11/30/2012 - Apparently No One Knows Who Tim Cook Is

11/30/2012 - I'm Sad That No Kid Will Ever Know What This Coffee Table Really Is

11/30/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Old Girl

11/30/2012 - In news that is indisputably, 100% true, North Korea found a "unicorn lair"

11/30/2012 - This Redray 4k Cinema Player Looks Like Something Out of Terminator

11/30/2012 - Watching People Give Compliments to Each Other Will Make Your Heart Melt

11/30/2012 - Real-Life Pixar Lamp, Herman Miller Couch, and More

11/30/2012 - Amazing News: The BBC is adapting Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for television!

11/30/2012 - The Future Is Not Accelerating

11/30/2012 - A Dozen Short Buses You Wouldn't Make Jokes About

11/30/2012 - Glare ruins NASA's photos, too. But not for the same reason it ruins yours.

11/30/2012 - Science Fiction Under Totalitarian Regimes, Part 2: Tsarist and Soviet Russia

11/30/2012 - This Robotic Sea Turtle Moves Through the Water With Breathtaking Grace

11/30/2012 - Do You Have Any Questions About Sex? Famed Sexologist Dr. Debby Herbenick Will Answer Them

11/30/2012 - The New Essential Apps November 2012

11/30/2012 - This Retro Fridge Is One of the Things You Miss From the 1950s

11/30/2012 - Name that pair of Superhero underwear

11/30/2012 - Fan Fiction Friday: Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy Really Have to Go in "Rain of Gold"

11/30/2012 - Bar10der Review: A Watered-Down Cocktail Multitool

11/30/2012 - Bar10der

11/30/2012 - Amazing Video of a Crane Lifting a Car Using Two Phonebooks

11/30/2012 - Two whales swim alarmingly close to a canoe, and passenger promptly/understandably loses her shit

11/30/2012 - The Most Realistic Artificial Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

11/30/2012 - One of Ben Edlund's Finest Hours: The Secret History of Supernatural's Deadly Turducken Slammers

11/30/2012 - Watch Dan Harmon's surprisingly inspirational keynote speech on the death of television

11/30/2012 - There's a Major Grand Canyon Controversy Going On Right Now

11/30/2012 - Why we all secretly want the apocalypse to happen

11/30/2012 - North Korean Archeologists Discover Ancient Unicorn Lair (Seriously)

11/30/2012 - Nerdy Gifts for Comic Book Fans

11/30/2012 - Stephen King's Under The Dome series will be on your TV next summer

11/30/2012 - Is every living thing on Earth related?

11/30/2012 - Yes, You're Allowed to Check Your Phone During Sex

11/30/2012 - Bizarre study suggests men care more about their sisters' children than their own

11/30/2012 - Wonderful Geeky Toys You've Always Wanted Is Your Thinkgeek-Special Deal of the Day

11/30/2012 - How George R.R. Martin's Writing Advice Led To One Of Star Trek's Greatest Episodes

11/30/2012 - Self-Updating LCD Grocery Shelf Labels Are Pure Genius

11/30/2012 - The Complete Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in December

11/30/2012 - Panasonic ST50 Review Gallery

11/30/2012 - Panasonic ST50 Plasma Television Review: Good Picture, Great Value

11/30/2012 - Exclusive: The Final Words of a 15-Year-Old Hacker Banned from the Internet

11/30/2012 - This Was the First Image of DNA Seen By Humans

11/30/2012 - 3D Roger Rabbit sequel will be set in the past, still hand drawn

11/30/2012 - At this point, Vampire Diaries is practically spoofing the "girl caught in the middle" trope

11/30/2012 - You will fall in love with these two bald eagles caring for their eggs, live on Eaglecam!

11/30/2012 - Here Are Some Ancient Tech Tweets From Twitter's Infancy

11/30/2012 - Old Nokia Phones Camera App Is Only Available for Windows Phone (Sadly)

11/30/2012 - These creatures live in a lake that's been sealed beneath ice for 2,800 years

11/30/2012 - 12 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Are Just Pure Nonstop Fun

11/30/2012 - Official Iron Man 3 images showcase the Iron Patriot, Maya Hansen and Tony's Bad Helmet Day

11/30/2012 - 5 Features iTunes 11 Still Needs

11/30/2012 - Watch This Man Win the $294 Million Powerball Jackpot

11/30/2012 - Wind and water can build up ice feathers

11/30/2012 - Incase EO Roller Gallery

11/30/2012 - Incase EO Roller Review: The Stylish Gadget Suitcase That Might Crush Your Gadgets

11/30/2012 - Here's Stan Lee's latest sad superhero-based project

11/30/2012 - Custom 3D-Printed Beams Can Be 10,000 Times Stronger Than Steel

11/30/2012 - Win a Pair of Our Favorite Running Headphones

11/30/2012 - How Syria Turned Off the Internet

11/30/2012 - In the 1920s, Shoppers Got Fooled By Fake Televisions

11/30/2012 - Watch the Real-Life Terminator Hand Tackle Everyday Tasks With Ease

11/30/2012 - This 41-Channel Hyperspectral Camera Will Look Deep in the Heart of the Aurora Borealis

11/30/2012 - This anamorphic optical illusion is the most mind-bending thing you'll see today

11/30/2012 - Would You Ever Name Your Child After a Gadget?

11/30/2012 - Relax, CW isn't renaming Wonder Woman to Iris, but she will "suffer no fools"

11/30/2012 - Leaked Redbox Instant Details Reveal Cheap, Netflix-Killing Prices

11/30/2012 - Humans have stripes! You just can't see them.

11/30/2012 - This Asshat AT&T Store Rep Wears His iPad In His Ass

11/30/2012 - Mysteries of the Cincinnati Fire Kite

11/30/2012 - This Video Truly Shows the Overwhelming Size of the Universe

11/30/2012 - How Do Computers Understand Speech?

11/30/2012 - Mind MGMT Day 5: Who will win: a man drowning in regret, or a man who has none?

11/30/2012 - Holy Crap, Someone Made a Real-Life Pixar Desk Lamp

11/30/2012 - Next week is Hobbit Week on The Colbert Report

11/30/2012 - Tiny remnants of fossilized poop tell us where ancient humans lived

11/30/2012 - If You're Going To Make a Crappy Star Wars Tie-in, At Least Do It Right

11/30/2012 - Researchers Can Make Bread Stay Fresh for 60 Days

11/30/2012 - Another X-Men star might join Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in Days of Future Past!

11/30/2012 - White-Chocolate Baby Heads: The Cure for Chocaholics

11/30/2012 - Scientists Can Now Make Stem Cells From Blood

11/30/2012 - New iMac Teardown: There's Still Spare Room in This Skinny Frame

11/30/2012 - Watch Reddit's Founders Describe How the Site Was Born

11/30/2012 - Get Up Close to Babbage's Difference Engine in This Gigapixel Image

11/30/2012 - Griffin's Selling More Kinds of Lightning Cables Than You'll Ever Need

11/30/2012 - Why Does Dell's Ubuntu-Powered XPS 13 Cost More Than Its Windows Equivalent?

11/30/2012 - Bloomberg: Microsoft's New Xbox Will Be Available By Christmas 2013

11/30/2012 - Supernatural does the very essence of a "gimmick" episode

11/30/2012 - Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Was Too Demeaning

11/30/2012 - You Can Buy an Unlocked iPhone 5 Now

11/30/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Robotic Revenge, Hammer Bongs, and NPH's Fevered Puppet Dreams

11/29/2012 - A Genius Dad Made a Flying Quadrocopter to Walk His Kid to the Bus Stop

11/29/2012 - The Secret to Making Food Look So Delicious in Ads (Hint: Slow Motion)

11/29/2012 - What Movies Think of Photographers

11/29/2012 - Killer Mike: Reagan

11/29/2012 - Blistering visions of lava meeting the ocean this week in Hawaii

11/29/2012 - A Den In a Trunk Lets You Travel With All the Comforts of Home

11/29/2012 - A rare condition that turns your skin blue

11/29/2012 - A Man and his Virtual Dragon, Against All the Malicious Code in the World

11/29/2012 - R2D2 Now Stashes the Most Useful Weapon of All: Booze

11/29/2012 - These Impossibly Light Basketball Shoes Kind of Feel Like Sweatpants (And Kobe Will Wear Them)

11/29/2012 - It's Modal Nodes, the io9 music recommendation forum!

11/29/2012 - Dynamite t-shirts you can wear for the holidays

11/29/2012 - This Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is Different Because It Looks Weird and You Can't Break it

11/29/2012 - Christopher Nolan originally approached Heath Ledger to play Bruce Wayne

11/29/2012 - Which Star Wars character could star in a live-action spin-off movie?

11/29/2012 - iBattz's Inconspicuous iPhone 5 Case Gives You an Extra Clip-On Battery

11/29/2012 - The Angel of Death came to American Horror Story, and refused to kill off any plot lines

11/29/2012 - Proof that the End of the World Doesn't Have to be Boring

11/29/2012 - The writer of Wreck-It-Ralph will co-direct Disney's Snow Queen movie Frozen

11/29/2012 - A Spidernaut Spent 100 Days in Space and Returned Home a Hero

11/29/2012 - Sony NEX-6 Gallery: ISO Test

11/29/2012 - This Handsome Leather Bag Will Make Even the Most Weary Traveler Look Good

11/29/2012 - There is something truly odd about Spock on the cover of this classic Star Trek novel

11/29/2012 - This Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine Just Made the World a Much Better Place

11/29/2012 - Email Records: You're Going To Need a Warrant for That (Maybe)

11/29/2012 - Could this "immortal" jellyfish unlock the secret to human life extension?

11/29/2012 - The world's biggest, craziest Battlestar Galactica LARP is happening next year in Sweden

11/29/2012 - These Super-Light Polymer Lenses May Eventually Replace Human Corneas

11/29/2012 - A Report from the Luckiest Man Alive: Christina Hendricks Taught Me All About Whisky

11/29/2012 - Arrow gives us a lot of stars and a quantum bullet!

11/29/2012 - This Digital Tracking Rifle Scope Only Shoots When Your Target's In Your Sights

11/29/2012 - Why The Walking Dead's creepy scientist is in love with the Governor

11/29/2012 - Vote for the best science fiction and fantasy stories of the 20th and 21st centuries!

11/29/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/29/2012 - Pacific Rim Jaeger Blueprints

11/29/2012 - Mapping Nobel Prizes and Notable Laureates

11/29/2012 - iTunes 11 Hands-On: So Fast and Clean You Might Actually Come Back

11/29/2012 - These Big-Ass Headphones Are Your Better-Than-Beats Deal of the Day

11/29/2012 - Moebius Hanger Bends Time and Space To De-Wrinkle Your Shirts

11/29/2012 - This massive flat-topped pyramid will be built in Abu Dhabi — guess what it’ll be made of

11/29/2012 - Fuji X-E1 Review: Wonderful for Stills, But It's No Jack of All Trades

11/29/2012 - NASA Finds Water and Organic Matter In Mercury

11/29/2012 - Toys Injured 262,300 Kids Last Year, and Other Terrifying Toy Facts

11/29/2012 - The Gadgets We Really Want This Christmas

11/29/2012 - 9+ Cartoons, TV Shows and Movies that Infuriatingly Aren’t on DVD Yet

11/29/2012 - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Clip of The Dark Knight's Bat

11/29/2012 - Say hello to Imantodes chocoensis, a new snake with anime eyes and a freaky looking body

11/29/2012 - iTunes 11 Is Finally Out: Here's What's New

11/29/2012 - Scientists snap a picture of DNA’s double helix for the very first time

11/29/2012 - Watch All the James Bonds In This Perfect Animated GIF

11/29/2012 - Curiosity finds Daleks on Mars

11/29/2012 - A Classic Herman Miller Collection Gets a Contemporary New Napping Couch

11/29/2012 - Microsoft Surface Pro Will Be Out in January—And Costs More Than a MacBook Air

11/29/2012 - First footage of Tyreese from Walking Dead!

11/29/2012 - How New York Will Stop the Subway From Flooding in the Next Huge Storm

11/29/2012 - Even the New York Times Had to Learn Its Way Around Twitter

11/29/2012 - This Generator Steals Energy From Passing Trains

11/29/2012 - How to Recover From Your Social Media Faux Pas

11/29/2012 - Is Watching a First-Run Movie From Your Couch Worth $35,000?

11/29/2012 - In (Partial) Defense of Overzealous Scientists: A Reflection on Martian Disappointments

11/29/2012 - The amazing, super-violent Walking Dead cartoon you never knew you needed

11/29/2012 - This Future-Proofing Torture Test Puts Next-Gen Materials Through the Wringer

11/29/2012 - The Scooby Doo Picture Frame Gag Gets a High-Tech Spying Twist

11/29/2012 - How weather prediction models can be used to forecast flu outbreaks

11/29/2012 - You Won't Believe How Much Graphing Calculators Have Changed

11/29/2012 - James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch join Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

11/29/2012 - That Massively Expensive 4K Sony TV Now Comes With 10 Minorly Interesting 4K Movies

11/29/2012 - Harry Houdini's incredible book about home science experiments — free online!

11/29/2012 - This Table Invisibly Guides Your Pen For Perfect Sketches

11/29/2012 - Etsy for iPad: The Homemade Hipster Haven Goes Tablet

11/29/2012 - Doctor When and the Day of the Mushrooms

11/29/2012 - Microsoft Looks Deep in the Heart of Internet Explorer Trolls

11/29/2012 - Etsy for iPad Gallery

11/29/2012 - First (brief, awkward) look at the giant monsters of Pacific Rim in action

11/29/2012 - Syria Just Turned off The Internet (Updated)

11/29/2012 - The greatest scientific typo in history

11/29/2012 - Uncrashable Rolling Robot Takes To the Skies To Avoid Obstacles

11/29/2012 - Revenge Porn Site Wants Your Address So Strangers Can Stalk You

11/29/2012 - This Amazing Picture of DNA Lets You See Its Nanoscale Double Helix

11/29/2012 - The Basis Watch: If the Nike FuelBand Married a Nurse Practitioner

11/29/2012 - Which rising star will play the leader of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy? Plus a Star Wars writers update!

11/29/2012 - Nate Silver's Google Talk: Like Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, For Nerds

11/29/2012 - The Biggest Ever Black Hole Weighs 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun

11/29/2012 - The History of Evolution Explained in Two Minutes

11/29/2012 - How China's Web Censorship Is Driving Traffic to a Miami Pet Spa Website

11/29/2012 - AT&T Is the Worst Carrier Again, Says Consumer Reports

11/29/2012 - Qualcomm's Amazing Wall of Patents

11/29/2012 - Sharp Is Pleading With US Firms to Help It Out

11/29/2012 - Time Warner Can't Wait for Apple to Build a TV

11/29/2012 - Julian Assange Is Suffering From a "Chronic Lung Condition"

11/29/2012 - Running Around Bangkok with Light Suits Looks So Damn Fun

11/29/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Armored Pipes, Smart Stash Boxes, and Idiot-Proof Lighter Storage

11/28/2012 - The Most Popular Songs on Spotify of 2012

11/28/2012 - Seeing Leaves Change Colors with the Seasons Is So Amazing

11/28/2012 - It's Probably Not a Good Idea to Kill a Giant Spider with Brass Knuckles

11/28/2012 - Who Is Eddy Cue? The Guy Who Fixes All of Apple's Problems

11/28/2012 - Håkan Lidbo (and 56 Other Producers): The World Record Record

11/28/2012 - The Rise of the Backdoor Fantasy Story

11/28/2012 - Look at These Two Pilots Barely Escape Death

11/28/2012 - Help Us Make National Geographic's Photo Contest Entries Even Better

11/28/2012 - First look at Primer director's next film Upstream Color

11/28/2012 - And now, a reading from the best undead novel of our time: Z is for Zombie

11/28/2012 - The Vampire Diaries Gabby Douglas

11/28/2012 - Here is how animals survive beneath the thick ice of the Antarctic

11/28/2012 - A world map of average life expectancy by country. How does your nation rank?

11/28/2012 - Cast a Vote for an Exquisite Election Watch

11/28/2012 - The Skylon space plane just got that much closer to reality

11/28/2012 - The World's Most Expensive Lego Is A $14,500 Solid Gold Brick

11/28/2012 - Detective tale Mockingbird pits a psychic against a serial killer

11/28/2012 - Leather Cases That Are More Beautifully Crafted Than Your iPad

11/28/2012 - When the sun turns blue

11/28/2012 - io9 needs your mail… to save the world!

11/28/2012 - Guillermo del Toro issues a Kaiju Emergency Alert System video!

11/28/2012 - How Important Each Day of the Year Is, Visualized

11/28/2012 - The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.09 Promo Photos

11/28/2012 - The Walking Dead Episode 3.08 Promo Photos

11/28/2012 - What You Can Do With a $550 Million Powerball Jackpot

11/28/2012 - Last Resort Episode 1.10 Promo Photos

11/28/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/28/2012 - Hobbit IMAX Posters

11/28/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Cellphone Redux

11/28/2012 - The Walking Dead’s zombie bikini calendar went horribly, horribly wrong

11/28/2012 - What to Get the Outdoorsy Shutterbug in Your Life this Holiday Season

11/28/2012 - Geneticist claims to have sequenced 'Bigfoot' DNA

11/28/2012 - The Scientific Way to Keep From Slipping When You Run

11/28/2012 - GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Review: Yes, It's the Best (Updated)

11/28/2012 - Everything You Should Buy With Your $550 Million Lottery Winnings

11/28/2012 - Watch an amazing time lapse movie of Central Park changing color with the seasons

11/28/2012 - Why Screw Around with Paint Brushes When There's a Gun for That?

