5/22/2012 - You Can Pre-Order an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III for $800—But Should You?

5/22/2012 - Symbol Audio's Modern Record Console Makes Music Look as Beautiful as It Sounds

5/22/2012 - One of the earliest films was a boxing match between cats

5/22/2012 - The Perfect Wii Accessory For When You Miss Your SNES

5/22/2012 - Go Get Free iTunes Money at Best Buy Right Now

5/22/2012 - Google's Motorola Buy Is Official Now

5/22/2012 - Sonos Sub: Wireless Subwoofer Puts Some Ass in Your System

5/22/2012 - Brand New Videos for Prometheus, Game of Thrones, Amazing Spider-Man and Walking Dead!

5/22/2012 - So How Does Your Smartphone's Accelerometer Know Up From Down?

5/22/2012 - Rumor: The Bigger iPhone 5 May Have a Stretched-Out 16:9 Display

5/22/2012 - The iPhone Gets the Wearable Remote Display It Deserves

5/22/2012 - Oxford University Is Hunting For the Yeti

5/22/2012 - Scientists Turn DNA Into Rewritable Memory

5/22/2012 - Amazon Appstore Now Lets You Try Out Apps Via the Cloud

5/22/2012 - SpaceX Finally Takes Off

5/22/2012 - Supreme Court Lets Student's $675,000 File-Sharing Fine Stand

5/22/2012 - Autonomous Pollution-Hunting Robot Fish Introduced into Their (Un)natural Habitat

5/22/2012 - Eugene Polley, Inventor of the First Wireless TV Remote Control, Has Died

5/22/2012 - Eight Bits of Radiohead, Four Tons of Flotsam, and 11 Grams of Proctology Surprise

5/21/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 21, 2012

5/21/2012 - Short film Vessel puts a sick new twist on an old alien abduction story

5/21/2012 - We Have So Many Questions About This Self-Cooking Egg Grenade

5/21/2012 - Hey, It's Been One Year Since the Rapture and Nobody Is Floating Yet

5/21/2012 - Hot Air Balloons Find New Life as Temporary Art Space "Mind Igloo"

5/21/2012 - This Mind Blowing Image of the Eclipse Can't Possibly Be Real (Updated)

5/21/2012 - Multimillionaire Software Exec Arrested in LEGO-Thieving Bar-Code Scam

5/21/2012 - First Foldable Yoga Mat Goes Down to the Size of a Book

5/21/2012 - Awake Sneak Peek: New Photos

5/21/2012 - Ditch Your Old Brown Bag for a Stylish Bento Box

5/21/2012 - Gotham Ablaze in New Dark Knight Rises Poster

5/21/2012 - First Look at The 4th Reich

5/21/2012 - Storage 24 Poster

5/21/2012 - New Amazing Spider-Man Stunt Set Photos and Viral Images

5/21/2012 - New International Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster

5/21/2012 - New Game of Thrones "Nowhere to Hide" Poster

5/21/2012 - New Chernobyl Diaries Quad Poster

5/21/2012 - First! A Real, Actual History of the Dumbest Commenting Vice Ever

5/21/2012 - Incredibly Complicated Physics Explained with Sheep and Canada (No, Really!)

5/21/2012 - Watch Hans Rosling use rocks to deliver the shortest TED talk ever

5/21/2012 - This Beat Up Old Claw Machine Will Charm and Delight You

5/21/2012 - All Art Should Be Shown In a Sublime Underground Gallery

5/21/2012 - Why you'll be eating quantum dots twenty years from now

5/21/2012 - We dare you to make sense of this 1978 Italian variety show starring the David Bowie army

5/21/2012 - Pentax K-30: The Weather-Resistant, Entry-Level DSLR for Adventure Addicts

5/21/2012 - This Entire Town Is Plastered with QR Codes That Link to Wikipedia

5/21/2012 - Digital Cameras Could Soon Be Able to Shoot Video for Longer Than Ever—But Is That Better?

5/21/2012 - Here's How Windows 8 Works with Multiple Monitors

5/21/2012 - Alarm Security System: Protect Your iPhone Away From Prying Eyes

5/21/2012 - For Extreme Artist Stelarc, Body Mods Hint at Humans’ Possible Future

5/21/2012 - Jaw-dropping photo and video of yesterday's annular eclipse

5/21/2012 - Alarm Security System Gallery

5/21/2012 - "Just War" Re-Edit Makes 1983 Soviet Anti-War Film Relevant Again

5/21/2012 - Make a sacrifice to this dark, terrifying magazine... before it rises and walks the Earth!

5/21/2012 - The Kids' Battlestar Galactica Viper Simulator Flies At Last!

5/21/2012 - 12 Ways to Rid Your House of Bad Smells

5/21/2012 - Vintage Disneyland character costumes were the fabric of nightmares

5/21/2012 - Kinect Can Read Your Facial Expressions Now

5/21/2012 - The Most Perfect Tasing You'll See This Week

5/21/2012 - First Video from the Third Season of Walking Dead Takes You to Prison!

5/21/2012 - These Multifunctional Pencils Are Too Attractive to Ever Be Used

5/21/2012 - Where Do All the Pigeons in Cities Disappear To?

5/21/2012 - Artist helps wife fight cancer by turning her into a sexy pulp warrior

5/21/2012 - MPAA Head Thinks Piracy Shouldn't Be Called "Theft"

5/21/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 8: Siege Mentality

5/21/2012 - This Alligator Chainsaw Is Your Prune-With-Extreme-Prejudice Deal of the Day

5/21/2012 - SpaceX clears Falcon 9 rocket for Tuesday morning launch

5/21/2012 - Mom Embarrasses Daughter So Hard on Facebook She Begs for a Spanking Instead

5/21/2012 - Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

5/21/2012 - Behold a bat house the size of a human home

5/21/2012 - This Gigantic Pneumatic Cannon Fires Cars

5/21/2012 - Hot Chip's channels Mork from Ork in this bewildering new Egg fetish music video

5/21/2012 - The Religious Extremists Who Want to Ban the Internet

5/21/2012 - 10 Painful Insect Stings, as Measured by Science

5/21/2012 - MacBook Pro Price Drop Signals Imminent Launch

5/21/2012 - The Simple Bicycle Is Surprisingly Complicated to Manufacture

5/21/2012 - How Private Is Your DNA?

5/21/2012 - What to call those weird stairs that lead nowhere on the side of your building

5/21/2012 - Is This the Most Incompetent Photoshopped Propaganda Ever?

5/21/2012 - A sneak peek at Enormous, a giant monster graphic novel from Image Comics

5/21/2012 - Lies You've Been Told About the Pacific Garbage Patch

5/21/2012 - Study Confirms That Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Really Do Go Together

5/21/2012 - Organize Your Life So You Can Actually Live It

5/21/2012 - This Is How the Navy Is Building Their New Nuclear Supercarrier Class

5/21/2012 - This Week's TV: The Most Epic Game of Thrones Episode of All

5/21/2012 - Radiohead's Kid A and OK Computer, composed entirely as old school video games

5/21/2012 - Unspeakable Tragedy: $320 Million of Cheese Destroyed in Italian Earthquake

5/21/2012 - The first female aeronaut inspired the Mile High Club in 1784

5/21/2012 - Why Facebook's Tanking Today

5/21/2012 - Baseball Gloves with MLB Players' Twitter Handles Are So Very Useless

5/21/2012 - Detailed Graphic Shows Every British Navy Ship Lost In World War II

5/21/2012 - The vast, abandoned salt mines that lurk beneath Detroit

5/21/2012 - The Care Bears are back, and they're creepy as hell

5/21/2012 - Illusion tricks you into thinking these celebrities are downright hideous

5/21/2012 - Hulu's Summer Shows Might Actually Be Worth Watching

5/21/2012 - A sneak peek of the new architecture-obsessed Batman graphic novel

5/21/2012 - Samsung and Apple CEOs Will Meet Today To Talk Possible Settlement

5/21/2012 - Ice Cream Burger, Only $1.99. Needs Bacon. That's All.

5/21/2012 - Location Changed! Come hear io9's Charlie Jane Anders read in NYC with Brian Slattery

5/21/2012 - Google Chrome Just Beat Out Internet Explorer as the Most Used Browser

5/21/2012 - Did You Miss the Solar Eclipse? Check Out This Gorgeous Time Lapse Video

5/21/2012 - Ender's Game will be like the science fiction epic Stanley Kubrick never made!

5/21/2012 - Apple Defends New Spaceship Headquarters with This Predictably Apple-Like Letter to Neighbors

5/21/2012 - We Upload 72 Hours of Video to YouTube Every Minute

5/21/2012 - New James Bond Trailer For Skyfall Looks Awesome

5/21/2012 - The first trailer for the next James Bond flick, Skyfall

5/21/2012 - Why Apple's iPhone Charger Is So Expensive

5/21/2012 - 40,000 Orthodox Jews Protest the Internet at NYC Baseball Stadium

5/21/2012 - NASDAQ: We Really Messed Up the Facebook IPO

5/21/2012 - Is This the Best Gesture Control System Ever?

5/21/2012 - The Best Solar Eclipse Photos

5/20/2012 - What if we could animate NASA's space murals? It would look like this

5/20/2012 - Grimm's big finale digs up Nick's surprising past

5/20/2012 - io9 Roundup: May 20, 2012

5/20/2012 - Dark Knight Rises Promotional Posters

5/20/2012 - Game of Thrones Blackwater Gallery

5/20/2012 - Grimm Production Sketches Gallery

5/20/2012 - Continuum Poster Gallery

5/20/2012 - Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Worn This Executive Pinstripe Suit Hoodie to His Wedding

5/20/2012 - Bedlam Cast Promotional Photos Gallery

5/20/2012 - True Blood Season 5 Set Photos Gallery

5/20/2012 - 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

5/20/2012 - Why Real Men Eat Red Meat

5/20/2012 - Suit of meat armor offers +5 protection against vegetarians

5/20/2012 - Orangutans hold off puberty by up to 10 years just to be more attractive

5/20/2012 - Inspirational Boy with Cystic Fibrosis Awesomely Dances While Tied to a Breathing Machine

5/20/2012 - Even More Avengers Concept Art! Animated storyboards, set designs, and the evolution of Loki's alien army

5/20/2012 - The Arctic is farting ancient methane into the atmosphere

5/20/2012 - Watch Tonight's Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Right Here

5/20/2012 - Reversing Logos with Different Brands Is So Confusing

5/20/2012 - What do the Avengers do on their days off?

5/20/2012 - These life support machines work to keep each other alive

5/20/2012 - Try to get through this video on the science of yawning without yawning

5/20/2012 - Adorable Nine-Year-Old Girl Reviews Her School Lunches on Her Blog

5/20/2012 - Adorable character designs for Futurama: The Next Generation

5/20/2012 - Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Undergo Performance Anxiety With the Whole World Watching

5/20/2012 - Crowdfund an Ursula Le Guin stage show, mathematics-themed manga, and a new game from the makers of Space Quest

5/20/2012 - Watch the World's First Invisible Ad That's Too Sexy to Be Seen

5/20/2012 - A lotus-shaped oasis blooms over the London skyline

5/20/2012 - Why time travel enthusiasts are the world's most patient protestors

5/20/2012 - 164 years later, researchers map Phineas Gage's pierced brain

5/20/2012 - What Kind of Geek Are You?

5/20/2012 - Someone please make this: HP Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla, Paranormal Investigators

5/20/2012 - Very NSFW: What Happens When You Visit an Internet Stranger Who Wants to Drink Your Pee?

