7/31/2013 - Can You Guess the Movies That These Lego Models Are Recreating?

7/31/2013 - How Many of These 79 Words Can You Actually Pronounce?

7/31/2013 - These Star Wars Parkour Guys Are Probably Real Life Jedis

7/31/2013 - What a Timelapse Would Have Looked Like When Dinosaurs Were Alive

7/31/2013 - Brazilian TV shows public blowjob happening live at volleyball game

7/31/2013 - A silk brain implant that treats epilepsy then melts away

7/31/2013 - Two new indie horror trailers that will curdle your soul

7/31/2013 - Watch this German village get trounced by a freak hail storm

7/31/2013 - Today in nightmare fuel: fleshy geometric heads get glitchy

7/31/2013 - Volcanoes can "recharge" with new magma just days after an eruption

7/31/2013 - We can't believe there's a Hobbit deleted scene! But here it is.

7/31/2013 - Incredible Soviet Rip-offs of Western Technologies

7/31/2013 - How Horrified Are You by Your Facebook Search History?

7/31/2013 - Hilarious new About Time trailer explains the rules of time travel

7/31/2013 - Commercial Break for iOS: Skip Commercials Without Missing the Good Stuff

7/31/2013 - Tokyo Will Retrofit Its Skyscrapers To Prep For the Next Big Quake

7/31/2013 - New JOBS Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Ashton Can Definitely Be Steve

7/31/2013 - Amazing Venom short banishes our horrible memories of Spider-Man 3

7/31/2013 - Are you the kind of exploited sucker who never gets a vacation?

7/31/2013 - Better than Mario? This new video game finally gives purpose to life

7/31/2013 - Warlow explains how his sex powers will change True Blood

7/31/2013 - In the latest Temeraire novel, only Chinese dragons can save Europe

7/31/2013 - NASA's Spaceship Factory Is Unfathomably Huge

7/31/2013 - This image isn't a 3D game but America's newest stealth machine

7/31/2013 - From Shock Chairs to Smell-O-Vision: The Movie Gimmicks of Yesteryear

7/31/2013 - What's the most contrived twist ending in a science fiction story?

7/31/2013 - This Burger-Shaped Flipper Is Perfect For Literalist Grillmasters

7/31/2013 - Despite fame from TV's Friends, old actress still can't get pregnant

7/31/2013 - Why did David Bowie kidnap a baby in the movie Labyrinth?

7/31/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Grill

7/31/2013 - Honest Trailers takes on its easiest, greatest target: Batman & Robin

7/31/2013 - Four Years of Amazing Japanese Science Fiction

7/31/2013 - Night vs. Day Aircraft Carrier Landings in One Harrowing Video

7/31/2013 - A 100-year-old discovery can pull electricity from dirty water

7/31/2013 - This Insanely High-Res Panorama Will Make You Feel Like a Super-Spy

7/31/2013 - Hello, Smart Bike: Hands On With Lapierre's Intelligent Suspension

7/31/2013 - The largest photo ever taken of Tokyo is zoomable, and it is glorious

7/31/2013 - Is this the worst football team of 2013?

7/31/2013 - Copyright Takedowns on Twitter Are Up 76 Percent

7/31/2013 - The Problem of Premature Nerdgasms

7/31/2013 - This Intense Real-Life F-35 Picture Looks Like an Iron Man Frame

7/31/2013 - Bon Voyage, Big Bertha! Seattle Digs a Cave For the Future

7/31/2013 - Inca Children Were Drunk And Stoned Before Ritual Sacrifice

7/31/2013 - A Handheld 3D Scanner Could Let You Upload Your Whole World

7/31/2013 - Technology Really Is Making You Fat (But Not How You Think)

7/31/2013 - The Insides of Meteorites Are Nature's Stained Glass

7/31/2013 - Dealzmodo: Your Pick Of Great TV Deals, Multi-Touch Monitor, Newsroom

7/31/2013 - Meet the potential characters of Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie

7/31/2013 - Watch the trailer for Splice director Vincenzo Natali's Haunter

7/31/2013 - Google's Sordid History of Net Neutrality Hypocrisy

7/31/2013 - The 12 Least Threatening Dragons of All Time

7/31/2013 - There's Enough Ikea Furniture in Porn to Fill a Whole Tumblr (NSFW)

7/31/2013 - New York's Underground Moving Sidewalk That Never Was

7/31/2013 - This amazing Labyrinth fan-created backstory just BLEW OUR MINDS

7/31/2013 - Tables of Power: Inside the Inner Sanctums of Fortune 500 Companies

7/31/2013 - A Colorful Budget iPhone Could Look Awfully Pretty on Shelves

7/31/2013 - Lego Makes a Fan's Dream Come True

7/31/2013 - Does infinity really exist?

7/31/2013 - What Happens to Us as the Universe Expands?

7/31/2013 - Stephen King once wrote that "perfect paranoia is perfect awareness"

7/31/2013 - She survived future wars, but can she survive her own fancy brothel?

7/31/2013 - Facebook Status Updates Are About to Leak Into the Rest of the Web

7/31/2013 - How to add secret compartments to your car—and other cool hacks

7/31/2013 - Computer chips in your mouth will know what you're saying

7/31/2013 - Thank God They Didn't Use These Early Movie Character Concepts

7/31/2013 - Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Connect To Whichever LTE Format You're In

7/31/2013 - The Sneaky Trick Crappy Movie Studios Use to Rack Up On-Demand Views

7/31/2013 - This Astronomically Correct Jupiter Cake Is a Gas

7/31/2013 - The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was

7/31/2013 - Watch Facebook's Slow Creep Toward Total World Domination

7/31/2013 - Why history has forgotten the man who discovered protons and electrons

7/31/2013 - 40 Years of Nike's Most Iconic Shoe Designs, Visualized

7/31/2013 - What do supernovae and salad dressing have in common?

7/31/2013 - Dead Ostrich Takes Flight as a Cyborg Quadcopter Monstrosity

7/31/2013 - This Electric Plane Could Be the First to Top 250 MPH

7/31/2013 - The chemistry of the corpse flower's wretched stench

7/31/2013 - Microsoft Has to Change SkyDrive's Name Because of a Lawsuit Now, Too

7/31/2013 - Special Software Lets the NSA Collect "Nearly Everything" You Do Online

7/31/2013 - A terrific road trip for horror film lovers

7/31/2013 - Great, Now Robots Can Outsmart Tripwires

7/31/2013 - What Would Happen If the Whole World Peed in the Ocean at Once?

7/31/2013 - Who won Comic-Con, Superman/Batman or Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?

7/31/2013 - Pacific Rim recut as a classic Godzilla movie is just the best

7/31/2013 - This Weird Portable Shower Sprays Water Up Instead of Down

7/31/2013 - Facebook's New Timehop-Like Feature Shows You What You Did a Year Ago

7/31/2013 - These Wild Hidden Pictures Could Protect the Money of the Future

7/31/2013 - Is a superhero dressed in a burka sending the wrong message?

7/31/2013 - Next-generation game consoles will pretty much feel the same

7/31/2013 - These Super Geeks Created a Virtual Reality Version of Paperboy

7/31/2013 - Samsung Denies Trying to Artificially Inflate Its Benchmark Scores

7/31/2013 - What Happens to Your Skin in Space

7/31/2013 - How to be more productive according to the brilliant Alan Turing

7/31/2013 - An enchanting new photo of the Andromeda Galaxy

7/31/2013 - Crazy device could launch stuff to space at 1/100 the price of rockets

7/31/2013 - Street Artist Replaces Erased Work With Stencil of Guy Who Erased It

7/31/2013 - NASA spots a massive hole near the Sun's north pole

7/31/2013 - 20 Iconic Weapons From the Most Legendary Gunslingers in Film

7/31/2013 - Just how does Cobie Smulders' Agent Maria Hill fit into S.H.I.E.L.D.?

7/31/2013 - Here's Proof That Your Perception of Time Is Awful

7/31/2013 - In Theory, This Is How Xbox One and PS4 Graphics Compare

7/31/2013 - Two Moons That Pass in the Night

7/31/2013 - Federal Court: Cell Phone Tracking Without a Warrant Is A-OK

7/31/2013 - Canon's New Tiny Video Camera Is For Filming Yourself Doing...Whatever

7/31/2013 - The 7 Companies Microsoft Won't Let Its Ex-Windows Chief Work For

7/31/2013 - This Smart Wearable Vibrator Will Get Women Off Intelligently

7/31/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Cornelis

7/30/2013 - Samsung Rigged the S4 to Unnaturally Perform Better in Benchmark Tests

7/30/2013 - The Multiverse's Cutest Version of Galactus, Eater of Worlds

7/30/2013 - All the Failed Predictions of When the World Will End

7/30/2013 - A Fuelband-like Collar Shows You What Life Is Like As a Polar Bear

7/30/2013 - OpenTable Wants to Fix the Single Most Annoying Thing About Eating Out

7/30/2013 - This clip will make you desperately want a Lois Lane TV show

7/30/2013 - Is Under the Dome ever going get beyond its hateful characters?

7/30/2013 - James Bond's submarine-car bought from storage for $100

7/30/2013 - I Can't Believe This Alien Orange Bubble Sky Actually Appeared on Earth

7/30/2013 - With this device, you can control a rat using the power of your mind

7/30/2013 - People who can't finish a bottle of wine will love this $300 gadget

7/30/2013 - The Lego Architecture Studio is a must have for design pros and fans

7/30/2013 - Q&A With the Chicago Tribune Editors Who Put a Cat on Their Homepage

7/30/2013 - What science fiction author best describes the world we live in now?

7/30/2013 - A Single Trailer to Rule All Your Heroic Movie Dreams

7/30/2013 - InfoGif compares ages of the Abrams cast to the Star Trek originals

7/30/2013 - A Van de Graaff generator can snuff out a candle with "electric wind"

7/30/2013 - How to avoid the biggest regret in life

7/30/2013 - Read the story that made Grant Morrison a star in This Week's Comics

7/30/2013 - These Are the Narrowest Houses in the World

7/30/2013 - ACI Cockpit360° for iOS: 360-Degree Cockpit Porn in the Palm of Your Hand

7/30/2013 - Have we finally gotten sick of summer blockbusters?

7/30/2013 - A Wonderful Lunatic Turned a MacBook Air Into a Badass Gaming Rig

7/30/2013 - Greedy grooms' new demand: “Give us all your money!”

7/30/2013 - Magical Bottle Opener Can Pour Wine Without Popping the Cork

7/30/2013 - These guys want you to crowdfund their space railroad

7/30/2013 - Is Hollywood's glut of big-budget blockbusters doomed to failure?

7/30/2013 - Go check out this Q&A session on the Mars Curiosity Rover right now!

7/30/2013 - Cute kitten ruled big cIty newspaper for 16 magic minutes

7/30/2013 - 4 Elysium clips show off Neill Blomkamp’s filthy future world

7/30/2013 - How Eating the Right Bacteria Could Give Your Body Superpowers

7/30/2013 - The TV show that taught the world how to masturbate

7/30/2013 - Every Dog Needs This Magnet-Powered Flying Carpet

7/30/2013 - RUN, RADISH MAN!

7/30/2013 - Amazon's Updated Kindle App Is a Tiny F U to Apple's App Store

7/30/2013 - Here's How Designers Reimagined the Cover Art For 50 Classic Novels

7/30/2013 - A Dark, Brilliant Short Film… Starring Pee Wee Herman

7/30/2013 - Future Windows Could Use a Biomimetic Vascular System to Save Energy

7/30/2013 - Jamie Foxx wants to star in a Spawn movie for some reason

7/30/2013 - On Henry Ford's 150th Birthday, a Look Inside His Failed Utopia

7/30/2013 - Commercial Drones Are Now Approved for Aerial Surveillance

7/30/2013 - Is monogamy evolution's biggest mistake?

7/30/2013 - How did monogamy evolve?

7/30/2013 - Making a Stunning, Glow-in-the-Dark Fountain Is Surprisingly Simple

7/30/2013 - Dealzmodo: 4TB for $130, Canon 24-105mm, Nexus 7 Case, Vizio Soundbar

7/30/2013 - Medical Professor Shows Google Glass Doesn't Have To Be Dumb

7/30/2013 - New X-Men viral offers the best look at the new Sentinels yet

7/30/2013 - Andy Warhol's penis is on the Moon!

7/30/2013 - The Civil War That Tore Westeros in Half, Long Before King Joffrey

7/30/2013 - The Internet's Save-the-Date: A Tiny Item in a UCLA Student Newspaper

7/30/2013 - io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Odds Against Tomorrow.

7/30/2013 - 58 Giant Close-Ups Of Plants

7/30/2013 - Time Warner Cable Is Once Again Increasing Its Modem Rental Fee

7/30/2013 - Manning Found Not Guilty Of Aiding The Enemy

7/30/2013 - The CW gives The Flash his own TV show, launched out of Arrow

7/30/2013 - This Agricultural Breakthrough Makes Every Crop Self-Fertilizing

7/30/2013 - Could Walter Mitty be the Eternal Sunshine fix we've been waiting for?

7/30/2013 - Bradley Manning: Not guilty of aiding the enemy, guilty of espionage

7/30/2013 - Scientists ruin Jurassic Park dinosaur dream

7/30/2013 - Bradley Manning's Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy (But Otherwise Guilty)

7/30/2013 - 10 Tyrants Who Are a Better Choice Than the Rebels

7/30/2013 - The Chicago Tribune Has Made the Best Internet Mistake of the Day

7/30/2013 - Mark Waid's Thrillbent store lets you own the comics you buy online

7/30/2013 - See the magazine cover that Doctor Who was denied in 1963

7/30/2013 - Check Out How Much Better Twitter Could Look (and Work)

7/30/2013 - Scientists grow teeth from human urine because why the hell not

7/30/2013 - Adorable forest bear can't stop hugging this tree

7/30/2013 - Expand your Wi-Fi network for free using an old router

7/30/2013 - Here's What Went Wrong With That Leaky NASA Spacesuit

7/30/2013 - Scientists Grow Teeth From Scratch in the Worst Imaginable Way

7/30/2013 - Research concludes pollution won't turn Earth into Venus—the sun will

7/30/2013 - How Nature Is Inspiring a New Breed of Robotic Design

7/30/2013 - The Wolverine: The Spoiler FAQ

7/30/2013 - These Renderings of HIV Show That a Deadly Virus Can Be Beautiful

7/30/2013 - You're not going to believe how much this Frankenstein poster sold for

7/30/2013 - How Movie Directors Manipulate Your Emotions With Color Temperature

7/30/2013 - The Tick Hunter

7/30/2013 - This Solar Charging Tent Means You Can Never Get Away From Gadgets

7/30/2013 - Earth will turn into a Venus-like hell earlier than previously thought

7/30/2013 - Instagram Is Deleting Photos (and Accounts?) From Unofficial WP App

7/30/2013 - Can you tell which Walter White is real in these Breaking Bad photos?

7/30/2013 - Take a Spooky Drone Tour of a Decaying California Ghost Town

7/30/2013 - Unleash Your Inner Frank Lloyd Wright With Lego

7/30/2013 - Here's How to Prank the Hell Out Of a Carnival Shooting Gallery

7/30/2013 - The Supernatural spinoff will shoot out of the 9th season

7/30/2013 - Mail order company wants to be "monthly Santa Claus for vaginas"

7/30/2013 - Report: The Next Amazon Kindle Fires Will Have Blazing Snapdragon Guts

7/30/2013 - The Earth breathes, and it is beautiful

7/30/2013 - The Entire Premise of Jurassic Park Is Wrong Because of Mosquitoes

7/30/2013 - Just Look at How Much Worse Android Fragmentation Got Last Year

7/30/2013 - Chromecast Is Getting Vimeo and Redbox Instant, And Maybe Tons More

7/30/2013 - The most infamously awful fanfic ever, “My Immortal,” has a web series

7/30/2013 - NASA photo, meant to inspire, sparks useless government investigation

7/30/2013 - Watch Chevy's Iconic Bowtie Logo Evolve Over 100 Years

7/30/2013 - If this mushroom were a Smurf home it would be an apartment complex

7/30/2013 - Apple's Phone Camera Patent Could Make Colors More Correct

7/30/2013 - Why There's No 1960s Jetsons Art in Tomorrow's Big Animation Auction

7/30/2013 - Does an Avengers 2 casting call reveal the origins of Ultron?

7/30/2013 - 11 of the Most Beautiful Book Covers of Last Year

7/30/2013 - Jetman Returns, Flies With B-17 Bomber, Does NOT Get Chopped To Bits

7/30/2013 - How Scientists Hacked a Normal Microscope Into a Gigapixel Superscope

7/30/2013 - Panasonic GX7 Leak: GH-3 Beating Specs For Less Cash?

7/30/2013 - This Fixie Uses Two Frames to Make One Bike

7/30/2013 - Gas Pump Skimmers Are Now Just as Good as Those on ATMs

7/30/2013 - NASA Is Taking a 3D Printer Into Space

7/30/2013 - True Blood teaches us how to have Dirty Dancing vampire sex!

7/30/2013 - Time Warner Cable Just Removed CBS and Showtime (Updated: Maybe No?)

7/30/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Vandals

7/29/2013 - Popular Idioms Translated to Actually Make Sense Today

7/29/2013 - What's Your Favorite Life Hack for Technology?

7/29/2013 - The Syrian Electronic Army Just Hacked Another Big Twitter Account

7/29/2013 - Microsoft Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request for Microsoft.com (Updated)

7/29/2013 - Can Falling Skies be saved?

7/29/2013 - The best modern architecture in cinema history

7/29/2013 - Be Edward Snowden and run away from CIA agents in this phone game

7/29/2013 - Last train to Tractus Fossae is leaving in 23 standard minutes

7/29/2013 - What are these ridiculous creatures roaming around Japan?

7/29/2013 - Hidden Spotify Features Show Music Discovery Could Get So Much Better

7/29/2013 - Eureka's Colin Ferguson: It's the "End of an Era" at Syfy

7/29/2013 - Meet the new generation of pirates, or "maritime non-state actors"

7/29/2013 - New Blood Test Could Definitively Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

7/29/2013 - Disney wants to turn Artemis Fowl into the new Harry Potter

7/29/2013 - Kim Jong-un Confirms Design For a $200 Million International Airport

7/29/2013 - Throng of Theremin Players Performs Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

7/29/2013 - This One-Handed Bottle Opener Sure Is Handy

7/29/2013 - NASA Didn't Even Come Close to Creating a Secure Cloud Network

7/29/2013 - See the hard science fiction movie Europa Report on the big screen

7/29/2013 - How neuroscience helped to rescue Romanian orphans

7/29/2013 - Zagat for Android and iOS: All the Zagat Reviews (Finally) for Free

7/29/2013 - Must Read: Arthur C. Clarke puts the smackdown on A.I. skeptics

7/29/2013 - This surrealist film treats urban landscapes like a Rubik's Cube

7/29/2013 - Is Muslim voodoo keeping Anthony Weiner's wife from leaving?

