8/31/2013 - Dredd: So Dumb, So Fun

8/31/2013 - Cymbals Eat Guitars: Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)

8/31/2013 - The mech stood alone among the floating pillars

8/31/2013 - The World's Tallest Hotwheels Wall Track Puts Your Childhood to Shame

8/31/2013 - Continuum just made our heads explode!

8/31/2013 - Luckiest man alive miraculously survives insane landslide

8/31/2013 - Spend your long weekend laughing at the weirdest porn spoofs [NSFW]

8/31/2013 - How police caught two bank robbers using Verizon cell phone data

8/31/2013 - Don't You Wish You Were In One of These Beautiful Natural Pools?

8/31/2013 - How can you make the ebook novella boom work for you?

8/31/2013 - It Takes a Ludicrous Amount of Work to Build a Quake-Proof Bridge

8/31/2013 - Know your Star Wars fighters with these gorgeous posters

8/31/2013 - These metallic dresses were created with iron filings and magnets

8/31/2013 - The Truck is probably the best "evil truck" movie of the year

8/31/2013 - What's the Most Useful Gadget People Don't Know They Need?

8/31/2013 - Don't miss this engrossing novel about the science of dragons

8/31/2013 - Google's Crazy Internet Balloons Will Flock Together Like Cyborg Birds

8/31/2013 - First Teaser for the Epic Documentary About Nic Cage's Superman Lives

8/31/2013 - Obama will attack Syria if Congress gives OK

8/31/2013 - Is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar really about climate disaster?

8/31/2013 - Porn Habits Across the USA, Breathing Liquid, GIFs on Facebook, And More

8/31/2013 - Incredible chrome T-rex skeleton scavenges on the banks of the Seine

8/31/2013 - These fan-made Peter Capaldi Doctor Who credits are astounding

8/31/2013 - Deadly Cloud: The Science Behind the Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

8/31/2013 - Are you a cyberpunk? This early 1990s poster explains it all to you.

8/31/2013 - This Goofy Radio Ad Got People All Worried About an Alien Invasion

8/31/2013 - Did studio meddling cause all the problems with Star Trek: Enterprise?

8/31/2013 - It's a truck with a jet engine going 210 mph!

8/31/2013 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Maps Master

8/31/2013 - Will Jonathan Nolan deepen Person of Interest's themes in Westworld?

8/31/2013 - When carousel rides were for adults trying to get a little risqué

8/31/2013 - The National Guard Accidentally Practice-Bombed a Bar Parking Lot

8/31/2013 - Meet DC Nation's Metal Men! Plus a glimpse of the Lego Yoda Special!

8/31/2013 - The One Trick Dumbphones Are Still the Best At

8/31/2013 - How to Make E-Cigarettes Look Even Dumber

8/31/2013 - 8 Ways to Make People Hate You on the Internet

8/31/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Tits. (NSFW)

8/30/2013 - Leaked Documents Detail the Cyber Operations of US Spy Agencies

8/30/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Shocker

8/30/2013 - Seeing Random Things Cut in Half Is the Best Thing

8/30/2013 - What's Your Favorite Cookbook App?

8/30/2013 - Zack Snyder explains why he wanted mass deaths in Man of Steel

8/30/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: August 24 - 30, 2013

8/30/2013 - Would You Trust a Helium-Filled Floating Venue On Your Wedding Day?

8/30/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: The Converted, Flickr, Blackbar, and More

8/30/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: The Converted, Blackbar, ReadQuick, And More

8/30/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Digg Reader, Dynamic Notifications and More

8/30/2013 - The Luxurious Afterlives of Abandoned Sea Forts and Oil Rigs

8/30/2013 - This Video Explains the History of Color Film Technology in 21 Minutes

8/30/2013 - An Enlightening Look at the History and Science of Color Film

8/30/2013 - The creator of Vader and Son takes us to the Jedi Academy

8/30/2013 - Should you return long-forgotten property that you have by mistake?

8/30/2013 - Google Bought a Smartwatch Company

8/30/2013 - An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years

8/30/2013 - The Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Gin and Tonic

8/30/2013 - The line between fiction and fic has never been blurrier

8/30/2013 - A Packable Emergency Backpack You Can Stash Almost Anywhere

8/30/2013 - Open a Beer With a Frisbee: The Trick You Need to Learn Today

8/30/2013 - Discover the Ladder Paradox, relativity's greatest thought experiment

8/30/2013 - Which character has the most tragic backstory of all time?

8/30/2013 - The World's Smallest Folding Bike Can Fit Inside Carry-On Luggage

8/30/2013 - Queen's Brian May releases a hit song to save the badgers

8/30/2013 - Could Mr. Nobody be the philosophical epic we've been waiting for?

8/30/2013 - This is what happens when imbeciles interrupt comedians

8/30/2013 - Is Your Terrible Laptop Posture Ruining Your Back?

8/30/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Search For Hope After Sandy Hook Massacre

8/30/2013 - The android who inspires us

8/30/2013 - 15 [KOOZIE-LIKE HOLDERS] That Definitely Aren't Koozies™

8/30/2013 - Dealzmodo: MacBook Pro Retina, Surface RT, iPads, Battery Pack

8/30/2013 - The map that can solve the Middle East problem

8/30/2013 - This 90-second video is better than any Transfomers movie will ever be

8/30/2013 - Pixar replaces Good Dinosaur director with no one, yet

8/30/2013 - This Horrible Dorm Is Britain's Worst Building of the Year

8/30/2013 - Superheroes are inherently silly, but these are especially pointless

8/30/2013 - This classic car chart guide will be useless for most but fun for all

8/30/2013 - The Jaw-Dropping Winners of the Largest Sports Photography Contest Yet

8/30/2013 - Why honey is the only food that doesn't go bad

8/30/2013 - Why Stardust deserves to become a movie classic

8/30/2013 - Stop Asking Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

8/30/2013 - This Abandoned Mall Is Perfect for Your Zombie Back to School Shopping

8/30/2013 - The 12 Most Pointless X-Men

8/30/2013 - Hubble Captured a Huge, Light-Year-Long Flaming Space Monster

8/30/2013 - In this intense short, a ballerina dances in shoes made of knives

8/30/2013 - Tor: The Anonymous Internet, and If It's Right for You

8/30/2013 - 11 Of The Best Android Apps Are Free Right Now

8/30/2013 - The Essential Guide to September's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy

8/30/2013 - Watch the insane documentary for the bafflingly dangerous Action Park

8/30/2013 - You Can Get 10TB of Free Cloud Storage If You Trust This Random Company

8/30/2013 - DARPA Got a New Tagline (and Tom Cruise Helped)

8/30/2013 - Which TV star used to say "I'm just so beautiful" to the mirror?

8/30/2013 - The Giant Telescope That Helps Take the Sharpest Space Photos Yet

8/30/2013 - What Burning Man Has in Common With a South Pacific Islander Cult

8/30/2013 - How Robert Wood's creepy invention helped the Allies win World War I

8/30/2013 - Apple's In-Store iPhone Trade-In Program Is Coming Today

8/30/2013 - These Mechanical Flipbooks Are Like GIFs You Can Put On Your Wall

8/30/2013 - Football player stays in the game despite dangerous knock-out tackle

8/30/2013 - The NSA's Finally Going to Start Telling Us How Many People They Spy On

8/30/2013 - Girlfriend Body Pillow Update: 326% More Expensive, Joined by Dudes

8/30/2013 - Father tells kidnapped son drama in a website about his abducting mom

8/30/2013 - A new age of science-fantasy RPGs dawns with Numenera

8/30/2013 - NASA Loaned Norman Rockwell a Spacesuit for This Picture

8/30/2013 - The 1960s Phone Button Layouts That Never Were

8/30/2013 - Riddick romances Starbuck, kills a dude and saves a puppy in new clips

8/30/2013 - Mercedes Vehicles Have Night Vision That Can Recognize Animals Now

8/30/2013 - What Happens When You Stuff iPhone 5 Guts in an iPhone 5S Body?

8/30/2013 - 17 of the Coolest Film Posters Designed By Minimalist Legend Saul Bass

8/30/2013 - Loki reveals why Thor: The Dark World is a secret Avengers sequel!

8/30/2013 - McDonald's Turns Its Tables Into NFC Smartphone Racetracks

8/30/2013 - Blackberry's BBM App Page Mistakenly Went Live, Here's What It Said

8/30/2013 - These Disgusting Red Worms Have Been Found in Tap Water

8/30/2013 - A Time Lapse of the Yosemite Fire Shows Nature Destroying Nature

8/30/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Sleep Walk

8/29/2013 - Every Photobooth Needs an Awesome Slow Motion Option Like This

8/29/2013 - How Every Argument About Xbox and PlayStation Ends

8/29/2013 - What the Same Train Ride Looked Like in 1953, 1983 and 2013

8/29/2013 - Why You Always See Tennis Shoes on Telephone Lines

8/29/2013 - You could live in this NYC apartment that looks like a 1960s spaceship

8/29/2013 - Why an Oklahoman restaurant has a monument to the dark god Azathoth

8/29/2013 - NBC is basing a show on the movie Outbreak

8/29/2013 - Look at the Insane Number Button Layouts Our Telephones Could Have Had

8/29/2013 - Samsung Smartwatch Leak Suggests It'll Be a Dashboard for Your Phone

8/29/2013 - Is there anything cooler than a car with a giant propeller?

8/29/2013 - A new director attempts to climb J.G. Ballard's High-Rise

8/29/2013 - This "Ionic" Speaker Is Stretchable, See-Through and Mind-Blowing

8/29/2013 - Enormous canyon discovered lurking beneath Greenland's ice sheet

8/29/2013 - Phoenix Gives You a Drone Tour of Versailles in Their New Video

8/29/2013 - A Mega-Canyon Bigger Than the Grand Canyon Is Hiding Under Greenland

8/29/2013 - This Re-Purposed Mining Cart Hauls Drinks Instead of Coal

8/29/2013 - What's the worst misunderstanding of computers in pop culture?

8/29/2013 - World's Most Frustrating Puzzle Has No Edges and 5 Extra Pieces

8/29/2013 - Thank God Famous Art Doesn't Have YouTube Comments

8/29/2013 - These fascinating hidden places are forbidden to most mortals

8/29/2013 - How Einstein's theory of relativity makes you smaller

8/29/2013 - Asimov's 2014 Predictions Were Shockingly Conservative For 1964

8/29/2013 - Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2013

8/29/2013 - Digg for Android Is Finally Here: Get Your Read On a Million Ways

8/29/2013 - Samsung Galaxy Mega Review: A Big Phone, a Small Tablet, a Bad Buy

8/29/2013 - How to make your Android feel like a phone from the future

8/29/2013 - The disgraceful whites have ruined Martin Luther King's dream

8/29/2013 - I Can't Stop Staring at These Mesmerizing Robot Arms

8/29/2013 - An alternate history of Michael Jackson and the black space age

8/29/2013 - Why You Shouldn't Be Using iTunes

8/29/2013 - Everything You Need to Know About Robotech

8/29/2013 - Dealzmodo: 60" Plasma, 40" LED, Macbook Air, Chromebook, NOOK HD+

8/29/2013 - Curiosity Just Took the Sharpest Photos of a Solar Eclipse on Mars Yet

8/29/2013 - Why Did China Stop Work on the New World's Tallest Building?

8/29/2013 - How science killed some great science fiction dreams

8/29/2013 - Why is ebola deadlier than other viruses?

8/29/2013 - We now have brain-to-brain interfaces that work between two humans

8/29/2013 - This Munich Museum Moved Into a Building Made Entirely of Scaffolding

8/29/2013 - The Obstacle Course Where DARPA Will Test a New Breed of Robot Heroes

8/29/2013 - Why the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray is going to rip you off

8/29/2013 - Are you a racist for saying "twerk"? A guide to black slang for whites

8/29/2013 - 9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Killed Science Fiction Subgenres

8/29/2013 - Facebook Wants to Use Your Profile Pic to Help Automatic Photo Tagging

8/29/2013 - An Intelligent Indoor Grill That Knows Well-Done From Rare

8/29/2013 - Cool simple invention lets you control your phone with a single button

8/29/2013 - NASA's New Martian Explorer Will Explain Where All the Water Went

8/29/2013 - The Morbid Art of Making Dead Bodies Beautiful

8/29/2013 - Is this the most stupid dating idea ever conceived? [Spoiler: Yes]

8/29/2013 - Akira concept art shows how Hollywood Americanizes an anime classic

8/29/2013 - Add a Button to Any Android Phone With This Genius Headphone Jack Plug

8/29/2013 - Despite delays, US and UK governments building case for Syria attack

8/29/2013 - Skype Says It Can Support Holographic Video Calls

8/29/2013 - A Better Boarding Pass: Rethinking One of the Worst Design Offenders

8/29/2013 - Which Americans Have the Longest Drive to the Grocery Store?

8/29/2013 - These fan-made Sailor Moon redesigns are so good they should be real

8/29/2013 - This Hacked-Together 2k Cinema Camera Has a Mac Mini Brain

8/29/2013 - Installing LG's Sound Plate Speaker Is Easy, If Your TV Isn't Too Heavy

8/29/2013 - Fantasy authors Erin M. Evans and Troy Denning talk The Sundering

8/29/2013 - The Best Future Android Features You Can Get Right Now

8/29/2013 - A Robot That Climbs Walls to Paint Graffiti on Them

8/29/2013 - The CODE Keyboard Promises to Be the Best Mechanical Keyboard Yet

8/29/2013 - Finally! A video that explains what the hell Divergent is about

8/29/2013 - You Can Finally Put GIFs on Facebook, Here's How

8/29/2013 - NASA's 3D-Printed Rocket Injector Spits Fire Like a Dragon

8/29/2013 - An epidemic virus similar to measles is killing hundreds of dolphins

8/29/2013 - The 17 Worst College Football Uniform Designs, Ranked

8/29/2013 - Five tips to get rid of your TV cable mess

8/29/2013 - The Khaleesi and Zoidberg turn me evil

8/29/2013 - This '80s Dungeons & Dragons commercial makes it look satanic and lame

8/29/2013 - Watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroy a Box of Crayons

8/29/2013 - A Physics-Defying Appliance That Bakes Up Hot Ice Cream (Say Wha?)

8/29/2013 - Matt Damon has a top-secret role in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar!

8/29/2013 - 11 People Who Actually Love This Twitter Update

8/29/2013 - Aziz Ansari Stand-Up Special Is Netflix's Next Big Premiere

8/29/2013 - This Huge Thing Is Allegedly Nokia's Lumia 1520 Phablet

8/29/2013 - What's the Last Picture You Took on Your Phone?

8/29/2013 - What Exactly Is Deja Vu?

8/29/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Cutie and the Boxer

8/28/2013 - Here's Crazy Person John McAfee in Another Bizarre YouTube Video

8/28/2013 - Did anyone really watch any movie in this ridiculous porn spoof guide?

8/28/2013 - This Jurassic Park Lego Set Could Become Official

8/28/2013 - Orange Is the New Black: About So Much More Than Life in Prison

8/28/2013 - This is a temporary tower made entirely of water

8/28/2013 - Nike Lebron 11: Shoes That Look Like Space Rock Diamonds

8/28/2013 - Star Drunk is the drunkest science fiction movie you'll ever watch

8/28/2013 - How to Create an Automatic Lawn Mower That'll Mow the Lawn for You

8/28/2013 - Read the screenplay for the scrapped 2002 Batman Vs. Superman movie

8/28/2013 - Fed up man turns landline into hotline, earns $465 from telemarketers

8/28/2013 - Inspiring and Intense Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

8/28/2013 - Unbelievable Google Street View Captures a Space Shuttle Flyover

8/28/2013 - Some of the best music this year will come in a game

8/28/2013 - The Converted for iOS: A Conversion App That Gives You Context

8/28/2013 - We can't stop watching this Mark Hamill "Joker And Harley Quinn" Vine

8/28/2013 - Photoshop Contest: Put a Monopoly Cat Token Somewhere Fun, Take It Home

8/28/2013 - Which character had the most baffling personality shift?

8/28/2013 - Can Bugs, Toilets, and Mushrooms Change the World?

8/28/2013 - Charles Stross' Neptune's Brood is the perfect book for our times

8/28/2013 - Sigourney Weaver reunites with Ridley Scott for a Biblical fantasy

8/28/2013 - The Company That Bought Digg Just Made Instapaper Beautiful on the Web

8/28/2013 - Goodbye Ugly Futons: A Laid-Back Lounger That Transforms To Sleep One

8/28/2013 - We Could Build Entire Cities Out of Greenhouse Gas Some Day

8/28/2013 - The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Porn Parodies [NSFW]

8/28/2013 - Check out all these great Kinja blogs

8/28/2013 - Plastic surgeon transforms patient into "dream doll", then marries her

8/28/2013 - A Former 1900s Coal Mine Reborn as a Modernist's Playground

8/28/2013 - A Brief History of the Videophone That Almost Was

8/28/2013 - This Ancient Kodak Camera Let Photographers Sign Their Work

8/28/2013 - Yup, the NYTimes and Twitter Outages Started With Simple Phishing

8/28/2013 - The Beautiful Klingon Designs JJ Abrams Rejected for Star Trek 2

8/28/2013 - Twitter Redesigns Conversations to Help You Make Sense of the Noise

8/28/2013 - New Delhi's Super-Park Will Completely Dwarf Central Park

8/28/2013 - When I Actually Wear Google Glass

8/28/2013 - The 11 Most Evil Villains in Anime

8/28/2013 - Dealzmodo: 4TB Thunderbolt External, Touchscreen Desktop, iTunes Money

8/28/2013 - NIN's Hesitation Marks Will Come In an Audio-Nerds-Only Version

8/28/2013 - A great talk with the always fascinating David Lynch

8/28/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Inked

8/28/2013 - Well, the new Carrie trailer just showed off the whole damn movie

8/28/2013 - How Astronauts Use the Toilet: It's More Complicated Than You Think

8/28/2013 - All the Details that Prove Ender's Game is a Unique Space Adventure

8/28/2013 - Scientists Have Grown Tiny Human Brains in Test Tubes

8/28/2013 - The Dinobots are going to star in Transformers 4 (probably)

8/28/2013 - You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy This Straitjacketed Wine

8/28/2013 - Is this the most obnoxious, sexist, cringeworthy personal ad ever?

