4/30/2013 - Here Are the Best Movies on Netflix That Will Disappear Tomorrow

4/30/2013 - Warehouse 13 may not be clever, but it has heart. (And James Marsters)

4/30/2013 - Athlete Tweets About His Love for the Galaxy S4 from an iPhone

4/30/2013 - Revolution teaches what to do when someone holds your ex at gunpoint

4/30/2013 - Watch How HTC Makes the HTC One So Beautiful

4/30/2013 - Natalie Portman to play Lady Macbeth... with Michael Fassbender

4/30/2013 - A Classy, Hardcover Scoreboook for a Classic, Hardscrabble Game

4/30/2013 - It’s the final battle for Spider-Man’s mind in This Week’s Comics

4/30/2013 - NASA releases three new high-res panoramas of Curiosity on Mars

4/30/2013 - Structurally Sound Buildings That Look Like They've Been Smashed

4/30/2013 - This dreamy time-lapse showcases Death Valley's starlit skies

4/30/2013 - Unused Test Footage That Could Have Changed Your Heroes' Lives Forever

4/30/2013 - Feed Wrangler: A Great iOS Reader Replacement for a Price

4/30/2013 - Reclaim Your Kitchen Counters With Philips' New HomeCooker

4/30/2013 - Which Tech Companies Protect Your Data From the Government?

4/30/2013 - Meat Shredders: Great for Stress, Pulled Pork Sandwiches

4/30/2013 - Google Glass 101: How Glass Currently Works

4/30/2013 - The captain of Bryan Fuller's awesome, non-existent Trek TV show is...

4/30/2013 - Peep These Beautiful Sculptures of Electronics Encased in Resin

4/30/2013 - The Architecture of Abandoned Asylums Is Inherently Creepy

4/30/2013 - This might be the most creative Doctor Who cosplay we've ever seen

4/30/2013 - Do these startling longevity studies mean your lifespan could double?

4/30/2013 - Archaeologists Uncover Hundreds of Mysterious Orbs in Ancient Temple

4/30/2013 - DSLR "Rolling Shutter" Distortion Makes This Speaker Wobble Like Jello

4/30/2013 - The Weird but True History of Sin Eaters

4/30/2013 - Airbnb Is Just Now Verifying Hosts and Guests

4/30/2013 - Tracking Tremors: A Brief History of the Richter Scale

4/30/2013 - How the hell is this photo of the Moon even possible?

4/30/2013 - Jawbone's Acquisition of BodyMedia Is (Sadly) All About Patents

4/30/2013 - Astounding Summer Books That You Won't Want to Miss

4/30/2013 - This Long Range Nerf Gun Is Your Deal of the Day

4/30/2013 - None of These Screengrabs in This Trippy Video Are Computer-Generated

4/30/2013 - Mark Sheppard really should play Avon in Syfy's Blake's 7 reboot

4/30/2013 - The World's First Tablet Projector Promises a 100-Inch Display

4/30/2013 - The Jayne's Hat-inspired bra is pretty cunning, don't you think?

4/30/2013 - Watch a Bowl of Cereal Go Snap, Crackle, Boom In Glorious Slo-Mo

4/30/2013 - Short film Abe is 7 minutes of sheer robot horror

4/30/2013 - What percentage of philosophers believe in God?

4/30/2013 - 10 Photos Of Things Splashed With Paint And Other Stuff

4/30/2013 - How virtual reality will reshape your life, according to Google

4/30/2013 - This Amazing Lego Instant Camera Even Pops Out Lego Polaroids

4/30/2013 - These videos of fly larvae cannibalism may squick you

4/30/2013 - Does the Internet Need an Urban Planner?

4/30/2013 - Top 10 Essential Stories About Power Armor

4/30/2013 - How science and philosophy differ – and why they need each other

4/30/2013 - Sadly, People Who Walk and Text Could Actually Use This

4/30/2013 - This 2-year-old is the youngest recipient of a bioengineered organ

4/30/2013 - Scotty hits the bottle in a brand new Star Trek 2 featurette

4/30/2013 - Laser-Cut MacBook Lids Are More Stunning Than Stickers

4/30/2013 - Nielsen Is Finally Including Online Viewers in Its Television Ratings

4/30/2013 - The terrifying, NSFW truth of Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles

4/30/2013 - Princeton Nuke Detector Could Spot World-Ending Warheads

4/30/2013 - Steve Rogers has a problem with authority on the Captain America 2 set

4/30/2013 - RIP the World's Largest Infrared Telescope

4/30/2013 - Cassini catches an awesome glimpse of Saturn’s north pole hurricane

4/30/2013 - The Next Killer Feature in Smartphones

4/30/2013 - Shane Black Tells Us How Tony Stark is Being "Phased Out" as Iron Man

4/30/2013 - Hilarious Car Key Hack Lets You Drive It Like You Stole It

4/30/2013 - Nothing In Your Pocket Will Damage This Spinning Flash Drive

4/30/2013 - This gorgeous 50,000-seat stadium is over 2,000 years old

4/30/2013 - When Defiance isn't copying other scifi series, it's enjoyably insane

4/30/2013 - Is This Tiny Tank the Comfiest Wheelchair Ever?

4/30/2013 - Korsakoff's syndrome makes people into honest liars

4/30/2013 - These Surreal Photos of Hong Kong's Aging Towers Aren't Doctored

4/30/2013 - Chris Hadfield dodges a 'bullet' as an object pierces ISS solar array

4/30/2013 - Finally, Phone RAM as Good as the Stuff in Your Computer

4/30/2013 - Jawbone Syncs Up With 10 New Partners, Acquires BodyMedia

4/30/2013 - What exactly does Joss Whedon have planned for Thanos in Avengers 2?

4/30/2013 - Every Minute Gets Its Own Hand on the Opus XIII

4/30/2013 - America's First Legal, Real-Cash Poker Site Is Here

4/30/2013 - Belkin's Mythical Thunderbolt Express Dock Is Finally Here

4/30/2013 - TPP: The Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since ACTA

4/30/2013 - These Minimalist Cards Are Almost Too Pretty to Play With

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4/30/2013 - How to Use a Light Meter to Improve Your Photography

4/30/2013 - Is Nokia Investing in Lytro-Style Camera Tech for Phones?

4/30/2013 - You Can Now Skype From Within a Browser

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4/29/2013 - Lovely Mom Draws Awesome Pictures on Napkins for Her Son's Lunch

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4/29/2013 - How Developers Coded in 1985

4/29/2013 - Empire of the Sun's new music video has that Buck Rogers season 2 vibe

4/29/2013 - A Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Is So Gross

4/29/2013 - It's Time to Stop Predicting the End of the World

4/29/2013 - Now at last, Ray Bradbury's novels are out as e-books

4/29/2013 - Magnificent Modern Buildings that Look Like Ancient Pyramids

4/29/2013 - Crystal Fighters: You & I

4/29/2013 - Captain Picard's vacation videos highlight this week’s Blu-rays

4/29/2013 - Watch William Gibson read from his brand new science fiction novel

4/29/2013 - Everything You Need to Grill Everything But Steak

4/29/2013 - J.J. Abrams wants to make Stephen King's time travel book into a show

4/29/2013 - Jiffy for Android: Always Know Exactly Where the Time Went

4/29/2013 - Iron Man saves Air Force One all by himself in a new Iron Man 3 clip

4/29/2013 - How Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map Tessellated The World

4/29/2013 - The Secret Twitter Music Feature That Adds a Dash of Pandora

4/29/2013 - Could scientific breakthroughs lead to new religions?

4/29/2013 - Which movie is your happy place?

4/29/2013 - These Japanese Wooden Pens Are Perfectly Elegant

4/29/2013 - UFO Disclosure Hearings in Washington -- Sort Of

4/29/2013 - Report: There's Going to Be a Lot of Jony Ive in iOS 7

4/29/2013 - Watch ice needles shooting out of a lake in this insane video

4/29/2013 - Saturn's Harrowing Hurricane Is Even More Terrifying in Technicolor

4/29/2013 - Scientists have engineered the world's first glow-in-the dark sheep

4/29/2013 - Playing favorites with children can be deadly

4/29/2013 - The Limits of the Earth

4/29/2013 - AOL shuts down Comics Alliance because they are jerkfaces

4/29/2013 - The Woman Who Received the First Successful Womb Transplant Is Now Six Weeks Pregnant

4/29/2013 - Treasure Trove of Empire Strikes Back photos will amaze you

4/29/2013 - A Chinese Winery That Mimics Everyone's Favorite Five-Armed Glyph

4/29/2013 - Look at SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Ablaze

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4/29/2013 - Freakish Pulsar Reaffirms Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

4/29/2013 - The iPhone Is One of the Best Google Phones You Can Buy

4/29/2013 - It's the UAE's answer to a post-apocalyptic Vin Diesel movie

4/29/2013 - Arbitrary iPad Swipes and Taps Make Accidental Art

4/29/2013 - Gizmodo's Transformers Trip:How They're Made,Where They Come From

4/29/2013 - The last 20 seconds of this Pacific Rim trailer will make you scream

4/29/2013 - Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo has made its first powered test flight!

4/29/2013 - Today Marks Virgin Galactic's First Rocket-Powered Test Flight

4/29/2013 - Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker Using Crap Around Your House

4/29/2013 - Put The History of Time In Context With a Click of Your Mouse

4/29/2013 - What Lies Beyond This Interstellar Rabbit Hole?

4/29/2013 - The 9 Most Incompetent Wizards of All Time

4/29/2013 - Farewell Herschel Space Telescope, We'll Miss You!

4/29/2013 - Beer Mapper App Takes the Mystery Out of Choosing Your Next Pint

4/29/2013 - Introducing Morphees, mobile devices that can change their shape

4/29/2013 - If you're not watching Warehouse 13, you're kind of a bad person

4/29/2013 - Form(s) vs Function: Making Official Docs Look Better--And Work Harder

4/29/2013 - So the Batmobile has a baby seat now, apparently

4/29/2013 - First footage from Snowpiercer looks like the Polar Express FROM HELL

4/29/2013 - The Military's New Flying Gas Station Will Be Open 24/7 Worldwide

4/29/2013 - This shirt can go 100 wears without washing and we couldn't care less

4/29/2013 - Twitter Should Shut Me Down

4/29/2013 - Can evolution still happen without competition?

4/29/2013 - Microsoft's Crazy IllumiRoom: More Details About a Real-Life Holodeck

4/29/2013 - This Pristine Coffee Grinder Looks Like a Jet Engine

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4/29/2013 - Google Now for iPhone and iPad: It's Here, and It's Great (UPDATED)

4/29/2013 - Kobo Aura HD Review: A Beautiful Reader Screen Trapped in an Ugly Body

4/29/2013 - Deluxe Reissues Take You Deep into Dungeons & Dragons History

4/29/2013 - A "baseball-playing" robot with a 100,000-neuron "brain"

4/29/2013 - Logical empiricism explains why comment threads devolve into WTF

4/29/2013 - Why Captain America 2 Will Feel Like Another Avengers Movie

4/29/2013 - How Typing on a Smart Watch Might Actually Make Sense

4/29/2013 - Welcome to the New Gizmodo

4/29/2013 - This Is How NASA Is Testing the Supersonic Airplanes of the Future

4/29/2013 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Oh, Another One?

4/29/2013 - How Long Should You Spend on Making Tasks More Efficient?

4/29/2013 - The World’s First Handheld Movie Camera Was Shaped Like a Gun

4/28/2013 - Paul McCartney and Wings: Hi Hi Hi

4/28/2013 - Undercover Cops Are Selling iPhones On The Street To Get People To Stop Buying Stolen iPhones

4/28/2013 - Artist draws superpowered canines on her sons' lunch napkins

4/28/2013 - efemr Is Snapchat For Twitter Which Can Only End Well

4/28/2013 - What happens when an inept superspy goes after an ordinary guy?

4/28/2013 - This Shirt Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing, Which Sounds Incredibly Sketchy But Also Awesome

4/28/2013 - Anyone can be a spy for the cloners on Orphan Black—and we love it

4/28/2013 - This misshapen blotch was once the brightest supernova ever recorded

4/28/2013 - Is Molten Light Oozing Out Of The Abyss?

4/28/2013 - Haunting Spirit Photography from the Age Before Photoshop

4/28/2013 - Equip Yourself With Slingshots For The Zombie Apocalypse

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4/28/2013 - Gigabit Internet In Vermont Is Cheaper Than Google Fiber

4/28/2013 - What your hands look like after 10 days underwater

4/28/2013 - What's The Biggest Internet Shopping Risk You've Ever Taken?

4/28/2013 - Monkeys want to fit in just as much as humans do

4/28/2013 - Two Meteorites Discovered In Antarctica May Be From The Same Supernova

4/28/2013 - Steam-powered AT-AT is the most romantic vehicle in the galaxy

4/28/2013 - The deadly beauty of a barn owl attacking its prey in slow motion

4/28/2013 - Finally A Cute Robot That Doesn't Have The Crazy Eyes

4/28/2013 - Artist draws himself in 100 cartoon styles

4/28/2013 - 20-foot dinosaur balloon sculpture stands beside its species' skeleton

4/28/2013 - Install Shelves That Make Your House Look Windy

4/28/2013 - Technology isn't Magic: Why Clarke's Third Law always bugged me

4/28/2013 - Christopher Lloyd voices a medical cadaver looking for posthumous love

4/28/2013 - The Ultimate Guide to this Summer's Geekiest Art and Science Exhibits

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4/28/2013 - Watching Someone Make Daguerreotypes Is Totally Mesmerizing

4/28/2013 - We're mighty sick of Doctor Who stories where time travel is magic

4/27/2013 - Andrew W.K.: Party Hard

4/27/2013 - How Jurassic Park's Fearsome Robo-Rex Got Its Skin

4/27/2013 - How does Leonardo Da Vinci solve a problem like demon-possessed nuns?

4/27/2013 - Would You Ever Use a Facebook-Connected Beer Mug?

4/27/2013 - The Strangest Werewolves Ever to Grace the Screen

4/27/2013 - Frozen Metal Slabs Changed The Way We Eat Forever

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4/27/2013 - There's an Autobot hidden in this Custom Enterprise/Transformers toy

4/27/2013 - How Baby Spoons Are Feeding American Manufacturing

4/27/2013 - The TARDIS gets a little steampunk on the outside

4/27/2013 - These Award-Winning Vines Are Everything a Six Second Film Should Be

4/27/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Superhero Grandma

4/27/2013 - Stark Industries motorcycle spotted on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set

4/27/2013 - The Best 3D Printed Objects, A Giant Mars Penis, The Samsung Galaxy S4 Review, And More

4/27/2013 - Scarlett Johansson will gain superpowers in Luc Besson's Lucy

4/27/2013 - Is This the Closest We'll Ever Get To Seeing a Back to the Future Hoverboard Fly?

4/27/2013 - A hilariously creepy instructional video on how to build a human

4/27/2013 - The devil stops by an otherwise normal episode of Grimm

4/27/2013 - How to Book Travel Online for Less

4/27/2013 - Who created this anatomically accurate model of a severed pirate head?

4/27/2013 - Star Wars BDSM toys from a kinky galaxy far, far away

4/27/2013 - What's The Fastest You've Ever Destroyed a New Gadget?

4/27/2013 - In a spacefaring future, a girl must join with a demon to battle a god

4/27/2013 - The real actors who provided references for Disney animators

4/27/2013 - Here's the poster for Neil Gaiman's Cyberman-filled Doctor Who episode

4/27/2013 - Magnetic Field Art Will Make You Miss Your Old CRT Display

4/27/2013 - How will Agent Coulson come back from the dead for S.H.I.E.L.D.?

4/27/2013 - This week, watch the revamped Teen Titans Go!

4/27/2013 - New Artificial Electric Skin Will Let Robots Feel for Real

4/27/2013 - Your Facebook Like Is Worth $174.17

4/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ubermensch 2009 (NSFW)

4/26/2013 - The TSA Found Human Skull Fragments Inside a Clay Pot

4/26/2013 - Google Glass Has Already Been Hacked and Rooted

4/26/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Christopher Nolan Coffee Commercials

4/26/2013 - VaporBLUNT Pinnacle Lightning Review: Get High on the Down Low

4/26/2013 - Late afternoon delivery from Alpha Centauri

4/26/2013 - 46% of U.S. adults lacked adequate health insurance for part of 2012

4/26/2013 - These Adorable Animal Wine Racks Will Make Getting Drunk Feel So Cute

4/26/2013 - Super sad true zombie crime in Michigan

4/26/2013 - A 9/11 Plane Part Has Been Found in New York City

4/26/2013 - A map of U.S. roads and nothing else

4/26/2013 - Physicists believe it's possible to build a perpetual motion machine

4/26/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: April 20-April 26, 2013

4/26/2013 - Which mainstream shows are scifi and fantasy in disguise?

4/26/2013 - All the Vampire Diaries Characters You Don't Care About Get a Spinoff!

4/26/2013 - Die Antwoord to play themselves in Neill Blomkamp’s Scifi Comedy

4/26/2013 - Neutrinos From Another Galaxy Have Been Discovered in Antarctica

4/26/2013 - Drawnimal, Netflix, and More

4/26/2013 - Ryan Reynolds could star in Tarsem's body-swapping thriller

4/26/2013 - Do different kinds of alcohol get you different kinds of drunk?

4/26/2013 - Tumblr, Swype, and More

4/26/2013 - Drippler, FocusTwist, Akatu, and More

4/26/2013 - This Reusable Coffee Cup Blends in at the Coffee Shop

4/26/2013 - Stop Worrying, Your Internet Past Is Not Embarrassing

4/26/2013 - Ents, eagles and Christopher Lees abound in Lego's LotR Orthanc set

4/26/2013 - The Brunch Cocktail That Puts Bloody Marys to Shame

4/26/2013 - Damon Lindelof: Star Trek is hard science fiction, not science fantasy

4/26/2013 - AOL Music Is Dead

4/26/2013 - Steampunk kung-fu epic Tai Chi Hero: the Cure for Boring Action Movies

4/26/2013 - You'll Never Destroy This Heavy Duty Remote In a Post-Sports Rage

4/26/2013 - How Astronauts Turn Pee into Drinking Water

4/26/2013 - Chick-Fil-A really wants you to take your mom on a medieval date

4/26/2013 - Watch what happens to a boomerang in zero gravity

4/26/2013 - New artificial skin is as sensitive as human fingertips

4/26/2013 - Let's Talk About Whatever You Want for the Next Hour

4/26/2013 - Is it really possible to de-evolve?

