6/30/2013 - Nintendo Prohibits Rick Santorum's Last Name in Popular Game

6/30/2013 - Rich Couple Pays $50K for Kids' Finger Painting, Then Sues for $500,000

6/30/2013 - Terrifying First Person Video Shows the Insanity of Parkour Athletes

6/30/2013 - Bosnian Rainbows: Turtle Neck

6/30/2013 - The Cabin In The Woods Cabin Is Gonna Exist And It Sounds Terrifying

6/30/2013 - And now, a galaxy that looks just like a dolphin

6/30/2013 - This Ax Is Really Scary And Then You Realize It Has A Slingshot Inside

6/30/2013 - Uncomfortable photographs examine what it's like to deal with anxiety

6/30/2013 - Anchor Is Sort Of Like Yammer But Pretty

6/30/2013 - Don't hold your breath for Hellboy 3 after all

6/30/2013 - Holographic TVs Are Getting Closer To Reality

6/30/2013 - Quantum tunneling allows "impossible" molecules to form in space

6/30/2013 - Finally A Chance To Bend The Weather To Your Will

6/30/2013 - The Weirdest Urban Ecosystems On Earth

6/30/2013 - Wendy Davis Says Perry's Only Goal for Abortion Bill Is US Presidency

6/30/2013 - How throwing evolved into humanity's greatest weapon

6/30/2013 - Panoramas From The Early 1900s Let You Gaze Far And Wide At The Past

6/30/2013 - Crowdfund drinking glasses shaped like lab equipment and more

6/30/2013 - Universal Orlando is building a recreation of the Cabin in the Woods

6/30/2013 - What's The Biggest Repair Your Computer Has Ever Needed?

6/30/2013 - Wireframe Furniture Looks Great But Is Almost Certainly Uncomfortable

6/30/2013 - Custom painted Gromit statues unleashed all over Bristol

6/30/2013 - 1954 film claims a well-kept house could survive a nuclear attack

6/30/2013 - PSA: The Price Goes Up On Google Play Music All Access At Midnight

6/30/2013 - Bacterial communities swarm into gorgeous works of art

6/30/2013 - Alcoholic Beverage Control Cops Jail Underage Sparkling Water Buyer

6/30/2013 - Charlie Day and Ron Perlman talk kaiju anatomy in new Pacific Rim clip

6/30/2013 - How to Make Rainbow Pasta and Show Pride

6/30/2013 - Fleshy piranha plant sculpture casts Mario Bros. in a horrifying light

6/30/2013 - Absurd Stock Photos Made The First Silicon Alley Billionaire

6/30/2013 - Orlando Bloom sings "Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" on the Hobbit set

6/30/2013 - 15 Scifi Mockumentaries That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

6/30/2013 - A Guide To Everything Google Has Been Asked To Censor

6/30/2013 - Man Invents Life Vest for His Sick Pet Fish

6/29/2013 - T-600 Is a Fantastic Backpack for Exterminating Mankind

6/29/2013 - This Life-Size Lego Alien Facehugger Will Haunt Your Dreams

6/29/2013 - Heart-Breaking Personal Account of the First Years of the AIDS Epidemic

6/29/2013 - C-3P0 Is the Best Worst Rapper

6/29/2013 - Flying Spaghetti Monsters have been abducting humans since the 1950s

6/29/2013 - Portland's New Streetlights Are Psychedelic, Carnivorous Plants

6/29/2013 - Robert Redford's S.H.I.E.L.D. agent steps onto the Captain America set

6/29/2013 - Drool Over this Chart of All the Glorious Superpowers You'll Never Have

6/29/2013 - Fantastical illustrations of airships from the early 20th century

6/29/2013 - Watch the 1978 screen test for Boba Fett's original white costume

6/29/2013 - The 16 Best Movies Disappearing From Amazon Prime Tomorrow

6/29/2013 - Beware: Those Instagrams of Fruit Want to Hijack Your Account

6/29/2013 - Continuum takes superhero tropes out back and shoots them in the head

6/29/2013 - What's Your Pick for a Google Reader Replacement?

6/29/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Monsters Wore Terrible Disguises

6/29/2013 - Japan's abandoned Battleship Island is now on Google Street View

6/29/2013 - 25 Low-Budget Movies More Thrilling Than Most Summer's Blockbusters

6/29/2013 - Video: Lava Pouring Over Ice Looks Deliciously Bubbly

6/29/2013 - Prog rock fantasy artist Roger Dean suing James Cameron over Avatar

6/29/2013 - What iOS 7 Says About the Next iPhone, All Things Windows 8.1, and More

6/29/2013 - How to Extend the Life of Your Phone's Battery

6/29/2013 - Game of Thrones has cast its Red Viper of Dorne

6/29/2013 - We deem the Michelangelo-spoofing Creation of Lemongrab "Acceptable"

6/29/2013 - All the Hidden Chemicals That Are Lurking In Your Coffee

6/29/2013 - Get pumped to battle kaiju with the entire Pacific Rim soundtrack

6/29/2013 - A Mobius Strip Track Makes Magnet Hovercrafts Even Cooler

6/29/2013 - What lava looks like when poured over ice

6/29/2013 - This webcomic reminds us that high fantasy can be both smart and silly

6/29/2013 - Colorful Monsters University concept art deserves its own TV show

6/29/2013 - After 14 years, Ian McKellen has filmed his final scene as Gandalf

6/29/2013 - It's Almost Worth Breaking Your Arm for this Crazy 3D-Printed Cast

6/29/2013 - Gravity Falls returns while Starscream is freaked out by Predacons

6/29/2013 - Cross-Section Bullets Are Beautiful for Something That Could Kill You

6/29/2013 - These Heartbreaking Ads Show How Useless Facebook Likes Can Be

6/29/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: All Circles (NSFW)

6/28/2013 - You Can Use Digg Reader Now

6/28/2013 - The Beautiful Visualization of Relationships in Your Favorite Movies

6/28/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Reggie Makes Music with Aziz Ansari

6/28/2013 - Apple Is Finally Going to Ditch Samsung's Chips

6/28/2013 - A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

6/28/2013 - Weekend Nightmare Fuel: The Biggest Crawling Animals on Earth

6/28/2013 - Idiot Teens Destroy Largest Lego Helicopter Ever—Update: Two Arrested

6/28/2013 - Researchers have shattered the record for oldest genome ever sequenced

6/28/2013 - Scientists use plastic wrap to make a wall "sonically invisible"

6/28/2013 - Pixies - Bagboy

6/28/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: June 22 - June 28, 2013

6/28/2013 - Lexicon could be Max Barry's smartest dystopia yet

6/28/2013 - Corkscrew Lasers Are About to Revolutionize Internet Bandwidth

6/28/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Visual 2.0, Foresee, and More

6/28/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: WiFiKill Downloader, Imgur, and More

6/28/2013 - Once Upon A Time In Wonderland promises no filler episodes

6/28/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: NoteSuite, Morning, and More

6/28/2013 - Weekend Movie Preview: Disco, Drugs, Bums and Vampires

6/28/2013 - A pristine ‘temple of the dead’ has been uncovered in Peru

6/28/2013 - Happy Hour: Learn All About the 8 Main Kinds of Booze

6/28/2013 - This Doctor Who drinking game will almost assuredly kill you

6/28/2013 - Oh, how nice: a hyperrealistic life-sized sculpture of a beached whale

6/28/2013 - This Is the Best Looking Reusable Grocery Sack You've Ever Seen

6/28/2013 - An Ingenious Camera That Splits in Two Turns Everyone Into a Subject

6/28/2013 - Looking For a Job? Your Potential Employer Is Spying On You

6/28/2013 - Who Are You In This Chart of Car Owner Stereotypes?

6/28/2013 - 20 Things You Might Not Know About Your Favorite Liquors

6/28/2013 - Low Budget Films That Are More Thrilling Than Most Big Summer Movies

6/28/2013 - Over-Engineered Speaker Cables? Nope, Actual Speakers

6/28/2013 - Cave Hotel: The Perfect Headquarters for Any Evil Organization

6/28/2013 - How to Meet an Online Friend in Real Life Without It Being Awkward

6/28/2013 - The disease-causing fungi that lurk in your dishwasher

6/28/2013 - NASA Puts Its 'Galaxy Hunter' Out To Pasture

6/28/2013 - "Game Consoles" Are the Final Key to Digital Domination

6/28/2013 - Read an exclusive preview of the new Transformers novel Retribution!

6/28/2013 - This Is What It Feels Like to Pass Through A Singularity

6/28/2013 - Friday Afternoon Was Made for In-Browser Orcas

6/28/2013 - The scientific feud that ended in an execution

6/28/2013 - These Fur Coats Are Made Entirely of Human Chest Hair Because… Milk?

6/28/2013 - The shockwave from the Chelyabinsk meteor circled the Earth -- twice!

6/28/2013 - Don't miss your chance to have your photo taken from outer space!

6/28/2013 - Pacifc Rim featurette shows off the humans inside the giant robots

6/28/2013 - This Week in Time Capsules: Blackberrys, Booze and Best of Deep Purple

6/28/2013 - This 266-Gallon Kiddie Pool Is Your Deal of the Day

6/28/2013 - Pixar will make fewer sequels

6/28/2013 - Your Wi-Fi Network Lets Spies Watch Through Your Walls

6/28/2013 - A Test to Measure How Rational You Really Are

6/28/2013 - Rigor Mortis reveals the scariest apartment building in Hong Kong

6/28/2013 - Scientists Built a Mini Laser Gun That Generates Anti-Matter

6/28/2013 - Amazing Video: The Great Gatsby Stripped of Greenscreen Effects

6/28/2013 - Girl Invents Amazing Flashlight Powered Exclusively By Body Heat

6/28/2013 - Exploding Bullets Frozen In Plexiglass Are Hauntingly Beautiful

6/28/2013 - The 10 Greatest Female Samurai and Ninjas

6/28/2013 - Explore Twitter's Hidden Landscape In These Gorgeous Interactive Maps

6/28/2013 - Desire Modification is on the way, with Anti-Addiction tech

6/28/2013 - Sky Fighter: Meet the Man Who Wants to Drone-Proof Your Home

6/28/2013 - How Real Scientists Shaped the Story of Europa Report

6/28/2013 - Summer Scorcher: California Temperatures To 129 Degrees

6/28/2013 - What is happening in this bizarre Japanese retro-futuristic art?

6/28/2013 - How Will You Buy Things In Space? PayPal Hopes You'll Use PayPal

6/28/2013 - This Concrete Ball Was Supposed to Be the Motel of the Future

6/28/2013 - Today's School Kids As Dumb As Ever

6/28/2013 - PayPal teams up with SETI to launch PayPal Galactic (a Space Bank)

6/28/2013 - A Fifteen-Year-Old Has Invented an Incredible New Kind of Flashlight

6/28/2013 - New Yorker's Bert and Ernie Tenderly Watch Gay Marriage Decision

6/28/2013 - How Chupa Chups Put Salvador Dalí in the Candy Store

6/28/2013 - Byzantium explores what vampirism would actually be like

6/28/2013 - Oh Great, Wi-Fi Networks Can Be Used to See Through Walls Now

6/28/2013 - Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Moves Out Home After Violent Episode

6/28/2013 - Honeybee friendships may shed light on human social life

6/28/2013 - The World's Fastest Ship Is Basically an Aquatic Concorde Jet

6/28/2013 - The first robot-on-human fatality was in 1979

6/28/2013 - Getting a Shorter Headphone Cable Will Change Your Life

6/28/2013 - Perpetual Motion Machines Work If You Turn Them Into Looping Animations

6/28/2013 - The Best Games of What Already Is One of the Best Ever Years in Gaming

6/28/2013 - Captain Planet the movie is a thing that is happening

6/28/2013 - Try To Resist the Urge to Set This 2000-Log Pyre Ablaze

6/28/2013 - Weta explains how they made Man of Steel's awesome Kryptonian VFX

6/28/2013 - Keychain Space Invaders Puts Whac-an-Alien in Your Pocket

6/28/2013 - New Insights Emerge About Voyager 1's Epic Journey to the Edge

6/28/2013 - This Building By Luxe Auto Designer Pininfarina Looks Like a Ferrari

6/28/2013 - Five Ingredients That Will Let You Cook Good Food Inexpensively

6/28/2013 - Space Can Turn Bacteria Into Supercharged Mutant Monsters

6/28/2013 - A quick way to make people feel bad about their whole lives

6/28/2013 - The Terminator Movies Will Be Remade

6/28/2013 - U.S. feds make their first-ever Bitcoin seizure

6/28/2013 - Leap Motion Teardown: Magic Made Simply

6/28/2013 - Netflix Max: A New Recommendation Engine That Talks Back

6/28/2013 - Can a Helmet Made From Recycled Newspapers Really Protect Your Noggin?

6/28/2013 - You know what're awesome? Mushrooms. Mushrooms are awesome.

6/28/2013 - 9 GIFs That Make Perpetual Motion Machines a Reality

6/28/2013 - The Terminator Saga is Officially Being Rebooted!

6/28/2013 - You Can Turn Your HTC One Into a Google Edition With This ROM

6/28/2013 - A Deal With Time Warner Just Gave Your Xbox 300 New Live TV Channels

6/28/2013 - You Can Explore the Ghost Island That Inspired Skyfall on Street View

6/28/2013 - Why Astronomers Keep Finding More and More Habitable Planets

6/28/2013 - The US Army Is Blocking Staff Access to the Guardian Website

6/28/2013 - FCC to Finally Auction Controversial Chunk of Spectrum for Mobile Data

6/28/2013 - These Great Lego Game of Thrones Minifigs Are Now for Sale

6/28/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Do I Wanna Know?

6/27/2013 - Bing Maps Has Revealed Russia's Secret Stealth Fighter Jet

6/27/2013 - These Low Tops with Curved Laces Are Somehow Basketball Shoes

6/27/2013 - Everyone Who Records Video on Their Phone Needs to Follow This Rule

6/27/2013 - The Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd in One Graph

6/27/2013 - A Field Guide to Cryptids From Europe and Africa

6/27/2013 - Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey, as explained by puppets

6/27/2013 - There will soon be TWO competing Game of Thrones porn spoofs

6/27/2013 - Incredible Space Engine Runs Nonstop for Five Years

6/27/2013 - WSJ: Google Is Making an Android Video Game Console and Smartwatch

6/27/2013 - Planets can form and survive in insanely dense star clusters

6/27/2013 - Glenn Beck Says Paula Deen Is Just Like Martin Luther King Jr.

6/27/2013 - Is Superman the Antichrist?

6/27/2013 - Scientists Create Real Life Star Trek Deflector Shield

6/27/2013 - The Internet Chooses the Movies at This Clever Stoop Cinema

6/27/2013 - Science Shocker: Mouse Cloned From Single Drop of Blood

6/27/2013 - Proposed 'deflector shield' could protect astronauts from radiation

6/27/2013 - Teen May Get Eight Years In Prison for Sarcastic Facebook Comment

6/27/2013 - The greatest penis rescue story ever told

6/27/2013 - Do geek stereotypes keep women out of computer science?

6/27/2013 - NoteSuite for iPad: Meet Evernote's New, Subscription-Free Competition

6/27/2013 - Interview with a Vampire director explains how to reinvent vampires

6/27/2013 - One Simple Hook to Solve a Million Problems

6/27/2013 - This is the bead-chain experiment. It's about to melt your brain.

6/27/2013 - This Is How Your iPad Will Feel Like This Fall

6/27/2013 - Breakthrough Research Could Replace Insulin Shots With Pills

6/27/2013 - Bee colonies with promiscuous queens have a better chance of survival

6/27/2013 - What's the one book that absolutely must be a TV show, NOT a movie?

6/27/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Summer

6/27/2013 - Trailer for The Conjuring interviews the family that inspired the film

6/27/2013 - This Doctor Who 50th Anniversary teaser is fake but still awesome

6/27/2013 - Scientists Clone a Mouse From a Single Drop of Blood

6/27/2013 - Specialized Turbo Test-Ride: Holy Crap This E-Bike Is Amazing

6/27/2013 - Texas Governor Attacks State Senator For Being "Teen Mom"

6/27/2013 - This Silk-Screened Art Glows With Electroluminescent Ink

6/27/2013 - Salt and Pepper Spoon Shakers Give You Precisely Portioned Seasonings

6/27/2013 - Why do we have sex at night?

6/27/2013 - Come and watch the best Doctor Who story of all time (and space)!

6/27/2013 - iOS 7 for iPad First Impressions: Messing With the Best

6/27/2013 - Meet Handibot, the First CNC MIll You Can Take With You

6/27/2013 - $35 For a Year of Xbox Live Gold Is Your Deal of the Day

6/27/2013 - Your First Look at the Epic Fantasy Novel Everybody's Raving About

6/27/2013 - Stallone & Schwarzenegger plan a superprison-break in The Escape Plan

6/27/2013 - Would it be evil to build a functional brain inside a computer?

6/27/2013 - Every Secret Agent Wannabe Needs a Quadcopter Belt of Death

6/27/2013 - Why you can't get that damn ringtone out of your head

6/27/2013 - Magnetic Microbots Perform Eye Surgery Without a Single Incision

6/27/2013 - This Is NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Secret Spotify Account (Confirmed)

6/27/2013 - 10 Great Books You Didn't Know Were Science Fiction or Fantasy

6/27/2013 - No, Children of 1990, Computers Are Not the Devil

6/27/2013 - Rent Is Still Too Damn High: 20 Million Paying Over 50% For Rent

6/27/2013 - Who Would You Cast In a Live-Action Jetsons Movie?

6/27/2013 - This New Contact Lens Basically Turns Your Eye Into a Telescope

6/27/2013 - More Murders: Aaron Hernandez Linked To 2012 Double Homicide

6/27/2013 - These Pacemakers Adjust To Your Breathing So You Can Stay Active

6/27/2013 - San Francisco City Hall Lights Up For Gay Marriage Victory

6/27/2013 - How Evolution Gave Humans the Ability to Throw a Fastball

6/27/2013 - The implications of the Moses Illusion

6/27/2013 - This Two-Headed Turtle Is America's New Favorite Animal

6/27/2013 - Every Smart Appliance Should Be as Brilliant as This Smoke Detector

6/27/2013 - Turn $ into Galactic Credits with the amazing Scifi Currency Converter

6/27/2013 - What iOS 7 Bugs Have You Noticed?

6/27/2013 - Report: Facebook's Testing a New Group Chat Feature

6/27/2013 - How does spacetime get bent?