8/28/2013 - Watch How Every Dumb Tech Commercial Is Exactly the Same

8/28/2013 - This Titanium Watch Can Tell You When It's Losing Accuracy

8/28/2013 - What's being done about all those damn feral cats?

8/28/2013 - Take a Tour of California's Insane Solar Thermal Energy Plant

8/28/2013 - Watch NASA Crash a Helicopter on Purpose Right Here, Right Now

8/28/2013 - Would Never Going Outside Really Be That Bad For Us? Sadly, Yes

8/28/2013 - An imaginary city that changed the twentieth century

8/28/2013 - An Endangered Animal Sperm Bank Will Let Us Bring Pandas to Space

8/28/2013 - Could the Governor be leaving The Walking Dead for another show?

8/28/2013 - Warrant or No, Cops Can Use Aluminum Foil To Block Smartphone Wiping

8/28/2013 - Awkward: Nintendo's new portable console doesn't fold

8/28/2013 - New Monopoly Cat Token Review: Me-Ow

8/28/2013 - A Hybrid Braille Font Lets Visually Impaired Kids Read Any Book

8/28/2013 - Quantum Cryptography Could Make Your Phone Uncrackable Someday

8/28/2013 - This Laser-Guided Robo-Milker Is the Future of Dairy

8/28/2013 - This Red iPhone 5S Housing Isn't Real, But It Should Be

8/28/2013 - A Peek Into the Jetsons Archive at Warner Brothers Animation

8/28/2013 - Whoa, Graphene Can Make Other Metals 500 Times Stronger

8/28/2013 - Who Would Be in a Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

8/28/2013 - Could there be more iPhone 5S colors coming this September?

8/28/2013 - A Children's Treasury of Insane Designs for Kazakhstan's World Expo

8/28/2013 - How to make glowing Jell-O

8/28/2013 - Now you can fucking love science on YouTube!

8/28/2013 - Kindle Paperwhite Is Out of Stock, So Get Ready for a New Model

8/28/2013 - Space Pirate Captain Harlock does not want you to pirate his movie

8/28/2013 - The Smithsonian Just Added a Chunk of Code to Its Permanent Collection

8/28/2013 - Which of these two is the "most traumatic prank of all time"?

8/28/2013 - SEA Hacks Continue With Takeover of NYT, Twitter Registrar Homepage

8/28/2013 - Harry Potter fashion line sexes up Hogwarts with lycra

8/28/2013 - A Minute's Charge Keeps Logitech's Ultrathin Mouse Running For an Hour

8/28/2013 - 9 Classic Posters From the London Tube's 150 Year History

8/28/2013 - We might have already met the Ultron in the Avengers sequel!

8/28/2013 - Yep, This Adorable Mini Macintosh Is Fully Functional

8/28/2013 - Language Nerds Try Using Space Images to Make Latin Cool Again

8/28/2013 - How to Make the Worst YouTube Video in the World

8/28/2013 - US gears up for attack on Syria, Israel ready for war

8/28/2013 - Selfie, Derp and Phablet Are Now Words in the Oxford Dictionaries Online

8/28/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Your Man

8/27/2013 - The Perfect Parody Video to Every Life Hacking Video Ever

8/27/2013 - Melting Vinyl Records into Skulls Is Hauntingly Beautiful

8/27/2013 - Parallels Access Transforms Your Desktop Apps into iPad Apps

8/27/2013 - We Should All Fight for This Iron Throne Made from Computer Keyboards

8/27/2013 - Chinese Army claims Pacific Rim is American propaganda

8/27/2013 - Zombie Torso Baby Costume Will Feast on Lame Pumpkin Baby Outfits

8/27/2013 - Walking a Tight Rope Over a Canyon Never Looked Like Such a Party

8/27/2013 - io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about The Shambling Guide

8/27/2013 - This Terrifying Raptor Chase Is the Most Traumatic Prank of All Time

8/27/2013 - Meet the Actors Inside Classic Full-Body Costumes

8/27/2013 - ReadQuick for iOS: Speed Through Your Saved Reading

8/27/2013 - At last, the true inheritor of the Red Dawn franchise has arrived

8/27/2013 - Syrian Electronic Army Claims It's Taken Over Twitter's Domain (Updated)

8/27/2013 - How the New York Times Is Still Publishing Despite Being Hacked (Updated)

8/27/2013 - A Wand That Turns Your Favorite Herbs Into a Disposable Basting Brush

8/27/2013 - Who's the most awesome villain of all time?

8/27/2013 - New Drug Could Save Migraine Sufferers From Horrors of Bright Light

8/27/2013 - Open the final door to IDW's Locke & Key series in This Week’s Comics!

8/27/2013 - The World's First Basketball Watch Tracks How Good Your Game Is

8/27/2013 - The "World 3D Film Expo" Starts Next Week in Hollywood

8/27/2013 - Continuum's Simon Barry answers our deepest time-travel questions

8/27/2013 - Can Humans Breathe Liquid?

8/27/2013 - Watch the first new Riddick clip in 9 years

8/27/2013 - This Clever Map Compares Chicago Before and After the Great Fire

8/27/2013 - Redefine Baking From Scratch With This Turntable Timer

8/27/2013 - Behold Michael Rooker as a blue alien in Guardians of the Galaxy

8/27/2013 - How the US Would Attack Syria

8/27/2013 - Dealzmodo: Das Keyboard, Walking Dead Season 3, NFL Sunday Ticket

8/27/2013 - Detached octopus arms show awareness, react to danger

8/27/2013 - Nissan Wants Self-Driving to Be a $1000 Car Upgrade by 2020

8/27/2013 - This hawk only attacks postal workers

8/27/2013 - The new Madden game sucks, don't get it

8/27/2013 - Scientists Control One Person's Body With Another Person's Brain

8/27/2013 - Adorable Vine Compilation Reconciles Science and Short Attention Spans

8/27/2013 - Is the Moon a planet?

8/27/2013 - 33 Photos Taken In One Amazing Color

8/27/2013 - New Software Makes Skype Chats Way Less Awkward

8/27/2013 - Pulp action game Fortune and Glory brings out your inner Indiana Jones

8/27/2013 - A State by State Map of America's Filthy Porn Searches

8/27/2013 - The best social science book title ever

8/27/2013 - Are you a real geek? Take the definitive test

8/27/2013 - 11 Great SHIELD Storylines That Joss Whedon's Show Should Steal From

8/27/2013 - A Visual Tour of the Research Base At the End of the World

8/27/2013 - This Sweet Little House-Shaped Humidifier Keeps You Cozy Anywhere

8/27/2013 - Beautiful video celebrates the magic of flying

8/27/2013 - How to make the most out of your apartment space

8/27/2013 - This fake Batman/Superman trailer is so great even Batfleck looks good

8/27/2013 - Now Is the Worst Time to Buy an iPhone

8/27/2013 - Dance, Magic Dance: A Treasury of Awesome Labyrinth Fan Art

8/27/2013 - Holy crap The Simpson's Springfield is alive and it is awesome

8/27/2013 - Conan Teaches the Olds How to Instagram

8/27/2013 - Facebook: Half of Government Requests for User Data Come from U.S.

8/27/2013 - A Creepy Tour of Russia's Decrepit Abandoned Summer Camps

8/27/2013 - The Ryan Firebee: Grandfather to the Modern UAV

8/27/2013 - These incredible hidden machines are not part of a sci-fi movie set

8/27/2013 - A Flashlight Reveals This Picture Book's Adorable Secrets

8/27/2013 - What really happened on the Revolutionary War's "Dark Day"

8/27/2013 - 3D Hubs: Like Airbnb For 3D Printers

8/27/2013 - Nissan uses iconoclast Stormtroopers to shill their new car

8/27/2013 - Speedos, Computers, and Robot Butlers: Rural Living in the Future

8/27/2013 - Apple's product leaks make the tech industry even more boring

8/27/2013 - It's Neil Gaiman's sexy wizard scene in the new Riverside audiobook!

8/27/2013 - Your Laptop Looks Like It's Floating With This Magical MacBook Stand

8/27/2013 - Iron Man 3 deleted ending shows the badass Mandarin we could've had

8/27/2013 - The police are spying on all New Yorkers with this taxi

8/27/2013 - A Hyper-Realistic Archery Sim Is the Safest Hunger Games Proxy

8/27/2013 - Here's Rob Liefeld singing the Game of Thrones theme on the toilet

8/27/2013 - The real problem with Miley Cyrus' performance is that it was racist

8/27/2013 - This Gas-Powered Surfboard Can Hit 35 MPH Without a Single Wave

8/27/2013 - Google Says Local Content Could Come Back to Chromecast

8/27/2013 - 14 Immense Scientific Instruments You Won't Believe Are Real

8/27/2013 - Brad Bird's retro science fiction epic Tomorrowland starts filming!

8/27/2013 - A 64:9 Ultra-Wide Camera That Captures an Entire Sporting Event At Once

8/27/2013 - iOS 7 Could Debut September 10th, The Same Day As The New iPhones

8/27/2013 - This Is What a Warp Drive Will Sound Like (Sorta)

8/27/2013 - What's Your Favorite Weather App?

8/27/2013 - 50 Things a Geek Should Know

8/27/2013 - Science Says Not to Wash Your Chicken Before You Cook It

8/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ojete Calor

8/27/2013 - Sony A3000: The Cheapest Beginner DSLR Ever (Well, Sorta-DSLR)

8/26/2013 - Nomad life is better when you've got a walking ship

8/26/2013 - Lego Announces Plans to Educate Underprivileged Kids in Pakistan

8/26/2013 - Blowing Up Beer Kegs with Detonating Cords Is an Explosive Party

8/26/2013 - How Many People Are Currently in Space Right Now?

8/26/2013 - 2 Chainz: Netflix

8/26/2013 - 10 Normal Hashtags That Instagram Bans for Some Weird Reason

8/26/2013 - Read the first chapter from Ramez Naam's new nanotech thriller, Crux

8/26/2013 - Simon Pegg explains the ending of The World's End

8/26/2013 - How to read a crop circle and kind of freak yourself out

8/26/2013 - People Who Live Inside Water Towers

8/26/2013 - Apple, the iPhone, and the End of Surprise

8/26/2013 - The stupidity women have to face when playing with "men" online

8/26/2013 - This video is so embarrassing that it may actually kill your brain

8/26/2013 - Yet another lesson that should be banished from biology textbooks

8/26/2013 - Your chance to watch the other great modern Sherlock Holmes show

8/26/2013 - What scientific discovery has improved your life the most?

8/26/2013 - The Most Horrifying Doctor Who Cosplay We've Seen in Ages

8/26/2013 - Blackbar for iOS: Your Very Own PRISM-Like Sci-Fi Adventure Put to Text

8/26/2013 - Miley Cyrus' performance was as bad as most commercial music crap

8/26/2013 - I Spent My Summer Vacation in Outer Space

8/26/2013 - The secrets of meditation uncovered

8/26/2013 - This Modern Home Frames the Winery Around It With Weathered Steel

8/26/2013 - This Brilliant Bike Accessory Keeps Your Helmet Safe and Your Butt Dry

8/26/2013 - Hackers Hit Google Palestine and Defaced the Front Page

8/26/2013 - All humans and animals are getting fatter—and it's not the fatty food

8/26/2013 - Forget Your Farecard and Use One of These Hip RFID Rings Instead

8/26/2013 - Why does live-action fantasy fail at the movies?

8/26/2013 - Seasoning Is an Afterthought With This Grill's Flavor Trough

8/26/2013 - 10 Dirt Cheap Ways To Make Your Apartment More Presentable

8/26/2013 - Pundits: Games are good practice for murder, bigger problem than guns

8/26/2013 - The Invisible Radar Force Field That Saved Great Britain

8/26/2013 - This Database Lets You 3D Print and Explore Thousands of Fossils

8/26/2013 - Syfy has ordered a pilot for that 12 Monkeys TV show

8/26/2013 - An LED Lamp That Recognizes Your Gestures: No Jedi Powers Required

8/26/2013 - This is not why you are fat

8/26/2013 - A complete guide to the 2013 football season

8/26/2013 - A Brief Tour of Canon's Massive Showroom of Wonders

8/26/2013 - Dealzmodo: Madden 25 + NFL Sunday Ticket, 4KTV, 5D Mark III, Weeds

8/26/2013 - Chromecast (With Three Free Months of Netflix) Is Back at Best Buy (UPDATE: Gone)

8/26/2013 - How to Harness Solar Energy to Make Your Own Post-Apocalyptic Keys

8/26/2013 - Michonne makes a poor decision in the first Walking Dead season 4 clip

8/26/2013 - Hello Frisco! A 1924 Map of The First Coast-to-Coast Radio Broadcast

8/26/2013 - How surveillance technology helps us find lost civilizations

8/26/2013 - 170 Years of Hurricanes Mapped In One Stunning Image

8/26/2013 - Must Watch: The CG Effects of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

8/26/2013 - Siri Gets Sassy If You Ask Her About Google Glass

8/26/2013 - Finally, Someone Made a Visor For Your Car's Side Mirrors

8/26/2013 - The 15 Worst Batman/Superman Stories Ever Told

8/26/2013 - These buildings could have turned America into a sci-fi dreamscape

8/26/2013 - 13th Age RPG delivers an incredible fantasy storytelling experience

8/26/2013 - Somebody Needs to Make This Han Solo Refrigerator ASAP

8/26/2013 - 3D Printing and Scanning Can Now Produce Near Flawless Art Forgeries

8/26/2013 - If you're a Game of Thrones' fan you can't miss this today

8/26/2013 - Whoa, This Sofa Balances On One Leg Thanks to Spacecraft Technology

8/26/2013 - This Week's TV: Dean Pelton takes you deep inside Game of Thrones!

8/26/2013 - This Gene Lets Doping Athletes Pass Pee-in-the-Cup Steroid Tests

8/26/2013 - Can you work while working out?

8/26/2013 - How Scientists Plan To Send Hibernating Astronauts to Mars

8/26/2013 - How the old movies and TV series models are being destroyed right now

8/26/2013 - Boeing's Newer, Bigger, Less Flammable Dreamliner Is Ready to Fly

8/26/2013 - That time in 1893 when a Japanese chemist invented crystal meth

8/26/2013 - How the Milky Way Got Its Name (and What Other Languages Call It)

8/26/2013 - The new iPhones look like crap

8/26/2013 - How an 1836 Famine Altered the Genes of Children Born Decades Later

8/26/2013 - The Untold History Behind Everyone's Favorite Condiment Bottle

8/26/2013 - An iPhone Camera Periscope Makes Stalking a Breeze

8/26/2013 - Software Hack Lets Feature Phones Jam Calls, Texts Within 75 Miles

8/26/2013 - Meet the Wasp in these amazing Avengers movie animatics

8/26/2013 - Illuminated Lamps Cascade Up a Huge Swiss Pine Tree

8/26/2013 - The greatest mystery of the Inca Empire was its strange economy

8/26/2013 - Are These Tear-Away Surgical Gloves Actually Safer?

8/26/2013 - This Air Conditioner Uses Predator-Vision For Targeted Coolings

8/26/2013 - How does a gemstone change color from red to green?

8/26/2013 - SuperBad: Breaking Bad villain Bryan Cranston will play Lex Luthor

8/26/2013 - If There's a Graphite iPhone 5S, It Had Better Look Nicer Than This

8/26/2013 - Finally, a Site That Tracks the Most Popular GIFs on Twitter (NSFW)

8/26/2013 - Google Is Crippling Chromecast's Best Feature

8/26/2013 - 8 Unrealized Buildings That Could've Transformed American Cities

8/26/2013 - Bryan Cranston might actually be playing Lex Luthor... in ten movies?

8/26/2013 - Report: The iPhone 5S Processor Is 31% Faster Than Today's

8/26/2013 - You No Longer Need To Be an Artist To Appear In Your Own Comic Book

8/26/2013 - Google Autocomplete Is an Even Weirder Place Than You Thought

8/25/2013 - The Town that was Shaped Like an Octopus

8/25/2013 - Bill Cosby: I Luv Myself Better Than I Luv Myself

8/25/2013 - Free will is a dangerous thing to have in full Divergent trailer

8/25/2013 - A Crew Demolished The Wrong House Two Different Times

8/25/2013 - A wolf howl is the ultimate sign of respect (if you're a wolf)

8/25/2013 - Venus, Please Be More Of A Badass In This Photo

8/25/2013 - Why you don't ask five different math experts to split a check

8/25/2013 - "Walking" shark looks like it's waddling across the reefs

8/25/2013 - Yeah, What's The Deal With Clapping?

8/25/2013 - Venus tried to eclipse the sun. It's not its fault it didn't work.

8/25/2013 - A Million Cockroaches Escaped From A Chinese Farm And Are On The Move

8/25/2013 - The Most Extraordinary Monorail Designs Of The 20th Century

8/25/2013 - The Laziest Gift In The World Just Got Lazier

8/25/2013 - How Do You Scroll On A Trackpad?

8/25/2013 - Crowdfund a lens that turns your phone's camera into a microscope

8/25/2013 - Cheer up with a music video about space- and time-traveling cats

8/25/2013 - Cringe-inducing 3D scan of a woman's foot bones in high heels

8/25/2013 - Is this the most ridiculous beard in sports ever?

8/25/2013 - Little Robots Turn Marker Squiggles Into Sound

8/25/2013 - A mesmerizing ballet performed by dead insects and spiders

8/25/2013 - Six outfits considered for Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor

8/25/2013 - Google Glass Has The Fashion Bug

8/25/2013 - Simpson's Paradox "proves" smoking is good for you

8/25/2013 - Dramatic paintings of gathering storm clouds

8/25/2013 - Dealzmodo: Last Day To Get $10 Bonus Credit With Amazon Prime

8/25/2013 - Why are there so many apostrophes in scifi and fantasy names?

8/25/2013 - The NSA Has Even Listened In On Encrypted UN Communications

8/25/2013 - Alternate Iron Man 3 ending shows Ben Kingsley's explosive death

8/25/2013 - What happened when a fictional character penned an autobiography

8/25/2013 - Whole Foods Is Selling LPs Now

8/25/2013 - This abandoned underwater strip club still has shiny dancing poles

8/24/2013 - Elon Musk Wants to Build the Iron Man Hologram UI For Real

8/24/2013 - Concept animation of NASA's proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission

8/24/2013 - Jim White: Wordmule

8/24/2013 - This abandoned underwater strip club is pristine on the inside

8/24/2013 - The AI Effects Team Controlled This Robo-Puppet While Buried Alive

8/24/2013 - Archer's Dr. Krieger builds a clone army. It doesn't go well.

