12/31/2013 - Looking Back at 2013 with io9!

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12/31/2013 - What's the greatest put-down in science fiction history?

12/31/2013 - Track The Exact Location Where These Wood Fixtures Were Felled

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12/31/2013 - NASA snaps a pic of China's Yutu Rover from 93 miles overhead

12/31/2013 - The Number of People Killed in Covert Drone Strikes is Down 50 Percent

12/31/2013 - Can Radar and RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

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12/31/2013 - Less than half of U.S. Republicans now believe in evolution

12/31/2013 - Drunk Driving and The Pre-History of Breathalyzers

12/31/2013 - Mystery Steam Over Fukushima Could Be Sign of Another Meltdown

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12/31/2013 - World's most remote plane crash memorial is also the most beautiful

12/31/2013 - The Bizarre, Human-Animal Hybrids Imagined in the 1930s

12/31/2013 - Believe it or not, this was Michelangelo's grocery shopping list

12/31/2013 - Pirate Bay Uploads Up by 50 Percent in 2013 Despite Raids and Blockades

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12/31/2013 - The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tomorrow

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12/31/2013 - Kentucky is about to host the world's first Ninja Throwing Star Range

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12/31/2013 - This Is London’s Floating Bike Road Dream

12/31/2013 - What is this?

12/31/2013 - How the 20/20 Vision Scale Works

12/31/2013 - Awesome ad erases all the animals in The Lion King's opening sequence

12/31/2013 - Crooks Have Been Hacking ATMs With Infected USB Sticks

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12/31/2013 - The NSA Has Crazy Good Backdoor Access to iPhones

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12/30/2013 - Holy crap, this train derailment created a massive freaking explosion

12/30/2013 - Here's why Google is building a robot army

12/30/2013 - Watch one woman's face morph into many different faces with lighting

12/30/2013 - You won't believe this picture of Santa Claus was drawn with MS Paint

12/30/2013 - The greatest newspaper correction ever written (49 years too late)

12/30/2013 - What happens when people draw a map of the world from memory

12/30/2013 - This spidery spacecraft will be the first to soft-land on a comet

12/30/2013 - Heat maps reveal where you feel emotions in your body

12/30/2013 - Classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films That You Can Watch on YouTube

12/30/2013 - "Worlds' Oldest Diamonds" Turned Out to Be Leftover Cleaning Supplies

12/30/2013 - Watch this video to see how incredibly awesome people were in 2013

12/30/2013 - Skyscraper Candles Let You Safely Set the World on Fire

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12/30/2013 - Scientists: Police can identify suspects' faces from victims' eyes

12/30/2013 - How synthetic biology could save bats (and the world)

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12/30/2013 - Ireland Is Tearing Down Thousands of Empty, Brand New "Ghost Homes"

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12/30/2013 - These 100 Year-Old Negatives Were Found Frozen in Antarctic Ice

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12/30/2013 - Why Is Time Slower in Space Rockets?

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12/29/2013 - Auld Lang Syne Isn't Always Lame

12/29/2013 - A Maximally Simple Breathalyzer Makes Sense for Drunk People

12/29/2013 - Two Mechanical Rivals, Forever Frozen in Combat

12/29/2013 - More Than Half of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

12/29/2013 - Watch DragonLance's Kitiara and Skie come to cosplay life

12/29/2013 - A New York City Mugger Declined to Steal a Flip Phone

12/29/2013 - Tentacular stained glass octopus chandelier would light up any room

12/29/2013 - Artist reminds us to forget mermaids, selkies are where it's at

12/29/2013 - 2013 As Told By Top BitTorrent Searches

12/29/2013 - Spend hours clicking through this animated 1930s atlas of America

12/29/2013 - Are Family Photos Still a Thing?

12/29/2013 - Crowdfund a kung fu time-travel comedy pitting vikings against Nazis

12/29/2013 - Here is Stephen Colbert's cameo in The Desolation of Smaug

12/29/2013 - Reddit Is Trying to Actually Make Some Money

12/29/2013 - 100-year-old negatives from the Ross Sea Party found in Antarctica

12/29/2013 - Leftover Christmas Candy Meets Its Fiery Doom

12/29/2013 - Playful ceramic sculptures look like inflatable toy dinosaurs

12/29/2013 - The NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics

12/29/2013 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Films of 2013

12/29/2013 - Plutonium: Why science should officially not be taken seriously

12/29/2013 - This reversible scarf bears a pictorial retelling of The Hobbit

12/29/2013 - A Wall Made of 300 Chairs Takes Repurposing a Step Further

12/28/2013 - Watch This Etch A Sketch Tell the Story of Its Inventor

12/28/2013 - The Killing Bluff: Alan Moore plays poker with a few comic book friends

12/28/2013 - Students describe their theses in a single self-mocking sentence

12/28/2013 - Australian Sharks Will Now Be Tweeting Their Locations

12/28/2013 - These Dinner Plates Were Decorated With A Paint-Filled Pendulum

12/28/2013 - Nikita delivers one last glorious fake-out

12/28/2013 - Why These Bison in California Were Put on Birth Control

12/28/2013 - A mountain landscape carved into 24 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica

12/28/2013 - This musical reprise could have made Frozen even better

12/28/2013 - Glowing "Meteor Smoke" Clouds Appear Over Antarctica

12/28/2013 - Sorry, Astronauts: It's Impossible to Fry Food in Zero G

12/28/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: At the End of the Battle

12/28/2013 - Science fiction and fantasy stories get funny clickbait headlines

12/28/2013 - Bitcoin Stolen on Live TV, Fake "Fun Facts," 2013's Best Images, More

12/28/2013 - A bittersweet webcomic fairytale about a spirit who aids a mother

12/28/2013 - US judge rules Sherlock Holmes and Watson are in the public domain

12/28/2013 - Anatomical murals take us inside man-eating sharks and cartoon rabbits

12/28/2013 - Scraping Decades of Grime, Car Exhaust, and Mold Off Rome's Colosseum

12/28/2013 - Which Disney men look better with facial hair?

12/28/2013 - A boy accidentally summons a succubus who tries to get him a girlfriend

12/28/2013 - Disquiet: 15, 10 & 5 Years Ago This Week (2013.52)

12/28/2013 - Michelangelo's illustrated grocery list is a work of everyday art

12/28/2013 - Watch a 10-minute preview of the new anime Space Dandy in Japanese

12/28/2013 - New Year's Eve Brings Romance and Time Travel to Regular Show

12/28/2013 - Spend Your Weekend Gawking at Nearly 700 Old Maps of the U.S.

12/28/2013 - Man in China Builds Giant Transformers Replica to Propose to Girlfriend

12/28/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Bildundtonfabrik

12/27/2013 - Lifting cannons with helicopters seems like a lot of fun

12/27/2013 - Why do so many galaxies in space look like this?

12/27/2013 - Support your hometown mech squad. With your help, we will prevail!

12/27/2013 - A Band Called Death: Preemininent Punk Rockers, Forgotten Then Found

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12/27/2013 - Jaywalking, Cinnamon, and Ruins: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

12/27/2013 - Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the Father of Computer Science

12/27/2013 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2013

12/27/2013 - This Alpine House Looks Like It Was Beamed Down From Outer Space

12/27/2013 - Add this to the ever-growing list of reasons ants are incredible

12/27/2013 - At last! A use for those pesky tachyons!

12/27/2013 - How the New York Botanical Garden Digitizes Nearly 300 Plants a Day

12/27/2013 - Ice climber impossibly survives a punishing fall from ice wall

12/27/2013 - This Gorgeous Stained Glass Landscape Is Actually a Rice Field

12/27/2013 - Family Opens Beats Headphones on Christmas, Finds Tuna Instead

12/27/2013 - These robotic armor leggings will bring out your inner cyborg

12/27/2013 - Why you can scratch one spot on your body and feel it somewhere else

12/27/2013 - Stonehenge's New Visitor Center Looks Positively Neolithic

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12/27/2013 - Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal, After All

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12/27/2013 - 45 Behind-the-Scenes Back to the Future images may teach you something

12/27/2013 - This ancient burial box contains the earliest known reference to Jesus

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12/27/2013 - Google Play's Giving Away Yeezus And Much More For Free

12/27/2013 - Your Worst Customer Service Horror Stories

12/27/2013 - Why you should really stop washing your hands with hot water

12/27/2013 - I would totally buy this awesome Apple curved HDTV

12/27/2013 - The Lion King remade with KITTENS!!!!!

12/27/2013 - This is how the sky would look seconds before nuclear holocaust

12/27/2013 - Astronauts Installing a Live Version of Google Earth Today on ISS

12/27/2013 - It's the last GIF Party of the year. Come on in!

12/27/2013 - Make people mean (or moral) with fart spray

12/27/2013 - Watch Today's ISS Spacewalk Live, Right Here, Right Now

12/27/2013 - Gal Gadot responds to the critics of her casting as Wonder Woman

12/27/2013 - Read to Win the War: 13 Vintage Posters Promoting American Libraries

12/27/2013 - Atlanta Subway Urine Detectors Look Out for Number One

12/27/2013 - Dedicated Pedestrians Reach South Pole in One Piece

12/27/2013 - TWTIT: I'm The Man, That Will Find You

12/26/2013 - The most photographed places in the world

12/26/2013 - Disquiet Junto Project 0104: 2013 in 60 Seconds

12/26/2013 - Your escape glider is here to take you away!

12/26/2013 - This pretty pink flower is actually a mantis that strangles bugs

12/26/2013 - The Ever-Changing Role of Doctor Who's Human Companions

12/26/2013 - What's the most revolting TV show, book or movie you've ever seen?

12/26/2013 - Cloudy With a Chance of Space Weather

12/26/2013 - NASA's bizarre Super Ball Bot could one day roll around Titan

12/26/2013 - The Naked Metal Core of a Dead Planet Is Circling the Sun

12/26/2013 - Everyone needs to watch this impossibly funny movie trailer right now

12/26/2013 - The Most Beautiful Space Stations in the Universe

12/26/2013 - This Intricate Landscape Is Carved Into the Encyclopedia Britannica

12/26/2013 - The American medical experiments that the Nazis used as a defense

12/26/2013 - The Greatest Breakout Stars of 2013

12/26/2013 - These photos prove that celebrities today look exactly like old celebs

12/26/2013 - An Electric Chainsaw So Badass It Needs Two Batteries

12/26/2013 - Watch local news broadcasts hilariously screw up in this blooper reel

12/26/2013 - We could have had a Silver Surfer film scored by Paul McCartney

12/26/2013 - A 3D Printer That Draws Designs in Jello Shots: Nerd Frats, Rejoice

12/26/2013 - What can you actually learn from those dialect maps?

12/26/2013 - UPS Botch Your Christmas Deliveries? Amazon Has $20 for You

12/26/2013 - All the World's a Soundstage: In Praise of Studio-Bound Alien Worlds

12/26/2013 - This Squishy NASA Rover Is Mostly Empty Space

12/26/2013 - China's winter wonderland is filled with incredible ice sculptures

12/26/2013 - Soviets Spent $1 Billion on "Unconventional" Science and Mind Control

12/26/2013 - The Best Day After Christmas Deals: Tech, Games, Apps, and More

12/26/2013 - The Dramatic Expanse of Antarctica's Noctilucent Clouds

12/26/2013 - The 101 Best Astronomical Events to Watch Out For in 2014

12/26/2013 - Redesigning Our Cities and Highways to Help Feed Monarch Butterflies

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12/26/2013 - LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition Review: Android's iPad Mini

12/26/2013 - Iron Maiden's Chasing Down Pirates and Making Bank Off Them

12/26/2013 - Meet the real-life Bond in the trailer for the BBC's Ian Fleming series

12/26/2013 - This wonderful sound is a turbine engine's worst nightmare

12/26/2013 - Surprise! It's Super Easy to Identify People From Metadata

12/26/2013 - Eating peanuts while pregnant won't give your kid a nut allergy

12/26/2013 - Whiskey, Toys, and Holograms: Our Best Original Videos of 2013

12/26/2013 - How Many Windows Are There in Manhattan?

12/26/2013 - People once wanted to mine the air

12/26/2013 - This Wacky Forward Wing Jet Flew Faster Than the Speed of Sound

12/26/2013 - The Most Incredible Historical Discoveries of 2013

12/26/2013 - This Year's 20 Must-Have Mac OS X Utilities

12/26/2013 - 13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

12/26/2013 - Millions of Meme-Based Dogecoins Stolen on Christmas Day

12/26/2013 - ​What was 2013's technology of the year?

12/26/2013 - The desolate panorama from China's moon lander

12/26/2013 - Why you're usually late (and sometimes early)

12/26/2013 - The 11 Most Exciting UI and UX Ideas of 2013

12/26/2013 - First look at the Red Viper and Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones!

12/26/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Bright Bright Space

12/25/2013 - This was a fitting end to the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who

12/25/2013 - Hail The Machines: An Electronic Tribute To Carol Of The Bells

12/25/2013 - Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special: Put Nostalgia In Your Stocking

12/25/2013 - Behold the bizarre wonder of a Supermarionation Christmas

12/25/2013 - An Eyepopping Collection of 100 Planetary Nebulas

12/25/2013 - Hyperbubble: A Synthesizer for Christmas

12/25/2013 - The building blocks of life may form in exoplanet atmospheres

12/25/2013 - These Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions Are Like Christmas Fireworks

12/25/2013 - Amazing Comparison: Shanghai 1987 Versus 2013

12/25/2013 - What Would Christmas Be Without Your Very Own GIFmas Tree?

12/25/2013 - Your Afternoon Soundtrack: 10 Minutes of the Pacific Rim Theme

12/25/2013 - Listen To Seasonal Songs From Across This Globe On This Interactive Map

12/25/2013 - The Most Awesome Moments from Krrish 3, The Bollywood Superhero Classic

12/25/2013 - And now, here's Benedict Cumberbatch as the Joker

12/25/2013 - Snuggle Up To a Cozy Yule Log and the Science of Fire This Evening

12/25/2013 - Who would win in a fight: Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan?

12/25/2013 - What's the most pointless self-sacrifice of all time?

12/25/2013 - The World's Largest (and Probably Only) Tripod Christmas Tree

12/25/2013 - Meet the eight astounding finalists of DARPA's Robotics Challenge

12/25/2013 - Our Best Fitness Articles of 2013

12/25/2013 - Beautiful Light Fixtures Folded From A Single Sheet Of Tyvek

12/25/2013 - 7 Foods and Beverages Made Using Ingredients from the Human Body

12/25/2013 - This Fun Leica Puzzle Started Life as a Flat Plastic Poster

12/25/2013 - Explore Pathfinder's Distant Worlds with aliens and starships

12/25/2013 - Merry Christmas, Son. I Trampled a Man To Death To Buy You This LeapPad Ultra Tablet

12/25/2013 - Keanu Reeves' new movie has 47 problems, but the Ronin ain't one

12/25/2013 - Antarctic Expedition Ship is Trapped in Sea Ice

12/25/2013 - How to conquer Magic the Gathering's new Duels of the Planeswalkers

12/25/2013 - Watch This Mistletoe Drone Launch Surprise Kiss Attacks

12/25/2013 - How To Set Up All Your Kickass New Gear

12/25/2013 - How can an argument make no sense, but still be valid?

12/25/2013 - Captain the starship of your dreams with Faster Than Light's expansion

12/25/2013 - Here Is a Video of Tiny Mice Decorating a Tiny Christmas Tree

12/25/2013 - The Doctor Who puppets start their Christmas special early

12/25/2013 - See one more clip from "Time of the Doctor" before it airs today!

12/25/2013 - How to Make the Switch from iOS to Android

12/25/2013 - How to Make the Switch from Android to iOS

12/25/2013 - Windows 8 Survival Guide: All the Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds

12/25/2013 - Everything You Need to Master Your New Smartphone

12/25/2013 - Meow Part Quintet

12/25/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Oh Santa!

12/24/2013 - Four galaxies are smashed together in a space the size of the Milky Way

12/24/2013 - 9 Delightful New Takes on the Traditional Yule Log Video

12/24/2013 - Why Do These Trippy Reindeer Eyes Change Color With The Seasons?