6/27/2013 - Not All Artists Hated Napster When It Launched

6/27/2013 - The four-hundred-year mystery of the Ashen Light of Venus

6/27/2013 - Confirmed: The New York Times Can't Stop Publishing Dumb Trend Pieces

6/27/2013 - This Gorgeous Warbird Is More Phoenix Than Mustang

6/27/2013 - This Chain of Beads Is Actually Floating In Midair—No Tricks Involved

6/27/2013 - First trailer for Reno 911! creators' exorcism movie Hell Baby

6/27/2013 - Sneak Peek at the Damage a Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster Does

6/27/2013 - Why Did Screen Aspect Ratios Change Over Time?

6/27/2013 - Porn App Returns to Google Glass Minus the Porn

6/27/2013 - Two Early Visionaries Among 2013 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees

6/27/2013 - The time Highlander swapped the Quickening for the Redneckening

6/27/2013 - Rep. Tammy Duckworth Destroys Government Leech at Congress

6/27/2013 - Man's Parkinson's disease symptoms vanish with the push of a button

6/27/2013 - Should Architects Boycott Building "Supermax" Prisons?

6/27/2013 - How to Beat Procrastination With Six Scientifically Proven Methods

6/27/2013 - TWC Is Installing Another 1000 Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Manhattan

6/27/2013 - What would the newsstands look like if The Avengers were real?

6/27/2013 - Whoa, What Makes This Chain of Beads Magically Float?

6/27/2013 - Imgur Now Has a Meme Generator

6/27/2013 - Racist Paula Deen Has Enough Supporters to Fill Two Cruise Ships

6/27/2013 - Futurama gets its snap and its heart back

6/27/2013 - How a Fridge Full of Beer That Only Unlocks for Canadians Gets Made

6/27/2013 - Watch the Muhammad Ali of BattleBots Destroy Everything in Its Path

6/27/2013 - China’s Shenzhou-10 Crew Has Returned to Earth

6/27/2013 - The FDA Has Shuttered 1,677 Illegal Prescription Drugs Websites

6/27/2013 - How to move a 17-ton particle physics experiment 3,200 miles

6/27/2013 - 14 Gorgeous Wedding Venues in States Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

6/27/2013 - Could Vin Diesel be starring in a Marvel movie?

6/27/2013 - Reusable e-Ink Luggage Tags Improve the Chances Of Your Bag Arriving

6/27/2013 - Apple Patents Slimline Combined SD and USB Slot

6/27/2013 - Scientists Sequence the Oldest Ever Genome--of a 700,000-Year-Old Horse

6/27/2013 - Can You Use a Refrigerator as a Faraday Cage?

6/27/2013 - WSJ: Apple's Radio Terms Are (Slightly) More Generous Than Pandora's

6/27/2013 - This Beautiful Map Is Made Up of Microscopic Cells

6/27/2013 - Drug Enforcement Agency Seizes First Bitcoins From Silk Road Dealer

6/27/2013 - Why Private Space Programs May Be a Bad Idea in the (Very) Long Run

6/27/2013 - How 26 Alcoholic Drinks Got Their Names

6/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: No F****** Around In Room 427

6/27/2013 - Sony RX100 II: A Totally New Sensor, a More Perfect Point-and-Shoot

6/26/2013 - Exclusive: The Evolution of the Minifig

6/26/2013 - Pandora Actually Pays $1,300 for a Million Plays Not 16 Bucks

6/26/2013 - Why There Are No Baseball Bats In the Lego Universe?

6/26/2013 - A Map of the World As Plotted By Airports

6/26/2013 - How Aspect Ratios Have Changed Over Time Because of Movies

6/26/2013 - This George R.R. Martin Book Might Restore Your Faith in Human Nature

6/26/2013 - You Can Control Your iPhone with Your Head in iOS 7

6/26/2013 - Rick Perry Ready For Another All-Night Abortion Ban Session

6/26/2013 - Rich, educated westerners could be skewing social science studies

6/26/2013 - The difference between geeks and nerds, settled by a geeky infographic

6/26/2013 - This 4 Minute Video of GoPro Footage Proves Humans Are So Awesome

6/26/2013 - Beautiful Churches That Have Been Converted into Secular Buildings

6/26/2013 - Marijuana Addicts Love This Stealthy USB Vaporizer

6/26/2013 - A project to build a robot with the intelligence of a three year-old

6/26/2013 - The Not-So-Long Struggle For Gay Marriage

6/26/2013 - How Our Visions of Virtual Reality Have Changed in the Past 40 Years

6/26/2013 - The Grouch & Eligh - All These Lights

6/26/2013 - Morning for iPad: A Simple Dashboard to Start Your Day Off Right

6/26/2013 - Amazing Lego SR-71 Blackbird Is Motorized, Controlled by Joystick

6/26/2013 - Ambulances Highjack Car Radios To Let Drivers Know They're Coming

6/26/2013 - How to detect massive alien spaceships powered by stars

6/26/2013 - Honest Trailers boldly suggests Independence Day might be flawed

6/26/2013 - Meet the Man Who Gave the World 'Civilization'

6/26/2013 - A Pint-Sized Dialysis Machine Gets Its First Taste of Human Blood

6/26/2013 - Let's talk about the dark side of private space programs

6/26/2013 - Volkswagen's New Car Makes 261 Miles Per Gallon and Drives Like a Dream

6/26/2013 - A Structural Dish Rack Makes You Forget You're Doing Dishes

6/26/2013 - A fun 30-minute look behind the scenes of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

6/26/2013 - With Facebook Ready to Go, Windows 8 Finally Gets Some App Respect

6/26/2013 - Huff Your Medicine With the Inhaler-Shaped PuFFiT Vaporizer

6/26/2013 - "With six feet of sea-level rise, South Florida is toast."

6/26/2013 - Boston Fans Buried Their Stanley Cup Sorrows in a Porn Avalanche

6/26/2013 - Scientists Confirm Three Habitable Super-Earths Around the Same Star

6/26/2013 - Komodo Dragon Surprise: Beast's Bite Not Full of Lethal Bacteria

6/26/2013 - This Ugly Thing Is the Top Car In Most of the United States

6/26/2013 - Mind-blowing Man of Steel concept art shows Krypton's civil war

6/26/2013 - "Who Cares?" Nancy Pelosi's Awesome Comeback To Bigot Bachmann

6/26/2013 - Twitter DVR Sounds Like an Awesome Idea

6/26/2013 - Wear This LED Tetris Tie To Any Job Interview and You're Hired

6/26/2013 - Solving the Mystery of Legionnaire's Disease

6/26/2013 - Black and Red Headphones for Vampires Are Your Deal of the Day

6/26/2013 - Amazing Before-and-After Photos of Starfleet Shuttlecraft Restoration

6/26/2013 - This Is Sad

6/26/2013 - A Fantastic Photo of the F-35 Refueling

6/26/2013 - Good News for PC Users: Greatly Improved Windows 8.1 Is Now Available

6/26/2013 - KeyMe: Store Your Keys In the Cloud, Never Get Locked Out Again

6/26/2013 - Football Star Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

6/26/2013 - Live With Your Parents In Style in This Split-Level Palace

6/26/2013 - How the 1990s Imagined the Future of Marriage Equality

6/26/2013 - Scientific Studies Explain the Best Ways to Talk to Children

6/26/2013 - The Sonic Secrets That Bring Pixar's Latest Movie To Life

6/26/2013 - The Komodo dragon's bite isn't infectious, after all

6/26/2013 - Why Science Fiction is Where The Action is for E-Books

6/26/2013 - The most original (and scientifically plausible) zombies of the year

6/26/2013 - No Hex Wrench Needed: Ikea Designs a Smarter Flatpack Refugee Shelter

6/26/2013 - These Screwed-Up iOS 3D Map Images Are Eerily Beautiful

6/26/2013 - The Omnipotent Engineers at Google Have Banished Clouds From Earth

6/26/2013 - 9 Deadly Vacations (That We'd Still Like to Take)

6/26/2013 - Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition Hands-On: The Best Got Better

6/26/2013 - Why "Networked Matter" Is One Futurist Concept You Need to Know

6/26/2013 - iOS Maps Atrocities? Nah, These Are Works of Art

6/26/2013 - Xbox Music For Windows 8.1 Now Has Free, Ad-Supported Radio

6/26/2013 - Windows 8 WIll Get "Official" Facebook and Flipboard Apps

6/26/2013 - Here's everything the World War Z movie has in common with the book

6/26/2013 - New evidence that humans developed big brains to cope with society

6/26/2013 - Lilly the Deer Allowed To Continue Living With Humans Who Saved Her

6/26/2013 - Motorola: A Google Joint

6/26/2013 - Here's How to Get the Windows 8.1 Preview for Free Right Now

6/26/2013 - Windows 8.1: Everything You Need to Know

6/26/2013 - Fired Paula Deen Finally Appears On "Today" To Apologize For Racism

6/26/2013 - What Isn't a Keychain-Sized Crowbar Useful For?

6/26/2013 - Watch Microsoft Unveil the New Windows 8.1 Here

6/26/2013 - A Guide to the Fascinating Secret Language of Cattle Branding

6/26/2013 - A view of Earth that'll make you go whoa

6/26/2013 - Windows 8.1 Is Getting Native 3D Printer Support

6/26/2013 - This Solar Satellite Will Shed Light on the Inner Workings of the Sun

6/26/2013 - Poncho: The Best Weather Service You've Never Heard Of

6/26/2013 - Pioneer's New Soundbar Is Beautifully Simple and Wonderfully Cheap

6/26/2013 - A Garbage-Crushing Trash Can You Control With Your Bare Hands

6/26/2013 - Poppy Hands On: Turn Your iPhone into a 21st Century View-Master

6/26/2013 - “Does DC Have a Chris Nolan Problem?”

6/26/2013 - The Real Reason Why Nintendo's Mario Has a Mustache

6/26/2013 - Previously unseen photos show a harrowing assault during Vietnam War

6/26/2013 - Westinghouse's 84-Inch 4k Touchscreen Makes Windows 8 Feel Epic

6/26/2013 - Anti-Gay Marriage Federal Law Declared Unconstitutional

6/26/2013 - Why Drone Engineering Sucks (And How It Gets Better)

6/26/2013 - And now, a giraffe chasing after a safari jeep

6/26/2013 - Kinect-Powered Roaches Are an Army of Grossness

6/26/2013 - Three Isn't a Crowd When Everyone's in Conjoined Hammocks

6/26/2013 - Report: Twitter Is Adding In-Stream Photo Previews

6/26/2013 - Peter Jackson reveals the extra scenes in The Hobbit: Extended Edition

6/26/2013 - This giant blob was found floating off the coast of Cuba

6/26/2013 - 14 Underground Lairs Fit For a Mega-Villain

6/26/2013 - Playing First-Person Pac-Man In Your Browser Is Great But Terrifying

6/26/2013 - The Doctor Strange Rumors Get Bigger and Crazier!

6/26/2013 - Senator Defeats Texas' Anti-Abortion Bill After Standing for 13 Hours

6/26/2013 - This Nesting Storage Beats Any Set of Russian Dolls

6/26/2013 - The Cutlery You Use Changes the Way Your Food Tastes

6/26/2013 - How Much Mobile Data Do You Actually Use?

6/26/2013 - This Simple Math Puzzle Will Melt Your Brain

6/26/2013 - An Amazing Photo of China's Space Station Crossing the Sun

6/26/2013 - If Game of Thrones Characters Were on Online Dating Websites

6/26/2013 - Warning: This clip will probably put you off sex for a few days

6/26/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Elk Grass

6/26/2013 - Square Market: An Online Market For All Your Artisanal Needs

6/25/2013 - Wow These Beautiful Animation Videos Are Ads for... McDonald's

6/25/2013 - These Guys Used 1600 Instagram Photos to Make One Instagram Video

6/25/2013 - A pastoral scene with cows and starships

6/25/2013 - What If the Superheroes from The Avengers Existed in Real Life?

6/25/2013 - A Netflix for the NSA's Private Info Would Make the Spying Worth It

6/25/2013 - Miami Filled With Whores

6/25/2013 - Under the Dome is creepy and horrifying -- but can it be sustained?

6/25/2013 - Warehouse 13 gives us an oddly whimsical look at death and betrayal

6/25/2013 - Organize Thousands of Photos With This Easy Method

6/25/2013 - These Five Unemployment Lessons Will Help Get You Back On Your Feet

6/25/2013 - Behold the First Images of the Official Lego Back to the Future Set!

6/25/2013 - Why Google banned brainteasers from their interview process

6/25/2013 - Buildings Designed to Look Like Barcodes

6/25/2013 - Bike Doctor: Repair Your Bike As Well As the Pros Without the Price

6/25/2013 - Why Anti-Affirmative Action Texan Abigail Fisher Should Shut Up

6/25/2013 - This freaky lizard lived in an isolated desert 250 million years ago

6/25/2013 - A Real-Life Iron Man Suit That Could Be as Comfortable as Pajamas

6/25/2013 - Superman and Batman have their first date in This Week's Comics!

6/25/2013 - Pakistani Folk Art and US Drones Collide in These Ornate Paintings

6/25/2013 - Here's what New York City looked like before "sanitation engineering"

6/25/2013 - What's the best movie that failed at the box office?

6/25/2013 - Racist Psychopath Loses It Entirely In Road Rage Video Shocker

6/25/2013 - Adorable Daughter Bills Dad for Home Tech Support

6/25/2013 - Senator to Stand for 13 Hours to Stop the Texas' Anti-Abortion Bill

6/25/2013 - This Throne of Books Is Your Own Private Personal Library

6/25/2013 - Is Pacific Rim destined to be an epic flop?

6/25/2013 - Ford's Wireless Brake Lights Warn Other Drivers There's Traffic Ahead

6/25/2013 - Why You Can't Get Stoned from Smoking Hemp

6/25/2013 - Fan recreates the Star Trek teleport effect with Christmas lights

6/25/2013 - Cloning Don'ts: Things to Avoid When Copying Yourself or Others

6/25/2013 - Remembering Richard Matheson

6/25/2013 - Sorry Uber, Los Angeles Has Been Banning Ride-Shares For a Century

6/25/2013 - Scott Pilgrim author says it "sucks" that the story was "so white"

6/25/2013 - $1.2 Million Vanishes In Swiss Flight To U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

6/25/2013 - Why Return of the Jedi Was the Most Grown-Up Star Wars Movie

6/25/2013 - These Astonishing Vietnam War Firefight Photos Look Like Laser Hell

6/25/2013 - Take a psychedelic trip on Tokyo's driverless transit system

6/25/2013 - This Ghostly, Abandoned NYC Island Could Become a Special Needs School

6/25/2013 - A Terabyte of Portable Storage for $60 Is Your Deal of the Day

6/25/2013 - What Do We Really Mean When We Say Light Is "Pollution"?

6/25/2013 - How to Write a Sex Scene Between a Unicorn and a Rainbow

6/25/2013 - What's the worst thing that could happen when objects start talking?

6/25/2013 - Enjoy These Rare Video Art Masterpieces Thanks to YouTube

6/25/2013 - Meet the Future of Your Death

6/25/2013 - Pop Rocks to Slurpees: The Science of America's Wackiest Summer Treats

6/25/2013 - What the hell is going on with these deer?

6/25/2013 - Now you can visit a 2,000-year-old brothel in Greece

6/25/2013 - 27 Radiant Photos Of Rust

6/25/2013 - This Guy Has an Invisible Headphone Implanted In His Ear

6/25/2013 - This Photo Makes Me Want to Go to Mars Right Now

6/25/2013 - 10 Essential Elements of a Great Escapist Hero

6/25/2013 - We've Grappled With Televised Death Since The First TV Suicide in 1938

6/25/2013 - The Strange Story of the Man Who Invented the Space Gun

6/25/2013 - A Photographer's Rare Trip Aboard One of the World's Largest Ships

6/25/2013 - Recreation of ancient beer suggests it was really, really gross

6/25/2013 - YouTube Tackles Immense Annoyance of Slow-Loading Videos

6/25/2013 - Report: Xbox Music Will Leave Its Windows 8 Prison and Hit the Web

6/25/2013 - New Melanoma Test Sniffs Out Skin Cancer Based on Odor Alone

6/25/2013 - Inside YouTube's Master Plan to Kill Lag Dead

6/25/2013 - Confirmed: A Star System with Three Potentially Habitable Planets!

6/25/2013 - Supreme Court Decides Racist States Free To Change Voting Laws Again

6/25/2013 - Pigeon-Headed Humans Prank Google Street View In Japan

6/25/2013 - Google Reveals Data on Sites That Are Phishing and Installing Malware

6/25/2013 - Take a Ride on the Roller Coaster With the World's Tallest Loop

6/25/2013 - Here's one more awesome Pacific Rim trailer, because why the hell not

6/25/2013 - Future Stunt Pilots Could Train in These All-Electric Planes

6/25/2013 - Couple Dies In Most Absurd and Horrific Parking Accident

6/25/2013 - Genius T-Shirt Playmat Includes a Built-In Massage for Mom or Dad

6/25/2013 - These satellite images could be used to predict the next drought

6/25/2013 - Razer's Surround Software Could Turn Regular Headphones Into 7.1 Cans

6/25/2013 - Why Instagram Can't Do for Video What It Did for Photos

6/25/2013 - New evidence suggests biological causes for Gulf War Syndrome

6/25/2013 - Does This Self-Burying Bot Mean We're Close to Robo-Tremors?

6/25/2013 - Defiance hosts three funerals and a wedding in a game-changing episode

6/25/2013 - A Modern Digital Alarm Clock With Retro Flip Stylings

6/25/2013 - Video: Entomologist Finds Gigantic Wasp Nest With Over a Million Wasps

6/25/2013 - The "Blacky Pictures" are the scariest psychological test ever

6/25/2013 - This Passenger Plane's Engine Exploded As It Was About to Take Off

6/25/2013 - Two cannons have been raised from Blackbeard's sunken ship

6/25/2013 - Barnes & Noble Is Going to Stop Making Nook Tablets

6/25/2013 - 8 Designs That Rethink the Way We're Buried

6/25/2013 - Director explains why The Wolverine won't set up the next X-Men movie

6/25/2013 - New Pacific Rim Trailer: Let's Go Beat Up Some Monsters

6/25/2013 - This Simple First Aid Kit Will Let You Save Yourself Single-Handedly

6/25/2013 - Holy Crap It's Good This Airplane Wasn't Flying When Its Engine Exploded

6/25/2013 - A Simple Sugar Solution Can Make Tissue Transparent

6/25/2013 - This Wooden Bicycle Is Beautifully Impractical

6/25/2013 - Sony's SmartWatch 2 Promises to Be Better This Time

6/25/2013 - Sony's Xperia Z Ultra Phone Is... Nah, That's Not a Phone

6/25/2013 - This 39-Inch 4K TV Only Costs $700

6/25/2013 - IRS Targeted Progressive and "Occupy" Groups Along With Tea Party

6/25/2013 - What the Most Famous Brands Are from Each State

6/25/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mundo

6/24/2013 - True Blood: A Totally Normal Show For Normal People

6/24/2013 - iOS 7 Will Let You Take Secret Screenshots of Your Sexy Snapchats

6/24/2013 - Siri Actually Cares How Names Are Pronounced in iOS 7

6/24/2013 - An Artist Got 16 Bucks for a Song That Pandora Streamed a Million Times (Updated)

6/24/2013 - The New X-M1 Is Fujifilm's Cheapest Mirrorless Camera Yet

6/24/2013 - What Happened to the Mysterious Humans of the Sahara 7,000 Years Ago?