7/29/2013 - Holy Crap Look How Fast This Nikon Pro Can Teardown a $6000 D4

7/29/2013 - Air Travel Today is a Damn Bargain

7/29/2013 - Which reformed villain do you wish would turn evil again?

7/29/2013 - Five Types of Compost Bins That Turn Trash Into Treasure

7/29/2013 - Even Google Reader Replacements Are Shutting Down

7/29/2013 - G.I.Joe 2 says knowing this week’s DVD releases is half the battle

7/29/2013 - Same-Day Delivery Is Great for Everybody… Except the Deliverers

7/29/2013 - Help Wanted: Full Time Community Editor

7/29/2013 - Gary Shteyngart tries Google Glasses, and the results are Super Sad

7/29/2013 - Track Your Travels on a Solid-Lego Map of the World

7/29/2013 - What's the Best TV Mount?

7/29/2013 - New Material Could Cool Gadgets Even Better Than Diamonds Do (Wait, What?)

7/29/2013 - Jon Snow's Harsh Choice: "Play the game, or die like Ned Stark"

7/29/2013 - An Interactive Ruler Shows How OLEDs Will Make Mundane Objects Smarter

7/29/2013 - The most important thing you'll read today is an article about oranges

7/29/2013 - Students Take Control of $80 Million Superyacht Using Fake GPS Signals

7/29/2013 - The world's most incredible roads

7/29/2013 - The Best Thing You'll Read About Google Glass

7/29/2013 - You Can Compare 16 Cities 35 Different Ways With This One Mapping Tool

7/29/2013 - Run For Your Lives: Self-aware Hexapod Is Self-aware

7/29/2013 - This futuristic-looking mass transit system is really happening

7/29/2013 - Can a Slingshot Hit Harder Than a Pistol? (Spoiler: Damn Right It Can)

7/29/2013 - Dealzmodo: iTunes Money, ESPN 30 for 30, 3TB External $100, Sharpies

7/29/2013 - Gay marriage in the year 100 AD

7/29/2013 - Google Chromecast Review: A Little Dongle With Big Potential

7/29/2013 - First look at pissed-off, magical Julia Ormond in Witches of East End

7/29/2013 - Exclusive: 538's Nate Silver tells why he left the NYT for ESPN

7/29/2013 - First look at Syfy's not completely awful cosplay reality show

7/29/2013 - Biometric Fingerprint Sensor For iPhone “Leaked” In Latest iOS 7 Build

7/29/2013 - Bombshell: Marilyn Monroe built the world's frst drones

7/29/2013 - Science Has Almost Beaten Testicular Cancer

7/29/2013 - Watch these bears use a tree as a back scratching pole

7/29/2013 - What shape is the Universe?

7/29/2013 - Why hyperventilating people breathe into paper bags (but shouldn't)

7/29/2013 - Dear UPS, This Is Not How You Ship a Gadget

7/29/2013 - The Story Behind Ten Tiny Libraries That Popped Up in NYC This Summer

7/29/2013 - How Much Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds?

7/29/2013 - Your brain's most intriguing and crucial mysteries revealed

7/29/2013 - Japan is making so many terrible Evangelion underpants, you guys

7/29/2013 - 16 Names NASA Considered For The 1980s Space Station That Never Was

7/29/2013 - The Elements a Fables Movie Must Have, According to Mark Buckingham

7/29/2013 - An Alleged Galaxy S4 Explosion Completely Destroyed This Apartment

7/29/2013 - 8 Things We Simply Don't Understand About the Human Brain

7/29/2013 - Nexus 7 2013 Review: The Best Small Tablet, Even Better

7/29/2013 - Brilliance is an alternate history of non-neurotypicals in America

7/29/2013 - We call SHENANIGANS on the Insidious 2 trailer

7/29/2013 - This Week's TV: The Worst Thing Ever to Come Out of The Hunger Games!

7/29/2013 - Fermilab Hunts Rare Subatomic Particles With This 50-Foot Electromagnet

7/29/2013 - Watch Patrick Stewart's unprofessionalism in Star Trek: TNG bloopers

7/29/2013 - Follow this advice and you'll be happy, say scientists

7/29/2013 - When did “The United States” become a singular noun?

7/29/2013 - See how the world will really end, picture by picture

7/29/2013 - Valentina Grizodubova: The Soviet Amelia Earhart

7/29/2013 - Here Are The Clearest Shots Yet of the Moto X

7/29/2013 - One-Minute Horror Movie will make you jump

7/29/2013 - Budget iPhone Seemingly Confirmed in Undercover Safety Inspection

7/29/2013 - Director Jon M. Chu really, really wants to make that He-Man movie

7/29/2013 - Chinese Scalpers Created a Black Market for Genius Bar Appointments

7/29/2013 - These people posing with awkward high school portraits are awkward too

7/29/2013 - Could You Imagine a Real Life Version of This Giant Lego Crawler Town?

7/29/2013 - This Guy Turned Himself in for Child Porn Because Malware Told Him To

7/29/2013 - Google Chromecast Rooted, Revealing Google TV Origins

7/29/2013 - Laptops Are Getting New Super Durable Gorilla Glass

7/29/2013 - A life-sized Cylon made out of wood

7/29/2013 - An Unexpected Price War Is Making Amazon Book Prices Lower Than Ever

7/29/2013 - 13 Ads That Feature Mythical Gods Selling Modern Products

7/29/2013 - Game of Thrones set reports reveal two unlikely alliances!

7/29/2013 - BMW's Electric i3: All Vroom, No Gas

7/29/2013 - Muzik: These “Smart” Headphones Come With Unlimited Platform Potential

7/29/2013 - Rumor: Nokia to Launch a Bluetooth Tag to Keep Track of Your Stuff

7/29/2013 - This Super-Cool Scooter Is Made From... Hemp?

7/29/2013 - Chinese Worker Group Reports New Wave of Abuse at Apple Suppliers

7/29/2013 - Sony and Panasonic Think The World Needs a 300GB Optical Disc

7/29/2013 - New York's Bike Sharing Scheme, Visualized

7/29/2013 - The Secret Deals That Make YouTube Buffer

7/29/2013 - Young people don't have a damn clue about what it means to get older

7/28/2013 - What's Your Favorite Lego Stop-Motion Animation Ever?

7/28/2013 - The Beach Boys: Sloop John B

7/28/2013 - This Psychedelic Fever Dream Is Made Of Ink, Soap And Oil

7/28/2013 - Being Human explains why you don't bring home motivational werewolves

7/28/2013 - If You Don't Live For Billions Of Years You're Gonna Miss Out

7/28/2013 - Cosmic “snow lines” reveal a solar system's earliest days

7/28/2013 - This Robot Can Draw Your Blood

7/28/2013 - Dolphins give each other their own special “names”

7/28/2013 - The Strangest Installations and Art Projects on Earth

7/28/2013 - A Plastic iPhone Called The 5C May Really Be On Its Way

7/28/2013 - A Shark Sharpener Makes Knives Extra Menacing By Association

7/28/2013 - Crowdfund Cinefex on the iPad, zombie ants, and monster school kids

7/28/2013 - Photos of Mars have this weird knack for looking vaguely biological

7/28/2013 - Macrophotographs of ant warfare are downright epic

7/28/2013 - What's The Most Water Damage You've Ever Done To A Gadget?

7/28/2013 - Here's what that “melting North Pole” really is

7/28/2013 - Michael Jordan's son just tweeted a photo of his penis

7/28/2013 - Never Be Pocket-less With A Gadget Again

7/28/2013 - The King Who Peed Blue

7/28/2013 - Lab grown burger will be the most expensive ever served

7/28/2013 - Vacationing family finds exceedingly rare hexapus. Kills it. Eats it.

7/28/2013 - You Can Make Beautiful Abstract Art With The Google Maps API

7/28/2013 - A documentary about Microsoft Paint that will make you cry

7/28/2013 - New views of Sun's atmosphere reveal structures unknown to science

7/28/2013 - These Industries Are Actually On The Rise For 2013

7/28/2013 - “Do not bother me,” said the astronaut, “can't you see I'm busy?”

7/28/2013 - Check out the first art from the new Star Wars TV series, Rebels

7/28/2013 - An RC Car That Runs On Water Is A Positively Charged Step

7/27/2013 - Sometimes colorized photographs can be better than the originals

7/27/2013 - Would you watch football if it had awesome Matrix-like 360º replays?

7/27/2013 - Starz still moving forward with “Halo meets Band of Brothers” show

7/27/2013 - Kanye West: Through the Wire (Lullaby Edition)

7/27/2013 - How internet hatred can destroy your soul and dreams

7/27/2013 - Gang of feral cats attacks woman in France

7/27/2013 - Matrix-Like 360 Replays Are Going to Take Over Sunday Night Football

7/27/2013 - Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized

7/27/2013 - Would you put these terrifying sex toys inside your body?

7/27/2013 - Photos Look Magical When You Develop Them With Stuff You Shouldn't

7/27/2013 - Did you know that the Saturn V's fuel economy was 7 inches per gallon?

7/27/2013 - A Fascinating Interview with Buzz Aldrin

7/27/2013 - Is everything bad that happens on Continuum Alec's fault?

7/27/2013 - Dad of the Year Builds Functional 737 Cockpit in Kids’ Bedroom

7/27/2013 - Read Steven Moffat's audition scripts for Doctor Who‘s Twelfth Doctor

7/27/2013 - This Life-Size Statue of Liberty Replica Shows Her Pre-Patina Shine

7/27/2013 - Wolverine concept art shows Viper could have been way more porntastic

7/27/2013 - An Experimental Fuel Rod Coating Could Prevent the Next Fukushima

7/27/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Nightmare with a Clipboard

7/27/2013 - Everything you never knew you wanted to know about octopus sex

7/27/2013 - Google Chromecast Has a Clever Sci-Fi Easter Egg

7/27/2013 - Blast from the past: The best space shuttle launch videos you can watch

7/27/2013 - Phantasmagoric body art from this year's World Bodypainting Festival

7/27/2013 - Chromecast Dealz, Apple Store Meltdowns, Easy Monopoly, and More

7/27/2013 - John Williams will officially score Star Wars: Episode VII

7/27/2013 - NASA's planet hunting spacecraft is unlikely to make a full recovery

7/27/2013 - How not to make a good omelet, ever

7/27/2013 - Lumens and Lux: Light Words Explained in a Single Image

7/27/2013 - This is the nerdiest collection of insults ever and it is the best

7/27/2013 - How to Get Movies, Music, and More From Your Mobile Device to Your TV

7/27/2013 - Stop what you're doing and watch the short film Post Human right now

7/27/2013 - Webcomic Bird Boy is filled with ancient weapons and gorgeous monsters

7/27/2013 - An App to Unload Your Leftover Food Sounds Genius

7/27/2013 - A tour of the Saturnian system that will leave you breathless

7/27/2013 - The Cthulhuphant: Great animal hybrid, or the greatest animal hybrid?

7/27/2013 - TweetDeck Just Got Worse and Twitter Blames Google

7/27/2013 - Disney's Star Wars purchase rears its head on Spider-Man

7/27/2013 - Instagram Users Say They Are Being Attacked By Delicious Smoothies (Updated With Instagram's Response)

7/27/2013 - India Thought Jupiter and Venus Were Actually Chinese Spy Drones

7/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Cocaine (NSFW)

7/26/2013 - Test Your Typo Finding Skills in This Stressful Timed Test

7/26/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Daria Movie Trailer

7/26/2013 - Google Nexus 7 Teardown: Hey That's an Inductive Charging Coil

7/26/2013 - Just a Reminder That FedEx Doesn't Give a Crap About Your Packages

7/26/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: July 19 - 26, 2013

7/26/2013 - The old spaceship engine casing was the perfect place for a cat

7/26/2013 - Is Minecraft the next plague that will destroy kids’ minds everywhere?

7/26/2013 - 7 Quick Tips That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

7/26/2013 - Huge gender gap in opinions about drone strikes

7/26/2013 - One of the world's most popular SF novels finally coming in English

7/26/2013 - The Physics of Usain Bolt's World Record 100-meter Dash

7/26/2013 - This Bubble Wrap Bike Is the Most Annoyingly Baller Way to Roll

7/26/2013 - Henry Cavill isn't sure if Lois and Superman can really be equals

7/26/2013 - What is going on with this terrifying ball of flies?

7/26/2013 - These Japanese TV shows are completely insane

7/26/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: Glasses.com, ARTtwo50, and More

7/26/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Loom, and More

7/26/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Permissions Manager, NumberSnap, and More

7/26/2013 - Brooding Photos Of the Deadly “London Fog”

7/26/2013 - Who Wants a Tooth That Tells Your Doctor When You Drink or Smoke?

7/26/2013 - NASA Scientist to Scour Kepler Data in Search of Alien Technologies

7/26/2013 - Kick-Ass 2 clips include a great Ferris Bueller's Day Off spoof

7/26/2013 - I Want This 3-Foot-Long Lego Space Shuttle So Badly

7/26/2013 - LG's New Portable Projector Is a Retro Rhombus-Covered Wonder

7/26/2013 - When will Doug Jones' alien get a love interest on Falling Skies?

7/26/2013 - Robocop begins a Kickstarter for the bankrupt city of Detroit

7/26/2013 - What's the most believable alien in science fiction?

7/26/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Burned Bibles, Bubbly Beer and Braggarts

7/26/2013 - Taming the White Dog: How To Make Clear Whiskey Cocktails

7/26/2013 - Yes, Flashpoint Paradox is setting up the DC animated New 52 universe

7/26/2013 - I can't stop watching this boiling mud

7/26/2013 - So it’s true! The full Moon does mess with our sleep.

7/26/2013 - You Can Build This Boat in Under a Minute

7/26/2013 - The Scary, Passenger's Eye View From Inside the Crashed Southwest Plane

7/26/2013 - Why [REDACTED] is the clone to watch out for in Orphan Black Season 2

7/26/2013 - Your cyborg octopus is almost ready

7/26/2013 - Someone Finally Invented 3D-Printed Inkjet Printer Cartridges

7/26/2013 - Find Out If You Made the Cutoff for Chromecast's Free Netflix Offer

7/26/2013 - Watch these evil girls smack their friend in the face

7/26/2013 - What's that disgusting yellow stuff staining your shirts?

7/26/2013 - LG 55LA8600 Review: Those Are Some Pricey Bells and Whistles

7/26/2013 - Yet another awful study on the connection between TV and crime

7/26/2013 - Idiot Tries to Wear Handgun-Shaped Heels Through Airport Security

7/26/2013 - Steven Moffat promises closure on his Doctor Who storylines THIS YEAR

7/26/2013 - The written word is a foreign power, in Sofia Samatar's Olondria

7/26/2013 - A Rare Glimpse Inside the Research Stations at the End of the World

7/26/2013 - The mysterious Abney Effect twists colors

7/26/2013 - The Complete List of People You Shouldn't Send Dick Pics To

7/26/2013 - Dealzmodo: Sony RX100, Klipsch Airplay, Sodastream, iTunes Money

7/26/2013 - New Kickstarter scheme aims for life-sized holograms in your house

7/26/2013 - Here's Every Emoji Being Used on Twitter in Real-Time. It's Insane.

7/26/2013 - Oh Man, Life-Size Holograms Could Be Coming to Your Living Room

7/26/2013 - The Wolverine is a really campy movie—and it's only worth a Netflix

7/26/2013 - How to know whether your house is occupied by demonic forces

7/26/2013 - Since When Are Logitech Products So Pretty?

7/26/2013 - The Only Book You Really Need: The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

7/26/2013 - Going to a wedding this summer? This is the best advice you'll ever get

7/26/2013 - This Site Shows You Every Time Someone Has Changed Their Twitter Bio

7/26/2013 - The FBI Has Used Spy Drones Without Warrants at Least 10 Times

7/26/2013 - This Solar Sanitizer Will Bring Safer Surgery to the Developing World

7/26/2013 - Meet Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s deadliest, most mysterious operative

7/26/2013 - The psychological syndrome that mimics Joker venom

7/26/2013 - Halliburton admits it destroyed evidence after Gulf oil spill

7/26/2013 - Microsoft Word Problems

7/26/2013 - Two-Sentence Horror Stories are actually pretty chilling

7/26/2013 - The 12 Most Ludicrous Superhero Armors

7/26/2013 - The Lie Is Out There: Three Types of Alien Encounters

7/26/2013 - These bros in a boat get the Imbeciles of the Month Award (video)

7/26/2013 - California thunderstorms from low-Earth orbit

7/26/2013 - Microsoft Has Invented a Way To Embed Data in 3D Printed Objects

7/26/2013 - This is what frozen light looks like

7/26/2013 - What should you call your new mistress?

7/26/2013 - Ford's New Shift Knob Teaches You to Drive Stick

7/26/2013 - New Nexus 7 Now On Amazon [UPDATE]

7/26/2013 - New Wolverine movie is not much better than the first Wolverine movie

7/26/2013 - Marilyn Monroe Assembled Drones During World War II

7/26/2013 - This Biosensor Knows When Your Body Will Quit Before You Do

7/26/2013 - How big is our solar system?

7/26/2013 - Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Calendar in Scotland

7/26/2013 - Josh Holloway explains the disadvantages of being a human smartphone

7/26/2013 - The Butterfly Effect gets a reboot for reasons we can't comprehend

7/26/2013 - Homeland Security Is Moving Into an Abandoned Insane Asylum

7/26/2013 - How the Curie Point can suck the magnetism out of metal

7/26/2013 - Everything We Know About Planet Formation Might Be Wrong

7/26/2013 - This lady is shocked by Gandalf's return in Lord of the Rings

7/26/2013 - This new hero shrew is so freakishly strong they named it after Thor

7/26/2013 - Lycopodium: The All-Natural Fun Supplement for Water and Fire

7/26/2013 - A Forbes Reporter Hacked Smart Homes From a Thousand Miles Away

7/26/2013 - This is quite possibly the most apocalyptic sky we have ever seen

7/26/2013 - A Century-Old Roman Palazzo Grows a Faceted Glass-and-Steel Parasite

7/26/2013 - Insane person invents the perfect Oreo cookie: the Moreo

7/26/2013 - Looking for a new computer? You can save $325 on the best Apple laptop

7/26/2013 - Coffee drinking linked to 50% lower risk of suicide

7/26/2013 - One in Four Surgical Errors Is a Machine's Fault

7/26/2013 - 18 Gorgeous Images of Job-Stealing Factory Robots

7/26/2013 - Game of Thrones finds a Sand Snake. Knights of Badassdom is coming!

