5/31/2013 - The TSA Has Finally Removed All of Its Naked Full-Body Scanners

5/31/2013 - How Big Would an iPhone Be If You Combined All the iPhones Ever Sold

5/31/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Jon Lajoie's Get Rich Kickstarter

5/31/2013 - A Map of Which State Had the Most Electricity in 1921

5/31/2013 - This is not an error in your map app -- it is a real road

5/31/2013 - Lauren Beukes' amazing serial killer novel will become a TV series

5/31/2013 - Doctor Who's Karen Gillan playing a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy

5/31/2013 - This Space Invaders 404 Page Is the Funnest 404 Error Page Ever

5/31/2013 - A lot of UFOs are visiting Vancouver lately

5/31/2013 - In this incredible photo, St. Elmo's Fire lights up an observatory

5/31/2013 - The Weirdest and Fiercest Helmets from the Age of Armored Combat

5/31/2013 - Random Doctor Who plot generator is an addictive time sink

5/31/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: May 25 - May 31, 2013

5/31/2013 - Guys Who Are Full of Themselves Get the Girl

5/31/2013 - Unique Photo Shows the Ridiculous Size of America's First Spaceships

5/31/2013 - What does the Michigan Fish Test say about you?

5/31/2013 - Look inside the pages of Heath Ledger's "Joker Diary"

5/31/2013 - The io9 Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in June!

5/31/2013 - Two possible ways that life evolved in ice

5/31/2013 - Jamstar, Real Racing 3, and More

5/31/2013 - Musyc, iHeart Locket, and More

5/31/2013 - Postcards, Tall Chess, Analog, and More

5/31/2013 - Watch the Star Wars logo evolve right before your eyes

5/31/2013 - An Interaction Designer Creates a Tactile Comic Book For the Blind

5/31/2013 - Sex on a Pile of Cash Sounds Great Until Your Online Date Robs You

5/31/2013 - Star Trek: The Wine is now a thing that exists

5/31/2013 - This Clever Spray Scrubber Almost Makes Up For Not Having a Dishwasher

5/31/2013 - How to Make a See-Through Margarita

5/31/2013 - 7 Internet Faux Pas and How to Recover From Them

5/31/2013 - The 1960s Office Desk of the Future Was More NASA Than Mad Men

5/31/2013 - Aerospaced 4-Piece: Grind like the Wind

5/31/2013 - 1 in 13 humans has chimp-like feet

5/31/2013 - Del Toro goes inside the heads of Pacific Rim's Jaegers (literally)

5/31/2013 - This experiment proved that anyone could design a nuclear weapon

5/31/2013 - This Longboard Stroller Might Help You Fend Off Parental Lameness

5/31/2013 - This Saturday, 6/1: io9 Meetup in San Francisco!

5/31/2013 - Nathan Fillion comes inbetween Mike and Sully in new Monsters U. clips

5/31/2013 - How a Supercomputer May Have Finally Unlocked a Way to Beat HIV

5/31/2013 - Here's what Pangea looks like mapped with modern political borders

5/31/2013 - This Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is Your Adorable Novelty Deal of the Day

5/31/2013 - The First Images of Molecules Breaking and Reforming Chemical Bonds

5/31/2013 - A Strong Candidate for Greatest Science Fiction Dance Sequence Ever

5/31/2013 - Three Hypnotic Soundscapes Made From Paper, Air, and Motors

5/31/2013 - Scientists Revived 400-Year-Old Plants That Could Help Us Live on Mars

5/31/2013 - Things are looking bad for Space Battleship Yamato, but awesome for us

5/31/2013 - Warning: This brief clip from The Wall will creep you the hell out

5/31/2013 - The Father of Radio's Stunningly Accurate 1960 Vision of the Year 2000

5/31/2013 - Apple Juice: How to Charge Your Phone With Pocket Change and Fruit

5/31/2013 - Alien teens can be just as godawful as human ones in CW's Star-Crossed

5/31/2013 - Simple Smartphone Stuffed Animal Surgery to Terrorize Your Child

5/31/2013 - Shapeways Now Lets You 3D Print With Soft, Squishy Plastic

5/31/2013 - The 10 Totally Awesome Rules of Evolution in Science Fiction

5/31/2013 - Navy Work Uniforms Burn Like Paper, So Sailors Will Get New Garb

5/31/2013 - Travelers to Mars would face a lifetime's worth of radiation exposure

5/31/2013 - 6 Big PS4 Questions (And the Answers We're Hoping For)

5/31/2013 - Google Honors Inventor of Petri Dish with Gross/Awesome Doodle

5/31/2013 - DARPA's Crazy Mind-Controlled Prosthetics Have Gotten Even Better

5/31/2013 - This Technicolor Installation Lets You Paint Sydney Harbor With Light

5/31/2013 - Shyamalan's new film is a huge disappointment (because it's not awful)

5/31/2013 - There's Finally a Way to Keep Robots From Walking Like Toddlers

5/31/2013 - New Theory Explains Moon’s Wonky Gravity

5/31/2013 - This 4,000-ton Goliath Crane Has Laser Vision and a Robot Brain

5/31/2013 - Four Glamorous New Penn Station Designs (That We Shouldn't Build Yet)

5/31/2013 - Holy crap it's a hot pink slug

5/31/2013 - The time the Hulk battled baseball, capitalism and a giant rooster

5/31/2013 - Burn a message into a piece of paper like a total badass

5/31/2013 - All Soda Cans Should Be This Easy To Share

5/31/2013 - The Pentagon's Putting Its Big Brother Data Collection in the Cloud

5/31/2013 - This tiny hummingbird's nest is almost too precious to believe

5/31/2013 - Damn, this periodic table is beautiful

5/31/2013 - This Is the Propane Tank Bench of Hank Hill's Dreams

5/31/2013 - The FBI Has to Give Kim Dotcom His Hard Drives Back

5/31/2013 - It's the first look at Captain America 2‘s Winter Soldier!

5/31/2013 - This Compact Camera Captures Glorious 8K Ultra HD Footage

5/31/2013 - New Graphene Camera Sensors Are 1,000 Times More Sensitive to Light

5/31/2013 - 9 Classic Distilleries That Crank Out America's Favorite Liquor

5/31/2013 - The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Villain Rumor That Was Too Good to Be True

5/31/2013 - These First Photos of Atoms Bonding Were Taken Totally by Accident

5/31/2013 - Yank On This Bulb To Let There Be Light

5/31/2013 - A Proposal Using a Camera's Viewfinder Is Pretty Damn Cute

5/31/2013 - Could You Stare at a Samsung Galaxy S4 For 60 Minutes to Win One?

5/31/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Gator Pie

5/30/2013 - Radiation Makes a Manned Trip to Mars Impossible with Current Tech

5/30/2013 - Watch a Scorpion Sting a Guy in Painful Slow Motion

5/30/2013 - The 360Hero Cameras Are All Shades of Mind Blowing 360° Awesome

5/30/2013 - A Chandelier Light Bulb Is Unreasonably Adorable

5/30/2013 - This simple space story is the most beautiful thing you'll watch today

5/30/2013 - Unusual binary asteroid zooms past Earth tomorrow

5/30/2013 - Does the summer's biggest young adult novel live up to the hype?

5/30/2013 - This Is How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended

5/30/2013 - What's the Most Gratuitous Comic Book Death of All Time?

5/30/2013 - Phone Booths Are Terrible Places to Be in Movies (And Real Life)

5/30/2013 - What Will Happen When Your Driverless Car Crashes?

5/30/2013 - That time The Fonz partied with Marvel superheroes

5/30/2013 - Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

5/30/2013 - In the future, we'll all have intelligent drones as pets

5/30/2013 - Postcards: A Much More Pleasant Way to Browse Tumblr

5/30/2013 - NASA totally found a squirrel on Mars and didn't tell anybody

5/30/2013 - Bruce Timm is back, and teaming up with Zack Snyder for more Superman

5/30/2013 - Nokia Lumia 928 Review: Flawed Beauty, Best Camera

5/30/2013 - Futurama's John DiMaggio explains why Adventure Time baffled him

5/30/2013 - Hell Yes, Razer Made the World's Most Powerful Small Windows Laptop

5/30/2013 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M: The New Best Graphics Card For Your Laptop

5/30/2013 - Want to hear a neanderthal say the letter "E"?

5/30/2013 - On a Sunny Day This Solar Pendulum Will Keep You Distracted For Hours

5/30/2013 - The Sculptor Who'll Represent America in the Art World's Battle Royale

5/30/2013 - The Purge clips show the downside to legalizing crime. Who knew?

5/30/2013 - Electronic Bricks Means the Future Of Lego Is Even More Wonderful

5/30/2013 - Women will ‘evolve out’ of menopause

5/30/2013 - A Love Story Edited From Stock Footage Is Your Tearjerker of the Day

5/30/2013 - Pinterest Embraces Its Porn Problem, Artistically

5/30/2013 - Gender-swapping superhero's creator responds to right-wing backlash

5/30/2013 - How the Navy of the Future Will Find—And Destroy—Underwater Mines

5/30/2013 - "How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended" is 100% right

5/30/2013 - A Cheap HTC One on Sprint Is Your Deal of the Day

5/30/2013 - This Watch's Floating Second Hand Is a Mesmerizing Reason To Go Analog

5/30/2013 - Could a notorious party drug be the next psychiatric breakthrough?

5/30/2013 - How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw

5/30/2013 - Kinky people have better mental health than everyone else

5/30/2013 - Fan TV Is a Hot Set-Top-Box Organized Around Content Instead of Apps

5/30/2013 - How Yesterday's Feminists Invented the Food of the Future

5/30/2013 - A Full Scale Lego T-800 Terminator Sent Back In Time To Blow Our Minds

5/30/2013 - 7 Bad Storytelling Habits That We All Learned from Superhero Comics

5/30/2013 - Can China Really Build the World's Tallest Building in 90 Days?

5/30/2013 - This is the world's earliest bird

5/30/2013 - This New Music Video Recycles Soviet Space Imagery Quite Well

5/30/2013 - Can Humans Really Feel Hot and Cold?

5/30/2013 - Did everyone 3,000 years ago have a voice in their head?

5/30/2013 - Southwest's New Fare Search Is Perfect If You Don't Have a Destination

5/30/2013 - Gorgeous circuitboard animals guaranteed to melt your face

5/30/2013 - How to Turn Burning Gas Into a Lamp Without Blowing Yourself Up

5/30/2013 - HTC One Google Edition Brings Stock Android to the Best Android Phone

5/30/2013 - The World's Newest Artificial Heart Is Half Cow, Half Machine

5/30/2013 - Google Search Will Tell You How Many Calories Are in That Burger Now

5/30/2013 - First look at The Tomorrow People = Heroes plus X-Men times The CW

5/30/2013 - This Is the American Drone Shot Down by Somali Insurgents

5/30/2013 - These are the strangest landscapes on Earth (according to Sierra Club)

5/30/2013 - Slo-Mo Footage Reveals How Pigeons Make That Clapping Sound At Takeoff

5/30/2013 - Why the Venture Bros. creators want you to know nothing about Season 5

5/30/2013 - Watch Brian Eno Describe How He Bridges Time With Sound and Light

5/30/2013 - Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator 5 is still alive

5/30/2013 - Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper Holder Upends Fast Food (and Sloth)

5/30/2013 - George R. R. Martin is writing the Coffee Table Book of Ice and Fire

5/30/2013 - 10 Beautiful Minerals You Won't Believe Are Found on Earth

5/30/2013 - New polls suggest Americans are becoming less religious

5/30/2013 - Solar power's epic price drop, visualized

5/30/2013 - Windows 8.1: Little Fixes, Same Big Ideas (Oh, and a Start Button)

5/30/2013 - You can't guess who Glenn Close is playing in Guardians of the Galaxy!

5/30/2013 - Ikea In Swedish Teaches You To Correctly Pronounce Its Products

5/30/2013 - What Is This?

5/30/2013 - Samsung’s New Galaxy S4 Mini Isn’t Really All That Small

5/30/2013 - Apple's New Budget 16GB iPod Touch: 4-inch Retina Screen, $230

5/30/2013 - Hilarious Guy Photoshops Celebrities into His Instagram Pictures

5/30/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Prancercise

5/29/2013 - Did a Sonar Image Finally Find Amelia Earhart's Plane?

5/29/2013 - People Still Pirated Arrested Development Because People Pirate

5/29/2013 - Brad Pitt is a sad conflicted puppy in first World War Z clip

5/29/2013 - This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with... Vine

5/29/2013 - Here's Your Smart Lock of the Future, Today

5/29/2013 - Stare into the eye of Africa's unfathomably huge Richat Structure

5/29/2013 - Deadpool gets a lesson in language from Marvel's Legal department

5/29/2013 - Motorola Is Making a Flagship Android Phone Called the Moto X

5/29/2013 - This book is a masterpiece about sisters who are a science experiment

5/29/2013 - There's nothing sadder than the wreck of a once-great submarine

5/29/2013 - Watch how music travels across the U.S. through Facebook

5/29/2013 - Asteroid Miners Will Launch World's First Crowdfunded Space Telescope

5/29/2013 - Can't Stop Staring at these Trippy Norwegian Book Covers

5/29/2013 - Zaha Hadid's First Storefront Puts a Living Legend Up Close

5/29/2013 - Jamstar Acoustics: A Guitar Learning App That Won't Hold You Back

5/29/2013 - DARPA's Using Smartphone Guts to Build Cheaper, Smarter Drones Faster

5/29/2013 - Greatest Wedding Photo In the History of the World

5/29/2013 - We wish this was the real After Earth theme song

5/29/2013 - Which classic science fiction novel still holds up today?

5/29/2013 - A Tiny Grill That Looks as Lovely as Your Beautifully Marbled Meats

5/29/2013 - Google's Rad Skee-Ball Game Turns Your Phone Into a Wii Remote

5/29/2013 - How to DJ a Dance Party Without Knowing How to DJ

5/29/2013 - We've lost another one of the greats: R.I.P. Jack Vance, 1916-2013

5/29/2013 - Uh, DC just randomly killed the hell out of a major character

5/29/2013 - The Retrofuture of Outdoor Advertising Was Even Worse Than What We Got

5/29/2013 - The Golden Gate Bridge Looked Even More Stunning Before It Had a Road

5/29/2013 - Sears Plans To Retrofit 2,500 "Ghostbox" Stores As Data Centers

5/29/2013 - Cosmic Mystery: Why did this spinning star suddenly slow down?

5/29/2013 - The Most Batshit Insane Performances in the Eurovision Song Contest

5/29/2013 - This BASE Jump Off of Mount Everest Is Absolutely Insane

5/29/2013 - Museum to Sell Replicas of Golden Phallus in its Gift Shop

5/29/2013 - Michael Bay still lies and TF4's Optimus Prime still looks like shit

5/29/2013 - This Custom-Fitted Wetsuit Is the Future of Sports Gear

5/29/2013 - The Biggest Reasons Why Fairies Are Evil

5/29/2013 - D&D Knights Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

5/29/2013 - Physicists Just Created the World's Most Precise Clock—Ever

5/29/2013 - This Giant 3D Plasma TV Is Your Deal of the Day

5/29/2013 - Does being cold make you more susceptible to catching cold?

5/29/2013 - Is This Miniature Instagram Projector Adorable Or Completely Stupid?

5/29/2013 - How Fluoride Keeps Bacteria from Eating Your Teeth

5/29/2013 - The Experiment That Required Scientists to Eat Butterflies

5/29/2013 - Suddenly, Percy Jackson 2: Sea of Monsters looks completely badass

5/29/2013 - Every Hole's a Piece of Art In This Sculpture Garden Mini Golf Course

5/29/2013 - Game of Thrones adding three major characters for season 4!

5/29/2013 - 7 Television Shows That Took Potshots at Fanfic Writers

5/29/2013 - 13 Photos Of Memorial Day

5/29/2013 - Google Street View Now Lets You Explore Central Park, 9/11 Memorial

5/29/2013 - Leaked Windows 8.1 Screenshot: Oh, Hello, Start Button

5/29/2013 - NASA shows off a prototype of its new xenon-ion engine

5/29/2013 - Know When It's Time To Retreat Indoors With This Sun and Skin Monitor

5/29/2013 - Ive's Influence: Can a Great Product Designer Also Design Great UI?

5/29/2013 - Angry Birds goes classic Star Wars in this SDCC exclusive reveal

5/29/2013 - Milwaukee's Future: Predictions from 1900

5/29/2013 - Sony RX1 Review: A Camera So Bold, So Beautiful... and So Expensive

5/29/2013 - This Tiny Telescope Will Be The First Moon-Mounted Webcam

5/29/2013 - Russians Recover Fresh Flowing Mammoth Blood

5/29/2013 - Speedform: Under Armour Has Built a Bra For Your Feet

5/29/2013 - What's the future of Star Trek after "Into Darkness?"

5/29/2013 - Here's Your Chance to Become One of the First Asteroid Prospectors (Updated)

5/29/2013 - Where do the world's atheists live?

5/29/2013 - Gmail's Getting a Neat Freak Overhaul for Web and Mobile

5/29/2013 - First clip from Last Days on Mars hints at space zombies

5/29/2013 - NASA's Aqua Satellite Finds More than Faces in the Clouds

5/29/2013 - San Francisco ruins hide on the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes set

5/29/2013 - What's the greatest show to ever get canceled? (...besides Firefly)

5/29/2013 - Freaky Light-Controlled Gels Could Be the Real Future of Robotics

5/29/2013 - A study in decomposition, c. 1870

5/29/2013 - How New York Could Save Its Collapsing Harbors

5/29/2013 - Every Point of a Tennis Match, Visualized in 3D

5/29/2013 - These Are the Original Pilots Amazon Is Going to Make Into Series

5/29/2013 - What will happen when our Galaxy collides with Andromeda?

5/29/2013 - This Replacement Cap That Turns Any Water Bottle Into a Humidifier

5/29/2013 - Get ready for the cicada invasion with this incredible time-lapse

5/29/2013 - 22 Elegant Chairs That Illustrate the Essence of Danish Modernism

5/29/2013 - You Can Get 1Password For 50 Percent Off Right Now

5/29/2013 - Analog Camera for iPhone: When Is Simple Actually Too Simple?

