2/28/2013 - Your Phone's Low Battery Warnings Should Look Like These Hilarious Notifications

2/28/2013 - Will 3D Printing Change the World?

2/28/2013 - Google Says the Next Motorola Products Aren't Really 'Wow' Impressive

2/28/2013 - New Oblivion trailer shows Tom Cruise playing house in the ashes of Earth

2/28/2013 - In The Mad Scientist's Daughter, women's equality doesn't make it into the future

2/28/2013 - Apple Is Deleting iCloud Emails That Have the Phrase 'Barely Legal Teen' in Them

2/28/2013 - The most bizarre experimental tanks ever to roll through a battlefield

2/28/2013 - Here's How Long Food Can Last in the Pantry, Refrigerator and Freezer

2/28/2013 - Reinforce Your Wardrobe With a Industrial-Strength Rebar Hanger

2/28/2013 - Why Frank Kelly Freas was possibly the greatest science fiction artist who ever lived

2/28/2013 - Sony's 4K Movie Streaming Will Work on PS4—At 100GB a Pop

2/28/2013 - Thanks To HTML5 This Website Can Fill Your Whole Hard Drive with Cats

2/28/2013 - We have finally taught robots to do something useful: play AC/DC covers

2/28/2013 - Svpply for Android Gallery

2/28/2013 - Svpply for Android: Create Collections of the Clothes You Want

2/28/2013 - The final Oz the Great and Powerful trailer is pretty great, reasonably powerful

2/28/2013 - The Aurora Lamp: Simple Can Be Sweet

2/28/2013 - Should we preserve the eggs of endangered species?

2/28/2013 - Live Out Your Gambit Fantasies With a Set of Sharpened Steel Throwing Cards

2/28/2013 - Tilda Swinton dons Airbender cosplay

2/28/2013 - NASA: "We've discovered a previously unknown surprise circling Earth"

2/28/2013 - Some People Are Filming a "Documentary" Using Google Glass in New York Right Now

2/28/2013 - Sony SLT-A58: A Beginner DSLR for a Beginner Budget

2/28/2013 - This virus can steal its host's immune system

2/28/2013 - Sony NEX-3N Hands-On: The Teeny Tiny Interchangeable Lens Camera

2/28/2013 - How we know that this is a piece of fossilized lightning

2/28/2013 - The Proper Way To Make a Bottle-Opening iPhone Case

2/28/2013 - 114-year-old woman named world's oldest, Reuters jinxes everything

2/28/2013 - Scientists Wire Two Rats' Brains Together and Share a Thought Across the Internet

2/28/2013 - YouTube iOS App Now Beams Video to Your TV

2/28/2013 - Ringtones For Grown-Ups Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

2/28/2013 - 10 Greatest Handguns in All of Science Fiction and Fantasy

2/28/2013 - School House Rock uses Star Wars to teach us about "Interjections!"

2/28/2013 - We will be spared the nightmare of Michael Bay's TMNT until at least June 2014

2/28/2013 - Watch a swarm of aquatic robots assemble into an emergency water-bridge

2/28/2013 - Meet the World's Oldest Kindle: A Ferris Wheel for Books

2/28/2013 - J.J. Abrams's robot cop show has found its robot cop

2/28/2013 - If You Sell Your Baby Naming Rights on the Internet You Deserve Whatever Happens (Updated)

2/28/2013 - Malcolm McDowell straps on a steampunk eyepatch for Cowboys & Engines

2/28/2013 - This 8-Bit Annoying Person Remover Has Great Prank Potential

2/28/2013 - Mexicali Police Deflate Smugglers' Compressed-Air "Marijuana Cannon"

2/28/2013 - Which scientists would make great superhero sidekicks?

2/28/2013 - $3,000 Gets You Literally the Aston Martin of Strollers

2/28/2013 - This Is How the Universe Draws In the Sky

2/28/2013 - Brain-to-brain interfaces have arrived, and they are absolutely mindblowing

2/28/2013 - I Wish I Could Snatch Some of These Weird Kinetic Thingamajigs For My House

2/28/2013 - Spock Socks are both logical and fantabulous

2/28/2013 - Conan Knows What You're Really Using That iPad For

2/28/2013 - Here Is the Crazy-Fast Evolution of 21st-century Gaming Tech So Far

2/28/2013 - Virginia Woolf's secret career as a science fiction writer who inspired Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

2/28/2013 - The Miracle Bendy Displays of the Future Are Still Years Away

2/28/2013 - What bone-twisting horrors happened to Nell after The Last Exorcism?

2/28/2013 - The Life and Explosive Death of the World's First Ferris Wheel

2/28/2013 - A Battery That Allows Electronics and Implants To Stretch Along With It

2/28/2013 - LG Spirit 4G Review: The Best, Cheap Pre-Paid Phone We've Ever Used

2/28/2013 - What Happens When You Try to Skydive With an Umbrella

2/28/2013 - The Ultimate Team-Up: DBZ's Goku and KFC's Col. Sanders

2/28/2013 - Flexible Snowshoes Are Like Wearing Comfy Sneakers That Stop You From Sinking

2/28/2013 - Can we measure the size of the Universe?

2/28/2013 - This Is a Totally Free Coffeemaker For Trying Out Bougie Coffee

2/28/2013 - Scenes From When Flying Was Still Civilized

2/28/2013 - Arrow waltzes John Barrowman through a zombie apocalypse

2/28/2013 - This experimental dance film is most hypnotizing thing you'll watch today

2/28/2013 - iCloud Had a Real Bed-Shitting This Morning

2/28/2013 - This Emergency Bear Will Provide More Than Comfort in a Natural Disaster

2/28/2013 - Bizarre eyeball transplant allows tadpoles to see out of their tails

2/28/2013 - Joss Whedon reveals the eternal challenge of making a good Hulk movie!

2/28/2013 - Another Reason To Be an Astronaut: You Get To Hang With This Adorable Zero G Robot

2/28/2013 - Watson and Crick Discovered DNA 60 Years Ago Today

2/28/2013 - The Judge Who Forced Apple to Publicly Apologise to Samsung Now Works for… Samsung

2/28/2013 - This Black Hole Spins at (Almost) the Speed of Light

2/28/2013 - This Is What the Copyright Alert System Looks Like in Action

2/28/2013 - A Digital Autopsy: How Computer Scientists Analyzed Friendster's Cause of Death

2/28/2013 - What If Doctor Who Was a 16-bit RPG?

2/28/2013 - An E-Ink Android Would Only Need Charging Once a Week

2/28/2013 - The Most Stylish iPhone Cables You Can Get Now Work with the iPhone 5

2/28/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Drifting

2/27/2013 - Invisible Motion Captured in Video by Scientists

2/27/2013 - The Four Kinds of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

2/27/2013 - Holy Crap, This Insane 300 Foot Rope Swing Looks Like Heart Stopping Fun

2/27/2013 - Valibation: The Disease of Always Being on Your Phone (NSFW)

2/27/2013 - On Cult, it's super scary when actors clash with network execs

2/27/2013 - The most amazing movie sets ever created (other than Lord of the Rings)

2/27/2013 - J.Viewz: Teardrop

2/27/2013 - Everything We Know About Dennis Tito's 2018 Human Mission to Mars

2/27/2013 - Ancient fossil reveals that Cthulhu really did live on Earth 500 million years ago

2/27/2013 - The T3 App: A Dieter Rams-Inspired Music Player

2/27/2013 - New theory suggests Lenin died from a rare genetic brain disorder

2/27/2013 - Everything you need to know about spotting (and not frakking) a Cylon

2/27/2013 - Behold the Ugliest Shoe of All Time

2/27/2013 - The First Pictures of Life in the Deepest Ocean Vents Ever Discovered

2/27/2013 - T3 App Gallery

2/27/2013 - Tacodile Supreme is the king of the food beasts in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 trailer

2/27/2013 - Fake Hugo Award Categories lists all the hilarious scifi awards we wish existed

2/27/2013 - Celebrate Traditional Woodworking With a Joinery Poster

2/27/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Vine

2/27/2013 - One Building Looks Like Three Stacked On Each Other

2/27/2013 - The Walking Dead Episode 3.12 Promo Photos

2/27/2013 - Touch Episode 2.07 Promo Photos

2/27/2013 - Oblivion Posters

2/27/2013 - Deadshot Concept Art

2/27/2013 - Morning Spoiler Misc.

2/27/2013 - Hardware Comes Last

2/27/2013 - Sergey Brin Thinks Your Smartphone Is for Girls

2/27/2013 - Nate Silver Offers Up a Statistical Analysis of Your Failing Relationship

2/27/2013 - An Awesome 1940s Photo of Making a Cast of a Giant Fish

2/27/2013 - What's the difference between a comet, asteroid, meteor, meteoroid and meteorite?

2/27/2013 - Is This Multi-Purpose Pasta Tool a Kitchen Saviour or Scourge?

2/27/2013 - Chris Cooper will be Norman Osborn in the increasingly crowded Amazing Spider-Man 2

2/27/2013 - Why it's so expensive to license the rights to a fictional character

2/27/2013 - These Headphones Are Your Practically-Indestructible Deal of the Day

2/27/2013 - DC's Geoff Johns reveals if Arrow will ever fire the boxing glove arrow

2/27/2013 - Will The Conjuring be as scary as Insidious? Watch this creepy trailer.

2/27/2013 - How to Prevent Running Blisters

2/27/2013 - Say Goodbye to Video Stores, Mailmen, Pennies...

2/27/2013 - GE Is Turning a Six Flags Roller Coaster Into an F-35 Launcher

2/27/2013 - You won't believe how fast this supermassive black hole is spinning

2/27/2013 - It Scrapes, It Serves, and It Might Be the Most Useful Tool In Your Kitchen

2/27/2013 - New Infrared Tech Will Let Firemen See Through Flames

2/27/2013 - Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku explain E=MC2 to music

2/27/2013 - 11 Emerging Scientific Fields That Everyone Should Know About

2/27/2013 - 2,000 Tinted Carnations Make For Beautifully Tedious Art

2/27/2013 - Carbon Fiber Flask: At Least Your Booze Will Survive the Apocalypse

2/27/2013 - These hyperrealistic sculptures of giants must be seen to be believed

2/27/2013 - Get to know the friendly side of tongue-eating parasites

2/27/2013 - Overseas Hackers Have Been Snatching More Than 1TB of Data Per Day

2/27/2013 - We're This Much Closer to Replacing Our Wallets With Phones

2/27/2013 - NASA has found a free particle accelerator floating in space

2/27/2013 - Check out the godawful Thing and Dr. Doom we narrowly avoided in the Fantastic Four flick

2/27/2013 - The Easiest Way Around the New York Times Paywall Is a Latte

2/27/2013 - Spyware Implanted in PDFs Has Been Sneaking Into Government Computers Worldwide

2/27/2013 - The World Needs These Star Wars and Indiana Jones Versions of Donkey Kong

2/27/2013 - This video reveals how entropy sometimes creates order out of chaos

2/27/2013 - A Fancy Lockpick Set for All Your Totally-Not-Illegal, No-This-Isn't-My-Ex-Girlfriend's-House Unlocking Needs

2/27/2013 - Guess How Many Files Are Uploaded to Dropbox Every Day

2/27/2013 - Can we make C.H.U.Ds the next sexy monster fad?

2/27/2013 - Wireless Power Monitor Snitches To Your Smartphone About Your Energy Waste

2/27/2013 - The White House, Totally Gutted

2/27/2013 - This horrifying Palaeozoic fish had a buzz saw for a face

2/27/2013 - Splitsecnd Adds OnStar-Like Emergency Response Calling To Any Vehicle

2/27/2013 - Read the US government's rules for Yeti hunting from 1959

2/27/2013 - How One Man Recreated the First Spaceship that Ever Appeared on Film

2/27/2013 - Physicist Builds Machine to Remove Cream from Oreos, Changes EVERYTHING

2/27/2013 - Perfect Posture Can't Be Worth a Chair This Awkward

2/27/2013 - This Wonder Woman movie trailer is too good to be true (literally)

2/27/2013 - Scientists Figured Out Where That Russian Meteor Came From

2/27/2013 - Iron Man 3 will present a villain unlike any seen before. Plus more Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos!

2/27/2013 - Strap This Vibrating Compass To Your Ankle and Always Know True North

2/27/2013 - Leap Motion's Sick 3D Gesture Control Hardware Will Only Cost $80

2/27/2013 - Are Some Household Gadgets Getting Too Complex?

2/27/2013 - Samsung Wallet Is Apple's Passbook, on Android

2/27/2013 - How Physicists Separate Oreo Cookies

2/27/2013 - The Good Ol' Fashioned Way to Calculate Exposure Time

2/27/2013 - The World's Smallest Arm Chip Is Going To Be Inside You

2/27/2013 - The final episode of Black Mirror gives you Big Brother for the social media age

2/27/2013 - This Amazing Digital Clock Is Made Up of 288 Different Analog Clocks

2/27/2013 - You Can Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Your iPhone or Android Phone Now

2/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Comeback

2/26/2013 - Cassette Tapes Actually Make for Good Art Pieces

2/26/2013 - NASA Explains What Exploded Over Russia

2/26/2013 - DJ Steve Aoki ft. Rivers Cuomo: Earthquakey People

2/26/2013 - Watch George Dvorsky and Nick Bostrom talking live about risks to the future of humanity!

2/26/2013 - What Movies Look Like Before Special Effects

2/26/2013 - A Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man Is Freakishly Gross

2/26/2013 - In new fantasy novel Vessel, the hunt is on for a missing goddess

2/26/2013 - This Stunning Steel Centerpiece Is Made from the Mountain It's Modeled After

2/26/2013 - Jessica Lange will face off against Kathy Bates on American Horror Story

2/26/2013 - Batman faces a real death in the family in This Week’s Comics

2/26/2013 - Watch This Gorgeous Short Film Shot From an Airplane Window

2/26/2013 - Orbitz: Find Travel Deals on a Sleek New iPad App

2/26/2013 - The weirdest stories about objects that came shooting out of the sky

2/26/2013 - No, Jose Canseco, 'ancient gravity' did not create the dinosaurs

2/26/2013 - Alarm Clock Gun: Vent Your Anger at Being Awake

2/26/2013 - This optical illusion will smash every last one of your heebie-jeebie buttons

2/26/2013 - This Insane 400,000-Piece Lego Hogwarts School Is Larger Than Harry Potter Himself

2/26/2013 - This insane 400,000-piece Lego Hogwarts School is larger than Harry Potter himself

2/26/2013 - Is artificial intelligence more of a threat to humanity than an asteroid from space?

2/26/2013 - The Suit Won't Save You: Four Ways Space Can Kill You Dead

2/26/2013 - Tamago Egg App Is the App to End All Apps—and Your Life

2/26/2013 - How the Oscars proved Hollywood is killing the VFX industry

2/26/2013 - Orbitz Gallery

2/26/2013 - Have Tony Stark's many Iron Man 3 suits just been revealed?

2/26/2013 - James Bond Would Totally Rock These Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

2/26/2013 - The US Postal Service Could Easily Turn Things Around With Belgian Chocolate-Flavored Stamps

2/26/2013 - Lost Girl Episode 3.07 Promo Photos

2/26/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/26/2013 - Spider-Man Behind the Scenes Photos

2/26/2013 - Set Photos of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane

2/26/2013 - What's the Best Remedy for the Hiccups?

2/26/2013 - Sabu Won't Go to Prison Yet Because He's Still Snitching

2/26/2013 - The Easiest Guitar Tuner in the World

2/26/2013 - Meet the scientific accident that could change the world

2/26/2013 - It's Not Wise To Upset a Skateboarder Riding a Wookiee

2/26/2013 - This Cheap Portable Hard Drive Is Your Deal of the Day

2/26/2013 - This LEGO Hogwarts includes everything from Snape's classroom to the Chamber of Secrets

2/26/2013 - This is what Darth Vader sees when he's kicking a Jedi's butt

2/26/2013 - The Giant Security Hole That Facebook Doesn't Care About

2/26/2013 - Cablevision Is Suing Viacom to Kill the Bundled Cable Model Once and For All

2/26/2013 - Climbing Hold Mugs May Never Slip Out of Your Hand

2/26/2013 - The American Plan to Build Nuclear Power Plants in the Ocean

2/26/2013 - We now know the origin of Russia's meteor

2/26/2013 - Concrete Shooting Challenge

2/26/2013 - 24 Captivating Photos of Concrete

2/26/2013 - Here's Why You Should Code, a PSA By Chris Bosh, will.i.am, and Mark Zuckerberg

2/26/2013 - Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos show off our new Mary Jane

2/26/2013 - "Vulcan" has won Pluto's moon-naming poll!

2/26/2013 - Stylish Cookwear That's Designed To Hang Around Your Kitchen

2/26/2013 - The Government Can Use Your iPhone to Figure Out Where You've Been

2/26/2013 - 7 Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Arrow-style TV Shows

2/26/2013 - How much would you pay for a Nobel Prize medal?

2/26/2013 - You'll Be Able to Sign In With Google+ Soon, Too

2/26/2013 - New virtual reality CAVE brings us one step closer to Star Trek's Holodeck

2/26/2013 - Google Chromebook Pixel Review: Awesome, Just Not $1300 Worth of Awesome

2/26/2013 - These instant emergency homes will be your new apartments when the next asteroid hits

2/26/2013 - Lego Gorilla Mecha Is Yet Another Awesome Reason For an Official Lego Mecha Line

2/26/2013 - Lego gorilla mecha is yet another reason for an official Lego mecha line

2/26/2013 - The 130,000-piece decayed Victorian Lego home of my dreams

2/26/2013 - What is "space roar"?