11/28/2012 - The Macbook Air of Drills Is Your Power-Tool-Bestmodo Deal of the Day

11/28/2012 - Will.i.am's New Phone Case: Worse Than His Band

11/28/2012 - Cosplayers go wild at Bangalore's first-ever Comic Con

11/28/2012 - Running Too Far Too Fast Will Make You Dead (Eventually)

11/28/2012 - 11 of the Least Inspirational Speeches Ever Delivered in Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

11/28/2012 - If You're Going to Use an iPhone Case, It Might as Well Come With Insurance

11/28/2012 - Photoshop Touch Now Works With Styluses

11/28/2012 - Thieves Torture Former Tablet Owner With Horror Pictures

11/28/2012 - How space-based solar power will solve all our energy needs

11/28/2012 - Emoji Cookies. I Repeat, Emoji Cookies.

11/28/2012 - Court Demands Samsung Pay Apple $120,000 per Day

11/28/2012 - Sony's Latest Spider-Man Promo Was Filmed Entirely Without Sony Cameras

11/28/2012 - This Onion TED Parody Has a Dog Eating Apple Pie, and That's All That Matters

11/28/2012 - Dark Knight art appears to rip the floor out of an Australian mall

11/28/2012 - Something Is Wrong With My iPad: I Still Hate My Life

11/28/2012 - An absolutely incredible raw image of Saturn’s swirling north pole

11/28/2012 - The Best Navigation App for iOS

11/28/2012 - This episode of NCIS: LA did more good for nerds than 5 seasons of Big Bang Theory

11/28/2012 - How the BMW i8 Concept Makes Green Look Gorgeous

11/28/2012 - Cate Blanchett to play Cinderella's evil stepmother, hell and yes

11/28/2012 - The World's Fastest Train Will Float on a Cushion of Electromagnetism

11/28/2012 - A Sneak Peek At the Mind-Boggling Future of Computer Graphics

11/28/2012 - These Are the 10 Airlines Now Compatible With Apple's Passbook

11/28/2012 - This Alien Facehugger Bong Is One of the Most Horrible Ideas Ever

11/28/2012 - Saturn's moons could comprise "a veritable arcade" of Pac-Men

11/28/2012 - Hardcore Gifts for Sex Addicts

11/28/2012 - The only known photo of the iceberg that sank the Titanic is up for sale

11/28/2012 - There's a Special Nobel Prize For the Genius Behind These Candy Cane Spoons

11/28/2012 - The Episode Where George Jetson Rages Against the Machine

11/28/2012 - Report: Windows 8 Will Get Cheap, Yearly Upgrades Like OS X

11/28/2012 - Is Matthew Vaughn is going to direct Episode VII after all?

11/28/2012 - Vimeo for iPhone: Watch Amazing Short Films in a Simplified App

11/28/2012 - Mind MGMT Day 3: The Secret Origin of the Fingerprint

11/28/2012 - Vimeo Gallery

11/28/2012 - Windows 8 Sales: Five Questions That Still Need Answers

11/28/2012 - The first official clip from The Hobbit is here

11/28/2012 - Here's Where the Naked Pics You Sexted Will End Up

11/28/2012 - Cadbury Chocolate Will Literally Melt In Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand

11/28/2012 - Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. adds its newest, most fearsome agent!

11/28/2012 - Five of Physics's Greatest Sex Scandals

11/28/2012 - What Is an Atmospheric River?

11/28/2012 - Guy Builds an X-Ray Backscatter Machine in His Garage, Doesn't Have To Take His Shoes Off

11/28/2012 - Google Wants to Give You Answers Before You Ask Questions

11/28/2012 - This Music Video Was "Filmed" Entirely With Instagram

11/28/2012 - A Day of NYC's Public Transport, Visualized

11/28/2012 - Stare Into the Eye of Saturn's Terrifying Polar Vortex

11/28/2012 - Sharp's 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display Is More Exciting Than a Monitor Should Be

11/28/2012 - Microsoft Solves Windows Phone 8's Random Rebooting Problem

11/28/2012 - Of Course There Is a House with a Christmas Lights Show Set to Gangnam Style

11/28/2012 - The Stoner Channel: 2000 Miles of Red, Zero G Goldfish, and Stratospheric Cats

11/27/2012 - What's Your Favorite Cheesy Online Game?

11/27/2012 - Person of Interest - 2.08 Promo Photos

11/27/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Promo Images

11/27/2012 - Watch Every Apple Commercial Ever

11/27/2012 - The King's Speech: How King George Overcame His Stutter Struggle

11/27/2012 - A Techy Tuxedo That Keeps You Looking Good and Dry When You Pop Champagne

11/27/2012 - What's your favorite non-aerodynamic spaceship design?

11/27/2012 - Here's What Happens When 40,000 College Students Realize They Can E-Mail All 40,000 People at Once

11/27/2012 - In San Francisco? Want to watch Star Trek: TNG on the big screen on Thursday?

11/27/2012 - Clever Quips About Facebook and Apple That We Wish We'd Thought of Ourselves

11/27/2012 - Revolution teaches the most important lesson of all: Shoot first, ask questions some other time

11/27/2012 - The cake is a lie, but this Portal 2 Chell action figure is not

11/27/2012 - There's Now Proof That Chemo Brain Is Real

11/27/2012 - Yerdle: Find Free Stuff

11/27/2012 - The Best Secret Gmail Feature Is Hiding In Plain Sight

11/27/2012 - This Stackable Angled Shelf Just Made Bookends Obsolete

11/27/2012 - A Robot That You Can Train to Do Almost Anything

11/27/2012 - Ultimate Collection of Hobbit Pics, Including a Closer Look at Some Brand New Monsters

11/27/2012 - College application fees are a barrier to getting an education

11/27/2012 - Instant Google Street View Autocompletes Map Searches On the Fly

11/27/2012 - The best part of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is online right now

11/27/2012 - Make Your Mac Keyboard Better With Wood

11/27/2012 - Why Smug Atheists Should Read More Science Fiction

11/27/2012 - Could an Explosion Really Knock You Over Like in the Movies?

11/27/2012 - Yerdle Gallery

11/27/2012 - Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Officially Cast in X-Men: Days of Future Past

11/27/2012 - Watch this now. We bet you've never seen a more stunning video of a cheetah in your life.

11/27/2012 - Auto-Return Indoor Basketball Hoop Apparently Doubles as a Civil War Cannon

11/27/2012 - Hobbit Pics

11/27/2012 - Hobbit Pics

11/27/2012 - Darrell Issa Wants a Dumb Two-Year Ban on New Internet Laws

11/27/2012 - The Autobots thwart Megatron's diabolical lunch plans in adorable new Kre-O Transformers short

11/27/2012 - Why sales people love the slippery psychology of the anchoring effect

11/27/2012 - The iPhone 5 Damage Report: Two Months Later

11/27/2012 - Contrary to common belief, female porn stars have great self esteem

11/27/2012 - Skyrim, Modern Warfare and Other Games Are Your Cyber-Monday-Hangover Deal of the Day

11/27/2012 - The Ghostbusters finally get gender balanced

11/27/2012 - This 170-Foot Long Trampoline Needs To Be an Olympic Event

11/27/2012 - Whoa, scientists just reversed autism symptoms in mice

11/27/2012 - Our Favorite Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Remake

11/27/2012 - Check out the futuristic new Tribute uniforms from the Catching Fire set

11/27/2012 - A beautiful, moody t-shirt to celebrate the Dark Tower novels

11/27/2012 - How to Give a Keyboard FPS-Friendly Joystick Precision

11/27/2012 - 10 Television Cliffhangers That Make Great Series Finales

11/27/2012 - Bloomberg: Apple Fires Guy Responsible for Crappy Apple Maps

11/27/2012 - Oh God, Even TMZ Wants Drones Now (Updated)

11/27/2012 - Ask the Mastermind of This Amazing Rain Forest Treehouse Community Anything

11/27/2012 - 20 Cutaway Drawings That Will Slice Open Your Mind

11/27/2012 - In the future, everything will be made from trampolines

11/27/2012 - Facebook Copyright Law (For Idiots)

11/27/2012 - Captain Planet returns to kill off the rest of Earth's human population

11/27/2012 - This week on DVD and Blu-ray: Will Smith battles a Conchord, kids bust ghosts, and Stargate Atlantis' popularity contest

11/27/2012 - Paper-Based 3D Printer Now Adds a Splash of Color

11/27/2012 - Skydiving, Like Everything Else, Is Even Crazier in Dubai

11/27/2012 - Eagle-Eyed Argus II: An Artificial Retina That Reads For the Blind

11/27/2012 - How Should This Story End? Your Vote Will Determine Our Characters' Fates!

11/27/2012 - The Military Has Enlisted a Laser-Wielding, Paint-Stripping Robot

11/27/2012 - Watch the Empire State Building Give Its First-Ever Light Show

11/27/2012 - Why collecting toys is like a heroin addiction

11/27/2012 - Highly Productive Gifts for the Workaholic

11/27/2012 - What's creepier than swimming alongside an aquatic snake? A mechanical aquatic snake

11/27/2012 - The NYPD Is Amassing a Huge Log of Call Records From Stolen Phones

11/27/2012 - Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Justice League's new Batman?

11/27/2012 - Mind MGMT Day Two: In the birthplace of immortals, you should be prepared to die!

11/27/2012 - Let's Just Assume Amazon Has Sold, Like, Eight Kindles

11/27/2012 - Israel Fires Iron Dome's Big Brother

11/27/2012 - The longest American spaceflight in history will launch in 2015

11/27/2012 - Is a $100 Wii Mini Worth It?

11/27/2012 - New species of lion discovered at Ethiopian zoo

11/27/2012 - How to Get Apple's Black Friday Prices All Year Long

11/27/2012 - Those Skinny New iMacs Go on Sale November 30

11/27/2012 - Everything you need to know about Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World!

11/27/2012 - Super-Tough Antarctic Bacteria Provide Hope For Alien Life

11/27/2012 - Google Found Guilty of Libel Over Search Results

11/27/2012 - This Is What Happens When a Lion Steals Your Camera

11/27/2012 - New York City's CO2 Emissions, Visualized

11/27/2012 - Verizon Sued By Porn Industry For Protecting Pirates

11/27/2012 - Hacked Keycard System Brings String of Hotel Break-Ins

11/27/2012 - Watching a Cheetah Run in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Damn Fast

11/27/2012 - Here's the Most Hilarious Prank You Can Pull on Facebook

11/27/2012 - First official synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness includes major villain hints!

11/27/2012 - Did Someone Really Name Their Kid Hashtag?

11/27/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Skiing Fails, Stretched Stashes, and I'm Not Quite Sure What It Was

11/26/2012 - Once Upon A Time: Now this is the Girls we want

11/26/2012 - The Lost Pictures Found in Old Motorola Razrs Sold on eBay Are Pretty Epic

11/26/2012 - The 37 or So Ingredients That Make a Twinkie

11/26/2012 - Merlin - 5.09 Promo Photos

11/26/2012 - Arrow - 1.09 Promo Photos

11/26/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Snowmen" Promo Images

11/26/2012 - Morning Spoilers 11/27

11/26/2012 - Bernie: A True Life Tale of a Most Unlikely Killer

11/26/2012 - Björk: Mutual Core

11/26/2012 - A Provocative Theory: Heinlein turned to satire halfway through his career

11/26/2012 - Jasper Fforde's first entry into young-adult fiction isn't a YA book at all

11/26/2012 - How Old People Text

11/26/2012 - These terrifying Dinosaurs Attack! trading cards from the 1980s traumatized an entire generation

11/26/2012 - The world's most depressing anime movie is getting a live-action adaptation

11/26/2012 - Why Are There Mysterious Pac-Men on Saturn's Moons?

11/26/2012 - Terry Gilliam's newest future dystopia is surprisingly colorful

11/26/2012 - Minecraft Reality: Drop Minecraft Creations Into Real Life

11/26/2012 - Nintendo Sold 400,000 Wii Us in Its First Week, And Almost As Many Old Wiis

11/26/2012 - Clock Box Is a Beautiful Way to Tell—And Tote—Time

11/26/2012 - SpaceX founder unveils plan to send 80,000 people to Mars

11/26/2012 - Is there any scrap of New Zealand left not plastered with Hobbit advertising?

11/26/2012 - This Lego Record Player Is Made From Half Bricks and Half Pure Awesome

11/26/2012 - An Already Perfect Filson Briefcase Gets Better With Tweed

11/26/2012 - At last the Encyclopedia of Fantasy is free and searchable online!

11/26/2012 - Producer Rick McCallum did not survive the Lucasfilm-to-Disney buyout

11/26/2012 - Be among the first to see the extended cut of one of Star Trek's most famous episodes

11/26/2012 - Heart-Rate-Monitoring Smart Socks Tell Parents, Yes, the Baby Is Still Breathing

11/26/2012 - How to Tell if the First Draft of Your Novel Just Isn't Worth Salvaging

11/26/2012 - Minecraft Reality Gallery

11/26/2012 - Iris Home Energy and Security Monitor Review: Your House, Safer and Smarter

11/26/2012 - Google Voice Finally Gets Updated for iOS 6

11/26/2012 - There's Now a 3D Printer That Can Replace Human Cartilage

11/26/2012 - The Governor finally gets evil on The Walking Dead

11/26/2012 - A robot overlord's most dangerous quality is not necessarily malevolence

11/26/2012 - Calling all Google TV Owners Past and Present

11/26/2012 - Check Out These Amazing North Korean Spy Weapons: A Killer Flashlight and Deadly Pens

11/26/2012 - Take That, Duct Tape: Scotch Tape Turned Into Tiny Robotic Claw

11/26/2012 - Dealzmodo Presents The Top 6 Least Crappy Cyber Monday Sales

11/26/2012 - You Can Download Your Whole Archive of Tweets By the End of the Year

11/26/2012 - You can own these Russian Star Wars posters, advertising a cat-faced Vader and Greedo sex party

11/26/2012 - 19 science fiction movies that could change your life

11/26/2012 - Dr. Kellogg's 15 Most Absurd Medical Contraptions

11/26/2012 - Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Thinks Elbows Are Boobs

11/26/2012 - Elon Musk Wants to Build a Town on Mars the Size of Phuket

11/26/2012 - Was the Bogus ICOA Press Release Actually a Clever Stock Scam?

11/26/2012 - Facebook Will Always Own You

11/26/2012 - This Robo-Griller Can Flip 360 Burgers an Hour

11/26/2012 - How NASA might build its very first warp drive

11/26/2012 - Why Not Just Feed Babies Like Gerbils?

11/26/2012 - Flashlight Revolver Guns Down Things That Go Bump In the Night

11/26/2012 - This video of an anaconda regurgitating a cow is the most repulsively satisfying thing you'll see today

11/26/2012 - Disney is populating their theme parks with robots that can THROW THINGS AT YOU

11/26/2012 - Saudi Arabian Men Now Get Text Alerts When Their Women Leave the Country

11/26/2012 - Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system to monitor women's movements

11/26/2012 - Finally, Goatse Lands in the App Store

11/26/2012 - Iris Gallery

11/26/2012 - Tasteful Gifts for the Scientific Gourmand

11/26/2012 - This Week's TV: Two of your favorite comic book characters are coming to television!

11/26/2012 - For Your Next Business Trip, All You'll Need Are Plane Tickets and join.me

11/26/2012 - This lamp tells you the weather by recreating it inside your house

11/26/2012 - Here's the IDF's Social Media Chief Wearing Blackface on Facebook

11/26/2012 - Google Just Bought $400 Million Worth of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots (Updated: Not Really)

11/26/2012 - The Massive Black Friday Dollar Store Line Prank

11/26/2012 - New Money-Destroying Virus Attacks Iran

11/26/2012 - X-Ray Image Shows the iPhone 5 Totally Buck Naked

11/26/2012 - The 11 Game of Thrones Characters Least Likely to Win the Iron Throne

11/26/2012 - Alicia Keys sings the Gummi Bears theme song, and it's beautiful

11/26/2012 - Here's an experiment with nanostructures you can do in your (dusty) room

11/26/2012 - Oops: Macy's Parade Confetti Included Shredded Confidential Police Documents

11/26/2012 - What Was Your Most Ridiculous Black Friday Purchase?

11/26/2012 - See for yourself why everybody's buzzing about the psychic war comic Mind MGMT

11/26/2012 - Watch Samsung Stress Test Its Phones With a Jorts-Wearing Robot Ass

11/26/2012 - Our favorite photographs from this year's BBC Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition

11/26/2012 - Is post-apocalyptic entertainment doomed?

11/26/2012 - Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals For Gizmodo Readers Only

11/26/2012 - China's First Aircraft Carrier Claims Its First Victim (Sort Of)

11/26/2012 - Zack Snyder reveals why they changed Superman's iconic costume for Man of Steel!

11/26/2012 - That Facebook Copyright Notice Is Worthless

11/26/2012 - Ten (Mostly) New Illusions To Kick Start Your Brain This Morning

11/26/2012 - Wireless Networks of Cows Will Keep Gas Under Control

11/26/2012 - Why the Government Must Spend More Money On NASA

11/26/2012 - Google Is Shutting Down Motorola's Country-Specific Websites

11/26/2012 - How to Annoy Generation Y

11/26/2012 - Samsung Audit: No Child Labor, But So Many Other Problems

11/26/2012 - Are Blood Bricks the Future of Building?

11/26/2012 - Apple Had to Acquire Its "Lightning" Trademark From Harley-Davidson

11/26/2012 - How That Football Field Was Blown Up in The Dark Knight Rises

11/26/2012 - Misfits Promo Photos

11/25/2012 - Best of the Week: November 17-23, 2012

11/25/2012 - Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals List Categories

11/25/2012 - Watch This Adorable Horde of Intelligent Swarm Robots Play Piano

11/25/2012 - These 19th-century diagrams were one man's attempt to illustrate human consciousness

11/25/2012 - Minus the Bear: Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo

11/25/2012 - All You Need Is Kill Photos from WENN.com

11/25/2012 - Clone Wars reveals why kidnapping Jedi isn't such a terrible idea after all

11/25/2012 - Awesome New Air Conditioner Fends Off Both Heat and Mosquitoes

11/25/2012 - Animals Are Literally Being Dissolved Alive Because of Acid in the Ocean

11/25/2012 - Five-person Voltron cosplay is the best Voltron cosplay

11/25/2012 - RNA-based vaccine could wipe out the flu forever

11/25/2012 - This Robotic Water Snake is Both Graceful and Utterly Terrifying

11/25/2012 - Congressmen Want The FBI To Shut Down Hamas Twitter Accounts

11/25/2012 - Webcomic Gift Ideas for People Who Don't Read Webcomics

11/25/2012 - What's Your Favorite Travel Gadget?