5/29/2013 - Why Wolverine is a Movie for People Who Are Bored With Superhero Films

5/29/2013 - Clever Mug Catches Coffee Drips Before They Become Stains

5/29/2013 - You'll Never Break This Awesome Rubber Lamp

5/29/2013 - The FBI Ran a Child Porn Site for Two Whole Weeks

5/29/2013 - How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on All Your Accounts

5/29/2013 - With a Full-On News Feed, Spotify's Serious About Suggesting New Music

5/29/2013 - Google Glass Is Getting a Porn App

5/29/2013 - The Visual Effects Behind Iron Man's HUD in Iron Man 3

5/29/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: "LOAD"

5/28/2013 - Tim Cook on iOS 7, Jony Ive, Google Glass and Opening Apple Up

5/28/2013 - These Incredible Maps Were Made with Thousands of Photographs

5/28/2013 - Revolution demonstrates the difference between good & bad plot twists

5/28/2013 - What Classical myth do you want John Hodgman and Adam Savage to bust?

5/28/2013 - 8 Animals That Have Unbelievable Defense Mechanisms

5/28/2013 - First Official Look at Christopher Eccleston as Thor's Dark Elf Foe

5/28/2013 - The Curious Evolution of the Typewriter, in Pictures

5/28/2013 - Phonetic descriptions of the annoying sounds teenagers make

5/28/2013 - Finally, an Electric Razor That Gets Cooler As You Shave

5/28/2013 - Major Breakthrough: Researchers transform cement into liquid metal

5/28/2013 - Pacific Rim concept art includes our best look at the giant monsters!

5/28/2013 - Furnish: Pick Out the Perfect Virtual Furniture Before You Pay

5/28/2013 - NASA wants its long-lost Moon dust back

5/28/2013 - YouTube Lets You Create Slow-Motion Videos Now

5/28/2013 - Put A Nyan Cat (Or Any Other GIF) in Your Bike Spokes

5/28/2013 - How a Massive New Railroad Is Being Blasted Out Beneath New York City

5/28/2013 - Gods, devils, demons and more have possessed This Week’s Comics

5/28/2013 - What movie did you love -- until your friends convinced you it sucked?

5/28/2013 - The Futuristic Robot Surgeons of 1982 Have Arrived

5/28/2013 - This Elegant Passive Humidifier Blooms Like a Flower

5/28/2013 - When Two Galaxies Collide

5/28/2013 - Build This Tiny Drum Machine and Rock Out Like It's 1984

5/28/2013 - Watch Soyuz TMA-09M Rocket launch live RIGHT NOW

5/28/2013 - Xbox One and Used Games: The Real Reason Everyone's So Mad

5/28/2013 - What can the DNA in your poop teach us about ethics?

5/28/2013 - This gender-swapped Lord of the Rings dream casting is note perfect

5/28/2013 - 20,000 Classic Arcade Games Deserve a Beautiful Wooden Console System

5/28/2013 - Why Dancing Is Actually a Mating Call for Humans

5/28/2013 - Reality TV star to direct Leprechaun reboot, because why the @#$% not

5/28/2013 - WHAT!? Dan Harmon is in talks to return to Community

5/28/2013 - How America's Biggest Bike Share Will Turn NYC into a Cycling City

5/28/2013 - Storyboards reveal the amazing Star Wars prequel you never saw

5/28/2013 - This Sonos All-In-One Wireless Speaker Is Your Deal of the Day

5/28/2013 - Video: This Will Be the World's Tallest Skyscraper In a Few Months

5/28/2013 - Annalee Newitz Reading This Week in Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco

5/28/2013 - Nike Hypervenom: It's Like Playing Soccer Barefoot

5/28/2013 - LG Optimus G Pro Review: The Fastest Big Phone Out There

5/28/2013 - How to Tell if a TV Show is Going to Improve After a Weak First Season

5/28/2013 - io9 Book Club reminder: Meeting 6/4 to Discuss Austin Grossman's YOU

5/28/2013 - 14 Boring Things GoPro Makes Awesome

5/28/2013 - Heatsink Coasters Cool Hot Beverages While Protecting Your Furniture

5/28/2013 - 9 Predators With The Most Brutal Hunting Techniques

5/28/2013 - A Movie About the Origins of the World's Most Famous Spacesuit

5/28/2013 - The Navy's Largest Chopper Is an Aerial Mine Hunter

5/28/2013 - Impressive body painting transforms women into aliens [NSFW]

5/28/2013 - Control This Lovely Wireless Speaker By Just Putting Your Phone On It

5/28/2013 - How to Build Your Own Angry Birds With Lego

5/28/2013 - Twitter, Fan Letters and the Quest for Interaction

5/28/2013 - Bill Nye scientifically explains how Superman shaves

5/28/2013 - The Longest Running Gags in Science Fiction Movies and Television

5/28/2013 - A Flood-Powered Gate That Automatically Raises As the Waters Rise

5/28/2013 - What's so special about this photo of the Moon?

5/28/2013 - Of Course a Musician Has a Music Box Business Card

5/28/2013 - Clever illustrations use negative space to capture animals' essence

5/28/2013 - Plan X: How the Army Will Make Cyberattacks as Easy as a Video Game

5/28/2013 - How to make a fiery black snake rise from the sand

5/28/2013 - Navy Wants Aircraft Carriers to Manufacture Weapons On the Go

5/28/2013 - The Savage Panda of the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Returns

5/28/2013 - Even Boring Weather Is Stunning Through a Satellite's Eyes

5/28/2013 - Can you guess what's strange about these pine cones?

5/28/2013 - What Do You Think of Arrested Development Season 4 So Far?

5/28/2013 - A Drone That Follows You Around Is Way Less Messy Than Puppy

5/28/2013 - An algorithm that finds face-like structures on the Earth's surface

5/28/2013 - John C. Reilly could be the Agent Coulson of Guardians of the Galaxy!

5/28/2013 - 22 Breathtaking Views From the World's Tallest Buildings

5/28/2013 - This Insane Homemade Lightsaber Burns Straight Through Things

5/28/2013 - This Proximity-Sensitive Volume Adjuster Needs to Exist

5/28/2013 - This Is LG's White Nexus 4--But It Won't Make Another Google Phone

5/28/2013 - Would You Take a Flight Which Only Had One Pilot?

5/28/2013 - Report: Chinese Hackers Have Stolen Sensitive US Weapon Design Files

5/27/2013 - This Color-Changing LED Chameleon Scarf Perfectly Matches Any Outfit

5/27/2013 - We're Leaving Earth at Last

5/27/2013 - A Pendant-Locked Secret Diary For a Generation Raised on Tablets

5/27/2013 - The Transhumanist Wager and the terrifying struggle for the future

5/27/2013 - The Mysteries Beneath New York City's Grand Central Terminal

5/27/2013 - The iPad Cleverly Detects This Connected Picture Book's Page Turns

5/27/2013 - Aliens are invading, annoying and abducting women in This Week’s DVDs!

5/27/2013 - Freeze Your Target In Its Tracks With a Liquid Nitrogen Gun

5/27/2013 - Is it time for another New Wave of science fiction?

5/27/2013 - Scientists Revive 400 Year-Old Frozen Plants

5/27/2013 - Fight Bad Breath and Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup

5/27/2013 - These twisted animal mashups are some of the best we've ever seen

5/27/2013 - Computers See Faces in the Clouds, Just Like You

5/27/2013 - Avengers Assemble is Avengers, Acceptable

5/27/2013 - This disease's deadliest weapon is the fact you've never heard of it

5/27/2013 - Astronomers Map the Extreme Weather of a Distant Hot Jupiter

5/27/2013 - Anyone Can Be a Mechanic With This Brilliant Augmented Reality App

5/27/2013 - True Blood trailer gets political and naked. Mostly naked

5/27/2013 - Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt: Turn Your Castle into an Electronic Fortress

5/27/2013 - In Love Minus Eighty, mail-order brides are cryogenically frozen

5/27/2013 - Godzilla set pics show the monster's path of destruction

5/27/2013 - An Atlas of Decay

5/27/2013 - The Camera Collection That Shot Some of the World's Most Famous Photos

5/27/2013 - 8 Special Features We Desperately Want in DVDs for Science Shows

5/27/2013 - This Week's TV: New Venture Bros.! And a very special Game of Thrones.

5/27/2013 - Krups EA9000 Automated Espresso Machine: Turn Your Kitchen into a Private Starbucks

5/27/2013 - How did T. rex evolve small forearms?

5/27/2013 - Thousands of cave paintings have been discovered in Mexico

5/27/2013 - How the Army Fit a Suitcase-Sized Battery Charger into a Shoebox

5/27/2013 - This Man Has Collected 200 Years of Beautiful, Odd, and Historic Bikes

5/27/2013 - Has the Rhino's costume in Amazing Spider-Man 2 been revealed?

5/27/2013 - Dolphin-assisted births? Yeah, let's not go there.

5/27/2013 - Lego's Opening a School In Denmark

5/27/2013 - Joss Whedon shares awesome hints about Avengers 2 and S.H.I.E.L.D.

5/27/2013 - How to Chill a Beer With a Slingshot

5/27/2013 - How Sending Mirror Image Signals Could Speed Up the Internet

5/27/2013 - This Is NASA's Solar Propulsion Engine of the Future

5/27/2013 - Why We All Love Space Porn

5/27/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Black Hole

5/26/2013 - Amadou & Mariam: Si Ni Kan

5/26/2013 - Will We Eventually Need Apps To Tell Us That We Are Moral People?

5/26/2013 - RNA-laced bandages could treat the worst wounds on the genetic level

5/26/2013 - Orphan Black reveals the greatest secret of Sarah's past

5/26/2013 - Ants Will Give You Free Advertising If You Pee On The Billboard

5/26/2013 - "You are all going to die" Joss Whedon's Wesleyan Commencement Speech

5/26/2013 - Surprising No One, Twitter Is An Arrested Development Explosion

5/26/2013 - Ghostly Ship Graveyards from Around the World

5/26/2013 - The Whispermen star in this deleted scene from the Doctor Who finale

5/26/2013 - What the heck is this strange red rectangle doing in our galaxy?

5/26/2013 - Listen To Music Through Your Cheekbones While You Swim Laps

5/26/2013 - Crowdfund a book about Jack Kirby and a tale from The Obscure Cities

5/26/2013 - Hybrid Fruits Sound Delicious And Sort Of Exist A Little Bit

5/26/2013 - The Demonic Artwork of Vintage Magic Posters

5/26/2013 - Springboks are the champions of silly jumps

5/26/2013 - What Gadgets Do You Use For Grilling?

5/26/2013 - A game designed to be played 2,700 years in the future

5/26/2013 - Sky's Apps Have Been Hacked And Are Off Google Play

5/26/2013 - Peter Dinklage sports a '70s mustache on the set of X-Men

5/26/2013 - The official guide to Bioshock: Infinite's Rosalind in her underthings

5/26/2013 - Finally, A Wrinkle Reducer That Is Also The Embodiment Of Evil

5/26/2013 - At what age do we understand sarcasm?

5/26/2013 - A ballet audition turns into a cyborg battle in this animated short

5/26/2013 - Receiving A Gold Plated iPad At Hotel Check-In Is Normal, Right?

5/26/2013 - Should you really start eating insects?

5/26/2013 - Disco Balls Can Actually Facilitate Art, Not Just Boogying Down

5/25/2013 - All the Stuff That Will Happen on the Internet in the Next 60 Seconds

5/25/2013 - Kim Dotcom Wrote a Dance Track and Apparently Has a Whole Album

5/25/2013 - 1950s San Francisco, as seen through a submarine periscope

5/25/2013 - This Black and White Video Can (Sorta) Predict Your IQ

5/25/2013 - Engineering students design a shoe that harnesses energy from walking

5/25/2013 - Let Your Walls Light Up the Room With LED Wallpaper

5/25/2013 - 13 Unlucky Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

5/25/2013 - Before the Swiss Army Knife, Victorian women wore ornate multitools

5/25/2013 - Hackers That Were Barely Even Trying Stole 44 Million Records Last Year

5/25/2013 - What's the First Thing You Can Remember Doing on the Internet?

5/25/2013 - Stunning artwork from the Dune collectible card game

5/25/2013 - A 625 Pinhole Camera Rig Is the Craziest Way to Shoot Bullet Time Video

5/25/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Aliens Encounter the Cavepeople

5/25/2013 - A cool and disturbing CG-animated take on A Scanner Darkly

5/25/2013 - Tetris-piece micro house is designed to be stacked

5/25/2013 - DC heroes and villains invade Georges Seurat's “A Sunday Afternoon"

5/25/2013 - All About the Xbox One, The World's Biggest Lego Model, And More

5/25/2013 - Decaying Biblical theme park houses the ruins of faux Jerusalem

5/25/2013 - First Iron Man movie retold as an 8-bit video game

5/25/2013 - Long before V for Vendetta this newspaper seller wore a mustached mask

5/25/2013 - How to Control Your Android Without Looking at It

5/25/2013 - A Working Apple I Computer Just Sold For $671,400 at Auction

5/25/2013 - Welcome to the Clockwork City, the mysterious land of living toys

5/25/2013 - The Sydney Opera House Is an Incredible Screen for Psychedelic Video

5/25/2013 - What it's like to believe that you're dead

5/25/2013 - The Klingon ships that didn't make it into Star Trek Into Darkness

5/25/2013 - The Simplest Flashlight Is Just a Rolled Up Piece of Paper

5/25/2013 - Iron Man takes the lead during the premiere of Avengers Assemble!

5/25/2013 - Watch These Lunatics Ride the Highest Swings in the World

5/25/2013 - How to Make Your Own Self-Destructing Laptop That Blows Up

5/25/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Justin Bieber Don't Cry

5/24/2013 - The White House Says You Can Use the Metric System If You Want To

5/24/2013 - How Many of These Viral YouTube Videos Did You Watch?

5/24/2013 - The Destruction of the Oklahoma Tornado As Seen by Google Maps

5/24/2013 - Watch Four Clips of Arrested Development Before It Hits Netflix

5/24/2013 - Report: Microsoft Won't Charge a Used Game Fee on the Xbox One

5/24/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: May 18 - May 24, 2013

5/24/2013 - The Hunt for Alien Megastructures

5/24/2013 - Bondsy, Drops First Aid, Bamboo Loop, and More

5/24/2013 - Flickr, Snoopify, and More

5/24/2013 - Mailbox, Forecast.io, and More

5/24/2013 - The Oddest-Looking Musical Instruments on Earth

5/24/2013 - Bartending robot mixes (and remixes) crowdsourced drink recipes

5/24/2013 - Adidas's New Smart Soccer Ball Tells You Everything About Your Kicks

5/24/2013 - What Do You Do in the Awkward Time Before You Meet an Online Date?

5/24/2013 - The Science of Non-Alcoholic Beer

5/24/2013 - Will your job still exist a generation from now?

5/24/2013 - Beautiful Prints From Iconic New Yorker Artist Adrian Tomine

5/24/2013 - A Clever Plastic Brace Turns Long-Stemmed Flowers Into Their Own Vase

5/24/2013 - Can you spot every detail in this Simpsons theme park concept art?

5/24/2013 - What's an "Ugly" Building, Anyway?

5/24/2013 - If your brain were a computer, how much storage space would it have?

5/24/2013 - Your Alchemy Project for the Weekend

5/24/2013 - Butterflies remember a mountain that hasn't existed for millennia

5/24/2013 - Illuminated Literature For $80 Is Your Deal Of The Day

5/24/2013 - This Walking, Driving, TRANSFORMING RC Car Can't Get Here Fast Enough

5/24/2013 - Why Publishers Are Always Looking For The Next Old Man's War

5/24/2013 - Ask biologist Marlene Zuk anything you want about human evolution

5/24/2013 - Are Cassettes the Best Music Format for Toddlers?

5/24/2013 - Universal's Simpsons Land Theme Park Includes Krusty Burger and Moe's

5/24/2013 - When Is Call of Duty Going to Look This Good?

5/24/2013 - 13 Post-Apocalyptic Stories That Actually Teach Valuable Lessons

5/24/2013 - Watch 9 months of Curiosity on Mars in a one-minute time-lapse video

5/24/2013 - Incredible Photos of a Melting Ice Hotel

5/24/2013 - First look at DC's animated Flashpoint movie

5/24/2013 - The Most Detailed Star Wars Figure Ever Is 13 Inches of Sith Glory

5/24/2013 - The First Movie On TV Was In Theaters At The Time

5/24/2013 - What Is Flat Design?

5/24/2013 - Alaska's spellbinding Pavlof volcano spewing ash, as seen from the ISS

5/24/2013 - Cockroaches Are Evolving to Avoid Poison, Will Rule Us All

5/24/2013 - Lucy Lawless teases a Xena revival? *SWOON*

5/24/2013 - Epic: This is what a good children's film looks like

5/24/2013 - Nuclear plant workers film Star Trek spoof inside training simulator

5/24/2013 - The SkyRanger Flies in the Face of Inclement Weather

5/24/2013 - The First Image Ever of a Hydrogen Atom's Orbital Structure

5/24/2013 - Espresso 101: The Methods and Machines Behind the Perfect Shot

5/24/2013 - The effect that explains why you regret posting in anger

5/24/2013 - This Ad Gets Eaten Away By Bugs To Show the Dangers Of Crack Cocaine

5/24/2013 - "Sound Bulbs" Are Vintage Speakers That Screw Right into Light Sockets

5/24/2013 - Watch as this burning railway bridge comes crashing down

5/24/2013 - High School Student Builds Working Submarine: Possibly Wants to Defect

5/24/2013 - The new Avengers Assemble cartoon looks... actually kinda okay

5/24/2013 - Beer Architecture: 9 Classic American Breweries

5/24/2013 - Henry Cavill wants to make a Superman/Batman team-up film!

5/24/2013 - Get $50 Off an iPhone at Best Buy From Sunday

5/24/2013 - This Chair Is Also a Table

5/24/2013 - Intel Says Haswell Will Extend Laptop Battery Life by 50 Percent

5/24/2013 - It Sure Looks Beautiful Inside the Ring Nebula

5/24/2013 - What Life on Earth Would Look Like If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn

5/24/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Planet Online

5/23/2013 - Is HTC Coming Out with a HTC One that Runs Stock Android?

5/23/2013 - This Is What Each Season Looks Like in a Million Pixels

5/23/2013 - New Hubble images of the Ring Nebula reveal the Eye of Sauron

5/23/2013 - Iran Has Hacked US Energy Companies

5/23/2013 - Wow, a Dystopian Coming-of-Age Novel With Actual Real Science

5/23/2013 - The Beer of Thrones is not safe for pregnant women, Dothraki, anybody

5/23/2013 - The Alien Backstory You Didn't See in the After Earth Trailers!

