9/30/2012 - Best of the Week: September 22-28, 2012

9/30/2012 - Kindle Paperwhite Review: Forget Everything Else, This Is the E-Reader You Want

9/30/2012 - Tears of Steel: Don't Piss Off Your Robot Girlfriend

9/30/2012 - Global warming is going to start shrinking fish

9/30/2012 - This galaxy is a jumbled cosmic mishmash

9/30/2012 - Aloe Blacc: I Need a Dollar

9/30/2012 - Clever comic explains where the letters of the alphabet got their shapes

9/30/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images

9/30/2012 - Wreck-It Ralph Character Images

9/30/2012 - Warehouse 13 Episode 4.10 Images

9/30/2012 - Walking Dead Season 3 Promo Images

9/30/2012 - Skyfall Promotional Images

9/30/2012 - Revolution Episode 1.03 Images

9/30/2012 - Fringe Behind the Scenes Photos

9/30/2012 - Beauty and the Beast Images Episode 1.03

9/30/2012 - Beauty and the Beast Posters

9/30/2012 - 666 Park Avenue Episode 1.04

9/30/2012 - This Perforated Bill Would Make It Super Easy To Literally Split the Check

9/30/2012 - Grimm's lamb burgers are SHEEPLE!

9/30/2012 - This Gargantuan Slingshot Crossbow Is Taller Than You Are

9/30/2012 - What if Indiana Jones continued his adventures in an animated series?

9/30/2012 - New Apple Patents Hint At Upcoming Camera Features

9/30/2012 - The spooky remains of this abandoned hotel look perfectly haunted

9/30/2012 - Why Is the Sky Dark at Night?

9/30/2012 - At last, Doctor Who reveals what it means that "We're all stories in the end"

9/30/2012 - The Extinction of the Dinosaurs, Recreated with Dominoes

9/30/2012 - The Head of Homeland Security Stays Secure by Not Using Email, At All

9/30/2012 - Optimus Prime and Grimlock hoodies transform cold days into robot fashion shows

9/30/2012 - This Is How Graphene Will Grow the Flexible Semiconductors of the Future

9/30/2012 - A pickpocket's inner demons are very real in this richly animated short

9/30/2012 - Crowdfund Tim Russ' Star Trek pilot, an Arctic documentary, and a short time travel comedy

9/30/2012 - Californian Students Are Getting Some Free Digital Textbooks

9/30/2012 - Solomon Grundy won't fight girls in the latest Super Best Friends Forever short

9/30/2012 - Darth Maul declares himself Master of the Sith on Clone Wars, but what is Palpatine plotting?

9/30/2012 - The real Mad Men are the jokers of Arkham Asylum

9/30/2012 - Will.i.am and Simon Cowell Are Bringing You an X Factor for Tech Whether You Want It or Not

9/30/2012 - Six mysteries that could be solved with time travel

9/30/2012 - What Is the Hottest Temperature Anything Can Be?

9/30/2012 - What if Lost was a 1980s point-and-click computer game?

9/30/2012 - Who defaced the moon best?

9/30/2012 - This Crazy Steve Jobs Sculpture Is Supposedly Made with a Touch of Jobs' Stolen Trash

9/29/2012 - Devil's Playground: Amish Kids Know How To Party

9/29/2012 - Serene images of a lone human traveling through the overgrown post-apocalypse

9/29/2012 - Mutemath: Typical

9/29/2012 - A Seussian adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Tomb" for beginning readers

9/29/2012 - The Canadian Government Accidentally Ran a Bunch of Ads on the Pirate Bay

9/29/2012 - This Crazy Baggage Roller Coaster Takes Your Bags For a Record-Breaking Ride

9/29/2012 - It's the attack of the feral, naked men on Haven

9/29/2012 - Why hippies thought smoking banana peels could get you high

9/29/2012 - The Nook GlowLight Gets a Price Cut to Match the Kindle Paperwhite

9/29/2012 - Single-celled extremophiles can deal with toxic uranium in very different ways

9/29/2012 - How Many Icons Do You Have On Your Desktop

9/29/2012 - If you watch one more Gangnam Style parody, make it Klingon Style

9/29/2012 - 18 People Who Already Somehow Broke Their iPhone 5

9/29/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Little Girl and the Alien Chef

9/29/2012 - Goodbye to Michael O'Hare, Babylon 5's Commander Sinclair

9/29/2012 - At last, Fringe shows us a world where Walter Bishop is a hero

9/29/2012 - Porn Search Engines, Statues From Space, Apple's Proprietary Lightning Chip, And More

9/29/2012 - What Battlestar Galactica gets right (and wrong) about space warfare

9/29/2012 - Cherenkov Radiation is a sonic boom for light

9/29/2012 - The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets a Shot at Going on Sale Again

9/29/2012 - Little kids cosplaying as Walter White and Jesse are the cutest little meth cooks

9/29/2012 - What the Sydney Opera House almost looked like, and other alternative monuments

9/29/2012 - Apple Stops Calling Its Maps "The Most Powerful"

9/29/2012 - Webcomic Gunshow dares you to laugh at grave robbers, bloody rain, and the wolf apocalypse

9/29/2012 - Concept art for 1937's Snow White is gorgeous in its own right

9/29/2012 - How to Ditch Cash and Pay for Everything Electronically

9/29/2012 - This is what a gun firing underwater looks like

9/29/2012 - Artist Brings Street View Bystanders Back Into the Real World

9/29/2012 - Star Wars: Clone Wars and DC Nation return this week, plus a Lego Empire Strikes Back Special!

9/29/2012 - If You're Going To Buy a Nexus 7, You Should Do It Right Now

9/29/2012 - Watch a Bunch of Computer Parts Somehow Sing That Gotye Song

9/29/2012 - Every Infomercial Is Just Like This

9/29/2012 - Here Are More Pictures and Video Showing Off the Rumored iPad Mini

9/29/2012 - Watch the Flaming Beauty of a Molotov Cocktail in Slow Motion

9/28/2012 - A 10 Foot USB Extension Cable Will Change Your Life

9/28/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Humblebrag

9/28/2012 - Google Autocomplete Tells Us That Women Are Crazy and Should Not Wear Pants

9/28/2012 - Solomon Kane: Like Game of Thrones with Pilgrims!

9/28/2012 - This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Faking a Plane Crash

9/28/2012 - What McDonald's Beef Is Really Made Of

9/28/2012 - Seriously people you need to be watching Person of Interest right now

9/28/2012 - This Is What Shooting a Gun Underwater Looks Like

9/28/2012 - For the Weekend: A Vintage Visualization of the Sun, Circa 1971

9/28/2012 - There's a good, sensible reason why this protractor is a rainbow

9/28/2012 - 12 Moving Image Machines That Make Animated GIFs IRL

9/28/2012 - Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Recreated Entirely Out Of Real Galaxy Images

9/28/2012 - Artichoke Lamps, Soldier on Another Planet, and More

9/28/2012 - What would Mr. Burns from The Simpsons look like in real life?

9/28/2012 - Metallica: Live in France, 1984

9/28/2012 - That "Adam Sandler as Dracula" movie isn't as horrendous as you feared

9/28/2012 - Gosh, the aliens in Russell T. Davies' new show sure look campy

9/28/2012 - You won't believe what's hiding inside this former beauty queen's stomach

9/28/2012 - This is what Einstein's office looked like on the day he died

9/28/2012 - The New Essential Apps September 2012

9/28/2012 - Clever Coke Ad Turns Any Magazine Into a Speaker Dock

9/28/2012 - Amazing papercraft art captures the silhouettes of great movie moments

9/28/2012 - The Miracle of Serendipity Captured in a Single Image

9/28/2012 - Marc Webb Is Confirmed to Direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2

9/28/2012 - A first: Astronomers measure radius of supermassive black hole

9/28/2012 - Cold Brew Irish Coffee: The Best Part of Waking Up Drunk

9/28/2012 - Study of the Decade: Looking at Photos of Cute Animals Linked to Increased Work Performance

9/28/2012 - Tonight: Hear some of your favorite SF authors read their favorite SF authors

9/28/2012 - Spraypaint Spirograph: It's Banksy for Beginners

9/28/2012 - Here's what it's like to swim in a feeding frenzy of 100 sharks

9/28/2012 - This carnivorous plant uses touch-sensitive tentacles to grab far-off prey

9/28/2012 - A Great Rundown of all the Avengers Secrets Revealed in Joss Whedon's Commentary

9/28/2012 - How To Stop Spoilers from Ruining TV for Everybody

9/28/2012 - The Real Reason Why You Won't Eat Green Eggs (and Ham)

9/28/2012 - Remember, You're Not Only Naming Your Pet, You're Also Securing Your Digital Future

9/28/2012 - The Exact Moment When Last Resort Won Us Over

9/28/2012 - The Massive Radio Telescope That Peers Into the Universe's Darkest Corners

9/28/2012 - What monster would you consider having sex with?

9/28/2012 - These Harry Potter Blu-rays Are Your Hogwarts-Is-Real Deal of the Day

9/28/2012 - How the Kindle Paperwhite Got Its Shine

9/28/2012 - The Coffee Shop Isn't Your Office Vol. 254: Don't Complain. Ever.

9/28/2012 - Luna 1: The Greatest Failed Spaceship in History

9/28/2012 - The World is About to End: What Do You Do?

9/28/2012 - Why a Brand New, Billion-Dollar Aircraft Carrier Still Needs Old-Timey Wooden Ladders

9/28/2012 - What in the name of all that is holy is going on in this video?

9/28/2012 - Will one Iron Man 3 villain be cut out of the Chinese version?

9/28/2012 - Scary New Malware Uses Your Smartphone To Map Your House for Robbers

9/28/2012 - Composite Fiber Pogo Stick Inspires a Whole New Generation to Break Their Necks

9/28/2012 - Posting erotic cartoons on your neighbors' cars is not how you break into the comic industry

9/28/2012 - Apple Adds New Maps Section to App Store to Help You Replace the iOS 6 Horror Show

9/28/2012 - RHA SA950i Review: The Perfect Pair of Cheap Headphones

9/28/2012 - Is Bill and Ted the most realistic time travel movie of all time?

9/28/2012 - Man Jailed for Accidentally Sexting His Whole Address Book (Including Some Tweens)

9/28/2012 - Pee Pro Urinal Target Turns Your Toilet Into a Carnival Game

9/28/2012 - Top of the First Antarctic Explorers' Packing List: Lots and Lots of Cocaine

9/28/2012 - Snails form better memories thanks to chocolate, but do you?

9/28/2012 - Iranian News Agency Copies the Onion, Says Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad to Obama

9/28/2012 - And now, Princess Leia's "coke nail" from Return of the Jedi

9/28/2012 - Don't cheat yourself out of seeing Looper in the theater

9/28/2012 - How to Listen to Something Besides Local Radio on Your Never-Ending Road Trip

9/28/2012 - Yep, The TSA Is Definitely Stealing iPads

9/28/2012 - Why does this fish's penis resemble a medieval weapon?

9/28/2012 - The World's Largest Aluminum Smelter Dealt 585,000 Tons of It Last Year

9/28/2012 - First clip from Cloud Atlas shows how the movie will tie six plot lines into one

9/28/2012 - 16 Scary Probes That You Don't Want Inside of You

9/28/2012 - First Images Inside North Korea's Ghost Skyscraper

9/28/2012 - A Week With the iPhone 5

9/28/2012 - What's so super about Supersymmetry?

9/28/2012 - A Stiff Bendy Cable Keeps This Power Bar Exactly Where You Put It

9/28/2012 - Your baby could be leaving DNA in your brain

9/28/2012 - Curiosity makes its first major discovery on Mars — and it’s a doozy

9/28/2012 - RHA Headphones Gallery

9/28/2012 - Watch the World Get Attacked By Cyber Criminals in Real Time

9/28/2012 - Google Maps Adds New High-Res Satellite Images and (Basically) Flyover for a Bunch of Cities

9/28/2012 - Drop everything and watch this short film about the Dutch robot wars

9/28/2012 - Two Competing Theories as to Why Americans Have Stopped Gaining Weight

9/28/2012 - Sharp: Don't Blame Us for iPhone 5 Shortage

9/28/2012 - Migaloo, perhaps the world's only white humpback whale, has been spotted off the coast of Australia!

9/28/2012 - Folding Jointed Bike Lock Introduces More Places For It To Fail

9/28/2012 - Severely Burned Corpse Identified By the Maggots Infesting Her Body

9/28/2012 - Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple Maps, Suggests You Download... Bing

9/28/2012 - Brian Eno's Bonkers New iPad App Thinks for Itself

9/28/2012 - One Last Sneak Peek at Amy and Rory's Big Doctor Who Farewell! Plus Game of Thrones Set Photos!

9/28/2012 - This Is Not a Brain

9/28/2012 - California Protects Social Media Accounts From the Grasp of Employers

9/28/2012 - The New HTC One X+ Looks a Lot Like the HTC One X

9/28/2012 - Neil Young Unveils His New Pono Music Player

9/28/2012 - This $50 Stick Turns Any HDTV Into an Android-Powered Smart TV

9/28/2012 - Curiosity Has Found a Riverbed on Mars

9/28/2012 - What Is Intel Clover Trail?

9/28/2012 - Alternative Versions of Iconic Buildings and Monuments

9/27/2012 - Helmetcam Shows a US Soldier Taking Fire in Afghanistan

9/27/2012 - Picture of the Day 9/27/12

9/27/2012 - Here Are Pictures from the First Full-Frame Point-and-Shoot, the Sony RX1

9/27/2012 - Did Motorola Fake an Address to Make Apple Maps Look Even Worse Than It Is?

9/27/2012 - Why Cable Companies Really Want You to Get a Landline

9/27/2012 - Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar will help plan all the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies from here on out

9/27/2012 - Watch 32 discordant metronomes achieve synchrony in a matter of minutes

9/27/2012 - You Can Get an iPhone 5 for $150

9/27/2012 - What Firefly teaches us about contract law

9/27/2012 - Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Cast Images

9/27/2012 - Dexter - TV Guide Scans

9/27/2012 - 14 People Who Should Be Ashamed of Their Foursquare Mayorship

9/27/2012 - Game of Thrones - Set Photos from Croatia

9/27/2012 - Full frontal shot of The Hobbit's Goblin King shows off the giant jowls of a monster!

9/27/2012 - The Leaning Lamp That Will Deliver Pop Music Flashbacks

9/27/2012 - Arrow - Kelly Hu as China White

9/27/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/28 - Grab Bag

9/27/2012 - Do your politics determine your beer preference?

9/27/2012 - Grizzly Bear: Yet Again

9/27/2012 - The Black Fantastic: Highlights of Pre-World War II African and African-American Speculative Fiction

9/27/2012 - Compak's Juicers Are What the Jetsons Would Have Used

9/27/2012 - Listen to an action-packed scene from the new Walking Dead audiobook

9/27/2012 - The Weird Physics Behind Thunderstorms Created by Wildfires

9/27/2012 - Vintage Headphone Cups Make for Wonderful Coat Hooks

9/27/2012 - The Neighbors is Coneheads for people who never saw Coneheads

9/27/2012 - Scientists claim to have synthesized the superheavy Element 113

9/27/2012 - Google Field Trip: Explore the Hidden History in Your Own City

9/27/2012 - Would You Ride in a Self-Driving Car?

9/27/2012 - Enslaved worker ants fight back through acts of sabotage

9/27/2012 - William Gibson: the Complete io9 Interview

9/27/2012 - This amazing prosthetic hand was made in the 1500s

9/27/2012 - Google Field Trip Gallery

9/27/2012 - Swapping Bits On This Semi-Auto Screwdriver Is Like Reloading a Hand Gun

9/27/2012 - In Dean Koontz's latest Odd Thomas book, the apocalypse is all our fault

9/27/2012 - Why were the Nazis so interested in a statue carved from a meteorite?

9/27/2012 - Leaked Photos Show a New Chinese Fifth Generation Stealth Jet Fighter

9/27/2012 - Hidden in Plain Sight: Great Comics Panels Brought to Life at the Movies

9/27/2012 - Did B.F. Skinner really put babies into boxes?

9/27/2012 - The Navy Wants to Use Seawater For Fuel

9/27/2012 - You Can Now Use Facebook to Buy Real Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

9/27/2012 - Old iOS Music Accessories Should Work With Apple's New Lightning Dock Connector

9/27/2012 - An Adorable Strawberry Knife That Feeds My Unfortunate Kitchen Gadget Addiction

9/27/2012 - This iPhone Case Is a Tiny Photography Studio That Won't Help Your iPhone 5's Camera

9/27/2012 - Wendigo Psychosis: the Probably Fake Disease that Turns People into Cannibals

9/27/2012 - Get Out Of The Water! Stingray photo bomb will scar your soul

9/27/2012 - A Brief History of Google Employees Being Arrested in Foreign Countries

9/27/2012 - This Team of Quadrocopters Can Throw and Catch Better Than You

9/27/2012 - This Universal Macro Lens Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

9/27/2012 - Could a virus cure acne?

9/27/2012 - Breakthrough: This electronic implant can dissolve inside your body

9/27/2012 - Lensbaby Spark Review: Magical Camera Blur Effects, If You Fuss With It

9/27/2012 - This Man Purse Is So Big, a Paratrooper Could Use It

9/27/2012 - What Happens When People Use Google Maps and Apple Maps in a Race?

9/27/2012 - We all missed the greatest eBay auction of all time

9/27/2012 - JK Rowling's New Book Is a Total Disaster on the Kindle (Updated)

9/27/2012 - Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field Lives On

9/27/2012 - New comet will fly by in 2013! And it could be brighter than the Full Moon

9/27/2012 - 12 Greatest Time Travel Effects from Movies and Television

9/27/2012 - The US Military Has Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as Enemies of the State

9/27/2012 - Spies Like Us: We're All Big Brother Now

9/27/2012 - A sneak peek at the next issue of China Miéville's comic book Dial H

9/27/2012 - 18 Stupid Uses of Carbon Fiber

9/27/2012 - What's the Worst Children's Toy You've Ever Seen?

9/27/2012 - Should we eliminate the human ability to feel pain?

9/27/2012 - Apple Maps Works Great—If You Get Directions First

9/27/2012 - Woman Grows a New Ear on Her Arm, Has It Attached to Her Head (Warning: Graphic)

9/27/2012 - Take Out a Brick Wall With the Handheld Jackhammer the Size of a Baby

9/27/2012 - World's Thinnest External Drive Squeezes Half a Terabyte Into a Third of an Inch

9/27/2012 - Scientists Discover Iron Man Found by Nazis Is of Extraterrestrial Origin

9/27/2012 - Hooray, an optical illusion of a building filled with giant spiders

9/27/2012 - Opera singer grows algae on her face by feeding it with her breath and then the audience eats it

9/27/2012 - Google launches underwater Street View, blows everyone's goddamn mind

9/27/2012 - AT&T Shoved a Touchscreen in Its Latest LTE MiFi Hotspot Because, Hey, Why Not!