11/25/2012 - Self-filling bottle borrows beetle's trick of harvesting water from the air

11/25/2012 - The Stink Master 2000 Brings Chemical Warfare To Your Backyard

11/25/2012 - Lovely Art Nouveau Portraits of the 1980s' Greatest Fantasy Heroines

11/25/2012 - All of the Bonus Features from The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray We've Seen So Far

11/25/2012 - Even the Tone Deaf Can Rock Out on This Self-Playing Harmonica

11/25/2012 - As if mannequins weren't creepy enough already, now some spy on you as you shop

11/25/2012 - Researchers have built microscopic pyramids as cages for growing cells

11/25/2012 - A quirky short musical about a deadly disease that makes its victims break out into song—starring Doug Jones!

11/25/2012 - This Chunky Four-Legged Robot Scopes Out Danger So You Don't Have To

11/25/2012 - You can now watch the 1940s Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons online

11/25/2012 - This naturally occurring flower is made of ice

11/25/2012 - Matinee-Priced Gifts for Home Theater Lovers

11/25/2012 - Cosplaying gentlemen assemble in skimpy versions of male superhero costumes

11/25/2012 - Wine pairings for the post-apocalypse: What to drink with rats, dog food, and more

11/25/2012 - These Tiny Pyramids Are Microscopic Cages For Cells

11/25/2012 - All the Cyber Monday Deals: 2012

11/24/2012 - Tufty: You Will Never Look at a Teddy Bear the Same Way Ever Again

11/24/2012 - Cymbals Eat Guitars: Living North

11/24/2012 - This Chinese house sits in the middle of a brand-new road

11/24/2012 - The UK Government Actually Listed a Job Posting For a 00 Agent

11/24/2012 - As Michelangelo's Adam, a Prometheus Engineer sees the weird-ass face of God [NSFW]

11/24/2012 - At 36 years old, this may be the world's oldest Twinkie

11/24/2012 - This Crazy Bass Guitar Robot Shreds Like a Total Machine

11/24/2012 - Face-melting illustrations of Poe's terrifying tales from a 1969 Japanese pulp magazine

11/24/2012 - Caviar Vending Machines Are Perfect for the Tycoon on the Go

11/24/2012 - Which Bond villain's scheme had the greatest chance of financial success?

11/24/2012 - Watch This Insanely Speedy Sailboat Smash A World Record

11/24/2012 - A charming short film about a robot actress's screen test by the director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

11/24/2012 - How Much Would You Pay For a Subscription to Wikipedia?

11/24/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The most disturbing dish on the Thanksgiving table

11/24/2012 - What if Game of Thrones got a manga adaptation?

11/24/2012 - The Tallest Building in the World, Cooking Turkey with NASA Equipment, The Most Unpopular Apple Employee, And More

11/24/2012 - R.I.P. Larry Hagman, the Kindest Master an Immortal Superbeing Ever Had

11/24/2012 - One of the most delightful music videos about space travel you've ever seen

11/24/2012 - Add a smile to your Saturday with this rare video of a polar bear nursing her cubs

11/24/2012 - Try not to squee, latest Hobbit Video Diary takes you into Goblin Town

11/24/2012 - Mannequins May Be Watching You Shop With Their Horrifying Eyeless Faces

11/24/2012 - Unused Akira concept art reveals white Kaneda

11/24/2012 - These Polaroids Might Be the Oldest Pictures of an Apple Computer

11/24/2012 - 5 Historical Myths About Real Scientific Discoveries

11/24/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: Rutabaga asks, "What if the Monstrous Manual was a cookbook?"

11/24/2012 - Ten Tricks To Make Yourself a Gmail Master

11/24/2012 - Lean, Mean Gifts for the Fitness Zealot

11/24/2012 - Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby is the Ghostbusters' most adorable foe

11/24/2012 - What happens when all of horror's creepiest kids attend the same disturbing daycare

11/24/2012 - 5 puzzling tales on Adventure Time and a home invasion on Ninja Turtles!

11/24/2012 - This Earthquake Sensor Is Powered By the Very Earthquakes It Senses

11/24/2012 - Spy Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease With Your Own Autonomous UAV

11/23/2012 - Whoever Wears This Rocket-Powered Prosthetic Ankle Is Guaranteed Olympic Gold

11/23/2012 - The Government's Magnet Ban Might Actually Be Easy To Circumvent

11/23/2012 - Amazon's 32-Inch HDTV Under $100 Right Now Is The Most-Underrated-Black-Friday Deal of the Day

11/23/2012 - The emerging science of 'collective intelligence' — and the rise of the global brain

11/23/2012 - A Cheap Way To Add a Viewfinder To Your Point and Shoot Camera

11/23/2012 - Hairspray and air conditioners could reveal life on other worlds

11/23/2012 - The mysterious case of Makemake's missing atmosphere

11/23/2012 - This Edible Lamp Is Actually Good Enough to Eat

11/23/2012 - The mysterious fairy circles of Namibia

11/23/2012 - Darth Vader continues to be the best father ever in Jeffrey Brown's Vader's Little Princess

11/23/2012 - Black Friday Gift Guide

11/23/2012 - How To Increase Your Drinking Tolerance (So You Don't Make an Ass of Yourself at a Holiday Party)

11/23/2012 - Humanity+ @ San Francisco conference starts next week — and io9 will be there!

11/23/2012 - Nokia's Camera and Imaging Chief Has Stepped Down

11/23/2012 - Fan Fiction Friday: Iron Man and Captain America in “Hungry?”

11/23/2012 - smoCAN Portable Smoking System Review: Smoking Simplified

11/23/2012 - smoCAN Lightning Review Gallery

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11/23/2012 - What's the Best Black Friday Deal You Found Today?

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11/23/2012 - Future Classics: Readers of 1936 Predict Which Authors Will Endure

11/23/2012 - When there's no more room in hell, the dead will shop the Black Friday sales

11/23/2012 - Amazing and Adorable: 4D Scan Shows a Fetus Yawning in the Womb

11/23/2012 - Could you outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex?

11/23/2012 - New photographs reveal that fetuses yawn in the womb

11/23/2012 - 10 supplements you can take today to enhance your intelligence

11/23/2012 - Two Weeks, 3,000 Miles and Three Minutes of Insanely Great Video

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11/23/2012 - These beetles are officially the laziest creatures on Earth

11/23/2012 - Does urinating on your hands eliminate callouses?

11/23/2012 - Could A Twinkie-Stuffed Turkey Replace the Turducken?

11/23/2012 - Wormholes reveal what was destroying art 500 years ago

11/23/2012 - Breaking: Red Dwarf’s “science” actually had a little thought put into it

11/23/2012 - Forceful Gifts for the Star Wars Fanatic

11/23/2012 - No fandom is safe from the relentless assault of Winnie the Pooh

11/23/2012 - When chimps have a midlife crisis

11/23/2012 - Microsoft Has Plans For Its Own Project Glass

11/23/2012 - Dazzling new art display pays homage to Carl Sagan with 12,000 LEDs of swirling light

11/23/2012 - Will.i.am Plans to Turn Your iPhone Into a 14-Megapixel Super Camera

11/23/2012 - Is River Song returning to Doctor Who? Plus BSG alums talk about Riddick and Man of Steel!

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11/22/2012 - The Most Loyal: Shrinking Violet

11/22/2012 - Happy Thanksgiving from Gizmodo

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11/22/2012 - Watch this book-riffling robot read 250 pages in a minute

11/22/2012 - A Book That Puts Most Fantasy Writers to Shame

11/22/2012 - Seriously, who wouldn't buy pain medication from these guys?

11/22/2012 - The Best Black Friday Deals for Science Fiction and Fantasy Schwag

11/22/2012 - The Police Raided a 9-Year-Old to Confiscate Her Winnie the Pooh Laptop

11/22/2012 - A Self-Heating Dinner In a Can Is a Depressing Way To Spend a Holiday

11/22/2012 - The Time Mormons Baptized Adolf Hitler and Vlad the Impaler

11/22/2012 - The 1965 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was fucking terrifying

11/22/2012 - Using Science For Optimal Gravy Coverage

11/22/2012 - Best Diet Aid Ever: Science Fiction's Grossest Food Moments

11/22/2012 - Batman Shampoo and Bane-ana star in the last Dark Knight Rises video ever required

11/22/2012 - New implant allows the blind to stream Braille directly onto their retinas

11/22/2012 - Should Bollywood director Vikram Bhaat be your new cult icon?

11/22/2012 - Space-Saving Gifts for People with Tiny Homes

11/22/2012 - What Tech Problems are You Fixing for Your Family Today?

11/22/2012 - 9.2 million year old Rhino skull discovered in volcanic ash

11/22/2012 - How Did This Tiny South Pacific Island Disappear? (Hint: It Never Really Existed)

11/22/2012 - The 20 Best Cliffhangers Ever Shown on Science Fiction or Fantasy TV

11/22/2012 - Parrots imitate others just so they know who they're talking to

11/22/2012 - Iron Sky director's new comic movie stars a surly intergalactic bounty hunter (who isn't Lobo)

11/22/2012 - Ignorance Is Bliss When It Comes To Healthy Thanksgiving Portion Sizes

11/22/2012 - Historical data reveals that having an older sibling can wreck your life

11/22/2012 - High-Octane Gifts for the Grease Monkey

11/22/2012 - Australian geologists prove that a South Pacific island does not exist

11/22/2012 - Education finally gets serious about the undead apocalypse with this Zombie Scholarship

11/22/2012 - Deep-Fry a Turkey Without Blowing Up the Backyard

11/22/2012 - Nine Videos of Turkey Frying Going Horribly Wrong

11/22/2012 - Scientists invent the perfect odor

11/22/2012 - Here's China's impossible plan to build the world's tallest building in a mere 90 days

11/22/2012 - Thanksgiving Tech Support: Exactly How Much You Should Care About Everyone at Home

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11/22/2012 - Take Plenty of Photographs Today—Before Something Bad Happens

11/22/2012 - Google Maps Brings Indoor Plans to Your Desktop

11/22/2012 - Samsung Claims the iPad Mini Infringes Its Patents

11/22/2012 - American Horror Story Promo Photos

11/22/2012 - Social Media Is Ruining Our Real Life Conversations

11/22/2012 - Person of Interest "C.O.D." Photos

11/22/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Tame Impalas Going Backwards, Dragon Houses Doing the Robot, and a Very Special EMT Thanksgiving

11/21/2012 - If You Didn't Know, Condoms Are Much Stronger Than Water Balloons

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11/21/2012 - Remember that scary undersea "bloop" noise? At last we know what caused it.

11/21/2012 - This Amazing Stop-Motion Video Was Made with Velcro

11/21/2012 - Utterly Bizarre "Sprouting Potato UFO" Caught on Film in Oregon

11/21/2012 - Movies to Watch (or Avoid) in Theaters This Weekend

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11/21/2012 - Pulp Science Fiction Under German Totalitarianism

11/21/2012 - Watch Alfred Hitchcock's earliest surviving film, right now!

11/21/2012 - Irradiated Turkey and Thermo-Stabilized Yams: What the Astronauts on the ISS Are Getting for Thanksgiving

11/21/2012 - Meet Kelvin Doe, the self-taught engineering whiz who creates gadgets from other people's trash

11/21/2012 - Disney's Animatronics Now Play Catch Like the Android Dad You Always Wanted

11/21/2012 - CoffeeGuru Gallery

11/21/2012 - Could Dark Skies be the first really scary alien abduction movie in years?

11/21/2012 - Uh, I Think I Have Too Many Kindles

11/21/2012 - How modern technologies made the fighting in Gaza even worse

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11/21/2012 - This Delicious Lego Turkey Platter Will Feed No One on Thanksgiving

11/21/2012 - Facebook Is About To Send One Billion Emails

11/21/2012 - San Francisco Approves Tiny Apartments For Normal-Sized People With Tinier Budgets

11/21/2012 - Your kids will probably be better people if you take them to see Rise of the Guardians

11/21/2012 - Every Ship's Stateroom Should Have a Quarterdeck Striker

11/21/2012 - Sony to Most People With DSLRs: You Are a Bunch of Imbeciles

11/21/2012 - The Best Gifts for Action Figure Addicts and Collectors of Collectibles

11/21/2012 - A children's anime series with rainbow-colored, gut-wrenching lessons in ethical philosophy

11/21/2012 - Spill-Proof Sippy Cup Wine Glasses Solve Your Drinking Problem

11/21/2012 - Is this what students in Louisiana are learning about evolution?

11/21/2012 - How Long Does it Take to Cook a Turkey With the Most Powerful Flashlights in the World?

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11/21/2012 - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts

11/21/2012 - Vacuum Bots Just Got Way Smarter Than Your Roomba

11/21/2012 - Video shows how Blood and Chrome recreated BSG sets using "90 percent greenscreen"

11/21/2012 - These Downloadable Time Killers Are Your Happy-Mobile-Thursday-aka-Thanksgiving Deal of the Day

11/21/2012 - "If It Hadn't Been for Those Kids": Red Dawn, Rebooted

11/21/2012 - The Walking Dead Episode 3.07 Promo Pictures

11/21/2012 - Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.08 Promo Photos

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11/21/2012 - Tips From Professional Eaters on Maximizing Your Thanksgiving Meal

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11/21/2012 - Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review: Good News and Bad News

11/21/2012 - Report: Microsoft's Xbox-Like Set-Top Box Is Coming Next Year

11/21/2012 - Eight people who survived by performing surgery on themselves

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11/21/2012 - Here's the 26-Year-Old Snowboarder Running Israel's Social Media War

11/21/2012 - Cluster balloonist re-creates the floating house from Up in preparation for trans-Atlantic crossing

11/21/2012 - The extremely tentative but potentially triumphant return of Rom: Spaceknight

11/21/2012 - Marvel's Cinematic Universe Mega-Set returns — with a new Thor alternate ending!

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11/21/2012 - Can You Make an Authentic Twinkie at Home?

11/21/2012 - This Time Lapse Shows the Nikon D600 Has a Dusty Sensor Problem

11/21/2012 - Facebook Is Launching a Numberless "Social Calling" Service

11/21/2012 - Can You Fly By Firing Guns at the Ground?

11/21/2012 - Microsoft Just Messed Up and Gave Out a Free Windows 8 Activation Key

11/21/2012 - Hacker Found Guilty of 2010's Massive AT&T iPad Breach

11/21/2012 - T-Mobile: The iPhone Isn't Worth It

11/21/2012 - The Longest Word in English Takes 3.5 Hours to Pronounce

11/21/2012 - Is AT&T Letting You Use FaceTime Over Cellular?

11/21/2012 - The Stoner Channel: OG Space Cakes, Classic Superman, and I'm Fine Thanks

11/20/2012 - These Sand Castles Will Never Wash Away

11/20/2012 - New trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer shows off zany giants and Ewan McGregor

11/20/2012 - Apple Finally Fixed the iMessage Bug That Let Stolen iPhones Receive Messages Not Meant for Them

11/20/2012 - Fringe - Set Photos

11/20/2012 - Morning Spoilers 11/21

11/20/2012 - Revolution proves there are worse things than "monster of the week" episodes

11/20/2012 - Here are the most futuristic European cities that never existed

11/20/2012 - Is It Mathematically Possible to Run Out of New Music?

11/20/2012 - Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom Has Been Hacked by Anonymous

11/20/2012 - This Spectacular Sea Tornado Will Shrink Your Gonads

11/20/2012 - Cops Vs. Killer Robots, in the Dazzling First Teaser for the Short Film 2088

11/20/2012 - Apollo Run: The Inevitable Small Rebellions

11/20/2012 - First Glimpse of the All-New Monster Rampage from The Host 2!

11/20/2012 - Think twice before using "mankind" to mean "all humanity," say scholars

11/20/2012 - Nudifier: Turn Any Photo Into a Hilarious Censored Nude

11/20/2012 - Syfy launches a giant boxing robot show that wants to be a real-life Real Steel

11/20/2012 - Researchers design a robot to explore the moon's mysterious volcanic caverns

11/20/2012 - "The sky swam": A wild new story by World Fantasy Award-winning author Margo Lanagan

11/20/2012 - Look at This Badass F-35 High Angle of Attack Testing Video

11/20/2012 - Nudifier Gallery

11/20/2012 - What did Curiosity discover on Mars? Twitter has some ideas.

11/20/2012 - This Useless Anchorman's Touchscreen Abilities Are Hilarious

11/20/2012 - These New Spinning GIFs Are as Cool as the Original Ones

11/20/2012 - NASA Makes the Most Realistic Simulation of All Moon Phases Through an Entire Year

11/20/2012 - Inflatable Minigun Cannon: Minimal Imagination Required

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11/20/2012 - The Wire's Cutty is playing one of The Walking Dead's greatest characters

11/20/2012 - The World's Biggest Wind Turbine Is as Broad as an Airbus 380

11/20/2012 - This optical illusion discovered by Aristotle is still a brain-twister

11/20/2012 - The Senate Is About to Let More Than 22 Agencies Spy on Your Email and Documents Without a Warrant (Update: Not Any More)

11/20/2012 - Pope Reveals All the Secrets of Baby Jesus—Including His Birth Star's True Nature

11/20/2012 - Shooting Challenge: The Full Rockwell

11/20/2012 - 7 Essential Items To Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Prep a Breeze

11/20/2012 - First look at evil goateed Zachary Quinto Spock

11/20/2012 - Scientists claim to have discovered something "earthshaking" on Mars

11/20/2012 - Yonanas Review: Stupid Name, Amazing Dessert

11/20/2012 - An Incredibly Hot Woman Who Is A Fantastic Cook Is Here to Answer All Your Thanksgiving Questions

11/20/2012 - Cheap Android Tablets Are Your Black-Tuesday Deal of the Day

11/20/2012 - Hitler’s forgotten attempt to build the world’s largest Olympic stadium

11/20/2012 - Autonomy Founder: HP's a Bunch of Lying Liars

11/20/2012 - An American Moral Crisis: Gizmodo Talks Drones with Dennis Kucinich

11/20/2012 - Nokia Maps for iOS: Why Is Something So Good So Ugly?