4/26/2013 - Tony Stark has post-traumatic Avengers disorder in new Iron Man 3 clip

4/26/2013 - Why Amazon Wants To Make You Pay Sales Tax

4/26/2013 - The New Slim iMac Is Your Deal of the Day

4/26/2013 - Turn Your Mobile Into a Scientific Tricorder with These Real-Life Apps

4/26/2013 - Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown: Easy to Fix By Design

4/26/2013 - Science fiction show begins with a plane crash: what an original idea!

4/26/2013 - Why Did It Take So Long to Make a See-Through Highlighter Tip?

4/26/2013 - Eli Roth teaches us how to direct a bloody massacre for Hemlock Grove

4/26/2013 - Vertical Perspective of Hong Kong's Immense Skyscrapers

4/26/2013 - Everything Wrong With Iron Man 2

4/26/2013 - These Are Google Glass's CPU and RAM Specs

4/26/2013 - 10 Heroes Who Got More Interesting After Being Gender-Swapped

4/26/2013 - This Numberless Calculator Requires You To Knock On Wood

4/26/2013 - Mad nuclear scientist Anthony Hopkins joins new Red 2 trailer

4/26/2013 - Nobody Walks in L.A.: The Rise of Cars and the Monorails That Never Were

4/26/2013 - How a Top Training Facility Turns Rescued Dogs into Rescue Dogs

4/26/2013 - If Kairos doesn't win you over in this 2-minute trailer, nothing will

4/26/2013 - Behold the Fastest CF Card Ever Made (For Now)

4/26/2013 - Make CMYK Shadow Puppets with This LED Lamp

4/26/2013 - This cosplay of BioShock: Infinite's Rosalind Lutece is uncanny

4/26/2013 - Dedicated Bat-fan builds himself a $150,000 Batcave

4/26/2013 - This Tilt-Shift Timelapse Video Makes Miniature Melbourne the Cutest City of All

4/26/2013 - Holy crap, this ant's jaws are like a freaking bear trap

4/26/2013 - Report: Samsung Is Planning a Klutz-Proof Version of the Galaxy S4

4/26/2013 - How Skynet Might Emerge From Simple Physics

4/26/2013 - Michael Bay Is Why Transformers Got So Complicated

4/26/2013 - Star Trek: DS9 played the most dangerously idiotic game in the galaxy

4/26/2013 - How to Inspect Windmill Blades Without Ever Leaving the Ground

4/26/2013 - Batman villains captured in 1940s mugshots are fantastically dapper

4/26/2013 - What a DDoS Attack Looks Like

4/26/2013 - Hard to Believe This Super Sharp Footage Was Shot with a Palm-Sized Camera

4/26/2013 - This smart foam chair self-assembles by sproinging into shape

4/26/2013 - Korte's law governs both your brain and flashing neon signs

4/26/2013 - Your Child Will Never Be Safer In a Car Than In the Arms of Batman

4/26/2013 - What Hurts More: Child Birth or a Kick in the Balls? Science Answers.

4/26/2013 - An Introduction To Complications: The 21st Century Watch

4/26/2013 - Earth’s inner core is as hot as the surface of the sun

4/26/2013 - "Chief Porn Identification Officer:" The Best Job You'll Never Have

4/26/2013 - Silk: Nature's Homespun Supermaterial

4/26/2013 - So this is a robot that can steal things out of vending machines

4/26/2013 - A Self-Propelled Snowboard Makes Going Uphill Just as Fun

4/26/2013 - Can Zack Snyder make Superman cool? Can SHIELD stand on its own?

4/26/2013 - Watch This Bread City Fall Into Actual Decay

4/26/2013 - What Is This?

4/26/2013 - The Center of the Earth Is 1,000°C Hotter Than We Thought

4/26/2013 - The Unboxing Of The Year

4/26/2013 - Why Is Amazon Packaging So Dumb Sometimes?

4/26/2013 - The Science of Jetpacks

4/26/2013 - Google Bans Non-Play Store Android App Updates

4/26/2013 - Amazon vs. Amazon: Should the .Amazon Domain Belong to Bezos or the River?

4/26/2013 - Eric Schmidt Thinks Controlling Google Glass with Your Voice Is "the Weirdest Thing"

4/26/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Melt Yourself Down - "Fix My Life"

4/25/2013 - Oh Man, This Genius Guy Created a Robot to Steal from Vending Machines

4/25/2013 - 6 Clever Tricks You Can Do with Aluminum Foil

4/25/2013 - Just dropping in to scare the living crap out of you

4/25/2013 - Who Actually Uses Math at Work?

4/25/2013 - The NYPD Is Planning a Simulated Chemical Attack For New York Subways

4/25/2013 - On Supernatural, Felicia Day fights the zombie soldiers in her soul

4/25/2013 - Watching Supervillains Try to Find Dates Through Speed Dating Is Hilarious

4/25/2013 - An adorable Khaleesi hosts the best Game of Thrones kids show ever

4/25/2013 - What the Future of Wearable Technology Will Look Like

4/25/2013 - You can ask Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher any question. ANY QUESTION.

4/25/2013 - Incredible Photographs of Fractals Found in the Natural World

4/25/2013 - How it Would Play Out if Warehouse 13's Pete and Myka Hooked Up

4/25/2013 - Watch as these adorable robots evolve the ability to walk

4/25/2013 - Agent Coulson will stay dead forever unless SHIELD gets picked up

4/25/2013 - Instapaper Was Just Bought By the Same Company That Bought Digg (Updated)

4/25/2013 - Drippler: Turn Your Phone Into the Best Damn Phone It Can Be

4/25/2013 - World War Z featurette refuses to mention "undead" or "zombies"

4/25/2013 - A world where you buy police protection just like you buy cable

4/25/2013 - Radioactive Bacteria Can Kill Cancer

4/25/2013 - This Infinitely Configurable Pegboard Makes Storage Artful

4/25/2013 - How the legal concept of "Scientific Uncertainty" shapes your life

4/25/2013 - Step Inside the Mechanized Fun-House Wasteland of Artist Jon Kessler

4/25/2013 - Princess Leia stands alone in this new Star Wars novel

4/25/2013 - Drippler Gallery

4/25/2013 - Saturn looks mighty fine in infrared

4/25/2013 - This Laser Shutter Photography Rig Freezes Insects In Flight

4/25/2013 - The Ultimate Guide to This Summer's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

4/25/2013 - Being Trapped In a Building Seems Less Scary Than This Robot Snake Rescuing You

4/25/2013 - Everything You Need to Know After Buying the HTC One

4/25/2013 - The cruel irony of the Gruen Transfer

4/25/2013 - What are the deadliest drugs in the United States?

4/25/2013 - Listen to the only known recording of Alexander Graham Bell's voice

4/25/2013 - T-Mobile Has To Stop Its "Deceptive" No-Contract Ad Push

4/25/2013 - The Ultimate (Free) Virus Protection Guide

4/25/2013 - This USB DAC Is Your Make-Music-Sing Deal of the Day

4/25/2013 - Ancient Maya discovery sheds new light on the origins of civilization

4/25/2013 - Watch How Retweets Ripple Out Through the Internet

4/25/2013 - Fringe, Cloverfield and Super 8 steal this J.J. Abrams art show

4/25/2013 - Anonymous Just Took Down NAMBLA's Homepage to Protest Pedophilia Pride Day

4/25/2013 - Breathing Smarter For Better Performance

4/25/2013 - 9 Classic Movies That The Cast or Crew Thought Were Garbage

4/25/2013 - Hated Learning Piano As a Kid? At Least It Wasn't the Wheelharp

4/25/2013 - Twitter for Mac Is Finally Updated for the First Time in Over a Year

4/25/2013 - First Glimpse of Nathan Fillion as a Mean Jock in Monsters University

4/25/2013 - Must Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Moderates a Debate on Nothingness

4/25/2013 - Mathematical Proof That Growing Old Means Getting Boring

4/25/2013 - The Beautiful, Precise Images of Buildings That 3D Scanning Enables

4/25/2013 - How Many Rubik's Cubes Would You Need To Build a House?

4/25/2013 - Arrow explores being your best friend's second-best friend

4/25/2013 - I guess this guy really likes Sailor Moon

4/25/2013 - How to Measure the Explosive Power of Volcanoes

4/25/2013 - Rumored First Picture of Olympus E-P5 Continues Vintage Design Trend

4/25/2013 - Guillermo del Toro is making a manga series movie for HBO

4/25/2013 - Galaxy S IV Display Shoot-Out: How Does It Compare?

4/25/2013 - New York City Subway Stations Just Got Free Wi-Fi and Cell Service

4/25/2013 - Crooks Don't Stand a Chance Against the SWAT Bot

4/25/2013 - Joss Whedon hints Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in Avengers 2

4/25/2013 - The writers of Mad Men are pitching a show about NASA in the 1960s

4/25/2013 - Crew Team Finds an Unexplained Giant Head in the Hudson River

4/25/2013 - Starbuck goes femme fatale in Sexy Evil Genius

4/25/2013 - A Slo-Mo Mouse Eye View of a Barn Owl Swooping In For the Kill Is Terrifying

4/25/2013 - Laser Forest Will Make You Hallucinate Without Drugs

4/25/2013 - The Systems That Power the Year's Most Sustainable Buildings

4/25/2013 - The next Transformers cartoon is basically the worst Gundam ever

4/25/2013 - Listen To Alexander Graham Bell Introduce Himself From 100 Years Ago

4/25/2013 - An Introduction To Complications: The Perpetual Calendar

4/25/2013 - How two-tone stars could guide us to exoplanets

4/25/2013 - These are the most well-read cities in America (according to Amazon)

4/25/2013 - This Compact But Powerful Battery Promises a Whole Extra Day Of Laptop Use

4/25/2013 - Romanian archaeologists uncover medieval skeletons holding hands

4/25/2013 - What do the early reviewers say about Star Trek Into Darkness?

4/25/2013 - Hublot's LaFerrari Watch Complements the Car You Can't Afford

4/25/2013 - The Real Instruction Manual For Your Shared Office Printer

4/25/2013 - Win the Best Keyboard Cover for Getting Real Work Done

4/25/2013 - Everyday Objects With Broken Image Icons Are Endlessly Frustrating

4/25/2013 - LG Reportedly Wants to Sell You a Flexible OLED Phone This Year

4/25/2013 - The Pirate Bay Finds Safe Harbour in Iceland

4/25/2013 - The Sleek WebOS Smartphone That Never Was

4/25/2013 - These Super-Sleek Headphones Are Inspired By High-End HiFi

4/25/2013 - Should the Fifth Amendment Stop Child Porn Suspects From Decrypting Their Hard Drive?

4/25/2013 - Watch a Woman from the 1990s Explain What a Computer Is

4/25/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: The Super Rope Solution

4/24/2013 - Film Reels of Classic Movies Are Absolutely Gorgeous

4/24/2013 - The 12 Types of People Who Use Social Networks

4/24/2013 - First live-action monster movie movie from the minds of Studio Ghibli

4/24/2013 - How to Make a Better Sand Castle That Can Hold the Weight of a Human

4/24/2013 - Three new books that will prepare you for the future of humanity

4/24/2013 - This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Drone

4/24/2013 - Stunning photos of plane crashes where everyone aboard survived

4/24/2013 - Zack Snyder will be asked to direct Justice League... if it happens

4/24/2013 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 5/7 to discuss The Summer Prince

4/24/2013 - Rancid (with Sol Lewitt) - Learn to Say F*ck You to the World

4/24/2013 - What happens to love when cryogenics and dating services collide?

4/24/2013 - Quite Possibly the Most Indispensible Science Fiction Actor. Ever.

4/24/2013 - Non-profit wants to clone the world's oldest trees for reforesting

4/24/2013 - A Collection of Very Strange Maps

4/24/2013 - Akatu Fake Shower: Drown Out Embarrassing Bathroom Sounds With a Fake Shower App

4/24/2013 - Michael Arndt is having serious trouble writing Star Wars: Episode VII

4/24/2013 - Marc Webb reveals his "patient zero" from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

4/24/2013 - Virgin America Installed a New In-Flight System to Help You Get Laid

4/24/2013 - Take These Slick Journals for a Dip

4/24/2013 - Samsung's Galaxy S4 Camera Versus the Competition

4/24/2013 - These aren't Man of Steel's opening credits, but they should be

4/24/2013 - What M&M, A&W, and Dozens of Other Acronyms and Initialisms Really Mean

4/24/2013 - Every Single Comic That Will Blow Your Mind This Summer

4/24/2013 - Ask This HTC Rep Whatever You Want About the HTC One Right Now

4/24/2013 - We've never been so excited over a picture of shoes

4/24/2013 - Akatu Fake Shower Gallery

4/24/2013 - The Futuristic Biology Tech at the Center of Iron Man 3

4/24/2013 - This Is the Badass Dark Enterprise Kirk Battles In the Next Star Trek Film

4/24/2013 - This Beginner's DSLR Is Your Deal of the Day

4/24/2013 - So NASA's rover drew a penis on Mars

4/24/2013 - Asia's notorious "Tuk-Tuk" taxis could become electric vehicles

4/24/2013 - 12 Fictional Afterlives That Are Worse Than Hell

4/24/2013 - Here's Your New and Improved Hundred Dollar Bill

4/24/2013 - Get a Terrifying, First-Hand Look at What It's Like to Ride a 15-Foot-Tall Bike

4/24/2013 - The Geopolitical Powderkegs Most Likely to Start the Next Major War

4/24/2013 - Technology Soothsayer William Gibson Couldn't Help But Love Google Glass

4/24/2013 - This Is the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

4/24/2013 - Mosh Pit Physics Reduces Humanity to a Gas

4/24/2013 - Why Can't Thor Just Call the Avengers for Help? Kevin Feige Explains

4/24/2013 - The Next Xbox Will Be Announced May 21

4/24/2013 - This Astronaut Music Video Will Make You Cry

4/24/2013 - Report: Amazon Has a Kindle TV Streaming Box on the Way

4/24/2013 - A Surreal Jaunt Through the Largest Mall in North America

4/24/2013 - To become an astronaut, all you need to do is pass the Kármán line

4/24/2013 - The Thing's R.J. MacReady gets the noble portrait he justly deserves

4/24/2013 - Throw & Grow Confetti Turns Celebrations Into Lush Flower Gardens

4/24/2013 - How Pixar transformed its studio into the Monsters University campus

4/24/2013 - Kiki's Delivery Service reopens with a new live-action movie

4/24/2013 - It Takes a Small Artistic Army to Bring a Pixar Film To Life

4/24/2013 - Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian Is Here To Answer Your Questions

4/24/2013 - Have You Ever Seen Spacecraft Solar Panels From Behind?

4/24/2013 - The many, many reasons you should still hate Walking Dead’s Lori

4/24/2013 - This Is the Camera That Found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

4/24/2013 - What did Benedict Cumberbatch do to make Spock scream like this?

4/24/2013 - How the Pirates of the Caribbean Became an Animatronic Adventure

4/24/2013 - Watch The Martian Landscape In Stereo

4/24/2013 - The Horsehead Nebula gets a reboot

4/24/2013 - All Music Boxes Should Look Like Bond Villain Speedboats

4/24/2013 - The Human Printer: An Automaton Powered By Art Students

4/24/2013 - How Rare Are Your Physical Traits?

4/24/2013 - An Introduction To Complications: The Tourbillon

4/24/2013 - Do you know more about science than the average American?

4/24/2013 - A Look Inside Afghanistan's Almost-Apple Store

4/24/2013 - Incense flowers and magnet trees

4/24/2013 - Children of the 1980s Build Their Cities of Tomorrow

4/24/2013 - This jaw-dropping water simulation is the most realistic yet

4/24/2013 - Splitsider Presents: A Place to Buy Awesome Comedy Where the Artists Actually Get Paid

4/24/2013 - A Pushing Daisies star will be the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy!

4/24/2013 - Booze-Tracking Bluetooth Breathalyzer Counts Down Your Return To Sobriety

4/24/2013 - NASA Drew This Giant Penis on the Surface of Mars

4/24/2013 - Nokia's Asha 210 Is a Social QWERTY Phone Two Years Late

4/24/2013 - Why Time Travel Is Confusing

4/24/2013 - This Radeon HD 7990 Promises to Spit Out any Game in 4K

4/24/2013 - Panasonic Lumix G6 : A Micro Four Thirds for Video Junkies

4/24/2013 - Swype's Keyboard Is Now Out of Beta and in the Play Store—For $1

4/24/2013 - Sony HX50V: A Massive Superzoom Camera Dressed Like a Skinny Superstar

4/24/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse!

4/24/2013 - Superhero Tourists Will Love Sony's Awesome Combination Binoculars and 3D Camcorder

4/23/2013 - 'Self-Proclaimed' Leader Of LulzSec Arrested

4/23/2013 - Report: Twitter Will Release Its Two-Step Verification Soon

4/23/2013 - Every Camera Should Have This Hilarious Boob Tracker

4/23/2013 - How long before Marvel makes its own Daredevil movie?

4/23/2013 - You're all pronouncing Khaleesi WRONG

4/23/2013 - The littlest dragon chases a bug -- and lights some stuff on fire

4/23/2013 - What Kind of Drugs Kill the Most People?

4/23/2013 - Pedro Guessed How High A Balloon Could Fly, So He Gets To Go To Space Next Year

4/23/2013 - Travel with Albert Einstein through Space and Time in This Comic

4/23/2013 - How Much Money Is There on Earth?

4/23/2013 - Italian activists create mayhem at an animal testing lab

4/23/2013 - This Old Fashioned Lego Stadium Is Beautiful and Multifunctional

4/23/2013 - New clip from Star Trek Into Darkness shows the lighter side of Trek

4/23/2013 - The Bizarre Phenomenon of Mass Photography

4/23/2013 - Earbuds Under $50 That Actually Have a Hope of Sounding Good

4/23/2013 - Nanomachines really are magic, according to Revolution

4/23/2013 - Artist “Nanofactures” Paintings Using a 3D Printer and Molecular Modelling Software

4/23/2013 - Make your own DNA

4/23/2013 - What would it be like to grow up as Superman’s kid?