2/26/2013 - Charge This $20 Nokia Phone Once Every 35 Days

2/26/2013 - Deal With It: The Ultimate Space Tie

2/26/2013 - This Cylon engagement ring is frakking amazing

2/26/2013 - Bake Up an LCD Display Cake With This Pixelated Pan

2/26/2013 - Transplanted Brain Cells Can Outlast The Body's Biological Clock

2/26/2013 - Too Many Sleepless Nights Can Actually Shut Down Important Genes

2/26/2013 - Building the Library of Violence for The Mongoliad

2/26/2013 - Recording Industry Manages a Sliver of Growth for the First Time Since 1999

2/26/2013 - Are there UFOs in hidden hangars at Papoose Dry Lake?

2/26/2013 - You Can Stash This Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Charging Cable In Your Wallet

2/26/2013 - Massive ice boulders form along Michigan shoreline — but how?

2/26/2013 - David Bowie: The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

2/26/2013 - Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Is Finally Available for Download

2/26/2013 - Meet the Symbiote: The Ironclad, Adaptable Future of Antivirus Protection

2/26/2013 - The BBC's new series In the Flesh highlights the troubles of being an ex-zombie

2/26/2013 - Could a comet hit Mars in 2014?

2/26/2013 - Just how long will Robert Downey, Jr. play Iron Man? Plus Hints About Sansa's Journey in Game of Thrones!

2/26/2013 - BlackBerry Is Testing a Mobile Money Messaging Service

2/26/2013 - Star Trek Trumps Mythology in Naming Pluto's New Moon

2/26/2013 - Squeaky Toys With Mute Buttons Will Save Dog Owners' Sanity

2/26/2013 - Mathematically, How Many Different Tweets Could There Ever Be?

2/26/2013 - PS4 Launching in “At Least” One Country at the End of 2013

2/26/2013 - How Much Personal Data Logging Is Too Much?

2/26/2013 - The Pirate Bay Leaves Sweden Over Legal Threats

2/26/2013 - Apple to Settle In-App Purchase Lawsuit With Free iTunes Credit

2/26/2013 - When Apple's Engraving Service Goes Wrong

2/26/2013 - You'll Be Able to Download Every Single PS4 Game Digitally

2/26/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ula Ula

2/25/2013 - You Can Make Gummy Bear Versions of Yourself

2/25/2013 - A Baby Monitor App Captured the Adorable Truth of What Happens When a Toddler Is Trying to Sleep

2/25/2013 - Awesome Thermochromic Jeans Changes Colors with Heat

2/25/2013 - The Real-Life Argo... and Other Fake Science Fiction Movies

2/25/2013 - This Hilarious Song About Tumblr Pretty Much Sums Up the Entire Internet

2/25/2013 - Will we soon be able to predict the future of civilization?

2/25/2013 - Scientists discover that eating Mediterranean food can prevent heart disease

2/25/2013 - The Lego Back to the Future Time Machine Train Is a Must Have

2/25/2013 - The Most Futuristic Electrified Devices of the 1920s and 30s

2/25/2013 - SnapChat Could Start Breaking Up Your Sexts With Ads

2/25/2013 - The conjoined twins who were more famous than movie stars in the 1920s

2/25/2013 - Is There Something Everyone Loves That You Secretly Hate?

2/25/2013 - This Back to the Future's train time machine is heavy, Doc

2/25/2013 - Nick App: Binge on Spongebob For All Eternity

2/25/2013 - Google Had a Big Ol' Hole In Its Two-Step Verification System

2/25/2013 - Bubbles popping at 18,000 fps is every bit as mesmerizing as it sounds

2/25/2013 - Has It Really Taken This Long For Someone To Create Shower Curtain Ring Hooks?

2/25/2013 - The mysterious propellers in Saturn's rings

2/25/2013 - Tim Burton is ready for the Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse, even if reality isn't

2/25/2013 - How to film an epic New York battle scene without actually being in New York

2/25/2013 - This ATM Gives You Money for Free On the Condition You Share It With Others

2/25/2013 - LEGO Star Trek: The Next Generation turns Wesley into the court jester

2/25/2013 - A Magnetized Bull Nose Keyring Keeps Your Wandering Keys Captive

2/25/2013 - Nick Gallery

2/25/2013 - Just How Incomprehensibly Massive Is the Universe? (Hint: Even Bigger Than That)

2/25/2013 - The star of The Crow remake may have been found, and it's... Professor X

2/25/2013 - These Evil Dead reboot photos are disturbingly gorgeous

2/25/2013 - Earthquakes could kill upwards of 3.5 million people this century

2/25/2013 - Carry Zelda's Homework In This Fantastic Hylian Shield Backpack

2/25/2013 - Long lost continent discovered beneath the Indian Ocean

2/25/2013 - How to Clean Everything in Your Kitchen Using Stuff From Your Kitchen

2/25/2013 - I have a light-up TARDIS fez now, light-up TARDIS fezzes are cool

2/25/2013 - iOS 6.1.3 Is Coming To Kill Your Jailbreak

2/25/2013 - Scientists Find Lost Continent In the Indian Ocean

2/25/2013 - Help Wanted: Editor-in-Chief

2/25/2013 - A $400 Touchscreen Windows 8 Laptop Is Your Deal of the Day

2/25/2013 - Pull This Bathroom Mirror Out of the Wall Instead of Leaning Over the Sink

2/25/2013 - This Week’s TV: Will the Clone Wars season finale end Ahsoka's story forever?

2/25/2013 - The Real Reason We All Want Jetpacks

2/25/2013 - The Entire King James Bible Is Now on RapGenius

2/25/2013 - How to Measure the Power of Alien Civilizations Using the Kardashev Scale

2/25/2013 - For Those Who Like Early Shuttle Concepts

2/25/2013 - What Is the Copyright Alert System?

2/25/2013 - George Jetson Navigates a Series of Tubes

2/25/2013 - This neat Lego automaton can draw portraits

2/25/2013 - The Walking Dead Episode 3.12 Promo Photos

2/25/2013 - This Neat Lego Automaton Can Draw Portraits

2/25/2013 - The Neighbors Episode 1.20 Promo Photos

2/25/2013 - Iron Man 3 Photos

2/25/2013 - Evil Dead Promo Photos

2/25/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/25/2013 - Here's the First Instagram of North Korea (Probably)

2/25/2013 - Watch This Amazing Robot Cube Deftly Balance Itself Like a Cirque Du Soleil Performer

2/25/2013 - Most U.S. tuna isn't really tuna, and confusion can lead to oily anal leakage

2/25/2013 - Mophie's New iPhone 5 JuicePack Has a Very Slightly Larger Battery

2/25/2013 - The Amazing Spider-Man's costume just got an upgrade

2/25/2013 - Silicone Storage Bags Will Make You Wish Every Meal Was Leftovers

2/25/2013 - Mastercard's MasterPass Turns Your Phone Into Your Own Personal Checkout Lane

2/25/2013 - 10 Greatest Science Fiction Board Games of All Time

2/25/2013 - Robot, meet your maker: animatronics expert Mark Setrakian on building robo-gladiators for Syfy

2/25/2013 - Could This Smart Armband Take The Cameras Out of Gesture Control?

2/25/2013 - This is probably the most disgusting thing you'll watch this week, but it's also absolutely fascinating

2/25/2013 - What's a Starquake? The World's Tiniest Telescopes Launch Today to Find Out

2/25/2013 - A Facebook Privacy Flaw Gave a Hacker Access to Every Single Account

2/25/2013 - In Reality, Nebulae Offer No Place for Spaceships to Hide

2/25/2013 - Pollution Might Shrink Your Penis, Say Otters

2/25/2013 - The Problem With Apps Is Smartphones

2/25/2013 - Andrea gets a less-than-happy reunion with Rick in The Walking Dead

2/25/2013 - The camera that captured the first millisecond of a nuclear bomb blast

2/25/2013 - Try as she might, 2-year-old Kayla just can't reach the moon

2/25/2013 - Asus Padfone Hands On: A Sleek Two-For-One Device That Makes You Pay for Both

2/25/2013 - DC would like you to know Robin is gonna die this week in Batman, Inc.

2/25/2013 - Panasonic's New Sensor Captures 3D Images With a Single Lens

2/25/2013 - Movie: The Movie 2V recreates The Avengers starring armless Bryan Cranston, Jessica Chastain and CG Matt Damon

2/25/2013 - Asus Fonepad: The 7-Inch Phone That You Never Ever Asked For

2/25/2013 - The Asus Padfone Has Finally Come of Age

2/25/2013 - That time the Russians designed a hovercraft so insane we had no clue what the hell it was

2/25/2013 - Samsung Confirms the Galaxy IV's Coming March 14th

2/25/2013 - Report: Barnes & Noble Might Give Up on the Nook (Updated)

2/25/2013 - Bryan Singer's latest X-Men clues including Peter Dinklage, time travel rules... and fixing Brett Ratner's mistakes!

2/25/2013 - Smartphone DSLR Mount Makes Your Phone and Camera an Unstoppable Duo

2/25/2013 - White Moleskines Add Two Extra Pages To Write On

2/25/2013 - A Crazy Aussie Wants to Fly From Sydney to London in a Plastic-Powered Plane

2/25/2013 - LG's Ultra HD Streaming Blasts 4K Video From Phone to TV

2/25/2013 - How to Smile Naturally For Photographs

2/25/2013 - Nokia Lumia 720 Hands On: Cheap Phones Can Have Good Cameras Too

2/25/2013 - LG Has Acquired webOS From HP to Power Smart TVs (Updated)

2/25/2013 - Every Windows Phone 8 Device Will Get Nokia's Stellar Navigation Software (Update: Starting Now)

2/25/2013 - Facebook's Providing Free (Or Cheap) Data Around the World—For Facebook Apps

2/25/2013 - LG's 5.5-Inch Optimus Pro Has a 1080p IPS Screen (Hands On)

2/25/2013 - Nokia’s 520 and 720: Lumias For the Budget-Conscious

2/25/2013 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands On: Thin, Light, and Not Quite There

2/25/2013 - Huawei Claims It Has the World’s Fastest 4G Phone—But Who Really Cares?

2/24/2013 - Kirk travels back in time to save the Oscars—and just won't leave

2/24/2013 - New YouTube App Code Shows Pay-To-View Is on the Way

2/24/2013 - Lanternshark is part shark, part lightsaber, all awesome

2/24/2013 - Survive In Style With This Foldable Emergency Crossbow Slingshot

2/24/2013 - Fruit flies bathe their young in alcohol to keep them healthy

2/24/2013 - This Is Firefox OS in Action

2/24/2013 - Journalism Students Are Learning To Operate Drones For...Journalism?

2/24/2013 - Drag and Drop to Your iPhone the Easy Way With This Pseudo AirDrop App

2/24/2013 - On Clone Wars, fugitive Ahsoka gets a little help from the Dark Side

2/24/2013 - Octopus Suckers Are Moving Off Of Tentacles And Onto Robots

2/24/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc

2/24/2013 - Grimm Episode 2.13 Promo Photos

2/24/2013 - Lovely medical illustration of the human skull painted directly on a human head

2/24/2013 - Benchmarks Are In: Nvidia's Tegra 4 Really Cooks

2/24/2013 - Images of a massive, futuristic Megacity glittering in the night

2/24/2013 - Samsung's HomeSync Android Box Brings a Whopping 1TB of Storage to Your TV

2/24/2013 - Crowdfund a Batman documentary, 3D printing pens, and a WWII setting for Lovecraftian RPGs

2/24/2013 - HP Slate 7 Hands On: A Better Way to Do Android

2/24/2013 - Physicist proposes to his physicist girlfriend in the form of an academic paper

2/24/2013 - Abandoned Nazi and Soviet military complex seen in Inglourious Basterds is a crumbling reminder of war

2/24/2013 - Bear Grylls Likes The Kyocera Torque, Doesn't Take Shit From Other Smartphones

2/24/2013 - Classic Sci-Fi Films Represented as Multicolored Barcodes

2/24/2013 - Meet the ZTE Open, The First Official Firefox OS Phone

2/24/2013 - HP's Going Android With Its $169 Slate 7 Tablet

2/24/2013 - Check Out The Whole History of Display Resolutions In One Big Stack

2/24/2013 - Hulk tosses Loki around as the LEGO Avengers do the Harlem Shake

2/24/2013 - Taking Notes Will Feel A Lot More Biblical On Paper Made Of Stone

2/24/2013 - The first cola wars began in the 1700s—long before Coke and Pepsi

2/24/2013 - That Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Could Be Rolling Out Tomorrow

2/24/2013 - Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was the big "winner" at last night's Razzie Awards

2/24/2013 - Batman Returns concept art reveals unused penguins armed with buzzsaws and boxing gloves

2/24/2013 - Will we ever chow down on kibble made for humans?

2/24/2013 - Report: Microsoft Blue Is Coming this Summer with Internet Explorer 11 Baked In

2/24/2013 - The Carcass Of Megaupload Still Gets Millions of Visitors a Month

2/23/2013 - Safety Not Guaranteed: Grab Your Flux Capacitor

2/23/2013 - Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands On: The 8-Inch Tablet That's an 8-Inch... Phone

2/23/2013 - R.I.P. Ray Cusick, the designer who helped make the Daleks terrifying

2/23/2013 - Tonic: If You Could Only See

2/23/2013 - Donkey Kong heads to Westeros, Hoth, and the Land of Ooo

2/23/2013 - What It's Like to Have Synesthesia And See All Your Numbers in Color

2/23/2013 - Usagi Yojimbo slashes his way through his own samurai side-scrolling mobile game

2/23/2013 - Some Off-Shore Oil Rigs Have Been "Incapacitated" By Malware Thanks To Pirated Music and Porn

2/23/2013 - What's The Most You've Ever Over-Paid for a Gadget?

2/23/2013 - Artist transforms photos of rusty fire hydrants into pictures of alien planets

2/23/2013 - Future Asteroids Could Be Deflected With Nothing But Space-Graffiti

2/23/2013 - Tattoo shop comes up with a legitimately clever use for QR codes

2/23/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Cat's Eye View of a Spaceship

2/23/2013 - This Eavesdropping App Calls Your Shrink If It Thinks You Sound Too Bummed-Out

2/23/2013 - Photo portraits of retired ventriloquist dummies are filled with surprising sorrow

2/23/2013 - The PS4 Sort of Arrives, The Crazy Caverns Below NYC, What It's Like to Wear Google Glass, And More

2/23/2013 - These Powerpuff Girls prints are kaiju-punchingly fantastic

2/23/2013 - Indiana Jones and the Lego Crusade

2/23/2013 - Curiosity's panoramic self-portrait lets you explore a tiny corner of Mars

2/23/2013 - Are you in danger of spontaneously combusting? The risk factors according to a 1799 physician

2/23/2013 - Let Your iPhone Toot Its Own Horn With These Custom Brass Amplifiers

2/23/2013 - This Chilean observatory hotel is designed specifically for stargazing

2/23/2013 - What if Batman's parents died in different ways?

2/23/2013 - Don't Worry, The Chromebook Pixel Isn't Just Stuck Running Chrome OS

2/23/2013 - Saturday Webcomic: Namesake is an incredible return to Oz and so much more

2/23/2013 - Would you be willing to use a living animal as a respirator or dialysis machine?

2/23/2013 - Real-life Spidey Sense suit tingles when objects get close

2/23/2013 - Hal Jordan has #orangelanternproblems on Green Lantern: The Animated Series

2/23/2013 - You Can Be a Real Superhero With This Crazy Spider-Sense Robot Suit

2/23/2013 - Watch This Awesome Chalk Animation Play Snake in 3D

2/23/2013 - Game of Thrones season 3 trailer unleashes the dragons

2/23/2013 - The Only Woman Who Ever Got Hit By a Meteorite Survived

2/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Lego Dance

2/22/2013 - Watching This Optical Illusion Video Is Like Being on Drugs

2/22/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Mary Kate Olsen Using Instagram

2/22/2013 - Watch How All Those Streets Signs Are Made

2/22/2013 - The sight of one machine clapping

2/22/2013 - The Trillion Dollar F-35 Is Grounded Yet Again

2/22/2013 - These Buildings Look Like Giant Tetris Games

2/22/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: February 16-22, 2013

2/22/2013 - Megan Fox is your new April O'Neil

2/22/2013 - Person of Interest delivers one of the best hours of TV you'll ever see

2/22/2013 - David Bowie: Young Americans

2/22/2013 - Microsoft Says It Got Hacked Like Apple and Facebook

2/22/2013 - Google Is in Talks to Create Its Own Spotify-like Streaming Music Service

2/22/2013 - SwiftKey 4, Vector, and More

2/22/2013 - Worm Run, Solve the Outbreak, and More

2/22/2013 - MLB at Bat 13, Timbre, and More

2/22/2013 - New Googleplex First Look: A 1.1 Million-Square-Foot Monster Optimized By Nerds

2/22/2013 - Mugtails Are an Adorably Anthropomorphic Way To Enjoy Your Coffee

2/22/2013 - Oh hell yes: White House announces new US open access policy for scientific papers

2/22/2013 - Baby Sloths: Adorable AND Generous

2/22/2013 - Guam's Solving Its Snake Problem With a Horrifying Rain of Poisoned Mouse Paratroopers

2/22/2013 - A shot-for-shot remake of The Big Lebowski with Doctor Who

2/22/2013 - What Happens To Your Brain When You Get Black-Out Drunk?

2/22/2013 - This Gorgeous Timelapse of Australia's Outback Isn't Just Monochrome—It's Infra-Red

2/22/2013 - Let's Talk About Whatever You Want for the Next Hour

2/22/2013 - Watch This Hypnotizing Footage Of a Rainbow Mercury Spinning Through Space

2/22/2013 - NASA unveils image of Mercury unlike any you've ever seen

2/22/2013 - If Dark Skies is correct, aliens are complete a-holes

2/22/2013 - When a mountain casts its shadow upon the sky

2/22/2013 - Will we ever solve the mystery of diffuse interstellar bands?