6/24/2013 - I admit it: I'm a Falling Skies fan.

6/24/2013 - You'll Dump Your Flat Screen For One of These Insane Television Sets

6/24/2013 - Watch a Guy Freak People Out By Floating in the Air on a Moving Bus

6/24/2013 - The Most Insane Television Sets in History

6/24/2013 - Twinkies Return July 15, Minus Unionized Twinkie Bakers

6/24/2013 - Evidence that our universe may have collided with another universe

6/24/2013 - Gender Shocker: 82% of Lightning Deaths Strike Men

6/24/2013 - Taco Bell prepares us for synth meat and textured veg protein

6/24/2013 - These Trippy Dripping Ink Portraits Are Face-Meltingly Creepy

6/24/2013 - Watch these snow leopard cubs snuggle with their mom LIVE RIGHT NOW

6/24/2013 - How can you tell you're living in the future?

6/24/2013 - These Gaze-Sensitive Garments Move When They're Looked At

6/24/2013 - Highly Visual 2.0: A Mobile Reader for the Visually Minded

6/24/2013 - The Adorable Mini-Sports Car Has Gotten a Remarkable Upgrade

6/24/2013 - Bobcat Goldthwait made a Bigfoot movie, and we kind of want to see it

6/24/2013 - Adidas Springblade: Shoes with Actual Springs Might Be a Good Idea?

6/24/2013 - R.I.P. Richard Matheson, Author of I Am Legend and Many Other Classics

6/24/2013 - All the elements arranged by the country that discovered them

6/24/2013 - This Magic Spray Will Protect Anything Against Any Liquid

6/24/2013 - The Future of Sex: More Sex For Everyone

6/24/2013 - Don't set aside a weekend to watch the missing Doctor Who episodes yet

6/24/2013 - You Can Finally Buy the Magical Spray That Waterproofs Everything

6/24/2013 - We're Hiring a Deal Master

6/24/2013 - Rebuild Lost Empires From Sand--At Least Temporarily

6/24/2013 - Plants Avoid Starvation at Night By Doing Basic Math

6/24/2013 - Author Barbara Ehrenreich Revisits Her 1987 Look at the Future of Sex

6/24/2013 - The World's Flight Patterns Beautifully Visualized

6/24/2013 - Check out these beautifully artsy Japanese posters from The Wolverine

6/24/2013 - How Some Awesome Men Defended One Woman Against a Creepster

6/24/2013 - Most Creative Game of Thrones Cosplay Yet

6/24/2013 - Somehow This WWII Mickey Mouse Gas Mask Was Supposed to Be Less Creepy

6/24/2013 - Lovely book trailer: A mom explains to her daughter why she left Earth

6/24/2013 - This Brilliant Subway Hack Guarantees You'll Never Fall

6/24/2013 - HPV vaccines are saving countless lives – but we could do so much more

6/24/2013 - A New Echolocation Algorithm Can Map Spaces Based on Sound Alone

6/24/2013 - You Know You Want This Grilled Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

6/24/2013 - Enormous, ancient Maya city found in Yucatán jungle

6/24/2013 - New York City's New Subway Tunnel Looks Like a Level from Half-Life

6/24/2013 - New statistics on lightning deaths in the U.S. reveal weird patterns

6/24/2013 - This So-Nerdy-It's-Cool Calculator Watch Is Your Deal of the Day

6/24/2013 - Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright explain how their non-trilogy is a trilogy

6/24/2013 - What's the Worst Thing You Ever Ate On Purpose?

6/24/2013 - The Restaurant of the Future Was Going to Revolve You

6/24/2013 - Facebook Graph Search Let Dev Scrape Thousands of Public Phone Numbers

6/24/2013 - What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

6/24/2013 - One-Joke Characters in Science Fiction (Who Never Stop Being Funny)

6/24/2013 - It Will Take Months to Take a Bride Out Of This Lego Wedding Dress

6/24/2013 - Turn a Milk Jug Into a Watering Can Without Hacking It To Bits

6/24/2013 - First look at How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Sexy Years

6/24/2013 - Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 2 With Support For iPads

6/24/2013 - Watch This Incredible Robot Ape Walk Around On All Fours (VIDEO)

6/24/2013 - The Original Genetically Modified Tomato You'll Never Eat Again

6/24/2013 - Author builds gigantic LEGO model of spaceship from his new novel

6/24/2013 - "I'm Lost!" Washington Zoo Loses/Finds Rusty the Red Panda (UPDATE)

6/24/2013 - Show Us Your Photos of Last Night's Giant Supermoon

6/24/2013 - 7 Bio-Artists Who Are Transforming the Fabric of Life Itself

6/24/2013 - 10 Bar Bets You'll Never Lose (But Might Get You Punched in the Face)

6/24/2013 - Leap Motion Controller Hands-On: The Future Is Magic (Now With Apps!)

6/24/2013 - This Adorable Pencil Broom Lets You Sweep Mistakes Under the Rug

6/24/2013 - Microscopic carbon probe can measure the activity of a single neuron

6/24/2013 - 5 Things iOS 7 Tells Us About Your Next iPhone and iPad

6/24/2013 - Spinning Statue of Egyptian God Spooks English Museum

6/24/2013 - Walking Dead set pics tease a major change for our dear leader

6/24/2013 - Exercise Miracle: It Makes Your Brain Think Clearly

6/24/2013 - It'll Take Months to Get a Bride Out of This Lego Wedding Dress

6/24/2013 - There'll Be Nowhere to Hide When These Robot Apes Take to the Trees

6/24/2013 - This Week's TV: The Only New Show This Summer That's Truly Addictive

6/24/2013 - Leaked iPhone 6's Guts Photos Show It Will Be Faster, Not Surprisingly

6/24/2013 - Jim Carrey decries the violence of Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar responds

6/24/2013 - Inside Under Armour's Bra Shoe

6/24/2013 - The average human lifespan, illustrated with jelly beans

6/24/2013 - Why is this ancient Egyptian statue slowly turning by itself!?

6/24/2013 - Explore These Amazing Secret Passageways

6/24/2013 - Leaked iPhone 5S Prototype Is Pretty Much Everything You'd Expect

6/24/2013 - Burj Kahlifa on Street View: The World's Tallest Building, Inside Out

6/24/2013 - Paula Deen Paid Black Employees in Beer, Claims One of Her Former Cooks

6/24/2013 - Doc experiences happiness in a cheesy, spinach-filled Venture Bros.

6/24/2013 - BTTF's Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case Only Makes You Rich in Spirit

6/24/2013 - High Speed Footage Reveals an AK-47 Works Even Better Under Water

6/24/2013 - These gaze-activated dresses are the coolest thing you'll see all day

6/24/2013 - What causes words to get stuck on the tip of our tongue?

6/24/2013 - 20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight

6/24/2013 - Major Hints For Jurassic Park 4, Jupiter Rising and Man of Steel 2!

6/24/2013 - The Only Fragmentation That Matters (In Charts!)

6/24/2013 - AOL Reader: Simple, Fast, But Hardly Groundbreaking

6/24/2013 - Sony and Disney Trial Home Streaming While Movies Are in the Theater

6/24/2013 - All The World's Plant Life, Visualized

6/24/2013 - This Is What Happens When Galaxies Collide

6/24/2013 - WSJ: Facebook Is Developing a Flipboard-Style News Reader

6/23/2013 - "Oh, for a robot-drawn carriage!"

6/23/2013 - Biking With Growlers Just Got Easier

6/23/2013 - A haunting, wordless retelling of the myth of Artemis and Actaeon

6/23/2013 - Steve Martin: Wally On The Run

6/23/2013 - This Is How Much Pot Is Seized At The U.S.-Mexico Border

6/23/2013 - Behold the tallest abandoned building in the world

6/23/2013 - Taking X-Rays Of Women In Corsets Was A Haunting Use Of New Technology

6/23/2013 - Math goes surreal in the trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem

6/23/2013 - Flytecam Is A Streamlined GoPro Challenger

6/23/2013 - Superman gets red underwear in Man of Steel concept art

6/23/2013 - The History of Early Computing Machines, from Ancient Times to 1981

6/23/2013 - A Rifle-Turned-Slingshot That Shoots Knives Is Terrifying

6/23/2013 - Crowdfund question block lamps, slime mold field guides, and much more

6/23/2013 - A Glowing Light Painting of The Simpsons' Kang and Kodos

6/23/2013 - What Are You Doing About Light Bulbs These Days?

6/23/2013 - What do you want to see in a female superhero movie?

6/23/2013 - Matt Smith offers his video thanks for his time on Doctor Who

6/23/2013 - Okay, Yeah The Surface Of Venus Looks Really Hot

6/23/2013 - Would you want a phone's Bluetooth in your glove instead of your ear?

6/23/2013 - A Weather App That Suggests The Best Times To Do Things

6/23/2013 - 12th-century latrine still holds parasites from the crusaders' feces

6/23/2013 - Instead of Monsters University we could have had a Monsters Inc sequel

6/23/2013 - The guinea pig that proved we have an internal combustion engine

6/23/2013 - Fruits And Vegetables Are More Aware Than You Think

6/23/2013 - Hank and Dean Venture dress up as X-Men's Cyclops and Havok

6/23/2013 - Snowden Is In Moscow, Has Ticket to Havana For Tomorrow

6/23/2013 - X-ray images of women in corsets show skeletons in a bind

6/23/2013 - Position These Lamps To Shine A Light On Corruption, Or Just Anything

6/23/2013 - The Heartbreaking Last Words of an Iraq War Veteran

6/23/2013 - There Are 146 Babies' Named After Game of Thrones' Heroine Khaleesi

6/22/2013 - A Saturday's Work at Gizmodo in Mouse Movement

6/22/2013 - Ween: Where'd the Cheese Go?

6/22/2013 - Will Smith won't be back for the Independence Day sequel

6/22/2013 - The Complete Guide to All Kinds of Racist Southerners

6/22/2013 - Keep Your Eyes on the Sky for Tonight's Gigantic Supermoon

6/22/2013 - Learn the fake science of reading faces with these phrenology diagrams

6/22/2013 - These Are the Ten TV Shows That Pirates Like the Most

6/22/2013 - Dreamlike Concept Images of Cities that Float High Above the Clouds

6/22/2013 - First Death in 16 Years at Legendary 24 of Le Mans Race

6/22/2013 - A Typeface Designed To Thwart Spying Computers

6/22/2013 - Cross-section photographs of bullets are strangely fascinating

6/22/2013 - This Walking Lego Steampunk Ship is Terrifying!

6/22/2013 - How Messy Is Your Computer's Desktop?

6/22/2013 - What World War Z could have looked like as a mockumentary

6/22/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Destruction of the Wasteland Churches

6/22/2013 - Building the Animatronic Terror That Trounced a T-Rex

6/22/2013 - Transgenic silkworms spin glowing fluorescent silk

6/22/2013 - A great episode of Continuum explores the fragility of memory

6/22/2013 - How the Xbox One Got Worse, What's Wrong With iOS 7 Icons, and More

6/22/2013 - Arnold Schwarzenegger shuffles into tearjerker zombie film Maggie

6/22/2013 - Why Your DVR Hates the Last Few Seconds of Shows So Much

6/22/2013 - Can you tell real images of space from fake ones?

6/22/2013 - FYI: Snakes can open doors

6/22/2013 - Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself From Online Spying

6/22/2013 - William Fichtner is our new Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6/22/2013 - Cyborg minds > cyborg bodies

6/22/2013 - The Greek gods play a wacky game to decide who will rule Olympus

6/22/2013 - We're going to need some giant robots when Pacific Rim meets Jaws

6/22/2013 - Exactly How the NSA Is Getting Away With Spying on US Citizens

6/22/2013 - The 1960s Batman theme song, as sung by actual bats

6/22/2013 - Chairs Designed By Little Kids Are Hideously Adorable

6/22/2013 - Starfire talks Raven into a Girls' Night Out on Teen Titans

6/22/2013 - Wozniak on Jobs' Biopic: 'Young Steve Wasn't a Saint'

6/22/2013 - The Math Behind Cicadas' Bizarre 17-Year Life Cycle

6/22/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Toe Jam (NSFW)

6/21/2013 - Duke Ellington: Jack The Bear

6/21/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Much Ado About Cast Interviews

6/21/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: June 15 - June 21, 2013

6/21/2013 - What's the greatest story ever told about robot consciousness?

6/21/2013 - Do You Have Digital Photos of Yourself As a Kid?

6/21/2013 - Deaf Boy Hears Dad’s Voice for First Time Following Brain Stem Implant

6/21/2013 - Spend your weekend teaching a computer to recognize art

6/21/2013 - Terrifying First-Hand Account From a Man Who Was Swallowed By a Hippo

6/21/2013 - Wine Bottles Can Perch On Any Wall Now

6/21/2013 - Spend Some Quality Time With The Manliest Version of Doctor Who

6/21/2013 - Everybody Freak Out: Strange and Uncanny Outbreaks of Shared Insanity

6/21/2013 - Exbel, Video for Instagram, and More

6/21/2013 - SMSAlarm, Fleksy, and More

6/21/2013 - Paula Deen, Southern Racist, Gets Fired From Food Network

6/21/2013 - Please Don't Ruin Instagram With Crappy Videos

6/21/2013 - How to Dominate at Monopoly Using Basic Math

6/21/2013 - A Glowing Pump That Lets Drivers Know You're Doing Roadside Repairs

6/21/2013 - Aliens let their balls loose on Earth in Syfy's Independence Daysaster

6/21/2013 - Facebook Accidentally Exposed Contact Info for Six Million Users

6/21/2013 - 17 Bizarre Themed Bars Will Get You Trashed In Style

6/21/2013 - Watch Bill Paxton and Laurence Fishburne fight cannibals on Future Earth

6/21/2013 - Take a Hypnotic Trip on Tokyo's Automatic Rails

6/21/2013 - Inside the Guggenheim Museum's Glowing, Ambient James Turrell Skylight

6/21/2013 - Stephen King's Shining sequel has a trailer, and it's Redrum-tastic!

6/21/2013 - A delightfully trippy artistic interpretation of the biosphere concept

6/21/2013 - The Greatest Scenes Where Epic Heroes Ask a Random Priest for Advice

6/21/2013 - Jenga Didn't Need a Space Invaders Version, But We'll Take It

6/21/2013 - New Equation Shows We Will Find Alien Life for Sure

6/21/2013 - British Spy Agency Is Saving Everyone's Email and Calls Too

6/21/2013 - For the weekend: Awesome animated aliens

6/21/2013 - Monsters University: Pixar's Golden Age is Probably Over But That's OK

6/21/2013 - What Piece of Technology Would You Put Inside a 100-Year Time Capsule?

6/21/2013 - Sopranos Star's Last Meal: Fried Everything Plus Eight Drinks

6/21/2013 - This 3D-printed battery can fit on the head of a pin

6/21/2013 - The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Neistat: Part III

6/21/2013 - Revolting clip from Under the Dome shows Stephen King's dark side

6/21/2013 - The Ice Cream of the Future of the Past Is Your Deal of the Day

6/21/2013 - An iPad You're Actually Supposed to Cover in Crumbs

6/21/2013 - These Five Mistakes Make Bad Science Fiction Extra Terrible

6/21/2013 - 14 Stars' Careers Ruined by Scifi and Fantasy Movies

6/21/2013 - One of the past decade's most underrated novels is now a short film

6/21/2013 - How a Slanted Skyscraper Will Share Sunshine With the High Line

6/21/2013 - Really Mindless Zombies: "World War Z" Makes No Sense But Still Fun

6/21/2013 - A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life

6/21/2013 - Hero Deliverymen Catch Baby Falling Out of Fifth-Floor Window (VIDEO)

6/21/2013 - DC's Superman & Wonder Woman is about them screwing, apparently

6/21/2013 - Trapped stardust looks exactly how you think it would

6/21/2013 - Here's the First Ashton-Packed Trailer For jOBS

6/21/2013 - Life and the Sun: How Did We Figure Out Photosynthesis?

6/21/2013 - 14 Scifi and Fantasy Movies That Killed Actors' Careers

6/21/2013 - Researchers Have Found a Way To Cram 1,000 Terabytes Onto a Single DVD

6/21/2013 - Photos Show High-School Kids Savagely Beaten In Hellish Hazing Ritual

6/21/2013 - 11 Ways to Make Foods Shaped Like Penises

6/21/2013 - Crazy People Spent Months Building These Incredible Virtual Cities

6/21/2013 - Alpinestars' Atem Might Be the Safest Motorcycle Jacket You Can Buy

6/21/2013 - The Pitfalls of Monster Diplomacy, in an Exclusive Kaijudo Clip

6/21/2013 - Independence Day 2 is actually happening, has a release date

6/21/2013 - Digg Reader Hands-On: Your Google Reader Life Raft Is Here

6/21/2013 - Deadly Viper Kills Snake Expert

6/21/2013 - World War Z fails the zombie bite test

6/21/2013 - That One Time I Found a Time Capsule From 1969

6/21/2013 - Burning Down the House on Devil's Night

6/21/2013 - The Most Badass Truck in the US Army Is Straight Out of Thunderdome

6/21/2013 - Can The Rock save the Terminator franchise? Do you even want him to?

6/21/2013 - A Space-Inspired Floating Playground That Puts Visitors Into Orbit

6/21/2013 - Hack a Bicycle Helmet To Hunt Down Citi Bike Stations

6/21/2013 - What psychologists can learn about you based on what you draw

6/21/2013 - See the all-new, live-action Gatchaman team in action!

6/21/2013 - Shorts Suck Nowadays, Don't They?