5/20/2012 - DC plans to bring a prominent character out of the closet

5/20/2012 - The end of Harry Potter leaves hundreds of pet owls homeless

5/20/2012 - Avengers concept art takes a closer look at Loki's staff and Hawkeye's arrows

5/20/2012 - A Historically Awesome Gaming Setup with Every Console in Existence

5/20/2012 - Congrats to the 2011 Nebula Award Winners!

5/20/2012 - The Pixar Avengers Looks Like the Best Pixar Movie Ever

5/20/2012 - The Eleventh Doctor has turned into a puppet, but he doesn't seem to mind

5/20/2012 - Here's the Achingly Beautiful Eclipse You Missed Last Night

5/19/2012 - Best of the Week: May 12-May 18, 2012

5/19/2012 - Zuckerberg Just Got Married

5/19/2012 - A Sofa That Encourages You To Lose Things Between the Cushions

5/19/2012 - Do we worry too much about keeping astronauts safe?

5/19/2012 - You Did What? Idiots Teach Robots How To Build Their Own Tools

5/19/2012 - World's first vegetarian shark spurns meat for celery sticks

5/19/2012 - A Flatpack Portable Night Stand Is a Brilliant Travel Accessory

5/19/2012 - Eerie photographs taken with a camera made from a human skull

5/19/2012 - Which literary character is most frequently portrayed on screen?

5/19/2012 - Credit Card Thin Battery Is Perfect For Other Kinds of Emergency Charges

5/19/2012 - Jackie Chan's last action movie looks like the most fun he's been in years

5/19/2012 - Before the aliens arrive, we'll have to clean up the bachelor pad Earth

5/19/2012 - You'll Need To Appease This Porcupine Chair Before You Can Sit On It

5/19/2012 - Yes, that really is an eagle wielding a knife

5/19/2012 - Watch Neil Gaiman's inspiring commencement speech about succeeding in the arts

5/19/2012 - Supernatural ends the season with a bangy whimper

5/19/2012 - Dancing Darth Maul: Not Sorry For Party Rockin'.

5/19/2012 - Flip-Book Business Cards Are an Incredibly Tedious Way To Promote Yourself (Updated)

5/19/2012 - Frank Frazetta's Lord of the Rings illustrations brought barbarian armor to Middle Earth

5/19/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Shopping Trip at the Body Parts Store

5/19/2012 - Philippe Starck Designed the Most Beautiful Fitness Equipment You'll Ever See

5/19/2012 - SpaceX's first bid at cab service to ISS is a bust

5/19/2012 - This Couch Is the Only Place It's Ever Ok To Fall Asleep At the Wheel

5/19/2012 - How Yahoo Killed Flickr, Facebook IPOs, MacBook Pro Rumors, and More...

5/19/2012 - Photographs of video games acted out in the real world

5/19/2012 - Coors Light goes down slightly better than a Prometheus alien larva

5/19/2012 - The only evidence left of a mystery tribe is bodies in jars

5/19/2012 - Inflatable Meat Balloons Are the Perfect Decorations For Your Next BBQ

5/19/2012 - See Pixar characters cosplay as the Avengers

5/19/2012 - Insanely Detailed Lego Land Rover Even Includes Working Disc Brakes

5/19/2012 - Dan Harmon fired from Community. Not cool, not cool.

5/19/2012 - Stylish Sun Shade Is the Easiest Way To Harness Solar Power For Your Home

5/19/2012 - Sacred Heart is a webcomic tale of punks and murder, without adult supervision

5/19/2012 - How To Turn PVC and Hairspray Into a Force of Destruction

5/19/2012 - The Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors

5/19/2012 - In a new Brave clip, King Fergus relates his battle with the demon bear

5/19/2012 - Minimalist Desktop Water Dispenser Is a Lovely Way To Stay Hydrated

5/19/2012 - Kick Off Your Weekend With Piranhacondas, Steaksaws, and Alan Rickman

5/19/2012 - Thor mocks Spider-Man's costume & obscure DC heroes moonwalk!

5/19/2012 - Engine Problems Delay Falcon 9's Historic Launch

5/19/2012 - Drinking from this Stemware, You'll Be Less Apt to Spill

5/19/2012 - This Twitter-Powered Road-Painting Printer Wants to Hear From You!

5/19/2012 - ICBMs Blowing Up, Tenacious D Rocking Out, and a Muppet Triple Treat

5/18/2012 - Hollywood Movie Marketing Makes For a Great Use of This Abandoned Paris Metro Station

5/18/2012 - Now that, people, is how you end a freakin TV season — with a conspiracygasm!

5/18/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Internet Troll

5/18/2012 - Posting Pictures of Her Terminally Ill Son Got Grieving Mother Banned from Facebook (Updated)

5/18/2012 - Behold ORBIS, a Google Maps for the Roman Empire

5/18/2012 - World's Worst Parents Put Kid Through Spin-Cycle at the Laundromat

5/18/2012 - White House Hires a New Cybersecurity Boss

5/18/2012 - How alcohol is formed naturally in space

5/18/2012 - Woman Returns Lost iPhone, Is Rewarded with a Brutal Beating

5/18/2012 - The Beautiful Beach Chairs You'll Want To Take Everywhere

5/18/2012 - A Handheld GPS For the Wilds

5/18/2012 - The Victorian Hugos: 1891

5/18/2012 - A Goofy Circus Video Game Is Helping Stroke Victims Recover

5/18/2012 - Airports Will Steal Summer's Heat to Thaw Frozen Winter Runways

5/18/2012 - Holy hell, this guy built a handheld Tesla coil gun

5/18/2012 - 20 SF Bars Debut Sausage Fest-Fighting Facial Recognition Service

5/18/2012 - Water Tower Chairs, Cloud City, and More

5/18/2012 - Avengers Origins, US Weekly, and More

5/18/2012 - Cipher Sender, CloudOn, and More

5/18/2012 - Foodspotting, The Weather Channel, and More

5/18/2012 - The Raw Beauty of Battleship's Alien Concept Art

5/18/2012 - What if the iPhone Was Responsible for the Evolution of Man?

5/18/2012 - Meet the entire cast of 1950s greaser Batman's Gotham City

5/18/2012 - Can You Turn Cheap, Shitty Beer Into Good Beer?

5/18/2012 - Slick new Harry Potter web series takes place in New York City!

5/18/2012 - Insane Skywalking Russians Make Your Stomach Drop With New Daredevil Video

5/18/2012 - Ryan Reynolds is the frontrunner for the Highlander remake — just let him be Deadpool, dammit!

5/18/2012 - There's a good chance you're a human chimera

5/18/2012 - Man Loses His Penis to a Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Failed Penile Implant Surgery

5/18/2012 - Everything you need to know to catch Sunday's rare "ring of fire" eclipse

5/18/2012 - How Many Screws Does It Take to Get to the Center of an Exploded Fuji X100?

5/18/2012 - NSFW: The Sex Toys That Will Make the Future More Orgasmic

5/18/2012 - How Does an 800-Year-Old Giant Tree Go Missing?

5/18/2012 - Watch sulfuric acid and sugar make a rising column of death!

5/18/2012 - How to Be Popular on Twitter

5/18/2012 - Microsoft Will Give Students a Free Xbox 360 If They Buy a Windows PC

5/18/2012 - This HP Touchpad Is Your Fire-Sale-Reborn Deal of the Day

5/18/2012 - A Chart that Reveals How Science Fiction Futures Changed Over Time

5/18/2012 - The 10 Most Depressing Alternate Realities From Marvel Comics

5/18/2012 - Apple FaceTime Over 3G Seems Closer Than Ever

5/18/2012 - Dominate the Waves Aboard This Gorgeous Wooden Honeycomb

5/18/2012 - When insanity is your superpower, reality will eventually become your Kryptonite

5/18/2012 - Tripping Through the Cold War: Drug Warfare in the Retrofuture

5/18/2012 - Someone Put a Giant Soda Fountain Shower On a Beach

5/18/2012 - A tick bite could turn you into a vegetarian

5/18/2012 - The Wonderfully Nerdy Intricacies of Brewing Good Coffee

5/18/2012 - We Set Off Homemade Smoke Bombs — and Survive!

5/18/2012 - A List of Better Ways to Spend $41 Than a Share of Facebook

5/18/2012 - The One Place That Needs More Censorship

5/18/2012 - SpaceX Falcon 9: The Future of Commercial Space Flight Blasts Off Tomorrow

5/18/2012 - 15 Awesome Art Installations Painted in Light

5/18/2012 - Turns out Sonic Screwdriver beats Lightsaber

5/18/2012 - Badass Fitness Weirdo Runs 13 Miles on Treadmill Attached to Hot Air Balloon

5/18/2012 - The Mark Zuckerberg Wealth-O-Meter: Sad, Absurd, And You Know You're Curious

5/18/2012 - Your Brain on Facebook

5/18/2012 - All systems are go for Saturday's historic SpaceX launch

5/18/2012 - Facebook Stock Traded at a Record-Breaking 2.7 Million Shares Per Second

5/18/2012 - Facebook Is Going To Be Even More Annoying Now That It's Public

5/18/2012 - Battleship proves alien invasion movies are just as contrived as romantic comedies

5/18/2012 - Watch How This Time-Expanding Car Commercial Was Painstakingly Stitched Together

5/18/2012 - Possibly the greatest description of a UFO video ever

5/18/2012 - Every single new science fiction and fantasy show announced for next season!

5/18/2012 - The Censorship Towel Blurs Out Your Naughty Bits

5/18/2012 - The 11 Funniest Tweets About Facebook IPOpocalypse

5/18/2012 - An abandoned French subway station was turned into the set of Prometheus

5/18/2012 - All Models This Photoshopped Should Come With a Toolbar

5/18/2012 - And now, two 50-foot-long cars shaped like mythological serpents

5/18/2012 - These Mac Pro Updates Are Not What We Were Expecting

5/18/2012 - The man who saw circuses on the moon

5/18/2012 - Kanye's Epic, Seven-Screen DONDA Movie Coming Next Week

5/18/2012 - Mark Zuckerberg's Newest Facebook Status: I'm a Real Billionaire, You Bitches

5/18/2012 - How I Brought Game of Thrones' Ned Stark to Life

5/18/2012 - Can't Afford the Synthesizer of Your Dreams? Draw It Instead

5/18/2012 - Man Tries to Sell Six Dead Babies On the Internet

5/18/2012 - Poor People Photograph Rich People on Times Square Jumbotron

5/18/2012 - How to Temporarily Blind Yourself

5/18/2012 - Classic video game characters, drawn in the style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock art

5/18/2012 - This Imperfect Processor Is 15 Times More Efficient Than Yours

5/18/2012 - Will Joss Whedon return to direct The Avengers 2? Plus more awesome Prometheus images!

5/18/2012 - Here's Who Leaves the Worst YouTube Comments of All

5/18/2012 - Reminder: The Facebook IPO Won't Make You Rich

5/18/2012 - Is Cilantro Hating Genetic?