8/24/2013 - On Continuum, Kiera Doesn't Understand Time Travel So Everyone Suffers

8/24/2013 - How Messy Is Your Stash of Spare Cables?

8/24/2013 - The First Antarctic Sunrise After Months of Night Is Breathtaking

8/24/2013 - The Most Amazing Scifi Themed Ads of the 20th Century

8/24/2013 - DSLR Stolen By An Alligator Was Rescued After Eight Months

8/24/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Monkey Lands on the Moon

8/24/2013 - There is actually a term for NSA agents spying on love interests

8/24/2013 - Listen to the toy pig music box that played as the Titanic sank

8/24/2013 - Why Gold iPhones Make Sense, A Head in a Particle Accelerator, and More

8/24/2013 - Gollum is the Wheel of Fortune in the Lord of the Rings Tarot

8/24/2013 - This may be the oldest globe in existence to depict the Americas

8/24/2013 - Building a Highway Is Way More Complicated Than You'd Think

8/24/2013 - An animated short about the school all Avatars of Death attend

8/24/2013 - Surprise: NSA Agents Use All-Seeing Power to Spy on Their Crushes

8/24/2013 - Every Doctor Who-themed wedding should have a K-9 ring bearer

8/24/2013 - A superpowered poet meets a conspiracy during the Summer of Love

8/24/2013 - How to Find Your Missing Phone

8/24/2013 - It's a cub! Watch the National Zoo's Giant Panda give birth

8/24/2013 - Satellite images show how factory farms alter our landscape

8/24/2013 - Where Exactly Did the Big Bang Actually Happen?

8/24/2013 - Doom Patrol hits DC Nation plus one step to a Unified Marvel Animated Universe

8/24/2013 - Watch This Dumbass Driver on His Cellphone Get Exactly What He Deserves

8/24/2013 - Genius Photographer Recreates Iconic E.T. Movie Poster in Real Life

8/24/2013 - What It's Like to Live Without a Phone

8/24/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Scare Me

8/23/2013 - Moto X Teardown: So This Is What Made in the USA Looks Like

8/23/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: I Hate San Francisco

8/23/2013 - Learn Everything About the Solar System with This Awesome Animation

8/23/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: August 17 - 23, 2013

8/23/2013 - Last shift on Friday at the orbital habitat factory

8/23/2013 - My Weird Tale About a Man Who Wants to Fall Back in Love With His Wife

8/23/2013 - Here's what it's like to almost drown in space

8/23/2013 - The best way to get a $3 million book deal is to be famous first

8/23/2013 - This cheap technology could bring clean water to parched cities

8/23/2013 - Realistic game gets you right inside Gitmo to torture prisoners

8/23/2013 - Scifi and Fantasy Weapons as Minimalist Posters

8/23/2013 - First Divergent teaser makes it look like dystopian fun

8/23/2013 - The coolest things we saw at Gen Con 2013

8/23/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: SwiftKey Cloud, Minuum, and More

8/23/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: YouTube, Quick Graph, and More

8/23/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Human Body, KeWe, and More

8/23/2013 - Teleportation just got easier – but not for you, unfortunately

8/23/2013 - Why the science behind the number 2.9013 completely sucks

8/23/2013 - Glow-in-the-Dark Snails Make Boring Research Beautiful

8/23/2013 - Throwback Gloves That Take You Out To the Ballgames of Yesterday

8/23/2013 - Who's the most absurdly competent character in all fiction?

8/23/2013 - Yikes: Riding a bike in New York City is dangerous and scary

8/23/2013 - How To Do an Absinthe Wash (And Why You Should)

8/23/2013 - An Image of Earth Made From 1400 Photos of People Waving at Space

8/23/2013 - DC is moving the JLA to Canada and turned Lobo into a male model

8/23/2013 - San Francisco cops seek evil man who stole baseball from kid

8/23/2013 - Report: Google Might Just Build Its Own Self-Driving Car

8/23/2013 - Hospital Fined for Putting Poop Germs in Patients' Brains on Purpose

8/23/2013 - This book does for Winnie the Pooh what The Magicians did for Narnia

8/23/2013 - The Most Ridiculous Animals That Superheroes Have Copied

8/23/2013 - The Right Way to Disconnect from Technology on Your Next Vacation

8/23/2013 - A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle Keeps All Work Distractions At Bay

8/23/2013 - Did humans control natural selection of other species?

8/23/2013 - You've Only Got a Week to Watch These James Bond Movies on Netflix

8/23/2013 - Dealzmodo: Your Choice Of FiiO Amp, BenQ Pro Monitor, Audible Trial

8/23/2013 - Exclusive Excerpt from Francesca Lia Block's Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey

8/23/2013 - Cool new "clock" helps you keep track of wasted time on Facebook

8/23/2013 - This is how ESPN makes up stories: a step-by-step video analysis

8/23/2013 - This Ultrafast Camera Is Designed to Work Like a Human Retina

8/23/2013 - The Case for Geological Optimism

8/23/2013 - You Can Buy NASA's Giant Launch Platforms—Assuming You Can Move Them

8/23/2013 - If you had it to do all over again... could you even manage to?

8/23/2013 - Exhausted Americans sadly admit they're all still racists

8/23/2013 - A magical foolproof method for losing 15 pounds in 15 minutes

8/23/2013 - Simple Optics Make This Clever Mirror Much Easier to Share

8/23/2013 - Watch 34 years of the whole world protesting against the powerful

8/23/2013 - What's the best special effects scene in history?

8/23/2013 - Pavlovian Trainer Rewards Your Puppy For Pottying On Target

8/23/2013 - The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Science Fiction Publishing

8/23/2013 - A quick science experiment shames soda drinkers and aliens

8/23/2013 - These Frames Shot With the New 6K RED Dragon Camera Are Stunning

8/23/2013 - Why are all these people calling Chewbacca an "average moron"?

8/23/2013 - Watch Copenhagen's Inflatable Community Center Blow Up Around Town

8/23/2013 - Shut up, introverts! The world requires extroverts to do everything

8/23/2013 - Why Walk When You Can Ride This Driverless Golf Cart?

8/23/2013 - Meet the Man Who Invented Google Autocomplete

8/23/2013 - An Interactive Timeline of Every Protest on the Earth Since 1979

8/23/2013 - The New Star Wars Will Be Shot on Film, Which Is Probably Great

8/23/2013 - Is anyone really going to notice the difference between Batmans?

8/23/2013 - This Artist Paints With Pigments Made From Toxic Sludge

8/23/2013 - The World's End: A Science Fiction Movie That's Also Pretty Funny

8/23/2013 - New Silver, Porous Gel Sucks Bacteria Out of Dirty Water in Seconds

8/23/2013 - All the Bible's contradictory baloney in one single graphic

8/23/2013 - Confirmed: NSA Paid Google, Microsoft, Others Millions for PRISM Aid

8/23/2013 - Astronomers Release Highest-Resolution Photos Ever Taken of Night Sky

8/23/2013 - The Best Effects Shots Ever as Chosen By Hollywood's Top FX Wizards

8/23/2013 - The 50+ Greatest Tweets about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman

8/23/2013 - Who Has the Best Mail Refresh Animation: iOS or Android?

8/23/2013 - Why Programming a Quantum Computer Is So Damn Hard

8/23/2013 - The newest Agents of SHIELD promo is just ridiculously Whedon-y

8/23/2013 - This Comprehensive Map Traces 463 of the Bible's Contradictions

8/23/2013 - Research the grandfather paradox without murdering your grandfather

8/23/2013 - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer will leave as soon as it gets a replacement

8/23/2013 - Giant mechanical mosquitoes will conquer nature!

8/23/2013 - New Camera Lets Astronomers Take Sharpest Ever Photos of the Universe

8/23/2013 - How to use electricity to spin liquid into nanostring

8/23/2013 - A Multi-Purpose Living Cube That Fits Life Into 100 Square Feet

8/23/2013 - Which bad actor thinks his hardcore fans are pathetic fat people?

8/23/2013 - These solar prominences were filmed by an amateur astronomer ON EARTH

8/23/2013 - 56 Steve Ballmer Photoshops in Honor of His Retirement

8/23/2013 - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Will Retire in the Next Year

8/23/2013 - 5 Fantastic Air Fresheners to Save You From Your Stench

8/23/2013 - The Hunger Games finale Mockingjay casts a Game of Thrones star!

8/23/2013 - Take a Nostalgia Trip With These Beautiful Wooden Gliders

8/23/2013 - Why Your Next Smartphone Might Be Full of Wax

8/23/2013 - Google's Word Definitions Just Got Way More Useful

8/23/2013 - This Is the World's Most Precise Clock

8/23/2013 - How Flavors Are Linked, Visualized

8/23/2013 - Don't Text and Drive Because You Might Crash into a Manure Truck

8/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet: Holy Sh*ep

8/22/2013 - What Guns Look Like Point Blank

8/22/2013 - Watch a Hot Ball of Nickel Scorch Little Gummy Bears to Goop

8/22/2013 - Ben Affleck will play an older Batman fighting the young Superman

8/22/2013 - SpaceX rocket exploded in the air during a test launch

8/22/2013 - Report: Amazon Is Testing Its Own Wireless Network

8/22/2013 - Iron Man becomes a guided missile, in stunning new concept art

8/22/2013 - How NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission Would Work

8/22/2013 - Classic monster cereals coming back for Halloween!

8/22/2013 - The triumphant return of the most terrifying cereals of all time

8/22/2013 - Together, humans can destroy all the terrible spiders

8/22/2013 - 5 Fun Tricks You Can Do with Dry Ice

8/22/2013 - A Medieval poison ring used for political murders

8/22/2013 - You don't need to spend a fortune to have a wonderful wedding!

8/22/2013 - How Consciousness Works

8/22/2013 - Could Peter Capaldi really be the final face of Doctor Who?

8/22/2013 - Can you really stop burning money?

8/22/2013 - These alien-looking ice sculptures formed all on their own

8/22/2013 - Emojify for iOS: Turn Your Face Into a Piece of Emoji Art

8/22/2013 - We Can Now Print Ultrafast Graphene Chips for Flexible Electronics

8/22/2013 - These captivating stories have 17 Hugos and Nebulas between them

8/22/2013 - This game about a runaway slave mom and her baby will break your heart

8/22/2013 - The Religious Origins Of The @ Sign

8/22/2013 - Pistol Keys Were Once the Last Line of Defense For Prison Guards

8/22/2013 - Which book series went on WAY past its expiration date?

8/22/2013 - Avengers' director hates French movies and Empire Strikes Back

8/22/2013 - An Elegantly Low-Tech Cookbook Holder Powered By Gravity

8/22/2013 - These brave astronauts survived an epic fail in space

8/22/2013 - Archaeologists discover ancient spice in 6,000-year-old pot

8/22/2013 - This could become the most immersive and coolest sci-fi game ever

8/22/2013 - Photos of History's Greatest Failed Explorers (And Their Legacies)

8/22/2013 - CEO of beleaguered Yahoo wastes $33,000 in her baby's playhouse

8/22/2013 - Ford's Factory Cameras Can Spot a Single Speck of Dust on a New Car

8/22/2013 - Experience the number π as you never have before

8/22/2013 - Why isn't science doing something about goddamn spiders?

8/22/2013 - 16 Classic Films that Got Future Tech Right

8/22/2013 - Sunrise over the Aleutian Islands, as seen from low-Earth Orbit

8/22/2013 - Smogged-out tourists use fake city skylines for Hong Kong photos

8/22/2013 - How To Cut a Glass Bottle In Two Using Fire and Water

8/22/2013 - Here's why Joss Whedon doesn't like Empire Strikes Back

8/22/2013 - The Most Astonishing Real-Life Treasure Hunts

8/22/2013 - Leave-In Compact SD Cards Boost Your MacBook's Storage Capacity

8/22/2013 - Chopping Stopping: 60% of baby boys spared circumcision in U.S. west

8/22/2013 - Where Consciousness Comes From

8/22/2013 - Dealzmodo: Lenovo Yoga, Pioneer Receiver, BenQ, Slingbox, MLB.tv

8/22/2013 - How Animal Employees Are Saving US Taxpayers Millions

8/22/2013 - Quite Possibly the Only Victorian Adventuress You'll Ever Need

8/22/2013 - This Lego Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer is pretty rad

8/22/2013 - Upgraded Facebook Login Helps Keep Spam out of Your News Feed

8/22/2013 - A Melodious Mashup of Nearly Every Chime and Bleep in Tech History

8/22/2013 - The 9 Worst Utopias Ever Created

8/22/2013 - Sex-creep mayor of San Diego finally run out of office

8/22/2013 - Fukushima's Radioactive Water Problem Just Gets Worse and Worse

8/22/2013 - Weiner's sexting partner had unprotected sex with HIV-exposed actor

8/22/2013 - A computer that can read letters directly from your brain

8/22/2013 - It's Official: Scientists Can Now Actually Read Your Mind

8/22/2013 - Nasdaq Shuts Down Trading Following Technical Problem (Updated)

8/22/2013 - MASSIVE Louisiana Sinkhole Devours Whole Trees in Seconds Flat

8/22/2013 - MakerBot's New Digitizer Scanner Is a Copier For 3D Items

8/22/2013 - Cinderoncé: The Cinderella musical set entirely to Beyoncé music

8/22/2013 - This 700-Year-Old Ring Was Used to Poison Kings

8/22/2013 - World's worst teacher caught stealing fancy watch from student

8/22/2013 - Is there really going to be an Apple television? New rumors says "yes"

8/22/2013 - Metropolis: The Real-Life Town That Superman Couldn't Save

8/22/2013 - NASA Resurrects a Dead Satellite to Hunt Asteroids

8/22/2013 - Our exclusive interview with legendary fantasy artist Brom!

8/22/2013 - Google Now Will Make Sure You Never Miss the Last Train Again

8/22/2013 - First Pompeii Trailer Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies

8/22/2013 - FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Brings Retro Flair to Instant Film Cameras

8/22/2013 - This 3D Printer Could Also Be the World's First 3D Fax Machine

8/22/2013 - There Are Way More Than Three States of Matter

8/22/2013 - Huge Russian Hovercraft Interrupts Beachgoers in Spectacular Fashion

8/22/2013 - Watch a House Go From Flatbed to Fully Built in Less Than a Day

8/22/2013 - The Periodic Table of Booze is science everybody (over 21) can use

8/22/2013 - A Photoshop Crash Course In Colorizing Black and White Photos

8/22/2013 - DNA evidence can't tell identical twins apart in rape case

8/22/2013 - Report: Apple's Future of TV Is an Actual Television

8/22/2013 - Futurama successfully makes me paranoid

8/22/2013 - Philadelphia's pro sports teams shared "awesome porn stash" in the showers

8/22/2013 - Amazon's Having a Kindle Fire (Fire) Sale All Day Today

8/22/2013 - Humanity waves at Saturn as Cassini snaps historic pic

8/22/2013 - An Amazing Stabilized Spoon Lets Parkinson's Sufferers Feed Themselves

8/22/2013 - iMessage and Parts of iCloud Are Down (Updated)

8/22/2013 - 7 Subtly Suggestive New Cover Designs For Nabokov's Lolita

8/22/2013 - Which Buffy episode is the spiritual predecessor of Agents of SHIELD?

8/22/2013 - How To Make Spaghetti a Dangerous Weapon (Besides All Those Carbs)

8/22/2013 - The Otherworldly Glow of the Solar System's Auroras, Bottled in a Lab

8/22/2013 - Is This the Gold iPhone 5S?

8/22/2013 - The Amazing Art of Perfect Portrait Photography

8/22/2013 - A Periodic Table of Booze

8/22/2013 - Read This Letter That Bradley Manning Is Sending to the President

8/22/2013 - Microsoft: Xbox One and Kinect Will Definitely Not Be Sold Separately

8/22/2013 - Traveling Around the World with Skype Actually Looks Kind of Fun

8/22/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Deathigner

8/22/2013 - Canon S120: A Tiny, Awesome Point-and-Shoot Camera (Again and Again)

8/21/2013 - Here's a Map of the World Adjusted for the Population Size of Countries

8/21/2013 - More Popular Idioms Translated to Make Sense with Today's Technology

8/21/2013 - This Hashtag Limiting Instagram Update Should Totally Be Real

8/21/2013 - Even dinosaurs love a good sunset

8/21/2013 - How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended

8/21/2013 - New research suggests women can make sperm, and men can make eggs

8/21/2013 - This brilliant robot horror short is becoming a full-length film

8/21/2013 - Watch a Prankster 'Accidentally' Break His iMac in Front of People

8/21/2013 - A dentist wants to clone John Lennon from his rotten tooth

8/21/2013 - And now, a stop motion short film about a magic beard

8/21/2013 - What Do Car Badges Reveal About Japanese Design Culture?

8/21/2013 - Amused to death: Which apocalypse movie is the most fun?

8/21/2013 - The Weirdest-Looking Time Machines in All Science Fiction

8/21/2013 - This is one of the scariest (and wrongest) pterosaur pictures ever

8/21/2013 - Delectable Wine for iOS: Identify Wine and Dole Out Recs Like a Pro

8/21/2013 - Nobody Wants to Fly Air Force Drones Because It's a Dead End Job

8/21/2013 - Quite possibly the best human vs. robot competition in history

8/21/2013 - This Optical Illusion Lets You See Your Own Brain Waves

8/21/2013 - Could a new Star Trek TV show about Worf actually happen?

8/21/2013 - Need a car? 500+ government vehicles just sitting around Washington DC

8/21/2013 - SwiftKey Cloud Syncing Makes the Best Android Keyboard Even Better

8/21/2013 - Bluetooth Ski Helmet Speakers End Frozen Lift-Line Fingers Forever

8/21/2013 - Cyclopean sunglasses, blocky rolling pins and other improbable objects

8/21/2013 - PRISM Is Just the Social Network You Never Knew You Signed Up For

8/21/2013 - Shooting Challenge: One Color

8/21/2013 - Can This Off-Kilter Hotel Reframe the Peruvian Coastline?

8/21/2013 - What's your favorite (or least favorite) disaster porn?