2/22/2013 - The Best Possible Use For All Your Mismatched Socks

2/22/2013 - Is It Okayyyyyy To Say Heyyyyyyyyyy?

2/22/2013 - Was Chelyabinsk meteor actually a meteor? Many Russians remain unconvinced.

2/22/2013 - Community shows us the horrors of an American Inspector Spacetime

2/22/2013 - This Aeropress Coffee Maker Is Your Deal of the Day

2/22/2013 - These Whale Mech Toys Give Us an Excuse To Post the Most Amazingly Insane Cartoon We've Ever Seen

2/22/2013 - U.S. To Drop Toxic Mice On Guam's Invasive Snakes

2/22/2013 - Here's how Obama's brain mapping project will actually work

2/22/2013 - A Florida Woman Was Shot by an Oven

2/22/2013 - First look at Katniss and Peeta on their Hunger Games victory tour

2/22/2013 - A Bottle Cap Pencil Sharpener Is Pure Genius

2/22/2013 - Exciting footage of the Mexican volcano UFOs

2/22/2013 - Cup Holders Prove that Even the Simplest Tech Can Take Forever to Catch On

2/22/2013 - Apple Theft Is So Bad That the NYPD Has a Dedicated iTheft Division

2/22/2013 - Radical New Image Sensor Turns your Entire Display Into a Digital Camera

2/22/2013 - Flowers Communicate with Electricity

2/22/2013 - Google Has Killed Android (the Brand)

2/22/2013 - Conan: Google Glass Is Only Preparing the World For Google ASS

2/22/2013 - The 8 Incredibly Gross Powers Superman Doesn’t Even Realize He Has

2/22/2013 - The World's Longest Floating Bridge Is No Longer Dying

2/22/2013 - This Taiwanese animated trailer may be the closest we ever get to a Robopocalypse movie

2/22/2013 - Darth Vader even ponders like a badass in this unbelievable new statue

2/22/2013 - This Billboard Produces Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

2/22/2013 - Why Julius Robert von Mayer was one of the unluckiest men in science

2/22/2013 - 5 Amazing Scientific Discoveries We Don't Know What to Do With

2/22/2013 - The Chromebook Pixel Has an Awesome Konami Code Easter Egg

2/22/2013 - FBI Employees Can't Stop Sexting On Their Government-Issued Phones

2/22/2013 - The mysterious spikes on a nuclear explosion

2/22/2013 - If Zero Hour is trying to be the most ludicrous show ever made, it has succeeded

2/22/2013 - Lay Waste To Wireless Networks With This Hacktastic Nexus 7

2/22/2013 - When the Weather Goes To Hail, Protect Your Ride With This Giant Airbag

2/22/2013 - A mash-up of real-life bad guys with comic supervillains

2/22/2013 - Robot Bat Wings Give Us a Glimpse Of the Future Of Vampires

2/22/2013 - Inside an Amish Tech Trade Show

2/22/2013 - Neill Blomkamp offers an Elysium update. Plus what will Bronn get up to in Game of Thrones season 3?

2/22/2013 - 23 Terrifying Runways That Will Stoke Your Fear of Flying

2/22/2013 - Rain Man's Finally Met His Match With This Blackjack-Dealing Robot

2/22/2013 - Nevada Just Made Interstate Online Poker Legal

2/22/2013 - These Are the Bacteria Lurking on Your Phone

2/22/2013 - These Bicycles Made From Old Cars Are Gorgeous and Green

2/22/2013 - Go SpaceX Ladies, Go!

2/22/2013 - How a Monkey Can Mentally Control a Robot 7,000 Miles Away

2/22/2013 - Watch These Quadrocopters Throw and Catch Poles Like Acrobats

2/22/2013 - Finally, an LTE Chip That Will Work Anywhere in the World

2/22/2013 - Photoshopping Calvin and Hobbes into Real Life Makes Me Really Happy

2/22/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Wasa

2/21/2013 - This Shape Shifting House Is a Transformer That Hides in Nature

2/21/2013 - What the Russian Meteorite's Shockwave Really Felt Like on the Ground

2/21/2013 - Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Freaking Awesome

2/21/2013 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 3/5 to discuss Karen Lord's The Best of All Possible Worlds

2/21/2013 - The Chupacabra is back . . . in Oklahoma

2/21/2013 - Why Does This Image of the Mount Etna Volcano Eruption from Space Look So Weird?

2/21/2013 - These are China's weirdest monuments

2/21/2013 - Russian Ghost Cruise Ship Reappears

2/21/2013 - A Dozen Watches That Cost More Than Your House

2/21/2013 - Finally, a cute C-3PO inspired dress!

2/21/2013 - Stay Cool But Lost With This Spherical Mapless Globe Fan

2/21/2013 - Read the first five chapters of a dark new Soviet alternate history with angels

2/21/2013 - This is the greatest Lego mecha I've ever seen

2/21/2013 - Mississippi Officially Bans Slavery at Last

2/21/2013 - Oh my god this trailer for Wesley Snipes Zombie Western Gallowwalkers is ridiculous

2/21/2013 - MLB at Bat 13: Catch Every Game on Your Phone or Tablet

2/21/2013 - Lost Jack Kirby storyboards show the insane world that could have been Argo

2/21/2013 - Is it wrong of me to love this episode of Supernatural?

2/21/2013 - Behind the Internet: The Rise and Fall of Keyboard Cat

2/21/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/21/2013 - In Oklahoma, faith-based explanations can get you an "A" in science class

2/21/2013 - How To Avoid American Drones, by Al-Qaeda

2/21/2013 - Sherlock: The Animated Series needs to exist immediately, and here's why

2/21/2013 - Amputee To Get An Artificial Hand That Can Experience the Feeling of Touch

2/21/2013 - A Built-In Concrete Coaster Keeps These Glasses Dry

2/21/2013 - MLB at Bat 13

2/21/2013 - Chromebook Pixel Hands-On: A Lightning Fast Laptop for the Life Online

2/21/2013 - Meridian Explorer USB DAC Review: Make Your Digital Music Sing

2/21/2013 - Giant goldfish are breeding in Lake Tahoe

2/21/2013 - Camera-Equipped Elephants Filmed Wild Baby Tigers For the First Time Ever

2/21/2013 - It's Shocking How Much Abuse This All Glass Snowboard Takes Before Breaking

2/21/2013 - "Head Like an Orange" is Like IWDRM for nature GIFs, and it is amazing

2/21/2013 - When cats are outlawed, what animals should replace them as pets?

2/21/2013 - Every Reason Not to Buy the Google Chromebook Pixel

2/21/2013 - The 13 Greatest Fictional Make-Out Spots for Getting Lucky (and Meeting Monsters)

2/21/2013 - Twitter Interviews Are Now a Thing, Or Another Reason Life Is Meaningless

2/21/2013 - The pulp scifi book that inspired Prince's Purple Rain

2/21/2013 - Can Batwoman's Gay Marriage Rescue DC Comics from Angry Fans?

2/21/2013 - Spring Snakes Were Probably the Inspiration For This Pop-Up Lantern

2/21/2013 - The Best Camera You Can Fit in Your Pocket Is Your Deal of the Day

2/21/2013 - All You Need Is Glue, a Knife, and Mad Soldering Skills to Build Your Own Cardboard Camera

2/21/2013 - How Dennis Tito could send humans to Mars and back by 2020

2/21/2013 - Mountain Dew KickStart: You're Supposed to Drink This for Breakfast

2/21/2013 - Buy the Little Pony-Doctor Who mash-up Dr. Hooves before time gallops out

2/21/2013 - Chromebook Pixel: Google's Retina, Touchscreen, MacBook Pro Counterpunch

2/21/2013 - New Dedicated AR Chips Could Keep Your Reality Augmented For Ever and Ever

2/21/2013 - Stabilization Software Turns a Spinning Football Cam Into a Bird's Eye View

2/21/2013 - This episode is the shame of Battlestar Galactica

2/21/2013 - iOS 6.1.3 Beta Fixes iPhone Lock Screen Security Hole

2/21/2013 - Watch This RC Car Chase Destroy An Adorable Miniature Cardboard City

2/21/2013 - Creep On All of London With the This Record-Shattering 320-Gigapixel Panorama

2/21/2013 - Watch Europe's tallest volcano spew to life in a violent new eruption

2/21/2013 - These Tiny Telescopes Could Save the Earth from a Deep Impact

2/21/2013 - Mountain Dew Kickstart Gallery

2/21/2013 - Flickr for iOS Updated With Tagging, Faster Uploading, and Features You Were Missing

2/21/2013 - This Is Your Lasagne In Space

2/21/2013 - Are You Going to Buy a PlayStation 4?

2/21/2013 - Evidence of Martian Life May Be Waiting In this Scoop of Dirt

2/21/2013 - Incredible Images of the Massive New Tunnels Hollowing New York City

2/21/2013 - The Strange, Secret Evolution of Babylon 5

2/21/2013 - Watch the unbelievable first 6 minutes of Evangelion 3.0, starring Space Pirate Asuka

2/21/2013 - Want To Snooze? This Annoying Alarm Clock Makes You Sink a Putt First

2/21/2013 - Universal preps teen Pitch Black movie based off the YA novel Arclight

2/21/2013 - Researchers use a 3D printer to help grow an ear

2/21/2013 - Configure This Table Like a Caterpillar Toy

2/21/2013 - The Secret Drone Mission that Killed Joseph Kennedy Jr.

2/21/2013 - Romain Jerome's Spacecraft Watch Looks Like It's From Another Galaxy

2/21/2013 - Meet the PS4's Blazing AMD Guts

2/21/2013 - Traktor DJ for iPad Is Better Than Turntables

2/21/2013 - Man harasses a baby manatee, puts pics on Facebook, gets arrested

2/21/2013 - Humongous Near-Earth Asteroids Don't Look So Scary in a Time-Lapse

2/21/2013 - TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Review: Math in Color!

2/21/2013 - Everything's coming up Speedy on Arrow

2/21/2013 - MIT's Developing a Chip That Makes You a Better Smartphone Photographer

2/21/2013 - Watch this stunning solar eruption create loops of fiery rain on the Sun's surface

2/21/2013 - A Shimmering, Tweet-Based Langauge Map of NYC

2/21/2013 - Why aren't these streams of liquid merging?

2/21/2013 - This Apple Slap Bracelet Patent Doesn't Tell Us Much About an iWatch

2/21/2013 - International, Flat-Rate, Pay-As-You-Go 3G Data SIM? Yes, Please

2/21/2013 - Mark Hamill sets the record straight about Star Wars: Episode VII!

2/21/2013 - Bursting Bubbles At 18,000 FPS Is as Hypnotic as It Sounds

2/21/2013 - This Is Officially the Best Copyright-Free Way to Sing Happy Birthday

2/21/2013 - This Retinal Implant Has Given Sight to Nine Blind People

2/21/2013 - How Many Digits of Pi Do You Really Need?

2/21/2013 - Nielsen TV Ratings Will Finally Include Streaming Figures

2/21/2013 - Samsung's Ads From the 80s Got a Few Things Wrong

2/21/2013 - WSJ: Google Has Developed a Touchscreen Device Which Uses Chrome OS

2/21/2013 - Nvidia's New Headquarters Is Going to Look More Alien Than Apple's Spaceship

2/21/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Kitty Burlesk (NSFW)

2/20/2013 - Nikon D7100: A Loaded Intermediate DSLR Might Be Just Right

2/20/2013 - There Is Such Thing As a Flipboard for Porn and It's Called Faploid (NSFW)

2/20/2013 - Scientist Say Dolphins Call Each Other By Name

2/20/2013 - What the Reptoids do for fun after they've eaten everyone at Disneyland

2/20/2013 - Sony Just Had a Two Hour PS4 Event With No PS4

2/20/2013 - The Future of Urbanization Looks Mesmerizingly Bleak

2/20/2013 - Possibly the strangest men's rights movement in history

2/20/2013 - Classic European scifi movies you probably haven't seen - but you should

2/20/2013 - Our first glimpse ever of a baby giant armadillo

2/20/2013 - Die Arzte: Cpt. Metal

2/20/2013 - Listen to the entire score from Shane Carruth's Upstream Color

2/20/2013 - PlayStation 4 Has 16x More RAM Than PS3 or Xbox 360

2/20/2013 - This is the world's largest known prime number

2/20/2013 - The PlayStation 4 Is Here (Update: Sort Of)

2/20/2013 - The best part of new series Cult is wondering WTF its creators were thinking

2/20/2013 - Zero Motorcycles: Customize the Performance of Your Electric BIke

2/20/2013 - Watch Sony's PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Right Here

2/20/2013 - When Gollum sings Les Miserablés the emphasis is on the miserable

2/20/2013 - Nic Cage Whiteboard Somehow Makes Nic Cage More Insane

2/20/2013 - Zero Motorcycles Gallery

2/20/2013 - A Magnetic Case Keeps Your Knives Safe and Sharp

2/20/2013 - Unused storyboards show how Alien could have been more "pornographic"

2/20/2013 - Watch as Last Week's Asteroid Decides to Fly by Instead of Destroying Us All

2/20/2013 - Being Human (US) Episode 3.07 Promo Photos

2/20/2013 - Person of Interest Episode 2.16 Promo Photos

2/20/2013 - Once Upon a Time Episode 2.15 Promo Photos

2/20/2013 - Once Upon a Time Season 2 Cast Photos

2/20/2013 - Monster University Poster and IDs

2/20/2013 - Pluto Gives Astronomers the Finger as They Announce Tiniest Planet Ever Discovered

2/20/2013 - The Walking Dead More Episode 3.11 Promo Photos

2/20/2013 - Jack the Giantslayer Posters

2/20/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/20/2013 - Arrow Behind the Scenes Photos

2/20/2013 - Jony Ive Chats Lunchbox Design on a British Kids' TV Show

2/20/2013 - The science of porn addiction

2/20/2013 - Once Upon a Time Behind the Scenes Photos Episode 2.15

2/20/2013 - Why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane Batteries Explode

2/20/2013 - Win the Ultimate Survival Tool

2/20/2013 - NASA releases first video of Asteroid DA14's close encounter with Earth

2/20/2013 - This Is Objectively the Worst Logo for Anything

2/20/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Concrete Jungle

2/20/2013 - Robot Vanna, Trashy Presidents and Steak as Health Food: Samsung Sells Tomorrow

2/20/2013 - A Rare Coupon Code to ThinkGeek Is Your Deal of the Day

2/20/2013 - An 'alternative universe' will eventually destroy ours, says Higgs researcher

2/20/2013 - The Rossiter-MacLaughlin Effect Can Actually Change the Color of Stars

2/20/2013 - How Pornography Addiction Works and Affects Your Life (Update: Or Not!)

2/20/2013 - The CG Beasts of Burden movie has finally sniffed out a director

2/20/2013 - Scottish independence movement leader inspired by Ghosts of Mars

2/20/2013 - A Power Strip With USB Ports Thankfully Solves a Very Obscure Problem

2/20/2013 - California highway dig unveils four new whale species

2/20/2013 - Apple's Upgrade Dilemma

2/20/2013 - Facebook Hates Old People

2/20/2013 - And now, the nominees for the Nebula Awards

2/20/2013 - The Science of What Makes Junk Food So Addicting (And Delicious)

2/20/2013 - Never-Before-Seen Video Shows Fire Raining On the Sun

2/20/2013 - 15 Uncanny Examples of the Golden Ratio in Nature

2/20/2013 - Guillermo del Toro's Mama could be a franchise

2/20/2013 - Take a Tour of Rancho Obi-Wan, The Largest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

2/20/2013 - Brooklyn Nets Now Stream Their Games Live for Free—While You're at the Arena

2/20/2013 - Your Brain at Work Looks Like Pyrotechnics Exploding In the Sky

2/20/2013 - This guy's got some planets he wants to sell you

2/20/2013 - ProxToMe App Lets You Send Files to Anyone Nearby Because The World Needs More Lawsuits

2/20/2013 - New still from Ender's Game reveals what fuels that baby genius army

2/20/2013 - The Best Google Glasses Analogy Yet

2/20/2013 - SwiftKey 4 Adds Flow So You Never Have to Stop Typing

2/20/2013 - The Secret to Doing Dallas Right is a Ton of Bourbon and Meat, Glorious Meat

2/20/2013 - Italian Jet Company Converts Passenger Plane Into the World's Most Stylish UAV

2/20/2013 - Emoji Dick, A Novel Translated into Emoji, Accepted by Library of Congress

2/20/2013 - A Gallery of Great (and Not TV-Inspired) Game of Thrones Art

2/20/2013 - A Year With the Cheapest Unlimited Phone Plan You've Never Heard Of

2/20/2013 - Police Informed a Mother About Her Son's Death Over Facebook

2/20/2013 - Square's Business in a Box Is a One-Stop Startup Kit

2/20/2013 - Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

2/20/2013 - Hubble Captures Extraordinary Galactic Train Collision

2/20/2013 - Four brutal Game of Thrones deleted scenes show no mercy

2/20/2013 - You Can Maybe Blame That Cold on Your Short Telomeres

2/20/2013 - Was This the First Rocketship?

2/20/2013 - Don't be fooled: dolphins are actually huge assholes

2/20/2013 - Is This Redesign Enough to Make You Care About Yahoo Again?

2/20/2013 - Watch the first episode of Robot Combat League in all its rock 'em, sock 'em glory

2/20/2013 - J.J. Abrams confirms Star Trek's iconic alien enemies are back. Plus Dawn of the Planet of the Apes finds its star!