5/18/2012 - Meet the Man Who Invented the Instructions for the Internet

5/18/2012 - Kill Me If I Klout

5/18/2012 - Bloomberg: Steve Jobs Was Closely Involved With Development of Larger iPhone 5

5/18/2012 - Sony Hires Woz as Advisor for Steve Jobs Biopic

5/18/2012 - This Is (Probably) Your Next SIM Card

5/18/2012 - Diablo III Gets Women Off, While Men Play with Themselves

5/18/2012 - The Best Ad Campaign for Any Fruit Juice, Ever

5/18/2012 - Iran v. Google Inc. Is Your WTF Lawsuit of the Night

5/18/2012 - Funkadelic Does 1985, George Servantes—Herb Gardener, and a NY York Judge Pleads for His Weed

5/17/2012 - This Bright-Red Housing Complex Is Actually Green

5/17/2012 - Watch Conan and David Letterman Making Fun of Jay Leno

5/17/2012 - Timeless Classics of Literature Upgraded With Already-Dated Augmented Reality

5/17/2012 - Fulfill Your Childhood Dream of Being an Astronaut With NASA-Inspired Sportswear

5/17/2012 - This Amazing Camera Can Capture Both the Sun and the Stars In Broad Daylight

5/17/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 5-17

5/17/2012 - New Prometheus Images

5/17/2012 - Touch Season Finale Promo Images

5/17/2012 - Ancient Car-Sized Turtles Hung Out with Titanoboas

5/17/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 17, 2012

5/17/2012 - Everything You Need to Turn Your Pet Into a Meme

5/17/2012 - China is winning in the teleportation race

5/17/2012 - The Only Thing You Need to Avoid Summer Dehydration

5/17/2012 - Portable Drumpad Saves You From Smashing Your Phone's Display

5/17/2012 - This Insanely-Detailed Model Used to Plot Bin Laden's Death Took Six Weeks to Build

5/17/2012 - The Creepy, Sexy Drifter Who Knows When and How You'll Die

5/17/2012 - Giant Loop Shower Is a Bidet For Your Entire Body

5/17/2012 - Is your B.O. a natural defense mechanism against predators?

5/17/2012 - Apple's Data Centers Will Be Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

5/17/2012 - The Weather Channel: Update Makes Sure You Never Get Caught In a Rainstorm

5/17/2012 - Most Mind-Blowing Surprise Endings from Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

5/17/2012 - Weather Channel Gallery

5/17/2012 - Verizon Unlimited Data Not Quite Dead, But There's No Point In Keeping It

5/17/2012 - Three-Story Tall Crocodiles Once Swallowed Human Beings

5/17/2012 - How Reading Novels Can Make You A Better Person

5/17/2012 - How Many of Your Facebook Friends Do You Actually Know?

5/17/2012 - Delayed HTC EVO 4G LTE Might Finally Get Here May 23

5/17/2012 - The mouth of a child is a terrifying thing to behold

5/17/2012 - The 130-Year-Old Washburn Telescope Gets Its First Maintenance in Forever

5/17/2012 - This Waterproof iPhone Case Is So Thin You Can Use Another Case On Top of It

5/17/2012 - That Time Captain America Fought Christopher Lee

5/17/2012 - Israel May Be Dropping Spies In Iran Using Secret American Stealth BlackHawk Helicopters

5/17/2012 - Can Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson rekindle our passion for science?

5/17/2012 - How To Turn Eight Steak Knives Into an Utterly Insane Steaksaw

5/17/2012 - Meet the sarcastic fringehead, an oddly named fish who looks like the Predator

5/17/2012 - Facebook Will Score $16 Billion Off of $38 Per Share IPO

5/17/2012 - Computer Icons That Don't Make Sense Anymore

5/17/2012 - Battleground Is Bloodsport for People Who Squirm at the Mere Thought of Blood

5/17/2012 - Watch How a Rod Impaled a 19th Century Man's Skull Without Killing Him

5/17/2012 - Some of the Most Stunning Body Art You've Ever Seen [NSFW]

5/17/2012 - Cupcake-Filled Sausages Are Beyond Gross

5/17/2012 - This Ice Cream Maker Is Your Just-The-Right-Flavor Deal of the Day

5/17/2012 - Scientists Invent Grow-in-the-Dark Plants

5/17/2012 - The Real Secret Behind Awake's Compelling Drama

5/17/2012 - Kymera Magic Wand Remote Review: Only a Wizard Could Make This Thing Work

5/17/2012 - Religion can improve your self-control — even if you don't believe in God

5/17/2012 - This Is the NYC Factory Where Legendary Guitar Tone Is Made

5/17/2012 - Japan Successfully Broadcasts an 8K Signal Over the Air: Prepare To Upgrade Your TVs Again

5/17/2012 - Comcast Increases Its Monthly Data Cap from 250GB to 300GB

5/17/2012 - BestBuy's GeekSquad Has the Worst Password Protection You Can Imagine

5/17/2012 - Intense First Clip From The CW's New Superhero Show Arrow!

5/17/2012 - Amazingly Detailed and Animated Terminator Busts Will Strike Fear In Sarah Connors Everywhere

5/17/2012 - LG 55" Cinema 3D Smart TV Lightning Review: A Pretty Good TV for Children of the Night

5/17/2012 - LG 55" Cinema 3D Smart TV Lightning Review Gallery

5/17/2012 - 10 of the Most Profound Sentiments Ever Uttered on Community

5/17/2012 - You'll want to throw money at this deranged graphic novel about baseball players versus monsters

5/17/2012 - Mac Pro Fans Launch Sad Facebook Campaign For Upgrade

5/17/2012 - One of the best tributes to Nikola Tesla we've ever read

5/17/2012 - Are musicians our external brains?

5/17/2012 - Twitter Won't Track Your Personal Information If You Opt-Out [Updated]

5/17/2012 - Viacom Shows Are Streaming on Time Warner's iPad App Once Again

5/17/2012 - Senators Want to Ban Facebook's Co-Founder from America Forever

5/17/2012 - Army Helicopter Accidentally Drops Hellfire Missile Over Texas Homes

5/17/2012 - The HyQ Is a Robotic Italian Stallion

5/17/2012 - Is Hacking More Effective Than Protesting in Person?

5/17/2012 - Welcome to the Smithsonian​’s Atomic Weapons Museum

5/17/2012 - Photographs of people being blasted by wind in the face are priceless

5/17/2012 - What If Tony Stark Designed His Iron Man Suit in MacPaint?

5/17/2012 - These Mysterious Rocks Caught Fire Inside a Woman's Pocket Causing Third-Degree Burns

5/17/2012 - Nasa Wants To Snatch Asteroids With a Spiderman-Inspired Spiny Claw

5/17/2012 - Cthulhu + Monopoly = The Doom That Came To Atlantic City

5/17/2012 - How to Stop Your Neighbors From Having Annoyingly Loud Sex

5/17/2012 - This Electric Hydrofoil Looks Straight Out Of James Bond's Arsenal

5/17/2012 - Why does the Hope Diamond glow red in UV light?

5/17/2012 - Apple Censors "Jailbreak" In iTunes

5/17/2012 - There's No Such Thing as a Brogrammer

5/17/2012 - The New Netflix Video Player Feature by Feature

5/17/2012 - Someone built a Brawndo water fountain from Idiocracy

5/17/2012 - You Won't Believe How Far the World's Longest Photo Stretches

5/17/2012 - The First Reactions to Man of Steel Footage. Plus a New Iron Man 3 Villain!

5/17/2012 - Reuters: Yep, iPhone 5 Will Be Bigger

5/17/2012 - New Forensics Tool Can Slurp a Phone's Data via the Cloud

5/17/2012 - Good Cholesterol Isn't as Good as We Thought

5/17/2012 - Study Confirms Amazon Reviews Are as Reliable as Media Critics

5/17/2012 - Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

5/17/2012 - How to Fold Your Own Origami Camera From a Dollar Bill

5/17/2012 - Internet Use Linked to Depression, Says Study

5/17/2012 - Sony NEX-F3 Hands-On: The Best Affordable Pro Compact Camera Gets a Boost

5/17/2012 - Underground Gardens, Double Dank Documentaries, and NY Wants Its Weed

5/16/2012 - Should This Tentacle Porn Project Have Been Kickstopped? (Because It Was)

5/16/2012 - This Cute Cubicle is the Ultimate Home Office

5/16/2012 - 5 Powerful, Direct Music Apps That Should Make Middlemen Nervous

5/16/2012 - The awesomely insane Heaven and Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris

5/16/2012 - Exclusive clips reveal a familiar face on the season finale of Person of Interest

5/16/2012 - More from ITP: Trying Out the Descriptive Camera

5/16/2012 - Holmes and Watson From Elementary

5/16/2012 - Antiviral Cannes Banner and Screenshots

5/16/2012 - 666 Park Avenue Screenshots

5/16/2012 - Windy City Predators, Airplane Bands, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

5/16/2012 - Holy hell, this trailer for the Jewish horror flick The Possession is actually terrifying

5/16/2012 - The Only Film Camera I Would Kill to Own

5/16/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 16, 2012

5/16/2012 - These Photos Give New Meaning to Being Blown

5/16/2012 - Self-Destruct Buttons On This SSD Will Physically Destroy Your Drive

5/16/2012 - You Can't Handle Doctor Who's In-Your-Face Politics!

5/16/2012 - Apple Spends an Insane Amount of Effort on This Super Lame Trophy (Updated)

5/16/2012 - A virus that creates electricity

5/16/2012 - Flight Facilities feat. Grovesnor: With You

5/16/2012 - Sergey Brin and Larry Page Accept a Webby Before Google Was a Juggernaut

5/16/2012 - Plants don't need no stinkin' gravity

5/16/2012 - Even Without Diamonds and Gold, Rolexes are Still Amazing

5/16/2012 - This Paralyzed Woman Just Drank a Bottle of Coffee With Her Mind

5/16/2012 - Will we ever have an HIV vaccine?

5/16/2012 - Super Diet Genius: A Personal Weight-Loss Coach On Your Phone

5/16/2012 - Super Diet Genius Gallery

5/16/2012 - Creepy Russian Robot Seeks To Save Souls From Certain Death

5/16/2012 - Watch a man get bitten in half by a giant shark in the Bait redband trailer

5/16/2012 - Please Buy This Space Shuttle Food Truck and Name It the Crepe Canaveral

5/16/2012 - Roll Up Blanket Chair Gets Extra Cozy If You Can Figure Out How To Use It

5/16/2012 - A sneak preview of The Flash, guest-starring Gorilla Grodd!

5/16/2012 - The Nicest Micro-Cabin $10,000 Can Buy

5/16/2012 - The last 12 months were the warmest in US history

5/16/2012 - This sculptor builds incredible dead sea monsters trapped on land

5/16/2012 - What Google Could Learn from Windows 8 About User Experience

5/16/2012 - Why Octopuses Should Run Our National Security Infrastructure

5/16/2012 - Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Lightning Review: Minimalist Foot Heaven

5/16/2012 - Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans. This Is Bullshit.

5/16/2012 - What Samuel R. Delany Can Tell Publishing About Its Latest "Trend"

5/16/2012 - These Girls Are Wearing Nothing But Light

5/16/2012 - Brain Tapeworms Are Real, And They're Disgusting

5/16/2012 - Watch this paralyzed woman control a robotic arm using only her mind

5/16/2012 - Anyone Using a Flip Phone Is Probably a Serial Murderer or a Drug Dealer

5/16/2012 - How to Tell From a Trailer That a Movie Is Going to Suck

5/16/2012 - This Pistol Wall Safe Is Your International-Person-Of-Mystery Deal of the Day

5/16/2012 - Google Knowledge Graph: Search Results Packed With Worlds of Information

5/16/2012 - These Clutter-Saving Locks Open With Your Car Keys

5/16/2012 - A Map Reveals How Much of London Actually Lurks Below the Earth

5/16/2012 - Band Discovers the Stupidest Way To Avoid Ticketmaster Fees

5/16/2012 - Watch How Video Game Special Ops Tech Works in Real Life

5/16/2012 - 7-Year-Old Girl's Threat to Parents Is Cute In a Psychopath Kind of Way

5/16/2012 - The Best Chatbot in the World Is Still Awful (Updated)

5/16/2012 - Do you dare to open the secret door in the virtual Fairyland?