4/23/2013 - Handy charts reveal why you've never heard of most female SF authors

4/23/2013 - Brand New Exclusive Concept Art from the Animated Adventure Epic

4/23/2013 - This Print Makes Units of Measure Beautiful

4/23/2013 - Japan solves your "giant Evangelion-themed bowling pin" cosplay needs

4/23/2013 - Own Every Single One of History's Most Important Cameras (On a Poster)

4/23/2013 - The four-winged dinosaur Microraptor had a rare taste for fish

4/23/2013 - Watch three years in the life of our sun

4/23/2013 - 9 Incredible Objects That Prove 3D Printers Are Totally Worth it

4/23/2013 - Ender's Game went to insane lengths to fake Zero G fight scenes

4/23/2013 - How the US Built Its Super-Secret Spy Satellite Program

4/23/2013 - New After Earth trailer shows M. Night has no idea how evolution works

4/23/2013 - An Ode To the Unsung Art of Anime Backgrounds

4/23/2013 - Summer Movie Preview: 34 Movies To Watch Out For

4/23/2013 - So It's Come To This: Bulletproof School Uniforms

4/23/2013 - In Salsa Nocturna Stories, the people of New York dance with the dead

4/23/2013 - A $100 Lenovo Computer Monitor Is Your Deal of the Day

4/23/2013 - Curiosity is not the fastest rover on Mars

4/23/2013 - Silicone Boozeware Will Easily Survive Your Most Drunken Rampages

4/23/2013 - Will the universe end in a "Big Rip"?

4/23/2013 - Classic Disney Animations and Their Real Life Counterparts

4/23/2013 - The Greatest Game of Thrones Joke You'll See All Week

4/23/2013 - Everything Wrong With Iron Man

4/23/2013 - Lost Girl's season finale leaves you wandering

4/23/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Anything Goes 2

4/23/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Anything Goes

4/23/2013 - 36 Photos You Took Instead Of Anything Else In The Universe

4/23/2013 - Scientists Have 3D-Printed Mini Human Livers for the First Time Ever

4/23/2013 - A baby crib fit for a Time Lord!

4/23/2013 - Things That Will Make Literary Agents Throw Your Novel Across the Room

4/23/2013 - Remote Control Turtles Could One Day Be Our Secret Slow and Steady Drones

4/23/2013 - The 9 Sexiest Doomsday Scenarios

4/23/2013 - Why That AP Tweet About the White House Explosions Is Definitely Fake

4/23/2013 - 10 Terrible Tech Frustrations My Toddler Will Never Have

4/23/2013 - Blind the Boogeyman With This Quad Beam Light Cannon

4/23/2013 - Stunning: ISS Passing Over Stonehenge

4/23/2013 - Snubbed scientist wants to rename the Higgs boson

4/23/2013 - Daft Punk's New Single Totally Sounds Like a Michael Jackson Disco Jam

4/23/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Color Splash

4/23/2013 - A Late-Night Punk Rock Set Is Incomplete Without the New HTC One

4/23/2013 - Charging Gadgets While You Bike Is About to Get a Lot Simpler

4/23/2013 - Tumblr's Mobile App Finally Comes to Windows Phone

4/23/2013 - An Introduction To Complications: The Chronograph

4/23/2013 - There's way more ninja action in the Japanese Wolverine trailer

4/23/2013 - Tumblr Windows Phone Gallery

4/23/2013 - CUTLASS Supreme: How the Next-Gen Police-Bot Picks Bombs Apart in Record Time

4/23/2013 - Researchers watch nanoparticles self-assemble for the very first time

4/23/2013 - What does the Star Trek game reveal about the destiny of the Vulcans?

4/23/2013 - Set Up Your Own Personal Storage Cloud With BitTorrent Sync

4/23/2013 - Particle Accelerators 101: If Only Every College Course Was Animated

4/23/2013 - If Batman took over Disney's Haunted Mansion, it would be awesome

4/23/2013 - The Only Thing Apple Really Sells

4/23/2013 - This chemical can turn you into Poison Ivy

4/23/2013 - Put an Entire Galaxy Under Your Office Chair

4/23/2013 - Defiance's second episode is better than the pilot

4/23/2013 - Whoa, Computer Graphics Can Make Water Look Real Now

4/23/2013 - Watch SpaceX's Grasshopper vehicle "hop" 820 feet into the air

4/23/2013 - Watch SpaceX's Grasshopper Break Its Record For Taking Off and Landing Vertically

4/23/2013 - Watch this meteor tear a hole in the Argentinian sky

4/23/2013 - HP's New Multi-Touch Graphing Calculator Has Smartphone Aspirations

4/23/2013 - Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Android Malware-Free

4/23/2013 - Just how complex are Man of Steel and Nolan's Interstellar?

4/23/2013 - Voice Control Is Coming to DirecTV's Smartphone App

4/23/2013 - Brain Scans Reveal That Humans Definitely Feel Empathy For Robots

4/23/2013 - Rumor: Is Acer’s 8-Inch Iconia W3 the First Small Windows 8 Tablet?

4/23/2013 - Euphonia: A Free Cinematic Film About Our Love Affair With Technology

4/23/2013 - How Nest Will Save You More Money By Teaming Up With Utility Suppliers

4/23/2013 - This Song Is Made Up Entirely of Computer Sounds From Movies

4/23/2013 - TSA Delays Its New Knives-on-Planes Policy

4/23/2013 - The first Thor 2 trailer reveals Thor's biggest weakness!

4/23/2013 - Every Ceiling Fan Should Be a Helicopter Ceiling Fan

4/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: My Friend Kills Time

4/22/2013 - How Much Food Can You Buy for 5 Bucks Around the World?

4/22/2013 - The Logos of Terrorist Organizations Predictably Love Using Guns

4/22/2013 - Watch an Airplane Turn Fog Into Beautifully Spinning Cloud Spirals

4/22/2013 - Watch two fairytale characters get turned on beating a man senseless

4/22/2013 - This is a surgical amputation kit from the 19th century. That is all.

4/22/2013 - Google's Offices Have Awesome Secret Rooms Hidden By Swiveling Bookshelves

4/22/2013 - Anthropologists explain how to approach aliens parked in Earth orbit

4/22/2013 - "Sexy" Star Wars Costumes Will Give You a Disturbance in the Force

4/22/2013 - This 8-Bit Video Will Make You Miss Your Childhood in the 90's

4/22/2013 - This lovely unicorn poster contains all of Peter Beagle's Last Unicorn

4/22/2013 - Lush, High-Tech Ecotopias of Today and Tomorrow

4/22/2013 - New York's First Passive House Would Have No Problem Hiding From the Predator

4/22/2013 - Jurassic Park re-opens for 3D business in this week’s DVDs!

4/22/2013 - What Happens When Siri and Google Voice Play Operator

4/22/2013 - Watch Our Sun Exploding for Three Years in Just Three Minutes

4/22/2013 - Watch a gamer combine a VR headset with an omnidirectional treadmill

4/22/2013 - The kind of cloud that's most often mistaken for a UFO

4/22/2013 - FocusTwist: The Closest to a Lytro Camera Your iPhone Can Get

4/22/2013 - Pack your bags, because your 2013 Summer Convention Guide is here

4/22/2013 - This Ultraviolet Lamp Keeps Your Dishwasher Clean No Matter How Dirty the Dishes

4/22/2013 - These skeleton rocking chairs are the most uninviting ever

4/22/2013 - This Magnificently Detailed Lego Oil Rig Will Be Spitting Brick Gold in No Time

4/22/2013 - FocusTwist Gallery

4/22/2013 - How to Jump Out of a Chinook in Style

4/22/2013 - The White House Picked the Perfect Stars for Its First Vine

4/22/2013 - Portal 2 writer Ted Kosmatka imagines a world where Creationism won

4/22/2013 - On Game of Thrones, revenge is a dish best served among friends

4/22/2013 - Building This Bike Is Almost As Easy as Making a Sandwich

4/22/2013 - New Netflix Family Plans: $12 for Four Simultaneous Streams

4/22/2013 - Eat Away Your Carbon Footprint With This Eco-Friendly Edible Spoon

4/22/2013 - Storm got a haircut! First look at Halle Berry on the new X-Men set

4/22/2013 - How to Take Pictures—From the International Space Station

4/22/2013 - First Star Trek clip shows Kirk struggling with the Prime Directive

4/22/2013 - Archaeologists Are Unlocking a 1900-Year-Old Burial Chamber's Secrets—With Drones

4/22/2013 - Official Thor 2 pics reveal Natalie Portman's magical journey

4/22/2013 - Tangible Alarm Smartphone Dock: Shove to Snooze

4/22/2013 - A Cheat Sheet of Every Single Gmail Keyboard Shortcut

4/22/2013 - The Most Useful Multitool Your Electronics Have Ever Seen

4/22/2013 - Google's Earth Day Doodle is all kinds of wrong

4/22/2013 - Remember how boring Buffy's "First Evil" was? Vampire Diaries doesn't

4/22/2013 - This Baratza Burr Grinder Is Your Deal of the Day

4/22/2013 - The Zombieland TV series is a cheap bootleg of Zombieland the movie

4/22/2013 - The psychology of hating food (and how we learn to love it)

4/22/2013 - How Canned Food Conquered the World—And How It Almost Didn't

4/22/2013 - Turn Your iPad Mini Into the Perfectly Sized Desktop Arcade

4/22/2013 - Researcher says jocks are victims of stereotyping and discrimination

4/22/2013 - The 8 Types of Shovels Everyone Should Know

4/22/2013 - Here's a Skinless, Laughing Elmo to Terrify You Forever

4/22/2013 - One of the World’s Greenest Commercial Buildings Opens Today

4/22/2013 - This Glowing Orb Keeps Your Laptop Running Cool in Extreme Conditions

4/22/2013 - 8 TV Episodes That Qualify As Psychological Warfare

4/22/2013 - Where the Toys Come From: Inside Hasbro’s Model Workshop

4/22/2013 - Listen to All the Bleeps and Bloops of Hollywood's Fake Computers

4/22/2013 - Google Might Change Google.com and Make Using the Internet Way Better

4/22/2013 - Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found

4/22/2013 - Netflix's Updated iOS App Comes With a Shiny, New Intuitive Design

4/22/2013 - You Could Control Google Glass With a Wink

4/22/2013 - A simple but elegant demonstration of fluid density

4/22/2013 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix Their New Single Using An 8-Bit Plugin and 45 Different NES Games

4/22/2013 - This Week's TV: Can a new superhero show succeed where others failed?

4/22/2013 - The Brain Is a Sexual Ornament

4/22/2013 - Comedy Central cancels Futurama

4/22/2013 - Watch Levi Sherwood "Shaolin" Backflip His Motorcycle At 1000 FPS

4/22/2013 - The Game of Thrones theme, as played on a bell tower

4/22/2013 - Now You Can Watch Your Unborn Child in Ultra-Creepy HD

4/22/2013 - Holly Maddux

4/22/2013 - Yahoo's New Summly-Integrated News App Is Now Live

4/22/2013 - That time Polish partisans stole a Nazi V2 rocket

4/22/2013 - Predator motorcycle helmets, because you ain't got time to bleed

4/22/2013 - Turn Signal Gloves Vastly Increase Your Chances Of Surviving an Urban Bike Ride

4/22/2013 - The Dark History Behind Earth Day's Murderous, Girlfriend-Composting Co-Founder

4/22/2013 - My Knitted Boyfriend means you'll always have someone to cuddle with

4/22/2013 - An Introduction To The Mechanical Watch

4/22/2013 - Let's start blaming everything on Dungeons & Dragons again

4/22/2013 - Send Your Bread Through This Tunnel Of Toast In the Morning

4/22/2013 - Oh good, a mug with a handle made of human fingers

4/22/2013 - Check out all the pretty, pretty (inter)faces in Oblivion

4/22/2013 - Muji Stripped This Splash-proof Speaker To Its Bare Essentials

4/22/2013 - A Prison Cell-Sized Room Designed by the Inmates Who Live in Them

4/22/2013 - Will John Hurt's guest spot rewrite Doctor Who history as we know it?

4/22/2013 - Apple Has Reportedly Rejected Up to 8 Million iPhones Delivered By Foxconn

4/22/2013 - Report: The Start Button Is Coming Back to Windows

4/22/2013 - Is Anyone Actually Going to Buy an iBeetle?

4/22/2013 - This Iron Man Mouse Puts Tony Stark's Head in Your Hand

4/22/2013 - Boston Police: Facial Recognition Didn’t Help Search For Bombers

4/22/2013 - You Can Buy the Leica That Captured the Iconic Kiss in Times Square Picture

4/22/2013 - Senators Are Trying to Rush Through a Massive Online Sales Tax Hike

4/21/2013 - Stealers Wheel: Stuck In The Middle With You

4/21/2013 - A demon plays a deadly game of freeze in this gory horror short

4/21/2013 - Bees pay a steep price for that whole "perpetuating the species" thing

4/21/2013 - Time to Give The TSA a Piece of Your Mind About Full-Body Scanners

4/21/2013 - The other clones start impersonating Sarah on Orphan Black

4/21/2013 - If The Beautiful Sky Tower From Oblivion Could Actually Exist That Would Be Great, Thanks

4/21/2013 - Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern Lightning Review: A Light for Every Emergency

4/21/2013 - First official images of our new Harry Osborn and Electro's alter ego

4/21/2013 - This Watch Accurately Tracks Moon Phases For 122 Years

4/21/2013 - All of Star Wars: Episode IV retold in a one-minute animation

4/21/2013 - Store Your DSLR In This Camera Lens Stool So Your Most Expensive Possessions Can Hang Out

4/21/2013 - BISON Database Lets You Stalk Nature From Anywhere

4/21/2013 - Grand Steampunk Homes and Businesses Straight from the Alternate Past

4/21/2013 - Crowdfund an illustrated fantasy novel by Bill Willingham & Frank Cho

4/21/2013 - It's Only Reasonable To Think That This Russian Volcano Looks Like Mordor

4/21/2013 - Jon Snow and Ygritte make a sex joke-laden rap video

4/21/2013 - Graffiti is a profound artistic act in a future ruled by ads

4/21/2013 - When Was The Last Time You Really Unplugged?

4/21/2013 - Lighting Climbers On A Sheer Ice Wall Basically Guarantees Amazing Photos

4/21/2013 - Gaze upon the bizarre mysteries of this hidden star cluster

4/21/2013 - Rural California Finally Gets Broadband Internet, Still Waiting For Second Gold Rush

4/21/2013 - Superman and Lois Lane reenact Klimt's "The Kiss"

4/21/2013 - Doctor Who's season finale title has been revealed—and it's a doozy

4/21/2013 - Incredible Thermal Imaging Video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Hiding

4/21/2013 - Sailor Moon grows up and joins a bōsōzoku biker gang

4/21/2013 - The Centipede's Dilemma: Why you forget how to do the most basic tasks

4/21/2013 - How to Make Money on Your Lunch Break

4/21/2013 - Teach Kids The Alphabet And Remind Them About Paper

4/21/2013 - Drop everything and watch this sweet and action-packed short anime

4/21/2013 - How to raise cloned children without totally screwing them up

4/21/2013 - Guess Something About A High Altitude Balloon And Maybe Win A Trip To Space

4/21/2013 - It's always a love story on Doctor Who these days

4/20/2013 - The Crazy Accurate Thermal Images That Saw Dzokhar Tsarnaev Through a Boat Tarp (Updated)

4/20/2013 - Watch This Poor, Abused Washing Machine Go Completely Insane and Explode

4/20/2013 - The Descendents: Myage

4/20/2013 - Curious cameras made from stuffed armadillos and turtle shells

4/20/2013 - Mockumentary from 2068 recalls the devastation caused by the Internet

4/20/2013 - These Mathematical Lawn Chairs Make It Easy to Solve for Ass

4/20/2013 - Imagine If This Crazy Confederate Helicopter Had Actually Been Able to Fly

4/20/2013 - Hemlock Grove has fantastic werewolves, but its story lacks bite

4/20/2013 - Whoops, CBS Got Twitter-Hacked And Spat Out Virus-y Links (Update: There's More!)

4/20/2013 - The Oddest Soviet Ads From The Late 19th And Early 20th Century

4/20/2013 - Do You Still Buy Vinyl?

4/20/2013 - Incredible kaleidoscope photographs of Portuguese Man O' War Zooids

4/20/2013 - Watch Star Wars: Episode IV Distilled Down to 60 Awesomely Animated Seconds

4/20/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Blue Girl in the Chemist's Lair

4/20/2013 - Rattlesnake heads can keep biting up to an hour after decapitation

4/20/2013 - Monster Machines That Mine Bitcoin, How Transformers Are Born, The First Google Glass Videos, And More

4/20/2013 - Watch the brutal weapon invented on last night's Da Vinci's Demons

4/20/2013 - Cuddle up with these sloths dressed as Disney Princesses

4/20/2013 - Mother/daughter vampire duo has a bloody bond in new Byzantium trailer

4/20/2013 - This Family of Data-Stealing Android Malware Got Downloaded from Google Play Millions of Times

4/20/2013 - In a future with one last bookstore, a boy falls in love with reading

4/20/2013 - Transformers long for Energon as they invade classic Guinness ads

4/20/2013 - Kim Dotcom Says His iTunes Library Is Worth $20,000

4/20/2013 - Oyster pirates fight a supernatural battle for shellfish, Hergé-style

4/20/2013 - All Subways Should Be As Pretty As Berlin's

4/20/2013 - Tony's suit comes in handy on date night in latest Iron Man 3 clip

4/20/2013 - Tom Hiddleston in talks to play the Crow

4/20/2013 - Samsung Is Working on Mind-Control for Its Tablets

4/20/2013 - Mabel falls in love with a cloned boy band on Gravity Falls

4/20/2013 - What's Inside a $12 Phone

4/20/2013 - This Wonderful Photographer Gave a Boy Suffering with Muscular Dystrophy a Chance to Live Out His Dreams

4/20/2013 - What Kind of Sorcery Lets You Filter Water Out of Coke?

4/20/2013 - What Our Gadgets Will Look Like a 100 Years From Now

4/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: The Face of Another (NSFW)

4/19/2013 - The Tech That Helped Take Down Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev

4/19/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Batman vs The Penguin

4/19/2013 - Awesome Wife Recreates TV Show Opening Credits for Her Husband's Birthday Gift

4/19/2013 - A Hilarious Woman Photoshopped Herself Taking Pictures with Her Cell Phone Camera into Old Photographs

4/19/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: April 13-April 19, 2013

4/19/2013 - Make your vision strobe with a toothbrush or a fart noise

4/19/2013 - Walking With Dinosaurs 3D is a visual feast

4/19/2013 - The world's oldest man turns 116 today

4/19/2013 - Producer Mark Johnson on the Galaxy Quest Sequel: "It's not over."