2/20/2013 - Anatomy of a Movie Trailer

2/20/2013 - Mercury Sure Looks Good in Blue

2/20/2013 - Historic View: Controlling Rocket Engine Test

2/20/2013 - What Is Light, Anyway?

2/20/2013 - This Is What It Will Look Like When You Wear Project Glass

2/20/2013 - This Jackknife-Inspired Lamps Is Simple But Beautiful

2/20/2013 - Historic View: Roaring Saturn I From Above

2/20/2013 - Do You Want Real-Life News Injected Into Your Computer Games?

2/20/2013 - Report: Spotify Wants to Extend Its Free Service to Phones

2/20/2013 - Should You Be Able to Google For a Lawyer While Under Arrest?

2/20/2013 - Being Human shows you how vampire Aidan was born

2/20/2013 - Here's Everything Wrong with Inception

2/20/2013 - Sony NEX-3N: The Awesomest Beginner Mirrorless Camera Is Now Smaller and Lighter

2/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Slow Derek

2/19/2013 - What the World Would Look Like If Computers Were Human and Humans Were Computers

2/19/2013 - This Map of the United States of America Shows Where the Most Craigslist Missed Connections Happen in Each State

2/19/2013 - Hilarious Troll Takes Over the Domain Name of Guy Fieri's Restaurant and Posts a Comically Fake Menu (Updated: Mostly Plagiarized)

2/19/2013 - Which Dumb Little Everyday Technology Do You Wish Was Better?

2/19/2013 - Odd Snapshots of Everyday Life in North Korea

2/19/2013 - First look at the Battle School logos from Ender's Game

2/19/2013 - The 9 Coolest Collectibles You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

2/19/2013 - Ex-Lab Chimps Show Remarkable Improvement After Treatment With Anti-Depressants

2/19/2013 - T-Mobile Becomes the Newest Carrier to Offer a No-Contract Plan

2/19/2013 - Sunrise: The Forces of Many Apps Unite for a Better Calendar

2/19/2013 - How one man's lies almost destroyed the comics industry

2/19/2013 - One Swedish Made Light Enlarging Lamp

2/19/2013 - Kittens Vs. Tiny Sock Stealing Ninjas!

2/19/2013 - Sunrise Gallery

2/19/2013 - Animal Snout Cups Let You Pick Your Nose

2/19/2013 - Report: This Is the Site Hacking All Those Companies (Updated)

2/19/2013 - Watch a Chinese Hacker Launch an Invasion in Real Time

2/19/2013 - The very best responses to Safe Haven's batsh*t ending

2/19/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/19/2013 - Touch Episode 2.06 Promo Photos

2/19/2013 - The Happiest and Saddest Places in the Country as Told by Your Tweets

2/19/2013 - It turns out being a Redshirt is less perilous than you think

2/19/2013 - Joey Roth Ceramic Subwoofer Review: Wonderful, Elegant, and, Sadly, Not For Everyone

2/19/2013 - Wearable Tech Is Nearing Nanosuit Proportions

2/19/2013 - The Best Dad Ever Has Been Illustrating His Kids' Lunch Bags Every School Day Since 2008

2/19/2013 - The World's Fastest Electric Boat Skims Over the Sea at 86 Knots

2/19/2013 - Automating Hard or Hardly Automating? George Jetson and the Manual Labor of Tomorrow

2/19/2013 - This Tiny Toy Camera Is Your Deal of the Day

2/19/2013 - NASA LOSES CONTACT WITH SPACE STATION AND oh wait everything's totally fine — OR IS IT?

2/19/2013 - Exclusive: The Burger King and Jeep Hacker Is Probably This DJ From New England

2/19/2013 - Watch The Simpsons' Oscar-Nominated, Hans Zimmer scored short film

2/19/2013 - 11 works of sexology that will blow your mind (with science)

2/19/2013 - Philips Norelco Click & Style Razor: A Warm Welcome To Electric Shavers

2/19/2013 - Beck's Latest Project Is the Closest Thing to Being On Stage In a Concert

2/19/2013 - Food Shooting Challenge

2/19/2013 - 20 Amazing Photos of Food As Art

2/19/2013 - Jeep's Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

2/19/2013 - If you can make it through this video without yawning, you're probably a wizard

2/19/2013 - The Incredible Creation (and Destruction) of an Entire City in The Avengers

2/19/2013 - Apple Hacked (Updated)

2/19/2013 - Winston Churchill's plan to fight Nazis with massive aircraft carriers made from ice

2/19/2013 - What Is an UltraPixel?

2/19/2013 - This Is Neither Mars Nor Mercury—This Is Earth

2/19/2013 - A clothing store mannequin that imitates your movements

2/19/2013 - China Miéville's recommendations for socialist science fiction fans

2/19/2013 - Debunking Scott Brown: Why There's No Way That Drunk Tweet Was a Butt Tweet

2/19/2013 - Nanocapsules could take you from sloshed to sober in a matter of minutes

2/19/2013 - BLAM! Weird Al Is Currently Announcing the Bonnaroo Lineup Via YouTube Live Stream

2/19/2013 - Weird, Al Yankovic is currently announcing the 2013 Bonnaroo lineup via live stream

2/19/2013 - Season 2 trailer for Mortal Kombat Legacy wants you to "GET OVER HERE"

2/19/2013 - HTC One vs. Everyone Else: How Does It Stack Up?

2/19/2013 - HTC One Hands On: Exactly How You're Supposed to Build a Phone

2/19/2013 - The Lost Space Age Of Communism

2/19/2013 - The State of California Has Mark Zuckerberg's Unclaimed Paychecks Waiting

2/19/2013 - Incredible details are emerging about Russia's Chelyabinsk meteor

2/19/2013 - Could this be the official ending to John Carpenter's The Thing?

2/19/2013 - The science of yeti footprints

2/19/2013 - HTC One: The Great White Hype Is Here

2/19/2013 - Magnet Boxes Are Puzzles You Can Actually Use

2/19/2013 - Scenes from the 1950s Space Movie That No One Saw

2/19/2013 - Nvidia Tegra 4i: Quad-Core Processing and LTE For Mobile Awesome

2/19/2013 - Have Trekkies taken over the voting on the naming of Pluto's new moons?

2/19/2013 - Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan: A Massive GPU That Might Be Unbeatable

2/19/2013 - Joss Whedon explains why S.H.I.E.L.D. will be unlike any other TV show. Plus New Peter Dinklage X-Men Speculation!

2/19/2013 - Are Computers Ruining Education?

2/19/2013 - Google Wants To Starve Piracy Sites to Death

2/19/2013 - Goal Line Tech Will Feature in the 2014 Soccer World Cup

2/19/2013 - How Graphene Could Transform the Gadgets of the Future

2/19/2013 - Budapest From Orbit

2/19/2013 - Russian Meteorite Exploded With "30 Times the Energy Released by the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb"

2/19/2013 - This Bionic Hand Will Let an Amputee Feel Again

2/19/2013 - This Is Almost Certainly Probably How HTC's New Phone Will Look

2/19/2013 - BlackBerry Security Flaw Could Compromise Enterprise Servers

2/19/2013 - This Building Is Home to the Chinese Army Unit Hacking the US

2/19/2013 - This Is What The World's Biggest Prime Number Looks Like

2/19/2013 - What 200 Calories of Food Actually Looks Like

2/18/2013 - The Chinese Army Is Hacking the United States From This Building

2/18/2013 - Watch People Get High and Then Fail a Driving Test

2/18/2013 - The Pirate Bay Is Suing an Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement

2/18/2013 - This Ridiculous George Washington Epic Is Not Based in Fact

2/18/2013 - What are these mysterious structures in the southern Kalahari?

2/18/2013 - The best part of Once Upon A Time returns to (hopefully) save this show

2/18/2013 - Is This Awesome Image of NYC a Photograph, a 3D Render, a Painting, or All of the Above?

2/18/2013 - Here Is a Map That Shows Every Meteorite That Has Hit Earth Since 2300 BC

2/18/2013 - Incredible Castles That Were Built By Only One Person

2/18/2013 - Who Should Be In Charge of Defending Earth Against Asteroids?

2/18/2013 - Paul Vo Has Made an Entirely New and Impossibly Awesome Instrument

2/18/2013 - How to Make a Sandwich... IN SPAAAAAACE

2/18/2013 - How to Collect Micrometeorites in Your Backyard

2/18/2013 - Industrious Little Birds Share These Whimsical Homes With Hundreds

2/18/2013 - Sorry, Neil deGrasse Tyson, but you're wrong about Thor's hammer

2/18/2013 - BUDGT Gallery

2/18/2013 - Make a Human Centipede of Tablets With a See-Through Bag

2/18/2013 - Portlandia takes on Steampunk

2/18/2013 - A Doll-Sized Diner Carafe Creams Your Full-Sized Coffee

2/18/2013 - The Worst Scifi Snubs in Oscar History

2/18/2013 - Watch this airplane photobomb the Sun

2/18/2013 - 21st Century Buildings That Look Like Alien Spaceships

2/18/2013 - Is it possible that the Borg are the perfect enemy?

2/18/2013 - "Twitter" Has Changed a Lot Since the 1700s

2/18/2013 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer: Oh snap! The President's the bad guy!

2/18/2013 - Report: The Galaxy S IV Is Definitely Being Announced on March 14th

2/18/2013 - The Internet's Kevin Bacon Effect: Any Web Page Can Be Accessed From Any Other In Just 19 Clicks

2/18/2013 - 13 Presidential Tech Firsts: From Running Water to UFOs

2/18/2013 - Obama to take first step toward building Skynet

2/18/2013 - Seagate Wireless Plus Gallery

2/18/2013 - A software program that could reconstruct the earliest human languages

2/18/2013 - This Bladeless Fan Is Your Beautiful-Appliance Deal of the Day

2/18/2013 - The Forgotten Gadget That Powered The Industrial Revolution

2/18/2013 - In Japan They Sculpt Blocks of Ice Into Diamonds for Drinks

2/18/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/18/2013 - The Super Easy Way Twitter Could Make All This Account Hacking Stop

2/18/2013 - The Walking Dead Episode 3.11 Promo Photos

2/18/2013 - Once Upon a Time BTS Episode 2.15

2/18/2013 - Death Star PR prefers you call their ship a “Justice Moon”

2/18/2013 - This Week's TV: Community heads to an Inspector Spacetime Convention

2/18/2013 - Who Needs to Knit When You Can Use a Lego Machine that Makes Clothes Automagically?

2/18/2013 - The Best Smartphone Camera

2/18/2013 - This Beautiful Color Picker Will Lure You in With Endless Hues

2/18/2013 - Israeli Lunatic Sniper Instagrams a Photo of a Child in His Crosshairs

2/18/2013 - The 25 Coolest Catch Phrases for Scientific Concepts

2/18/2013 - How Is This Raw Chicken Egg Standing Whole Without Its Shell?

2/18/2013 - Fragments of Russia's meteor could be worth 40x their weight in gold

2/18/2013 - Burger King Twitter Hacked Into McDonald's (Update: Account Suspended)

2/18/2013 - An exclusive preview of Grant Morison's penultimate issue of Action Comics!

2/18/2013 - Water Jetpacks Are Another Perfect Use of GoPro

2/18/2013 - How Google Makes Android Understand You

2/18/2013 - Behold the most uncomfortable chair in the world

2/18/2013 - The Governor's evil insanity beats Rick's plain insanity on The Walking Dead

2/18/2013 - BlackBerry Z10 Review: Not Good Enough

2/18/2013 - The Obama Administration's 10-Year Plan to Map the Entire Human Brain

2/18/2013 - Drivers high on weed test their driving skills

2/18/2013 - 80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

2/18/2013 - First clip from Oz the Great and Powerful shows the wicked temper of Oz's witches

2/18/2013 - A totally rad satire of computer hacker movies — in space!

2/18/2013 - U.S. Presidents Immortalized in Flash Drives

2/18/2013 - An anime fan describes his ultimate hentai fantasy

2/18/2013 - Microsoft Job Postings Confirm "Windows Blue" and Yearly Updates From Here on Out

2/18/2013 - Jupiter's Moon Europa May Be the Best Place to Search for Life

2/18/2013 - All the Latest on Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and Much More!

2/18/2013 - The NBA Built Itself a Massive Interactive Stat Shrine

2/18/2013 - Amazing Astronomy + Animated GIF = Stunning 3D Nebula

2/18/2013 - Porn Star Demographics, Visualized

2/18/2013 - A Basic Introduction to Choosing Camera Lenses

2/18/2013 - Leaked Images Show Off Sony's New Advanced Amateur Camera Arsenal

2/18/2013 - How All Sidewalks Should Be Designed

2/18/2013 - This Is Where Apple Sources All Its Components (Spoiler: It Ain't Just China!)

2/17/2013 - Crazy Guy Remasters 320x240 Doom Screenshot Into Stunning 9600x7211-Pixel Photoshop

2/17/2013 - Most Traffic Jams Are Caused By Just a Handful of Idiots

2/17/2013 - These delightful illustrations make a Jurassic Park children's book seem like a good idea

2/17/2013 - Neutral Milk Hotel: April 8th

2/17/2013 - Take a tour through Mexico's island of creepy, mutilated dolls

2/17/2013 - These Toy iPhones Come Jailbroken Right Out of The Box

2/17/2013 - What creates this black patch in a star-filled sky?

2/17/2013 - What's The Best Wi-Fi Network Name You've Ever Seen?

2/17/2013 - How The Sun Might Protect Us From Future Asteroid Disasters

2/17/2013 - Preserved bacteria reveal how we've been rotting our teeth for 7,500 years

2/17/2013 - Astronaut Chris Hadfield is answering questions on reddit right now!

2/17/2013 - This Ludicrous Safe Is The Only Sane Place For Your Million Dollars' Worth of Watches and Cigars

2/17/2013 - On Clone Wars, Ahsoka reenacts The Fugitive with Anakin as the one-armed Jedi

2/17/2013 - First Look at Josh Brolin in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

2/17/2013 - New Nanocapsule Medicine Could Sober You Up in Seconds

2/17/2013 - Crowdfund games based on chemistry and Machine of Death, and bid on art to support a short by Pixar artists

2/17/2013 - Does Anyone Actually Want a Transparent Phone?

2/17/2013 - These serene Chinese landscapes are actually photographs of landfills

2/17/2013 - Become A DJ At Any Moment With This Svelt Splitter

2/17/2013 - Hiding Spider-Man on wedding cakes is apparently becoming a trend

2/17/2013 - Russia's Meteorite Explosion Was "Heard" Half-Way Around the World

2/17/2013 - Worf hoodie lets you pull Klingon ridges over your forehead

2/17/2013 - An incredibly thorough analysis of how frequently words and characters appear in J.R.R. Tolkien's books

2/17/2013 - Cheap Researchers Are Working On A $150 Self-Driving Car Kit

2/17/2013 - Watch the Daleks prepare to recreate their 1964 invasion of Earth

2/17/2013 - Paranoid Movie Watches You Watch It and Changes to Your Liking

2/17/2013 - Deadpool and Harley Quinn both lose their minds in their own version of The Notebook

2/17/2013 - The Large Hadron Collider Just Started On a Two-Year Vacation

2/17/2013 - How do you get someone to lose interest in their hobby? Pay them to do it

2/17/2013 - A short and stylish Simpsons webcomic set in a post-apocalyptic Springfield

2/17/2013 - 6 Historical Forensic Detectives Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows

2/17/2013 - Do Colors Look The Same For All of Us?

2/17/2013 - Mega Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Because Of Course It Is

2/16/2013 - Microscopic cross-section photo of layers of paint is more spectacular than we ever would have imagined

2/16/2013 - Take a closer look at the video game caricatures hanging on Wreck-It Ralph's bar walls

2/16/2013 - What Is the Universe? (In One Minute)

2/16/2013 - Amazon Is Selling Die-Cast Replicas of Military Vehicles, Everybody Panic

2/16/2013 - The Avengers take over the Powerpuff Girls' opening sequence and prepare to save Townsville

2/16/2013 - The Universal History of Music In One Awesome Timelapse Drawing

2/16/2013 - Blood is the new black at this deranged horror-themed fashion show

2/16/2013 - Scenes of Skywalker family life, if Anakin hadn't gone over to the Dark Side

2/16/2013 - Police Raided a Guy's House Because He Posted a Picture of a Toy Mortar on Facebook

2/16/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Girl with the Skeleton Body

2/16/2013 - This Lay-Z-Boy/Ergometer Hybrid Fails as Both Arm Chair and Rowing Machine

2/16/2013 - First clip from The Croods shows off a sex-crazed prehistoric bird monster

2/16/2013 - Terrifying Meteorite Explosions, North Korea's Nuke, Photoshopped Fighter Jets, And More

2/16/2013 - Plague of bunnies is damaging cars at the Denver International Airport

2/16/2013 - Are chronic allergy sufferers in danger of being arrested for making meth?

2/16/2013 - How Weta Digital Studios Delivers Middle Earth to Your Multiplex

2/16/2013 - Watch the fireball that streaked across the San Francisco skies last night

2/16/2013 - Glowing castles made from icicles look like something out of a wintery fairy tale

2/16/2013 - Beware the Wolf in Drone's Clothing

2/16/2013 - This South African frog sounds just like a squeaky toy

2/16/2013 - Saturday Webcomic: At Astronaut Academy, love means literally losing your heart

2/16/2013 - Voltron, Kermit, and Donatello sit for their portraits like true gentlemen

2/16/2013 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Dropbox Master

2/16/2013 - Stan Lee makes Batman, Inception, and Star Wars better by adding more Stan Lee

2/16/2013 - The beginning of the end for Clone Wars' Ahsoka?