5/16/2012 - 10 Science Concepts that Could Spawn Awesome Supervillains

5/16/2012 - The Electronics Lab Hidden in a Kitchen Pantry

5/16/2012 - This Is What Happens When Your Car GPS Blows Up

5/16/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Rainbow Lights

5/16/2012 - Prometheus viral introduces the evil Yutani corporation

5/16/2012 - Merrell Road Glove Gallery

5/16/2012 - This Is How You Will Connect Everything in Your Home to the Internet

5/16/2012 - Reminder: Book Club Meeting 5/29 to Discuss Nick Harkaway's Angelmaker

5/16/2012 - Imp gallery

5/16/2012 - wandgal

5/16/2012 - Let's write the sequel to Battleship based on some crap I found on my kitchen table

5/16/2012 - This Insanely Talented One-Armed Juggling Robot Is the Future of Busking

5/16/2012 - All The World's Subways Are Converging to a Single Optimal Layout

5/16/2012 - Watch a nanotube being eaten, and then barfed back up, by a flake of iron

5/16/2012 - How Common Is Your Birthday?

5/16/2012 - The Lies Everyone Tells on Dating Sites

5/16/2012 - NASA Shot the MESSENGER—Into Orbit, Around the Iron Planet

5/16/2012 - Nothing Says "I'm a Nerd and I Love You" Like a Pandora Radio Marriage Proposal

5/16/2012 - These clips from Piranha 3DD are short on stripping lifeguards, but long on singing David Hasselhoff

5/16/2012 - Report: Infamous Revenge-Porn Magnate Being Investigated By the FBI

5/16/2012 - The practice of beheading is alive and well in modern times

5/16/2012 - Michael Bay and Conan O'Brien's strange new scifi shows, revealed!

5/16/2012 - How One Man Took a Secret Super-Material to His Grave

5/16/2012 - Interactive Shoebox Dioramas Might One Day Lure You Away From Amazon

5/16/2012 - Apple's Defense of Siri in Class-Action Lawsuit Never Actually Says Siri Doesn't Suck

5/16/2012 - This Is Lunarcrete, a Building Block for Moon Colonies

5/16/2012 - The Rainbow Spew Experiment: Vomit Has Never Looked So Pretty

5/16/2012 - Icelandic politician moves 30-ton boulder onto his property so he can hang out with elves

5/16/2012 - $300 RC Critter Is Your Dog's New Best Friend

5/16/2012 - Will Edgar Wright really start shooting Ant-Man later this year?

5/16/2012 - Scientists Make Wi-Fi Twenty Times Faster

5/16/2012 - The Most Mesmerizing Fluid Dynamics Video You'll Ever See

5/16/2012 - WSJ: The Next iPhone Will Have at Least a 4-Inch Screen

5/16/2012 - Why Apple's OS X Naming System Is Doomed

5/16/2012 - HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Indefinitely Delayed by Patent Issue

5/16/2012 - The Overwhelming Android Sprawl, Visualized

5/16/2012 - Aaron Sorkin Officially Confirmed To Be Writing Steve Jobs Biopic

5/16/2012 - Homemade Rocket Explodes Messily in Dad's Face

5/16/2012 - A Colossal Piece of Rock Candy Named Wendy Is Coming to Detoxify NYC

5/16/2012 - Bob Marley Does Santa Barbara, Soul Train's Love Train, and Mother F*cking Snakes in a Mother F*cking Walmart

5/15/2012 - Take-Home HIV Test Approved by FDA in Unanimous Vote Could Prevent Thousands of Transmissions, Annually

5/15/2012 - Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

5/15/2012 - I Let a Weird Man Rub Me for 10 Minutes, in the Name of Journalism

5/15/2012 - Were Prehistoric War Dogs Key To Humanity's Survival?

5/15/2012 - How a Single Bolt Sidelined a Submarine for Three Months

5/15/2012 - Kids' Reenactment of "Sabotage" Is a Fantastic Tribute To MCA

5/15/2012 - Zero Hour Cast Photos

5/15/2012 - 666 Park Avenue Cast Photos

5/15/2012 - Character Art for Brave's Lords and Their Sons

5/15/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 5-18

5/15/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 15, 2012

5/15/2012 - The Navy Had a Hoverboard Waaaay Before Marty McFly

5/15/2012 - This Math Equation Will Make You Less Fat

5/15/2012 - Leonard Nimoy wanted to play the villain in Star Trek V

5/15/2012 - Own a Piece of NYC's Past With a Chair Made of Old Water Towers

5/15/2012 - New Magic the Gathering Art Is Sumptuous Eye Candy

5/15/2012 - Is There a More Awesome Combination Than Pizza and Animated Gifs? Doubt It

5/15/2012 - Eureka goes all in with the body-swapping craziness

5/15/2012 - Greenpeace Invades Apple's Headquarters

5/15/2012 - The Quickest Way to Fire Up Your Barbecue This Summer

5/15/2012 - Rumor: Google to Partner With Multiple Handset Makers for Nexus Devices

5/15/2012 - Wild trailers for ABC's new TV shows include evil Nazi babies and green aliens!

5/15/2012 - Doctor Who corsets and Lolita skirts set our double hearts aflutter

5/15/2012 - Chronicle's Josh Trank: Being able to tell a compelling story is the rarest special effect

5/15/2012 - FreezePaint: A Fun Sandbox for Strange Photo Experiments

5/15/2012 - FreezePaint Gallery

5/15/2012 - A 73-Year-Old Man Tried to Assassinate JFK with a Buick Full of Dynamite

5/15/2012 - Usain Bolt Now Part of the Shitty Celeb Headphones Illuminati

5/15/2012 - Incredible videos recreate Isaac Newton's experiments with alchemy

5/15/2012 - Hang This Portable Swing Kit Anywhere for an Instant Playground on the Go

5/15/2012 - Turkey Thinks This Bird Is an Israeli Spy Because Its Nostril Is Big Enough to Hold Microchips

5/15/2012 - Meet a few of the 100-trillion lifeforms that call your body "home"

5/15/2012 - Steak Specialists Discover a New Cut of Beef

5/15/2012 - Time-lapse video shows a trailer-sized asteroid coming between Earth and the Moon

5/15/2012 - New Prometheus TV spot shows the many ways this crew is doomed!

5/15/2012 - Air-Conditioned Flak Jackets Could Keep Cops Cool In the Summer

5/15/2012 - Small Girl Runs Big Company: Meet the Charmingly Bold Bianca Caampued

5/15/2012 - Why does the world's oldest cave art show a vagina?

5/15/2012 - Battleship: An Important Document in the Future Field of Peter David Novelization Studies

5/15/2012 - This Watch Might Have Saved Someone's Life in Vietnam

5/15/2012 - Everything You Need To Disappoint Kids Who'd Hoped For a Real Pool This Summer

5/15/2012 - The lost art of sculpting cathedrals out of lard

5/15/2012 - The physics of wine bottle opening

5/15/2012 - ABC's Fall Schedule: Wacky Aliens and a Magical Apartment Building

5/15/2012 - Police Tasings Might Finally Be Ruled Brutality

5/15/2012 - Intrepid Adventurers Can Couchsurf This Jordanian Cave

5/15/2012 - This Paint Sprayer Is Your Paint-The-Fence-Like-Karate-Kid Deal of the Day

5/15/2012 - ESPN Might Be Coming to the Apple TV

5/15/2012 - Please Don't Learn to Code

5/15/2012 - Piezoelectric Viruses Produce Electricity in a Pinch

5/15/2012 - A brilliant, satirical indie flick about the future of dead-end jobs

5/15/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Frame

5/15/2012 - 20 Photos of Creative Frames Within Frames

5/15/2012 - How a newborn baby saved Toy Story 2 from being lost forever

5/15/2012 - The New Do-It-All Airbus Tanker Transport Will Keep the RAF Flying High

5/15/2012 - In this week's comics, it's the BPRD and Ed Brubaker writing the post-apocalypse

5/15/2012 - These Kids Have No Idea Their Teachers Are Videobombing Them

5/15/2012 - 10 Best Time Travel Movies of All Timelines

5/15/2012 - What's the Mailing Address of the International Space Station?

5/15/2012 - How do we measure the vast distances of the Universe?

5/15/2012 - The first footage from Do No Harm, NBC's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show

5/15/2012 - Brilliant Thieves Steal $500,000 In Medical Equipment Loaded With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

5/15/2012 - How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

5/15/2012 - Paralyzed Man Can Move Hand Again after Having Nerves 'Rewired'

5/15/2012 - Giant Paperclips Turn Any Slab of Wood Into a Sturdy Table

5/15/2012 - Mark Zuckerberg Betrayed Facebook's Cofounder in This Email

5/15/2012 - Why Women Date Assholes

5/15/2012 - In the Mood for a TV Marathon? All 13 Episodes of Battleground Are Available Right Now on Hulu

5/15/2012 - Dirtbag Racist Firefighter Demoted For Idiotic Facebook Rant About Travyon Martin

5/15/2012 - The curious case of the vulgar C-3PO trading card

5/15/2012 - Spork Chops Are the Perfect Secret Agent Utensil for Those Who Suck At Using Chopsticks

5/15/2012 - A Nerd-Sexy Bikini Made from Old Electronics, and More from TreeHugger

5/15/2012 - Help the New York Times find a better superpower metaphor

5/15/2012 - A Puppy Might Be the Best Spot To Mount Your GoPro

5/15/2012 - This photograph of a truck isn't what it seems

5/15/2012 - Report: Google Glasses Will Be Lamer Than Promised

5/15/2012 - This Animation Explains How Your Gmail Is Sent

5/15/2012 - 4 minutes from The Amazing Spider-Man show off Peter Parker's new attitude

5/15/2012 - Your body's internal clock is at war with society

5/15/2012 - Gigantic 18,000 Pound Chocolate Mayan Temple Predicts the End of the World's Diets

5/15/2012 - Push Notifications in Sparrow for iPhone Will Require a Subscription

5/15/2012 - No More Travel Agents or Stockbrokers: 1982's Jobs of the Year 2012

5/15/2012 - How Digital Cameras Actually Work—And Why They're So Cheap

5/15/2012 - Feast your eyes on the greatest bacon costume of 1894

5/15/2012 - The Epic Drama of Alan Rickman Making Tea in Super Slow-Mo

5/15/2012 - Your Favorite Magazines Are Coming to the iPhone

5/15/2012 - The World's Oldest Cave Engraving Is a Vagina

5/15/2012 - Air Force Accidentally Fills Entire Hangar with Foam

5/15/2012 - The Worst Phones You Can Buy

5/15/2012 - Jon Favreau explains how Iron Man 3 is different. Plus Leonard Nimoy and Peter Weller talk Star Trek 2!

5/15/2012 - Is This the Most Elaborate Way To Hide a Flat Screen TV?

5/15/2012 - Looks Like That Ikea TV Could Be Pretty Great—And Cheap

5/15/2012 - Facebook Will Offer Up 50 Million More Shares Than Expected

5/15/2012 - Overhead Electric Lines for Trucks Are Coming to California

5/15/2012 - Most Popular Surveillance Cameras Can Be Hacked

5/15/2012 - Mountain Biking Down 1,000 Steps Is as Terrifying as It Sounds

5/15/2012 - Is This the World's Most Over-Crowded Restroom?

5/15/2012 - Best Buy Chairman to Resign Over CEO's Affair

5/15/2012 - What Would You Most Like to See Printed in 3D?

5/15/2012 - Brave Blogger Confronts Evil Newspaper Editor Who Plagiarized His Post

5/15/2012 - Here's the Brand New AMD Processor that Could Power Your Next Laptop

5/15/2012 - Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon: The Ultralight, Semi-Rugged Carbon Fiber Ultrabook

5/15/2012 - Robots Stealing Unicorns, Meth-Testing Spice, and Five (More) Ways the Man Is Keeping You Down

5/14/2012 - Printed books existed nearly 600 years before Gutenberg's Bible

5/14/2012 - What Is This?