9/27/2012 - Here's the Best Desk Toy Since Newton's Cradle

9/27/2012 - Poop Snow on an Ancient Burial Ground: This Can't End Well

9/27/2012 - New trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 is rapidly running out of gimmicks

9/27/2012 - Thanos concept art from The Avengers shows the mad titan close up

9/27/2012 - This Fabric Simulator Will Make CG Characters Sound More Realistic Than Ever

9/27/2012 - Your Future iPad's Display Might Have Built-In Speakers

9/27/2012 - Just how ridiculously cosmic will Thor: The Dark World get?

9/27/2012 - Cinerama: The Future of Movies That Never Was

9/27/2012 - How Many Water Molecules Does It Take to Make Ice?

9/27/2012 - Google Street View’s Coming Back to the iPhone

9/27/2012 - Giant Electronic Circuits Make Wonderfully Geeky Art

9/27/2012 - What Device Do You Watch Most Web-Based Video On?

9/27/2012 - This Little Robot Will Help Make the Wine You Swill

9/27/2012 - Facebook's Finally Deleting Thousands of Fake Accounts

9/27/2012 - Why We Get Motion Sickness

9/27/2012 - 17 People Who Actually Really Love the New Apple Maps

9/27/2012 - These Brand New AMD A-Series Processors Could Power Your Next Desktop

9/26/2012 - This is the worst death scene ever committed to film

9/26/2012 - Revolution - 1x04 Promo Photos

9/26/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Angels Take Manhattan" Promo Photos

9/26/2012 - Dexter - 7x03 Promo Photos

9/26/2012 - The Walking Dead - 3x01 Promo Photos

9/26/2012 - Grimm - Set Photos

9/26/2012 - Grimm - 2x06 Promo Photos

9/26/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/27 - Grab Bag

9/26/2012 - Watch how Jim Henson made David Bowie spin crystal balls on the set of Labyrinth

9/26/2012 - There's Going to Be a Porn Search Engine and It Might Change Your Life

9/26/2012 - Check Out Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom's Next Project: Megabox

9/26/2012 - How Time Travel Works in Movies

9/26/2012 - Picture of the Day: September 26, 2012

9/26/2012 - Google Workers Make Hilarious Internal Memes for Their Inside Jokes at Google

9/26/2012 - Patrick Stewart confirms his return as Professor X!

9/26/2012 - Kinect Can Help Doctors Monitor Your Physical Rehab From Home

9/26/2012 - Apple's iPhone 5 A6 Processor Seems to Dynamically Overclock Itself

9/26/2012 - AT&T Wants to Automatically Translate Your Texts From English to Spanish

9/26/2012 - Now Foursquare Fits on Your iPhone 5 Screen, Too

9/26/2012 - Squirrel hurls itself through a fourth story window, scampers off unscathed

9/26/2012 - 20 Years of Scrollbars in One Glorious Image

9/26/2012 - The Most Thrilling Star Wars Art We've Seen in Ages

9/26/2012 - The Libratone Zipp Could Be the Best AirPlay Speaker Yet

9/26/2012 - Gyft: Send Gift Cards From Your iPhone

9/26/2012 - Filling your forehead with saline solution is the grossest way to cosplay as a Klingon

9/26/2012 - Resurrect Your Grandma's Kitchen With a Classic Kobenstyle Casserole

9/26/2012 - Brand new Dredd concept art includes a very different psychic showdown [Maybe NSFW]

9/26/2012 - Is Your iPhone 5 Camera Seeing Purple?

9/26/2012 - Amazon's New Shopping Site Is Tailor Made for Hippies

9/26/2012 - Here's a Galaxy-Shooting Camera You Might Actually Afford

9/26/2012 - The solar system is doomed and so are you

9/26/2012 - Reverse Graffiti Pen Lets You Clean Up the Same Streets You're Defiling

9/26/2012 - Why Apple Really Ditched Google Maps

9/26/2012 - Stop calling Mitt Romney a cyborg!

9/26/2012 - Why Is Part of Facebook Broken?

9/26/2012 - Make your own lightning alarm!

9/26/2012 - Polk Ultrafit 3000 Sports Headphone Review: Sweet Sound, Great Fit

9/26/2012 - The 1983 X-Men Coloring Book Is A Lost Psychedelic Masterpiece

9/26/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Cars

9/26/2012 - Real-Life Pac-Man Racers: Waka Waka Not Included

9/26/2012 - Gyft Gallery

9/26/2012 - Apple's Next Revolution: Prison Shanks

9/26/2012 - This Mr. Coffee K-Cup Maker Is Your Convenience-Is-King Deal of the Day

9/26/2012 - Sometimes the best coma treatment is a series of surreal shared sex dreams [NSFW]

9/26/2012 - Don't Buy Cheap iPhone 5 Cables Because They Don't Exist Yet

9/26/2012 - How Shoddy Medical Research Can Harm Us All

9/26/2012 - Why do we experience physical pain?

9/26/2012 - The Father of Stop-Motion Animation Shows Off His Pre-CG Movie Monsters

9/26/2012 - How Vicious Spyware Contaminated Hundreds of Thousands of Rental PCs

9/26/2012 - Is This the Most Stunning Shuttle Flyover Ever?

9/26/2012 - Fan recreates Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage in storyboard form

9/26/2012 - The Best Rolling Camera Bag

9/26/2012 - Is the USB End of Your Lightning Cable Getting Stuck In Your Computer?

9/26/2012 - Chinese 'Sperm Extractor' Machine: Worst Sexbot Ever

9/26/2012 - How Jack Daniels Still Hand Crafts Every Aging Barrel

9/26/2012 - 10 Visual Motifs that American Science Fiction Borrowed from Anime

9/26/2012 - 13 Sad Robots

9/26/2012 - Why are men so obsessed with breasts?

9/26/2012 - Rian Johnson shares the gritty details you should be looking for in Looper's dystopian future

9/26/2012 - Flip Torch Zippo: All the Light, None of the Burning

9/26/2012 - Is Putting Pictures of Missing Children on 404 Pages Effective?

9/26/2012 - What It’s Like to Shoot the Fastest Cars on Earth

9/26/2012 - This prophecy about North America's super-mega-earthquakes in 1998 totally came true

9/26/2012 - Concrete Wallpaper Perfects That Cozy Cold War Bunker Look

9/26/2012 - The 233-Foot Tall, 4600-Ton Crane That Builds Aircraft Carriers

9/26/2012 - Multiple-exposure photographs of international landmarks are delightfully trippy

9/26/2012 - Polk Earbuds

9/26/2012 - Why You'll Be Seeing TI's OMAP Chipset in More Cars and Fewer Smartphones

9/26/2012 - The 20 Most Common PINs Are Painfully Obvious

9/26/2012 - This Vintage Reverb Amp Lets You Wail Like It's 1982

9/26/2012 - This spectacular image is the deepest view of the Universe ever captured

9/26/2012 - The Princess Bride cast reunites, and we melt into puddles

9/26/2012 - Countdown Starts for Daredevil Space Jump

9/26/2012 - Gorgeous Cameras and the Nerds Who Love Them

9/26/2012 - The Best SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 256GB vs. Samsung 840 Pro 256GB

9/26/2012 - The Pokémon Plot: How One Cartoon Inspired the Army to Dream Up a Seizure Gun

9/26/2012 - Help Us Write the Second Chapter in This Tale of Stealing a Planet-Sized Spaceship

9/26/2012 - See-Through Solar Panels Are a Window To Wider Usage

9/26/2012 - Java Vulnerability Could Affect a Billion Macs and PCs

9/26/2012 - The New Apple: It Doesn't Just Work

9/26/2012 - This Is the Closest View of Mars Yet

9/26/2012 - How Game of Thrones Will Improve on its First Two Seasons. Plus Our First Look at The Hobbit's New Elf!

9/26/2012 - This Trotter-Shaped Bench Looks Good Enough to Eat

9/26/2012 - This Is What the Final Version of Windows Phone 8 Looks Like

9/26/2012 - How Long It Takes to Earn a Beer, Visualized

9/26/2012 - Cheap Goodies on Google Play for the Next Five Days

9/26/2012 - Intel: Windows 8 Is Being Released Before It's Ready

9/26/2012 - New Zealand Police Blamed for Kim Dotcom's Illegal Surveillance

9/26/2012 - Do Phones Need to Come With Chargers These Days?

9/26/2012 - The Font on Your Car's Dash Might Increase Your Risk of Crashing

9/26/2012 - Nook Gallery

9/26/2012 - Nook HD Hands On: Is Having the Best Display Enough?

9/26/2012 - What Happens When You Add Color to Iconic Black and White Photos?

9/25/2012 - NYT: Google Will Release Google Maps for iOS By the End of the Year

9/25/2012 - Apple Can't Trademark Its Music Icon Because Of... MySpace

9/25/2012 - Revolution - 1x03 Promo Photos

9/25/2012 - Alphas - 2x12 Promo Photos

9/25/2012 - Haven - 3x05 Promo Photos

9/25/2012 - Cloud Atlas - New Banners

9/25/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/26 - Grab Bag

9/25/2012 - Google Maps Has Freaking Amazing Underwater Street View Now

9/25/2012 - The Best Way to See If the iPhone 5 Scratches Is to Scratch the Hell Out of It Inside the Apple Store

9/25/2012 - Madness is worse than magic when it comes to distorting reality, on Warehouse 13

9/25/2012 - This Hat Will Never Lose Its Shape Because It Cannot Be Crushed

9/25/2012 - What Did You Do with Your Old iPhone?

9/25/2012 - The Remarkably Detailed Art of Taxidermy

9/25/2012 - This is the greatest Star Wars-related magazine cover of all time

9/25/2012 - Apple Didn't Have to Make Apple Maps Yet—It Still Had a Year Left on Its Google Maps Contract

9/25/2012 - How should healthcare providers respond when their patients say they're waiting for a miracle?

9/25/2012 - Book-Shelf or Reading Chair? The Choice Is Yours.

9/25/2012 - Andy Serkis goes full-on Gollum while reading The Hobbit out loud

9/25/2012 - For $1,200, two handguns sculpted out of dead cats' bones

9/25/2012 - Transforming Coffee Table Seats an Entire Dinner Party Worth of Guests

9/25/2012 - Holy Crap, Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal in California

9/25/2012 - First grader with severe allergies uses his robot to attend school

9/25/2012 - NMHMC Harvey: Check Out Einstein's Crazy Brain

9/25/2012 - If You Join the USAF You May Become a Superhero

9/25/2012 - Alphas: When someone says "I will be your father figure," RUN AWAY

9/25/2012 - Wooden Guitar Spoons: Stir Your Hashbrowns Like Hendrix

9/25/2012 - NMHMC Harvey Gallery

9/25/2012 - Why You Can't Prove that Jello is Legally Brain-Dead

9/25/2012 - A Swiss-Inspired Duffel Bag Fit for a Military General

9/25/2012 - See-through engine reveals the inner workings of rocket propulsion

9/25/2012 - Giant Quarter or Tiny Deli?

9/25/2012 - Why Time Travel Stories Should Be Messy

9/25/2012 - Nikon D600 Review: Images This Spectacular Have Never Been So Cheap

9/25/2012 - Iran's Homemade War Drone Is in the Air

9/25/2012 - D600 Gallery

9/25/2012 - Here’s How to Raise $50,000 For Your Big Idea

9/25/2012 - Nikon D600 Gallery

9/25/2012 - Everything the NFL Replacement Refs Need To Do Their Job Right

9/25/2012 - Set photo reveals the Ark in Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH is filled with snakes

9/25/2012 - HiRise Is the Quickest Way to Raise Your iMac Screen and Get Rid of Desk Clutter

9/25/2012 - Grant Morrison writes about a blue pony in tomorrow's comics

9/25/2012 - Security Bug Can Wipe Out Your Android Phone By Visiting a Web Page (Update 3)

9/25/2012 - This Robocopter GST Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

9/25/2012 - This is what the world’s oceans would look like if the Earth didn’t spin

9/25/2012 - Apple Products Account for 14 Percent of All Crime in New York City

9/25/2012 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 10/2 to discuss John Scalzi's Redshirts

9/25/2012 - This Is What Makes the USS Gerald R. Ford the Best Aircraft Carrier Ever Designed

9/25/2012 - Revolution: After the power goes out, our main energy source will be passive-aggressiveness

9/25/2012 - LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt Review: The Best Thunderbolt Hard Drive

9/25/2012 - AT&T's Cutting-Edge Computer Graphics Workstation Looked Outdated Even in 1982

9/25/2012 - This Honest Movie Trailer for The Avengers is hysterical

9/25/2012 - Did life on other planets originate from Earth?

9/25/2012 - NASA Publishes the Farthest View of the Universe Yet

9/25/2012 - Good News: Apple Still Uses Google Maps Where It Matters Most

9/25/2012 - Minuscule Voice Recorder Guarantees No One Will Know You're a Snitch

9/25/2012 - Alien facehugger bong will make you paranoid, even if you're stone sober

9/25/2012 - NASA wants to build a permanent outpost beyond the Moon

9/25/2012 - Star Wars Infographics charts out the entire Skywalker story

9/25/2012 - 8 Epic Heroes Who Committed Mass Murder

9/25/2012 - How NASA Prevents a Space Plague Outbreak

9/25/2012 - LaCie Put Thunderbolt on Its Portable, Rugged External SSD, and That's Awesome

9/25/2012 - This Is Why RIM Is Going Down

9/25/2012 - How Barf-Inducing Vampire Sex Gave Me The Gift Of Literacy

9/25/2012 - BB10 Adds So Many Features That So Few People Want

9/25/2012 - Color Bar Sticky Notes Remind You How Much You Miss TV

9/25/2012 - Yes, the iPhone 5's Brain Is Made by Samsung

9/25/2012 - A Sports Gambling Website Refunded Everyone's Packers Bets Because the NFL's Replacement Refs Were So Bad

9/25/2012 - The Supercomputer That Houses an Entire Universe

9/25/2012 - The Latest Development in Smart TV Means There Is Finally Something Worth Watching

9/25/2012 - This Modular Trampoline Looks Like the Most Fun Way to Break Your Neck

9/25/2012 - Wooden Wayfarers: Cool Now Comes With Splinters

9/25/2012 - This concept art from the Shuttle Program's early days is gorgeous, deliciously retro

9/25/2012 - 12 Deadly Inventions That Killed Their Creators

9/25/2012 - You Won't Believe How Amazing This Wildlife Photography Contest Winner Is

9/25/2012 - The new economics of getting sloshed: using game theory to choose your next drink

9/25/2012 - Chest Sensor Produces Instant Floor Plans for Emergency Personnel

9/25/2012 - Ostrich Pillow entombs your head for portable naps and public shaming

9/25/2012 - Proposed 4-dimensional crystal clock will keep perfect time even after the heat death of the universe

9/25/2012 - How To Build an iPhone 5 Dock for $1.27

9/25/2012 - You Don't Need To Be a Cryptologist To Read Tokyo Flash's Latest Watch

9/25/2012 - Scientists Discover Why You Remember Good News But Ignore the Bad

9/25/2012 - Big Casting Updates for Spielberg's Robopocaypse, Thor: The Dark World, and More!

9/25/2012 - A Water-Cooled Chip That Concentrates the Sun to Desalinate Water

9/25/2012 - Bloomberg: iPhone 5 'Shortage' a Result of New Ultra-Thin Display

9/25/2012 - Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus 2 Currently in Testing?

9/25/2012 - How Much Do You Care About How Twitter Measures Your Influence?

9/25/2012 - Schmidt Confirms Google Hasn't Submitted a New Maps App for iOS Yet (Updated)

9/25/2012 - Woz: Apple Maps Has Problems, But They Aren't "That Severe"

9/25/2012 - This Piece of Glass Can Store Data Forever

9/25/2012 - What Happens When You Combine Liquid Nitrogen with 1500 Ping Pong Balls?

9/25/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Phil Hartman Auditions, James Franco Howls, and Anthony Griffith Brings Us to Tears

9/24/2012 - Meet the Street Artist Who's Wanted by the NYPD for Punking the Police with Fake Drone Ads

9/24/2012 - Madame Tussauds Is Making a Steve Jobs Wax Figure That Is Hauntingly Realistic

9/24/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

9/24/2012 - Robocop Behind the Scenes

9/24/2012 - Robocop Set Photos

9/24/2012 - Haven Cast Photos

9/24/2012 - Fringe Cast Photos

9/24/2012 - Watch The Mythbusters Hilariously Answer If God Exists or Not

9/24/2012 - A first look at this week's issue of Mars Attacks

9/24/2012 - Prime Minister Admits That Government Spies Illegally Bugged Kim Dotcom

9/24/2012 - World’s oldest message in a bottle discovered

9/24/2012 - Watch a Girl Transform Old Bicycle Parts into Terminator Chandeliers

9/24/2012 - Milky Way Galaxy is dwarfed by its massive hot gas "halo"

9/24/2012 - This is what it's like to be devoured alive by a sea star

9/24/2012 - How the iPhone 5 Camera Stacks Up with a DSLR

9/24/2012 - Chicago comes up with a plan to get rid of pedestrian deaths within a decade

9/24/2012 - Watch Bon Iver Play Radio City

9/24/2012 - Could science fiction bring back the epistolary novel?

9/24/2012 - This Air Force Officer Looks Like He's Serving on Another Planet

9/24/2012 - And now, President Obama riding a lion while wielding a lightsaber

9/24/2012 - High Heels Made Almost Entirely Out of a T-Rex

9/24/2012 - New Life of Pi trailer shows the fantastic floating islands of madness

9/24/2012 - Thanks to RFID, You'll Never Lose a Sock Again

9/24/2012 - This Lovely Folding Ice Scraper Will Have You Begging For Blizzards

9/24/2012 - The Dean + Sexy Unicorn Go-Go Dancers = Exceptional New Community Pic

9/24/2012 - Breville YouBrew Review: Excellent, Expensive, Safe for Idiots (Like Me)

9/24/2012 - This robotic snake will slither through your body in search of tumors — and destroy them

9/24/2012 - Guy re-edits Toy Story 3 with a depressing ending, convinces his mom it's the real thing

9/24/2012 - Recapping "The Jetsons": Episode 01 - Rosey the Robot

9/24/2012 - Wearable Camera Captures Every Last Moment Of Your Mundane Existence

9/24/2012 - Animated Looper trailer shoots paint bullets at you

9/24/2012 - Gorgeous Lamps Look Like They Were Swiped Straight From a Forest

9/24/2012 - What if DC Comics' New 52 universe got its own animated series?