7/26/2013 - The Retina MacBook Pro Is More Than $300 Off at Best Buy

7/26/2013 - Early Benchmarks Show the New Nexus 7 Is Blazing Fast

7/26/2013 - A Hidden Android 4.3 Permissions Manager Lets You Set Rules App-by-App

7/26/2013 - You Might Be Able to Snag a New Nexus 7 at Best Buy Today

7/26/2013 - You'll Be Jealous of This Tiny Wasp Hitching a Ride on a Damselfly

7/26/2013 - WSJ: Google Is Also Testing a Hangout-Equipped Set-Top Box

7/26/2013 - Famous Surrealist Art Amazingly Reimagined with Super Mario Bros

7/26/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Transition

7/25/2013 - OK, Let's talk about what happened on this week's True Blood

7/25/2013 - Some 2014 Olympic Gold Medals Will Have a Russian Meteorite In Them

7/25/2013 - How Did We Get to Where We Are Now with Online Privacy?

7/25/2013 - What Superheroes Would Post to Instagram

7/25/2013 - The disturbing invention of Mr. Shrapnel

7/25/2013 - Fighter Planes That Became Battle-Scarred War Monuments

7/25/2013 - Off the coast of Maine, lobsters are becoming cannibals

7/25/2013 - 10 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Summer Even More Awesome

7/25/2013 - What makes the Machine on Person of Interest a science fiction rarity

7/25/2013 - Meet RHex, the robot that can get to you no matter where you run

7/25/2013 - These Amazing Cardio Images Will Make Your Heart Race

7/25/2013 - How to Take Flawless Phone Pics of Your Naked Body

7/25/2013 - This substance will let you turn your skin into a computer

7/25/2013 - Is the dome in Under the Dome a sentient being?

7/25/2013 - Godzilla director Gareth Edwards explains the symbolism of kaiju

7/25/2013 - Travel the World with These Interactive 8-Bit City Maps

7/25/2013 - Yahoo Fantasy Sports for iOS & Android: We Finally Have Mobile Drafting

7/25/2013 - Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated

7/25/2013 - Google Chromecast Doesn't Come With Free Netflix Anymore

7/25/2013 - Hold a Satellite In Your Palm With These Pint-Sized Wood Models

7/25/2013 - What is the weirdest work of science fiction you've ever seen?

7/25/2013 - Shocking pictures show North Pole covered in water

7/25/2013 - What's wrong with Anthony Weiner's wife?

7/25/2013 - Will Shakespeare Be Popular in the Future?

7/25/2013 - James McAvoy Will Play Dr. Frankenstein to Daniel Radcliffe's Igor

7/25/2013 - Tom Hiddleston re-enacts the entirety of Thor 2... with action figures

7/25/2013 - Scientists ‘freeze’ light for an entire minute

7/25/2013 - How Disney Is Using 3D Printing To Give Robots Soul-Piercing Eyes

7/25/2013 - Need new memories? Ask your doctor about memory implants

7/25/2013 - Pranks from science fiction and fantasy that teach Very Special Lessons

7/25/2013 - Good God, They've Perfected the Peanut Butter Jar

7/25/2013 - Why Beware the Batman showcases Gotham's lesser known supervillains

7/25/2013 - 1,000 Year-old Viking Jewelry Found On Danish Farm

7/25/2013 - Report: Feds Are Demanding User Passwords from Web Companies

7/25/2013 - Is your brain actually running a computer algorithm while you sleep?

7/25/2013 - Inside the US Nuclear Stockpile's Top Secret First Home

7/25/2013 - This Dorm Was Tailor-Made For the Deaf Students Who Helped Designed It

7/25/2013 - Dealzmodo: Sanyo Eneloop XX, ASUS Monitor, Vornado Fan, Fight Club

7/25/2013 - Memory implantation is now officially real

7/25/2013 - NASA Images Reveal a Part of the Sun We've Never Seen Before

7/25/2013 - Did the new RoboCop movie just replace robots with drones?

7/25/2013 - Watch the World's First 3D Printed Rifle Fire a Shot

7/25/2013 - Royal Birth Commemorated in Lego, Minus the Gross “Birthing” Bit

7/25/2013 - Apple's Come a Long Way Since This Original MacBook Reference Design

7/25/2013 - Chris Evans brings pain to the train in a new Snowpiercer trailer

7/25/2013 - Primeval Thule might be the Conan meets Cthulhu RPG the world needs

7/25/2013 - 8 amazing works you may not have seen from anime's greatest directors

7/25/2013 - The HC-130J Combat King II: Combat Search and Rescue, Supersized

7/25/2013 - Bloodied wrestler jailed for stabbing murder of girlfriend

7/25/2013 - Pool cleaner and brake fluid fireballs!

7/25/2013 - This Trailer for Gravity Will Make You FREAK. OUT.

7/25/2013 - The next must-watch sci-fi & fantasy movies and TV shows

7/25/2013 - Can You Find All The Scientific Mistakes In This Picture?

7/25/2013 - Giant Mirror Lakes Invade Beijing To Reflect China's Water Crisis

7/25/2013 - No, but seriously. If sharknadoes were real, where would they strike?

7/25/2013 - Apple Tells You How to Stop Getting Electrocuted by Faulty Chargers

7/25/2013 - This turtle smokes 10 cigarettes a day!

7/25/2013 - Björk and David Attenborough team up for science!

7/25/2013 - Scientists Just Discovered a New Force That's Stronger Than Gravity

7/25/2013 - Ryan Gosling could play Luke Skywalker's son? We seriously hope not

7/25/2013 - Sandra Bullock is lost in space in this amazing Gravity sequel trailer

7/25/2013 - Monopoly Is Getting Rid of Jail. That's Some Bullshit. (Updated)

7/25/2013 - It’s Easier for Aliens to Visit Us Than Previously Thought

7/25/2013 - Nutty cat owners forcing pets to wear “cat neckties”

7/25/2013 - What Does It Take to Sell the Most Expensive Photograph in History?

7/25/2013 - How Scientists Stopped Light Dead For a Whole Minute

7/25/2013 - Thousands of Images of Saturn Make For One Amazing Stop Motion Film

7/25/2013 - How Arrow will expand the DC Universe on television

7/25/2013 - How to survive being totally broke

7/25/2013 - This red sticker can eradicate mosquitos bites forever

7/25/2013 - I Could Stare at These Animated Beer Labels All Day

7/25/2013 - There's Officially a 50-Inch 4K TV That's Cheaper Than Your TV

7/25/2013 - Futurama salutes the new generation of bad actors

7/25/2013 - Google Can Now Translate Handwritten Notes

7/25/2013 - Watch This Robot Hexapod Perform Parkour

7/25/2013 - We are all starstuff. And now you can look like starstuff, too.

7/25/2013 - Three Years of Premier League Soccer Assists, Visualized

7/25/2013 - Meltwater has turned the North Pole into a pond

7/25/2013 - Citymaps: This Is Your Maps App Replacement

7/25/2013 - 10 Beautifully Creepy Photos That Turn Centrifugal Force Into Art

7/25/2013 - Just how closely will Avengers 2 follow the Age of Ultron storyline?

7/25/2013 - Refreshed Nexus 10 Said to Arrive “In the Near Future”

7/25/2013 - The North Pole Is Now a Lake

7/25/2013 - Chicken and waffles finally combined to form the “Chaffle”

7/25/2013 - An Incredible 19th Century Lens Has Been Reengineered For Your DSLR

7/25/2013 - Video shows horrible high speed train crash in Spain

7/25/2013 - This Is What Photosynthesis Looks Like From Space

7/25/2013 - These Dumb Insurance Claims For Lost Cell Phones are Hilarious

7/25/2013 - House Defeats Amendment, Allowing NSA to Keep Spying on You

7/25/2013 - How to Make YouTube Look Like Unix

7/25/2013 - The Fountain of Youth Is in Florida and It's Radioactive

7/25/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Stars

7/24/2013 - What Death Looks Like: A Fast-Spreading Glowing Blue Wave

7/24/2013 - Comic-Con Wrap Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw in San Diego!

7/24/2013 - What the Inside of Google's Chromecast Looks Like

7/24/2013 - Elysium concept art shows the super unsanitary bioware of the future

7/24/2013 - I'm Going to Turn All My Instagram Pictures Into Oil Paintings

7/24/2013 - Next season's Vampire Diaries is all doppelgangers all the time

7/24/2013 - UK Team Unveils Daring Plan to Send Humans to Mars

7/24/2013 - Unbelievable “nail houses” around the world

7/24/2013 - What's the connection between heavy metal music, horror and fantasy?

7/24/2013 - The Depressing Truth About Being a Superhero

7/24/2013 - How the new Planet of the Apes movie fits into the series timeline

7/24/2013 - An astounding $36 million in silver has been hauled from a WWII wreck

7/24/2013 - These Honeycomb Sculptures Made by Bees Are Simply Majestic

7/24/2013 - New study suggests sexual addiction is not actually an addiction

7/24/2013 - Check Out the Floor Plans For the NSA's Huge New Data Center in Utah

7/24/2013 - Loom for iOS: The Better, Cloud-Based Mobile Camera Roll

7/24/2013 - The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing to Prove” is the ultimate geek girl anthem

7/24/2013 - The Brilliantly Simple 3D-Printing Program You Never Realized You'd Need

7/24/2013 - What is this mysterious rat-kangaroo-primate? Meet the Aye-Aye!

7/24/2013 - Royal terror: You won't believe the trouble these royal babies caused

7/24/2013 - This 1930s Family Is High On Laughing Gas Pie

7/24/2013 - For Music Fans, Google Chromecast Is No Apple Airplay

7/24/2013 - Explore an Interactive Map of Every Meteorite Seen in the Past Century

7/24/2013 - What science fiction did you love as a child, and grow up to hate?

7/24/2013 - Get Lost In These Abstract Maps of the World's Great Cities

7/24/2013 - Three more minutes of complete Captain Harlock movie badassery

7/24/2013 - You Can Get Chromecast Tomorrow (And Cheaper) If You Buy From Amazon

7/24/2013 - The Winter Soldier reveals the secret backstory hidden in his hair

7/24/2013 - Goodbye, Darkness: Light Pollution Is Making Us Forget the Night Sky

7/24/2013 - Read an excerpt from Jeff Carlson's new bio-thriller Interrupt

7/24/2013 - How did William Gibson really feel about Blade Runner?

7/24/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Giant Plants!

7/24/2013 - An Injury Primer: When to Heat It, When to Ice It

7/24/2013 - The science of hot cheetahs

7/24/2013 - Socially Networked Bacteria Isn't as Scary as It Sounds

7/24/2013 - 10 theories that explain why we dream

7/24/2013 - 12 Rules of Internet

7/24/2013 - How the New Nexus 7 Stacks Up to the Competition

7/24/2013 - The NSA Hated Civilian Encrypted Data Way Back in the 1970s

7/24/2013 - Dealzmodo: Rockstar Games, $10 Earbuds, iPod Touch, Haswell, Keurig

7/24/2013 - First ever footage from 47 Ronin shows off one wild fantasy twist

7/24/2013 - This Is How A Martian Eagle Would See Curiosity

7/24/2013 - Eric Kripke lists everything he hated about Revolution's first season

7/24/2013 - What Happens When the US Navy Does a Donut in the Pacific Ocean

7/24/2013 - Orphan Black reveals how it can film three Tatiana Maslanys at once

7/24/2013 - You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy Google Chromecast (SUPER SAD UPDATE)

7/24/2013 - Nexus 7 Hands On: A Giant Leap for Google-Kind

7/24/2013 - Drones Should Film Surf Videos More Often

7/24/2013 - Now you can do almost anything with a personal space satellite

7/24/2013 - If this theory is correct, we may live in a web of alternate timelines

7/24/2013 - Artists draw Batman with their eyes closed

7/24/2013 - Animatronics Could Go Mainstream Thanks to Disney's Latest Program

7/24/2013 - Curiosity's Just Another Pale Blue Dot in This Hi-Def Photo From Mars

7/24/2013 - On Drunk Science, journalist Charles Q. Choi explains orc sex

7/24/2013 - Chromecast Is Google's $35 Answer to Getting Web Video on Your TV

7/24/2013 - Google Edition Phones Aren't the Answer You Were Hoping For

7/24/2013 - Japan's kinky sex hotels revealed!

7/24/2013 - Google Android 4.3 Update: Bluetooth, Profiles, and Other Minor Stuff

7/24/2013 - Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones is basically the new best thing ever

7/24/2013 - The New Nexus 7: More Power, Pure Google

7/24/2013 - Royal George cost only $15,000—half the price of an American baby!

7/24/2013 - High School Student Builds Kickass Custom Remote-Controlled Lego Car

7/24/2013 - The Government's Coming For Your Encrypted Data Next

7/24/2013 - The man who planned to turn the Eiffel Tower into a free fall ride

7/24/2013 - Can Earth be saved from an asteroid strike?

7/24/2013 - Watch Google's Nexus 7 Peep Show Right Here, Right Now

7/24/2013 - Vibrating Bike Seat Makes For Sexy, Highly Dangerous Commute

7/24/2013 - This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos

7/24/2013 - Know What Your Dog Really Wants With This Pooch-to-People Translator

7/24/2013 - Google Algorithm Busts Chinese Car Theft Ring Entirely by Accident

7/24/2013 - When is a flop truly a flop?

7/24/2013 - Gas well explodes, catches fire off Louisiana coast (video)

7/24/2013 - Is the Plank Lounger the Lounge Chair's Platonic Ideal?

7/24/2013 - Watch ferrofluids dance and multiply over a water-repelling surface

7/24/2013 - A Fleet of Blimps Will Soon Serve as a Missile Shield Over Washington

7/24/2013 - Single-take trailer for Gravity is simply stunning

7/24/2013 - Latest Gravity Trailer Is a Two-Minute Space Panic Attack

7/24/2013 - Bill Nye explains how to stop an asteroid

7/24/2013 - This $200 Brute Force Bot Will Bust Your Phone's Pin in Hours

7/24/2013 - The Tomorrow People promises a grounded approach to superpowers

7/24/2013 - 7 Clever GIFs That Could Make New York Slightly More Bearable

7/24/2013 - 3D Printing Indoors Is as Bad for You as Smoking a Cigarette Inside

7/24/2013 - This obsessive robot can crack your phone's PIN in less than 24 hours

7/24/2013 - Just Look at How Insane Your Phone's Graphics Will Be Next Year

7/24/2013 - Do we already know the title of the Batman-Superman movie?

7/24/2013 - Here's Your iHeartRadio for People Who Actually Heart Talk Radio

7/24/2013 - The Netflix Cropping Worst Case Scenario

7/24/2013 - Leaked Images of BlackBerry's New A10: This Actually Looks... Nice

7/24/2013 - How Credit Card Numbers Are Created

7/24/2013 - This Is the ‘Fastest GPU Ever’ Made

7/24/2013 - You Can Pre-Order the New Nexus 7 at Best Buy for $230 Right Now

7/24/2013 - Leaked New Nexus 7 Reveals Specs and Provides Benchmarks

7/24/2013 - Nokia 1020 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera in a Pretty Great Phone

7/24/2013 - The 17 Types of People You See at Any Nerd Convention

7/23/2013 - The Doubleclicks: Nothing to Prove (Girls Can Be Geeks Too)

7/23/2013 - Here's Everything Wrong with X-Men

7/23/2013 - Watch Bill Nye Explain How We Could Stop an Asteroid with Laser Bees

7/23/2013 - The new Xbox One doesn't feel like a next-generation game system

7/23/2013 - Dronestagram Lets You See Awesome Pictures from a Drone's Perspective

7/23/2013 - Harry Lennix has a theory about what happened to Boyd on Dollhouse

7/23/2013 - Game of Thrones’ author reveals fascinating keys to his popular series

7/23/2013 - Show off your science team spirit with these geeky t-shirts!

7/23/2013 - This New Leaked Nexus 7 Totally Looks Like the Other Leaked Nexus 7

7/23/2013 - The Worst Badvertising and Best Radvertising of Comic-Con 2013

7/23/2013 - A new antibiotic that can defeat anthrax and MRSA

7/23/2013 - Photo of Crashed Southwest Plane Shows Majorly Mangled Landing Gear

7/23/2013 - Watch this mom screaming like a banshee in an Apple Store

7/23/2013 - This glowing blue death worm could hold the key to human longevity

7/23/2013 - Star Wars meets Mad Max in the new awesome toyline you'll never own

7/23/2013 - 3D Helmet for Surgeons Turns Complex Surgery Into Call of Duty

7/23/2013 - Who's the most underrated actor in science fiction and fantasy?

7/23/2013 - NumberSnap for Android: Secretly Snap Pics and Never Forget a Face

7/23/2013 - Sharlto Copley is starring in the first ever R-rated "POV" action movie

7/23/2013 - DARPA Is Building a Submarine Mothership to Launch Drones From the Sea

7/23/2013 - Father Of Artificial Intelligence To Be Pardoned For Being Gay

7/23/2013 - I Can't Stop Watching This Woman's Epic Apple Store Meltdown

7/23/2013 - One-Man Ugandan Space Program To Build Country's First Satellite

7/23/2013 - What would happen if Disney's DuckTales were set in the real world?

7/23/2013 - An Inconspicuous Wicker Fan That Blends In With Your Cottage Decor

7/23/2013 - Matt Damon argues with a dickish robot in the first Elysium clip

7/23/2013 - Behold the incredible places where we'll build cities in space

7/23/2013 - This Nonprofit Is Quietly Cloning the World's Largest (and Oldest) Trees

7/23/2013 - First video and images of the royal baby

7/23/2013 - Sci-Fi Legend Arthur C. Clarke's 1986 Predictions for Future Baseball

7/23/2013 - This incredible painting was made by a 97-year-old using an ancient PC

7/23/2013 - Peggy Carter kicks so much ass in the new Agent Carter clip

7/23/2013 - Watch Goodyear Build Its New Blimp-Replacing Zeppelin

7/23/2013 - The Ultimate Universe is Galactus’ buffet in This Week’s Comics!