5/14/2012 - How to Safely Eat Fallen Food with the 5-Second Rule

5/14/2012 - There's Not an App for That: When Will Our Smartphones Be Recognized as Valid Forms of ID?

5/14/2012 - A Custom-Made, Data-Driven Butt Plug for Each GOP Presidential Candidate

5/14/2012 - Would You Live in a Church?

5/14/2012 - Once Upon A Time's Season Finale: This Changes Everything

5/14/2012 - New True Blood Character Posters from Season 5 - "Everything Is At Stake"

5/14/2012 - New Images from Total Recall

5/14/2012 - Alice Eve and Zachary Quinto on the Set of Star Trek 2

5/14/2012 - Promotional Teen Wolf Cast Images

5/14/2012 - New Spider-Man Viral Photos

5/14/2012 - Sin City 2 - First Promotional Poster

5/14/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 14, 2012

5/14/2012 - The Following - First Look at Kevin Bacon's Techno-Cult-Busting Detective Role

5/14/2012 - Buying One Share of Facebook Stock Is a Total Rip Off

5/14/2012 - Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

5/14/2012 - Find Out How Fast You Read with This Test

5/14/2012 - Use This iPhone Case and Your iPhone Will Be Replaced if It Breaks

5/14/2012 - Retro AT&T Video Hearkening the Digital Future Is Still Hopelessly Lost in the 1960s

5/14/2012 - We're Heading Towards a Future Where Brain Scans Replace the SAT

5/14/2012 - Customizable Sleeping Bag Lets You Peel Back Layers to Stay Cool

5/14/2012 - Neal Adams to draw The First X-Men, a miniseries starring Wolverine and a Nazi-hunting Magneto

5/14/2012 - Etiquette: Don't Text If You're Co-Hosting SNL

5/14/2012 - Is This Modern Shelf Just a Rip-Off of KerPlunk?

5/14/2012 - Rdio's New Redesign Available on All Desktop Apps Now

5/14/2012 - Rumor: Apple Tapping Nvidia for Newest MacBook Pros

5/14/2012 - Avengers Origins: Trivia Galore For the Movie-Crazed Fanboy

5/14/2012 - Experience one (spectacular) day in orbit around Jupiter

5/14/2012 - Here's How Ridiculous You Look Posing for Photos

5/14/2012 - The Avengers Inside Hopper's Iconic Nighthawks Painting

5/14/2012 - This movie looks like it might freak you right out of your skin

5/14/2012 - Avengers Origins: Assemble! Gallery

5/14/2012 - Piranhaconda Will Quite Possibly Be The Greatest Movie of All Time

5/14/2012 - You won't have to complain about Fox cancelling your favorite science fiction shows any more

5/14/2012 - Do You Remember Your First Mobile Phone?

5/14/2012 - Predictions for the future that will inspire you

5/14/2012 - Upside-Down Planters Let You Grow Flowers In Tiny Spaces

5/14/2012 - Eat Your Own Brain (and Live to Tell About It)

5/14/2012 - All the Insane Spoilers We Caught in the New True Blood Trailer, Including Goth Hoyt!

5/14/2012 - What the Hell Is Under This TV Reporter's Dress?

5/14/2012 - An algorithm to help you play the perfect game of Battleship

5/14/2012 - Cops Found a Ridiculous Amount of Drugs Up Some Guy's Butt

5/14/2012 - What will Joss Whedon's next project really be?

5/14/2012 - The Nine Weirdest Coffins You Can Actually Buy

5/14/2012 - Man Killed With Poisonous Umbrella

5/14/2012 - Facebook's New Mobile News Feed Has Instagram's Fingerprints All Over It

5/14/2012 - Modern Man Tries to Build a 3,500 Year Old Boat from the Bronze Age and Fails

5/14/2012 - Two dolphins dead after ingesting synthetic heroin

5/14/2012 - Your Emo Kid Haircut Will Give You a Lazy Eye

5/14/2012 - Korean Toddlers Build Tallest Lego Tower in the World

5/14/2012 - This Might Explain Why Your iMessages Are F*cked Up

5/14/2012 - Twitter Will Now Email You a Best-Of Daily Digest

5/14/2012 - Everything you need to know about the scientific controversy that could change Triceratops forever

5/14/2012 - This Iron Man Action Figure Is Your Catchphrase-And-Missile-Spewing Deal of the Day

5/14/2012 - Amazon's Next Kindle Will Be Front-Lit and Its Next Kindle Fire Will Be Bigger

5/14/2012 - We Built This City on Movable Type

5/14/2012 - HTC EVO 4G LTE Lightning Review: The Phone That Would Be King (But Isn't)

5/14/2012 - Building Block Coffee Table: Bored Kids and Hip Decors Unite!

5/14/2012 - The Most Interesting Fairy-Tale Adaptation of the Year

5/14/2012 - People Aren't Ditching Cellphone Contracts for Prepaid Devices—Yet

5/14/2012 - Distro.fm Could Revolutionize Music with Artist Subscriptions

5/14/2012 - The first clip from Prometheus has landed!

5/14/2012 - New Windows Computers Will Get a $15 Upgrade to Windows 8

5/14/2012 - Foxconn (Predictably) Reneges on Their Statements Regarding the Apple HDTV

5/14/2012 - The Cheapest Ways to Save the World

5/14/2012 - HTC EVO 4G LTE gallery

5/14/2012 - 7 Snow White and the Huntsman clips show off the Evil Queen's secret weapon

5/14/2012 - Is Apple Planning Its Own Photo-Sharing Service?

5/14/2012 - NASA Astronauts Are Training for Missions to Asteroids

5/14/2012 - Dinosaurs! DNA! Space Shuttles! 10 Things to Make With Your 3-D Printer

5/14/2012 - How Scientists Suck the Salt Out of Seawater With Electricity

5/14/2012 - Time Warner Cable CEO Somehow Has No Idea What AirPlay Is

5/14/2012 - Is the U.K. the world's most advanced country when it comes to digital music?

5/14/2012 - Is This the Trippiest Image Ever Taken In Space? Most Probably

5/14/2012 - Let's Give Plywood the Respect It Deserves

5/14/2012 - The Brontosaurus model from the original King Kong looks cooler today than it did 80 years ago

5/14/2012 - Unedited: When Everyone Told Me I Was Super Dumb for Loving This 'Idiotic' Dip Bowl

5/14/2012 - This Week's TV: The One Hour of Television You Definitely Shouldn't Miss! Plus 6 Season Finales!

5/14/2012 - Here's the New Fastest Wireless Router You Can Buy For Your House

5/14/2012 - Hard Drive-Annihilating Microwave Blasts Your Data With a Single Zap

5/14/2012 - The Solar Power Eye Implant Which Restores Sight

5/14/2012 - After the Singularity, heaven will be filled with pop-up ads

5/14/2012 - Stream Music to Every Radio in the House—Cheap!

5/14/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 7: The More People You Love, the Weaker You Are

5/14/2012 - Why are these trees made of uranium?

5/14/2012 - A chic survival kit for the impending apocalypse

5/14/2012 - A Water Droplet and a Space Station Are the Ultimate Way To Visualize Sound

5/14/2012 - The Foosball Table So Stylish, It Doesn't Have to Hide in the Garage

5/14/2012 - The stupidest statistic you’ll see this week

5/14/2012 - Dear Sports Fans: Your iPhone's Flash Is Ruining Your Photos

5/14/2012 - Anonymous: We Have Access to Every Secret Government Database

5/14/2012 - Can Children Ever Be Diagnosed as Psychopaths?

5/14/2012 - Man pulled over for being radioactive

5/14/2012 - How One Infinity Can Be Bigger Than Another

5/14/2012 - Which new superhero will join Earth's Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers 2?

5/14/2012 - Report: New MacBook Pros Will Be Retina Display, USB 3.0 Monster Machines

5/14/2012 - A Slingshot Bow and Arrow: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

5/14/2012 - Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro and iMac Benchmarked?

5/14/2012 - This Is the World's Most Expensive Camera

5/14/2012 - A Fat Breakfast Will Hit Your Hips in Three Hours

5/14/2012 - Kickstarter Will Eat Itself

5/14/2012 - The Stunt-Double Drugs That Hollywood Actors Take on Camera

5/14/2012 - You Can Now Make Phone Calls on Virgin Atlantic Flights

5/14/2012 - This Is Why Leica Cameras Are So Damn Expensive

5/13/2012 - Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium Hidden In a Basement

5/13/2012 - io9 Roundup: May 13, 2012

5/13/2012 - City Bans Texting While Walking: Good or Bad Idea?

5/13/2012 - A rousing musical tribute to a lazy harp seal

5/13/2012 - Nepal's most mysterious language might soon disappear

5/13/2012 - The genes behind human intelligence also made us vulnerable to autism

5/13/2012 - Amazing Spider-Man Viral Images

5/13/2012 - Falling Skies Promotional Art

5/13/2012 - Father Jumps Out of Moving Car to Save Baby Daughter From Getting Run Over

5/13/2012 - Watch the first trailer for Revolution, the new post-apocalyptic show from J.J. Abrams and Supernatural's Eric Kripke

5/13/2012 - Ten Baby Bears Celebrate Mother's Day By Dancing the Conga

5/13/2012 - There are few things goofier than the girl from The Ring, kaiju-sized

5/13/2012 - Watching These 60,000 Dominos Fall Is an Intensely Satisfying Experience

5/13/2012 - Final Reminder: Avengers Assemble! io9 Movie Meetup TODAY in San Francisco, 5/13 (note updated time!)

5/13/2012 - The entire first episode of Tron: Uprising is online (UPDATED)

5/13/2012 - All the Water On Earth

5/13/2012 - Genetically engineered viruses could someday make typing-powered gadgets possible

5/13/2012 - Adobe Finally Decides to Fix its Own Broken Software

5/13/2012 - Innocent people may have been framed for murder...by bugs?

5/13/2012 - Stupid Criminals Get Caught After Stupidest Facebook Mistake Yet

5/13/2012 - The birth of Scantrons, the bane of standardized testing

5/13/2012 - Photos of Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs Confirm How Bad This Movie Is Going to Be

5/13/2012 - This student film carries more of an emotional punch than most movies

5/13/2012 - Finland’s brilliant plan for dealing with nuclear waste: pulling a Keyser Söze

5/13/2012 - The harmonograph was the first art machine

5/13/2012 - What if The Avengers and X-Men had a cartoon in the style of Ren & Stimpy?

5/13/2012 - The Bizarre History of the Vibrator: From Cleopatra's Angry Bees to Steam-Powered Dildos

5/12/2012 - It Seems That Aliens Are Living Under the White Sea

5/12/2012 - And lo, a cute short film about a 30-foot-tall wooden marionette robot

5/12/2012 - The World's Largest Wood Stockpile Is Absolutely Insane

5/12/2012 - Can peeing in a lake really kill fish?

5/12/2012 - Let them eat fractal pancakes

5/12/2012 - NASA Captures the Sun's Most Striking Photo Yet

5/12/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Girl Who Kept Her Heart in a Jar

5/12/2012 - Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Here's how we know that.

5/12/2012 - Loving Kittens Playing In Super-Slow Motion Obviously Is a Cute Overload

5/12/2012 - Fringe: The Final Word on Mad Science

5/12/2012 - Britain’s national forensics lab is auctioning off their stuff, start your own CSI

5/12/2012 - Could You Live Without Broadband at Home? (Steve Wozniak Does!)