11/20/2012 - Every single Hobbit trailer stitched together in chronological order!

11/20/2012 - The Secret Origins of The Dark Crystal

11/20/2012 - 11 Photos In Old School 3D

11/20/2012 - Forests, fog and light make these long-exposure photographs look like paintings

11/20/2012 - Fingertip Blood Pressure Monitor Does Away With All That Squeezing

11/20/2012 - 21 Pictures that Sum Up the Whole History of Science Fiction

11/20/2012 - Why is a giant tsunami of foam washing over this bridge in Nairobi?

11/20/2012 - Terminator 2's T-1000 Wasn't All Computer Graphics (Updated)

11/20/2012 - This In-Depth ISS Tour Lets You Experience Life 205 Miles Above the Earth

11/20/2012 - Is someone on a dolphin-killing rampage?

11/20/2012 - And Now, an iPhone That Actually Shaves Your Beard

11/20/2012 - This week on DVD and Blu-ray: A Tarantino cocktease, unbelievably bored aliens, and senile old men with guns

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11/20/2012 - 5 gift ideas for the geek at heart

11/20/2012 - It's the End of the Mother of All Shooting Challenges, and We Feel Fine

11/20/2012 - Beware the real-life, 98-foot Fail Whale who terrorizes the skies

11/20/2012 - Guy Responsible for HP's Humiliating $11 Billion Autonomy Purchase: Don't Look at Me!

11/20/2012 - Swedish woman charged for sexing herself with human skeletons

11/20/2012 - Dorm-Warming Gifts for Your College Roommate

11/20/2012 - This 'grave robbing' mammal outsmarted the dinosaurs by going underground

11/20/2012 - Here's $420 Million of Your Tax Dollars Crashed and Burned

11/20/2012 - It's the eye of the tiger in four new clips from Life of Pi (with bonus second tiger eye)

11/20/2012 - How Many Balloons Would You Actually Need To Lift a House?

11/20/2012 - Why Marvel’s upcoming "Age of Ultron" may actually be the event that changes everything

11/20/2012 - "Heroes of Science" action figures are light on "action," heavy on the "heroes"

11/20/2012 - Company HP Bought For $11 Billion Just Cost HP $9 Billion

11/20/2012 - Astronomers discover a planet so massive it defies classification

11/20/2012 - A Green Bean Matherole Sounds Deliciously Educational

11/20/2012 - A "White Smell" Could Hide The Most Repellant of Odours

11/20/2012 - Just who will play the new Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

11/20/2012 - French Press Mug Brews a Perfect Single Serving of Coffee

11/20/2012 - Are Cash Traps the New Card Skimmers?

11/20/2012 - Running OS X on an Old Macintosh Portable Is Difficult, Pointless But Awesome

11/20/2012 - Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Teardown: A Samsung Tablet By Another Name?

11/20/2012 - HTC: No Way Are We Paying Apple $8 Per Phone

11/20/2012 - The World's Oldest Working Computer Has Been Resurrected

11/20/2012 - China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days (Updated)

11/20/2012 - Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync for iOS

11/20/2012 - Robocop Set Photos

11/20/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Papercraft Links, Anime A Classes, and How to Roll Monster Joints

11/19/2012 - Supernatural - 8.09 Promo Images

11/19/2012 - Epic - Promo Images

11/19/2012 - Morning Spoilers 11/20

11/19/2012 - Report: The Next Xbox Will Have a Quad-Core Processor, 8GB Ram, Blu-Ray, Kinect 2.0 and More

11/19/2012 - A Guy Wants to Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean Using a Bunch of Balloons Just Like the Movie UP

11/19/2012 - Caption This Dumb Picture of RIM's CEO Taking a Picture with a BlackBerry 10 Device at a Basketball Game

11/19/2012 - How the Extreme Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Was Made

11/19/2012 - AC/DC: Hells Bells

11/19/2012 - Terry Pratchett says his daughter Rhianna will take over the Discworld series

11/19/2012 - Here's What You Need to Know About the Next Robocop Movie

11/19/2012 - Pedro Almodovar making another science fiction film?

11/19/2012 - A strange and seductive science fiction series that will be your new obsession

11/19/2012 - This All Wood Stool Is Still As Comfy As a Cushion

11/19/2012 - Are You Getting a Wii U?

11/19/2012 - Apple Is Selling Stuff on eBay Now (Updated)

11/19/2012 - Paralyzed dogs walk again after nose cell transplants

11/19/2012 - This Brilliant Business Card Transforms into a Tiny Chair

11/19/2012 - Gift Ideas for the 8 Major Species Of Science Fiction Fan

11/19/2012 - After a Nation Rejoices at Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Honest Trailers Takes a Somber Look Back at New Moon

11/19/2012 - Roadtrippers: Plan Your Next Cross-Country Trek

11/19/2012 - Humans can survive the harsh conditions found on Mars, scientists say

11/19/2012 - Save the Buckyballs!

11/19/2012 - Roadtrippers Gallery

11/19/2012 - This Guy Built a Bot that Sends Him Random Crap From Amazon

11/19/2012 - Xbox Live Now Has WatchESPN

11/19/2012 - Science Fiction and Fantasy DVD Sets That Make Amazing Gifts

11/19/2012 - A New Translation of The One Russian Science Fiction Novel You Absolutely Must Read

11/19/2012 - Watershed's Water-Tight Backpack: Durable, But Stylish Enough for Every Day Use

11/19/2012 - This Radiant Fryer Promises Deep Fried Foods Without a Side of Guilt

11/19/2012 - Recapping ‘The Jetsons’: Episode 09 – Elroy's TV Show

11/19/2012 - These Internal Videos Show Why The Microsoft Kin Was Such a Total Disaster

11/19/2012 - Guillermo del Toro explains the biggest mistake people make in telling stories for children

11/19/2012 - DARPA's Falcon HTV-2 Can Deliver Its Payload Faster Than Domino's

11/19/2012 - What Is Israel's Iron Dome?

11/19/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About Killer Drones in One Rad Musical Cartoon!

11/19/2012 - Apple Just Can't Keep iCloud In the Air

11/19/2012 - Come and watch one of Jon Pertwee's finest Doctor Who stories with us!

11/19/2012 - No, children are not natural born scientists

11/19/2012 - Windows 98 Solitaire Deck Immortalizes Our Most Important Pre-Internet Distraction

11/19/2012 - Olympus E-PL5 Review: Top-Notch Guts in an Awkward Body

11/19/2012 - These Star Wars Movies Are Your The-Way-Lucas-Wanted-Them Deal of the Day

11/19/2012 - Rick joins the world's worst calling plan in The Walking Dead

11/19/2012 - All the Black Friday Deals: 2012

11/19/2012 - 15 Technologies to Fortify Your House During the Holidays

11/19/2012 - This Skateboard/Motorcycle Hybrid Is a Skinned Knee Factory

11/19/2012 - Oprah's Surface Raves Are Coming From an iPad

11/19/2012 - Rash of robot sightings could be a sign of the impending robopocalypse — or an elaborate hoax

11/19/2012 - The 10 Books You Absolutely Must Read to Understand the History of Earth

11/19/2012 - Budget Gadget Gifts That Save Cash and Don't Seem Cheap

11/19/2012 - Too Bad This Amazing Lego Digital Clock Will Keep You Awake All Night

11/19/2012 - Report: Steve Ballmer Fired Steven Sinofsky

11/19/2012 - Watch 8 minutes of the new Red Dawn reboot, right now

11/19/2012 - Touch Laptops: What's Great—And What's Not

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Fairy Tale Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Star Trek Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Game Of Thrones Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Comic Book Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Star Wars Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Apocalypse Fans

11/19/2012 - Gifts for Hobbit Fans

11/19/2012 - Mount Doom is about to go boom (for real)

11/19/2012 - The Kindle Turns 5 Today, and It's Come a Ridiculously Long Way

11/19/2012 - Explore the galaxy using Google's new star map called 100,000 Stars

11/19/2012 - The Most Unpopular Apple Employee in the World

11/19/2012 - Why Facebook Is Like TV

11/19/2012 - This Week's TV: An Hour of Television That Might Just Ruin Superheroes Forever

11/19/2012 - Introducing Vanessa Rae, Our Tech-Savvy Gadget Expert

11/19/2012 - John McAfee Started a Blog About John McAfee

11/19/2012 - Nintendo Wii U Teardown Brings Lots of Good News for Consumers

11/19/2012 - Official Ender's Game movie synopsis reveals a game will definitely be played by someone named Ender

11/19/2012 - Giant Gandalf statue declares "You Shall Not Pass!" at New Zealand's Hobbit premiere

11/19/2012 - Israeli Drone Crashes in Gaza

11/19/2012 - Dyle's EyeTV Sounds Like the Worst Way to Watch TV on Your iPad

11/19/2012 - Fresh-Ground Gifts for a Coffee Nerd's Superior Palate

11/19/2012 - Mars once had water warm enough to sustain life

11/19/2012 - The brain disorder that makes the world into a bad claymation film

11/19/2012 - This View Down the World's Biggest Wind Turbine Will Give You Vertigo

11/19/2012 - Watch This Wedding Photographer's Hair Catch on Fire (Because Apparently It's Fun)

11/19/2012 - Does Your Bottle Cap Fire Off a Cannon When You Open It?

11/19/2012 - First trailer for Now You See Me asks: What if David Blaine started a magic gang of thieves?

11/19/2012 - All hail the world's greatest Agent Coulson action figure, i.e. the world's greatest action figure

11/19/2012 - Is This an Over-the-Top Watch Winder, a Spaceship, Or a Time Machine?

11/19/2012 - Rob Bricken joins io9's staff, and even Mr. Potato Head is marginally excited

11/19/2012 - Anonymous Is Losing Its War Against Israel

11/19/2012 - A microscopic organism that eats DNA instead of having sex

11/19/2012 - Rumor: OS X 10.9 Will Get Siri and Apple Maps Integration

11/19/2012 - In this species of frog, males rear the young... in their mouths

11/19/2012 - Intel CEO Paul Otellini Will Retire This May After 40 Year Tenure

11/19/2012 - Someone actually sounds like they have a legitimate shot at directing Star Wars: Episode VII!

11/19/2012 - Crystal Meth Could Stave Off the Flu

11/19/2012 - OK Slingshot Man, This Poison Arrow Is Officially Going Too Far

11/19/2012 - Nokia Leak Suggests There's a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

11/19/2012 - The Nexus 4 Does Have LTE, It’s Just Not Switched On (Updated)

11/19/2012 - Amazon Drops Monthly Prime Subscriptions After Just Two Weeks

11/19/2012 - Judge Approves FTC's Largest Ever Fine, To Be Paid By Google

11/19/2012 - Is Your Windows Phone 8 Handset Randomly Rebooting?

11/19/2012 - Thor 2 Set Photos from WENN.com

11/18/2012 - Best of the Week: November 10-16, 2012

11/18/2012 - The Carp and the Seagull: A Story Waiting for Your Spin

11/18/2012 - The Stratford 4: Where the Ocean Meets the Eye

11/18/2012 - In a town where horror movie tropes are real, babysitting is serious business

11/18/2012 - The Evolution of the Mobile Phone in One Giant Picture

11/18/2012 - What life looks like inside the world's narrowest house

11/18/2012 - Retro travel posters for the world's top cryptozoological hot spots

11/18/2012 - Crowdfund a zombie doc from The People Vs. George Lucas team and more

11/18/2012 - Are Facebook and Yahoo Teaming Up on Search?

11/18/2012 - Scarecrow Laser Tanks are As Awesome As They Are Overkill

11/18/2012 - Slick futuristic anime about the hunt for a legendary food truck is the greatest car commercial ever

11/18/2012 - American Horror Story 2.06 promo photos

11/18/2012 - Vampire Diaries "We Always Have Bourbon Street" Promo Photos

11/18/2012 - Arrow episode 1.08 promo photos

11/18/2012 - Doctor Who Christmas Special Promo Photos

11/18/2012 - The young Jedi run off and join the circus on Clone Wars

11/18/2012 - Watch a Nexus 7 Die a Painful Death In This Brutal Overkill Drop Test

11/18/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/18/2012 - Haven Episode 3.10 Photos

11/18/2012 - This would be the Milky Way's most massive star... if not for one tiny detail

11/18/2012 - Would You Eat With These Bizarre Mouth-Massaging Utensils?

11/18/2012 - Tigger is Eleven and Piglet plays a Dalek in this adorable Doctor Pooh cake

11/18/2012 - This Go-Bag Will Keep You Ready For The Coming Apocalypse

11/18/2012 - Breaking Dawn's wolf-filled concept art deserves a better movie

11/18/2012 - Someone please make this Pac-Man/Labyrinth mash-up game a reality

11/18/2012 - Holy Motors: These French people are crazy!

11/18/2012 - Will We Finally See a 1 TB Optical Disc in 2015?

11/18/2012 - So maybe history's craziest astronomer wasn't murdered after all

11/18/2012 - This adjustable chair let 18th-century women give birth in something approaching comfort

11/18/2012 - Knuckle and Fingernail Gestures Could Be Coming Soon to a Touchscreen Near You

11/18/2012 - The Sex Scene With Megan Fox that Explains why Scifi TV Shows Shouldn't Have "Cop-Out" Endings

11/18/2012 - Watch This Page-Scanning Robot Read Faster Than You Could Ever Dream To

11/18/2012 - How we first discovered the difference between XX and XY

11/18/2012 - SNL reveals what happens when Hawkeye runs out of arrows

11/18/2012 - Sci-Fi pin-ups smolder in original Star Trek uniforms

11/18/2012 - Android 4.2 Is Missing a Very Important Feature: December

11/18/2012 - Mammoth Outdoor Artwork Brings 100,000 CDs Back to Life

11/18/2012 - Wii U Review: The Future Is in Good Hands

11/18/2012 - Wii U Gallery

11/17/2012 - Sad: Brad Bird won't be directing Star Wars Episode VII

11/17/2012 - Clue: This Is How You Make a Board Game Movie

11/17/2012 - New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down: LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis

11/17/2012 - R-Rated Movies Reimagined as Goofy Children's Cartoons

11/17/2012 - Concept art reveals that RoboCop's new armor really does look (thankfully) like RoboCop

11/17/2012 - How Fiber Optics Can Make Crazy Hyperspace Visuals

11/17/2012 - Nexus 10 Teardown: See the Other Side of That Beautiful Screen

11/17/2012 - Haven travels back in time to the 1950s and meets past-life Audrey

11/17/2012 - 8 glorious buildings shaped like squids and octopodes

11/17/2012 - Here's a Handy Portal To All the Internet's Totally Useless Websites

11/17/2012 - Meet The Tiny Bomb-Wielding Spacecraft That Could Someday Save Our Species

11/17/2012 - Behold the bizarre alien creature that is the human vocal cords

11/17/2012 - Psychotic robot heads are a girl's worst friend in the techno thriller Hardware

11/17/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Giant Crab Invades the Office Parking Lot

11/17/2012 - How Do You Share Links Between Devices?

11/17/2012 - Where abandoned arcade video game cabinets go to die

11/17/2012 - Ancient Web Sites, The Best Phone Displays, The Secret Diary of John McAfee, And More

11/17/2012 - On Fringe, intelligence directly correlates to evil

11/17/2012 - An absurdly cheerful music video about all the dumbest ways to die

11/17/2012 - Samsung Really Wants To Know the Juicy Details of Apple's Patent Deal with HTC

11/17/2012 - Despite his own mental illness, Nikola Tesla advocated eugenics for the year 2100

11/17/2012 - A 3-and-a-half-hour video of the world's longest word being read aloud

11/17/2012 - Apple Now Has a Patent On Turning Digital Pages

11/17/2012 - The Women of Marvel as James Bond Cover Girls

11/17/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: For Gaia's wizarding students, the real adventure begins after graduation

11/17/2012 - Doggy Leeloo might be the greatest Fifth Element cosplay ever

11/17/2012 - Breeze Through TSA Security During the Holidays

11/17/2012 - Gotham High is the teen romantic comedy we deserve

11/17/2012 - This Shower Head Will Do Your Shower-Singing For You

11/17/2012 - General Grievous returns while Finn travels to a post-apocalyptic alternate reality on Adventure Time!

11/17/2012 - Is Twitter Ruining Journalism or Making It Better?

11/17/2012 - These MacBooks and iPads Made from Wood and Duct Tape Are Not Really MacBooks and iPads

11/17/2012 - Everybody Definitely Needs a Hoodie That Lights Up

11/16/2012 - Anonymous Targets Israel by Taking Down Hundreds of Websites and Leaking Emails and Passwords

11/16/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

11/16/2012 - John McAfee Reveals His Hiding Place (Updated)

11/16/2012 - These Art Pieces Made By Ironing Are Incredible

11/16/2012 - Farewell to Twinkies, America's most futuristic food

11/16/2012 - A Tiny Fire Escape, a Giant Digital Hourglass, and Three Other Aesthetic Wonders

11/16/2012 - Gwenda Bond's Blackwood is in development as an MTV series!