8/21/2013 - Literate people now posting "selfies" with their showoff bookshelves

8/21/2013 - A Look Inside the Workshop of Brooklyn Bike Builder Horse Cycles

8/21/2013 - UK Moves to Ban Phones Designed to Fit Up Prisoner Butts

8/21/2013 - Beach monster season kicks off with dead devil beast

8/21/2013 - This new app makes casual sex as easy as ordering in Seamless

8/21/2013 - The NSA Collected Thousands of Non-Terrorism-Related Communications

8/21/2013 - How to Turn Cutting-Edge Science into a Page-Turning Thriller

8/21/2013 - What are these incredible red lights in the sky?

8/21/2013 - How The World's End rejects 'drunken, misogynistic' manchild films

8/21/2013 - A free Mario game for iPhone or Android would actually suck

8/21/2013 - A Soft Squishy Lamp You Can Cram Anywhere (Even Under Your Head)

8/21/2013 - Germany is the first European country to recognize a third gender

8/21/2013 - How To Keep Travel From Wrecking Your Body

8/21/2013 - Dealzmodo: Haswell Desktop, 1.5TB USB3 External, Klipsch Soundbar

8/21/2013 - Let's Get Caught Up on Five Years of Fermi Space Porn

8/21/2013 - Jon Snow is a half-naked sex volcano in the first Pompeii pic

8/21/2013 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Lying

8/21/2013 - Ethereal photos capture rare "red lightning" phenomenon

8/21/2013 - Giant Military Hovercraft Lands on Crowded Beach Because Russia

8/21/2013 - These Solar-Powered Giant Winged Drones Could Replace Satellites

8/21/2013 - Fright Night 2 is totally just Fright Night 1 with breasts

8/21/2013 - Maybe the most epic convocation speech delivered by anyone ever

8/21/2013 - The NSA Has No Idea What "Transparency" Means

8/21/2013 - Google Field Trip Looks Like It Was Made for Glass (Because It Was)

8/21/2013 - Hot Jupiters are the most astounding planets in the galaxy

8/21/2013 - Your iPhone Could Soon Get Predator-Vision

8/21/2013 - Take all the "smart" off your phone and get a plain vanilla iPhone

8/21/2013 - New TMNT cartoon stars underwear, butt-cannons and Lil' Casey Jones

8/21/2013 - Facebook Denies Zuck Wall Hacker $500 Reward, Internet Gives Him $10K

8/21/2013 - Ha, the Most Hated Customer Service Companies Are All Cable and ISPs

8/21/2013 - Why This Luxury Resort Appeared in the Middle of the Mongolian Desert

8/21/2013 - The Mortal Instruments is like The Avengers of teen fantasy

8/21/2013 - Scientists Just Figured Out How to Make Lightning-Fast Graphene CPUs

8/21/2013 - NASA Captures Footage of South Pole During Aurora, Makes a GIF

8/21/2013 - The World's Biggest Test Bench Puts Wind Turbines Through the Wringer

8/21/2013 - A Simple Waterproof Camera That Automatically Shares Your Shots Online

8/21/2013 - Millions of unemployed Chinese college graduates live in "ant colonies"

8/21/2013 - Would a Marvel/Star Wars crossover be the worst idea ever?

8/21/2013 - Ancient Romans Built Monuments Centuries Before Archaeologists Believed

8/21/2013 - 7 Up Used to Include Prescription Mood Stabilizers

8/21/2013 - Isolated Peruvian tribe attempts to make contact, asks for food

8/21/2013 - Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

8/21/2013 - Extraordinary sleuthing connects Rita Hayworth and the atom bomb

8/21/2013 - Crazy Criminal Stole $210,000 in Quarters From Rigged Parking Meters

8/21/2013 - The Orion 8: Some of these men and women will go to Mars

8/21/2013 - Space exploration goes awry in the beautiful scifi short "Beyond"

8/21/2013 - A Laser-Filled Room Lets You Indulge Your Entrapment Fantasies

8/21/2013 - Watch as this comet plunges directly into the Sun

8/21/2013 - This Hybrid Quadcopter Drone Can Take Off and Land Vertically

8/21/2013 - Found: Bryan Cranston’s High School Chemistry Club Yearbook Photo

8/21/2013 - Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman preview Doctor Who's bold new era!

8/21/2013 - The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World's Most Expensive Cities

8/21/2013 - Mark Zuckerberg Explains How He Plans to Get the Whole World Online

8/21/2013 - Somebody Save Us, We're Drowning in Online Chat Systems

8/21/2013 - This Hard Shell Suitcase Is Made From Recycled Carpet

8/21/2013 - A Super-Accurate Gravity Map Shows You Where You Can Weigh Less

8/21/2013 - Your Phone Will Soon Spew 4K Video From Its USB Port

8/21/2013 - Fukushima's Radioactive Puddles Are More Serious Than Anticipated

8/21/2013 - Accessing Public Websites Ain't a Crime, Hiding an IP Address Could Be

8/21/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Yes/No

8/20/2013 - Surprise! Facebook Wants to Get the Entire World on the Internet

8/20/2013 - The NSA Can Reach 75% of All US Internet Traffic

8/20/2013 - LG Made a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Smartphone Display with 538 PPI

8/20/2013 - There's a Blue Moon Tonight But Not Because of What You Think

8/20/2013 - These Toys Have Hilarious Real Life Problems

8/20/2013 - The io9 Preview: Everything That Will Rock Your Cosmos This Fall!

8/20/2013 - Sheer Brilliance: Star Wars' Emperor voiced by Mark Hamill's Joker

8/20/2013 - What if Pixar made the Pacific Rim sequel?

8/20/2013 - Everything Wrong with Batman Begins

8/20/2013 - In Memories with Maya, human sexuality gets an upgrade

8/20/2013 - The UFO that buzzed the ISS yesterday has been identified

8/20/2013 - Brides now forcing bridesmaids to pose naked

8/20/2013 - Can breathing that "after the rain" clean smell actually kill you?

8/20/2013 - Honest Trailers aims its phasers at Star Trek Into Darkness

8/20/2013 - Zoom in on the Birth of a Star from Thousands of Light Years Away

8/20/2013 - The Only Kind of Sentence You Should Use in Your Fiction

8/20/2013 - Man's half face is forever young after getting hit by particle beam

8/20/2013 - Human Body for iOS: Almost The Most Fun You'll Have Exploring Your Body

8/20/2013 - 9 Photos In Good Old Classic Monochrome

8/20/2013 - Parking's a Breeze in This Foldable, Smartphone-Controlled Electric Car

8/20/2013 - Cool new crime game also lets you pretend to smoke marijuana

8/20/2013 - Rogue planets can form without a parent star

8/20/2013 - 5 Fun Ways To Destroy Your House on Street View

8/20/2013 - Dead direwolf actually lives a happy life with Game of Thrones' actress

8/20/2013 - This Smart Transforming Tote Is the Only Grocery Bag You'll Ever Need

8/20/2013 - What's your favorite moment where a victim turns the tables?

8/20/2013 - KEF M500 Headphone Review: Perfect Balance of Sound and Comfort

8/20/2013 - Thor, Jane and Loki reveal new worlds in The Dark World featurette

8/20/2013 - Those Adorable Animal Pics May Be Fake—and Cruel

8/20/2013 - This "futuristic gender exploration" is actually a dull anti-abortion rant

8/20/2013 - This is the safest car ever made (surprise: it's American!)

8/20/2013 - An Ephemeral Tour of Europe's Abandoned Industrial Ruins

8/20/2013 - The Kids and Adults Inside of Us Can't Wait For This Imagineering Doc

8/20/2013 - Every kid wants this game, so Sony adds Minecraft to new Playstation

8/20/2013 - Confession: Maybe Coming Back to Cable TV Was a Bad Idea

8/20/2013 - This fall’s greatest comics will blow your mind

8/20/2013 - GIF-Saving Tool GIFME Is My New Favorite Chrome Extension

8/20/2013 - Dealzmodo: Sol Republic Headphones, Vita Price Drop, Corsair Keyboard

8/20/2013 - Does America have the guts to boycott Russia's bigoted Olympics?

8/20/2013 - What exactly is a Blue Moon, anyway?

8/20/2013 - PS4 Is Coming November 15th to North America

8/20/2013 - The Real Reason Why Grown-Ups Love Young-Adult Fantasy Books

8/20/2013 - 3D Ads Between Suitcases Make Japan's Luggage Carousels Far More Fun

8/20/2013 - What really causes that amazing "after the rain" smell?

8/20/2013 - What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator

8/20/2013 - Amazon's Bundling Conde Nast Print and Digital Subscriptions for Cheap

8/20/2013 - Boost Your Typophile Street Cred With These Beautiful Font Flashcards

8/20/2013 - How do "Citizen Scientists" stack up against the experts?

8/20/2013 - NSA surveillance scandal: Major legal site shuts down over spying

8/20/2013 - Real-life Rapunzel has enough hair to drop down a four-story building

8/20/2013 - 10 Influential Movies (Where Everybody Copied the Wrong Thing)

8/20/2013 - Watch Sony's PlayStation 4 Gamescom Press Conference Live

8/20/2013 - iOS Is Getting a Fancy New YouTube App Too

8/20/2013 - Incredible Footage From a Time When Film Ruled High-Speed Photography

8/20/2013 - New high-res maps of Earth’s surprisingly inconsistent gravity field

8/20/2013 - This Glowing Train Is Bringing Art, Music, and Yurts to Middle America

8/20/2013 - Mike Tyson wins first combat in a decade—against his own Nintendo game

8/20/2013 - The gut-wrenching, organ-puréeing truth about the death care industry

8/20/2013 - iPhone 5S Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

8/20/2013 - Why Kolab Might Be the Best Secure Email Service Still Standing

8/20/2013 - Terrible accident of a truck jumping over guardrail caught on video

8/20/2013 - The Russian Night Hunter Is The Flying Tank of Your Nightmares

8/20/2013 - Best look at the live-action Gatchaman's awesome superhero suits

8/20/2013 - A Tiny Flexible Tripod For Perching Your Smartphone Anywhere

8/20/2013 - Archaeologists Just Realized 5K-Year-Old Egyptian Beads Are From Space

8/20/2013 - This Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came from Space

8/20/2013 - How a Crumbling 1960s Stadium Was Resurrected to Host the World Cup

8/20/2013 - Let Your Child Relax With a Martini Glass Rattle After a Tough Playdate

8/20/2013 - The only seven cases in which it's ok to accept a pay cut

8/20/2013 - Super Slow Motion Even Makes a Guy Getting Pummeled Look Glorious

8/20/2013 - Take a breathtaking bird's-eye tour of Greenland and the Arctic

8/20/2013 - What's This Weird "Tool" Just Unearthed in a Time Capsule From 1927?

8/20/2013 - This NFC-Powered Bonus E-Ink Display for Your Phone Needs No Batteries

8/20/2013 - How to completely traumatize your child after watching Tron

8/20/2013 - Which little Game of Thrones' actor gets replaced next season?

8/20/2013 - The Xbox One games that you will be able to buy this holiday season

8/20/2013 - What Did "Automatic" Mean To The Futurists of Yesterday?

8/20/2013 - Turn Your Bike Into a Cargo-Hauler In Minutes With This Clever Fork

8/20/2013 - The world's tallest Lego tower. Ever.

8/20/2013 - Watch People Get Flung at a Mountain by a Giant Human Slingshot

8/20/2013 - Why has a member of Game of Thrones' royal family been recast?

8/20/2013 - 9 Adorable Cartoons That Illustrate the Most Productive Types of Space

8/20/2013 - Scientists Have Recreated St Elmo's Fire in the Lab

8/20/2013 - Legal Site Groklaw Shuts Down Rather Than Face NSA in Heartrending Post

8/20/2013 - Garmin's Virb Action Camera Is Loaded--For a Price

8/20/2013 - Rumour: Samsung Smart Watch Has Camera, Speakers, NFC, Bluetooth, More

8/20/2013 - There's a Soldier-Dangling-Above-a-Shark Photo That's Actually Real

8/20/2013 - This Is the First Thunderbolt 2 Motherboard You Can Buy

8/20/2013 - The Iris Quadcopter Is a Drone for Tinkerers Short on Time

8/20/2013 - Using an Excavator As a DIY Water Park Ride Is Death Defying Fun

8/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Escape from '85

8/20/2013 - TiVo Roamio Lightning Review: Your One-Stop Entertainment Box

8/19/2013 - Wacom Cintiq Companion: Windows 8 and Android Tablets For Artists Only

8/19/2013 - Scientifically Accurate Finding Nemo Would Be Horrifyingly Incestual

8/19/2013 - Famous TV Show Opening Credits Recreated As Shows About Technology

8/19/2013 - Delaware Students Have Just Built World's Tallest Lego Tower

8/19/2013 - Goodbye True Blood Season 6, and thanks for the Vampire Dong!

8/19/2013 - Which Type of Alcohol Gets Destroyed Best By Guns?

8/19/2013 - This is what it looks like when a building implodes

8/19/2013 - Scientifically accurate Finding Nemo is a way more interesting movie

8/19/2013 - Read the zine that young Ray Bradbury started in 1939

8/19/2013 - Freudian slip: Putin's army gets all gay and wonderful

8/19/2013 - The Trading Cards that Defined Star Trek for a Generation

8/19/2013 - Anti-Wrinkle Cream Might Be the Key to Treating Parkinson's Disease

8/19/2013 - Archaeologists discover an Assyrian sea wall from a legendary battle

8/19/2013 - Jesuschrist! Look at this goddamn carnivorous caterpillar from hell

8/19/2013 - YouTube's Getting a Fantastic, Functional Makeover on Android

8/19/2013 - A Simple Way To Make a Compact Fluorescent Bulb Less Ugly

8/19/2013 - Did you play Tetris when you were a kid? Then you won't believe this

8/19/2013 - Minuum for Android: A Space-Saving Keyboard For Sloppy Typers

8/19/2013 - Which character surprised you by dying and not coming back?

8/19/2013 - Astronomers discover an Earth-sized planet with an 8.5 hour year

8/19/2013 - Why it took forever to allow public input on naming planets

8/19/2013 - This week’s DVDs are simply full of boobs

8/19/2013 - This F-35B's Vertical Night Landing Makes It Look Like a Badass UFO

8/19/2013 - The military seeks help in developing an artificial human brain

8/19/2013 - Four Fun Food Hacks to Teach Your Kids Science

8/19/2013 - A Retro Dock For the Public Radio Lover's Smartphone

8/19/2013 - This map reveals how natural disasters affect the internet

8/19/2013 - Why shouldn't Arrow cross over with the big-screen Justice League?

8/19/2013 - Fukushima's Now Surrounded by Extremely Radioactive Puddles

8/19/2013 - Explore London's Tube In 3D With This Hypnotic Real-Time Map

8/19/2013 - Who the hell would buy a gold iPhone but a Russian street crook?

8/19/2013 - In the first trailer for How I Live Now, the Apocalypse is a turn-on

8/19/2013 - Seoul's Government Installed a Giant Ear to Collect Citizen Complaints

8/19/2013 - These Trippy Spirals Are an Island's Atmospheric Exhaust

8/19/2013 - This Fall's Must-Read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

8/19/2013 - Remember the Year 2000, When We All Wore Radio Antenna Hats? 1939 Does

8/19/2013 - Amazon Just Went Down (Update: It's Back!)

8/19/2013 - Presidential Hair and Plymouth Pebbles: The Illicit Souvenirs of Yore

8/19/2013 - Dealzmodo: Logitech Remotes, Mice, Keyboards, Pioneer Speakers, Vita

8/19/2013 - Report: Apple Is Shipping Both a High- and Low-End iPhone Next Month

8/19/2013 - Fox is starting its own Marvel cinematic universe with X-Men and FF

8/19/2013 - Behold the Cleverest Dog Leash We've Ever Seen

8/19/2013 - A guide to the ravenous hellbeast that is the carnivorous caterpillar

8/19/2013 - Can science really make us immortal?

8/19/2013 - 11 Gold iPhones You Can Buy Right Now

8/19/2013 - Google Glass for Police Brings Us Closer to a RoboCop Reality

8/19/2013 - Giant Shake Table Helps Design Quake-Proof California Homes

8/19/2013 - Idiot Criminal's YouTube Vids Lead to Biggest Gun Bust in NYC History

8/19/2013 - The Queen from Aliens poses for her Mondo portrait

8/19/2013 - Tween Engineer Invents Awesome, Rocky-Playing Deodorant

8/19/2013 - What could this baffling new trailer from J.J. Abrams possibly mean?

8/19/2013 - Twitter Adds Related Headlines to Tweets, Making Subtweets Even Harder

8/19/2013 - The First High-Altitude Experiment Was Centuries Ago at Versailles

8/19/2013 - This Misbehaving Robot Wants to Scribble All Over Your Walls

8/19/2013 - 10 Real Technologies That Look Insanely Futuristic

8/19/2013 - McMoon's: The Former McDonald's Where NASA Digitizes Old Moon Photos

8/19/2013 - Watch these terrifying fighter jets roar over people's heads

8/19/2013 - Iron Man battles his most obsessed fanboy in new IM3 deleted scene

8/19/2013 - Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

8/19/2013 - First footage from Julia Ormond's Witches of East End series

8/19/2013 - Skunk Works Is Building a Drone That Carries Cars Instead of Cameras

8/19/2013 - This Week's TV: An A.I. Revolution, From the Writers of Stargate!

8/19/2013 - Incredible Before-and-After Photos Match Up Old and New NYC

8/19/2013 - In Breaking Bad, allies are hard to come by

8/19/2013 - Scientists Invent the Holy Grail of Booze: Electrolyte-Enhanced Beer

8/19/2013 - Lady Gaga's goose egg video for "Applause" turns her into a black swan

8/19/2013 - Which music star says she's being stalked by a creepy famous gossiper?

8/19/2013 - I Want to Believe These Colorful iPhone 5c Parts Are Real

8/19/2013 - Aircast Turns Chromecast into an Android AirPlay

8/19/2013 - You Can Download Your Next Desk From This Open-Source Ikea

8/19/2013 - Where the hell are my goddamned adult Underoos?

8/19/2013 - How a Renaissance Artist Imagined iOS Almost 500 Years Ago

8/19/2013 - This Flexible OLED Camera Can Snap One-Shot Panoramic Photos

8/19/2013 - Sansa Stark's actress adopted her real-life direwolf

8/19/2013 - Thai university uses the most ridiculous anti-cheating device

8/19/2013 - For morning viewing: 3 timelapses of last week's Perseid meteor shower

8/19/2013 - This Watch's Tiny Tweeting Bird Is a Miniature Mechanical Marvel

8/19/2013 - This robot can jump 10 times its body length

8/19/2013 - 11 Amazing Historical Snapshots From One of the World's Best Archives

8/19/2013 - Does an Amazing Spider-Man 2 photo tease Spidey's worst villain team?