6/21/2013 - So Here's the Batman Theme Song Sung by Actual Bats

6/21/2013 - Colliding galaxies take on the shape of a penguin guarding its egg

6/21/2013 - Leaked: Fujifilm X-M1, a Cheaper Mirrorless Camera With Wi-Fi

6/21/2013 - See MIT do the famous "Monkey and a Gun" demonstration

6/21/2013 - 25,000 Bees Discovered Dead in Oregon Parking Lot

6/21/2013 - This Insane Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub Is the Epitome Of Relaxation

6/21/2013 - NASA's latest Morpheus test proves it's got some catching up to do

6/21/2013 - Hints and Rumors for Captain America, Doctor Strange and Tomorrowland!

6/21/2013 - 8 Cool Gadgets To Help You Survive the Summer Heat

6/21/2013 - Why Won’t the FBI Tell the Public About its Drone Program?

6/21/2013 - WSJ: The FAA Is Ready to Ease Restrictions on In-Flight Electronics

6/21/2013 - The First Ever Electronically Stored Program Ran 65 Years Ago Today

6/21/2013 - This Is Perhaps Possibly the New iPhone's Rear End

6/21/2013 - Of Course the NSA Can Keep Inadvertently Acquired Data on US Citizens

6/21/2013 - How the Design of Soda Cans Have Changed Over Time

6/21/2013 - Miami Wins NBA Finals 95-88

6/21/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: I Love It

6/20/2013 - Magically Turn Liquid Soda into a Delicious Slushie with This Trick

6/20/2013 - Holy Crap These Four Images Are Actually Just One Single Picture

6/20/2013 - Watching This Video Will Make You Happy with 1990 Nostalgia

6/20/2013 - Seven Trampled As Chinese Stampede Over David Beckham Visit

6/20/2013 - Quite possibly the most demented movie of the 1970s getting a reissue

6/20/2013 - Witness Ragnarok Tonight on Netflix

6/20/2013 - How science created the world's most controversial puppet show

6/20/2013 - R.I.P. Parke Godwin, World Fantasy Award-winning Author

6/20/2013 - Wildman Attacks Car With Spear

6/20/2013 - Wait a Minute, Are We Already Cyborgs?

6/20/2013 - This death mask just sold for $260,000. Can you guess whose it is?

6/20/2013 - Person of Interest Available For Download At Last

6/20/2013 - The Beautiful Land is a great love story disguised as a thriller

6/20/2013 - Frankenstein Upstairs, Monstrous Hipsters Downstairs

6/20/2013 - Watch as this liquid nitrogen pool party goes horribly wrong

6/20/2013 - Hutong Vs. Highrise: A Photo Essay On China's Radical Urban Changes

6/20/2013 - The Crumbling Chaos of Abandoned Amusement Parks

6/20/2013 - Exbel: Make Beautiful Photo Creations in Seconds

6/20/2013 - Metal Detectors Invented To Keep Employees From Stealing Metal

6/20/2013 - Walk-Through Metal Detectors Were Invented to Catch Thieving Employees

6/20/2013 - What to do if you find a wee baby dromaeosaurus out of its nest

6/20/2013 - Disney Seeking New Heroes For Star Wars VII

6/20/2013 - New images from Divergent show off the future ruins of Chicago

6/20/2013 - What story made you fall in love with science fiction and fantasy?

6/20/2013 - You'll Never Lose a Floating Cork Knife at the Bottom of a Lake

6/20/2013 - Behold the devastating power of the flooded River Ganges

6/20/2013 - Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and S4 Zoom Hands On: Funky Alternatives

6/20/2013 - The most terrifying Terminator of all is, of course, Woody Allen

6/20/2013 - Stocks, Bonds, Gold All Collapse On Bad News

6/20/2013 - What Do You Think of Video for Instagram?

6/20/2013 - The Best Boardshorts Ever Just Got An Upgrade

6/20/2013 - See the first ultra-high resolution, 3D scan of the entire human brain

6/20/2013 - Scientists Just Built the Most Detailed 3D Brain Map in History

6/20/2013 - Supreme Court acknowledges that sex workers are human beings

6/20/2013 - John Hodgman explains the end of the world to you

6/20/2013 - Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-On: I Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Should I?)

6/20/2013 - Glowing Lightsaber Sunglasses Perfect For Tatooine's Two Bright Suns

6/20/2013 - The Mac Pro Recaptures the Spirit of Classic Workstations of Yore

6/20/2013 - Everything You Didn't Know About the Making of Monsters University

6/20/2013 - A Phone Full of Cheap Apps Is Your Deal of the Day

6/20/2013 - Confused Humans Now Living In Giant Bird Nests

6/20/2013 - At last, a realistic and emotionally intense movie about uploading

6/20/2013 - Locke & Key is FINALLY getting made into a movie

6/20/2013 - Samsung Book 9 Plus Is the Latest Dope Ultrabook

6/20/2013 - RDJ will definitely be Iron Man in Avengers 2 and 3

6/20/2013 - Free Screening of Neil Jordan's New Vampire Movie Byzantium

6/20/2013 - A New Drug Could End Chronic Pain Forever

6/20/2013 - Samsung's Galaxy NX Is Loaded: Big Sensor, Lenses, Android UI and LTE

6/20/2013 - Samsung Has a Mutant Windows 8-Android Convertible Tablet

6/20/2013 - Work From Home Or Work From Hell? Families Drive Home Workers Nuts

6/20/2013 - We Can Make It to the Edge of the Observable Universe in a Few Decades

6/20/2013 - Pick Up After Your Dog Or This Little Girl Eats the Poop!

6/20/2013 - Volvo's Awesome New Autonomous Self-Parking Car Is Pure Magic

6/20/2013 - The American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease

6/20/2013 - Hilarious Recount of Man of Steel

6/20/2013 - Space Explorers Need Better Food!

6/20/2013 - Tomy's Self-Transforming RC Cars Could Be the Greatest Toy Ever

6/20/2013 - Video on Instagram: Facebook's New Vine-Like Video Sharing

6/20/2013 - 12 Most Unfaithful Movie Versions of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

6/20/2013 - Cool Dad Rents Whole Theater For Large-Screen Gaming On Son's Birthday

6/20/2013 - iPhone Versus Android Mapped Across the Entire World

6/20/2013 - "Cure For Homosexuality" Quacks Shut Down Evil Church After 40 Years

6/20/2013 - This amazing R2-D2 cake can project a holographic Leia

6/20/2013 - The STEHM Microscope: Finally, Nanoscientists Can See What They're Doing

6/20/2013 - All hail the Periodic Table of Muppets

6/20/2013 - Sponsors Thanks

6/20/2013 - A History of the Sky: Totally Mesmerizing Time Lapse Video

6/20/2013 - Earth and Jupiter Captured In the Same Photograph Taken From Mars

6/20/2013 - Man Sentenced to 36 Years In Prison On Blinking Testimony

6/20/2013 - 1968 Time Capsule Opened Prematurely, Robbing Future of Cute Drawings

6/20/2013 - Scientists have figured out why naked mole rats don’t get cancer

6/20/2013 - Official casting call reveals the characters in Star Wars: Episode VII

6/20/2013 - Would you magically reset your country to only its native species?

6/20/2013 - Space Food Sucks: NASA's Quest to Serve Astronauts Four Star Meals

6/20/2013 - Apple May Destroy Classic Game Consoles With Just a Gamepad

6/20/2013 - This Tiny Wooden Speaker Turns Your Glasses Into Equalizers

6/20/2013 - Hemlock Grove gets a second season on Netflix

6/20/2013 - Fascinating Map Shows the Original Meanings of Place Names in America

6/20/2013 - The Most Important Scenes from Man of Steel (As I Remember Them)

6/20/2013 - Why Eight-Hour Workdays Are Pointless

6/20/2013 - This bizarre optical illusion dance is way more fun than it should be

6/20/2013 - A Hologram-Projecting R2-D2 Birthday Cake Makes Us Insanely Jealous

6/20/2013 - Watch Stephen Colbert's Tear-Jerking Tribute to His Dead Mother

6/20/2013 - 20 Photos of Iconic Buildings and Bridges As They Were Being Built

6/20/2013 - Why is NASA studying these concentric stone rings?

6/20/2013 - WSJ: Facebook Will Announce Ambiguous Vine-Like Video Sharing Today

6/20/2013 - Ask a New York City Movie Location Scout Anything You Want

6/20/2013 - What do you do when your work becomes obsolete?

6/20/2013 - Why Microsoft Xbox One's New Policies Are Actually Bad for Consumers

6/20/2013 - This pathetic GIF could be the first message aliens receive from us

6/20/2013 - Of Course This Optometrist's Business Card Doubles As an Eye Test

6/20/2013 - Check out new videos for Pacific Rim, R.I.P.D., and World War Z!

6/20/2013 - Is Your New MacBook Air's Wi-Fi Crappy?

6/20/2013 - Let's Hope All Bots Are as Gentle as This Tofu Handling Robot

6/20/2013 - How Digg Raced to Make the Google Reader Replacement You'll Want

6/20/2013 - Why Congress Must Investigate NSA's Unconstitutional Spying

6/20/2013 - Adobe's Creative Cloud Has Already Been Pirated

6/20/2013 - Is it Math or Maths?

6/20/2013 - 9 Completely Disturbing Scientific Facts

6/20/2013 - Let's Not Use James Gandolfini's Death to Sell Sopranos DVDs Amazon

6/20/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Pussy People

6/19/2013 - The Feds Say That Two Guys Made an X-Ray Weapon to Sicken People

6/19/2013 - Awful JPEG Compression Turns Romeo & Juliet to LB"8DJ IHR:?S

6/19/2013 - The Hilarious Difference Between Google and Bing in One Picture

6/19/2013 - 70% of American Workers Admit They're Dead Inside

6/19/2013 - How could we engineer humans to have more empathy?

6/19/2013 - How a Used Bottle Becomes a New Bottle Again

6/19/2013 - "Sopranos" Star James Gandolfini Dead At 51

6/19/2013 - NASA unveils a spellbinding billion-pixel panorama of Mars

6/19/2013 - Flying Saucers Are Real: These UFOs Were (Almost) Built By Humans

6/19/2013 - "Radiation Weapon" For Sale: FBI Claims Man Tried Selling Death To KKK

6/19/2013 - Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival Looks Absolutely Insane(ly Fun)

6/19/2013 - No, dolphins are not your 'therapists.' So just stop it.

6/19/2013 - Real-Life Flying Saucers Prove That the Truth Is Right Here

6/19/2013 - The robot revolution movie from the Zombieland writers has a director

6/19/2013 - A teenager's brain, converted into a binary decision tree

6/19/2013 - This Soaring Openair Cafe Is Made From Giant Bamboo Fishing Baskets

6/19/2013 - Behold a piece of art that could only be created in zero gravity

6/19/2013 - Why People Hate Lebron and Why They Should Love Him Instead

6/19/2013 - Three for iOS: Never Dress Inappropriately for the Weather Ever Again

6/19/2013 - The Xbox One Just Got Way Worse, And It's Our Fault

6/19/2013 - By 2100, there could be 11 billion people on the planet

6/19/2013 - World's Fastest Electric Superbike: All the VROOM, None of the Gas

6/19/2013 - Why, God, why: The Disney Princesses as space warrior-strippers

6/19/2013 - What's the worst Star Trek episode of all time?

6/19/2013 - Mary Jane has been edited out of Amazing Spider-Man 2

6/19/2013 - One of the World's Largest 3D Printing Companies Just Bought MakerBot

6/19/2013 - We are way off target if we hope to feed everyone by 2050

6/19/2013 - HOLY CRAP, this puppet from King Kong: The Musical is INSANE

6/19/2013 - Ben Franklin Wanted to See What Our 21st Century Lives Are Like

6/19/2013 - Panasonic Makes a Good Case For Splurging On This Slick Angular Kettle

6/19/2013 - Could Spider-Man really come over to Marvel's movie universe?

6/19/2013 - You Will Be Able to Share Games on Microsoft's Next-Gen Game Console

6/19/2013 - Best Buy Is Recalling Thousands of MacBook Pro Batteries Over Fire Risk

6/19/2013 - Watch This Ferrari Smash Into a Wall Before the Le Mans Race

6/19/2013 - Microsoft Just Gave Up On Its Xbox One DRM

6/19/2013 - How The World's End lives up to the legacy of Shaun of the Dead

6/19/2013 - Martian Paradise: Mars Had Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere, 4 Billion Years Ago

6/19/2013 - How Prescriptive Analytics Could Harness Big Data to See the Future

6/19/2013 - This Is Why Spider Monogamy Is Terrifying

6/19/2013 - Mars Had an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere 4 Billion Years Ago

6/19/2013 - Check out Batman's weird enemies and weirder head in Beware the Batman

6/19/2013 - All of Your Biggest Pacific Rim Questions, Answered!

6/19/2013 - Unlock NYC's Architectural Gems With This Foursquare Scavenger Hunt

6/19/2013 - Snowden's Leaks Part of "Wargame," Says Cryptome

6/19/2013 - Jonathan Demme is directing the pilot for AMC's mysterious new show

6/19/2013 - The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Neistat: Part II

6/19/2013 - Looking for an extra boost of creativity? Try dimming the lights.

6/19/2013 - A Watch Inspired By--And Made From--The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

6/19/2013 - Lytro Enables Wi-Fi and Launches a GIF Making App For iOS

6/19/2013 - These Gorgeous Fuji Mirrorless Cameras Are Your Deal of the Day

6/19/2013 - Game Industry Biggest Show Is a Playground for Sexist Men

6/19/2013 - Feed your inner maths nerd with this TI-83 T-Shirt

6/19/2013 - Turn Your Seasonal Outfits Into a Comfy Place To Crash

6/19/2013 - 9 Hipster Zombies Who Took Over the World

6/19/2013 - You Can Now Put Images in Your Facebook Comments

6/19/2013 - The Kite-Borne Camera That Captured Post-Quake San Francisco in 1906

6/19/2013 - FBI Chief Confirms That Spy Drones Are Watching You In America

6/19/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Rust

6/19/2013 - Did You Know That Judi Dench Stitches Rude Words During Movie Shoots?

6/19/2013 - This Jacket Lets You Control Your Body Temperature

6/19/2013 - Never-Before-Seen Steve Jobs On Video: History Will Forget Our Work

6/19/2013 - Hooking up

6/19/2013 - Mechanic accused of inventing a death ray for Israel and/or the KKK

6/19/2013 - 30 Years Ago, the Next Silicon Valley Could Have Been in Vermont

6/19/2013 - Millionaire in the machine

6/19/2013 - This breathtaking short film is becoming a TV series

6/19/2013 - A map showing the original meanings of place names in North America

6/19/2013 - Watch How Much the Earth's Vegetation Fades Away in a Single Year

6/19/2013 - Slim Whitman, Singer of Eerie Cowboy Ballads, Dead At 90

6/19/2013 - Confirmed: The FBI is Spying on the US with Drones

6/19/2013 - Every zombie headshot ever assembled into one glorious supercut

6/19/2013 - TV Hog Paula Deen Reportedly Admits To Calling Her "Slaves" the N-word

6/19/2013 - Pixar's latest short will make you believe your whole city is alive

6/19/2013 - These Five Old-School Printers Show Off the History of Graphic Design

6/19/2013 - Steve Jobs Explains How Every Tech Innovation Will Be Lost to History

6/19/2013 - Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski: "I Support Marriage Equality"

6/19/2013 - With Current Budget, NASA Will Never Get to Mars

6/19/2013 - Laser-Cut Logos: The Future of Packaging Is No Packaging At All

6/19/2013 - USB Power Meter Tells You Which Devices Will Kill Your Laptop's Battery

6/19/2013 - New Self-Help Book For Loser Men Says Take a Shower and Don't Rape Her

6/19/2013 - The World's First Supersonic UAV Is Ready for Takeoff

6/19/2013 - 6 Ways Instagram Could Beat Vine at Video Sharing

6/19/2013 - It's Now Super Easy to Jump from Google Reader to the Best Alternative

6/19/2013 - Here’s the Dream Team That Should Be Making the Dark Tower TV Show

6/19/2013 - You're Better Off Spending the Next 40 Minutes in Lego Heaven

6/19/2013 - This is what happens when you play with fire in space

6/19/2013 - A Whole Ton of Megaupload Data Just Got Obliterated

6/19/2013 - Fugitive John McAfee Reappears In Crazy YouTube Video

6/19/2013 - Modern life moves way too fast, and we all take our pleasures sadly

6/19/2013 - Apple TV Just Got HBO Go and WatchESPN

6/19/2013 - The First USB 3.0 Flash Drive That's Small Enough To Lose

6/19/2013 - Vin Diesel tells us why Riddick is one big game of Dungeons & Dragons

6/19/2013 - You Should Stop Using Your iOS-Generated Hotspot Password Right Now

6/19/2013 - 3D Printing Graduates from Plastic Chunks to Incredible Micro-Batteries

6/19/2013 - Here's the first smash-happy trailer for Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

6/19/2013 - These Miami Heat Fans Are the Worst Fans In the World

6/19/2013 - 23 Lighthouses That Span a Millennium of Sea Travel

6/19/2013 - Holy crap, did the Enterprise just fly past the moon?

6/19/2013 - Nike's Roving Laser Bus Created Soccer Fields Out of Thin Air

6/19/2013 - The Man of Steel Easter Egg That May Set Up the Sequel

6/19/2013 - Reclaim Your Privacy With Glowing Glasses That Foil Facial Recognition

6/19/2013 - The Science of Fire Breathing

6/19/2013 - Bloomberg: Qualcomm Chips Are Headed For Microsoft's Surface RT

6/19/2013 - A Disturbed John McAfee Teaches You to Uninstall His Software (NSFW)

6/19/2013 - Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Benchmarks: This Thing Has a Face-Melting GPU

6/19/2013 - This Watch Will Tell You If You're Too Drunk to Drive

6/19/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: LSD ABC

6/18/2013 - There's Something Comforting About A Peanut-Shaped Nursery School

6/18/2013 - Science Happens In Places That Are Beautiful By Accident

6/18/2013 - Scientists Invent Real Luke Skywalker Artificial Hand

6/18/2013 - Maybe those Doctor Who missing episodes rumors are true after all?

6/18/2013 - The Lego Movie Trailer Is Here And It Sure Is Quippy

6/18/2013 - Cubs Fan Creates Amazingly Detailed Model of Wrigley Field Using Lego

6/18/2013 - Could The LEGO Movie be the greatest film of all time?

6/18/2013 - Warehouse 13 still has the ability to punch you in the gut

6/18/2013 - Kanye West: Blood on the Leaves

6/18/2013 - This Floating Fortress is Also a Farm

6/18/2013 - Morgan Freeman joins Luc Besson's "superpowered drug mule" movie Lucy

6/18/2013 - Terrifying Giant Albino Snake Opens Door and Escapes

6/18/2013 - Use PRISM Break To Reduce Your NSA-Related Paranoia

6/18/2013 - What's Jor-El thinking during Man of Steel's Kryptonian Civil War?