11/16/2012 - Of Course People Are Already in Line for Black Friday

11/16/2012 - The world's most beautiful gardens are miracles of geoengineering

11/16/2012 - ABC Cancels Both 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort

11/16/2012 - The mysterious disease that kept people from speaking unless spoken to

11/16/2012 - These Bottle Opening Coasters Are a Double Threat (To Sobriety)

11/16/2012 - How materials scientists are about to change the very fabric of the world

11/16/2012 - Supernatural brings us a new angelic conspiracy

11/16/2012 - Dropcam, Butterball Cookbook Plus, and More

11/16/2012 - GoPro, Pixlr Express, and More

11/16/2012 - eBay Now, Expedia, and More

11/16/2012 - Nexus 4 Teardown: What the Guts Look Like

11/16/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

11/16/2012 - How To Flavor Your Drinks with Fire

11/16/2012 - We're not positive, but we're pretty sure this is a magical forest creature that feeds on rainbows and dreams

11/16/2012 - Secret Sleeping Desks Should Be Installed in Every College Library

11/16/2012 - Last Resort Week 7: When a dog turns on you, the only thing to do is put it down

11/16/2012 - Is Twitter's Latest Mobile App Update a Glimpse Into the Future?

11/16/2012 - Everything you need to know to catch tonight's Leonid meteor shower

11/16/2012 - The questionable nutritional value of eating a human placenta

11/16/2012 - Slingbox 350 Review: Take a Show on the Road in 1080p

11/16/2012 - Facebook Gifts Just Became the Easiest Way to Look Good in Front of Everyone

11/16/2012 - Brand New Doctor Who Christmas Special Minisode and Trailer Reveal a Very Different Doctor

11/16/2012 - 4G iPad Mini: Which Carrier Has the Best Deal?

11/16/2012 - Cheap Hard Drives and SD Cards Are Your Giga-and-Tera Deal of the Day

11/16/2012 - Nine Awesome Gadgets Only Available from Late Night Television

11/16/2012 - 8 of the most frustratingly bad media tie-in videogames ever

11/16/2012 - HTC Droid DNA Review: Verizon's Big, Beautiful Beast

11/16/2012 - Scott Dadich Is WIRED's New Editor-in-Chief

11/16/2012 - When does an animal count as a person?

11/16/2012 - This Brilliant, Punchable Car Ad Comes With a Tiny Working Airbag

11/16/2012 - Hulu Has a New Video Games Channel

11/16/2012 - Holy Crap Bryan Fuller's Munsters reboot could have been a hell of a lot scarier

11/16/2012 - This is not an ant

11/16/2012 - Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100

11/16/2012 - All The Best Shows That Were Cancelled Despite Being Awesome

11/16/2012 - Pac-Man Paper Clips Bring a Glimmer of Whimsy To Your Soul-Crushing Office Gig

11/16/2012 - The final Twilight movie is like a porn film with action figures

11/16/2012 - Humans were making spears half a million years ago

11/16/2012 - Muscles Made From Wax-Filled Yarn Are Way Stronger Than Yours

11/16/2012 - The Leidenfrost Effect makes water travel uphill!

11/16/2012 - 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes will sink your heart into the Swamp of Sadness

11/16/2012 - The Hostess Snack Innovations We'd Miss the Most

11/16/2012 - Meetings Are Not Going Anywhere, So Here Are a Few Ways to Make them Bearable

11/16/2012 - Oil Platform Explodes Off the Coast of Louisiana (Updating)

11/16/2012 - Kindle Fire HD 8.9-Inch First Impressions: Is This the Comfiest Big Tablet?

11/16/2012 - Germany's new 18-story Tree Top Walk is shaped like a giant egg

11/16/2012 - No Athlete Can Hide From This 99x Zoom Broadcast Zoom Lens

11/16/2012 - Video of Earth Painted by Atmospheric Particles Looks Like a Trippy van Gogh

11/16/2012 - This pocket-sized galaxy may be the most distant yet

11/16/2012 - Amazon Turns Boring Gift Cards Into Campy Personalized Videos

11/16/2012 - The Taliban Mistakenly Outed Every Single Person on Its Mailing List

11/16/2012 - Why would anyone want to be a good witch? New trailer for Beautiful Creatures goes dark

11/16/2012 - That Steve Jobs Action Figure Just Got Even Creepier

11/16/2012 - Your Car Finally Gets the GoPro Mount It Deserves

11/16/2012 - When do gummy bears scream?

11/16/2012 - What Are Your Most Powerful Memories of Technology?

11/16/2012 - Einstein's brain was definitely not like the others, scientists say

11/16/2012 - Why Would You Root Stock Android?

11/16/2012 - Even Your Parents Could Master This Button-Mashing Racing Game

11/16/2012 - Andrew Garfield drops key hints for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe, and The Walking Dead photos!

11/16/2012 - The World's Most Advanced Scrabble Set: LEDs, RFID and $30,000

11/16/2012 - Homeless Dude Arrested for Charging His Phone in a Park

11/16/2012 - Nobody Takes Internet-Based Careers Seriously, Still

11/16/2012 - Sprint Will Have LTE iPad Minis in Stores Today

11/16/2012 - Rumor: Google in Discussion With Dish to Plan New Wireless Service

11/16/2012 - If the Rapture Really Happened, It Would Look Like This

11/16/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Morning Wood, Buddy Beer, and a Seattlite's Guide to Legal Weed

11/15/2012 - Doctor Who - Christmas Special Photos

11/15/2012 - Looking Closely at Camera Viewfinders Is Pretty Gross

11/15/2012 - Morning Spoilers 11/16

11/15/2012 - The Walking Dead - Promo Photos

11/15/2012 - Fringe - 5.07 Promo Photos

11/15/2012 - Picture of the Day: Nov. 15, 2012

11/15/2012 - American Horror Story rips off the face of Bloody Face

11/15/2012 - As If It Wasn't Broken Enough, A F-22 Raptor Crashed in Florida Today

11/15/2012 - Thieves Stole $1.5 Million of iPad Minis from JFK

11/15/2012 - Now you can watch giant panda cub Xiao Liwu sleeping on Pandacam

11/15/2012 - Would You Play This Weird Alternate Reality Game by Google?

11/15/2012 - Thank goodness, Robocop's new suit looks way more formidable

11/15/2012 - This Furniture Looks Like It Was Made for Aliens

11/15/2012 - Sources: WIRED Will Announce a New Editor-in-Chief Tomorrow

11/15/2012 - What the Hell Is China Building Here?

11/15/2012 - The Most Grotesque Fanless CPU Cooler I've Ever Seen

11/15/2012 - Lytro Images Will Soon Have 3D Perspective Shift and Live Filters

11/15/2012 - Remembering Neft Dashlari, Stalin’s utopian ocean city made from oil and steel

11/15/2012 - Dropcam: Watch Live Feeds of Anything for Hours and Hours

11/15/2012 - First Glimpse of the Smackdown between the Ninth Doctor and Thor

11/15/2012 - Watch the first trailer for the Alan Moore-scripted movie Jimmy's End

11/15/2012 - The World's Biggest Transport Chopper Can Hoist a 737 With Ease

11/15/2012 - Could there be life in Earth's Stratosphere?

11/15/2012 - Report: Google Maps for iOS Is Imminent

11/15/2012 - These Beautiful Swiss Skis Have Us Jonesing For a Massive Snow Storm

11/15/2012 - This is a tree. It's also a brain.

11/15/2012 - About Damn Time: Rick Baker gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

11/15/2012 - Researchers create a thought controlled robotic avatar

11/15/2012 - HTC DNA Gallery

11/15/2012 - This Is What a Shrink-Wrapped Space Shuttle Looks Like

11/15/2012 - Syfy's next hybrid monster should be Bearantula!

11/15/2012 - Israel's Social Media Warfare Reaches Historic Low/High with Instagram Duckface

11/15/2012 - Iron Man concept art shows Tony Stark's gadgets that we never saw

11/15/2012 - Yes, Microsoft Paid to Make This Terrible Xbox Live Ad 10 Years Ago

11/15/2012 - Meet the Tiny Projector that Will Transform Your Movie Nights

11/15/2012 - Throw Away All Your Electronics Because They're All Turning Into Narcs

11/15/2012 - You could own the original sketch that transformed Jack Nicholson into the Joker!

11/15/2012 - What are the worst pseudoscientific myths you ever learned from pop culture?

11/15/2012 - A Toddler-Driven Power Stroller Means Parents Never Have To Push

11/15/2012 - This insect has human ears

11/15/2012 - 23 Ancient Web Sites That Are Still Alive

11/15/2012 - This Discounted Retina Macbook Pro Is Your Dealzmodo-Apple-Promise Deal of the Day

11/15/2012 - Oliver Queen fights crime with the power of WASPiness

11/15/2012 - This 1990 Philips Ad Is Awesomely Awful

11/15/2012 - Tasmanian devils get their own private island, to save them from extinction

11/15/2012 - Here's How Easy Hacking an Apple ID Used to Be

11/15/2012 - Classic Educational TV Programs that Still Rock Today

11/15/2012 - The Massive Project to Wipe Out 180 Million Galapagos Island Rats

11/15/2012 - Explore 100,000 Stars From the Comfort of Your Browser

11/15/2012 - This dude recreated a scale model of New York City. With LEGO.

11/15/2012 - Capture Camera Clip Review: Pricey, But Pretty Damn Handy

11/15/2012 - Here's Kevin Spacey Being Creepy In the Trailer for Netflix's Next Original Series

11/15/2012 - 15 Best Fashion Moments from James Bond Movies

11/15/2012 - Just What Sony Needs: Disney-Themed Holiday Wireless Keyboards

11/15/2012 - The Good Steve Jobs Movie Will Only Have Three Scenes

11/15/2012 - Terrorists Can Take Down an Entire City's LTE Network for Just $650

11/15/2012 - Apple's New Patent Adjusts an iPad's Display Size Based on How Far Away You Are

11/15/2012 - Slingbox 350 Gallery

11/15/2012 - Have You Been Able to Back Up Your iPhone 5 Since Updating to iOS 6.0.1?

11/15/2012 - Listen to Bertrand Russell and F.C. Copleston debate the existence of god

11/15/2012 - The Myth of the Fake Geek Girl

11/15/2012 - How a Robot Will Steal Your Job

11/15/2012 - Jasper Hale spent the first Twilight movie wanting to kill Bella

11/15/2012 - Three Things to Consider Before Setting Up Your Home Office and the One Tool You'll Absolutely Need

11/15/2012 - How Your Video Game Character Could Soon Share Your Rage Face

11/15/2012 - Prometheus Animatronic Artist's FX reel will haunt your dreams

11/15/2012 - An Extra Grip Helps This Umbrella Battle Gale-Force Winds

11/15/2012 - Grasshoppers evolve a sound that allows them to be heard over traffic

11/15/2012 - Handcuff Key Cufflinks Would Get James Bond Out of Any Lock-Up

11/15/2012 - Which species stand to benefit the most from global warming?

11/15/2012 - Spotify Is Testing a Web Player That We'll Probably See Next Year

11/15/2012 - First trailer for Mortal Instruments, are half-angel demon hunters the new vampires?

11/15/2012 - Here's Some Awesome Slow-Mo Test Footage From Anthony Bourdain's New Show

11/15/2012 - Scientists discover millipede with 750 legs that will haunt your nightmares

11/15/2012 - US Air Force Tests Doomsday Nuclear Launch Attack

11/15/2012 - John McAfee, On the Run, Stops To Ask For Tech Support

11/15/2012 - There's a big difference between hearing and listening. Do you know what it is?

11/15/2012 - This Is What Live-Tweeting a War Looks Like

11/15/2012 - Sinofsky Says He Didn't Quit Microsoft Over Windows Phone

11/15/2012 - The Joy of Gravitational Lensing, or Why You Are Seeing Five Lights Instead of One

11/15/2012 - Apple's Clever Method to Silence a Vibrating iPhone

11/15/2012 - Simple Router Software Could Boost Public Wi-Fi Throughput By 700 Percent

11/15/2012 - Neil Gaiman discusses his plans for the Cybermen on Doctor Who. Plus Fringe and Thor 2 set photos!

11/15/2012 - This OS X Bug Is Deeply Annoying But Amazingly Pretty

11/15/2012 - Inside Obama's Tech Team

11/15/2012 - Skype's Giving Away Free Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calls For an Entire Month

11/15/2012 - JBL iPhone 5 Speaker Docks Hands-On: Lightning Finally Finds a Friend

11/15/2012 - Movie Sound Effects, Before Soundtracks Existed

11/15/2012 - These Tiny, Faster Memory Chips Will Be in Your Next Phone

11/15/2012 - Obama Has Signed a Secret Directive to Stymie Cyber Attacks

11/15/2012 - How Guys Talk to Cute Girls on OKCupid

11/15/2012 - The Stoner Channel: People Getting Twisted, Pond Weed, and James Brown Doing the Beverly

11/14/2012 - These Pictures Were Found on a Camera Hanging Around a Bird

11/14/2012 - If Star Wars Characters Had Business Card, They Would Look Like This

11/14/2012 - 90% of This Year's Black Friday Ads Have the Exact Same Items and Prices As Last Year's Black Friday Ads

11/14/2012 - First 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness premieres in theaters one month from now

11/14/2012 - The Weirdest Monuments Of The Communist Era That Are Still Standing

11/14/2012 - What If We Had Pop Up Messages for the Human System Errors We Make?

11/14/2012 - The Hilarious Truth About Your HBO Go Subscription

11/14/2012 - This Gorgeous Cherry Tool Chest Is Just Better Than Your Craftsman

11/14/2012 - Astronomers may have just discovered the first known free-floating planet

11/14/2012 - Counterpoint: Open Letter From a Movie Texting Asshole Nerd

11/14/2012 - The Mirror Shot, Then and Now

11/14/2012 - Watch James Bond's new title sequence from Skyfall right now!

11/14/2012 - Yonanas gallery

11/14/2012 - It's Come To This: You Can Get Rewards Just for Not Texting During a Movie Now

11/14/2012 - Here's What's Been Living Inside Your Belly Button

11/14/2012 - Could this immortal hydra polyp inspire advanced rejuvenation therapies for humans?

11/14/2012 - Game of Thrones will be back in March!

11/14/2012 - This Gorgeous Digital Hourglass Replaces Sand With Falling Pixels

11/14/2012 - An Open Letter to the President: US physics education is crap. Let's fix it.

11/14/2012 - Adorable Fire-Escape Shelving: For When Your Knick-Knacks Need a Smoke Break

11/14/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Old School 3D

11/14/2012 - HTC Droid DNA vs. iPhone 5 (And Everyone Else): Who's Got the Best Display? (UPDATED)

11/14/2012 - The Most Disturbing Twilight Products OF ALL TIME

11/14/2012 - 5 Things To Love About Nokia's New Maps

11/14/2012 - This Dubbed Delta Safety Video Is F*cking Hilarious

11/14/2012 - Three Parts Dead mixes magic with courtroom drama

11/14/2012 - A first: An electric car has been awarded Motor Trend’s top prize

11/14/2012 - It's 1991 and Nintendo Is Ruining America's Youth

11/14/2012 - Your House Key Is a Pot Leaf, Not For Smoking

11/14/2012 - Journalists at local FOX station in Denver say they've seen this UFO and it's real

11/14/2012 - Israel and Hamas Are Trying to Scare Each Other on Twitter

11/14/2012 - A Sports Cam With Eyes On the Back of Its Head Captures Twice the Action

11/14/2012 - The Truly Terrible Twilight Merchandise

11/14/2012 - Nonpartison Telephoto Lens Thermos Appeals To All Photographers

11/14/2012 - Do You Work From Bed?

11/14/2012 - A 40-Inch 1080p HDTV Is Your Under-$300 Deal of the Day

11/14/2012 - Please God No WHY, Twilight Merchandise

11/14/2012 - Just how inaccurate were the hacking scenes in Skyfall?

11/14/2012 - Jellyfish-Inspired Microchip Captures Cancer Cells

11/14/2012 - Apartment Hunting Is the Worst Thing, But iOS App Lovely Eases the Pain

11/14/2012 - Revolution Promo Photos Episode "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

11/14/2012 - Camera Bag Six-Shooter Provides Easy Lens Access

11/14/2012 - Jack the Giant Slayer Photos

11/14/2012 - How to Fix Your iPhone 5's Crappy Wi-Fi

11/14/2012 - Behind the Scenes Photos of Fringe

11/14/2012 - Thor: The Dark World Dark Elf Photos

11/14/2012 - 10 Bizarre Death Rituals from Around the World

11/14/2012 - NASA's Beautiful Climate Picture Makes You Forget Extreme Weather Is Possible

11/14/2012 - Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T: Don't Expect Any Miracles

11/14/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/14/2012 - 7 Deadly Crazy (But Fun!) Urban Ideas

11/14/2012 - Samsung Ativ

11/14/2012 - Why Do Geeks Like Kinky Sex?

11/14/2012 - Expedia: Book Hotels and Flights in One App

11/14/2012 - The science of morning wood

11/14/2012 - A Highly Scientific, Medically Detailed Discussion of Why Men Get Morning Wood

11/14/2012 - Expedia Gallery

11/14/2012 - Israel Announces War Campaign via Twitter (Updated)

11/14/2012 - This May Be the First Confirmed Errant Planet Detected by Humans

11/14/2012 - Watch Out Fitbit, This Badass New Activity Tracker Is Out to Eat Your Lunch

11/14/2012 - Win a $150 Gift Card to Best Buy, Upgrade Your Man Cave

11/14/2012 - Did the Giant from Jack the Giant Slayer steal his look from Andre the Giant?

11/14/2012 - How a tiny eye implant could save your vision from glaucoma

11/14/2012 - This is the most accurate American election map we've seen yet

11/14/2012 - Iran's "New" Hovercraft May or May Not Have Been Built in the 1970s

11/14/2012 - Thousands of Australian students are taught that robots led the Russian Revolution

11/14/2012 - Definitive Proof That Robots and QR Codes Are Not the Future of Bartending

11/14/2012 - This Keyboard's Numpad Doubles as a Gesture-Friendly Touchpad

11/14/2012 - The Stupidest Copyright Suit Ever Complains That Download.com Hosts BitTorrent Clients

11/14/2012 - Bjork's new video for 'Mutual Core' makes geology look downright perverted

11/14/2012 - How DNA Detectives Saved Dozens of Infants From a Deadly Breakout

11/14/2012 - Scosche Now Has Lightning Accessories for Damn Near Any Situation

11/14/2012 - Can the Kuleshov Effect really control your perception of other people's feelings?