12/24/2013 - The Reason Why So Many Movies Seem So Similar

12/24/2013 - Just for the record, beatboxing is good for your health

12/24/2013 - Can You Tell the Difference Between These Film and Digital Animations?

12/24/2013 - The Deadliest Potential Pandemics Facing The World Right Now

12/24/2013 - What's the greatest heist in all of science fiction or fantasy?

12/24/2013 - Sophisticated Star Wars Fans Dress in TIE Fighter Argyle

12/24/2013 - Behold! The 'Pacific Rim' theme performed by dueling Tesla coils

12/24/2013 - Here's how to guarantee a white Christmas filled with snow tomorrow

12/24/2013 - America Might Be About To Get Its First Indoor Throwing Star Range

12/24/2013 - The Decaying Remains of Abandoned Hospitals

12/24/2013 - Adidas and Run-D.M.C. Made a Pair of Christmas in Hollis Sneakers

12/24/2013 - A Gorgeous Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Alfonso Cuarón Made Gravity

12/24/2013 - This artwork would be impossible without a 3D printer

12/24/2013 - Did Neanderthals Talk Like Humans?

12/24/2013 - Fall Out Boy released a music video with Tommy Lee as Satan

12/24/2013 - How Your Christmas Presents Were Shipped—As Seen in Clouds From Space

12/24/2013 - What every Doctor Who regeneration says about each Doctor's era

12/24/2013 - Why aren't there more memes about Star Trek's Unicorn Dog?

12/24/2013 - Wirelessly Light Your Tree With LEDs, Pennies, and Lemon Juice

12/24/2013 - Genius machine sorts Skittles and M&M's by color so you don't have to

12/24/2013 - The 3D Printer Who Saved Christmas

12/24/2013 - Hobbit video blog highlights the best part of the movie: the music

12/24/2013 - This Flying Ambulance May Save Wounded Soldiers from Certain Death

12/24/2013 - What's the Best Christmas Movie?

12/24/2013 - ​West Point's ORCA software knows if you're in a gang

12/24/2013 - The 12 Explosions of Christmas

12/24/2013 - What do other countries call Santa Claus?

12/24/2013 - The Law That Forces Mongooses to Give Birth on the Same Day... Or Else

12/24/2013 - The Extremely Last Minute Gift Guide for Lazy Shoppers

12/24/2013 - Let the 10th Doctor Read You a Vampire Story

12/24/2013 - British doctor branded his initials on patient's liver

12/24/2013 - Forget Frosty: Here's How To Make Your Very Own Urban Igloo

12/24/2013 - 12 Monty Python Side Projects, Ranked from Worst to Best

12/24/2013 - Iceland Stops Work on a New Highway That Would Destroy Elf Habitats

12/24/2013 - Astronauts made a rare six hour spacewalk on Christmas Eve to fix ISS

12/24/2013 - Darren Aronofsky's graphic novel gives Noah a total Thor makeover

12/24/2013 - Build a Perfect Fire on Christmas Eve Without Burning Down the House

12/24/2013 - What was the Star of Bethlehem, really?

12/24/2013 - One of these twins is going to space—will he come back different?

12/24/2013 - I Hope the Ghost of Christmas Paleofuture Finally Brings My Hoverboard

12/24/2013 - What today needs is some historically accurate Christmas carols

12/24/2013 - Pop-up Ports Keep this Backup Battery Slim and Svelte

12/24/2013 - Why does every story have to be an Earth-shattering epic?

12/24/2013 - Turn Any Door into Han Solo Stuck in Carbonite

12/24/2013 - The Best Method of Breaking a Beer Bottle for All Your Holiday Brawls

12/24/2013 - Knobs, Gum, and Japanese Condoms: 11 Insanely Specific Review Blogs

12/24/2013 - Edward Snowden Takes a Victory Lap

12/24/2013 - A Map That Reveals the Most Popular TV Show Set in Your Home State

12/24/2013 - ILM's Effects For The Lone Ranger Were Way Better Than the Movie

12/24/2013 - What TV shows should we binge-watch this holiday season?

12/24/2013 - Saturn does its best to imitate a Christmas ornament

12/24/2013 - Watch Today's ISS Spacewalk Live, Right Here, Right Now

12/24/2013 - The Surprising Inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons' Weirdest Monsters

12/24/2013 - 61 Years Later, Alan Turing Finally Got a Royal Pardon

12/24/2013 - 7 of the World's Most Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

12/24/2013 - Could the next Pacific Rim film be a prequel? Plus New RoboCop Pics!

12/24/2013 - This Laser Smartphone Add-On Accurately Measures Everything In a Photo

12/24/2013 - The Coolest Toys from the 1911 FAO Schwarz Catalog

12/24/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: What Is Christmas?

12/23/2013 - Awesome parents recreate famous movie scenes with their adorable baby

12/23/2013 - This amazing T-rex illusion is somehow moving its head to follow you

12/23/2013 - The Tetris Theme Played in 100 Moog Patches Will Wreck Your Brain

12/23/2013 - These Wallpapers of Icy Planets Are Perfect for Winter Escapism

12/23/2013 - This Glass Room Lets You Float Over of One of the Alps' Highest Peaks

12/23/2013 - Watch out: This book is addictively brilliant!

12/23/2013 - These science poems are just the best

12/23/2013 - Help build a better future by majoring in English

12/23/2013 - You just don't understand cryonics

12/23/2013 - Finally, a Real-Life Memory-Erasing Technique for Humans

12/23/2013 - City lights are almost as beautiful as stars in this time lapse

12/23/2013 - Whoa, this YouTube video will hurt you when you watch it

12/23/2013 - Gingerbread Kaiju might be the most delicious game ever made

12/23/2013 - Stream Videos From Your Android Phone to Practically Any Set-Top Box

12/23/2013 - Let's laugh at all these old ridiculous inventions we came up with

12/23/2013 - Great Movies About Prehistoric Animals, Rated for Scientific Accuracy

12/23/2013 - Get ready for the banana pandemic to destroy your favorite fruit

12/23/2013 - Electroconvulsive Therapy Can Erase Unwanted Memories

12/23/2013 - Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Decorations

12/23/2013 - Who's the most unconventional superhero ever created?

12/23/2013 - A Toaster For a Single Slice of Bread Is Nothing To Be Sad About

12/23/2013 - X-ray machines reveal the beautiful underworld of art

12/23/2013 - Heat the Room You're Actually In This Winter, Not the Entire House

12/23/2013 - Brainiac Concept Art from the Bryan Singer Superman That Never Was

12/23/2013 - The first picture of the Earth and its moon in a single frame

12/23/2013 - Fantastic Last-Minute Gifts That You Can Buy Or Make Right Now

12/23/2013 - How Design Observer Founder William Drenttel Changed the Conversation

12/23/2013 - Your Choice Of Bluetooth Headphones, 2013's Popular Games [Deals]

12/23/2013 - These Massive Japanese Submarines Doubled as Aircraft Carriers

12/23/2013 - Great Lost Manuscripts of Science Fiction and Fantasy

12/23/2013 - Did you know vampire squid are actually vegetarians?

12/23/2013 - ​The Flu Shot Is Less Effective in Men With High Testosterone

12/23/2013 - This gif is the perfect way to understand why it gets cold in winter

12/23/2013 - The Best of io9's Science and History Stories in 2013

12/23/2013 - Where Are You Working From Today?

12/23/2013 - These are the most beautiful libraries we've ever seen

12/23/2013 - Mikhail Kalashnikov Has Died

12/23/2013 - A blind man tries to guess the color of scented markers

12/23/2013 - What's the worst movie we left off our list of the year's worst movies?

12/23/2013 - A TV Anchor Tries to Gift Bitcoin On Air, Is Immediately Robbed

12/23/2013 - Archer finally meets his ultimate enemy: Space Pirates!

12/23/2013 - 10 Lessons That We Hope 2013 Has Taught the Entertainment Industry

12/23/2013 - 5 Crazy Places We Can Go Looking for Diamonds

12/23/2013 - Amazon's Amazing Free Overnight Shipping: The Best Gifts

12/23/2013 - David Mamet Creating a 7 Deadly Sins Miniseries for Fox

12/23/2013 - This Week's TV: Say a final goodbye to two of our greatest heroes!

12/23/2013 - The Amazing Quest To Preserve and Restore 52,000 Holocaust Testimonials

12/23/2013 - This "bunny takes a bath" video is both mesmerizing and horrifying

12/23/2013 - A huge reservoir of meltwater has been discovered beneath Greenland

12/23/2013 - Airships and Automobiles Were Going To Put Santa's Reindeer Out of Work

12/23/2013 - A Guy Recreated Home Alone Starring Himself As Every Single Character

12/23/2013 - When Alfred Loomis Created the Death Ray

12/23/2013 - Parts of New York City Are Built on the Ruins of English Cathedrals

12/23/2013 - A US Army Base Is Running a Bunch of Illegal Windows 7 Copies

12/23/2013 - Probably the Most Racist Rocket Trip Ever

12/23/2013 - The 100 Most Astonishing Images of 2013

12/23/2013 - Scientific discoveries are way more fun when they rhyme

12/23/2013 - How Mythic Adventures Massively Raises the Stakes for Pathfinder

12/23/2013 - Berkeley Researchers Create Robo-Muscles 1,000 Times Stronger Than Ours

12/23/2013 - Dinosaurs could be brought back by 'de-evolving' birds

12/23/2013 - Rumor: Is there another major villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

12/23/2013 - 12 Maps of America From Before We Knew What It Looked Like

12/23/2013 - The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter Saves You From Carrying a Brick

12/23/2013 - Reddit's Earliest Days Were a NSFW Wonderland

12/23/2013 - Science Proves That Rudolph's Nose Really Does Glow

12/23/2013 - How the Domino Effect Has Shaped History

12/23/2013 - The Math Behind the NSA's Email Hacks

12/23/2013 - Samsung's 2014 Smart TVs Will Be Controlled By Your Pointed Finger

12/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Systematic Disease

12/22/2013 - One Prayer Bowl Ringing

12/22/2013 - Deafheaven: Dream House

12/22/2013 - This Tricycle Is Headed Across the South Pole

12/22/2013 - The luminous migration of the Pynock Angel

12/22/2013 - A trainee Grim Reaper is no match for a wily prospector in this cartoon

12/22/2013 - Knives Aren't Generally For Klutzes, But This One Kinda Is

12/22/2013 - Parents recreate movie scenes with their baby and a lot of cardboard

12/22/2013 - Here's What Marketing Could Look Like in 2014

12/22/2013 - The Powerpuff Girls get a new look for their upcoming special

12/22/2013 - Why good bests evil in Middle Earth: Evil has a Vitamin D deficiency

12/22/2013 - The Year in Amazing Photos from Reuters

12/22/2013 - Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: The Vampire Ballet No One Knew Was Needed

12/22/2013 - Scientific Data Is Disappearing All the Time

12/22/2013 - Crowdfund a multicultural steampunk anthology and more

12/22/2013 - This Bewildering Samsung Ad Shows How Cool Galaxy Gear Isn't

12/22/2013 - How do you know you have a magician problem? Summoning circle graffiti

12/22/2013 - Amazon is making it harder to sell Bigfoot porn ebooks

12/22/2013 - Space Dandy proclaims his love for boobies in English-dubbed trailer

12/22/2013 - Google's Newly Acquired SCHAFT Robot Walks Away A Winner

12/22/2013 - NASA recreates the moment Apollo 8 astronauts photographed Earthrise

12/22/2013 - People Are More Scared of Hacking than Tracking

12/22/2013 - How would various news outlets report the end of the world?

12/22/2013 - Supercavitation might change the way we go to sea

12/22/2013 - The Best New Webcomics of 2013

12/22/2013 - A Professional Short Shot on a Video Girl Barbie

12/22/2013 - Vin Diesel confirms Guardians of the Galaxy role by posing with Groot

12/22/2013 - There's Finally an iOS 7 Jailbreak

12/21/2013 - Even robots hate going to the dentist

12/21/2013 - Crossword Puzzle: What Did We Learn About the NSA This Year?

12/21/2013 - The Science Behind the Quest to Bake the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

12/21/2013 - Team SCHAFT Sticks It to Competition, Wins DARPA Robotics Challenge

12/21/2013 - Relive Man's First Launch to the Moon, 45 Years Ago Today

12/21/2013 - Learn about kitty aspect ratio drift in An Engineer's Guide to Cats 2.0

12/21/2013 - Watch the cute first conversation between a human and a robot in space

12/21/2013 - Overstock.com Will Accept Bitcoin, Immediately Exchange for Dollars

12/21/2013 - Bot Cameras, Lidar Eyes, and the Driverless Racetrack of the Future

12/21/2013 - The Empire casts its shadow over new Star Wars Rebels concept art

12/21/2013 - Snapchat's Update Lets You Replay One Snap Per Day

12/21/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Cottage Sits Outside the Underwater City

12/21/2013 - Half-Cow, Half-Machine Artificial Heart Implanted in First Human

12/21/2013 - Last night's Nikita was one of the best hours of TV I've seen in ages

12/21/2013 - What word originated in the year of your birth?

12/21/2013 - More than 700 pieces of gingerbread transformed into Optimus Prime

12/21/2013 - Tunnel Trouble, Chuck Norris, Every Android Phone Ranked, and More

12/21/2013 - Concept art from an imagined dark and gritty NeverEnding Story reboot

12/21/2013 - JK Rowling is collaborating on a play about Harry Potter pre-Hogwarts

12/21/2013 - Watch the DARPA Challenge and the Future Of Robotics Live Right Here

12/21/2013 - How to Take Holiday Photos That Don't Suck

12/21/2013 - Gorgeous NASA video shows the sun at different wavelengths

12/21/2013 - A scholarly zombie is forced to aid a princess of thieves in her quest

12/21/2013 - Disquiet: 15, 10 & 5 Years Ago This Week (2013.51)

12/21/2013 - Anna Paquin's Rogue has been cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past

12/21/2013 - Jeff gets a visit from Santa Dean in this animated Community promo

12/21/2013 - Chris Hadfield Answers Your Spacewalk Questions on Twitter Right Now

12/21/2013 - The Fascinating Century of the Crossword, the Original Mobile Game

12/21/2013 - The Animated Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

12/21/2013 - Watch the first urgent spacewalk to repair the ISS cooling system now

12/21/2013 - This Spacecraft Fairytale Will Make Anyone Excited About Outer Space

12/21/2013 - Watch Today's ISS Spacewalk Live, Right Here, Right Now

12/21/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Beat It Tonight (NSFW)

12/20/2013 - Push-Button Music

12/20/2013 - Several Random Things You Didn't Know About Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

12/20/2013 - Gorgeous Space Wallpapers to Fill Your Holidays with Stars

12/20/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: December 13 - 20, 2013

12/20/2013 - Super fun holiday Rube Goldberg machine is a Christmas miracle

12/20/2013 - First trailer for Transcendence shows Johnny Depp going full AI

12/20/2013 - Watch a nuclear bomb create a lake

12/20/2013 - Why wine and tea taste so good

12/20/2013 - Movies are pretty corny when you only hear their punchline

12/20/2013 - Designer Mods a Pioneer a DJ Deck to Look Like the Millennium Falcon

12/20/2013 - Yes, electrons are perfectly round -- and that's a problem

12/20/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Capsule

12/20/2013 - Now Available: Bamboo Back for Moto X

12/20/2013 - Crazy Hacker Wants to Save Bitcoin by Blasting a CubeSat into Space

12/20/2013 - The Doctor finally meets a problem the Sonic Screwdriver can't solve

12/20/2013 - Birds offer insight into the evolution of extended families

12/20/2013 - What words were invented the year you were born?

12/20/2013 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

12/20/2013 - Watch the DARPA Robotics Challenge live here at io9

12/20/2013 - The Government's War on E-Cigarettes

12/20/2013 - Possibly the most terrifying dinosaur-related movie I have ever seen

12/20/2013 - That time dentists and candy companies teamed up for evil experiments

12/20/2013 - This Super Compact Toaster Oven Isn't Just For Bachelors

12/20/2013 - What's the greatest animated series ever to air on television?