7/23/2013 - The Five Second Rule Will Make You Sick

7/23/2013 - Edgar Wright confirms we'll meet Hank Pym in Ant-Man

7/23/2013 - Gonzo porno video demonstrates Google Glass's only good use

7/23/2013 - Dealzmodo: Windows 8 Upgrade, Dual Monitors, Bamboo Stylus, Storage

7/23/2013 - This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

7/23/2013 - "Scientifically Accurate DuckTales" is a NSFW cavalcade of horror

7/23/2013 - I can't stop watching this bullet shot underwater

7/23/2013 - What does Mach One (or Two or Three) mean?

7/23/2013 - 16-foot dinosaur tail unearthed in Mexico is in perfect condition

7/23/2013 - Zadie Smith is writing a science fiction novel inspired by Le Guin

7/23/2013 - The First Instagram Videos Out of North Korea Show an Isolated Otherworld

7/23/2013 - George R.R. Martin Answers Our Toughest Song of Ice and Fire Questions

7/23/2013 - Here's Your First-Ever Google Glass Porno Trailer (NSFW)

7/23/2013 - 75 Close-Ups Of Bugs

7/23/2013 - Internet Pioneers Discuss the Future of Money, Books, and Paper in 1972

7/23/2013 - Intriguing art created by crazed electrons seeking escape

7/23/2013 - The Days of Door-to-Door Mail Delivery Could Be Numbered

7/23/2013 - This 97-Year-Old Makes Amazing Art Exclusively With Microsoft Paint

7/23/2013 - 11 X-Men Movie Spinoffs We'd Like to See

7/23/2013 - A ‘submarine graveyard’ has been found off the coast of England

7/23/2013 - Five excellent tips for long-distance relationships

7/23/2013 - How an Astronomical Mystery Was Explained by High-Tech Photography

7/23/2013 - Adding iodine to salt may have helped boost America's I.Q.

7/23/2013 - The Biggest and Best Comics News of Comic-Con

7/23/2013 - Motorola Droid Maxx: 48 Hours of Battery Life in One Powerful Package

7/23/2013 - Doctors Reversed 146 Established Practices in the Last Decade Alone

7/23/2013 - Smurfs are even more horrifying on the inside: Papa Smurf Dissected

7/23/2013 - The Internet's Favorite Remix Artist Spills His Secrets

7/23/2013 - Maxipad and tampons ads are all a big lie, says maxipad manufacturer

7/23/2013 - Smokey the Bear Meets the 21st Century in These Firefighting UAVs

7/23/2013 - These nerds in costume look even better than the real superheroes

7/23/2013 - Swedish researchers create ‘an impossible material’ by mistake

7/23/2013 - The State Department's Cybersecurity Office Sounds Like an Awful Mess

7/23/2013 - How Star Wars Just Inspired a Real-Life Scientific Discovery

7/23/2013 - Are Hasbro's dropping toy sales a leading indicator?

7/23/2013 - These people prefer Hispanics to die than tornado alerts in Spanish

7/23/2013 - “Born to Die” Electronics Dissolve When Wet

7/23/2013 - Televisions are sending thousands of kids to the E.R. every year

7/23/2013 - Breaking Bad actor disguises himself as his own character to avoid fans

7/23/2013 - Timur Bekmambetov will lead the insane Warriors of Oz to Syfy

7/23/2013 - The Real Reason Google Killed Reader

7/23/2013 - Collectively, scientists love adverbs. Here are the ones they love most.

7/23/2013 - Watch the Fiery Crash After Southwest's Landing Gear Collapse

7/23/2013 - 3D Simulator Lets You Nuke Any City With Your Favorite Nuclear Warhead

7/23/2013 - Best Buy Will Give You $200 to Trade in Your Old iPad

7/23/2013 - Inside the Boeing Capsule That Could Be NASA's Next Space Taxi

7/23/2013 - No, Star Trek 3 is probably not filming in 2014

7/23/2013 - You Won't Believe These Images Are Just Renders

7/23/2013 - These Portraits Are Made from Hubble Images (And Yours Can Be, Too)

7/23/2013 - Nokia's Lumia 625: A 4.7-Inch Windows Phone on the Cheap

7/23/2013 - This Is What Gravity Looks Like

7/23/2013 - How to Get Rid of Google's Annoying New Gmail Ads

7/23/2013 - This 3D-Printed Bungalow Is the Ultimate Birdhouse

7/23/2013 - An Underwater Bullet In Super Slo-Mo Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

7/23/2013 - Comic-Con Rocked!

7/23/2013 - Watching a Timelapse of Plants Growing Is Grossly Alien

7/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Tulkou

7/22/2013 - Driving a Car with Pliers As a Steering Wheel Is a Hilariously Dumb Idea

7/22/2013 - This is how Earth looks from Saturn: scarily tiny and lonely

7/22/2013 - Here Are Famous Art Paintings Amazingly Recreated with Deli Meat

7/22/2013 - Hundreds of Al Qaeda militants escape Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq

7/22/2013 - Star Trek weirdo makes web series on filthy porn couch

7/22/2013 - “SpongeBob SquarePants” thong-clad pool stripper starts riot

7/22/2013 - Watch the incredible guts of this mechanical computer in action

7/22/2013 - Dan Black: Hearts

7/22/2013 - Rumors: Thor writers joining Star Trek 3, Abrams leaving Star Wars

7/22/2013 - Find Some Hot Bricking Love at This Dating Site For Lego Lovers

7/22/2013 - Your replacement retinas might look like this

7/22/2013 - What Van Gogh's Paintings Would Look Like If They Came to Life

7/22/2013 - Scary, charming Sleepy Hollow series might be your new crack

7/22/2013 - The Most Creative and Sensational Cosplay From Comic-Con 2013

7/22/2013 - Disney's New Algorithm Turns Any Photo Into a 3D Wonderland

7/22/2013 - The Creepy World of Abandoned Asylums

7/22/2013 - UCLA's 1948 Mechanical Computer Was Simply Gorgeous To Watch in Action

7/22/2013 - Watch these humpback whales come within feet of gobbling up two divers

7/22/2013 - A weird new insight into how new species evolve

7/22/2013 - See Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's mecha suits from Edge of Tomorrow

7/22/2013 - Powerful New MIT Computer System Can Make the Internet 3x Faster

7/22/2013 - AMNH 3D-Printing Camp: Let's Make Some Dinos

7/22/2013 - The right answer to “do you want to use debit or credit?”

7/22/2013 - NASA tweets the saddest tweet of the year

7/22/2013 - The Governor tells us why The Walking Dead is deadlier than ever

7/22/2013 - A New Kind of Microchip Mimics the Human Brain in Real Time

7/22/2013 - Glasses.com for iPad: Test Glasses on Your Virtual Head Before You Buy

7/22/2013 - This Year's “Scifi That Could Change Your Life” Recommendations

7/22/2013 - Which science fiction book you would give to a first-time SF reader?

7/22/2013 - From Deep Space Our Pale Blue Dot Is Just This Tiny Speck

7/22/2013 - Heroic passengers lift wrecked train car off crushed passenger

7/22/2013 - The best and worst of San Diego Comic-Con 2013

7/22/2013 - NASA Tweets the Saddest Tweet of the Year

7/22/2013 - A lot of bad movies came out on DVD this week, but MST3K can help

7/22/2013 - National Geographic Puts 125 of Its Most Iconic Photos Up For Sale

7/22/2013 - To be brilliant like Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan, try LSD and marijuana

7/22/2013 - The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2013!

7/22/2013 - On Being Human, the Devil gets off on a supernatural food fight

7/22/2013 - Snoring duck is America's new favorite animal (video)

7/22/2013 - Four Easy Ways to Listen to Your Music Outdoors

7/22/2013 - Verizon Now Offering 500Mbps (Down) Internet Service

7/22/2013 - BBC fishes up a brand new Atlantis series for both the UK and US

7/22/2013 - Is this the filthiest birthday cake ever made? (NSFW photos)

7/22/2013 - A Norse Town Has Built an Artificial Sun to Light Up Its 5-Month Night

7/22/2013 - Behold the Earth and Moon – as seen from Saturn

7/22/2013 - It's a boy: new British royal baby born

7/22/2013 - Fukushima's Leaking Radioactive Water into the Ocean After All

7/22/2013 - Joss Whedon: “Every kid who hated grownups became a grownup.”

7/22/2013 - Is it time for the British to execute their royal family?

7/22/2013 - An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes of Pacific Rim‘s Prologue Sequence

7/22/2013 - The Invention of Jaywalking Was a Massive Shaming Campaign

7/22/2013 - The Monarch finally gets his hands on Doc in The Venture Bros. finale

7/22/2013 - These Internet-Themed Crayons from the 90s Are Hilariously Dated

7/22/2013 - Dealzmodo: 802.11ac Router, Headphones And Headsets, Big Media Section

7/22/2013 - Netflix for Giant Arcade Consoles Is So Crazy It Just Might Work

7/22/2013 - If You Want This iOS Screen-Recording App You'd Better Hustle

7/22/2013 - Make crispy delicious baked potatoes by slicing them first

7/22/2013 - 3D Printers Might Get Way Cheaper After 2014

7/22/2013 - Man uploads final fight with future ex-wife to YouTube

7/22/2013 - Here Come The Leap Motion Music Apps

7/22/2013 - Guardians of the Galaxy props show us what the movie will look like

7/22/2013 - This fantastic robotic crab will explore the sea floor for us!

7/22/2013 - The 10 Most Expensive Photographs in the World

7/22/2013 - NBC's new Dracula trailer is full of sex, violence, and mustaches

7/22/2013 - An Otherworldly Gordian Knot Sculpture That Dares You To Climb It

7/22/2013 - Rich white parents told about rich white kids having sex

7/22/2013 - Apple founder prefers Super 8 motels to fancy hotels

7/22/2013 - "Write faster" song sends George R.R. Martin into guitar-smashing rage

7/22/2013 - You Won't Believe How Smart Dumbphones Actually Are

7/22/2013 - A fascinating new hypothesis that could explain (and prevent) AIDS

7/22/2013 - 10 Scientific and Tech Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs

7/22/2013 - Chinese Spite Houses Shoot Up To Protest Progress

7/22/2013 - Enormous Robot Is the Most Complicated Way to Mix Salad Dressing

7/22/2013 - 7 Brilliant Reinventions of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map

7/22/2013 - The Greatest Libertarian Novel of the Year... and of All Time?

7/22/2013 - This BBC Reporter Is So Sick of Waiting For the Royal Baby

7/22/2013 - The Cutest Way To Celebrate The Moon-Landing

7/22/2013 - Samsung's Beautiful Curved OLED TV Comes to the USA for a Mere $15,000

7/22/2013 - The massive “corpse flower” has finally bloomed! It smells awful!

7/22/2013 - The New SkyDrive Might Be the Best Cloud Storage Yet

7/22/2013 - This Week's TV: Axe Cop comes to network TV! And fights space zombies!

7/22/2013 - Watch the triumphant reveal of the Batman/Superman movie logo

7/22/2013 - This Robotic Crab Will Scuttle the Sea for Historic Sunken Treasures

7/22/2013 - The Epic, First Official Trailer for Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos

7/22/2013 - Anakin Skywalker's hometown is about to be overtaken by sand dunes

7/22/2013 - Canary: This Might Be Your Home Security System of The Future

7/22/2013 - The UK Moves to Block All Internet Porn by Default

7/22/2013 - Three Scifi Pioneers Talk About Making the First Great Space Movie

7/22/2013 - 11 Map Tattoos That Pay Tribute to Cities and Their Systems

7/22/2013 - This animated Snowpiercer prequel reveals how the world froze

7/22/2013 - New Google Earth Hack Lets You Nuke Any City in Devastating 3D

7/22/2013 - Motorola X Rumored Specs: Not the Droid You're Looking For

7/22/2013 - Many Japanese Are Not Ashamed of World War II Atrocities

7/22/2013 - The Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology is a real thing that exists

7/22/2013 - SeaWorld Lies About Killer Whales, Gets Slammed By Scientists

7/22/2013 - The running machine is my new favorite piece of outdated technology

7/22/2013 - The World's Biggest Data Breaches, Visualized

7/22/2013 - SanDisk Connect: Share and Stream Your Mobile Media Anywhere (For Less)

7/22/2013 - The Real Story About the Villains of Spider-Man 2 and Arrow

7/22/2013 - Leap Motion Controller Review: Waiting For the Future to Catch Up

7/22/2013 - Rumor: Canon Is Testing a 75-Megapixel Pro DSLR

7/22/2013 - These Macro Shots of Animal Eyes Are Beautifully Striking

7/22/2013 - Leaked Best Buy Ad Reaffirms Google's Rumored New Nexus 7

7/22/2013 - Apple's Developer Center Hacked by Security Researcher, Data Unharmed

7/22/2013 - What's the Worst Ringtone You've Ever Heard?

7/22/2013 - WSJ: Apple Is Testing Bigger Screens for iPhone and iPad

7/21/2013 - What was the best surprise or biggest letdown of Comic-Con 2013?

7/21/2013 - Supernatural hints at what follows the Fallen Angel Sh*tstorm

7/21/2013 - Leaving Nerd Las Vegas

7/21/2013 - This Pseudo-Mondrian Lego Sculpture Should Be in a Museum

7/21/2013 - Imogen Heap: Hide And Seek

7/21/2013 - The Most Memorable Dan Harmon Moments from Today's Community Panel

7/21/2013 - Whoa This Timelapse Of Reflected Cities Is Nuts

7/21/2013 - A Backpack Made Of Kevlar Could Protect You In A War Zone

7/21/2013 - Millions Of Cell Phones Could Be Vulnerable To This SIM Card Hack

7/21/2013 - Kick-Ass 2 promises supervillain sex toys and Hit-Girl's daddy issues

7/21/2013 - Joss Whedon: No, You Don't Need Hank Pym to Have Ultron

7/21/2013 - Here is a baby rhino playing in the mud for the first time

7/21/2013 - "Teach The Witches A Lesson" With A Slingshot That Shoots Brooms

7/21/2013 - The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer is an Amazing Thrill Ride

7/21/2013 - Community's Abed bemoans life without Troy in Greendale

7/21/2013 - 10 Of The Strangest Theme Bars And Restaurants On Earth

7/21/2013 - An Unusually Close Look At The Development Of Facebook Home

7/21/2013 - Who makes it out of Vamp Camp alive in this new True Blood trailer?

7/21/2013 - Holy crap, Oz the Great and Powerful was a remake of Army of Darkness

7/21/2013 - Bryan Singer has a special word for what the new X-Men movie will be

7/21/2013 - The first line Kristen Bell uttered on the Veronica Mars film set

7/21/2013 - Walder Frey's Next Game of Thrones Adventure: a Dating Show?

7/21/2013 - How Often Do You Use Ethernet These Days?

7/21/2013 - The first periodic table that got laughed out of science

7/21/2013 - The Navy Accidentally Bombed The Great Barrier Reef . . . Sort Of

7/21/2013 - Just how god-like will Electro's powers get in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

7/21/2013 - Make Tricky And Beautiful Geometric Patterns In Isometric

7/21/2013 - Watch Comic-Con's Marvel Cinematic Universe panel in all its glory

7/21/2013 - Why Riddick was easier to make as a brutal R-rated movie

7/21/2013 - Meet Arrow‘s new Black Canary in the first season 2 trailer

7/21/2013 - Alien Probes Could Already Be In Our Solar System According To Math

7/21/2013 - The World's Tallest Building Looks Badass From A Helicopter

7/21/2013 - Oh Right, Doctoring Photos Actually Still Takes A Long Time

7/21/2013 - The Biggest News From San Diego Comic-Con 2013

7/21/2013 - Get ready for Futurama‘s death by snu snu

7/21/2013 - Yes! It's the first trailer for Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos series.

7/20/2013 - Watch the entire Game of Thrones panel online now

7/20/2013 - Marvel movie panel nearly destroyed us with glorious madness

7/20/2013 - Being Human: The Sitcom, plus new vids of Defiance and Warehouse 13!

7/20/2013 - First X-Men: Days of Future Past footage gave us goosebumps

7/20/2013 - The first look at Rebecca Sugar's amazing new cartoon Steven Universe

7/20/2013 - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross: In Motion

7/20/2013 - Caesar is War-Painted and Grizzled in the Planet of the Apes Teaser

7/20/2013 - The movie X-Men, new and old, come together at Comic-Con

7/20/2013 - There's a Beautiful Chair Hiding in Your Washing Machine

7/20/2013 - Is The LEGO Movie really the best film ever? Signs point to yes!

7/20/2013 - I, Frankenstein looks like next year's Hansel and Gretel. Get excited.

7/20/2013 - A Digital Print of Vintage Film Canisters Is Paradoxically Adorable

7/20/2013 - When will the Governor return? What's ahead for Walking Dead Season 4

7/20/2013 - The new Hunger Games 2 trailer reveals why it's no longer a game

7/20/2013 - Edgar Wright says The World's End is like a drunken Doctor Who

7/20/2013 - The Future of Virtual Reality Looks Super Creepy From the Outside

7/20/2013 - Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow feels like the Starship Troopers we want

7/20/2013 - The Great Sahara Sea That Almost Was

7/20/2013 - They're doing a Superman/Batman movie... but that's not the big news

7/20/2013 - The Little Mermaid swims her way into Once Upon a Time season 3!

7/20/2013 - Every Single Photoshop Filter in Two Bewildering Minutes

7/20/2013 - Time for an edge-of-your-seat scary glimpse of Cuarón's Gravity

7/20/2013 - We saw a glimpse of Godzilla. You won't believe the size and majesty.

7/20/2013 - We just saw the first mighty teaser for the Warcraft movie!

7/20/2013 - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is creepy goodness, with genie action!

7/20/2013 - Should You Bring Your Laptop on Vacation?

7/20/2013 - Footage from Jeff Bridges' Seventh Son reveals tons of crazy monsters

7/20/2013 - David S. Goyer tells us about the Walking Dead episode he's directing

7/20/2013 - Netflix's Crazily Crappy Cropping, Hands On with Neverwet, And More

7/20/2013 - Can you spot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in this photo?