11/14/2012 - John McAfee Disguises Himself as Murderer

11/14/2012 - The Onion Tackles Its Most Important Topic Ever: The History of the Internet

11/14/2012 - Russian babushka slays wolf with axe, bare hands

11/14/2012 - New trailer for Oz The Great and Powerful has us wondering: is the Wizard sleeping with all the Witches of Oz?

11/14/2012 - Google Just Beat Siri to TV Voice Search

11/14/2012 - Oxytocin keeps committed men away from attractive women

11/14/2012 - Why Can't All Map Apps Be This Clever?

11/14/2012 - Samsung: We're Not Backing Down from Apple Litigation

11/14/2012 - Meet the two newest members of TV's S.H.I.E.L.D. team!

11/14/2012 - Scientists Make Shake-to-Charge Cellphones a Real Possibility

11/14/2012 - Google: Government Surveillance Is on the Rise

11/14/2012 - How Photography Used To Be

11/14/2012 - These Are the Windows 95 Tips We All Really Wanted

11/14/2012 - Your Skype Account Can Be Hacked Using Just Your Email Address (Updated)

11/14/2012 - Papa John's Faces $250 Million Lawsuit Over SMS Spam

11/14/2012 - WSJ: Samsung Is Betting Big on Flexible Phones

11/14/2012 - Revolution "Kashmir" Photos

11/14/2012 - These Abstract Art Pieces Are Made By Having Sex

11/14/2012 - The New BBM Lets You Make Free Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi

11/14/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Heroic Muffins, Athletic Kluges, and Tina Turner Does Brazil

11/13/2012 - Google Fiber Has Real World Speeds of 700 Mbps

11/13/2012 - The Goopy Explosion of Eggs Being Destroyed in Slow Motion Is Actually Pretty Epic

11/13/2012 - Morning Spoilers 11/14

11/13/2012 - Wearing Knockoff Google Glasses Is Even More Embarrassing Than Wearing Real Google Glasses

11/13/2012 - The CW is sexifying the 70s British show The Tomorrow People for today's audiences

11/13/2012 - Photos of Soap Bubbles that Look Like Trippy Exoplanets

11/13/2012 - T-Mobile Will Sell the Sold Out Nexus 4 for 200 Bucks Tomorrow

11/13/2012 - Bigfoot with a Sword on Mars = Best Comic Book Premise This Month

11/13/2012 - Purity Ring: Lofticries

11/13/2012 - In the UK? Grow pot? You can help science!

11/13/2012 - How does Adventure Time blend intense mythology with laugh-out-loud comedy?

11/13/2012 - If Bond Were a Boy Scout, This Tumi Mixology Set Would Be His Backpack

11/13/2012 - The perfect place for you to have a hypochondriac freakout

11/13/2012 - Heads up: Revolution is becoming a seriously entertaining show

11/13/2012 - Listen to This Insane John McAfee Interview While He's on the Run

11/13/2012 - Butterball Cookbook Plus: Learn How to Cook Your Turkey Day Bird

11/13/2012 - The U.S. will become energy independent by 2035 — but at what cost?

11/13/2012 - Is Your Nokia Lumia 920's Battery Draining Too Fast?

11/13/2012 - The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in November

11/13/2012 - Open Source Book Scanner Uses a Household Vacuum To Turn the Page

11/13/2012 - This Was the Real Political Map of America After the 2012 Election

11/13/2012 - Butterball Cookbook Plus Gallery

11/13/2012 - What did Damon Lindelof add to Prometheus? The Biggest Differences from the Original Draft

11/13/2012 - Mixing Sharpies and Touchscreen Devices Seems Really Dangerous


11/13/2012 - Time Warner Cable Is Getting Sued Over Those Bullshit Modem Rental Fees

11/13/2012 - Google Is Finally Installing Gigabit Fiber In Kansas City Homes

11/13/2012 - 7 Tools For a Marvelously Manicured Movember Moustache

11/13/2012 - Coming Soon to Vimeo: Paywalls

11/13/2012 - The chemical that links soap bubbles to explosions

11/13/2012 - Baseball Bat Flashlight: Just the Trick For Beating Back Burglars

11/13/2012 - This is a real skull from a real animal and it may just be the most terrifying thing ever

11/13/2012 - 22 James Bond Movies Are Your Shaken-and-not-Stirred Deal of the Day

11/13/2012 - Mind-Controlled Robots Bring Us One Step Closer To Our Avatar Future

11/13/2012 - Paper or Plastic? Try Neither

11/13/2012 - Are humans getting dumber?

11/13/2012 - You Can Test Drive New Motorola Software Ahead of Official Releases Soon

11/13/2012 - Fall Shooting Challenge Gallery 3

11/13/2012 - Fall Shooting Challenge Gallery 2

11/13/2012 - Fall Shooting Challenge Gallery 1

11/13/2012 - 100 Gorgeous Photos Of Fall Leaves

11/13/2012 - These clips from Rise of the Guardians are actually kind of cute!

11/13/2012 - Tech's New Most Meaningless Spec: PPI

11/13/2012 - Today's is the last total solar eclipse until 2015 — here's how to watch

11/13/2012 - 9 Reasons to be Grateful for Twilight

11/13/2012 - Nokia's New Mapping Service Is Coming to iOS and Android

11/13/2012 - Nokia's Insanely Fast New Mapping Service Looks Awesome

11/13/2012 - Sony NEX-5R Review: A Great Camera with a Few Missing Pieces

11/13/2012 - Bob Dole's Sad 1996 Campaign Website Is Still Online

11/13/2012 - Oliver Sacks talks hallucinations, dropping acid — and the time he was addicted to speed

11/13/2012 - This Electro-Powered Bulletin Board Holds Your Stuff Without Tacks or Tape

11/13/2012 - The Crazy Secret Journal of John McAfee, Volume 1: The Girl Assassin

11/13/2012 - HTC Droid DNA Gallery

11/13/2012 - The Iron Cyberman is the best (fake) cosplay mashup of 2012

11/13/2012 - What happens to women denied abortions? This is the first scientific study to find out.

11/13/2012 - HTC Droid DNA Hands On: This Thing Is Sick

11/13/2012 - This 40kW Missile Defense System Will Pew-Pew Missiles Clear Out of the Sky

11/13/2012 - This Classic Dieter Rams Braun Speaker Goes At Least to Eleven

11/13/2012 - The eyeball in this guy's sink is one of the best optical illusions we've seen in ages

11/13/2012 - The Simple Sexy Email Secret Petraeus Used for His Affair

11/13/2012 - First trailer for The Host is sexy Body Snatchers

11/13/2012 - An Ode to the Relationship Ruining Autocorrect

11/13/2012 - Seriously Though, Apple's Gift Guide Is Just the Apple Store

11/13/2012 - Tim Flach's intimate animal portraits reveal nature's human side

11/13/2012 - Impatient Lazy People Can Now Track the Progress of Their GrubHub Orders

11/13/2012 - Recapping ‘The Jetsons’: Episode 08 – Rosey's Boyfriend

11/13/2012 - Here's the Man Who Dug Up John McAfee's Secrets

11/13/2012 - New Bacteria-Resistant Hospital Sheets Can Keep You From Getting Sicker

11/13/2012 - Is horny goat weed extract really a sexual stimulant?

11/13/2012 - Windows Phone 8 Won't Hit Sprint Until Next Year

11/13/2012 - Surviving a plane crash is more common than you probably realize

11/13/2012 - This Ribbon Wall Charger Will Never Get Tangled in Your Bag

11/13/2012 - Man in coma uses his thoughts to tell doctors, 'I'm not in pain'

11/13/2012 - How to Board a Plane Quicker Using Math

11/13/2012 - The Life-Tracking Jawbone Up Is Back! (And Hopefully It'll Work This Time)

11/13/2012 - The Craziest Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Yet!

11/13/2012 - Doctors Talk to Vegetative Patient Through Brain Scans

11/13/2012 - These Incredibly Lifelike Robotic Fish Will Never Go Belly Up

11/13/2012 - A Cellphone Base Station in the Palm of Your Hand

11/13/2012 - This Is Not an Alien Planet

11/13/2012 - This Hilarious Video Pokes Fun at Clueless DSLR Users

11/13/2012 - America's Titan Supercomputer Is the Fastest in the World

11/13/2012 - France: Amazon Owes $250 Million in Tax

11/13/2012 - What Twitter Really Is Made Of

11/13/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Pyromaniacal Bears, Cannabis' Brand New Bag, and Uncanny Dutch Flowers

11/12/2012 - How to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

11/12/2012 - All The Most Befuddling Quotes From Last Night's Once Upon A Time

11/12/2012 - Are These the Most Popular Keys on a Keyboard?

11/12/2012 - John McAfee Says He's Innocent and Thinks the Murder Was Actually Meant for Him

11/12/2012 - Thor: The Dark World - Set Photos

11/12/2012 - The President of Windows Steven Sinofsky Is Leaving Microsoft

11/12/2012 - Supernatural - Set Photos

11/12/2012 - The Walking Dead - 3.06 Promo Photos

11/12/2012 - Once Upon a Time - 2.08 Promo Photos

11/12/2012 - Doctor Who - Cybermen Photos

11/12/2012 - Oz the Great and Powerful - Promo Photos

11/12/2012 - Solving the ancient mystery of what destroyed the bats of the Caribbean

11/12/2012 - This Extreme Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Is Just Incredible

11/12/2012 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was literally darker than TNG

11/12/2012 - Here is the end credits tune for The Hobbit that will most likely make you cry

11/12/2012 - The fascinating and weird memoirs of a Soviet rocketeer

11/12/2012 - If the Back to the Future Shoes Were Made Today, They Would Look Like This

11/12/2012 - Are satellite orbits being compromised by global warming?

11/12/2012 - The amazing time-travel cop show Continuum coming to Syfy in January

11/12/2012 - Leather Oven Mitts: The Toughest Way to Whip Up Cupcakes

11/12/2012 - This USB GarageBand Guitar Puts a Little Apple in Your Fender

11/12/2012 - Researchers remove extra chromosome from Down’s syndrome cells. Could a gene therapy be next?

11/12/2012 - 123D Design: Create Incredible 3D Printed Designs on Your iPad

11/12/2012 - Why doesn't Syfy have a show like Battlestar Galactica any more?

11/12/2012 - What Is the Most Expensive Gadget You Own? (Car Not Included)

11/12/2012 - Drum Machine Beanbag Chairs Are Great If You're Beat

11/12/2012 - 123D Gallery

11/12/2012 - Learn the ABC's of each death from Game of Thrones, drawn Edward Gorey-style!

11/12/2012 - GIF Is Officially the 2012 Word of the Year

11/12/2012 - Red Rain, the New R. L. Stine Novel For Adults

11/12/2012 - An Incredible Gallery of Buildings that Look Like Rocket Ships

11/12/2012 - Explore the Beautiful World of Herman Miller Furniture With This Comprehensive Online Portfolio

11/12/2012 - Here's Hoping These Clever Paperclip Headphones Don't Sound Like Crap

11/12/2012 - Slow motion egg annihilation is the best kind of egg annihilation

11/12/2012 - Internet's Cutest Dog Endorses World's Dumbest Headphones

11/12/2012 - Digital Camera Dissection Explains Why Your Dirt Cheap Shooter Sucks

11/12/2012 - An Anthology About The People Who Actually Keep Your Space Station Spinning

11/12/2012 - How (and why) animals change color with the seasons

11/12/2012 - Sony NEX-5R Samples

11/12/2012 - 17 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Winter Heating and Lighting

11/12/2012 - Hey everybody, let's spend the rest of the day watching live HD footage of the largest polar bear gathering in the world, deal? Deal.

11/12/2012 - This Cheap Computer Monitor Is Your Massive-Screen-Space Deal of the Day

11/12/2012 - Stare into the eyes of the flying monkeys from Oz: The Great and Powerful

11/12/2012 - All Chemistry Classes Should Be Taught by Adorable Dogs (Updated)

11/12/2012 - 20 Essential Books About the Next Step in Human Evolution

11/12/2012 - How to Get Away With an Affair in 2012

11/12/2012 - 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Review: So Good, But So Not Worth It

11/12/2012 - Futurist Magazine unveils its predictions for 2013 and beyond

11/12/2012 - Could The Europa Report be the space horror film we've been waiting for?

11/12/2012 - Shut Up, Haters, Rihanna Didn't Rip Off Your Nerd Art

11/12/2012 - Samsung's Android-Powered Galaxy Camera Will Cost a Whopping $500

11/12/2012 - Do science fiction writers have "expertise" on future developments in science?

11/12/2012 - Ten bets you'll (almost) never lose

11/12/2012 - This Creepy Facial Recognition System Knows How Often You Visit a Store

11/12/2012 - Read the original script for Prometheus right now

11/12/2012 - Exclusive: John McAfee Wanted for Murder (Updated)

11/12/2012 - The Firefly Episode We're Really Glad Joss Whedon Didn't Get to Make

11/12/2012 - RMBP13 Gallery

11/12/2012 - Sony NEX-5R Gallery

11/12/2012 - Is the iPad Mini the Beginning of Apple's Decline?

11/12/2012 - This Week's TV: Carrie Fisher is the Ghost of Christmas WTF. Plus how much worse can Rick get on Walking Dead?

11/12/2012 - Here's Where to Watch Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse

11/12/2012 - You’re Invited to the Mother of All Shooting Challenge’s Gallery Event

11/12/2012 - Apple Asks You To Reset Your iPhone Before Hitting the Genius Bar

11/12/2012 - How NASA's Interplanetary Internet Phones Home From the Heavens

11/12/2012 - Weeping Angel Barbie is waiting for Ken to Blink

11/12/2012 - This Insulated Smuggler's Jacket Keeps You Warm and Your Booze Cold

11/12/2012 - Scientists call their discovery a 'perfect' invisibility cloak

11/12/2012 - Microsoft Surface Display Shoot-Out: Does It Beat the iPad?

11/12/2012 - Patrice Wilson Attempts to Destroy Internet Yet Again With Teen Thanksgiving Anthem

11/12/2012 - These diseases can be diagnosed by smell

11/12/2012 - The New Palo Alto Apple Store Isn't Too Loud You Whiny Morons

11/12/2012 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt probably didn't have polio after all

11/12/2012 - How Gmail Took Down Philandering CIA Director David Petraeus

11/12/2012 - This new artificial limb is powered by rocket fuel

11/12/2012 - Steve Ballmer: Surface Sales Are "Modest," But Wait for Surface Pro

11/12/2012 - Skyfall Filmmakers 3D-Printed This Rare Aston Martin So They Wouldn't Damage the Original

11/12/2012 - First Photos of Doctor Who's Returning Villains! Plus Major Iron Man 3 Hints!

11/12/2012 - Ten More Bets You'll Never Lose

11/12/2012 - RIM Will Pull the Covers Off Its BB10 Devices January 30th

11/12/2012 - Me.ga Is Dead, Long Live Mega.co.nz

11/12/2012 - Describing Saturn 5 in Simple English Is Difficult But Hilarious

11/12/2012 - YouTube Axing 60 Percent of Its Original Content Channels

11/11/2012 - Best of the Week: November 3-9, 2012

11/11/2012 - Here's What's Missing from a High School Physics Education

11/11/2012 - Frightened Rabbit: The Loneliness and the Scream

11/11/2012 - Oodles and oodles of behind-the-scenes and concept images from The Hobbit

11/11/2012 - Fake William Gibson tweets authentically clever Gibson-inspired book plots

11/11/2012 - This Vintage Style Camera Is Made From Legos, Cardboard, and Duct Tape

11/11/2012 - This Slingshot Spy-Pistol Is Fit for a 00 Agent

11/11/2012 - The littlest Browncoats play at being Firefly's Big Damn Heroes

11/11/2012 - Apple's Breaking Out Passbook-Enabled Gift Cards

11/11/2012 - Segments from 22 James Bond films cut together to form a single Bond movie

11/11/2012 - Here's the Army of Celebs Microsoft Is Using to Pimp Windows Phone 8

11/11/2012 - Clone Wars and David Tennant reveal what Jedi training has in common with Hogwarts

11/11/2012 - Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.07

11/11/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/11/2012 - Kicks-Ass 2 Hit Girl

11/11/2012 - Supernatural Episode 8.08 Photos

11/11/2012 - Meet the carnivorous sponge that traps its prey and grows sperm on every branch

11/11/2012 - These Tiny Carbon Microthreads Could Wire the Computers of the Future Directly to Your Brain

11/11/2012 - New Cybermen

11/11/2012 - Arrow 1.07 Photos

11/11/2012 - Does Brad Bird's mysterious new science fiction movie star George Clooney as Nikola Tesla? Maybe.

11/11/2012 - The Hobbit photos of wargs

11/11/2012 - Grimm episode 2.12 photos

11/11/2012 - This Sleek Clock Let's You Count Down to Some Terrifyingly Ambiguous Events

11/11/2012 - The sumo science myth that James Bond started

11/11/2012 - Haven episode 3.09 Photos

11/11/2012 - Got a Favorite Android SMS App?

11/11/2012 - 666 Park Avenue Episode 1.08 Photos

11/11/2012 - David Cronenberg's rarely seen 1972 short film about a scientist developing a psychological weapon

11/11/2012 - Tokyo's 3D printing photobooth lets you turn yourself into an action figure

11/11/2012 - Vintage Art Deco cigarette cards celebrate your great-grandparents' romance with science

11/11/2012 - Users Start Giving Up on Streaming Video If It Takes Two Seconds to Load

11/11/2012 - Watch a haunting time-lapse video of cars driving through blacked out Manhattan

11/11/2012 - Each episode of Buffy, recapped as a limerick

11/11/2012 - Apple's Swiped Swiss Clock Design Cost $21 Million

11/11/2012 - 2001: A Space Odyssey recreated in bread and chocolate

11/11/2012 - Just in time for Veterans Day, the sweetest "Luke, I am your father" moment

11/11/2012 - Did This Nexus 7 Really Explode While Charging?