5/23/2013 - You Don’t Hate the Xbox One, You’re Just Jealous

5/23/2013 - The World's Most Awkward Taxidermy

5/23/2013 - Feast your eyes on the first global topographical map of Titan

5/23/2013 - Portland voters reject fluoridation for the fourth time

5/23/2013 - Quicksilver is gonna be in Avengers 2 AND X-Men: Days of Future Past!

5/23/2013 - Poltergeist remake will actually be a sequel, which is a good thing

5/23/2013 - Google Glass Will Make Amateur Photographers Even More Annoying

5/23/2013 - Forget Barcodes, 1961's Cash Register of the Future Understood Speech

5/23/2013 - Scientists Found the Itch Molecule—and They Know How to Turn it Off

5/23/2013 - Architecturally-Inspired Forms Have a Place on Your Dessert Plate

5/23/2013 - Which comics supervillain really deserves a shot on the big screen?

5/23/2013 - Through a Submarine Periscope Is the Best Way to View San Francisco

5/23/2013 - The Search for Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the Lost Imperial Sword of Japan

5/23/2013 - A 2000-year-old Philosophical Problem that Stumps Modern Machines

5/23/2013 - How Pesticides Pushed Cockroaches Into Rapid Evolution

5/23/2013 - Learn the art of Practical Spoonbending

5/23/2013 - The Only Thing Better Than a Fireworks Show Is a Fireworks Competition

5/23/2013 - How a 3D Printer Saved This Baby's Life

5/23/2013 - The time the Power Rangers battled a Rastafarian Monkey Monster

5/23/2013 - Tomorrow's Galactic Explorers Could Use Pulsars as Interstellar GPS

5/23/2013 - Ride Along As a Madman Drives a Snowmobile Off the Edge Of a Mountain

5/23/2013 - This Fungus Is Growing All Over Your Body

5/23/2013 - A Tactical Apron For Chefs Who Take Their BBQ Very Seriously

5/23/2013 - Hisense Sero 7 Pro Hands On: A Promising Nexus 7 Clone

5/23/2013 - We've Found the Molecule That Causes Itchiness

5/23/2013 - 14 Selfies Taken By All Of You

5/23/2013 - Pacific Rim finally explains why you need two pilots per giant robot

5/23/2013 - The Lost 1949 Essay That Predicted The Computerized World We Live In

5/23/2013 - NRA celebrates the gun wisdom in The Terminator and The Road Warrior

5/23/2013 - Incredible Slo-Mo Footage Of the Pistol Shrimp's Devastating Attack

5/23/2013 - Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction

5/23/2013 - 12 Underrated or Overlooked TV Shows to Marathon This Weekend

5/23/2013 - The New Xbox One's Kinect Sensor Is Officially Coming to Windows Next Year

5/23/2013 - The Horrifying Flame Tank of the 1930s Meant to End All Wars

5/23/2013 - Concept art from the J.J. Abrams Superman movie that never was

5/23/2013 - Google Glass Rival Hires 'Cyborg' Steve Mann as Chief Scientist

5/23/2013 - Middle Earth: Why We Need to Turn Our Map on Its Side

5/23/2013 - How Do a Building's Guts Help It Weather a Tornado?

5/23/2013 - A quick way to manipulate people

5/23/2013 - Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why he prefers Star Trek to Star Wars

5/23/2013 - Microsoft Has Two New Mice for Windows 8 Multitasking

5/23/2013 - Universal will reboot Timecop without Jean Claude Van Damme

5/23/2013 - The World's Smallest RC Helicopter Can Be Destroyed By a Fly Swatter

5/23/2013 - A Closer Look at Geoff Manaugh, Gizmodo's New Editor in Chief

5/23/2013 - This 163 MPH Rocket Bike Just Set a Land Speed Record

5/23/2013 - Philosophy Web Series Shots of Awe Will Blow Your Mind in 180 Seconds

5/23/2013 - Humanity Will Never Be Overrun By Spontaneously Forming Space Brains

5/23/2013 - Bondsy: The Best Way to Barter Between Friends

5/23/2013 - Man builds induction-powered LED engagement ring, wins at everything

5/23/2013 - This Incredible Full Scale Lego X-Wing Is the Largest Model In History

5/23/2013 - How One Artist Makes Hypnotic GIFs From Cloned Video Loops

5/23/2013 - Chris Hadfield's Cosmonaut Comrade Prepares To Colonize Mars

5/23/2013 - Is this an early prototype of a real-life Iron Man suit?

5/23/2013 - Air-Powered Force Feedback Could Make Kinect Even More Immersive

5/23/2013 - Cumberbatch also got gratuitously naked in deleted Star Trek 2 scene

5/23/2013 - 15 Photographs of the Superstructures That Put Us in Space

5/23/2013 - Christopher Nolan explains how Watchmen paved the way for Man of Steel

5/23/2013 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 780: Titanic Power at a Less Ludicrous Price

5/23/2013 - How Star Trek Into Darkness' Epic Score Came To Life

5/23/2013 - Google's New Trend Visualizer Is a Truly Beautiful Thing

5/23/2013 - Why the Googolplex Number Is Insanely Difficult to Visualize, in Song

5/23/2013 - Sherpa's Personal Assistant App Is Coming To Glass, Other Android Wearables

5/23/2013 - Why the HTC One Lacks a Micro SD Slot

5/23/2013 - How a 3D Printer Helped a Child Breathe Again

5/23/2013 - This Is HP's Take on the Retina MacBook Pro

5/23/2013 - Kim Dotcom Claims He Invented Two-Factor Authentication

5/23/2013 - These GIFs of Video Game Backgrounds Are Mesmerizing Works of Art

5/23/2013 - These Brand New AMD Processors Could Be Your Next Laptop's Brain

5/23/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Dumbass (NSFW)

5/22/2013 - Google Thinks Gayest and Worst Mean the Same Thing

5/22/2013 - Behind the Scenes of How Man Works with Machine in Pacific Rim

5/22/2013 - Haha, Microsoft Uses Siri to Make Fun of the iPad in a Commercial

5/22/2013 - How to Make Your Own DIY Etch A Sketch

5/22/2013 - This rose is smaller than a strand of hair

5/22/2013 - Watch an adorable 4-year-old girl school you all in Marvel trivia

5/22/2013 - These 1,000-year-old coins could rewrite Australia's history

5/22/2013 - Steve Aoki explores the Singularity in this futuristic new video

5/22/2013 - Xbox One: All the Nerdy Details You Don't Know Yet

5/22/2013 - How does toothpaste make orange juice taste bad?

5/22/2013 - Drops First Aid: Knowledge You Need to Save a Life Right in Your Pocket

5/22/2013 - The Mechanical Beauty of Early Automatons

5/22/2013 - Why do rational people buy into conspiracy theories?

5/22/2013 - A Steeping Scooping Tea Strainer That Cuts Down On Dirty Dishes

5/22/2013 - DARPA's Web Warrior Support System Helps Soldiers Hoist Heavy Loads

5/22/2013 - Amazon Is Going to Start Selling Fan Fiction — Legal Fan Fiction

5/22/2013 - Good, Bad, and Evil Things: Cataloging Crimes Against Taste

5/22/2013 - 9 Reasons Green Lanterns Are the Universe's Worst Protectors

5/22/2013 - Watch the amazing, fantastic and stupendous pilot of Steven Universe

5/22/2013 - Forget 3D-Printed Guns; Here Are Some 3D-Printed Shotgun Slugs

5/22/2013 - How We Imagined the Internet Before the Internet Even Existed

5/22/2013 - How To Survive the Economic Apocalypse

5/22/2013 - Every President's Underground Lair: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex

5/22/2013 - Twitter Finally Has Two-Factor Authentication: Here's How to Get It

5/22/2013 - Microsoft's 1999 Predictions for Ebooks of the 21st Century

5/22/2013 - The Newest iPod Nano Is Your Deal of the Day

5/22/2013 - A Peek at the Secret Lab Where Google Tries to Invent the Future

5/22/2013 - Why do people hallucinate geometric tunnels?

5/22/2013 - Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI

5/22/2013 - 5 Grisly Decades of Workplace Safety Posters

5/22/2013 - Your Xbox One Is Going to Control Your Entire Home Someday

5/22/2013 - Humans may soon regenerate damaged body parts like salamanders

5/22/2013 - Blow Through Nine Months of Mars Roving Photos in Just One Minute

5/22/2013 - Supercut: "Dragged to the Altar" Scenes from Science Fiction & Fantasy

5/22/2013 - The Xbox One's Secret Killer Feature: Getting You in Shape

5/22/2013 - Drive Awake iOS App Can Tell When You're Drowsy, Directs You to Coffee

5/22/2013 - True facts about the aye-aye, wielder of the most alien hand on earth

5/22/2013 - Watch a Railroad Bridge Turn into $10 Million Flaming Dominoes

5/22/2013 - Amazon Is Planning a Massive Biodome HQ So No One Ever Has to Leave

5/22/2013 - Why Wrath of Khan is Still a Bloody Great Star Trek Movie

5/22/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Memorial Day

5/22/2013 - New trailer for Simon Pegg's beer-soaked apocalypse The World's End

5/22/2013 - This Russian Mobile SAM Site Could Be a Serious Ace Up Syria's Sleeve

5/22/2013 - China Has Their Own Stealth Drone

5/22/2013 - How fast does the Earth rotate?

5/22/2013 - Could Spider-Man and Wolverine guest-star on Agents of SHIELD?

5/22/2013 - Accidental Architectural Patterns From All Over the World

5/22/2013 - This Tiny Amp Gets Big Sound Out of Your Smartphone

5/22/2013 - What is Megan Fox saying to Raphael's cold, dead mutant turtle eyes?

5/22/2013 - On Using Your iPhone Abroad Without Getting Totally Screwed

5/22/2013 - The First Piece of Google Chrome's Conversational Future Is in Place

5/22/2013 - Surprise! Dubious Flying Car Company Loses All Kinds of Money

5/22/2013 - It’s the zombie asshole mini-apocalypse in the Grimm finale

5/22/2013 - An iPhone 5 Cable That Never Tangles and Doubles as a Stand

5/22/2013 - What it's like to have an EF5 tornado pass almost directly overhead

5/22/2013 - How to Sound Just the Right Kind of Concerned About Google Glass

5/22/2013 - 13 Highlights From One of the Biggest Furniture Fairs in the Country

5/22/2013 - Crazy Rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, and Doctor Who

5/22/2013 - The Real-Life, $150 Star Trek Tricorder Is One Step Closer To Reality

5/22/2013 - This 1.5TB Laptop Drive Is the Most Memory-Dense You Can Buy

5/22/2013 - This Subway Map Is Not an Image, Just Pure Code

5/22/2013 - All The Meteorites That Have Been Seen Falling to Earth Since 2500 BC

5/22/2013 - A Stark Reminder That Drones Are Filling Our Skies

5/22/2013 - 13 Facts You Won't Believe Are True

5/22/2013 - Man of Steel trailer shows off Superman's HEAT VISION

5/22/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Demons End

5/21/2013 - A Movie Will Show Graphic Sex Scenes By Digitally Imposing Actors

5/21/2013 - New Man of Steel Trailer Shows General Zod Destroying Earth

5/21/2013 - The NFL Is Going to Be Using Microsoft Surface on the Sideline

5/21/2013 - Wow, A Guy Plummeted 40MPH off a 1,000 Foot Cliff and Survived

5/21/2013 - We'll seriously miss Warehouse 13

5/21/2013 - The Creator of the GIF Says It's Pronounced JIF. He Is Wrong

5/21/2013 - Your daily dose of nightmare fuel: squiggly ant-parasites from hell

5/21/2013 - The Only Character in Revolution Who's Still Worth Rooting For

5/21/2013 - Xbox One Controller Hands On: Rumbling Triggers Are Freaking Awesome

5/21/2013 - Medical Lawsuit: Stop Wrecking Babies' Genitals

5/21/2013 - When Pets Get Drafted: The Bizarre History of Animal Soldiers

5/21/2013 - V/H/S/ 2 trailer teases scary aliens, FINALLY

5/21/2013 - Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough: The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before

5/21/2013 - Pentagram Bikini: For the Sunbather Unafraid of Satanic Tan Lines

5/21/2013 - Bamboo Loop: A Fun, Creative Twist on Everyday Picture Messaging

5/21/2013 - Paolo Soleri and the Cities of the Future

5/21/2013 - Steven Spielberg is making a live action Halo series

5/21/2013 - This Rinsing Bowl Cleverly Includes a Colander

5/21/2013 - What's the stupidest-looking alien of all time?

5/21/2013 - How to Get First in Line for Xbox One Preorders

5/21/2013 - Will You Buy an Xbox One?

5/21/2013 - You Can Use Google Maps to Find Faces Hidden in the Earth

5/21/2013 - So this DVD looks and smells like pizza when it's finished playing

5/21/2013 - Iain M. Banks explains he wasn't writing science fiction for the money

5/21/2013 - Geoff Johns says goodbye to Green Lantern in This Week’s Comics

5/21/2013 - This Radio-Book Was The Future of Education

5/21/2013 - How Sunscreen Works (And Why You're Wrong About It)

5/21/2013 - Annalee Newitz reading tonight in Phoenix, tomorrow in Seattle

5/21/2013 - Sweat-Draining Fabric Will Banish Armpit Stains for Good

5/21/2013 - Allosaurus Ate Like a Terrifying Two-Ton Falcon

5/21/2013 - 24 minutes of Star Wars heroes and villains dancing their Hutts off

5/21/2013 - A Great Pair of Wireless Desktop Speakers Is Your Deal of the Day

5/21/2013 - Gamers are more hostile towards opponents that seem human

5/21/2013 - Good News! Xbox One (Kind of) Doesn't Require Internet Connection (Maybe)

5/21/2013 - The Artificial Insect Eye That Will Give Sight To Tiny Drones

5/21/2013 - Byzantium trailer channels that old Interview with A Vampire feeling

5/21/2013 - The Industrial Design Behind Xbox One's "Invisible" System

5/21/2013 - Was Michael Crichton right about a link between epilepsy and violence?

5/21/2013 - Dragonfly Wings Are Amazing In Slow Motion

5/21/2013 - WHAT? Steven Spielberg Is Making a Live-Action Halo Series

5/21/2013 - Xbox One Could the Best Friend Your TV Ever Had

5/21/2013 - A Close-up Look at the Star Trek Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

5/21/2013 - A Look at How Microsoft Designed the Xbox of the Future

5/21/2013 - An old friend and new enemies visit Nolan in Defiance

5/21/2013 - The New Kinect Is So Sensitive It Can Read Your Heartbeat

5/21/2013 - Microsoft's New Kinect: Much More Than Mere Motion Control

5/21/2013 - Behold the beauty of the Wicked Witch of the West

5/21/2013 - 10 Novels That Are More Action-Packed Than Most Summer Movies

5/21/2013 - Xbox One: Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Console

5/21/2013 - Don't Get Daft Punk's New Album Without Also Getting the Helmet

5/21/2013 - Watch Microsoft's New Xbox Reveal Right Here, Right Now

5/21/2013 - Why Did Penguins Stop Flying?

5/21/2013 - Why Are There No Black People On The Jetsons?

5/21/2013 - Chris Hadfield talks about re-adapting to Earth's gravity

5/21/2013 - This Adorable Flipboard Printing GIF Camera Needs To Be Real

5/21/2013 - This Printer Spits Out 10 Meters of Solar Panel Every Minute

5/21/2013 - What the hell did this chemistry teacher think was going to happen?

5/21/2013 - Our Effect on Earth's Water Cycle Is Both Fascinating and Terrifying

5/21/2013 - Elementary Demonstrates the Right Way to Update a Classic Hero

5/21/2013 - A humbling map of real-time wind patterns in Tornado Alley

5/21/2013 - Yahoo Internet Life Magazine Is an Awesome Relic of the Dot Com Era

5/21/2013 - Kinect Is Going To Watch How You Browse, Not Just What You Buy

5/21/2013 - The longest continual satellite scroll of Earth you will ever see

5/21/2013 - It's Time To Kill Google Voice

5/21/2013 - IBM's Watson Has a Boring New Job Answering Phones

5/21/2013 - Giant Boner Space Hotel? No Thanks, Says Barcelona

5/21/2013 - Lars von Trier's movie Nymphomaniac puts the SFX in sex

5/21/2013 - Nothing Beats Cookies Fresh From the (Cardboard) Oven

5/21/2013 - The Wolverine trailer reunites Logan with the X-Men (sort of)

5/21/2013 - A Dead Satellite Could Ruin Weather--And Tornado--Prediction For Years

5/21/2013 - Watch these zombies parkour around a post-apocalyptic wasteland

5/21/2013 - 10 of the Year's Most Beautiful Science Images

5/21/2013 - Ghostbusters 3 is all about Columbia students destroying our dimension

5/21/2013 - Disney Teaches Its Animatronics Not to Be Classless Brutes

5/21/2013 - The Next Xbox: Everything We Think We Know

5/21/2013 - NASA's Next 3D Printing Frontier Is... Pizza?

5/21/2013 - Judge Rules That Airbnb Is Illegal in New York (Updated)

5/21/2013 - Yes, an Old Mac G5 Does Make a Great BBQ

5/21/2013 - Are These The Most Intimate Self Portraits Ever?

5/21/2013 - Spotify Takes on Billboard With Free-to-Play Most-Streamed Charts

5/21/2013 - PSA: Your Skype Messages Aren't as Private as You Think They Are

5/21/2013 - The Iconic Eames Molded Chair Is Being Made with Fiberglass Again

5/21/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Wandering

5/20/2013 - This Guy Built the Most Incredible Spider-Man Suit Ever

5/20/2013 - This Insane Highway Demolition Is the Longest Ever in China

5/20/2013 - A Former Subway Worker Made a Breakthrough Discovery in Math

5/20/2013 - Social Networks Make You Feel Like You're Missing Everything

5/20/2013 - Totally Astonishing Images from the 2013 Art of Science Contest

5/20/2013 - Damon Lindelof admits the Star Trek underwear scene was "gratuitous"

5/20/2013 - Shanzhai Biennial: Dark Optimism

5/20/2013 - New Flickr Walkthrough: So Pretty, So Much, So Free

5/20/2013 - Watch Chris Hadfield MacGyver Up a Game of Space Darts

5/20/2013 - Teen Wolf trailer unleashes the Alpha Werewolf Pack

5/20/2013 - Read This Week’s DVDs or this catbus will eat these children

5/20/2013 - If Earth Had a Ring Like Saturn

5/20/2013 - Limelight: Share Your Carefully Crafted Movie Collection With the World

5/20/2013 - Holy crap the inside of this meteorite is gorgeous

5/20/2013 - Tokyo Has Never Sounded This Incredible

5/20/2013 - Watch Leap Motion Turn a Windows 8 Rig Into a Futuristic Dream Machine

5/20/2013 - Could you stop tornados before they start?