5/12/2012 - The Nine Circles Of Hell, As Depicted In LEGO

5/12/2012 - Teleportation, Prom Disasters, IRL Mario Kart and More...

5/12/2012 - The emotional illusion that makes the future (and the past) look so rosy

5/12/2012 - Tardy the Man Pony, and other crappy vintage toys that never existed

5/12/2012 - Why Do You Spill Coffee While Walking and How You Can Stop It From Happening

5/12/2012 - Will multinational corporations someday end up owning all our land?

5/12/2012 - F-18 Launching at Night Is My Favorite Airporn of the Week

5/12/2012 - Webcomics go retro-pulp in I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space

5/12/2012 - Engineer thinks we could build a real Starship Enterprise in 20 years

5/12/2012 - Write the Perfect Craigslist Post

5/12/2012 - How our predictions for the Year 2000 changed throughout the 20th Century

5/12/2012 - This Man Must Be the Saddest Scientist Ever

5/12/2012 - Adorable webcomic illustrates the Avengers' difficulties with carrying Hawkeye into battle

5/12/2012 - Hawkman starts a fight club, and Nick Fury outs an Avenger as a Skrull!

5/12/2012 - James Brown Does Monterey, Super Heroes Super Fail, and WTF Is a Hurricane Bong?

5/11/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Seven Minutes With Olivia Wilde

5/11/2012 - How to Build a Bike in Postwar Britain

5/11/2012 - Best of the Week: May 5-May 11, 2012

5/11/2012 - Tumblr Explosions, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

5/11/2012 - Could an IUD be the best emergency contraceptive around?

5/11/2012 - Maurice Sendak Tribute Axes, Chariot Side Tables, and More

5/11/2012 - The Most Terrifying Drug in the World

5/11/2012 - Vampire Diaries: A Wasted Moment of Clarity

5/11/2012 - Behold T-Pain's Favorite Porn Accessory

5/11/2012 - Just how much Alien stuff was there in Prometheus originally? A lot, says Damon Lindelof

5/11/2012 - What the Hell Is Going on in This Wonderful Animated GIf?

5/11/2012 - Man Rams a Store with a Stolen Tractor to Steal Deodorant

5/11/2012 - SPAM: Now with three kinds of pig!

5/11/2012 - Clip These Adorable LED Cubes Anywhere the Sun Don't Shine

5/11/2012 - Knights of Badassdom still has no release date

5/11/2012 - Biff's business card answers all of your burning Back To the Future questions

5/11/2012 - All Systems Go For First Private Spacecraft To Reach the Space Station

5/11/2012 - That Falling Skies Cliffhanger: "We wrote ourselves into a little bit of a corner"

5/11/2012 - Jetpac, Track 8, and More

5/11/2012 - Squrl, Simple, iTranslate Voice, and More

5/11/2012 - CoinKeeper, Turntable.fm, and More

5/11/2012 - Could Helium-3 really solve Earth's energy problems?

5/11/2012 - The Navy's Super Expensive New Boat Gets a Big Fat F-

5/11/2012 - The Psychedelic Japanese Cityscapes Of Decades Past

5/11/2012 - iPhone-Thieving Hookers Cause a Motel Shootout

5/11/2012 - Here's a Pen To Match Your Moleskine Notebook

5/11/2012 - Add Bubbles to Any Booze Without Watering It Down

5/11/2012 - Apparently some spiders hunt in packs. You've been warned.

5/11/2012 - Expanding Aluminum Picnic Table Is the Optimus Prime of Summer

5/11/2012 - Is Chernobyl Diaries just the Ukrainian version of Hills Have Eyes?

5/11/2012 - Your commute is killing you

5/11/2012 - EpicVape EV-2 Lightning Review: A Desktop Vaporizer You Don't Have to Hide When Company Comes

5/11/2012 - EpicVape EV-2 Lightning Review Gallery

5/11/2012 - Real-Life Spiderman Climbs France's Tallest Building Without a Harness

5/11/2012 - Why Weren't Hammers Designed With Magnetic Handles In the First Place?

5/11/2012 - Remember the time we bombed Mexico with German rockets?

5/11/2012 - California Passes Law Preventing Employers From Demanding Social Media Access

5/11/2012 - Quantum Object Teleported 100 Kilometers by Chinese Scientists

5/11/2012 - The Earth Looks Gorgeously Fragile in Infrared

5/11/2012 - iOS' Reminders and Notes Apps Will Likely Appear in iCloud

5/11/2012 - The Coolest Airship Pictures You've Ever Seen

5/11/2012 - How to make decapitated Ned Stark dessert pops

5/11/2012 - Holy Shit This Is Real Fucking Corn

5/11/2012 - Fantasy Novels That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

5/11/2012 - This 204-Piece Tool Kit Is Your Fixed-That-For-You Deal of the Day

5/11/2012 - NASA once issued a memo warning of the dangers of low-gravity hair

5/11/2012 - Philadelphia's Subway Trains Are Becoming Rolling Power Factories

5/11/2012 - And now, Richard Feynman playing the bongos

5/11/2012 - The Strange Creatures that Cronenberg's Total Recall Would Have Included

5/11/2012 - This Is Objectively the Best Prom Photo Ever

5/11/2012 - How To Make Your Mom Feel Loved with Technology

5/11/2012 - Insanely Detailed Look at Bane's Scuba mask from The Dark Knight Rises

5/11/2012 - A Large Hadron Collider Would Be Easy to Build If Ikea Made It

5/11/2012 - Gastroenteritis outbreak linked to reusable shopping bag

5/11/2012 - Moms Spray Dirty-Dancing Teens with Lysol in Real-Life Footloose Fiasco

5/11/2012 - ; )

5/11/2012 - io9 Show: DIY Science Fiction!

5/11/2012 - Man Pulled Over by Cops for Being Too Radioactive

5/11/2012 - 10 Fictional Scientists We Wish Were Real

5/11/2012 - How to Cram an Entire Room into a Box

5/11/2012 - Al Qaeda Planned To Put Bombs Inside Pets To Blow Up Airplanes

5/11/2012 - iPhone Unlock Screen Business Cards: Swipe to Ugh

5/11/2012 - Dark Shadows could make all other vampire movies obsolete

5/11/2012 - Reminder: Avengers Assemble! io9 Movie Meetup in San Francisco, 5/13

5/11/2012 - The Avengers, in style of Maurice Sendak

5/11/2012 - Blue Jeans Are Staining the HTC One X a Sickly Blue

5/11/2012 - This love train of bear cubs grooming is shockingly adorable

5/11/2012 - Retina Display MacBooks Seem Inevitable Now

5/11/2012 - Newspaper Writer Accidentally Tweets a Porn Link to Thousands of Followers

5/11/2012 - What would the world be like if pterosaurs and humans coexisted today? (Part II)

5/11/2012 - How To Use Android

5/11/2012 - Watch Snow White and the Huntsman's bad-ass Evil Queen at work

5/11/2012 - Magnifying Glass Vase Greatly Exaggerates Your Gardening Skills

5/11/2012 - Chimpanzees have nutcracker neighborhoods

5/11/2012 - Elderly Couple Dies After AT&T Drops Nine Calls for Help

5/11/2012 - Children's drawings come to life as delightfully weird toys

5/11/2012 - UK Prime Minister Thought 'LOL' Meant 'Lots of Love'

5/11/2012 - Apple Television Set Confirmed By Foxconn Boss

5/11/2012 - Siri Doesn't Think the iPhone Is the Best Smartphone

5/11/2012 - Build An Old-Fashioned Nixie Tube Desk Clock, Just Like Grandpa Did

5/11/2012 - Check out new videos from Fringe, Snow White and the Huntsman, Men in Black 3, and more!

5/11/2012 - There's a Sequel to "Friday" With No Rebecca Black But Way More Unbearable Awfulness

5/11/2012 - Fifteen Years Ago Today, a Computer Became the World's Best Chess Player

5/11/2012 - Report: Apple Is Dropping Google Maps from iOS 6

5/11/2012 - Your Alarm Clock Could Be Making You Fat

5/11/2012 - What Is This Trippy Burst of Light?

5/11/2012 - Steve Jobs and Woz in a Crazy Apple Ghostbusters Spoof

5/11/2012 - Intel: Windows 8 on ARM Is an Uphill Fight

5/11/2012 - Facebook Is Testing a Pay-For-Promotion System Everyone Can Use

5/11/2012 - Dancing Dragon Towers Will Have a Breathable, Scale-Like Skin

5/11/2012 - Young Justice 'Alienated' Images

5/11/2012 - Touch 'Tessellations' Images

5/11/2012 - It's Possible That You Actually Need These Shitty Earbuds

5/11/2012 - Iron-Pressed Hash, Bill Nye Dances, and the Dead Do Germany

5/10/2012 - The Bottom-Barrel Basics for Drinking a Glass of Wine

5/10/2012 - Would You Trust an Electronic Nose App to Diagnose Your Ills?

5/10/2012 - SynchroCam Tethers Your iOS Devices to Make Mobile 3D Gifs

5/10/2012 - Ghostbuster Steve Jobs, Slo-Mo Popcorn, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

5/10/2012 - Slice and Dice Fire Flowers on This Coin Block Cutting Board

5/10/2012 - Grow Your Own Little Hanging Garden of Babylon with the Volet Végétal

5/10/2012 - Supernatural Season Finale Images

5/10/2012 - Quills: A Hollywood Homage to the Marquis de Sade

5/10/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 10, 2012

5/10/2012 - USPS Outlaws the Sending of iPads and Kindles to Troops Overseas

5/10/2012 - Photographing Birds of Prey is Really Friggin' Hard

5/10/2012 - Custom Map-Printed Napkins Ensure You'll Never Lose Your Way Home

5/10/2012 - These robotic butt-cheeks respond to slaps, caresses, and pokes

5/10/2012 - Ride China Miéville's Crazy Train in Railsea

5/10/2012 - iPhone 4 Mirror Back Replacement Is Perfect For Both Makeup and Cocaine

5/10/2012 - What if Pinterest Were in Real Life?

5/10/2012 - First glimpse of a fanged Chris Meloni from True Blood!

5/10/2012 - Japan's Softbank Carrier Unveils Earthquake-Proof Floating Cell Towers

5/10/2012 - The Absolute Goofiest Old School James Bond Gadgets

5/10/2012 - Meet Calvin the calico lobster, a "1-in-30-million specimen"

5/10/2012 - When Dagwood Bumstead Split the Atom

5/10/2012 - Gorgeous new Prometheus photos showcase the insane detail on each space suit

5/10/2012 - The 1950s Space Age style known as Googie lives on forever

5/10/2012 - Squrl: Find The Best Videos and Shows to Fuel Your TV Needs

5/10/2012 - World War II Fighter Plane Found in the Sahara Desert After 70 Years

5/10/2012 - Robert Pattinson recreates Cronenberg's Videodrome and Scanners

5/10/2012 - Could There Be a Cooler Maurice Sendak Tribute Than This Awesome Axe?

5/10/2012 - Funky Dalek impersonator dances and raps on British TV: "All I wanna do is exterminate!"

5/10/2012 - This is the oldest Maya Calendar Ever Discovered

5/10/2012 - Squrl Gallery

5/10/2012 - This starfish walks on four legs, using its fifth leg as a "head"

5/10/2012 - Nike's Dimpled Tracksuits Could Help Athletes Shatter World Records At This Summer's Olympics

5/10/2012 - Jungle Science: Mayans Actually Didn't Predict a 2012 Apocalypse

5/10/2012 - Sat Photos May Show Iran Hiding Nuke Gear

5/10/2012 - This Audio Recorder Thinks It's a Music App

5/10/2012 - Got that Not-So-Fresh, Stuck in the Office Feeling?