11/11/2012 - Who would win in a fight between Tolkien characters and Game of Thrones characters? George R.R. Martin weighs in

11/11/2012 - Apple and HTC End Patent Dispute and Agree to Play Nice For a Decade

11/10/2012 - The Election: How's This For Evil Politicians?

11/10/2012 - Elliott Smith: Bled White

11/10/2012 - Children who suck their thumbs get a terrifying visitor in the short horror film Suckablood

11/10/2012 - Apple's Going to Have to Pay All of Samsung's Legal Fees Because It Didn't Apologize Well Enough

11/10/2012 - The Magic School Bus grows up and goes on one last field trip—to Hell

11/10/2012 - RIM's Offering Cash And Gadgets to Devs Who Port Games to BlackBerry

11/10/2012 - Iris Gallery

11/10/2012 - Haven trades resurrection for one major death

11/10/2012 - How NASA is Making Rockets By Welding Metal Powder with Lasers

11/10/2012 - What you won't see in the Lincoln biopic: Lego Honest Abe riding a velociraptor

11/10/2012 - What Ridley Scott's I Am Legend vampires would have looked like

11/10/2012 - Modular Cocktails Would Make Drink-Mixing Child's Play

11/10/2012 - What's The Most Annoying Piece of Tech You Couldn't Live Without?

11/10/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Robots in the Oval Office

11/10/2012 - The Overweight Lumia 920, Instagramming Your Vote, Every Microsoft Device Ever, and More

11/10/2012 - Steampunk Spy-Fi: Real-life gadgets perfect for a Victorian Era James Bond

11/10/2012 - With this Droid, I thee wed: an R2-D2 engagement ring

11/10/2012 - Fringe is the story of a family doomed to tragedy

11/10/2012 - Lucky Timelapse Catches Montreal In Flames

11/10/2012 - Dog space suits for the earliest canine cosmonauts

11/10/2012 - The TI-84 Is Finally Going to Join Us In the Future With A Color Screen

11/10/2012 - Raccoon laborers and plants designed for climate change: Charles Stross' Predictions for 2512

11/10/2012 - Saturday Webcomic: What happens when a supervillain's sidekick is more villainous than he is?

11/10/2012 - The sweetest model of Minas Tirith is made of cake and icing

11/10/2012 - Argue Your Way Out of BS Service Fees

11/10/2012 - The crazy canine Firefly episode Alan Tudyk pitched to the writers

11/10/2012 - How Many Pictures Have Ever Been Taken?

11/10/2012 - Cameos galore on the series finale of Avengers and Doctor Who's David Tennant is the keeper of lightsabers!

11/10/2012 - This Meteorite Flash Drive Is Out of This World

11/10/2012 - Person of Interest got all sappy, and I liked it

11/10/2012 - The Ridiculous Requests That Ad Agencies Get

11/10/2012 - Remembering Failed Apple Products Is Pretty Fun

11/10/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Jumping the Croc, Growing the Pot, and Taking Pictures of Space

11/9/2012 - These Teenage Girls from Africa Made a Urine Powered Generator

11/9/2012 - It's official: Toy Story 3 writer will pen Star Wars: Episode VII!

11/9/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: What Is the Biggest Rock?

11/9/2012 - Why You Shouldn't Park Your Car in Front of a Fire Hydrant

11/9/2012 - It's true — CIA operatives are secretly running your life

11/9/2012 - When Stores Open for Black Friday

11/9/2012 - Further Evidence That IQ Does Not Measure Intelligence

11/9/2012 - Winter Sucks Less With Marshmallow Snowmen Chillin' In Your Cocoa

11/9/2012 - Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others?

11/9/2012 - Last Resort does "The Naked Time," and it's pretty great

11/9/2012 - Does a Flashlight Ever Need to Be More Than Just Bright?

11/9/2012 - Infamous 15-Year Old Hacker Banned from Internet for Six Years

11/9/2012 - Lightspeed Presents: "Searching for Slave Leia," by Sandra McDonald

11/9/2012 - Sayonara, Afterglow, Settle It, and More

11/9/2012 - This Lego Tesseract Starship Is Worth Its Own TV Miniseries

11/9/2012 - The Most Adorable Zombie Ever: Check out the first Warm Bodies trailer!

11/9/2012 - It's Carl Sagan's birthday! Time to party like the starstuff that we are.

11/9/2012 - The Best Wines on Amazon

11/9/2012 - Guillermo del Toro is in talks for a Justice League Dark movie!

11/9/2012 - The First 3D Printing Photobooth Is Like a Walk-In Shrink Ray

11/9/2012 - Is Nokia Committing Retail Suicide?

11/9/2012 - Facebook Testing Comments on Comments on Comments (Oh My God My Head)

11/9/2012 - Who Was the Very Best James Bond Ever?

11/9/2012 - Scary Cisco Executive Vows to Make Finding a Whistleblower His Personal "Hobby"

11/9/2012 - Behold, a spaceman super-sculpture. Can you guess what it's made of?

11/9/2012 - Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine Is Nine Parts Absurd, One Genius

11/9/2012 - Why have people stopped committing suicide with gas?

11/9/2012 - What's the Best Digital TV Antenna?

11/9/2012 - Alternate history maps of the US presidential election

11/9/2012 - The Closest Thing to a Lightsaber on Earth Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

11/9/2012 - Citadel is the smart indie horror movie you've been waiting for

11/9/2012 - Watch flesh-eating beetles devour a parrot... for science

11/9/2012 - Pentagon To Replace Mine-Clearing Dolphins With Robots

11/9/2012 - Watch This Adorable Gymnastic Bot Totally Stick the Landing

11/9/2012 - This Dream House Was Entirely Built Around a Giant Three-Story-High Bookshelf

11/9/2012 - Does wealth create peanut allergies?

11/9/2012 - Why does the crocodile have spots?

11/9/2012 - The Internet Isn't a Good Excuse to Be a Bad Friend

11/9/2012 - First Glimpse of Tom Cruise Battling the Relentless Alien Invaders in All You Need is Kill

11/9/2012 - Dronestragram Shows You Filtered Aerial Shots Of Where People Just Got Killed

11/9/2012 - First two episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome are a frakking thrill ride

11/9/2012 - 10 Ways Geoengineering Could Save the World

11/9/2012 - You Might Literally Be Allergic To BlackBerry Phones

11/9/2012 - Giant Smiley Discovered In Mercury

11/9/2012 - What If Wes Anderson Directed the Next Star Wars Movie?

11/9/2012 - Flashlight Bazooka Blasts Your Target With Blinding Light

11/9/2012 - Chemistry can induce "virgin birth" in animals

11/9/2012 - Skyfall unquestionably belongs to Dame Judi Dench

11/9/2012 - Your Table Could Be Your Next Mobile Keyboard

11/9/2012 - Don't Call It a Dump Truck: This Massive Mineral Hauler Transforms Into an Overland Train

11/9/2012 - Fairy-wren chicks taught secret passwords to thwart dickish cuckoo birds

11/9/2012 - An unreal photo taken by a 'Doctor Who camera'

11/9/2012 - Shut it down. This sofa-bounding tiger cub is the best thing you'll see today.

11/9/2012 - Here's the Next Thing You're Going to Hate About Facebook: Beeping Sounds

11/9/2012 - Watch the New Battlestar Galactica Series Right Here

11/9/2012 - The year's best wildlife photos show nature at its cruelest — and most tender

11/9/2012 - A Week With the iPad Mini

11/9/2012 - Notion Ink Adam II Tablet Rears Its Sadly Hyped Head

11/9/2012 - When mentos and coke are crossed with dominos

11/9/2012 - If You're Buying a $200 iPad From a Stranger at the Gas Station at Least Look at It First

11/9/2012 - The Biggest Myth About Polar Bear Fur (And the Weirdest Truth)

11/9/2012 - Introducing "The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell" — a real figure in a real scientific journal

11/9/2012 - Handheld Mount Puts DSLR Filters on Compact Cameras

11/9/2012 - Will 2040 be the year of the allergy apocalypse?

11/9/2012 - This Aerodynamic Backpack Won't Slow Motorcyclists

11/9/2012 - Check out Xenoceratops, the newly identified dinosaur with an ‘alien horned-face’

11/9/2012 - Could J.K. Simmons play J. Jonah Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man 2? Plus One Director Who's Definitely Not Doing Star Wars!

11/9/2012 - Apple Seems Slightly More Apologetic as It Removes Page Resizing Code

11/9/2012 - Sheet Music Scanner Will Play Your Symphony Without an Orchestra

11/9/2012 - Report: The Surface's Keyboard Cover Is Literally Coming Apart at the Seams

11/9/2012 - Our Galaxy's Black Hole Is Getting Angry

11/9/2012 - "This Is Why You Don't Buy an iPad From Walmart"

11/9/2012 - A Rucksack For Drinkers on the Move

11/9/2012 - Holy Sh*t, Apple's Fusion Drive Is Quick

11/9/2012 - Walking Dead photos

11/9/2012 - Microsoft Can Convert Your Voice Into Another Language

11/9/2012 - Watch These Printers Sing Songs Like Bob Dylan

11/9/2012 - It turns out that Missouri is the land of unresolved issues on Supernatural

11/9/2012 - The Effect of College Education On the Presidential Election

11/9/2012 - The Stoner Channel: The Rise of Taxing Questions, the End of Possession Prosecutions, and a New Tokyo Undo

11/8/2012 - Sarah Silverman's iPhone Camera Trick Is Hilariously Explicit

11/8/2012 - What It's Like to Fly Through a Nuclear Mushroom Cloud

11/8/2012 - Microsoft Pranked People with a Live Floor Tile That Knocked Down a Wall in the Middle of a City

11/8/2012 - The Story Behind the Internet's Most Popular Photo

11/8/2012 - Would You Fly On an Airplane Without Any Seats?

11/8/2012 - Oh, this? Just some teenage girls from Africa who invented a urine-powered generator.

11/8/2012 - This spectacular proposed South Korean super-city will cost $275 billion

11/8/2012 - On Arrow the villain we've been waiting for arrives

11/8/2012 - AT&T Will Give You a $100 Discount on an iPad If You Sign a Two-Year Contract

11/8/2012 - 1500-year-old English skeleton was "ritually staked" with iron nails

11/8/2012 - New World War Z trailer looks like 2012 with zombies

11/8/2012 - Clear for Mac: The Best iPhone To-Do List Comes to Your Desktop

11/8/2012 - Sayonara: Get Notified When Jerks Unfollow You on Twitter

11/8/2012 - What destroyed the Maya? We have a new clue, in the form of an ancient stalagmite.

11/8/2012 - Sayonara Gallery

11/8/2012 - How the Citadel director's real-life agoraphobia turned into a horror movie

11/8/2012 - One Third of Google Employees Don't Seem to Use Google+

11/8/2012 - American Horror Story Episode 2.05 Photos

11/8/2012 - Is this the new writer for Star Wars: Episode VII?

11/8/2012 - Vampire Diaries Episode 4.7

11/8/2012 - LaCie's New Waterproof USB Key Is Smaller Than Your House Key

11/8/2012 - Hero 3 gallery

11/8/2012 - Gelatin made with human DNA will make snacks safer

11/8/2012 - Why haven't the Wombles conquered America?

11/8/2012 - The Very Best of the Disney/Star Wars Mash-Up Art

11/8/2012 - This Credit Card Costs $100,000 and an Imbecile's Soul

11/8/2012 - Fly Far, Far, Away for Free

11/8/2012 - Canada Welcomes a New Member To Its Horned Dinosaur Family

11/8/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

11/8/2012 - An Unexpected Journey pPosters

11/8/2012 - Person of Interest Episode 2.07 “Critical” Photos

11/8/2012 - Fringe Episode 5.06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” photos

11/8/2012 - The Pickup Truck of Bikes Laughs at Handlebar Baskets

11/8/2012 - Why do paper cuts hurt so much, and what do they have to do with lobsters?

11/8/2012 - Watch the first episode of Bravest Warriors, from the creator of Adventure Time!

11/8/2012 - These Beastly Klipsch Speakers Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

11/8/2012 - How Flavor Chemists Make Your Food So Addictively Good

11/8/2012 - AT&T Reverses: You Can Use iPhone 5 FaceTime Without Wi-Fi (Updated)

11/8/2012 - The Americans: Awesome New Spy Series, or Homeland for Morons?

11/8/2012 - Google Autocomplete Makes Wonderful Emo Poetry

11/8/2012 - Iran Tried to Shoot Down American Drone

11/8/2012 - No, Iron Man 3 did not just have a major rewrite

11/8/2012 - Gallery: iPad Mini

11/8/2012 - NASA Dismantles the Last Traces of the Space Shuttle Program

11/8/2012 - Read Ken Liu's amazing story that swept the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Awards

11/8/2012 - Memopads and Desk Organizers Were Meant To Be Together

11/8/2012 - When blind people hallucinate

11/8/2012 - 'Perfect storm' of geological factors make the Eastern U.S. more susceptible to strong earthquakes than previously thought

11/8/2012 - With a Smartphone Dock For a Heart, This Teddy Bear Will Terrorize Your Kids

11/8/2012 - 11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About James Bond

11/8/2012 - Red Marble: Unreal Portrait of the Sun Eclipsed By Earth

11/8/2012 - Your Account Probably Wasn't Hacked, Twitter Is Just Paranoid

11/8/2012 - This Prosthetic Hand Could've Been Ripped From a Terminator

11/8/2012 - Is NASA about to unveil plans for manned moon mission?

11/8/2012 - Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness

11/8/2012 - A mysterious, giant hand rises from the Chilean desert

11/8/2012 - Here's the New Stuff You'll Get Next Time You Update Your iPhone

11/8/2012 - The 9 Biggest Wastes of Google's Time and Money

11/8/2012 - Logos redesigned for the impending zombie apocalypse

11/8/2012 - The terrifying discovery of the Lawn Dart Effect

11/8/2012 - Come to the Mother of All Shooting Challenges' NYC Gallery Event

11/8/2012 - How a Reddit Rage Comic Saved a Man's Life

11/8/2012 - The Cardboard Box Finally Gets a Genius Upgrade

11/8/2012 - Our brains can make fast decisions, and accurate decisions — but not at the same time

11/8/2012 - A rare, near-complete mammoth skeleton has been unearthed near Paris

11/8/2012 - You're the CEO: Which Company Should Buy What Other Company?

11/8/2012 - How Those Beautiful Long-Exposure Nighttime Photographs Come to Life

11/8/2012 - Romney Staffers Publish Sad Victory Website by Mistake

11/8/2012 - And now, a life-size Hobbit hole made from 2,600 different balloons

11/8/2012 - Why blind mole rats don't get cancer

11/8/2012 - Newly discovered super-Earth is one of the best candidates for life yet

11/8/2012 - Was This the World's First Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock?

11/8/2012 - Colbert Tackles the Very Real Dangers of Wind Turbine Herpes

11/8/2012 - You Can Now Buy Wine from Amazon

11/8/2012 - Try this superquick pyromaniac trick with candles

11/8/2012 - Walmart Moves Black Friday into Thanksgiving Dinner Time

11/8/2012 - Canless Cleaner Blasts Away Crap At 200 Miles Per Hour

11/8/2012 - Brand New Hobbit Videos, Plus Hints About Transformers 4 and Mortal Kombat!

11/8/2012 - A DNA Test Can Predict How Good Beef Will Taste

11/8/2012 - A Drunk Person Tries Windows 8 For the First Time

11/8/2012 - How Crypto Keys Can Be Stolen Across the Cloud

11/8/2012 - This 21:9 Monitor Is a Multitasker's Wet Dream

11/8/2012 - Jam With Chrome Turns Your Browser Into a Garage Band

11/8/2012 - A Mouse Shouldn't Need an Internet Connection to Work Properly (Updated, It Doesn't)

11/8/2012 - Apple Finally Patents the Round-Cornered Rectangle

11/8/2012 - The Hobbit Will Play in High Frame Rate at 450 Theaters Across North America

11/8/2012 - Verizon Waives Voice and Text Charges For Sandy Victims

11/8/2012 - Learning About Knives with This App Will Make You a Better Cook

11/8/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Sonic Booms, Gansta Lunchables, and Why I'm Moving Back to Colorado

11/7/2012 - Who Wants to Drive a Crashed Car Made with Naked Bodypainted People?

11/7/2012 - Being Trapped Inside This Giant Plastic Space Time Foam Art Installation Looks Like Out of This World Fun

11/7/2012 - Obama's Win Sent Instagram into Overdrive

11/7/2012 - I Really Want a Credit Card with a LCD Screen and Touchscreen Keypad

11/7/2012 - Anybody Who Says Buzzwords to Describe Startups and Technology Should Be Zapped in the Head

11/7/2012 - Dexter - 7.08 Promo Photos

11/7/2012 - Once Upon a Time - Captain Hook Set Photos

11/7/2012 - Revolution - 1.09 Promo Photos

11/7/2012 - Revolution - 1.08 Promo Photos

11/7/2012 - Hiding a GoPro Inside a Bouquet Shows the Wedding from the Bride's Point of View

11/7/2012 - How to Get Into Person of Interest, the Best Science Fiction Show on TV

11/7/2012 - Will your ballot still be secret in 2020?

11/7/2012 - Afterglow: Better Filters and Editing for Your Instagram Photos

11/7/2012 - Scientists raise the alarm on human enhancement technologies

11/7/2012 - And now, a baby koala sitting in a tea cup

11/7/2012 - Jeff Bridges finds a director for the role he was born to play: The Giver

11/7/2012 - Extendable Table Grows and Shrinks Without Swapping a Single Part

11/7/2012 - Behold the Bantha Pug, truly the cutest of all the Star Wars creatures

11/7/2012 - Afterglow Gallery

11/7/2012 - Why does Hal sing "Daisy" in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

11/7/2012 - How bear dogs and sabre tooth cats lived side-by-side over 9 million years ago

11/7/2012 - This 26 Pound 36,000 Calorie Gummy Python Will Probably Still Kill You

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11/7/2012 - Subway Signaling Equipment Before and After Sandy's Salt Water Flood

11/7/2012 - This Spiked Rubber Band Equips Any Shoe for Icy Weather

11/7/2012 - Watch MTA Workers Deep Inside NYC's Storm-Ravaged L Train Tunnel

11/7/2012 - Could The Hunger Games get published today?