4/19/2013 - Sherpa, Google's One Today, and More

4/19/2013 - Flowboard, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, and More

4/19/2013 - Piki, Minibar, and More

4/19/2013 - Mansions and Fine Art Made Especially for Cats and Dogs

4/19/2013 - The Ancient Art of Perfect Gin: Our Visit to Beefeater and Plymouth

4/19/2013 - Total social collapse averted; Power Girl's boob window is back

4/19/2013 - One of the first religions inspired by the internet

4/19/2013 - And now the most horrifying Star Wars costume we've ever seen

4/19/2013 - Corniche Shelves Are Slices of Nature to Hang Your Stuff From

4/19/2013 - This is what a dolphin call looks like

4/19/2013 - Who would win in a fight: J.K. Rowling, or J.J. Abrams?

4/19/2013 - An iPhone 5 Case That Could Potentially Save Your Life One Day

4/19/2013 - Facebook's New Logo Takes Flat and Simple to the Extreme

4/19/2013 - In House of Rumour, Ian Fleming and Aleister Crowley win World War II

4/19/2013 - This Floor-To-Ceiling Lamp Marries Modern-Day Tech and Old School Design

4/19/2013 - You're looking at the lightbulb of the future

4/19/2013 - The Scandalous History and Strange Physics of Donuts

4/19/2013 - The world that only formerly-blind people can see

4/19/2013 - A Fire-Starting Pen, For When Your Words Aren't Inflammatory Enough

4/19/2013 - 34 years later, these Alien action figures are finally being released!

4/19/2013 - How Spotify Got Itself a New Logo

4/19/2013 - Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles are Teenage Mutants again

4/19/2013 - Overhauled Boeing 787 Dreamliner Officially Cleared for Take Off by the FAA (Updated)

4/19/2013 - Portal 2 Is Your Deal of the Day

4/19/2013 - This blinding optical illusion uses motion to rob you of your sight

4/19/2013 - How Apple Is Taking Over Your Car

4/19/2013 - Babylon 5's J. Michael Stracynski explains why most TV scifi is awful

4/19/2013 - Patton Oswalt's brilliant Star Wars: Episode VII pitch has a poster

4/19/2013 - Razer's Honoring Unauthorized 90-Percent-Off Coupon Purchases at a Huge Loss

4/19/2013 - If this True Blood rumor is true, we may have to burn down HBO

4/19/2013 - How to Build an Artificial Womb

4/19/2013 - The First He-Man Toy Commercial: Master of the Universe, Master of Marketing

4/19/2013 - The Massive Digital Library of the Future Just Opened Its 'Doors'

4/19/2013 - The Most Complicated Way to Make a (Mini, Lego) Free Throw

4/19/2013 - Benedict Cumberbatch tells Kirk how much he sucks in new Trek promo

4/19/2013 - 10 Once-Great TV Shows (And The Exact Moments They Started to Suck)

4/19/2013 - Kowloon Walled City: Remembering Hong Kong's Chaotic City of Darkness

4/19/2013 - What makes red squirrels the greatest warriors in Squeaktown

4/19/2013 - You Won't Mind That This Giant Lens Is Soft

4/19/2013 - Legendary Programmer Why The Lucky Stiff's Strange, Fascinating Novel

4/19/2013 - Nikola Tesla's Amazing Predictions for the 21st Century

4/19/2013 - Rare Photos Of The Soviet Space Program From Gagarin To Intercosmos

4/19/2013 - Oblivion has its meh moments, but one hell of a satisfying payoff

4/19/2013 - The World's Largest Message-in-a-Bottle Brings Tidings of Soda

4/19/2013 - The time M.A.S.K. took a super racist Australian vacation

4/19/2013 - A Knitted Boyfriend Is Even Sadder Than Being Alone

4/19/2013 - These animated gifs are some of the coolest we've ever seen

4/19/2013 - The Only Manual You Need for Your New HTC One

4/19/2013 - Iron Man 3 Behind-the-Scenes Footage Is Six Minutes of Pure Awesome

4/19/2013 - This Is the World's Most Complicated Timepiece

4/19/2013 - How Oblivion Made Earth Sound as Post-Apocalyptic as It Looks

4/19/2013 - Shenzhen's Massive Floating Stock Exchange Is as Dynamic as Its Tenant

4/19/2013 - Watch the ISS spacewalk live for some respite from the manhunt madness

4/19/2013 - This Predator Helmet Can Make Even the Tiniest Vespa Badass

4/19/2013 - The scientist who turned a hobby into genius

4/19/2013 - The Most Overwhelming Interstellar Image Ever

4/19/2013 - Watch NASA's Six-Hour Space Walk Livestream For a Glimpse of an ISS Workday

4/19/2013 - This R-Rated Weird Science remake sounds kind of gross

4/19/2013 - Amazon's 14 Original Series Pilots Are All Online Now

4/19/2013 - Apple Keeps Your Siri Data for Two Years

4/19/2013 - This isn't what you think it is

4/19/2013 - Meet "Fundawear," the vibrating underwear you control with your phone

4/19/2013 - Nike PHOTOid: Design Awesome Kicks Inspired by Your Instagrams

4/19/2013 - Graphene's Achilles Heel

4/19/2013 - Why is the talking raccoon the heart of Guardians of the Galaxy?

4/19/2013 - Can You Really Call This Life-Size Iron Man MARK 42 Suit a Figure?

4/19/2013 - You've Never Heard of Inhon, But It Made One of the Skinniest Laptops You've Ever Seen

4/19/2013 - These Cheap and Cheerful Archos Smartphones Run Stock Android and Start at $120

4/19/2013 - Save $300 on Acer's Great Little Aspire S7 Ultrabook

4/19/2013 - What Would It Be Like if Book Stores Died Out Completely?

4/19/2013 - Google's Buying Provo's Entire Fiber Network, Worth $39m, For $1

4/19/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Scars

4/18/2013 - Download Daft Punk's New Song 'Get Lucky'—The Radio Edit—Right Now

4/18/2013 - Who Knew People Could Jump Rope Like This?

4/18/2013 - Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Make Men Stop Peeing at a Urinal

4/18/2013 - Rethinking Netflix's Design

4/18/2013 - Real-life Houses That Look Like They Belong in the Shire

4/18/2013 - The Future Will Hilariously Remember the Internet As a Terrible Dark Age

4/18/2013 - War is shiny hell in the first Ender's Game footage

4/18/2013 - If you give kids cigarettes, Superman will @#$%ing murder you

4/18/2013 - Amazing Aftermath of the Supernova that Lit Up the Sky 1000 Years Ago

4/18/2013 - Tylenol could actually reduce your fear of death

4/18/2013 - Yellowstone's megavolcano is more terrifying than we ever imagined

4/18/2013 - Cokiyu: Your Thorn

4/18/2013 - Roboticists discover the secret of insect flight, and it's not wings

4/18/2013 - The NYT just posted the coolest exoplanet infographic we've ever seen

4/18/2013 - Flowboard: A Quick, Beautiful Way to Gather Your Thoughts

4/18/2013 - YOU is a bittersweet novel about how videogames remake our histories

4/18/2013 - Flowboard Gallery

4/18/2013 - Datamosh Your Photos With This Glitch Art App

4/18/2013 - A Game of Thrones director takes on an acclaimed "black list" script

4/18/2013 - First Teaser for Empire Uncut, the Star Wars Movie YOU Made

4/18/2013 - It's All About the Benjamin Ice Cubes, Baby

4/18/2013 - You Could Probably Ride To Work On This Badass 1:3 Scale RC Truck

4/18/2013 - How To Train Your Dragon 2 Turned Hiccup Into One Hot Piece of CG Ass

4/18/2013 - The explosive that goes off with the touch of a feather

4/18/2013 - Why Do Humans Cry?

4/18/2013 - NASA has discovered the most Earth-like planets yet

4/18/2013 - NASA Just Found the Two Most Perfect Planets for Life Yet

4/18/2013 - Butt-On With the Magical Machine That Finds the Perfect Pair of Jeans

4/18/2013 - Here's the scantily clad fantasy art you didn't know you needed

4/18/2013 - This Floating Barge City Is the Most Far-Flung Immigration Solution Yet

4/18/2013 - All The Reasons We Leave Earth for Dead in Science Fiction

4/18/2013 - This Panasonic HDTV Is Your Deal of the Day

4/18/2013 - Uh, A Condom Company Just Made Vibrating Underwear Controlled by Your iPhone

4/18/2013 - Sister Mine proves Nalo Hopkinson is one of the best fantasy authors

4/18/2013 - Dedicated McDonald's French Fry Holders Should Come Standard in Everything

4/18/2013 - Every Representative Who Voted for CISPA, and How to Contact Them

4/18/2013 - The Harrison Ford/Chewbacca feud is still tearing the galaxy apart

4/18/2013 - Nine ‘80s Sword-and-Sorcery Flicks that Need Modern TV Series

4/18/2013 - Using an iPad to Photograph Stuff Is Only Okay If It Saves Your Life

4/18/2013 - Even Wringing a Wet Cloth Is Magical in Space

4/18/2013 - Watch what happens when you wring out a washcloth in space

4/18/2013 - One state could require kids to read more science fiction in schools

4/18/2013 - The Top 40 Vines from the Tribeca Film Festival Will Convince You That Vines Are Actually Great

4/18/2013 - House Passes CISPA By Huge Margin

4/18/2013 - Autobots Assembled: How Transformers Come to Life

4/18/2013 - You Can Decide What the Next Official Transformer Looks Like

4/18/2013 - Exclusive never-before-seen photos from inside J.J. Abrams' Enterprise

4/18/2013 - Pump Up This Pressurized Hydration Pack So You Never Have To Suck

4/18/2013 - The illusion that lets you see the ghosts of clouds

4/18/2013 - Could This Bike On Steroids Really Hit 100mph?

4/18/2013 - 2077 has never looked better: new VFX shots from Continuum season 2!

4/18/2013 - Moore's Law predicts life originated billions of years before Earth

4/18/2013 - An Ecuadorian Home Made From 900 Lego-Like Blocks

4/18/2013 - Win the Ultimate Survival Tool

4/18/2013 - The Very Suspicious Similarities Between Google Glass and... Glass

4/18/2013 - Transformers 4's Chinese cast members will be decided by reality show

4/18/2013 - How the Post Office Sniffs Out Anthrax Before It Hits Your Mailbox

4/18/2013 - Twitter #Music Hands On: A Celeb-Stalking, Music Discovery Dream

4/18/2013 - Barbie’s mutated proportions are even more unrealistic than we thought

4/18/2013 - Why Scientists Think Our Timeline Could Be Splitting

4/18/2013 - Why do we get angriest at minor offenses?

4/18/2013 - Hang the Whole History of Video Game Controllers on Your Wall

4/18/2013 - The "avengers" assemble in this new Kick-Ass 2 clip

4/18/2013 - Is This What a Cheaper iPhone's Shell Will Look Like?

4/18/2013 - How Many Times Can You Stack a Lego Brick Before It Stops Connecting?

4/18/2013 - This is a Euk with a Uke on a Cuc. That is all.

4/18/2013 - Dude creates an ice waterfall after leaving the tap on for months

4/18/2013 - Yahoo Just Made The Most Beautiful Weather App

4/18/2013 - First Doctor Who Set Photo of Matt Smith and David Tennant Together!

4/18/2013 - Man's Best Friend Gets Its Own Action Cam Mount Courtesy Of Sony

4/18/2013 - Twitter Music Is Finally Here for Normals

4/18/2013 - Tylenol Could Help You Stop Worrying About Dying

4/18/2013 - Google Bans Selling or Lending of Glass

4/18/2013 - The World's First f/1.8 Constant Aperture Lens Will Stalk Light Like Nothing Else

4/18/2013 - Amazon Has Acquired a Siri-Like App Company

4/18/2013 - LG's Curved OLED TVs Are Actually Going on Sale

4/18/2013 - Rumor: Nokia Is Planning a Galaxy Note Rival and Lighter Aluminum Lumia

4/18/2013 - Why Would Anyone Buy a Bow Tie-Shaped Beer Can That Actually Gives You Less Beer?

4/18/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: 18F44

4/17/2013 - Monsters University is the Revenge of the Nerds remake we want

4/17/2013 - How Famous Logos Have Changed Over Time

4/17/2013 - Watch a Pretty Actress Recreate Popular Internet Memes

4/17/2013 - Awesome Grandparents Created Ridiculously Awesome Tree House Mansion for Their Grandkids

4/17/2013 - The Most Incredible Fantasy Maps You've Ever Seen

4/17/2013 - I Can't Believe This Amazing Flying Guy in a Wingsuit Didn't Crash Into the Mountain at 155MPH

4/17/2013 - Disney plans a brand new Star Wars movie EVERY SINGLE YEAR

4/17/2013 - Jeff Bridges is a sassy zombie cop in the first R.I.P.D. trailer

4/17/2013 - Mind control for fun and excitement, in the dark Swedish film LFO

4/17/2013 - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Can't Hold Us

4/17/2013 - Refractographs are eye candy brought to you by physics

4/17/2013 - These Insane Houses Have Indoor Slides

4/17/2013 - Customizable Pixel Stamp Lets You Painstakingly Punch Out Any Design

4/17/2013 - Strophes: The Beautiful Lyrics Reader Is Finally Mobile

4/17/2013 - Bagram Batman is the nag the Army needs right now, apparently

4/17/2013 - This Fully Loaded, Column of a Kitchen Is Actually Becoming a Real Thing

4/17/2013 - Dungeon Dice Let You Roll an Imaginary Adventure

4/17/2013 - The Trailer for Amazon's Zombieland Original Series Isn't Very Original

4/17/2013 - A Googler Shows Off How We Should Really Be Using Glass

4/17/2013 - New AMC Show: "Blade Runner Meets BSG." Yes Please!

4/17/2013 - This Transforming Chair Is Your Space Saving Camping Trip Champ

4/17/2013 - Strophes Gallery

4/17/2013 - First Zombieland TV series trailer is funny but still feels wrong

4/17/2013 - Lovely Pastel Furniture That Looks Like Aerogel

4/17/2013 - What do you think should be your state's official microorganism?

4/17/2013 - Wasps In Super Slow Motion Are 4,700 FPS of Freaky

4/17/2013 - TomTom's New GPS Watches Are Easily Controlled With a Large Cyclops-Like Button

4/17/2013 - New Lone Ranger trailer actually has a few funny moments

4/17/2013 - Merrell Road Glove 2 Review: Further Barefoot Refinement

4/17/2013 - There's More Than One Way to Sleep

4/17/2013 - Every Library Should Come With This Built-In Slide

4/17/2013 - Director Shane Carruth explains the ending of Upstream Color

4/17/2013 - Pinch To Zoom Is Literal On This Elastic Touchscreen Display

4/17/2013 - 10 Visions of the Los Angeles That Could Have Been

4/17/2013 - You Might Never Upload Your Brain Into a Computer

4/17/2013 - The iPad Keyboard Case You Want Is Your Deal of the Day

4/17/2013 - Burn It Down (Then Take a Seat)

4/17/2013 - MSN wants to relaunch Heroes, because it hates happiness

4/17/2013 - Toshiba KiraBook Hands On: Is an Amazing Screen Enough to Make a Computer Great?

4/17/2013 - This stunning house is a labyrinth

4/17/2013 - How Carnival Is Upgrading Its Fleet to Not Be Floating Shit Barges

4/17/2013 - Krang Apron: Perfect for Ninja Turtle Soup Prep

4/17/2013 - How to Make an iOS App Icon That Works

4/17/2013 - Photoshop's Genius Shake Reduction Tool Fixes Blurry Shots Like Magic

4/17/2013 - How Much Is Your House Worth In Bitcoins?

4/17/2013 - If you text a lot, you are probably also racist and shallow

4/17/2013 - Welcome to the macabre world of ‘execution site archaeology'

4/17/2013 - These Sleek Rocking Horses Are As Good an Excuse As Any To Have Kids

4/17/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Anything Goes

4/17/2013 - Seven Shipping Containers Make Up This Colorful Library

4/17/2013 - 12 Phrases That Are Never a Good Sign For a Hero's Survival

4/17/2013 - Intense screencaps from Man of Steel trailer show the Fall of Krypton

4/17/2013 - Microsoft Will Finally Offer Two-Step Verification For Your Entire Account

4/17/2013 - This Cutting Board Colander Is a Multi-Tasking Champ

4/17/2013 - Patton Oswalt's 8-minute Episode VII pitch is delightfully insane

4/17/2013 - Astronomers Have Discovered a New Type of Cosmic Explosion

4/17/2013 - The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials That Will Make the Future Safer

4/17/2013 - Thank a Simple Excel Error For Austerity Economics

4/17/2013 - NASA's Next Rocket Engine Could Be A Blast From the Past

4/17/2013 - DARPA's New Tiny Night Vision Camera Could Give Every Soldier Sight In the Dark

4/17/2013 - True facts about the sea pig – a living, deep-sea condom with legs

4/17/2013 - Report: Microsoft's Smart Watch Is Coming from the Xbox Team

4/17/2013 - A critical analysis of David Bowie’s crotch bulge in Labyrinth

4/17/2013 - Travel Case Furniture For Roadies Looking To Finally Settle Down

4/17/2013 - The Book Vase: A Tree Grows in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

4/17/2013 - Time now for some gas mask soccer

4/17/2013 - Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium Gaming Mouse Comes With Its Own Tiny Monitor

4/17/2013 - Space Monkey: Easy Cloud Storage in Your Very Own Home

4/17/2013 - Watch this woman's face shapeshift with a simple trick of the light

4/17/2013 - Sherpa, the Lovechild of Siri and Google Now

4/17/2013 - Raised Footprints: When Snow Steps Up

4/17/2013 - These Are the First Videos Being Shot With Google Glass

4/17/2013 - Google Mail, Drive, Docs and Other Services Are Down For Many (Updated)

4/17/2013 - Finally, your dog can get in on that sweet Star Wars cosplay action

4/17/2013 - Joss Whedon reveals he had sequel ideas even before he made Avengers!