9/24/2012 - Can a Flashy New Redesign Make Myspace Cool Again?

9/24/2012 - Brand new "SARS-like" virus has emerged in the Middle East. Time to panic?

9/24/2012 - Siri Is Serving Up Wacky Weather Results for Many Locations

9/24/2012 - A Detailed Plan for Getting Humans Off Earth

9/24/2012 - No, Your Private Messages Are NOT Public on Facebook

9/24/2012 - How Humans Lost Our Chance at a Third Eye

9/24/2012 - It's NOT OKAY To Instagram a Suicide Attempt

9/24/2012 - Who Are the Inept Klutzes that Photoshop Victoria's Secret Catalogs?

9/24/2012 - Digital Beehive Counter Accurately Tracks Your Colony's Collapse

9/24/2012 - Recently divorced woman sends her wedding ring into space on a homemade rocket

9/24/2012 - Is This Articulating Candle Holder the Grandfather of the Famous Pixar Desk Lamp?

9/24/2012 - This Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray Is Your Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist Deal of the Day

9/24/2012 - Read the lost adventures of Six-Gun Gorilla, the greatest cowboy gorilla in fiction

9/24/2012 - iOS 5.1 for Apple TV Enhances AirPlay Capabilities and Suggests Apps Might Arrive Soon

9/24/2012 - When people explode during colonoscopies

9/24/2012 - The Facebook for Poor People You Didn't Know Existed

9/24/2012 - Never Get Ripped Off By a Contractor Again

9/24/2012 - The Space Heater That Will Keep Your House Warm and Stylish This Winter

9/24/2012 - What the Hell is happening to the Arctic Sea Ice?

9/24/2012 - Maybe The Internet Only Wants One of Everything

9/24/2012 - Awesome Jetsons Tech That's Still Not Here Yet

9/24/2012 - 8 Great Philosophical Questions That We'll Never Solve

9/24/2012 - What Happens When All of Your Memories Get Erased

9/24/2012 - Man admitted to New Zealand hospital with eel stuck in his rear end

9/24/2012 - First official image of Wolverine shows off Hugh Jackman's new claws

9/24/2012 - This Week's TV: Fringe, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and a dozen other premieres!

9/24/2012 - iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Smartphone Display Technology Shoot-Out

9/24/2012 - Here's the Chip Apple Is Using to Stop You from Buying Cheap Cables

9/24/2012 - This Beautiful Design Finally Fulfills the Washer's Round-Machine Destiny

9/24/2012 - Reminder: Your Locked Bicycle Is Never Safe

9/24/2012 - This Tiny Telescope Implant Gives Eyesight to the Blind

9/24/2012 - Inflatable Backseat Bed Adds A Touch of Luxury to Living Out of Your Car

9/24/2012 - A Devil Wielding A Gun In 1489 = Perhaps The Most Metal Scene In Art History

9/24/2012 - Iran Shuts Down Google, Will Completely Cut Citizens Off the Internet

9/24/2012 - 10 Stupid, Crazy, Wonderful Gadget Fails

9/24/2012 - Go Ahead, Stare at This Body

9/24/2012 - Wedding Party: Get the Smartphone Pics Your Photographer Missed

9/24/2012 - Sad Panda News. Warning: do not read if you were planning on having a good Monday. (UPDATED)

9/24/2012 - Watch an NBA Player Dunk an iPhone 5

9/24/2012 - How insane does the sequel to John Dies at the End get? See for yourself!

9/24/2012 - Sugar Could Charge up Gadgets Just Like it Gives a Jolt to Kids

9/24/2012 - Marching band blasts Game of Thrones theme, crowd goes insane

9/24/2012 - What Is the Weird Rattle in These Brand New iPhone 5s?

9/24/2012 - Wedding Party Gallery

9/24/2012 - There'll probably never be another Judge Dredd movie

9/24/2012 - After he kicks ass in two Avengers films, could Mark Ruffalo finally get his own Hulk movie?

9/24/2012 - The Definitive Comparison of Google Maps vs Apple Maps In One Single Image

9/24/2012 - Watch the iPhone 5 Get Shot with a .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

9/24/2012 - Study Splits Breast Cancer Into Four Treatable Types

9/24/2012 - Supercomputer Genius Watson Is Headed for the Cloud

9/24/2012 - Nuance Planning Voice Recognition Which Works While Your Phone Sleeps

9/24/2012 - Does Your New iPhone 5 Scratch Easily?

9/24/2012 - Foxconn Shuts Factory After 2,000-Employee Brawl Breaks Out

9/23/2012 - Best of the Week: September 15-21, 2012

9/23/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc. Images

9/23/2012 - Supernatural Episode 8.02 Promo Images

9/23/2012 - Krokodil Tears: The Craziest Drug You've Never Heard Of

9/23/2012 - Kick-Ass 2 Behind the Scenes Photos

9/23/2012 - Grimm Episode 2.06 Promo Photos

9/23/2012 - Fringe Season Premier Promo Photos

9/23/2012 - Fringe Behind the Scenes Photos

9/23/2012 - Naked mole rats' indifference to acid might help relieve human pain

9/23/2012 - Justice: DVNO

9/23/2012 - The winds of the stratosphere reshape deep ocean currents

9/23/2012 - FireWood Pocket Lets You Keep a Fake Fire Raging in Your Pants

9/23/2012 - Watch a Modified NES Zapper Set Things On Fire With a Real Laser

9/23/2012 - Jim Carrey dons the Colonel Stars camo on the set of Kick-Ass 2

9/23/2012 - UltraReset Is an NFC-Hacking App That Hands Out Free Train Rides

9/23/2012 - Photos of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's abandoned private island

9/23/2012 - A Bootlegged Google Maps App Is Coming Soon to iOS 6 (Updated)

9/23/2012 - Girl proposes to her boyfriend with a sweet Scott Pilgrim scavenger hunt

9/23/2012 - The Weirdest Thing People Hate About the iPhone 5

9/23/2012 - Mind-reading wearable kitty tail wags when you're happy

9/23/2012 - Deadpool surfs a wave of blood in these superhero/Stephen King mashups

9/23/2012 - Incredible photo of Earth and the ISS reflected in an astronaut's helmet

9/23/2012 - Does It Stress You Out When People Borrow Your Devices?

9/23/2012 - Breakthrough technique lets scientists grow drugs on your corn

9/23/2012 - Data Centers Waste a Ridiculously Massive Amount of Energy

9/23/2012 - Instructions on How to use a Telephone, from 1917

9/23/2012 - Is Doctor Who basically just a series of unhappy endings?

9/23/2012 - Do people with autism have unreliable sensory perceptions?

9/23/2012 - Clever Flat Life Clock Is a Picture That Tells the Time

9/23/2012 - Hobbit action figures give us our first (blurry) look at Tauriel and a Warg

9/23/2012 - When did you notice a sexy change in genre books?

9/23/2012 - This Human Support Robot Is the Robo-Butler of the Future

9/23/2012 - Alfonso Cuarón is teaming up with J.J. Abrams for a supernatural NBC pilot

9/23/2012 - Use These Vintage Beer Bottle Lamps to Make Light of Your Drinking Problem

9/23/2012 - Who destroyed the moon best?

9/23/2012 - How To Destroy a Car With Slingshots and a Warhammer

9/23/2012 - Parade Magazine Asks American Women About The Sexiest Professions of 1962

9/22/2012 - Cabin In The Woods: Flipping "Flipping It On Its Head" On Its Head

9/22/2012 - John Butler Trio: Ocean

9/22/2012 - Illustrated scenes from Harry Potter: The Marauders' Generation

9/22/2012 - Why The Jetsons still matters 50 years later

9/22/2012 - Pilots Get iPads but Flight Attendants Get Galaxy Notes

9/22/2012 - The greatest music video about a Neon Pegasus that you'll see all year

9/22/2012 - Write Something Heavy With This Concrete Roller Ball Pen

9/22/2012 - Apple Maps Problems Didn't Stop iOS 6 From Having a Record-Breaking Adoption Rate

9/22/2012 - Abraham Lincoln once nearly dueled a rival with a broadsword

9/22/2012 - How To Find Out If the Web Services You Use Every Day Are Making Money

9/22/2012 - Why Two-Face's tailor is the unhappiest man in Gotham City

9/22/2012 - Han Solo tries—and fails—to destroy "Gangnam Style" once and for all

9/22/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Exploring the Ruins of the Future

9/22/2012 - Do You Use Your Phone At Concerts?

9/22/2012 - Watch Jim Henson's early unfinished stop-motion short Alexander the Grape

9/22/2012 - Apple Map Disasters, Real-Life Warp Drive, Cam Girl Secrets, And More

9/22/2012 - Your chance to ask V/H/S and Innkeepers director Ti West anything you want about horror cinema

9/22/2012 - Beautiful jewelry designed and crafted by fly larvae

9/22/2012 - The Oddest Ways People Died in Victorian Times

9/22/2012 - This Is What Happens When You Glue an iPhone 5 to the Ground

9/22/2012 - Apple Wants $707 Million More of Samsung's Money Over Patent Infringement

9/22/2012 - How do you get a job on Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D.? Make a S.H.I.E.L.D.-themed video resume

9/22/2012 - El Esqueleto is a Hitler-cloning, dinosaur-riding, space mobster-shooting, grindhouse webcomic

9/22/2012 - Watch the trailer for a full-length Hobbit movie made by school kids

9/22/2012 - How to Escape a Burning Building

9/22/2012 - Buzz Lightyear costume made of balloons won't last beyond infinity — or the front door

9/22/2012 - iPhone 5 Camera Battle: Is It the Best Smartphone Shooter?

9/22/2012 - The Avengers get arrested & Peter Parker finds out he's not fit to be Spider-Man in a play

9/22/2012 - Twitter Is Finally Going To Let You Download All Your Old Tweets

9/22/2012 - The Spectacular Last Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour In Ultra-HD Video

9/22/2012 - How NASA Mounts a Space Shuttle on an Airplane

9/22/2012 - New Apple Ads: Thumbs, Ears, Physics, and Photo Shoots

9/22/2012 - Sending Your Son's Favorite Toy Train to Space Is Probably the Coolest Thing a Dad Can Do

9/22/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Blue Giants, Texas Checkpoints, and Other Things You Should Have Seen Coming

9/21/2012 - Watch This Brand New iPhone 5 Burst into Flame

9/21/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: How to Give an Emmy Speech

9/21/2012 - Reimagined Flags Based on National Stereotypes are Awesome Art

9/21/2012 - Did the iPhone 5 Already Get Jailbroken?

9/21/2012 - Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff teaming up for a movie about a haunted mirror

9/21/2012 - This Re-Stabilized Pure Dollar-Ink Is Literally the Most Beautiful Waste of Money You'll Ever See

9/21/2012 - Make yourself feel better by learning about the physics of chicken soup

9/21/2012 - Space Shuttle Endeavour lands for the very last time

9/21/2012 - Got a New iPhone 5? Here Are the Best Apps to Download

9/21/2012 - Astounding collection of lost Dark Knight promo images show every detail of The Joker

9/21/2012 - These Nike Free Inneva Woven Shoes Are All I Need to Be Happy

9/21/2012 - Authors Weigh in on the differences between science fiction and fantasy

9/21/2012 - Bill Clinton explains how to jumpstart American innovation in science

9/21/2012 - Fringe has a whole new lease on life

9/21/2012 - This Cathedral of Junk Is the Most Beautiful Form of Hoarding

9/21/2012 - Star Wars terrariums bring a little piece of Dagobah into your home

9/21/2012 - Tiny Wold Story, Chameleon Launcher, and More

9/21/2012 - Sneakpeeq, Stowaway, and More

9/21/2012 - Garmin Navigon, Skitch, and More

9/21/2012 - iPhone 5 Network and Wi-Fi Speed Tests: Which One's Fastest?

9/21/2012 - Facebook Is Now Recording Everyone You Stalk

9/21/2012 - Watch the Black Magic Cinema Camera Crush the Canon 5D Mark III's Video Quality

9/21/2012 - Why Was This Shady AT&T Manager Letting People Cut the iPhone Line?

9/21/2012 - Your New iPhone Home Screen Has a Whole Extra Row of Icons. What Apps Are You Gonna Put There?

9/21/2012 - How to keep colonoscopy patients from exploding, and other winners from the 2012 Ig Nobel Awards

9/21/2012 - Global warming could awaken the Arctic's ancient forests

9/21/2012 - How To Make the Perfect Ice Cube

9/21/2012 - I want this horrifying pair of 1940s Daffy Duck shoes

9/21/2012 - Trains of Tomorrow, After the War

9/21/2012 - Chocolate Record Woos Your Tastebuds and Destroys Your Needles

9/21/2012 - How biohackers and DIY cyborgs are setting a new course for technology

9/21/2012 - How Does the iPhone 5 Fit in Your Hand? A GIF Guide

9/21/2012 - A Treasure Trove Of Cheesy And Delightful Animation From The Early Days Of Computer Graphics

9/21/2012 - First trailer for Vamps shows Downton Abbey's Cousin Matthew between the sheets with a vampire

9/21/2012 - The Brief, Lucrative Afterlife of the Cardiff Giant

9/21/2012 - Panasonic WT50 Lightning Review Gallery

9/21/2012 - Panasonic WT50 Lightning Review: A TV This Expensive Should Be Better

9/21/2012 - Design Lessons from Star Trek to Consider Before Creating Your Next User Interface

9/21/2012 - Just Breathe on Your Phone To Make Sure Your Lungs Are Healthy

9/21/2012 - New documents show that Titanic captain failed a key navigation test

9/21/2012 - These Mature and Functional Mapping Apps Are Your Happy-iPhone-5 Deal of the Day

9/21/2012 - How to Turn Your Scented Candles Into an Immense Fireball

9/21/2012 - What if Dragons were more like Vulcans who breathe fire?

9/21/2012 - Stop Using Fake Names on Facebook

9/21/2012 - You Can Now Slap a Quarter Terabyte of Storage In Your Camera

9/21/2012 - 28 Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows That Started Off as Movies

9/21/2012 - Welcome to Los Angeles, Year 2112

9/21/2012 - How Your Favorite Apps Look on the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 4S

9/21/2012 - How 2000 A.D. Changed Science Fiction Forever

9/21/2012 - Take An Unexpected Journey To This Amazing Hobbiton Lego Set

9/21/2012 - The Science Fiction Romances that Make Felicia Day Go Ewww.

9/21/2012 - 15 Ophthalmological Marvels That Make Your Eyesight as Clear as Your Hindsight

9/21/2012 - Behold: A Cordless 5-inch Random Orbital Sander, the Unicorn of Power Tools

9/21/2012 - Weirdest (and Most Poisonous) Food Colorings from Antiquity

9/21/2012 - The earliest split in modern humanity was 100,000 years ago

9/21/2012 - Pre-Peeled, Re-Wrapped Bananas Are the Most Wasteful Sign of the Apocalypse Yet

9/21/2012 - This is what Batgirl would've looked like in the 1880s

9/21/2012 - The Lumia 920's PureView Camera Passes the Russian RC Car Test

9/21/2012 - Minds Will Be Blown When You Have a Table That's Also an Optical Illusion

9/21/2012 - See-Through Anatomical Model Is the Creepiest Use of Projectors Yet

9/21/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Note II Hands On: Bigger Got Better

9/21/2012 - Is This Tuna-Bot the Future of US Harbor Security?

9/21/2012 - New transparent soil reveals the secret world of plant roots

9/21/2012 - First iPhone 5 Drop Tests: Very Sturdy! (But Still Shatters)

9/21/2012 - The One Crucial Test That Any Judge Dredd Movie MUST Pass

9/21/2012 - This Ultra-Quiet Mechanical Keyboard Is Perpetually In Stealth Mode

9/21/2012 - Get ready for vampires that poop their pants — Guillermo del Toro's The Strain comes to FX

9/21/2012 - The iPhone 5 Is Here: First Impressions

9/21/2012 - Galaxy Note II Hands On Gallery

9/21/2012 - Controversial study linking genetically modified corn to cancer under attack by scientists

9/21/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-On: Oh Please, Please Bring This Bizarre Android Camera to America

9/21/2012 - What really happened during the Philadelphia Experiment?

9/21/2012 - How to Set Up Your New iPhone 5 the Right Way

9/21/2012 - Why is this bumblebee wearing a tiny radar suit?

9/21/2012 - Brilliant Auto-Inflating Tires Pump Themselves Up As They Roll

9/21/2012 - Good morning, here is your life-affirming video of a dolphin giving birth

9/21/2012 - You Don't Need a F*cking Case for Your iPhone 5

9/21/2012 - Here Are the iOS Apps Updated for the iPhone 5 (Updating)

9/21/2012 - Will the next Batman movie be an Arkham Asylum adaptation?

9/21/2012 - Homer Simpson Discovers the Dangers Of Electronic Voting

9/21/2012 - Scientists Can Now Inkjet-Print Lasers

9/21/2012 - London Underground Is Happy to Lend iOS 6 Users a Map

9/21/2012 - Why Didn't High School Science Look This Beautiful?

9/21/2012 - Scientists Develop Technique to Erase Your Fears

9/21/2012 - This Optical Trick Is Annoying the Hell Out of Me

9/21/2012 - Verizon: "Unlimited Is Just a Word"

9/21/2012 - What's the Most Shocking Thing You've Ever Learned Through Facebook?

9/21/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Ozzy Osbourne Speaks of the Devil, BBC Explains Metal, and NMA Breaks Down Prop 64

9/20/2012 - Will the iPhone 5 Be As Ridiculous As This 1989 Transportable Phone in 20 years?

9/20/2012 - What Apps Do You Use Most on Your Smartphone?

9/20/2012 - YouTube Is Testing Out an Interactive Quiz Feature

9/20/2012 - The Art of Web Design Explained

9/20/2012 - Vampire Diary "Memorial" Images

9/20/2012 - The iPhone 5 Teardown: What's Really New Inside the Next iPhone

9/20/2012 - First to Get the iPhone 5 Call Queue “Absolutely Retarded, Superficial and Pretentious”

9/20/2012 - Wow You Can Get the New iPad with Retina Display for Only $400

9/20/2012 - A young adult novel's hero is allowed to remain gay, after all

9/20/2012 - This Instrument Translates the Sound of Objects

9/20/2012 - Brand new Iron Man 3 concept art includes star-spangled armor

9/20/2012 - This Two-Faced Watch Design Makes Telling Time Twice As Hard

9/20/2012 - In 1910, the plot of Alien went down in a local newspaper

9/20/2012 - True or False: Noblemen had the right to sleep with any woman on her wedding night

9/20/2012 - Watch the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony live, here on io9!