7/20/2013 - Watch the entire Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Comic-Con panel right here!

7/20/2013 - What Actually Happens to All Your Deleted Files?

7/20/2013 - Korra will face her greatest challenge in Season Two: her parents

7/20/2013 - Behold the very first footage from the Veronica Mars movie

7/20/2013 - Battlestar Galactica's humanoid cylons were a result of budget limits

7/20/2013 - Watch Andrew Garfield stay in character during the Spider-Man 2 panel

7/20/2013 - What the World Would Look Like If You Could Actually See Wi-Fi Signals

7/20/2013 - These Leaked Moto X Press Images Sure Look Familiar

7/20/2013 - Peggy doesn't need Cap to kick butt in the first “Agent Carter” clip

7/20/2013 - Five Free Online Tools to Learn Another Language

7/20/2013 - We've seen Samuel L. Jackson channel Rush Limbaugh in RoboCop footage!

7/20/2013 - Gaze Inside the Enormous Space Toolbox that Lives on the ISS

7/20/2013 - Beware the Batman gets a scene-stealing villain

7/20/2013 - Against all odds, author Max Brooks didn't hate the World War Z movie

7/20/2013 - Watch What Subways Looked Like 100 Years Ago

7/20/2013 - 4-minute redband trailer makes Kick-Ass 2 look awesome again

7/20/2013 - A Beautifully Creepy Drone View of Beautifully Vain Los Angeles

7/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Muñeca (NSFW)

7/19/2013 - What Your Favorite iPhone Apps Might Look Like in iOS 7

7/19/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: 10 Best Lifehacks for Living Alone

7/19/2013 - Visualizing What a Billion Dollars Looks Like with Windows Notepad

7/19/2013 - How many monsters will be in the new Godzilla movie?

7/19/2013 - The Moto X Might Have a 4.5-inch Screen and a Back Made from Kevlar (Updated)

7/19/2013 - The Destruction of Detroit in Heartbreaking Before & After Photographs

7/19/2013 - NASA will attempt to rescue the planet-hunting Kepler Telescope

7/19/2013 - Watch Game of Thrones' amazing tribute to its many dead characters

7/19/2013 - This Video Proves German Is Earth's Most Insane Language

7/19/2013 - The Troubles have just begun according to the Haven season 4 trailer

7/19/2013 - Whoa, Disney Made Video Game Rumble Feedback for Kinect Motion

7/19/2013 - A Laptop-Thin Lunchbox For Fans of Crepes and Flatbreads

7/19/2013 - This Is What a London Based on the Tube Would Look Like

7/19/2013 - How Will You Survive This Awful Heat Wave?

7/19/2013 - Thanks to a Secret Court the NSA Can Continue Spying on Americas

7/19/2013 - The Agents of SHIELD pilot hits the ground walking

7/19/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Badges, Caskets and Betting on the Ponies

7/19/2013 - New York Just Set an All-Time Record For Energy Usage

7/19/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: VLC, Origami, and More

7/19/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Floating Toucher, Locket, and More

7/19/2013 - Riddick has never been more terrifying than in this bloody new trailer

7/19/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Clipper, Potluck, and More

7/19/2013 - Here's Some Beautiful Award-Winning Art Inspired by Natural Science

7/19/2013 - You Won't Believe These Incredibly Dumb Internet Startup Companies

7/19/2013 - Apple Maps Should Get Way Better After HopStop Acquisition

7/19/2013 - Sorry, the World's First Kosher Lube Is Gone as Fast as It Came

7/19/2013 - If nothing else, the Walking Dead season 4 trailer is phenomenal

7/19/2013 - Scientists Created an Impossible Supermaterial Totally by Accident

7/19/2013 - These Wacky Vibrators Are Making Feminists Furious!

7/19/2013 - Behold the wonder inside The Legend of Korra - Book 2: Spirits trailer

7/19/2013 - Which Glass to Use for Which Drink and Why

7/19/2013 - Don't Be an Imbecile or This Will (Hopefully) Happen to You One Day

7/19/2013 - Vin Diesel: “I'm not allowed to say anything about the Vision.”

7/19/2013 - Ronald D. Moore unleashes a black gooey hell in new series Helix

7/19/2013 - A Beach Towel Game Boy That Never Runs Out of Batteries

7/19/2013 - Adam Savage reacting to a 400-pound super-mech is just the best

7/19/2013 - Syfy's Mark Stern: Expect more scripted series and miniseries

7/19/2013 - RIPD is an adequate movie you should absolutely not see in theaters

7/19/2013 - The Facade of This Water Cooling Plant Is Chill as Hell

7/19/2013 - Derek Jeter Injured Again Because New York Yankees Did Something Dumb

7/19/2013 - Would You Pay for Apps You Already Own Again in iOS 7?

7/19/2013 - Amazon's Jeff Bezos Retrieves Apollo 11 Engine From Ocean Floor

7/19/2013 - History's Greatest Architectural Blunders

7/19/2013 - The science urban legend that was told to my parents

7/19/2013 - Hey Racists: Terrorists Can Look Like You and Black Men Can Be Innocent

7/19/2013 - Internet Cafe Bombed In Mongolia After Owner Angers Customer

7/19/2013 - Official Game of Thrones figures top the best Comic-Con toys

7/19/2013 - Dealzmodo: Discounted Macs, 2TB External $80, Xbox LIVE, Lots Of Apps

7/19/2013 - How to Get Rid of Gmail's New Tabs (And Why You Should)

7/19/2013 - Divergent Looks Like Harry Potter Playing the Hunger Games

7/19/2013 - These Are the Terrible People You Can Blame For Parking Meters

7/19/2013 - RED 2 is a classic example of an inferior sequel

7/19/2013 - Ford Gives Cops Eyes in the Backs of their Cars

7/19/2013 - This iconic scene from Children of Men was actually an accident

7/19/2013 - How Pacific Rim's Monster-Mashing Amazingness Came Out of Digital Art

7/19/2013 - Why do women's bodies run colder than men's?

7/19/2013 - Asiana 777 Crash Victim Died After Fire Truck Ran Her Over

7/19/2013 - Watch This Grandma Playing Drums Better Than Ringo Starr

7/19/2013 - The Sweat-to-Water Purifier: Real-Life Dune Still Suit Will Save Lives

7/19/2013 - Massive 4-minute trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's new film The Wind Rises

7/19/2013 - Join us for the io9 panel tonight at Comic-Con!

7/19/2013 - 40 Years of Wolverine Suits

7/19/2013 - Royal Baby! Is Kate Middleton Giving Birth Right Now?

7/19/2013 - A Game of Thrones Pop-Up Book Should Tide You Over Between Seasons

7/19/2013 - Matt Smith tells Comic-Con: “You'll forget about me”

7/19/2013 - 10 Urban Legends about Famous Scientists

7/19/2013 - Why the Biggest Obstacle for Elon Musk's Hyperloop Might Be Tunnels

7/19/2013 - To Get Rich, Smoke and Then Quit Smoking

7/19/2013 - Confirmed: Jeff Bezos Rescued Apollo 11's Engine From the Ocean Floor

7/19/2013 - Mars’ Once Thick Atmosphere Now Kaput

7/19/2013 - Hundred Dollar Bill Napkins: Make It Rain, Then Wipe It Up

7/19/2013 - Schindler's List—the Actual Historical Nazi Document—For Sale On eBay

7/19/2013 - How These Simple Scimitar Winglets Make the 737 a Whole New Plane

7/19/2013 - The Conjuring proves horror movies don't have to be heartless dreck

7/19/2013 - A Mechanical Wooden Pencil That Will Never Go Dull

7/19/2013 - All You Need to Know From San Diego Comic Con 2013

7/19/2013 - An unexpected human talent that computers will soon understand

7/19/2013 - New Nexus 7 Leak Spills Almost All the Details

7/19/2013 - What the Navy Shoots for Target Practice

7/19/2013 - The crack team behind the invention of the parking meter

7/19/2013 - The Space Battles in Ender's Game Will Make Your Eyeballs Explode

7/19/2013 - How Computer Chess Was Shot With a Vintage Sony Tube Video Camera

7/19/2013 - Did You Know Retail Stores Can Track You Through Your Phone?

7/19/2013 - Android's Tips for Beautiful Icon Design Are the Opposite of Google's

7/19/2013 - Meet the deadly droids of Elysium

7/19/2013 - Century-Old Bizarre Tricks That Could Probably Injure You

7/19/2013 - Horrible Histories Explains the Space Race in Four Minutes

7/19/2013 - A Revolutionary All-Seeing Camera Lens That Puts the Lytro To Shame

7/19/2013 - The cow that proves you can't be right accidentally

7/19/2013 - The Most Astounding Cosplay We've Seen at Comic-Con (So Far)

7/19/2013 - The Best Guess at How Elon Musk's Hyperloop Transit Fantasy Might Work

7/19/2013 - How to Be Successful in Life Even If You're Mediocre

7/19/2013 - Apple Gobbled Up a Location Data Startup to Cure Its Map Monster

7/19/2013 - Benedict Cumberbatch explains how Sherlock survived his season 2 fall

7/19/2013 - Sony Rumored to be Making Crazy New Camera System for Smartphones

7/19/2013 - New Giant Virus Can Redefine Life as We Know It

7/19/2013 - After 69 years, Earth's slowest-moving drop has been captured on video

7/19/2013 - 6 Highly Dangerous Lifehacks From 100 Years Ago

7/19/2013 - Will the Next Batman Movie Really Be Based on Batman Beyond?

7/19/2013 - What 600 Billion Billion Kilometers of Quasar Light Looks Like

7/19/2013 - A Movie of People in Movies Watching Movies

7/19/2013 - A Private Venture Wants to Build a Telescope on the Moon

7/19/2013 - You've Never Seen Volcanoes Look This Colorful Before

7/19/2013 - Why Doesn't Skype Protect You Against Eavesdropping?

7/19/2013 - Best Buy Just Knocked $200 Off the 13-Inch MacBook Pro

7/19/2013 - Powdered Toast Man saves the day for breakfast foods everywhere

7/19/2013 - You Can Download VLC for iPhone and iPad Now

7/19/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Yellow Submarine

7/18/2013 - We Saw the First Ten Minutes of Terry Gilliam's New Masterpiece

7/18/2013 - The Complete Visual History of Wolverine's Suit

7/18/2013 - GOP anti-Obamacare ad tries to capitalize on your love of Sharknado

7/18/2013 - Every Lego Fan Needs These Red Brick Slippers

7/18/2013 - Harrison Ford says Han Solo wouldn't join the army in Ender's Game

7/18/2013 - The Perfect Weapon Is Rabies, But Which Nations Kill With Rabies?

7/18/2013 - You Won't Believe What Happens When You Light These Chemicals on Fire

7/18/2013 - The Cool Pacific Rim End Titles You Never Saw

7/18/2013 - Huey Lewis Demands Baseball Games Return To Live Music

7/18/2013 - First (tiny) look at X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Bishop and more

7/18/2013 - Hailee Steinfeld's nerdy nail art just made our day

7/18/2013 - The report that could have made our world an alternate timeline

7/18/2013 - How Much Food Do We Waste Every Year?

7/18/2013 - Mom's Sexy Wish: Please Somebody Take My Son's Virginity!

7/18/2013 - Which creator do you wish you had met before they became superfamous?

7/18/2013 - Get the Hot Hairstyle Everybody Wants For Summer Sexytime

7/18/2013 - Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles books are getting a TV show!

7/18/2013 - Was rabies used an ancient biological weapon?

7/18/2013 - You Won't Need a PIN When You Pay for Everything with Your Face

7/18/2013 - Origami for iOS and Android: A Better Way to Share With Family

7/18/2013 - Are Your Fake Orgasms Actually Destroying Your Life?

7/18/2013 - How Comic-Con Attendance has Grown, and Other Geeky Infographics

7/18/2013 - New Images Show the Last Dramatic Moments of the Boston Bombing Manhunt

7/18/2013 - Where do space whales come from?

7/18/2013 - Detroit Goes Bankrupt In U.S. History's Biggest City Default

7/18/2013 - Newly discovered “Pandoravirus" could redefine life as we know it

7/18/2013 - Parkour goat is tired of your bullsh*t fence

7/18/2013 - This Vest Claims To Regulate Your Body Temperature

7/18/2013 - These Five New Shows Are the Best Things Ever Made For TV (Video)

7/18/2013 - The very best finds on the floor at Comic-Con 2013

7/18/2013 - Heal your Game of Thrones anguish with these plush Direwolf puppies

7/18/2013 - Ikea Resurrects the Little Table That Inspired Ikea as You Know It

7/18/2013 - Weatherman Al Roker Is Going Crazy On Twitter

7/18/2013 - Stench of Comic-Con's Smelly, Disgusting People Will Make You Vomit

7/18/2013 - io9 Book Club reminder: Meeting 7/30 to discuss Odds Against Tomorrow

7/18/2013 - Like humans, chimps and orangutans remember their past

7/18/2013 - Secret Recording Leaked: Kanye West Rants About Taylor Swift and Racism

7/18/2013 - What Are Your Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts?

7/18/2013 - We're Way Behind Schedule For Curing the Common Cold

7/18/2013 - Certain Types of Garbage Dumped In Your Garden Will Scare Away Slugs

7/18/2013 - Buy These Headphones, Help a Deaf Person Hear

7/18/2013 - Which New Show Will Rock Your TV Set? First Impressions on 5 Pilots!

7/18/2013 - 20 Great Insults from Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

7/18/2013 - Joe Rogan tells io9 why you should question the !@#$ out of everything

7/18/2013 - You Can Get a Free Year of Xbox Live Gold for Buying Office 360

7/18/2013 - Withings Pulse Review: Lots of Data In a Little Package

7/18/2013 - Hatchet Hitchhiker Jailed For Murder Tries To Kill Himself

7/18/2013 - Astronomers watch as a gas cloud gets torn to shreds by a black hole

7/18/2013 - This Personal Alarm Weaponizes Your House Key

7/18/2013 - Infographic shows that the world likes the US slightly more than China

7/18/2013 - All the Gold on Earth Comes From Massive Space Explosions

7/18/2013 - Jeff Bridges's lawman bitches about his death in this R.I.P.D. cartoon

7/18/2013 - War Against Machines Begins As Colorado Offers Drone-Hunting Permits

7/18/2013 - Dealzmodo: $100 5.1 System, Jim Guthrie Humble Bundle, Marvel Blu-rays

7/18/2013 - All Those Open Browser Tabs Really Are Killing Your Laptop's Battery

7/18/2013 - Can You Guess Which Movies These Facial Mashups Belong To?

7/18/2013 - Killer Drone Crashes Alongside Florida Highway (Video)

7/18/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Insects And Other Creepy Crawlies

7/18/2013 - Pixar Bigshot Laughs At Unified Pixar Movie Theory

7/18/2013 - Anonymous Says They Leaked 2,000 Congressional Email Passwords

7/18/2013 - A 69-Year-Old Experiment Finally Worked For the First Time

7/18/2013 - Meet X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Sentinel (or at least its head)

7/18/2013 - Here's the New Lego Back to the Future Set

7/18/2013 - New Firefly Game For Tablets and Phones Will Be Better Than Real Life

7/18/2013 - Who Needs a Breathalyzer When a Urinal Can Tell How Drunk You Are?

7/18/2013 - Get a Stack of Indie RPGs with the Pay-What-You-Want Bundle of Holding

7/18/2013 - In this Firefly online game, you can't let them take the sky from you

7/18/2013 - Is This the World's Most Disgusting Sandwich?

7/18/2013 - What Comes After Click: A Crash Course in Tangible User Interfaces

7/18/2013 - Walking Up the Stairs Is Worthless, Says Very Fit Person

7/18/2013 - 20 Great Insults from Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

7/18/2013 - Do Jenny McCarthy's antivax views stem from the indigo child movement?

7/18/2013 - 108 Years of Legendary Herman Miller Design in 108 Seconds

7/18/2013 - Taxpayers spent $33,000 Entertaining Zimmerman Jurors At Fancy Hotel

7/18/2013 - Watch the Crazy Aftermath of a Drone Crashing Next to a Florida Highway

7/18/2013 - A bigger, better look at Agents of SHIELD with tons of new footage

7/18/2013 - Why Cropping Movies to Fit Your Screen Really Sucks

7/18/2013 - Investigators: London Dreamliner Fire Was Again Caused by Batteries

7/18/2013 - Our Brand-New Godzilla, Revealed at Comic-Con!

7/18/2013 - The Best Android Apps You Can Get in 2013

7/18/2013 - Scientists May Have Found a Genomic Off Switch for Down Syndrome

7/18/2013 - TV's Emmy Awards Honors the Best of Cable and Netflix Shows

7/18/2013 - Google Maps just annihilated an entire 141-square-mile island

7/18/2013 - Trayvon Martin's Parents Criticize Verdict, Juror B37

7/18/2013 - This Blast Effects Sensor Suite Analyzes IEDs to Save Lives

7/18/2013 - Space Camera Tech Could Be Used to Detect Blindness Before It Happens

7/18/2013 - How Netflix Butchers Your Movies

7/18/2013 - Harrison Ford gives a grim history lesson in first Ender's Game clip

7/18/2013 - From Bush to Jesus: The 10 Most Controversial Wikipedia Topics

7/18/2013 - Colorado Town Wants to Issue Drone Hunting Permits

7/18/2013 - Solving the Mystery of the Plague That Decimated Ancient Athens

7/18/2013 - Here's What a Developer's PS4 Looks Like

7/18/2013 - How will humans cope with boredom on their first missions to Mars?

7/18/2013 - Robosimian: NASA’s New Monkey Robot Designed for Search & Rescue

7/18/2013 - How to Activate Five Secret Powerful Features In Your iPhone

7/18/2013 - The early reviews for The Wolverine are decidedly mixed

7/18/2013 - Wife Goes Nuclear On Twitter After Silicon Valley Mogul Cheats On Her

7/18/2013 - Futurama makes me wish Nixon were president

7/18/2013 - Six Android Launchers to Supercharge Your Smartphone

7/18/2013 - Behold the Molten Glory of Thermite in Slow Motion

7/18/2013 - Justin Bieber Gets Another Creepy Tattoo: His Mom's Eye

7/18/2013 - America's present heat wave is so big you can see it from space

7/18/2013 - Did a massive dragon just wash ashore along England's Jurassic coast?