8/19/2013 - Our Garbage Is the Most Accurate Time Capsule of All

8/18/2013 - Lou Donaldson and Lonnie Smith: Cherokee

8/18/2013 - Behold the Magellanic Stream that encircles the Milky Way

8/18/2013 - A Cast That Makes You A Little Bit Iron Man Is Awesome

8/18/2013 - We are now accidentally making monkeys dumber

8/18/2013 - Man hacks Zuckerberg's Facebook to show how much his security sucks

8/18/2013 - Why Being Human's finale was the perfect way to end the show

8/18/2013 - Millions Of Stars In Motion Make Glorious Intergalactic Collisions

8/18/2013 - The incredible miniature vehicles used in The Dark Knight

8/18/2013 - A Guy Hacked Zuck's Wall After Facebook Ignored His Bug Report

8/18/2013 - Peggy Carter finds a mysterious vial in latest Agent Carter clip

8/18/2013 - Missing The Beautiful Perseid Meteor Shower Was Dumb Of You

8/18/2013 - What Breaking Bad's color palette tells us about its characters

8/18/2013 - Here's What Everything Ever Is Made Of

8/18/2013 - Crowdfund Choose Your Own Adventure and bioluminescent lamps

8/18/2013 - Learn to braid your hair like the ladies of Game of Thrones

8/18/2013 - How Do You Back Up Your Data These Days?

8/18/2013 - Wearable prostheses turn dancers into musical instruments

8/18/2013 - Blimey! An Epic History of Britain As Shown Through Lego

8/18/2013 - A Breakup Beautifully Animated as a Bittersweet Kung Fu Film

8/18/2013 - Taio Cruz Builds Social Network, Reminds Us Of His Existence

8/18/2013 - Timur Bekmambetov is making a movie about flesh-eating squirrels

8/18/2013 - The horrifying story of the last death by smallpox

8/18/2013 - Darth Heisenberg is in the Empire Business

8/18/2013 - Multitaskers Beware: This Service Makes You Focus On One Thing

8/18/2013 - New Images Suggest Event Horizon Could Have Been Awesome

8/18/2013 - Watercolor Paintings Can Be Made With Code

8/18/2013 - Even Jack Kirby's comic book margin notes are a delight to read

8/18/2013 - 7 Scifi Literary and Journalistic Hoaxes that Readers Believed

8/18/2013 - It's Easy To Seem Popular When A Virus Gives You Instagram Followers

8/18/2013 - How can anti-gay bigots be so pathetic and infuriatingly dumb?

8/17/2013 - All the Best Music to Type To

8/17/2013 - How Underwater Drones Are Searching For the Lost Pilots of WWII

8/17/2013 - Fantastical Sculptures of Our Biomechanical Beastly Caretakers

8/17/2013 - The Terminator 3 Effects Team Basically Built Real Robot Assassins

8/17/2013 - Robot comedian does a standup routine and reacts to the audience

8/17/2013 - This is not a SimCity screenshot

8/17/2013 - These graphical cheat sheets will make your life much easier

8/17/2013 - What Could Be In Wikileak's Giant 349GB "Insurance" File?

8/17/2013 - A Map of the Lands Actually Discovered by European Explorers

8/17/2013 - Meet Once Upon a Time's Little Mermaid

8/17/2013 - What's the One Crucial Feature Your Next Phone Needs to Have?

8/17/2013 - Steampunk Ghostbusters Cosplayers with a Dapper Marshmallow Man

8/17/2013 - Finally, A Bulletproof Couch You Can Fill With Guns

8/17/2013 - Nuclear-Powered Vehicle Concepts from the Mid-20th Century

8/17/2013 - You can fish your own dinner in this wacky Tokyo restaurant

8/17/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Boy and His Robot vs. The Police

8/17/2013 - Travelers Beware: Google Play Might Delete All Your Books (Updated)

8/17/2013 - Phineas and Ferb's Next Mission: A Star Wars Crossover

8/17/2013 - Woz on Jobs, Hyperloop Hijinks, Area 51 Declassified, And More

8/17/2013 - Everybody's gone crazy on Continuum, and futureshock is to blame!

8/17/2013 - A street rat tries to save its lab rat love from a research robot

8/17/2013 - The Cast of Family Guy as Game of Thrones Characters

8/17/2013 - This Levitating Matchstick Trick Is a Great Excuse to Play With Fire

8/17/2013 - How Pacific Rim's kaiju parasites came to animatronic life

8/17/2013 - A Beautiful Analog Clock for Dummies Who Are Bad at Telling Time

8/17/2013 - Surgeon stole heroin out of a drug smuggler's stomach

8/17/2013 - Two sisters must cope with an alien invasion—and each other

8/17/2013 - The Gear and Apps You Need to Survive the Next Semester

8/17/2013 - Watch DC Nation's ultra-cool Wonder Woman shorts online now

8/17/2013 - Two Timelines of Slang for Genitalia, from 1250 Through Today

8/17/2013 - Google's Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless "Search" Domain

8/17/2013 - A wacky Disney/Marvel Crossover plus Metamorpho on Beware the Batman

8/17/2013 - Researchers Snuck Malware Onto the App Store By Making It a Transformer

8/17/2013 - How did people call their penises and vaginas eight centuries ago?

8/17/2013 - Scanning Fast Food Makes Fast Food Look Even Worse

8/17/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Gary Busey's Crazy Brain

8/16/2013 - How Much Does It Really Cost to Be Batman?

8/16/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: It's Not You, It's Me

8/16/2013 - Grumby: Mt. Fuji

8/16/2013 - The underground city has thrown open its doors to the surface

8/16/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: August 10 - 16, 2013

8/16/2013 - This Animation Teaches You More About Physics Than High School Ever Did

8/16/2013 - So apparently Voyager 1 left our solar system on July 27, 2012

8/16/2013 - Video reveals incredible "acrobat" and "hunter" birds in flight

8/16/2013 - Glowing, fiber optic corset is perfect for Katniss in the Capitol

8/16/2013 - This Italian 'Adolf Hitler wine' has infuriated just about everybody

8/16/2013 - It's All Music to Your Ears With the SoundFocus App

8/16/2013 - This short about a princess with a badass sword is absolutely lovely

8/16/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Slack, MedSnap, and More

8/16/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: Editorial, Slack, and More

8/16/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Slack, Dots and More

8/16/2013 - The jury is still out on whether this is science fiction or not

8/16/2013 - A House With a Roof That Retracts, Thanks to a Hand-Operated Winch

8/16/2013 - Newly-discovered mammal is 'mix of house cat and a teddy bear'

8/16/2013 - The very best storytelling games to light your imagination on fire

8/16/2013 - This Flat Flexible Lunch Bag Can Hold Your Heftiest Hoagie

8/16/2013 - Tiny sea snail grows and hatches inside little boy's knee

8/16/2013 - The Nine Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

8/16/2013 - A Clock That Conceals The Time Until You Find Its Sweet Spot

8/16/2013 - Watch Val Kilmer morph into Mark Twain -- YIKES

8/16/2013 - Grant Morrison claims Alan Moore secretly killed the Joker in 1988

8/16/2013 - Architecture Student Converts School Bus Into Cozy Home

8/16/2013 - NASA says Kepler isn't quite dead yet

8/16/2013 - Live Your Entire Life in Bed With A Bedsore Detecting Mattress

8/16/2013 - This creepy psychological technique will sabotage anyone's self-esteem

8/16/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: They Lost a Capsule, But Found Each Other

8/16/2013 - Watch an Insanely Relaxing Flight Across the Arctic Ice Plains, by NASA

8/16/2013 - Doctor Who is finally validated with an official Mr. Potato Head toy

8/16/2013 - Famous old singer wants HP to pay millions for his namesake penis app

8/16/2013 - If you wear lipstick, you may be eating toxic metals

8/16/2013 - Dealzmodo: Nikon D800, MacBook Air $800, Haswell, Mousing Surface

8/16/2013 - Friday Mixtape: The Catchiest Pop Songs about the Apocalypse

8/16/2013 - Now we know why butterflies evolved to have ears

8/16/2013 - What You Shouldn't Put On Facebook (Explained By a Gospel Choir)

8/16/2013 - Rare Dune art from Omni reveals Frank Herbert's original vision

8/16/2013 - Is Amazon Art a Ripoff?

8/16/2013 - Conan O'Brien bribes Harrison Ford for news on next Star Wars movie

8/16/2013 - How the Downs-Thomson Paradox will ruin your commute

8/16/2013 - Chubby Checker (Singer) Can Sue HP Over Chubby Checker (Dick-Measurer)

8/16/2013 - Is Earth Really a Planet?

8/16/2013 - Snowden Reportedly Started Stealing Spy Documents While Working at Dell

8/16/2013 - The coolest and most exotic cars in the world all in one place

8/16/2013 - Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Review: The Best Low-Light Zoom Lens By a Mile

8/16/2013 - Forbes Uses Furry Convention Logo in Obamacare Article For Some Reason

8/16/2013 - 12 Incredibly Embarrassing Superhero Transformations

8/16/2013 - Incredible Footage Shows a Perseid Meteor Exploding

8/16/2013 - An Alarm Clock With a Feature You Actually Need: USB Ports

8/16/2013 - Surprise – Kick-Ass 2 is actually about the triumph of girl geeks!

8/16/2013 - This Is What Astronauts Use to Poop in Space (Ew. Awesome. ...Ew.)

8/16/2013 - How One Perfect Shot Saved Pinball From Being Illegal

8/16/2013 - Fire in New York's Queensboro bridge

8/16/2013 - Night of the Living Dead Remake Swaps Farmhouse for NYC

8/16/2013 - If You Use a Drone to Film Your Wedding This Is What You Deserve

8/16/2013 - A brief history of physics, whimsically animated

8/16/2013 - A "Glitch" Made All the Doors in a Max. Security Prison Open at Once

8/16/2013 - A California Walnut Farm That Costs Peanuts to Run

8/16/2013 - Dealzmodo: $30 Off The New Nexus 7 [GONE]

8/16/2013 - This Deceptively Pretty Map Shows Every Traffic Death on Earth

8/16/2013 - Archaeologists Unearth Pieces from a 5,000 Year-Old Board Game

8/16/2013 - Robo-Bookshelf Demands Access To All Your Antiquated Media

8/16/2013 - The U.S. government has finally confirmed the existence of Area 51

8/16/2013 - Medical procedures that have gone obsolete in your lifetime

8/16/2013 - Watch Today's ISS Spacewalk Right Here, Right Now

8/16/2013 - There's a museum of rocks that look like real people—in Japan, of course

8/16/2013 - Rumored iPhone 5S Hardware Leaks Point to Fingerprint Sensor

8/16/2013 - Tweetdeck Just Got a Little Bit Prettier

8/16/2013 - Game of Thrones deleted scene stars Tywin Lannister, Sexy Fish Magnet

8/16/2013 - Against Your Better Judgment, Mercedes Is Integrating Google Glass

8/16/2013 - The Houston Texans Now Have the Biggest Jumbotron in the NFL

8/16/2013 - Samsung's Galaxy Gear Is Almost Definitely Coming on September 4th

8/16/2013 - The crack team that invented the fireman's pole

8/16/2013 - Jobs, Reviewed by Steve Wozniak

8/16/2013 - Moto Maker Hands On: Customizing a Moto X Is Pretty Easy, Very Fun

8/16/2013 - The first video ever taken from Mars of one moon eclipsing the other

8/16/2013 - What Happens When You Drop a Red Hot Ball of Nickel Into Peanut Butter

8/16/2013 - Hints and Updates About Avengers 2, TMNT and Jurassic Park 4!

8/16/2013 - Leaked Manual Reveals More Details on Sony's Smartphone Lens Cameras

8/16/2013 - Highlights from the World's Largest Drone Fair

8/16/2013 - How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture So You Don't Kill Yourself

8/16/2013 - A Tesla Model S Crashed Into an Electric Pole and Caused a Blackout

8/16/2013 - The Moto X Just Might Have the Dumbest Smartest Accessory Ever

8/16/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Hook

8/15/2013 - Hard Knocks: The Best TV Show on HBO

8/15/2013 - The NSA Oversteps Its Legal Authority and the Court Can't Stop It

8/15/2013 - Beach House: Myth

8/15/2013 - Jobs is a bad movie about a sociopath and his obsessions

8/15/2013 - Scientists Finally Have a Way to Quantify Consciousness, Using Magnets

8/15/2013 - Laurence Fishburne vs an army of post-apocalyptic cannibals. Who wins?

8/15/2013 - Jobs Movie Review: A Sadly Appropriate Metaphor

8/15/2013 - Marvel could kill everybody in the Ultimate universe except Spider-Man

8/15/2013 - Just taking a null-gravity stroll in the city. Like you do.

8/15/2013 - This Spray-On Chemical Could Make Window Blinds Obsolete

8/15/2013 - Guillermo del Toro's sketches reveal his At the Mountains of Madness

8/15/2013 - Star Trek communicator puts your dog poop where no dog has gone before

8/15/2013 - Watch a Star Explode, Live, Right Here Right Now

8/15/2013 - Hunger Games-themed makeup line really sells the dystopian decadence

8/15/2013 - Design a Better Street For Your City With This Free Web App

8/15/2013 - All the fantastic new TV series that will get you hooked this fall

8/15/2013 - Astounding Spaceship Designs From Before The Space Age

8/15/2013 - Editorial for iOS: A Better, Automated Way to Edit Text on Your iPad

8/15/2013 - US Government Finally Admits: Yes, Area 51 Exists

8/15/2013 - Our favorite art of the day: tiny Deadpool flying on an eagle

8/15/2013 - George R.R. Martin explains why Forbidden Planet is his favorite movie

8/15/2013 - 3D-Printed Lego-Like Blocks Can Be Assembled by Robots into Spaceships

8/15/2013 - Microsoft Is Super Pissed at Google For Breaking Its YouTube App

8/15/2013 - Do villains have to commit "taboo" acts for us to hate them?

8/15/2013 - Adorn Your Walls With This Dizzyingly Cool Geometric Art

8/15/2013 - At last, they're adding female soldiers to one of the biggest games ever

8/15/2013 - The sci-fi and fantasy movies to watch and avoid this fall

8/15/2013 - This Tricycle Printing Press Was the Hot New Advertising Stunt of 1895

8/15/2013 - This dinosaur's huge body didn't work the way we thought it did

8/15/2013 - No, India did not just grant dolphins the status of humans

8/15/2013 - The Saga of Star Wars' Toys Is Almost Better Than the Actual Movies

8/15/2013 - Sony Vaio Pro Review: Climbing a Steeper Grading Curve

8/15/2013 - Your Smartphone Can Now Be Your Eye Doctor

8/15/2013 - Disney's Bears trailer puts teeny tiny baby bear feet in your face

8/15/2013 - Tag Along With the Fearless Badasses Who Clean The Windows of NYC

8/15/2013 - A Gang of Thai Villagers Tried to Arrest a Google Street View Driver

8/15/2013 - Are we in a "Gutenberg moment" with science writing online?

8/15/2013 - The Ultimate Guide to this Fall's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV!

8/15/2013 - Alexander Graham Bell's Failed Flying Machine Reborn As a Floating City

8/15/2013 - Dealzmodo: iPad, iPhone 5 Alarm Dock, iTunes Money, Apple TV, 4TB USB3

8/15/2013 - Vin Diesel's next film is about saving Mexican gold from orcs?

8/15/2013 - Why Your Internet Connection Just Had a Freakout (And How to Fix It)

8/15/2013 - What Was Your First Comment on Gizmodo?

8/15/2013 - Sony Has Locked Up Viacom For Its Online TV Service

8/15/2013 - Fear and Loathing in the Mobile Entertainment Industry

8/15/2013 - Scientists teleport information in an electronic circuit

8/15/2013 - An Elaborate Mechanical Sundial That Doesn't Need a Drop of Sunlight

8/15/2013 - How a "cloaking device" led to an amazingly powerful new microscope

8/15/2013 - This Space Age Bathroom Had Everything (Except Toilets)

8/15/2013 - First official look at the robot of Japan's live-action Patlabor movie

8/15/2013 - Why Apples Don't Taste as Delicious Anymore

8/15/2013 - Those classic Star Wars comics really did fill the gaps between movies

8/15/2013 - These Mesmerizing Photos Capture Dynamic Ballet Dancers in Midair

8/15/2013 - 12 More Real Animals We Can’t Believe Aren't Pokémon

8/15/2013 - Why Doesn't Google Encrypt All of Your Data?

8/15/2013 - This High-Speed Digital Camera Can Freeze Objects Moving 7,500 MPH

8/15/2013 - Important Campaign: HBO should show more dongs on TV

8/15/2013 - Hyperloop Could Totally Work. But Will It Ever Happen?

8/15/2013 - Artist Pranks Best Buy Shoppers With a Fake Useless Plastic Black Box

8/15/2013 - Why altitude sickness kills people

8/15/2013 - iPhone 5c Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

8/15/2013 - This West Harlem-Built Battery Could Overthrow Lithium Ion

8/15/2013 - Star Trek spatula's 5-year mission: to explore strange new pancakes

8/15/2013 - How Shapeways Squeezes Every Last Bit Out of a 3D Printing Run

8/15/2013 - Astronomers discover an insanely strong magnetic field

8/15/2013 - Archaeologists Just Found the Oldest Board Game Tokens Ever

8/15/2013 - This Bizarre Installation Mimics a Real Biological Ecosystem

8/15/2013 - Vampire Academy trailer feels like maybe this movie could be good?

8/15/2013 - Turn a Drill Into a Shotgun with This Spinning Disc of Doom

8/15/2013 - There may be a new Emperor in the Star Wars Universe

8/15/2013 - Futurama proves that I'm dead inside

8/15/2013 - The Tiny Cannon Returns to Explode Its Tiny Pirate Foes

8/15/2013 - New Game of Thrones FX reel reveals the magic of season 3

8/15/2013 - Whoa, This Tiny Tail-Equipped Robo Monkey Can Leap Like a Superhero

8/15/2013 - Chinese zoo tries to pass off a dog as a lion

8/15/2013 - A New Carbon Supermaterial Is Stronger Than Graphene and Diamond

8/15/2013 - 7 Street Art Stencils That Interact With Their Surroundings

8/15/2013 - Is J.J. Abrams taking complete control of the Star Wars universe?