12/20/2013 - The map of the world if every country's population matched its size

12/20/2013 - NSA Paid a Huge Security Firm $10 Million to Keep Encryption Weak

12/20/2013 - How Tequila Geniuses Made the Best-Tasting Spirit I've Ever Had

12/20/2013 - Thrilling Storyboards for Spielberg's Delayed Robopocalypse Movie

12/20/2013 - The Insane Morgan Freeman iPad Painting: An Investigation in Four Acts

12/20/2013 - An Ode to Winamp

12/20/2013 - This amazing Star Wars Christmas sweater truly brings joy to the world

12/20/2013 - The fish you're eating might not actually be the fish you think

12/20/2013 - How to Survive an Uninterrupted 72-Hour-Long Flight Simulation

12/20/2013 - 15 Books That Will Change the Way You Look at Robots

12/20/2013 - Scientists finally know what created these mysterious structures!

12/20/2013 - RVs, Large Objects, Little Boxes: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

12/20/2013 - Leiji Matsumoto, One of Space Opera's Greatest Creators

12/20/2013 - Meet Cubli, a motorized box that balances perfectly on ONE CORNER

12/20/2013 - Astronomers once thought there was life on the sun

12/20/2013 - This animation explains history better than history class ever did

12/20/2013 - This Slow-Mo iPhone Video of a Snowstorm Will Lift Your Holiday Spirit

12/20/2013 - How Librarians Are Helping People Navigate the New Healthcare System

12/20/2013 - The Absolute Best Cosplay of 2013

12/20/2013 - On Site at the Machine Olympics of DARPA's Robotics Challenge

12/20/2013 - Plant Cells "Talk" With Electric Signals, Too

12/20/2013 - Our Best Explainers of 2013

12/20/2013 - This is how the most famous photo of all time was taken

12/20/2013 - Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2013

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12/20/2013 - The Biggest Science Stories of 2013

12/20/2013 - Who needs RoboCop when you can have cops in robots?

12/20/2013 - The A.I. uprising will be romantic, according to Spike Jonze's Her

12/20/2013 - Search for life is top priority in NASA's 30-year astrophysics plan

12/20/2013 - Google Just OKed a Phone That Runs Modded Android Out of the Box

12/20/2013 - Scientists finally solve the mystery of these rainforest structures

12/20/2013 - Handicapping the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge

12/20/2013 - Gorgeous Smaug concept art shows all the scaly details from The Hobbit

12/20/2013 - The 5 Most Innovative Cameras of 2013

12/20/2013 - Save Up to 60% on Popular Apps with App Santa

12/20/2013 - This Was An Electronic Christmas Card In 1960

12/20/2013 - Is This a Rolling Hotel or a Polar Bear Buffet?

12/20/2013 - Scientists develop an 'elixir' that reverses a known cause of aging

12/20/2013 - These pictures of the "Necochea Beach Humanoid" will creep you out

12/20/2013 - Watch the crazy activity of a UPS truck parking lot during the holidays

12/20/2013 - Good Lord, This Pottery Zoetrope Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

12/20/2013 - Sony RX10 Review: A First-Rate Camera With a Do-It-All Lens

12/20/2013 - ​The ALF Christmas Special may be the root of all holiday depression

12/20/2013 - In this aquarium you can shake hands with otters (Happy Holidays!)

12/20/2013 - North Korea Sent a Threatening Communiqué to South Korea Via Fax

12/20/2013 - The Year in Porn, According to PornHub's Porn Charts

12/20/2013 - World's largest tunneling machine finds giant mystery object

12/20/2013 - We're having a Gif Party! For Science.

12/20/2013 - Imagining the Earth through the eyes of China's Yutu rover

12/20/2013 - The Instagram Accounts We Loved This Year

12/20/2013 - Stephen Chow's Journey to the West is delightfully insane

12/20/2013 - Something Called "The Object" Stops World's Largest Tunneling Machine

12/20/2013 - Why you should quit your New Year's resolutions right now

12/20/2013 - These Rainbow Mountains Are China's Secret Geological Wonder

12/20/2013 - New Hints for X-Men: Apocalypse, Warcraft, Doctor Who and Walking Dead!

12/20/2013 - Scientists Send Text Messages Using Spritzes of Vodka

12/20/2013 - The Perfect Civic Pride Gifts for City Lovers

12/20/2013 - Sushi Transformers Are More Than Meets Your Tastebuds

12/20/2013 - When Did There Become Too Many Books to Read in One Lifetime?

12/20/2013 - Adding More Layers is Apple’s Patent-Suggested Plan For Fixing Maps

12/20/2013 - Classic Arcade Game Designs Illustrated as a Field Guide

12/20/2013 - Google 'Started Over' on Android the Day the iPhone Launched

12/20/2013 - What Do Your Android Reader Apps Know About You?

12/20/2013 - Disquiet Junto Project 0103: Tinsel Song

12/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: White Rabbit

12/19/2013 - So this is how Santa Claus delivers all those presents (in a F-16!)

12/19/2013 - Can you tell the difference between a digital picture and film?

12/19/2013 - The line between species can become permeable

12/19/2013 - Ants can incredibly flow like liquid or bunch together into a solid

12/19/2013 - Time Bandits: A Classic Tale Of Time Travel, Tech, Good, and Evil

12/19/2013 - The Biggest Video Game Disappointments Of 2013

12/19/2013 - Is Sherlock Holmes the most popular fictional character of all time?

12/19/2013 - The first Divergent clip is from the best part of the entire book

12/19/2013 - Our first glimpse of the Moon's newest crater

12/19/2013 - Watch a skier zoom through a forest of trees at unreal speeds

12/19/2013 - Researchers simulate a worm's internal muscle sensations with code

12/19/2013 - Thugli: Run This

12/19/2013 - The growing evidence that plants can think and communicate

12/19/2013 - Futuristic Glass Houses That Take Transparency to the Extreme

12/19/2013 - Han and Leia sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" while Luke freezes on Hoth

12/19/2013 - Archaeologist Uses 2,000-Year-Old Sky to Study Roman Ruins

12/19/2013 - This is EXACTLY what would happen if George R.R. Martin was Santa Claus

12/19/2013 - I wish all my clothes magically repelled liquid stains like this

12/19/2013 - Scientists Discover How to Boil Water in Under a Trillionth Of a Second

12/19/2013 - Who is the greatest fictional detective of all time?

12/19/2013 - A chart that sums up who had sex with whom during the Pleistocene

12/19/2013 - This Is Not the Oldest Photograph of New York City

12/19/2013 - Does this bomb smell like chloroform?

12/19/2013 - Dolph Lundgren leading a robot army against zombies just seems unfair

12/19/2013 - Astronomers Figured Out How to Weigh Entire Planets Using Starlight

12/19/2013 - First trailer for the Salem series delivers 17th century witch scares

12/19/2013 - A Headphone Splitter That Lets Each Listener Control Their Own Volume

12/19/2013 - A Map of the ERs Near You That Will Treat You the Fastest

12/19/2013 - 2013 Was an Absurdly Great Year for Comics

12/19/2013 - Turn Your Photos Into Kaleidoscopic Eye Candy With This Dope App

12/19/2013 - Astronomers May Have Just Discovered the First Exomoon

12/19/2013 - Can Giving Free Houses to Writers Help Revitalize Detroit?

12/19/2013 - The best nature photo of the year is this badass polar bear

12/19/2013 - Fresh Fish! Sliced and Diced! Tested for Radioactivity

12/19/2013 - Male Spiders "Shudder" to Calm Their Cannibalistic Brides

12/19/2013 - Forget Die Hard. Brazil Is Actually the Best Christmas Movie

12/19/2013 - This Nanostructure-Making Method Is Like 3D Printing with Chemistry

12/19/2013 - Chuck Norris one ups Van Damme's Volvo truck ad with airplanes—and CGI

12/19/2013 - Incredible Optimus Prime Gingerbread Man Transforms Into Deliciousness

12/19/2013 - ​The Worst Lies You've Been Told About the Singularity

12/19/2013 - Rare "Snownado" Filmed Over Lake Superior

12/19/2013 - This iOS-Inspired OS X Concept Looks Good Enough to Touch

12/19/2013 - Anti-Pollution Makeup for the Woman of 2000

12/19/2013 - Nobody really knows why Saturn's rings exist

12/19/2013 - Johnny Depp gets crazy creepy in the first teaser for Transcendence

12/19/2013 - The Billion-Dollar Megaprojects That Will Transform NYC By 2030

12/19/2013 - Who the Heck Makes the Fireplace Videos on Netflix?

12/19/2013 - Flickr Now Lets You Embed Image Slideshows Directly In Web Pages

12/19/2013 - 9 Movies That Made More Sense if You Followed the Viral Marketing

12/19/2013 - Qualcomm Toq Review: Still Not Time for a Smartwatch

12/19/2013 - A Tiny DSLR for a Tiny Price, Bond 50, The Godfather [Deals]

12/19/2013 - Every iPhone, Ranked

12/19/2013 - The Secret Machine War Against Snow Taking Place at the Super Bowl

12/19/2013 - The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2013

12/19/2013 - Every Android Phone, Ranked

12/19/2013 - Someone made a full-size, working car out of Legos

12/19/2013 - Here's your sneak peek at the Scott Pilgrim creator's new comic

12/19/2013 - I can't believe this is a photo of Central Park

12/19/2013 - Credit Card Stolen? Don't Panic. Here's What to Do

12/19/2013 - Mesmerising Space Photo Shows A Nebula On Earth

12/19/2013 - Deadly Superbugs Are Breeding Like Crazy in Chinese Sewage Plants

12/19/2013 - This Was the First Plane To Cost $1 Billion More Than We Expected

12/19/2013 - San Diego traffic, organized by color, is surprisingly hypnotic

12/19/2013 - This Drone Survival Guide will be a must-have for everyone very soon

12/19/2013 - Searching for Dead Geometries Amidst the Trees

12/19/2013 - The How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer is beyond epic

12/19/2013 - A creepy 15th century language experiment took place on this island

12/19/2013 - All Along, That Wasn't Really Styrofoam

12/19/2013 - The Coming Singularity, When All Suburbs Look The Same

12/19/2013 - Forgetful snails could tell us about how our memories work

12/19/2013 - Target Confirms Up to 40 Million Credit and Debit Cards Hacked

12/19/2013 - CERN Hid Lego Figurines All Over During Its Google Street View Shoot

12/19/2013 - This Interactive Moto X Ad Isn't Online, It's In a Magazine

12/19/2013 - The AIA Finally Gave A Medal To A Female Architect. She Died In 1957.

12/19/2013 - Robots aren't any better at performing surgery, they just cost more

12/19/2013 - These awesome images from another dimension have not been photoshopped

12/19/2013 - Rate the hottest dragon in pop culture

12/19/2013 - If a Rubik's Cube Is Bruce Banner, This Thing's the Hulk

12/19/2013 - I Can't Help Smiling At This Old Japanese Satellite

12/19/2013 - Unpretentious and Inexpensive Gifts For Designers and Design Fans

12/19/2013 - The cursed coffee experiment!

12/19/2013 - 7 Groundbreaking Drum Machines That Changed Music As We Know It

12/19/2013 - How long before The Walking Dead adds another Big Bad from the comics?

12/19/2013 - Steam Machine Teardown: A Gaming PC by Any Other Name

12/19/2013 - A Map of How Educated the United States Is by County

12/19/2013 - The Sounds Your Computer Makes Can Give Away Your Encryption Keys

12/19/2013 - A Fully Loaded New Mac Pro Will Cost You $14,000

12/19/2013 - What Causes Spontaneous Combustion?

12/19/2013 - British Airways the First European Airline to Allow Gadgets at Takeoff

12/19/2013 - How Do Computers Translate 3D Worlds Into Pixels?

12/19/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Abstract Dimension

12/18/2013 - Review: Lego Sydney Opera House is 2,989 bricks of awesome

12/18/2013 - NASA shows you the Sun like you've never seen it before (in colors!)

12/18/2013 - Paul Rudd is the star of Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, after all

12/18/2013 - Ice on a building roof collapses in the most epic avalanche possible

12/18/2013 - LG's 105-Inch Curved UltraHD TV Is Just Bonkers (Updated)

12/18/2013 - Person of Interest is mashing all my Neuromancer buttons

12/18/2013 - What a second of every day of a year of a person's life looks like

12/18/2013 - Beyoncé: Drunk In Love

12/18/2013 - A brand new best friend is worth a little blood

12/18/2013 - Nothing is real in movies but who cares when it looks this cool

12/18/2013 - Here is your first look at the atomic structure of the HIV capsid

12/18/2013 - Virgin Birth: NOT SO RARE, AFTER ALL

12/18/2013 - Top Gun: Feel the Need for Speed in a Classic Piece of 80s Camp

12/18/2013 - Awesome science fiction postage stamps from around the world

12/18/2013 - Terrifying video of a near collision between fighter jet and airliner

12/18/2013 - How many clues to Matt Smith's doom does this Doctor Who trailer hide?

12/18/2013 - That Magical Herd of Reindeer Rides an Industrial Barge, Not a Sleigh

12/18/2013 - Where to Watch the 25 Movies Just Added to the National Film Registry

12/18/2013 - A Space 1999 spoof from the producers of Honey Boo Boo wants your money

12/18/2013 - Good News! Batman Vs. Superman gets some help from the writer of Argo

12/18/2013 - Make Yourself Known With a Bike Light That's As Loud As a Car Horn

12/18/2013 - Hackers Invaded the Washington Post for "a Few Days"

12/18/2013 - Amazing Landforms Shaped By Animals

12/18/2013 - The Heroic Parachuting Dogs of D-Day

12/18/2013 - Flying man in wingsuit flies deathly close to the ground like Superman

12/18/2013 - Six Amazing Books by Frank Herbert, Tim Pratt and Others, For Just $6

12/18/2013 - Geologists find diamond-producing rocks in Antarctica

12/18/2013 - Christmas Tree Lane Hosts The Oldest Holiday Display In The World

12/18/2013 - The Apocalyptic Vision of Sol Yurick, Author of The Warriors

12/18/2013 - This is not a glitch. It's Mars.

12/18/2013 - Ultra-Simple Titanium Tools That Tackle Any Task With Style

12/18/2013 - Who's the most unfairly maligned character of all time?

12/18/2013 - Taming Adrenaline for Better Workouts

12/18/2013 - Today Is The Last Day To Holiday Shop From Amazon, Without Prime

12/18/2013 - Watch a Story Literally Unfold From the Creases of this Kids' Book

12/18/2013 - Astronomers may have detected the first moon outside a star system

12/18/2013 - The New Oscars Logo Is Illuminati Catnip

12/18/2013 - New DNA sequence shows that Neanderthals liked incest

12/18/2013 - Gifts for the Discerning Coffee Enthusiast You Like to Call a Snob

12/18/2013 - DARPA Tried to Build Skynet in the 1980s

12/18/2013 - Watch the epic first 3 minutes of Big Ass Spider right here, right now

12/18/2013 - This is the only piece of art we've left on the Moon

12/18/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Christmas Ornaments

12/18/2013 - The Wristworn Underwater Jetpack: Okay, Aquaman, Now We Get It

12/18/2013 - The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013

12/18/2013 - Watch The Alphabet Get Giffy With These Animated Line Drawings

12/18/2013 - Obama's NSA Advisory Board: No More Phone Records, No More Backdoors

12/18/2013 - An Ultra-Modern Feeder For Birds With Discerning Tastes

12/18/2013 - How engineers build lovable robots

12/18/2013 - These incredible light columns are caused by ice crystals

12/18/2013 - Jesus is having technical difficulties in the new Penny Dreadul teaser

12/18/2013 - 30 images from X-Men: Days of Future´s Past take us back in mutant time

12/18/2013 - What Facebook Tells Us About the Hidden Paths of Mass Migration

12/18/2013 - This Planetarium Show Will Blow Your Mind

12/18/2013 - Bose QuietComfort 15, GorillaPod Video, The Router You Want [Deals]

12/18/2013 - How Music Has Evolved in the Past 70 Years

12/18/2013 - Government Scientists Created Crude Oil from Algae in Mere Minutes

12/18/2013 - 9 Everyday Items We Never Want to Have Connected to the Internet

12/18/2013 - Kim Jong-un Airbrushes "Traitor" Uncle From Official Documentary

12/18/2013 - Chinese Hospital Opens "Smog Clinic" to Help Citizens Survive the City

12/18/2013 - The definitive collection of secret Nazi weapons

12/18/2013 - The Story Behind the Only Sculpture on the Moon Is a Doozy

12/18/2013 - Frank Darabont sues the bejeezus out of The Walking Dead TV show

12/18/2013 - Sony SD Cards And More Are Deeply Discounted Today Only

12/18/2013 - The life of the British upper class, 5500 years ago

12/18/2013 - Mad Scientists Just Built an Edible Battery Out of Cuttlefish Ink

12/18/2013 - Google+ Thinks the Account It Personally Set Up for Neil Gaiman Is Fake

12/18/2013 - The Best and Worst Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies of 2013

12/18/2013 - Nope. Oxytocin isn't going to become the "trust me" drug.