5/20/2013 - Flickr's Massive Redesign: Full-Res Photos, a Terabyte of Free Storage

5/20/2013 - That Time American School Kids Were Given Dog Tags Because of Nukes

5/20/2013 - Charts reveal what Americans consider the most immoral acts

5/20/2013 - Which science fiction TV show do you wish you could personally reboot?

5/20/2013 - This Kingdom Come fan-film > DC's non-existent Justice League movie

5/20/2013 - The Favorite Boozy Beverage of Classic Movie Characters, In One Chart

5/20/2013 - First Footage of an F-35B Taking Off Straight Into the Air

5/20/2013 - Jennifer Lawrence slips back into her Mystique skin on the X-Men set

5/20/2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness: The Spoiler FAQ

5/20/2013 - The 5 Types of Ax Everyone Should Know

5/20/2013 - The Newest 3D-Printed Gun Is Far More Dangerous For Much Cheaper

5/20/2013 - Peter Dinklage deserves another Emmy for last night's Game of Thrones

5/20/2013 - The Closest You'll Ever Come to Watching Jodorowsky's Lost Dune Movie

5/20/2013 - AT&T Is Finally Going to Let Everyone Video Chat Over Data

5/20/2013 - What's Yahoo Announcing at Its Event Tonight?

5/20/2013 - Legally Streaming NFL Games for $100 Is Your Deal of the Day

5/20/2013 - How Telemedicine Has Already Surpassed Our Earliest Predictions

5/20/2013 - Bonk the Day Away With a Floating, 4-in-1 Fisherman's Best Friend

5/20/2013 - Your Favorite Cartoons and Puppets, Redrawn as Horrifying Nightmares

5/20/2013 - Could a virtual therapist really help with your personal problems?

5/20/2013 - Mi-24 HIND: The Flying Russian Crocodile Can Fight and Flee

5/20/2013 - A picture of teenage Ray Bradbury with Marlene Dietrich made my day

5/20/2013 - A sneak peek inside Guillermo del Toro's Kaiju-killing machines

5/20/2013 - The Most Awesome F-35 Video I've Ever Seen

5/20/2013 - Hacked Brainwave Headset Lets You Control Architecture by Thinking

5/20/2013 - 7 Signs We Are Heading for a Mass Extinction

5/20/2013 - Disney reveals its new Star Wars cartoon, Rebels

5/20/2013 - How a Trumpet Works Explained In One Animated GIF

5/20/2013 - Meet a real-life climate science troll

5/20/2013 - Croatian Bees Are Being Trained to Hunt Down Deadly Land Mines

5/20/2013 - This week's TV: The Tourettes Outbreak That Racked a Small Town

5/20/2013 - Teen trillionaires have problems too in this preview of Green Team #1

5/20/2013 - Interstellar distances, measured in memes

5/20/2013 - Here's Your First (Blurry) Look at the PS4

5/20/2013 - Will The Internet of Things Make Our Lives Any Easier?

5/20/2013 - How the Runaways Movie That Never Happened Helped to Fuel Iron Man 3

5/20/2013 - Why Brushing Your Teeth Makes Orange Juice Taste Like Death

5/20/2013 - Pretty Little Liars is secretly about the supernatural world

5/20/2013 - Why It's Dumb to Abandon Tumblr Today

5/20/2013 - Your first new rumored Star Wars: Episode VII cast member is...

5/20/2013 - Gimme Shelter: 9 Instant Buildings From Disaster Zones to Battlefields

5/20/2013 - What is Evolution?

5/20/2013 - Flashback: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

5/20/2013 - The fraud who worked with Einstein

5/20/2013 - Matt Smith and David Tennant chat about Doctor Who's 50th birthday!

5/20/2013 - It's Official: Yahoo Is Buying Tumblr, Promises "Not to Screw It Up"

5/20/2013 - Maths Jokes, Explained

5/20/2013 - The First Jolla Smartphone: Quirky, $500, and Android-Friendly

5/20/2013 - China Is Hacking the US Again

5/20/2013 - Bacteria Never Looked So Beautiful

5/20/2013 - Don't Upgrade to Hangouts If You Use Google Voice on Your Computer

5/19/2013 - A Starry Night in the Valley of the Roses

5/19/2013 - Bad Bad Hats: It Hurts

5/19/2013 - Pinhole Cameras That Are Actually Meant To Be Used

5/19/2013 - Profound and hilarious poetry written by arranging book spines

5/19/2013 - It Takes An Earworm To Memorize The Periodic Table

5/19/2013 - The clones come out of the closet on Orphan Black

5/19/2013 - Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Underground Stations from Around The World

5/19/2013 - Gizmodo and Adhocracy: A Night of Great Conversation at the New Museum

5/19/2013 - Want To Buy A 1950s Humanoid Robot?

5/19/2013 - Superpowers and hope fill first trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Believe

5/19/2013 - The Largest Photograph of Earth Ever Taken Is an Amazing Sight

5/19/2013 - Carnivorous plant doesn't have time for any of that junk DNA

5/19/2013 - Crowdfund a collection of Osamu Tezuka's short manga and more

5/19/2013 - Sarah Connor needs to tell Doctor Who there's no fate but what we make

5/19/2013 - YouTube Turns Eight Today

5/19/2013 - Here's the supernova Johannes Kepler studied 400 years ago

5/19/2013 - What Do You Want From Lyrics Sites?

5/19/2013 - The pilot script for Alfonso Cuarón's Believe is now online

5/19/2013 - The Unexpected Artwork of Physicist Richard Feynman

5/19/2013 - What character are you embarrassed that you love?

5/19/2013 - Did Mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki Invent Bitcoin?

5/19/2013 - State-of-the-art 19th-century torpedo was discovered by Navy dolphins

5/19/2013 - Watch Aliens retold in 60 seconds of animated silliness

5/19/2013 - Whimsical, animal-filled illustrations of mathematical concepts

5/19/2013 - Video Roundup: Science Friday Desktop Diaries

5/19/2013 - The terrifyingly specific phenomenon that makes your jaw glow green

5/19/2013 - Take two minutes to watch the monster animation in this madcap short

5/19/2013 - Cosmonewts Come Home After Russians Send Animals To Space

5/19/2013 - Congratulations to this year's Nebula Award winners!

5/19/2013 - Ninja Turtles are marked by their weapons in these posters

5/19/2013 - An Unsettling Reminder To Water Your Plants

5/18/2013 - Streetlight Manifesto: Ungrateful

5/18/2013 - Balloon sculpture is the least deadly stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle

5/18/2013 - One of the Basic Math Rules You Learned In School Is Wrong

5/18/2013 - This century-old abandoned ship now hosts a floating forest

5/18/2013 - Ex-Valve Engineers' Crazy AR Glasses Put Tiny Projectors On Your Face

5/18/2013 - Pistol Cams, the Mammoth Camera, and Other Odd Vintage Cameras

5/18/2013 - A heartbreaking short about a mother's loss, set in a lunar mine

5/18/2013 - This 18-Year-Old's Invention Could Make Your Future Phone Instacharge

5/18/2013 - The ram-skulled god is ready to invade your nightmares

5/18/2013 - Watch James Cameron's Aliens Animated in Just 60 Seconds

5/18/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Dragon Walker

5/18/2013 - Google Hangouts Has a Weird, Fun Multi-Cam Trick

5/18/2013 - Someone Animated Patton Oswalt's Epic Star Wars/Avengers Mashup Rant

5/18/2013 - What happens when Leonardo Da Vinci faces off against Dracula?

5/18/2013 - How Much the Starship Enterprise Costs, Google I/O Goodies, And More

5/18/2013 - Watch a model Enterprise fly into the stratosphere

5/18/2013 - A Dental Hygiene Cartoon from the Bacteria's Point of View

5/18/2013 - Watch This Badass Pilot Save the Day With a Ballsy No-Wheel Landing

5/18/2013 - Learn the Periodic Table of Elements with this handy song

5/18/2013 - Adding a hairy coat to a building to capture wind power

5/18/2013 - Justice League members walk their young sidekicks to school

5/18/2013 - Share Your Rare Music Collection with the Internet

5/18/2013 - A warrior's daughter and a shop keeper's son are switched at birth

5/18/2013 - This Table Designs Itself With a Corrosive Chemical Dance Party

5/18/2013 - Kirk and the Gorn duet in Star Trek: The Middle School Musical

5/18/2013 - The records for the greatest distances driven on Mars and the Moon

5/18/2013 - The World's Fastest Wi-Fi Puts Your Sluggish Router to Shame

5/18/2013 - Shockwave re-animates prehistoric Decepticon armies on Transformers

5/18/2013 - Start Your Day Right With a Daft Punk Laser Bubble Rave

5/18/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Two Colors, Three Dimensions

5/17/2013 - Iowa Farms Can't Seem to Keep Their Pig Shit from Exploding

5/17/2013 - The Vampire Diaries and the Pitfalls of the Season-Ending Twist

5/17/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Vine Tries to Make a Vine Ad in Vine

5/17/2013 - RIP Frank Kendig, original editor of Omni Magazine

5/17/2013 - NASA Designs the Scientifically Perfect Space Meal

5/17/2013 - Red Waves Are Breaking Across the Land

5/17/2013 - An experiment shows how people deliberately sabotage themselves

5/17/2013 - Energizer 180W Cup Inverter: Juice Your Gadgets on the Go

5/17/2013 - When forests glow green in the night

5/17/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: May 11 - May 17, 2013

5/17/2013 - How to Make Your Own Anti-Venom without Poisoning a Horse

5/17/2013 - The Shining Girls is one of the best serial killer tales ever written

5/17/2013 - Malaria Makes Mosquitoes Meaner

5/17/2013 - What's your favorite massive object in space?

5/17/2013 - UFO sightings in Canada rose alarmingly in 2012

5/17/2013 - Festival Ready, Beer Hunt, and More

5/17/2013 - Google Play Music, Hangouts, Kicksend, and More

5/17/2013 - EyePaint, WWF Together, and More

5/17/2013 - A Tour Through the US Army's Largest Simulated Battlefield

5/17/2013 - What will really happen when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts?

5/17/2013 - Andre Norton has a spiffy new website

5/17/2013 - This Silicone Cylinder Is an Acceptable Adult Piggy Bank

5/17/2013 - Wizard Cops: They cast spells first, and ask questions later

5/17/2013 - Drinks-On With the World's Biggest, Baddest Bartending Robot

5/17/2013 - Astounding Concept Art of Cities Being Demolished

5/17/2013 - The Most Stunning Way To Start a Fire Since Lightning

5/17/2013 - Commies, Nukes, and Flying Cars: What Seniors Predicted For 2076

5/17/2013 - Earth's Atmosphere Is Slowly Escaping Into Space

5/17/2013 - How Big Is the New Enterprise Compared to the Old One?

5/17/2013 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

5/17/2013 - Game of Thrones will end with season 7, according to producer

5/17/2013 - Warning: Don't Drink and Internet

5/17/2013 - This Wacom Drawing Tablet Is Your Deal of the Day

5/17/2013 - Unglamorous Space Catastrophes That You'll Never See in a Movie

5/17/2013 - Why Is This 112-Year-Old Church Floating in the Air?

5/17/2013 - Your First Real Look at the Space Movie Everybody's Raving About

5/17/2013 - New Faces, New Places

5/17/2013 - Why Your Brain Thinks These Dots Are a Dog

5/17/2013 - 12 Great Science Fiction Actors Who Don't Get Enough Props

5/17/2013 - The Zombieland TV show is your zombie kill of the week

5/17/2013 - An Imprisoned Hacker Invented an ATM Attachment That Stops Skimmers

5/17/2013 - Modular Beach Pavilions Are Replacing the Ones Hurricane Sandy Ruined

5/17/2013 - Paleofuture Joins Gizmodo

5/17/2013 - Watch an Epic Optimus Painting Come To Life In This Amazing Timelapse

5/17/2013 - This 1897 bicycle highway was supposed to be the future of transit

5/17/2013 - Explore the Dark Side of Your Desk With This Wooden Curiosity Model

5/17/2013 - How This 116-Story Skyscraper Will "Confuse" the Wind

5/17/2013 - Revisiting Kepler’s Most Mind-Blowing Discoveries

5/17/2013 - Gap Employees Will Someday Be Replaced By This T-Shirt Folding Bot

5/17/2013 - Tomorrow's Corporate Jets Will Be Flying Johnny Cabs

5/17/2013 - Smoking Pot Offers Relief to the Lonely

5/17/2013 - How Much Would It Cost to Build the Starship Enterprise?

5/17/2013 - When Sliders went to paradise, it was pure hell for viewers

5/17/2013 - GIFs in Reverse Are Everything That's Wonderful About the Internet

5/17/2013 - This Sculpture Would Result From 200 Arrows Hitting One Target

5/17/2013 - This Teeny Tiny Iron Battles Wrinkled Clothing on the Go

5/17/2013 - Cataplexy: When emotions paralyze you

5/17/2013 - The Biggest Explosion Ever Seen on the Moon!

5/17/2013 - Dominos Makes Awesome DVDs That Smell Like Pizza When They're Played

5/17/2013 - Lost's Sawyer is a super-soldier for the Info Age in Intelligence

5/17/2013 - Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped (I Should Know, I Do It For a Living)

5/17/2013 - 14 Reasons to Keep Your Gadgets Away from Open Flame

5/17/2013 - When will we see Star Trek 3? And will we ever see The Incredibles 2?

5/17/2013 - These Aren't Flowers

5/17/2013 - This 3D Picture Was Created Without a Camera

5/17/2013 - How Google Maps Helped a Chinese Abductee Find His Family

5/17/2013 - Google on Glass: You'll Just Know When Someone's Spying on You

5/17/2013 - Facebook Says Likes Must Have Free-Speech Protection

5/17/2013 - Just Another Day in the Ultimate Killing Machine

5/17/2013 - What Online Scams Would Look Like If They Were Real People

5/17/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mysterious Potions

5/16/2013 - HBO Picked Up That Silicon Valley TV Show That Might Be Good

5/16/2013 - What New York City Would Look Like on Other Planets

5/16/2013 - The Most Awesomest Ways to Open a Beer

5/16/2013 - If Vine Tried to Make a Commercial About Vine Using Vine

5/16/2013 - Google+ New Photo Features Hands-On: Fun, But Unreliable

5/16/2013 - The Atlantic Rim movie is somewhat less spectacular than Pacific Rim

5/16/2013 - Is Dean Winchester the worst hero ever? Or just one of the worst?

5/16/2013 - Chris Hadfield finds that home isn't nearly as interesting as space

5/16/2013 - That Wonder Woman-in-high-school show will just not die

5/16/2013 - The Most Impressive Lego Terminator Arm You've Ever Seen

5/16/2013 - Strange and Wonderful Moments in the History of Eyeglasses

5/16/2013 - Pay.me: Get All the Money You Deserve When Selling Online

5/16/2013 - What Kind of Wallet Do You Carry? Sleek and Slim or Over-Stuffed?

5/16/2013 - 3D print your own invisibility cloak

5/16/2013 - TWO "found footage" movies about time travel in the pipeline

5/16/2013 - How to Handle Instagram Tagging Without Being an Asshole

5/16/2013 - How Humans Will Evolve Over the Next Million Years

5/16/2013 - Why Google Didn't Talk About Glass Yesterday

5/16/2013 - DODOnotes iPhone Notebooks: Sometimes Nothing Beats a Pen and Paper

5/16/2013 - Did we just find the ruins of a famed lost city... using lasers?

5/16/2013 - How Michael Crichton Gave Birth to the Movie Pixel

5/16/2013 - Check out the crazy-dangerous "phosphorus sun" demonstration

5/16/2013 - The Central Problem With Steven Moffat's Doctor Who

5/16/2013 - Water-Activated LED Wall: Sounds Dangerous, Looks Beautiful

5/16/2013 - Star Trek Into Darkness Review: Small Time Fun

5/16/2013 - Familiar Star Wars fans tell J.J. Abrams what should be in Episode VII

5/16/2013 - A Self-Lighting Candle with a Dimmer Switch Is Uselessly Awesome

5/16/2013 - How a pregnancy test for humans caused a wave of global extinctions

5/16/2013 - Scientists Use Cloning to Create Embryonic Stem Cells

5/16/2013 - Save Your Legs With This Self-Balancing Briefcase Unicycle

5/16/2013 - Someone Finally Designed a Folding Chair That's Easy to Store

5/16/2013 - This 11-Inch Laptop With a 1080p Screen Is Your Deal of the Day

5/16/2013 - Fossils reveal the evolutionary split between monkeys and apes

5/16/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Selfie

5/16/2013 - First Official Pics of Tomorrow People, The 100 and Star-Crossed!

5/16/2013 - New Brain Stimulation Technique Makes You Better At Math

5/16/2013 - Go Get iTunes 11.0.3 (And Its Lovely Redesigned MiniPlayer) Right Now

5/16/2013 - Just when you thought Pacific Rim couldn't look any more incredible...