9/20/2012 - Vivre Sa Vie: Thanks for the GIFs

9/20/2012 - Show your love for Agent Coulson with 9 brand new Avengers T-shirts

9/20/2012 - See the shadow of the Earth rise under the Belt of Venus

9/20/2012 - Guillermo Del Toro making a Twin Peaks-style detective drama for HBO

9/20/2012 - Planes Will Be Safe for Cellphone Calls as Early as Next Year, but WIll the Government Let You Use It?

9/20/2012 - Science proves that you should un-friend your ex on Facebook

9/20/2012 - Crying, screeching Robot Monkey is ready to star in your next nightmare

9/20/2012 - Get Presidentially Drunk Off the White House Micro Brew

9/20/2012 - Apple Knows Apple Maps Suck Right Now But Says It'll Get Better

9/20/2012 - Are the best TV shows made from books these days? And what's next?

9/20/2012 - Twitter Just Outlawed Animated GIF Avatars

9/20/2012 - Gaze upon the most disturbing My Little Pony ever made

9/20/2012 - The Harder You Press, the Faster This Food Processor Chops

9/20/2012 - It Might Be a Couple of Months Before We See a Proper Google Maps iPhone App

9/20/2012 - The Most Stunning Astronomy Photos of the Year

9/20/2012 - Is Apple Maps Enough to Keep You From Upgrading to iOS 6?

9/20/2012 - Is this the most distant object we have ever discovered?

9/20/2012 - Why the Second Dredd Movie Could Be Even Darker

9/20/2012 - Suitcase Laptop Support Gives You a Standing Desk Wherever You Travel

9/20/2012 - Chronicle's Max Landis creating a superhero show for Fox

9/20/2012 - Why Apple Maps Won't Get Better Anytime Soon

9/20/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Gallery

9/20/2012 - Kick-Ass 2 Set Photos

9/20/2012 - Doctor Who Power of 3 Promo Images

9/20/2012 - These Massively Powerful Bowers & Wilkins AirPlay Speakers Need to Get Into My Living Room Immediately

9/20/2012 - This House Has a Roof Built for Sledding

9/20/2012 - 666 Park Avenue Premier Image

9/20/2012 - For $149, you could own this painting of an all-Spock soccer team

9/20/2012 - Koro Syndrome: The Irrational Fear of Lethal Genital Shrinkage

9/20/2012 - It Just Got Easier to Chat with Your Facebook Friends on Android

9/20/2012 - The American Outlaws Hoarding Lightbulbs in the Name of Liberty

9/20/2012 - This Nerf Arsenal Is Your Foam-Guerrilla-Warlord Deal of the Day

9/20/2012 - Everything You Need To Know About Judge Dredd

9/20/2012 - When a Snowboard and a Mountainbike Collide, Anyone Can Ride the Slopes

9/20/2012 - Watch 1,000 Years of Warfare in Five Minutes

9/20/2012 - Apple Totally Stole the Design of the iOS 6 iPad Clock

9/20/2012 - Valiant pig saves baby goat from drowning, wins the Internet's heart

9/20/2012 - The First Pictures in the World of the iPhone 5 Taken Apart

9/20/2012 - Sony Xperia Tablet S Review: Better, But Still Broken

9/20/2012 - Mophie's New Battery Pack Is So Tiny, It Could Make Carrying It Around Less of a Hassle

9/20/2012 - Richard Branson "determined to start a population on Mars"

9/20/2012 - Has Your iPhone 5 Shipment Been Delayed?

9/20/2012 - Top 7 Most Metal Science Fiction Premises

9/20/2012 - Even Gallagher Is Worth Watching in Super Slow Motion

9/20/2012 - Finally, a geological timescale that only a Creationist could love

9/20/2012 - Apple Maps vs Google Maps: A Side by Side iPhone Comparison

9/20/2012 - Adorable Slicing Scooter Cuts Pizzas Twice as Fast

9/20/2012 - Wait, there are albino Smurfs now?

9/20/2012 - What does the future have in store for radical body modification?

9/20/2012 - Mars Rover to Study Pyramid Rock of Unknown Origin

9/20/2012 - Where To Keep Track of All the Worst Apple Maps Fails

9/20/2012 - This Carbon-Fiber Kamikaze Bomb Fits in a Backpack

9/20/2012 - It's Officially Safe to Taser Shiftless Teens Now

9/20/2012 - Why Futurama hasn't jumped the shark

9/20/2012 - 17 People Apple Maps Has Already Horribly Misled

9/20/2012 - Garmin Navigon: An App To Dry Your iOS 6 Navigation Tears

9/20/2012 - Apple's Shake-To-Charge Patent Trades Calories for Battery Life

9/20/2012 - You Can't Spoof SMS Messages on Your iPhone Anymore

9/20/2012 - Garmin StreetPilot Onboard Gallery

9/20/2012 - First trailer for Beautiful Creatures takes a swing at Twilight's hold on the youth

9/20/2012 - Circle Pad Pro For the 3DS XL Makes It Even More Monstrous

9/20/2012 - Using Growl on Mountain Lion Just Got Way Less Annoying

9/20/2012 - Sony Xperia Tablet S Gallery

9/20/2012 - Procrastinating by watching this video about procrastination is a surprisingly good use of your time

9/20/2012 - This Is How You Kill Time Waiting for Your iPhone 5

9/20/2012 - Samsung Is Really Suing Apple Over 8 LTE Patents

9/20/2012 - Casio's Kickstand Point-and-Shoot Is the Ultimate Self-Shooter

9/20/2012 - Syrian Rebels Hack Together Digital Cameras To Replace Machine Gun Scopes

9/20/2012 - Jae Lee draws Ozymandias versus the Comedian, in this Before Watchmen preview

9/20/2012 - Joss Whedon gives the best answer yet as to why he's back for Avengers 2!

9/20/2012 - Kindle Fire HD vs. Nexus 7: What's the Best 7-inch Tablet Display?

9/20/2012 - These Are the Best Amateur Pictures of Space This Year

9/20/2012 - Maybe the iPhone 5 Isn't Tall Enough

9/20/2012 - Here's the Full Line-Up of Apple Passbook Supported Apps (Updated)

9/20/2012 - Samsung Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year’s Superphones

9/20/2012 - Procrastinate By Watching This Video About the Science of Procrastination

9/20/2012 - iOS 6 Is Already (Kinda) Jailbroken

9/20/2012 - Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync for Android

9/20/2012 - Universal Peripheral Batteries: A Great Idea That'll Never Work

9/20/2012 - Who Can Actually Use This NFC Mouse?

9/20/2012 - Roku's New Streaming Stick Costs $100

9/20/2012 - Prudish Pinterest Won't Allow Pins Sourced from Sex.com (UPDATE)

9/20/2012 - The Stoner Channel: A Snail's Dreams, Pink Floyd's Pulse, and Luiz Stockler's Home

9/19/2012 - Do You Actually Care About a Politician's Social-Media Presence?

9/19/2012 - Here's What Emoticons Look Like In Real Life

9/19/2012 - A Website that Lets You Securely Share Your STD Status

9/19/2012 - 50 Years of the Jetsons: Why The Show Still Matters

9/19/2012 - Watch a Rapper Hilariously Use Google for the First Time

9/19/2012 - 666 Park Avenue - Cast Photos

9/19/2012 - Person of Interest - Season 2 Premiere Promo Images

9/19/2012 - Alphas - 2x11 Promo Images

9/19/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Angels Take Manhattan" Promo Pics

9/19/2012 - Looper - International Posters

9/19/2012 - Chase Bank Is Second to be Hit with Cyber-Attack In Response to "Sacrilegious Movie"

9/19/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/20 - Grab Bag

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9/19/2012 - Awesome Persol Shades Your Friends Will Want to Steal

9/19/2012 - Did iOS 6 Screw Your Wi-Fi? Here's How to Fix It

9/19/2012 - The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony Grows Nigh!

9/19/2012 - Lorn: Weigh Me Down

9/19/2012 - Beautiful xkcd comic paints a whole universe in one panel

9/19/2012 - Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Make it happen, Moffat!

9/19/2012 - Is it Amazingly Genius or Amazingly Idiotic to Wipe Out Half the Space Bar for an Extra Backspace Key?

9/19/2012 - Sarah Connor Chronicles creator's next show is about a 15-year-old messiah born in California

9/19/2012 - Only one of ABC's new genre TV shows is truly worth your time

9/19/2012 - The Next Netflix Exclusive Is a Ricky Gervais Show

9/19/2012 - Fitbit Zip Review: The Tiny Anti-Flab Motivator

9/19/2012 - DXO Labs Rates the Nikon D600 Sensor the Third Best Ever

9/19/2012 - The Physics of Bullets: Why a Modern Gun Shoots 10 Times Farther Than its 19th Century Counterpart

9/19/2012 - The Never-Built Chicago Spire Seems Like a Great Place to Live—If You're From Planet Xhuul-Zaan

9/19/2012 - Do women speak less when when there are more men around?

9/19/2012 - How Are You Liking iOS 6 So Far?

9/19/2012 - The Insane Things Joseph Gordon-Levitt Did to Become Bruce Willis in Looper

9/19/2012 - The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

9/19/2012 - The MakerBot Replicator 2 Prints A Bigger, More Detailed Chunk of Your Creative Genius

9/19/2012 - Makerbot Gallery

9/19/2012 - The Best Public Transit Apps for iOS 6 (Since Apple Maps Doesn't Have It)

9/19/2012 - AKG K 495 NC Gallery

9/19/2012 - Bose QuietComfort 15 Gallery

9/19/2012 - Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

9/19/2012 - Sony MDR-NC900 Gallery

9/19/2012 - Scientist + liquid nitrogen + 1500 ping pong balls = boomhappy funtime

9/19/2012 - Apple's New 3D Maps Are an Apocalyptic Horror Show

9/19/2012 - When Did Handheld Vacuums Get So Beautiful?

9/19/2012 - Five Secret Ways that Games Are Changing the World

9/19/2012 - Cabin in the Woods Director Drew Goddard is live on io9, and taking your questions!

9/19/2012 - What's the Weirdest Frankengadget You've Ever Seen?

9/19/2012 - Detachable Magnetic Stapler Works Absolutely Anywhere

9/19/2012 - Watch Transformers Prime take on The Sword in the Stone

9/19/2012 - Your lab-grown penis is (almost) ready

9/19/2012 - These RHA Earphones Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

9/19/2012 - 10 tricks that prove Outlook.com is the email provider of the future

9/19/2012 - Could someone really destroy the whole Internet?

9/19/2012 - 25 Supercomputers That Fill Entire Rooms

9/19/2012 - Beer Can Survive a Nuclear Blast, Thank God

9/19/2012 - Space shuttle Endeavour’s journey to museum will require 400 trees to be cut down

9/19/2012 - Five Zone Wine Cooling Fridge Packs Months of Liquid Dinners

9/19/2012 - 6 Nerdy Parties Throughout History We Would've Loved To Attend

9/19/2012 - When Did Small Phones Become Crappy Phones?

9/19/2012 - Swedish doctors announce world's first mother-to-daughter womb transplant

9/19/2012 - CW readies a sexy Alice in Wonderland TV series, Wunderland

9/19/2012 - Is the notorious drug Thalidomide making a comeback?

9/19/2012 - How soon before mass-produced 3D printed leather?

9/19/2012 - What Is Miracast?

9/19/2012 - Fitbit Zip Gallery

9/19/2012 - Go Download iOS 6 RIGHT NOW (Updated With Direct Links)

9/19/2012 - Time Warner Paves the Way for Lamest Version of Apple TV's Future

9/19/2012 - The New Science of Drug Testing: The Sewers Never Lie

9/19/2012 - Thumbs Up Paperclips Let You Like in Real Life

9/19/2012 - iOS 6: All the Best New Features

9/19/2012 - You Have Less Than a Month to Conceive a Brilliant Idea, Win $50,000

9/19/2012 - Survival Pod Lets You Ride Out a Tsunami in Relative Comfort

9/19/2012 - This School-Bus-Sized Satellite Will Deliver Insanely Accurate Weather Reports

9/19/2012 - HTC 8X: This Flagship Windows Phone Packs a Big, Beautiful Screen in a Slim, Blade-like Package

9/19/2012 - What Is This Secret Weapon the US Has Been Hiding for 30 Years?

9/19/2012 - Travel Surge Protector Saves Your Gear From Sketchy Outlets

9/19/2012 - This insane footage of a volcano is like staring into the jaws of Hell

9/19/2012 - Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology-inspired movie is a weird love story

9/19/2012 - Thank God Dinosaurs Died Out Before Smartphones Happened

9/19/2012 - Could Ethan Hawke's horror flick Sinister be the first scary movie of the year?

9/19/2012 - Skitch: Mark Up Your Pics On Your Phone

9/19/2012 - With this Chrome Rotary Desk Calendar, You Won't Care if Monday's Black

9/19/2012 - Skitch Gallery

9/19/2012 - New Hobbit trailer shows off Bilbo and Gollum's contest of wits

9/19/2012 - Downtown L.A. Intersection Renamed Ray Bradbury Square

9/19/2012 - Good morning, here is your recommended daily allowance of Ewok terror

9/19/2012 - Touchscreen Light Meter Makes You Wonder Why They Didn't Make This an iPhone Accessory

9/19/2012 - Monsanto Weedkiller and GM Maize Linked to Tumor Risk (UPDATED)

9/19/2012 - Could another Avenger show up in Thor: The Dark World!?

9/19/2012 - One Key Way the iPhone 5 Totally Destroys the Competition

9/19/2012 - ZTE Hoping to Launch Mozilla Phone Early 2013

9/19/2012 - This Jacket's Faraday Cage Conveniently Silences Your Phone

9/19/2012 - Apple's Design Team Turns Up to Collect Award for First Time Ever

9/19/2012 - Curiosity Took an Earth Rock to Mars

9/19/2012 - These Shoes Guide You Home Using GPS, However Lost You Are

9/19/2012 - The Most Insane Lego Machine I've Ever Seen

9/19/2012 - The iPhone 5 Costs $8 More to Build Than it Does to Buy (UPDATED)

9/19/2012 - Should You Keep Your Old iPhone on iOS 5 for Google Maps?

9/19/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Hendrix on the Rainbow Bridge, Paleolitic Animation, and Yet Another Cannabis-Based Cure

9/18/2012 - No Dock for the iPhone 5, Says SVP Phil Schiller

9/18/2012 - Net Neutrality Groups Warn AT&T They'll Fight for FaceTime Freedom

9/18/2012 - What if Portal was a 1980s animated movie?

9/18/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/19

9/18/2012 - Alphas - 2x10 Promo Photos

9/18/2012 - Revolution - 1x02 Promo Photos

9/18/2012 - Hackers, Angered by "Sacrilegious Movie," Target Bank of America and NYSE

9/18/2012 - Wreck-It Ralph - New Posters

9/18/2012 - Few TV shows could get away with being as cornball as Warehouse 13

9/18/2012 - iPhone 5 Meta-Review: A Better iPhone In Every Way

9/18/2012 - In 1971, Duke University professors wrote a wank-friendly medical textbook

9/18/2012 - Here's What's Inside the iPhone 5 Box

9/18/2012 - Did you just take a vitamin C tablet, or a hit of ecstasy?

9/18/2012 - "The Instagram Song" Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

9/18/2012 - Should we build a supercomputer on the moon?

9/18/2012 - All the Special Effects of Game of Thrones Are Still So Unbelievably Real

9/18/2012 - Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze

9/18/2012 - Haunting video pitch for a Halloween remake, from the storyboard artist behind all of Marvel's recent films

9/18/2012 - In comic stores tomorrow, it's ghosts and gem princesses

9/18/2012 - Why are some animals translucent? And how exactly does biological transparency work?

9/18/2012 - New Hobbit pics give a first look at Radagast the Brown, who's getting a bigger storyline!

9/18/2012 - Newly revealed papyrus fragment mentions Jesus's wife

9/18/2012 - A Timeless Filson Bag That Will Probably Outlive You

9/18/2012 - Sneakpeeq: Shop Indie Designers at a Discount

9/18/2012 - Will the Ghost of Your Dearly Departed Appreciate Being Enshrined in This Pretty Metal Urn?

9/18/2012 - New Dark Energy Telescope Can Photograph Galaxies up to 8 Billion Light-Years From Earth

9/18/2012 - Game of Thrones Season 2 FX reel reveals how they grew the direwolves and dragons

9/18/2012 - Digital Protractor Promises More Accuracy Than a Plastic Half Circle

9/18/2012 - How 4K TV Works

9/18/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About Gravity in One Five-Minute Animation

9/18/2012 - Nestle Is Playing Real-Life Willy Wonka

9/18/2012 - Sneakpeeq Gallery

9/18/2012 - How does this chemical vanish when light hits it?

9/18/2012 - Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt Review: Can Science Save You from Sweat Stains?

9/18/2012 - Everything You Need To Not Stink Up the iPhone 5 Line

9/18/2012 - Meet the Machine That Is as Alive as You Are

9/18/2012 - Outlier Shirt Gallery

9/18/2012 - Futuristic New Music Videos by Cat Power and Baron Von Luxxury: Rayguns and Jumpsuits in the Desert!

9/18/2012 - Watch Mob Doctor compare this teen's hymen to the Death Star

9/18/2012 - Ridiculous Home Theater Looks Like a Camaro Crashed Through Your Living Room Wall

9/18/2012 - A downright gorgeous short film about doomed astronauts after a spaceship crash

9/18/2012 - Russia Has More Diamonds Hiding in an Asteroid Crater Than the Rest of the World Has Combined

9/18/2012 - This Portable Hard Drive Is Your For-Media-Hoarders Deal of the Day

9/18/2012 - Russia admits to having 'trillions of carats' worth of diamonds hidden in an asteroid crater

9/18/2012 - These Are the Tiny Gorgeous Guts of Apple's Improved EarPods

9/18/2012 - One Step Closer to Building a Simulated Human Brain

9/18/2012 - Nintendo 3DS XL Review: Bigger Screen, Better 3D, Still Kinda Clumsy

9/18/2012 - First Glimpse of Russell T. Davies' Wizards Vs. Aliens!

9/18/2012 - How can a small piece of copper prevent you from getting pregnant?