12/18/2013 - The Next Generation of DSL Can Pump 1Gbps Through Copper Phone Lines

12/18/2013 - Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark Is Awesome: A Treatise

12/18/2013 - Tiny, Intricate Trees Cut From Discarded Shopping Bags

12/18/2013 - Her Review: Loneliness Never Looked So Beautiful (or Futuristic)

12/18/2013 - Amazing golf shot of the year is more genius billiard trick than golf

12/18/2013 - Japan's new island keeps growing

12/18/2013 - How Diet Soda Can Be Used to Track Sewage

12/18/2013 - The Smithsonian adds Halo 2600 and Flower videogames to its collection

12/18/2013 - Your Dog Could Talk Back With This Mind-Reading Headset

12/18/2013 - Hubble captures Christmas tree topper 200 times larger than the Sun

12/18/2013 - Fujifilm Announces Ultrawide 10-24mm f/4 Lens for X Series Cameras

12/18/2013 - The Best Data Visualizations of 2013

12/18/2013 - First Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer is absolutely chilling

12/18/2013 - A Tiny Night Vision Camera That Lets Your Smartphone See In the Dark

12/18/2013 - Robot-denying telemarketing robot may not actually be a robot

12/18/2013 - High-Tech Gifts Your Favorite Car Nerd Will Actually Use

12/18/2013 - Here's why winter has the best full moons

12/18/2013 - Brand New Footage From the Doctor Who Christmas special!

12/18/2013 - 27 Cutaway Drawings That Show All the Secrets of Buildings

12/18/2013 - In space, monsters can hear you fart

12/18/2013 - The New Mac Pro Finally Goes on Sale Tomorrow

12/18/2013 - This Crazy Music Video Is Made From 166 GIFs

12/18/2013 - Report: Spotify's Desktop App Just Got Way More Sleek

12/18/2013 - The Evolution of the Water Gun

12/18/2013 - Asteroids Look Sensational in Infrared

12/18/2013 - Why Do We Get Motion Sickness?

12/18/2013 - Just Look at What Saturn's Moons Do To Its Rings

12/18/2013 - This Amazing Life-Size, Air-Powered Lego Car Hits 20mph

12/18/2013 - A Very Scanner Christmas

12/18/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: 88 Minutes of Soul Train

12/17/2013 - Beautiful woman in bikini turns into Santa Claus in reverse Photoshop

12/17/2013 - Watch the visual effects reel of Thor: The Dark World's prologue

12/17/2013 - Insane bike trick seems to murder the laws of physics

12/17/2013 - Listen to Wil Wheaton read from Warren Ellis' horrifying love story

12/17/2013 - Visit the edge of space in a capsule powered by a helium balloon

12/17/2013 - At Christmas, this town builds a Giant Yule goat and then torches it

12/17/2013 - Multi-Winged Planes Are Aviation History's Most Amazing Failures

12/17/2013 - The Haunt trailer has a magical radio that talks to the dead

12/17/2013 - Stabilized video of lunar buggy ride is even cooler than the original

12/17/2013 - Sneak Peek: Tonight, Person of Interest shows us the birth of a hacker

12/17/2013 - How being "Bummed and Ugly" helped Alice Sola Kim find Philip K. Dick

12/17/2013 - This Is What 400,000 Hours of TV News Looks Like

12/17/2013 - Hilarious video shows everyone Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever killed

12/17/2013 - Could a Smartphone Cholesterol Sensor Convince You Not to Supersize?

12/17/2013 - This Algorithm Can Make Pictures of Your Face More Memorable

12/17/2013 - The Monolithic Sculptures of Data Viz Whiz Edward Tufte

12/17/2013 - These people will learn why King Midas’ corpse is the ultimate weapon

12/17/2013 - How IMAX Makes Movies Sound as Big as Their Screens

12/17/2013 - Scientists invent the perfect coffee mug

12/17/2013 - Why the Swiss Evacuate Their Cows by Helicopter

12/17/2013 - Have a Blast Preparing for the End Times in This Luxurious Compound

12/17/2013 - A Butterfly Multitool For the Do-It-Yourselfer With an Attitude

12/17/2013 - Who's the most unfairly overlooked comic-book hero?

12/17/2013 - Helicopter incredibly rescues a man trapped on a crane after explosion

12/17/2013 - Great Concept Art for the Science Fiction Museum We Desperately Want

12/17/2013 - Bizarre New Art Project Stalks Shaquille O'Neal for Custom "Dunk Rig"

12/17/2013 - Google Glass Just Made Winking the Creepiest Way to Creepshot

12/17/2013 - We still have time to destroy ourselves before the future comes

12/17/2013 - This Keyboard Turns a Dial Up Modem's Screeches Into "Beautiful" Music

12/17/2013 - Someone is finally going to make 6-inch Firefly action figures

12/17/2013 - Watch the MTA Assemble a Prismatic Tunnel To The Sky

12/17/2013 - Resurrect Your Wireless Mouse as a DIY Powerglove

12/17/2013 - This prefab portable home is nicer than most suburban houses

12/17/2013 - Scientists say vitamins and minerals are "a waste of money"

12/17/2013 - Here's how massive packs of penguins move as a single unit

12/17/2013 - An Accordion Shelf That Grows With Your Knick-Knack Collection

12/17/2013 - This Space Adventure Cobra anime trailer will make your afternoon

12/17/2013 - Welcome to Yesterday is like The Chronicle, but with time travel

12/17/2013 - This Is the Best Consumer-Ready Iron Man Suit We've Ever Seen

12/17/2013 - It's Only Mr. T! 30 Years Of Toys Confiscated From London Schools

12/17/2013 - Weinsteins refuse to release Snowpiercer without cuts AND voiceovers

12/17/2013 - The Hot New Trend in Suburbia Is Subdivisions With Their Own Farms

12/17/2013 - Happy Holidays! Have a free copy of my book!

12/17/2013 - A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States

12/17/2013 - A Beginner's Guide to Buying Custom Kitchen Knives

12/17/2013 - Scientist sets out to pen futuristic novel, ends up drowning your town

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12/17/2013 - io9 Book Club reminder: Meeting 1/7 to discuss Ancillary Justice

12/17/2013 - A $49 Kindle, iOS Games And Credit, Sony RX100, Ouya [Deals]

12/17/2013 - 30 Percent of the Internet Is Just a Copy of Itself

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12/17/2013 - How All of Reddit's Communities Overlap, Visualized

12/17/2013 - The colors on this digitally restored ancient statue are unreal

12/17/2013 - Chinese rover diorama shows Europe being nuked

12/17/2013 - First look at Being Human's season 4 where "things get weird"

12/17/2013 - 12 Things More Likely Than You Winning Tonight's $636 Million Jackpot

12/17/2013 - Facebook and Google Are Buying Up the Cables That Carry the Internet

12/17/2013 - Is there really such a thing as reverse psychology?

12/17/2013 - See How Much New York Has Changed (Or Not) Since The 1990s

12/17/2013 - Fifty Meteors Light Up the Night Sky

12/17/2013 - These Swarming Satellites Are Mapping Earth's Magnetic Cloak

12/17/2013 - Stunning image of a burning hot Blackbird's jet engine

12/17/2013 - Nathan Myhrvold: Patent Troll, Molecular Gastronomist... Dino Expert?

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12/17/2013 - Should we move to a six-hour workday?

12/17/2013 - There's no evidence antibacterial soap is more effective

12/17/2013 - Polynesian People Were Using Binary 600 Years Ago

12/17/2013 - Google Now Wants To Go Christmas Caroling With You

12/17/2013 - Beautiful time-lapse pays tribute to California's ethereal landscape

12/17/2013 - Ian McKellen crashes a Hobbit screening, fans go wild

12/17/2013 - Samsung's GamePad Gives Galaxy Phones Portable Console Powers

12/17/2013 - 15 of the Weirdest Images in the British Library’s New Digital Trove

12/17/2013 - Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt direct as well as star in the Sandman film?

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12/17/2013 - Facebook Video Ads Are Here (And This Is What They Look Like)

12/17/2013 - Why the Epidaurus Theatre Has Such Amazing Acoustics

12/17/2013 - Private Reading: Electronic Frontier Foundation's Best Books of 2013

12/17/2013 - Turns Out Penguins Waddle in Groups Like Cars Move in Traffic

12/17/2013 - Rumor: Google Is Trialling New Smart-Thermostats

12/17/2013 - WSJ: Facebook's Autoplay Video Ads Will Arrive This Week (Updated)

12/17/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Why Are You Here?

12/16/2013 - The Best Unfilmed Scripts of 2013, According to the Black List

12/16/2013 - Hypnotizing video somehow reorganizes the cars on the road by color

12/16/2013 - ​Yes, Neanderthals did bury their dead

12/16/2013 - Crows could be the key to understanding alien intelligence

12/16/2013 - The future of naval warfare: Are US supercarriers useless?

12/16/2013 - The rules of magic on Once Upon A Time make absolutely no sense

12/16/2013 - Why China's lunar landing could mean more satellite launches

12/16/2013 - In the end, Witches of East End gave us exactly what we wanted

12/16/2013 - Real life Jurassic Park exists in Australia and everyone needs to go

12/16/2013 - ​This week's DVDs wants to help with your last-minute shopping

12/16/2013 - Polly Scattergood: Wanderlust

12/16/2013 - These Astronomical Clocks Were a Wonder of the Medieval World

12/16/2013 - 30-second Dedalo teaser is crammed with gorgeous space horror

12/16/2013 - Don't expect to figure out Gene Wolfe's new novel on a first reading

12/16/2013 - Create Interactive 360° Panoramic Video With Ease

12/16/2013 - Awesome guy blows movie marketing budget to help typhoon survivors

12/16/2013 - A 5-Minute Journey Down a Manhole in New York

12/16/2013 - What's the most justified betrayal in science fiction or fantasy?

12/16/2013 - ​Scientists engineer worms to live the equivalent of 500 human years

12/16/2013 - Your Tight Pants Almost Ruined Paper Money

12/16/2013 - A Film Camera You Assemble Yourself Lets You Add Light Leaks

12/16/2013 - Check Out These Pigmented Fish, Like Creatures Made from Neon Lights

12/16/2013 - Is Alfonso Cuarón's TV show Believe going to let us down?

12/16/2013 - Make your own scientifically-accurate Earth ornaments!

12/16/2013 - ​What will happen after animals are legally recognized as persons?

12/16/2013 - England's Architect Provocateurs Have Broken Up

12/16/2013 - A Simple Metal Ring Keeps Your MagSafe In Line

12/16/2013 - Shooting a gun with Google Glass looks frighteningly like a video game

12/16/2013 - This man had his hand surgically attached to his ankle

12/16/2013 - Spider-Man's greatest foe isn't Green Goblin or Venom, it's this

12/16/2013 - Terrifying Facts About the World's Deepest Gold Mine

12/16/2013 - The Best Books of 2013

12/16/2013 - The Mysterious Origins of Cat Domestication in China

12/16/2013 - Gizmodo's Best Books of 2013

12/16/2013 - 1940 photo of a Nazi fighter test seems from the future

12/16/2013 - We've Been Blaming Movies for Real-Life Crime for Over a Century

12/16/2013 - Do boys get better breast milk?

12/16/2013 - NASA-Developed Moonglow Material Keeps This Watch Glowing All Night

12/16/2013 - The most controversial pen-and-paper RPGs ever made

12/16/2013 - Here is all of 2013 summed up in one super clever drawing

12/16/2013 - Why Ted Chiang's Fiction is So Indispensible

12/16/2013 - A Roku For Under $40, Chromecast, Sony RX-100 II, ATH-M50S [Deals]

12/16/2013 - McLaren Is Using Fighter Jet Technology for Wiper-free Windshields

12/16/2013 - The Doctor is real! Behold a life-size flying TARDIS!

12/16/2013 - Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying Is Probably Unconstitutional

12/16/2013 - DeLorean's Next Radical Idea: An Engine that Starts Using Lasers

12/16/2013 - Ruin Christmas Early With Scientifically Accurate Santa

12/16/2013 - ​The 14 Least Competent Alien Invaders of All Time

12/16/2013 - Millions of Microbeads from Soap Have Contaminated the Great Lakes

12/16/2013 - The "pause" in global warming comes from bad data

12/16/2013 - Video: This explosive Christmas tree made of detonation cord is nuts

12/16/2013 - What Should Miami Do With Its Graffiti-Covered Marine Stadium?

12/16/2013 - Ask an expert your questions about China's past, present, and future

12/16/2013 - These New Sensors Will Turn Passenger Jets Into Flying Weathervanes

12/16/2013 - Amazon Can Take Away Your Digital Books and Movies Whenever It Wants

12/16/2013 - Operation: The claymation horror short inspired by real life parasites

12/16/2013 - A scientifically accurate Santa Claus would horrifyingly destroy Earth

12/16/2013 - This Week's TV: Will the Person of Interest team lose another MVP?

12/16/2013 - New research: Great white sharks are surprisingly similar to humans

12/16/2013 - Report: Windows Phone 8.1 Will Finally Have a Notification Center

12/16/2013 - The Best Reason to Join Google+ (Or Else!)

12/16/2013 - Award-winning images of some of the world's smallest life forms

12/16/2013 - Photoshop Parody Ads Show the Depressing Truth About Filtered Beauty

12/16/2013 - Watch China's Chang'e 3 land on the Moon!

12/16/2013 - Behold the Monstrous Beauty of This Year's Coolest Microscopic Images

12/16/2013 - Amazing photo of severed hand surgically attached to an ankle

12/16/2013 - These incredibly vivid color photos of Antarctica were taken in 1915

12/16/2013 - You Can Now 3D Print a Fully Functional Speaker

12/16/2013 - Christopher Lee returns with a new heavy metal Christmas carol classic

12/16/2013 - Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Might Have Blasted Life to Mars

12/16/2013 - The Greatest Innovation in Oreo Dunking Since Milk

12/16/2013 - The 4K Content Charge Is Being Led By... Amazon

12/16/2013 - Make a silver crystal Christmas tree

12/16/2013 - Happy Monday. Have some moth "protuberances."

12/16/2013 - These Amazing Artificial Islands and Archipelagos Rule the Waves

12/16/2013 - This Funky New LED Is Almost Completely Flat to Keep Cool

12/16/2013 - First Tantalizing Footage from Game of Thrones Season 4!