5/16/2013 - Rock Out with a Couple of Robots and Jack Conte

5/16/2013 - Google Glass Just Got Some New Glassware (Aka Apps)

5/16/2013 - The New Pacific Rim Trailer Is an Orgy of Everything You Love

5/16/2013 - Earth’s Oldest Flowing Water Found at the Bottom of a Canadian Mine

5/16/2013 - Find out who dies in the Arrow season finale

5/16/2013 - Under Armour Armour39 Review: Beast Mode Unlocked

5/16/2013 - The 11 Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bands

5/16/2013 - Google Wallet Will Let You Attach Money in Gmail

5/16/2013 - A Wind-Powered Factory That Makes Chairs, Scarves, and Pillows

5/16/2013 - The Story of the Bike Maker Who Can Hardly Ride His Own Bikes

5/16/2013 - The Best Streaming Radio

5/16/2013 - Star Trek Into Dumbness

5/16/2013 - This Subterranean Telescope May Have Just Seen Humanity's First Cosmic Neutrino

5/16/2013 - Oh my god, the new Hulk cartoon is a @#$%ing reality show

5/16/2013 - Oldest Water Cache Ever Discovered May Hold 1.5 Billion-Year-Old Life

5/16/2013 - This Camouflaged Binder Pillow Is Comfier Than Napping on a Keyboard

5/16/2013 - These inside-out horses are both creepy and cool

5/16/2013 - The science that discredited the "sons" of Marie Antoinette

5/16/2013 - How Lasers May Have Revealed a Legendary Lost City of Gold

5/16/2013 - How To Add a Glowing Star To Your Chuck Taylor All-Stars

5/16/2013 - Lifting weights with Wax Wolverine is a totally normal thing to do

5/16/2013 - A Tropical Storm Making Ripples in the Ocean Like a Pebble in a Pond

5/16/2013 - 8 Objects That Signal a New Industrial Revolution

5/16/2013 - The Kepler space telescope is spinning out of control

5/16/2013 - The Tranquil, Tron-Like Beauty of a Plane Refueling in Mid-Air

5/16/2013 - Magic: the Gathering's Summer Set Preview -- Megantic Sliver

5/16/2013 - Apple Patent Would Turn Your Friend's iPhones Into a Lighting Kit

5/16/2013 - An Italian Design Firm is Creating High Fashion Mutants

5/16/2013 - The surprise guest star on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't who you think!

5/16/2013 - Google and NASA Are Building the Future of AI With a Quantum Supercomputer

5/16/2013 - The Ebook Pricing Email That Steve Jobs Sent to James Murdoch

5/16/2013 - New Gmail Action Buttons Let You Perform Tasks From Your Inbox

5/16/2013 - The Android Hangouts Video Chat App Doesn't Work on AT&T Cellular

5/16/2013 - Here Are What the Google Glass Prototypes Looked Like

5/16/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: kaleidoscopes #008

5/15/2013 - Seeing Google Glass from a Toddler's Perspective Is So Adorable

5/15/2013 - All the Fake Websites from Doctor Who Make Me Wish They Were Real

5/15/2013 - A Mom Tried to Sell Her Three-Year-Old Son on Craigslist

5/15/2013 - Watch Liquid Water Instantly Turn into Ice

5/15/2013 - Yuko Shimizu's art is like a cooler version of your wildest dreams

5/15/2013 - Iron Man 3 VFX reels make the Air Force One scene twice as impressive

5/15/2013 - New Google Maps Hands-On: Maps Have Never Been This Cool

5/15/2013 - Learn to write Gallifreyan in 9 simple steps

5/15/2013 - What Your Body Will Do in the Next 30 Seconds

5/15/2013 - The Most Horrifying Industrial Disasters of All Time

5/15/2013 - Why does this 'Google Glass 2.0' video seem so wrong?

5/15/2013 - 3-D Imaging Shows a Caterpillar Becoming a Butterfly

5/15/2013 - Every fake website featured Doctor Who in one clip

5/15/2013 - Larry Page Reminded Us Why We Love Google Today

5/15/2013 - Festival Ready: A Swiss Army App Tailored to Summertime Fun

5/15/2013 - What's the most overrated science fiction or fantasy movie?

5/15/2013 - Buy Popular Mechanics' 1955 House of the Future For Only $1.8 Million

5/15/2013 - This amazing Optimus Prime painting was made in two and a half minutes

5/15/2013 - The Ultimate Video of People Being Idiots in Shopping Carts (Ouch)

5/15/2013 - Oh my god we need this giant Kaiju skull from Pacific Rim immediately

5/15/2013 - Google Play Music All Access Hands-On: All You Want (Minus Friends)

5/15/2013 - Karl Urban reveals the softie inside Star Trek's Bones

5/15/2013 - The BUM Seat: Style, Portability, and Charity for Your Butt

5/15/2013 - A Human Stem Cell Has Been Cloned For the First Time

5/15/2013 - Federal Judge: Only Powered-Off Cell Phones Deserve Privacy Protections

5/15/2013 - Arcade Alarm Clock: The Konami Code Won't Buy You More Shuteye

5/15/2013 - These monkeys don't think much of Shyamalan's After Earth either

5/15/2013 - Everything Google Tried to Kill at Google I/O

5/15/2013 - Watch a Caterpillar Transform Into a Butterfly From Inside the Cocoon

5/15/2013 - How did The CW become THE go-to network for fantastical television?

5/15/2013 - This Is How the Web Was Built, According To Google

5/15/2013 - Tony Stark one ups Justin Timberlake with "Suits That Fly"

5/15/2013 - Spirit Foxes and Raunchy Demons in Japanese Netsuke Art

5/15/2013 - Gripping Photos Capture the Mirror Worlds of North and South Korea

5/15/2013 - A Crucial Thinkgeek Coupon Code Is Your Deal of the Day

5/15/2013 - New Riddick trailer reveals his deadly foes and deadlier enemies

5/15/2013 - The New Google Maps: Flat, Clean, and Built Just for You

5/15/2013 - The Psychological Test That Explains Why You're Bad at Communicating

5/15/2013 - There's 320 Tons of Junk in the Trunk of this Russian Dumper

5/15/2013 - Watch This Annular Eclipse Send a Stunning Halo of Fire Across the Sky

5/15/2013 - An Interactive Map of Regional American Accents, With Audio

5/15/2013 - Did Google Just Try to Totally Change How Search Works?

5/15/2013 - The Science of Insomnia

5/15/2013 - This Low-Tech Office Furniture Doubles as a Gym

5/15/2013 - Google+ Does Some Amazing Things with Your Pictures Now

5/15/2013 - Google Hangouts: Unified Chat, Unlimited Reach

5/15/2013 - Idiot Construction Crew Demolishes 2,300-year-old Maya Pyramid

5/15/2013 - Completely Redesigned Google+ Adds a Whopping 41 New Features

5/15/2013 - Google Play for Education: You Know, For Kids

5/15/2013 - Check out this cool (and detailed) geological map of Skyrim

5/15/2013 - 9 Biggest Myths About the Apocalypse

5/15/2013 - Creative's Airwave HD Adds NFC So You Just Tap To Tether Your Tunes

5/15/2013 - Whoa! Google's Selling a Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S 4 on Google Play

5/15/2013 - Recon Instruments' Jet: Google Glass For the Sporty Type

5/15/2013 - Google Play Music All Access Is a Subscription Like Spotify Only Better

5/15/2013 - Artificial Skin That's Way More Sensitive to Touch Than The Real Thing

5/15/2013 - Grimm beats The Walking Dead at its own game

5/15/2013 - Android Maps Are Getting Way Better Battery Life and Location Services

5/15/2013 - Google Play Games Just Made Android Gaming Awesome(r)

5/15/2013 - Watch Tilda Swinton & Tom Hiddleston transform into Rock God Vampires

5/15/2013 - What Would a Mac Look Like As a Motorcycle?

5/15/2013 - The Most Significant Futurists of the Past 50 Years

5/15/2013 - Google I/O: What's New in Android, Chrome, and Beyond

5/15/2013 - Watch the Google I/O Keynote Right Here, Right Now

5/15/2013 - Become fluent in the vocabulary of solar flares and space weather

5/15/2013 - Escalators of Tokyo: a Visual Encyclopedia of a City's Moving Staircases

5/15/2013 - How Star Wars proves children are morons

5/15/2013 - What if New York City was transported to another planet?

5/15/2013 - Syria Dropped Off the Face of the Internet Again

5/15/2013 - What's being whispered in J.J.'s ear on the deck of the Enterprise?

5/15/2013 - An Interview With the Artists Behind the Beastie Boys' Album Artwork

5/15/2013 - Beautiful Portraits of "Monstrosities" from the 18th Century

5/15/2013 - A Cellphone Plan That Helps Make the World a Better Place

5/15/2013 - The Axe Cop cartoon still looks awesome, if you were wondering

5/15/2013 - Disney can put your face on a 3D-printed Stormtrooper figurine

5/15/2013 - Revealing Set Videos for Captain America 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2!

5/15/2013 - 18 Incredible Objects Being Kept Under Wraps

5/15/2013 - Google I/O Rumors: What's Next for Android, Chrome, Nexus, and More

5/15/2013 - All The Recurring Jokes in Arrested Development, Visualized

5/15/2013 - What Do You Want Google to Announce Later Today?

5/15/2013 - Almost Flat: The Future of iOS Design?

5/15/2013 - New Google Maps Features Leak Ahead of I/O

5/15/2013 - How Memes Could Have Spread Across the Universe

5/15/2013 - A 2,300 Year Old Mayan Pyramid Was Destroyed for a New Road

5/15/2013 - HP SlateBook x2: An Android Notebook With Sweet Tegra 4 Guts

5/15/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Undone

5/14/2013 - Haha, Watch a Taser Do Absolutely Nothing to a Candle

5/14/2013 - No One Wants to Download Your App When They Go to Your Website

5/14/2013 - What the Future of Google Glass Could Look Like

5/14/2013 - Get a way better look at Agents of SHIELD, plus two more new shows!

5/14/2013 - The Brooklyn Bridge Has Never Looked So Beautiful

5/14/2013 - Massive collection of high-res Star Trek pics show our amazing future

5/14/2013 - What Revolution Needs to Do, to Get Us to Invest in These Characters

5/14/2013 - Watch a Column Emerge From a Block of Marble During an Ocean Voyage

5/14/2013 - Attention idiots with too much money: "sex cereal" is now a thing

5/14/2013 - Which monster hunter do you wish you could make a nice cup of tea for?

5/14/2013 - This wild illusion causes you to see an object in three different ways

5/14/2013 - What Is TPP? The Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since ACTA

5/14/2013 - Watch the first ever carrier drone jet launch

5/14/2013 - Thinglist: A Note-Taking App That Keeps Track of Your Every Wish

5/14/2013 - Gizmodo Is Hiring Editorial Fellows in New York

5/14/2013 - Inside the Nitto Factory, Where the World's Best Bike Parts Are Made

5/14/2013 - How Dinky Feathers Helped Running Dinosaurs Evolve Into Flying Birds

5/14/2013 - This episode of Warehouse 13 felt like Eureka... only a shade darker

5/14/2013 - This Digital CPR Coach Could Help Save Lives Someday

5/14/2013 - Some of the World's Rarest (and Strangest) Creatures

5/14/2013 - These Talented Brackets are Half Light, Half Support

5/14/2013 - Eye-Popping Iron Man 3 Concept Art From The Big Malibu Attack Scene

5/14/2013 - My Little Ponies to be turned into horrifying mutant Pony People

5/14/2013 - Why Your Ears Pop (And What to Do If They Don't)

5/14/2013 - Puff on a Par 4 with this Sneaky Tee Weed Pipe

5/14/2013 - Skylab, America's First Space Station, Launched 40 Years Ago Today

5/14/2013 - The US Military's Disastrous Plan to Use Napalm-Strapped Bats in WWII

5/14/2013 - Another Spider-Man hangs up his tights in This Week’s Comics!

5/14/2013 - Town Reinvents Homebuilding With Flat-Pack Houses Under $150k

5/14/2013 - An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Your Deal of the Day

5/14/2013 - Defiance may be turning into the great scifi series we were promised

5/14/2013 - Talk about the end of the world with Annalee Newitz and Seth Mnookin

5/14/2013 - Everything wrong with Jurassic Park in under 180 seconds

5/14/2013 - 15 Android Fixes We Want to See This Week

5/14/2013 - What are the rules of time travel in the J.J. Abrams Universe?

5/14/2013 - Texting while driving now kills more teens than drunk driving

5/14/2013 - The World's Longest Lego Railway Includes 2.5 Miles Of Track

5/14/2013 - Still confused by Cloud Atlas? Infographic & featurettes break it down

5/14/2013 - 13 Images Reflected In Someone's Eye

5/14/2013 - Venice's Beachfront Balconies Look Like Boxes of Candy

5/14/2013 - Here's the actual "teleporting bank robbery" scene from Now You See Me

5/14/2013 - The Navy's X-47B Drone Has Taken Off From a Carrier For the First Time

5/14/2013 - Simon Pegg explains why the new Star Trek movie is all Kirk's fault

5/14/2013 - The eldest Weasley uses time travel to pick up chicks in About Time

5/14/2013 - Weird Dog In Little Sneakers Is Having a Hard Time

5/14/2013 - How to turn a high concept idea into an actual story

5/14/2013 - Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park

5/14/2013 - The Roller Coaster That Sandy Dumped Into the Ocean Is Being Torn Down

5/14/2013 - Making Your Laser a Flashlight Is the Lamest Way to Make It Useful

5/14/2013 - We just used the theory of relativity to discover a new planet

5/14/2013 - Drinking Away the Day Is Acceptable With a Calendar Made of Tea

5/14/2013 - J.J. Abrams to hold Star Trek chat with the ISS crew... IN SPACE

5/14/2013 - Costco UK Will Happily Sell You This Awesome $115,000 F1 Simulator

5/14/2013 - Can This RGB Dotted Reflector Really Improve Digital Camera Shots?

5/14/2013 - This Liquid Hydrogen UAV Just Flew for Two Days Straight

5/14/2013 - Mathematician Makes Astounding Prime Numbers Breakthrough

5/14/2013 - What the hell is happening on the Sun?

5/14/2013 - BlackBerry Is Bringing BBM to iOS and Android This Summer

5/14/2013 - Intricate, Ultra-Accurate Blueprints of Botanical Life

5/14/2013 - Windows "Blue" Is Officially Called Windows 8.1 and Free

5/14/2013 - Sleepy Hollow trailer gives the Headless Horseman an assault rifle

5/14/2013 - How the Nokia Lumia 925 Stacks Up to the Competition

5/14/2013 - The Construction Lamp: An Oil Derrick Look, Inspired by Tinker Toys

5/14/2013 - A musical piece that's part long-term sociology experiment

5/14/2013 - Netflix Just Made It Harder to Find Out When Movies Expire

5/14/2013 - Greatest music video ever about giant robots in anime

5/14/2013 - Of Course a Cheese Store Has a Tiny Grater Business Card

5/14/2013 - It's a pretty good day to be Robocop

5/14/2013 - Hell Yes! You Can Gchat in Outlook Soon

5/14/2013 - This Clever Bug Spray Billboard Is Actually a Giant Insect Trap

5/14/2013 - Lawrence Krauss answers questions on life, the Universe and everything

5/14/2013 - You Can Pre-Order NVIDIA's Project Shield on May 20 for $350

5/14/2013 - Physics Technician Busted For Preparing Cocaine In University Lab

5/14/2013 - When Will Computers Be as Powerful as the Human Brain?

5/14/2013 - 10 Japanese Micro Homes That Redefine Living Small

5/14/2013 - Has Marvel already picked someone to play Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2?

5/14/2013 - These Stamps Hail The Skylab Missions In 13 Awesome Ways

5/14/2013 - Your Philips Hue Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smarter

5/14/2013 - Can a Number Be Illegal?

5/14/2013 - Nokia Lumia 925 Hands-On: The Windows Phone You’ll Want (Updated)

5/14/2013 - Every Lumia Will Get Nokia’s New Smart Camera App

5/14/2013 - Was Commander Hadfield’s Performance of Space Oddity the Most Expensive Music Video Ever?

5/14/2013 - Nokia’s New Lumia 925: A Sleek Metal Frame and Fancy Camera

5/14/2013 - How the Smithsonian is 3D-Scanning Its Entire Collection

5/14/2013 - Some Guy Went on an Insanely Destructive Rampage on a Bulldozer

5/14/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Hola!

5/13/2013 - Soyuz Capsule Returns Chris Hadfield and Crew Safely Back to Earth

5/13/2013 - New Trailer for Almost Human, the Robot Cop Show from the Fringe Guys

5/13/2013 - What Can We Build with All the Lego Bricks in the World?

5/13/2013 - Once Upon A Time's season finale sets a course for total lunacy

5/13/2013 - Watch the World Edit Wikipedia in Real Time

5/13/2013 - Essential Science Fiction Novels for Understanding the Economy

5/13/2013 - How a Bitcoin Transaction Actually Works

5/13/2013 - First trailer for Stanislaw Lem's The Congress is wild

5/13/2013 - The new Ghost in the Shell: Arise series is essentially Motoko Begins

5/13/2013 - FT: Thousands of Confidential Bloomberg Terminal Messages Found Online

5/13/2013 - You Can Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search and It's Awesome

5/13/2013 - Epcot’s Spaceship Earth transformed into a Giant Mike Wazowski

5/13/2013 - An Illustrated History Of Gas Masks

5/13/2013 - Beer Hunt: Drinking With Friends Just Got Even More Fun

5/13/2013 - As the storm breaks, the Moon and Venus converge

5/13/2013 - 2001: A Space Odyssey explained on a 1968 child's menu

5/13/2013 - Which space army would conquer all the others?

5/13/2013 - A Front-Loading Toolbox Means You'll Never Dig for Buried Pliers Again

5/13/2013 - Tom Hanks’ love transcends time, but not this week’s DVD releases!

5/13/2013 - Everything You Need to Be Ready for Disaster

5/13/2013 - A New Vaccine Eats Cocaine "Like Pac-Man" to Kick Addiction

5/13/2013 - So long, Commander Hadfield – and thanks for all the awesome!

5/13/2013 - First Bonkers Images from the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending

5/13/2013 - Was this the most romantic Game of Thrones episode ever?

5/13/2013 - Why Is Science Behind a Paywall?

5/13/2013 - An Untold Tale of Fringe's Walter Bishop and William Bell!

5/13/2013 - Watch This Insane Video of the WTC's Spire Installation

5/13/2013 - Our algorithms can predict future earthquakes -- now what?

5/13/2013 - Watch the World Trade Center's Spire Being Installed From the Spire's POV

5/13/2013 - A Supercut of All of Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Best Moments in Space

5/13/2013 - This Cheap and Fast SSD Is Your Deal of the Day

5/13/2013 - Your Dreams Might Be Ruining Your Love Life

5/13/2013 - Daft Punk's Random Access Memories Has Leaked Online (Updated)

5/13/2013 - What's the Most Important Building In America?