7/18/2013 - The First Smartwatch You Might Actually Want Is Designed For Kids

7/18/2013 - This Sex Doll Factory Tour Is a Trip to Hell

7/18/2013 - 7 Graphics of Earth's Coolest Phenomena, From Rainbows to Earth Wobble

7/18/2013 - Does J.J. Abrams Have the Script for Star Wars Episode VII Already?

7/18/2013 - Netflix's House of Cards Got an Emmy Nomination

7/18/2013 - The 10 Most Controversial Wikipedia Topics Around the World

7/18/2013 - This Samsung SSD Runs at a Blistering 3,000MB/s

7/18/2013 - Android 4.3 Leaked via a Googler's Second-Hand Nexus 4

7/18/2013 - 3D Printed Sugar Is Intricately Beautiful

7/18/2013 - ICANN Approves the First Generic Top-Level Domains--and They're Non-English

7/18/2013 - HTC One Mini Hands On: Hey There Lil' Speedster

7/18/2013 - The Technology You Need to Protect Against Mass Surveillance

7/18/2013 - If Facebook Was a Board Game

7/18/2013 - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser: Electro Talks Trash to Spidey

7/18/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet: Tacky, Sticky & Glutinous (NSFW)

7/17/2013 - These Cross-Sections of Golf Balls Look Like They're From Outer Space

7/17/2013 - How to Save Offline Maps in the New Google Maps for iOS

7/17/2013 - Is This the Next Google Nexus 7?

7/17/2013 - More evidence that Neanderthals made jewelry and art

7/17/2013 - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70: Zoomier Than Any Point-and-Shoot Camera Ever

7/17/2013 - New theory says the Universe isn't expanding — it's just getting fat

7/17/2013 - LG Laser TV Hands On: Your Wall's Not Worthy

7/17/2013 - Game-changing discovery reveals how gold is made in outer space

7/17/2013 - These Missing Harry Potter Cover Illustrations Are Better Than Movies

7/17/2013 - This Smart Scalpel Can Smell Cancer as It Cuts

7/17/2013 - Is Star Trek Our Real Future? Then Prove It!

7/17/2013 - New Helix clip makes us scream for more Ronald D. Moore!

7/17/2013 - Some Brilliant Lunatic Is Posting All of Star Wars to Instagram Video

7/17/2013 - Potluck for iOS: Like a Virtual Dinner Party, With Links

7/17/2013 - Crazy Ideas that Made the Leap from Scifi to Reality

7/17/2013 - "Wrong House" Destroyed By Wrecking Crew

7/17/2013 - Squeeze and Glow: The Battery-Free Flashlight of 1923

7/17/2013 - Carl from Walking Dead has grown up and he's terrifying

7/17/2013 - Check Out These Totally Not Shocking Maps of Corporate Tax Avoidance

7/17/2013 - Soon, Your Smartphone Could Be Powered by Pee

7/17/2013 - Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have 5,000 villains

7/17/2013 - Crazy New Pool Basketball Video Much Better Than That Other One

7/17/2013 - The Many Amazing Uses of Stretchable Gold

7/17/2013 - Is it realistic to think that the future will be like Star Trek?

7/17/2013 - A Rocking Horse Cookie Cutter Is a Sweet and Easy Way For Kids To Help

7/17/2013 - DC's head executive puts Sandman at the "top" of their movie list

7/17/2013 - You Won't Believe How Much Netflix Crops Your Movies

7/17/2013 - Next Royal Baby To Be Queen, Based On Kate Middleton Being So Fat

7/17/2013 - What if Ned Stark and Tony Stark were brothers?

7/17/2013 - Is Under the Dome doomed to make a series of stunt episodes?

7/17/2013 - Official Ender's Game Recruitment Video: Give Us Your Children

7/17/2013 - The Many Ways in Which Google Is Trying to Take Over the World

7/17/2013 - Zimmerman Trial's Juror B37 Should Shut Up and Leave the Planet Forever

7/17/2013 - Lettuce Gaze Upon the Future of Agriculture

7/17/2013 - Boys Think of Nothing But Nasty Internet Porn, Women Say

7/17/2013 - This Video Shows Why the Evil Queen Is the Best Disney Character Ever

7/17/2013 - Citizen science project identifies species by their calls

7/17/2013 - Kinect Has Gotten Super Good at Reading Sign Language

7/17/2013 - Attention, Women: You're Making a Shameful Mistake With Body Hair

7/17/2013 - The Apocalypse Now Video Game Could Have Been Great

7/17/2013 - Advocacy Group to Name Captive Chimp as Plaintiff in Historic Case

7/17/2013 - This Motion-Sensing Tingling Spidey-Sense Tee Has Got Your Back

7/17/2013 - After Blowjobs and Pedobear the 2020 Olympic Logos Are Playing It Safe

7/17/2013 - This Lawnmower Runs at 130MPH, Accelerates Faster Than Most Sport Cars

7/17/2013 - Have You Already Been the Victim of These Common Internet Scams?

7/17/2013 - Dealzmodo: Nook Simple Touch, ASUS Monitor, Sodastream, Lots Of Apps

7/17/2013 - What would NYC look like in the Grand Canyon, or Death Valley?

7/17/2013 - Deluxe D&D Reprint Against the Slavelords Gains a Bonus Adventure

7/17/2013 - Video: NeverWet Liquid-Repelling Spray Actually Works Like Magic

7/17/2013 - Right-Wing College President Hopes To Ban Liberal History Books

7/17/2013 - Inside the Mesmerising Robotic Factory Where Teslas Are Born

7/17/2013 - Turbo could be the sweetest surprise of the summer

7/17/2013 - Before Jetpacks, We Were Promised Butterfly Wings

7/17/2013 - The 15 Most Ludicrous Superhero Vehicles

7/17/2013 - U.S. Government Also Tracking Everywhere You Drive

7/17/2013 - 8 Photos Of Wet, Wet Water Fights

7/17/2013 - NeverWet Review: The Magical, Water-Repelling Spray Is Kind of Amazing

7/17/2013 - Lego Is Making Two New Minecraft Sets

7/17/2013 - 68 Plans For London's Hilariously Misguided Response to the Eiffel Tower

7/17/2013 - Tumblr's Big Security Fail Was Absurdly Stupid

7/17/2013 - Women Share Their Sex Fantasies of Old, Evil Creep From Harry Potter

7/17/2013 - I Can't Stop Watching This Crazy Pool Ball Play

7/17/2013 - Design the Perfect Shade With Crayola's Make Your Own Marker Kit

7/17/2013 - 272,297 dominos toppling is the most satisfying thing you'll see today

7/17/2013 - Watch 450 Pounds of Dynamite Take Down a Power Plant

7/17/2013 - Grand St.: Your One Stop Shop For Weird and Awesome Gadgets

7/17/2013 - This Fantastic Buddhist Temple Is Better Than Any Cathedral

7/17/2013 - The Basics of Home Canning and Pickling

7/17/2013 - What You Need to Know About Getting Magnetic Finger Implants

7/17/2013 - The Best iPhone Apps You Can Get In 2013

7/17/2013 - The Government Uses License Plate Scanners to Track Your Every Move

7/17/2013 - A gorgeous HD video of Niagara Falls, shot from a Quad-Copter

7/17/2013 - Why That Budget iPhone Might Not (And Shouldn't) Be So Budget After All

7/17/2013 - Naked Giant Streaks Through Televised Rugby Game (Video)

7/17/2013 - Listen to the insanity of Darth Winnie, the Dark Pooh of the Sith

7/17/2013 - This Lego Cylon Baseship is Frakking Awesome

7/17/2013 - The FDA Has Approved a Cap to Diagnose ADHD More Accurately

7/17/2013 - Why you should start watching Orphan Black right now

7/17/2013 - Vacation Nightmare: Flesh-Eating Maggots Invade Tourist's Head (Video)

7/17/2013 - How chicken feed lead to the discovery of vitamins

7/17/2013 - ‘Vampire Grave’ Discovered at Polish Construction Site

7/17/2013 - This Fossil-Covered Museum Houses Australia's Largest Dino Collection

7/17/2013 - Hubble Snaps Breathtaking New Picture of ISON, “Comet of the Century"

7/17/2013 - How to Find Out If Your Flight Will Have Wi-Fi and Its Price

7/17/2013 - Why do we nitpick superhero movies so damn much?

7/17/2013 - A Drone Fell From the Sky and Exploded Next to a Florida Highway

7/17/2013 - Every Night's a Righteous Road Trip in a VW Camper Bunk Bed

7/17/2013 - Oh Flexible Stainless Steel Robot, You Are So Bendy and Shiny

7/17/2013 - The Viral Photo of a Volcano Photographer On Fire Isn't Photoshopped

7/17/2013 - What Do You Call an Alien From Uranus?

7/17/2013 - The Viral Image of a Volcano Photographer on Fire Wasn't Photoshopped

7/17/2013 - Faran Tahir was the best Starfleet captain ever -- what's next?

7/17/2013 - How far would you go to get the perfect shot?

7/17/2013 - Apple May Have Finally Figured Out How to Make a Liquidmetal iPhone

7/17/2013 - All It Took to Hijack Google Glass Was a Dumb QR Code

7/17/2013 - The Next Best Thing to Showering With a Dental Hygienist

7/17/2013 - 12 Drool-Worthy Photos of Vintage Signs in the Valley

7/17/2013 - Major Hints for Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 and District 10!

7/17/2013 - This Robot Arm Is Den Mother To 30,000 Lab Mice

7/17/2013 - These Are the World's Fastest SD Cards (For Now, at Least)

7/17/2013 - Social Media Isn't Always That Important

7/17/2013 - This Simple Wooden Case Contains an Entire Collapsable Workstation

7/17/2013 - Apple May Delay the New iPhone Because of a Change in Screen Size

7/17/2013 - The HTC One Mini Seemingly Confirmed By Chinese Certification Database

7/17/2013 - The Fifth Estate Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Just Like Julian Assange

7/17/2013 - These Parody Logos of Famous Brands Are More Honest Than the Real Logos

7/17/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Tiki Tiki

7/16/2013 - Google Maps Now Works with the iPad and Has Better Navigation

7/16/2013 - Every Home Needs This Amazingly Simple DIY Automatic Closing Screen Door

7/16/2013 - Neural Dust is a Step Towards Nexus

7/16/2013 - The First Emoticons Were Used in 1881

7/16/2013 - Pope Makes Deal With Catholic God To Bless Pope's Twitter Fans

7/16/2013 - San Diego Gets Ready, Because Comic-Con Is Coming!

7/16/2013 - Read These Easy Books To Become a Wealthy TV Writer

7/16/2013 - Watching 275,000 Dominos Fall Is Mesmerizingly Addictive

7/16/2013 - Worst crossover ever: Hitler joins the JLA and the Avengers

7/16/2013 - Is spirituality really the opposite of science?

7/16/2013 - PayPal Credits Man 92 Quadrillion Dollars, Then Takes Them Away

7/16/2013 - Follow the Pope on Twitter for Less Time in Purgatory

7/16/2013 - Heroes is getting a fifth, vastly unnecessary “season” via comics

7/16/2013 - The Idiotic Things Google Was Going to Make You Say to Use Google Glass

7/16/2013 - The Cutest Video Today: Dad Records Son's First Year In 365 Seconds

7/16/2013 - Kid Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Hacking School Election

7/16/2013 - Crowsflight for iOS: Enjoy Wandering Without Ever Getting Lost

7/16/2013 - “Brutalist” Buildings That Should Be Dystopian Movie Sets

7/16/2013 - How To Get a High-Paying Job As a Reality TV Actor

7/16/2013 - RIP Elaine Morgan, popularizer of the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

7/16/2013 - For the first time in years, this rare corpse flower is about to open!

7/16/2013 - Behold Syfy's next masterpiece: Ghost Shark!

7/16/2013 - Manhattan Becomes a Mystical Sun Temple Four Times Each Year

7/16/2013 - Everyone Can Get the New Google Maps Right Now

7/16/2013 - Here's the Lumia 1020 Camera Chopped in Half for No Good Reason

7/16/2013 - Bang! Pow! Zoom! Batman ’66 is the retro-king of This Week’s Comics!

7/16/2013 - A Better Fix for Your Old, Aching Back From a New Biomaterial

7/16/2013 - What's the greatest knock-down, drag-out fight scene of all time?

7/16/2013 - How To Cope With Your Very Ugly Baby

7/16/2013 - A Pull Start Mower For Fruits and Vegetables

7/16/2013 - PayPal Randomly Credits Man with $92,000,000,000,000,000

7/16/2013 - What is this Cyberman orchestra conductor saying?

7/16/2013 - No, we didn't just create an AI that’s as smart as a 4-year old

7/16/2013 - A Satellite Dish Chandelier Shines Light on Outmoded Tech

7/16/2013 - Report: Google Wants to Make a Streaming Television Service

7/16/2013 - Nike Free Flyknit: A Running Shoe as a “Second Skin”

7/16/2013 - Today in 1935: The First Parking Meter Is Installed

7/16/2013 - Nike Free Hyperfeel: A Minimalist Running Shoe That Looks Like a Sock

7/16/2013 - Man Finally Buys Motorcycle After 38 Years, Immediately Crashes & Dies

7/16/2013 - The Largest Legoland Water Park Ever Will Have 50 Million Bricks

7/16/2013 - Update Your Cosplay for Comic Con 2013: What to Wear, What to Burn

7/16/2013 - Lyft Creeps Make Smartphone Ride-Share Very Gross For Women

7/16/2013 - Brave New Interface: A Fleet of Dust-Sized Sensors Embedded In Your Brain

7/16/2013 - Should You Actually Be Worried About Nuclear Radiation?

7/16/2013 - Bored By Baseball, Fans Read and Watch Movies and Crochet At Ballpark

7/16/2013 - Blaxsploitation meets True Blood in a blisteringly weird short movie

7/16/2013 - Building a home is as vital as zombie headshots in State of Decay

7/16/2013 - The Biggest Transfomer Toy Ever Made Is Truly Huge

7/16/2013 - Rescued: The Victorian Observatory Where Early Moon Pictures Were Shot

7/16/2013 - Coffee Snobs Are the Worst Kind of Snobs

7/16/2013 - The Biggest Transformer Ever, Standing Next to Stuff

7/16/2013 - 2 Terabytes Of Fast Storage Is Your Deal Of The Day

7/16/2013 - Airbnb Is Sketchy and Illegal, But Is It Still a Good Travel Bargain?

7/16/2013 - The High Price of Copper

7/16/2013 - Foursquare Just Got Ads

7/16/2013 - What Would Manhattan Look Like If It Were Inside the Grand Canyon?

7/16/2013 - Hasbro announces the official Dungeons & Dragons Kre-O toyline

7/16/2013 - James Wan says The Conjuring is "the opposite" of found footage horror

7/16/2013 - How To Get Fat: Eat These IHOP "Tiramisu Donut Pancakes"

7/16/2013 - Yahoo's Blazing the Trail to Transparency in the Post-PRISM World

7/16/2013 - It's Ok To Spend Your Day Staring At the Clock When It Looks This Good

7/16/2013 - Exclusive Look: How Porsche Makes the World's Most Advanced Hybrid

7/16/2013 - SpaceX/Tesla Boss's Next Big Idea: 30 Minutes From LA To San Francisco

7/16/2013 - The Forgotten History of Baseball's Most Iconic Objects

7/16/2013 - The Science Behind Discworld's Flat Earth on the Back of a Turtle

7/16/2013 - This Quadcopter Video of Niagara Is Way Better Than a Tightrope

7/16/2013 - In the Market For a Killer Drone? Website Aims At U.S. Weapons Market

7/16/2013 - 11 Books That Every Aspiring Television Writer MUST Read

7/16/2013 - Eyeless, Fuzzy Pink Squirmers Are America's New Panda Twins!

7/16/2013 - The Best Thing Angry Birds Ever Did Has Very Little to Do With Angry Birds

7/16/2013 - Shocker: Louisiana Woman Struck By Lightning INSIDE Store

7/16/2013 - Why does the shadow in this unedited image cast a future action?

7/16/2013 - NASA Picks Half-Naked Anime Elf For Space Mission Mascot

7/16/2013 - Helmet Leak Forces ISS Astronauts to Abort Spacewalk

7/16/2013 - AT&T Next or T-Mobile Jump: Which Upgrade Plan Should You Choose?

7/16/2013 - How Man of Steel should have ended, seriously

7/16/2013 - Watch this robot perform a perfect quadruple backflip

7/16/2013 - Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Jumps From Web To Television

7/16/2013 - North Korea Tried to Blame Anonymous for Its South Korea Cyberattacks

7/16/2013 - The Avengers can take on dungeons and dragons in this awesome fan art

7/16/2013 - Taste Test: 20-Year-Old Coke Is So Much Better Than Modern Coke

7/16/2013 - Glam Rock Genius Has Advice For Everyone: "When In Doubt, Tidy Up."

7/16/2013 - These chalk art drawings will leave you with your jaw on the floor

7/16/2013 - North Korean Cargo Ship Caught In Panama With Cuban Missile

7/16/2013 - This Micro-Penetrator Will Impregnate Distant Planets--With Science

7/16/2013 - Lindsay Lohan Will Get $2 Million to Let Oprah Tell Her What to Do

7/16/2013 - Adorable Calvin And Hobbes documentary scores a distribution deal

7/16/2013 - Sports Cars Don't Really Attract Women, Says Sports Car Owner

7/16/2013 - The Controversial Words Your iPhone Won't Autocorrect

7/16/2013 - A Brief History of Speech Recognition's Glorious Retrofuture

7/16/2013 - Finally: Actual physical evidence that T-rex was a predator

7/16/2013 - NASA Aborts Spacewalk After Water's Found in Astronaut's Helmet

7/16/2013 - Why do helium balloons in cars seem immune to inertia?

7/16/2013 - Watch This Hilarious Fake Michael Jordan Interview With Kristen Wiig

7/16/2013 - Another Round With ATLAS, DARPA's Most Unsettling Humanoid Robot Yet

7/16/2013 - Hubble has spotted a previously undiscovered moon orbiting Neptune

7/16/2013 - X-Men: Days of Future Past will make X-movie continuity even weirder

7/16/2013 - Apple Logic Pro X: A Whole New Look for Apple's Music-Making Machine

7/16/2013 - Watch the Gymnast Bot Land a Quadruple Backflip

7/16/2013 - Steerable Paper Airplanes Put Your Harassment Right On Target

7/16/2013 - A hand-drawn atlas three years in the making

7/16/2013 - The PS4's Controller Almost Had Basically a Built-In Lie Detector

7/16/2013 - Do We Know What the Next Incredible Hulk Movie is About?