8/15/2013 - The Urban Trike: Big Wheels for Grown-Ups

8/15/2013 - Why the Hell Do People Insist on Posting About In-Flight Internet?

8/15/2013 - A Brief History of Physics

8/15/2013 - You Can Turn Any Surface Into a Touchscreen With a $150 App

8/15/2013 - The Mysterious Magnetar WIth an Insanely Strong Magnetic Field

8/15/2013 - These Lands Were Entirely Unknown Until the Age of Exploration

8/15/2013 - Things the Authorities Say to Mislead You About NSA Surveillance

8/15/2013 - What the Proper Cell Phone Etiquette Is Around the World

8/15/2013 - The four types of people most likely to murder their families

8/15/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet: Distance

8/14/2013 - eBay's My Gadgets Organizes Your Tech to Make It Easier to Sell

8/14/2013 - The Special Effects of Game of Thrones Are Still Unbelievably Amazing

8/14/2013 - AMP: Robots Make a Hell of a Friend (And a Pretty Good Soldier)

8/14/2013 - This is why the ocean is full of dead zones

8/14/2013 - Google's Definition of Literally Literally Isn't Literal

8/14/2013 - 10 Clever Food Tips That Will Make Eating Easier

8/14/2013 - Bedbugs back in your life? Make this easy trap from sugar and yeast!

8/14/2013 - One Science Fiction Author Who Does Everything You Want from the Genre

8/14/2013 - Special liquid underwear helps pervs to have orgasms in strip clubs

8/14/2013 - Robert Downey Jr. stars in quite possibly the year's most surreal ad

8/14/2013 - Self-Taught Make-up Artist Transforms Herself Into Iconic Characters

8/14/2013 - A Camping Lantern That Keeps Your Gadgets Glowing Too

8/14/2013 - Strange and Gorgeous Houses Built on Rooftops

8/14/2013 - Microsoft is remaking Blake's 7 for the Xbox

8/14/2013 - 1980s College Dean: Universities Will Collapse Because of Liberals

8/14/2013 - Slack for iOS and Android: A Better Way to Collaborate With Coworkers

8/14/2013 - Good champagne for a good price? Here's how to get it

8/14/2013 - What the hell is happening with trains lately?

8/14/2013 - Here's how Shark Week wrecked shark science

8/14/2013 - Hayao Miyazaki's new movie finally has a trailer with subtitles

8/14/2013 - 10 Tricky Bar Bets You'll Never Ever Lose

8/14/2013 - New Cancer Treatment Kills the Bad Cells with Nanoparticles and Lasers

8/14/2013 - These 3D-Printed Titanium Watches Will Probably Outlive You

8/14/2013 - What's the most game-changing discovery that got swept under the rug?

8/14/2013 - Test how old your ears are with this hearing test

8/14/2013 - Here's the first real info on Bryan Fuller's new Syfy series High Moon

8/14/2013 - This Downtown Tokyo Office Tower Contains a Vibrant Vertical Farm

8/14/2013 - Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review: The Anti-Costanza

8/14/2013 - Dammit, Grasshopper, stop being so amazing already

8/14/2013 - 7 Security Measures That Were Doomed From The Start

8/14/2013 - Man moons cops at the clown shop

8/14/2013 - How the Speed of Light was First Measured

8/14/2013 - An 18th century frigate does battle... in orbit around Mercury!

8/14/2013 - CERN's Voltron for Computers Now Supports Android Devices

8/14/2013 - Fun new game lets you support a liberal monster or fascist lunatic

8/14/2013 - That time the US Air Force tried to put a copper ring around the Earth

8/14/2013 - These Guys Tried to Pass Off Melting Blocks of Ice as $4k Worth of iPads

8/14/2013 - Fall Movie Guide: Our Forecast on 20 Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

8/14/2013 - Dealzmodo: Corsair SSD, Humble Origin Bundle, Griffin Earbuds, Storage

8/14/2013 - iCloud's About to Look a Whole Lot More Like iOS 7

8/14/2013 - Acer Aspire S7 Review: The PC Revival Is Late, But It's Here

8/14/2013 - Google Search Can Now Answer Questions About Your Specific Life

8/14/2013 - Keep everyone (except the NSA) from reading your email

8/14/2013 - An Amazingly Simple Way To Test If a Battery Is Dead

8/14/2013 - Here's the ultimate science fiction size comparison chart

8/14/2013 - Leaked Pics Reveal North Korea's New-Old Military Cargo Plane

8/14/2013 - Mouse heart repaired with human heart cells

8/14/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Monochrome

8/14/2013 - This Map of NYC Is Based on Directions Drawn By Complete Strangers

8/14/2013 - The most insane transport systems that never happened

8/14/2013 - Breathtaking Concept Art of Elysium's Spaceship Hangar and Robot Deck

8/14/2013 - Forget Jobs, Here's the Movie Trailer for the Epic Gates Biopic

8/14/2013 - How Your Birth Order Can Influence Who You Are

8/14/2013 - These Avengers vibrators would sell like hot cakes if they were real

8/14/2013 - Human test flights begin on extraordinary jetpack, on sale in 2015

8/14/2013 - JFK's Retro-Futuristic Pan Am Terminal Is Slowly Being Demolished

8/14/2013 - Mysterious video shows new iPhone that's shockingly yellow

8/14/2013 - A Rare Glimpse Inside a Magnificent, Abandoned Shrine to Electricity

8/14/2013 - Mathematician Designs a Time Cloak That Uses Just Light and Mirrors

8/14/2013 - Was Jesus crucified on a leopard-skin cross?

8/14/2013 - Breakthrough: Scientists build a beating mouse heart with human tissue

8/14/2013 - Watch the SpaceX Grasshopper Hop Into the Air and Fly Sideways

8/14/2013 - A NASA Scientist Made an App Dedicated to More Secure Boobs

8/14/2013 - Discover the grade level of your current beach read

8/14/2013 - Got Blood on the Brain? Shove This Clot Buster Up Your Nose

8/14/2013 - How Is This 8-Bit Blade Runner Game Not Actually Real?

8/14/2013 - Your Busted Apple MagSafe Cords Power These Clever Lamps

8/14/2013 - The U.S. Has More Internet Porn Than Any Other Country

8/14/2013 - Why did the ‘80s turn so many of us into nerds?

8/14/2013 - Is Your YouTube Slathered In Counterfeit Ads?

8/14/2013 - Archeologist badger reveals 12th Century tombs

8/14/2013 - This Could Be a Yellow iPhone 5c Next to an iPhone 5

8/14/2013 - Japan Wants to Build an Ice Wall to Contain Fukushima's Radioactive Water

8/14/2013 - These WWI aerial dogfight photos are incredible. Too bad they're fake.

8/14/2013 - Find Your Fortune With Thor's Metal-Detecting Mjölnir Hammer

8/14/2013 - Dealzmodo: Amazon Flash Storage Gold Box [Updated]

8/14/2013 - Society crumbles as Google admits "Literally" now means "Figuratively"

8/14/2013 - How Apple Is Changing Its Definition of "Pro"

8/14/2013 - Badger Unearths Medieval Graves in Germany

8/14/2013 - Does This Colorless, Flavorless, Nihilist Toothpaste Even Exist?

8/14/2013 - A beautiful global map, created with a spirograph

8/14/2013 - Pneumatic Tubes Are Working Their Way Back Into the Pipeline

8/14/2013 - 8 Ethereal Weather Installations That Recreate Fog, Snow, and Storms

8/14/2013 - Could Hugh Jackman play Wolverine in four more X-Men films?

8/14/2013 - Breakfast Cereal, Made With a Gun, in Slow-Motion

8/14/2013 - Philips Hue Light Bulbs Are Highly Hackable

8/14/2013 - How Machines Think

8/14/2013 - Where Those Weird Prescription Drug Names Come From

8/14/2013 - What to Do If You Really Hate Google Glass

8/14/2013 - Under the Dome has become Lost, and guess what? I love it.

8/14/2013 - What Apple's Latest Acquisition Says About the Future of Apple TV

8/14/2013 - How George Lucas could have made the awful Star Wars prequels good

8/14/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ruuuun!!

8/13/2013 - The Funniest Video on the Ridiculousness of Kickstarter

8/13/2013 - A Map of the Countries That Censor the Internet

8/13/2013 - Look At All the Creepy Stuff Inside a Single Drop of Pond Water

8/13/2013 - What if Disney Princesses had Instagram?

8/13/2013 - "Armed Subject" At a College Was Actually Just Carrying a Samsung Phone

8/13/2013 - Here's what Elysium did wrong -- and what it did right

8/13/2013 - What If Star Wars: Episode II Was Actually a Good Movie?

8/13/2013 - Driving with a dog? You need a dog seatbelt!

8/13/2013 - The Retro-Futuristic Spectacle of Military Parades in North Korea

8/13/2013 - Did a New York inventor secretly build a Hyperloop beneath the city?

8/13/2013 - Marvel turns it up to Infinity in This Week’s Comics

8/13/2013 - These Glow in the Dark Rabbits Will Help Cure Diseases One Day

8/13/2013 - Exclusive premiere of Alex Pardee's smashing The World's End poster

8/13/2013 - MedSnap ID for iOS: Identify Pills & Potential Interactions In 1 Photo

8/13/2013 - Did we steal caveman technology from the cavemen?

8/13/2013 - Should the NYPD Have to Wear Cameras Everywhere They Go?

8/13/2013 - What movie have you watched 1,000 times, and will never stop?

8/13/2013 - The Most Convoluted DMCA Takedown Request of All Time

8/13/2013 - Shine On, You Crazy Levitating Diamond Particle

8/13/2013 - This Museum's Interactive Exhibit Tricks Kids Into Art Appreciation

8/13/2013 - Ranking the World’s Most Influential Thinkers

8/13/2013 - Unrealistic movie about tiny blue elves accidentally includes female

8/13/2013 - An iPhone-Thin Battery Perfect For Charging Your iPhone's Thin Battery

8/13/2013 - Google: Non-Gmail Users Have No Legitimate Expectation of Privacy (Updated)

8/13/2013 - The cast of Kick-Ass 2 explain their new powers, cuss us out

8/13/2013 - Rare Photos of Paris's Mechanical Moving Sidewalks from 1900

8/13/2013 - Carrots don't help your eyesight: it's a WW2 British Intelligence ruse

8/13/2013 - Why Smoking a Bowl Makes You Tired and Lazy

8/13/2013 - This noctilucent cloud video is the perfect vacation for your brain

8/13/2013 - 12 Reflected Revelations and Reveals

8/13/2013 - This Google easter egg takes you from London to a very secret place

8/13/2013 - Learn to fight the Shatner way with Captain Kirk's Top 10 Fight Moves

8/13/2013 - You've Been Lied to About Carrots Your Whole Life Because of Nazis

8/13/2013 - Scientists Just Grew Human Heart Tissue That Beats With Total Autonomy

8/13/2013 - Dealzmodo: $144 Chromebook, 4TB USB3, Kindle Fire HD, Breaking Bad

8/13/2013 - A new scientific explanation for near-death experiences

8/13/2013 - A straw that will prevent you from ever being roofied

8/13/2013 - Sleazy college football star comes from family of cockfighters

8/13/2013 - Battery-Free Wireless Devices Let You Send Texts After Your Phone Dies

8/13/2013 - Here's the first synopsis for Chris Nolan's new flick Interstellar

8/13/2013 - The Entire Breaking Bad Premiere, Translated Into Emoji

8/13/2013 - How One Inventor Secretly Built a Pneumatic Subway Under NYC

8/13/2013 - First Iron Man 3 Deleted Scene Shows the Mandarin on the Job

8/13/2013 - If every job requires a college degree, how do you work without one?

8/13/2013 - The Incredibly Violent History of Earth's Moon

8/13/2013 - In case of apocalypse, here's how to make penicillin in your kitchen

8/13/2013 - These Cupcake Molds Take Muffin Top Literally

8/13/2013 - Gmail's New Compose Window Will Soon Be Your Only Choice

8/13/2013 - io9 Book Club reminder: On 8/27 we discuss The Shambling Guide to NYC

8/13/2013 - Microsoft's Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Is Easy on Wrists and Eyes Alike

8/13/2013 - Violent new video game is the perfect portrait of Southern California

8/13/2013 - The complete history of the world — up to 1930 — in one glorious chart

8/13/2013 - Of Course Florida Might Deploy Drones To Combat Mosquitoes

8/13/2013 - 9 Questions We Have About the Wool Trilogy’s Epic Finale, Dust

8/13/2013 - Zoom into this map to see every single person in the US by race

8/13/2013 - This Depression-Era Carphone Was Way Ahead of Its Time

8/13/2013 - The Xbox One Can Tell When It's Overheating, and Adjusts to Fix It

8/13/2013 - You Can Buy Samsung's 55-inch Curved OLED TV Today for $9,000

8/13/2013 - The President Gets a Personal Osprey He's Not Allowed to Use

8/13/2013 - The Secret U.S. Government Program to Hook Spy Photos From Space

8/13/2013 - The U.S. Once Tried to Wrap a Ring of Copper Wire Around the Earth

8/13/2013 - How the Xbox One Console Was Designed to Be an Everything Machine

8/13/2013 - Watching Toys Get Made Is Even More Fun Than Playing With Them

8/13/2013 - Atlanta sport fans keep dying from stadium falls: three in five years

8/13/2013 - Early Humans May Have Ripped Off Neanderthal Technology

8/13/2013 - Snowden: Any Unencrypted Message Goes to Every Intelligence Service

8/13/2013 - Test How Old Your Ears Are (And How Much Damage You've Done to Them)

8/13/2013 - How to walk on water

8/13/2013 - Watch These Graffiti Masters Turn a Boeing 737 Into Airborne Art

8/13/2013 - Scientists Can Now 3D Print Transplantable, Living Kidneys

8/13/2013 - Is Emperor Palpatine alive?

8/13/2013 - FYI: It's Illegal To Build a Castle On a High Rise Without Permission

8/13/2013 - Someone's making Big Wheels for adults. Everything is awesome now.

8/13/2013 - This timelapse-supercut of European landmarks will leave you speechless

8/13/2013 - You Can Get All 8 Harry Potter Movies For Just $10 on iTunes (Update: Not Anymore)

8/13/2013 - Chinese doctor builds illegal rock villa atop Beijing apartment tower

8/13/2013 - Vibrating Pants Checker Lets You Know When You're Unzipped

8/13/2013 - Reports of Emperor Palpatine's death may have been exaggerated...

8/13/2013 - Three Amazing Audio Artworks From MoMA’s First Show Devoted to Sound

8/13/2013 - How to Turn an Old Android Device Into a Chromecast (Kinda)

8/13/2013 - How Insanely Fast the ISS Moves, Visualized

8/13/2013 - This Is How NASA Will 3D Print in Space

8/13/2013 - The Entire Distribution of Ethnicity in the US, Person-By-Person

8/13/2013 - Google Fiber Continues the Awful ISP Tradition of Banning “Servers”

8/13/2013 - What the hell is going on with True Blood?

8/13/2013 - The science behind your sleeping problems—and how to solve them

8/13/2013 - This is the best Star Trek episode never filmed

8/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: JUPITER 8000

8/12/2013 - The Xbox One Controller Will Work with Your PC.... in 2014

8/12/2013 - Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

8/12/2013 - This Lego Breaking Bad set is a must have for meth bricks fans

8/12/2013 - These Dresses Were Made Using Magnets

8/12/2013 - Finally! A Breaking Bad Lego Set That You Can Actually Buy!

8/12/2013 - Everything That Is Hilariously Wrong with YouTube in One Video

8/12/2013 - Come back to cable, so you'll have something to talk to friends about

8/12/2013 - The video that revealed the black hole at the center of our galaxy

8/12/2013 - The Greatest Star Trek Cosplay of the Year

8/12/2013 - Nausea: This brave man drove for hours to sample the Waffle Taco

8/12/2013 - We Need More Ideas as Crazy as Hyperloop

8/12/2013 - Bloomberg: A Retina iPad Mini and a Thinner iPad Are Coming

8/12/2013 - Time-Traveling Photographs Reveal History in the Present

8/12/2013 - Max Landis: You might not have liked my Chronicle sequel idea

8/12/2013 - The Xbox One Is Worse For Everyone If Kinect's Not Mandatory

8/12/2013 - The orbits of all potentially hazardous asteroids in one map

8/12/2013 - Behold the Horrible Glory of a Hoarder's 250,000-Record Vinyl Library

8/12/2013 - Are these magic wizards the best friends ever, or the worst?

8/12/2013 - Hyperloop Alpha: This Could Change Transit Forever

8/12/2013 - Could you really have a space colony like the one in Elysium?

8/12/2013 - Brain Teaser Table Is More Complicated Than Ikea, But Also More Fun

8/12/2013 - What's the most epic friendship in all of science fiction and fantasy?

8/12/2013 - Here's what to expect from Elon Musk's Hyperloop super train

8/12/2013 - Researchers Detect Intense Brain Activity In Rats After They're Dead

8/12/2013 - Screw Indiana Jones, Adele Blanc-Sec is your kickass archaeologist now

8/12/2013 - Hyperloop revealed: Elon Musk's insanely cool transport of the future

8/12/2013 - Our Hyperloop Liveblog Starts Right Right Now

8/12/2013 - OH MY GOD Bret McKenzie is making a Labyrinth style musical

8/12/2013 - Why hacking things is worth your time—as long as you don't get obsessed

8/12/2013 - The Moment When Science Fiction Split off From Competence Porn

8/12/2013 - Possibly the most epic science video you'll watch this week

8/12/2013 - Is there a link between the Higgs boson and dark energy?

8/12/2013 - Excalibur Dehydrator Review: The Ultimate Home Jerky Machine

8/12/2013 - Dealzmodo: Logitech M510, Unlocked iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iTunes Money

8/12/2013 - What's the Best Air Freshener?

8/12/2013 - These Avengers dildos are presumably Earth's Mightiest Vibrators

8/12/2013 - Your one night stand will end in horror if fedoras are involved

8/12/2013 - This is why you aren't sleeping right

8/12/2013 - SETI pioneer John Billingham has passed away

8/12/2013 - The NSA Turned Spying into a Video Game for Analysts

8/12/2013 - If you insist on "off roading," at least do it in a Soviet tank

8/12/2013 - All Hail Histomap: 4,000 Years of History in a Single Poster

8/12/2013 - Explore the ocean floor via live cam, in high definition, RIGHT NOW

8/12/2013 - Leaked Photos of Sony's Lens Cameras That Piggyback on Your Smartphone

8/12/2013 - Watch a short film about the Machine of Death that predicts your end

8/12/2013 - Researchers Identify 12 Asteroids Close Enough for Space Mining

8/12/2013 - Predict the weather the way Darwin did on The Beagle

8/12/2013 - Worried about the Internet breaking? Freak out in advance!