12/16/2013 - Don't Believe a Word of Last Night's 60 Minutes NSA Interview

12/16/2013 - Wrap Your Gifts in Influenza This Year

12/16/2013 - You Don't Need Actual Google Glass to Say "OK, Glass"

12/16/2013 - This 24-Karat Gold Xbox One Is On Sale in Harrods for $10,000

12/16/2013 - The Crab Nebula Is a Swirling Cloud of Electric Purple Light

12/16/2013 - SNL Hilariously Riffs on Obama's Recent Tech Troubles

12/16/2013 - You Can Get a Kindle Fire HDX on a Four-Part Amazon Instalment Plan

12/16/2013 - Crazy video: Heavy military trucks being dropped from a plane

12/16/2013 - Silence Beyond Punctuation

12/15/2013 - Using Plasma To Clean Glass Is Amazing, Plus Hilariously Roundabout

12/15/2013 - Cyborgs enjoy a snowy evening in the City of Peace

12/15/2013 - I don't know what Interstellar is all about but I can't wait to see it

12/15/2013 - Luminous time-lapse celebrates death and life in a record-cold winter

12/15/2013 - This Credit Card Knife Is Terrifyingly Stealth

12/15/2013 - An Adventure Time Candy Kingdom you can actually eat

12/15/2013 - The Chinese Rover's First Moon Photos Are Here

12/15/2013 - Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don't want largely female audiences

12/15/2013 - When spring comes round again, let's all go to the Poison Garden

12/15/2013 - Here's what China's Yutu rover is doing on the Moon

12/15/2013 - A Quick and Complete History of Bitcoin So You're Not Totally Lost

12/15/2013 - Crowdfund an all-woman anthology of scifi and fantasy stories

12/15/2013 - This video is veritable treasure trove of winter facts

12/15/2013 - Should People Be Allowed to Make Phone Calls on Planes?

12/15/2013 - Artist drew himself and his cat in 100 different cartoonists' styles

12/15/2013 - In a world without sun, a hunter tracks his prey with liquid light

12/15/2013 - Counting Sheep Doesn't Actually Work, Just a Heads Up

12/15/2013 - Feathered costumes change colors in different climates

12/15/2013 - Stuffed bear sculptures embroidered with anatomical designs

12/15/2013 - Would you spend a year in bed?

12/15/2013 - You Can Actually Browse the Web on a 27-Year-Old Mac Plus

12/15/2013 - A young woman tries to aid a mentally ill man, but can't see his demons

12/15/2013 - Rough sketches turned into functional scribbly furniture

12/15/2013 - Japanese Christmas Light Displays Are Simultaneously Absurd and Calming

12/15/2013 - This is what the Universe would look like if it were a tiny model

12/15/2013 - Disquiet: 15, 10 & 5 Years Ago This Week (2013.50)

12/14/2013 - Video Of China's Jade Rabbit Rover Rolling On to the Moon's Surface

12/14/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

12/14/2013 - The CN Tower crumbles in a future Toronto

12/14/2013 - Flight of the Conchords Shows Us How Robots Will End Mankind

12/14/2013 - What went wrong with this season of Haven?

12/14/2013 - Magic Color-Changing Camo Blends In No Matter The Season

12/14/2013 - Fabulous Batman graffiti found in an abandoned building

12/14/2013 - Watch people blown about by a powerful wind storm

12/14/2013 - 1871 Treaty hinged on Americans agreeing not to split infinitives

12/14/2013 - If You Could Have Any Boston Dynamics Robot, How Would You Use It?

12/14/2013 - Facial-recognition software uncovers a bizarre conspiracy in this short

12/14/2013 - Wrapping Your Mac Charger, Squirrels, And the Bad Side of Gluten Free

12/14/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: At the Dinosaur Ranch

12/14/2013 - This video imagines a San Francisco patrolled by semi-autonomous drones

12/14/2013 - Interstellar Trailer: A Brief History of Flying

12/14/2013 - Magical unicorn sculpture pees lemonade and shoots fire from its horn

12/14/2013 - An incredible photo of a colonial base in an alien world called Earth

12/14/2013 - ​The year Krampus saved Christmas (and, to a lesser extent, Grimm)

12/14/2013 - A Closer Look at Google's New Robot Army

12/14/2013 - Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum and Marceline as Modern Madonnas

12/14/2013 - Download some of the year's best screenplays (legally)

12/14/2013 - This Crazy Pneumatic Tube System Will Deliver Burgers at 87 MPH

12/14/2013 - How to Get Your Luggage Back When the Airline Loses It

12/14/2013 - Our destiny is in space in teaser for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

12/14/2013 - Two souls form a strange friendship on an island in a river to Hell

12/14/2013 - China's Rover Has Reportedly Landed On the Moon

12/14/2013 - How would a pandemic spread through our air transportation routes?

12/14/2013 - Eleventh Doctor's Companions beg him to stay in a Regeneration Carol

12/14/2013 - Galactus tempts the Hulk plus a new My Little Pony!

12/14/2013 - Google Just Bought Crazy Walking Robot Maker Boston Dynamics

12/14/2013 - Okay, Sure, Let's Watch a Real-Life Laser Gun Destroy Raw Pork

12/14/2013 - A Drone in Progress

12/14/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mondo Taurobolium

12/13/2013 - A Crazy Thin Backup Battery You Can Probably Also Use as a Bookmark

12/13/2013 - Reinforced Dress Shirts Let You Safely Open Twist-Off Bottlecaps

12/13/2013 - The Most Eye-Popping Futuristic Concept Art We've Seen in Weeks

12/13/2013 - This Magical Table's Electromagnetic Field Turns On Nearby Light Bulbs

12/13/2013 - This study shows how a good metaphor can change the world

12/13/2013 - Now Available: Oppo N1 in the U.S.

12/13/2013 - How To Make a Terrifying, Spinning, Ferrofluid Buzzsaw

12/13/2013 - Parrots, Cats, Roaches, and Ants: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

12/13/2013 - This real-time global wind map will completely devour your weekend

12/13/2013 - Here Is NYC's Most Gigantic Affordable Housing Project Since the 1960s

12/13/2013 - The Most Magnificent Ice Castles in the World

12/13/2013 - The NSA Can Decode Private, Encrypted Cellphone Conversations

12/13/2013 - Why We Renumber Runways When the Earth's Magnetic Field Shifts

12/13/2013 - Our Favorite Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

12/13/2013 - This is how steel looks after being shot by a railgun

12/13/2013 - Scientists have created remote controlled cyborg sperm

12/13/2013 - Not-So-Pedestrian Gifts for Urban Walkers

12/13/2013 - What's the sexiest science fiction or fantasy movie of all time?

12/13/2013 - Everything changed on Wonderland but you only need to see this one clip

12/13/2013 - Does The Vampire Diaries laugh at any notion of absolute morality?

12/13/2013 - If Santa Claus were scientifically accurate, he'd destroy the world

12/13/2013 - A Measuring Tape For Anyone Who's Dreamed of Blasting Off This Rock

12/13/2013 - Forget feathers -- this dinosaur had a rooster's comb on its head

12/13/2013 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty could make you rethink your life

12/13/2013 - That Time We Turned Coke Into Whiskey

12/13/2013 - What causes propellers to make this gorgeous helical pattern?

12/13/2013 - You Won't Believe How Accurate GE's New CT Scanner Is

12/13/2013 - The elevator paradox proves your elevator always goes the wrong way

12/13/2013 - What would you get an io9 reader for the holidays?

12/13/2013 - The Firefly Vaporizer Review: Portable Perfection

12/13/2013 - Watch these ink stains turn into a hyperrealist painting

12/13/2013 - Soft Paternalism, or the Future of Authority and Obedience

12/13/2013 - Be Totally Entranced By These Technicolor Winds Swirling Around Earth

12/13/2013 - Fight for your throne with the Song of Ice and Fire RPG

12/13/2013 - This dog and cheetah are best friends and it is the best thing

12/13/2013 - Man-made volcanic lightning has been created for the first time

12/13/2013 - New calculations suggest the Universe could collapse at any time

12/13/2013 - The Best Gifts For Getting Lost In the Woods

12/13/2013 - This gigantic amazing Lego recreation of Rivendell will blow your mind

12/13/2013 - 362 Holiday Party Conversation Topics That Beat Staring at Your Phone

12/13/2013 - Climate change is moving the North pole and affecting Earth's rotation

12/13/2013 - Megaphones, Parabolic Concrete, and Waterfalls

12/13/2013 - This Was the TV of the Future in 1933

12/13/2013 - London May Finish Its Half-Built, Five-Year-Old Skyscraper After All

12/13/2013 - Google Removes New Android Privacy Feature, Says It Was an Accident

12/13/2013 - Spider-Man battles bad guys and inquisitive aunts in new ASM2 trailer

12/13/2013 - This Mortar-Hunting War Truck Just Got a Powerful New Laser Cannon

12/13/2013 - 10 TV Shows that Desperately Need Their Own Drinking Games

12/13/2013 - Why this "Disney Villains: the Next Generation" show is a problem

12/13/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Nikola Tesla Statue Rises in Silicon Valley

12/13/2013 - The Best Coffemaker, Fitbit Force, All the SodaStreams [Deals]

12/13/2013 - Surreal Exhibition Explores Half-Finished and Incomplete Products

12/13/2013 - Do You Buy a Real Christmas Tree Or a Fake One?

12/13/2013 - You'll Make Room For This Stunning Vintage Skeeball Game

12/13/2013 - This Is Not a Speaker

12/13/2013 - The Hobbit proves you can like a movie even if it's not good

12/13/2013 - Classic Empire Strikes Back doc reveals the march of the AT-ATs

12/13/2013 - Putting an age on Saturn's ring system

12/13/2013 - How the first iPhone copied everything—and the last one did too

12/13/2013 - 17 Years at 1 URL

12/13/2013 - The Crazy Huge Aperture on This New Lens Chews Up Darkness

12/13/2013 - Will Don Cheadle's War Machine join the Avengers in Age of Ultron?

12/13/2013 - 7 Reasons Never to Give 4Chan a 3D Printer

12/13/2013 - This Multi-Launcher Spits Out Missiles Like a 12-Barrel Revolver

12/13/2013 - Take a trip over Titan's massive methane-filled lakes

12/13/2013 - And now Kathy Bates' severed head will watch Roots and sing

12/13/2013 - Fantastic new Community trailer is truly from the darkest timeline

12/13/2013 - Inside the Incredible, Complex Factories Where Satellites Are Born

12/13/2013 - This looks like the Russians threw a dead astronaut out of the airlock…

12/13/2013 - Yellowstone's Megavolcano is more than twice the beast we feared

12/13/2013 - There's an Apple Bitcoin Prank That's Hilarious and Devastating

12/13/2013 - This Year's Top Instagram Trends Are Exactly What You'd Expect

12/13/2013 - The Legend of Hercules is a punishment straight from Hades

12/13/2013 - The World's Awesomest Scientists Invent Cavity-Free Candy

12/13/2013 - Sony expands the Spider-Man films with Venom and Sinister Six movies

12/13/2013 - Gorgeous New Posters From an Abandoned Printing Press in London

12/13/2013 - You get a gif! And you get a gif! It's a Gif Party!

12/13/2013 - Amazon's Best-Selling Music of All Time: So That's Who's Buying CDs

12/13/2013 - Should we just rename Uranus already?

12/13/2013 - This Wonderful Cardboard Robot Proves the Box Is Always More Fun

12/13/2013 - Here's when you can finally see Knights of Badassdom

12/13/2013 - New Details About the "Old Friend" in the Doctor Who Christmas Special

12/13/2013 - Rare Manhattan Project Photos Show The Birth Of The Atomic Age

12/13/2013 - Bell Labs' 202 Hack: The First Great Jailbreak?

12/13/2013 - Rumor: Amazon Will Open a Wholesale Store Called Pantry in 2014

12/13/2013 - Your Hacked LinkedIn Password Is Art

12/13/2013 - Over 60 Percent of Internet Traffic Is Now Driven By Bots

12/13/2013 - This Is How to Stop People Hijacking Your Details for Marketing

12/13/2013 - Beyoncé's Surprise New Album Crashed iTunes Overnight

12/13/2013 - Bloomberg: Google Is Thinking About Making Chips

12/13/2013 - Disquiet Junto Project 0102: Sonic Tinsel

12/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: ¡¡Muévelo perra!!

12/12/2013 - Guy plays the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013 in one minute

12/12/2013 - Tomorrow People's characters start to click. (Too bad about the plot.)

12/12/2013 - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Retreat!

12/12/2013 - Blueprint Placemats Help You Engineer the World's Simplest Meals

12/12/2013 - China's air pollution as seen from space

12/12/2013 - How skyscrapers forever changed our sense of scale

12/12/2013 - Incredibly tense images show impala escaping a crocodile attack

12/12/2013 - Commuters Can Park and Climb at This Unlikely Parking Garage

12/12/2013 - More proof that Japan's Avengers anime is turning them into Pokémon

12/12/2013 - NASA Captures Unprecedented View of Moon Orbiting Earth

12/12/2013 - These geeky snowmen turn their yards into a weirder winter wonderland

12/12/2013 - A Hockey Stick Sensor Shows How Far You Are From Gretzkydom

12/12/2013 - Oh my god, there were cat bombs during World War II

12/12/2013 - This is SPLOID, Gizmodo's spin-off blog of all things awesome

12/12/2013 - Who's your favorite evil genius?

12/12/2013 - Sail on Air With This Amazing Two-Masted Ship Kite

12/12/2013 - ​Earth to Echo trailer feels like the ​Super 8 we actually wanted

12/12/2013 - Watch how scary fast an epidemic would spread disease across the world

12/12/2013 - Why do Russians pour asphalt over snowed roads instead of plowing them?

12/12/2013 - Welcome to the new, green Arctic

12/12/2013 - It's surprisingly difficult to prove that you're awake

12/12/2013 - No, musical training won’t make your children more intelligent

12/12/2013 - 6 Stoner Gifts for the High Holidays

12/12/2013 - The World's Simplest Speaker Is Silkscreened On a Piece of Paper

12/12/2013 - ​The secret origins of nerd, dork, and other things you've been called

12/12/2013 - How the Cavefish Lost Its Eyes

12/12/2013 - Thermos Designed a Mug For the Slowest Sipping Tea Drinkers

12/12/2013 - Can you guess the subject of this photo?

12/12/2013 - Concept art of the blazing mutant you didn't see in ​X-Men: First Class

12/12/2013 - This Entire Awesome Star Wars Poster Was Illustrated From Memory

12/12/2013 - Field Test: The Nikon Coolpix A Is a Perfect Photojournalism Compact

12/12/2013 - Pouring hot aluminum into an ant hill reveals its secret hidden beauty

12/12/2013 - A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

12/12/2013 - Meet Valkyrie, NASA's "Superhero" Robot With a Glowing Blue Heart

12/12/2013 - Two New Apollo Program Books Celebrate Human Exploration of the Moon

12/12/2013 - Oh Magical Piano, You Fill My Heart With So Much Joy

12/12/2013 - What Holiday Gift From Your Childhood Felt Like the Future?

12/12/2013 - Keep Flyin': An Exclusive First Look at Firefly Online

12/12/2013 - Chemists discover a greenhouse gas that's 7,100 times worse than CO2

12/12/2013 - This Gigantic German Gun Can Ruin Your Week from 30 Miles Away

12/12/2013 - iPhone 5S, Nexus 7 with Extras, Fallout for Free [Deals]

12/12/2013 - Sherlock meets The Doctor in the beyond impressive mash-up Wholock

12/12/2013 - Even cats get fooled by these optical illusions that appear to move

12/12/2013 - The 9 most baffling passages in the Bible, and what they really mean

12/12/2013 - How Nuclear Bombs Tell Us the Age of Human Cells

12/12/2013 - Every second in Star Wars IV arranged by how bright it is

12/12/2013 - Gifts For Your Nieces and Nephews That'll Make You Their Favorite Aunt

12/12/2013 - "UFO Detector" for sale on Amazon -- and it's getting great reviews

12/12/2013 - First look at Johnny Depp's robot creation lab in ​Transcendence

12/12/2013 - This Goldilocks Mug Would Keep Your Coffee Just the Right Temperature

12/12/2013 - And the next beloved children's book Ghibli is animating is...

12/12/2013 - Watch a pile of Lego bricks transform into an original Macintosh

12/12/2013 - The Chilling Geometry of Every US Military Base Seen From Space

12/12/2013 - Red Hot Nickel Ball vs. Paper: 1, 2, 3, Burn

12/12/2013 - Will Your City See Snow on December 25th?