9/18/2012 - A brand new video collage of Mr. Wizard being a dick to confused children

9/18/2012 - 32 Photos Of High Velocity, Frozen Still

9/18/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Motion

9/18/2012 - Amphones Help You Shred In Silence If Your Neighbors Are Jerks

9/18/2012 - A heroic attempt to prove the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome fails

9/18/2012 - Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy Secrets of Internet Cam Girls (NSFW)

9/18/2012 - Microsoft Looks Like It's Going to Make Original Shows or Movies for Xbox

9/18/2012 - Meet Lady Cop, the most underrated comic book hero of all

9/18/2012 - You Don't Need an Engineering Degree To Transform This Sofa Bed

9/18/2012 - Horror flick Citadel shows why mutant baby-eating kids are the worst

9/18/2012 - Growler Car Seat Protects Your Most Important Passengers

9/18/2012 - Talking Measuring Cup Will Never Critique Your Kitchen Skills

9/18/2012 - How to Root the Kindle Fire HD (Already!)

9/18/2012 - Top 11 Essential Judge Dredd Stories

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9/18/2012 - Ask a Photographer About the Photography Trick That Turns Your Friends Into Ghosts

9/18/2012 - The Most Incredible Volcano Video of All Time

9/18/2012 - The Quest to Build a 128-Story, 5-Block Mega-Skyscraper in the Middle of Manhattan

9/18/2012 - Sprint May Take Away Your Only Shot at a Free, Unlimited Data iPhone (Updated)

9/18/2012 - Britain's Brand New £1 Billion Battleship Is a 152-Meter Mobile Missile Shield

9/18/2012 - 14 People Using Hilariously Giant Old Cell Phones

9/18/2012 - Artist builds beautiful He-Man sculpture with biceps the size of honey baked hams

9/18/2012 - Read the first chapter of Iain M. Banks' new Culture novel, The Hydrogen Sonata

9/18/2012 - New York City's Blocks Arranged by Size

9/18/2012 - Even Small Businesses Can Afford Job-Stealing Assembly Bots Now

9/18/2012 - This Looks Like the First Photo of a Fully Working iPad Mini

9/18/2012 - Why We're Still Optimistic About Eric Kripke's Revolution

9/18/2012 - Google Play Finally Starts to Catch Up With 600 New Fox Titles

9/18/2012 - Take a good, long look at the Moon's ash hole

9/18/2012 - Hasselblad's Ridiculously Expensive Mirrorless Camera At Least Looks the Part (UPDATED)

9/18/2012 - Let's Build a Supercomputer on the Moon

9/18/2012 - The Nook Simple Touch Can Play Sonic Better Than a Game Boy

9/18/2012 - This Aston Martin Android Isn’t Up to 007′s Specifications

9/18/2012 - Is Warner Bros.'s plan for Justice League and Batman even more complicated than we thought?

9/18/2012 - Your Twitter Profile Looks More Like Facebook Timeline Now

9/18/2012 - Man Trapped in Mud Scooped Out By Caterpillar Machine

9/18/2012 - Stunning First Images From the World's Most Powerful Digital Camera

9/18/2012 - Tron's World Exists On Earth

9/18/2012 - Jony Ive Teams Up With Leica to Design One-Off M-Series Camera

9/18/2012 - Motorola’s RAZRi Has a Whopping 2GHz Intel Processor

9/18/2012 - How to Get Selective Focus on Your DSLR for $80

9/18/2012 - Create Custom Ebook Encyclopaedias From Wikipedia

9/18/2012 - Asus Windows 8 Tablets to Start at $600?

9/18/2012 - PuppyText Lets You Write in a Font Made Entirely of Puppies

9/18/2012 - Fox News (Falsely) Reports iPhone 5 Will Have Laser Keyboard and Holographic Images

9/18/2012 - Picture of the Day: September 17, 2012

9/18/2012 - The Stoner Channel: What You Need to Make "I'm Sorry Officer, I Didn't Know I Couldn't Do That" Actually Work

9/17/2012 - Here Are the Countries That Torrent the Most Music (Spoiler: We're Number One)

9/17/2012 - Watch This Tornado of Fire Swirl Around the Australian Outback

9/17/2012 - Watch a Building Animate Itself Like a Computer Screen

9/17/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Power of Three" Images

9/17/2012 - The Walking Dead - Images

9/17/2012 - Haven - Season 3 Cast Photos

9/17/2012 - Do You Google Your Symptoms When You're Sick?

9/17/2012 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Images

9/17/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/18 - Grab Bag

9/17/2012 - Monday Comic Preview: Cryptids Gone Wild and Battle Beasts

9/17/2012 - Sperm Captured in 3D for the First Time Reveals Corkscrew Swimming Patterns

9/17/2012 - Google Developer Hints at Possibility of an Internet Without Site Log-ins

9/17/2012 - What if that screaming conspiracy theorist on the corner was right?

9/17/2012 - The current season of Doctor Who, as recapped by an adorable four-year-old girl

9/17/2012 - This Hilarious iPhone 5 Parody Video Tells the Real Truth About the iPhone 5

9/17/2012 - These Limited Edition Eames Tables Bring a Perfect Pop of Primary Color

9/17/2012 - This Timelapse Video of California's Joshua Tree National Park is Absolutely Epic

9/17/2012 - Kenya uses a science fiction book to teach children ethnic tolerance

9/17/2012 - Manimal is going to be a CG movie

9/17/2012 - The stars of Revolution explain why this isn't a post-apocalyptic show

9/17/2012 - Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation: Even Better 20 Years Later

9/17/2012 - Television really does make you less lonely, say scientists

9/17/2012 - John Cage's Prepared Piano: Annoy and Educate Your Friends With Experimental Music

9/17/2012 - Do You Trust Electronic Voting?

9/17/2012 - Prepared Piano Gallery

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9/17/2012 - Hit Girl's growing up so fast in these new Kick-Ass 2 set pics

9/17/2012 - Sunwayman V11R Review Gallery

9/17/2012 - What unit of measurement is now exactly 149,597,870,700 meters?

9/17/2012 - Sunwayman V11R Flashlight Review: Does It Down to the Lumen

9/17/2012 - "The Force Beam," perhaps the very first bootleg Star Wars toy

9/17/2012 - 31 People Who Will Sell You Pets, Blood, and Sex for an iPhone 5

9/17/2012 - What Happens When You Tattoo a Website Ad on Your Face—And That Website Goes Out of Business

9/17/2012 - These Colorful Plates Will Remind You of High School Geometry

9/17/2012 - Watch S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson's first job as a character on The West Wing

9/17/2012 - The iPhone 5 Is More Powerful than the Fastest PowerBook Ever Made

9/17/2012 - Leica's V-Lux 4 Superzoom Maintains a Constant f/2.8 Aperture Regardless of Focal Length

9/17/2012 - An Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Weren't So Awesome

9/17/2012 - Could super-realistic avatars of dead presidents influence election results?

9/17/2012 - Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Review: Small, Sure, But It's All About How You Use It

9/17/2012 - That time Michigan J. Frog mated with a headcrab and gave birth to singing, dancing hell-spawn

9/17/2012 - Do You Use Your Tablet as a Second Screen?

9/17/2012 - 13 Hidden Spy Cams That Might Be Watching You Right Now

9/17/2012 - Hey Fitness Freaks, We’re Giving Away a Garmin Forerunner 10

9/17/2012 - Drop everything — a baby panda was just born at The National Zoo, and there's a baby panda cam (UPDATED)

9/17/2012 - Leica M: Is This the Craziest Full-Frame, HD Video, Interchangeable Lens Monster Ever Made?

9/17/2012 - These Incredible/Gross Photos Were Printed With E. Coli Bacteria

9/17/2012 - Woman absolutely definitely undeniably gives birth to a horse in Nigeria

9/17/2012 - This sketch recognition program could kick your ass at Pictionary

9/17/2012 - 16 Fun Science Facts You (Probably) Never Knew

9/17/2012 - Is Your iMessage Messed Up Right Now?

9/17/2012 - Free Money Towards Your Dream Headphones Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

9/17/2012 - Throw Out Your Toothbrush, Artificial Enamel Is on the Way

9/17/2012 - How to Write a Killer Space Adventure Without Breaking the Speed of Light

9/17/2012 - This Beautiful Wooden Book Case Is the First iPhone 5 Accessory We Actually Want

9/17/2012 - Scientists Can Now Hack Your Body's Cell Network

9/17/2012 - Breast Washer Right Here! Get Your Breast Washer!

9/17/2012 - Voice Activated Popcorn Cannon Blasts Kernels Directly Into Your Mouth

9/17/2012 - Should we upgrade the intelligence of animals?

9/17/2012 - 6 Times Famous Supervillains Lost Their Damn Minds

9/17/2012 - Proof That Apple Could Sell You Literally Anything

9/17/2012 - You Can Totally Butcher Your SIM Card into a Nano-SIM If You're Insane

9/17/2012 - NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive

9/17/2012 - Body Heat-Powered Drug Delivering Bandages Means No More Needles

9/17/2012 - This is what a solar eclipse looks like from Mars

9/17/2012 - Google Just Bought Its Instagram Competitor—And One of Apple's Favorite Apps

9/17/2012 - This Week's TV: Is Revolution the new Supernatural, or the new Terra Nova?

9/17/2012 - Bar Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser, Makes Blind Dates Even More Awkward

9/17/2012 - Tech In Teaching: Robot Teachers Aren't Coming For Your Jobs

9/17/2012 - Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7?

9/17/2012 - Cabin in the Woods gag reel shows the hilarious side to raising a zombie redneck torture family

9/17/2012 - How a Classic Deep Sea Robot will Sweep 98 Percent of the Ocean Floor

9/17/2012 - Disgusting Pink Slime Company Launches Billion Dollar Offensive (Updated)

9/17/2012 - A Middle Eastern-Inspired Table Made of 650 Wooden Parts

9/17/2012 - "Potentially unsafe" rat meat is being sold illegally in London marketplaces

9/17/2012 - How To Save 20 Bucks on That Stupid iPhone 5 Adapter

9/17/2012 - Laser Bike Light Creates Your Own Tron-Like Virtual Lane

9/17/2012 - In the Gemini Rising trailer, Lance Henriksen goes back to what he does best — fighting aliens

9/17/2012 - How All Refrigerators Should Be Designed

9/17/2012 - A New, Bigger Samsung Galaxy S Might Be Coming March 2013

9/17/2012 - Kindle Fire HD: The Pretty Little Tablet Spills Its Gorgeous Guts

9/17/2012 - What the Hell Is Happening Here?

9/17/2012 - Which pop icon do you think this newly discovered parasitic wasp was named after?

9/17/2012 - Giant Magnifier For Those Who Think the iPhone 5's Display Is Still Too Small

9/17/2012 - Facebook's Richest Employees Have a Secret Rich People Fun Club

9/17/2012 - A sneak peek at this week's issue of Captain Atom

9/17/2012 - World's First Manned Nanocomposite Boat Will Chase Pirates

9/17/2012 - iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Hit a Whopping 2 Million in Just 24 Hours

9/17/2012 - Steven Moffat looks ahead to Doctor Who's big farewell. Plus a gigantic Thor: The Dark World rumor!

9/17/2012 - Sitting in Line for an iPhone Has Somehow Gotten Even Sadder

9/17/2012 - Developers Suspect the New Kindle Fires Will Be Hack-Resistant

9/17/2012 - How Do You Share Music Between Devices at Home?

9/17/2012 - Panasonic Lumix GH3: The Hacker's HD Video Camera Gets Its Bits Juiced

9/17/2012 - A Full-Size Folding Bike That's a Joy to Transport

9/17/2012 - NASA Discovers Mysterious Spheres On Mars

9/17/2012 - This Picture Shows Individual Atomic Bonds Inside a Molecule

9/17/2012 - Olympus PEN E-PL5: Touchscreens Make Micro Four Thirds Better and Easier But Is That Enough Anymore?

9/17/2012 - Now You Can Tag Live TV With Shazam

9/17/2012 - Canon EOS 6D: The Cheapest Full-Frame HD Video DSLR Ever

9/17/2012 - Canon PowerShot S110: A Hot Touchscreen Is Exactly What Canon's Best Point-and-Shoot Needed

9/17/2012 - Fitbit's New, Cheap, Anti-Lazy Gadgets Are Adorable

9/17/2012 - FujiFilm XF1: Another Very Small, Very Powerful Point-and-Shoot Wants a Home in Your Pocket

9/16/2012 - Best of the Week: September 8-14, 2012

9/16/2012 - Plan 9 From Outer Space: A Wonderful Disaster From End to End

9/16/2012 - Cap'n Jazz: Take On Me

9/16/2012 - Photographs of lonely astronauts wandering the alien planet Earth

9/16/2012 - Pac-Man is a Lovecraft story as written by Franz Kafka

9/16/2012 - This Is What a 20 Megawatt Solar Farm Looks Like

9/16/2012 - 1980 Rocky Horror spoof cast Ronald Reagan as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

9/16/2012 - Re-Envisioned Modern Day Sling Launches Steel Balls Like Nobody's Business

9/16/2012 - Morning Spoiler Misc. Images

9/16/2012 - Vampire Diaries Cast Photos

9/16/2012 - Walking Dead Character Portraits

9/16/2012 - More Walking Dead Season 3 Promo Images

9/16/2012 - The Walking Dead Season 3 Promo Images

9/16/2012 - Walking Dead Andrea and the Governor Photos

9/16/2012 - Walking Dead EW Photos

9/16/2012 - Supernatural Season 8 Premier Photos

9/16/2012 - Looper Fantastic Fest Mondo Posters

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9/16/2012 - Bring Off-Key Screeching To Your Living Room With This Smartphone Karaoke Machine

9/16/2012 - Doctor Who Power of Three Promo Images

9/16/2012 - Arrow Pilot Promotional Photos

9/16/2012 - Douglas Adams and Jim Henson tried to develop a TV special about the Muppet Institute of Technology

9/16/2012 - Surprise! Apple Fans Turn Samsung's iPhone 5 Attack Ad on Its Head

9/16/2012 - Bad Comments On Your Facebook Picture Make People Think You're Uglier

9/16/2012 - 12 Zombie Movies that Root for the Zombies

9/16/2012 - Why it's dangerous to be a cat on Mars

9/16/2012 - Does Ad Tracking Really Bother You?

9/16/2012 - A geyser sprays water vapor from the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus

9/16/2012 - The Obama family reimagined as The Incredibles

9/16/2012 - Killer whales need their mamas to look after them... even as adults

9/16/2012 - Clever Folding Bunk Bed Leaves So Much Extra Space for Activities

9/16/2012 - All of Chewbacca's dialogue from A New Hope on a single sticky note

9/16/2012 - The weirdest Alice in Wonderland movie ever made

9/16/2012 - This $6,000 Bullet-Proof Attaché Will Keep Your Documents Way Safer Than They Probably Need To Be

9/16/2012 - A solar system like ours... except in the middle of a star cluster

9/16/2012 - The iPhone 5's Custom A6 Boasts 1GB of Samsung RAM

9/16/2012 - Would you plug your brain into the internet?

9/16/2012 - Outrageous movie fan theories illustrated in offbeat movie posters

9/16/2012 - iPhone Oil Paintings Put Greasy Fingers to Good Use

9/16/2012 - The Eiffel Tower: Who destroyed it best?

9/16/2012 - Steve Ballmer Suggests That Surface Isn't Going to Try to Beat Anyone on Price

9/15/2012 - Jiro Dreams Of Sushi: You'll Never Be Half as Good at Anything.

9/15/2012 - Marvel at the majestic Milky Way stretching over Australia's Bungle Bungles

9/15/2012 - Dear and the Headlights: It's Gettin' Easy

9/15/2012 - Good News: Your iPhone 5 Might Not Ship Late After All

9/15/2012 - Sookie Stackhouse meets her one true love at last: Sesame Street's Count

9/15/2012 - You'd Never Get Lost With a Pair of These GPS Shoes

9/15/2012 - A Sweet Animated Short about a Man Whose House Teleports All Over the World

9/15/2012 - What if Alfred Hitchcock made superhero movies?

9/15/2012 - Samsung Throws Down the Gauntlet with Its New iPhone-Bashing Ad

9/15/2012 - Avengers evening gowns assemble in real life

9/15/2012 - Insane 10 SIM Card Hotspot Takes a Valiant Stand Against Roaming

9/15/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Giant Robot's Head Captured in War

9/15/2012 - Have You Ever Demolished a Misbehaving Gadget Out of Sheer Rage?

9/15/2012 - Holy heck, this fan-made anime Star Wars film is absolutely amazing

9/15/2012 - First photos of RoboCop's suit reveal Batman-like body armor

9/15/2012 - These unused American Akira storyboards are actually quite gorgeous

9/15/2012 - Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 5, Nuclear Bombs Exploding Underwater, Creepy Government Surveillance, And More

9/15/2012 - Dry soil's penchant for causing rain shows where our climate models can go wrong

9/15/2012 - 10 of Science Fiction's Most Depressing Futuristic Retirement Scenarios

9/15/2012 - These PCs Come Pre-Installed With All Your Favorite Malware

9/15/2012 - Grotesque Mother Brain and Bowser sculptures add nightmare fuel to Nintendo games

9/15/2012 - Twitter Might Be Looking To Kill Off Third Party Image Hosts

9/15/2012 - The blue of berries isn't blue at all

9/15/2012 - Webcomic Decrypting Rita asks: "What if we're all just characters in a multiversal video game?"

9/15/2012 - Meet the Periodic Table of Elements, personified as 118 cartoon men

9/15/2012 - Behold, the Ultimate Pregnant Cosplay: Krang's Body

9/15/2012 - Microsoft Applies For the Patent on Beating Your Phone Into Silent Submission

9/15/2012 - From Madison Cube Garden to the Mutant Sewers: Futurama's New New York in Lego

9/15/2012 - Here's What Happens When You Accidentally Drop a GoPro From 12,500 Feet

9/15/2012 - Why Every Single Gadget Unboxing Is Weird, Creepy and Maybe Even Pervy

9/15/2012 - Here Are the Blueprints for the iPhone 5

9/15/2012 - The Stoner Channels: Hard-Headed Numbers, Soft-Headed Pundits, and Rooftop Concerts—Oh My!