8/12/2013 - A Bizarre Neck Brace That Turns the Wearer Into a Human Speaker

8/12/2013 - 10 Completely Ridiculous Ways the World Has Ended

8/12/2013 - This football star's Twitter account went completely bonkers

8/12/2013 - Are You Ready to See Elon Musk's Fantastical Hyperloop Design?

8/12/2013 - The Star Trek saga from last night's Breaking Bad, in animated form

8/12/2013 - Judge ignores the Constitution, forbids family to call kid Messiah

8/12/2013 - This Abandoned House Unfolds Into a Theater For 100

8/12/2013 - Horror from the skies: Mystery illness sends birds plummeting to death

8/12/2013 - NASA Satellites Can Even Make a Devastating Drought Look Incredible

8/12/2013 - The best of D23: Singing "Let's Go Fly A Kite" with Richard Sherman

8/12/2013 - Brave the Amazon With a Stand Up Paddleboard That Turns Into a Tent

8/12/2013 - New York City may get cool beaches to protect itself against hurricanes

8/12/2013 - This Week's TV: How well does the science of Breaking Bad hold up?

8/12/2013 - LG Made a Retro Wood-Panelled LED TV with Knobs and Everything

8/12/2013 - A Rare Behind the Scenes Look at How Dyson Torture Tests Its Vacuums

8/12/2013 - Dozens of dead and disoriented birds ‘fall like rain’ over Winnipeg

8/12/2013 - These Timber Transports Were Built from the Wood They Shipped

8/12/2013 - Cowboy Bebop is finally coming to Blu-ray in North America

8/12/2013 - Beautiful Tapestries Woven From Your Computer's Raw Data

8/12/2013 - This Could Be Our First Look at a Colorful Budget iPhone

8/12/2013 - Minimalist Periodic Table Brings Simplicity to the Elements

8/12/2013 - Things don't get much better than dogs listening to headphones

8/12/2013 - Three Major Ways NYC Is Already Preparing For the Next Big Storm

8/12/2013 - This is what they do to smoldering trucks in Canada

8/12/2013 - Finding Nemo 2 was changed thanks to the Blackfish documentary

8/12/2013 - North Korea Says It's Manufacturing Smartphones with "High Pixels"

8/12/2013 - 45 Seconds Is All This Kettle Needs To Boil Water

8/12/2013 - How this guy lost 100 pounds in 11 months without suffering

8/12/2013 - Glenn Close and Vin Diesel's Guardians of the Galaxy roles[Correction]

8/12/2013 - I Quit Cable 2.5 Years Ago. Here's Why I Came Back.

8/12/2013 - London's Shutting Down Those Creepy, Phone-Tracking "Smart" Trash Cans

8/12/2013 - Dogs Listening to the Radio Will Cure Your Case of the Mondays

8/12/2013 - Not cool: when a tick latches onto your penis and you have sex anyway

8/12/2013 - 20 People Hurt When LG Promo Event Goes Predictably Wrong

8/12/2013 - Toro Will Fully Refund Your New Snowblower If It Doesn't Snow

8/12/2013 - These abandoned sea forts have been turned into luxury hotels

8/12/2013 - Kim Dotcom Is Creating a 'Cutting Edge' Encrypted Email Service

8/12/2013 - 8 Amazingly Clever Lamps Made From Plain Old Cardboard

8/12/2013 - Could Christian Bale return as Batman after all? (Or Orlando Bloom!?)

8/12/2013 - Here's an extraordinarily beautiful short film to start up the week

8/12/2013 - Hands-On Video Claims to Show Off Rumored Sleek New BlackBerry Z30

8/12/2013 - WSJ: The Next iPad Will Use iPad Mini's Thin, Light Display Technology

8/12/2013 - How Often Do Astronauts Wash Their Clothes in Space?

8/12/2013 - This Is What a 3D-Printed Replacement Ear Looks Like

8/12/2013 - Why You Should Never Just Abandon an Online Community

8/12/2013 - Leaked HTC One Max Press Shots: Yep, It Looks Like a Large One

8/11/2013 - From One Second To The Next: Werner Herzog's Texting-and-Driving PSA

8/11/2013 - The strange Cone Nebula points to a gorgeous cosmic vista

8/11/2013 - Get A Sense Of How Dire Shark Finning Is From This Visual Represenation

8/11/2013 - A potential new malaria vaccine puts weakened parasites into the body

8/11/2013 - The Breaking Bad Theme Played On Meth Lab Equipment, Minus The Meth

8/11/2013 - In a gorgeous flooded city, a scavenger discovers that he isn't alone

8/11/2013 - Being Human's penultimate episode goes from slow burn to all-out war

8/11/2013 - This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Out There Right Now

8/11/2013 - Robbers used special effects masks to disguise themselves as white

8/11/2013 - These Abandoned Tanks Are Rusting Mementoes of the Wars of the Past

8/11/2013 - Use Loop To Animate The World

8/11/2013 - Channing Tatum's Bizarre New Look in the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending

8/11/2013 - This terrifying picture will give you nightmares tonight

8/11/2013 - Is Continuum juggling too many plots for its own good?

8/11/2013 - 50,000 Stills Of Times Square Are Almost As Chaotic As Real Life

8/11/2013 - Crowdfund WWI photographs and a better platform for FOIA requests

8/11/2013 - Which Kitchen Appliances Should Wise Up?

8/11/2013 - Listen to the Breaking Bad theme song played on meth lab equipment

8/11/2013 - The Origin And Power Of Life Flows In This Ceiling

8/11/2013 - Aliens are on the run on Guardians of the Galaxy's London set

8/11/2013 - What it's like to be a bartender in Antarctica

8/11/2013 - Reduce A Steel Box To A Pathetic Lump With Slingshot Bullets

8/11/2013 - Is this the most gut-wrenching Ninja Turtles fan art ever made?

8/11/2013 - Everything you know is wrong: Oranges aren’t orange.

8/11/2013 - The Grumpy Catbus was helpful once. It was awful.

8/11/2013 - Hyperloop: Everything We Think We Know About the Future of Transit

8/11/2013 - Does Seltzer Hydrate You Or Leave You High And Dry?

8/11/2013 - District 9 animator spins a short about a man and his father's robot

8/11/2013 - Could this gloomy song really inspire a person to commit suicide?

8/11/2013 - Stream Everything To Your Chromecast With This Clever Workaround

8/10/2013 - Can Apple tackle Google with new 2013 iPhone?

8/10/2013 - Report: Apple's Next iPhone(s?) Coming September 10th

8/10/2013 - This is a picture of a shark eating another shark. That is all.

8/10/2013 - How To Train Your Bagman and Other Imaginary Kiddie Noir Films

8/10/2013 - A trailer so beautiful that it will make you want to go on a road trip

8/10/2013 - First blurry image of Hobbit's Beorn in human form shows his wild hair

8/10/2013 - Haim: Strong Enough

8/10/2013 - How Twitter has changed the way that television is made

8/10/2013 - Which Hollywood superstar humiliated her sister for being fat?

8/10/2013 - NASA Will Stream the Perseid Meteor Shower Live Until 3AM Tonight

8/10/2013 - This robot's facial expressions are being controlled by slime mold

8/10/2013 - First footage reactions for Maleficent and Tomorrowland from D23

8/10/2013 - See NYC From a New Angle With These Awesomely Nerdy Maps

8/10/2013 - The Amazing, Colorful Flip Card Propaganda Mosaics of North Korea

8/10/2013 - The story of the world's most popular phone sound—and the rejected ones

8/10/2013 - Nobody knew how the clitoris really worked until four years ago

8/10/2013 - Johnny Depp will seduce a 10-year-old girl in Disney's Into the Woods

8/10/2013 - The Creator of the iPhone's Text Message Noise Explains Its Origins

8/10/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Laundromat of Horrors

8/10/2013 - Do China's New Skyscrapers Really Signal an Economic Downturn?

8/10/2013 - A Map of the World, with Each Name Listed in that Country's Language

8/10/2013 - These spiky runway dresses are created from iron filings and magnets

8/10/2013 - NASA Predicts How Common Forest Fires Will Be By 2100

8/10/2013 - A girl enacts her own rescue by psychically controlling her boyfriend

8/10/2013 - Pokémayans: Pokémon Redesigned as Mayan Monsters

8/10/2013 - Dinosaur CAT Scan Shows 3 Different Species Are Actually The Same

8/10/2013 - Percy Jackson 2 director draws comics about the making of the film

8/10/2013 - Zardoz director John Boorman almost made a Lord of the Rings movie

8/10/2013 - The Pirate Bay Celebrates 10 Years With a New Blockade-Busting Browser

8/10/2013 - For three 12-year-old ghost hunters, family can be scarier than ghosts

8/10/2013 - How a pair of torpedos led to the worst shark attack in history

8/10/2013 - The History of Doctor Who as a Tube Map, with a Line for Each Doctor

8/10/2013 - Cartoon Reality Show Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. hits your TV

8/10/2013 - Why the Hell Doesn't McDonald's Serve Breakfast All Day? (Updated)

8/10/2013 - These Gorgeous Black And White Photos Turn Truckstops Into Art

8/10/2013 - What It Would Be Like If You Were Trapped Inside a Mirror Sphere

8/10/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet: SUPER SAYAN KUSH

8/9/2013 - The NSA Monitors 1.6% of the World's Internet Traffic

8/9/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Disney's Vehicle Movies

8/9/2013 - Watch an Epic Supercut of the Last Shot in Blockbuster Movie Trailers

8/9/2013 - How Technology Has Innovated Loneliness

8/9/2013 - Artist invents his own killer Game of Thrones characters

8/9/2013 - Behold San Fransokyo from Disney's first animated Marvel movie

8/9/2013 - Deep and Wide: Stunning Amateur View of the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae

8/9/2013 - Ecstasy of Order: Remember How Good You Wanted to Be at Tetris?

8/9/2013 - Weird Facts You Never Knew About H.G. Wells' Movie, Things to Come

8/9/2013 - The Coolest and Weirdest Artworks That Are Visible from Space

8/9/2013 - The Snapshot Game Has Changed, According to Collector of Thousands

8/9/2013 - New Computer Programming Language Imitates The Human Brain

8/9/2013 - High-Profile Silicon Valley Exec GUILTY of Mass Lego Theft

8/9/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: Grid, MixBit, and More

8/9/2013 - Watch this truck explode an astounding 39 times

8/9/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Receiptmate, Snap Save, and More

8/9/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Instagram, Quick Terminal, and More

8/9/2013 - Which TV show went down the tubes...and then got better again?

8/9/2013 - Slow-motion video shows the insane speed of Formula 1 pitstops

8/9/2013 - This Poor Guy Was Tasered More Than 20 Times By His Coworkers

8/9/2013 - Scientists say it's possible to blow up the Sun. On purpose.

8/9/2013 - Take a look at the killer RPG action coming in Gygax Magazine #2

8/9/2013 - Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

8/9/2013 - Apple Wins Again Against Samsung: ITC Bans Some Samsung Phones

8/9/2013 - The Disney Characters You Never Saw

8/9/2013 - I Really Want a Giant Unabridged English Dictionary and I Don't Care

8/9/2013 - Finally, a hospital drama with Wizard of Oz characters

8/9/2013 - How to Make Alcoholic Ice Cream, the Greatest Dessert of All Time

8/9/2013 - This Week In Time Capsules: Would You Eat 65-Year-Old Capsule Cake?

8/9/2013 - Guys, here's the sick new fad you MUST adopt as a lifestyle

8/9/2013 - Apocalypse nears as CBS orders a Wizard of Oz-themed medical drama

8/9/2013 - This New TV Spot For JOBS Shows Ashton Can Actually Act

8/9/2013 - BRB, a baby panda with its hands up just slayed us with cuteness

8/9/2013 - Holy Crap, Does This Shazam for Live Music Actually Work?

8/9/2013 - Obama Will Reform Spy Programs But Won't Call Snowden a Patriot

8/9/2013 - Train yourself to see impossible colors

8/9/2013 - I Never Want to Stop Watching This Incredible Vine Compilation Video

8/9/2013 - Regular People Have No Idea How To Manage Photos On Their iPhone

8/9/2013 - Would you drink hornet spit if it helped you win a race?

8/9/2013 - Here is your chance to fly the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress bomber

8/9/2013 - Why can't Einstein and Quantum Mechanics get along?

8/9/2013 - Legend of Korra checks up on Team Avatar before the season 2 premiere

8/9/2013 - Resourceful Slacker Jams an Entire Airport Network to Get Off Work

8/9/2013 - Pixar's Good Dinosaur is an alt-history where the asteroid never hit

8/9/2013 - Do You Love Apple's (Stolen) Clock Design? Then Strap One To Your Wrist

8/9/2013 - Dealzmodo: Haswell Laptop, 500GB Portable $40, 1st Gen. Nexus 7 $170

8/9/2013 - Concept art shows Percy Jackson's cyclops could have been way nastier

8/9/2013 - Why Is the USDA Storing 700,000 Vials of Frozen Sperm in Colorado?

8/9/2013 - Texan lady tries to stop breastfeeding mom, gets schooled on video

8/9/2013 - The World's Tiniest Saw Is Made From Diamond-Coated Carbon Nanotubes

8/9/2013 - The secret clues behind the cars of Breaking Bad

8/9/2013 - The year's best meteor shower peaks this weekend - here's how to watch

8/9/2013 - The New York Public Library's Selling 22,000 Vinyl LPs This Weekend

8/9/2013 - Don't You Just Love Drive-Ins? Then Help Save Some

8/9/2013 - Man who was shot in the stomach became the first human guinea pig

8/9/2013 - Watermelon craze taking over China

8/9/2013 - Super-rich sports stars now "wearing pigs" to show off

8/9/2013 - These Pint-Sized Robo Pugilists Are Surprisingly Entertaining

8/9/2013 - An Epic Assortment of Animal Superpowers

8/9/2013 - Crispin Glover reveals why he was replaced in Back To The Future 2

8/9/2013 - Robotic Intubater Makes It Easier To Guide a Tube Through Your Throat

8/9/2013 - 7 Dystopian Technologies That Would Never Exist in Real Life

8/9/2013 - YouTube's 360 Camera: Pick Your View of Tonight's Kings of Leon Concert

8/9/2013 - Getting Around Time Warner Cable's CBS Blackout Is Easy, Here's How

8/9/2013 - Airbus' Next-Gen Transport Plane Is Stronger Than Hercules

8/9/2013 - The NSA's Slashing Jobs to Limit Access to Secret Data

8/9/2013 - Extraordinary Carving Discovered Inside Ancient Maya Pyramid

8/9/2013 - The entire internet is obsessed with this video compilation today

8/9/2013 - If You Thought an Ink Printer Could Never Amaze You Again, You're Wrong

8/9/2013 - Saleswoman tells Oprah she can't buy $38,000 crocodile bag

8/9/2013 - What's So Wrong About Taking Photos With An iPad?

8/9/2013 - Neill Blomkamp's Elysium is Crazy Sweaty Fun

8/9/2013 - The Weirdest iOS 7 Beta Feature (?) Yet

8/9/2013 - Hypnotic layered photographs depict time like the dimension that it is

8/9/2013 - See the alien ladies who nearly joined Kirk's threesome in Star Trek 2

8/9/2013 - Scroll Through Everything That Happens in One Second on the Internet

8/9/2013 - Brave New Garbage: London's Trash Cans Track You Using Your Smartphone

8/9/2013 - Why There Should Never, Ever Be a He-Man Movie

8/9/2013 - Report: The Cheap Kindle Fire to Be Replaced by Cheaper Fire HD

8/9/2013 - These photos of Shanghai's cityscape were taken just 26 years apart

8/9/2013 - Watch Vincent Van Gogh's art come to life thanks to 3D animation

8/9/2013 - What's a skyrmion and how it can change the world

8/9/2013 - You were born with an accent

8/9/2013 - Finally, an App That Saves Your Snapchats Without Telling the Sender

8/9/2013 - How a Librarian Figured Out What Was Written in This Microscopic Book

8/9/2013 - Seven tips to cut your food budget down without getting hungry

8/9/2013 - An elaborate 12-course meal squeezed into one can

8/9/2013 - This Multi-Camera Rig Lets Sports Fans Watch Any Angle They Want

8/9/2013 - Mystery particle could revolutionize personal electronics

8/9/2013 - Could Phil Coulson die again in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

8/9/2013 - Can You Name the Brands Behind These 20 Translated Logos?

8/9/2013 - This Is What an Undersea Data Cable Actually Looks Like

8/9/2013 - What if OS X Looked Like iOS 7?

8/9/2013 - This Beautiful Hubble Image Solves a 40-Year Scientific Mystery

8/9/2013 - What It Means to Be an NSA 'Target'

8/9/2013 - How Different Countries See Each Other, According to Google

8/9/2013 - A Size Comparison of (Almost) Everything

8/9/2013 - Another Secure Email Service, Silent Circle, Is Shutting Down

8/9/2013 - This incredible intergalactic game is a sci-fi fan dream

8/9/2013 - This Leaked iPad Display Shows What the Next iPad Might Look Like

8/9/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Emotions

8/8/2013 - Who Is Exactly Who on a Movie Set and What Do They Do?

8/8/2013 - 16 People Who Got Screwed When Snowden's Email Provider Shut Down

8/8/2013 - DEFCON: A Documentary About the World's Largest Hacking Conference

8/8/2013 - Some of the Nicest Vintage Science Fiction Covers We've Seen in Ages

8/8/2013 - We're Getting Closer to Finding Mona Lisa's Skeleton

8/8/2013 - This Avatar-themed aquarium somehow includes underwater waterfalls

8/8/2013 - Michael J. Fox is nearly as old as he was in Back to the Future

8/8/2013 - Tarsem Singh's next movie sounds insane, in a good way

8/8/2013 - The $13 Billion Presidential Helicopters We Scrapped and Sold to Canada

8/8/2013 - This delightful poison frog can quickly kill you!