2/16/2013 - These Rare Full-Color WWII Photos Celebrate the American War Effort's Most Thankless Jobs

2/16/2013 - How a Simulated Mosh Pit Could Save Your Life

2/16/2013 - The Odds of Dying in a Freak Accident Are Higher Than You Think

2/16/2013 - Porn Star Internet Memes: Naked Harlem Shake (NSFW)

2/16/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ablaze

2/15/2013 - What It Would Look Like If Pixar Made Star Trek

2/15/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Terrible Babysitters

2/15/2013 - WSJ: The PlayStation 4 Will Stream Video Games

2/15/2013 - What's the Difference Between an Asteroid and a Meteor?

2/15/2013 - Alie Layus: Hit You (NSFW)

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2/15/2013 - A Book That Could Help You Survive Almost Any Disaster

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2/15/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: February 9-15, 2013

2/15/2013 - The most gorgeous Bauhaus designs in the world are in Hungary

2/15/2013 - Could a Supervillain Actually Create a Volcano?

2/15/2013 - Mark Zuckerberg and Nas Hung Out (!!!???)

2/15/2013 - America's Presidents, Essential Anatomy, and More

2/15/2013 - Mr. T, Thirst, and More

2/15/2013 - Tamagotchi, Die Hard, and More

2/15/2013 - Sing the Monster University's fight club song with Helen Mirren

2/15/2013 - Why Didn't We See the Russian Asteroid Coming?

2/15/2013 - Google Might Be Opening Its Own Google Stores

2/15/2013 - Escape from Planet Earth's mediocrity is absolute and unrelenting

2/15/2013 - The Multitasking Toss-And-Chop Is Your Salad Making Secret Weapon

2/15/2013 - Congress Plans to Hold Hearings Over Our Little Asteroid Problem

2/15/2013 - Z10 gallery

2/15/2013 - This Princess Bride wedding will make you believe in True Wuv again

2/15/2013 - Why Maker's Mark Watering Down Its Whiskey Doesn't Matter One Bit (UPDATED)

2/15/2013 - The mystery of the disappearing iridium

2/15/2013 - Facebook Got Hacked Last Month and Is Just Telling You Now (Update: Facebook Comment)

2/15/2013 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

2/15/2013 - Ecologist E. O. Wilson explains why you likely have an acute case of biophilia

2/15/2013 - This Is the Most Accurate Lego X-Wing Set Ever

2/15/2013 - Khal Drogo cast as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy

2/15/2013 - Your Android Phone's Lockscreen Is No Match For a Freezer

2/15/2013 - Christopher Dorner: Hunting a Killer One Click At a Time

2/15/2013 - Ceramic Speakers Gallery

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2/15/2013 - You probably don't know how many holes are in your body right now

2/15/2013 - Is your immune system affecting how you think?

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2/15/2013 - The World's Biggest Solar Sail Launches Next Year

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2/15/2013 - I Can't Stop Watching This Coin Rolling on a Treadmill

2/15/2013 - Watch Asteroid 2012 DA14's close encounter with Earth — live on io9!

2/15/2013 - Pacific Rim concept art reveals what the townsfolk do with rotting Kaiju carcasses

2/15/2013 - We're Safe! The Asteroid Goes Away

2/15/2013 - BitTorrent's New Trick: Letting You Send Terabyte-Sized Email Attachments

2/15/2013 - The Harry Potter books are finally getting decent covers

2/15/2013 - This Is the Russian Meteor Impact Site

2/15/2013 - Tiny Steve Jobs: The Review

2/15/2013 - Anti-creationist activist Zack Kopplin wins award for being 'troublemaker' of the year

2/15/2013 - Skype Video Messages Gives You Visual Voicemail

2/15/2013 - New series Zero Hour is stupid, insane, and massively entertaining

2/15/2013 - Here's the Russian Meteor Entering Earth from Space

2/15/2013 - Haze: Turn Your Weather Forecast Into Psychedelic Art

2/15/2013 - How serious does an asteroid threat have to be before we take action?

2/15/2013 - The Burden of Apple iOS

2/15/2013 - Harrison Ford to play Han Solo again; why does this make us sad?

2/15/2013 - Weta's FX reel shows why working on The Hobbit made Ian McKellen cry

2/15/2013 - This Wire Brush-Weilding Robot Is Like a Roomba For Your Grill

2/15/2013 - How Many Twitter Lists Is Too Many?

2/15/2013 - Why we'll probably never build a space elevator

2/15/2013 - There's No Such Thing as a Fake Apple Product

2/15/2013 - The Carnival Cruise From Hell Refuses to End as the Passengers' Bus Home Breaks Down

2/15/2013 - Science makes rainbows dance to elevator music

2/15/2013 - What if the world ended while you were at brunch? Watch It's a Disaster

2/15/2013 - Uhh, Bang With Friends Is a Sexiness Score for Your Facebook?

2/15/2013 - 40+ minutes of 30+ years of hilarious Star Trek bloopers

2/15/2013 - Microsoft Is Finally Merging Skype and Windows Live Messenger This Spring

2/15/2013 - Here's How To Stop a Horrible Parody Twitter Account Before It Starts

2/15/2013 - How to stop an asteroid... in 1915

2/15/2013 - Google+ Is Down, Due To Neglect Probably

2/15/2013 - Traces of anxiety drug in rivers make fish braver and less social

2/15/2013 - You'll Want To Eat Your Way Out of This Cotton Candy House

2/15/2013 - How Common Are Meteor Strikes?

2/15/2013 - What's next on The Walking Dead? Plus a Breaking Bad star joins CBS's Under the Dome!

2/15/2013 - Facebook Wins Legal Battle Which Means Europeans Have to Use Real Names Online

2/15/2013 - Libra: The 21st Century (Libertarian) Space Colony

2/15/2013 - If HTC's New Phone Really Looks Like This, Will You Buy One?

2/15/2013 - Scientists Claim They've Built a Computer That Never Crashes

2/15/2013 - How State Boundaries Would Look Based on Equal Population

2/15/2013 - Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Hundreds Injured

2/15/2013 - No, I Don't Want to Download the Terrible App Version of Your Website

2/15/2013 - Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Panic Spreads

2/15/2013 - What Would Happen If the Asteroid Actually Hit Earth Today?

2/15/2013 - It's the "Sam and Dean wear glasses" episode of Supernatural!

2/15/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Condensed Night (NSFW)

2/14/2013 - Airbus Isn't Taking Any Chances as It Drops Li-Ion Option from the Unreleased A350

2/14/2013 - If This Isn't the Most Horrible Movie Tie-In You've Ever Seen, What Is?

2/14/2013 - Wahoo's "Reflect" Bike Computer Remotely Measures Splits Without Breaking Stride

2/14/2013 - Sonos Playbar Ears-On: Powerful Sound In a Petite, Pricey Package

2/14/2013 - Ron Weasley could be an agoraphobic superhero on CBS next fall

2/14/2013 - Some of the World's Spookiest Ghost Towns

2/14/2013 - Clarence Carter: Strokin' (NSFW)

2/14/2013 - This Foldable Boat Is Great for Saving Space, Probably Less Great for Staying Alive

2/14/2013 - Scientists Think They Have Captured the Birth of a Black Hole

2/14/2013 - Conservationists rescue 150 dolphins from shallow waters, using a baby dolphin as a lure

2/14/2013 - Defiance Cast Promo Photos

2/14/2013 - Supernatural Episode 8.16 Promo Photos

2/14/2013 - Arrow Episode 1.16 Promo Photos

2/14/2013 - NSFW: 7 High-Tech Sex Toys to Liven Up Your Valentine's Night

2/14/2013 - Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack Review: An Almost Perfect Gadget Safehaven

2/14/2013 - Person of Interest Episode 2.15 Promo Photos

2/14/2013 - The battle of Hoth is being fought in this man's living room

2/14/2013 - Once Upon the Time Set Photos

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2/14/2013 - The Worst Lies That Mainstream Nutrition Has Told You

2/14/2013 - Lego iPhone Cases Re-Define Brick Phone

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2/14/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/14/2013 - Jack the Giant Slayer Gallery 3

2/14/2013 - Jack the Giant Slayer Gallery 2

2/14/2013 - Jack the Giant Slayer Gallery 1

2/14/2013 - How to Eliminate Your Ex From Your Facebook Timeline With Just a Few Clicks

2/14/2013 - Orphan Black Cast Photos

2/14/2013 - Watch how Blood & Chrome resurrected the Battlestar Galactica using greenscreen

2/14/2013 - The Criterion Collection Is Giving You All Their Movies Free on Hulu This Weekend

2/14/2013 - Power-Desperate, Stranded Carnival Cruise Passengers Make a Rat King Out of Phone Cords

2/14/2013 - Paint Your Pizza Lets You Design Deliciously Ugly Made-To-Order Pizzas On the Web

2/14/2013 - Facebook Now Lets You Pay To Promote Your Friends' Posts

2/14/2013 - How to Fall Out of Love With Somebody

2/14/2013 - The Host trailer shows just how these alien parasites infect your brain

2/14/2013 - How The Shapiro Time Delay Effect Proves Einstein's Theory of Relativity

2/14/2013 - Build the Best PC For Your Buck

2/14/2013 - Has Marvel's sexy thief Black Cat snuck into Amazing Spider-Man 2?

2/14/2013 - Everything You Need to Know About Earth's Close Shave With an Asteroid

2/14/2013 - These Ear Plugs Are Your Peace-And-Quiet Deal of the Day

2/14/2013 - Here's a GPS for Bikers

2/14/2013 - Did NASA Discover an Awesome Spaceship or Is This Pulsar Just Happy to See Us?

2/14/2013 - We can't stop watching Kyle MachLachlan dance the Twin Peaks Harlem Shake

2/14/2013 - Leaked Screenshots Reportedly Show Samsung's Smartwatch

2/14/2013 - How to Get Better Action Cam Footage

2/14/2013 - The 12 Most Horrifically Bad Dates in All of Science Fiction and Fantasy

2/14/2013 - Bump Is the Newest, Easiest Way to Send Your Digital Goodies From Your Phone to Your Computer

2/14/2013 - The Canadian government has officially declared itself anti-zombie

2/14/2013 - Amazon Has a Map of Books with Love Stories in All 50 States

2/14/2013 - It's Less Expensive to Fly to the US and Buy Adobe CS6 Than to Buy It in Australia

2/14/2013 - Beautiful Creatures is what Twilight would be if it were awesome

2/14/2013 - Dare to Dip and Dive With This Duo of Damn Durable Drones

2/14/2013 - NASA is testing the rocket engines that will take us back to the Moon (and beyond)

2/14/2013 - This Insane Camera Collection on Ebay Can Fill a Room

2/14/2013 - AMC is making an arctic-explorers-vs.-monster show that is somehow not The Thing

2/14/2013 - Chubby Checker Sues HP Over Penis-Measuring webOS App

2/14/2013 - Samsung's Brilliant New Fridge Has a Built-In SodaStream Dispenser

2/14/2013 - 10 Worst Tech Rip-Offs (And How To Avoid Them)

2/14/2013 - And now for a sense of scale: a map of the U.S. overlaid on the Moon

2/14/2013 - Iceland Wants to Ban Internet Porn

2/14/2013 - Meet the French Rugby Team's Six-Legged Scrum Bot

2/14/2013 - Watch as robots and androids portray themselves in this futuristic stage show

2/14/2013 - When Kirk and Spock grew gills and went all Waterworld

2/14/2013 - Crazy Brain Implants Give Lab Rats a Sixth Sense and Let Them "Touch" Light

2/14/2013 - The WSJ's "iOS Optimized" Mobile Site Is... Not Very Optimized

2/14/2013 - This Invention Will Make Your GPS Not to Suck In Cities

2/14/2013 - Pope's Resignation Brings Doomsday Prophecy

2/14/2013 - Tamagotchi: Your Old Digital Pet Is Back From the Dead

2/14/2013 - What Are The Chances of an Asteroid Demolishing Your Home Tomorrow?

2/14/2013 - Arrow puts Bros before Moms

2/14/2013 - Tamagotchi Gallery

2/14/2013 - Get Pregnant Today, Get a Free Ikea Crib in 9 Months

2/14/2013 - Researchers publish Bigfoot genome in brand-new journal they themselves founded

2/14/2013 - Here's How OkCupid Uses Math to Find Your Match

2/14/2013 - Cthulhu rises for Valentine's Day

2/14/2013 - Who exactly is Peter Dinklage playing in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

2/14/2013 - Creating the Amazing Futuristic Cityscapes in Looper

2/14/2013 - Adobe's CEO Completely Refuses to Answer Questions About Unfair Pricing

2/14/2013 - iOS 6.1 Security Risk: Anyone Can Bypass Your iPhone's Lock Screen

2/14/2013 - British Farmers Install Their Own 1Gbps Fiber Network in the Middle of Nowhere

2/14/2013 - Jane Jetson and the Origins of the "Women Are Bad Drivers" Joke

2/14/2013 - These Stunning Images of the Sun Were Snapped From a Dude's Backyard

2/14/2013 - The Life and Times of an Instagram Addict

2/14/2013 - Two Cheap Sensors Could Transform GPS Navigation

2/14/2013 - This Was the First Banner Ad on the Internet

2/14/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Nice Day for a Picnic

2/13/2013 - Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson Are in a Movie About Being Google Interns

2/13/2013 - Are There More Calories in Food Than What's Listed in the Nutrition Facts? (Yes)

2/13/2013 - Watch the Canadian Parliament Hilariously Debate the Zombie Apocalypse

2/13/2013 - Oh My God, Some Guy Was Trapped in a Car Stuck at 125MPH and Somehow Didn't Die

2/13/2013 - One of those rare short films with a pretty cool twist ending

2/13/2013 - A creepy near-future book about government experiments on teenagers

2/13/2013 - The prettiest harp cover of The Walking Dead theme you'll hear all day

2/13/2013 - Cuddlebots can recognize you by touch alone

2/13/2013 - The Pollywogs: Nutella

2/13/2013 - Here Are Some of the Weirdest-Looking Creatures From Doctor Who

2/13/2013 - Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Review: More Buck, Less Bang

2/13/2013 - How to use the "serial position effect" for fun and profit

2/13/2013 - New Lithium Battery Triples Capacity and Charges Fully in Just Ten Minutes

2/13/2013 - A bizarre 1980s commercial about cryogenics

2/13/2013 - The New York Times Messed Up the GIF in Its GIF Trend Piece

2/13/2013 - Sound Uncovered: What Does Sound Do To You?

2/13/2013 - At Last, the USAF Has Enough F-35s to Fly a Decent Formation

2/13/2013 - Aliens poster created entirely out of screenshots from Aliens

2/13/2013 - Watch a blacksmith make one of Game of Thrones' incredibly functional swords

2/13/2013 - Owl Survives Collision With SUV, Takes Up Residence Inside Grille

2/13/2013 - Why Even Almighty Google Couldn't Keep Track of the Flu

2/13/2013 - The Beautiful Creatures authors give us the rules for creating a believable fantasy

2/13/2013 - HP Is Making a High End Android Tablet (And Maybe a Phone)

2/13/2013 - Keyboard Wine Stoppers: Wine Nerdery Sans Pretention

2/13/2013 - Sound Explored Gallery

2/13/2013 - Why finding love is like finding alien intelligence

2/13/2013 - Lost Girl Valentine Posters

2/13/2013 - Lost Girl Episode 3.06 Promo Photos

2/13/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/13/2013 - Iron Man 3 Posters

2/13/2013 - 5 Dating Apps to Find Last-Minute Valentine's Love

2/13/2013 - Is Hollywood About to Dumb Down the Dystopian British Series Black Mirror?

2/13/2013 - Duet Vibrator Comes With Up to 16GB of Storage—Wait, What?

2/13/2013 - Sheffield Kevlar Shear Review: The Invincible Scissors that Will Outlast Your House

2/13/2013 - How Stupid Are You Willing to Look for Apple's Amazing Magical iWatch?

2/13/2013 - Computers are better at diagnosing and treating patients than doctors

2/13/2013 - The 7 Greatest Bromances in Space

2/13/2013 - The Batman movie reboot isn't waiting for Justice League anymore

2/13/2013 - These Modern Rabbit Ears Are Your Free-TV Deal of the Day

2/13/2013 - Alfred Hitchcock is haunting the River Charles

2/13/2013 - The Rolling Hut Is the Best Alternative to an RV

2/13/2013 - Why Is Pop Culture So Obsessed with the 1920s?

2/13/2013 - Fit This Radio Into Your Classic Caddy, Play It With Your Smartphone

2/13/2013 - These $8 Million-Worth of Silicon Wafers Are The Brains of Satellites

2/13/2013 - Sea Slug's Detachable Penis Grows Back Again and Again After Sex

2/13/2013 - This sea slug has a detachable penis

2/13/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Food As Art

2/13/2013 - Holy Crap, Check Out This Awesome F-18 Cockpit Video

2/13/2013 - I’m Elyn Saks and this is what it’s like to live with schizophrenia

2/13/2013 - Astronaut Sheets Guarantee the Best Dreams Ever

2/13/2013 - This aerial view of Boston two days after Nemo is absolutely breathtaking

2/13/2013 - Ask an OkCupid Founder for Any Last-Minute Valentine's Day Advice

2/13/2013 - The Smuggler's Belt Helps Sneak Your Stash Around

2/13/2013 - If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

2/13/2013 - Come Along on a Bourbon-soaked Eating and Drinking Tour of Seattle, Wild Boar and Urchin Included

2/13/2013 - Holy crap this live-action Wreck-It Ralph short is stunning

2/13/2013 - Adidas Energy Running: The Next Great Running Innovation, Or the Next Big Cheat

2/13/2013 - First clip from Monsters University shows the moment Sully and Mike met

2/13/2013 - 9 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

2/13/2013 - What should our post-apocalyptic currency be?