5/13/2013 - This physics simulation is one of the most accurate you'll ever see

5/13/2013 - Leaked Pics of Nokia's New Aluminum Lumia Are Totally Gorgeous

5/13/2013 - Move over True Blood, NBC's Dracula just stole your Vampire sex magic

5/13/2013 - JVC Kenwood's Heads-Up Nav System Keeps Your Eyes On the Road

5/13/2013 - Your Gmail, Drive, and Google+ Storage Is Now One Big 15 GB Chunk

5/13/2013 - 10 White People Who Became Rulers of the Jungle

5/13/2013 - Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

5/13/2013 - How Human Evolution Prepared Us to Survive Future Disasters

5/13/2013 - Inside the Rain Room: Walking Through a Downpour Without Getting Wet

5/13/2013 - Latest Porno Torrent Blackmail: Pay Up Or We Tell Your Family, Perv

5/13/2013 - The Tiny Seahorse's Tail Could Help Create A New Type of Armor

5/13/2013 - Every single clue hidden inside the Agents of SHIELD trailer

5/13/2013 - Ex-Cop Builds His Own Johnny Five Robot From Hacked Appliances

5/13/2013 - Freak Ice Tsunami Crunches Homes In Canada

5/13/2013 - How Chris Hadfield Made Us Care About Astronauts Again

5/13/2013 - Would You Trust One Company to Oversee All of Your Passwords?

5/13/2013 - Professor X is a filthy hippie in this X-Men: Days of Future Past pic

5/13/2013 - This Revolutionary DNA Extractor Cracks Your Genetics in Minutes

5/13/2013 - What would happen if you were born in space?

5/13/2013 - This Simple Device Makes Glorious Timelapses Easy—Even at Night

5/13/2013 - This Week's TV: A Game of Thrones Wedding and Doctor Who's Big Secret

5/13/2013 - The World's Most Powerful Computer Network Is Being Wasted on Bitcoin

5/13/2013 - Come see Annalee Newitz read from her new book tonight in Brooklyn!

5/13/2013 - Fantastic high speed shots of liquids swirling through the air

5/13/2013 - Scientology Is as Bad at Photoshop as It Is at Not Brainwashing People

5/13/2013 - DC gets ready for Superman Vs. He-Man, round 2

5/13/2013 - Buildings You Can Lick: 9 Spectacular Structures Made Out of Salt

5/13/2013 - Your Hacked 5D Mark III Can Record RAW Video

5/13/2013 - Amazon Celebrates Its Virtual Currency With Free Money for Fire Owners

5/13/2013 - How did feathers evolve?

5/13/2013 - How to get away with attempted murder

5/13/2013 - You Don't Need a Wookiee To Build This Laser-Cut Falcon Puzzle

5/13/2013 - Aereo's Cloud DVR Pricing Is Now Simpler (But Not Necessarily Better)

5/13/2013 - Brand New Photos of Spider-Man's Battle with Paul Giamatti's Rhino!

5/13/2013 - Zact: This Is How Every Wireless Plan Should Work

5/13/2013 - Google's New Head of Android on the Future of the OS

5/13/2013 - This Is What a Plague of Locusts Actually Looks Like

5/13/2013 - An M16-Based Crossbow Is a Truly Terrifying Thing

5/13/2013 - Report: Samsung Will Roll Out 5G by 2020, Promising 1Gbps

5/13/2013 - Newt Gingrich Can't Work Out What His Phone Is

5/13/2013 - This Sony Xperia Is Waterproof to 5 Feet

5/12/2013 - First New Arrested Development Trailer: Thank You, Netflix

5/12/2013 - The trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is here!

5/12/2013 - Your Only Chance to Hear a "Space Oddity" Cover Recorded in Space

5/12/2013 - Sand Can Light Up A Room

5/12/2013 - Every burst of star formation can reshape the universe

5/12/2013 - Google Axed SMS Search Thinking People Wouldn't Notice

5/12/2013 - Doctor Who season finale shows up in the mail a few days early

5/12/2013 - Chris Hadfield sings "Space Oddity" in the first music video in space

5/12/2013 - Orphan Black and the "tail" of the transhumanist nightclub

5/12/2013 - The Dust On Mars Would Be Dangerous To Human Visitors

5/12/2013 - Three "gorgeously ugly" fish looking for mate before they go extinct

5/12/2013 - Extraordinary 28-Hour Dubai Timelapse Makes The World Seem Magical

5/12/2013 - Kim Dotcom Is Concerned Enough To Take 3D Printed Gun Plans Off Mega

5/12/2013 - After the Games: Photographs of Decaying Olympic Sites

5/12/2013 - Crowdfund a short film based on a Daniel H. Wilson story and much more

5/12/2013 - What Would Be Different About A Baby Born In Space?

5/12/2013 - This Genius Netflix Flowchart Will Tell You Exactly What to Watch

5/12/2013 - David Bowie's new video is the least subtle comment on religion ever

5/12/2013 - Where Do You Chat?

5/12/2013 - Stomp all over princesses in these Disney villain shoes

5/12/2013 - Here's our first video look at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

5/12/2013 - Don't use a time machine to change your past—make out with it instead

5/12/2013 - Pods Make Sleeping At The Airport Much Nicer, Or Way Weirder

5/12/2013 - Do you have a super scifi-loving mom?

5/12/2013 - Chandelier casts a fantasy forest of shadows against the walls

5/12/2013 - Vending Machines For Pot Products Exist Now

5/12/2013 - Do people turn mean because they're helpless?

5/12/2013 - Who would win in a fight between Superman and Nietzsche's Übermensch?

5/12/2013 - Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong

5/12/2013 - Hypnotizing Lights Look Friendly Until They Trap You

5/12/2013 - Bloomberg Reporters Used Shady Terminal Access To Spy on Finance Types

5/12/2013 - Neil Gaiman gives Doctor Who's Cybermen what they need: a new legend

5/11/2013 - What a Facebook Re-Design Would Be Like in Real Life

5/11/2013 - 10 Little Things That Would Make Time Travel Super Annoying

5/11/2013 - Photographs of foodstuff and beverages cut in half

5/11/2013 - Listen to Radiohead's Idioteque On a Laser-Etched Wooden Record

5/11/2013 - A colossal 150k-piece Lego homage to the Battle of Helm’s Deep

5/11/2013 - Lightning Looks Beautifully Terrifying At 11,000 Frames Per Second

5/11/2013 - Remarkable Cave Houses, Including the Homes that Inspired Tolkien

5/11/2013 - The Photos From Today's Emergency Spacewalk Are Totally Awe-Inspiring

5/11/2013 - Bathing goddess deals with a stubborn perv in this silly cartoon short

5/11/2013 - A Heroic Canadian Police Drone Saved a Car Crash Victim's Life

5/11/2013 - Leonardo counters sodomy charges with bestiality on Da Vinci's Demons

5/11/2013 - This is Paul Giamatti's Rhino rage face for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

5/11/2013 - All It Takes Is a Lego Jukebox To Make Your CDs Almost Useful Again

5/11/2013 - Watch the prequel to next week's Doctor Who season finale

5/11/2013 - What Simple Gadget Has Made Your Life a Bajillion Times Easier?

5/11/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Rocketing Octopodes take flight

5/11/2013 - What does a record made out of wood sound like?

5/11/2013 - Why You Should Wait to Buy a Laptop, The Worst Photoshop Ever, and More

5/11/2013 - Surprising funeral ad makes a lovely skeleton from pressed flowers

5/11/2013 - Meet the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. through their official ID badges

5/11/2013 - Barns Are Red Because of How Stars Explode

5/11/2013 - Simon and Marceline cosplay will put a tear in your eye

5/11/2013 - Syfy is headed to Defiance for a second season

5/11/2013 - Time-lapse satellite images show how Earth has changed over 28 years

5/11/2013 - Identity Thieves Caught By Instagramming Dinner

5/11/2013 - A teen travels to 1776 in her dreams—and never wants to wake up

5/11/2013 - S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't the only new genre show on ABC's agenda

5/11/2013 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google+ Master

5/11/2013 - What if Guy Pearce played the Riddler in Nolan's third Batman film?

5/11/2013 - The Coolest Music Visualizer Is Just a Puddle of Water

5/11/2013 - The Pulverizer returns to TMNT plus a preview of upcoming Marvel 'Toons!

5/11/2013 - Watch NASA's Emergency ISS Spacewalk Live Right Now (Updating)

5/11/2013 - Movies Summed Up in Nine Film Frames

5/11/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Another Tomorrow

5/11/2013 - Floppy Drives Are Only Good for Playing Daft Punk Music Now

5/10/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Friendly Dating Advice

5/10/2013 - The fire pits of Earth V are no place to stop and reflect on your life

5/10/2013 - A Guy Made the Fire Breathing Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros

5/10/2013 - Vampire Diaries shows how to conquer your grief: embrace absurdity

5/10/2013 - Watch More Pretty Celebrities Read the Awful Tweets Sent to Them

5/10/2013 - What's the most stylish dystopia of all time?

5/10/2013 - Tons of True Blood pics show the future for our favorite fang-bangers

5/10/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: May 3 - May 10, 2013

5/10/2013 - Astounding Photos of the World's Leaning Towers

5/10/2013 - iFontMaker, The Doors App, and More

5/10/2013 - Avengers Cats are the Best Cats

5/10/2013 - ScoreCleaner Notes, Pizza Compass, just.me, and More

5/10/2013 - Marvel Unlimited, Expense Manager, and More

5/10/2013 - ISS Astronauts Preparing Emergency Spacewalk to Fix Critical System

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5/10/2013 - How to create your own miniature version of the Northern Lights

5/10/2013 - Why So Many Beer Bottles Suddenly Look So Different

5/10/2013 - Weirdest and Most Memorable Roles the Game of Thrones Cast Played

5/10/2013 - The best hour of science fiction television I've watched in forever

5/10/2013 - What Space Does to Each of Your Five Senses

5/10/2013 - First image from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes changes everything

5/10/2013 - Germany’s Post-World War I Scheme to Extract Gold from Water

5/10/2013 - A Solar Eclipse Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

5/10/2013 - 11 Online Chat Cliches We Should All Agree to Stop Using

5/10/2013 - The short, ignominious life of n-rays

5/10/2013 - Browncoats Assemble: ABC really did pick up Joss Whedon's SHIELD!

5/10/2013 - Watching Your Brain Freak Out on a Scanner Calms You Down

5/10/2013 - Alaya Dawn Johnson is here answering your questions from 1-2 PM PST

5/10/2013 - Every Single Major League Baseball Game Is Your Deal of the Day

5/10/2013 - This Sleek Briefcase Hides an Easy To Clean Portable Pet Potty

5/10/2013 - Google Drive Is Down (But How You Can Access Your Files Anyway) (Updated)

5/10/2013 - Apple's Got a Huge Waiting List of Cops Who Need iPhones Cracked

5/10/2013 - Who's the best "innovation superhero": Iron Man, or Batman?

5/10/2013 - OpenTable Is Secretly the Best Thing on the Internet

5/10/2013 - An Interactive Map of Racist, Homophobic and Ableist Tweets in America

5/10/2013 - Did government scientists really create a secret quantum internet?

5/10/2013 - Philips Dimmable LED Lightning Review: So Much Light, So Little Juice

5/10/2013 - 18-Year-Old With Three Degrees Will Now Pursue Two Doctorates

5/10/2013 - Mom Delays Taking Gunshot-Wounded Son to Hospital to Check WebMD First

5/10/2013 - 10 Evil Schemes that Could Have Been Stopped by Taking Out a Minion

5/10/2013 - Dear Microsoft, Don't Bail on Windows 8

5/10/2013 - Solar-Powered Cat Toy Taunts Your Feline Forever

5/10/2013 - Short film Project Kronos explores the dawn of interstellar travel

5/10/2013 - Game of Thrones Movie Posters from Famous Directors Are Just Too Cool

5/10/2013 - Save the World Book Tour!

5/10/2013 - 21st Century Fox's First Logo Fixes What Wasn't Broken

5/10/2013 - The Space City That Could Have Been, If Not For Wernher Von Braun

5/10/2013 - 8 iOS 7 Mockups: Is This What Your Next iPhone Will Look Like?

5/10/2013 - Believe It or Not This Concrete RC Plane Actually Flies

5/10/2013 - Most of Us Live in the North

5/10/2013 - 5 Wearable Concepts Worth Taking a Chance On

5/10/2013 - I spy Flash Pistols in Ender's Game Battle Room

5/10/2013 - Awesome Video Answers Questions About MōVI, Camera Super-Stabilizer

5/10/2013 - Clever Rooftop Carrier Doubles as an Emergency Boat

5/10/2013 - Cryptomnesia makes us accidental plagiarists

5/10/2013 - A gorgeous composite image of yesterday's ring of fire eclipse

5/10/2013 - NASA's Space Exploration Vehicle: Pimp My Rover

5/10/2013 - How to build a bridge from electricity and water

5/10/2013 - Nokia Lumia 928: Here's the New Best Windows Phone

5/10/2013 - Report: Google's Unified Chat Hub Will Be Called Google Hangouts

5/10/2013 - ISS Crew Plans Emergency Spacewalk to Fix 'Very Serious' Ammonia Leak

5/10/2013 - First Gravity Trailer: In Space, Silence Is Scarier Than Aliens

5/10/2013 - State Department Is Demanding the Removal of the 3D-Printed Gun Plans

5/10/2013 - Just when Obi-Wan Kenobi thought he was out, they pull him back in...

5/10/2013 - $18 for a Dozen Eggs by 2010? Inflation Fears in 1982

5/10/2013 - Slow-mo reel of kids tasting foods for the first time. You're welcome.

5/10/2013 - One Tiny But Vital Safety Check Before Going To The Moon

5/10/2013 - 9 Casino Games Too Ridiculous To Believe

5/10/2013 - John Hurt drops a major bombshell about Doctor Who's 50th birthday!

5/10/2013 - Disney World Will Slap Your Head On a Stormtrooper Now

5/10/2013 - Quantum Computer Kicks PC Ass in First Ever Head-to-Head Test

5/10/2013 - Your iPad Smart Cover Could Switch Off a Pacemaker

5/10/2013 - The ISS Has Ditched Windows Entirely--For Linux

5/10/2013 - Convenience Food Looks Kinda Gross In Cross-Section

5/10/2013 - No, You're Not Random

5/10/2013 - Facebook Home Is Now Available For the HTC One and Galaxy S4

5/10/2013 - Olympus Pen E-P5: A Retro-Styled Mirrorless Camera Made Amazing

5/10/2013 - Guess Where You Are in the World with Google Street View

5/10/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Part of the Party (NSFW)

5/9/2013 - ESPN Wants to Subsidize Your Data Plan Because Carriers Are Awful

5/9/2013 - You Can Buy the President's Real Air Force One Airplane

5/9/2013 - This is what your Mac keyboard will look like in 100 years

5/9/2013 - The Othermill Will Let You Cut Custom Circuit Boards and More

5/9/2013 - The Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity Will Turn Your Knuckles White

5/9/2013 - The International Space Station Is Leaking Ammonia

5/9/2013 - Report: Apple's Upcoming iRadio Music Service Has Hit a Snag

5/9/2013 - The Fellowship of the Ring just got Mightier and Morphin'-er

5/9/2013 - Watch this robotic worm assemble itself. Oh, and it was 3D printed.

5/9/2013 - Your Voice Is Your Password with Barclay's Phone Verification System

5/9/2013 - Simon Pegg's Star Trek Reboot Theory: Is this the "Mirror " Crew?

5/9/2013 - The first four minutes of Now You See Me is actually kind of badass

5/9/2013 - What's inside the shells of Michael Bay's CG Ninja Turtles?

5/9/2013 - Seriously Scary Radioactive Products From The 20th Century

5/9/2013 - Expense Manager: Make Budgeting Suck (Somewhat) Less

5/9/2013 - Watch In Awe as This Euro Dude Tries to Explain Modular Synthesizers

5/9/2013 - Person of Interest's Nolan: "We have not lost our bloodlust."

5/9/2013 - Can Science and Religion be Reconciled?

5/9/2013 - Dieter Rams Reissues His Rare (But Classic) Modular Chair

5/9/2013 - Who's the Coolest Killer Robot of All Time?

5/9/2013 - Edison Lamps: A Good Old Fashioned Vintage Lamp

5/9/2013 - Hackers Stole $45 Million In Cash From ATMs Around the Globe

5/9/2013 - New Scifi TV Shows from Alfonso Cuarón and the Creators of Fringe

5/9/2013 - How Great Data Graphics Tap Into Your Caveman Brain

5/9/2013 - There's Not Much Prettier Than the Guts of an Old Nikon

5/9/2013 - Which animal can hear the highest-pitched sounds?

5/9/2013 - The Best Bag to Carry Your Mirrorless Camera

5/9/2013 - Is LinkedIn the Creepiest Social Network?

5/9/2013 - Spawn's Angela gets her Marvel make-over

5/9/2013 - YouTube Channels You Have to Pay for Are Here

5/9/2013 - Is Battlestar Galactica in suspended animation?

5/9/2013 - All the Tacky Features Adobe Creative Cloud Thankfully Isn't Getting

5/9/2013 - This simple piece of technology could help save sea turtles

5/9/2013 - A Great Pair Of Headphones For $102 Is Your Deal of the Day

5/9/2013 - Chinese science fiction is influenced by SF from Japan... and the USSR

5/9/2013 - 100,000 People Already Downloaded 3D-Printed Gun Plans. So What?

5/9/2013 - Turn Any Empty Bottle Into a USB-Powered LED Touch Lamp

5/9/2013 - The Mystery of How Identical Twins Develop Different Personalities

5/9/2013 - WSJ: Amazon's Working on a Smartphone With a Crazy 3D Display

5/9/2013 - The entire bat shit history of the Venture Bros. in 8 minutes

5/9/2013 - Struggling to understand depression? Read this.

5/9/2013 - Arrow brings physical comedy to a new level

5/9/2013 - 10 Completely Annoying Anime Cliches

5/9/2013 - A Motorized Kayak For When You're Too Pooped To Paddle

5/9/2013 - Now Is a Horrible Time To Buy a Laptop

5/9/2013 - This Beautiful Footbridge Is Inspired by Japanese Hand Fans

5/9/2013 - First look at Disney's first animated Marvel movie Big Hero 6

5/9/2013 - Win These Bids And Build Your Own Historic Spacecraft

5/9/2013 - Here's What Happens When You 3D Scan Mist, Ice, and Smoke

5/9/2013 - Did NASA send the Curiosity Rover to the wrong place?

5/9/2013 - Disposable Trashbag Tents Are the Cleverest Way To Keep Camping Clean

5/9/2013 - Is the Atacama Alien Skeleton an Aborted Fetus Mummy?