4/17/2013 - Replace Google Reader With a Star Wars RSS Crawl

4/17/2013 - Pirate Bay Co-Founder Charged With Hacking and Fraud in Sweden

4/17/2013 - Android Was Supposed To Be a Camera OS

4/17/2013 - The Small Victory Your Admin Account Wins You If Your Laptop's Stolen

4/17/2013 - Foxconn Is Microsoft's Biggest Patent Licensee (Of, Uh, Android Patents...?)

4/17/2013 - Ricoh GR: A DSLR Sensor in a Point-and-Shoot, For $300 Less Than Nikon

4/17/2013 - Where Are All the YouTube Stars Now?

4/17/2013 - First glimpse of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity freaked us the hell out

4/17/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: SATUR 09

4/16/2013 - This is How the Jurassic Park Animatronic Triceratops Was Built

4/16/2013 - You Can Watch Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Movie iSteve Right Now

4/16/2013 - New Man of Steel Trailer: Superman + Explosions = INSANE

4/16/2013 - Here's What's Inside Google Glass' Box

4/16/2013 - At Last, a Man of Steel Trailer That Showcases Hot Crazy Action

4/16/2013 - A flock of birds and antigrav ships

4/16/2013 - Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal a Bloody Gruesome Murder?

4/16/2013 - The filthiest one-liners from the Kick-Ass 2 footage

4/16/2013 - Toh Kay: With Any Sort Of Certainty

4/16/2013 - Do you agree with this list of the best young SF novelists?

4/16/2013 - Wanna go to Mars? Better prepare your audition tape.

4/16/2013 - Newton's Cradle Is So Much Better With Motorcycle Helmets

4/16/2013 - Why the experts are so worried about the new bird flu

4/16/2013 - These Abandoned Power Stations Are Majestic in Their Decay

4/16/2013 - Piki: A Turntable.fm's Music Sharing App That Depends on Your Friends

4/16/2013 - It's mo' super-strength, mo' problems in this week's comics

4/16/2013 - Check out this bizarre pyramid-shaped object in deep space

4/16/2013 - The Future of Rechargeable Batteries Could Smell Like Rotten Eggs

4/16/2013 - Why This Simple Government Website Was Named the Best Design of the Year

4/16/2013 - What's the most underrated genre television show of all time?

4/16/2013 - Happiness is…thinking you get laid more often than your friends

4/16/2013 - Why your brain shuts down when you're afraid

4/16/2013 - Bellroy's Passport Sleeve Gives You Easy, Stylish Access to All Your Travel Docs

4/16/2013 - Jeff Bridges completely steals the show in our first taste of R.I.P.D.

4/16/2013 - Piki Gallery

4/16/2013 - New Nano-Suits Can Help Bugs Survive a Space-Like Vacuum

4/16/2013 - The 15 Greatest McFarlane Action Figures of All Time

4/16/2013 - Watch a Face Morph Eerily With Nothing But Lighting Shifts

4/16/2013 - Bugs can survive space-like vacuums with "nano-suit"

4/16/2013 - This Robot Is Probably Better at Art Than You

4/16/2013 - Intense graphic novel about insects is like Dr. Seuss meets Darwin

4/16/2013 - Merle from Walking Dead will add some grit to Guardians of the Galaxy

4/16/2013 - Teach your kids their ABCs with Darth Vader and Iron Man art blocks

4/16/2013 - Photoshop's Fathers Wax Nostalgic About How It Came To Be

4/16/2013 - Of Course Formula One Drivers Stay Fit With a Car-Shaped Exercise Machine

4/16/2013 - A Solid Everyday Rain Jacket Is Your Deal of the Day

4/16/2013 - Tom Cruise joins Top Gun-with-aliens scifi flick Yukikaze

4/16/2013 - Over 700 American Airlines Flights Cancelled After a Computer System Fails (Updating)

4/16/2013 - Your Web Cam Can See Your Heart Rate, Which Isn't Creepy At All

4/16/2013 - This video is indispensable for anyone who wants to make science art

4/16/2013 - 57 Gorgeous Spring Wallpapers

4/16/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Spring Gallery 2

4/16/2013 - How different was the unaired pilot of Game of Thrones?

4/16/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Spring

4/16/2013 - Prescription Painkiller Dispenser Curbs Abuse By Only Releasing Meds on Schedule

4/16/2013 - New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: You'll Never Believe What the Enterprise Has to Fight

4/16/2013 - Greek Mythology Inspired the Loom-like Arianna Lamp

4/16/2013 - Brontosaurus Is the Most Amazing Dinosaur Who Never Existed

4/16/2013 - The final Star Trek Into Darkness trailer reveals Kirk’s downfall

4/16/2013 - How to Catch an Asteroid

4/16/2013 - A touchscreen that even Tony Stark would love

4/16/2013 - The Best App Developer Is Working For Facebook Now (Updated)

4/16/2013 - Your Year in Foursqare Checkins, Visualized

4/16/2013 - Doctors keep skin grafts in place using parasitic worms

4/16/2013 - New Era Introduces Caps Celebrating Your 8-Bit Heros

4/16/2013 - Today's Facebook iOS Update Brings Chat Heads to Your iPhone

4/16/2013 - A Close Look at Tom Cruise's Futuristic Motorcycle in Oblivion

4/16/2013 - Watch a Sneak Peek Inside the New Tech in Iron Man 3

4/16/2013 - Why January 28, 1986 Matters Today

4/16/2013 - Okay, so the new Hemlock Grove trailer contains “lesbian necrophilia”

4/16/2013 - Search and Disarm: The Cop Bot That Takes Down Bombs

4/16/2013 - First teaser trailer for Ron D. Moore's Helix is a snowy horror show

4/16/2013 - Lazy Lego Spirograph Does All the Work For You

4/16/2013 - A fascinating new way to visualize your brain's connections

4/16/2013 - New Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool In Direct Sunlight

4/16/2013 - The Gesture Control of the Future Will Be in HP Computers This Summer

4/16/2013 - The 22 Best Product Designs of the Year

4/16/2013 - Defiance is not as good as SyFy hoped it would be… yet

4/16/2013 - Planning For the Next Sandy, Manhattan Building Installs a $250k Gate

4/16/2013 - Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV Eyes-On: How the Hell Is a TV This Beautiful So Cheap?

4/16/2013 - Allen's rule and the physics of evolution

4/16/2013 - This Bobbing Display Lets You Read While Running On a Treadmill

4/16/2013 - French scientist claims bras are useless (for some people)

4/16/2013 - Buyers of Night Shade Books Also Acquiring a Great Horror Publisher

4/16/2013 - LG's New Robo Vacs Come When They're Called

4/16/2013 - Jamie Foxx's Electro feels (and looks) blue on the Spider-Man 2 set

4/16/2013 - New magnetic putty video hypnotizes as much as it horrifies

4/16/2013 - First Picture of Patrick Stewart on set for X-Men: Days of Future Past

4/16/2013 - How Tall Can a Human Get?

4/16/2013 - The 12 Best Furniture Designs of the Year

4/16/2013 - Why Your Twitter Friends Are More Interesting Than You

4/16/2013 - Declutter Your Lounge and Control Your Lights With These Smart Remotes

4/16/2013 - Google Experimenting With Ditching the Black Bar for a New Launcher

4/16/2013 - The 2013 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Images of the Syrian Civil War

4/16/2013 - These Wooden Kitchen Knives Look Amazing, But Would You Use Them?

4/16/2013 - Some Apple TVs Have Wi-Fi Issues, But You Can Get a Replacement

4/16/2013 - New World War Z footage is goddamn relentless

4/16/2013 - Twitter Is Working with TV Networks to Add Video to Twitter

4/16/2013 - We've seen the first dynamic clip of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek

4/16/2013 - Google's MyGlass Companion App for Google Glass Is Now Available in Google Play

4/16/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Spacebound

4/15/2013 - Here Are Google Glass' Tech Specs

4/15/2013 - How Rich Are You? This List Will Show You Where You Rank Among the World's Richest People

4/15/2013 - This Awesome AT-AT Walker Belongs to an Even More Awesome Four Year Old

4/15/2013 - Thanks to HTML5, Streaming Movies on Netflix Might Suck Less

4/15/2013 - Facebook Is Talking to Apple About Making Facebook Home for the iPhone

4/15/2013 - One day, this is how we will build ships in space

4/15/2013 - Watching Four Minutes of Magnetic Putty Swallowing Things Is Oddly Erotic

4/15/2013 - This mesmerizing video is one solution to a climate change mystery

4/15/2013 - Download BitTorrent Files from Your Browser with BitTorrent Surf Beta

4/15/2013 - Just one sip of beer can trigger a dopamine surge in your brain

4/15/2013 - These futuristic cities are housed inside a single, gigantic building

4/15/2013 - Here's what the hell the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending is about

4/15/2013 - Zoom H6: The Essential DSLR Audio Tool Gets an Update

4/15/2013 - Do Not Try to Park a Boat With These Lamps

4/15/2013 - Minibar: A Classier Cocktail App to Get You Drunk in Style

4/15/2013 - How the Boston Marathon tragedy revealed the best side of social media

4/15/2013 - Minibar Gallery

4/15/2013 - Cell Phone Service Has Been Suspended in Boston (Update: It's Just Overloaded)

4/15/2013 - A Beautiful Wooden Book Rest for Old School Readers

4/15/2013 - Breathtaking Photo of International Space Station Racing over Ireland

4/15/2013 - Is This a Brilliant Self-Winding Garden Hose Or a Deadly Droid?

4/15/2013 - It’s Repo Man vs. Iron Man vs. Gunman in this week’s DVD releases!

4/15/2013 - The Summer Prince takes us to a future Brazil with human sacrifice

4/15/2013 - Watch This Timelapse of Microsoft's Original HQ Being Built From Scratch

4/15/2013 - Amazing Mass Effect cosplay that tells an unseen story of Aria vs Wrex

4/15/2013 - 3D sonograms let blind expectant parents "see" their babies

4/15/2013 - 10 Inspiring Objects from Salone del Mobile, the Center of the Design Universe

4/15/2013 - Your Ass Makes These Chair Paintings Come to Life

4/15/2013 - A device that controls your mind with pleasurable stimulation

4/15/2013 - Kool-Aid Man Bursts Into the Future With a CGI Makeover

4/15/2013 - Must Watch: Dawkins, Nye, Tyson, and Stephenson Discuss Science and Storytelling

4/15/2013 - Simpsons DVDs Are Your Perfectly Cromulent Deal of the Day

4/15/2013 - The Fake Websites of Law & Order Are So Stupid I Wish They Were Real

4/15/2013 - Turn your child's post-surgery walker into a Star Wars AT-AT

4/15/2013 - Filing Your Taxes Online Was Even More Terrible in 1991

4/15/2013 - Is there a "shadow biosphere" on Earth?

4/15/2013 - Can This Insulated Pillow Sack Really Replace a Slow Cooker?

4/15/2013 - Patton Oswalt is a perfect Penguin in the newest Badman installment

4/15/2013 - How to Awaken Your Lawn from Its Winter Slumber

4/15/2013 - The Science of Sperm Collecting

4/15/2013 - This Interactive Music Video Is an Insanely Fun Tribute to the Mouse Pointer

4/15/2013 - We really hope this isn't the only post credit scene for Iron Man 3

4/15/2013 - These Brain-Hugging Transistors Will Make Real-Life Cyborgs

4/15/2013 - Digital Drills: The Monster Machines that Mine Bitcoin

4/15/2013 - 13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas

4/15/2013 - Enjoy Marshmallow Superiority With This Air-Compressed Bazooka

4/15/2013 - A Flow Chart Explaining All Time Travel in Movies

4/15/2013 - Comcast Is Going to Start Encrypting Basic Cable Data

4/15/2013 - What kinds of topics do you want to read about on io9?

4/15/2013 - Sorry, but you can't buy the right to name a planet

4/15/2013 - Tobias Buckell is here today answering your questions, from 2-3 PST

4/15/2013 - Was this the rapiest episode of Game of Thrones?

4/15/2013 - This Week's TV: Is Defiance the new Firefly or the new Revolution?

4/15/2013 - This Natural Gas Plant Is Turbo-Charged by the Sun

4/15/2013 - Exclusive preview of DC's He-Man #1 comic

4/15/2013 - Test Your Touch Typing Prowess With a Murdered Out Keyboard

4/15/2013 - Every Apple Exec's Face Combined into One Jobsian Ideal

4/15/2013 - 90-Year-Old Woman Tries Out Oculus Rift VR Headset, Is Adorable

4/15/2013 - Shake This Curvaceous Spice Grinder For Perfectly Pulverized Seasonings

4/15/2013 - After Earth trailer shows the monstrous new wildlife on future Earth

4/15/2013 - This Power Glove Oven Mitt Guarantees You're a Wizard In the Kitchen

4/15/2013 - A major step towards transplantable lab-grown organs

4/15/2013 - Check out Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as undead cops in RIPD

4/15/2013 - Behold, the brain from space!

4/15/2013 - Reconcile Your LHC Shutdown Sadness With a Higgs Boson Watch

4/15/2013 - Hearing the World’s Tallest Building Creak in a Storm Is Terrifying

4/15/2013 - Tremble at the sight of Mantis, a 2-ton walking machine

4/15/2013 - Turn a Printed Page Into a Touchscreen With This Brilliant Concept

4/15/2013 - The Latest on Captain America 2, Guardians of Galaxy, and Avengers 2!

4/15/2013 - This Lab-Grown Kidney Can Keep Rats—And Maybe Even You—Alive

4/15/2013 - Why Does the Earth Have Rain Forests and Deserts?

4/15/2013 - Four of the Five Highest-Paid Execs in the US Work for Apple

4/15/2013 - How Chinese Scammers Are Swapping Fake iPhone Parts for the Real Deal

4/15/2013 - This Desk-Bed Makes Snoozing at Work a Cinch

4/15/2013 - Technology Has Sure Moved On in the Last 20 Years

4/15/2013 - WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

4/15/2013 - YouTube Celebrates 57 Years of VCR With an Analog Video Mode

4/15/2013 - TurboTax Went Down At a Kind of Crucial Moment and Didn't Handle It Well on Twitter

4/14/2013 - This 90-Year-Old Grandma Freaking Out Over the Oculus Rift VR Goggles Is What Makes Technology Great

4/14/2013 - Katniss is back! And the Capitol is plotting her death in the Catching Fire trailer

4/14/2013 - A piano makes a handy projectile in this Iron Man 3 clip

4/14/2013 - The Bar Fight Dominator Is A Slingshot That Shoots Glass Ashtrays

4/14/2013 - Giant Damage-Causing Snails Are Aggressively Invading Florida

4/14/2013 - General Zod delivers his message to Earth in the latest Man of Steel ad

4/14/2013 - The New Pornographers: The Bleeding Heart Show

4/14/2013 - Storyboards reveal the climactic ending to the J.J. Abrams-scripted Superman: Flyby

4/14/2013 - A star steals its partner's spotlight in the Southern Ring Nebula

4/14/2013 - Watching Bats Fly In Slow Motion Reveals Biological Badassery

4/14/2013 - Bitcoin Mining Has An Absurd Environmental Impact

4/14/2013 - Darling Illustrations of Star Wars Imperial Walkers Reimagined as Buses and Taxis

4/14/2013 - Orphan Black's PSA of the Week: Don't bury your dead clone in a shallow grave

4/14/2013 - You Can Feel Your Hand Even When It's Not Your Hand And It's Invisible

4/14/2013 - Gelada monkey's yodel-like gurgling could reveal origins of human speech

4/14/2013 - Who Really Has the Most Fake Twitter Followers?

4/14/2013 - New Subway Car Design Proposals Aim To Minimize Stranger Danger

4/14/2013 - A surprisingly upbeat animated short about an astronaut and his dog on the verge of death

4/14/2013 - Who knew illuminated manuscripts contained so many fart and poop jokes?

4/14/2013 - When Was The Last Time You Thought About T9?

4/14/2013 - If You Named A Planet Recently You Probably Didn't, You Know, Officially Name The Planet

4/14/2013 - The Incredible Story of Wojtek, the Soldier Bear

4/14/2013 - Finally A Robot Will Help You Build IKEA Furniture

4/14/2013 - Freaky alien artwork from the Lost in Space Japanese soundtrack

4/14/2013 - At last, a dating simulation that lets you go on a date with a T-Rex

4/14/2013 - 21-minute Oblivion featurette shows how its post-apocalyptic Earth came to be

4/14/2013 - Have you had your miracle this month?

4/14/2013 - Put Your Kids To Work On A Two-Tier Lego Chandelier

4/14/2013 - Motivational Megafauna just want you to be happy

4/14/2013 - Did Disney steal this Alice in Wonderland image?

4/14/2013 - People Stream Netflix More Than They Watch Any Cable Network

4/14/2013 - Now THIS is how you reinvent a classic Doctor Who monster!

4/13/2013 - Goldeneye: A Brilliant Blast of 90s Bond

4/13/2013 - Geometric Light Paintings Drawn by Roombas

4/13/2013 - At Least the Nanobot Apocalypse Has a Nice Soundtrack

4/13/2013 - Thumb-snatching aliens mess with the wrong Texas sheriff in this hyperactive short cartoon

4/13/2013 - Why Settle For Rooms When You Can Have a Whole Town Inside Your House?

4/13/2013 - A breathtaking image of this year's strongest solar flare so far

4/13/2013 - Meet the Man With iPhone-Controlled Bionic Arms

4/13/2013 - These brilliant Walking Dead posters find zombie faces everywhere

4/13/2013 - This Crazy Giraffe Floor Lamp Could Be a Pixar Mascot

4/13/2013 - The Bad-Ass Mormon Gunslinger of the Wild West

4/13/2013 - Things get spooky in the trailer for next week's episode of Doctor Who

4/13/2013 - What's the One YouTube Video You Think Everyone Should Be Required To Watch?

4/13/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The House on Crab Legs

4/13/2013 - The scene that shows how ludicrous the tech (and sex) gets on Da Vinci's Demons

4/13/2013 - The Strangest Tradition of the Victorian Era: Post-Mortem Photography

4/13/2013 - The Stolen Computer That Traveled to Iran, A Box to Change Guitars Forever, The Navy's Drone-Killing Laser Gun, and More

4/13/2013 - Aliens love soccer in this beautifully bizarre animated short

4/13/2013 - It's Super Easy To Try Facebook Home on Your Unsupported Android Phone

4/13/2013 - Why do so many electric things hum?