7/16/2013 - 13 Enchanting Posters From Hollywood's Lost Years

7/16/2013 - Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath: the Circus Continues

7/16/2013 - AT&T's New Next Plan Lets You Upgrade Your Phone Every Year

7/16/2013 - Astronomers Found a New Moon of Neptune--Hidden in Images From 2009

7/16/2013 - Sony’s Xperia i1 “Honami” Specs Leaked

7/16/2013 - Who Wants a Concrete iPhone Skin?

7/16/2013 - Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Home Into a Laboratory

7/16/2013 - Report: Apple in Talks to Buy the Company That Made Kinect Sensors

7/16/2013 - "Humans aren't broken. They're never broken."

7/16/2013 - This Emergency Hook Folds Up and Fits In Your Wallet

7/16/2013 - True Blood: Now With Better Plots AND Weird Humping

7/16/2013 - Huh, HBO Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request for... VLC

7/16/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: How Roy Scheider Got His Tan

7/15/2013 - Are You Smart Enough to Understand These Super Nerdy Jokes?

7/15/2013 - The Bizarrely Beautiful World of Relics in Religious History

7/15/2013 - Falling Skies finally gives us what we've been dying for

7/15/2013 - Verizon Wants to Let You Upgrade Your Phone More Often Too

7/15/2013 - Michele Bachmann's Top Staffer Arrested For Capitol Burglaries

7/15/2013 - Holy Wow This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything

7/15/2013 - Google Play Looks a Lot Better on the Internet Now

7/15/2013 - Here's what Elon Musk's secret project might actually look like

7/15/2013 - Is PBS really bringing back Carmen Sandiego?

7/15/2013 - This frog sexbot can teach you about evolution

7/15/2013 - Watch NFL Players Awkwardly Use Google Glass

7/15/2013 - The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in July

7/15/2013 - Soar through the largest canyon in the solar system

7/15/2013 - Sound waves have brought us closer to a levitation machine

7/15/2013 - College Females Apparently Enjoying Sex Without Newspaper's Permission

7/15/2013 - Rules of Summer: Why Men Must Never, Ever Wear Shorts

7/15/2013 - Why Can't Luggage For Adults Be As Wonderful As This Robo-Bag?

7/15/2013 - Clipper for iOS: Splice Together Mini-Movies in a Matter of Seconds

7/15/2013 - One of the World's Best A.I. Computers Is as Smart as a Four Year Old

7/15/2013 - Report: Apple's TV Service Would Pay Networks When You Skip Ads

7/15/2013 - This movie about an evolutionary explosion will haunt your dreams

7/15/2013 - Which formerly lovable hero became way too much of a jerk?

7/15/2013 - Archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest calendar

7/15/2013 - Wall Decals Give Jay-Z a Starring Role in Your Living Room

7/15/2013 - The Depression-Era TV of Tomorrow Had Home Shopping--And a Like Button

7/15/2013 - The real clone wars begin in This Week’s DVDs!

7/15/2013 - These Guys Forged Some Real Wolverine Claws—and They're Damn Scary

7/15/2013 - NSA Also Tracking Those Sex Diseases You Think You Have

7/15/2013 - Super Sexy Porno Made By Dirty People On Dirty BART Train Seats

7/15/2013 - What does it mean when people say your story's “tone” is wrong?

7/15/2013 - Smartwatches Are and Will Always Be Stupid and Dumb and Stupid

7/15/2013 - Let's Hope These Self-Assembling Flat-Pack Structures Inspire Ikea

7/15/2013 - It's a Cinch for Hackers to Break Into Your Verizon Network

7/15/2013 - Interactive map reveals the most common surnames in the U.S.

7/15/2013 - How to Design Beautiful iOS App Icons, According to Apple

7/15/2013 - The iPhone Didn't Kill Cameras, It Made Us Want Better Ones

7/15/2013 - How to make the perfect slime

7/15/2013 - Someday, We Might Print New Heart Muscle for Heart Attack Patients

7/15/2013 - How one community brought these cute penguins back from extinction

7/15/2013 - Explore a Turn-of-the-Century Parisian Landmark on the Back of a Drone

7/15/2013 - Journalist Quits After Finding $1 Million at Dead Mom's Home

7/15/2013 - The Guild parties down as an OSI mission goes bad in Venture Bros.

7/15/2013 - A Major League Gaming Monitor Is Your Deal Of The Day

7/15/2013 - Of Course They Made an Instagram Trailer for Jobs

7/15/2013 - These Scissors' Grooved Handle Makes Them Safer To Use as a Knife

7/15/2013 - 10 Easy Disguises For Edward Snowden's Escape From Moscow

7/15/2013 - Epic Apocalypse Flick "The Road Warrior" Becomes Violent Video Game

7/15/2013 - Watch This German UAV Crash into a Plane on an Afghan Runway

7/15/2013 - The Insane Cancer Machines That Used to Live in Shoe Stores Everywhere

7/15/2013 - BlackBerry's Rumored A10 Is a Departure, At Least

7/15/2013 - Video: Zimmerman Juror Hates Media, Called Trayvon a “Boy of Color”

7/15/2013 - Graphene ‘miracle material’ could be toxic to humans

7/15/2013 - Pacific Rim's hilarious "fourth-string" Jaegers revealed

7/15/2013 - Smurfs 3 will reveal the bloody Gargamel origin story

7/15/2013 - Behold a Once-Lost Plan for a Central Park That Might Have Been

7/15/2013 - Watch America's Biggest Cities Rise Across Time

7/15/2013 - Racist ESPN Announcer Mocks Japanese Fans: “I Need Some Rice”

7/15/2013 - 17 Reasons Smartwatches Won't Work (Yet)

7/15/2013 - Most Gamers Are Insecure Misogynistic Morons, Says Gamer

7/15/2013 - The 14 Least Masterful Masters of the Universe

7/15/2013 - Harry Potter Author Magically Writes Man's Detective Thriller

7/15/2013 - Is Fox making another Predator movie?

7/15/2013 - Is This the Perfect-Sized Mini Tripod We’ve Been Waiting For?

7/15/2013 - Exclusive Concept Art of the Secret at the Heart of Pacific Rim

7/15/2013 - Dave Matthews Fans Take Stranded Dave Matthews to Dave Matthews Show

7/15/2013 - Amazing Video Shows Raven Seeking Human Help With Porcupine Quills

7/15/2013 - Teen Rescues 5-Year-Old Kidnapped Girl

7/15/2013 - This Week's TV: The Bikini-Musical Horror That We Can't Wait to See!

7/15/2013 - Billionaire Can't Figure Out Why He Can't Bribe Everyone

7/15/2013 - Scientists Think Cavemen Painted While High on Hallucinogenic Drugs

7/15/2013 - Bill Nye throwing the first pitch at Saturday's Mariners/Angels game

7/15/2013 - You can't do simple maths under pressure

7/15/2013 - These Paintings Are Made From the Barf of 200,000 House Flies

7/15/2013 - These Quadpole Super Magnets Will Increase the LHC's Power Tenfold

7/15/2013 - Six generations of the same family in one photograph

7/15/2013 - The World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle Is a Cinch If You Can Find It

7/15/2013 - How to Drink Hot Coffee In Space Without Burning Your Face Off

7/15/2013 - How long is the average PhD dissertation?

7/15/2013 - This Joker portrait is pure, nightmare fuel

7/15/2013 - Strangers Send Dozens of Pizzas to 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient After SOS

7/15/2013 - Good Quality Headphones, Speakers and Phone Accessories at Cheap Prices

7/15/2013 - How to drink coffee in space without burning your face off

7/15/2013 - Just Add Water To Grow This DIY Concrete Garden Furniture

7/15/2013 - Researchers Develop Ghost-Free 3D For Viewers Not Wearing Glasses

7/15/2013 - What Did You Think of Pacific Rim?

7/15/2013 - Your body is super-gross, and here's why

7/15/2013 - Protests Against Zimmerman's Verdict All Around the Country

7/15/2013 - Sparkup Reads Bedtime Stories To Your Kids When You're Away

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7/15/2013 - The crazy psychiatric treatment developed by Charles Darwin's grandfather

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7/15/2013 - One of the Most Stunning Mars Videos You've Ever Seen

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7/15/2013 - This ARM-Based Ubuntu Box Only Costs $100

7/15/2013 - This Short Film About Coffinmaking Brings Beauty to Tragedy

7/15/2013 - Report: Apple's Next-Gen Chips Will Be Made By Samsung Again

7/15/2013 - FT: Apple Hiring Blitz Suggests the iWatch Is a Way Off

7/14/2013 - Shaggy: It Wasn't Me

7/14/2013 - Give The Gift Of A Gift That Looks Like Raw Meat

7/14/2013 - DC has uploaded tons of DC Nation animated shorts to YouTube

7/14/2013 - This Lego Microscope Actually Works

7/14/2013 - Is It Smarter To Invest In Silicon Valley Or Hollywood?

7/14/2013 - The Devil comes to town on Being Human (UK)

7/14/2013 - Traffic On A Petition To Prosecute Zimmerman Crashed The NAACP's Site

7/14/2013 - A dream city sits atop a seahorse's head

7/14/2013 - The Sun Will Look A Lot Like This When It Burns Out

7/14/2013 - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe pose for their 3rd grade photo

7/14/2013 - Parabolic Soap Bubbles Are All About Math...And Bubbles!

7/14/2013 - Watch an animated Blade Runner told in 60 utterly chaotic seconds

7/14/2013 - Even If You're Wise To Phishing, Spear Phishing Could Still Fool You

7/14/2013 - Crowdfund Atomic Robo and more Little Witch Academia!

7/14/2013 - Watch the Doctor and Clara invade the orchestra at the Doctor Who Prom

7/14/2013 - What's The Internet Thing About You That You're Hoping No One Sees?

7/14/2013 - New Spider-Man costume holds a built-in MP3 player

7/14/2013 - The Moto X Will Always Have Its Ears Peeled According To A Leaked Video

7/14/2013 - Someone actually bothered to debunk the idea of a Sharknado

7/14/2013 - The whole family gets in on this adorable Legend of Korra cosplay

7/14/2013 - A Weaponized Toilet Brush Crossbow Can Really Clean Up

7/14/2013 - Leafcutter ants carry signs made out of leaves in a tiny protest rally

7/14/2013 - Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt don guns and armor for All You Need is Kill

7/14/2013 - A Swiss Man Was Killed By His Remote-Controlled Helicopter

7/14/2013 - The tragic life of the man who invented nylon

7/14/2013 - 9 Animals That Would Make Great Superheroes

7/14/2013 - Eating In Concrete Tubes Is Not As Dystopian As It Sounds

7/14/2013 - J.K. Rowling quietly published a crime novel—all the way back in April

7/14/2013 - Even Before Digital Cameras People Took A Crap Ton Of Photos

7/14/2013 - Jury Acquits Trayvon Martin's Killer

7/14/2013 - Chart Shows Rise In Justified Killings of Blacks In U.S.

7/13/2013 - Disturbing chart shows rise in “justified killings” of blacks in U.S.

7/13/2013 - I Want to Live in the Lego Winter Village Market All Year Round

7/13/2013 - Fatboy Slim: Praise You

7/13/2013 - California now owns a $10,000 collection of Star Wars memorabilia

7/13/2013 - Beware: a Laser Pointed at Your Camera Can Destroy It

7/13/2013 - Who Needs Nails When You Can Meld Wood in a Vortex of Thread?

7/13/2013 - Our first peek at the Dark Knight cinematographer's directorial debut

7/13/2013 - These Examples of Surrealist Architecture Will Make You Feel Dizzy

7/13/2013 - It's Dumb Easy to Wreck a $20,000 Camera with Just a Couple Lasers

7/13/2013 - Giant Baby Girl Born In Pittsburgh

7/13/2013 - Fans Restart Star Trek Series 44 Years Later

7/13/2013 - How all Pixar films fit into a single universe

7/13/2013 - Could a Spell-Checking Pen Get You to Write in Cursive?

7/13/2013 - Ender's Game studio tries reaching out to the LGBT community

7/13/2013 - The Digital Museum Where Outdated Apps Can Live Forever

7/13/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Creature Waiting at the Bus Stop

7/13/2013 - Watch Pacific Rim‘s rousing opening and closing titles

7/13/2013 - Investigators: Latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fire Not Caused by Battery

7/13/2013 - Why People Still Pirate, Exploded Phones, Bionic Legs, and More

7/13/2013 - Man of Steel concept art puts Zod in more alien armor

7/13/2013 - The rather creepy 19th-century machine that spoke with a human voice

7/13/2013 - The Most Insane Nuclear Weapons Ever Created

7/13/2013 - Dead Camera Lenses Can Morph Into Beautiful Bracelets

7/13/2013 - Did Continuum seriously just call out Looper for sloppy time travel?

7/13/2013 - Apocalyptic Velma and Scooby-Doo have got some zombies to kill now

7/13/2013 - How to Set Up a PC, the Right Way

7/13/2013 - Movie posters for the Sharknado sequels nobody asked for

7/13/2013 - What happens when a closeted superhero falls for a supervillain?

7/13/2013 - An X-Force movie is in the works—and maybe a Magneto film, too

7/13/2013 - Star Trek fan episode feels like an extension of the original series

7/13/2013 - Watch All of Bladerunner Boiled Down to 60 Amazingly Animated Seconds

7/13/2013 - A Raw Chicken Hand Towel Is So Gross and So Clever

7/13/2013 - The Dark Knight returns to the cartoon world in Beware The Batman

7/13/2013 - What Would We Do If Aliens Just Showed Up Tomorrow?

7/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: TheBox (NSFW)

7/12/2013 - Wow These Unbelievable 3D Drawings Are Actually Drawn in 2D

7/12/2013 - The Hardest Thing to Find in the Universe Is Even Rarer Than You Think

7/12/2013 - Some Guy Is Suing Apple Because He Wants Apple to Protect Him from Porn

7/12/2013 - That time when President Lincoln patented "water wings" for boats

7/12/2013 - Save 1,100 vintage science fiction books from destruction!

7/12/2013 - Andrew Sean Greer's new novel is a jolt of pure heartbreak

7/12/2013 - George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin—and There's No Way Around That

7/12/2013 - Kanye West: Black Skinhead (A Music Video Inside a Moleskine)

7/12/2013 - Freakish Dancing Spider Robot Spit Out By Computer Printer

7/12/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: July 6 - July 12, 2013

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7/12/2013 - Must-Read Essay: Cordwainer Smith as Folklorist of the Future

7/12/2013 - These Sea Creatures Are Clearly From Outer Space

7/12/2013 - 3D-printed Spiderbot is Freakishly Lifelike, Better Dancer than You

7/12/2013 - NSA's "Own the Internet" Operation Is a Data Vacuum Called FAIRVIEW

7/12/2013 - There's Now an Easy Way To 3D-Print Your Own Hand-Drawn Cookie Cutters

7/12/2013 - Audio Pioneer Amar Bose Is Dead

7/12/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: GroupMe, eBay Exact, and More

7/12/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Command Center, Pearltrees, and More

7/12/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: Guide, WunderMap, and More

7/12/2013 - What television show massively exceeded your expectations?

7/12/2013 - Super Creepy Phone App Tells You Everything About Who You Just Met

7/12/2013 - Everything you need to know about AI in a 9-minute video

7/12/2013 - Super Mario Lamp Finally Makes the Pain in My Life Worth It

7/12/2013 - TV Station Reports Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk as Korean Crash Pilots

7/12/2013 - Mujjo’s Felt and Leather Cases are the Most Beautiful of All Cases

7/12/2013 - The first Beware the Batman clip features a riddle (but not Riddler)

7/12/2013 - Margarita R-EVOLUTION Review: Molecular Mixology for the Masses

7/12/2013 - The rise of the evolutionary psychology douchebag

7/12/2013 - How Enormous Cosmic Dust Rings Form Over 100,000 Years

7/12/2013 - Sharknado was a ratings disaster as brutal as... well, a Sharknado

7/12/2013 - 2013's solar maximum could be weakest since the dawn of the space age

7/12/2013 - Puffit Vaporizer Review: Vaporized Discretion at the Cost of Good Taste

7/12/2013 - The Only US Area Where You Can Get Good Pizza Slices Consistently

7/12/2013 - Can you tell what a black hole has been eating?

7/12/2013 - Let's Talk About FAIRVIEW, the NSA's Plan to “Own the Internet”

7/12/2013 - Horrific New Spider-Snake Is Also Very Poisonous

7/12/2013 - Why aliens might understand the universe very differently than we do

7/12/2013 - Sad Man's Penis Trapped in Sex Toy, Takes Buzzsaw Two Hours to Free It

7/12/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Warships, Lawsuits and Century-Old Cigars

7/12/2013 - A Synopsis of Tim Burton's Batman Based Only on the Prince Soundtrack

7/12/2013 - NYPD Seeks Rogue Patrol Car Playing Darth Vader's Theme Music

7/12/2013 - Conspiracy Theory Connecting All Pixar's Films Seems Quite Plausible

7/12/2013 - How to Respond to Texts From Strangers Without Ruining Lives

7/12/2013 - Watch this snake turn its tail into a creepy-crawly spider

7/12/2013 - Full-Resolution Lumia 1020 Sample Shots (Mostly) Live Up to the Hype

7/12/2013 - The Dyson Hard Just Made Your Floor Mop Obsolete

7/12/2013 - How Artificial Chromosomes Could Transform Humanity

7/12/2013 - A Whole Lot Of Sony Storage Is Your Deal Of The Day

7/12/2013 - The NSA Spying Scandal, as Explained by Pixar

7/12/2013 - Almost Everything Your Kitchen Needs In One Neat and Tidy Stack

7/12/2013 - A cop car keeps playing the “Imperial March” and the NYPD is unamused

7/12/2013 - Apple Maps Are Getting Slightly Less Crappy in iOS 7

7/12/2013 - Can You Be a "Perfect Slut" By Having a Certain Amount of Sex?

7/12/2013 - 10 Reasons You Should Be Reading Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga

7/12/2013 - USB Bed Risers Are Far More Useful Than Stolen Milk Crates

7/12/2013 - Cyborg Bracelet Reminds You When You're Having Sex

7/12/2013 - Google Street View's Greatest, Weirdest Hits

7/12/2013 - Nazis unleash their monster factory in the Frankenstein's Army trailer

7/12/2013 - This animated lightshow is the most stunning thing we've seen all week

7/12/2013 - Worried About Bears? Watch This Insane Public Safety Announcement Now!