9/14/2012 - Twitter Reacts to the Great Williamsburg Internet Outage of 2012

9/14/2012 - "Undergraduate" Shelves Are Sophisticated Storage Inspired by Student Dorms

9/14/2012 - This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: The New Guy on New Girl with Zooey Deschanel

9/14/2012 - Did Google Really Stop Acer From Making a Non-Android Phone? (Update: Yes)

9/14/2012 - Watch NASA Beautifully Remember Neil Armstrong

9/14/2012 - I Applied to Grey Poupon's Members-Only Facebook Page... and Was Denied (UPDATED)

9/14/2012 - Amazon Is Going to Start Charging Sales Tax (in California)

9/14/2012 - Every Making Of Indiana Jones Documentary: These Belong in a Museum

9/14/2012 - Russian post-apocalyptic phenomenon Metro 2033 could become a movie at last

9/14/2012 - Rumor: Man of Steel could feature the most brutal superhero beatdown ever filmed

9/14/2012 - Zuckerberg Rambling About Nothing for 30 Minutes Earned Facebook $7 Billion

9/14/2012 - This huge anglerfish sculpture is wicked nightmare fuel

9/14/2012 - Apple Says iCloud Isn't Broken For Anybody Anymore

9/14/2012 - Pusha T: The Morning, Featuring Raekwon, Common, 2 Chainz, CyHi Da Prynce, Kid Cudi, D'Banj

9/14/2012 - Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Richard Alley and Isaac Asimov sing about climate change, "our biggest challenge"

9/14/2012 - One of the Coolest Things to Come out of a Synchrotron Lately: A New Science Fiction Anthology

9/14/2012 - Underground Park, Wooden Keyboard, and More

9/14/2012 - Verizon Ruined Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus Again

9/14/2012 - The Reason Early Humans May Have Practiced Infant Cannibalism

9/14/2012 - Feed, NFL '12, and More

9/14/2012 - Lift, Gojee, and More

9/14/2012 - MasterChef, Sonar, and More

9/14/2012 - First set pics from Catching Fire show new the Hunger Games training outfits... and Finnick!

9/14/2012 - Why a Crow Will Never Forget Your Face

9/14/2012 - Sometimes Watch: Awesome Accessory, Subpar at Telling Time

9/14/2012 - Hobbit headshots show off the many braided beards of Middle Earth's dwarves

9/14/2012 - How Many iPhone 5 Cable Adapters Will You Buy?

9/14/2012 - Scientists make monkeys smarter using brain implants. Could you be next?

9/14/2012 - The 13 Apps You Need on a Wild Night of Drinking

9/14/2012 - Murphy's Law and the Rocket Sleds That Love It

9/14/2012 - How a Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroach Could Save Your Life

9/14/2012 - A Plate Made of Sand Sounds Like an Awful Dining Experience

9/14/2012 - This is what happens when a seagull steals your videocamera while you're trying to film a sunset

9/14/2012 - How a Simple Glass Case Terraformed the Entire World

9/14/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

9/14/2012 - Meet the Machine That Is as Alive as You Are

9/14/2012 - How NYC's Underground Park Will Stay Well-Lit and Alive

9/14/2012 - The Psychotic Cabin in the Woods Monsters You Didn't See in Theaters!

9/14/2012 - How to Make Dry Ice from Scratch

9/14/2012 - So you're ready to come out as an atheist? Here's how to do it

9/14/2012 - This Spray Bottle Trigger Has a Safety

9/14/2012 - These iPhone 5 Cases Are Your Investment-Protecting Deal of the Day

9/14/2012 - Dr Pepper releases evolution advertisement, the Internet loses its shit and America is fat

9/14/2012 - New Versions of Google Chrome Will Finally Let You Say You Don't Want Advertisers Spying On You

9/14/2012 - Reviewer Has Sex With His iPhone 5 (NSFW)

9/14/2012 - Dr. Pepper Facebook Ad Sparks the Most Surreal Creationist Debate You've Ever Seen

9/14/2012 - How to Live Forever By Turning Your Brain Into Plastic

9/14/2012 - Could the Rumored 6D Become Canon's Cheapest Full Frame DSLR?

9/14/2012 - Don't Be a Jerk With Your Cool New iPhone 5

9/14/2012 - William Gibson tells us all about his next novel, and the Neuromancer movie! [Updated]

9/14/2012 - How Common Are Plane Stowaways?

9/14/2012 - The Best Mars Landing Video, Period

9/14/2012 - 9 Global Disasters That Never Came to Pass

9/14/2012 - 26 Awesome Photos of War Dogs Showing How Badass and Cute They Can Be

9/14/2012 - Twitter Has Lost the Fight to Keep Your Private Tweets Private

9/14/2012 - Why is the light from the TV always blue?

9/14/2012 - NASA Needs This Fantastic Spationery in Its Gift Shop

9/14/2012 - Mac Battery Life Looks Like It's About to Get a Massive Upgrade

9/14/2012 - Resident Evil: Retribution: Your Punishment for Loving Action Movies

9/14/2012 - Apple EarPods Review: Better! (But Still Garbage)

9/14/2012 - Tech In Teaching: Is YouTube Changing How Students Learn?

9/14/2012 - Beautiful Maple or Walnut Bluetooth Keyboards: The Wood Makes It Good

9/14/2012 - This Unmanned Patroller Guards Israeli Borders for Days on End

9/14/2012 - The bizarre jellyfish made of electricity that hover over thunderstorms

9/14/2012 - Forget hoverboards, where the hell are our futuristic breast-washing machines?

9/14/2012 - HP CEO Promises a Smartphone's Coming Because of Course It Is

9/14/2012 - After iPhone 5 the Only Small Phones Left Are All Horrible

9/14/2012 - The Scientist Who Almost Died While Debunking "The Hottest Day on Earth"

9/14/2012 - An Exclusive Look at the New iPhon—OH GOD LOOK OUT

9/14/2012 - How Invasive Snakes Have Turned Guam Into a Spider-Infested Horror Show

9/14/2012 - These Recycled Chairs Put a Used La-Z-Boy To Shame

9/14/2012 - Why You Don't Pay a Ticket with 137 Dollar Bills Folded into Origami Pigs

9/14/2012 - Are These Olympus' Latest Micro Four-Thirds Cameras?

9/14/2012 - This Tiny Keychain Laser Keyboard Is Still a Waste of Space

9/14/2012 - This is a R2-D2 bra. And now we've seen it all

9/14/2012 - Sketch-Scanning Software Can Decipher Your Crappy Drawing

9/14/2012 - What's really going on with World War Z? And what's the explanation of the latest Fringe set report?

9/14/2012 - The iPhone 5 Will Ship With a Free Lightning to 30-pin Adapter After All (Update: Maybe Not!)

9/14/2012 - How Carriers Miscalculate Your Data Usage

9/14/2012 - Facebook Could Help Hide Your Identity

9/14/2012 - Panasonic Leaks Video of Its Stunning New Lumix GH3

9/14/2012 - The iPhone 5 Already Has a Two Week Wait for Shipping

9/14/2012 - Helium-Filled Hard Disks: Less Drag, More Storage

9/14/2012 - You Can Pre-Order the iPhone 5 Right Now

9/14/2012 - Lady Gaga's Glowing, Fiber-Optic Disney Princess Wig

9/14/2012 - Would You Buy Someone Else's Second-Hand Vacuum on Ebay?

9/14/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Double-Ended Jazzsplosions, Patriotic Assholes, and the Dumbest Criminals Oz Has to Offer

9/13/2012 - Did Microsoft Steal Its New Logo From a Candy Company?

9/13/2012 - Wal-Mart Is the Cheapest Place to Buy an iPhone 5 (Pre-Orders Start at 8AM)

9/13/2012 - Drone, Last Seen Flying Over Washington, D.C., Has Gone Missing

9/13/2012 - Superheated Steel Balls Make Water Boil Without Bubbles

9/13/2012 - Caine's Arcade 2: That Awesome Kid's Arcade Gets a Sequel

9/13/2012 - Fringe - Set Photos

9/13/2012 - Doctor Who - "The Power of Three" Photos

9/13/2012 - Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Premiere Photos

9/13/2012 - Bill Withers: Use Me

9/13/2012 - Supernatural - Season 8 Premiere Photos

9/13/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/14 - Grab Bag Images

9/13/2012 - These Are the Prices for the Unlocked iPhone 5

9/13/2012 - These Working Gadgets are Made of Bread

9/13/2012 - Sorry, there is no Dark Knight Rises Director's Cut

9/13/2012 - A Brand New Cyberpunk Story By Lauren Beukes

9/13/2012 - Apple's New iCloud Adds Notes and Reminders and Improves Old Apps

9/13/2012 - Fringe - Season 5 Premiere Photos

9/13/2012 - Is this tattoo of Nikola Tesla wrestling a kraken a great tattoo, or the greatest tattoo?

9/13/2012 - Verizon's iPhone 5 and Sprint's iPhone 5 Won't Let You Talk and Surf the Web At the Same Time (Updated)

9/13/2012 - The Giant Junk Yard Fish Lamp That Will Frighten You Every Night

9/13/2012 - How to make ice that warms your hands

9/13/2012 - That Stupid Ass Expensive iPhone Adapter Won't Support Video and iPod Out (Updated)

9/13/2012 - World's tallest dog is a lovable monster

9/13/2012 - Spark Recipes: Ideas For Ditching Your Delivery Habit

9/13/2012 - A Leather Backpack You'll Never Want to Get Rid Of

9/13/2012 - Rash of demonic possessions in Poland gives rise to 'Exorcist Magazine'

9/13/2012 - The 1930s Ray Gun That Shot Ice Instead of Laser Beams

9/13/2012 - Virgin birth has just been discovered in wild snakes. Cue Jurassic Park theme music.

9/13/2012 - Who would win in a fight: Dragons or Dinosaurs?

9/13/2012 - XPAND Universal 3D Glasses Gallery

9/13/2012 - XPAND YOUniversal 3D Glasses Review: Compatibility Comes at a Price

9/13/2012 - Spark Recipes Gallery

9/13/2012 - The Most Hipstery Superhero Makeovers

9/13/2012 - Scientists Now Uncertain About Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

9/13/2012 - Mix and Match the Multi-Function Tiles on This Table Like Your Smartphone's Homescreen

9/13/2012 - Fly Far, Far, Away for Free

9/13/2012 - Would You Use This as a Table or a Lamp?

9/13/2012 - Watch the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's feral baby movie Mama

9/13/2012 - The Next Industrial Revolution Starts in this 20-foot Shipping Container

9/13/2012 - How to Buy an iPhone 5 Without Losing Your Unlimited Data Plan

9/13/2012 - Sliding Chopper Keeps Your Fingers Well Clear of Its Rocking Blades

9/13/2012 - The most badass thing you'll see today: a bald eagle with 3D-printed beak

9/13/2012 - So this new species of monkey looks exactly like Alan Tudyk

9/13/2012 - These Moxy Earphones Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

9/13/2012 - How to Check If You're Eligible for a New iPhone Upgrade

9/13/2012 - One Bird Dies, All His Friends Flip

9/13/2012 - At last, the field of physics has its own version of the urban legend

9/13/2012 - Here's one last video of Curiosity's landing. Because holy crap, is it spectacular.

9/13/2012 - Yay or Nay: Ebay's New Logo

9/13/2012 - The 13 Greatest Zombie Movies Ever Made

9/13/2012 - No, we are not going to be cloning this newly discovered wooly mammoth any time soon

9/13/2012 - Crazy Footage of Robbers Driving Through the Glass Door of an Apple Store

9/13/2012 - You Are Officially Not Responsible for Porn Stolen With Your Unsecured Wi-Fi

9/13/2012 - RIP: iPhone 3GS

9/13/2012 - You Can Pre-Order Your iPhone 5 Tonight at Midnight

9/13/2012 - This Entire Video Was Shot with Google Glasses

9/13/2012 - This Is the iPhone 5 You Should Get

9/13/2012 - If you’re going to get your DNA analyzed, you’d better brace yourself for the results

9/13/2012 - There's No Way This Ridiculous Hot Tub Exercise Bike Is Real

9/13/2012 - Get your book read by the top editors at Harper Voyager — without needing an agent!

9/13/2012 - Scientists Invent Levitation Method to Create More Effective Drugs

9/13/2012 - The Worst Thing About the iPhone 5 Is Also the Most Brilliant

9/13/2012 - The Deadliest Poisons in History (And Why People Stopped Using Them)

9/13/2012 - The Brave Little Toaster gets CG remake, most likely to change toaster to iPhone

9/13/2012 - Artist Skywrites the First Thousand Digits of Pi over San Francisco

9/13/2012 - This Weed-Killing Robot Dispatches Dandelions with 98 Percent Accuracy

9/13/2012 - Google's Star-Searching Bacon Number Tool Makes Your Brain One Degree Less Necessary

9/13/2012 - Apple Might Bring Siri Voice Control to Macs

9/13/2012 - Sexually aroused women find everything less disgusting

9/13/2012 - The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Less Than $500

9/13/2012 - Help this teacher expose her kids to some great young-adult science fiction

9/13/2012 - Jimmy Kimmel Confirms People Love the New iPhone 5, Even Though They're Being Pranked With an iPhone 4S

9/13/2012 - This Beautiful 1980s Radio Looked Vintage Before "Vintage" Was a Thing

9/13/2012 - What if you woke up in a different person's body every single day?

9/13/2012 - Malcolm McDowell explains why the death of Captain Kirk was such a waste

9/13/2012 - This Film Reel from 1902 May Be the World's Oldest Color Footage

9/13/2012 - The Independence Day sequels will be all about the love... wait, what!?

9/13/2012 - Conan O'Brien's Got an Even Cheaper Amazon Tablet For You

9/13/2012 - If You Want a Prepaid iPhone 5 You'll Have to Wait an Extra Week

9/13/2012 - Is Streaming Media Bad For the Planet?

9/13/2012 - This Portable Desk Is Packed With Power to Keep You Working Anywhere

9/13/2012 - Verizon to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular For No Extra Charge

9/13/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Bearded Genocide, R/C Grow Rooms, and Madly Trippin' Monks

9/13/2012 - Nikon D600: A Professional Camera This Loaded Cannot Possibly Be This Cheap

9/12/2012 - How the New iPod Nano Copied the Nokia Lumia (Or How the Lumia Copied the iPod Nano)

9/12/2012 - Did a New Yorker Cartoonist Predict Today's Apps in 2009?

9/12/2012 - Seagulls Love Stealing GoPro Cameras and Flying Away

9/12/2012 - Do You Google The Person You're Dating?

9/12/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc. Images

9/12/2012 - Merlin Promo Photos

9/12/2012 - Haven Season Premier Photos

9/12/2012 - Doctor Who Power of Three Promo Photos

9/12/2012 - Vampire Diaries Season Premier Photos

9/12/2012 - Here's a Side-By-Side Comparison of a Picture Taken with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S

9/12/2012 - Do you want to see all of the new Universal Soldier movie in 90 seconds? Of course you do.

9/12/2012 - MIT Develops Way to Magnetically Separate Oil from Water

9/12/2012 - Tim Cook Should Have Done This At Today's iPhone 5 Event

9/12/2012 - How to clean up oil spills using magnets

9/12/2012 - Check out the revolting giant-spider-filled trailer for the John Dies at the End sequel!

9/12/2012 - The Zombieland writers' next movie follows a failed robot revolution

9/12/2012 - Deftones: Back to School

9/12/2012 - Watch Apple's iPhone 5 Keynote Right Now

9/12/2012 - Speculating about future science isn't irresponsible — if anything, it's the reverse

9/12/2012 - Who needs to fulfill their daily quota of psychedelic Polish children's movies?

9/12/2012 - Was King Richard III's long lost body just discovered beneath a U.K. parking lot?

9/12/2012 - Hyundai's Hyper-Matrix Puts China's Olympic Opening Ceremony to Shame

9/12/2012 - Joss Whedon reveals a few new details about his new S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show

9/12/2012 - Warby Parker Sunglasses Because the Sun Still Shines in the Fall

9/12/2012 - This Is Officially the Dumbest Slogan Apple Has Ever Come Up With

9/12/2012 - Curator finds the world's first ever color movie hidden inside museum vault

9/12/2012 - Fashion Kaleidoscope: Stop Scouring the Internet for Style

9/12/2012 - Music Video Uses Three Projectors and a Blank Room To Make Your Holodeck Fantasies Come True

9/12/2012 - These Are Unprocessed Images from the New iPhone 5 Camera

9/12/2012 - This time-lapse video of a tarantula molting will give you spontaneous arachnophobia

9/12/2012 - Fashion Kaleidoscope Gallery

9/12/2012 - Apple's iPhone Day Haul: The Full Rundown

9/12/2012 - What Do You Guys Think of the iPhone 5?

9/12/2012 - Remember when Superman disarmed a bomb by disco dancing?

9/12/2012 - AT&T iPhone 5 Will Keep Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans, Verizon Says No

9/12/2012 - Science Fiction's Greatest Failures (And How They Saved Us All)

9/12/2012 - iPhone 5 Meta Hands-On: Surprise! It's a Pretty Sweet iPhone

9/12/2012 - Answer quickly: how many piano tuners are there in the city of Chicago?

9/12/2012 - Will Trash Cans That Charge Per Use Just Encourage Littering?

9/12/2012 - A Real Life Photo of the iPhone 5 Compared to the iPhone 4S

9/12/2012 - The Final Version of iOS 6 Is Out for Developers

9/12/2012 - How to Survive On as Little Sleep Possible

9/12/2012 - Want $50,000 to Fund Your New Invention?

9/12/2012 - iTunes 10.7 Is Out Now Ahead of October's Big Daddy Update

9/12/2012 - F-ck That Goddamn iPhone Adapter Costs 30 Bucks

9/12/2012 - Paul W.S. Anderson explains why Resident Evil: Retribution zombies can ride motorcycles

9/12/2012 - Watch Apple's iPhone 5 Video with All the Details on the New Phone

9/12/2012 - This Nook Color Is Your Showing-Tim-Cook-Up Deal of the Day

9/12/2012 - How did we fake photos before Photoshop?

9/12/2012 - Would You Actually Wear the iPod's New Lanyard?

9/12/2012 - Apple's Rolling Out New Headphones That Might Not Be Crap

9/12/2012 - New iPod Shuffles Are Like Old iPod Shuffles

9/12/2012 - There's (Finally!) a New Ultra-Skinny iPod Touch

9/12/2012 - Speaker-Packed Bed Is Everything Teenage Guys Think Grownup Sex Will Be Like

9/12/2012 - Scientists confirm 'dry ice' snowfall on Mars

9/12/2012 - How the iPhone 5 Stacks Up to the Competition

9/12/2012 - iTunes 11 Arrives With a Streamlined Look and New Features

9/12/2012 - iOS 6 Will Arrive on September 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage and Passbook

9/12/2012 - A chemical that makes plastic appear to come alive in your hands

9/12/2012 - The iPhone 5 Will Cost $200 and Release on September 21st, Pre-Orders Start September 14th

9/12/2012 - Apple: No NFC for You! Come Back, One Year! Maybe!