5/10/2012 - These double ice halos could make you believe in a cosmic designer

5/10/2012 - Leica M Monochrom Only Shoots in Black and White and That's Awesome

5/10/2012 - Man in Underwear Stabs His Computer with a Samurai Sword When Police Search for Child Porn

5/10/2012 - This Suitcase's Shock-Absorbing Wheels Can Traverse the Roughest Terrain

5/10/2012 - An Inside Look at the Real Stars of Battleship: The Awesome Special Effects

5/10/2012 - This Tactical Vest Is Your Not-So-Impractical Deal of the Day

5/10/2012 - Leonard Nimoy explains why he couldn't resist returning to Fringe

5/10/2012 - 9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following on Instagram

5/10/2012 - Dirt-Cheap Touchscreen Tech Means They'll Be Everywhere Soon

5/10/2012 - Why do all of the grown-ups on The Vampire Diaries suck so much?

5/10/2012 - Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts on How to Create a Great Space Movie

5/10/2012 - Guy Gets Magnets Implanted in His Arm To Hold His iPod, Forgets There's a New Design Every Year

5/10/2012 - The New Bing: Facebook and Twitter Make Your Searches More Social

5/10/2012 - How Tupperware Almost Didn't Make It Into Your Kitchen

5/10/2012 - Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future

5/10/2012 - 10 Things You'll See in Almost Every Tim Burton Movie

5/10/2012 - Incoming Xbox Internet Explorer Will Be Kinect Driven—You Know, Like Minority Report

5/10/2012 - Adobe's Photoshop Security Reaches a Sad New Low

5/10/2012 - Double-Ended Shark Coffee Table Oozes Great White Class

5/10/2012 - Pinterest In the 90s Would Have Kept You On the Cutting Edge of Fashion, Give or Take Two Months

5/10/2012 - Touching, Beautiful Uncensored Outtakes from Colbert's Maurice Sendak Interview

5/10/2012 - The Best DVR Feature Yet: Dish Network Lets You Automatically Skip All Commercials

5/10/2012 - The future weapons of the 1970s looked like G.I. Joe vehicles

5/10/2012 - How Did an 18-Month-Old Girl End Up On the No-Fly List?

5/10/2012 - Could this photograph change the future?

5/10/2012 - What would life be like if pterosaurs were alive today?

5/10/2012 - You Can Eat This Emergency Survival Guide When Your Situation Gets Desperate

5/10/2012 - Riding Along In Red Bull's Stunt Plane Won't Help Your Fear Of Flying

5/10/2012 - This is what ZZ Top looks like in space

5/10/2012 - ASTAMIDS Fly-By Mine Detectors Save US Lives and Limbs

5/10/2012 - This Is the Definitive Photograph of Planet Earth

5/10/2012 - Hot Missile Porn: Hawaiian ICBM Blowed the Hell Up

5/10/2012 - This Is the iPad Keyboard Case You Want

5/10/2012 - Dear people of the past, screw you for not making inflatable pants insanely popular

5/10/2012 - Our New Favorite Troll High-Fives Tourists Pretending to Hold Up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

5/10/2012 - Crete was once swarming with tiny mammoths

5/10/2012 - Nokia's Lumia Rap Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Music, Gadgets, and the World (Update: ROGUE MARKETING?)

5/10/2012 - This Inflatable Boot Camp Would Make the Draft Obsolete

5/10/2012 - During World War II, Japan plotted to unleash a plague on the United States

5/10/2012 - Cocktail Shaking Machine Is How Super Villains Would Grant James Bond His Last Martini Request

5/10/2012 - It's Jason Todd versus Mr. Freeze, in this preview of Red Hood and the Outlaws

5/10/2012 - Every Single Harry Potter Book Will Be Free on Amazon Prime

5/10/2012 - Apple's Using Its Mountain of Cash to Improve Working Conditions in China

5/10/2012 - How an Oxford Professor Turned Roulette Odds in His Favor

5/10/2012 - Marion Cotillard swears her Dark Knight Rises character isn't who you think!

5/10/2012 - Surprise, Printer Cartridges Come Filled with Less Ink Every Year

5/10/2012 - The Most Realistic Robotic Ass Ever Made

5/10/2012 - Can Siri Find a Cure for Cancer?

5/10/2012 - Obese Mothers Give Birth to Less Intelligent Children

5/10/2012 - Sony Proves It's on the Rocks With a Record Annual Loss of $5.7 billion

5/10/2012 - Is Microsoft Planning to Limit Your Browser Choice on Windows 8 Tablets? (Updated)

5/10/2012 - Two New Unskippable Warnings for All DVDs

5/10/2012 - Holy heck, these Japanese hobbyists are building a 12-foot-tall pilotable mech

5/10/2012 - Leaked FBI Report Details How Best to Get Away With Bitcoin Crime

5/10/2012 - NatGeo on Weed, Jean Claude VanDamme Kicking Things, and an Interview with a Piece of Delusional Toast

5/9/2012 - You Shouldn't Put Water on Your Cereal, Says Science

5/9/2012 - Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Protects Your Web Fortress by Keeping Neighbors Out

5/9/2012 - We May Absorb 60 Dark Matter Particles an Hour

5/9/2012 - Internet Nobodies Aren't Allowed Inside This VIP Lounge

5/9/2012 - Laptop Giveaways, Fat Suction, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

5/9/2012 - Your Chariot Awaits...for Your Snacks

5/9/2012 - How to Make Sure Someone Will Buy Your App (Hint: Use Comic Sans)

5/9/2012 - Your Mom Might Be Having Sex and Using Her iPhone at the Same Time

5/9/2012 - Some of the Cheesiest Movie Moments of All Time

5/9/2012 - The Best Designed Vintage SUV Is Hand Built with Taste

5/9/2012 - Hundreds Of Balloons Fall Victim to a Giant Laser

5/9/2012 - Joss Whedon explains why he had to do unspeakable things to one character in The Avengers

5/9/2012 - Party Monster: Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

5/9/2012 - Zachary Quinto's Empty Actor Chair On The Set of Star Trek 2

5/9/2012 - Glimpse of J.J. Abrams' Revolution

5/9/2012 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation International Posters

5/9/2012 - A Peek at Fringe's Season Finale

5/9/2012 - New Frankenweenie Pics

5/9/2012 - Lo-Res Poster for 47 Ronin

5/9/2012 - Retro Science Fiction Movies that Everybody Should See

5/9/2012 - Warzone Robot Makes Wedding Super Cute

5/9/2012 - The Seven Weirdest Creatures Under the Sea

5/9/2012 - Amazing Spider-Man concept art shows an uncomfortable amount of the Lizard's anatomy

5/9/2012 - Watch Mars and Beyond, Disney's trippy 1950s vision of space exploration and extraterrestrial life

5/9/2012 - Most Dickheads Would Buy This Facebook Instagram Concept Camera If It Were Real

5/9/2012 - Be Your Own Handy Man With Hitachi's Brushless Hammer Drill

5/9/2012 - Simple: Know Exactly Where Your Money Goes With Bank Substitute

5/9/2012 - Ruin Your Kid's Rep with This Nerdalicious Math Sweater

5/9/2012 - When Nuclear Bombs Were Going to be Used For Construction Work

5/9/2012 - Download the Apple OS X 10.7.4 Lion Update Now

5/9/2012 - Rebecca Black's 2,000th Tweet Is Very Bad

5/9/2012 - Facebook Is Making Its Own App Store Called App Center

5/9/2012 - New Prometheus featurette shows even more spoilery footage!

5/9/2012 - Proof Google Glasses Can Take Non-Shitty Pictures

5/9/2012 - Hellboy's on a one-way trip to Hell, and Mike Mignola's our tour guide

5/9/2012 - Simple Gallery

5/9/2012 - Bigger Words Make Emotions More Intense

5/9/2012 - Iranian Supreme Leader's Antifiltering Fatwa Filtered for Mentioning "Antifiltering"

5/9/2012 - Could An Ingredient In Spicy Foods Make Your Beer Belly Disappear?

5/9/2012 - Like Snowflakes, No Two Of These Complex Fractal Puzzles Are Completely Alike

5/9/2012 - Aphex Twin: Rubber Johnny (NSFW)

5/9/2012 - How long ago did we finish domesticating horses?

5/9/2012 - The House That Can Live on the Water or in the Trees

5/9/2012 - An amazing short film about a beetle with surreal chemical powers

5/9/2012 - It Takes Carbon Fiber and Kevlar to Make the Best Basketball Shoes in the World

5/9/2012 - Watch this rare footage of the most endangered gorillas on Earth

5/9/2012 - See an Adorable Kid on 13 Consecutive First Days of School

5/9/2012 - Pentizel World-Building Sketches and Stuff

5/9/2012 - There Are So Many Damn Android Phones That Some Aren't Even Being Released

5/9/2012 - This Phosphor E-Ink Watch Is Your Style-And-Substance Deal of the Day

5/9/2012 - Rolling Stone crowns Peter Dinklage our new rock star

5/9/2012 - This Ice Bra Is Designed to Fight the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

5/9/2012 - Magically Levitating Balls Could Be the Future of Computer Interfaces

5/9/2012 - 10 Ridiculously Unsettling Old-Timey Robots

5/9/2012 - Portable Bidet Takes Plastic Water Bottles To New Depths

5/9/2012 - The Classic Origins of Today's Hollywood Design

5/9/2012 - Nike Elite Series Gallery

5/9/2012 - This guy hand-forged his own wedding ring. OUT OF A METEORITE.

5/9/2012 - Ingenious Folding Ladder Practically Disappears For Easy Storage

5/9/2012 - Robots could soon be probing your brain

5/9/2012 - Black Holes Can't Hide from NuSTAR's X-Ray Eyes

5/9/2012 - Nebraska man legally changes name to Tyrannosaurus Rex, is instantly cooler

5/9/2012 - Nike Elite Series Prototype Gallery

5/9/2012 - The Damage to NYC in The Avengers Would Cost $160 Billion to Repair

5/9/2012 - Why Building the Death Star Is a Bad Investment

5/9/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Frame Within a Frame

5/9/2012 - F-22 Ground Crews Are Also Having Mysterious Breathing Problems

5/9/2012 - Plastic Bags Can Give You the Flu

5/9/2012 - No One Would Complain If All Wind Turbines Looked This Beautiful

5/9/2012 - 4 Surefire Ways to Make Remote Workers Feel Like They're Part of the Team

5/9/2012 - Medical predictions for the 21st century from 1955 were equal parts inspiring and gut-busting

5/9/2012 - An unapologetically reductionist cartoon about Australian wildlife

5/9/2012 - London Hacked Its Own Traffic Lights to Make Sure It Got the Olympics

5/9/2012 - Texas Surgeons Are Live-Tweeting Brain Surgery Right Now

5/9/2012 - Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props!

5/9/2012 - Kiddie Porn Is Now Legal in New York

5/9/2012 - You Can Get Your Face Frozen In Carbonite Now

5/9/2012 - Why Space: 1999 is Still Retro Cool

5/9/2012 - Pink Slime Is Close to Complete Destruction

5/9/2012 - Low-Tech Water-Powered Alarm Clock, Flatpack Papercraft Gramophone, and More from TreeHugger

5/9/2012 - Everything you need to know about crapping at the opera before 1830

5/9/2012 - A New Translation of The One Russian Science Fiction Novel You Absolutely Must Read

5/9/2012 - Download Flipboard for Android Right Now

5/9/2012 - Behold a Batman helmet right out of the 1920s

5/9/2012 - Panic Button Light Switch Adds Drama To Conserving Electricity

5/9/2012 - This Tin Foil Can Hold the Universe's Largest Burrito

5/9/2012 - Kick-Ass 2 is really happening. Plus Leonard Nimoy and John Noble take you inside Fringe!