8/8/2013 - New video game lets you navigate a normal house

8/8/2013 - Johnny Cash: Thunderball

8/8/2013 - How do you charm a worm?

8/8/2013 - Full trailer for Masters of Sex shows the long, hard road of sexology

8/8/2013 - Mesmerizing Photo Collages Show Time Peeling Away In Layers

8/8/2013 - Breathtaking and Horrifying Images of Nature's Destructive Power

8/8/2013 - Watch researchers remove a sea lion's head from this shark's stomach

8/8/2013 - Stash Your Extra SD Cards In This Adorably Tiny Leica Camera

8/8/2013 - The vehicles and robots from Elysium are really awesome

8/8/2013 - The Futuristic Automated Warehouse of 1956 Was All Smiles

8/8/2013 - KeyMe for iOS: Keep Your Spare Set of Keys in the Cloud

8/8/2013 - What's the most obviously fake bluff or ruse of all time?

8/8/2013 - Old Mickey Mouse cartoons blamed for women's new terrible situation

8/8/2013 - Are Brainscans a Better Way To Do Job Interviews?

8/8/2013 - This short time travel movie packs insane visuals, and a clever twist

8/8/2013 - Groundbreaking New Particle Could Make Hard Drives 20 Times Smaller

8/8/2013 - The Sun's polarity is about to flip (and here's what that means)

8/8/2013 - The Intersection of Comic Books and Infographics in One Glorious Book

8/8/2013 - The Most Overused Animal Stereotypes in Pop Culture

8/8/2013 - The Kindle Fire HD Is Cheaper Than It's Ever Been

8/8/2013 - How Back to the Future II's "old" make-up compares to actual aging

8/8/2013 - This could be the transport of the future—or the coolest fantasy ever

8/8/2013 - Wanna buy a medieval castle? Now's your chance.

8/8/2013 - A (Toy) Shark With a Frickin' Laser (Pointer) Attached To Its Head

8/8/2013 - This angry bald-headed green space monster is the new Han Solo

8/8/2013 - How Upvote/Downvote Sites like Reddit Breed Irrational Herd Behavior

8/8/2013 - Edward Snowden's Email Provider Shut Down Rather Than Comply With Feds

8/8/2013 - This furry Jurassic-era creature was not our ancestor

8/8/2013 - Scientists Have Created a Malaria Vaccine That's 100% Effective

8/8/2013 - Google Maps Mobile Apps Will Now Be Polluted With Ads (Sad Face)

8/8/2013 - Nate Silver's new website to be fun, because of less politics

8/8/2013 - Designing Elysium: All The Secrets of Neill Blomkamp's Stark Future

8/8/2013 - Nobody Wins When Slime Mold Invades the Uncanny Valley

8/8/2013 - If you don't like Bee and PuppyCat, you are dead inside

8/8/2013 - Dealzmodo: Anker Astro 3E, 4K TV, 1st Gen. Nexus 7 $130, The Hobbit

8/8/2013 - The Abandoned Nazi Train Station, Now an Underground Astroparticle Lab

8/8/2013 - How Upton Sinclair Turned The Jungle Into a Failed New Jersey Utopia

8/8/2013 - Omni Magazine is coming back to life!

8/8/2013 - Enterprise Spatula: Boldly Go Where No Fry Cook Has Gone Before

8/8/2013 - Moms who "opted out" of careers are mostly poor and/or miserable now

8/8/2013 - This RC Tank Jams Enemy Wireless Signals in a 50 Foot Radius

8/8/2013 - Rdio's New Personalized Radio Automatically Plays Exactly What You Like

8/8/2013 - First look at the most exciting new manga project of 2013

8/8/2013 - Watch these morons destroy their cars on video!

8/8/2013 - Sharing Too Many Photos on Facebook Makes People Like You Less

8/8/2013 - Meet the wildly different heroes of Dark Horse's The Star Wars comic

8/8/2013 - Is it really practical to live in all these awesome modern houses?

8/8/2013 - New video game tricks your friends into touching you

8/8/2013 - The 11 Most Important Political Science Fiction Movies

8/8/2013 - Man Steals Computer From Church, Asks If They'll Remove Porn Block

8/8/2013 - YouTube's Awesome New Easter Egg Lets You Play Missile Command

8/8/2013 - How to use fat to make yourself into a submarine

8/8/2013 - Watch a Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle Demolish a Laptop

8/8/2013 - These are grapes. Yes, really.

8/8/2013 - What if the Scooby Gang took over for Rick in The Walking Dead?

8/8/2013 - The NSA Is Collecting Emails and Texts for Just Mentioning "Targets"

8/8/2013 - How to be as happy as George Takei following science's advice

8/8/2013 - Bryan Cranston may possibly be up for Lex Luthor in Batman/Superman

8/8/2013 - Aubrey Plaza becomes a hideous Sea Hag in this rare video

8/8/2013 - This polar bear starved to death thanks to global warming

8/8/2013 - How Thomas Kinkade Helped Prove That Art Can Be Scientifically Bad

8/8/2013 - The Blade Runner sequel will not include Sean Young at its own peril

8/8/2013 - Elon Musk Has No Intention of Building the Hyperloop Himself

8/8/2013 - Sony RX100 II Review: The Best Compact Camera Gets a Little Bit Better

8/8/2013 - Astronomers Discover a Pink Planet Around a Sun-like Star

8/8/2013 - Shower Gun Lets You Blast Away Filth

8/8/2013 - Hollywood wants to give The Exorcist its own TV series

8/8/2013 - Incredible: Everyone survived this horrible bike accident

8/8/2013 - This is the American National Park (Subway) System

8/8/2013 - How Three Months of War Transformed One of Syria's Largest Cities

8/8/2013 - 47-story Spanish skyscraper has no elevator, just like Spain's economy

8/8/2013 - Can You Solve the 10 Hardest Logic Puzzles Ever Created?

8/8/2013 - Futurama shows us the softer side of Mom

8/8/2013 - A Cheap Jet Ski Alternative That Runs on Sunlight

8/8/2013 - Why the Hell Are the Xbox One's Best New Features Behind a Paywall?

8/8/2013 - Audi designed this badass concept car for Ender's Game

8/8/2013 - There are idiots willing to pay $100 for a virtual joint

8/8/2013 - The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator (Updated)

8/8/2013 - Could one of Zack Snyder's Watchmen stars play Batman?

8/8/2013 - 8 Amazing Uses For Metamaterials, the Tech Behind Invisibility Cloaks

8/8/2013 - Bursting Balloons Never Looked So Beautiful

8/8/2013 - What's Your Favorite Non-Electronic Gadget?

8/8/2013 - MixBit: A New Vine-Like Video Sharing App by YouTube's Co-Founders

8/8/2013 - How Quantum Theory Screws With Our Perception of Reality

8/8/2013 - IBM Is Creating an Entire Computing Architecture Based on the Brain

8/8/2013 - What Ashton Kutcher Did to Become Steve Jobs

8/8/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Cathode Ray Specter

8/7/2013 - BMW Is Going to Use Gorilla Glass in the BMW i8

8/7/2013 - Chuck: The Geek Who Could and Made You Laugh As He Did

8/7/2013 - This Hilarious Secret Behind Jony Ive's Inspiration for iOS 7

8/7/2013 - This Flying Teacup saga looks like Troy and Abed's new favorite movie

8/7/2013 - The Ridiculousness of Why We Can't Use Our Phones on Airplanes

8/7/2013 - This alternate Walking Dead season 3 finale was too traumatic to use

8/7/2013 - The Weirdest Animal Movie (and TV) Stars of All Time

8/7/2013 - Nation now weirdly excited by people NOT having sex

8/7/2013 - Where Stars Get Born in the Galaxy Next Door

8/7/2013 - Is this the saddest moment in cartoon history? (Spoiler: T_T )

8/7/2013 - Cheap Drone GPS Unit Is 100 Times More Accurate Than Your Phone

8/7/2013 - The Hiroshima Bombing, Visualized

8/7/2013 - How the man who invented psychotherapy got everything wrong

8/7/2013 - College-educated person spends $236 upgrading a stupid iPhone game

8/7/2013 - Watch sprite lightning flash at 10,000 frames per second

8/7/2013 - This Simple Chart Is a Brilliantly Minimal Perpetual Calendar

8/7/2013 - The Scientist for iOS: Top-Ranked Science News Straight to Your Phone

8/7/2013 - Samurai Kitchen Knives Let You Prepare a Feast For a Feudal Warlord

8/7/2013 - This Lego-fied version of the Adventure Time opening is beyond awesome

8/7/2013 - Scientists Ditch Guns For Lasers To Insert DNA Into Cells

8/7/2013 - The electric car for the green elite is so much better than yours

8/7/2013 - "Flying car UFO" terrorizes drivers in New Zealand

8/7/2013 - Reel In the Perfect Toasted Marshmallow Without Burning Your Limbs

8/7/2013 - If DC and Marvel traded places, what movies would DC be making now?

8/7/2013 - Meryl Streep could be joining Jeff Bridges in The Giver

8/7/2013 - Behold the Glowing Glory of a Sunspot In Unprecedented Detail

8/7/2013 - The Insidious Trick That Helps Spiders Surprise Their Prey

8/7/2013 - iOS 7 Tracks Your Every Move and Displays Your Favorite Places

8/7/2013 - The Best Craigslist Missed Connection Ad of All Time

8/7/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Lens Reflections

8/7/2013 - A Speeding Ticket Camera Company Is Doctoring Evidence Photos

8/7/2013 - Dolphins can remember their friends better than most humans

8/7/2013 - Increase Your Knowledge of Noodles with this Encyclopedic Pasta Poster

8/7/2013 - I pretty much guarantee you've never read a superhero story like this

8/7/2013 - China's Replica of Paris Is Now an Eerily Depressing Ghost Town

8/7/2013 - Holy Shit I Just Spent $236 on Candy Crush, Help

8/7/2013 - What Happens When China’s Copycat Masters Are Hired to Paint Themselves

8/7/2013 - Microscopic View of Bloodsucking Mosquito Will Basically Ruin Your Day

8/7/2013 - How Flickr's New Head Plans to Rebuild a Photo Brand Fallen From Grace

8/7/2013 - LED lighting is already revolutionizing Earth's fanciest cities

8/7/2013 - Riddick director explains how the Necromonger King gets dethroned

8/7/2013 - Flying High: Jetman Talks Flight, Fear, and What's Next

8/7/2013 - Dealzmodo: Canon 24-105mm, Haswell, PS3 Bundle, Battlestar Galactica

8/7/2013 - That TOR Exploit Probably Wasn't the NSA After All

8/7/2013 - 70% of employed Americans hate their jobs

8/7/2013 - Inside the Cardboard Chapel That Replaced an Earthquake-Ruined Church

8/7/2013 - Does Marvel really have its movies planned out through 2021?

8/7/2013 - The Robot Tanks of WWII, Both Real and Imagined

8/7/2013 - What's the best umbrella term for both humans and intelligent aliens?

8/7/2013 - Spike Jonze's Her Trailer: What Happens If You Fall In Love With Siri?

8/7/2013 - Why Freud Still Matters, When He Was Wrong About Almost Everything

8/7/2013 - An Inflatable Table That Lets You Work on a Cushion of Air

8/7/2013 - American Horror Story continues its streak of SERIOUSLY WTF

8/7/2013 - How To Get 23GB of Free Cloud Storage If You Had MobileMe

8/7/2013 - Behold, the Clearest Photo of a Sunspot Ever Taken

8/7/2013 - Why the hell did Mattel make NASA's astronaut Barbie pink?

8/7/2013 - 1979's Joystick-Controlled Car of the Future Was Pretty Retro Even Then

8/7/2013 - LG G2 Hands On: Killer Hardware, Software Dead on Arrival

8/7/2013 - 20 Science Fiction Moments That Will Make Absolutely Anyone Cry

8/7/2013 - A Tiny iPhone Photography Studio Built Into a Moleskine Notebook

8/7/2013 - Watch these monstrous football slobs beat the crap out of each other

8/7/2013 - Is Disney's Space Mountain comic a primer for their next franchise?

8/7/2013 - Are America's fat kids suddenly starving to death?

8/7/2013 - Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his computer in the new movie Her

8/7/2013 - Mars Astronaut Barbie Is Nice and All But She's Going to Die in Space

8/7/2013 - Facebook Is Getting Trending Topics

8/7/2013 - No Google Glass, no Apple Watch: Virtual reality is the next big thing

8/7/2013 - Percy Jackson 2 could make you stop believing in the Hero's Journey

8/7/2013 - How the USAF Keeps Tabs on Space Junk

8/7/2013 - The Algorithm That Tells Netflix Which Movies You Really Want to Watch

8/7/2013 - Milk & Cheese creator takes on the Metal Men in a new DC Nation short

8/7/2013 - Autogrammar Is About to Make Autocorrect a Lot More Naggy

8/7/2013 - Oh Man, I Want These Budget iPhone Photos To Be Real

8/7/2013 - LG's New G2 Is a High-Grade Speedster With One Weird Button

8/7/2013 - A unified theory to explain the casting of every new Doctor Who

8/7/2013 - Which music megastar biked through NYC for her Brooklyn concert?

8/7/2013 - Researchers make alcohol from coffee, change everything

8/7/2013 - Get Rid of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera with Some Simple Surgery

8/7/2013 - Seeing a mosquito sucking your blood under the microscope is disgusting

8/7/2013 - Why does a rabbit flash its white tail when its being chased?

8/7/2013 - LG G2 Leaked Images Show a Well-Rounded New Smartphone

8/7/2013 - Captain's Chair Doggy Bed Puts Your Pooch at Your Home's Helm

8/7/2013 - New Thor: The Dark World trailer shows off its Game Of Thrones look

8/7/2013 - Ranking the world's best (and worst) scientific institutions

8/7/2013 - Where Do All Those Amazing Discoveries Go, Anyway?

8/7/2013 - The smallest houses in the world feel like the most comfortable, too

8/7/2013 - 10 Iconic Dieter Rams Designs From a Store That Sells His Classics

8/7/2013 - Loki won't be in Age of Ultron, but what about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

8/7/2013 - Expiring Medication Packaging Lets You Know When It's Unsafe To Take

8/7/2013 - Google Chrome’s Insanely Open Password Security Strategy

8/7/2013 - This Is How Tectonic Plates Make the Earth's Surface Wobble

8/7/2013 - How Extreme Ultraviolet Light Is Set to Make Your Processor Faster

8/7/2013 - How to Safely Continue Using TOR on Windows

8/7/2013 - Biodegradable Cutlery Looks Like the Vegetables You'll Eat WIth It

8/7/2013 - 10 Reasons to Love Science According to Neil deGrasse Tyson

8/7/2013 - Yahoo Announced a New Logo By Not Announcing a New Yahoo Logo

8/7/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Borrowed Light

8/6/2013 - The Longest Words in Different Languages Are So Fun to Say

8/6/2013 - What It Looks Inside You When a Mosquito Bites You

8/6/2013 - Does Anyone Actually Like Their Cable Company?

8/6/2013 - Check out the Doctor Who Fan Art Created by Teenage Peter Capaldi!

8/6/2013 - Watch Guns with Different Types of Ammo Get Shot Underwater in Slow-Mo

8/6/2013 - New game creates a hive mind out of Google Glass users

8/6/2013 - Did psychic assassins kill these four Turkish defense contractors?

8/6/2013 - Amazon has added Kurt Vonnegut to its "official" fan fiction program

8/6/2013 - This mysterious brain-eating amoeba is the stuff of nightmares

8/6/2013 - The Most Colorful Houses Engulfed in Vegetation

8/6/2013 - 7 Ways NASA Making the Mars Rover Sing Itself "Happy Birthday" Is Sad

8/6/2013 - Actor didn't love Percy Jackson 2's "Some Like it Cyclops" scenes

8/6/2013 - MIT's White Blood Cell Magnet Could Revolutionize Disease Diagnosis

8/6/2013 - 10 smart tips that will help you survive a summer of bonkers weddings

8/6/2013 - Alan Moore's lost ‘80s project resurfaces in This Week’s Comics

8/6/2013 - Airsleep for iOS: Drown Out Airplane Noise and Get Some Shut-Eye

8/6/2013 - This computer took 40 minutes to simulate one second of brain activity

8/6/2013 - The Government Wants to Create Cybersecurity Insurance

8/6/2013 - Damon Lindelof is tired of movie disaster porn

8/6/2013 - What's the most pointless rivalry or schism in all of fandom?

8/6/2013 - iPhone or Android? Who cares!

8/6/2013 - These "Pinhole Movies" Capture Cities Through Bedroom Camera Obscuras

8/6/2013 - This hideous three-foot-long worm lives in people, until it bursts out

8/6/2013 - An 83,000-Processor Supercomputer Can Only Match 1% of Your Brain

8/6/2013 - The first Muppets 2 teaser trailer is all about sequel-itis

8/6/2013 - Kinetic Creatures: Cardboard Creations That Roam Your Living Room

8/6/2013 - Japan keeps ignoring World War II surrender terms, builds carrier

8/6/2013 - Elysium's Matt Damon on the joys of gluing gadgets to your skull

8/6/2013 - $79 a year for all your stuff delivered in two days: Amazon Prime wins

8/6/2013 - The Most Fourth Wall-Breaking Moments in Television History

8/6/2013 - Why Is There No Footage of Nikola Tesla Online?

8/6/2013 - Turn Your Home Into a Psychedelic Den With Philips' Newest Hue Lights

8/6/2013 - Google Docs Auto-Search Just Made Linking Easier Than Ever

8/6/2013 - This Giant Floating Orb Is Built Out of NYC's Discarded Umbrellas

8/6/2013 - An Awesome Donkey Kong Rack For Your Terrible Coffee Capsules

8/6/2013 - A Futurama/Adventure Time crossover is real and is happening

8/6/2013 - These Incredible New Buses Are Charged Wirelessly by the Road Itself

8/6/2013 - Google Will Now Show a Listing of #Longreads In Your Search Results

8/6/2013 - Dealzmodo: New Nexus 7, Sony SDXC Card, BenQ Monitor, Game Of Thrones

8/6/2013 - iOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

8/6/2013 - Oculus Rift & NASA’s Simple VR Rig Can Let You Explore Mars from Home

8/6/2013 - Neil Gaiman says a black actor was offered Doctor Who but said no

8/6/2013 - Fifteen-ton "fatberg" removed from London sewer

8/6/2013 - Neon Bird Feathers Hold the Key to Colors That Never Fade

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