12/12/2013 - Hubble detects water plumes coming out of Jupiter moon Europa

12/12/2013 - Sexting Comes to Instagram

12/12/2013 - Lomography's Reverse-Engineered Petzval Portrait Lens Is Now Real

12/12/2013 - EL Doctorow warns government surveillance could lead to "internet hell"

12/12/2013 - Today is officially "Hate Joffrey from Game of Thrones" Day

12/12/2013 - Death Star (Ornament): That's No Moon (Ornament)

12/12/2013 - Water Eruptions on Europa Mean that Conditions Are Ripe for Life

12/12/2013 - The animated 47 Ronin prequel shows off its fantasy world

12/12/2013 - Watching espresso pouring in slow motion is so hypnotizing

12/12/2013 - Six Feet Over: The Future of Skyscraper Cemeteries

12/12/2013 - What are your favorite food and fiction pairings?

12/12/2013 - You Can Now Send Private Photos Over Instagram Direct

12/12/2013 - Those Crazy Timelapse Videos We All Love Take a Whole Lot of Work

12/12/2013 - This Briny Structure Was 3D-Printed Entirely Out of Salt

12/12/2013 - Arrow gives us the villain (and hero) we've been waiting for. Again.

12/12/2013 - There's Yet Another Wireless Charging Standard (That Might Have a Shot)

12/12/2013 - Guess who's playing a villain in Arrow and Hunger Games: Mockingjay!

12/12/2013 - 14 Fresh Pieces of Space Art for Your Viewing Pleasure

12/12/2013 - How the Gaia Telescope Will Scan the Entire Sky

12/12/2013 - This Amiga 500 Emulator Is So Awesome

12/12/2013 - What Happened When Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan Shared a Lyft Car

12/12/2013 - These Delicious Wall Hangers Look Just Like Cookies

12/12/2013 - Welcome to SPLOID, a blog of delicious brain candy

12/12/2013 - The Awesome Privacy Tools in Android 4.3+

12/12/2013 - July's San Francisco Airplane Crash Caused By Computer Inexperience

12/12/2013 - Here's Everything That Happened on Twitter in 2013

12/12/2013 - Threadbare Exotica from Amsterdam

12/12/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: In Dreams

12/11/2013 - Architectural Breakthroughs that Changed the World

12/11/2013 - Here's your casting list for a female Doctor in Doctor Who

12/11/2013 - Incredible photo shows the peaceful alien beauty of a horse fetus

12/11/2013 - Spring-Mounted Bike Pedals That Go Easy On Your Joints

12/11/2013 - NASA scrambles to fix space station as its cooling system fails again

12/11/2013 - Pneumonic "deadlier-than-bubonic" plague reported in Madagascar

12/11/2013 - Dan Croll Is the Perfect Commuter Crooner

12/11/2013 - The Other-Worldly Architecture Of Avoriaz, A Ski Resort In France

12/11/2013 - This is not what the future of buildings should be

12/11/2013 - Holy wow, you can actually swim like Scrooge McDuck in this bank vault

12/11/2013 - When I grow up I want to be a Blue Angels pilot

12/11/2013 - This 3D-Printed Brain Is a Squishy Playground for Newbie Neurosurgeons

12/11/2013 - The Best and Worst of Agents of SHIELD, in One Clip

12/11/2013 - Rudy Rucker's The Big Aha is a psychedelic futurist's dream come true

12/11/2013 - Scientists create a cyborg sperm for the first time ever

12/11/2013 - You never know what you'll see outside your plane window

12/11/2013 - Power Your Origami Paper Boat With This Tiny Outboard Motor

12/11/2013 - We who spoke LOLcat now speak Doge

12/11/2013 - Inexpensive Audio Gifts for the Music Lover

12/11/2013 - 10% of U.S. Electricity Comes From Old Russian Nuclear Warheads

12/11/2013 - Simon Pegg will star in the brand new film from the Monty Python crew

12/11/2013 - Check out the unseen tech of the Iron Man movies

12/11/2013 - Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort

12/11/2013 - This $6,500 Santa Stakeout Kit Means Father Christmas Is Going Down

12/11/2013 - What the terrifying future of a drone police force would look like

12/11/2013 - What book or movie had the most annoying cliffhanger ending?

12/11/2013 - NASA's hovering lander looked beautiful at yesterday's test-launch

12/11/2013 - Rock Piles, Graves, and Ice Caves Are Historic Monuments in Antarctica

12/11/2013 - My Own Personal Verizon Horror Story

12/11/2013 - Gifts for College Kids That Prove You're Still Hip and With It

12/11/2013 - A Shot-for-Shot Live-Action Recreation of the Family Guy Intro

12/11/2013 - Tomorrow's Telephone and The Leisure Society That Never Arrived

12/11/2013 - What causes the weird effects of kava?

12/11/2013 - Whoa, Watch This Hotel in Munich Get Transformed in 88 Different Ways

12/11/2013 - Why a healthy lifestyle could save your sanity

12/11/2013 - A disturbing "care pamphlet" given to families of lobotomized soldiers

12/11/2013 - 5 Ways Humans Can Cause Earthquakes

12/11/2013 - Here's Carl Sagan's original essay on the dangers of climate change

12/11/2013 - The World War Z sequel has a director, because life's not fair

12/11/2013 - Skip The Kerosene With These Smartphone Controlled LED Lanterns

12/11/2013 - We're Lifting Our Unboxing Ban For This Delightful Gent's Packing Peanuts

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12/11/2013 - Roku 3, A 4K Monitor, Game Of Thrones [Deals]

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12/11/2013 - The awesomely weird biological shoes that we will wear in 2050

12/11/2013 - Why Cold Weather Makes Your Water Pipes Burst

12/11/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Headless People Doing Everyday Things

12/11/2013 - Watch a Huge, Newly Discovered Asteroid Almost Graze Earth

12/11/2013 - Tom Cruise's war is endless in the first Edge of Tomorrow trailer

12/11/2013 - They Should Have Filmed The Hobbit in This 200,000 Brick Lego Rivendell

12/11/2013 - 10 Superman Villains Who Really Aren't in the Man of Steel's League

12/11/2013 - Participating in Anonymous DDoS Attack for One Minute = $183,000 Fine

12/11/2013 - Southwest Airlines Will Let You Use iMessage Onboard For $2

12/11/2013 - Beautiful map outlines the world with just 19th century ship patterns

12/11/2013 - Japan's Billion-Dollar Plan to Store Its Contaminated Fukushima Dirt

12/11/2013 - Martin Freeman on how The Hobbit was really made: "Cocaine."

12/11/2013 - Gifts for Good Causes

12/11/2013 - Sticky Notes On a Roll Let You Decide How Much You Need

12/11/2013 - Too Many Monsters for One Time Lord, in Doctor Who's Christmas Special

12/11/2013 - Tall Is Good: How a Lack of Building Up Is Keeping Our Cities Down

12/11/2013 - Nexus 5 Camera With Android 4.4.1 Test Shots: A Speed Focus Machine

12/11/2013 - This gorgeous skyscraper is also a wind power plant

12/11/2013 - This New Naval UAV Is a "Blackjack"-of-All-Trades

12/11/2013 - ​Why people's problems with a female Doctor Who are wrong, wrong, wrong

12/11/2013 - We're Being Overprotective of Mars

12/11/2013 - Meet the new ape army from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

12/11/2013 - You have never seen clouds like these delicious ice cream clouds

12/11/2013 - What the World Would Look Like If You Could See Cell Phone Signals

12/11/2013 - Scientists are close to solving one of 2013's greatest mysteries [UPDATING]

12/11/2013 - Juno spacecraft records the sound of space hell on its way to Jupiter

12/11/2013 - You've Been Wrapping Your MacBook Charger Wrong This Whole Time

12/11/2013 - In Norway, all library books must be digitized -- by law

12/11/2013 - Freakishly realistic telemarketing robots are denying they're robots

12/11/2013 - You Can Listen to Spotify (And LED ZEPPELIN) On Your Phone For Free

12/11/2013 - This Norwegian Road Tunnel Exists Solely to Set Fire to Things

12/11/2013 - First skyscraper created to generate its own power will be done in 2020

12/11/2013 - What if humans dated like animals?

12/11/2013 - Will Sony Soon Have to Find a New Spider-Man?

12/11/2013 - 22 Awesome Science & Infrastructure Webcams From Around the World

12/11/2013 - Rumor: Led Zeppelin Will Be on Spotify Later Today

12/11/2013 - Can Bad Weather Actually Cause Joint Ache?

12/11/2013 - This Is What It's Like to See the World as an Animal

12/11/2013 - Apple Patents Oculus Rift-Style Headset

12/11/2013 - A Newly Discovered Greenhouse Gas Is 7,000 Times More Potent Than CO2

12/11/2013 - AT&T: We Can't Keep Subsidizing Your Phones

12/11/2013 - The Fascinating Truth About Sphincters

12/11/2013 - The NSA Reads Your Google Cookies to See if It Should Hack You

12/11/2013 - Here Are the Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2013

12/11/2013 - Casually Framed Documents of the Sonic Quotidian

12/11/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: SPIN

12/11/2013 - Bill Nye tells President Obama why we must boost planetary exploration

12/10/2013 - The Dragon Was Plagued By Butterflies

12/10/2013 - Did Neal Stephenson predict the NSA spying on World of Warcraft?

12/10/2013 - How Los Angeles Erased Entire Hills From Its Urban Core

12/10/2013 - Charles Stross gives us a sneak peek at his new novel

12/10/2013 - Christmas tree harvest with helicopters looks mad from the cockpit too

12/10/2013 - This Is Supposedly Nokia's Rumored Android Phone

12/10/2013 - ​Experts Gather at Yale to Discuss Whether Animals Are People

12/10/2013 - Watch This Poor Guy Lose $1430 Worth of Camera and Drone In Icy Waters

12/10/2013 - Rosemary's Baby will be rebooted as a NBC miniseries

12/10/2013 - Wild goats happily escape from massive avalanche at the last second

12/10/2013 - ​Can a child-beating demon save Christmas in This Week's Comics?

12/10/2013 - What Name Would You Give to a New Constellation?

12/10/2013 - ​How to Stop being a Completist

12/10/2013 - A Cinematographer's Watch That Counts Down To "Action!"

12/10/2013 - Canada says it owns the North Pole, despite not having a proper map

12/10/2013 - Gifts for Grown-Ups Who Never Actually Grew Up

12/10/2013 - 3D Carpet Playmats Keep Hot Wheels Cars Safely On the Road

12/10/2013 - NASA's Morpheus Lander Completes Its First Explosion-Free Test Flight

12/10/2013 - Skating across this invisible frozen lake is like floating in mid-air

12/10/2013 - Which TV show has the best opening credits sequence of all time?

12/10/2013 - When Things Are More Valuable After They're Broken

12/10/2013 - NASA's New Robot Looks Like Iron Man, May Save Your Life One Day

12/10/2013 - Johnny Depp will give birth to a machine god in Transcendence

12/10/2013 - How an Underwater Bomb in Australia Was Heard Around the World

12/10/2013 - Fly with eagles in these breathtaking bird-cam videos

12/10/2013 - Harlem Is Getting the Biggest Free Public Wi-Fi Network In the U.S.

12/10/2013 - NYC's Next Super-Skinny Supertall Probably Won't Melt Your Car

12/10/2013 - First video in history to capture the Moon orbiting Earth

12/10/2013 - This is what love looks like in the future

12/10/2013 - How Europe Is Going to Land on a Comet

12/10/2013 - A New York City Transit Map Custom-Made for the Super Bowl

12/10/2013 - This trailer for Mike Carey's Girl With All the Gifts will chill you

12/10/2013 - Dear Clive Barker, please give Hellraiser to this guy immediately

12/10/2013 - It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World on Sleepy Hollow

12/10/2013 - Here's a tiny fraction of the power of the mightiest navy in the world

12/10/2013 - Posable Hand Grinders Turn Seasoning a Dish Into Art

12/10/2013 - Why Did This Skull Explode?

12/10/2013 - Buy This Cabin—And Get Its Secret Treasure Tunnels Free

12/10/2013 - Fitbit Flex, Your New IPS Monitor, And Also Batman [Deals]

12/10/2013 - 9 Creepy Patents That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

12/10/2013 - People Didn't Trust the Internet Before There Even Was One

12/10/2013 - A girl is a monster's best friend, in the haunting Girl & It trailer

12/10/2013 - Author Charles Stross is here today, answering your questions!

12/10/2013 - First ever Godzilla trailer is a fantastic spectacle of destruction

12/10/2013 - Why You Might Want to Rethink Going Gluten-Free

12/10/2013 - World's Thinnest Mechanical Watch Is as Thick as Two Stacked Quarters

12/10/2013 - First Impressions: Helix is Syfy's best new show in years

12/10/2013 - These are the oldest human footprints ever found in North America

12/10/2013 - China Sics Its All-Star Supercomputer on Smog

12/10/2013 - 11 Super Smart Gifts That Connect Your Home to the Internet of Things

12/10/2013 - Adobe extends discounted Photography Program to December 31st

12/10/2013 - Sony Exec Talks Camera Success and the Risks of Innovation

12/10/2013 - Verizon Confirms Paperless Billing by Mailing Four. Paper. Letters.

12/10/2013 - This is the craziest and absurdest Lego machine I've ever seen

12/10/2013 - Sony's Phil Molyneux On How to Weird Your Way Back to Greatness

12/10/2013 - The Best Windows Tablet Display Doesn't Come From Microsoft

12/10/2013 - ​Almost Human is barely tolerable

12/10/2013 - This Auto-Speed System Will Keep Trains from Going Off the Tracks

12/10/2013 - Cockroaches saved humans from living on a planet made of dinosaur poop

12/10/2013 - Now you can feel like Stephen Fry is in your kitchen, doing science

12/10/2013 - A Cybernetic Implant That Repairs Brain Damage

12/10/2013 - China Suggests Its Smog Problem Is Actually Good for National Defense

12/10/2013 - What if Tim Burton created Doctor Who?

12/10/2013 - Just a few hundred ping pong balls igniting into a giant tower of fire

12/10/2013 - The Entire East Coast Looks Like It's Under a Massive White Blanket

12/10/2013 - Behold the new US star destroyer turbolaser cannon—or just a centrifuge

12/10/2013 - These Just Might Be The Goofiest Lo-Fi Headphones You'll Ever Hear

12/10/2013 - Scientists claim they've discovered the coldest place on Earth

12/10/2013 - Work on Google's Mysterious Barge Mysteriously Halts

12/10/2013 - What is your favorite book to give as a gift?

12/10/2013 - 7 Essential Self-Heating Garments To Keep You Warm This Winter

12/10/2013 - Quadcopter vs. Swarm of Angry Bees: Place Your Bets

12/10/2013 - These new legs will help Robonaut climb outside the space station

12/10/2013 - The Voices in Ryan Reynolds' head command him to kill

12/10/2013 - 27 of the Most Eye-Popping Cargo Aircraft Ever Built

12/10/2013 - Will Khal Drogo join Batman Vs. Superman? Plus a New Godzilla Mystery!

12/10/2013 - What Searches Look Like With the Top Million Sites Removed

12/10/2013 - Nest Protect Teardown: Reassuringly Simple and Solid

12/10/2013 - Apple Patents Screen Technology For Curved Touch Displays

12/10/2013 - DARPA Is Turning Finding Software Vulnerabilities Into a Game

12/10/2013 - Rumor: The Full Start Menu Might Be Coming Back to Windows 8, Too

12/10/2013 - Apple's 12 Days of iOS Gifts Comes to the US This Year

12/10/2013 - A Crash Course in How Genomes Are Sequenced

12/10/2013 - Now Everyone Can Contribute to Google Street View

12/10/2013 - Insane helicopter pilot harvesting Christmas trees

12/10/2013 - Drum Solos Revisited

12/10/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Downtown (NSFW)

12/9/2013 - Is the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending the Space Opera of our Dreams?

12/9/2013 - How snowflakes get their shape

12/9/2013 - The live-action Kiki's Delivery Service trailer fails to deliver

12/9/2013 - Amazingly Beautiful Advertisements for Gotham City's Weird Companies

12/9/2013 - The Loneliness of the Long-Abandoned Space Observatory

12/9/2013 - NASA finds the coldest place on Earth

12/9/2013 - Once Upon A Time says, "Fuck it, let's just reboot everything again"

12/9/2013 - Why are "black diamond" truffles worth $900 per pound?