9/12/2012 - This Is the Ugly iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter You'll Need For All Your Old Accessories

9/12/2012 - What's Changed in Apple's New 8-Pin Lightning Dock Connector

9/12/2012 - Dalai Lama tells his Facebook friends that religion "is no longer adequate"

9/12/2012 - Apple's New A6 Chip Is Smaller, Lighter, and Mightier

9/12/2012 - Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need to Know

9/12/2012 - Gathering Scientific Evidence that Traditional Medicines Can Work

9/12/2012 - The iPhone 5 Packs LTE: It'll Be Fast as Hell

9/12/2012 - 9 Overlooked Technologies That Could Transform The World

9/12/2012 - New iPod Nanos Look Like Gorgeous Tiny iPhones

9/12/2012 - Alleged Photos of Final iPhone 5 Leak Just Before the Event

9/12/2012 - New trailer for Wreck-It Ralph shows the horrors that await "unplugged" video games

9/12/2012 - Adaptive Resonance Technology Could Make Wireless Charging Far Less Finicky

9/12/2012 - These are the Breaking Bad meets Star Wars GIFS you were looking for

9/12/2012 - This otherworldly amphibian has a completely transparent underbelly

9/12/2012 - Shooting Challenge: Isolated Motion Blur

9/12/2012 - Shooting Bands In America's Live Music Capital Is as Badass as It Sounds

9/12/2012 - NASA: Extreme forms of life can survive on planets with weird orbits

9/12/2012 - Over a dozen reasons why this Indian superhero makes Batman look like total crap

9/12/2012 - Nike Wants Displays in Your Golf Club That Tell You Exactly How Badly You Shanked It

9/12/2012 - The Big Bad Wolf Ain't Got Nothing on the World's Only Category 5 Hurricane Simulator

9/12/2012 - 13 Features the iPhone 5 Definitely Won't Have

9/12/2012 - Genetic Proof That You Really Do Hate Cilantro

9/12/2012 - Watch JFK's iconic Moon speech, delivered fifty years ago today

9/12/2012 - Eating Rice Oozed from a Tube Sounds Efficient and Delicious

9/12/2012 - iPhone 5: The Complete Rumor Roundup

9/12/2012 - Apple Leaks iPhone 5's LTE Powers Early

9/12/2012 - Watch the Moment that Defined America's Most Epic Quest In History

9/12/2012 - An ad for Maltos-Cannabis, the most cannabis-o-riffic food supplement of the 1890s

9/12/2012 - Hogwarts in a Box: Inside the Harry Potter Wizards Collection

9/12/2012 - The New iPhone Will Be Called the iPhone 5 (Update: New iPods Leak Too!)

9/12/2012 - Our iPhone 5 Mega-Meta Liveblog Bonanza Kicks Off Right Now

9/12/2012 - This Vintage Pedometer Is More Beautiful Than Most Watches

9/12/2012 - World's Thinnest Graphite Heat Shield Stops Your Smartphone From Melting Your Hand

9/12/2012 - Huge updates on Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2, and maybe Ant-Man!

9/12/2012 - The Apple Store Is Down WHAT COULD IT MEAN EVERYBODY FREAK OUT

9/12/2012 - Watch an Author Write a Novel Live on Google Docs

9/12/2012 - Next-Gen Ultrabooks Will Feature Nuance Voice Recognition

9/12/2012 - WSJ's Exclusive Project Glass Trial: Promising, But Disorienting and Uncomfortable

9/12/2012 - Jupiter Has Taken a Massive Meteor Hit (So Earth Didn't Have To)

9/12/2012 - Last-Minute Apple Leaks: Lightning Connectors, Earpod Headphones and 2 GB iPod Shuffles

9/12/2012 - The Rich Cats of Instagram: They're Real, and They're Spectacular

9/12/2012 - Why It Is About to Get a Lot More Difficult to Produce Counterfeit Cash

9/12/2012 - Sony A99: This Badass Pro DSLR Is Designed Like a Sports Car Instead of a Monster Truck

9/12/2012 - Sony RX1: The First Full-Frame Point-and-Shoot Camera (Which Is as Crazy/Genius as It Sounds)

9/12/2012 - Sony NEX-6: Inexpensive, Compact, Slick Handling—The Perfect DSLR Compromise?

9/12/2012 - The Stoner Channel: South America's Swanky Smugglin Subs, Mexico's Blame Game, and Muddy Waters' Blues Summit

9/11/2012 - Is a Combo iPhone Case/Wallet a Great Idea or a Terrible Mistake?

9/11/2012 - In this week's comics, Walt Simonson draws Batman and xenomorphs

9/11/2012 - The Undercover Story of How Someone Infiltrated Foxconn to See How They Make the iPhone 5

9/11/2012 - So-Called "Evernote for Women" Is Happening, Because Ladies Need Their Internet Pink and Simple

9/11/2012 - Watch an Awesome Man in a Wheelchair Build a Helicopter from Trash

9/11/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/12 Grab Bag Gallery

9/11/2012 - Elementary - Character Posters

9/11/2012 - Skyfall - Photos

9/11/2012 - Thor: The Dark World - Set Photos

9/11/2012 - Kindle Fire HD Gallery

9/11/2012 - Kindle Fire HD Review: Everything a Tablet Should Be—And Not Much More

9/11/2012 - Here's the One Thing I Want to See at Apple's iPhone 5 Event (Spoiler: A Steve Jobs Hologram)

9/11/2012 - 200 Cigarettes: Socializing Before Smartphones Sure Was Hard

9/11/2012 - And now, a cat sitting like a human. Y'know. Just thinkin' about stuff.

9/11/2012 - How Neal Stephenson's 20-Kilometer Space Tower Could Change Everything

9/11/2012 - What Have You Done with All Your Old CDs and DVDs?

9/11/2012 - Here Are Two Photos From Tomorrow's Apple Event Sent From the Future

9/11/2012 - A Tribe Called Quest: Buggin' Out

9/11/2012 - Dear science: please, please name this dancing spider after Zoidberg

9/11/2012 - Amazing, Giant Nature Posters to Adorn Your Bare Walls

9/11/2012 - All Circuit Boards Should Be As Pretty As This One

9/11/2012 - Have mathematicians finally discovered the hidden relationship between prime numbers?

9/11/2012 - Terra Nova wants you to figure out how the series should have ended

9/11/2012 - Feed: Make Music that Moves on Your iPad

9/11/2012 - Watch me terrify myself with my own explosion

9/11/2012 - These action figures give Monsters Inc. a totally unnecessary gritty reboot

9/11/2012 - Can't wait for Star Trek Into Darkness? Here are 2 new ultra-dark Trek spinoffs!

9/11/2012 - You'll Never Forget Where This Floor-Piercing Chair Sits

9/11/2012 - Why Aren't There Any Good Headphones With Retractable Cables?

9/11/2012 - Warehouse 13 keeps introducing women who are too awesome to live... and then not killing them off!

9/11/2012 - Everything You Need To Live a Cheap and Disposable Cardboard Lifestyle

9/11/2012 - This is one rather trippy Punisher fan movie

9/11/2012 - Why NFC-Enabled Computers Will Usher in the Future of Online Shopping

9/11/2012 - South Korea will keep evolution in its high school textbooks!

9/11/2012 - The Hacker Who Isn't Old Enough To Drive But Can Destroy Your Digital Life

9/11/2012 - Feed Gallery

9/11/2012 - What would it take for America to be optimistic again?

9/11/2012 - Pioneer XW-SMA3 Review: An Awesome AirPlay Speaker You Can Take With You Anywhere

9/11/2012 - Scotch Tape Even Makes Semiconductors Better

9/11/2012 - The Recording Industry's Crusade Against Regular People Validated By $222,000 Appeal

9/11/2012 - Terry Brooks' fantasy series Shannara gets its own TV show. Take that, Game of Thrones !

9/11/2012 - A Treehouse Tenement For 76 Birds and One Human

9/11/2012 - Google's Picking Up the Wi-Fi Tab at 4,000 HotSpots—If You're on Android

9/11/2012 - This Adventure Time Box Set Is Your Cartoon-Loving Deal of the Day

9/11/2012 - The Halo Effect: Why You Won't Believe Your Heroes Have Flaws

9/11/2012 - How an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Might Compare in Size to the iPhone 4S and iPad

9/11/2012 - This week's Doctor Who totally wasted its chance to make feathered dinosaurs cool

9/11/2012 - Homemade Doctor Who chess set turns Matt Smith into a king, the TARDIS into a rook

9/11/2012 - How Duct Tape Fixes the World

9/11/2012 - How on Earth is the Buffyverse getting a male slayer?

9/11/2012 - Pioneer Speaker Gallery

9/11/2012 - Shooting Challenge One

9/11/2012 - 18 Photos That Use A Simple Trick To Be Perfectly Sharp

9/11/2012 - Placebo effect can be triggered by subliminal cues

9/11/2012 - You Can Download Nokia's Maybe-Awesome AR App Right Now in Beta

9/11/2012 - This Is What Happens When a Nuclear Bomb Explodes Under Water

9/11/2012 - Scientists Invent Method to Create Memories in Brains

9/11/2012 - The most successful presidents could be the ones who exhibit psychopath-like traits

9/11/2012 - These Nipples Got the New Yorker Banned from Facebook

9/11/2012 - 10 Hilarious and Unsexy Historical Erotic Toys

9/11/2012 - Intel's Next-Gen Haswell Chipset Will Have 2X More GPU Power Than Ivy Bridge

9/11/2012 - A Bike This Cool Can't Possibly Be Made From Cardboard (or Cost $10 to Make)

9/11/2012 - Watch electronic wasps lay eggs inside your brain via cellphone in The Swarming

9/11/2012 - This Kerning Game Must Become Obligatory Training to Every Wannabe Designer In the World

9/11/2012 - These photos from the set of Thor 2 may show the faces of the Dark Elves!

9/11/2012 - Apple's Hacker Fix: Nuke Your iTunes Account, Refuse to Let You Back In

9/11/2012 - Sexy new Elfquest story online!

9/11/2012 - Sony's Squeezing 4K TV Transmissions So They Can Actually Make It to Your TV

9/11/2012 - This Space Explorer Could Take One Giant Leap for Robotkind

9/11/2012 - Jupiter may have just saved Earth from a devastating impact event

9/11/2012 - Pentax's Burly K-5 II Can See Clearly In Absurd Darkness

9/11/2012 - This Tiny Bluetooth Speaker Is Pretty Adorable for an Electronic Sphere

9/11/2012 - Where to Sell Your iPhone 4S for the Most Money

9/11/2012 - Released documents show U.S. helped hush Soviet massacre of thousands

9/11/2012 - Can you identify all the great fantasy writers celebrated in this sexy pin-up art?

9/11/2012 - Samsung Galaxy S III Knocked Down to Just $100 on Amazon Ahead of iPhone 5

9/11/2012 - Power Loader Barbie wants you to "Get away from Skipper, you b*tch!"

9/11/2012 - The First Shot of WWIII Will Be Fired by Russia's Mighty Poop Tank

9/11/2012 - Apple's Hideous Leather Software Is Based on Steve Jobs' Private Jet

9/11/2012 - Amy Adams reveals Lois Lane's role in Man of Steel. Plus an unexpected addition to The Wolverine's cast!

9/11/2012 - Spherical Wheel Motorcycle Makes It Easier To Dangerously Weave Through Traffic

9/11/2012 - This Is the Shiniest Living Thing on the Planet

9/11/2012 - How to Write Your Own Message in the Night Sky

9/11/2012 - The Wikipedia Gender Divide, Visualized

9/11/2012 - Hack Your Kindle to Use It as a Raspberry Pi Screen

9/11/2012 - Please Do Not Print Large Jobs

9/11/2012 - The Higgs Boson Discovery Is Now Real Science

9/11/2012 - World's Largest QR Code Is Stupidly Pointless

9/11/2012 - Google Fights Back: Official YouTube for iOS Is Here

9/11/2012 - Why Is All Food Packaging So Very Terrible?

9/11/2012 - Watch This Guy Build His Cat the Most Awesome Cat Clinging-Structure Ever

9/11/2012 - iPads to Replace Paper Reference Manuals in All AA Cockpits

9/11/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Silly Scooter Stunts, Automat Monsters, Money for Nothin' and the Duke for Free

9/10/2012 - Doctor Who - "A Town Called Mercy" promo images (part two)

9/10/2012 - Doctor Who - "A Town Called Mercy" promo images (part one)

9/10/2012 - Once Upon A Time - Set Photos

9/10/2012 - What's Your Favorite Viral Video?

9/10/2012 - The Vampire Diaries - Season 4 Cast Photos

9/10/2012 - Morning Spoilers 9/11 - Grab Bag Gallery

9/10/2012 - A Gigantic Skull Made From VHS Tapes and CDs Is a Fitting After Life for Dead Media

9/10/2012 - The Heifer Pitcher Reminds You What You're Pouring on Your Cereal—Cow Juice

9/10/2012 - Watch Two Planes Collide, Get Stuck Together in Mid-Air and Somehow Separate Before Landing Safely

9/10/2012 - A Below-Your-Clothes Vibration-Feedback System to Improve Your Posture

9/10/2012 - Picture of the Day: September 10, 2012

9/10/2012 - A Beautiful, Modern Chest to Store All Your Grown Up Toys In

9/10/2012 - That Y: The Last Man movie is not dead yet

9/10/2012 - Do these Hobbit images reveal the very last scene in the first movie?

9/10/2012 - Behold a 1970s Italian comic depicting an orgy starring C-3PO and R2-D2

9/10/2012 - 17 People Who Think They've Bought an iPhone 5 Already

9/10/2012 - This was the first time New York was destroyed on film

9/10/2012 - A Waffle Maker To Help You Through a Lifetime of Hangovers

9/10/2012 - The Anti-Skyscraper Law That Shaped Sydney, Australia

9/10/2012 - 5 Reasons Why Spotify in Your Browser Is a Good Idea

9/10/2012 - Hot Mars Theory suggests life never had a chance on the Red Planet

9/10/2012 - The Tiny Yellow Sticker That Detects Accidents and Alerts Your Emergency Contacts

9/10/2012 - Gojee: Make a Meal With the Scraps in Your Pantry

9/10/2012 - The Iodine Clock is uncanny in at least two different ways

9/10/2012 - What's Your Favorite Site Affected by the GoDaddy Outage?

9/10/2012 - What if WALL-E was a gun-toting battle bot?

9/10/2012 - Did Muse rip off a songwriter's science fiction rock opera?

9/10/2012 - The Duck's Foot Pistol Put a Firing Squad in the Palm of Your Hand

9/10/2012 - Google Has Officially Started Censoring the Pirate Bay In Search Results

9/10/2012 - Incredibly Lovely: Milla Jovovich marches with Jenny Holtzer slogans in a dystopian future

9/10/2012 - Lonely Scientists Make a Robot With a Gentle Touch

9/10/2012 - Tiny Floating Donut Turns a Glass Of Water Into a Humidifier

9/10/2012 - Early reviews for Cloud Atlas range from "slog" to "soulful"

9/10/2012 - Buffy comic is getting a gay male vampire slayer

9/10/2012 - This Ridiculous Bike Mutates While You Ride It

9/10/2012 - Gojee Gallery

9/10/2012 - Do You Use Your eReader for Anything Besides Reading Books?

9/10/2012 - 10 minutes of deleted Prometheus scenes reveal a whole crew of pissed off scientists

9/10/2012 - Sony X Factor Headphones Review: I Somehow Love These Gross, Gaudy Celebrity Headphones

9/10/2012 - Teenager sends $50 camera into space and captures these stunning images of Earth

9/10/2012 - "Emma Watson" Is Full of Viruses

9/10/2012 - 7 Features the iPhone 5's Display Might Have

9/10/2012 - Watch the military's creepy robotic mule follow a human leader

9/10/2012 - This Lego Death Star Is Your World-Destroying Deal of the Day

9/10/2012 - These vintage behind-the-scenes photos of Madame Tussauds wax museum will give you the willies

9/10/2012 - Five Free Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

9/10/2012 - Pentagon's New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough to Follow Its Masters

9/10/2012 - Samsung Will Reportedly Sue Apple Over a 4G LTE iPhone 5 (Updated)

9/10/2012 - Mondo's Latest Amazing Poster: Blade Runner's Pleasure Model, Pris!

9/10/2012 - Strange scenes from an abandoned Japanese strip club

9/10/2012 - Let's Hope This Beautiful Leather iPhone Sleeve Gets an Upgrade This Week

9/10/2012 - How your body fights to keep you alive when you’re starving

9/10/2012 - FBI's Sinister New $1 Billion Project Will Track Everyone By Their Face

9/10/2012 - Study: There is enough wind on this planet to meet our entire energy needs

9/10/2012 - Motorola Droid RAZR M Review: The Best Non-Giant Android Phone

9/10/2012 - 32 Microsoft Retail Stores Will Invade America for the Holidays

9/10/2012 - How a Simple Fungus Might Resurrect the Legendary Stradivarius Violin

9/10/2012 - Your Dumb iPad Picture Taking Is Keeping Real Photographers From Doing Their Jobs

9/10/2012 - 12 Greatest Science Fiction War Stories

9/10/2012 - Where Anonymous Really Got Its Apple IDs From (Hint: Not the FBI)

9/10/2012 - Adorable kaiju birthday party has five-year-olds smashing a cardboard city

9/10/2012 - 375 Completely Free Ebooks for Every Device

9/10/2012 - You Won't Want To Hide This Gorgeous Power Bar Under Your Desk

9/10/2012 - One brief clip from this week's TV contains more scenery-chewing than most full-length movies

9/10/2012 - 5 Ways to Mind-hack Your Boss into Letting You Work from Home

9/10/2012 - That Pretty New Facebook Friend? Probably Taliban

9/10/2012 - First footage from Eli Roth's disaster movie Aftershock bloodies up a South American nightclub

9/10/2012 - These Cool USB Typewriters Can Type on Your Screen and on Paper at the Same Time

9/10/2012 - Who wants to see a beach covered in a million hermit crabs?

9/10/2012 - Why Apple Might Have a Hard Time Keeping Up With Google Maps

9/10/2012 - Interactive map displays the most common surnames across London

9/10/2012 - America Never Looked More Stunningly Beautiful Than This Timelapse

9/10/2012 - Grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild

9/10/2012 - Sadly, You Will Not Be Able to Visit Neil Armstrong's Grave

9/10/2012 - Watch These Cigar Rollers Turn a Stack of Dried Leaves Into Smokeable Art

9/10/2012 - First bloody clip from Saoirse Ronan's vampire movie Byzantium is haunting

9/10/2012 - Will an unexpected hero make his big debut in Thor: The Dark World?

9/10/2012 - Even Toys"R"Us Has a Tablet Now

9/10/2012 - This Is the World's Highest Surface Area Material

9/10/2012 - Mars Might Not Have Been as Moist as We Thought

9/10/2012 - Sony X Headphones Gallery

9/10/2012 - What Really Made Steve Jobs So Angry at Google?