6/18/2013 - Man of Suck: Is Superman a Terrible Superhero?

6/18/2013 - These Cthulhu-esque photos will change the way you look at stink bugs

6/18/2013 - Giant Optical Illusions That Transform Buildings and Cities

6/18/2013 - Huge Lego Wizard of Oz Build Includes a Motorized Tornado

6/18/2013 - BioShock Creator Writing the Logan's Run Remake

6/18/2013 - Tell the U.S. government what you think about human spaceflight

6/18/2013 - Ricoh GR Review: A Great Starter Camera For Aspiring Pros

6/18/2013 - SMS Alarm: Always Find Your Misplaced Phone—Even When Its On Silent

6/18/2013 - Mulder and Scully return to solve the mystery of This Week’s Comics!

6/18/2013 - Remember When Big Brother's Only Weapon Was CCTV?

6/18/2013 - New echo-detecting app could allow humans to 'see' like bats

6/18/2013 - London's Triangular "Cheesegrater" Tower Rises In This Gorgeous Video

6/18/2013 - Who's your favorite back-stabbing anti-hero?

6/18/2013 - This Massive Volcano Just Blew Up Near Mexico City

6/18/2013 - Science Has Built Luke Skywalker's Robotic Hand, Touch and All

6/18/2013 - Italian neuroscientists launch a "telepathy" advertising firm

6/18/2013 - The Perfect Weekend Bag Transforms Into a Pre-Stocked Hanging Shelf

6/18/2013 - Gays Having Hard Time Renting Housing (But Not So Much For Lesbians)

6/18/2013 - Watch as Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano tears a hole in the sky!

6/18/2013 - Whose Life Sucks More: Spider-Man or Daredevil?

6/18/2013 - Did the Higgs boson discovery reveal that the universe is unnatural?

6/18/2013 - The Coolest Fantasy Story You'll Read This Week

6/18/2013 - Buildings Based On Human Bone Structure Could Be the Future of Cities

6/18/2013 - Show of Hands: Did You Buy, Stream, or Pirate Yeezus?

6/18/2013 - Why Haven't Mugs Told Us the Coffee's Temperature Until Now?

6/18/2013 - Endless Road Trip: 3 Million Miles In This 1966 Volvo

6/18/2013 - I Don't Want to See Zack Snyder's Take on Wonder Woman

6/18/2013 - Man runs on top of an active lava flow, is an idiot

6/18/2013 - Chrysler Recalling 2.7 Million Jeeps Because They Catch On Fire

6/18/2013 - 3TB Of Storage Capacity Is Your Back-Up-Everything Deal of the Day

6/18/2013 - Learn how booze could save your life in the poster for Grabbers

6/18/2013 - A Sleek, Minimalist Aluminum Wallet With a Handy Eject Button

6/18/2013 - Is This Make-Believe Cereal Cartoon Character Really a Navy Captain?

6/18/2013 - Astonishing World War Z concept art shows a zombie mosh pit

6/18/2013 - "Pocket Telephones" Made for Cheap Calling All the Way Back in 1910

6/18/2013 - A long anthropological debate may be on the cusp of resolution

6/18/2013 - 15 Photos Taken (Mostly) In Three Colors

6/18/2013 - Scientists Discover Particle that May Change the Laws of Physics

6/18/2013 - The Best Smartphone Display: It's Not Who You Think

6/18/2013 - So much depends on Appalachian salamanders

6/18/2013 - This virtual dissection table is incredible [potentially NSFW]

6/18/2013 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 7/2 to Discuss The Shining Girls

6/18/2013 - Job Networking Site LinkedIn Filled With Secret NSA Program Names

6/18/2013 - A Model Train Music Box Is the Perfect Toy For Young Conductors

6/18/2013 - How the Tech Industry Is Quietly Changing the Face of American Cities

6/18/2013 - 10 Classic Star Trek Plot Devices That Could Inspire The Next Movie

6/18/2013 - Women Who Don't Know About Auto Repair Charged More For Auto Repairs

6/18/2013 - Would you copy your mind to a robotic body-double?

6/18/2013 - Even the DaVinci of Latte Art Can't Compete With This Coffee Printer

6/18/2013 - Amazing Tornado Maps Prove That Twisters Travel Northeast

6/18/2013 - Pretty Soon Your Vanilla Flavoring Will Come From... Sawdust

6/18/2013 - Teaser for Disney's Frozen trades Snow Queens for Reindeer Dogs

6/18/2013 - Confirmed: Court "Oversight" of NSA Surveillance Is a Total Joke

6/18/2013 - Secret Monitoring of Everyone Is "Transparent," Obama Says

6/18/2013 - Would It Actually Be Cheaper and Faster To 3D Print Yourself a House?

6/18/2013 - Monsters! Starbuck! Vin Diesel! Our Epic Visit to the Riddick Set!

6/18/2013 - Here we go again, writer hired to pen Prometheus 2

6/18/2013 - This Awesome Credit Card-Sized iPhone Tripod Blew Me Away

6/18/2013 - 25 Sun-Powered Charging Spots Will Ensure No New Yorker Goes Tweetless

6/18/2013 - Who the hell are the Justice League 3000?

6/18/2013 - These Teched-Out Catamarans Will Guard the Great Barrier Reef

6/18/2013 - When tornados strike, which way do they travel?

6/18/2013 - Artists Are 3D-Printing a Room That Looks Like An Alien Cathedral

6/18/2013 - Small Soldiers Is a Much Better Movie Without the Visual Effects

6/18/2013 - Hidden iOS 7 Settings Reveal What Apple Is Working On

6/18/2013 - Simple Now Lets iPhone Users Save More Money With Goals

6/18/2013 - Huawei Ascend P6: The World's Skinniest Phone Is a Metal-Clad Beauty

6/18/2013 - It looks like PayPal is making a move to be the first bank in space

6/18/2013 - This Is How You School a Rude Host Live on TV

6/18/2013 - Our ability to pay close attention is both a blessing and a curse

6/18/2013 - No Star Wars Fan Could Resist Photos of You on This Tauntaun Skin Rug

6/18/2013 - Rihanna to Get Into Sex and Love Addiction Recovery Program

6/18/2013 - Plague comes to Defiance town and someone’s gonna die

6/18/2013 - Exactly How Much Cheaper Airbnb Is Than a Hotel in Every Major US City

6/18/2013 - Ryan Reynolds flees the Highlander remake

6/18/2013 - The FBI May Be About to Solve One of America's Greatest Murder Mysteries

6/18/2013 - The Crazy New Subatomic Particle That May Rewrite the Rules of Matter

6/18/2013 - Researchers Discover 280 Hidden Craters on the Moon

6/18/2013 - A Private Jet Catalog That Actually Flies: This Is How You Sell Luxury

6/18/2013 - New Photos and Videos from the Godzilla and Transformers 4 Sets!

6/18/2013 - Four Insane 60s Military Prototypes That Crashed and Burned

6/18/2013 - This High-Speed Tracking Camera Could Snap the Flash's Family Portrait

6/18/2013 - How the Hell Does a Quantum Computer Work?

6/18/2013 - Views Don't Get Any Better Than This

6/18/2013 - This Could Maybe Possibly Be the Next iPhone's Screen and Guts

6/18/2013 - You Can Download Adobe's Creative Cloud Right Now

6/18/2013 - Report: AMD Is Making Its First Ever ARM Chip

6/18/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: TORMENTO BABASONICOS

6/17/2013 - Scientist Drinks the World's Oldest Water: "It Tastes Terrible"

6/17/2013 - Magnetic Origami Tables Shouldn’t Make Sense But They’re Perfect

6/17/2013 - Lucky Drunk Survives 15-Floor Plunge From Balcony

6/17/2013 - The Periodic Table of Muppets Brings Order to Wocka Wocka

6/17/2013 - True Blood premiere switches from vampire politics to threesomes

6/17/2013 - These Top Five Nuts Are the World's Best!

6/17/2013 - Man on Wire: How One Man Walked on a Tightrope Between the Twin Towers

6/17/2013 - WTF: A Steven Spielberg Show Where The Cute Kid is the Best Character

6/17/2013 - Scientist Drinks Billion-Year-Old Water Just to See What It's Like

6/17/2013 - Your Fix of Sexy Japanese Cyborgs With Weaponized Breasts

6/17/2013 - The Coolest Flags in Human History

6/17/2013 - The List: U.S. Releases Names of Gitmo Prisoners

6/17/2013 - Nothing is more mysterious and terrifying than . . . The Coffee Table!

6/17/2013 - Zeta Primes - Doors

6/17/2013 - 20 Ways to Hack a Classic Eames Side Chair

6/17/2013 - The one crucial takeaway from the Supreme Court ruling on DNA patents

6/17/2013 - Six Surprising Myths About Jules Verne

6/17/2013 - You Won't Believe How Amazing the Kids From This Metal Band Are

6/17/2013 - President Obama: NSA Spying Keeps America Safe, So Get Over It

6/17/2013 - Instapuzzle: Your Friends' Boring Instagrams Are Better as Puzzles

6/17/2013 - Visit The Forbidden Moonshine Caverns of the Appalachians

6/17/2013 - Screaming Kids Won't Stop Screaming, Says Deadened Dad

6/17/2013 - Henchman 21 destroys SPHINX while Venture Bros. skewers G.I.Joe

6/17/2013 - Get ready for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4!

6/17/2013 - These Stash Coins Are a Fantastic Way to Lose Your SD Card

6/17/2013 - The Rise of the Surveillance State (As Predicted in 1967)

6/17/2013 - Which of These Ugly Dogs Will Win the Ugly Dog Beauty Contest?

6/17/2013 - This is the fastest and most adorable robotic cat yet

6/17/2013 - How Darwin helped invent the idea of aliens

6/17/2013 - Reading The Martian Chronicles in Tehran

6/17/2013 - Here's a 2-Bedroom Cottage For $1.1 Million—Yes, It's In Silicon Valley

6/17/2013 - Which tragically canceled TV show deserves to be a movie?

6/17/2013 - Origami-Inspired Clocks So Attention-Grabbing, You'll Never Run Late

6/17/2013 - Rumors of recovered Doctor Who episodes apparently just a hoax

6/17/2013 - Harlan Ellison fights Cthulhu with Scooby Doo in This Week’s DVDs

6/17/2013 - Neil Gaiman explores the murkiest waters of all: childhood memories

6/17/2013 - You know Stark bannermen are hiding at your office when you see THIS

6/17/2013 - Get the Most Out of Your Home Appliances (Without Taking Them Apart)

6/17/2013 - First Awesome Footage from The Legend of Korra Book 2

6/17/2013 - The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Neistat: Part I

6/17/2013 - Scientists Discover How Cancer Cells Chase After Healthy Cells

6/17/2013 - The New Fastest Helicopter on Earth Can Fly at an Insane 300MPH

6/17/2013 - What's Wrong With the iOS 7 Icons?

6/17/2013 - This low-budget space opera has everything we've been missing lately

6/17/2013 - This High Resolution 27-Inch Monitor Is Your Deal of the Day

6/17/2013 - Everything You Know About Jules Verne is Probably Wrong

6/17/2013 - Cops Chasing NASCAR Driver For Stealing Other NASCAR Driver's Cars

6/17/2013 - Scientists may have discovered how cancer spreads around the body

6/17/2013 - When assholes use the Force

6/17/2013 - We Are Light-Eaters: The Unearthly Art of James Turrell

6/17/2013 - This Is Where Manhattan's Payphones Go to Die

6/17/2013 - Why your dinosaurs are about to be killed by Daleks

6/17/2013 - Poisoned Plane: Maniac On U.S.-Bound Jet Says He Poisoned All Aboard

6/17/2013 - Glasses-Free 3D and Smell-o-Vision: Movies of the Future from 1935

6/17/2013 - How to Easily Teach Your Puppy to Pee and Poop On Command

6/17/2013 - Y: The Last Man movie might actually get made!

6/17/2013 - Every Child Millionaire Needs To Own a Pedal-Porsche

6/17/2013 - 9 Examples of Bizarre Obsessions in Anime and Manga

6/17/2013 - Meet the World's Fastest Supercomputer (It's In China)

6/17/2013 - OS X Mavericks First Impressions: A Little Good Going a Long Way

6/17/2013 - How to Use Your iPad to Make a Better Computer

6/17/2013 - No Proof-of-Citizenship Required to Vote Says US Supreme Court

6/17/2013 - Miss Alabama Approves of Illegal NSA Spying On All American Citizens

6/17/2013 - Iain M. Banks explains why the Culture will never end

6/17/2013 - NSA Whistleblower Says More Details Are Coming

6/17/2013 - These seven Despicable Me 2 clips are killing us with cute

6/17/2013 - China Has the World's Fastest Supercomputer (And It's 2x Fast as Ours)

6/17/2013 - WiFi gesture recognition lets you control objects through walls

6/17/2013 - They've Invented a Twist-Off Wine Cork and Life Will Never Be the Same

6/17/2013 - This Week's TV: Are you ready to say goodbye to Futurama forever?

6/17/2013 - Captain Harlock may be the most awesome scifi flick of the year

6/17/2013 - What iOS 7 Looks Like on Your iPad

6/17/2013 - NSA Whistleblower: "Truth Is Coming, and It Cannot Be Stopped"

6/17/2013 - This clip makes us more excited than ever about the Plan 9 remake

6/17/2013 - Dance Like Kinect Is Watching: The Interactive LED Amphitheater

6/17/2013 - The Future of Civil Disobedience Online

6/17/2013 - The Massive Facial Recognition Database That's Hiding in Plain Sight

6/17/2013 - Ford Is Using Robots to Put Cars Through Its Toughest Tests

6/17/2013 - This is what it’s like to shake hands with the future

6/17/2013 - Riddick keeps his deadly word in an action-packed new Riddick trailer

6/17/2013 - Scientists Discover Your Willpower Is Finite

6/17/2013 - Dim Star Becomes 7 Times Hotter in 160 Seconds

6/17/2013 - Your willpower is finite

6/17/2013 - Netflix Just Staked Out New Ground in Fight for Your Kids' Eyeballs

6/17/2013 - Could another DC Comics superhero reach movie screens by 2015?

6/17/2013 - 14 High-Tech Farms Where Veggies Grow Indoors

6/17/2013 - Apple Discloses US Government Spying Details

6/17/2013 - Samsung's Giving Away a Million Copies of Jay-Z's New Album

6/17/2013 - Even Car Enthusiasts Loved The First Woman In Space

6/17/2013 - Apple Details What the NSA Took--And How Much of It

6/17/2013 - This Is the Dumbest Miss USA Pageant Answer Yet

6/16/2013 - SHAD: The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

6/16/2013 - In The Tragicomedy That Was Your Childhood Who Played Your Dad?

6/16/2013 - See how a lost city was rediscovered with lasers from the sky

6/16/2013 - A Lethal Slingshot That Shoots Metal Oreos

6/16/2013 - Martian chemicals are great for microbes, possibly toxic to humans

6/16/2013 - A Self-Sustaining Hut For The Modern Hermit

6/16/2013 - GPS maps reveal where cats go all day

6/16/2013 - See The Glass Half Full In This Underwater Mirror

6/16/2013 - What if Pixar remade Flash Gordon and other pulp classics?

6/16/2013 - These weird stories prove that extraterrestrials love Russia

6/16/2013 - The NSA Can Afford To Store Data From Years Of Phone Calls

6/16/2013 - How do you train a boxing robot? Very carefully.

6/16/2013 - First Erotic Virtual Reality Game Will Get You Laid Almost for Real

6/16/2013 - Crowdfund cyborg cockroaches and horror comics for sleepless nights

6/16/2013 - These Beautiful Iridescent Clouds Are Actually Foreboding

6/16/2013 - Gaze upon all of Mercury for the first time ever

6/16/2013 - Which Of Your Gadgets Has The Most Impressive Battery Life?

6/16/2013 - Why Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy nomination

6/16/2013 - Crocheted Plants vs. Zombies dolls are ready to battle over your lawn

6/16/2013 - Do you have a favorite scifi memory of your dad?

6/16/2013 - A GIF Is Being Transmitted Into Space For The First Time

6/16/2013 - Winter Soldier set photos show off Captain America's new costume

6/16/2013 - This is a real photo of a fake sunrise

6/16/2013 - Watch the world's longest domino chain made of books

6/16/2013 - Mozilla Wants Scientists To Be More Open

6/16/2013 - How science fiction helped me through my grief

6/16/2013 - By The Way, The NSA Doesn't Need A Warrant To Listen To Your Calls (Updated)

6/15/2013 - Researcher Says Lego Figurines Aren't as Happy Now as 25 Years Ago

6/15/2013 - Researcher Says Lego Minifigs Aren't as Happy as 25 Years Ago

6/15/2013 - Lego Will Make a Mars Curiosity Rover Set

6/15/2013 - The Old-School Tech from the NSA's Past

6/15/2013 - Scientists Unlock the Secret Recipe for Indestructible Roman Concrete

6/15/2013 - Pavement: The Sutcliffe Catering Song

6/15/2013 - The super ladies of DC don hipster fashions on their days off

6/15/2013 - Forgotten arcade games let you shoot space men and catch live lobsters

6/15/2013 - The Ballpoint Pen Turns 75 Years Old Today

6/15/2013 - Get lost in the hypnotic swirl of this simulated black hole

6/15/2013 - Scientists Have Found the Ancient Secret of Indestructible Concrete

6/15/2013 - If bees go extinct, this is what your supermarket will look like

6/15/2013 - This marvelous student film is as polished as a feature cartoon

6/15/2013 - Oh God, What's a Good Last-Second Gift for a Dad?

6/15/2013 - The Powerpuff Girls battle the Pink Robots in cartoon/album mashups

6/15/2013 - Watch One of Cinema's Wildest Drug Trips in a Minute of Crazy Animation

6/15/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Monsters that Crashed the Prom

6/15/2013 - Everything Shown at WWDC, The DRM-Free PS4, Flat-tastic iOS 7 and More

6/15/2013 - Keep your guinea pig protected with a rodent-sized suit of armor

6/15/2013 - A page from The Walking Dead incredibly recreated in cross-stitch

6/15/2013 - Airborne Laser Scans Just Uncovered a City Lost for a Millenium

6/15/2013 - Facebook, Microsoft Disclose How Many People Were Spied by the NSA

6/15/2013 - Continuum reveals the most unexpected drawback of changing the future

6/15/2013 - Fake video game retells JJ Abrams' first Star Trek film in 90 seconds

6/15/2013 - Wow, a 4K TV For $1080 Is Simply Bonkers

6/15/2013 - Record Gun Sales For Smith & Wesson

6/15/2013 - What would happen if Superman punched you in the face?