4/13/2013 - Judge Statler and Judge Piggy are the Law of Muppet Mega-City One

4/13/2013 - Why Your Cell Phone Doesn't Have a Dial Tone

4/13/2013 - Watch The Simpsons' Breaking Bad couch gag

4/13/2013 - Saturday Webcomic: Being haunted isn't the weirdest thing about Paranatural's bonkers middle school

4/13/2013 - Here's what a literal hairy eyeball looks like

4/13/2013 - Give Your Laptop and Smartphone a Spring Cleaning

4/13/2013 - Luke Skywalker is no match for Darth Mouse in the Disney/Star Wars parody we've been looking for

4/13/2013 - These Are North Korea's Favorite Things To Pirate

4/13/2013 - The Season Finale of Archer gives us a glimpse at the origins of Sealab

4/13/2013 - How To Sleep In Space

4/13/2013 - Photoshop Has Changed the World

4/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Tom N Jerry

4/12/2013 - I Love This Girl Who Splices Herself Into Awesome Facebook Cover Photos of Movies and TV Shows

4/12/2013 - Wow, You Can Actually Afford This $1300 50-inch 4K LED HDTV

4/12/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Lineup

4/12/2013 - What Famous Ads Would Look Like Today

4/12/2013 - In the creepy future of Antiviral, people pay to be infected with celebrity diseases

4/12/2013 - Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter Followers

4/12/2013 - One of those rare moments when a small thing gives you hope for the future of the planet

4/12/2013 - This horrific 22-foot wasp nest was found inside an abandoned house

4/12/2013 - Hugo Weaving suits up as Agent Smith to sell GE products... they've seen The Matrix, right?

4/12/2013 - Can ants predict earthquakes?

4/12/2013 - Design a terrible scientific study this weekend!

4/12/2013 - Leaked Details of Twitter Music Show That It'll Connect to Spotify, Rdio, iTunes and More

4/12/2013 - Oscar Peterson Trio: C Jam Blues

4/12/2013 - Iron Man meets the doomed Starship Enterprise in the best poster mashup of the day

4/12/2013 - What's the absolute worst space movie ever made?

4/12/2013 - The Creepiest Headless Portraits from the Victorian Era

4/12/2013 - Finder Codes, Ninja Jamm, and More

4/12/2013 - Status Board, Mail Pilot, and More

4/12/2013 - Burner, Facebook Home, and More

4/12/2013 - FAA: No, You Can't Take Down a Plane With an Android App

4/12/2013 - Forget Oblivion, you really want to know what the critics are saying about Scary Movie 5

4/12/2013 - KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken: A Brief Review

4/12/2013 - Looks like another DC superhero might be stopping by Arrow

4/12/2013 - People from the South aren't the fattest – they're just more honest

4/12/2013 - Is a remake of Stephen King's Cujo really coming this year?

4/12/2013 - Why Do We Get Emotional When We Drink?

4/12/2013 - Ronald D. Moore explains why he's back on Syfy with Helix

4/12/2013 - Injectable LEDs Send Light Coursing Through Your Brain

4/12/2013 - Your Dead Relative's Metal Parts Are Being Turned Into Road Signs

4/12/2013 - The Perfect Health Regimen that Only an Absolute Dictator Could Impose

4/12/2013 - 15 Human Weapons Made from Animal Weapons

4/12/2013 - How to Find the Distance To Any Spiral Galaxy

4/12/2013 - Mazda Wants This Sleek Spider Chair Creeping Across Your Living Room

4/12/2013 - They Might Be Giants sing the praises of nanobots in "Nanobots"

4/12/2013 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

4/12/2013 - Where is the science fiction about ending poverty?

4/12/2013 - These are among the world's first 3D photographs of untouched snowflakes

4/12/2013 - Are Sane Adults Allowed to Ever Use ;) ?

4/12/2013 - This HP Chromebook Is Your Deal of the Day

4/12/2013 - The New Anime Series You Absolutely Need to Be Watching

4/12/2013 - The Pebble SDK Is Out and Apps Aren't Far Behind (Updated)

4/12/2013 - These Apartments Grow Their Own A/C

4/12/2013 - A Miracle of Editing Turns These Kids Into Virtuoso Drummers

4/12/2013 - Clever Firefly fan sells a "Jane hat" with a "controversial backstory"

4/12/2013 - Can We Avoid an Antibiotic Apocalypse?

4/12/2013 - The Male Underwear of the Future Leaves So, So Many Questions Unanswered (NSFW)

4/12/2013 - Go Get Facebook Home for Android Now

4/12/2013 - The Most Badass Plane Ever Had An Equally Awesome Flight Suit

4/12/2013 - The Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Sexists in Marvel's amazingly awful new shirts

4/12/2013 - The 13 Most Ridiculous Amnesia Plots of All Time

4/12/2013 - Relax in Peace and Quiet Under This Sound-Absorbing Lamp

4/12/2013 - Watch This Anti-Earthquake Table Shrug Off a Violent Simulated Tremor

4/12/2013 - Gas Stations Transformed into Gorgeous Glowing Zombies

4/12/2013 - This ancient hominin could replace Lucy as humanity's closest evolutionary ancestor

4/12/2013 - Spaces On Earth Where No One Can Hear You Scream

4/12/2013 - Grip Simulator Could Revolutionize the Feeling of Weapons in Games

4/12/2013 - This is the first bear to ever have brain surgery

4/12/2013 - A Brief History of the Google Maps Pegman

4/12/2013 - The Art and Industry of Making Monsters

4/12/2013 - Exploratorium Reborn: Inside San Francisco's New Innovation Shrine

4/12/2013 - From Ghost-Gobblers to Princess-Saving Plumbers: the Birth of a Video Game Nation Happened in the Glorious 1980s

4/12/2013 - Satan cackles as new Trolls Dolls movie, TV show, video game and whatever humans can market moves forward

4/12/2013 - The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray set comes packaged in the Governor's Zombie-Head Aquarium

4/12/2013 - If Earth 2 Exists, TESS Will Find It

4/12/2013 - Chat Heads Are Now In the Facebook Messenger App for Android

4/12/2013 - The Real Reason Why Science Fiction Westerns Are Such a Hard Sell

4/12/2013 - This Map Shows Every Single Photo of Earth the ISS Has Taken—All One Million of Them

4/12/2013 - Cameron Crowe is making Lost the romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams

4/12/2013 - This Twisted Cabinet Wants to Strut Across Your Living Room

4/12/2013 - Find out where you can celebrate Yuri's Night!

4/12/2013 - The Walking Dead: Season 3 on Blu-ray Comes In This Creepy Cabinet of Zombie Heads

4/12/2013 - Nearly 1 in 10 Americans would have sex with a robot

4/12/2013 - Darth Vader is one handsome Sith lord in Dark Horse's The Star Wars comic

4/12/2013 - Cicada Nation: All About Those Noisy Little Bastard Bugs

4/12/2013 - A Lego Neck Strap Sets This Bricked Camera Apart From the Rest

4/12/2013 - Man of Steel producer reveals how Superman's new movie could pave the way for Justice League!

4/12/2013 - This Tennis Ball Bazooka Is a Weapon of Mass Exhaustion

4/12/2013 - Leap Motion Hack Lets You Drive a Boat With a Wave of Your Hand

4/12/2013 - Washington State Sure Looks Pretty From Space

4/12/2013 - This Rugged Carpet Is Washington State From Space

4/12/2013 - Scientists Can Make Brains Turn Transparent

4/12/2013 - Pentagon Defense Lawyers Banned From Using Computers Over Loss of Sensitive Data

4/12/2013 - Apple to Pay Out $53 Million Over iPhone Water Damage Warranty Issues

4/12/2013 - Bing Serves Up Five Times More Malicious Sites Than Google

4/12/2013 - Making Music with Kitchen Sounds Would Be My Waking Nightmare

4/12/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: This Is J03

4/11/2013 - Night Wakeboarding with Light Boards Paints Gorgeously Mesmerizing Pictures

4/11/2013 - Twitter Is Launching a New Twitter Music App Tomorrow

4/11/2013 - What Happens When a Stranger Asks to Instagram Your Food?

4/11/2013 - We've sampled the X-rays from young stars outside our own galaxy

4/11/2013 - All Movie Trailers Are the Same Freaking Thing

4/11/2013 - Elysium's Neill Blomkamp shares the secrets of designing a dystopia

4/11/2013 - Holy Hell, A Giant 22 Foot Wasp Nest Is the Most Terrifying Thing

4/11/2013 - The Most Popular Seats on an Airplane Are At the Very Back

4/11/2013 - ABC Family clearly has no idea what Batman is

4/11/2013 - Rocket science, explained with soda bottles

4/11/2013 - New Weird in New Mexico: American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett

4/11/2013 - An Earth-Sized Planet is Orbiting the Nearest Star

4/11/2013 - When luxury cars become beautiful pieces of furniture

4/11/2013 - We've found a mysterious ancient structure under the sea

4/11/2013 - Can the cast of Defiance name each alien race from their own show?

4/11/2013 - Iran's New Uranium Production Facility: Because the Rest of the World Wasn't Pissed Off Enough Yet

4/11/2013 - Instagraph: Your Instagram Workaround for WP8

4/11/2013 - The Best Way to Paint Is with Slow Motion Explosions

4/11/2013 - Squid sperm will cooperate to inseminate

4/11/2013 - This Credit Card Sized Backup Battery Is a Different Kind of Charge Card

4/11/2013 - Science fiction authors decide: Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

4/11/2013 - See a restored print of The Last Unicorn with author Peter S. Beagle!

4/11/2013 - Ultra-Slim Multitools Are a Smuggler's Dream Come True

4/11/2013 - How to Sell Star Trek to Foreign Audiences: Downplay the Space Stuff

4/11/2013 - Philips Hue Lightning Review: Your Lamp's Not Worthy (Updated)

4/11/2013 - Instagraph Gallery

4/11/2013 - Epic Superhero Art in a Traditional Native American Style

4/11/2013 - The Science of Rocket Fuel Explained With Soda Bottles and Slo-Mo

4/11/2013 - 'Teenage' birds are even more reckless than human teens

4/11/2013 - Stolen Laptop Is Sending Its Owner Secret Photos From Its New Home in Iran (Updated)

4/11/2013 - The Most Miraculous Fictional Cure-Alls (and Where to Find Them)

4/11/2013 - What Happens When You Push Concrete Beyond Its Limits?

4/11/2013 - Scientists can now turn brains invisible

4/11/2013 - The Most Over-Engineered Flask Known To Man

4/11/2013 - How We Figured Out the Speed of Thought

4/11/2013 - Monoprice's 27-Inch Hi-Res Monitor Is Your Deal of the Day

4/11/2013 - Did a 19th century novel inspire a group of Nazi UFO hunters?

4/11/2013 - Watch the Mind-Bending Mathematical Films of an Early Computer Artist

4/11/2013 - Did The US Mars Orbiter Just Find The Soviets' Mars 3 Lander?

4/11/2013 - This iOS Remixing App Lets You Pump Up the Ninja Jamms

4/11/2013 - Stephen DeKnight finally reveals some more tantalizing details about his upcoming scifi war drama Incursion

4/11/2013 - How I Helped Get Us To Pluto

4/11/2013 - The Science of Six Packs

4/11/2013 - And now gorgeous women in tiny leather shorts will kick everyone's ass as the Dimension Police

4/11/2013 - Who is Middle-Earth's biggest Taylor Swift fan? Gollum, obviously

4/11/2013 - The Old DVD Player Sitting in Your Garage Can Test for HIV

4/11/2013 - Early Dinosaur Embryos Found in China

4/11/2013 - 12 Iconic TV and Movie Roles That Were Recast Successfully

4/11/2013 - Philips' Prototype LED Could Replace Fluorescents and Save the US Billions Annually

4/11/2013 - In this adorable short filled with pop-up, paper craft monsters, our only defense is a match

4/11/2013 - How to Deal With Your Google Data After You're Dead

4/11/2013 - The Sun Just Shot Off the Biggest, Most Spectacular Solar Flare of the Year

4/11/2013 - One World Government and the War of Tomorrow

4/11/2013 - The episode of Xena: Warrior Princess that set women, TV and comedy back 20 years

4/11/2013 - When the laws of science fiction and economics intersect

4/11/2013 - This Gorgeous Kettle Is How Iron Man Boils Water

4/11/2013 - These Tiny Electronic Blocks Can Make Huge, Moving Works of Art

4/11/2013 - This man shaved two dinosaurs into his beard. That is all.

4/11/2013 - Scary Clowns and Snake-Haired Monstresses: Two Artists' Visions of the Next Robert Rodriguez Villain

4/11/2013 - Can You Find All the Memes in This Internet Orgy of a Poster?

4/11/2013 - Don't Worry Cyclists, There's a Swiss Army Knife For You Now Too

4/11/2013 - Scientists Succeed In Objectively Measuring Pain

4/11/2013 - Watchmaker Girard-Perregaux's Constant Force Escapement Is a Mechanical Work of Art

4/11/2013 - New photos and details from Man of Steel reveal two massive changes for Superman

4/11/2013 - The psychological principle every parent has already discovered

4/11/2013 - Samsung's New 6.3-Inch Phone Is Bigger Than 75 Percent of Human Penises

4/11/2013 - Memory Rug Puts a PC's Guts On Your Floor

4/11/2013 - Would You Pay $15 for a Better iOS Mail App?

4/11/2013 - First tiny but awesome look at the heroes of Japan's live-action Gatchaman movie!

4/11/2013 - Twitter Links Are Completely Screwed Up (Actually, They're Not)

4/11/2013 - The 7 Best Designs of the Year

4/11/2013 - How did Pablo Neruda really die? Forensic science weighs in.

4/11/2013 - Whoa, Francis Crick's DNA letter has sold for $5.3 million!

4/11/2013 - How to Create Random Numbers Using Radioactive Material

4/11/2013 - A Hawk Hunting in Super Slow Motion Will Make You Glad You're Not Its Prey

4/11/2013 - Go behind the scenes of Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and Doctor Who!

4/11/2013 - Don't Spill Anything On This $55 Foosball Table

4/11/2013 - New Documents Suggest the IRS Reads Your Emails Without a Warrant

4/11/2013 - Samsung's New Galaxy Mega: 6.3 Inches of Oversized Smartphone

4/11/2013 - How a Single Android Phone Can Hack an Entire Plane

4/11/2013 - Google Wants to Create a Dotless Domain Called "Search"

4/11/2013 - This Super-High Density Flash Storage Will Cram More Storage Into Your SSD

4/11/2013 - WSJ: Microsoft Is Working on a 7-Inch Surface

4/11/2013 - Watch the Police Attack and Arrest a Man for Recording Them with a Cell Phone Camera

4/11/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide

4/10/2013 - Verizon CEO Says He Convinced Steve Jobs to Put LTE in the iPhone 5

4/10/2013 - What People in 1836 Thought the Moon Was Like

4/10/2013 - How the Hell Did This iPad Get Stuck Inside a Car Bumper?

4/10/2013 - The Beginning of the Universe Explained

4/10/2013 - What would 25-feet of sea-level rise look like IRL?

4/10/2013 - Oh Yes, An Iranian Scientist Has Invented a Time Machine (So He Says)

4/10/2013 - Ursula K. Le Guin and other judges pick the year's best book about nature

4/10/2013 - Haunting photographs show historical events erupting into the present day

4/10/2013 - Scifi Remodel: People Who Have Converted Their Homes into Imaginary Worlds

4/10/2013 - These Boardshorts Are Basically Chafe Free

4/10/2013 - Because you always wanted to know what was worse than being bitten by a bedbug

4/10/2013 - Status Board: Get Control Over More Information Than You Know What to Do With

4/10/2013 - An Alien Code May Be Hidden Inside Our DNA!

4/10/2013 - Get a Speeding Bullet Eye's View of Anywhere in the World With a Street View Hyperlapse Maker

4/10/2013 - Robots can hate their dead-end jobs in the CG comedy short "Shelved"

4/10/2013 - The Evolution of Gmail, Visualized

4/10/2013 - This awesome Iron Man cosplay could actually control robotic exoskeletons

4/10/2013 - 15 More Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets

4/10/2013 - Syfy Trying to Get Back Into the Spaceship Business... Including Ringworld!

4/10/2013 - First Oblivion Reviews: It's as lifeless as the Earth it's set on

4/10/2013 - A Truck-Turned-Photo-Studio For a Different Kind of Drive-By

4/10/2013 - The Party's Over: The CW pulls the plug on Cult

4/10/2013 - Teehan+Lax releases easy-to-use hyperlapse tool, blows everyone's goddamn mind

4/10/2013 - Layered Veneer Beats a Wicker Seat Any Day

4/10/2013 - A $100 Nexus 7 Is Your Deal of the Day

4/10/2013 - If there were a Star Wars movie starring only busty babes, this would be the toyline

4/10/2013 - 3D Printed Headphones You Can Build From the Ground Up

4/10/2013 - Apple wasn't to blame for blocking Saga from iOS devices. Comixology apologizes.

4/10/2013 - Supercut: Every Scene Where Someone is Facing Something Incredible (and Away From You)

4/10/2013 - Can the Doomsday Argument predict our odds of survival?

4/10/2013 - If That Awesome G.I. Joe Trailer Were an 80s Toy Commercial

4/10/2013 - The Day I Forgot How to Use a Book

4/10/2013 - You still haven't seen all the best Avengers and Thor concept art!

4/10/2013 - More insane discoveries from old World War II battles

4/10/2013 - Report: The Next Xbox Controls Your TV and Cable Box—with Kinect

4/10/2013 - There's Gross Alternative Fuel Just Hanging Out in the Sewers

4/10/2013 - 8 Major Marvel Heroes Who Will Probably Never Get a Movie

4/10/2013 - Shooting Challenge: First Moments of Spring

4/10/2013 - Battlestar Galactica remade as a Friends episode

4/10/2013 - GE Is Freeing Up 'Thousands' of Patents to Fuel Your Imagination

4/10/2013 - Iron Man 3 featurette introduces the new men and women in Tony Stark's life

4/10/2013 - With a Dock This Awesome, Who Needs a House?