2/13/2013 - Radiologists fail miserably on the "Invisible Gorilla Test" when screening for cancer

2/13/2013 - 13 Lazy Christians Giving Up Facebook for Lent

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2/13/2013 - Googlers Reported More Than Half of the Vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Latest Patch

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2/13/2013 - Cram All Your Soccer Gear, Including a Net, Into This Backpack

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2/13/2013 - The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Just Got $200 Cheaper

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2/13/2013 - Surface Pro Teardown: Don't Dream of Taking This Thing Apart

2/13/2013 - Jawbone User Accounts Compromised in Hack

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2/13/2013 - 83 Percent of Radiologists Didn't Spot the Gorilla Hiding in This CT Scan

2/13/2013 - This Mug Would Let Tea Drinkers Say Goodbye to Spoons For Good

2/13/2013 - When Every Student Realizes They Can Reply All and Spam Every Other Student It's Fun for Everyone

2/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Outside the Box

2/12/2013 - Iran Photoshopped Its New Stealth Fighter Jet to Look Like It Was Flying When It Totally Wasn't

2/12/2013 - A Woman Died from Drinking Too Much Coca Cola

2/12/2013 - President Obama Just Signed a Cybersecurity Executive Order

2/12/2013 - Bloomberg: Apple Has 100 Product Designers Working on the Apple Watch

2/12/2013 - Being Human rediscovers its banter sweet spot

2/12/2013 - Dystopian British series Black Mirror returns to twist the knife

2/12/2013 - Western Digital's WD TV Play Is Its New Streaming Black Box

2/12/2013 - The weirdest and most unbelievable things that humans have sent into space

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2/12/2013 - The Two Stages of a Hollywood Soul-Crushing

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2/12/2013 - Thirst Gallery

2/12/2013 - Life has been discovered beneath the Antarctic ice

2/12/2013 - The Key to Perfect DIY Salad Dressing Is a $10 Bottle

2/12/2013 - Happy Darwin Day, you damn dirty ape-cousins!

2/12/2013 - Why a $10 Casio Keeps Better Time Than a $10,000 Rolex

2/12/2013 - Comcast Will Buy the Other 49-Percent of NBCUniversal for $16.7 Billion

2/12/2013 - Chechnya wants these motherf—in' wizards out of its motherf—in' country

2/12/2013 - Can You Identify All the Best Picture Oscar Winners Looking at this Cool Poster?

2/12/2013 - How Geoff Johns Changed Green Lantern Forever

2/12/2013 - 6 Essentials For Throwing Your Own Mardi Gras Party

2/12/2013 - The E-2D Hawkeye Is Overlord of America's Supercarriers

2/12/2013 - Under Armour's Performance Monitor Tracks What Actually Matters

2/12/2013 - Warner Bros. wants to give Dorothy a sword and a TV show called Red Brick Road

2/12/2013 - Arrow Episode 1.15 Promo Photos

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2/12/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

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2/12/2013 - Canon EOS M Review: Playing Catch-Up in the Mirrorless Race

2/12/2013 - Intel's Streaming TV Ambitions Are Real, And Huge

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2/12/2013 - So... the popularity graph for the name "Bruce" looks just like Batman

2/12/2013 - A Bean Bag Chair Fit For an Evil Dorm Room Dictator

2/12/2013 - Now's your chance to name two of Pluto's new moons

2/12/2013 - Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 Review: Wherein Juicing Is A Good Thing

2/12/2013 - God Strikes Vatican With Furious Lightning Right After Pope's Resignation

2/12/2013 - Physicists discover what a multiverse might really be like

2/12/2013 - Two Years Later, The New York Times Closes Its Paywall's Most Gaping Hole

2/12/2013 - Cylinder Ice Spewing From a Frozen Hose Is Absolutely Hypnotizing

2/12/2013 - New DNA analysis suggests Nefertiti was King Tut’s mom

2/12/2013 - Local TV station issues emergency broadcast warning of zombie apocalypse, four people lose their shit

2/12/2013 - Simon Pegg swears J.J. Abrams will be back for Star Trek 3

2/12/2013 - This Film Can Turn Your Window Into a Mirror and Back Again

2/12/2013 - Reckless Breeding of the Unfit: Earnest Hooton, Eugenics and the Human Body of the Year 2000

2/12/2013 - Netflix to Produce Exclusive Dreamworks 3D Animation Series

2/12/2013 - A Snowboard With a Handbrake Lets Amateurs Safely Learn To Carve

2/12/2013 - Wreck-It Ralph was almost locked up in this video game prison

2/12/2013 - I Am the Prettiest Princess

2/12/2013 - The Shire Springs Up in Suburbia

2/12/2013 - Check out the new Ghost in the Shell prequel anime, Arise

2/12/2013 - YouTube

2/12/2013 - A Brief Timeline of North Korea Doing Insane and Terrifying Things

2/12/2013 - These creative USB sticks will make your file transfers way more interesting

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2/12/2013 - This Is Why Chemistry Is Amazing

2/12/2013 - Once Upon A Time might be the most frustrating TV show I've ever watched

2/12/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: The Box

2/11/2013 - North Korea Might Have Just Tested a Nuclear Bomb (Update: North Korea Confirms)

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2/11/2013 - The political schism between Chinese science fiction and fantasy

2/11/2013 - Hide Your Moonshine Operation in Plain Sight with This Prohibition Kit

2/11/2013 - Zoologists watch as monkey midwife delivers baby

2/11/2013 - Greek Police Accused of Terrible Photoshop Job to Hide Evidence of Brutality

2/11/2013 - Exclusive Alien vs. Predator concept art shows what a Predator victory party looks like

2/11/2013 - An incredible book of poetry about DC's Legion of Super-Heroes

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2/11/2013 - The Doctor Who 50th anniversary will be in 3D and movie theaters, too

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2/11/2013 - SnapKeys Si Gallery

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2/11/2013 - I can't stop obsessing over this weird movie about computer chess

2/11/2013 - What Are the Scientific Odds of Finding Love?

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2/11/2013 - BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys Is Tweeting From Her iPhone (Updated)

2/11/2013 - Did dinosaurs produce “milk” for their young?

2/11/2013 - Turn Paper Airplanes Into Full-On Drones With This Little Rod of Power

2/11/2013 - Walking Dead Episode 3.10 Promo Photos

2/11/2013 - Touch Episode 2.05 Promo Photos

2/11/2013 - Most Americans predict humans on Mars by 2033, are utterly deluded about NASA's budget

2/11/2013 - Remind Yourself That Nature Still Exists With a Terrarium Work Desk

2/11/2013 - Bill Gates Shows Off Sense of Humor, Come-Hither Eyes in Reddit AMA

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2/11/2013 - Are Gadgets Appropriate Valentine's Day Gifts?

2/11/2013 - Remington Black Diamond 5800 Lightning Review: A Spartan Shave at a Phenomenal Price

2/11/2013 - A Massive New Volcano May Be Forming In The Pacific

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2/11/2013 - iOS 6.1.1 Is Out, iPhone 4S Gets First Dibs

2/11/2013 - Every Apple Product Supposedly in the Works

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2/11/2013 - Whip Up a Bewildering Nerdy Decor With This Giant Sword and Arcade Scented Candles

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2/11/2013 - Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle is coming to Syfy

2/11/2013 - Six New Toys That Will Destroy Your Faith in Humanity

2/11/2013 - Was Zero Hour's evil Nazi Baby birthed from My Little Pony's princess coronation?

2/11/2013 - Facebook Is Working on a Ticket Buying Feature (Updated)

2/11/2013 - Floating Swarm Bots Form Emergency Bridges, Runways, and Islands

2/11/2013 - Why Spanish Fly only works on men. And is deadly.

2/11/2013 - Nike Confirms No-Go For FuelBand Android App

2/11/2013 - The Science of Love: It's Kind of Like Cocaine

2/11/2013 - Iran Is Mass Producing Knock-Offs of the US Drone It "Downed"

2/11/2013 - Ten more bets you'll (almost) never lose

2/11/2013 - You can see why Steven Spielberg is snapping up these posters by Laurent Durieux

2/11/2013 - Why Are the Most Vital Aircraft in the USAF Arsenal Owned by NASA?

2/11/2013 - Adorable Toilet Paper Tree Lets You Proudly Display Your Extra Rolls

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2/11/2013 - The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere is troubling, but not because of any zombies

2/11/2013 - Slicing, Dicing Knife Coin Is Useful For More Than Just Scratching Lottery Tickets

2/11/2013 - Marine biologists confirm squid can fly

2/11/2013 - NBC'S Jekyll and Hyde show canned after just two episodes

2/11/2013 - Pixar's Monsters University is in session with its first full trailer

2/11/2013 - How to Vote On the New Insane Flavors of Lay's Chips

2/11/2013 - Escape Everything But Marriage With This Saw-Stashing Titanium Ring

2/11/2013 - Spy Shots Show (Alleged) Next iPhone Under Construction (Updated: NVM, Prob)

2/11/2013 - Nixon's First Bluetooth Speaker Lasts 18 Hours on One Charge

2/11/2013 - Watch Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies perform a duet from the ISS and Earth

2/11/2013 - Visualizing the Size of the Universe With a Grain of Sand

2/11/2013 - Lawrence Kasdan reveals why he's returning to Star Wars. Plus the latest X-Men hints from Bryan Singer!

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2/11/2013 - The Biggest Wikipedia Traffic Spikes Since 2010 Prove We're All Morbid

2/11/2013 - This Was The British Space Shuttle Concept

2/11/2013 - The Beautiful Result of Projecting a Movie Onto a Blizzard

2/11/2013 - An Art Deco PC Case: Brilliant or Repellant?

2/11/2013 - This Is What It's Like To Be Color Blind

2/11/2013 - Every Update Ruins Someone's Life

2/11/2013 - Best of the Week: February 2-8, 2013

2/10/2013 - New Game of Thrones trailer looks like the glamour shots of Westeros

2/10/2013 - Watch This Oscar-Nominated Short: Adam and Dog

2/10/2013 - Stephen Malkmus: Phantasies

2/10/2013 - Can Spotify Predict the Grammy's? (Update: Kinda, Yeah.)

2/10/2013 - Two leopards encounter a mirror for the first time and inspect it as adorably as possible

2/10/2013 - Judge rules that it's illegal to sell custom Batmobiles because the Batmobile is itself a fictional character

2/10/2013 - Google Street View Could Be the Best Road Crew Ever

2/10/2013 - All You Need is Kill set photos from WENN.com

2/10/2013 - You'll Wish Your PC Was Half As Stylish As This Fanless Mahogany Beauty

2/10/2013 - Brass bear trap epaulettes add bite to your shoulders

2/10/2013 - "Breathing Bike" Protects Riders Against Ominous Beijing Air

2/10/2013 - What's The Best Ringtone You've Ever Heard?

2/10/2013 - On Clone Wars, Anakin and Ahsoka star in Law & Order: Jedi Knights

2/10/2013 - Europa Report Stills

2/10/2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness Still

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2/10/2013 - Supernatural Episode 8.15 Promo Photos

2/10/2013 - Pacific Rim Toys

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2/10/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/10/2013 - Orphan Black Promo Photos

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2/10/2013 - Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.1.5 Promo Photos

2/10/2013 - Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.1.4 Promo Photos

2/10/2013 - Arrow Promo Photos

2/10/2013 - That's It, Slingshots Can't Possibly Get More Insane Than This Fully Automatic Minigun

2/10/2013 - The hunt could soon be on for Earth's tiny, temporary moons

2/10/2013 - A close-up look at the dead-eyed elves from Thor: The Dark World

2/10/2013 - Watch the awesomely bad 1987 Hindi Superman film in its singing, dancing, flying entirety

2/10/2013 - Check Out This Exclusive Look At the New Justice League Statue "The Kiss"

2/10/2013 - DC and Marvel characters get a Pixar-style makeover

2/10/2013 - These sculptures of impossible creatures look ready to spring to life

2/10/2013 - Report: Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Is Now a Target for Drones

2/10/2013 - This Could Be The First Photo Of Someone Being Flipped Off

2/10/2013 - The original Evil Dead, remade in 60 gory seconds

2/10/2013 - NYT: Apple Is Messing Around with a Curved Display iOS Watch

2/10/2013 - Tron prom dress lights up any dance floor

2/10/2013 - This Foldable Scooter Could Almost Be Your Carry On

2/10/2013 - Tim Cook Was Never Keen on Suing Samsung in the First Place

2/10/2013 - Brilliant short webcomic reveals the romantic side of time paradoxes

2/10/2013 - This unnecessarily complicated pancake-making device would do Wallace and Gromit proud

2/10/2013 - Sorry, but elephants really want nothing to do with us

2/10/2013 - How the Streetlight Effect keeps scientists in the dark

2/10/2013 - Ten More Bets That You'll Never Lose

2/10/2013 - Astronaut Hadfield At His Best

2/10/2013 - Hacker Channels Men In Black, Straps Virus Information to Feral Cat's Collar

2/10/2013 - Florida Man is the nation's worst superhero

2/10/2013 - The 787 Dreamliner Just Took a Completely "Uneventful" Test Flight

2/10/2013 - Webcomic Guide to the Apocalypse: M.P. Shiel's The Purple Cloud

2/10/2013 - Watch Commander Hadfield Have a Space-Chat with Captain Kirk on the ISS

2/9/2013 - Bury Yourself Under This Avalanche Of Winter Storm Nemo Timelapses

2/9/2013 - "Lady Data" cosplay photos feature a gorgeous latex Star Fleet uniform

2/9/2013 - The Weakerthans: Our Retired Explorer

2/9/2013 - Disabled goldfish gets around with the underwater equivalent of a wheelchair

2/9/2013 - An Alternate History of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor has always been played by women

2/9/2013 - Google Chrome Is Blocking a Bunch of Major Sites for Malware, Even YouTube

2/9/2013 - Quiet illustrations of Serenity and Planet Express Headquarters will fill you with nostalgia for places that don't exist

2/9/2013 - Mars Rover Curiosity Has Successfully Drilled for the First Ever Sample of Mars' Virgin Bedrock

2/9/2013 - An interactive map of places with slightly dirty names

2/9/2013 - The Origin of Darth Vader: The New Star Wars Figures at Toy Fair

2/9/2013 - Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man & The Avengers: All the New Marvel Action Figures

2/9/2013 - The Biggest Transformer Ever Made: Metroplex, and All the New Transformers from Toy Fair

2/9/2013 - For some reason, the Grinch is getting another movie—this time in CG

2/9/2013 - These Are the FBI's Favorite Things to Pirate

2/9/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A mechanical monster passes an outdoor cafe

2/9/2013 - How Monster Lost the World, Mind-Bending Optical Illusions, Iranian Stealth Fighters, And More

2/9/2013 - This 3D-printed model spaceship is as long as a human hair is wide

2/9/2013 - A heart-warming Oscar-nominated short about an aging couple who live upside down from one another

2/9/2013 - Surface Pro Availability Is Looking Dismal On Launch Day

2/9/2013 - Pixar animator recaps the NFL season as epic comic battles

2/9/2013 - Scott Pilgrim artist kills all the kids in this Battle Royale poster

2/9/2013 - A Security Company Is Neutering Hundreds of iPads So The Government Can Use Them

2/9/2013 - Meet the real people who loaned their faces to Archer's goofy spies

2/9/2013 - Supercomputer "Dr." Watson Is Now Seeing Patients

2/9/2013 - Watch Mike and Sulley pledge Monsters University's lamest frat

2/9/2013 - Saturday Webcomic: Mother Ship Blues chronicles the last days of a living spaceship on the brink of death

2/9/2013 - Gryffindor Girls spoof Katy Perry and remind us they're the jocks of the Wizarding World

2/9/2013 - What would the chemical elements look like as cartoon characters?

2/9/2013 - Archer is trapped in a Canadian casino and Hawkeye co-stars on Ultimate Spider-Man

2/9/2013 - These Weird Searches Make Google Return Nothing But Porn

2/9/2013 - Watch These Lasers Print a Microscopic Spaceship In Under a Minute

2/9/2013 - What the Hell Is This Weird Shiny Object on Mars?

2/9/2013 - The Hilariously Scientific Medicine to Cure a Hipster

2/9/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Stuck

2/8/2013 - The Vampire Diaries explores the age-old question: Why can't you be in love and a badass?

2/8/2013 - How Many Heartbeats Does Each Species Get in a Lifetime?

2/8/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Worst Pick-Up Lines

2/8/2013 - John Williams: Star Wars Main Theme

2/8/2013 - These Lego Clips Are the First Vine Videos That Are Not Only Watchable But Enjoyable

2/8/2013 - If you want to see what science fiction is capable of in 2013, you ought to pick up this book

2/8/2013 - The people who can turn streetlights off just by walking by

2/8/2013 - The First Song Composed and Recorded In Space Actually Rocks

2/8/2013 - "Futureshock" proves that the future really is unevenly distributed

2/8/2013 - Butterfly wings from another planet

2/8/2013 - Person of Interest does a pretty good Facebook satire

2/8/2013 - A 40,000 year-old sculpture made entirely from mammoth ivory

2/8/2013 - Watch the Entire Pirate Bay Documentary TPB AFK Right Here for Free

2/8/2013 - This dress turns see-thru when you're excited

2/8/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: February 2-February 8, 2013

2/8/2013 - Real-Life Wolverine Helps Save People During Catastrophic Explosion In Mexico

2/8/2013 - The shiniest retro-futuristic cars from classic science fiction

2/8/2013 - WebMD Allergy, Readmill, and More

2/8/2013 - MoviePass, Carbon, and More

2/8/2013 - Mibblio, Digs, and More

2/8/2013 - Room 237 trailer shows why we all need a documentary about The Shining

2/8/2013 - The Ronco Food Dehydrator Was My Gateway Gadget

2/8/2013 - Why creationists love Meyer's dragon

2/8/2013 - This slow-motion car explosion video is the perfect way to end your week

2/8/2013 - How Could Anyone Not Want a Product Called the Strap and Crap?