6/15/2013 - Sharing Your Web Browser with Random Strangers Is Horrible and Awesome

6/15/2013 - Meet the world's greatest—and girliest—webcomic warrior

6/15/2013 - Game of Thrones Season 3 recapped through hilarious infographics

6/15/2013 - Watch the first eight minutes of the new Ghost in the Shell anime

6/15/2013 - Meet the Crazy Army of Space-Cameras Curiosity Brought to Mars

6/15/2013 - George Takei guest stars on Spider-Man plus a bizarre Pac-Man revival

6/15/2013 - Watch Fake Telekinesis Make Mind-Controlled Water

6/15/2013 - New Lego Sydney Opera House Is Huge—Almost 3,000 Bricks

6/15/2013 - Here Are the Very First Posts on Your Favorite Websites

6/15/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Odditory (NSFW)

6/14/2013 - Google Wants to Use Balloons to Cover the World in Wi-Fi

6/14/2013 - Here's a Beer Glass That Can Only Stand Up Using Your Phone

6/14/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: YouTube Ad Clusterf*ck

6/14/2013 - Facebook Is Finally Releasing Its Data on Government Requests

6/14/2013 - Watch Flowers Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Get Smashed in Slow Motion

6/14/2013 - So What Would Happen if Superman Punched You in the Face?

6/14/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: June 8 - June 14, 2013

6/14/2013 - Just Going One Event Horizon Over, Be Back Soon

6/14/2013 - Agent Coulson holding Action Figure Coulson will warm your heart

6/14/2013 - How a whale can hold its breath underwater for up to an hour

6/14/2013 - These Buildings Are Made Out of Ships

6/14/2013 - Stuck In The Sound - Pursuit

6/14/2013 - When you can see the Earth reflected in the clouds

6/14/2013 - The Good News About Xbox One That Microsoft Brushed Right Over

6/14/2013 - The Entire Premise of True Blood Explained in 36 GIFs

6/14/2013 - Just a Friendly Reminder That Star Trek Fans Rule at Cosplay

6/14/2013 - Peep This Awesome Real-Time Map of the World’s Bike Shares

6/14/2013 - Start Your Weekend With These Fancy Cocktails You Can Make At Home

6/14/2013 - 12 Stories That Have Inspired People To Do Stupid Things In Real Life

6/14/2013 - iPad Apps of the Week: Slooh, Filedrop, and More

6/14/2013 - iPhone Apps of the Week: Office 365, Skymotion, and More

6/14/2013 - Android Apps of the Week: Basis Fitness & Sleep Tracker and More

6/14/2013 - Hong Kong's Old Airport Reborn As Hong Kong's New Cruise Ship Terminal

6/14/2013 - Is Man of Steel all about Jesus? Warner Bros hopes Christians think so

6/14/2013 - Cover Your Walls In Brooklyn With This Wallpaper By Beastie Boy Mike D

6/14/2013 - Think your city's skyline is big? That's cute.

6/14/2013 - Dumb Out of Context Man of Steel Quote

6/14/2013 - How To Make a Multi-Layered Drink

6/14/2013 - See for yourself how Europa Report brings life back to space movies

6/14/2013 - Spectacular GIFs of Flickering City Lights at Night

6/14/2013 - The Promise of the Future Was That You Wouldn't Have to Code

6/14/2013 - Some Random Shit You Can Ask Glass

6/14/2013 - On Flag Day, Defend the U.S. Flag By Punishing Those Who Desecrate It!

6/14/2013 - This is a gibbon tightroping across a perfectly good bridge

6/14/2013 - Panasonic VT60 Television: $3000 of Video Perfection

6/14/2013 - What classic space opera novel do you want to see on the big screen?

6/14/2013 - First Active Noise-Canceling Computer Fan Will Finally Shut Your Computer Up

6/14/2013 - What Emily Post Can't Teach Us About 'Netiquette'

6/14/2013 - The man who tried to make human-ape hybrids

6/14/2013 - Ancient craters on Mars may have been oases for life

6/14/2013 - Why 3.5% Of Android Clocks Are an Hour Off

6/14/2013 - This Ergonomic Keyboard Is Your Deal of the Day

6/14/2013 - This video of a drone with a gun will freak you the hell out

6/14/2013 - Doing It Wrong: The Xbox One and PS4 Aren't the Consoles We Need

6/14/2013 - What are neutrinos, and how do they come from beyond our solar system?

6/14/2013 - The only Tesla item you need this weekend

6/14/2013 - The Most Exciting Doctor Who Rumor in Years

6/14/2013 - What if Shakespeare wrote Star Wars? "Alas, poor Stormtrooper!"

6/14/2013 - We Want You . . . to Become a Scientist!

6/14/2013 - This Submersible Skatepark Is Drainage in Disguise

6/14/2013 - Apple Is Already Fixing Its Awful iOS 7 App Icons

6/14/2013 - Emergency Braking Systems Stop These RC Cars From Destroying Your Home

6/14/2013 - This Weekend, Celebrate 50 Years of Women in Space

6/14/2013 - Man of Steel: Awesome Battles Make It Totally Worth Watching

6/14/2013 - Inside the Printing Studio Where Obsolete Tech Will Never Die

6/14/2013 - A Two-Pound Cast Iron Tape Dispenser Guarantees One-Handed Operation

6/14/2013 - Building a Cyborg in the Roaring Twenties

6/14/2013 - Microsoft Office for iOS: Complete Video Walkthrough and Hands On

6/14/2013 - This is the totally bonkers story of the US/Canada border

6/14/2013 - How One of the World’s Most Recognizable Band Logos Got Its Shape

6/14/2013 - Tiny Solar Cell Converts An Amazing 44.4% of Sunlight To Electricity

6/14/2013 - Who Built This Mysterious Spy Drone Captured By Syrian Rebels?

6/14/2013 - Man of Steel: Worth It Just For The Super-Powered Combat

6/14/2013 - Waffle-Loving Rapper Sued For Using Waffle House Logo

6/14/2013 - Someone Needs to Make This 8-Bit Abrams Star Trek Video Game Right Now

6/14/2013 - We're scared of this Toothless cosplay from How to Train Your Dragon

6/14/2013 - Counting the Dead: 92,901 Killed In Syrian Uprising

6/14/2013 - Deep Magic brings exotic spells and wizard schools to your RPG

6/14/2013 - LiveMap: An F-35 Fighter Pilot Helmet for Motorcyclists

6/14/2013 - Yes, Of Course There Is Kinect Porn [NSFW]

6/14/2013 - Europe's Answer to American's Dreamliner Flies for the First Time

6/14/2013 - The Science Delusion argues that science wrecks truth and beauty

6/14/2013 - The Impossible History of Perpetual Motion

6/14/2013 - The 2013 "Dance Your Ph.D." competition has officially begun!

6/14/2013 - A Gorgeous Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bike Designed Exclusively For Kids

6/14/2013 - This alien world shouldn't even exist

6/14/2013 - Dad tries to name all the Game of Thrones characters in one sitting

6/14/2013 - Lohan Booted from Rehab Clinic After Making Life Hell For People There

6/14/2013 - Fill an egg with crystals this weekend

6/14/2013 - This Movie May Be the Most Accurate Vision of Earth's Future Yet

6/14/2013 - How Nextdoor and NYC Will Pioneer Socially Networked Crime Fighting

6/14/2013 - Alcohol Is Good to Get Big Ideas, Coffee Is Good to Make Them Happen

6/14/2013 - Boeing's Giant Robot Arms Are Spray-Painting Prodigies

6/14/2013 - How Talking To Your Computer Can Improve Your Social Skills

6/14/2013 - Listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson Funk the Universe

6/14/2013 - 23 Amazing Labyrinths To Get Lost In

6/14/2013 - The World's Most Efficient Solar Cell Is a Tiny Little Miracle

6/14/2013 - Zoom's New H6 Audio Recorder Will Make Any DSLR Filmmaker Salivate

6/14/2013 - A map of all the rivers in the United States, and nothing else

6/14/2013 - All the Rivers in the US Look Like Veins With Blue Blood

6/14/2013 - Airbus A350 XWB First Flight Video: The Dreamliner's Nightmare Is Real

6/14/2013 - Check out crazy set photos and videos for the Captain America sequel!

6/14/2013 - New Elysium Trailer: High-Tech Dystopia Never Looked So Good

6/14/2013 - This Corona Billboard Makes the Moon the World's Biggest Lime Wedge

6/14/2013 - Microsoft Office For iOS Is Here (Finally)

6/14/2013 - How 3D Animation Works, From Start to Finish

6/14/2013 - Ice Sheets Were Terrifyingly Thick 20,000 Years Ago

6/14/2013 - Yahoo Tried Real Hard--But Failed--to Avoid Joining PRISM

6/14/2013 - Bloomberg: Tech Companies Got Access to Classified Info in PRISM Deal

6/14/2013 - New Elysium trailer is f*cking AWESOME

6/14/2013 - Google Fiber Helped a Sick Boy Throw a Baseball Pitch with Robots

6/14/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Hands Up If You're Lost

6/13/2013 - iOS 7 Finally Lets You Zoom While Recording Video on Your iPhone

6/13/2013 - Watch Christmas Lights Recreate Star Trek's Beam Me Up Scotty Effect

6/13/2013 - DirecTV Is Supposedly Buying Hulu

6/13/2013 - The Evolution of the iPhone Home Screen

6/13/2013 - The demographic science behind the 92,901 reported deaths in Syria

6/13/2013 - Mob Stoolie: Il Cosa Nostra Wanted UAVs for Hits

6/13/2013 - Could this be the secret to limb regrowth in humans?

6/13/2013 - Now THIS is the urban fantasy heroine we want

6/13/2013 - Lamb - Wise Enough

6/13/2013 - Syria Uses Chemical Weapons On Rebels; Sarin Gas Confirmed by U.S.

6/13/2013 - Scientists discover an entirely new teeny tiny body part

6/13/2013 - Explosion At Louisiana Chemical Plant Kills 1, Injures 73

6/13/2013 - The Very Best Dick Jokes from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

6/13/2013 - Control This Beautiful Ceramic Radio By Touching Its Palladium Surface

6/13/2013 - MTV for iOS: More Full, On-Demand Video Content Than Ever Before

6/13/2013 - This is the scariest chart you'll see this week

6/13/2013 - Unexpected Realization Breaks Little Kid and Robert Downey Jr.'s Hearts

6/13/2013 - Ever Seen a Four-Planet Sunset?

6/13/2013 - The New Old Xbox 360's Guts Shows What's Old Is New Again

6/13/2013 - Watch Police Shoot Down a Drone Flying Over Istanbul

6/13/2013 - You Will Never Beat This Hustling Robot At Air Hockey

6/13/2013 - Did men create menopause by chasing after younger women?

6/13/2013 - An Awesome 132-Cube Ice Tray Exists Because People Are Assholes

6/13/2013 - What's the worst example of a badass who got wimpified?

6/13/2013 - The Origins Of Pacific Rim's Giant Robots Explained

6/13/2013 - The Post-WWII Planes of the Future Had Legroom to Spare

6/13/2013 - U.S. Supreme Court Says Human Genes Can't Be Patented. Sort of.

6/13/2013 - A Collection of Terrible Kitchen Accidents That You Don't Want to See

6/13/2013 - An Office For Two That Transmogrifies Into a 6-Person Dining Table

6/13/2013 - Massive Floods Are Coming. We Are Not Prepared.

6/13/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Primary Colors

6/13/2013 - The Surest Sign Yet That Apple TV Will Be a Gaming Console

6/13/2013 - Hispanic Kid Destroys Twitter Racists With Exquisite Elegance

6/13/2013 - Large Ladies Angrily Demand Cute Clothes

6/13/2013 - A Tour of the New Makerbot Factory, Where 3D Printers Are Born

6/13/2013 - Edward Snowden Used a Thumb Drive to Smuggle Thousands of PRISM Files

6/13/2013 - Are You Tired All the Time? Here Is Why and How You Can Solve It

6/13/2013 - Why the Sunset Looks the Same on Mars as it Does in Beijing

6/13/2013 - What We Still Don't Know About PRISM

6/13/2013 - Everybody is trying to kill Bill in three new True Blood clips!

6/13/2013 - This Bluetooth-Enabled Meat Thermometer Is Your Deal of the Day

6/13/2013 - Daenerys' whole storyline on Game of Thrones is messed up

6/13/2013 - Why environmentalists embrace nuclear power

6/13/2013 - Are Paul Krugman's 1996 predictions about 2096 already coming true?

6/13/2013 - How to Pick Your Battles in the War Against Transparency

6/13/2013 - 19 Dazzling Photos Of Neon Signs

6/13/2013 - Is the Earth getting heavier?

6/13/2013 - Hobbit actors fuel the cycle of squee with this fan reaction video

6/13/2013 - 10 Superhero Reboots That Actually Stuck Around

6/13/2013 - Watching Samsung Torture Galaxy S4s Is Weirdly Satisfying

6/13/2013 - 10-Year-Old Grandson Drives Drunk Grandma Home, Gets Arrested

6/13/2013 - What It Really Looks Like Atop the World’s Tallest Building

6/13/2013 - Cops Knew About Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Crack Video

6/13/2013 - US Supreme Court Says Your Genes Can't Be Patented By Corporations

6/13/2013 - Why Is There a Limit to Human Strength?

6/13/2013 - Beloved "Tamale Lady" Forced Out of San Francisco Bars

6/13/2013 - These insects are touring a sunken flower city

6/13/2013 - Accenture Dreamed Up Google Glass a Decade Ago

6/13/2013 - You'll Never Want to Put Away This Elegant Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

6/13/2013 - Buffy writer Marti Noxon will reboot Lara Croft for film

6/13/2013 - What If Apple Had Released an Entirely Different Mac?

6/13/2013 - Parents Who Own Bookshelves Raise Kids Who Do Better in School

6/13/2013 - 3D Television Fades Into Oblivion After ESPN Abandons It

6/13/2013 - This New Video Map of Space Will Make You Feel Utterly Insignificant

6/13/2013 - This Slow-Mo Test Tube Explosion Barks Like a Guard Dog of Fire

6/13/2013 - Stray Baseball Slams Oakland A's Security Guard

6/13/2013 - Photography Is Even More Satisfying When You Build Your Own Camera

6/13/2013 - Massive collection of Akira concept art shows the movie that never was

6/13/2013 - The Army's Got a Fuel Cell That Runs on Corn Husks and Old Bullets

6/13/2013 - More White Americans Are Dying Than Being Born

6/13/2013 - Zoomable Photo of San Francisco in 1938 is Like Old-Timey Google Earth

6/13/2013 - Two Mental Tricks to Get People to Do You Favors

6/13/2013 - This medical condition turns muscle to bone

6/13/2013 - Foursquare's Awesome Time Machine Visualizes All Your Check-Ins

6/13/2013 - US Supreme Court: Human Genetic Material Can't Be Patented

6/13/2013 - Graphene Can Work in Real Life Electronics--With One-Atom-Thin Wires

6/13/2013 - Xbox Live Gold Is Still One of the Biggest Ripoffs in Tech

6/13/2013 - A Wrist Worn Blood Pressure Monitor That Doesn't Squeeze Like a Python

6/13/2013 - Twitter Now Shows You All Your Tweet and Follower Stats (Updated)

6/13/2013 - Here's a Car You Assemble Entirely By Hand

6/13/2013 - The Fastest And Lightest Steak In The World

6/13/2013 - These two psychological tricks will get people to do you favors

6/13/2013 - Watching Hans Rosling explain the world with LEGO is a wonderful thing

6/13/2013 - Samsung CEO: 'Our Next Mirrorless Cameras Will Run Android'

6/13/2013 - The oldest man to have ever lived has died

6/13/2013 - Neill Blomkamp still wants to make that District 9 sequel someday

6/13/2013 - 8 Ingenious Ways to Improve the Subway System

6/13/2013 - Ikea Dollhouse Furniture Is Perfect for Barbie's Drëamhøuse

6/13/2013 - What The Hell Is a Transcendental Number?

6/13/2013 - This Is Maybe Possibly the HTC One Mini

6/13/2013 - Airport Extreme Teardown: Hack This Router With Your Own Hard Drive

6/13/2013 - These Bruised Blood Cells Are Over 5,000 Years Old

6/13/2013 - Reuters: Apple Considering 5.7-Inch iPhone and Budget $100 Model

6/13/2013 - The Top 10 Countries Who Request Data from Tech Companies

6/13/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Four Calories

6/12/2013 - Every Mom's Computer Keyboard Looks Like This

6/12/2013 - These Internet Memes Art Pieces Should Be in a Museum

6/12/2013 - They'll Never Catch Him Now

6/12/2013 - First Trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire Delivers Hot, Sweaty Action

6/12/2013 - A Jet Powered, Fire Blowing Bicycle Is Not Ridiculous At All

6/12/2013 - On the importance of storytelling in science

6/12/2013 - Why the iOS 7 App Icons Are So Ugly

6/12/2013 - Are these really the most essential epic fantasy books ever written?

6/12/2013 - Ex-NSA Official's Advice to Edward Snowden: Lawyer Up, Watch Your Back

6/12/2013 - No, China is not conducting a giant eugenics project

6/12/2013 - The Weird and Occasionally WTF World of Matchbox Art

6/12/2013 - Say hello to the particle accelerator of the future

6/12/2013 - Honest Disney Movie Posters give it to us straight

6/12/2013 - How Unborn Turtles Choose To Become Male or Female

6/12/2013 - The HIV-Prevention Pill Really Works

6/12/2013 - SkyMotion: Predict the Rain Down to the Minute

6/12/2013 - Now you can smell just like Stan Lee — on purpose!

6/12/2013 - Pentax's Q7 Interchangeable-Lens Camera Is Tiny Like a Point-and-Shoot

6/12/2013 - OS X Mavericks Wallpaper Could Mean Retina iMacs and Cinema Displays

6/12/2013 - This Is the End May Be the Greatest Stoner Movie Ever Made

6/12/2013 - Look which characters we caught kissing on the Captain America 2 set!

6/12/2013 - Yep, That's a Helicopter Bicycle

6/12/2013 - Swatch's $90 Dive Watches Won't Take You To the Depths Of Poverty

6/12/2013 - We Could Use Cement Circuits in Gadgets Someday

6/12/2013 - Which Star Wars EU character do you want to see in the new movies?