12/9/2013 - First Concept Art for the Next Alien Game: Is that Ripley's daughter?

12/9/2013 - Meet Mom Chung, The Massive Machine Digging Tunnels Under San Francisco

12/9/2013 - It's the field day of the Doctor in This Week's DVDs

12/9/2013 - What story would be totally different with cellphones or birth control?

12/9/2013 - People Who Did Not Get Rich and/or Famous Coding Want You to Code

12/9/2013 - First trailer for the new season of Community

12/9/2013 - You'll Actually Be Excited For Snow With This Gorgeous Toboggan

12/9/2013 - The First 64-Bit Snapdragon Processor Won't Be in a Phone You'll Want

12/9/2013 - Five of the Coolest Pieces From the Biggest Week in the US Art World

12/9/2013 - A mysterious law that predicts the size of the world's biggest cities

12/9/2013 - The Most Popular Gear Among Real Life Documentary Filmmakers

12/9/2013 - Boozy Gifts to Fancy Up Your Happy Hour

12/9/2013 - Show Old Man Winter Who's Boss With a Winter Emergency Kit

12/9/2013 - Devil's Due wants to be the modern day Rosemary's Baby but is it good?

12/9/2013 - NASA plans to grow turnips and basil on the Moon

12/9/2013 - Why you're the best and everyone else sucks

12/9/2013 - Curiosity Discovers a Giant Lake Once Suitable for Life on Mars

12/9/2013 - TSA Seizes Tiny Toy Gun From Stuffed Monkey, Threatens to Call Cops

12/9/2013 - How to Write Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself

12/9/2013 - Miners Spill a Million Liters of Radioactive Acid in a National Park

12/9/2013 - Sesame Street's Lord of the Rings parody was, in a word, precious

12/9/2013 - 9 Fun Facts That Are Total Lies

12/9/2013 - The future of our world: an epic timeline

12/9/2013 - ​Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Phone, But Still a Cheap Phone

12/9/2013 - This 24th century spaceship power module is actually a vacuum cleaner

12/9/2013 - Is New York about to be invaded by ice-loving cockroaches?

12/9/2013 - A Reason To Own A Flash Drive Again, Discounted Kindles, 4KTV [Deals]

12/9/2013 - Orange is the New Black creator making a Salem Witch Trial series

12/9/2013 - A Full-Size Hybrid Vacuum You Can Use To Charge Your Phone

12/9/2013 - "Rule One: No Complacency": Inside The Early Years of Pixar

12/9/2013 - Watch a 70-Year-Old Prefab House Unpacked and Rebuilt Over 48 Hours

12/9/2013 - Hugh Jackman posts a photo of his favorite latte cup ever

12/9/2013 - ​The 11 Most Sexually Depraved Things the Roman Emperors Ever Did

12/9/2013 - Finally, a Digital Library of Bizarre Human Bones From the Middle Ages

12/9/2013 - How Sand Ate a Pirate City During an Earthquake

12/9/2013 - A weird short film about the reality behind Space Invaders

12/9/2013 - Unprecedented images challenge scientists' theories about the Sun

12/9/2013 - This Week's TV: 14 Finales - But Just One Cliffhanger We Can't Wait For

12/9/2013 - Cops Made Over 1 Million Requests for Cell Phone Data Last Year

12/9/2013 - There is a class of animals that never grow old

12/9/2013 - Four Different Connectors Let This Flash Drive Connect To Any Device

12/9/2013 - This Space Surveillance Telescope Tracks Wayward Satellites

12/9/2013 - What does the alleged Terminator movie title mean?

12/9/2013 - The Fascinating Story of Why U.S. Parks Are Full of Squirrels

12/9/2013 - How Ice Skating Rinks Are Made

12/9/2013 - Why you think you're better than everyone else

12/9/2013 - New cold-resistant Asian super-roaches invade New York City

12/9/2013 - See How Murdery Your Neighborhood Is With the NYPD's Interactive Map

12/9/2013 - Here's what happened in the Firefly universe after Serenity

12/9/2013 - A Better Multitool Adds a Napkin Holder, Spritzer, and Flash Drive

12/9/2013 - Give The Gift Of Nifty Skills With These Classes, Kits, And Experiences

12/9/2013 - An interactive map that lets you hear New York in 1933

12/9/2013 - The $30 Million Backyard Stadium You've Always Wanted Has Arrived

12/9/2013 - Doctor fined $25,000 for claiming to cure cancer with green tea

12/9/2013 - Simply Shaking Two Devices To Pair Them Makes NFC Look Old-Fashioned

12/9/2013 - 11 Sleek Posters Celebrating The Design Genius Of Dieter Rams

12/9/2013 - Revealing Doctor Who Photos, Plus Hints for Star Wars and Gotham!

12/9/2013 - Report: The NSA Has Undercover World of Warcraft Agents

12/9/2013 - Explore the Lumpy, Bumpy Martian North Pole in This 3D Video

12/9/2013 - The World's First 1TB mSATA SSD: So Much in So Little

12/9/2013 - The Trustworthiness of Data, By File Extension

12/9/2013 - This Sleek Nativity Set Brings Good Design to the Christmas Story

12/9/2013 - Can the 'Hour of Code' Get the World Programming?

12/9/2013 - 45 Years Ago, Doug Engelbart Gave the Most Important Tech Demo Ever

12/9/2013 - Google, Microsoft and More Launch Campaign to Reform NSA Spying

12/9/2013 - Music from What Ails You

12/9/2013 - Watch the amazing change when this woman with cerebral palsy smokes pot

12/8/2013 - This photo of the monster storm over Denmark is not real—but it's cool

12/8/2013 - Moon Lander Launch Plans from a Private Company

12/8/2013 - Walking the plazas of the Temple of Sky

12/8/2013 - A Combination Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper Is Just Useful

12/8/2013 - Short documentary turns folks into personifications of their nightmares

12/8/2013 - A Comprehensive Review of What Went Down with HealthCare.gov

12/8/2013 - What if the Orphan Black clones met as kids?

12/8/2013 - Apparently People Will Buy Cans of French Air for $7.50

12/8/2013 - Aubrey Plaza goes full zombie in photos from Life After Beth

12/8/2013 - Amazing close-up photos of snowflakes taken without a microscope

12/8/2013 - Crowdfund comics based on the lesser-known Grimm fairy tales and more

12/8/2013 - How Do You Use Tech to Indulge Your Inner Organizer?

12/8/2013 - This video will make you want to go to the Chemical Party

12/8/2013 - Airports Are Pretty Awesome When They're Not Stressing You Out

12/8/2013 - US spy agency launched this Earth-conquering octopus logo into orbit

12/8/2013 - Peter Higgs Says He Would Never Make It in Science Today

12/8/2013 - In this knight's zany quest to save a princess, nothing is as it seems

12/8/2013 - Pin-up calendar features not-so-sexy monsters in sexy poses

12/8/2013 - Scientists listened to the heartbeat of a prisoner as he was executed

12/8/2013 - Four Stepper Motors Can Make Beautiful Sand Art

12/8/2013 - Corsets meet Star Trek in these Victorian Starfleet uniform dresses

12/8/2013 - Why Smaug Still Matters

12/8/2013 - It's Surprisingly Useful to Get a 12-Fact Recap About Amazon

12/8/2013 - Modular Jazz

12/7/2013 - Just Four People are Making This Stunning Video Game

12/7/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Onion Debates Stop-And-Kiss

12/7/2013 - Night of the Swarming Post-It Notes

12/7/2013 - An animated world where people have adjusted to an extremely windy life

12/7/2013 - Researchers Discover Huge Freshwater Reserves Under Ocean Floors

12/7/2013 - Haven asks: Can you solve one curse with a complementary curse?

12/7/2013 - The Swedish Chef faces Gordon Ramsay in the ultimate Muppet cook-off

12/7/2013 - Two Great Fist-Pumping Moments from Last Night's Nikita

12/7/2013 - This Infographic Shows How Crazy Holiday Toys Have Gotten in 50 Years

12/7/2013 - Ever Had An Online Password Stolen?

12/7/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Missionary Seeks an Alien Convert

12/7/2013 - ​Dracula faces his greatest foe yet: A board meeting

12/7/2013 - Light-up wizard hoodie transforms its wearer into a Technomancer

12/7/2013 - Disappearing Glaciers, Magical Paint, FBI Webcam Spying and More

12/7/2013 - ​Damian from The Omen guest-stars on Grimm

12/7/2013 - In this Most Dangerous Game, players must stay in close proximity

12/7/2013 - Make a Shaken Soda Shoot Its Cap Like a Cannon Without Spilling a Drop

12/7/2013 - A Disney artist imagines Wicked as an animated film

12/7/2013 - Winter is Coming: Make Game of Thrones paper snowflakes to celebrate

12/7/2013 - 5 Ways to Pack Your Suitcase Way More Efficiently

12/7/2013 - Disaster interrupts an alien mission to rescue the human race

12/7/2013 - Famous Museums Incredibly Recreated in Gingerbread and Candy

12/7/2013 - Bang your head to this Star Wars/Bohemian Rhapsody music video mashup

12/7/2013 - Now You Can Explore Gorgeous National Geographic Maps With Google

12/7/2013 - Check out an alternate reality Avengers and a Potterish My Little Pony

12/7/2013 - What Happens When a Boeing 777 Tries to Land in a Major Crosswind

12/7/2013 - This majestic nature time lapse will make you want to go outdoors more

12/7/2013 - Life After Nintendo

12/7/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Jim Morricone

12/6/2013 - What kind of sorcery illusion lets these two blocks be the same color?

12/6/2013 - Car avoids getting crushed by a semi-trailer that was tipping over

12/6/2013 - FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light

12/6/2013 - Lorde Discovers Ruin Porn with Pleasing Results

12/6/2013 - OMG it's the Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark trailer!

12/6/2013 - We secret our vessels here, in the lee of the magnetic field

12/6/2013 - Watch a real life Human Torch create fire with his bare hands

12/6/2013 - All the fake movies that we really want to see

12/6/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: November 29 - December 6, 2013

12/6/2013 - Therapy, Vampire Diaries-Style!

12/6/2013 - First scientific paper to be released in Elvish, Dwarvish and English

12/6/2013 - Watch This Intelligent Quadcopter Recover After Losing a Prop In Flight

12/6/2013 - Now Disney Owns Indiana Jones, Too

12/6/2013 - 10 Desk Accessories Designed From A Single Slab Of Wood

12/6/2013 - This is insane. These clothes are all made of chocolate.

12/6/2013 - These genetically-modified bees make concrete instead of honey

12/6/2013 - Smog, Suburbs and Stereotypes: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

12/6/2013 - Largest true-color image of the sky ever is made of 37,000 photos

12/6/2013 - Lamps Made From Real Bread Must Smell Delicious

12/6/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: "Feel Old Yet?" Edition

12/6/2013 - Our Favorite Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

12/6/2013 - A Terminator Series Is Coming Back To TV

12/6/2013 - What's the best series to give someone who's just had a messy breakup?

12/6/2013 - Watch Music Turn Into A 3D-Printed Augmented Reality Sculpture

12/6/2013 - Adding magnets to everything you own could be so useful and fun

12/6/2013 - Concrete-Printing Bees And Other Living 3D Printers

12/6/2013 - Basically, everybody on Once Upon A Time in Wonderland has Daddy Issues

12/6/2013 - New chemical compound could make humans "invisible" to mosquitoes

12/6/2013 - BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Review: Drunk Tracking With Your Phone

12/6/2013 - Was the early universe a better environment for life to evolve?

12/6/2013 - These Are the First Ever Images of a Heart Injected With Liquid Metal

12/6/2013 - Own the Lord of the Rings art Tolkien hated (and everyone else loved)

12/6/2013 - Transform This Coffee Table Into a Classy Place To Dine In Seconds

12/6/2013 - Robotic Companion Gifts For Those Who Prefer Artificial Friends

12/6/2013 - Don't Miss December's Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books!

12/6/2013 - Spend the weekend watching the impossible (and beautiful) Mars & Avril

12/6/2013 - HIV Reappears in Two Patients Thought to Be Cured

12/6/2013 - Silkworms Fed Dyed Mulberry Leaves To Produce Colored Silk

12/6/2013 - Was the Canon 5D the Digital Camera that Broke Film's Back?

12/6/2013 - This folk metal video is 20 times better than The Hobbit

12/6/2013 - How To Do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange With Far-Flung Friends

12/6/2013 - The best part of Frozen was just released online

12/6/2013 - Wouldn't It Be Fun to Live in a Translucent House?

12/6/2013 - Sadly This 1969 "Internet" Radio Can't Load Doge

12/6/2013 - Video: Man miraculously survives terrible fall from cliff

12/6/2013 - This is the horrible way that crucifixion actually kills you

12/6/2013 - This Handheld 3D Printer Could Let Doctors "Draw" New Bones

12/6/2013 - This is why you are eating more meat

12/6/2013 - The Fastest Way to Cool Down Beer

12/6/2013 - You must watch the US Congress' hearing on alien life—it's so good

12/6/2013 - Can MTV and Jon Favreau really bring Shannara to life on television?

12/6/2013 - ​Dubai's $7 Billion Expo 2020 Could Become a Glittering White Whale

12/6/2013 - Relive Seinfeld, Get A Better Input Device And A New Phone [Deals]

12/6/2013 - The 10 Rules of Surveillance Dystopia Stories

12/6/2013 - The Forest Service Spent $100,000 on Drones It Can't Even Use

12/6/2013 - A Simple Way to Create Beautiful Photo Essays on the Web

12/6/2013 - Revealed: Pentagon's new superspy plane hiding in secret Area 51 hangar

12/6/2013 - Eureka's Amy Berg introduces Caper, a show about superheroes gone rogue

12/6/2013 - Should Queens Tear Down the 1964 World's Fair Pavilion?

12/6/2013 - How Forensic Wizards Bring Dead Phones Back From the Brink

12/6/2013 - Shot-for-shot, storyboard breakdown of Star Wars' Asteroid Chase scene

12/6/2013 - How The AMNH Is Using 3D Printing To Copy Dinosaur Bones

12/6/2013 - Your iPhone's Flash Keeps These Festive Cases Sparkling

12/6/2013 - ​The Last Days on Mars doesn't understand how space zombies work

12/6/2013 - Razer's Rumored iOS Controller Takes a Different Angle on Gaming

12/6/2013 - Military Drones Are Nothing New

12/6/2013 - This Nuclear Bomber Could Break the Sound Barrier Twice Over

12/6/2013 - Fox wants to build the new Fantastic Four with the help of the X-Men

12/6/2013 - Awesome Lego Kaneda's bike from Akira is a must-have

12/6/2013 - Batman, Iron Man, knights and more crash couple's "battle wedding"

12/6/2013 - The Metals In Your Phone Aren't Just Rare; They're Irreplaceable

12/6/2013 - The First Drones, Used in World War I

12/6/2013 - A First Look at Tomorrow's Super-Stadiums for Gamers

12/6/2013 - This sculpture seems to be made of marble but melts like marshmallows

12/6/2013 - Popular Android Flashlight App Straight-Up Lied About Selling Data

12/6/2013 - Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts

12/6/2013 - How to make your neighbors' Christmas lights flicker inside your head

12/6/2013 - It's a Photoshop Party and We're Fixing All the Movies!

12/6/2013 - Gifts for Your Favorite Drone Enthusiast

12/6/2013 - This is why advertising works -- even when you think it doesn't

12/6/2013 - This fan-edit of The Dark Crystal is creepier than you can imagine

12/6/2013 - 21 Views Of Workers Struggling With Megastructures

12/6/2013 - We already know the title of the next X-Men movie, coming in 2016!