7/12/2013 - Pacific Rim is the greatest fairy tale of the twenty-first century

7/12/2013 - New eBay App Lets You 3D Print Stuff Without Your Own Printer

7/12/2013 - Basement Monster Skeleton Discovered By Cable Installer

7/12/2013 - A Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is On Fire In London (Ugh, Not Again)

7/12/2013 - The 10 Most Heroic Road Accident Rescues Ever Caught on Video

7/12/2013 - Your Fuelband Knows When You're Having Sex

7/12/2013 - Idiot iPhone Thief Leaves His Samsung Galaxy at the Scene, Gets Caught

7/12/2013 - Where the Future Came From: A Trip Through the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

7/12/2013 - This App Gives You an iOS 7 Notification Center on Any Android Phone

7/12/2013 - Teens Suddenly Quit Smoking Cigarettes—Are Video Games To Blame?

7/12/2013 - Batman: The Ultimate Hoarder?

7/12/2013 - How America Is Fighting Back Against Chinese Hackers

7/12/2013 - Pixar-Inspired Animation Explains the NSA Perfectly

7/12/2013 - This fantastic anthology was written entirely by io9 commenters!

7/12/2013 - Print Your Own Insane Shining-Like Manuscript Without Going Crazy

7/12/2013 - Our solar system has a tail and it's shaped like a four-leaf clover

7/12/2013 - Trayvon Martin's Dead Body: What Racial Bigotry Really Looks Like

7/12/2013 - These Synthesia Glasses Help Blind People “See” Via Sonar

7/12/2013 - Why are plants attracted to radium?

7/12/2013 - Here's a Scary Lightning Strike Exploding Some Power Lines

7/12/2013 - Watch This Local TV Reporter Being a Complete Unprofessional Hack

7/12/2013 - We're Closer Than You Think to Beating HIV

7/12/2013 - 517 Movies I Could Have Watched Instead of Waiting on Hold With PayPal (UPDATED)

7/12/2013 - Hiccup soars in the first How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer

7/12/2013 - Meet the Pentagon's latest robotic abomination: ATLAS

7/12/2013 - Ping Pong Only Gets Better When You Add Crazy AR Visuals

7/12/2013 - How to make phosphorus by doing disgusting things with urine

7/12/2013 - Matt Damon and Jodie Foster take you inside the worlds of Elysium

7/12/2013 - 12 Incredible Pools For a Hot Day of Nakedness and Margaritas

7/12/2013 - Here's Google's Eric Schmidt Using the Moto X Smartphone In the Wild

7/12/2013 - This Stylish Watch Lets Blind People Feel Time

7/12/2013 - Watch as the first-ever human-powered helicopter takes flight

7/12/2013 - Solar-Powered Sun-Tracking Briefcase Battery Guarantees Perpetual Power

7/12/2013 - 12 Cool Pools You Wish You Were Swimming In Now

7/12/2013 - Major Reveals for Wolverine, Agents of SHIELD... and Pacific Rim 2?

7/12/2013 - How Good Does Your Phone's Camera Need To Be?

7/12/2013 - Is This 5-Inch Phone BlackBerry's New Hope?

7/12/2013 - How to Confuse Any Smartphone User

7/12/2013 - Transit Times in NYC, Visualized

7/12/2013 - Nokia's Pro Camera App Is Headed to the Lumia 920, 925, and 928 Too

7/12/2013 - Ctrl Shift: If Computers Were Alive They'd Just Want to Bone You (NSFW)

7/12/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet: Wild Casting

7/11/2013 - Woman Censored By Texan Pro-Life Senators Has Last Word on National TV

7/11/2013 - The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Is Absolutely Fascinating

7/11/2013 - Astronomers Have Discovered This New Beautiful Blue Planet

7/11/2013 - Netflix Might Give Us Another Season of Arrested Development

7/11/2013 - How Typography Moved from the Paper to the Screen

7/11/2013 - What We Did Before the Internet

7/11/2013 - The Middleman will return at last, as a graphic novel

7/11/2013 - Trapped on a Space Station: First Look at Cecil Castellucci's Tin Star

7/11/2013 - Mind-Blowing Spaceships from 1970s British Paperbacks

7/11/2013 - An Animated Wonder Woman Like You've Never Seen Her Before!

7/11/2013 - Best Buy Will Give You At Least $200 for Your Old iPad 2 or iPad 3

7/11/2013 - Aaron Eckhart is the world's sexiest Frankenstein monster

7/11/2013 - Could the Ender's Game boycott actually sink the movie?

7/11/2013 - The Kleptones: Shout My Name

7/11/2013 - Atomic tests help prove that we grow new neurons in our brains

7/11/2013 - Magnificent Animal Armor for Your Favorite Beast

7/11/2013 - What's the best story that took an old plot device and made it new?

7/11/2013 - NASA Tells Boy Longing For Mars: "You Could Be One of the Pioneers"

7/11/2013 - NASA responds to a seven-year-old's request to go to Mars

7/11/2013 - Girls and Boys Now Being Ruined By “Selfies," Says a Girl

7/11/2013 - Space Living: How To Wash Your Hair Aboard the Space Station

7/11/2013 - Groopic for iOS: Photographers Can Finally Be Part of Their Own Shots

7/11/2013 - First Divergent footage shows the gun-toting teens of the future

7/11/2013 - Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences You Could Have at Comic-Con 2013

7/11/2013 - How to wash your hair in space

7/11/2013 - For Just $250 a Week You Can Rent Your Very Own Satellite

7/11/2013 - Daft Punk Action Figures: Get Bendy

7/11/2013 - Is Mars Ruled by Beavers?

7/11/2013 - Take a Photographic Tour of Korea's Explicit Sex Theme Park

7/11/2013 - Sprint Is Now Basically Offering Unlimited Everything Forever

7/11/2013 - The inventor of Google Glass is designing a wearable computer for dogs

7/11/2013 - Bremont's Codebreaker Watch Pays Homage to WWII's Enigma Crackers

7/11/2013 - Hayley Atwell's back in action in Marvel's newest short "Agent Carter"

7/11/2013 - If you've ever hated the movie version of a book, watch this trailer

7/11/2013 - Should solitary confinement be considered a form of torture?

7/11/2013 - The Inspector Gadget Tech That Ended Up Becoming Real

7/11/2013 - Bizarre GMO wheat mystery in Oregon

7/11/2013 - Is the book industry sexist or just starved for great women authors?

7/11/2013 - NASA's 3D-Printed Rocket Injector Test: A Beautiful Inferno

7/11/2013 - Pothole Robin Hood Saves Southern Town From Awful Roads

7/11/2013 - Nothing Has Ever (Or Will Ever) Look as Fun as This Driftable Go-Kart

7/11/2013 - Pacific Rim Review: Holy Sh-t That Was Great

7/11/2013 - You Don't Know Squat About Pacific Rim

7/11/2013 - Decapitated worms regrow their heads with old memories intact

7/11/2013 - Why Doesn't [BLANK] Have an App?

7/11/2013 - This Is Why We Light Up Buildings at Night

7/11/2013 - The New Macbook Air Is Your Deal Of The Day

7/11/2013 - Women Baffled By Sanitary Napkin Thing Proposed For Penises

7/11/2013 - Report: Microsoft Gave NSA Access to Emails, Video Calls, and More

7/11/2013 - New Star Trek comic to explain those darned 1990s Eugenics Wars

7/11/2013 - Insanely Huge Waterspout or Interdimensional Portal Spotted In Florida

7/11/2013 - Astronomers have discovered a blue planet beyond our solar system

7/11/2013 - We asked the writer of Sharknado some very serious questions

7/11/2013 - ATLAS: Probably the Most Advanced Humanoid Yet, Definitely Terrifying

7/11/2013 - 11-Year-Old Girl Forced to Carry Rapist Stepfather's Baby in Chile

7/11/2013 - The Best Search Engine You're Probably Not Using

7/11/2013 - An Excerpt from Dave Goldberg's “Universe in the Rearview Mirror”

7/11/2013 - US Navy to Begin Production of Lego Robot Army

7/11/2013 - These RPG Campaigns Will Keep You Busy All Summer Long

7/11/2013 - Get Awesome Games Cheap With Steam's Summer Sale

7/11/2013 - Hackers Just Banned the Feds from Attending DEF CON This Year

7/11/2013 - ESPN Fires Hundreds As Ratings Drop As People Realize Sports Are Dumb

7/11/2013 - This Impossibly Thin Table Stores Wherever You've Got an Inch of Space

7/11/2013 - To Avoid Cyber Espionage, Russia's Switching Back to Typewriters

7/11/2013 - The Most Important Ingredient in Your Next Phone Battery Could Be Rice

7/11/2013 - Unfit To Serve: Disgraced Eliot Spitzer Also Doesn't Know How To Shave

7/11/2013 - These Japanese Road Construction Signs Are So Cute It's Sick

7/11/2013 - Nokia Lumia 1020 Hands On: This Actually Might Be Amazing

7/11/2013 - Why Can't You Learn How To Walk On a City Sidewalk?

7/11/2013 - Why does this fire keep burning, even after you smother it?

7/11/2013 - Why You'll Love the Lumia 1020's Manual Focus

7/11/2013 - The Most Random Ways to Burn 200 Calories

7/11/2013 - Oh, good, Day of the Dead is getting remade... again

7/11/2013 - The Tri-Folds Sofa Gives You Plenty of Places to Stash the Remote

7/11/2013 - Did Egypt's "Deep State" Sabotage Morsi's Presidency From Within?

7/11/2013 - 10 Science Fiction TV Spin-offs That Are Great in their Own Right

7/11/2013 - CIA Superspy's Sexy Phone Photos Hacked

7/11/2013 - How Nokia's Radical New Zoom Tech Works

7/11/2013 - Wildly Creepy Belgian PSA Actually Stole Someone's Identity

7/11/2013 - Sophisticated chatbot poses as teenage girl to lure pedophiles

7/11/2013 - Windows Phone Just Got Instagram (Sort Of) and Vine (Really)

7/11/2013 - Broken Satellite? The Next Generation Canadarm Will Fix What Ails You

7/11/2013 - 9/11 Mastermind Designed a Vacuum Cleaner in Prison

7/11/2013 - Nokia Lumia 1020: A Great Camera in a Real Phone

7/11/2013 - How to Stop Lying to Yourself About Your Productivity

7/11/2013 - Prepare for a Nerf apocalypse with the new Zombie Strike line!

7/11/2013 - The Mastermind of 9/11 Kept Sane in Jail by Designing a Vacuum Cleaner

7/11/2013 - Biological Mystery: Why Didn't Evolution Eliminate Death?

7/11/2013 - Perfect Spacewalk Photos of the Real Luca Skywalker

7/11/2013 - Holy crap this waterspout is enormous

7/11/2013 - Watch Cities Rise Decade by Decade in These Amazing 3D Animations

7/11/2013 - The BBC's Doctor Who docudrama gets the first Doctor exactly right

7/11/2013 - Walmart Doesn't Care About Animals Either

7/11/2013 - What is the evolutionary advantage of death?

7/11/2013 - Bionic Leg Makes Badly Injured People to Walk Again

7/11/2013 - Futurama gets a current event just right

7/11/2013 - Everything This Electric Bike Needs Is Crammed Into Its Front Left Fork

7/11/2013 - Rare Egyptian Sphinx discovered in Israel — well, its paws, anyway

7/11/2013 - Microsoft's Corporate Shakeup Further Merges Windows Products

7/11/2013 - Could Arrow‘s Stephen Amell join the big-screen Justice League?

7/11/2013 - 9 Vintage Vending Machines From a Time When They'd Sell Anything

7/11/2013 - This Is (Almost Certainly) What Nokia's Lumia 1020 Will Look Like (Update: Video too!)

7/11/2013 - A Massive Glacial Crack Just Made an Iceberg as Big as New York City

7/11/2013 - Lumia 1020 Spec Leak: 41 Megapixels, 1.5GHz Chip, 4.5-Inch Screen

7/11/2013 - This Is How a Transistor Works

7/11/2013 - IFTTT's New iOS App Mines and Automates Your Entire Phone

7/11/2013 - Humorous HTML Greeting Cards Are the Route to Any Geek's Heart

7/11/2013 - Weird Black Triangle Hovers Over French City

7/11/2013 - A Guy Fawkes Mask for Every Skin Tone, Gender, Culture and More

7/11/2013 - The View Doesn't Make Up for a 20-hour Shift in the Orbital Refinery

7/11/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Offering Athena (NSFW)

7/10/2013 - LG's World's Slimmest 1080p Display Is Impossibly Thin

7/10/2013 - Toddler Buys 1962 Automobile From eBay Smartphone App

7/10/2013 - How to Make Awesome Green Slime

7/10/2013 - WSJ: Google Is Spending $500 Million to Advertise the Upcoming Moto X

7/10/2013 - What the Biggest Pop Culture Experts Can't Wait to See at Comic-Con

7/10/2013 - What Different Languages Think Different Animals Sound Like

7/10/2013 - Crazy French triangle UFO hovers over a building

7/10/2013 - Before Online Education, These 15 TVs Were the Classroom of Tomorrow

7/10/2013 - First RIPD clips show how Jeff Bridges uses sex appeal to get ahead

7/10/2013 - Every Single Pair of Freaking Headphones Ends Up Like This

7/10/2013 - Maps of Vast Empires That No Longer Exist

7/10/2013 - Could these be the most futuristic shoes ever made?

7/10/2013 - The alloy in Wolverine's bones could become a reality, say scientists

7/10/2013 - An Ominous Cloud That Literally Rolls In

7/10/2013 - Is the Best New Architecture Inside This Game's Virtual World?

7/10/2013 - Pool Party Goes Sour When Kids See Man Have Sex With Inflatable Toy

7/10/2013 - This movie would have been perfect, if not for that awful ending!

7/10/2013 - This Concrete-Recycling Robot Devours Entire Buildings

7/10/2013 - What the hell is going on with these balls?

7/10/2013 - Uh, did Geoff Johns just spoil the end of DC's Trinity War?

7/10/2013 - Tiny Sticker-Like Sensors Will Let You Monitor Everything, Everywhere

7/10/2013 - San Francisco Submerged: Life After Climate Change On the West Coast

7/10/2013 - These fish are evidence that humans aren't the only evil animals

7/10/2013 - The Ocotomask's Built-In GoPro Mount Allows a Hands-Free Life Aquatic

7/10/2013 - First trailer for Seventh Son has dragons, witches and Jeff Bridges!

7/10/2013 - This Cheap Plastic Insert Turns Your Jars Into Lunch Boxes

7/10/2013 - If the Budget iPhone Is Real, We Hope It Looks Like This

7/10/2013 - First Video of the Navy's X-47B Drone Landing on an Aircraft Carrier

7/10/2013 - Sharknado is so much more amazing than you could have possibly guessed

7/10/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Water Fight

7/10/2013 - Race Car Couple's Awesome Wedding Proposal On the Track (Video)

7/10/2013 - A Comfy Throne That Explodes Into Plush Stools To Seat All Your Guests

7/10/2013 - Is human super-intelligence a bad idea?

7/10/2013 - Documents From Albert Einstein's Travels Through (Part) Time

7/10/2013 - I Wore a Bionic Leg, And I Never Wanted To Take It Off Again

7/10/2013 - Okay So Yeah I Guess T-Mobile's LTE Is Fast

7/10/2013 - How will biotechnology change human evolution?

7/10/2013 - Do Tampons Hate Feminism?

7/10/2013 - NASA is getting ready to search for signs of life on Mars

7/10/2013 - Holy crap Jamie Foxx looks insane as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2

7/10/2013 - 50 Debunked Science Misconceptions Will Make You Less Dumb

7/10/2013 - The 10 Greatest Giant Monster Movies of All Time

7/10/2013 - How Puritanical Tech Giants Are Stifling the Porn Industry

7/10/2013 - The Roku 3 Is Your Deal Of The Day

7/10/2013 - This Is Why People Still Pirate

7/10/2013 - Sony Xperia Z Review: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl of Phones

7/10/2013 - T-Mobile's New “Jump” Plan Lets You Upgrade Your Phone At Will

7/10/2013 - Are You One of the 10 Worst Kinds of Subway Riders?

7/10/2013 - Christopher Walken as Zeus, Nelsan Ellis as Dionysus: Best Movie Ever?

7/10/2013 - Xbox One Prototypes In Every Possible Shape, Heaped Into a Pile

7/10/2013 - This Incredible Painting Was Entirely Made By a Robot

7/10/2013 - Relive Andy Murray's Wimbledon Victory Moment With Lego

7/10/2013 - The X-47B Drone Has Landed on a Carrier, And War May Never Be the Same

7/10/2013 - Armed To the Teeth, Baseball Wife Anna Benson Caught At Husband's Home

7/10/2013 - NASA Caught the First Glimpse of the Solar System's Stunning Tail

7/10/2013 - How an early psychiatric treatment lead to widespread mutilation

7/10/2013 - Self-Righting Floating Lighthouse Toy Is a Beacon of Fun For Your Dog

7/10/2013 - Amazing New Video Game Lets You Pretend To Smoke Marijuana

7/10/2013 - Investigators Find Really Dumb Cause for Huge Russian Rocket Explosion

7/10/2013 - Here's what 25 feet of sea-level rise would do to the U.S. west coast

7/10/2013 - You Can Now Embed Your Instagrams All Over the Web

7/10/2013 - An Exclusive Look at the Owner's Manual for Adventure Time's BMO!

7/10/2013 - This Is Why People Still Pirate

7/10/2013 - 1959's Electric Car of Tomorrow Looks Awfully Familiar Today

7/10/2013 - How to Make Time Go Slower (For Real)

7/10/2013 - A New Apple Store in Spain Is Being Built on 15th Century Ruins

7/10/2013 - Vin Diesel is not being subtle about his possible role in Avengers 2

7/10/2013 - This Painting Robot Constantly Adjusts Its Style to Create Masterpieces

7/10/2013 - “Women and Their Allies Are Coming For You” (Video)

7/10/2013 - Idris Elba did that “Cancelling the Apocalypse” speech a million times

7/10/2013 - Video proof that Agent Coulson will save television with S.H.I.E.L.D.

7/10/2013 - Roll Over, Fox News: CNN Is America's Worst News Channel

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