4/10/2013 - The beginning of the Universe explained in just three minutes

4/10/2013 - There's a Massive Green Blob in Space

4/10/2013 - Teeny Tiny Analog Synthesizers Are the Most Adorable Way to Lay Down Your Jams

4/10/2013 - Baby Gorillas and Business Decisions Go Together Like Baby Gorillas and Everything

4/10/2013 - There's an All-Natural Bed Bug Cure That Actually Works

4/10/2013 - This changes everything: Paul Reubens to voice the White Rabbit in Once Upon A Time's spinoff series

4/10/2013 - The 15 Best Digital Designs of the Year

4/10/2013 - Golden Spike still needs help to send people to the Moon (because NASA isn't going back)

4/10/2013 - Is the Game of Thrones TV show finally going off the rails?

4/10/2013 - Jurassic Park's Dinosaur Sound Effects Were Actually Animal Sex Sounds

4/10/2013 - This Fish Fossil Shows Why Humans Have Two Arms and Two Legs

4/10/2013 - Beets Parody Headphones Are Actually Not a Prank

4/10/2013 - The Casiopea Lamps Are Elevated, Illuminated String Art

4/10/2013 - Burner: The Single-Serving Phone Number App Is Now for Android

4/10/2013 - This moonrise timelapse is the most mesmerizing thing you'll see today

4/10/2013 - Burner for Android Gallery

4/10/2013 - What's Inside the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset?

4/10/2013 - The scientific innovation designed to rip off an artist's work

4/10/2013 - A Stunning Crystal Chandelier That's Actually Made From Lego

4/10/2013 - The Walking Dead season 3 VFX reel shows computers are the real zombie killers

4/10/2013 - The Exterior of This Tokyo Coach Store Is a Pattern on the Outside and Shelves on the Inside

4/10/2013 - A Dark Knight Rises star joins Christopher Nolan's new epic Interstellar. Plus lots of Doctor Who set videos!

4/10/2013 - All the Different Animal Flus You Could Possibly Catch

4/10/2013 - How To Build Your Own Muscle-Controlled Iron Man Repulsor

4/10/2013 - Could This Be the Front of the Next iPad?

4/10/2013 - Leaked Paper Reveals Wide Reach of America's Drone Killings

4/10/2013 - Awesome Underwater EVA Training Photo Of Astronaut Thomas Pesquet

4/10/2013 - This Fish Sailed From Japan to Washington on an Unmanned Tsunami Boat

4/10/2013 - The Problem With Every Adobe Update Ever

4/10/2013 - Samsung Offices Raided By Police Over Alleged LG Technology Theft

4/10/2013 - OS X Code Reveals Apple's Plans For Super-Fast Wi-Fi

4/10/2013 - Putting Glowsticks Inside Waterfalls Is Mesmerizingly Beautiful

4/10/2013 - T-Mobile Will Give You the iPhone 5 for Free If You Trade in an Old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

4/10/2013 - New conspiracy documentary claims that oil companies are covering up UFOs

4/10/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Eye Candy

4/9/2013 - What Different Countries Eat to Cure Hangovers

4/9/2013 - Screencaps reveal the wonder and squalor of Neill Blomkamp's first Elysium trailer

4/9/2013 - The wrong way to write about science

4/9/2013 - This Video Explains Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin in Three Minutes

4/9/2013 - Facebook Home Review: Surrender Yourself Unto Zuck

4/9/2013 - The Bizarre Supernatural Web Movie With a Cameo by Martin Scorsese

4/9/2013 - Chaos Walking author Patrick Ness releases his strangest book yet

4/9/2013 - Are you really a virgin?

4/9/2013 - iPourIt: Who Needs Bartenders?

4/9/2013 - What's killing all the people in this exclusive book trailer for Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave?

4/9/2013 - Report: Apple and Yahoo Are Working Together for Deeper Integration on the iPhone

4/9/2013 - Which TV Show Will Be Your Obsession? The Lowdown on 7 New Fall Pilots

4/9/2013 - Watch 3D-printed synthetic tissue react like the real thing

4/9/2013 - First trailer for Elysium proves that Neill Blomkamp's still got it

4/9/2013 - Playing Tetris in Stop Motion Chalk Art Is A Lot Harder Than You Think

4/9/2013 - This unbelievable image of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo is 100% real

4/9/2013 - Want to live in a spaceship? These houses are for you.

4/9/2013 - Valet App Remembers Where You Parked Your Car So You Don't Have To

4/9/2013 - You can't read Brian K. Vaughan's Saga on your iOS device because gay sex

4/9/2013 - When DC canceled Young Justice, it destroyed a universe of potential

4/9/2013 - These Durable Foam Solar Racers Could Last and Run Forever

4/9/2013 - Valet Gallery

4/9/2013 - All Booze Tastes Better When It's Squeezed From a Stone

4/9/2013 - Farming Nemo: How Aquaculture Will Feed 9 Billion Hungry People

4/9/2013 - Swim In this Chlorine-Free Swiss Pool With 1999 of Your Closest Friends

4/9/2013 - YouTube Is Streaming Every Hour of Coachella This Weekend

4/9/2013 - Why escaping to the water wouldn't have saved you from a dino attack

4/9/2013 - What the Death of the Sun Will Look Like

4/9/2013 - You Could Probably Spend Your Entire Life On Starck's New Gadget-Friendly Sofa

4/9/2013 - Fox bans the sale of unlicensed Jayne hats from Firefly

4/9/2013 - A friendly reminder that you are mostly nothing

4/9/2013 - It's still too early to freak out about bird flu

4/9/2013 - Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology

4/9/2013 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Tobias Buckell's The Apocalypse Ocean

4/9/2013 - How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever

4/9/2013 - Why the hell is Bruce Wayne firing a gun? Only this week’s comics knows!

4/9/2013 - The Big Jambox Is Your Deal of the Day

4/9/2013 - Self-Standing Butter Knife Keeps Condiments Off the Table

4/9/2013 - The Truth About Why Microbes Make You Sick

4/9/2013 - This Timelapse Turns the Moon into a Flaming Cannonball

4/9/2013 - Two Magnificent Magnified Shots

4/9/2013 - A Quick Look at Google Play's Android Overhaul

4/9/2013 - 26 glorious images from Star Trek: Into Darkness show how the crew has changed

4/9/2013 - We may possibly have our Black Panther (possibly)

4/9/2013 - 10 Amazing Milestones of Early Computer Animation

4/9/2013 - Is Lost Girl going to start a race war?

4/9/2013 - Magic: The Gathering Lets Make-Believe Wizards Blast Make-Believe Fireballs

4/9/2013 - A Modular, Fully Customizable Wine Rack For Every Type of Drinker

4/9/2013 - First clip for This Is the End only strengthens our desire to see Hollywood sink into hilarious hell

4/9/2013 - Listen to the first 760,000 years of the universe

4/9/2013 - The Evolution of Outdoor Seating Brilliantly Visualized

4/9/2013 - A Children's Treasury of Reaction GIFs

4/9/2013 - NASA to Expand its Search for Earth-like Planets

4/9/2013 - Botnet Warlord: Meet the Man Who Will Kill Your Computer

4/9/2013 - Is it just me, or does this new Defiance trailer remind you of Firefly too?

4/9/2013 - Watch Colbert Force Bill Clinton to Finally Join Twitter

4/9/2013 - Batman and Robin's cast and crew sit down to eviscerate the world's most hated Batman movie

4/9/2013 - The Navy's Next Gen Fighter Jets Will Heal Themselves

4/9/2013 - KnobFeel: Extensive Reviews of Nothing But Knobs

4/9/2013 - Latest science shows that size really does matter to women

4/9/2013 - Inside the All-New Legoland Hotel

4/9/2013 - Time Traveler Watch Uses Famous Landmarks To Mark the Hour

4/9/2013 - What Would Happen If the World Lost Oxygen for 5 Seconds?

4/9/2013 - The powerful, unstable explosive found in children's toys

4/9/2013 - Deep Sea Fauna with Googly Eyes

4/9/2013 - 7 Incredible Uses for Nanocellulose

4/9/2013 - Dr. Seuss's Evil Dead is the children's book that needs to happen

4/9/2013 - How meteorites powered Earth's primordial soup

4/9/2013 - Here's How Google Glass Actually Works

4/9/2013 - These Tiny Chiplets Could Coat Nearly Anything in Digital Intelligence

4/9/2013 - LulzSec Pleads Guilty

4/9/2013 - George R.R. Martin confirms a fan favorite character won't appear on Game of Thrones!

4/9/2013 - The Third Man On The Moon On Beverly Hills 90210

4/9/2013 - The Next Fast & Furious Film Should Totally Be Filmed With RC Cars

4/9/2013 - Invisible Lightning Strikes Could Be Bombarding Planes With Radiation

4/9/2013 - Slim 27-Inch iMacs Hit Apple's Refurb Store For $1,530

4/9/2013 - This Lamp Belongs in a City Skyline

4/9/2013 - The Stories of Poop Hidden in NASA's Apollo 10 Mission Transcripts

4/9/2013 - Panasonic's Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6 Brings Wi-Fi to Micro Four Thirds

4/9/2013 - Facebook Apologized to a Mom After Accidentally Banning Her Twice for Posting Breastfeeding Pictures

4/9/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Thumb Snatchers From the Moon Cocoon

4/8/2013 - The planetary defense mecha were on high alert

4/8/2013 - It Took Four Months to Recreate Jurassic Park in Minecraft and It Was Totally Worth It

4/8/2013 - Read what happens when Astronauts poop their pants in space

4/8/2013 - A Woman Robbed a Bank with a Can of Spaghetti Sauce

4/8/2013 - How to Make Sure No One Bothers You in a Computer Lab

4/8/2013 - A Better Deal for Night Shade Books' Authors

4/8/2013 - This Guy Created an Awesome Pringles Can That Actually Makes It Easy to Get Chips

4/8/2013 - What Aging from 1 Year Old to 102 Years Old Looks Like and What It Means

4/8/2013 - A new post-apocalyptic vision from Angry Robot Books

4/8/2013 - These Are The Most Amazing Snowmobiles Ever Built

4/8/2013 - Val Kilmer dons the Bat-cowl again. Things do not go well.

4/8/2013 - New Under The Dome trailer shows what happens when you touch the Dome

4/8/2013 - Doll House furniture made out of human skin

4/8/2013 - Alien life in our solar system, according to pulp-art legend Frank R. Paul

4/8/2013 - Cities of the Future Will Be Swarming With These Insects

4/8/2013 - JR: Visit the Award-Winning Artist's Work Around the World Without Ever Leaving Home

4/8/2013 - No Home Is an Island (But Here's a South African Home That Looks Like One)

4/8/2013 - We've seen 10 minutes of Neil Blomkamp's Elysium, and it is AWESOME

4/8/2013 - Intel's Thunderbolt Is About To Get Twice As Fast

4/8/2013 - JR Gallery

4/8/2013 - Stunning photos of super-dense Hong Kong apartments look like Borg cubes

4/8/2013 - Breville's All-In-One Is a Space Saving Multi-Tasking Mixer

4/8/2013 - Nord Lead 4: Infinite Gnarly Sounds from a Single Synthesizer

4/8/2013 - Finally, a movie that shows the dangers of trying to give birth to a clone of Doctor Who

4/8/2013 - Game of Thrones Week 2: You can't let bullies change who you are

4/8/2013 - How Many Strips of Packing Tape Do You Need To Lift a Car?

4/8/2013 - Man Spaghetti might be the most demented animated film we've ever seen, and we can't stop watching it

4/8/2013 - Watch a Navy Laser Gun Blast a Drone Right Out of the Sky

4/8/2013 - This scaleless Antarctic fish has crystal clear blood

4/8/2013 - How Bayes’ Rule Can Make You A Better Thinker

4/8/2013 - Holy crap, somebody's selling a Hubble Telescope control console on eBay

4/8/2013 - The Perfect Sofa For When You Don't Want To Snuggle

4/8/2013 - The Tiniest iPod Is Your Deal of the Day

4/8/2013 - The Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell TV show starts filming this summer!

4/8/2013 - Guy Tries to Buy Toy Poodles, Gets Fluffy, Steroid-Pumped Giant Ferrets Instead

4/8/2013 - Everything you need to know about the five ice ages of Earth (including ours)

4/8/2013 - It's Justice League vs. Justice League vs. Justice League in DC's summer event "Trinity War"

4/8/2013 - Not Safe For YouTube: How Google Draws the Line Between Porn and Art (NSFW)

4/8/2013 - The Best Free, Online Short Stories from February and March

4/8/2013 - Lens-Friendly Novo Action Cam Turns Your Extreme Stunts Into Cinematic Masterpieces

4/8/2013 - These Awesome Bird Treats Contain Only Trace Amounts of Horse

4/8/2013 - First official image for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4/8/2013 - Early 1900s Cure-All Medicines Would Actually Kill You Dead

4/8/2013 - 10 Movie Taglines That Were Straight-Up Lies (And What They Should Have Been)

4/8/2013 - What Do Earth's Mountains and Valleys Really Sound Like?

4/8/2013 - Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: RAW Video In the Palm of Your Hand for $1000

4/8/2013 - Fill in the blank: A gaggle of geese, a pride of lions, a ________ of whale sharks

4/8/2013 - The Best Coffee Mug Improvement Since the Handle

4/8/2013 - Spot the Hidden Bed in This 130 Square-Foot Paris Apartment

4/8/2013 - HTC One Review: The Beauty Is a Beast (Updated)

4/8/2013 - This Week's TV: The writer of The Dark Knight creates the most unlikely superhero

4/8/2013 - The Technology Behind the Running Sneakers That Make You Feel Like You're Not Wearing Any

4/8/2013 - Blake's got a personal vendetta in SyFy's Blake's 7

4/8/2013 - Russian Heavy Flame Thrower Systems: As If Tanks Weren't Badass Enough on Their Own

4/8/2013 - Will Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy be set in the year 2045?

4/8/2013 - Why Have We Stopped Seeing UFOs in the Skies?

4/8/2013 - Every subway system in North America, connected

4/8/2013 - An Ode to Felicity Smoak, the Coolest Character on Arrow

4/8/2013 - The Next World-Changing Supermaterial Is Grown, Not Made

4/8/2013 - The Ultrasonic Beer Frother: All the High-Tech Head You Never Asked For

4/8/2013 - This Coiled Cultural Center Could Be the Guggenheim's Long Lost Cousin

4/8/2013 - PETMAN is the Terminator's less violent kid brother

4/8/2013 - This life-size E.T. puppet is the creepiest thing that has ever existed

4/8/2013 - HopStop Live!: It's Like Waze But For Public Transportation

4/8/2013 - Marvel Is Giving Away 700 Free Comics to Everyone Again

4/8/2013 - What It Would Look Like If You Connected Every Subway in North America

4/8/2013 - You Can Try a Leaked, Janky Version of Facebook Home Right Now

4/8/2013 - Every language needs its, like, filler words

4/8/2013 - 4K Video At 1,000 Frames Per Second Will Melt Your Eyes

4/8/2013 - How dark will the Governor (and Carl) get on The Walking Dead? Plus Intriguing Man of Steel hints!

4/8/2013 - Scientists Link Red Meat Chemical to Heart Disease

4/8/2013 - This Terrifying Condom Slingshot Is the Most Effective Birth Control

4/8/2013 - You Can Make Insane Weapons Out of Airport Duty-Free Items

4/8/2013 - This Is the Porn That Gets Downloaded in the Vatican

4/8/2013 - How Hollywood Is Making Texting Look Dramatic

4/8/2013 - HTC Just Made Its Lowest Profit Ever

4/8/2013 - US Court Rules That Checking Maps on Your Phone While Driving Is a Bad Thing

4/8/2013 - WikiLeaks Spills Its Biggest Ever Stash of Secret US Records

4/7/2013 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Sacrilege

4/7/2013 - The clones are piling up (and wielding knives) on Orphan Black

4/7/2013 - French Secret Service Freaks Out About Seemingly Nonexistent Military Secrets On Wikipedia

4/7/2013 - Monkeys are the most stressed when they're stuck in the middle

4/7/2013 - Adsum Detonator Speakers Blast The Crap Out Of Stuff

4/7/2013 - NASA plans to send humans to an asteroid by 2021

4/7/2013 - New Moms Check In With Their Newborns On iPads To Start Surveillance Young

4/7/2013 - Concept art for the Hulk-vs.-Insect-Men movie that never was and Billy Crudup as the green guy

4/7/2013 - 8 Abandoned Antarctic Whaling Stations and Bases that are Still Amazing

4/7/2013 - Sony's 4K TVs Will Be Surprisingly Affordable—in That They Cost Less than a Car

4/7/2013 - Attempts To Dodge Chinese Hacking May Backfire As Usual

4/7/2013 - Turkish TV show neglects to put special effects in a scene

4/7/2013 - Algorithm Improves Airline Arrival Predictions, Erodes Favorite Work Excuse

4/7/2013 - Crowdfund a futuristic model city made of LEGO and documentary about an island's mysterious hum

4/7/2013 - What's The Coolest Tech You've Ever Dreamed About?

4/7/2013 - Perhaps the most beautiful Doctor Who-inspired wedding shoot in all of time and space

4/7/2013 - Game of Thrones-inspired house sigils celebrate scientific exploration

4/7/2013 - Fire Printers Seem Like The Best Terrible Idea Ever

4/7/2013 - Glow-in-the-dark 2001: A Space Odyssey poster is mind-blowing when the lights go out

4/7/2013 - A zombie-bitten father tries to save his infant daughter in this bittersweet short film

4/7/2013 - Ben Kingsley's Mandarin addresses the President in the latest Iron Man 3 clip

4/7/2013 - Print An Interactive Robot On The 3D Printer You Totally Have

4/7/2013 - Judge Death costume is the perfectly terrifying law

4/7/2013 - 8,000 Sheets Of Rice Paper Can Organize Into Art

4/7/2013 - Have you had your taste buds hijacked?

4/7/2013 - What if The Little Mermaid was about a mermaid who wants to snuggle with cats?

4/7/2013 - How do you make eggs out of plants? (And why?)

4/7/2013 - Sequence Your DNA In An Hour On This Tiny Chip

4/7/2013 - Doctor Who's new companion is only lovable when the show isn't trying to make us love her

4/6/2013 - Third Eye Blind: Losing a Whole Year

4/6/2013 - Brilliant and bejeweled prostheses designed to stand out instead of blend in

4/6/2013 - Is the Vacuum Of Space Strong Enough to Suck Up the Earth's Oceans?

4/6/2013 - 9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World

4/6/2013 - These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

4/6/2013 - Chris Hadfield shows us why it's uncomfortable to cry in space

4/6/2013 - What's the Jankiest Gadget You Love Despite All Its Flaws?