5/9/2013 - The Earth and the Astronaut – 1969

5/9/2013 - How to Stop Time With a Ceiling Fan, Two Flashlights and a Camera

5/9/2013 - This Robo-Nose Can Smell Better Than You

5/9/2013 - The Last Umbrella You'll Ever Buy Can Easily Survive a Wind Tunnel

5/9/2013 - Oh, so that's who Robert Redford is playing in Captain America 2

5/9/2013 - Here's how radiation from this atomic bomb test got to San Francisco

5/9/2013 - Watch Manhattan’s Boundaries Expand Over 250 Years

5/9/2013 - Is this the real story behind the Atacama 'alien' mystery?

5/9/2013 - Does This Acrobatic Robot Have Olympic Aspirations?

5/9/2013 - Supercut of Riker sitting down like a total weirdo on Star Trek

5/9/2013 - How Netflix Makes 3.14 Petabytes of Video Feel Like It's All for You

5/9/2013 - How to catch today's "Ring of Fire" eclipse

5/9/2013 - Great Tips to Maximize Space In Your Small Apartment

5/9/2013 - See the Last 20 Years of the Whole World in the Biggest Timelapse Yet

5/9/2013 - How to Make a Website Fart Whenever Someone Scrolls. Yes, Really.

5/9/2013 - This Portable Sound Camera Shows You Where It's Loud

5/9/2013 - This is what it looks like to have the future pull up beside you

5/9/2013 - Why Man of Steel won't need Kryptonite to hit Superman where it hurts

5/9/2013 - 14 Stunning Timepieces From the Greatest Watch Show on Earth

5/9/2013 - How The Onion Was Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

5/9/2013 - How NASA Imagined Humans on Mars, Back In 1990

5/9/2013 - Nokia's New Portable Charger Is Oddly Irresistible

5/9/2013 - What Exactly Is Multiple Sclerosis?

5/9/2013 - How Photographers Retouched Pictures Before Photoshop

5/9/2013 - The Secret NSA Search Tips That Will Make You a Spy

5/9/2013 - Haha, People Who Read Your Message But Don't Reply Are the Worst

5/9/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Take Me to The Fog

5/8/2013 - Report: Microsoft Wants to Buy Nook for $1 Billion

5/8/2013 - It's the summer LED festival, when the city is filled with light

5/8/2013 - Kids Trying Food for the First Time Is the Most Adorable Thing

5/8/2013 - What A First Person View of a Lightsaber Duel Looks Like

5/8/2013 - The first great biography of Timothy Leary

5/8/2013 - Why does music move us?

5/8/2013 - Goddammit, We Still Can't Cure Alzheimer's Disease

5/8/2013 - Why "Boob Plate" Armor Would Actually Kill You

5/8/2013 - Pulling Your Parachute While You're Still on the Plane Is Not Fun

5/8/2013 - New AI uses the Internet to identify unfamiliar things

5/8/2013 - When Earth is Scarred Forever

5/8/2013 - ScoreCleaner Notes: Instantly Compose Whatever Tune Pops Into Your Head

5/8/2013 - Robb Stark cast as Prince Charming in Cinderella because OBVIOUSLY

5/8/2013 - B&O H6 Headphones Are So Beautiful and Fancy They'll Fool Your Brain

5/8/2013 - Crowdfund This: The Manos: The Hands of Fate puppet musical on DVD!

5/8/2013 - This Lego Mashup of Volkswagen and Star Wars Works Surprisingly Well

5/8/2013 - Get a close-up view of Doctor Who's brand new TARDIS control panels!

5/8/2013 - Who's the most obsolete superhero of them all?

5/8/2013 - How Neil Gaiman did away with the "clanky clanky steampunk" Cybermen

5/8/2013 - DIY Cleaning Products? All You Need Is This Bottle

5/8/2013 - Michael Bay's TMNT features Megan Fox on a trampoline, obviously

5/8/2013 - Chilling poster for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity sets up a space nightmare

5/8/2013 - FBI Documents Suggest That Feds Read Your Emails Without a Warrant

5/8/2013 - Behold, The Madonnas of Science

5/8/2013 - Weed-Stashing Grinder Watch: It's Always Dank O'Clock

5/8/2013 - How Slot Machines Use Psychology and Design to Keep You Coming Back

5/8/2013 - How much does antimatter weigh?

5/8/2013 - Jurassic Park 4 delayed. Here's why that's a good thing.

5/8/2013 - This Pioneer Turntable Really Grooves

5/8/2013 - Dear Apple, Let’s Talk About Photos

5/8/2013 - Bitchin' Artwork That Makes You Proud to be An American Werewolf

5/8/2013 - How the human brain sees a 100-mph fastball

5/8/2013 - A Free After Contract Lumia 920 Is Your Deal of the Day

5/8/2013 - Shark Kills French Surfer On Island Honeymoon

5/8/2013 - How Jack Conte Made a Completely Batshit DIY Music Video From Scratch

5/8/2013 - Why Is YouTube Censoring David Bowie's SFW New Music Video?

5/8/2013 - Wine tasting is bullshit. Here's why.

5/8/2013 - Reality Check: You can't easily replace Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

5/8/2013 - 8 of the Internet's Most Adorable, Time-Wasting Animal Live Cams

5/8/2013 - The ‘glass is a liquid’ myth has finally been destroyed

5/8/2013 - Batman Apparently Lives in Florida and Is Racing the Gumball 3000

5/8/2013 - This Sticky Quadrotor Can Literally Be a Fly on the Wall

5/8/2013 - South Korean Newspaper May Have Just Printed the Worst Photoshop Ever

5/8/2013 - Shooting Challenge: Reflections In An Eye

5/8/2013 - 12 Movies That Filmed Happy Endings You Never Saw

5/8/2013 - This Tiny Hand-Built House Is Fit for a Very Small King

5/8/2013 - Jaron Lanier wants you to get money for your Instagram photos

5/8/2013 - Why Isn't Gatsby in the Public Domain?

5/8/2013 - YouTube Censors Bowie's New Music Video Full of Depraved Priests

5/8/2013 - True love beats douchebaggery in a schizophrenic (but good) Grimm

5/8/2013 - Here's What $100 Worth of Gaming Console Looks Like Inside

5/8/2013 - The scientific equivalent of "When did you stop beating your wife?"

5/8/2013 - A Jacket Made from Ziploc Bags Is a Never-Ending Supply of Pockets

5/8/2013 - Google Doodle pays a stylish tribute movie artist Saul Bass

5/8/2013 - Koss Fit Series Ears On: Big Sound from Tiny, Cheap Headphones

5/8/2013 - Seaweed-Sucking Truck to Clean Spain's Hottest Beaches

5/8/2013 - Spoken in the ice age, these words might actually have made sense

5/8/2013 - Xerox's New Grading Copiers Will Finally Make Scantron Obsolete

5/8/2013 - "She Hulk" Attacks Teen Girl On Rampage Through U.K. McDonald's

5/8/2013 - Air Force Fires 17 Incompetent Nuclear Missile Launch Officers

5/8/2013 - How good is Batman at sex?

5/8/2013 - How Adobe Built a Stylus Fit For the Cloud

5/8/2013 - This may be the oldest dome-headed dinosaur ever discovered

5/8/2013 - New Under The Dome footage displays double the dome action

5/8/2013 - Printable Self-Assembling Bots Will One Day Be Our Affordable Minions

5/8/2013 - An interactive animation of every recorded meteorite impact in history

5/8/2013 - Photoshop Proves Once and For All That Shakespeare Was a Hipster

5/8/2013 - Google Glass Update Adds Google+ Integration

5/8/2013 - Holy @#$%, Lego is making a steampunk line

5/8/2013 - Today's Google Doodle: A Tribute to Movie Title Master Saul Bass

5/8/2013 - Terrafugia's revamped flying car should be ready by 2021. No, really.

5/8/2013 - You Can Now Get a 3D Hologram Of Your Unborn Baby's Smile

5/8/2013 - Check out the first ever footage from Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity!

5/8/2013 - 13 Ingenious Treehouses That Go Out on a Limb

5/8/2013 - First Screamingly Funny Trailer for Simon Pegg's World's End

5/8/2013 - Texting People Who Leave Their Numbers Public Is Awful and Great

5/8/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: The Lumberjack

5/7/2013 - Haha This Guy Can't Stand Up Straight While Using the Oculus Rift

5/7/2013 - Is This the New Google Maps?

5/7/2013 - Syria Is Completely Cut Off from the Internet Again

5/7/2013 - What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

5/7/2013 - Cities Are the Future of Human Evolution

5/7/2013 - Traditional psychological diagnoses are going out of style

5/7/2013 - These Videophone Concepts Are Cooler Than Your iPhone's FaceTime

5/7/2013 - Warehouse 13 shows how to do television's most overused concept right

5/7/2013 - DNA's double helix discovery turns 60 – how monumental is it, really?

5/7/2013 - You Can Download Any Spotify Song as an MP3 With This Chrome Extension

5/7/2013 - At Least Antarctica's Last Sunset Until August Is a Stunner

5/7/2013 - The first sign of the pending penguin apocalypse!

5/7/2013 - iFontMaker: Make Your Own Font When Nothing Else Will Do

5/7/2013 - What do screencaps reveal about the future horrors of Ender's Game?

5/7/2013 - Are Playground Porta-Potties America's Worst Public Toilets?

5/7/2013 - One Trillion Cicadas Are About to Take Over the East Coast

5/7/2013 - Kramer Glitch Art Basically Re-Invents Glitch Art

5/7/2013 - Are we screwing ourselves by transmitting radio signals into space?

5/7/2013 - Dino Corn Cob Holders Convince Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

5/7/2013 - Which classic science fiction or fantasy author is due for a comeback?

5/7/2013 - How Ultraviolet Light Will Sterilize Super Bugs

5/7/2013 - Fitbit Flex Review: Peer Pressure Sucks

5/7/2013 - Watch the intense first trailer for Ender's Game right now!

5/7/2013 - You won't believe how many cicadas are about to envelop the East Coast

5/7/2013 - 8 Unbelievably Beautiful Cityscapes and Their Reflections

5/7/2013 - Will Adam Baldwin steal Michael Bay's post-apocalyptic show Last Ship?

5/7/2013 - War is Hell and we're the Devil, on Revolution

5/7/2013 - Adorably Wrap Your iPhone Charger Like a Needle and Thread

5/7/2013 - Holy Crap that's a HUMAN! Behind-the-scenes footage from Mama

5/7/2013 - This Solid Aluminum iPhone Dock Is Your Deal of the Day

5/7/2013 - The Real-Life Buildings Used to Sell Elysium's Luxurious Dystopia

5/7/2013 - Windows 8 Is a Failure as Big as New Coke

5/7/2013 - Everybody is avenging something in this week’s comics!

5/7/2013 - Holy Hell, This Is How Football Helmets Are Concussion Safety-Tested

5/7/2013 - Why is this pioneering researcher fighting to have his work retracted?

5/7/2013 - You Can Now Buy Stuff From Right Inside a Torrent

5/7/2013 - This eldritch animation will stare straight into your soul

5/7/2013 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about The Summer Prince

5/7/2013 - R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen, Monster Innovator and Visual Effects Legend

5/7/2013 - This Animation Based on Oscillating Sine Waves Is Utterly Entrancing

5/7/2013 - 19 Photos Of (Near) Perfect Symmetry

5/7/2013 - Grab Adobe Ideas For iOS For Free Right Here

5/7/2013 - 10 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Star Trek History

5/7/2013 - Everything Wrong With Star Trek

5/7/2013 - Typographical Chess Lets Novices Easily Recognize Each Piece

5/7/2013 - This Brilliant Pizza Compass App Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

5/7/2013 - 'Monster' Carcass Washes Ashore in New Zealand

5/7/2013 - Windows Phone Finally Gets a Fully Functional YouTube App

5/7/2013 - "Girls Gone Wild" Creep Faces 5 Years For Imprisoning Girls

5/7/2013 - 7 Fan-Designed Covers for The Great Gatsby That Rival the Original

5/7/2013 - Why the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Are Not Based in Scientific Reality

5/7/2013 - Online Dating Replacement: Tragic "Please Date Me" Clothing Line

5/7/2013 - Game Of Thrones engagement shoots announce: The Wedding is Coming

5/7/2013 - This Power Plant Will Tap the Ocean For Endless Power

5/7/2013 - Old Spock battles New Spock in the greatest car commercial ever

5/7/2013 - This guillotine simulator is the most twisted use of Oculus Rift yet

5/7/2013 - The Best Travel Companion Since Sleeping Pills

5/7/2013 - The Secret Iron Man 3 Closing Titles You Didn't See in Theaters

5/7/2013 - How Much Do You Pay for Cable?

5/7/2013 - Defiance just got one hell of a lot better

5/7/2013 - The long-running mystery of why birds seemingly change sex

5/7/2013 - This Bee Skyscraper Could Help Decimated Populations Thrive

5/7/2013 - The Dodos We Made: 26 Propeller-Driven Machines That Cannot Fly

5/7/2013 - These X-Men T-shirt designs really are uncanny

5/7/2013 - Someone Finally Made a Better Paper Coffee Cup

5/7/2013 - Only a chemistry student would organize Lord of the Rings like this

5/7/2013 - I Want These Daft Punk Lego Minifigs More Than Their New Album

5/7/2013 - We Still Use the Same Words We Did 15,000 Years Ago

5/7/2013 - Sony's New Cheap Laptops Are Actually Kind of Beautiful

5/7/2013 - Star Wars: Episode VII could start filming in 2014... but where?

5/7/2013 - Slow-Motion Proof That Bats Are Way More Graceful Than You Thought

5/7/2013 - How Automated License Plate Readers Threaten Our Privacy

5/7/2013 - Nokia Confirms the Existence of Its New Lumia 928 in Preemptive Ad

5/7/2013 - Government Lab Admits to Using Quantum Internet for Two Years

5/7/2013 - US Finally Blames China's Government and Military of Cyberespionage

5/7/2013 - Financial Times: Microsoft Pulls Windows 8 U-Turn

5/7/2013 - These Pictures of a Car After a Car Crash Are Horrifying

5/7/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: We Should Make Strange Things

5/6/2013 - What Abstract Art Would Look Like in Real Life

5/6/2013 - Remember when Jaime Lannister was a starship captain?

5/6/2013 - You Can Actually Buy a Flask That Looks Like an iPhone

5/6/2013 - Who is the mysterious magic-hating boss on Once Upon A Time?

5/6/2013 - Teen Girls Missing For 10 Years Found Alive In Cleveland

5/6/2013 - The US Senate Just Passed That Internet Sales Tax Bill

5/6/2013 - Jinx brings moral ambiguity to the worlds of Middle Grade fantasy

5/6/2013 - Try Not to Wake Up the Demon God While You're Out

5/6/2013 - Thirty Person Inflatable Lounge: One Toothpick and the Party's Over

5/6/2013 - Jedi Younglings make their own awesome Star Wars: Episode VII

5/6/2013 - Is This Glasshole on a Phone Really a Vision of the Gadget Apocalypse?

5/6/2013 - 5 Remarkable Ghost Towns Drowned by Damming

5/6/2013 - Verizon Won't Rebuild Its Landline Network in Some Sandy-Affected Areas

5/6/2013 - Study finds bearded men are more attractive, proves my mom wrong

5/6/2013 - The Most Astonishing Miracles Of Bridge Engineering

5/6/2013 - Megabytes: Never (Accidentally) Go Over Your Mobile Data Limit Again

5/6/2013 - Europa Report: At Last, a Space Thriller Worth Taking Seriously

5/6/2013 - Suddenly, rainbow legs!

5/6/2013 - Biomedical Engineer on Making Iron Man 3's Extremis Tech Real

5/6/2013 - Watch a Sand Storm From the Top of the World's Tallest Building

5/6/2013 - Scientists combine bird and swine flus to create mutant airborne virus

5/6/2013 - Meet the Badass Sidecar Riders of Shanghai

5/6/2013 - See the Faded Glory of Abandoned Theaters in Stages of Decay

5/6/2013 - The Absolute Cutest Dog Cosplay of All Time

5/6/2013 - Awesome New Flying Car Doesn't Require Pilot License

5/6/2013 - This week’s DVDs double your pleasure with two new Fringe sets

5/6/2013 - Will Adobe's Move to the Cloud Finally Keep the Pirates at Bay?

5/6/2013 - A Look Behind the Scenes of the Internet Archive's Impossible Task

5/6/2013 - The Secrets of Star Trek Into Darkness' Future Cities

5/6/2013 - Concept Art shows off Darren Aronofsky's Batman movie that never was

5/6/2013 - You can now 3D-print a fully operational handgun

5/6/2013 - Fight the East Coast Cicada Onslaught With Chianti and Fava Beans

5/6/2013 - Is Game of Thrones all about the war between Varys and Littlefinger?

5/6/2013 - The Real Reason Readers Might Love a Book that You Find Fatally Flawed

5/6/2013 - Have you heard of this erotic science fiction novel from the 1970s?

5/6/2013 - What Happens When You Soak a Negative In Gasoline and Set It on Fire

5/6/2013 - This Tiny Roku-Equipped Projector Is Your Deal of the Day

5/6/2013 - Say Goodbye to Creative Suite: Adobe CS Is Now Creative Cloud

5/6/2013 - Intel's Silvermont CPUs Herald a Serious Push into Mobile

5/6/2013 - M3X Triton Lightning Review: A Svelt Tactical LED Flashlight

5/6/2013 - Screw Dredd, watch the entire fan-made movie Judge Minty right now

5/6/2013 - The 10 Most Useful LEGO Bricks

5/6/2013 - Ride Along With an Icebreaker's Two Month Journey In Just Five Minutes

5/6/2013 - The first splatter movies were live on stage a hundred years ago [NSFW]

5/6/2013 - The number of cracks in glass can reveal a bullet's speed

5/6/2013 - Criminals Can Now Make Unregistered Guns With One Mouse Click

5/6/2013 - The Most Crowded Part of the Whole World Fits in This One Small Circle

5/6/2013 - Miller Lite Redesigns the Longneck for the First Time in 40 Years

5/6/2013 - 11 Things Mad Scientists Should Never Do

5/6/2013 - The Real-Life Tony Starks Behind Iron Man 3's Amazing Armor

5/6/2013 - A Navy Drone Completed One of the Most Difficult Landings Possible

5/6/2013 - Bone-eating worms are f*cking awesome. Here's why.