9/10/2012 - Leaked Sony RX1 Fits a DSLR in Your Pocket

9/10/2012 - Here's Kim Dotcom's Car Being Chased By a Helicopter (Updated)

9/10/2012 - Celebrate Computer Science While You Play Alan Turing Monopoly

9/10/2012 - Google's Project Glass Hits the Catwalk

9/10/2012 - Bill Moggridge, Inventor of the First Laptop, Has Died

9/10/2012 - Droid RAZR M Gallery

9/10/2012 - HP Spectre One: Could This Be the Ideal All-In-One PC?

9/9/2012 - Best of the Week: September 1-7, 2012

9/9/2012 - Dogtooth: A Crazy, Disturbing, But Incredible Trip

9/9/2012 - Mountain Goats: Cry For Judas

9/9/2012 - This stunning underwater scene is made of wax, jelly beans, and toothpaste

9/9/2012 - Morning Spoilers Misc. Images

9/9/2012 - The Hobbit Gallery 2

9/9/2012 - Hobbit Photos Gallery 1

9/9/2012 - Fringe Behind the Scenes Photos

9/9/2012 - Prepara Dressing Whiz Is a Tiny Blender For Your Salad Dressings

9/9/2012 - The century-old remains of the windowed billiard room an eccentric millionaire built — underwater

9/9/2012 - What if Batgirl starred in her own girl detective cartoon?

9/9/2012 - LulzSec's Topiary Talks About Life After Hacking, Says He Feels More Fulfilled Without Internet

9/9/2012 - How Slingshots Worked Before Rubber

9/9/2012 - Dredd concept art gives us a closer look at Mega-City One

9/9/2012 - Should we extend legal rights to social robots?

9/9/2012 - CupChair App Lets You Take 360 Degree Pictures With Just an iPhone and a Cup

9/9/2012 - PayPal President Offers To Personally Help Customer, But Only After PayPal Froze $60,000 of His Money for Months

9/9/2012 - Arctic archaeological sites are now falling into the sea

9/9/2012 - How Much Does Your Computer Stress You Out?

9/9/2012 - Crowdfund a Homestuck video game, gruesome dog costumes, and Golden Age baked goods

9/9/2012 - Do we already know the theme of this season of Doctor Who?

9/9/2012 - The Awesome, Impossible Feature You'll Wish The iPhone 5 Could Have

9/9/2012 - Why do fathers' testosterone levels drop when sleeping near their children?

9/9/2012 - Scenes from Lord of the Rings illustrated as brilliant stained glass windows

9/9/2012 - Take Coffee Making Into Your Own Hands With These Sleek Unplugged Coffee Makers

9/9/2012 - What would you do if you saw a UFO?

9/9/2012 - Statues of the Virgin Mary transformed into saintly superheroes

9/9/2012 - New Monopoly board is based on the life of Alan Turing

9/9/2012 - Forget Mouse and Keyboard, Elektrobiblioteka Controls a Computer With a Book

9/9/2012 - Father draws his daughter silly superhero cartoons to convince her to eat her lunch

9/9/2012 - Curiosity Sends Home a Self-Shot That's Out of This World

9/9/2012 - The Statue of Liberty: Who destroyed it best?

9/9/2012 - Keep Windows 8 Tiles at Bay with RetroUI

9/8/2012 - Amazon Decides To Let Users Opt-Out of Ads on the New Kindle Fires After All

9/8/2012 - 12 Monkeys: This Is How You Adapt a Weird Short Film

9/8/2012 - Proposed future London airport would float atop the Thames

9/8/2012 - The Offspring: I Choose

9/8/2012 - Spotify Could Finally Be Coming to a Browser Near You

9/8/2012 - Kansas comic book artist wants his town renamed "Smallville"

9/8/2012 - Peek inside the anatomies of Gremlins, Predators, and Martian Invaders

9/8/2012 - Samsung Claims Its Phones Don't Infringe on Apple Patents Because Android Multitouch Sucks Too Much

9/8/2012 - Rumor: Windows 8 Nook Coming Later This Month

9/8/2012 - Man dressed as Spider-Man runs around committing wacky spider-mischief

9/8/2012 - The Great Geek Sexism Debate

9/8/2012 - These Cute Bendy Flashlights Look Like They Belong in WALL-E

9/8/2012 - 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Trek: The Original Series

9/8/2012 - After copyright takedown debacle, Ustream to rebroadcast the Hugo Awards on Sunday night

9/8/2012 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Monster Hunter and his Chained-Up Quarry

9/8/2012 - The New Kindle Fire HD 4G Hasn't Even Been Approved By The FCC Yet (Updated)

9/8/2012 - This gorgeous video lets you fly across the moon's surface without leaving your armchair

9/8/2012 - Everything You Need To Know About The New Kindles, The iPhone 5 Announcement Announcement, Hands On With the Lumia 920, and More

9/8/2012 - The new Star Trek movie may have a title, but what does it mean?

9/8/2012 - A goblin battles his terrible office job in this hilarious metal video

9/8/2012 - These Broken Kindle Screens Can Be Beautiful But Are They Art?

9/8/2012 - Under an electron microscope, spider skin is cooler than you might have imagined

9/8/2012 - Listen to J.R.R. Tolkien read his poem Namárië in Elvish

9/8/2012 - Google Gets Tons of Takedown Requests For Sites That Don't Even Exist Anymore

9/8/2012 - Webcomic Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk kicks kung fu and comedy into the aftermath of the Ming Dynasty

9/8/2012 - How To Make a GIF in Five Easy Steps

9/8/2012 - What happens when you remove one letter from a movie title? How about Jurassic Ark?

9/8/2012 - The battle of Shark vs. Octopus has a shocking ending

9/8/2012 - The Star Trek Google Doodle Might Be the Best One Yet

9/8/2012 - Pigeon-painting machine turns the rats of the sky into colorful works of art

9/8/2012 - The New Kindle Fires Will Have Bing for Search

9/8/2012 - Dubai Is Officially the Craziest City in the World Now

9/8/2012 - Obama 2012 Literally Buys the Word #Literally, Literally

9/8/2012 - Do You Facebook-Stalk Your Exes?

9/8/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Existential Resets, Smoking Guns, and Aloha from Hawaii

9/7/2012 - A Modern Glass and Steel Rail House in the Heart of the Netherlands

9/7/2012 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Inside Jose Canseco's Twitter Account

9/7/2012 - Shit Apple Fanatics Say, PART DEUX

9/7/2012 - When a middle-aged Canadian children's singer raps about dinosaurs, shit gets very real

9/7/2012 - The-Dream: Dope Bitch (NSFW)

9/7/2012 - Concrete Lamp, Outdoor Bed, and More

9/7/2012 - Your Last Chance to See Some Truly Righteous Fantasy Art

9/7/2012 - Indy in IMAX: Raiders Returns To Theaters Tonight

9/7/2012 - Unused footage from Raiders of the Lost Ark reveals what Indiana Jones' marketplace battle was supposed to look like

9/7/2012 - Five Seasons of the Wire Means Five Weeks of Never Leaving Your Couch

9/7/2012 - Parachute Bag Collapses With a Tug of Its Ripcord

9/7/2012 - Flowers + Liquid Nitrogen = Beautiful Shattered Brilliance

9/7/2012 - New behind-the-scenes Prometheus images shine a light on that horrific "birth" scene

9/7/2012 - E-Ink or LCD: Which Do You Prefer for Books?

9/7/2012 - Incredible Photograph Captures Exact Moment of Tank Shell Hitting Against Syrian Rebels

9/7/2012 - Everything you've heard about Branded was false advertising

9/7/2012 - NextGuide, Net-A-Porter, and More

9/7/2012 - uTorrent, Split Decision, and More

9/7/2012 - Giftly, Glympse, and More

9/7/2012 - These were the best and wrongest Alien toys ever made

9/7/2012 - Why can't we see this trashtastic Heavy Metal TV show in the U.S.?

9/7/2012 - Google celebrates 46 years of Star Trek with a brand new mission

9/7/2012 - Why is a cockroach harder to kill than a zombie?

9/7/2012 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

9/7/2012 - Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Steel Growler Review: Big. Cold. Beer.

9/7/2012 - This gorgeous timelapse will make you wish you lived in Oregon

9/7/2012 - This Amazing Skyscraper Parks Your Car In Your Living Room

9/7/2012 - What the World's Most Famous Monuments Could Have Looked Like

9/7/2012 - How Philip Roth Outfoxed Wikipedia's Idiotic Rules

9/7/2012 - Ed's TnT Dugout Review: The Classy Way to Carry Your Cannabis

9/7/2012 - Ed's TnT Redwood Burl Dugout Lightning Review Gallery

9/7/2012 - Confidential Images of Apple's New Spaceship Interior Leaked

9/7/2012 - Hydro Flask Gallery

9/7/2012 - This solar eruption video will straight up melt your face it's so awesome

9/7/2012 - Here's the Saddest Batman Utility Belt Ever

9/7/2012 - This Interface Could Actually Turn Your iPad Into a Killer Portable Studio

9/7/2012 - This Drone Aircraft Could Save Lives

9/7/2012 - The hoaxes that made fake people famous

9/7/2012 - Confirmed: All The New Kindle Fires Will Have Ads That You Can't Get Rid Of (Updated)

9/7/2012 - Use This Magnetic Project Mat and Never Get Screwed By Losing Screws

9/7/2012 - This Dealzmodo Exclusive Is Your iPhone-5-Compatible Deal of the Day

9/7/2012 - Holy Crap They Put Candy Corn in Oreos

9/7/2012 - Has the Moon created the world's most enduring optical illusion?

9/7/2012 - Lightspeed Presents . . . "My Wife Hates Time Travel" by Adam-Troy Castro

9/7/2012 - Foldable Bike Helmet Stretches to Fit Your Oddly Shaped Head

9/7/2012 - Why are mushrooms more like humans than they are like plants?

9/7/2012 - And now, a dick in a box from the 1800s

9/7/2012 - Keep Your Greedy Hands Off My Gear

9/7/2012 - NextGuide for iPad: Because Finding Stuff to Watch Should Be Easier

9/7/2012 - The 11 Biggest Lies Ever Told By Our Favorite Heroes and Villains

9/7/2012 - R2D2 Luggage Would Be Way Cooler If It Automatically Followed You Around

9/7/2012 - The Infamous Google Hackers Are Still Out There, Exploiting Our Computers

9/7/2012 - Self-Powered Wireless Window Sensors Provide Foolproof Security

9/7/2012 - The first alien abduction story was also the weirdest

9/7/2012 - Astronauts Using DSLRs... In Spaaaaaaaaace!

9/7/2012 - This book is the perfect gift for the weird kid in your life

9/7/2012 - The Amazing Infinite Atlas Will Kind of Maybe Help You Understand Where Things Happened in Infinite Jest

9/7/2012 - DARPA just obliterated the landspeed record for the fastest mechanical mammal on Earth

9/7/2012 - iPhone 5 Will Reportedly Cost the Same as the iPhone 4S Does Now

9/7/2012 - 7 Great Android Apps You Can't Get on the Kindle Fire

9/7/2012 - E-Book Prices Should Start Dropping Soon

9/7/2012 - Remember when Robin fought Batman while he was taking a shower?

9/7/2012 - The Terrifying Reaper That Shoots Hellfire from 50,000 Feet

9/7/2012 - The dark secret of arcade crane games: 17 times out of 18, you will lose

9/7/2012 - SOL Republic Tracks Ultra Headphones Review: A Wall of Sound with No Depth

9/7/2012 - How to Enable Image Stabilization on the Nokia Lumia 920 (Not Really)

9/7/2012 - How Does the iPad's Touchscreen Recognize These Trading Cards?

9/7/2012 - What Is a Frontlit Display?

9/7/2012 - Boldly settle where no settler has settled before, with Star Trek: Catan

9/7/2012 - Future Computers Will Not Only Be Cooled by Water, They'll Compute With Water

9/7/2012 - Here is that Twilight footage of Bella Swan fighting a mountain lion

9/7/2012 - Sad Diabetics Rejoice: This Tiny Chip Measures Blood Sugar Levels Through Your Tears

9/7/2012 - Henry Cavill truly is Superman. Plus everything you need to know about Doctor Who's dinosaur romp!

9/7/2012 - This Is the Most Expensive Penny in the Universe

9/7/2012 - Apple Is Mixing Up Speech Recognition and Sound Processing in the iPhone 5

9/7/2012 - This Book Contains Every RGB Color That Exists

9/7/2012 - These Magnets Turn Your Fridge Into a Retro LED Display

9/7/2012 - Download Torrents Straight to Your Phone With µTorrent Android App

9/7/2012 - Fox to Offer $15 HD Movie Downloads Weeks Ahead of Blu-Ray Release

9/7/2012 - Is This the Least Elegant Soundbar Ever?

9/7/2012 - The Secret Inner Workings of Google Maps

9/7/2012 - Are You Facebook Friends With Your Coworkers?

9/7/2012 - Shit Apple Fanatics Say

9/7/2012 - The Stoner Channel: Chuck Berry Does London, Science Proves CBD Safe, and Prince Ea Wants to Teach Obama about Toking

9/6/2012 - How Technology Is Keeping President Obama Safe at the DNC

9/6/2012 - 18th Century Swiss Farm House Is Reborn as Beautiful Live/Work Space

9/6/2012 - Join us in a bold new experiment with storytelling — Voting, Round 1

9/6/2012 - Apple Might Be Trying to Launch Its Own Pandora Knock Off

9/6/2012 - Why won't these idiots ever listen to Mark Hamill?

9/6/2012 - Check out hyperrealistic Pokémon that resemble dinosaurs on LSD

9/6/2012 - Future Islands: Grease

9/6/2012 - Online Porn Stars and Literary Construction Workers, in a Strange New Story Collection from the Author of Witz

9/6/2012 - The Imposter Who Stole My Father's Place

9/6/2012 - [YourName]@ CrownFriedChicken.com Could Actually Be Your New Email Address (Updated)

9/6/2012 - Ask Maureen McHugh anything you want about After the Apocalypse

9/6/2012 - The CW lassos a new Wonder Woman origins series

9/6/2012 - The Science of Orgasms

9/6/2012 - Who the Hell Cares About Ads In the New Kindle Fire?

9/6/2012 - Warehouse 13 - "Endless Wonder" Promo Images

9/6/2012 - Travel + Leisure Tripeze: Plan Your Next Vacation/Staycation

9/6/2012 - 1950s Rockabilly Batman came to life at Dragon*Con

9/6/2012 - Today's Crazy Rumor: The Dark Knight Rises DVD will have a longer Director's Cut

9/6/2012 - Neuroscientists take aim at Naomi Wolf's theory of the "conscious vagina"

9/6/2012 - Holy shit, you guys are really going to like Looper

9/6/2012 - This director's video pitch for Hunger Games might be better than the real movie

9/6/2012 - This Insulated Blanket Keeps Your Beer Cozy and Cold

9/6/2012 - A Keychain To Stamp Your John Hancock Everywhere

9/6/2012 - The Most Impressive Photographs You'll See Today: Curiosity's Tracks, As Captured From Space

9/6/2012 - Amazon's New Kindle Avalanche: Everything You Need to Know

9/6/2012 - This Mercury-like planet is getting ripped to shreds by its sun

9/6/2012 - Poorly translated Indian James Bond comics are pure insane joy

9/6/2012 - A New Android Cop Show, From the Makers of Fringe

9/6/2012 - On a Backpack, Does a Vest Beat Straps?

9/6/2012 - Travel + Leisure Tripeze Gallery

9/6/2012 - How to Look Like You Know What You’re Doing in the Great Outdoors

9/6/2012 - Kindle Paperwhite Hands On: What a Beautiful Screen

9/6/2012 - Kindle Fire HD Hands On: Pretty Impressive—For the Price

9/6/2012 - Star Wars and Game of Thrones give Fantasy Flight Games license to rule your gaming table

9/6/2012 - How the Kindle Fire HD Stacks Up to the Competition

9/6/2012 - The Mystery of the Pigtail in Space

9/6/2012 - Would You Buy a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD or a Google Nexus 7?

9/6/2012 - This 3-D Projector Is Your Superhero-Sized-Screen Deal of the Day

9/6/2012 - Seven-year-old girl contracts bubonic plague on Colorado camping trip

9/6/2012 - Amazon's Crazy New 4G LTE Plan Gives You 250MB a Month for $50 a Year (Updated)

9/6/2012 - What Is MIMO?

9/6/2012 - Amazon's X-Ray for Movies Knows What You're Watching—And Who's In It

9/6/2012 - The Indestructible Concrete LED Lamp You'll Own For the Rest Of Your Life

9/6/2012 - This dancing sodium is way more dangerous than it looks

9/6/2012 - Kindle's New Whispersync for Voice Keeps Your Audiobooks Synced With Your Book Books

9/6/2012 - Weird Secrets of The Avengers That You'd Never Have Guessed

9/6/2012 - Kindle Fire HD: Better, Faster, Cheaper—Bigger! (Updated: HOLY CRAP)

9/6/2012 - Kindle Serials Brings Back Dickensian-Style Book Installments

9/6/2012 - Kindle Paperwhite: Amazon's New Amazing eReader

9/6/2012 - So-called 'Junk DNA' could be keeping you alive

9/6/2012 - The 5 Most Unpleasant And Undignified Ways To Die In Ancient Times

9/6/2012 - Dedicated Pepper Prep Tool Rescues Utterly Incompetent Chefs

9/6/2012 - Science says underpaid people enjoy their jobs more!

9/6/2012 - Scientists Discover Method to Control Cockroaches Remotely

9/6/2012 - Music Is Still Too Expensive To Be Free, Too Free To Be Expensive

9/6/2012 - Our Amazon Kindle Liveblog Hoopla Starts Right Now

9/6/2012 - New treatment reduces a key Alzheimer's Disease protein by a staggering 90 percent

9/6/2012 - Astronauts repair space station with toothbrush

9/6/2012 - Cassette-Themed Moleskines Are a Lovely Obituary For a Dead Medium

9/6/2012 - Big Apple Apocalypse: 200 Years of Destroying New York City

9/6/2012 - Here's a Full-Body Rock Climbing Harness For Pregnant Women Because Apparently That's a Good Idea

9/6/2012 - Modern Architecture that Revolutionizes Everyday Life

9/6/2012 - The Missile That Targets Radio Signals Just Got A Deadly Tune Up

9/6/2012 - The Pope Wears These Socks on Fishing Trips

9/6/2012 - Rumored Leaked iPhone 5 NFC Chip Is Just an Earpiece Speaker

9/6/2012 - Kevin J. Anderson talks Clockwork Angels, his new novel with Rush drummer Neil Peart

9/6/2012 - We Could Have Evolved the Placebo Effect to Save Energy

9/6/2012 - New Cloud Atlas trailer shows off our terrible, horrible future worlds

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