6/12/2013 - The awesome trailer for Lunar reveals the dark side of robocops

6/12/2013 - Science Discovered a New Human Body Part

6/12/2013 - New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail Review: A Sweeter-Fitting Trail Stomper

6/12/2013 - Planet Earth Can't Afford Its New Gigantic Particle Accelerator

6/12/2013 - What Biofuel Is (And Where It Comes From)

6/12/2013 - Exclusive Man of Steel concept art shows Zod's Kryptonian armor

6/12/2013 - New Wolverine Trailer, Now With Twice The Mutant Acid Spit Action

6/12/2013 - These Unresolved Ethical Questions Are About to Get Real

6/12/2013 - Uh, Why Is an Artist Living Inside a Floating Wooden Egg For a Year?

6/12/2013 - 3DTV Is Officially Never Going to Happen

6/12/2013 - The Facebook #Hashtagocalypse Is Upon Us

6/12/2013 - Darth Vader goes to Burger Chef, finds lack of onion rings disturbing

6/12/2013 - Simple and Cheap Network Attached Storage Is Your Deal of the Day

6/12/2013 - Why I'm Getting the Xbox One, Not the PS4 (Ugh)

6/12/2013 - The Effects Pedal For Effects Pedals Might Turn the Universe Inside Out

6/12/2013 - Would You Wear This Air Conditioning Hat if It Actually Worked?

6/12/2013 - Read the story that launched Warner Bros.' new alien invasion movie

6/12/2013 - We finally have an accurate measurement of a cheetah's top speed

6/12/2013 - Feast Your Eyes on Six Time Lapse Videos of Street Artists at Work

6/12/2013 - The Shiny, Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic K-Pop Future

6/12/2013 - 19 Amazing Time Capsules Still Underground (And What's Inside Them)

6/12/2013 - Snobbish Douchebags Are Ruining San Francisco for Everyone Else

6/12/2013 - I Can't Imagine a Wound Horrifying Enough to Justify This Piranha Clamp

6/12/2013 - New Project to Message Aliens is Both Useless and Potentially Reckless

6/12/2013 - China's First Aircraft Carrier Is Finally Shipshape

6/12/2013 - 12 Weirdest Moments From Superman: The Movie

6/12/2013 - Exploring the Amazing Abandoned Sea Forts of World War II

6/12/2013 - Report: Time Warner Cable Is Paying To Keep TV Shows Offline

6/12/2013 - Wireless Pillow Speakers Put a Personal Home Theater In Your Bed

6/12/2013 - Paramount wants The Terminator distribution rights!

6/12/2013 - Revolution derails the last train on earth in the Snowpiercer trailer

6/12/2013 - North Korea's Ice Hockey Team Is as Awkward as It Sounds

6/12/2013 - Coming Soon: Cities That Are Ecosystems

6/12/2013 - Inside Google Japan's Lovely, Bizarre, Hair-Covered Offices

6/12/2013 - One of the Most Underrated Features of iOS 7

6/12/2013 - Why it might be possible to go snowboarding on Mars

6/12/2013 - What Would Happen If Every Satellite Suddenly Died?

6/12/2013 - How to freeze water in about half a second

6/12/2013 - Why Pandora Just Bought an FM Radio Station in South Dakota

6/12/2013 - This Video of a Snuggling Baby Sea Lion Will Break Your Heart Today

6/12/2013 - A better look at the Smaug the Terrible and other Hobbit 2 secrets

6/12/2013 - ESPN Is Killing 3D Broadcasts By the End of the Year

6/12/2013 - Why the hell didn't the Green Lanterns pick Superman?

6/12/2013 - Experience Rome's Coliseum Like It Just Opened Through This AR App

6/12/2013 - How the Automobile Became a Suicide Machine

6/12/2013 - Here's What Liking Stuff on Facebook Really Looks Like (It's Beautiful)

6/12/2013 - You can be allergic to water

6/12/2013 - These Six Adorable Animations Are Like Cheat Sheets For Design History

6/12/2013 - Can Life Evolve from Wires and Plastic?

6/12/2013 - The Webcomic Guide to Quantum Physics

6/12/2013 - How Google Gives Your Information to the NSA

6/12/2013 - An Itty Bitty Card Reader That Doesn't Care Which USB End Is Up

6/12/2013 - Here's what Electro will sound like in Amazing Spider-Man 2

6/12/2013 - A museum of robotic equipment used during the Chernobyl disaster

6/12/2013 - Five Robotic Bike Parking Systems That Solve an Urban Dilemma

6/12/2013 - Just how involved will Joss Whedon be in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

6/12/2013 - This Belt Lets Expecting Fathers Feel Their Babies Kick in Real-Time

6/12/2013 - Symbian Will Officially Die This Summer

6/12/2013 - This Is How Engineers Guarantee Jet Engines Can Work in the Cold

6/12/2013 - Why YouTube Videos Get Stuck at 301 Views

6/12/2013 - Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom: More Camera Than Phone

6/12/2013 - Multiple User Profiles on the Same Account Coming to Netflix

6/12/2013 - Google Glass Teardown: Oddly Simple

6/12/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Swamp Bike

6/11/2013 - MacBook Air 2013 Teardown: So Much Battery

6/11/2013 - The Xbox One Requiring Kinect Is a Great Thing for Controllers

6/11/2013 - Hey Look It's the New Old Xbox 360 Next to the New Xbox One

6/11/2013 - Secret Cinema recreates Brazil, and the results are beautiful

6/11/2013 - Superheroes in Bondage, as Photographed by Richard Kadrey [NSFW]

6/11/2013 - For an episode about growing up, the new Warehouse 13 felt... regressed

6/11/2013 - Fox Plans To Reboot Choose Your Own Adventure, World Chooses No

6/11/2013 - We'd Still Be Using Phonographs Today If They Could Play Beer Bottles

6/11/2013 - Massive Lego Mass Effect 2 Spaceship Is Massively Cool

6/11/2013 - These Are Some Of The Worst Architectural Disasters in History

6/11/2013 - Filedrop: Your Semi-Universal Airdrop Alternative

6/11/2013 - New Elevator Tech Could Double How Tall Our Highest Buildings Can Be

6/11/2013 - Floating robotic spheres will be used to play games in space next year

6/11/2013 - Which Classic Science Fiction Movie Do You Hope Never Gets a Remake?

6/11/2013 - Apple's Favorite New Startup Wants to Be the Pixar of Robotics

6/11/2013 - Deadpool vs. Moby Dick leads this week’s exceptionally weird comics

6/11/2013 - Photos of Germany's worst flood in years presage a watery future

6/11/2013 - A German Bomber From WWII Has Been Raised From the Dead

6/11/2013 - This Smart Beach Bag Keeps the Sand Out of Your Stuff

6/11/2013 - Witness the terrifying birth of a supercell thunderstorm

6/11/2013 - These Quirky Lamps Were Inspired By Traditional Japanese Culture

6/11/2013 - This new UFO snapshot will make a believer out of you

6/11/2013 - New Image Sensor Tech Captures Better Photos By Ditching Silicon

6/11/2013 - In Stranded, Christian Slater's moonbase turns into a slaughterhouse

6/11/2013 - Here's What the PS4 Looks Like in Person

6/11/2013 - The Best and Worst Redesigns of PRISM's Atrocious PowerPoint

6/11/2013 - How much of the books will we see next year on Game of Thrones?

6/11/2013 - Clever Trunk Dividers Stop Your Groceries From Taking a Wild Ride


6/11/2013 - iOS 7: The Complete Video Walkthrough and Hands On

6/11/2013 - Watch the short that inspired Neill Blomkamp's next movie Chappie

6/11/2013 - The Best Media Streaming Box Is Your Deal of the Day

6/11/2013 - Spoiler-Free Preview of Stephen King's New TV Show Under the Dome

6/11/2013 - Woman X: Snowden's Acrobat Dancer Girlfriend Wears Guy Fawkes Mask

6/11/2013 - Inside the State-Run North Korean Factory That Manufactures Monuments

6/11/2013 - Exclusive Look at Kate Beaton's Illustrations for a Brand New YA Novel

6/11/2013 - Astronaut Chris Hadfield Is Retiring

6/11/2013 - Coney Island Is Resurrecting a Legendary Coaster--With a New Twist

6/11/2013 - Google to Government: 'Let Us Publish National Security Data Requests'

6/11/2013 - The Most Pointless Rules for Young Epic Heroes in Training

6/11/2013 - A Notebook Perfectly Sized to Hug Your iPhone 5

6/11/2013 - PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One: A Feature by Feature Showdown

6/11/2013 - A Brief History of Tomorrow's High-Tech Living Room

6/11/2013 - China launches three astronauts to its prototype space station

6/11/2013 - First Real Trailer For The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

6/11/2013 - An Exhilarating Bird's-Eye View Of a Falcon On the Hunt

6/11/2013 - 7 Totally Unexpected Outcomes That Could Follow the Singularity

6/11/2013 - Quite possibly the creepiest fashion statement ever made

6/11/2013 - Check out Captain America's new uniform from The Winter Soldier!

6/11/2013 - Why Google Buying Waze Will Keep You Out of Gridlock Hell

6/11/2013 - What About Apple TV?

6/11/2013 - Insanely detailed Ghostbusters documentary gives Slimer ADD

6/11/2013 - The Privacy Dangers of a Cashless Society Were Clear Over 40 Years Ago

6/11/2013 - You Can Finally 3D Print Your Own Computer (Kind Of)

6/11/2013 - Beloved ISS Commander Chris Hadfield Is Retiring

6/11/2013 - This Gigantic 5 MW Battery Can Power a Village

6/11/2013 - The Brilliant Insanity Behind the New Mac Pro's Design

6/11/2013 - A few things do beat an astronaut, at least in Defiance

6/11/2013 - Comcast's New X2 Cable Platform Saves Your Shows To the Cloud

6/11/2013 - Wireless Dice Guarantee Tablets Are the Board Games of Tomorrow

6/11/2013 - Opera Next's Mail Client Is Now Its Very Own Desktop App

6/11/2013 - Native Instruments Makes a Portable Controller for Its Hot iOS DJ Apps

6/11/2013 - Rat poison strychnine was an early performance-enhancing drug

6/11/2013 - Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

6/11/2013 - Here's the First 5.0 GHz CPU You Can Actually Buy

6/11/2013 - Basis Releases Its First App And It's For Android

6/11/2013 - A Robotic Moving Touchscreen That Touches Back

6/11/2013 - Robots can learn by imagining the existence of people

6/11/2013 - Check Out This Otherworldly Footage of a Storm Supercell Forming

6/11/2013 - World's Greatest Wedding Photo NOW WITH STAR WARS

6/11/2013 - The Most Epic Music Videos About Space Travel

6/11/2013 - Man of Steel gets sequel and may have saved Justice League

6/11/2013 - 17 Incredible Photos From the Dawn of California's Electrical Age

6/11/2013 - Watch this mesmerizing timelapse of Hawaii's lava flows

6/11/2013 - George R.R. Martin insists Game of Thrones won't catch up to his books

6/11/2013 - Every OpenStreetMap Edit Ever Made, Visualized

6/11/2013 - Here's the List of Macs Compatible With OS X Mavericks

6/11/2013 - The Majority of the US Population Support Government Phone Tracking

6/11/2013 - The New Maps Icon Shows Off Apple's Spaceship Campus

6/11/2013 - PS4 Has a 500GB Hard Drive and the PS4 Eye Costs $60 Extra

6/11/2013 - Alienware's Hefty New Light-Up Laptops Are Available Right Now

6/11/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: All About Bananas Etc

6/10/2013 - Sony's PS4 Is $400, Available This Holiday Season

6/10/2013 - PS4 Has No Used Game Restrictions, Is Totally Offline Capable

6/10/2013 - Chris Hadfield, Astronaut Extraordinaire, Announces His Retirement

6/10/2013 - Is Your Network Speed Getting Faster?

6/10/2013 - Sony PS4: Everything You Need to Know

6/10/2013 - Company That Sold Controversial Cosplay Body Pillows is Backing Down

6/10/2013 - Really, Falling Skies? You're going to do the Cylon glowing spine sex?

6/10/2013 - Watch Sony's PS4 Reveal LIVE Right Here

6/10/2013 - The Ultimate Photo Shoot Location

6/10/2013 - Dust storms are on the rise in the American west

6/10/2013 - Legendary author Brian Aldiss reflects on years of strange book covers

6/10/2013 - The Dirty Mac - Yer Blues

6/10/2013 - The Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bars and Restaurants on Earth

6/10/2013 - Lightsaber Knitting Needles: An Elegant Tool For a More Civilized Scarf

6/10/2013 - High-res World War Z photos only fuel our mixed emotions

6/10/2013 - These New iOS 7 Icons Sure Look Familiar

6/10/2013 - The total number of breweries in the U.S., from 1887 to present

6/10/2013 - Slooh: Snap Your Very Own High-Res Space Photos From Your iPad

6/10/2013 - Turn Off This Cordless, Motion-Sensing Lamp By Simply Knocking It Over

6/10/2013 - WWDC 2013 Roundup: All the New Toys Apple Announced Today

6/10/2013 - Important Whistleblowers Who Changed America

6/10/2013 - 56% of Americans Just Fine With Constant Surveillance

6/10/2013 - The Smallest Galaxy in the Universe Is Adorable

6/10/2013 - Super-Weird Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About Superman

6/10/2013 - Hansel and Gretel hunt the witches of Oz in This Week’s DVDs

6/10/2013 - HBO's next big TV series The Spark is all about aliens

6/10/2013 - Nike and Adidas Are 3D Printing Prototypes At "Impossible" Speeds

6/10/2013 - A Cleverly Curved Axe Head Turns Anyone Into Paul Bunyan

6/10/2013 - The Robo Raven Is So Lifelike, It Fools Birdbrains

6/10/2013 - This Is the Most Awesomerest Feature in Apple iOS 7

6/10/2013 - Exactly 261 Years Ago, Ben Franklin Flew a Kite in a Lightning Storm

6/10/2013 - Phantasmagoric visions of tomorrow, straight out of 1980s Japan

6/10/2013 - Drinkable Water Once Flowed on Mars

6/10/2013 - A Pizza Lover's Dream Oven Turns Your Kitchen Into a Domino's

6/10/2013 - Dogs love sticking their heads out the window even more at warp speed

6/10/2013 - Did Game of Thrones finally explain where power really comes from?

6/10/2013 - All the New iOS Features Your Old iPhone Won't Get

6/10/2013 - You Can Now Preorder an Xbox One

6/10/2013 - A Retro-Futuristic Watch Torn From the Pages of Science Fiction

6/10/2013 - iOS 7: Instead of Flatness, We Got Depth

6/10/2013 - "WWDC explained in one photo"

6/10/2013 - What Do You Think of the New Mac Pro Design?

6/10/2013 - This Room-Monitoring Smart Door Lets Fresh Air In To Keep You Awake

6/10/2013 - This Is What Android Fragmentation Looks Like

6/10/2013 - A Fully Fledged Android Tablet for $130 Is Your Deal of the Day

6/10/2013 - Journalism Is the Worst 4-Year College Investment—Be a Sailor Instead!

6/10/2013 - iOS in the Car Is Putting Apple Behind the Wheel of Your Ride

6/10/2013 - iTunes Radio: Apple's Pandora Service Is Finally Here.

6/10/2013 - More Apple Maps glitches depict a disturbing, surreal world

6/10/2013 - Apple's iOS Camera and Photos Apps Reworked for Speed and Sharing

6/10/2013 - AirDrop Is Now Baked Into iOS 7

6/10/2013 - Venturestein returns to lead a monstrous revolution in Venture Bros.

6/10/2013 - The New iOS Safari: Finally More Than 8 Tabs

6/10/2013 - A no-nonsense introduction to the worst pollutant on the planet

6/10/2013 - iOS 7's Control Center Finally Puts Settings At Your Fingertips

6/10/2013 - Behold your new YA movie crush, Four from Divergent

6/10/2013 - iOS 7 Adds Multitasking for All Apps

6/10/2013 - This Is What iOS 7 Looks Like in Motion

6/10/2013 - Apple iOS 7: Everything You Need to Know

6/10/2013 - Apple Takes on Google, Microsoft with iWork for iCloud

6/10/2013 - 11 Rules of Good Writing That Iain M. Banks Left as His Legacy

6/10/2013 - Apple Is Making Badass New Mac Pros

6/10/2013 - The Xbox One Launches In November for $500

6/10/2013 - The New MacBook Air Comes Packing Intel's Awesome New Processor

6/10/2013 - Apple Maps Is Coming to Your Desktop and Calendar's Losing Its Leather

6/10/2013 - Apple Overhauls Desktop Notifications So That They're Actually Useful

6/10/2013 - iCloud Finally Looks Like It's Useful (Updating)

6/10/2013 - The New Safari: Your Power-Saving Google Reader Replacement

6/10/2013 - Apple Just Fixed the Single Dumbest Thing About OS X

6/10/2013 - OS X Mavericks Has Huge Improvements for Battery Life

6/10/2013 - What is the worst robot of all time?

6/10/2013 - New True Blood trailer reminds us why we watch this show: For Jessica

6/10/2013 - Apple OS X Mavericks: Everything You Need to Know

6/10/2013 - This Stylish New Xbox 360 Is Available Today

6/10/2013 - Have you ever seen clouds in the middle of a room and wondered why?

6/10/2013 - Xbox One at E3 2013: Games, More Games and the Price

6/10/2013 - This Instagram for Doctors Lets You See Medicine's Most Bizarre Cases

6/10/2013 - The end of the world isn't as likely as humans fighting back

6/10/2013 - This Week's TV: True Blood is back. Plus who wanted a Pac-Man cartoon?

6/10/2013 - Watch Microsoft's Xbox One E3 Keynote Right Here, Right Now

6/10/2013 - Meet the passengers of Snowpiercer's last train on Earth

6/10/2013 - What is wind?

6/10/2013 - No, this is not what our stupid faces will look like in 100,000 years

6/10/2013 - Extreme close-up of the Winter Solider gives good crazy eyes

6/10/2013 - Dealzmodo: Five Picks From Herman Miller's Summer Sale

6/10/2013 - An Interactive Map That Collects the Wisdom of NYC's Cycling Masses

6/10/2013 - What does a heart's sine function look like?

6/10/2013 - The 100 Meter Scroll Turns Browsing Into an Olympic Sport

6/10/2013 - This Game of Thrones cover features Jon Snow on the bongos

6/10/2013 - This Could Be an Early Build of Intel's Mobile OS UI

6/10/2013 - Watch the first-ever footage of a live 8-foot long oarfish

6/10/2013 - But Will This Quadcopter Restaurant Waiter Remember Your Nut Allergy?