2/8/2013 - The Bone Luge: Gross, Weird, But More Than Just a Gimmick

2/8/2013 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

2/8/2013 - Could this "nano polymer" water-repelling spray really work?

2/8/2013 - LED-Illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Must Be the Best Birthday Cake In History

2/8/2013 - This machine helped predict the weekend's giant blizzard

2/8/2013 - Land of the Gun-Toting Monks: Your First Look at Melissa Marr's The Arrivals!

2/8/2013 - How to Survive When the Power Goes Out

2/8/2013 - Myths About Joss Whedon (That Keep Non-Whedonistas Away)

2/8/2013 - Community takes a sad look inside Abed's mind

2/8/2013 - Charles Darwin Is Helping Facebook Reinvent the Emoticon

2/8/2013 - Twitter Adds LOLCAT to Supported Language List Because They Are So Clever and Funny

2/8/2013 - Holy action figures! It's the first Batman '66 toys!

2/8/2013 - SETI Conducts First Ever Targeted Search For Intelligent Life On Earth-Like Planets

2/8/2013 - Why Some AT&T Users Didn't Receive Yesterday's Emergency Alert

2/8/2013 - TVs Returned After The Big Game Are Your Deal of the Day

2/8/2013 - Winter Storm Nemo Has Ruined Twitter Parody Accounts Forever

2/8/2013 - Ask Warren Ellis anything you want about Gun Machine

2/8/2013 - Leica M Monochrom Hands-On: A Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Camera

2/8/2013 - New Lego sets offer a peek into Iron Man 3

2/8/2013 - How much caffeine is too much?

2/8/2013 - Life in an Amazon Warehouse: Fear and Efficiency at 35 Orders Per Second

2/8/2013 - The 20 Loneliest Outposts At the End of the World

2/8/2013 - AOL Still Earns Most of Its Money From Dialup Subscribers

2/8/2013 - HBO orders a pilot of Damon Lindelof's post-Rapture series The Leftovers

2/8/2013 - A Few Lego Pieces Transform This Studded Mug Into Whatever You Can Imagine

2/8/2013 - Did Games Workshop give up on trying to own the term Space Marine already?

2/8/2013 - Watch Winter Storm Nemo Crash Into the East Coast on These Live Webcams

2/8/2013 - 12 Real Animals We Can't Believe Aren't Pokémon

2/8/2013 - Apple Builds a Spaceship, Google Gets an Airport

2/8/2013 - Tiny Pin-Cushions Made of Sugar Are The Sweetest, Cheapest Way To Get Vaccinated

2/8/2013 - Beautiful Minimalist Science Graphics, c. 1960

2/8/2013 - This is the best Star Wars cake we've ever seen

2/8/2013 - The Landsat Program Is the Closest We'll Ever Get to Captain Planet

2/8/2013 - The most perfect sphere ever made tests Einstein's theories

2/8/2013 - Was This Photo of the Mars Curiosity Rover Taken By an Alien or What?

2/8/2013 - The Unholy Offspring of a Tribble and a Roomba

2/8/2013 - Buddha hates love in Jet Li's The Sorcerer and the White Snake

2/8/2013 - Who Wore It Best? The Nightmarish, Blood-Gargling Zombie Edition

2/8/2013 - Spotify Is Finally on Windows Phone 8

2/8/2013 - 7 Lessons You Can Learn from Shooting with a Camera Phone

2/8/2013 - Ultrasound makes sonoluminescent bubbles

2/8/2013 - How NASA Wants Us to Explore the Universe With Robotic Avatars and Holodecks

2/8/2013 - Dinosaurs Went Extinct Almost Immediately After Mexican Asteroid Strike

2/8/2013 - First look at Man of Steel's lady villain Faora

2/8/2013 - Evasi0n Jailbreak Has Unshackled Close to 7 Million iOS Devices

2/8/2013 - Probably the most graphic SFW video you'll see this week

2/8/2013 - Here Comes the Snowpocalypse From Space

2/8/2013 - This Is the Best Tooth Extraction Method I Can Possibly Imagine

2/8/2013 - The Big Super Bowl Blackout Was Caused By a Boringly Faulty Relay

2/8/2013 - New Ancient Evidence Confirms That Yes, An Asteroid Killed All the Dinosaurs

2/8/2013 - Here's how you make glass bulletproof — on only one side

2/8/2013 - Viva Las Venus: The Jetsons and Wholesome Hedonism

2/8/2013 - When the United States Went to War Against the Mormons

2/8/2013 - Chicken & Waffles? Sriracha? Oh Please Let These Be the New Lay's Chip Flavors

2/8/2013 - A chatbot's hilariously nonsensical script has been turned into a short film

2/8/2013 - How Your Ears Do Math Better Than Mathematicians

2/8/2013 - At Least No One Can Hear What You're Doing In These Musical Rhythmic Potties

2/8/2013 - Could the latest villain rumors for Star Trek Into Darkness and Amazing Spider-Man 2 possibly be true?

2/8/2013 - This Single Molecule Drives Cancer Cells to Suicide

2/8/2013 - How Prepared Are You For Snowmaggedon?

2/8/2013 - Is Your Town on the FAA's New Drone List?

2/8/2013 - This Dragon Turned Out To Be a Pterosaur

2/8/2013 - How to Make Dry Ice at Home

2/8/2013 - This Woman Was Fined For Decorating Her Electronic Security Bracelet

2/8/2013 - Hundreds of Full-Length Movies Are Reappearing on YouTube

2/8/2013 - Did Bing Maps Capture the Top Secret U.S. Drone Base in Saudi Arabia?

2/8/2013 - Suddenly I'm liking the direction Supernatural is taking again

2/8/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Bermuda

2/7/2013 - The Future Is Going to Be Hilariously Hovering

2/7/2013 - That Awful Privacy-Killing CISPA Bill Is Coming Back to Haunt Us

2/7/2013 - Is Listening to MP3s and Vinyls Better Than Listening to Live Music?

2/7/2013 - When telepathic aliens pretend to be faeries and elves, it's just annoying for everyone

2/7/2013 - A Facebook Bug Pretty Much Took Down the Entire Internet

2/7/2013 - Freakish, Century-Old "Tall Tale Postcards" Were the 'Shops of Their Day

2/7/2013 - Which One Has More Usable Space: the 128GB Surface Pro or the 128GB MacBook Air?

2/7/2013 - An awesome mini-doc on Game of Thrones' Night's Watch, for people who know nothing

2/7/2013 - Scientists Say This Rat Was Your Great-Great-Great-Great-(...)-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother

2/7/2013 - Buy This Glowing Antler Lamp Instead Of Shooting Bambi's Mom

2/7/2013 - Two hobbyists create a DiY prosthetic hand for a 5-year-old boy in South Africa

2/7/2013 - MoviePass: A Film Buff's All You Can Eat Buffet

2/7/2013 - Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith are making a movie together!

2/7/2013 - Soothe Your Achey Joints by Sticking Each Limb Into Its Own Tiny, Electrified Bathtub

2/7/2013 - Stargate is re-opening for business (although possibly not in the way you want)

2/7/2013 - MoviePass Gallery

2/7/2013 - Mio Alpha Review: One Giant Leap For Heart Rate Monitors

2/7/2013 - First footage from the clone drama Orphan Black looks like a lot of fun

2/7/2013 - Beat the Blizzard With This Warm-Ass Coat

2/7/2013 - Dalai Lama says we need a 'global system of secular ethics'

2/7/2013 - That Blizzard Emergency Warning Text That Just Scared The Bejeezus Out of You

2/7/2013 - Everything You Need To Ride Out Snowmaggedon

2/7/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/7/2013 - Once Upon a Time Episode 2.14 Promo Photos

2/7/2013 - The Justice League movie starts over

2/7/2013 - Watch Back To The Future Boiled Down to 60 Awesome Seconds of Animation

2/7/2013 - At Last, an Amazing UFO Video Without Blurring!

2/7/2013 - Tiny Internal Explosions Power This Robot's Amazing Jumping Prowess

2/7/2013 - Shake This App For a Random GIF Background

2/7/2013 - New study of mammalian evolution reveals one of our earliest ancestors

2/7/2013 - Eventually This Mind-Bending Exhibit Would Brute Force Every Possible Image

2/7/2013 - The one way that smog is beneficial to scientific observation

2/7/2013 - What and How Do U-2 Spy Plane Pilots Eat During Their 12 Hour Missions?

2/7/2013 - 25GB of Free Cloud Storage Is Your Deal of the Day

2/7/2013 - New Star Trek images surround Benedict Cumberbatch with red shirts... uh oh

2/7/2013 - An Awesome Native American Technique Gave Us the Heat-Beating Edgeland House

2/7/2013 - The weird life of pioneering female pulp fiction writer CL Moore

2/7/2013 - The BBC has canceled the original Being Human

2/7/2013 - Popticals: Folding Shades of Grey That Slip Easily in Your Pocket

2/7/2013 - These freaky flexible sculptures are easily the weirdest thing you'll see today

2/7/2013 - Lazy Zipper Tie Doesn't Even Try To Hide the Fact It's a Complete Fraud

2/7/2013 - 10 Movies That Should Become Spinoff TV Series Right Now

2/7/2013 - A 62 year-old wild albatross has hatched a healthy chick — for the 35th time

2/7/2013 - Reporter Who Doesn't Want Her Public Tweets Published Allegedly Posted a Teen’s Private Sex Diary Online

2/7/2013 - Mailbox for iPhone Is Finally in the App Store, Along With Its 250,000+ Waiting List

2/7/2013 - These Slick Stackable Chess Pieces Track Your Calculated Carnage

2/7/2013 - Beware This Unmanned Copter and Its Rocket Launcher Arsenal

2/7/2013 - This is the ultimate supervillain weapon

2/7/2013 - 10 Surprisingly Satisfying Slow-Motion Heartbreaks

2/7/2013 - Amazon Has a Patent to Sell Used Ebooks

2/7/2013 - R.I.P. Stuart Freeborn, the creature creator who brought Yoda to life

2/7/2013 - These Glorious Illustrations Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Hungry at the Same Time

2/7/2013 - 4.5 Billion Potentially Habitable Planets May Orbit Red Dwarfs In Our Galaxy

2/7/2013 - The Yorky Lamp Knows at Least Three Commands

2/7/2013 - Why quantum mechanics is the biggest embarrassment in all of modern physics

2/7/2013 - Nowcation Shows You Cheap Flights Leaving in the Next Month

2/7/2013 - The Tick That Can Make You a Vegetarian

2/7/2013 - Someone Out There Is 3D-Printing Faces With Your Discarded DNA Scraps

2/7/2013 - The fractured X-Men fairy tale that turned Wolverine into a troll and Jubilee into... a badass?

2/7/2013 - Who Needs a GoPro When Your Helmet's Already a Camera?

2/7/2013 - New Canadian coin features the incredibly badass Quetzalcoatlus — and it glows in the dark

2/7/2013 - Is This a Gorgeous Range Hood Or a UFO Abduction Tube?

2/7/2013 - Deathstroke starts Arrow's most functional relationship

2/7/2013 - Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World

2/7/2013 - The most gorgeous Leidenfrost video I’ve ever seen

2/7/2013 - William Shatner to phone astronaut Chris Hadfield at 10:40 ET — watch it live on io9!

2/7/2013 - Could Fringe's John Noble really be playing the villain of Star Wars: Episode VII?

2/7/2013 - Reusable Glue Gives You a Mulligan by Unsticking Under UV Light

2/7/2013 - RFID Parcel Sensor Knows If Your Delivery Has Been Dropped

2/7/2013 - UK Scientists Are Launching a Satellite Powered By... a Google Nexus One?

2/7/2013 - Missile Row

2/7/2013 - Ouya's Hardware Will Be Updated Every Single Year

2/7/2013 - What Is This? (Answer)

2/7/2013 - This Pancake-Making Rube Goldberg Machine Is So Much Fun

2/7/2013 - Silicon Valley Job Growth Now Matches the Dot-Com Boom

2/7/2013 - What Is This?

2/7/2013 - Ubuntu Phones Will Arrive in October

2/7/2013 - Watch This Video To Remember Everything the Internet Loved Last Year

2/7/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: PANDA (NSFW)

2/6/2013 - Here Are the FBI's Official Tips to Avoid Being Sexually Extorted Online

2/6/2013 - Watch Every Super Bowl Commercial Mashed Up Into One Super Long and Fun Commercial Remix

2/6/2013 - A Father Gave His Daughter a $200 Contract to Stay Off Facebook

2/6/2013 - Why Americans Became Obsessed with Ninjas

2/6/2013 - Rumor: The PlayStation 4 Will Cost Over $400

2/6/2013 - Boeing Is Redesigning the 787 Dreamliner's Battery So It Can Fly Again

2/6/2013 - The Axe Cop action figures will be, without question, the greatest toys of all time

2/6/2013 - Begun: San Francisco (NSFW)

2/6/2013 - This is easily the cutest tree frog we've ever seen

2/6/2013 - How will Sean Bean get killed in the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending?

2/6/2013 - Thor's Hammer Weighs as Much as 300 Billion Elephants, Says Neil deGrasse Tyson

2/6/2013 - Did the very first science fiction magazine appear in Russia in 1894?

2/6/2013 - I Really Want to Live Inside This Cozy, Ridiculous and Totally Awesome PC Case

2/6/2013 - Who do you LEAST want to play Young Han Solo in the new Star Wars spinoff?

2/6/2013 - Readmill: A Beautiful eReader for Your iPhone

2/6/2013 - Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things Tumblr Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

2/6/2013 - io9 is hiring: We're looking for a few good researchers!

2/6/2013 - If sea levels are rising, let the floods come

2/6/2013 - Horse_Ebooks Tweets Are the Best Way to Deal With OkCupid Creeps

2/6/2013 - Readmill Gallery

2/6/2013 - These Cooking Tools Can Rest on the Side of Your Pan Like Magic

2/6/2013 - The Walking Dead Promo Photos

2/6/2013 - Supernatural Behind the Scenes Photos

2/6/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/6/2013 - Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time Behind the Scenes Photos

2/6/2013 - All You Need Is Kill Behind the Scenes Photots

2/6/2013 - Intelligent Keyboard-Wide Touchpad Is Smart Enough To Ignore Your Palms

2/6/2013 - Iran Shows Decoded Video from Captured American Drone

2/6/2013 - All the proof you need that bloodthirsty dinosaurs live among us

2/6/2013 - The remarkable story of a Russian family cut off from all human contact for 40 years

2/6/2013 - Microsoft Should Have Made a Laptop

2/6/2013 - Microsoft and Symantec Just Busted a Major Cyber Crime Ring

2/6/2013 - Concept art shows what Paradise Island would have looked like in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman

2/6/2013 - Duck Doesn't Have To Be On the Menu To Use This Adorable Kitchen Timer

2/6/2013 - Watch Siri Turn Into a Home Automation Master With the Help Of Raspberry Pi

2/6/2013 - A Humidifier? It's Time To Stop With the Ridiculous Camera Lens Gadgets

2/6/2013 - Do zombies experience consciousness?

2/6/2013 - Why Bother Boiling When You Can Toast Your Eggs Instead?

2/6/2013 - This Mophie Juice Pack Is Your Electronic-Safety-Blanket Deal of the Day

2/6/2013 - HBO hires George R.R. Martin to make all the shows

2/6/2013 - Alphabet Robots Are Still The Best Way to Learn The Alphabet

2/6/2013 - Games Workshop is still claiming to own the trademark to "Space Marine." Time to get pissed off.

2/6/2013 - New Zealand Transformer Coins Feature Heros We Actually Care About

2/6/2013 - 42 years ago today, astronaut Alan Shepard went golfing on the Moon

2/6/2013 - My Visit to the Ultimate Treasure Trove of Star Wars Memorabilia

2/6/2013 - If You Were Arriving at Venus, This Is What You Would See

2/6/2013 - Search, Discovery, and Pretty Much Everything Is Better in Twitter's Update

2/6/2013 - Not Even The Lady In the Lake Would Wear This Knights of the Round Table Watch

2/6/2013 - This is a man breathing fire in slow motion

2/6/2013 - The Standalone Star Wars Movies: Young Han Solo and Boba Fett?

2/6/2013 - I Wish These Awesome Urban Creatures Lived In New York for Real

2/6/2013 - 10 Most Incompetent Space Captains in the Universe

2/6/2013 - Up's odd couple trades balloons for Batman's cape and cowl

2/6/2013 - These 25 Avant-Garde Concert Posters Turn Advertising into Art

2/6/2013 - Amateur uses the Hubble Space Telescope to produce the most beautiful galaxy photograph ever

2/6/2013 - mPING Weather-Reporting App: Now Anyone Can Be Al Roker

2/6/2013 - Hell Yes: Google Maps Has Ski Mountain Maps Now

2/6/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Dual Sparkler Exposures

2/6/2013 - This is what a solar flare sounds like here on Earth

2/6/2013 - How Mark Changizi conquered colorblindness with glasses

2/6/2013 - Black Hornet: The $195,000 Spy Plane That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

2/6/2013 - Quick: Which is more terror-inducing, aliens or zombies?