4/6/2013 - Cult finally shows us the kiddie Manson cult behind the show

4/6/2013 - How Engineers Built a Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex for Jurassic Park

4/6/2013 - Steve Carell and James Gandolfini will play history's wackiest feuding paleontologists in Bone Wars

4/6/2013 - White House: NASA's Next Big Mission Will Be to Capture an Asteroid

4/6/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Alien at the Dinner Table

4/6/2013 - Dramatic diagrams of cell biology and atomic structure belong in a beautiful textbook

4/6/2013 - If David Tennant had stayed on Doctor Who, he would have traveled with Amy Pond

4/6/2013 - The Most Awesome Camera Stabilizer, Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing First Website, Boobies on YouTube, And More

4/6/2013 - Watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme reenacted with ordinary turtles

4/6/2013 - This Pretty, Portable Fireplace Looks Fit to Burn Rocket Fuel

4/6/2013 - Monroe stars in “The Great Brain Vasectomy Caper” in this week’s Grimm

4/6/2013 - Caption this comic for a chance to win a copy of Vader's Little Princess!

4/6/2013 - What Could Be Cooler Than a Sleek Watch Made From Dead AK-47s?

4/6/2013 - The all-lady X-Men team gets a high-fashion group portrait

4/6/2013 - Saturday Webcomic: A cartoonist rediscovers the joy (and sex) of comics in The Magic Pen

4/6/2013 - Behold the cursed ring that may have inspired Tolkien's One Ring

4/6/2013 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Spotify Master

4/6/2013 - When a man gets stuck in a monster costume, the whole village teams up to hunt him down

4/6/2013 - MotoGP Live Experience 2013: Full Throttle Racing is Back!

4/6/2013 - Nukes, Government Blackmail, and Vegan Seafood on Archer

4/6/2013 - Did Google Accidentally Announce Its Next Fiber City?

4/6/2013 - What The Special Effects in The Walking Dead Looks Like

4/6/2013 - If Going to a Party Was Like Playing a Video Game

4/6/2013 - What Verizon's Nokia Lumia 928 Will Probably Look Like

4/6/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Between Beasts

4/5/2013 - The cities hovered in clouds

4/5/2013 - I Love This Little Girl Who Wants to Make a Hoverboard After Watching Back to the Future II

4/5/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: American Psycho With Huey Lewis and Weird Al

4/5/2013 - How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?

4/5/2013 - The Old World Translations for Modern Day Social Networks

4/5/2013 - Cisco is working with the Chinese government, on Person of Interest!

4/5/2013 - How a Beautiful Woman With a Cow's Tail Will Win Your Heart in Thale

4/5/2013 - The One Awesome Fact About Lasers That You Need to Know

4/5/2013 - What's next on Arrow, now that Tommy has made a fateful choice?

4/5/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: March 30-April 5, 2013

4/5/2013 - Why Dubstep Comes From the Future

4/5/2013 - Will the Mortal Instruments movie keep the gay hero from the books?

4/5/2013 - Iridescent Skins Let You Just Tilt To Change Your iPhone's Color

4/5/2013 - Modern Day Hermits and Robinson Crusoes

4/5/2013 - Jurassic Park 3D Review: An Improvement on Perfection

4/5/2013 - Feedly Revamped, TripWhat, and More

4/5/2013 - Note Anytime, SOHO Social Launcher, and More

4/5/2013 - KeepShot, Dexteria Jr., and More

4/5/2013 - Ocean Wave Movements Make For Much Better Conveyer Belts

4/5/2013 - Khaleesi Has a Theme Song

4/5/2013 - This Amazing Lego Recreation of Han Solo's Blaster Pistol Will Make You Want to Shoot First

4/5/2013 - Chill Out In This Breezy Beach Tent (Beach Not Included)

4/5/2013 - DIY Alcoholic Dippin' Dots: The Hangover of the Future

4/5/2013 - What you should know about the new avian bird flu

4/5/2013 - New X-Men: Days Of Future Past image reveals which mutant has aged the best

4/5/2013 - So they updated Evil Dead by making it torture porn with a little exorcism all up in it

4/5/2013 - Let's Talk About Whatever You Want for the Next Hour

4/5/2013 - Night Shade Books' would-be owners on their controversial deal: "We're the good guys"

4/5/2013 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner Blazes Through New Battery System Tests

4/5/2013 - Latte Drawings That Blow Your Local Barista Out of the Water

4/5/2013 - This House Has a Pool With an Island and Nothing Else Matters

4/5/2013 - 5 Best Facebook Home Alternatives for Android

4/5/2013 - A Badass Remote Tank Mower That Could Probably Clear a Forest

4/5/2013 - Is This Dingo Mother Mourning Her Dead Pup?

4/5/2013 - When Godzilla fought the Loch Ness monster, everybody lost

4/5/2013 - Sharp LC-60LE650U Lightning Review: Entry Level Shouldn't Look (or Sound) This Awesome

4/5/2013 - Transformers: Beast Hunters Images That Belong on the Wall of Your Rec Room

4/5/2013 - The Best-Looking iPad Case Is Your Deal of the Day

4/5/2013 - Could you outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex?

4/5/2013 - First Look at Tilda Swinton as a Passenger on the Post-Apocalyptic Hell Train

4/5/2013 - Shattered Raspberries Are Coolest Slow-Mo Snack

4/5/2013 - Sorry Other Gamers—Xbox Users Are Better At Sex

4/5/2013 - New pictures from Elysium show the dirty underbelly of Matt Damon's rotten future

4/5/2013 - 10 Unusual Genetic Mutations in Humans

4/5/2013 - Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books?

4/5/2013 - Historical Cathedral Renovation Takes Choose Your Own Adventure Route

4/5/2013 - Tony Stark taunts terrorists in the first Iron Man 3 clip

4/5/2013 - Russian Bears Are Hooked on Huffing Jet Fuel Until They Pass Out

4/5/2013 - The Very First Close Encounter With Planet Saturn

4/5/2013 - These portraits were drawn with mathematical equations

4/5/2013 - Real-Life Mind Control Let a Human Wag a Rat's Tail

4/5/2013 - Brain Scans Can Predict What You're Dreaming About

4/5/2013 - It's Almost Impossible To Believe There's a Robot In This Suit and Not a Real Human

4/5/2013 - Exclusive clip from the second episode of Orphan Black escalates the clone count

4/5/2013 - Don't Like This Flashlight's Standard Modes? Just Reprogram It

4/5/2013 - Upstream Color is the first masterpiece of the year

4/5/2013 - The Dark Knight Returns' Carrie Kelley may be Batman's new Robin

4/5/2013 - America's New Maritime Spy Drone Program Is Finally Getting Off the Ground

4/5/2013 - This 300-Year-Old Farmhouse Hides Its Age

4/5/2013 - Could You Actually Build BioShock Infinite’s Floating City in Real Life?

4/5/2013 - All the Best Fake Websites TV Shows Have Dreamed Up

4/5/2013 - Neil Patrick Harris + sulfur hexafluoride = the booming voice Dr. Horrible wishes he had

4/5/2013 - This New Camera Stabilizer Could Change Cinematography Forever

4/5/2013 - The illusion that removes your ability to see numbers

4/5/2013 - Spiked Ice Tray Lets You Freeze Up Untraceable Murder Weapons

4/5/2013 - Back to Jurassic Park: A Paleontological View

4/5/2013 - Disney Princesses make for some pretty intimidating Sith Lords

4/5/2013 - TV Will Tear Us Apart: The Future of Political Polarization in American Media

4/5/2013 - Minimalist Bamboo Desk Set: The Wood Makes It Good

4/5/2013 - Stock photographs of "scientists" are way more hilarious than you ever imagined

4/5/2013 - Major Hints About Iron Man 3, Jurassic Park 4, Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who!

4/5/2013 - Bank of America Is Adding Teller Video Chat to Its ATMs

4/5/2013 - Scientists Can Print Synthetic Tissue Using Just Water and Oil

4/5/2013 - 8 Iconic Film Props You Can Totally Try to Buy Right Now

4/5/2013 - Google’s Piracy Takedown Requests Hit By… a Takedown Request

4/5/2013 - Scientists Can Read Dreams Using Brain Scans

4/5/2013 - Leaked Hands-On Reveals New Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6

4/5/2013 - Mark Zuckerberg Talks Home, the Future of Sharing and Life Outside Facebook

4/5/2013 - Describing Tech Companies As File Menu Commands

4/5/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Kioku Zenkei

4/4/2013 - How Far Can North Korea's Missiles Actually Reach?

4/4/2013 - Concept Art from the Doctor Who Animated Series We're Glad Never Happened

4/4/2013 - Report: Apple Is Close to Signing Two Major Music Labels for Its Upcoming Music Streaming Service

4/4/2013 - There Is Such Thing As a Cockroach Cam and It's Just As Gross As You'd Imagine

4/4/2013 - The original writer of Prometheus is reinventing The Black Hole

4/4/2013 - What Facebook's Real Facebook Home Would Look Like

4/4/2013 - Tomorrow's Material World is Being Built at the Molecular Foundry

4/4/2013 - First trailer for the Carrie remake shows the climax Stephen King always wanted you to see

4/4/2013 - The Best Science Fiction Novels of 2012, According to the Clarke Awards

4/4/2013 - Watching a Hummingbird in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Majestic

4/4/2013 - Warwick Davis answers the Willow question that's been bothering us for 25 years

4/4/2013 - The sale of Night Shade Books is killing the best new science fiction magazine of the past year

4/4/2013 - Who's the character you most want to see die in the new Evil Dead?

4/4/2013 - Scientist Can Wrangle Microscopic Particles Using Gentle Tornadoes of Sound

4/4/2013 - Use a simple trick to convince people that you're Magneto

4/4/2013 - The Subterranean Wonder of Abandoned Subway Stations

4/4/2013 - HLP Flashlight: A Highly Functional Utility App That's Beautiful, to Boot

4/4/2013 - R.I.P. Roger Ebert, The Man Who Made Millions Fall in Love with Movies

4/4/2013 - A breathtaking video montage of time-lapse clips taken from orbit

4/4/2013 - Rumor: Marvel planning Inhumans film modeled on Game of Thrones?

4/4/2013 - Spin This Desk Lamp All the Way Around

4/4/2013 - Is Disney about to destroy the Star Wars Expanded Universe Altogether?

4/4/2013 - Behold, the most distant supernova explosion ever photographed

4/4/2013 - Your Awful Breath Has Its Own Fingerprint

4/4/2013 - An exclusive Doctor Who clip shows Clara tasting forbidden fruit!

4/4/2013 - Video proof that dragonflies are nature's ninjas

4/4/2013 - Assert Your Dominance Over the Sun With a Solar Charging Patio Umbrella

4/4/2013 - Grade School Bullies Should Train On This Resilient Balancing Bot

4/4/2013 - Curse Me Like You Mean It: Using Psychology to Make Your Curses Actually Work

4/4/2013 - Listen to All 45 Now That's What I Call Music Albums in One Glorious Playlist

4/4/2013 - Antique Shark-Tooth Sword Reveals a Lost World

4/4/2013 - Why Your Shitty Android Phone Won't Get Facebook Home

4/4/2013 - Clearance Third-Generation iPads Are Your Deal of the Day

4/4/2013 - What Could Be More Relaxing Than a Hot Tub Surrounded By Fire?

4/4/2013 - A heaping helping of all-new Avengers deleted scenes

4/4/2013 - The science behind meditation, and why it makes you feel better

4/4/2013 - Watching Potato Chips Being Made Is as Addictive as Eating Them

4/4/2013 - Night Shade Books Editor in Chief on the buyout: "This is the last chance to make sure all of my authors get paid"

4/4/2013 - What Are Facebook Chat Heads?

4/4/2013 - Every human has a "breathprint" – what does yours say about you?

4/4/2013 - HTC First: Pure Facebook Phone (Update: Hands On)

4/4/2013 - Footwear Projection Mapping Is a Kickass Way To Sell Sneakers

4/4/2013 - Holy @#$%, scientists have just discovered Cthulhu — wait, make that two Cthulhus

4/4/2013 - The Facebook Phone: It's Finally Sorta Real (Update: Eyes-On)

4/4/2013 - 12 Computers Who Are Complete Bastards

4/4/2013 - At last, a warrior vanquishes the Green Arrow

4/4/2013 - Apple's Spaceship HQ Is Getting a Downgrade From Absurd to Just Plain Extravagant

4/4/2013 - Automatic Do-Not-Disturb Measures Your Brainwaves to Know When You're Busy

4/4/2013 - This Bookshelf Vase Keeps a Rose Next To The Wars of the Roses

4/4/2013 - New Interface Allows Humans to Move a Rat’s Tail With Their Thoughts

4/4/2013 - Your First Computer Love Deserves a Place in Your Heart and On Your Wall

4/4/2013 - Bees are actually capable of deductive reasoning

4/4/2013 - Five Insane Weapons That Should Be Real

4/4/2013 - The Shade Is Also the Dimmer on the Ascent Lamp

4/4/2013 - Peter Jackson trolls the world, flaunts his copy of the Star Wars: Episode VIII script

4/4/2013 - This Supersonic Jet Has Trained 50,000 of America's Best Pilots

4/4/2013 - You Can Sit in This Pond Without Getting Wet

4/4/2013 - Why You Might Actually Want a Facebook Phone

4/4/2013 - The psychological test that Darwin first invented

4/4/2013 - Four clips from Oblivion reveal Tom Cruise's big post-apocalypse sit-down with Morgan Freeman

4/4/2013 - Even LED Keychain Lights Have Gesture Controls Now

4/4/2013 - Disney Kills LucasArts, My Childhood

4/4/2013 - AMC grants geek wishes in new reality show

4/4/2013 - The DEA Is Upset It Can't Access iMessages (They're Just Like Us!)

4/4/2013 - A Map of Who's the Best (and Most Biased) at Picking March Madness Brackets

4/4/2013 - The CG Captain Harlock movie still looks completely badass, if you were wondering

4/4/2013 - How far is it to Mars?

4/4/2013 - Chefs of the World Rejoice: Your Days of Painstakingly Dicing Hot Dogs Are Over

4/4/2013 - Apple Highlights App Age Ratings to Clear Up Just How Ruined Your Children Will Be

4/4/2013 - iPad Price Cuts Mean New Models Can't Be Far Behind

4/4/2013 - Watch as this massive ice-sheet rips and shreds itself apart off Alaska

4/4/2013 - The World's First Webcam Was Created to Check a Coffee Pot

4/4/2013 - A shocking possible title and intriguing description for Doctor Who's top-secret season finale!

4/4/2013 - Vietnam Builds a Giant Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge To Commemorate the End of the War

4/4/2013 - North Korea's Twitter and Flickr Accounts Have Been Hacked

4/4/2013 - Watch a Massive Black Hole Snack on a Planet

4/4/2013 - How to Turn Your Shell-Prompt Into a Hamburger

4/4/2013 - Bill Gates and Paul Allen Recreate Iconic 1981 Microsoft Photo

4/4/2013 - Samsung Is Building 1,400 Retail Stores Inside Best Buys

4/4/2013 - Google Is Forking WebKit to Create a New Rendering Engine For Chrome and Opera

4/4/2013 - This Fantastic Website Shows How Far Mars Really Is from Earth (Spoiler: It's Faaaaar)

4/4/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Love Hate

4/3/2013 - The Science of Why Cats Do the Things Cats Do

4/3/2013 - Nikola Tesla and the Myth of the Lone Inventor

4/3/2013 - Watch a Package's Entire Shipping Journey from the Package's Point of View

4/3/2013 - Giving a Baby a Light Saber Is Never a Good Idea

4/3/2013 - I Want to Stand in Front of This Motorized Mirror to Break My Brain

4/3/2013 - Even the great ones will meet their demise

4/3/2013 - This t-shirt gives you one kitty to beam up

4/3/2013 - If Game of Thrones Characters Were on Facebook

4/3/2013 - Watch Curiosity Rover's parachute flap in the Martian wind

4/3/2013 - The Rules of Good Nutrition (That Absolutely Everybody Agrees On)

4/3/2013 - Another indie publisher on the ropes: Night Shade Books plans an asset sale

4/3/2013 - Holy Crap, Is This Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing Childhood Angelfire Website?

4/3/2013 - Food in Space: Great Photos of Astronaut Meals, from the Early Space Voyages to Today

4/3/2013 - Shopster: Make Return Grocery Trips a Thing of the Past

4/3/2013 - This Watch's Wheel of Weather Lets You Know What To Wear

4/3/2013 - When it comes to obsessing about death, Woody Allen has nothing on the Fraggles

4/3/2013 - Billionaire Plans to Fill Parks With Hundreds of Giant Robot Dinosaurs

4/3/2013 - Zoe Saldana could play the green-skinned ass-kicker Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy

4/3/2013 - Future Spy Planes Could Get a Lift from Ionic Thrusters

4/3/2013 - What's better after the apocalypse: dick jokes or poop jokes? We asked Seth Rogen!

4/3/2013 - Take These Tropical Legless Rocking Chairs to the Beach

4/3/2013 - Shopster gallery

4/3/2013 - This Infinitely Configurable Table Was Made for Flip Floppers

4/3/2013 - Kick Your Pesky Cocaine Habit By Blasting Your Brain with Lasers

4/3/2013 - Bruce Campbell explains the secret of great film-making: "give a sh-t, and don't treat audiences like they're stupid."

4/3/2013 - A Closer Look at Twitter's Wonderful Android Redesign

4/3/2013 - The Prefabbed Lustron House Is a Peep at Post-WWII America

4/3/2013 - Oh this? Nothing. Just the 3D-printed skeleton of a living, breathing animal.

4/3/2013 - How Chess Got Its Timeless Style

4/3/2013 - Learn How to Connect With Your Dog Telepathically With This Simple Infographic

4/3/2013 - Logiq Tower Stacking Puzzle: The Evil Offspring of Tetris and Jenga

4/3/2013 - These Pretty Bluetooth Headphones Are Your Deal of the Day

4/3/2013 - Amy Pond shills make-up for the living dead

4/3/2013 - Airports Are a Beautiful Twisted Mess

4/3/2013 - An Exclusive Chapter from Republic of Thieves, by Lies of Locke Lamora Author Scott Lynch!

4/3/2013 - How Far Do You Run Playing Different Sports?

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