5/9/2012 - TSA Finds Gun-Stuffed Mickey Mouse in Four Year-Old's Luggage

5/9/2012 - Dwarf Mammoths Used to Inhabit the Island of Crete

5/9/2012 - Sometimes, It's Cool Not to Know Stuff

5/9/2012 - Oh Dear: The Most Exciting Thing About the New BlackBerry Is a Dedicated BBM Button

5/9/2012 - How Steve Jobs Came to Play FDR in That Crazy Apple Video

5/9/2012 - James Bond Has Dodged 4,662 Bullets During His Fictional Career

5/9/2012 - Google and Oracle Enter Round Two of Heavyweight Legal Fight

5/9/2012 - With a Ceramic Transducer, You'll Hear Voices Inside Your Head

5/9/2012 - Delta Calls Cops on Viber Exec for Using His Own VoIP App In-Flight (UPDATED)

5/9/2012 - Easily the most insane animal footage ever caught on an undersea camera

5/9/2012 - HP Spectre XT: HP's Glass Wonder Now Has a Smaller, Cheaper and Aluminum-Clad Sibling

5/9/2012 - Sexist Disney Cartoons, Agnostic Front Live from CBGB, and Exploding Mini-Meth Labs

5/8/2012 - Will Facial-Recognition Software Finally Reveal Mona Lisa's True Identity?

5/8/2012 - The Kisai Uzumaki Marks the Flow of Time with Swirling Vortex Hands

5/8/2012 - This Intricate Replica of Fenway Park Is an Awesome Example of 3D Printing

5/8/2012 - Electric Food Tricks Your Taste Buds

5/8/2012 - Individual Spoiler Images for 5-8

5/8/2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man Promo Images

5/8/2012 - Yemeni Would-Be Panty-Bomber Is Said to be CIA Double Agent

5/8/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 8, 2012

5/8/2012 - Arcade Fire: Wake Up

5/8/2012 - Did the Germans launch a crewed rocket into space in 1933?

5/8/2012 - Behind-The-Scenes snaps from Ridley Scott's Alien reveal the real Xenomorph

5/8/2012 - Dark Days: In NYC, Abandoned Train Tunnels Are Home to a Community of Homeless Dwellers

5/8/2012 - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in May

5/8/2012 - Soccer Goal Chairs Are the Only Way Children Will Voluntarily Sit Down

5/8/2012 - How to Never Get Tricked By a Shortened Link Ever Again

5/8/2012 - This week, Garth Ennis writes Nick Fury and Paul Pope heads to space!

5/8/2012 - Eureka tangles with emotional fallout and dodgy special effects

5/8/2012 - One in Six Cancers Are Caused By Treatable Infections

5/8/2012 - The Future of Grocery Bags Is Here and It Involves Pockets

5/8/2012 - It's Okay to Look Through These Hacked Passwords

5/8/2012 - The 'Jewel Caterpillar' is the most bizarre-looking creature you'll see this month

5/8/2012 - Uniqlo Wake Up: A Better Way to Kick Off Your Day

5/8/2012 - Wordless Web Turns the Internet Into One Giant Picture Book

5/8/2012 - The Hulk reviews Mark Ruffalo's performance as... The Hulk.

5/8/2012 - A Weather Woman's Clothes Disappeared on Live TV

5/8/2012 - Wake Up Gallery

5/8/2012 - A Camping Lighter That Puts Fire at Your Beck and Call

5/8/2012 - The Man Who Declared War on Gravity

5/8/2012 - Clamp Shelf Tightens So Your Books Never Fall Again

5/8/2012 - A new stage play that turns all your ideas about humanity on their head

5/8/2012 - Facebook Ad Scammer Fined $100K for Ruining Our Newsfeeds

5/8/2012 - The aliens in Battleship could have been much weirder

5/8/2012 - Future-Forks Have Evolved Opposable Thumbs

5/8/2012 - First Trailer for Argo, About the Fake Science Fiction Movie that Saved 6 People from a Hostage Crisis

5/8/2012 - The Race Car-Inspired Chair Designed Using Direct Feedback From Your Butt

5/8/2012 - How we drew Angel, Willow, and Faith hanging out in a hell dimension

5/8/2012 - Everything You Need To SMASH Like the Hulk

5/8/2012 - Alert: It Is Utterly Unsafe To Fly If You're Fat

5/8/2012 - This Tiny Digital Camera Is Your So-That's-How-They-Made-A-Bug's-Life Deal of the Day

5/8/2012 - We Brag Because It Feels as Good as Sex

5/8/2012 - Do You Notice the Logo or the Name of These Brands?

5/8/2012 - Homeland Security Discovers Vulnerabilities in Airport Body Scanners

5/8/2012 - A fascinating documentary on the wooden camera photographers of Afghanistan

5/8/2012 - 19 Drawings That You'll Never Believe Started as Photos

5/8/2012 - Is this the way the world ends?

5/8/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Inked

5/8/2012 - Triple Barrel Revolver Makes Anyone an Expert Marksman

5/8/2012 - Fuel Cell USB Charger Resurrects Your Dead Phone Up To Fourteen Times

5/8/2012 - Spoiler, a police procedural that takes place post-zombie apocalypse

5/8/2012 - The Cheap, Charming, Kinda Crazy Lab of a Video Visionary

5/8/2012 - 10 Best Comic Book Movies of All Time

5/8/2012 - The anatomical guide to a xenomorph, on a t-shirt

5/8/2012 - Avengers Assemble! io9 Movie Meetup in San Francisco, 5/13

5/8/2012 - London's Rooftop Missile Sites Could Have Been Designed by Tony Stark

5/8/2012 - Breville Compact Juice Fountain Review: Fast. Efficient. Delicious.

5/8/2012 - An interview with a woman who survived the 1958 atomic bombing of South Carolina

5/8/2012 - Giant 1970s Fisheye Lens On a Nikon D800: Worth the $160k?

5/8/2012 - This Intensive Care Art Installation Thinks It's Alive

5/8/2012 - Badass Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon in a Bionic Suit

5/8/2012 - The first look at J.J. Abrams' new post-apocalyptic TV show Revolution

5/8/2012 - Right Angle iPhone Dock Is a Beautifully Unobtrusive Travel Accessory

5/8/2012 - If you collected all of Earth's water into a sphere, how big would it be?

5/8/2012 - You Can Get Away with Being a Total Dick If You're on the Phone

5/8/2012 - In Austria, an ice cave is an earthbound stand-in for Mars

5/8/2012 - How To Thoroughly Dry Your Hands With Just One Piece of Paper Towel

5/8/2012 - A Storefront in SF Offers Timeless Tintype Photographs in 20 Minutes

5/8/2012 - You Can Buy an iPad 2 for $320 and That's Freaking Cheap

5/8/2012 - Important Tips For Surviving the Inevitable Robot Uprising

5/8/2012 - Alastair Reynolds is "getting weary" of the space opera label

5/8/2012 - Sunscreen Could Be Giving You Skin Cancer

5/8/2012 - The Best Display Under Bright Light: It's Not Your iPhone

5/8/2012 - Prometheus really will be rated R. Plus Marvel reveals the road to Avengers 2!

5/8/2012 - Where The Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak passes away at 83

5/8/2012 - AT&T CEO Might Not Know How His Android Phones Get Updated

5/8/2012 - A Wonderfully Simple Explanation of Oil Price and the Economy

5/8/2012 - Commandos Now Play Digital Brain Games as War Prep

5/8/2012 - How Amazon Aims to Fill Your Wardrobe

5/8/2012 - Microsoft Can Detect Your Gestures Using Just Your Computer's Audio

5/8/2012 - An Amazing Vintage Video About the World's First Accurate Atomic Clock

5/8/2012 - Nevada Finally Lets Google's Driverless Cars Loose

5/8/2012 - Post-Poo Drops Mask Your Utter Humanity

5/8/2012 - MIT Student Builds Awesome Working Mario Kart, Documents Process Every Step of the Way

5/8/2012 - Olympus TG-1: Tough Cams Want to Snap Beautiful Photos Too

5/8/2012 - Richard Pryor on Hecklers, Mini-Giant Gundam Fights, and the Botany of Desire

5/7/2012 - This Mod, Mobius-Inspired Chair Totally Belongs on the Set of Mad Men

5/7/2012 - Fallen Giant Kodak Is Taking Hosting Service Offline. For Good.

5/7/2012 - Tuna Scrape: The Pulverized Scrap Fish Paste Inside Your Spicy Tuna Roll

5/7/2012 - And now, Arnold Schwarzenegger cordially shaking hands with the Predator

5/7/2012 - New Images From Spidey Viral Sites - Lucha Libre, Parker Family, Midtown Science High School

5/7/2012 - Vin Diesel's Lastest Riddick Photo

5/7/2012 - Prometheus' Michael Fassbender, and First Look at the Rated "R" Ticket!

5/7/2012 - Once Upon a Time Finale Photos

5/7/2012 - iPad Fake-Outs, Malware Rising, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

5/7/2012 - MIB 3 in the Gossip Tabloids

5/7/2012 - Lena Headley as "Ma-Ma" Madrigal in Dredd

5/7/2012 - J.J. Abrams' Revolution (Or Is It "Blackout"?)

5/7/2012 - A Totally Badass Backpack Made of Salvaged Bike Boots

5/7/2012 - Picture of the Day: May 7, 2012

5/7/2012 - GE Figures Out How to Squeeze 100W of Light from a 27W LED Bulb

5/7/2012 - 'Cupcakes are as addictive as cocaine,' and Other Worthless Comparisons

5/7/2012 - Drugstore Cowboy: A Lot of Dilaudid, Gus Van Sant, and a Dead Heather Graham

5/7/2012 - Once Upon A Time can't swing a dead fairy without hitting more tasty cheese

5/7/2012 - Track 8 Music Player Brings Microsoft’s Beautiful Metro Design to iPad

5/7/2012 - First Horrifying Look at Lena Headey in Dredd

5/7/2012 - There Is a Poisonous Alien Caterpillar Threatening to Invade the London Olympics. Seriously.

5/7/2012 - The Best Towel Rack Is the One You Barely Notice At All

5/7/2012 - Chinese capsule hotel lets you pretend you're sleeping in space (minus the microgravity)

5/7/2012 - No, Fox News, dinosaurs did not fart their way to extinction

5/7/2012 - Hilary Hahn and Hauschka: Bounce Bounce

5/7/2012 - Teal Panels Are Like Lego For Campers Who Hate Tents

5/7/2012 - Remember when we thought we'd get all our nutrition from pills and bars?

5/7/2012 - Would You Skype with Your Dog? (What if It Was Very Lonely?)

5/7/2012 - Game of Thrones Week 6: You can't control wild creatures, and you can't own people

5/7/2012 - Is Telephobia Really a Thing?

5/7/2012 - This Real Transformer Toy Amazingly Shapeshifts on Its Own

5/7/2012 - Polamatic: Photo OG Polaroid Has a Photo Sharing Service of Its Own

5/7/2012 - Polamatic Gallery

5/7/2012 - You Won't Believe This See-Through Clear Caterpillar Isn't CG

5/7/2012 - Science fiction and fantasy icons look downright dashing in 19th century Russian regalia

5/7/2012 - Man Jumps Into Vat of Acid to Save His Coworker

5/7/2012 - Wine-Chilling Carafe Classes Up Your Pic-a-nic Basket

5/7/2012 - See Pixar's new Princess Merida live and in human form!

5/7/2012 - Giant Foam Fist KOOZIE-LIKE HOLDER Strikes Fear Into Luke-Warm Beverages

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