2/6/2013 - Here's How You Turn San Francisco Into a Bourbon-Fueled Gorgefest

2/6/2013 - The sinister Pauli Effect

2/6/2013 - Track the Sneaky TOS Changes on Your Favorite Online Services

2/6/2013 - This is the most impressive Disney Princess wedding we've ever seen

2/6/2013 - Why the @#$% hasn’t there been a live-action Batman TV show since the ‘60s?

2/6/2013 - Secretly We All Want This Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

2/6/2013 - This Perpetual Motion Machine May Not Be Perpetual, But It's Awesome Anyway

2/6/2013 - 2,300 Year-Old Golden Wreath Found On Head Of Buried Body In Greek Subway Dig

2/6/2013 - Five Days of Mail a Week Is Still Too Much

2/6/2013 - This Cool Internet Toy Will Consume Some of Your Life Today

2/6/2013 - An exclusive first look at Saturday's new My Little Pony, featuring the ultimate bad hair day!

2/6/2013 - Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

2/6/2013 - Monopoly's Iron Token Is Dead, Long Live the Cat

2/6/2013 - Wobbling Tongs That Never Topple Will Keep Your Counters Clean

2/6/2013 - Equality in sexy book reading achieved with "Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft"

2/6/2013 - The next big piece of Disney's Star Wars masterplan is confirmed. Plus The Amazing Spider-Man 2 starts filming!

2/6/2013 - An Amateur Astronomer Helped Hubble Snap This Galactic Monster

2/6/2013 - Do You Ever Take Time Off From Facebook?

2/6/2013 - You'll Soon Be Able To Roll Up Your Home Stereo Like a Newspaper

2/6/2013 - BlackBerry's Q10 QWERTY Hero Won't Be in the US Until May—At the Earliest

2/6/2013 - Can the FCC Create Public Super Wi-Fi Networks?

2/6/2013 - Diet Mixers Get You Drunk Faster

2/6/2013 - The World's Newest, Longest Prime Number Is Over 17 Million Digits Long

2/6/2013 - The Day IBM Let Married Women Work

2/6/2013 - This Sofa Brings the Campsite Indoors

2/6/2013 - Rupert Murdoch Admits the WSJ Is Still Being Hacked

2/6/2013 - Seventh grade girl builds rocket, sends Hello Kitty into the upper atmosphere

2/6/2013 - Oh Hell Yeah, You Can Buy Weapon Shaped Pillows for Your Next Pillow Fight Now

2/6/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Bird Shit

2/5/2013 - The Smallest Car in the World Is Painfully Tiny but Ridiculously Cute

2/5/2013 - Superhero Noir Captures the Bleakness of Do-Gooding

2/5/2013 - The Federal Reserve Said It Was Hacked

2/5/2013 - Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Too Much Future?

2/5/2013 - You'll take this poster for George Lucas' THX-1138 if you know what's good for you

2/5/2013 - This Hilarious Song Pretty Much Explains the Internet and Memes

2/5/2013 - Lightspeed Presents… “The Infill Trait” by C.C.Finlay

2/5/2013 - You Can Never Go Back to Nature

2/5/2013 - A vampire and a zombie walk into a bar... to swing dance?

2/5/2013 - This Week's Comics: The Superhero Team-Up Book That Everybody's Going to be Raving About

2/5/2013 - Melodysheep: The WTF Singalong (EXPLICIT)

2/5/2013 - Neanderthals may have mostly died out before Homo sapiens came to Europe

2/5/2013 - Disney Confirms That It Will Make Spin Off Star Wars Movies Based on Individual Characters

2/5/2013 - Two guys wanted to know what giving birth feels like. Here's what happened.

2/5/2013 - WebMD Allergy: Assuage Your Seasonal Suffering

2/5/2013 - A 3D Printer That Generates Human Embryonic Stem Cells

2/5/2013 - Who the Hell Can Understand the Voyager Disc's User Manual?

2/5/2013 - Is Farscape's Rockne O'Bannon the ultimate villain of his new show Cult?

2/5/2013 - Not Even a Samurai's Wraith Can Fell This Beautiful Wooden Chair

2/5/2013 - WebMD Allergy Gallery

2/5/2013 - The Beanbag Has Finally Been Perfected

2/5/2013 - Magnet buys the space-horror movie Europa Report... and reveals new plot details!

2/5/2013 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Warren Ellis' Gun Machine

2/5/2013 - Your First Glimpse of the Magical Gangs of New York in the Winter’s Tale Movie

2/5/2013 - Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt is officially Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy

2/5/2013 - Jack White's Next Record Will Be Printed On the Bones Of Humans Past

2/5/2013 - Meet the Andean Cock-of-the-rock. It's f*cking strange as all hell and we love it.

2/5/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/5/2013 - Walking Dead Mid-Season Promo Photos

2/5/2013 - Pre-Damaged Luggage Makes a Baggage Handler's Job So Much Easier

2/5/2013 - Reading on your tablet computer at night could be disrupting your sleep

2/5/2013 - Futurama's seventh season may ret-con the series' saddest moment

2/5/2013 - Smartphone Bow Turns Your Handset Into an Archery Simulator

2/5/2013 - The Veritable Pocket Laboratory Cops Have to Carry to Test Drugs on the Street

2/5/2013 - All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in February

2/5/2013 - So the Committee for Small Body Nomenclature just named an asteroid after Wikipedia

2/5/2013 - These Leak-Proof Contigo Mugs Are Your Lifechanger Deal of the Day

2/5/2013 - Good 69 Joke, iTunes

2/5/2013 - Redbox Instant Video Is Coming Soon to the Xbox 360

2/5/2013 - PBS's Silicon Valley Gives You an Inside Look At the Startup World Before It Became Terrible

2/5/2013 - You Can Fold This Indoor Chair Just Like a Car Seat

2/5/2013 - 26 Photos Taken In $20 Lightboxes

2/5/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Box

2/5/2013 - George Saunders' new book shows just how terrible first world problems can be

2/5/2013 - What Is Happening to This Aircraft Carrier?

2/5/2013 - 10 Educationally Insane Superhero PSA Comics

2/5/2013 - We will not change the world with memes alone

2/5/2013 - Augmented Reality Case Turns Your iPhone Into a (Kind Of) Accurate Tape Measure

2/5/2013 - Your Instagram Feed Is Now on the Web

2/5/2013 - Visit Apple's iBookstore for a Curated Selection of Self-Published Soft Porn

2/5/2013 - Grand Central Terminal Got an Impromptu LED Light Show for Its 100th Birthday

2/5/2013 - Mophie's iPhone 5 Juice Pack Helium: Double Battery Life for Not Much More Heft

2/5/2013 - ERMAHGERD Guillermo del Toro is making a Secret Garden movie

2/5/2013 - Jailbreaking Your iOS Device Probably Killed the Weather App, Here's How To Fix It

2/5/2013 - How well did NYC's flood analysis predict the reality of Hurricane Sandy?

2/5/2013 - Richard III identified? Not so fast, say DNA experts

2/5/2013 - 20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind

2/5/2013 - The Halley VI Modular Lab Keeps Moving to Avoid Death-by-Ice

2/5/2013 - This gif of the Joker putting on lipstick is utterly terrifying

2/5/2013 - Mariner 10's Portrait of Venus

2/5/2013 - Scientists Have 3D-Printed Embryonic Stem Cells

2/5/2013 - HP Gets Real Underminey In Response To Dell Going Private

2/5/2013 - How liquid nitrogen can make things explode

2/5/2013 - Creepy Smartphone Add-On Shocks Your Muscles For Realistic Force Feedback

2/5/2013 - Astronomers Say Super-Earths Are Actually Mini-Neptunes

2/5/2013 - The Perfect Definition of This Goddamn Digital Life

2/5/2013 - The first stand-alone Star Wars movie could center on Yoda

2/5/2013 - Jon Snow explains exactly how cold it is beyond the wall (Hint: It's freakin' cold

2/5/2013 - Ahmadinejad wants to be the first Iranian in space

2/5/2013 - A New Service Gives You Storage for All Your Devices That Never Runs Out

2/5/2013 - In the future everything will hover and YOU WILL LOVE IT

2/5/2013 - Eradicate Lunchtime Stains With a Desktop Washing Machine

2/5/2013 - Files Discovered in Jailbroken iPads Hint at Future Radio Features

2/5/2013 - Another reason why nothing beats an astronaut

2/5/2013 - Dell's Going Private. Now What?

2/5/2013 - Amazon Just Made Its Own Currency, Amazon Coins

2/5/2013 - Inside the Beating Heart of an Optical Atomic Clock

2/5/2013 - Facebook Ads Are Going to Tell You When They're Tracking You

2/5/2013 - Benedict Cumberbatch reveals why his Star Trek Into Darkness character is a frighteningly modern villain!

2/5/2013 - Overkill, Thy Name Is This Tiny, Tablet-Cleaning, Roomba-Like Robot

2/5/2013 - This Is What Richard III Looked Like Before Being Buried Beneath a Parking Lot

2/5/2013 - Safely Explore an Erupting Volcano With This Stunning 360 Degree Interactive Video

2/5/2013 - The Hidden Fractals in Jurassic Park

2/5/2013 - Can You Identify Kim Jong-un's Phone?

2/5/2013 - HTC Is Promising a New Smartphone Camera Experience—But What Is It?

2/5/2013 - How FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than the Internet—and When That'll Change

2/5/2013 - The FAA May Let Boeing Run Dreamliner Test Flights This Week

2/5/2013 - Leaked DOJ Memo Justifies Drone Strikes on US Citizens

2/5/2013 - The Ouya Console Will Be Available at Best Buy For $100 in June

2/5/2013 - I Want to Ride All These Insane Roller Coasters from the Centrifuge Brain Project

2/5/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Turner

2/4/2013 - An Awesome Interactive 72,000 LED Display Is What Every Children's Hospital Needs

2/4/2013 - Are Google Ad Results Racist? (Updated)

2/4/2013 - Walking Dead Promo Images

2/4/2013 - Vampire Diaries Episode 4.15 Photos

2/4/2013 - Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Ad Stills

2/4/2013 - Morning Spoilers Misc.

2/4/2013 - Dyson's Newest Airblade Could Change The Way Architects Think

2/4/2013 - How the Heck Did This Photographer Take These Falling Self Portraits?

2/4/2013 - What If Your Favorite Cyborgs Were in an Anatomy Textbook?

2/4/2013 - This Woman Is Going to Be the First Porn Star to Go to Space

2/4/2013 - Polyandry is more common than we thought

2/4/2013 - An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough

2/4/2013 - Watch the Spellbinding Process of How Nikon Makes Its Lenses

2/4/2013 - The Real-Life Japanese Pop Star Scandal That's Possibly Too Weird for a William Gibson Novel

2/4/2013 - Someone Wants You To Hold This Fake Waterproof Newspaper Over Your Head Instead of an Umbrella

2/4/2013 - Jared Diamond earns criticism for suggesting tribal people are in a 'state of constant war'

2/4/2013 - How The Mars Curiosity Rover Became Science Fiction

2/4/2013 - The Hulk is Ally Sheedy in this Avengers/Breakfast Club mash-up video

2/4/2013 - Joss Whedon teases us all with this amazing Firefly Magazine

2/4/2013 - Carbon: A Better Looking Twitter Interface

2/4/2013 - Here's the New Most Amazing Hand Dryer in The World

2/4/2013 - Add the Department of Energy to the List of Agencies Nailed by Hackers

2/4/2013 - What's the cutting edge of feminist science fiction today? Your chance to sound off!

2/4/2013 - The sticky truth about Spider-Man's "web"

2/4/2013 - Stealthy Robot Uses Loud Distractions To Move About Undetected

2/4/2013 - Report: Facebook Creating App to Track You and Your Friends

2/4/2013 - Carbon Gallery

2/4/2013 - Take the Perfect Picture and a Half-Dozen More With This Multi-Shot Camera App for Windows Phone 8

2/4/2013 - How can you tell if you are suffering from Future Shock?

2/4/2013 - You Can't Store Your Stuff on This USB Drive Necklace

2/4/2013 - Twitter Is Reportedly Adding Two-Factor Login (Updated)

2/4/2013 - This G.I. Joe movie ad is the best Super Bowl commercial that didn't air during the Super Bowl

2/4/2013 - You Can Have a New Car, Or This 20-Foot Long Fully Animated Dinosaur

2/4/2013 - The Strange History of the Moscow Cathedral That Couldn't Be Destroyed

2/4/2013 - Every wacky American Horror Story: Asylum plot in 60 seconds

2/4/2013 - Flagellent HBO Tells Google To Remove Links To... HBO

2/4/2013 - Why Iran's New Home-Grown Stealth Fighter Will Never Get Off the Ground

2/4/2013 - Ghibli's new movie features blistering coming-of-age-in-tranquil-1960s-Japan action

2/4/2013 - Man Spends Three Years of His Life Destroying Company Servers With Cleaning Supplies

2/4/2013 - Water-Powered RC Rover: Batteries Not Included (Or Required)

2/4/2013 - Our individual perception of global warming is matching up with reality

2/4/2013 - An Anthology of Science Fiction Stories from 80 Different Countries

2/4/2013 - Fearless Felix Not So Fearless, Went Faster Than We Thought

2/4/2013 - These Beautiful Speakers Are Your Jony-Ive-Designed-MoMA-Approved Deal of the Day

2/4/2013 - Don't Worry, You Can't Kill These Intricately Woven Wire Bonsai Trees

2/4/2013 - Warren Ellis' Gun Machine Is a Blood-Soaked Hymn to New York Gun Fetishism

2/4/2013 - What is the purpose of the Universe? Here is one possible answer.

2/4/2013 - Lightning Review: Nokia's Review of Its Own Phone

2/4/2013 - Pacific Rim gets a rave review from Rian Johnson, plus some stunning new images

2/4/2013 - Report: FreedomPop's LTE Clip Will Give Wi-Fi-Only Tablets Free Mobile Internet

2/4/2013 - How to Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad

2/4/2013 - Awesome Lego Gundam Must Become an Official Set NOW

2/4/2013 - The First 25 People on Facebook Are All Crazy Successful Now

2/4/2013 - 6 Appalling Things I Would Do If I Ran Famous Scientific Institutions

2/4/2013 - Could serialized pulp novels actually be the wave of the (retro) future?

2/4/2013 - iPhone Math: What Would an Even Bigger iPhone Be Like?

2/4/2013 - A Sad App Pairs You With Strangers For Dinner

2/4/2013 - Thunderbirds will return, but without any puppets

2/4/2013 - Automatic 3D Snowflake Camera: Find Out For Yourself If No Two Are Alike

2/4/2013 - Gemma Arterton trades hunting witches for vacationing with vampires in Byzantium

2/4/2013 - Will Nokia's Next Lumia Get a 41-Megapixel PureView Image Sensor?

2/4/2013 - The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Is Finally Here

2/4/2013 - This Week's TV: Could Community possibly be worth watching without Dan Harmon?

2/4/2013 - Astronauts, Satan and The Rock dominate the best Super Bowl commercials

2/4/2013 - This Industrial Strength Trimmer Shaves Perfect Dutch Greens

2/4/2013 - Denmark's newest sci fi franchise stars shimmering killer cyber-giants, obviously

2/4/2013 - How To Fix iMessage If Someone Crashes You With That Vicious Text String

2/4/2013 - Ahmadinejad Wants to "Sacrifice" Himself in Space for Iran

2/4/2013 - Batman and his Sexy, Steampunk and Occasionally Gender-Swapped DC Bat-Family

2/4/2013 - If This Amazing Transforming Candle Isn't On Your Birthday Cake, Your Family Doesn't Love You

2/4/2013 - The Marvel Movie-verse may be taking a trip to Planet Hulk

2/4/2013 - Super Bowl Blackout Caused by "Abnormality" That Led to a Breaker Freakout

2/4/2013 - All of John Kerry's State Department Tweets Will End with "JK" and Confuse Entire World

2/4/2013 - A bacterium that turns toxic chemicals into solid gold

2/4/2013 - Super Bowl Tech Ads: From Worst to Best

2/4/2013 - Ionizing Blaster Stops Dust From Sticking To Your Camera's Sensor

2/4/2013 - USB Energy Monitor Exposes How Power-Hungry Your Flash Drive Is

2/4/2013 - How to induce fear in "fearless" people

2/4/2013 - Anonymous Leaked Account Data for 4,000 Bank Executives on a Government Website

2/4/2013 - DNA from Canadian family confirms identity of King Richard III's remains

2/4/2013 - Would You Buy Ebooks on a Pay-As-You-Read Basis?

2/4/2013 - Hands Down the Nerdiest Way To Say I Love You

2/4/2013 - The Captain America sequel finds its female lead. Plus lots more X-Men and Iron Man 3 hints!

2/4/2013 - How Your Microwave Actually Works

2/4/2013 - What Happens When a 900MPH Ping Pong Serve Hits Your Paddle

2/4/2013 - A Mosaic of Mars's Surface, in Ultra-High Detail

2/4/2013 - Saturn I In A Chrysler Ad

2/4/2013 - This Text String Crashes Almost Any App on a Mac Running Mountain Lion

2/4/2013 - A Stunning Hand Knotted Carpet Of Mars' Surface

2/4/2013 - Confirmed: Richard III's Skeleton Found Underneath a Parking Lot

2/4/2013 - The Sounds Your Dial-Up Modem Used to Make, Visualized

2/4/2013 - Was BlackBerry's Super Bowl Ad the Dumbest Tech Ad You've Ever Seen?

2/4/2013 - Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness Trailers From Last Night's Super Bowl

2/4/2013 - HP's First Chromebook: Big Screen, Little Else

2/4/2013 - Best of the Week: January 26-February 1, 2013

2/3/2013 - You Have To Wait One More Day for an iPhone 5 Jailbreak

2/3/2013 - My Bloody Valentine: MBV

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