11/7/2012 - Hurricane Sandy: The Craziest Before and After Shots

11/7/2012 - Google's Search Results Page Looks Different Now

11/7/2012 - mbrace2 Technology Keeps You Connected From Your Mercedes-Benz

11/7/2012 - Creepy Danger Alert: Lock Your Instagram If You Don't Want Strangers Looking at Everything

11/7/2012 - New HIV vaccine shows promising results and no adverse side-effects

11/7/2012 - Strong evidence that humanity is capable of preventing global environmental disaster

11/7/2012 - At Just 5 Millimeters Thick This Hybrid Drive Is Impossibly Thin

11/7/2012 - Skora Form Review: Minimal Runners, Maximal Price

11/7/2012 - Megan Fox, Marine Biologist? Okay Then.

11/7/2012 - Director Sam Mendes explains how Casino Royale saved James Bond

11/7/2012 - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Preview Is Your Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday Deal of the Day

11/7/2012 - The Best LED Flashlight

11/7/2012 - At Least This Faux Lego Camera Looks Like That Fancy DSLR You Wanted

11/7/2012 - Can Neil Gaiman restore the Cybermen to their original greatness?

11/7/2012 - Skora Form gallery

11/7/2012 - Toshiba Satellite U925t Review: Wild Design, Weak Execution

11/7/2012 - GroupMe, Our Favorite Group Chat App Ever, Is Now Better

11/7/2012 - flashlight battlemodo 1st place gallery

11/7/2012 - flashlight battlemodo 3rd place gallery

11/7/2012 - flashlight battlemodo 4th place gallery

11/7/2012 - How the death of one tiny particle could end the universe

11/7/2012 - flashlight battlemodo 2nd place gallery

11/7/2012 - Apple's iCloud Chief Jumps On the Board of Ferrari

11/7/2012 - Ask A Badass Hurricane Shooting Photojournalist Anything You Want

11/7/2012 - And Now, a Joyful Firefly Music Video: "No Power in the Verse Can Stop Me"

11/7/2012 - It's Impossible To Tell If China's Stupid Giant 6-Inch Windows Phone Is a Joke or Not

11/7/2012 - Top 25 Nate Silver Facts

11/7/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Fall Leaves 2012

11/7/2012 - 7 Best-Case Scenarios for the Future of Humanity

11/7/2012 - Flickr's New Chief Is Actually a Legit Photographer (Thank God)

11/7/2012 - Particle physicists still unwilling to call Obama-victory, await five sigma results

11/7/2012 - Why Twitter's Election Night Success Is Not a Success

11/7/2012 - US Warships Could Soon Run on Detonated Waves

11/7/2012 - "The Man Who Stole the World," the Final Chapter — Written by You!

11/7/2012 - Talk to the Guy Who Made these Surreal Solarized Shots of Paradise

11/7/2012 - Ask a Pro Photographer How He Made These Sensational Solarised Shots of Paradise

11/7/2012 - Obama's Campaign Ran Millions of Virtual Elections to Predict the Future

11/7/2012 - The Hobbit Comes With an FAQ Explaining Why It'll Look So Weird

11/7/2012 - The climate disaster that destroyed the ancient Harappan Civilization could soon destroy India

11/7/2012 - America Tweeted Till Its Fingers Bled Last Night (Updated)

11/7/2012 - Listen to Radagast the Brown's beautiful tune from The Hobbit soundtrack

11/7/2012 - Unflappable Patent Troll Not Satisfied With $368 Million Apple Payday

11/7/2012 - This Mouse-Keyboard Combo Is Smaller Than Your Smartphone

11/7/2012 - Will Obama's second term free him to take bold action on climate change?

11/7/2012 - Robopocalpyse writers's next cyborg novel, Amped gets a movie deal

11/7/2012 - The National Weather Service Refuses to Acknowledge Dumb Winter Storm Names

11/7/2012 - The Milky Way’s black hole has shot out its brightest flare ever

11/7/2012 - This New York Subway Tunnel Looks Like Some Sci-Fi Disaster Movie Set Right Now

11/7/2012 - A gallery of sublime photographs from across our solar system

11/7/2012 - Do You Want Touch Typing On a Tablet Enough To Endure This Chorded Keyboard?

11/7/2012 - Brazil To Clone Wild Animals In Danger Of Extinction

11/7/2012 - Report: Microsoft Office Is Finally Coming to iOS and Android in Early 2013

11/7/2012 - Scientists Make Light Travel Infinitely Fast

11/7/2012 - Did George Lucas choose the new Star Wars director before selling Lucasfilm?

11/7/2012 - Incredibly Slow Refresh Rates Make This LCD Easy On the Eyes

11/7/2012 - This Obama Celebration Is the Most-Liked Facebook Photo Ever

11/7/2012 - Drift's New Action Cam Packs In the Features

11/7/2012 - What Obama's Victory Means for Tech

11/7/2012 - Now Kim Dotcom’s New Site Me.ga Has Been Hacked, Too

11/7/2012 - Watch a NASA Astronaut Describe the Complexities of Photography in Space

11/7/2012 - Overcharged Pay-As-You-Go Data Users To Be Refunded by AT&T

11/7/2012 - Help Site Confirmed Physical Google Wallet Card

11/7/2012 - Pixar Names Its HQ After Steve Jobs

11/7/2012 - What an iPad and Microsoft Surface Parody Commercial Looks Like

11/7/2012 - Your President for the Next 4 Years Barack Obama Just Probably Tweeted the Most Popular Tweet of All Time

11/7/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Monty Python's Galaxy Song Redux, "Extreme" Mountain Unicycling, and Where Not to Hide a Kilo of Coke

11/6/2012 - How Mitt Romney's Plane Gets Stripped of Mitt Romney Now That He Lost

11/6/2012 - Horns - Set Photos

11/6/2012 - Megaupload's New Website Me.ga Has Already Been Shut Down

11/6/2012 - How Did Science Fiction Change Your Political Views?

11/6/2012 - Watch a Vodka Bottle Inside a Liquor Store Accidentally Catch on Fire from Sunlight

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11/6/2012 - Fringe - Set Photos

11/6/2012 - On Revolution, the answer to every problem is to let the kids die. Especially the whiny ones.

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11/6/2012 - This Dr. Horrible T-shirt is worth cheering for

11/6/2012 - The first Neuromancer poster is just pure cyberpunk awesome

11/6/2012 - This Rocking Chair Knits a Wool Cap While You Kick Back and Relax

11/6/2012 - Strategies to Make Sure You Actually Finish That Novel

11/6/2012 - What Network Are You Watching the Election On?

11/6/2012 - Live 140: Talk About the TV Show You're Obsessing Over

11/6/2012 - Why Recycle When You Can Turn Your Old Hardware Into a MIDI Symphony?

11/6/2012 - Could stunt kites be the future of wind energy?

11/6/2012 - Microsoft Just Scored 12 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots for Windows Phone

11/6/2012 - Vizio Co-Star: The Best of the Bad Google TV Boxes

11/6/2012 - The Man With The Iron Fists isn't bad if you imagine Russell Crowe wandered on set and decided to be in a movie

11/6/2012 - Ron Moore's Outlander adaptation will air on Starz

11/6/2012 - Re: Hey: An Analysis of the Obama/Romney Emails

11/6/2012 - Live 140 Gallery

11/6/2012 - Is this the oldest d20 on Earth?

11/6/2012 - Can New York Handle Another Big Storm Right Now? (UPDATED)

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11/6/2012 - Watch this cockatoo make its own tools

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11/6/2012 - The io9 Book Club is in Session! Let's Talk About Carolyn Ives Gilman's Isles of the Forsaken

11/6/2012 - Horror of the Day: Tarantulas Migrate En Masse

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11/6/2012 - Canon G15 Review: Fast Lens, Small Sensor—What Gives?

11/6/2012 - What Are You Reading While You Wait in Line to Vote?

11/6/2012 - Apps for Democracy-Loving Voters

11/6/2012 - New study confirms our worst fears about why kids are getting fat

11/6/2012 - That ElfQuest movie might actually get made!

11/6/2012 - Last-Minute Halo 4 Savings Are Your Red-vs-Blue Deal of the Day

11/6/2012 - The Empire State Building Will Track Election Results In Bright, Shiny Lights

11/6/2012 - How Induction Cooktops Make Meals with Magnets

11/6/2012 - This Shrinking Lamp Plays Tricks On You

11/6/2012 - Nathan Fillion gets back in the Captain's Chair

11/6/2012 - "Solarize" Shooting Challenge

11/6/2012 - 27 Duplicitous Images That Reverse Light and Dark

11/6/2012 - Egyptian princess's tomb dating from 2,500 BC found near Cairo

11/6/2012 - Have You Had Any Problems With Electronic Voting?

11/6/2012 - LaCie's CloudBox Shares Your Files From Thousands of Miles Away

11/6/2012 - 15 Worst Fashion Disasters from James Bond Movies

11/6/2012 - Garbage Mountain and Armored Cars: The Rockaways Are Still in Ruin

11/6/2012 - What fictional character should run the United States for the next four years?

11/6/2012 - Dyson Doubles Up On the Cyclones So Its Vacs Suck Twice As Hard

11/6/2012 - America: People Are Googling "Who Is Running for President" Right Up to the End

11/6/2012 - Is Google Voice Sending Your Text Messages from Random Numbers?

11/6/2012 - Spiked Bowl Stops Your Dog From Eating Like an Animal

11/6/2012 - Five Past Visions of Our Political Future

11/6/2012 - Environmental Laws: A Defense Against Zombies?

11/6/2012 - How to Access Your Notes, Ideas, and Recordings Any Time and Anywhere

11/6/2012 - 5 ways to stay hyper-connected via the new Outlook.com

11/6/2012 - Is It Illegal To Instagram Your Vote?

11/6/2012 - This Voting Machine Won't Let You Vote for Obama (Updated: It Happened Again)

11/6/2012 - This Robotic Mining Car Never Stops Hauling

11/6/2012 - Microsoft Is Turning Kinect Into a Narc

11/6/2012 - First ever footage from World War Z shows Brad Pitt's zombie wave

11/6/2012 - Idaho scientist to search for bigfoot from a blimp

11/6/2012 - Power your pacemaker with your heartbeat

11/6/2012 - Why Is the GOP Changing Voting Machine Software Right Before the Election?

11/6/2012 - You Don't Need a PhD in Astronomy To Decipher This Satellite Watch

11/6/2012 - Amateur army archeologists uncover lost World War II bomber

11/6/2012 - Report: Microsoft's 7-inch Tablet Is Xbox Surface

11/6/2012 - Goodbye-o9, you beautiful bastards

11/6/2012 - This Collapsable Wireless Keyboard Is as Pocketable As Your Phone

11/6/2012 - Here's a Map of Everyone Who Insisted on Using Foursquare While They Voted

11/6/2012 - GO VOTE. Even astronauts aboard the ISS do it.

11/6/2012 - That Big Ol' Lumia 920 Has a Slight $100 Price

11/6/2012 - World's rarest whale is finally seen for the first time

11/6/2012 - Sparrow’s iPhone 5 Update Spiked by Apple

11/6/2012 - Could Harrison Ford be back as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII?

11/6/2012 - This Is What Windows 8 Would Look Like on the Original Microsoft Surface

11/6/2012 - Cable Industry Launches New Research Lab to Fight Off Streaming Services

11/6/2012 - Amazon Now Offers an $8 Monthly Prime Plan

11/6/2012 - What If There's a Tied Vote In Every Battleground State?

11/6/2012 - Nikon's D5200: A Beginner's Camera With Some Advanced Specs

11/6/2012 - Samsung Teams Up With Yahoo For Interactive TV Service

11/6/2012 - Staples Is Getting Amazon Lockers

11/6/2012 - 16 People Who Think It's Really Dumb That We Can't Vote on Our iPhones, iPads and Xboxes

11/6/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Jon Stewart on Marijuana, Chicago in 30,000 Pictures, and Why Trees Suck So Hard

11/5/2012 - Walking on a Bed Is Apparently an Important Part of Making a Mattress

11/5/2012 - How Astronauts Vote from Space

11/5/2012 - Watch Bravo's Horrible New Tech Startup Reality Show with Us

11/5/2012 - How Once Upon A Time turned into an all-guy love triangle

11/5/2012 - This Solar Truck Is Bringing Emergency Energy to Rockaway

11/5/2012 - Person of Interest - 2.06 Promo Photos

11/5/2012 - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome - Promo Photos

11/5/2012 - Merlin - 5.06 Promo Photos

11/5/2012 - 666 Park Avenue - "Downward Spiral" Promo Photos

11/5/2012 - What will the world be like when China is a global superpower?

11/5/2012 - Buying Your Entire Life on Amazon Sounds Like a Hilariously Good Time

11/5/2012 - This Creepy iPhone App Finds Pictures of Your Facebook Friends in Bikinis

11/5/2012 - A Leather Hammer Holder Makes All Tools Look Beautiful

11/5/2012 - New dinosaur named after Sauron from Lord of the Rings

11/5/2012 - Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood & Chrome will launch this Friday, online!

11/5/2012 - Here's the Horrendous First Scene of Amazon's Original Musical Comedy "Browsers"

11/5/2012 - Concept Art of the Original Monster Versions of Wreck-It Ralph

11/5/2012 - NYC Residents Can Vote at any New York State Polling Place Tomorrow

11/5/2012 - Settle It: Get Your Facts Straight Before You Vote

11/5/2012 - Why Gizmodo Isn't Endorsing Anyone

11/5/2012 - This Pocket Change Stealing Chair Will Eventually Pay For Itself

11/5/2012 - Noam Chomsky explains why we still don't have artificial intelligence

11/5/2012 - The First Third-Party Lightning Accessories Are a Car Charger and a Stupid Dock

11/5/2012 - The scientist who came up with a wave theory for coincidences

11/5/2012 - Zombie King Kong, Giant Squids and Hordes of Zombies in New Goon Concept Art

11/5/2012 - Europe approves new drug that can fix faulty genes

11/5/2012 - A Dozen Ways to Heal Yourself with Light

11/5/2012 - A Flashing Touch-Sensitive Business Card All But Guarantees You're Hired

11/5/2012 - Lumia 920 Review: Just Too Damn Heavy

11/5/2012 - Settle It! Gallery

11/5/2012 - Writer Wanted for Gizmodo en Español

11/5/2012 - First Trailer for Da Vinci's Demons — apparently, Leonardo's demons were in his pants

11/5/2012 - New Facebook for iOS Adds New Chat Features, Multiple Photo Uploads, and Gifts (Updated)

11/5/2012 - 3M Advanced Light Lightning Review

11/5/2012 - 3M LED Advanced Light Review: The Lightbulb That Will Outlast Your House

11/5/2012 - Report: Apple Might Ditch Intel Chips for Its Own

11/5/2012 - The Most Amazing and Inspirational Cosplay from Long Beach Comic Con 2012!

11/5/2012 - How to Make a Sandy Disaster Image Look Even Worse

11/5/2012 - How To Vote (Updated)

11/5/2012 - Recapping ‘The Jetsons’: Episode 07 – The Flying Suit

11/5/2012 - This Contraption Pops Just a Single Piece of Popcorn

11/5/2012 - Oh hell yes: Neil deGrasse Tyson to appear in upcoming issue of Superman

11/5/2012 - Fringe goes really, really, really dark. Really.

11/5/2012 - What makes leaves change color in the fall?

11/5/2012 - The Ultimate Gallery of Flooded New York

11/5/2012 - This Surge Protector Is Your Power-To-The-People Deal of the Day

11/5/2012 - Dell XPS 12 Review: Beautiful Screen, Flimsy Frame

11/5/2012 - Roberto Orci confirms the Locke & Key movie trilogy!

11/5/2012 - Holograms of Dead Famous People: Yay or Nay?

11/5/2012 - Why Is the US Still Hung Up on the Abortion Debate? A Bioethics Perspective

11/5/2012 - XPS

11/5/2012 - StoryBundle brings you amazing new indie fiction every month — for a good cause

11/5/2012 - This Ridiculous Adult Pacifier Gives Your Tongue a Creepy Workout

11/5/2012 - Web-Based Instagram Profiles Are Here and They're VERY Facebook-esque

11/5/2012 - Every Single Microsoft Device. Ever.

11/5/2012 - The Clearest and Most Detailed Explanation of Sandy Yet

11/5/2012 - Microsoft Megalist Page 3

11/5/2012 - Microsoft Megalist Page 2

11/5/2012 - Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface's Storage

11/5/2012 - The Perfect Gift Prank for Hardcore Gamers and Dumb Kids

11/5/2012 - Eat a big burlap sack of zombie dongs, Walking Dead

11/5/2012 - This Normal-Sized iPad Case Expands Into a Full-Sized Keyboard

11/5/2012 - CBS Shows Will Stream on Hulu Plus Next Year

11/5/2012 - Haha, Kim Dotcom Wants to Build an Underwater Broadband Pipeline

11/5/2012 - 10 Dorkiest Characters (Who are Undefeated Badasses)

11/5/2012 - Hurricane Sandy Was Probably The Most Instagrammed Thing Ever

11/5/2012 - Bionic man scales Willis Tower with the world's first neurally controlled prosthetic leg

11/5/2012 - Scientists Can Use Kinect To Pick Up Microscopic Balls with Laser Tweezers

11/5/2012 - Maybe Person of Interest shouldn't really try to do "funny" episodes

11/5/2012 - Android Turns Five Years Old Today

11/5/2012 - This Week's TV: The Most Epic Celebration of Joss Whedon's Firefly!

11/5/2012 - iPad Mini Display Shoot Out: How Does It Stack Up?

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