6/10/2013 - How stereotypes really do cloud your mind

6/10/2013 - 7 Bizarre Apple Products That Were Just Too Weird to Exist

6/10/2013 - J.J. Abrams confirms likely Star Wars: Episode VII filming plans!

6/10/2013 - Google's Doodle Is a Lovely Maurice Sendak Birthday Tribute

6/10/2013 - iRobot Makes It Easier To Show Up To Work While At Home In Your PJs

6/10/2013 - Sustainable Wooden Speakers For Ethical Audiophiles

6/10/2013 - Rumor: This Is What iOS 7 Will Look Like

6/10/2013 - You Can Get Photoshop Lightroom 5 Now

6/10/2013 - The Butterfly Nebula Sure Looks Pretty

6/10/2013 - You Have to Wait a Full Two Years to Upgrade on AT&T Now

6/9/2013 - A hacker blows up the government in Roland Emmerich's latest trailer

6/9/2013 - Real Estate: All The Same

6/9/2013 - WWDC 2013 Predictions: Here Comes iOS 7, But What Else? (Updated)

6/9/2013 - This "comet factory" reveals first secrets of planetary formation

6/9/2013 - An Upbeat Take On Brain Imaging

6/9/2013 - Edward Snowden, the NSA Whistleblower, Explains Why He Did It

6/9/2013 - So wait, why don't birds have penises?

6/9/2013 - A Window Into Google's Governing Design Principles

6/9/2013 - I ate fried caterpillars—and so can you

6/9/2013 - There Was Drinkable Water On Mars According To Opportunity

6/9/2013 - Behold the first poster for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

6/9/2013 - Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic Movies in a New Light

6/9/2013 - Microbreweries and Ferns Have A Lot In Common

6/9/2013 - Crowdfund a quest to put a TARDIS in orbit and more

6/9/2013 - NSA Whistleblower Reveals Identity: "I Do Not Expect to See Home Again"

6/9/2013 - Maurice Sendak gets an animated Google Doodle for his 85th birthday

6/9/2013 - What WWDC Announcements Would Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart?

6/9/2013 - The Doctor is the Cheshire Cat to Amy Pond's Alice in Wonderland

6/9/2013 - A short film that proves even noble vampires can be horrifying

6/9/2013 - This Motorized Lego Ferris Wheel Is Perfect For a Minifig Date Night

6/9/2013 - Your Body Isn't That Much Smaller Than The Whole World

6/9/2013 - Penguin Book Cover Wallpaper lets you coat your walls in literature

6/9/2013 - Facebook's Data Center Humidity "Challenge" Was Indoor Rain

6/9/2013 - Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture novels, has passed away

6/9/2013 - Long-exposure photographs of fireflies create magical forest scenes

6/9/2013 - How many people really went through with the Milgram Experiment?

6/9/2013 - Is this the face of our new Doctor?

6/9/2013 - "Murmur" Shows Room Noise On The Walls

6/9/2013 - Six Abandoned Asylums with Genuinely Chilling Backstories

6/9/2013 - T-Mobile Has Unlimited Data/Text Plus 100 Minutes For $30

6/8/2013 - A Lego Spaceship That Proves Size Isn't Everything

6/8/2013 - Watch a Young Louis CK Talk About His Amazing Toilet Photography

6/8/2013 - DC and Marvel characters combine to form the ultimate superheroes

6/8/2013 - Sum 41: Makes No Difference

6/8/2013 - Why the Metadata the NSA Has on You Matters

6/8/2013 - These Miniature Spy Cameras Could Make You The Perfect James Bond

6/8/2013 - This Papercraft BBQ Will Make You Hungry Enough to Eat a Notebook

6/8/2013 - In Da Vinci's Demons' season finale, the Pazzi conspiracy is revealed

6/8/2013 - Here's the Official Government Fact Sheet on What PRISM Is and Does

6/8/2013 - Everything You Should Know About PRISM, What'll Be at WWDC, And More

6/8/2013 - Three 15th-century figures try to alter fate by moving the stars

6/8/2013 - Watch the rotation of a binary asteroid and its orbiting moon

6/8/2013 - How Fallout from Nuke Tests Just Proved that Brain Cells Regenerate

6/8/2013 - Meet Boundless Informant: The NSA Tool That Watches the Entire Planet

6/8/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Robot Barista

6/8/2013 - Amazon Has a 3D Printer Section Now

6/8/2013 - Surprisingly beautiful photographs of decaying cans of human remains

6/8/2013 - New PRISM Slide Shows NSA Taking Data Directly From Company Servers

6/8/2013 - A stop-motion animated short, entirely hand-drawn on sticky notes

6/8/2013 - How One Man Is Turning the Eiffel Tower into a Song

6/8/2013 - Continuum turns its time-traveling cop into... a superhero?

6/8/2013 - How common is your birthday?

6/8/2013 - The goddamn Batman and other comic characters invade Adventure Time

6/8/2013 - How to Get Practically Free Wi-Fi Practically Anywhere

6/8/2013 - Purgatory is a trek through a bottomless dungeon in Penultimate Quest

6/8/2013 - What it's like to climb to the top of the world's tallest building

6/8/2013 - Report: Intel Is Throwing Crazy Money at Its Streaming TV Dream

6/8/2013 - Weekend Dealzmodo: Save $125 on an iMac

6/8/2013 - AT-AT liquor cabinet, perfect for Sterling Cooper's Death Star office

6/8/2013 - Inside the Weird Mathematical Mystery of "0!"

6/8/2013 - New Iron Man Armor and Thor Shrinkage on Ultimate Spider-Man

6/8/2013 - Leaked Windows Phone Screenshots Finally Show a Notification Center

6/8/2013 - What Exactly Is a Meme?

6/8/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Garbage

6/7/2013 - The Tech Companies in PRISM Aren't Telling the Complete Truth

6/7/2013 - Video: BASE Jumper Fails and Miraculously Survives Unharmed

6/7/2013 - Video: BASE Jumper Fails and Miraculously Survives Unharmed

6/7/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Internship Is Hilarious in 2005

6/7/2013 - What Happens When You Use a Giant Construction Drill on a Car?

6/7/2013 - The Perfect Spaceport for Every Pirate to Stash the Booty

6/7/2013 - Here Are All the Oh So Fun Fake Websites from Arrested Development

6/7/2013 - A lovely short film that will distract you from crappy reality

6/7/2013 - The legend of Isaac Newton's most foolish (and cat-friendly) invention

6/7/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: June 1 - June 7, 2013

6/7/2013 - Human-Powered Ferris Wheel: "You have to see it to believe it"

6/7/2013 - This Potato Bazooka Delivers the World's Most Fearsome Frozen Food

6/7/2013 - Gorgeous Floating Buildings Around the World

6/7/2013 - This fascinating experiment dramatically extended the lives of mice

6/7/2013 - First World War Z reviews: It's not a total waste of time

6/7/2013 - Did Emmerich just replace Independence Day 2 with this alien movie?

6/7/2013 - Hulu Plus, Wikiweb, and More

6/7/2013 - Eater, Moment, Instafeed, and More

6/7/2013 - Warmly, Vine, Google Keyboard, and More

6/7/2013 - Want To Know Everything About Everyone? Work the Prism For Palantir!

6/7/2013 - This shot of Curiosity's wheels makes us feel like we're right there

6/7/2013 - Obama's Now Picking Foreign Targets for a Future Cyberwar

6/7/2013 - Star Wars producer is expanding one of the year's best short films

6/7/2013 - This Handsome Passive Speaker Is Down to Party Anywhere

6/7/2013 - This Trash-Sorting Robot Could Revolutionize Recycling

6/7/2013 - Much Ado About Nothing proves Joss Whedon is still a comedy genius

6/7/2013 - How to Make Instant Barrel-Aged Cocktails

6/7/2013 - And now, a wine carafe shaped like blood vessels

6/7/2013 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review: Sony Finally Gets One (Mostly) Right

6/7/2013 - Why You Should Care About NSA Surveillance

6/7/2013 - You Don't Have To Be Cool on the Internet

6/7/2013 - Disney's Epic Plan to Save a Terminal From LA's Oldest Airport

6/7/2013 - The Apocalypse comedy Rapture-Palooza will make you hail Satan

6/7/2013 - Why Is Anyone Surprised That the Government Spies on Us?

6/7/2013 - Oh Hey the NSA Is Hiring Lawyers Now

6/7/2013 - Tour D-Day Normandy's Surreal Destruction in These Rare Color Photos

6/7/2013 - Want to see a train crash into a nuclear containment pod?

6/7/2013 - This contact lens could eventually make Google Glass obsolete

6/7/2013 - NYC's Effort to Rebuild Its Beaches in Just Five Months

6/7/2013 - Why I Just Don't Give a Shit About PRISM (Or Any Other Spying)

6/7/2013 - The Router Known As The Dark Knight Is Your Deal of the Day

6/7/2013 - Gorgeous Footage of Last Weekend's Surprise Aurora Borealis

6/7/2013 - Criminologists explain why RoboCop, Dredd and Running Man make sense

6/7/2013 - A Complete Visual History of Superman's Signature 'S'

6/7/2013 - Denzel Washington is Making Another Dystopian Movie

6/7/2013 - A Simple Design Tweak Makes Sleeping Bags Less Like Straitjackets

6/7/2013 - Obama Administration Also Sticking It To Wolves Today

6/7/2013 - What Worldwide Movie Piracy Looks Like in Real Time [Slightly NSFW]

6/7/2013 - The History of the Weird Keyboard Symbols You Never Knew You Needed

6/7/2013 - How quick and intense workouts can help you get fitter

6/7/2013 - Microsoft: This Is How We Design Today

6/7/2013 - Finally, we have invented a machine that draws penises for us

6/7/2013 - Prankster Photoshops People Into Ads While They Wait for the Bus

6/7/2013 - Nature names you should never, ever give your child

6/7/2013 - Author Austin Grossman is answering your questions from 12-1 PT today!

6/7/2013 - 10 Star Wars Characters Who Needlessly Met Han Solo

6/7/2013 - An Early Online Privacy Expert Revisits His 1985 Predictions Today

6/7/2013 - Sneaky Kid In Stands Nabs Baseball From Kansas City Royals' Fan (VIDEO)

6/7/2013 - Unholy animal hybrids, as drawn by science illustrators

6/7/2013 - How to turn a comet into a solar probe

6/7/2013 - President Obama's PRISM Response: Deal With It

6/7/2013 - This Brainwave Scarf Uses Your Thoughts To Keep You Warm

6/7/2013 - The Lego House is going to be Lego paradise

6/7/2013 - The Purge could be this year's most hamfisted political movie

6/7/2013 - Dangerous San Onofre Nuclear Plant Finally Shutting Down

6/7/2013 - Pics of actors laughing between takes are instant smiles

6/7/2013 - Today in ruined childhoods: No Country for Old Muppets

6/7/2013 - The British Army's New Tank-Bulldozer Hybrid Is Freakin' Amazing

6/7/2013 - Lego Adapter Turns Your iPhone Into a Touchscreen Brick

6/7/2013 - Using quantum mechanics to detect bombs

6/7/2013 - What Is PRISM (aka the NSA Mega Spying Network)?

6/7/2013 - Report: AT&T and Sprint Are Working With the NSA, Too (Duh)

6/7/2013 - Slo-Mo Lightning Footage Is Why High Speed Cameras Were Invented

6/7/2013 - The first Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel trailer is delightfully fun

6/7/2013 - The experiment that first hinted at the existence of DNA

6/7/2013 - What Is PRISM?

6/7/2013 - Hacker Group Retaliates By Leaking Secret NSA Documents

6/7/2013 - These Mesmerizing Landscape Photos Turn Infrastructure into Art

6/7/2013 - Facebook Is Finally Getting Rid of Obnoxious "Sponsored Stories"

6/7/2013 - Slut Shaming and Concern Trolling in Geek Culture

6/7/2013 - The Most Terrifying Anti Drunk Driving Stunt You'll Ever See

6/7/2013 - Report: Sony Signs On for Apple iRadio In Advance of WWDC

6/7/2013 - Sorry, but these pot heads did not send marijuana into space

6/7/2013 - 17 of the Oldest Man-Made Structures On Earth Still In Use

6/7/2013 - Set photos reveal epic fight scenes in X-Men and Captain America 2!

6/7/2013 - A Lego Segway Is as Ridiculously Wonderful as You'd Expect

6/7/2013 - Population Growth and Climate Change Explained Using Lego

6/7/2013 - The Soviet Union's space-themed stamps will make you love Cosmonauts

6/7/2013 - Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents

6/7/2013 - Is This Nokia's Full-On PureView Windows Phone in Action?

6/7/2013 - What Are You Going To Do Following the NSA's Massive Privacy Invasion?

6/7/2013 - This Smart Airbus Case Could Mean You Never Lose Your Luggage Again

6/7/2013 - How the NSA's Logo Should Really Look

6/7/2013 - The Government Responds to the PRISM Spying Program

6/7/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: How to Hide from Cameras

6/6/2013 - Here's a 120,000 Year Old Tumor Found Inside a Neanderthal

6/6/2013 - Watch Audio Frequencies Create Amazing Visual Patterns

6/6/2013 - These Armored Nike Air Mags Were Made for Iron Man

6/6/2013 - Our WWDC 2013 Liveblog Kicks Off Right Now

6/6/2013 - The Cyborg Age is Upon Us

6/6/2013 - A harbour seal floats majestically through a forest of kelp

6/6/2013 - Watch as a UFO loops its way into Popocatepetl volcano

6/6/2013 - This Han Solo-in-Carbonite lightswitch is clearly turned on

6/6/2013 - The Secret World of Underground Bunkers

6/6/2013 - Nine Inch Nails: Came Back Haunted

6/6/2013 - Is there a difference between necessary and unnecessary bad science?

6/6/2013 - What is the one drug you would pay almost anything for?

6/6/2013 - Report: The Government Monitors Literally Every Phone Call in the US

6/6/2013 - Chinese Hackers Hacked Barack Obama

6/6/2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness concept art shows off the rebooted Klingons

6/6/2013 - The Ghost in the Shell crew really love those Microsoft Surfaces

6/6/2013 - The editor of SFWA's bulletin resigns over sexist articles

6/6/2013 - The NSA Mines an Insane Amount of Data From Every Tech Service You Use

6/6/2013 - The most incredible thing you'll watch today is this video of sand [UPDATE]

6/6/2013 - Don't Fear the Dark, Or Loki, With These Badass Avengers Nightlights

6/6/2013 - Is the World Ready for Online Masters Degrees to Be Taken Seriously?

6/6/2013 - Velcro: The Accidental and Physically Painful History

6/6/2013 - Mulan: A One Woman Show is Absolutely Amazing

6/6/2013 - Earth Without Ice

6/6/2013 - Why You Should Fight For Your Right to Die

6/6/2013 - A Shiny, Happy Kitchen Scale for Shiny, Happy People (And Anyone Else)

6/6/2013 - Hulu Plus for iPad Looks a Whole Lot Different Now

6/6/2013 - Japanese Porsche Fan Commissions the World's Most Elegant Garage

6/6/2013 - What Futuristic Promise Are You Most Skeptical About?

6/6/2013 - Our clearest view yet of Antarctica stripped of all its ice

6/6/2013 - Is there a technological fix for racism? These scientists say yes.

6/6/2013 - If Google Can Predict Blockbusters, How Do You Explain This?

6/6/2013 - My Own Personal Doctor Who Adventure

6/6/2013 - These Awesome Books Don't Exist Yet—But Should

6/6/2013 - This Is How a Facebook Billionaire Spent $4.5 Million On His Wedding

6/6/2013 - Man of Steel saves the best trailer for last

6/6/2013 - Why You Should Never Write Action Scenes For Your Blockbuster Movie

6/6/2013 - Can You Identify These Cities Based on How They Look from Space?

6/6/2013 - Google Glass is only "Stage One" in a three-stage evolution

6/6/2013 - Conan Discovers Even More Nazi-Looking JC Penny Products

6/6/2013 - This Haswell-Packing Gaming Laptop Is Your Deal of the Day

6/6/2013 - The Dust Bowl Skyscrapers That Were Supposed to Make It Rain

6/6/2013 - How will space colonists access the Internet on Mars?

6/6/2013 - The Final Man of Steel Trailer Is Pretty Epic

6/6/2013 - Did Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash predict the world of today?

6/6/2013 - DARPA Made a Vacuum the Size of a Penny

6/6/2013 - Kid Dies In Car After Father Forgets To Drop Him Off at School

6/6/2013 - The "Rapunzel Syndrome" Is a Little-Known Medical Horror

6/6/2013 - When it comes to exoplanets, science fiction lags way behind science

6/6/2013 - Get Out of the Way: A History of How Ambulance Lights Save Lives

6/6/2013 - Hollywood wants an Archie Comics Zombie Movie Mashup -- no, really

6/6/2013 - Crumpler Cut of Horror Bag: A Terrifying Amount of Storage Space

6/6/2013 - 10 Sources That Inspired Game of Thrones' Dark Storytelling

6/6/2013 - Give Your Propane Tank an Ultrasound to Find Out If It's Low

6/6/2013 - The Supermaterial That Could Make Plastic Obsolete Is... Mushrooms?

6/6/2013 - Yes! A Real Play-Doh 3D Printer Sounds Like the Best Fun Factory Ever

6/6/2013 - Car Dealerships Make Tesla's Elon Musk Cry In Frustration

6/6/2013 - Finally, something to do with those nasty modern pennies

6/6/2013 - There's a Fire-Fighting Mini-Segway That Might Save Your Life Someday

6/6/2013 - Ask a Physicist ... And Win a Book!

6/6/2013 - The MacBook's Most Underrated Feature

6/6/2013 - Legal Gay Marriage "Inevitable," 72% of Americans Say In New Poll

6/6/2013 - "Game of Thrones" Author Laughs At Audience Horror Over Red Wedding

6/6/2013 - How AT&T Collects Call Records, According to an Employee

6/6/2013 - How two dumb kids with an axe almost destroyed She-Ra

6/6/2013 - Intel's Prototype Thunderbolt Flash Drive Is the World's Fastest

6/6/2013 - Human Centipede Where's Waldo is way easier than regular Where's Waldo

6/6/2013 - A year's worth of solar activity in one mindblowing image

6/6/2013 - The World's Largest Cargo Plane Can Swallow a 737 Whole

6/6/2013 - Rachel McAdams and Jeff Bridges to revive The Little Prince

6/6/2013 - NASA's New Interplanetary GPS Is More Old School Than It Sounds

6/6/2013 - How to Build an Army in Space

6/6/2013 - A Bird House Fit for a Millennium Falcon

6/6/2013 - Watch what happens when you drop hot charcoal into liquid oxygen

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