5/6/2013 - The World's Thinnest Coke Machine Can Slide Under Your Bed

5/6/2013 - One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Salmon Leather Chair

5/6/2013 - This Week's TV: 6 Season Finales. Plus Neil Gaiman writes Doctor Who!

5/6/2013 - $6 Million In Luxury Cars Destroyed By "Iron Man"

5/6/2013 - The World Is a Better Place With a Butter-Shredding Grater

5/6/2013 - Gwen Stacy is wearing a major spoiler on the Spider-Man 2 set

5/6/2013 - America Gussies Up Its Biggest Bunker Buster to Nix Iranian Nukes

5/6/2013 - Lego Giant Kraken Destroys Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer

5/6/2013 - QWERTY's Origin Story Is a Big Fat Lie

5/6/2013 - Fetching minimalist prints honor mathematicians and their contributions

5/6/2013 - Astronomers Witness An Extraordinarily Bright Stellar Explosion

5/6/2013 - A new actor for The Crow has been plucked out

5/6/2013 - Six Beautiful Artifacts From the Dawn of Digital Typography

5/6/2013 - Confidently Crack Your Eggs With a Yolk Separating Whisk

5/6/2013 - Hair Dryers Used to Look Like Alien Mind-Control Helmets

5/6/2013 - Watch how mercury completely flips out when it's blasted by sound

5/6/2013 - Marvel's got the Blade, Punisher and Ghost Rider movie rights back

5/6/2013 - Yes, You Can Mix Ingredients With This Working Lego Hand Mixer

5/6/2013 - An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

5/6/2013 - More than half of the world's population lives inside this circle

5/6/2013 - This Ad Has a Secret Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See

5/6/2013 - The Rat Park experiment

5/6/2013 - 19 Real-Life Protective Suits Worthy of Iron Man

5/6/2013 - Benedict Cumberbatch says you might root for his Star Trek villain

5/6/2013 - How to Open 24 Beer Bottles at Once

5/6/2013 - Weaponized Toilet Brushes Wipe Out Zombies and Hard Water Stains

5/6/2013 - This Early Lunar Rover Prototype Was Almost Forgotten

5/6/2013 - What's Your Grubbiest Tech Confession?

5/6/2013 - Amazon Leaks the World's First Small-Screen Windows 8 Tablet

5/6/2013 - The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Fires Its First Shot

5/6/2013 - You Can Now Get a Nook HD For $150

5/6/2013 - Rumor: YouTube to Launch Pay-For Channel Subscriptions

5/5/2013 - Hiromi: I've Got Rhythm

5/5/2013 - This nebula crams tons of newborn stars into just a few light-years

5/5/2013 - A Coat Rack That Just Makes Good Sense

5/5/2013 - Watch baboons show off their human-like math skills

5/5/2013 - Unexpectedly Gory Stop Motion At Its Tiniest

5/5/2013 - Photographs that make waves look like frozen sculptures

5/5/2013 - Orphan Black ventures into the craft room of terror

5/5/2013 - The World's Tallest Chair Swing Is Actually Quite Tall

5/5/2013 - A Partial Eclipse Step By Step

5/5/2013 - Gorgeous Concept Designs for Underwater Cities

5/5/2013 - Crowdfund a fantasy book written by a 4-year-old and drawn by her dad

5/5/2013 - Barley Trades Creative Control For Ridiculous Ease Of Use

5/5/2013 - Stunning posters celebrate the original six Star Trek movies

5/5/2013 - Do You Still Rely On Free Paper Products For Random Things?

5/5/2013 - An incredibly simple horror short to make you afraid of the dark

5/5/2013 - Universally Accessible Energy Will Be Worth The Cost

5/5/2013 - Summon Old Ones with these painstakingly crafted HP Lovecraft props

5/5/2013 - SNL Knows That Google Glass Is Going To Be A Struggle

5/5/2013 - Dragon Zach Galifianakis plays Game of Game of Thrones on SNL

5/5/2013 - The Night Sky In Death Valley Is Extra Beautiful When Time Lapsed

5/5/2013 - Do you self-destructively second guess yourself? This might be why.

5/5/2013 - Michonne channels Beyoncé for a "Single Ladies" dance with the zombies

5/5/2013 - A Morse Code Clock Makes Everything Seem More Official

5/5/2013 - Do authors ever prefer the movie to their own book?

5/5/2013 - This Guy Got Swallowed By A Hippo And Survived

5/5/2013 - The One Moment That Made Tonight's Doctor Who Entirely Worthwhile

5/4/2013 - The Onion Explains Exactly How Much Your Social Media Cred Is Worth

5/4/2013 - Weezer: Ruling Me

5/4/2013 - Batman's foes grace these defaced North Korean dollar bills

5/4/2013 - How the NYPD Hunted Down an iPhone Thief in an Awesome Subway Chase

5/4/2013 - The humans are biting back in the True Blood Season Six trailer

5/4/2013 - Finally, Drones That Deliver Beer

5/4/2013 - Classic novels visualized according to their color content

5/4/2013 - The Great California Cycleway That Never Was

5/4/2013 - Incredible Animal-Shaped Buildings from Around the World

5/4/2013 - Glimpse Neil Gaiman's Cybermen in next week's Doctor Who trailer

5/4/2013 - What Is the Prettiest Gadget You Own?

5/4/2013 - Behold handwritten pages from the Empire Strikes Back script

5/4/2013 - Yet Another Big Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

5/4/2013 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Wall of Helmets

5/4/2013 - Mysterious Ancient Orbs, The Fountain of Youth in Your Brain, And More

5/4/2013 - Leonardo Da Vinci shows off his holy hand grenades

5/4/2013 - Watch a falcon kill a duck in mid-air—from the falcon's perspective

5/4/2013 - What if Conan the Barbarian was your spirit guide?

5/4/2013 - Everything You Should Know About the History of Typography

5/4/2013 - A head-banging musical remix of the Iron Man films with Black Sabbath

5/4/2013 - Artist makes portraits from DNA found in chewing gum and cigarettes

5/4/2013 - Watch Boeing's X-51A WaveRider Scramjet Blast Off to Mach 5.1

5/4/2013 - Take a webcomic tour through H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle stories

5/4/2013 - How to Embrace Anime and Never Look Back

5/4/2013 - Don't Forget: Today is Free Comic Book Day!

5/4/2013 - The Super-Humans Who Read Addresses Computers Can't Figure Out

5/4/2013 - Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

5/4/2013 - Robin gets his license revoked on Teen Titans Go

5/4/2013 - This Is Earth As Seen By Smartphone Satellites

5/4/2013 - The bioluminescent leaves of Puerto Rico

5/4/2013 - Making Your Own Pen Is So Beautiful It Might Be Worth It

5/4/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: You Lust (NSFW)

5/3/2013 - On Person of Interest, we confront the tragedy of AI life

5/3/2013 - The World's First Entirely 3D Printed Gun

5/3/2013 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Waffle Assault

5/3/2013 - How Much Hair, Sweat, Pee and Poop Do Our Bodies Make Every Year?

5/3/2013 - It's hard to believe, but this movie will make you love vampires again

5/3/2013 - Most Beautiful Items: April 26 - May 3

5/3/2013 - Galileo's Ship was one of the oldest relativity thought experiments

5/3/2013 - Nobody does ironic plot twists like Vampire Diaries

5/3/2013 - Mike Relm: Iron Man Remix

5/3/2013 - F-16s Are Even More Awesome from the Inside

5/3/2013 - Astronomer Martin Rees explains how posthumans will colonize space

5/3/2013 - Jiffy, Indigo, and More

5/3/2013 - Dots, Felt, and More

5/3/2013 - ForeverMap2, Google Now, Timeless, and More.

5/3/2013 - The Cities That Live Behind Walls

5/3/2013 - We've Figured Out How To Make Robot Birds Fly, Up Next: Humans?

5/3/2013 - A Chiseled Chrome Coffee Cup Sets Your Latte Apart

5/3/2013 - They mocked her "science fantasy." Then she wrote Empire Strikes Back.

5/3/2013 - Commuting Is No Sweat on These Swanky E-Bikes

5/3/2013 - DC redesigned He-Man, and holy Orko does he look terrible

5/3/2013 - Tentacle Art That Will Wrap All The Way Around Your Mind

5/3/2013 - How to Make Cocktails With Your Keurig

5/3/2013 - The scientist who decided what you'll eat and whether you'll like it

5/3/2013 - This Trumpet Blasts Solos Made of Glass

5/3/2013 - Possibly the Best Music Discovery System Yet

5/3/2013 - This Dead Space Plasma Cutter Blinds and Burns With Lasers Instead

5/3/2013 - What Is Freezer Burn and How Does It Destroy Your Food?

5/3/2013 - Let's Talk About Anything You Want for the Next Hour

5/3/2013 - Oxford has a bell that's been ringing for 173 years

5/3/2013 - Your Guide To Watching this Weekend's Halley's Comet Meteor Shower

5/3/2013 - The Bad Lip-Reading Dead are so much more fun than The Walking Dead

5/3/2013 - The 14 Types of Profile Pictures

5/3/2013 - This Lego Recreation of Fallingwater Is Your Deal of the Day

5/3/2013 - Iron Man 3 Review: More Human, Less Soul

5/3/2013 - A Great Video That Reminds Us Short Fiction is SF's Life Blood

5/3/2013 - Concept art of the Superman Lives villains Nic Cage never fought

5/3/2013 - What You Should Know About the Low-carb Ketogenic Diet

5/3/2013 - 8 Totally Bizarre Celebrity Apps With No Reason to Exist

5/3/2013 - Own a Piece of Design History With Braun's Re-Released ET66 Calc

5/3/2013 - DARPA's new robotic hand can lift kettlebells as well as tweezers

5/3/2013 - Motion Control Is Awesome for Surgeons (Or Anyone with Bloody Hands)

5/3/2013 - 8 Game of Thrones characters who are better on TV than in the books

5/3/2013 - Urville: The Booming Metropolis Inside an Autistic Artist's Mind

5/3/2013 - What if the Earth had no moon?

5/3/2013 - Iron Man 3: The Fall (and Rise) of Tony Stark

5/3/2013 - The inspiration behind Darwin's evolutionary theory, seen from space

5/3/2013 - Color-Changing Gloves Alert Lab Workers To Invisible Toxins

5/3/2013 - Super Thin Graphene Solar Panels Could Pave the Way for Powered Paint

5/3/2013 - Louisiana senators vote to keep creationism in science class — again

5/3/2013 - NASA's Student-Designed Explorer Launches Today

5/3/2013 - Watch ISS commander Chris Hadfield play with gas masks in space

5/3/2013 - Exclusive: The Mandarin figure readies his war on Iron Man

5/3/2013 - Acer Aspire R7 Hands On: We're Not Quite Ready for This Kind of Crazy

5/3/2013 - KITT learns about the magic of music in the dumbest Knight Rider ever

5/3/2013 - Perform Pachelbel On a Pint-Sized Playable Pop-up Paper Piano

5/3/2013 - Rare Caterpillar Resembles Donald Trump's Hair

5/3/2013 - This Is How Space Exploration Was Imagined Before Sputnik

5/3/2013 - Acer Aspire R7: The Craziest Thing to Happen to Laptops in Years

5/3/2013 - Watch the first ever footage from Ender's Game

5/3/2013 - What causes highway hypnosis?

5/3/2013 - Breeze Through Grade School With Multiplication Cheat Sheet Socks

5/3/2013 - 10 DIY Iron Man Suits That Give Tony Stark a Run for His Money

5/3/2013 - The only known photo of Einstein's Mass-Energy Equivalence formula

5/3/2013 - This Kinect-Powered Installation Makes Humans Into Monsters

5/3/2013 - We can't stop watching this speaker wobble

5/3/2013 - Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special returns to where it all began!

5/3/2013 - I'm Not Sure I Trust This Guy With an 80,000 Volt Thor Hammer

5/3/2013 - Netflix: Where We Set Up Shop, Torrenting Drops

5/3/2013 - This Picture of Saturn's Moon, Enceladus, Is Simply Beautiful

5/3/2013 - Chinese Researchers Create Potentially Deadly Strains of Avian Flu

5/3/2013 - Watch the World's Smallest Flying Robot Insect Take to the Sky

5/3/2013 - How Apple Just Avoided Paying $9.2 Billion in Tax

5/3/2013 - Warner Brothers Is Being Sued For Using Nyan Cat Without Permission

5/3/2013 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Either Or

5/3/2013 - Nooks Just Turned Into Real Android Tablets

5/2/2013 - NASA Chinese Scientist Was Accused of Being a Spy Because...Porn

5/2/2013 - Why New Phones Are Just Like New Girlfriends

5/2/2013 - How to Be the First to Know When Arrested Development Is on Netflix

5/2/2013 - Watch a Mom Explain What The Matrix Was About

5/2/2013 - The surprising outcomes of a study about sex differences in learning

5/2/2013 - Incredible Pictures of Early Science Labs

5/2/2013 - The Man of Steel rumor that would change Superman for the worse

5/2/2013 - Win an amazing trip to San Francisco's Science Hack Day!

5/2/2013 - Devoted Carpenter Has Spent His Whole Life Crafting Wooden Boats

5/2/2013 - Orphan Black renewed for a second season!

5/2/2013 - Minister Faust explains the meaning of George Clinton's Mothership

5/2/2013 - Janelle Monáe's brand new music video just made our week

5/2/2013 - New Gmail Tweak Lets You Schedule Calendar Events With Just a Click

5/2/2013 - Bryan Fuller pitches the storyline for his Pushing Daisies movie

5/2/2013 - The so-called 'health foods' that are probably killing you

5/2/2013 - Sony Xperia ZL Review: Behind the Curve Everywhere It Counts

5/2/2013 - This dog has four prosthetic legs and oh my god my heart just imploded

5/2/2013 - A Squeezable Watering Can Is a Life Preserver for Drowning Plants

5/2/2013 - A Model of Thor's Hammer That Spits Out 80,000 Volts

5/2/2013 - Manborg is the greatest bad movie of its generation

5/2/2013 - Jurassic Park 4 will return to Isla Nublar!

5/2/2013 - Why would aliens come all this way just to invade Earth?

5/2/2013 - Creepy fascist figurines from the 1930s are creepy

5/2/2013 - Is Google Glass Bad for Your Eyes?

5/2/2013 - Reese Withersoon may join Keanu Reeves in a cryogenic space nightmare

5/2/2013 - Inspired By Coca-Cola, Instagram Reveals a Subtle Logotype Revamp

5/2/2013 - Don't Get Paranoid, But There Are Now Insect-Sized Flying Robots

5/2/2013 - The Empire's "May the Fourth Be With You" attack ad

5/2/2013 - Four Cool Things You Can Do With Your Computer Now That It's Watching You

5/2/2013 - Bioshock Infinite Is Your Deal of the Day

5/2/2013 - Supernatural is on its way to becoming a truly great TV show again

5/2/2013 - "The Best Alien Folk Duo Scifi Action Romance Comedy Movie Ever Made"

5/2/2013 - Watch the World Trade Center's Spire Rise 104 Stories into the Air

5/2/2013 - Here's the Real Reason Why Virtual Reality Doesn't Work Yet

5/2/2013 - An Incredibly Tiny Sofa Bed For Your Skinniest Houseguests

5/2/2013 - New Captain America concept art shows the Winter Soldier in action

5/2/2013 - Predictions for Privacy in the Age of Facebook (from 1985!)

5/2/2013 - Rare High-Speed Footage Of the Earth Exploding

5/2/2013 - Weird Trope of the Day: Scantily Clad Women in Glass Tubes

5/2/2013 - This fan video of Starships is sheer unadulterated joy

5/2/2013 - Breitling Emergency II: A Satellite Distress Signal On Your Wrist

5/2/2013 - Easily the most staggering infographic you'll see today

5/2/2013 - POV Hockey With Google Glass Is Better Than Rinkside Seats

5/2/2013 - Instagram Finally Adds a Real People-Tagging Feature (Updated)

5/2/2013 - Wood, Salt, and Wonder: The Renewable Future of 3D Printing

5/2/2013 - The 7 Most Essential Iron Man Comics

5/2/2013 - This Neural Implant Knows When Your Next Seizure Will Strike

5/2/2013 - Locked Out of Your Facebook Account? Trusted Contacts Will Save You

5/2/2013 - Arrow teaches us that it's always worse than we imagine

5/2/2013 - Some Disassembly Required: Exquisite Teardowns of Everyday Machines

5/2/2013 - A 3D printed cybernetic ear that even a transhumanist would love

5/2/2013 - GM's Vibrating Seats Might Be More Startling Than Accidental Drifts

5/2/2013 - The frozen calm of normalcy bias

5/2/2013 - This 3D-Printed Cyborg Ear Comes With a Built-In Antenna

5/2/2013 - Are these dwarf lemurs the key to long-distance space travel?

5/2/2013 - Science Finds Fountain of Youth Brain Region That Slows Down Aging

5/2/2013 - How High Speed Traders Use Microwaves to Make Money

5/2/2013 - This is not a finch

5/2/2013 - How NASA's Fermi Telescope Sidestepped a Gigantic Space Crash

5/2/2013 - Adobe Is Testing RAW Photo Processing on Tablets

5/2/2013 - The Great Baltimore Space Program of 1928

5/2/2013 - The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of ASCII Art

5/2/2013 - Animals that dine on rocks to survive

5/2/2013 - If This Iron Man Flash Drive Can't Protect Your Files, What Will?

5/2/2013 - What if the Jetsons were the unhappiest family of the future?

5/2/2013 - ForeverMap2: Your Offline OpenStreetMaps App Now for iOS

5/2/2013 - See a nuclear explosion from 10 feet away

5/2/2013 - Why do humans kiss?

5/2/2013 - Gaming League Employee Turns 14,000 Users Into Bitcoin-Mining Zombies

5/2/2013 - Incredible new ISS photo shows the moon ushering in the dawn

5/2/2013 - Native Instruments' Slick DJ App for iPad Now Comes in a Bite-Size iPhone Version

5/2/2013 - The human bad guy in Transformers 4 will be... Frasier Crane!?

5/2/2013 - How Time Crystals Could Rewrite the Rules of Physics

5/2/2013 - Shaolin Warrior Stunts Are Even Crazier In Slo-Mo

5/2/2013 - There's Already a Google Glass App That Lets You Take Photos With a Wink

5/2/2013 - The World's Toughest Material Is Built of Knots

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