12/6/2013 - Someone's Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Internet Security Hole

12/6/2013 - Antarctica Looks Like a Mystical Land Shrouded in Lenticular Cloud

12/6/2013 - Report: Apple's iBeacon Location-Aware Shopping in Its Stores Today

12/6/2013 - This Is What Deforestation Looks Like From Space

12/6/2013 - Google Glass Is So Helpful It Could Reveal How Awful Your Life Is

12/6/2013 - Verizon's LTE Just Got Three Times Faster in a Bunch of Big Cities

12/6/2013 - Dream home: a floating glass house—or superhero headquarters

12/6/2013 - These Lamps Make Use of Your Camera Kit While It's Idle

12/6/2013 - 23andMe Has Stopped Performing Health-Related Genetic Testing

12/6/2013 - WSJ: Spotify Is Planning to Introduce Free Mobile Music

12/6/2013 - Drums can sound completely different depending on where they're played

12/6/2013 - Disquiet Junto Project 0101: Analog Binary

12/6/2013 - World's most powerful electric motorcycle looks like the future

12/6/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: When Science Fails

12/5/2013 - Real life Mario Kart is ridiculously fast and even more fun

12/5/2013 - Seeing fog roll through a mountain is like seeing a horde of ghosts

12/5/2013 - Would you travel inside these pods attached to the wing of a jet?

12/5/2013 - Did Tomorrow People just jump the shark... or was that a masterstroke?

12/5/2013 - Watch a car impossibly zipline across a river

12/5/2013 - When I said build an android factory, this isn't what I meant

12/5/2013 - Are Singulatarians actually Puritans?

12/5/2013 - Double volcano eruption -- as seen from space!

12/5/2013 - These Buildings Are Made with Skulls and Bones

12/5/2013 - Why a shrinking Y chromosome still doesn't mean the end of men

12/5/2013 - Listen to DJ Earworm's Annual Mashup of the Year's Biggest Hits

12/5/2013 - The mystery of the human intelligence explosion

12/5/2013 - What the hell is wrong with these crazy Russians?

12/5/2013 - 1995 Patent Shows Early Version of Navy's Submarine-Launched Drone

12/5/2013 - Watch 50 Siri and Google Now Voice Commands in Action

12/5/2013 - Which non-human character does the most to shine a light on humanity?

12/5/2013 - Gifts For the Bicycle Borne Road Warrior

12/5/2013 - The Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened on American Horror Story

12/5/2013 - Microsoft Is Helping Develop a Bra That Tells Women When to Stop Eating

12/5/2013 - George R.R. Martin shows what happens when dragons go to war

12/5/2013 - The Perfect Toiletry Bag For Those Morally Opposed To Organization

12/5/2013 - This Light-up Hoodie Gives You Unfathomable Imaginary Magic Powers

12/5/2013 - Transparent prisons are everywhere. See for yourself!

12/5/2013 - Clever Gifts For Your Long-Suffering Parents

12/5/2013 - 3D Printing Will Let Us Copy Any Object. Can We Stop It?

12/5/2013 - Ford's New Mustang: Designed For the Future, Without Ignoring the Past

12/5/2013 - This looks 'shopped, but it's actually an optical illusion

12/5/2013 - This Foldable Space Telescope Would Put Big Optics in Small Rockets

12/5/2013 - Screencaps Reveal All the Secrets in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer!

12/5/2013 - This is how NASA delivers its huge packages

12/5/2013 - The Navy Just Launched a Drone from a Submarine—While Underwater

12/5/2013 - ​A male birth control pill that causes a temporary vasectomy

12/5/2013 - Is This a Storm or the Open Gates of Hell?

12/5/2013 - Gut feelings could foretell future marriage happiness

12/5/2013 - A Gift Guide for the Transit-Obsessed

12/5/2013 - If you want to discourage fruit flies, hide your oranges

12/5/2013 - This Pretty Box of Paints Is Actually Filled With Delicious Chocolates

12/5/2013 - The Last Days of the DSLR

12/5/2013 - Who's your Big Daddy? Concept art from that cancelled Bioshock movie

12/5/2013 - Further Automate Your Home And Clean It, $5 Off $35 On Amazon [Deals]

12/5/2013 - Oh Good, a Magical Internet Machine That Guesses your Passwords

12/5/2013 - The best world photos of 2013

12/5/2013 - The First Watch to Climb Mount Everest

12/5/2013 - Space technology company builds a functioning artificial heart

12/5/2013 - 10 Robot Deaths That Were More Moving Than Almost Any Human's

12/5/2013 - Ask an Expert Your Questions About Genetics and Sex Differences!

12/5/2013 - Forget Mouse and Keyboard: Play Your Next PC Game with Tongue and Butt

12/5/2013 - Time Capsule Mystery in Michigan Nearly Solved

12/5/2013 - Don't Freak Out About Ultrasonic Malware (Yet)

12/5/2013 - Arrow will make you want to marry Barry Allen

12/5/2013 - Watch Bilbo face off with a giant, invisible dragon on the Hobbit set

12/5/2013 - An Algorithmic Newspaper Published For Just One Coffeeshop in London

12/5/2013 - The ultimate MST3K Christmas song got the ultimate cover

12/5/2013 - Science Has Created the Hardest Tongue Twister Known to Man

12/5/2013 - NASA Engineers Built an Insanely Complex Bullet-Time Rig For Fun

12/5/2013 - The paradox of the demon star

12/5/2013 - Massive Lego model of Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 graphics card

12/5/2013 - Is Design To Blame If a Building Collapses After a Nuclear Attack?

12/5/2013 - Are Astronauts Still Sexy?

12/5/2013 - Google's Auto-Awesome Will Make Your Photos Snow or Twinkle

12/5/2013 - A totally worthless ranking of American penis sizes, by state

12/5/2013 - Avoid Injuries With Smart Sneakers That Tell You How To Run Properly

12/5/2013 - Congress Just Held a Remarkable Two-Hour Hearing on Aliens

12/5/2013 - Today's Paper Is the New York Times Online, Organized Like Print

12/5/2013 - Even the U.N. Is Using Drones to Spy on People Now

12/5/2013 - How a century of dog breeding ruined these beautiful animals

12/5/2013 - Pompeii trailer is historical disaster porn with greasy, greasy abs

12/5/2013 - Plant Your Next Garden With A Boom, Using Repurposed Shotgun Shells

12/5/2013 - New Hi-Res Footage Shows Saturn's Mysterious Hexagon Like Never Before

12/5/2013 - Biking Across a Pool of Cornstarch Beats Walking on Water Any Day

12/5/2013 - What events in your lifetime were the biggest surprises?

12/5/2013 - Win free tickets to the io9 planetarium show at AMNH on 12/11!

12/5/2013 - Electronic Triage Bracelets Prioritize Who Needs Immediate Care

12/5/2013 - The 1931 experiment that paired a newborn chimp with a newborn baby

12/5/2013 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer is pretty legitimately amazing

12/5/2013 - 8 Heated, Humming, or Just Plain Strange Toilets from the Future

12/5/2013 - Why won't we ever see movie Wolverine in his comics costume?

12/5/2013 - AT&T's No-Contract Phone Plans Just Got Cheaper

12/5/2013 - China Plans to Fight Its Smog With Artificial Rain

12/5/2013 - The Pigeon-Guided Missiles and Bat Bombs of World War II

12/5/2013 - Bluetooth Is Getting an Intelligence Boost to Save Your Battery

12/5/2013 - Those Mexican Cobalt-60 Thieves Will Die of Radiation Exposure

12/5/2013 - Google Glass Owners Can Get an Updated Pair For Free

12/5/2013 - Obama: Dammit, I'm Not Allowed an iPhone For "Security Reasons"

12/5/2013 - Do You Feel Smug or Embarrassed About Not Owning a TV?

12/5/2013 - This Is the Official Color of 2014

12/5/2013 - Sound of Commerce

12/5/2013 - What it's like to fly a fighter jet—strapped to its wing

12/5/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Wind

12/4/2013 - New video reveals fascinating details in alienesque hexagon on Saturn

12/4/2013 - NASA explains how it knows so much about alien planets

12/4/2013 - It's time to get skeptical about "the selfish gene"

12/4/2013 - Crazy guy rides a bicycle backwards down a steep mountain

12/4/2013 - Pouring creamer into coffee in slow motion looks intergalactic

12/4/2013 - Our Favorite Android, Convertible Laptop, Tablets, and So Much More

12/4/2013 - A sunken WWII-era Japanese 'mega sub' has been found near Hawaii

12/4/2013 - Honda Made the World's First Smartphone Case With an Emergency Airbag

12/4/2013 - Here's how to make a Wonder Woman movie

12/4/2013 - Giant African Snail Facials Are a Thing That Exists

12/4/2013 - Listen to Isaac Asimov in 1988, explaining why scientists rule

12/4/2013 - Watch Baxter Solve a Rubik's Cube: Working Bots Need Hobbies Too

12/4/2013 - I'm enjoying The Originals but I still don't know why this is a TV show

12/4/2013 - OK you got us, The Hobbit totally works as Mean Girls

12/4/2013 - Psychedelic Images of Terrifying Viruses

12/4/2013 - At Last, Some Down-and-Dirty Badassery from Castiel, on Supernatural

12/4/2013 - Tiny Kentucky Town Agrees to Pay Only Police Officer In Bitcoin

12/4/2013 - A sensor that will constantly monitor your blood for drugs

12/4/2013 - This Beach Volleyball Court Is Surrounded by 2,000 Pounds of Plutonium

12/4/2013 - The best gifts for true dog lovers

12/4/2013 - What animal do you think might be as smart as a human?

12/4/2013 - Whoa, This 3D-Printed Headdress Should Be The Next Predator

12/4/2013 - A Notchless Dispenser That Cuts Tape With a Perfectly Straight Edge

12/4/2013 - Wouldn't you like to be suntanning inside this cave right now?

12/4/2013 - How can we possibly guess what an exoplanet's atmosphere is like?

12/4/2013 - L.A. Saves Southern California's Best-Preserved Googie Diner

12/4/2013 - 10 Years of NYC Renovations In a Single GIF

12/4/2013 - Why is NYC's Freedom Tower making this moaning noise?

12/4/2013 - This ISS Timelapse Compilation Is Fantastic

12/4/2013 - Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review: A Circle Behind the Curve

12/4/2013 - This Building is Controlled by a 3D-Printed Rubik's Cube

12/4/2013 - Oh Great, the NSA's Tracking Your Cell Phone's Every Move, Too

12/4/2013 - How Newspapers Wrote About the Internet in 1988

12/4/2013 - Great Gifts You Can 3D Print

12/4/2013 - In Fiddlehead, Cherie Priest ends the Clockwork Century with a bang

12/4/2013 - SubPac M1 Review: A Subwoofer You Wear Like a Backpack

12/4/2013 - What It Takes to Build a Camping Stove 200 Times Its Normal Size

12/4/2013 - I still don't want to see Zack Snyder's take on Wonder Woman

12/4/2013 - iPhone Anamorphic Lens Lets You Shoot Wider Than Widescreen

12/4/2013 - The 300 sequel is desperately trying to remind you it exists

12/4/2013 - Walt Disney's Chicago Birthplace Might Finally Become a Museum

12/4/2013 - How Medical Nanotech Will Change Humanity Forever

12/4/2013 - This ancient Korean wine recipe calls for dead baby mice

12/4/2013 - How Much the iPhone Costs Around the World

12/4/2013 - Automate Your Home With WeMo And Nest, Get Into Photography [Deals]

12/4/2013 - When Buildings Howl: A Primer on Architecture That Whistles

12/4/2013 - Army 3D-Prints Futuristic Electronics In Its Own New Jersey Mini-City

12/4/2013 - Show Us Your Personal Spotify Year In Review and We'll Show You Ours

12/4/2013 - 3D Printing Gives a Dog a Bone (For Invasive Surgery)

12/4/2013 - Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman

12/4/2013 - None of these awesome photos has been digitally modified

12/4/2013 - 13 Ways to Make Legend of Korra's Third Season Amazing

12/4/2013 - Resupplying The Concordia Base Through The Art of Polar Logistics

12/4/2013 - Daughter of Smoke and Bone is the next YA book-to-movie adaptation

12/4/2013 - Most of Hollywood's Silent Films Are Lost and Gone Forever

12/4/2013 - Her looks so good you won't care about Joaquin Phoenix's mustache

12/4/2013 - ​Grado Labs Made Gorgeous Cans Out of Irish Whiskey Barrels

12/4/2013 - Hollywood to force Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark into one movie

12/4/2013 - This is the now the largest ship in the world

12/4/2013 - The Lightstrap iPhone Case Could Be a Phone Photog's Dream Come True (UPDATED)

12/4/2013 - SpaceX Just Made History. Again.

12/4/2013 - Would you let this woman keep her dead husband's sperm?

12/4/2013 - The Biggest Ship in the World Has Floated For the First Time

12/4/2013 - What a Habitable Planet Twice the Size of Earth Would Be Like

12/4/2013 - Penguin takes selfie, looks like a giant monster from hell

12/4/2013 - ​Why do we hate so many female characters so much?

12/4/2013 - Somehow, Everyone's Password Is Still "123456"

12/4/2013 - 9 Sexy 3D-Printed Heels That Objectify 9 Real Women (NSFW)

12/4/2013 - Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

12/4/2013 - Nike Fridge Magnets Let You Design the Perfect Sneaker

12/4/2013 - Grab a Full Micro 4/3 Setup for Under $350

12/4/2013 - Watching These TV Signals Die Is Like a Glimpse of the End of the World

12/4/2013 - Watch an entire building transform into a playable Rubik's Cube

12/4/2013 - Humans are becoming more carnivorous

12/4/2013 - Some horrible person left a dead deer in a New York City trashcan

12/4/2013 - Play Chess And Plant Herbs on This Bauhaus-Inspired Game Board

12/4/2013 - Gifts for the Camera Obsessed Photo Nerd

12/4/2013 - The inept mind-control experiment that led to 20 years of CIA funding

12/4/2013 - A Rehab Machine That Lets Patients See Their Muscles in Motion

12/4/2013 - How to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (on Earth)

12/4/2013 - This beautiful orchid is a deadly predator

12/4/2013 - Is Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor getting a brand new companion?

12/4/2013 - Ogle These Screws Used To Hang Famous Works Of Art

12/4/2013 - SkyJack Lets You Hunt Down and Hack Other Drones From the Air

12/4/2013 - This Dual-Screen E-Ink Phone Is Now Real (But You Can't Have It, Yet)

12/4/2013 - Thieves in Mexico Just Stole Ingredients for a Radioactive Dirty Bomb

12/4/2013 - Report: Google Is Planning Chrome App Support for Android and iOS

12/4/2013 - How Chopsticks Were Invented

12/4/2013 - There's Going To Be a New, Reversible USB Plug

12/4/2013 - Andy Rubin Is Leading a Secret Google Project to Build Robots

12/4/2013 - Sound by Fire

12/4/2013 - This animation explains what aging is and how we can live longer

12/4/2013 - Who's foolish enough to not bid on a Batman Tumbler golf cart?

12/4/2013 - There Will Be Blood Through Numbers

12/3/2013 - Oh my God, idiot geniuses jump started a car with an AK-47

12/3/2013 - I want to dip everything in this magic hydrocoating water paint

12/3/2013 - He only dreamed when his bed was on fire

12/3/2013 - Amazon Prime rockets are only sightly more stupid than Amazon drones

12/3/2013 - Why did this invasive species suddenly take over Maine's coastline?

12/3/2013 - This mashup video of over 100 movie trailers from 2013 is so much fun

12/3/2013 - Here's how to decorate the house of the future, right now

12/3/2013 - Don't Build This DIY Fireball Machine (Unless You're Super Awesome)

12/3/2013 - This 80,000-brick Lego kingdom from 'The Hobbit' will blow your mind

12/3/2013 - How does your country rank in reading, math and science?

12/3/2013 - Anonymous Donor gives $200K to Oregon's School of Comics & Cartoons

12/3/2013 - The Airship Heaven That Upstate New York Never Was

12/3/2013 - These Buildings Could Be The Food And Drink Of Giants

12/3/2013 - Viva Brazuca: Taking the 2014 World Cup Game Ball For a Spin

12/3/2013 - British Think Tank Revives 40-year-old Plan to Build Space Colonies